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Spanish for beginners EL MÉTODO. Level 3

teacher avatar Peter Hanley, The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Level 3. Introduction


    • 2.

      Vez, Solo, ¿Cuántos?


    • 3.

      Primero, Colours.


    • 4.

      Time Trial.


    • 5.

      ¿Qué tal?, ¿Cómo te llamas? Encontrar


    • 6.

      Estoy haciendo, Lo que, Llegar


    • 7.

      Time Trial.


    • 8.

      Dinero, Problema, Vosotros, Ellos


    • 9.

      Hay, Piscina, Playa, De


    • 10.

      Time Trial.


    • 11.

      Cerca, Su, Palabra


    • 12.

      Nombre, Escribir, Quedarse


    • 13.

      Time Trial.


    • 14.

      Nos, Os, Se


    • 15.

      Irse, ¿Cuánto tiempo?


    • 16.

      Time Trial.


    • 17.

      Trabajar, Estoy trabajando


    • 18.

      "GO" verbs, Imperatives.


    • 19.

      Time Trial.


    • 20.

      Extension and Practice


    • 21.

      Delante de , Detrás de, Mercado


    • 22.

      Time Trial.


    • 23.

      Al lado de, Esperar, Día, Semana


    • 24.

      Año, Semana que viene


    • 25.

      Time Trial


    • 26.

      Más que, Menos que


    • 27.

      Los, Las


    • 28.

      Time Trial


    • 29.

      Los coches rojos, Cosa, Unos, Señora


    • 30.

      Tren, Bus, Por la mañana, Avión


    • 31.

      Time Trial.


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About This Class


Learn basic communicative Spanish with the easy to follow, carefully graded method for complete beginners.

The method allows you to:

► Talk non-stop from the very start.  

► Produce thousands of practical frases for daily use. 

► Painlessly absorb grammar and vocabulary at  A1 level.  

► Progress without effort, without the need to memorise or "study" in the traditional sense.


"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn ." (Benjamin Franklin)

EL MÉTODO will allow you to use and understand basic Spanish in a matter of hours, without the need for memorisation or lengthy explanations. This is achieved through a carefully designed method that builds up the language in your mind, step by step, until you are able to form relatively complex sentences with ease.

From the very start, you will be forming your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realizing it. The method guides you through basic Spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.

EL MÉTODO  does not teach you theory, it teaches you to speak Spanish and helps you achieve this in much less time than traditional methods.


In EL MÉTODO as in real life, learning is a continuous process, not a series of separate topics. Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction. The process continues as the students use the new word in a variety of different contexts. Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means that these are acquired for life.


EL MÉTODO, level 1, consists of 20 video lessons of spoken Spanish. After every lesson there is a series of written exercises as well an optional musical task.

We will engage you in a spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper. Just talk, talk and talk. You won't stop speaking Spanish from start to finish. This is the ideal system for beginners to learn Spanish. 

My goal with EL MÉTODO  is for you to become "hooked" on the method thereby mastering basic Spanish as quickly as humanly possible.

Best of luck! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Hanley

The non-stop SPEAKING Spanish course


Hello, I'm Peter.

After twenty years teaching languages in France, Spain and U.K it quite clear that the traditional methods used by the majority schools and language academies do not produce good results. Most of the students finish their courses with a very poor command of the language and this, at times,  after thousands of hours of study!

As a result, I have created EL MÉTODO, a new and different approach to the teaching of Spanish for beginners that will provide one with a solid base and a practical usage of the language as quickly as is humanly possible, without the need for laborious memorisation or "study " associated with conventional Spanish courses.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Level 3. Introduction: welcome to Level three of L Metal. Firstly, many congratulations for making it this far into the course. If you've been following the lessons diligently and staying on top of the material, I'm sure you're beginning to feel a sense of progress, achievement and confidence with Spanish language on. We really hope this will provide you with all the motivation you'll need to see the course through to the end before starting level three. Do make sure you fully mastered all the language from the 1st 2 levels. It's not advisable to jump in at this level is progress depends on a solid grasp of all previous material way. Wish you speedy progress with Level three on please do messages with any queers or doubts you may have give a utopian. 2. Vez, Solo, ¿Cuántos?: Welcome once again, as we start Level 3 of L MetaBot Spanish course, we're parsing the halfway point on the road to mastery of the basics. So congratulations for that. And we'll do our best to keep progressing and thus motivated to see the course come through to the end. To say once in Spanish, we need to say one time, which is 0. Now they do be careful not to pronounce the v as a V, but as a very light, be the plural form of basis, basis, adding any, just as we do in English for words like kisses or buses. So just repeat. Business basis. Those of you learning Spanish for Latin American countries should absolutely eliminate the sound from your Spanish. This sound is the equivalent of the English, th, as in the word thing or thought. And it's used to pronounce Z's or zed. And then he sees before and I or any Theravada thinner. But in Latin American countries, both the soft c and the z or zed as simply Ss. So base basis. The way you say two times then is dose basis. Thus bet is how then would we say, I'm going to do it seven times? Goya, Third Law, CATV, ethics committees. How would we say I'm going to need the car three times tomorrow. More NSSE data L cocci dress with this manana. Luoyang. Now can you try to say, I didn't understand why he wants to see it twice. Nintendo polygon, clearly very low dose basics. 1904, take 11, low dose with this little word, or as in one thing or another, is 0. 0. How did we say do it? And how would we say do it five times? As slow thing go with this. At low, Think of it, this. How would you say, do it six or seven times? Associated with this? Associated with this. It's important to eat four or five times. Ac important de cuatro, or think or basis. As important document quatro, or think of this. As we saw before. To say, we, it's nosotros. If you are men or no sutras, if you're women. Nosotros. Nosotros. How then would a group of women say, we're going out twice today? No short truss, Saleema and nose with a story. Saleema does better, sorry. What was the single word in Spanish, which means how much? Quantum. Quantum. Have a go at the statement. We want to know how much it is. The way to say how many, That's to say when referring to a number of things in the plural is quantized. Or qantas has the word for time. When we mean an occasion, a time is dosed with this, and this is feminine, una. So try to say, how many times does Smith is one task basis? How would you ask, how many times are we going to need it? Quantize with this by Marsh and necessity, top one does with his Vamos analyticity. Now can you ask the question, how many times are you going to see it? When does with this bus at the theatre alone? Now trying to say, we don't know how many times he can do it. This way. The Othello. Othello, the way to say only in Spanish, is solar. Solar. And to say, I only have would be solo tango. Tango. So how would we say I only have three or four? Solo tango tres quatro? Similar thing, lottery. So quatro. What about, we only need to see it twice? This seller necesitamos been low dose. Beth is. Why do I only have two chairs? Case solo tango, Dorsey? Yes. Yes. Why do you only do it on Monday? But k Solo Loewe at this illness. Now tried to say, Why don't you do it on Friday or Saturday? Finally, how would you say I only have the car on Monday and Tuesday? Solo tango and cocci and looseness, EL Marty's selecting Walcott, say lunacy and Martius. 3. Primero, Colours.: way. Way to say the first time is luck. Premera Beth Uh how then would you say it's the first time for me? Is La Primera Vez Bahrami Isla primitive with me? And how then would we say it's not the first time for her? No es la Premera with barracuda? No es la primera vez Varaiya. You probably remember that the verb to think in Spanish Is Ben Saad been set? How then would we say? I think that it's the first time for you Pienso case HLA Premera parody being so Kiszla Premera Disparity We think that she only does it on Friday Ben Sammer's Que Solo Luthi l bareness bin Salman's Kicillof LV Airness Let's have a look at the colors now. Rueful Russell A solar A school Billy Better today Blanco Blanco, Negro Negro Um Mary Jo Armory You not also not also Marrone, Marrone, Barossa Russia. Now go back and repeat the color introduction several times until you're quite familiar with them all. Nothing As I call out the colors individually, I'd like you to touch each one with a finger. Brujo. Negative. Better Blanka Um are you are sort of Negro? Not okay. Blanco broken committee. I'm Ari. You better day, Negro Russia. Powerful sword Blanco. Amedeo my door. I would like you to touch two at a time. Negro. He better today. Castle. Borussia Blanco. Yeah. Marone Verity, your hero for Marone, the Negro Blanco He has sold no Rosa adjectives in Spanish including the colors will change an O ending to an A when describing a feminine noun or object. Endings other than an O are not affected. So bearing this in mind how would we say the red chair? La CIA Raka, Lassie, Aurora And how old we say the green table. La Mesa Verde What about the red car? Koichiro co chair a home. Can you try to say the red chair is on the green table? Lasi Arocha It starts in love Me So I'm here today. Lasi, Arocha, Istan, Lambesis. And how would you say the black car is very fast? L coach A Negro. A small rapido. I got a Negro is movie Rapido. I wouldn't like to live in an orange house. No me gustaria buried in una casa nara. No, Mabel study every village in Carson and uncle number six is yellow, but number eight is white and a new model say says I'm a radio better in numerous macho s Blanco el numero say says I marry you better Lumet or Choice Blanco Number four isn't black . It's blue and yellow and numeral Quattro noise. Negro. It's a soon Mario Alumina Quadra noise. Negro, It's Ophelia. Mario two Former Commander on imperative In Spanish, we take the third person singular form the he or she form. So how would we say by the book? Compra a liberal company Liberal? What about Call me later, Gemma. Me? My study? Yeah. Mommy must RV not trying to say Give me the blue telephone. Damn a telefono a fool Damage Telephone waffle. Come back with him. Well way, Cornell. Well, they Cornell lift up the black computer Live on NTA a lord and adore Negro. Live until there's another Navorro. Speak more slowly, please. Abla must dispatch your perfect for problemas this path. You for four. You may remember that the command form or the imperative form off the verb affair to do is irregular. So how did we say do it? A slow absolute Do it with me, please. As local Meego, por favor asked. Look on Meego por favor. Likewise with the verb Bonnaire to put the imperative form is also irregular. How did we say? Put it, Bonello? Hello. Put it on the red table. Bon low in Lamis Roka, born in La Misurata. 4. Time Trial.: Ok. Okay. Right. 5. ¿Qué tal?, ¿Cómo te llamas? Encontrar: so jumping straight back in, How do we say Put eight or nine beers on the table, please? Nacho on weather theories. Us in a mess A por favor. Born Auto on Web Ethel refers in La Mesa. Very common, slightly colloquial way of saying, How are you? How's it going? Is Guettel a little? How then would we say hello? How's it going? Hola, Kittle Allah Kettle. And how would you respond? Very well. And you? Maybe an Ito. Maybe in Edo. The question would How in Spanish is go? Meow, Gummo. The question. What's your name? Actually translates literally as How do you call yourself Matej Hamas? Come Akiyama's And to say, for example, my name's David. We would say May Jama David. I call myself David Magomadov. It made a model of it. So can you try to say hello? My name's Jessica? What's your name? Hola, major. More Jessica Hamas. Ola Mae Ammo. Jessica, Come Akiyama's. How then would we say what's her name? Or literally translated? How does she call herself Mama? Almost a yama. Her name is Marta. See Yama Marta se um Amartya. And how about what's his name? Go mostly Yama. Go Mo se Yemma His name's one se chama one se Yamaha one. To say what's happening or what's going on often is a greeting. What's going on? We say Que pasa? What's happening? Que pasa? Que pasa? So then how would you say hello one? How are you? What's going on? All of one kittel Que pasa? Ola one Guettel Give us a How would you say he's going to do it tonight by Sarah Lo estan Okay, by 1/3 less Donaldson. And how would you say she's going to know that we're not here? A job are severe Can no estamos aqui a. You have a severe can. No esta Masaki The verb to find in Spanish is in Kandahar. It may help you to think of to encounter Incontrera and gone Notice how the verb stem changes in the singular forms. Join Quintero doing quintas l o Asia in Quinta She finds it very easy blowing Quinta most facile Lohengrin Drum My father I find it difficult Lowing Quintero Dificil linguine Droney Faith feel I want to find it today Caro Incontrera Low Diego Encontrado Can you tell me where it is? Because I can't find it by this death remained on the stars Birkin No Puedo Incontrera low . What is the film? It? Don't they stop or Keano? Brother encontrado The verb to sell is been dead. Then there. How then would we say I'm selling the green car? Ben Doyle. Corchia Verde. Then we'll kota. Verily why aren't you selling the white? One volcano in the cell. Blanco fork in of in the cell. Blanco. I'm not selling it because I need it. No end of pork alone. Esposito. No levendos for Kelowna. Sposito. I'm going to sell it if he wants to buy it. Boy a Vendela seek Eric complied. Low boy you have in there No security Comprado how can you buy it if you don't know how much it is? Come a point is compatible. O si no Sabes want us come up with this compatible of senior service Kwan toys 6. Estoy haciendo, Lo que, Llegar: in Spanish. Justus in English. There's an i N g ing tense, for example. I am doing it, but in Spanish only for expressing what you're in the process of doing right now. It can't be used like an English to talk about future plans. For example, I'm doing it tomorrow. So only for actions ones doing right now to produce the in form in Spanish, we add yen dl to the i r or e ar verbs and under to the a r verbs. So to say I'm doing its estoy Kathy Endo, you're doing estas haciendo she or he is doing a star at the Endo I'm speaking. Estoy hablando you're speaking Estacao Blando Hell, she's speaking esta a Blondeau and to say I'm leaving or I'm going out. It's estoy sally indo estas sally indo estar Sally Endo. Now, without wishing to confuse the issue, it'll so far in the course, we've already seen examples of the in form, the continuous progressive ing form I'm doing. We've said simply, argo, using the simple present tense. So, in fact, you're free to use either of these forms to express. I'm doing something, but for the moment, let's focus on the longer progressive form. I'll give the simple form in parenthesis for the rest of this lesson. How then, would we say I'm leaving now? A story. Sally Endo, Our history Salyan Dora. And what about I'm putting the chair on the table? A stoy pony in Nyala CIA in La Mesa A staple in Indo Lassie in La Mesa How would you ask the question? Are you having lunch now? It's That's communed O our is Tesco Mendota. And what about It's starting now a star in both. Under our this time the Thunder order can He wants the question. What are you doing in the sense of doing right now? What are you doing? Case does Southie Endo que estas Afeyan? No. And what about What are you saying? Cased us? Duthie Endo guest as the siendo the word What? When it's used in the middle of a sentence Not as the initial question, but in the middle of the sentence. Is Loki looking? How would you say? Therefore I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you are saying haciendo better knowing Kendo Locator is Tosti Theo Endo lo siento pillow 19 The locust as the siendo I don't know what you want. No se locate Curis. No se Look atyou, Ellis. Now try to say it's not what I want. No es lo que quiero noise. Look. A ghetto. And how about I can't find what I want here? Nope. Weathering contra lo que quiero aqui. No point. In contrast, locate Iraqi. And how would you ask the question? What do you want to say? Get get this defeat did is the field to ask the question. What do you mean is exactly the same as the previous question in Spanish? It's What do you want to say? So how would you say? What do you mean get? Get this defeat? Take it is the feed. I don't understand very well. What do you mean? No Indian Namibian? Locate Curis defeat Knowing Thinned? Um, we've been looking kid is the theory. And how about I'm sure you don't know what I mean. Estoy seguro can no service looking care of the theory. It starts a rockin or service locate yet of the theater to arrive or to get to a place to arrive is J. God you got How then would you say I'm arriving now? a story J. Gondo order A story is a gondol order to say at one o'clock we say Allow Una at the one Alona Alona, how would you ask the question? At what time do you arrive? Que order gig us acute I you guys, I arrive at one oclock j go on Iona General Alona, A two o'clock is a last dash. The last dose How would you ask? At what time does he arrive? Que What a j got a k a yoga. He arrives at two o'clock Jigga Alas, dosh Giga alleged Does How about the question? Does she arrive at two o'clock or at three o'clock? Jigga alas does or last dress The ideology does all a stress. I think that she arrives at four o'clock Pienso que jigga a las cuatro pienso que una a la squadra. And finally, how would you say I find that it's not easy to get to your house in Quinto can noise Facile Jigar Cassa in Quinta Guinness Fulfil! You gotta Togusa 7. Time Trial.: Ok. Okay. Right. 8. Dinero, Problema, Vosotros, Ellos: would for money. And Spanish is Dean Edell de NATO. And with the article led NATO L the needle to say a lot off its mutual Muka Mota. Mota. So how would we say he has a lot of money? The name macho dinero you name mutually needle. What about if I sell the house? I'm going to have a lot of money. See? Vendela Kasa boyo attended moocher dinero seven De Luca Savoy attended mooch Arenado. Now then most now owns ending in an A in Spanish, a feminine. But there are several common exceptions. The word for a problem is un problema masculine un problema, un problema. So how would you say the problem is that she has too much money? El problema escape Deanna demasiado dinero El problema s gettin intimacy 11 ido the bank in Spanish. The bank is El Banco El Blanco. To say to the bank, we contract the words and end to get away. I'll How do you therefore say I'm going to the bank boy Al Banco Boy Al Banco. There's no contraction with the feminine article last. So how would you say I'm going to the house boy a la casa boy a lot. Casa. Can you try to say she has to go to the bank because she doesn't have any money? Danny Kaye et al banco Por que no tiene dinero The indicator Al Banco por can not be in any NATO. We're coming back to the hotel at six O'clock Bull Limos Hotel Dallas Ace. Vamos a little essays. Now then the U plural form of A are verbs. When addressing a couple or more people in an informal manner is, for example, both Soto's or more sutras, necessity dice. So we just had the ice ending to the stem of the verb dice. Boss Otero's also trust deficit ties. The final conjugation is the they form which a en un is added. So we get a U. S A s nif. Is he done a years? A yes sniff Asi done. How do you say you need a lot of money addressing a couple or more people? Necesito eyes mature dinero Neffa city eyes motor The NATO Be sure to stress the x scented a of necessary dice Necessary Thais mature dinero necesito ice mature dinero How would you say they need a big car necesita on June Corchia Grandi. Necesito Don't go to your family. At what time do you have dinner? Okay. Or a thin ice are killed. A thin ice. We have dinner at nine o'clock thin. Our most election with a enamels are legendary. At what time do they arrive? Okay, What? I j gone. I killed I get done. They arrive at eight Oclock j gone. Alas, So true. You got a less photo now then? For e ar verbs. The endings are the following. Gomez Garmin Gourmets Goldman. How do you say, At what time do you have lunch? Que order gourmets? A chaotic amaze. We have lunch at one oclock. Memos, Alona, Go Memos, Alana. Now, can you ask When did they have lunch? Cuando common Cuando common. They have lunch at two o'clock. Come in A last dash. Common, alas does. How would you say they sell cars? Bend in Cochise Venden coaches? And how would you ask? Are you selling with the house men? They slack Asa. Then days like Asa 9. Hay, Piscina, Playa, De: way. How would one say They don't understand? No Indian, then 90? And then? And how would you ask a group of people? Do you understand? In 10 days in 10 days Now let's look at the ir verbs. As you can see, the you plural form on the they form are Daviess and Beaven be BCE Beaven. So how would you say they live in Madrid? Beaven in Madrid, even in Mallory's. And how would you ask a group of people? Do you live in Spain? BBC in Espana be BCE in Espana. How would you ask one person? Do you want to go out with me? Curis Salad, Amigo. Curis Salad, amigo. And how would you say they are going out? A 10 o'clock Salin? Alas, deaf Salin. Alas, deaf way to say there is or there are. It's the same word. Is I I? So then how would you say there are three hotels here? I dressed Rotella sake. I traced Rotella sake. And how would you say there's a woman in the room? I wanna move in una mujer in La Vita soon. Now, can you trying to ask the question? Is there a beer on the table y una cerveza in La Mesa una cerveza in La Mesa, a swimming pool is una piss Thena una Christina. So how would you ask? Is there a swimming pool in the hotel? Are you know Pristina in a hotel? I'm gonna Pristina in a hotel. And how would you say there's a lot of money in the car? I'm mature. Dinero en el coach. I'm mature dinero en el culture. And try to say, Is there any water in the swimming pool? I agua inra Pristina. I agua in la Pristina to say a beach in Spanish. It's gonna play area on a larger How would you ask? Is there a beach in Barcelona? Are you on a player in Barcelona? Una playa in Barcelona? And what about there? Aren't any beaches in Madrid? No. I ply us in Margarethe. No, I ply us in Marine. The little would off in English and Spanish is day day. Now to say David's car, we need to say the car off David, which is L coach? A date of it, Coach A date of it. How would you say Maria's car coach, the Maria coach, the Maria And what about Maria's house, La Casa di Maria, la Casa di Maria, now trying to say, I can't see Pablo's computer. No point where? Lord in a lower the Pablo no point where l or Denial or they Pablo. 10. Time Trial.: Ok. Okay. Right. 11. Cerca, Su, Palabra: to say near in Spanish. We need to add the proposition off. So we're actually saying near off something Ferric a day, said Garvey. How would you say I live near Barcelona? Bebel Cerca de Barcelona, Bebel cerca de Barcelona? And how would you ask a couple of people? Do you live near Cordoba? Mideast? Erica DeCordova, The beast. Erika de Cordova. And what about the sentence? They don't live near my house. No even circle any Cassa? No, even cerca de mi casa Now to say near there. For example, near the house near the bank near the beach, It's fair. Carell for a masculine would and fair hka Della for a feminine word cerca del Serik Adela. So what would you say for my house is near the bank bearing in mind, ID bank is masculine. Mi casa esta cerca del Banco Mikasa Staffer Gravel Banco. The pool is near the hotel. Christina is tough. Erica del Hotel Lappi Seen iced affair Cavallo Pill. The car is near the house. L coach esta cerca de la casa l coach esta cerca de la casa Now to say her car. Her car, It's suport. So Coach, and likewise his car is also Su coochie Su coochie. How would you say her car is near the house? Suu Coach is death Erica Della Casa Su coaches to Africa Cancer How do you say his car is near Maria's house? Su Coaches Taffeta Cardella Cassa di Maria. So coaching staff L Carella Casali Maria How would you ask the question? Is there a beach near the hotel? Are you in a playa Cerca del hotel? Are you not pledge a surgical Yellowtail? What about They are selling the house near the beach Bend in La Casa Physical A pleasure. Women like a CFL Kabila played her house isn't near the beach to consent Noise Start Erica There a player. Su casa No starter Canada player. There's a woman near the green car. Are you a normal head? Federica? They'll coach a very today a una Mugar Circleville Kota. Verily, I would like to live near the beach Mega study avere cerca del. A pleasure members study revealed Circle a play area now to same or in Spanish. It's mass must. How do you therefore say can you speak more slowly? Please? With this, Tabler must dispatch your por favor by this have latam Must this Bethea por favor? Her house is big but my house is near the beach. Sukha size grand. Pero mi casa esta Master Candela Playa So Casas grandes Jeremy Casas Thomas Falk Available as we saw before. The verb to mean actually translates as toe Want to say and it's get a defeat. Get in the feet now then, if there was a word you didn't understand For example the Spanish word Philippe How would you ask? What does relief mean? Kick your really seed Seles picketed if you'd Philly and how would you want? So Phillies means happy Seles carried a seed. Happy Philip Get it? If he'd happy, How would you ask the question? What does a fool mean? Kick your idiocy. A school picketed if he'd assault. And how would you ask the question? Do you know what this means? Service Local security theorist Oh, Service located. If he is still No, I don't know what that means. No, No Said look, a kid a theory. Eso No no signal. Together they feed eso a word. A word in Spanish is una palabra una palabra. How would you say there are three words here? that I don't understand. I traced palabra sake can no indie endo I dress Paula Sakic and 90 and no What about the question? Do you know what this word means? Service. Look, A kid exceed estoppel Lavera service. Look at get a theater stop Palabra! And now a rather long sentence. I don't know what that word means, but I know that it doesn't mean swimming pool. No se locate, kid. They feed sa palabra better Say can not get it They feel Christina no second kid Every field Issa Palavela better Second, no killer feature piece FINA. 12. Nombre, Escribir, Quedarse: the word name in Spanish. Not to be confused with number. Name is number number. How would you say? Therefore, my name is one. Me know Marie s one me number. It's one. And what about her name is Carolina Su Nombre s Carolina Tsunami? A Is Catalina. His name isn't David. It's Carlos Su number in noise. Darell is Carlos so number noise? David s. Carlos. The verb to write to write is a scary vihd Escudie meat. Try to say I'm going to write your name, boy. Ice cream. Beer to memory Boy I screaming to normally about We're going to write three words in the book Momus Ice cream Beaded dress Palabras in a liberal Bama's Askri Be crisp allowed us in a liberal bearing in mind that the command form of the imperative uses the third person singular that he or she form. How would you say? Write it there near your name A scribble org Circa day to number a scribble. Oh, are you physically to normally? And how would you instruct someone, right? Maria's name near your name? A scribble. Normally they Maria, circa day to number A scribble. Normally, Maria physically do normally How would you say they write it? Too small for me, Louis Screaming demasiado pick in your army You're screaming demasiado pequeno Bahrami, as we mentioned before, there's a form in Spanish used for expressing what you're doing right now. At the moment of speaking. So to say I'm writing It's estoy s Caribbean No, a story scream Ian look! And how did we say I'm doing it? Lois Toy Athey Endo Lowe s story Kathy Endo How would we say? What are you writing? Que estas s Caribbean? No guest as a screen viviendo. And how about what are you eating? Case does calm, you know Guess that's come, you know? And what about why are they having lunch at four o'clock? Por que estan communed? Oh alas, Cuatro based on communal s cuatro not trying to say she's writing a book Esta s Caribbean No liberal Is this Caribbean? Don't libido. And how would you say I get up at seven o'clock Maley Vento Alas, ct Mileva until a ct. So to get up or to get oneself up as it's a reflexive verb to get oneself up is leavened Darcy. Another reflexive verb is to stay or to remain, which in Spanish is get out of C. Give that a C. How would you say I'm staying here tomorrow? Bearing in mind when not speaking about something happening right now? Make it a rocky manana. Make Kibaki manana. What about? I'm not staying here? No. Make a dorky No. Make it lucky. What about you're staying with me? They gave us conmigo. They get a school, amigo. And now trying to say I want to stay with you. Caro Kid Army Conte go! Yeah, ok, Gotta make on Diego. Another question. Do you want to stay with her? Curis, get arctic. Cornelia, get us get article Nadiya. And finally, she doesn't want to stay here. No kidding, kid. RC aqui No que etiquette are sachi. 13. Time Trial.: Okay. Okay. Yeah. 14. Nos, Os, Se: here then, are the reflexive forms we've seen so far? May say now the reflexive form which expresses ourselves and goes with we form is nos nos. So how do you say we get up at six o'clock? Or in other words, we get ourselves up at six Oclock No Sliven Thomas Callus Ace Nos llevan demos Al Essays Now try to say we have to get up soon then a Most still live in tar knows pronto. The name of skill, even burners. Paronto, How would you say I'm sorry, but we're staying here. Lo siento Perranoski Ramos A key. Lo siento No scale Yamasaki. And what about We're going to stay near the hotel this afternoon. Most kids are knows cerca Del hotel is today Hamasaki Varner's for Cavallo. Tell a start of a not trying to say we're staying here because it's very late and we're tired. No scare. Almost a key. Borges. Mitar, Today s Thomas considers no scale. Hamasaki. Porky's miter. Yes, Thomas Gun Sellers. The reflexive formed for you, which expresses yourselves. Is those course How do you therefore say you? You plural. You get up at seven o'clock course 11 ties. Alas, CT was leavened Isola CEO. Now try to ask the question, Are you staying here today or scared? I sake. Oy, Oscar Kaizaki! Oy. What about when are you getting up? Cuando us 11 dice one does leaven dice. And what about? Why do you get up at six Oclock Por que vos Levant Isil Assays for girls live in diesel assays. The final reflexive form, which is that they formed the third person. Plural themselves is sick. Sick. So how would you say, When do they get up? Cuando Sullivan done? One does a live undone. Why don't they stay here? Barkin? Nosek it on a key? Por que? No secular anarchy. What about the question? Are they getting up soon? Sullivan Town pronto. Sullivan. Tom Pronto. They're staying near the beach this afternoon. Sake. It unthinkable a player. Is that Are they second on Circleville? Apologise. Totality. You know now the verb to go you may remember is E eat. How did we say I'm going to do it, boy? Rossello. Oh, yeah, fellow. And how would you say, Are you going to do it? Bus? I said hello, Bass. A fellow. And how would you say she's going to need it about a necesidad along an efficient Arlo. Now what about we're going to Madrid bombers? Vamoose a moderate. And can you think how to say we're going to go to Madrid? Most I eat. I married Omar Saeed, a moderate. 15. Irse, ¿Cuánto tiempo?: the last two forms The you plural On the they forms off the verb he'd to go are vice vice and bun bun. Be sure to pronounce the initial V is a very light be vice bun. How would you say you, you plural are going to do it for me By sas l o para me by Safir lobotomy. And how about they are going to arrive tomorrow? By my God man Yana Barnegat Manana. They are going to do it too quickly or too fast. Vanna Cerullo, the Messiah or Rapido when I fell off the must see other Rapido How would you ask? What kind of car are they going to need? Get people the coach, a bun? A necessity? Get people that coach, even on a visitor. As we've already learned, the way to say to leave is sallied. But there's also a very common way of saying it. Which is the reflexive form off the verb to go. So it's hearsay can also mean to go away Hearsay, you see? So then how do we say I'm leaving? May boy. A boy. What about? I'm leaving soon or I'm going away soon. Maybe we pronto maybe pronto he's leaving at eight Oclock serverless or true ceva. Allessio too. How would you ask? Are you leaving now? Davis, order the less soda. And how do you state We're leaving tomorrow. No Spam. Ohsman Yana. Nos vemos manana. How about the question when a you leaving you plural? When a you leaving? Quando was vice one. Those vice they're leaving on Monday. Saban Blueness seven a luminous. I would like to leave soon. Mayo Storia, hear me pronto. No study a animate Brando. You have to leave now, Dennis Ca Each day our Dennis gave the Oda. She doesn't want to leave on Tuesday. No cure a year. Say and mark this. No cure a cell Marti's We can't leave on Wednesday. No Podemos ear, nose A miracle lists. No problem of Steven Russell. Miracle this. You have to leave with him, You plural. You have to leave with him. Dennis K. Roche. Cornell. The nice skaters. Cornell, as we saw before. The way to say once twice, three times four times is Beth or Beth s in the plural. When referring to times as in occasions, the number of occasions, the number of times you do something to refer to. Time is a general concept as in how long or how much time we say dimple. So how long is cuenta tempo? How much time Quanto tempo wanted Temple How therefore, would you ask the question? How long are you staying here? In the singular quanto tempo? Take it as a key quantity in particular sake. And how about the same question in the plural Addressing a number of people? How long are you staying here? Quanto tempo or scale? Eyes? Aggie want to impose Kaizaki? And how about how long are we going to stay here? Quanto tempo. Obama's Kate Arnott Sharkey So how did we say how many times I want us with this one does with this How would you ask a person? How many times are you going to go to the bank today? Qantas with is beside Al Banco Boy Quantas with his recital Banco How many times is she going to call her Qantas missus by Aja Marla Qantas with his barge A Marla For how long do you need it? Para Cuando temple Aloneftis eaters. But I want a team Polonius Recetas 16. Time Trial.: Okay. 17. Trabajar, Estoy trabajando: Some of them, what would we say it in Spanish for? Writing it in the sense of I'm writing it right now at this instant, I'm writing it as Caribbean. What about their writing it right now? They are writing it. Stan. Lowest Dan is Colombian know. And how would you say I'm writing it for her because she can't do it. Lowest noise, Gideon, no barrier working. No point the afterglow. Hello. How about the question, why is she writing it in green? Bargain lowest ice cream shop in barely per gallon is task Libyan the Embed. Now, how would you say I'm eating it? Come in here a stake on. And the question, are you leaving now? In the sense of are you in the process, are you in the act of leaving now? Are you living now? Sally and Laura. The verb to work as in, for example, working at your job to earn money. Not in the sense of whether it works or not, is how do you say I have to work on Sunday? Then go get L Domingo. Domingo. Now tried to say, I can't speak now because I'm working. No. Puedo hablar ora Borges toy trauma handle? Nope. Well, I've laid out uppercase tetra Honda. They don't work on Wednesday. At a mirror colleagues. Not gullies. Why aren't you working in the sense of working right now? Why aren't you working in noise test, grab a handle. In fact, in Spanish, just say I'm working in the sense of I'm in the process of working. We can actually use either the simple form or the progressive two-part form, estoy, grab a handle. Both of these forms can be used to say what you are in the process of doing. So I'd like you to say, I'm not working because it's Sunday. In two different ways. Not Roberto Borges Domingo. Not Roberto Borges Domingo. Noise toy, robot, bookcase, Domingo. Domingo. I'm having lunch again, say this in two ways. I'm having lunch. Comma comma estoy haciendo. It's taken me and she can't do it now because she's having lunch. Again, say this in the two different ways. Napoleon, the third, Laura. Loud, uppercase Baconian know, how would you say, What are you doing tonight? Bearing in mind, this is not something that you're doing right now. Kss is Donald Gene penalty. And obviously here we can't say KS does noise donald J, because J is a planet's referring to the future. Now, ask the question, what are you doing right now in two different ways. Kss this case does haciendo. And again, Can you say, what is she writing in two different ways. Guys, tasking. And as we saw a while ago, the verb to say or to tell is the seed. They feel. How would you say, What are you saying in two different ways. This case does DCN no. No. I don't understand what you were telling me. Know in the end, no luck MAD says, no Indian don't log K, maize does DC and no. I don't understand why you are not doing it. Again. No law, ethics. Hello, I know India and Nepal again, no low estas haciendo. Napoleon nano is Tessa. Now a cash machine is automatic. Automatically. How would you say I need to go to the cash machine? C to E are automatical. Is there a cash machine near here? Automatic or cercaria key? Automatical, silica, the AKI. There are two cash machines in the hotel. Any hotel. And those catheters automatic cosine notation. How would you ask the question, what does automatical mean? Kk. Automatical. Automatic. 18. "GO" verbs, Imperatives.: Azul. Remember the verb toe. Have his day in aid donated? Aziz, we've seen many of the common verbs take a G in the first person. Singular the I form. So how do we say I have tingle? Tangle? And what about? I have a lot of money tangle, mutual dinero things are mutually NATO. And now I'd like you to say I don't have a lot of time. No tengo mature tempo, no single mooted temple. No one from the verb Bonnaire to put How would we say aiport or I'm putting in the simple form Bungle! Bungle! And how would you say I'm putting it on the table? Lubango in La Mesa LeBron one La Mesa And using the verb sallied sallied to leave or to go out? How would we say I'm leaving or I'm going out? Santiago Salgo Not trying to say I'm leaving now because I have to work. Sarah, go order por que tengo que trabajar salvatore Marketing Okay, Trabajar Now from the verb they need to come, they need How would we say I come or I'm coming? Bingol dangle now trying to say I'm coming with her tomorrow. Bingo! Corn Asia Manana Bingo, Kanayama, Nana and from the verb death Eed to say or to tell, How would we say I'm saying or I say Diegel legal. I'm saying it three times because it's important. Lord, I go dressed with its poor case important. No, they got dressed with this poor case importante and from the verb affair to do How would we say I do or I'm doing ogle algal? And how do you say I'm doing it on Thursday, Lago in Service Luangwa. Whoever is now, here's a new verb which also takes a G in the first person Singular I form and it's the verb to bring in Spanish. Is there? I did I and the first person singular form is dry eagle. There I go. How therefore we say I'm not bringing it because it's too big? No, no trying Poor case. Demasiado Grandi. No, no, Try go Porky's demasiado randy. The reason we've been having a close look at these I forms is that the same forms a required to create the command or imperative forms, the forms used for giving instructions and orders in Spanish. There are different forms for the positive and the negative imperatives This, of course, differs from English, where we use the same forms for both. For example, Do it Don't do it. Spanish is slightly more complicated. So for the negative form, we change the O off Sal or I go out. Sarah, go. We change it to an A s salad. Us Don't go out. No, Saugus, No! Saleh Gas For the positive form, we removed the ending altogether and say, Sal, go out. Leave Sal, son. So once again, how did we say Go out, Sally? Sad. And how would we say, Don't go out? No, Sal Agus. No. Sal Ghous. How do you think we would say Put it here? Barlow A key born Rocky. So when we use the law in positive or affirmative imperatives, it hooks onto the end of the verb born lower key. Barlow For negative imperatives, it goes before the verb nor a fungus. No open gas, Aggie. So how would you say Don't put it there, Nora Pangas Org No la ponga. See? Try to say, Put it on the table. Bon law in La Mesa, La Mesa on What would the Spanish be for? Don't put it on the chair. No, a fungus in the CIA? No lo bonus. INLA Celia. How do you think would say Say it? De lo de lo. And what about Don't say it? No. Lo Odinga's No Aviva's. How would we say? Come with me, Ben Conmigo. Denko Middle. And what about don't come on Friday? No finger, Selby Illness Knowing a severe illness. Do it. No, a slow our as no odor. Don't do it with her. No August Grenada. No, no Alaskan area. 19. Time Trial.: Okay. Yeah. 20. Extension and Practice: way Say verb to bring that I try it. So how do we say the command? Bring it Try a low Try low the negative command. It's very slightly irregular. How would we say? Don't bring it? No Try Egas No trying us with an I now trying to say Don't put the money on the table No ponga Sardinero in a messa No pong Assulin era La mesa And now don't put your phone on the chair No bongers telefono in a seizure. No bung us toe the left Milicia How would you say? Put the beers on the small table Boneless They're with us in La Mesa. Begin Yah! Born last year with us in La Mesa Takinyou How would one say? Don't do it now Because we're leaving soon. No, Agassa. Wanna por que nos Ramos pronto. No longer soured Upper canines Vamoose pronto. Do it later. Because we're not staying here as low mass star the work in No no skater Masaki Adenoma Starve A perkin known of scale Yamasaki now trying to say say it slowly. De lo this Paseo the love this path You say it more slowly because she doesn't understand English de Lo must dispatch pork in 90 and the Inglis Dylan last this party A park in 90 in Inglis. How do you give the command? Don't say that. No. Dig a say so. No Vegas eso. And what about say this? The esto de esto Don't come if you don't want to knowing us. See? No kiddies, no venga. See? No, Gary's don't come. If it's too difficult for you. No Ingles sees demasiado the physical parity No Vegas years been Masiello the fetal Paraty How about don't do it if you don't like it? No Lo Argus seen not a Busta? No, Alusi, not they musta come now because we're starting Baena or a parquet m pesa Moshe Then out, up or can be famous. And how would you give the negative command? Don't come now. It's too late. No being gas odor. It's demasiado danity. No venga soda is the Masiello that of it? Don't do it today. It's not important. No law Got soy? No, it's important. They no longer Sorry. Nice important. And how about don't do it like that? Nalo Agassa. See no longer a c. Come here. I want to tell you something. Benaki get all they see it. They are ago Vignocchi You know, if you're a low, how do you say do number two? First it's easier. Athen Numeral dorst Romero It's must fulfil. I feel no middle does Pre Meadow is must fulfil. And how do you instruct someone? Leave now So I order sell out. And what about? Don't leave now if you want to see her No shulgasser or a C Curious Bella No Salazar A securities villa. 21. Delante de , Detrás de, Mercado: You'll probably remember that to say something in Spanish, it's horrible. And to say nothing. It's cold. You say there is something blue on the table. I'll go a full en la mesa, IL-12 in La Mesa. Nothing is going to be ready today. Now thereby establish dtau. Now in the sentence doesn't begin with the word neither, nothing. Then we need to add a not in front of the phrase. So to say, there is nothing in the room. It's no, I neither in-lab potassium. Nine nanometer. This may sound like a double negative, but that's the way it works in Spanish. So how would you say there's nothing in the house? Knowing other en la casa? No, I know that in La Casa. What about there's nothing that I want to do here. Knowing other get Kerouac, nine nasa. And how would you say, I don't want to do anything bearing in mind that anything and nothing above translated as neither in Spanish. Nokia. Nokia. I'm going to say something important. Boy, or they see the algo important de algo importante to say in front of it, the land, the day. And to say behind its day, truss day. The last day. I'd like you to say there is something behind the house. I algo de trust the La Casa de la Casta. There's something in front of the car. I'll go Dilantin L coachee or the lambda, the coachee. There's nothing behind the woman. Know another, the trust dilemma. Nine nanometers. There's nothing in front of the man. No, another Dilantin, Columbia. Nine nano London alone, me. What about the question? Is there something in the room? I'll go I'll go in Lobby Tatian. A market in Spanish is on Mercado only column. And the supermarket is super Mercado. Hey McCallum. A restaurant is almost the same as English. Just make sure you pronounce every single vowel. How would you say there's a supermarket near the restaurant? Ion super Mercado circa Dell, the rest out and I am super Mikado thicker, then you start empty. There isn't a market near the hotel. No eye on Mercado circa. Gaddafi. Now tried to say there are two supermarkets behind my house. Either Schubert America does mimic casa. I know supermen Ricardo's, they trusted me, cosine. How would you say it's in front of the restaurant? Is that the lantern tower on the study London interest outlandish. Don't put your car in front of the market. No Pong gosh, two cocci, the lambda del Mercado, Dilantin and medical. Put it behind the hotel. Bone load the truss Hotel. I think there's a cash machine in front of the bank. The intro, automatic de la Gente del Banco. The answer came cathedral automatic or Dilantin bandgap. 22. Time Trial.: Okay. Yeah. 23. Al lado de, Esperar, Día, Semana: I think so. Then welcome back. Welcome back to listen. 15 level three over metal to say next to and Spanish. It's a lot all day. A lot of day. How then would we say I live next to the market? People A lot of del mercado. We've a lot of El Mercado. And how would you say my car is next to the house? Me, Koji start Alonso de la Casa Micoach Esta la villa casa. Try to say there's a small restaurant next to the hotel. I own restaurant. They pick a new a lot of the hotel. I understand. And Tippecanoe? A lot of a hotel now say he works in a supermarket. Barbossa in super dramatic castle. How about High Noon Super Mercado? What about the question? Where's the supermarket? Don? The style Super mercado, Dunder style Super America. And how do you want, sir? It's next to the beach. Hey star Ah Lago Della Play area. It's the love Avila player. Toe weight in Spanish is esperar. It's been at. And to say I'm waiting for something is a story Esperion New Argo A story Esperion New Argo You'll notice that the Spanish doesn't translate the word for toe wait for So you wait. Something is toy spare on the hour ago to say Wait for me in Spanish We just say Wait me So we remove the full The four is not translated So how would we say Wait for me a spit on me It's spit on me Wait for me next to the swimming pool A Spare me a lot of the Pristina It's better. Mia love Avila Pristina. And how would you say I'm waiting for the car and remember to remove the four A story Spare a Newell coach Historias parental coaching What about? Wait for her A spirit Allah Espindola. And what about wait for him in front of the hotel? A spare alot the London Del hotel A spare alone Delahunty del hotel. The word for a day in Spanish is NVIDIA only a to say for two days Again, we don't usually need the four. So just say two days. Does Diaz for two days Those DS those DS wait for two days or wait two days. A spirit of those Diaz. It's better at those ds. How about I'm going to wait for three days, boy, spare are dressed ds boy speed are Dennis Diaz a week is una Semana illness and money. Now to say we're here for a week in Spanish Weaken, Just say we're here a week. How would you say were here a week? Est amo sake or a semana is Tom Osaki una semana? What about We're going to Spain for three weeks by most of Espana three semanas Obama's Espana three Simonas. Now rather long sentence. I'm going to wait a week. And if it doesn't arrive, I'm going to call boy and spare our una semana. You see No Jaeger boy. Jamaat? Oh, yes. Better una semana, You see No yoga boy Oyama on our as you may already know is Una order. You know it. How do you say I'm leaving in an hour? May boy. And in order or Salgo and una order Mabel, You, Norah O salgo and una Aura. How would you instruct someone come in an hour, Ben? Anyone order Vin and Rhoda? How would you say I condone? Oh, it in two hours. Pueblo Othello! Indoors! Auras, boy. Laferla Indo sodas 24. Año, Semana que viene: way are again aqui estan with How do you think we would say? I can do it in two hours? Puedo Othello in dose auras. By the way, Thurlow in dose auras. Now try to say I would like to sell it in two weeks. Me gustaria vendetta Low in doze semanas Medical study have in their lindo same manners. Cool her in an hour. Jamala Immune aura Damn a line, you know Now try to say if you do it quickly, you couldn't do it in a week. Cee Lo office Rapido Place a fellow in una semana Salafis Rapido by this a felon una semana Now thinking back to remember how to say to return or toe to come back Bull bed Volvo So how do we say we're coming back in four days time in English? We might add the words time, but it's not necessary In Spanish were coming back in four days or four days time. By the way, most in Quetta. The yes boiled memos in Cuatro Yes. Now try to translate this rather long sentence if you don't come back in an hour. I'm not going to wait for you. See, Nowhere s a nooner order. No, boy, I spent our day. I see no well reasoned in order. No one gets paid out of there Now try to say we can't do it this week. No Polly Mosa fellow esta semana. Nobody. Most fiddlers Dustin manner. The way to say next week in Spanish is to say the week that's coming last. Simona Cavey. Any listen, man Active unit How would you say we're going to do it next week? Hermosa Federal last Semana Que viene e? Mama's a federal lesson. Monarchy. I wouldn't like to be here next week. No, me gustaria estar aqui last Samana Cay. Be any no member start? Yes, that Oculus him and I give you name. And how about I'm going to sell it next week? Boy, I've been there a long time. Well, you have in the same manner. And how would you ask? Why don't you sell it this week? But get no love in this esta semana poor kennel of in this system seem manner. A year in Spanish is an annual onan you And logically, the way to say next year is to say the year that is coming along on your Cavey Any a lanyard give you any? How do you instruct someone? Do it next year? A slow Ellen. You okay? Be any after Orlando. Gambian? How would you say don't do it this year? No longer us. Este on you no longer Sister Anya. I want to buy a new house next year. Kiddo. Cambra una casa. Nueva it on. You okay? Be any Get Okamba. Aruna. Cassandra Vilonia. Can I talk to you next week? Remember? Talk to in Spanish. We would say talk with Can I talk with you next week with a wobbler Contigo? La semana Keaveny We can't start this week because it's not ready. No problemo. Sympathize Esta semana Por que no esta listo. Nobody more Sympathy. Arrest the same man up working. Nice, Calisto. Remember the verb to give dot That So how would you say you can give me than money next week? Put this Dar Molinaro last Samana Cay, Vienna Boy, This documentary NATO Lassen, monarchy of uni. He's giving me the book. Next week. Made our liberal last Samana Cay be any. May I leave it a lesson? Monarchy, Vinnie, It's very late. It's militarily. It's more like that of it? Yes. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. See? Hasta manana when it's no chess, See Hasta manana when I was notice. 25. Time Trial: Okay. Yeah. 26. Más que, Menos que: so that to say more in Spanish will probably remember is mass muss to say the comparative form more than we say. Mask a a mask it So Kate could mean that. Or in this case, then how would you say I eat more than you? Cuomo Mosquito Cuomo Mosquito. You have more money than I we might say than me in English. But let's stick with the eye as this is the correct form in Spanish. You have more money than I Dennis. Must be NATO Keijo Penis Must be Nate. Okay? Yeah. She gives me more than you made a musket to. Maybe a mosquito. I write more than Carlos A scribble musket Carlos SQL musky Carlos. And how do you think we would say he works more than me for in Spanish? He works more than I must schedule. I'm asking you now to say the green book we say and liberal where they If we wanted to say the green one without book, we would say literally the green one, the green literally. Elber date. It'll barely. How do you think we would say I like the Red Book? More than the green one make Busta liberal Rocco Must Gail? Barely No ghost. Oliver Rocco Maskell. Very. The white computer is more expensive than the black one. A Lord Denard or Blanco Isthmus carro que el Negro A lot of another Blankers Mascaro Kill Navorro. The restaurant is nearer the hotel than the swimming pool. Restaurante esta MasterCard a low Tell Kayla Pristina l restaurant Istan. Master Cavallo tell Kayla Pristina the way to say less than instead of more than less than is menores gay. It might help to think of the English word minus men are scared Men escape What would the Spanish for? I eat less than you be Com Romano's Kato Come on, man or skate Oh, I have less time today than on Saturday Tengo men Austin boy kill somebody single men or stem poetic El Salvador There is less beer than Coca Cola. I'm a nurse Teresa. Coca Cola. I mean, instead of a second Coca Cola. There are less men than women here. I may know some breeze came over here is a key I'm in or some brisket. Mochida Zaki. I speak more Spanish than him, but less than her Abu Muscle's span. Your kale petal minnows Kedia Alamosa spaniel Gail Beto. Minnows Kailua. Now the way to say the comparative forms bigger, easier later in Spanish is to say more. Big, More easy, more late. So how do you think we would say? Don't tell me now tell me later. No! Maybe Gaza Order! Demon must out of there. No Medic! Asada, they may must RV. Okay then. What was the verb in the infinitive to speak our blood? I'm glad. What about the command? Speak a black Abla. The negative command don't speak. Is no a bliss? No ablest. What was the verb to work? That about hard? That I'm a hut and the command work de Massa on the negative command don't work. Notre box office No Dabakis. What was the verb to start in Basada and that? How do you say start now and abuse in order and pizza Oda? And how about don't start? No MPs s knowing Pss now you can see here the Z or zed of empath are has changed to a C. This is because as these verbs are conjugated, that's to say the endings have changed whenever the situation arises. That Z or zed is followed by an e the CEO said. Changes to any Z changes to a see if it's followed by e Z changes to see if it's followed by E How would you say Call me Jumma me young money Don't call me because I'm busy normally . Yemenis Poor case. Toyako bother No medium esb orchestra. You Coppola don't start if you're not ready No MPs see No estas listo? No, I'm breathless interest at least. Oh, don't work if you're tired. No trouble says CS Tuscan Sun No Dabakis siestas Consalvo. 27. Los, Las: Welcome back. Let's get going with Lesson 18 of level three. To say, come back. I'm sure you remember is Baalbek. Baalbek. How would you instruct someone? Come back tomorrow? When we, now, just as we've seen, the AR verbs are verbs for the negative commands. The verbs also change tracks and act like AR verbs. So how do you think we would say, don't come back tonight? Is how did we say to eat? And how would we instruct someone? I'm remembering to change tracks again. How would we say don't eat it? No, no commas. And how did we say the verb to sell in Spanish? So what would the instruction sell it be? Mendelow. Mendelian. And how would you say, don't sell it. Thus. Thus, what was the verb, right? So how would you say write your name here? And what about the negative instruction? Don't write it in red. Bus and Rocco, Nurse give us don't eat the green one. The yellow one. Don't put the red one on the table. Not fungus in the raw whore Alameda Mesa. Now to say the plural article, as in the cars, the cats, the trees is loss. Yes. Yes. How would we say the chairs? Cs. Cs. And what about the cars? Coaches. How would you instruct someone put the chairs on the table? In La Mesa? Seniors in Lamisil. Don't speak to the men. Couldn't know somebody's muscle embrace. How would we say the women are coming next week? La semana, KVL, union lesson Markovian. And how would we say the women eat less than the men? Greatest common menos kilo zombies. 28. Time Trial: Okay. Okay. Yeah. 29. Los coches rojos, Cosa, Unos, Señora: Listen 19 Unit three. So then Justus adjectives such as awful ending in a no change there, ending to an A when describing a feminine known all adjectives taken s when describing any plural now owns. So how, for example, would you say the red cars lost coaches? Rocco's los coaches, rockers? And how would you say the red chairs bearing in mind that chair's a feminine last Seizures raucous last See Yes Drogas And how would you say the important women Last movie, Harris Important this Lasmo Credit's important this. And what about the big tables? Last missus? Grandness last Mrs Groundless. The yellow chairs are next to the small tables. Lasi, a summary areas has done a lot of the last. Mrs Peck. Kenya's Last siege a summary assist on a level Villas, Miss Suspect Genius. Do it once, but don't do it twice. A slow one of this better normal Argus does basis. Absolutely. You know, if they don't know others, those office say it twice, but don't say it three times the low dose with a sparrow. No law. Rigas dress basis. Deal of those Beth is they don't know the stress with this a thing a thing in Spanish is una cosa una cosa. How would you ask? What's that thing? Case is Akasha. Cases are closer. There are three things that I want to tell you. I dress cautious. Get Caro. They see today I'd risk assess Get here early Thursday. I only do the important things solo. Angola's cautious, important This solo arugula schools has important this to say a few. The word is you know sh Arunas. Who knows? How would you say a few things? Una Scott unesco Sis. I have a few things in the car. Tengo Unesco's US NL coaching thing. Jonas Cosas in Elko. I'm putting a few things behind the table. A story pony. Andonis Scotia's. They trust the Romesha. A story bunion. UNESCO says the trust Villamizar. What would a few days be? Who knows Diaz? Who knows DS? I'm going to do it in a few days. Boy. Othello in most DS boy, a felon. Unos Diaz. We're going to be here for a few weeks. Most I start a key. We'll have C minus bombers. I start at unison minus They're going to stay in Barcelona for a few hours. Ban a kid. Are say in Barcelona s orders, man, I get arson. Barcelona owner sold us. The women are staying here a few days more. Las Mujeres se queda anarchy. Who knows? Diaz Mass, Lasmo Harris Secular and Acuna's D Asmus. Now, as we touched on before, there are two ways to say you the informal way or the formal, extra polite way. The word for you, in this case, is whose death no longer two but will step when addressing people older than yourself or perhaps people in positions of authority. And this form of you actually takes the third person singular verb form. That's to say that he or she form. So No s on the end. How do you therefore say, Can you tell me where the beach is? Using the formal form who stayed pointed? A settlement? No, Mr La Playa. Whether the student made on this teleplay Gia, the way to say sir is Senor, Senor and Madame would be Senora Saniora. The way to say, Excuse me when catching someone's attention, for example is better done. Beethoven, How would you ask? Excuse me, madam. Do you know where there is a bank? Maryland Shannara savaged. Done the, um bongo Pentagon Siniora savage on the, um Bongo 30. Tren, Bus, Por la mañana, Avión: Ah, train in Spanish is Tren own train A bus is in bush. Oh, now doubles Excuse me, sir. Do you know what time the bus leaves? Betted on? Senor Sabia Que Or a Sally L. Bush Better than Senor Serbia. Curious? A little booze. Excuse me, madam, Can you tell me when the train arrives betted on Siniora Put a serum e quando jigga train better than Siniora Boy that if you did make one than you guys been is there a train that goes to a lengthy A today? Are you trained giver Violencia? Are you drinking Javelin theory? What about There are fewer in other words, less. There are fewer buses on Sunday. Then on Saturday I menace bushes L Domingo Gail Sabado Im and his boss is a looming look and salad in the morning is board LaMagna literally for the morning. Borderline manana, Mullah Manana in the afternoon is Bhola today bottom left Having the and as you might expect in the night or at night, is border and nor chain Portland. How do you make the statement? There's a bus in the morning. I am boost Polo manana. Are you Mooseport manana? What about the question. Is there a train in the afternoon? Are you trained? Poor little day? Are you trim? Poor LaTavia. There aren't any buses at night or in Spanish. There aren't buses at night. No abuses. Portland? No, I boo says Portland. An airplane is gonna be on. Don't have you on. At what time does your plane leave? Que or a Sally to have you on a K or a salad to have you on. At what time does her plane leave? Okay, order. Sally. So have you on Akira? Sally Swabian. Of what time does his plane leave? Okay, or Sally's to have you on RKO Olusola Swabian. Now, when addressing someone using the formal form the Bush death form, as we said before, we need to use the third person he or she form. This also applies to the possessive adjective. Your So how would you say? At what time does your plane leave? Using the formal form Que Or a Sally shoe. Have you on rko Olusola? Swabian, Your train arrives in the morning. She train Jacob Oram manana. So train *** por la manana. There's nothing in your car. No. Another in true Cokie nine Navin Zuccotti There are a few things in your room Madam, are you nuts? Cause us in Schwabe Taxi on Senora Ah Unesco says in sabotage Theon Senora, there's a plane that goes to my Oka next week I own a view on Kaveh your colas Semana que be any are you not Bianchi Obama? Your color? Same monarch of uni There's a train that goes to Alicante in the morning I won't train gave Ali Conte pour la Manana Canyon drink of Alicante por la manana This method is very difficult. It's the metal. It's moody, fizzy It's the mental There's more the 50 I find it easy but it goes too slowly lowing Quintero facile pair over the Masiello This Paseo No, I'm goingto fulfil. Pero volume assemble this path. You It's too fast for me Is De Macias or Rapido. Jeremy is the most rapid lobotomy. Thank you very much. Muchas gracias. More chess. Qaddafi s See you soon Hasta pronto as Tim Brando 31. Time Trial.: Okay. Okay. Yeah.