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The Complete LinkedIn Marketing for your Business

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to LinkedIn Marketing


    • 2.

      Setting up your LinkedIn account


    • 3.

      Adding Experience, Skills, Accomplishment to your LinkedIn profile


    • 4.

      Adding a professional Background photo


    • 5.

      Adding media to your Linkedin profile


    • 6.

      Changing your LinkedIn URL


    • 7.

      Adding your Website to LinkedIn


    • 8.

      Creating Shareable contento on LinkedIn


    • 9.

      LinkedIn Company Pages Examples


    • 10.

      Creating a LinkedIn Company Page


    • 11.

      Managing your LinkedIn Company Page


    • 12.

      Publishing content in your LinkedIn company page


    • 13.

      Getting 50 dollar in LinkedIn Ads Credits


    • 14.

      LinkedIn Ads Introduction


    • 15.

      Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad


    • 16.

      Waiting for LinkedIn Ad approval


    • 17.

      Creating a LinkedIn Text Ads Campaign


    • 18.

      Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaign


    • 19.

      Quick view oat the LinkedIn Campaign manager


    • 20.

      Your Final Project


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About This Class

Welcome to the "LinkedIn Marketing Masterclass"

In this class, you will learn how to dominate LinkedIn, using all the power of LinkedIn to increase sales and grow your brand and company all over the world.

This class is for beginners and intermediate users, we'll discuss how to optimize your account, how to create LinkedIn Ads and much more!

Let's start the class right now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to LinkedIn Marketing: Hey, guys, Welcome to linking Model and happy to see you here on this model, Euler. Amazing stuff. Basically, Euler, how to use linking a some marketing tool to increase customers increase yourselves on, especially increased their relationship between you, your company on your customers. I will show you hear later in this model how to create ATS on Linden and I will share with you also a $50 bonus that you can get for free just for signing for linking here on this model. So later on the model when we are talking about at all. So I have a special video for you showing you the instructions to get this $50 credit to use on your linked in. At also, I'll show you how to grate a profile. If you don't have a profile, we will create that company business pace. So if you have a company and you don't have your company here, Arlington will create a page for your company so people will know about your company about your products, about all the great ideas that you have. I'll show you how to create a super optimized linking profile in order to attract more followers more connections to your account. You'll get your personal UL here, Arlington. So people will know how to find you straight. Just using a girl walk rate linking ATS successfully promoting your beast issue right. They do ideas on your products all over these network. And at the end we will talk about the ads manager on a leading is How do you know if the at are working or not? All that is coming here on excited. I hope you are happy and excited to let's start this model right now. 2. Setting up your LinkedIn account: Hey, guys, welcome to this new model Here we are ready to start exploring. Start using all the tools that link it provide to you and to your business in your advantage. The first step and we're going to straight to take action were not just talking about tears here. You already know you're really taking this course. And you know, most off the social media's so far, and I'm super happy to see that you are taking the course. And you are taking action. Especially remember that the best way to get the results of we want is to take action, put into practice all the strategies you learn here, so you will have the results of you one. So that's why we're jumping straight to the creation off the count here on linking the first step is to go to lengthen dot com on you'll see here. If you don't have an account, you can create account here. Basically, they are asking for your name, last name, email and password. You can click joined. Now on. After that, you will be ready to start creating your profile here. Arlington. You see, my linked in profile is ready to go one. I'll make sure that by the end of this model you have a professional profile that your customers and people that want to connect with you they come here, they see all the good things that you have that to tell them on on. They connect with you. That's the goal here. And also we're creating a page for your business for your company. We're creating a company page here, Arlington, with all the tools to make sure that you are using that company that page on Lincoln as a market in tow. That that page will help is helping you to get more people and to reach more customers. That's the goal here, guys. So let's start now. You're ready Completed. These with your information I won't go through the person again. Is this is very simple? Unsure? You can do it on. After that, you will be dread erected to your profile page. Probably you will receive an email from Lincoln asking for to confer confirmation to make sure that you are a real person. On that you are actually creating this account. So here we are on the link in profile, you can go to Lincoln dot com to see your profile on. The first thing we see here is your Farrah. So what do you adhere? People ask me. Ok? Sure. At my local here should like me. My personal picture. The bridge from my brother would we need to adhere on? The answer is simple on this page because it's your personal profile You as a business owner us a member of the company will add your photo here. Okay, later. In the in the model here will create a business page as I promise you on there. Yes, we need to add your company, your company logo or upper Ah, foot off your product. We will do that later. So for now let's concentrate on the picture is good to have hit a professional picture. Try not to use selfies. I have some clients using Selfies and we have meeting and I said police. Let's change that to something more professional. They were glad that we talk about that. So they updated. So enter a picture. You can upload your picture by clicking here on the image and you see here you have the option to on this case because I already have the picture. I can change. I consumed in zone out. I can modify at filters and all that good stuff. They just add the filter option here. This is brand new. So if you are, even if you are Ah, long time here on Lincoln. You have now the option toe at filters to your picture. I will leave it original. I like it. Let's apply these. And here we see information about you. We see your name. Last name a headline. This is important to add to at some message here telling people about you especially. What do you like? What's a message that you want to share with them? After that, we have your current position. You can add more information If you don't see the precision you can click on, add new position. Basically, you have the option to a title assigned this title to a company. So if you are working on your company, you can create your You can enter your company name here on this field and later we will create a page on your associate Your profile with that page Here you have the location off the company, from which day to which they are. You working on all that? Probably. You already know this. Let me go back here. Excellent. You have the country where you leave the Sitko, the seedy area the industry that you are working on. And here is the summer and is the one that I want to talk with you about this summary I recommended Tea toe. Enter the summary Some message that tells people more about you personally. But also, if especially if you're a business honoree and if you want to promote your company, you need to adhere on the summary. Something that is also related with your company is your idea, your goal, but also the goal off the company. What's the goal of the company in this case for me personally and adding here, teaching an trip owners and business owner to reach customers all over the war Because that's my goal. My goal is to help you to get their toe, get to reach people all over the world. Share your message in all the countries that have Internet access right now, everybody that can be That can be your potential. Your potential customer. They need to know about you. They need to know about your company. So that's my goal. I hope you enter here. You you go on. Also, this is a little bit more advanced and it is not mandatory. But it's a good idea, if possible, toe at some key words here. So if in my case, for example, I teach digital marketing, I teach social media marketing, Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing. I teach online courses I teach on your A me so I can add all these key water and giving you right now like you're a me online courses, Facebook marketing, digital marketing. I can at all these keywords here on the summary. That's another option. Two is not mandatory, but it's a good idea. Okay, after that, we can say this week and come back here later to show you how to add media and how you can make you profile more beautiful, more appealing for your visitors. For now, let's save these on. Let's jump to the next video where we will continue optimizing your profile to make sure he's on the best way possible. See, there 3. Adding Experience, Skills, Accomplishment to your LinkedIn profile: the next step here in order to complete your profit and make sure its super optimized is to add information about you. If probably you already have these. If you already have an account on Lincoln, so if that's the case, you can jump to the next video and we will continue with the course. But if you want, I can show you here that you need to add experience on this case. Experience is your war experience or if you have any other experience related with your company with your background, you can add that here on you add variously by clicking on the plastic sign here and added the experience on this case. I have configure my account for two languages, so you see English and parties, so I have the chance here toe. Also add these experiences and customize the text for the party's language. Okay, so that's the option you see here. My experience is all here. The next one is education, so you can click the same idea. You can click the plaice Aiken, you at the school, the degree the feel of study grade any activities that you had that you can describe here the period description and all that. If you want, you can upload links to these or for obvious on to make it look beautiful. When you have education, we can jump to the next one, which is very similar outside and going very fast on these topics. Because you know how to do it. You can click on add new skill here. Basically, you search on the skill data's Let's see here, Manager Man marketing So you have all these data, all these options that you can add to your profile. So spend some time here finding the right skills that you can add to your profile skills, also that are related with your company. Next, remember the we're creating your company page so you can link you could you will use some skills that identified your company. Also, that's good, because we'll connect the two accounts later here on the model. Here we have some recommendation people that recommend me that already were with me and some recommendations I give to other people. Accomplishment. This is a big one. You can add a lot off things here in my case. For example, I have languages, English, part of Spanish you can expand. He'd a have more details about each one of them. So right now we recommitted to go to the glass bottom here and you look all the things that you can add you can at certification, specific course that you that you completed owner or award languages. How many languages speak or if you speak one language, that's good. You can at that language. So people know which language which language they need to use to communicate with you. If you have any pattern project publication, their score, I know what disease organization, the organization you can adhere. So basically, these are accomplishments that do you can add here on your profiles and here at the end, we have interest. These are the companies that in this case, I am following on linking. When you start here on linking, you'll find companies that you want to follow, you know, probably companies that you work right now. If you are working on our on 1/3 party company that is not your company, you will find that on linking and you can follow these companies here and also follow other companies that you are interested about. Excellent. Now we're ready to go to the next video. See, there 4. Adding a professional Background photo: the next step we need to take in order to make sure the profile looks great is toe up day This background image you see here you see your father, my father, on this case on the bag You see this blue image with looks great, actually. But the only problem is that this image is by default. All link things account. So if you don't change these background for this is the one that you are seeing. So let's change that in once website that I recommend to my clients my students see specs else dot com pixels that corn. If you are watching other courses that I have or these cars, you will know you already know that this is one of my favorite places to get unlimited professional for us to use in my projects in my Facebook at on my social media accounts. And you can use it even commercially, most off them. So let's find something to post on to use as my background picture. We concert for something like laptop, for example on Let's see, here we have some laptops, images or maybe we concert for something like wood to have a background, maybe this background looks good. Let's see this one here so you can go here on free download. Choose the size the recommended size for this image. East 15 84 pixels by 396. Speak so you can enter this information here so you can enter 15 84 by 3 96 Or you can just download in any off this form. It's on linking were format. The image will resize the image for you. So let's download these. Let's see how it looks on the profile. Let's put this on my desktop. Excellent. Go back to the profile here and now we click on update background photo upload. I go to my desktop. What is the Aim it right now. This is the image open. Okay, this is the image. The much looks great. They They're saying that the scale of your photo may appear different and smart if smaller devices, Okay, safe on off course. We can change this photo any other for the idea here. And this is my goal. My goal is to show you this option and toe tell you that you can use this image also in your advantage. I have clients that are using this image. They are customizing with Tex adding their website on heat on top, for example, so you can add your website make on my case. I can go, for example, on at a tax year, saying Please visit Diego avila dot com to get more information. Or I can even drive people to a landing page I recommend. And we're doing a test with one client having a short Ling Tau a landing page. So they are offering a free course on the specific thing that we were so here on the image . So basically, anyone that visit the profile, they connect with this client and also they see at the top. Hey, this is a free course. I would like to visit this place on, maybe take the free course. So by doing that, this client is also collecting their customers in name and email, which is great for marketing us, you know? Okay, this is how you change the picture. I recommended to come here. TopE excels dot com, invest some time trying some pictures for your business, of course, to something that is related with your business and with the idea off your products and services on a dollar. The image test there on Lincoln and see how looks like if you like the profile or not, and you can try other photos if you like. So your tax now before jumping to the next video, is to go now to pixels dot com. Pow's this video. After I stop speaking here about this video, go to pixels dot com, download a T least five images and test these images. True to your profile, come here. Say okay, update for Andi. You can a blow the photo on on test see which one you like, And after that, when you choose, when you find the perfect one, you can you can jump to the next video K. C. There. 5. Adding media to your Linkedin profile: in this video, we will add videos, articles on for us to your profile in order toe call the attention of your followers to so more information about you about your company to these people that are thinking on following you. So how do we do that? Feed on linking. We go to your profile page. Here we are. You can go to me. You can view profile if you are not here. So when you're here, you will see the pencil here, which is the icon Toe added your profile. So let's click and that and scroll down to the bottom. So here we see media ad link to external documents for US site videos or presentations. So if you have any work that you did in the past that you think is work to share with your country with your contacts on your audience here on Linton, you can do that here in this area. So let's add a couple of videos from YouTube here from my YouTube channel on one ling from a block, just to show you an example. Of course, you have two options here. The one the 1st 1 is upload, so you can Ablow. A video, a photo and article here. Or you can use a link. If you have an existing YouTube YouTube video, for example, or an article on your block, you can easily add the link here on linking will get the information straight for on your block. So let's do the YouTube channel first. Let's say he were on my YouTube channel. Let's say I want to add a video up here on my profile. Let's add this video here, for example, to Facebook Retargeting Course trailer. Okay, let's click here. Wonderful. He had the video and the powers here and copy the link here at the top. Copy on. Go back to my LinkedIn profile. I paste the link here on this area, paste taken at and the system will get information from YouTube. As you see here, the Tom name is the same. You can edit the title on the description. If you want, I recommend you here to edit the title description at links your website. Also remember that it's important we always talk about that here on the cars. That is important to add the links to your website in more places in all your social media . When Whenever you have the chance to do that, you need to do that. Oh, my opinion. That's how works for my clients on for my students. So here we are on the thumbnail. The title description customized this as you want and click. Apply when you are ready. Excellent. Here we have one. You have a preview. Let at another link. Now, which is from my block. This is my block from my hiking block. Let me grab one article here on Copy the link. Go back to Lincoln, click on Link Paste the link here and click on add. Okay. Is getting information from my block right now about the article? Here is the thumb they associate in much with this block. I can, of course, any the title and description when I'm happy with that click apply. And now we have a second media here. Now is the time to click on Save. You can add us much medias as you want. The think here, guys, is that you need to add media that will help your audience to connect with you. That will help your outings to establish a trustful relationship. We between you your company on your follower. That's the goal here on this video. That's what we're using Video, which is super powerful. But we know the video is soup is a powerful way to establish a relationship. You can create a video welcoming people to your to your channel, for example, to your linked in profile saying, Hey, welcome to my LinkedIn profile. I look forward to connect with you. I hope to see you're us a fall over here and all that good stuff and talk about your company about your goals and why they need to connect with you here on Lincoln when we saved. Now on where you may be asking yourself, what is the video that we just add on the link? So you see here the phrase that we are on the profile and we have Seymour. So if Weekly Seymour we see that we have to Media's one is a video one is an article, so if I click on one of them, you will see that the video automatically opens for us. We have the title, the description, the title on bold the description here at the bottom, and we have the option to play the video straight on the profile. Okay, that's powerful on the next one is the article. It's open these we see here. The article thumbnail the title description, and we have the option to view source. So if I click on view source, it will automatically open and drive traffic to my website. That's powerful because you are driving people to your website or to landing pages from this specific place. There is no limits again. There is no limit off the use that you can have on the media. Here you can add a video inviting people to click on your link that will follow. That will drive them to your landing page, for example, where you will collect their name and email. So all that all these ideas are here for you. I hope now you start thinking or media's that you can add here on your profile, recommended to at least two media's here. The best option. The best situation here is if he is. If you can record a custom video on Lee for your league linking profile, welcome in your vistors. Welcoming the new followers that you are having an inviting them to connect with you with your company. Talk about you. About what? Your goals are on off course. Off course. Always give the link to your website to all these people and invited to visit all the things that you have on your own line website. Okay. After that we are ready to continue to the next video. But before that, I invite you to stop. Now think about the videos. Think about the articles in the media you can adhere on. Add at least two media's. Okay, See you in the next video. 6. Changing your LinkedIn URL: Let's talk about your personal linking u R L how people find you easily how you can promote your profile here on your own. Arlington basically, you have a link in the U. R L. And I'll show you how to change the one that you have. If you are not happy or how to choose a new one in case you don't have it yet, you see at the top here my user name is Lincoln dot com slash Really Tiago Davila and why, really oh Davila, basically, because I use the same user name in all my social media platforms, So that's a good way for your customers to remember You on toe find you all over the Internet because if you have one use with different use earnings for each social media platform, it's almost impossible for your customers to remember what your use earlier. How to find you off course. They can still find you on the search box. They concert for you for your name and all that, but this easier. And you are making your customers life easier. If you actually have the same user name in all your specific social media platforms off course is not always possible because sometimes the user name is already taken. What do you do in that case, that case you? Off course, you need to create a new use earning that is not the one that you are using on all your social media's, but that's also fine. The good things is to keep in mind is that you need to have a user name that is related with your business with your company on with the service that you are providing that's super important. So how do you choose your user name? We're here on your profile. If you are not here, you can cap come to the top here on the top right hand side, click on your picture and click on view Profile. You will see this image here on in the right column. Here we have the third option right now is added your public profile. If you are not seen adding your public profile right now in this place, that's normal, too. Linking keychains and updates the interface very frequently so you can find these options probably on this right side below in the page. But let's click for now and edit your public profile here and now we have all the options that people are seeing and we can customize that If us you want on here on the right side column, we have added public profile. You are. And this is the wonder were everything right? Now you see, here we have the pencil option on when you click on the pencil. We have the option to relive these on. Enter a new use earning so you can basically come here on enter any use earning that you want. Try to save if the user name is already taken, you'll see an error message. Another message. Same that is already taken. So that's how you choose your use earning here. Arlington. Also here on this page, we have information about you, your picture, how many connections you have, the summary experience, all the information skills. Everything is here and in the right side customize your public profile here. You can also choose What do you want to allow people to see and what do you want to hide from people? So you have all these options here. You can check and check boxes on when you are happy with the settings. All you need to do is click safe. The main thing here, guys east to make sure we have the most optimized user name the direct U R L for your customers. So let's make that happen before we jump to the next video. Okay, See you there. 7. Adding your Website to LinkedIn: The next step is to add your personal information your websites, your channels, your other social media channels here on Lincoln So people will find you here on. They will see all your information, all your links, your phone number, your address. If you want to share that, you can do that here also. I'll show you how right now. Especially the most important thing is how to add your website here on Lincoln. How to link your website with these social media platforms? You were on the profile. If you are not here off course, you can come toe me at the top and click on view profile on the right side. Here we see contact and personal info and we have the pencil toe added. So before clicking on the pencil, let me show you what I have here. So you see here your profile. This is my profile that they are seen websites. They are also seen all my visitors, all the people that this is my profile will see my websites on these cases Diego avila dot com, which is my company website. This other website is my block about trails. So it's also include here on the last one is my YouTube channel is a directly into my YouTube channel with an hour described link and you will love this. I'll show you how to do it when I'm in a minute. Here we have also the email Eastern messaging option. In this case, I have Skype by Skype user name On my birthday April 26 you can add or high as many options that you want here. So let's click on the pencil toe edit and see this information. Here we have my profile. This is the one that we choose on the last video. Really? Of the really great And now we have the option toe at websites up order other phone number address Eastern message on birthday. So let's go to the website which is the one that I'm excited about. All this is super easy. All you need to do here is basically enter your website here. I recommended to use capital letters on the beginning of each war to make it easy to read, So d'avola villa dot com choose the come the website type. In this case, you have personal block company portfolio, other or R R s feet. You can also add more websites. So if I remove this one, you'll have the option to add more and more websites here on these specific Bates. So that's why I had my second website, which is my block on their website Ural from a you tube channel A Look what happened when we click on this link. So if we copy these opener incognito, window and paste this option here, you will see that you will drive to my YouTube channel. But it will pop up. You see, this is let me power the mute. My computer here. This is the magic guys. You see that? The link drive The people toe my YouTube channel. If they're not a subscriber, they will see this pop up saying, Hey, confirm Chanos description unfolding they can do is click unsubscribe on. That's it. When they could, concerts cried. They automatically are my customers. My, no, my customer. But my subscribers here on YouTube. So you can do that Also here on Lincoln, actually, how to do it right now. Basically, you can grab your URL on YouTube. Let me grab my girl here. So you tip dot com if you go to your channel here. So my channel. And now you see your channel Euro here at the top. This is the link that you have for your channel. So in this linguini copies on go open a text document Pace here on the thing that you need to add, you need to have small code at the end off this link in order to do the pop up for hours description on your YouTube channel. And you know that. But by adding question, mark sub underscore confirmation equal one. So these cold here, you can add to the end of fueling. So I will cop copy's and pastes here then. So this is the completely so basically, you got your YouTube channel link and you add question Mark sup underscore confirmation equal one. Okay, this is the formula. So if I copy these, let me open a brand new incognito window. So let's put pays these on. Hopefully we will see the pop up here. We are so excellent we have the pop up here is working Fine. So you can share this leading this whole link on your linked in account. Let me go there on here. You can say Hey, website Ural, enter the holding here or you can use any girl short inner in order to make it smaller. One is google dot g l, which is the one from Google or you can use bit dot lead. So Bigley's another one which is very famous un entered the description here in this case, is the YouTube channel on you can, of course, you choose to use other other things here. You can choose to add building to your block to your Facebook group. If you have a Facebook group to your landing page, maybe you can say Hey, learn how to do these decent These and this is the link and you can drive people to your landing page. Okay, off course I recommended to read the terms and conditions off Lengthen toe. Make sure you are playing within the rules before doing driving people to any specific website here. You cannot also your phone address, as we know at the next one, is the eastern messaging. This is the one that you have to choose between a m iss caib, Yahoo messenger. I seek you. I don't know if who used Isaac you anymore. Google hand outs on all these other ones. Okay, so that's why I chose to Skype. Everyone's that want to contact me they can use described in shelves on when you are happy with this, you click and safe, that's all. That's how you add your websites here on your profile. Am I doing that? You are adding your website also, it's a bad lean that you are adding to your main website on that is telling Google that your website is a trustful website because linking is a trustful website on Lincoln is linking to your website. You know what I mean And this is a battling on everything goes together on At the end of the day, your website will rank higher on Google. Hopefully I hope you like this at these links here. And I see you in the next video 8. Creating Shareable contento on LinkedIn: Now that we have all the profile ready, any super optimized for your audience is time to start creating content on, especially share a ble content on Lincoln. It's important that you pose very regularly at least once every two days. That's what works best for me and for my customers. But I know sometimes you have more than one social media platform, and you are. Sometimes more entrepreneurs are over one with all the information they need to keep boasting to all these social media's. So if that's your case, and if you are, don't want invest too much here on Linton, you can post at least once a week, but that's up to you. I recommend you to post us often as possible on. Of course, you need to pose content that is interesting to your audience on to your customers. Later, he and the model will talk about your company, your business linking page with that were creating and were optimizing them on. Also, you need to pose content there, so you need to plan before we start posting here. You need to plan if you want to pose here on your personal profile or, if better you want to post on your company profile because my opinion is most more important. If you need to just one off or the other, I will recommend you to post on your company page, because that's where your customers will find you. Okay, so let's see how we can pose. This is very easy, similar to Facebook or any other social media. You can click here on the top left side on the Lincoln icon. So we go to your timeline here on the same that we do on Facebook or other Social Media's. We click here. We have two options. Actually, Before we go there, we can write an article or we can create a post. What's the difference? Let me show you here the both. Is this both that you are seeing here regular post that you're seeing on the timeline? And if we click on the article, this is different. This is when you want to write something. Mawr ah longer article a longer in text about some specific subject. You can use the article, and it's better because it give you more authority about the subject than component without just simply opposed. So here we have the article. We have the headline. You can type something here and we have the body off the article where you can start typing also at the top. You can add an image. Let me find an image for for this one, for example, So you can find any images on Big Sabei or any off this websites that we talk about it on the course. Here is another example on when you have a big image like this one, you can choose between this view or these. You can make it smaller or you can make it that it takes the whole page. That's up to you on. You have the option to write the article here. Let's let me go back to my timeline here. And of course, if we are posting, just suppose you can add links. Here is works exactly the same than Facebook. When you paste the link, lengthen will pick up the image or disassociated with that link. So if I go for example, to deal with the villa dot com here, you see that Lincoln automatically picked the cemeteries associated with my website and you can do that for your website so I recommend you to pose very often for your audience on our supposed valuable content, not bond. You compose about your product about your company, which is a good idea. But also remember to add value to your audience because your audience don't want just toe hair about your company, your products all the time. They want to also get value from you on these pose when you add value to them. These are the post that grow the do relationship, their relationship between you on this customer. So by doing that, we are growing the relationship and we're closer to close this sale with these clients. Okay, I hope you come here. You pose. You have the public option here. If you want to goto everybody or the public class Tweeter, I love this one because this will also reach people on Twitter. On your you can post only for your connections. That's up to you. I hope you use these unsealing the next video 9. LinkedIn Company Pages Examples: working to these video right now, we're ready to create your company page. So if you have a company online company, off lying company, if you have a local business, doesn't matter. You can still create. I'll have an amazing super optimized business page here on Lynton, and I'll show you how to do it on this video. Before we start doing that, let me show you three or four examples off other companies on how the page looks like. So you have an i d. Off how you tell to prepare your page. You were on the page on LinkedIn page for you. To me, you see heat at the top. We have the top e match, which I see that they didn't change. For some reason, they have the logo, the company name, the location and how many followers they have right now on Lincoln. Also, we have an overview of the company would so with some pictures, jobs that are open for these company. So if you have a company and you and you have positions available on your company, you can pose here so people will see your or your jobs offer and will apply for the jobs Also about us this is super important is where you with the company tells toe the their audience with the followers all about this company about the mission. What is your goal s company? Also I recommended toe if possible, to add your website here. And also we have the option to add your website at the bottom off the description. I'll show you how to do all these right now in the next video The location company size How many employees founded the year that was founded on all these information? The industry? How many careers? Insights for this company. You can see all the inside here on. You have some showcases off this specific company below that. Up until here is the profile. The company profile that we're building for you below that will see all the recent post The recent updates for this company World will have another video here on this model, especially about creating content for your company. But you see that they have all the post here for the company. The next example I have is Starbucks. You see here that at the top yes, they customize they have a customize our image here. The top U to me. If we go back here, you enemies not using the background image. I don't know why. Because this is super important is away. It's a huge space at the top of the page where you can show your customers more about you about your company. And if you are not using these, you are probably, I don't know, is not the best practice I love using this space asked, for example, Starbucks is using here, saying, Connect with something bigger. If we go to night, they have the Nike headquarters for here. If we go to Whole Foods, they have the top, the there, there sign on the phone front off their store. So this is how works. So if we're we go back to Starbucks, you see the number of followers, the industry, that they have all these awards, that they will gain. How many jobs open pictures about the company overview they about us at Stax that we talk about in the last example on We have the post. Let's take a look on Nike. Nike. Here we have the same thing. We have the information overview life pictures about us more information about the company website and all that good stuff under last example is the whole food. You see that they are also using the top e much here, which is great on. We have the information about the company on the Post. In the next video, Wu will continue. We will start actually taking action on opening your company linking page. But before go we go there, let me tell you that in order to create a company page you need to have on email address that contains your company, you are l. Your company domain. So my case, for example, made my domain is Diego Davila dot com. So I need to have an email that is at Diego Davila dot com, for example, support at the ecole avila dot com or something like that. If I and Whole Foods I need to have an email in order to create a Whole Foods page, I need to have an email that is not Jima is not yet who are hard. May I need to have an email that is whole foods dot com, for example, Diego at Whole foods or corn or something like that. You get the idea, So that's the first requirement on they don't they don't allow to create. They will. They won't allow it to create a company page. If you have a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail or something like that, are free email service. What happened? If I have, for example, on a domain, which is, let's say, Diego Davila. But my company name is different. That's fine. You can steal. Do the You can still create a company page if you have. If the domain on your email is not exactly the name off your come off your company pages, that's fine. So if my email is Diego Davila dot com, at the level of corn I can still create are no a company name with another name, for example, at mine, which is the name of my company so I can create a company called at Mine and use my deal. Avila email. You get the idea. Basically, they don't allow you to create pages. If you have a free email account, OK, in the next video will continue. We will start creating the page on adding all this wonderful, wonderful information about your company to make sure that we are. We're making a huge impact on the ice off your followers. See there 10. Creating a LinkedIn Company Page: And now we will start creating your company page step by step. Here. We're on the main page off, Linking on at the top of right hand side. We have work. And if you scroll down here, the last option is create company page. If you are watching this video in the future, maybe there is a chance that linking change the interface. But here in this area is what you will find the create company page links or click on that on. Excellent. Now we have the option to enter the company page information. So first we entered the company name, Let's enter at mind, which is my company. And they're saying a page with this company name already exists on Lincoln. But you can still create this page. Are you sure you are not creating a duplicate? Yes, I am sure, because this is the 1st 1 on. Great. Maybe there is another one who would be similar. But this is mine. So now I am happy with the name. Now I need to choose the company you are l You see here Lillington dot com slash companies last and you'll find you need to enter your user name or your URL In this case, let's strike at mine. Excellent. Looks like he's available. So, hero, you need to enter basically the name off your company or some of the use earning that you want to use for your account. Remember that this link is important because these lingua will use to share with your audience. So when you are promoting your linked in page, you can say, Hey, guys, please go to linkedin dot com slash company slash at mine, which is my company page. Okay, so you can click this if you are. You can confirm that you are representative of the company and you have the right to create this page. And if you have you click this and click create Page. Okay, here we have an error message and this is good because you are you are seeing here that this you're already exceeds and they are asking me to modify. So that's good. Let me I'll see here at the end and create page. So I changed the URL and I created a new one. Welcome to the company page. Let's close these And here we are in the in the first stage off your company. Page will customize all these to make sure its super optimized for your outings and to make sure it's optimized like this one from Starbucks, for example, of this one for Nike, with all the great information about your company, website, location and all that, and we'll start doing that in the next video. 11. Managing your LinkedIn Company Page: OK, guys. Now we are ready to start managing on completing your company business profile here on Lene thing toe make sure is super optimized for your visitors on followers. Here we are in the company. Profile is brand new. We just created in the last video on. Right now we are ready to customize, So the first thing we see heat at the top East your background image. Remember that we talk about that in the last video showing this example, for example, for OnStar back. So you see that they have a great image showing things about their business or Nike. They're showing the headquarters photo Whole foods. They are also showing their brand. You see a picture here from the top from the front side off their stores. So my suggestion here, if you don't know what to adhere, is to add something that is related with your brand. It will be idea on. The best way to do it is to take a picture. Own your company if you have. If you have a local business, you can take a picture of your clients off your products and place it here, including your brand, including your logo on all the graphics that remember that when your followers see that they remember your company. For example, if I see these sign here on this picture, I will say, Okay, this is whole foot, Great Starbucks. I see these, these logo and I see this mess and I said, Okay, this is foreign Starbucks. So that's the idea of you create a new Ablow here fro that is related with your business. And if the photo is for on your business itself, it will be even better. But if not, don't worry. You can still use royalty free images here that I related with your business again. Back sauce dot com is a great police where you can find amazing images for free or big. Sabih dot com is another website. I downloaded one off, then just for testing, and I'll add that here on my example. So I click here on a PLO photo. The recommended size is these 15 36 by 7 68 pixels, but you can upload a bigger image. If you want. The system will automatically format the image for you. Let me show you that right now. So up. Low image I will still like the Z much here. Okay? And you see that I can just click here on DMA, move the image to the site where I want when is good for me. So I'll use this one for now. You can add text here. You can add text with your website with information about your company asked these this case for example, on Starbucks, they have connect with something bigger. Is there slogan so you can add something like that on that identified that relate with your company here on the image. Okay, Exxon. Now the next step is to upload your logo. Here we have a square space for your love. Would they recommend a size 300 by 300 pixels image. But you can add any different image I recommend to to form it on square. So, e, I have, for example, one image here which is 400 by 400. That's still OK because the system will automatically former in the right the right size here for me. So I'll Ablow one image right now that I have for test. This is not my official logo, but I'll use it for now. Okay, uploading. This is the lower right now. Excellent. Here on the left, you can change the name of your company if you want. You can put all lower case uppercase or you can add more characters. You see that they have 100 characters that you can add here. Okay, so I'll leave it at mine below. Here we have the company description and these if we go back here to Starbucks, you see is the about US area. So I recommended to us to write down one or two paragraph here with information about your company. That coming form Europea, your customers, your followers about what they are getting here on your company. I wrote this mission statement just as an example right now for this company on also you see here that I am adding my website at then I am saying Hey, For more information, visit d'oliveira dot com below that we have especially specialities. So you can add up to any specialties You can click here and at marketing, for example on you can add off course, you'll add the specialties that are related with your business. Let me add, for example, digital marketing. Let me add social media and you can up up to two Any recommended to use, at least at five. More than five East idea between five on 10. But if you want to add more than 10 that's also good address. This is not mandatory. But if you want, you can add your address country and all that website You are on these East important guys and this is a mandatory box you see here with Asterix. So here we will add your website. Okay, so my case Let me change my keyboard Here I will add Diego avila dot com Company size Harman Employees Do you have an industry in which industry you are right now? So let me choose your education when you were founded You can add the year here off your company's foundation company type public education institution of safe, self employed partnership. You can choose the one that you want here and this is mandatory. So let me put here a partnership Excellent On here we have Fichter group are a maximum off three groups. So here you can add groups you concert for groups that you can add to your company. Okay, this is no mandatory If you want. You can add this If you don't want, you can just jump on. Leave it on blank When you are ready. When you are happy with your profile, you can click on publish heat at the top. You see here your changes were successfully safe on. This is great. So right now we have all these really the most important parts here guys, are they in much the front image This one Because this is the it takes the whole pages, you see and call the attention off your followers. So this image needs toe throat your customers heart with the message that you are sending here also, the second most important thing is your longer because this will Dante five your company in all the polls that you will create from now on on also, the 3rd 1 is your company description. Because here you are talking to then about your company about your ideas and your also sharing here. Your website, This is option two. I love adding my website everywhere you have 2000 characters here so you can go on us alone if you want. On the last one, which is my favorite is your website here? Because here you're linking to your website again. Lengthen is high on S e o. Google knows that Lincoln is a trustful website. So if they are linking to your website, your website also gain some points when we're talking about a CEO and ranking high on Google. Okay, so that's it. How you do it. You can publish when you're happy and see you in the next video. 12. Publishing content in your LinkedIn company page: Now that we have the profile already on your business page, it's time to start creating some countin articles and publishing post here only in order to that. First, let me show you how to visualize your company page here we're on the edit mode. You see here Overview on Gitmo. If we click here, don't go to members view. You know, we have the view that or followers will have foreigner page, if we add Keep adding content here at the bottom at imposed articles will see all that coming into play here on our profile. So now is the time to create these information. To see the new post, to pose as a company, create valuable content for your audience in orderto add content for this page, we come here to your profile on wonder Manage. We have your company page and this is a company page name. So click on that and we will be delivered to that bait here. We have welcomed up mine, which is the company name. And now we're ready to start creating post an article. This is exactly the same process that we did for the personal profile. As I show you before here on this model, the only thing that I want to show here, which is important when you're creating content, is the target out and see you are choosing. So basically you can choose to public the public. So anyone on on or off linking will see these. Or you can target specific followers on Lee intent. So if you click on target specific followers, you see that you can choose some target audience settings. Heat at the top. OK, let me go back. Their target out is here. We have the option off language so you can add languages. Let's say English here, geography you can at specific countries, specific areas, CDs and all that good stuff. So let's say United States, you can add more than one option here function if they have specific function on their job . University specific study of you are releasing a course or it releasing a pro there is related with some people that have specific skills. You can also choose all that here in this thing, our industry company size, senior level, and when you're happy with that, you click on safe and you will have a target audience for your post I always like and I recommend, especially if you are starting to public, too, to publish all with the public options so everybody on or off linking will have access to these Google. The goal. Robert will come here and we'll read your posts on it will also participate on the Google search. If somebody served for a T work that you have here on your post on this is exactly the same . I won't spend time here showing you how to create both because he's exactly singly Facebook or the exactly the same process that you fall up to create both on your personal linking account. So you enter the tax. Here, you can enter links, for example, on the system will automatically grab the link for the image for the victor image for the link that you are posting. Also, you can also post images. Let me she's You can upload images here from your computer if you prefer. All these options are available here. Recommend you to post very often for your followers here on linking on. Try to pose on your under your company profile because people will start following your company on that good if you have more and more engagement here on your post. Also here on the left, you have some engagement for the last seven days. This is These are some statistics, Haman. People like your posts. How many comments you get shares on how many new followers you are getting in the last seven days. Later here on the model will explore more information about analytics, but for now, that's it. I hope you like these. And in the next video, I'll show you how to get you're $50 bonus in at Craig's before we entering on the Lincoln Advertising. Okay, so in the next model, you will you will be able tow, get your $50 bonus right now. See there. 13. Getting 50 dollar in LinkedIn Ads Credits: Okay, now is the time to get your $50 born us in at critics that you can use right now, you can get these $50 in order to separating. Linking at this is good because you would this money, you will have a great idea. You were put into practice all the knowledge that you will get here on this model. So I hope you come here. This is the link, they said, Ah, shortening decorated for you. It's bit Dudley slash $50 link thing. I will add this link on the resources, Ari off the selectors. Or you can go there the resources area and download the pdf with links. And you can save it on your wife if you want to use it later. So basically, if I go here to this address, let me at kids enter here. This is the official address business dot Lengthen that con slash marketing solutions. See x and all these girl. So here we are on the success awaits page, where we will be ableto redeem your $50 at credits. If we scroll down here, you see here simply fill out the form and we will send your $50 advertising credibility to your mailbox. I think this is available on Lee for new customers. So if you already created at on lengthen, probably you won't be able tow, redeem this information. But if you are new, here is if it is the first time that you're creating at you will be able to do it. Okay, So all you need to do here is feel this with your name, your information on after that you can yours even email with instructions. So let me do that right now, and I'll be back in one minute. Okay? Excellent. I just feel the form and we say here we see here, we receive your requests. Keep an eye on your inbox. As you're at credit, you arrive within the next day. This can take up to 24 hours, but usually after a few hours, you will receive the email with all instructions you need to follow in order to redeem these $50. The only thing that I need to tell you east that in order to get the $50 you need toe, enter your credit card information. You need to have a valid credit card on the account, and after that they will give you the $50 they will if you create a new ad, a new campaign here on LinkedIn, as we will do in the next videos. This system will use first your $50 credit before we use before, before they started using your credit card information. OK, so don't worry about that. You can basically use the $50. After that, you can POW's or cancel the campaign. Okay, so go to your email, followed instructions that they are sending you to redeem this specific $50 coupon. And after that we continue with the cars. See there. 14. LinkedIn Ads Introduction: Finally, we are here ready to start creating your linking at on promoting your company, your content, your products and services Here on lengthen toe all over the war toe. All the people are are interested on your products and services. So let's split or advertise on linking on. We will work here with three types off at first. The first step is for you to go toe ATS dot linton dot com Also, I will add this link on the resources I off the selectors. Or you can go go ahead and download the pdf if you want and save it for in your archives. So this is the way toe add toe to access the advertisement area here on leading the other way to access is if you are in your profile, you can come here toe work on the top right hand side and click on Advertise. This will drive you to the same page Is the same that going toe at that link in that gun? So here we are. If we scroll down here, let me show. You will work with sponsor counting. This is a number the first option we're using here on this model. So basically, we are promoting specific, post specific content articles that you create here on Lincoln. This is the number one option. The 2nd 1 is a sponsor. In email is poster in Male that you will have the chance toe email to send messages. Private message to specific users here on Leontyne with your message. So you see here this is the message board on you See here the 3rd 1 East friend John Smith , for example. Any saying sponsor? That means that this guy, this company bait for this measure to be the lever to these user on here they share their ideas. They said OK, sign up here for the free trial. Visit my website sign for these Goto my landing page. You can do old this good stuff. Contacting the use of directly use and in male sponsor ads on the last one. We're using his attacks at the text that looks like this. If you go to your profile, you will see on the right side a square Exactly like this one where you can have the logo of your company. The ah headline. A great handling that is clickable that will drive people to specific link on a small description for them so they can visit your website. This is exactly we have a clear example here, off the tech at on my profile. Here we are on my profile. In the right side, we see that you may be interesting in and we have three options here with the clickable link so I can dry. They are driving basically traffic to their website. Okay, these are the ads that we are working. So you will learn how to do here on this model. This is powerful because lot millions of people are here on linking every day using this platform. And you have the chance now to invest a little bit of money to reach these people and convert these people into clients. OK, in the next video, we're starting doing that either. 15. Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ad: excellent. Now we're really let's start creating the first at. So here we are on at darlington dot com and Weekly can create at Let's see, the system is driving us is asking me for my user name and password to confirm that I am log in here and here we have the three options I told you in the last video the sponsor content text at on a sponsor in male. And if you want to see and have more information about each one of these, you can click on a learn more and you see how it looks like. Basically, in this case, we're promoting your post on the 2nd 1 This is how it looks like it's a square box on your profile in the right side, off your customers profile with your headline Your logo on a small description on the last one is a sponsor in Melo. We're doing here too, where you can send e sent messages directly toe anyone on LinkedIn using sponsor email. That's okay. So first on this video will do the sponsor accountant. So click on select here. Excellent. Now we need to continue their asking us If we do you already have a company or showcase on Lynton? Yes, we have a company page. We just created one. If you don't have you, can you can say no and build one new company paid it clicking on this link. But we did that in the last video. So here we type and we start for your company name on this case. The one we created is at mine. You see here the logo at my education Money management, 1 to 10 employees. This is the one account name you can enter an accounting for this at. So I will say sponsor no Contin. Uh, link tint. You can enter any name that you want up to 100 characters here. Currency. You can choose the currency that you have right now and click on next. Excellent. Now let's see. Excellent. Here we are entered the campaigning. Now we need to enter the campaigning. In this case we're creating and sponsor. That's for post. Okay, choose the language. The language off your target out in. So if you want to reach people that speak English, you can select English If you want toe, reach people, for example, and speak Portage This is the one that you need to select. That's good. Let's move forward. What do you want to happen after member click on your at. Do you want to send people to your website or to your content or you want to collect? Let's using Linton jelly generation. So this is to collect leads, name and emails, or this is toe. Send people to a specific U R L to your website to your offer. And this is the one that I amusing right now. So select this one. If you want, they took a leg, lets you can select the other one and click on next. Okay, now we need to select the post The updates that we want to sponsor in this case, This isn't this isn't the only one I have right now. I just created a new post here on my company page. And you already know how to that promoting one of my new courses about the Facebook returning. So this is the one that I will select. I create this literally 2027 seconds ago. We have still see your lives and zero comments. Off course. You select the one that you like if you don't find the one that you like here, you can go to your company page on linking, create a new post there and come back and refresh the page. And you will see the new post available for Pop for at. Okay, So this is the one we want. Click on. Next now. Excellent. So now we need to talk about your target hours. Here. You need to select the people that will be able to see your at, and we're almost at the end off the process here. So target by you can select the audience below or apply previously safe template if you have. If you have a target hours already safe on your account, you can use these one off. For now. We will create a brand new our audience for you. Okay. What location do you want to target? You're probably already know this. You can include and exclude people. So I will include people front, United States, for example. Let's include people from Canada. I will also like to include people from India. And you can choose all the Irish, the cities that you want you can use. You can enter your address here. You can interview to state a CD a specific town, or you can click on the full at least, and you will see the full list off all North America. For example, United States. Let's say California, you have this city here so you can choose this city's on the countries that you wanted. Also you want. You can exclude people from specific arias. Okay, so let's move forward. He would need to select specific target increase criteria to for your target out so you can say OK, company name. Let's say I want to target people from you to me so I can tie the company name. Include all the employees from you, Jimmy or I can exclude people to using the same methods. Let's see company industry companies size job title. I can use the job function. See job, senior member gender years off experience. Member age company followers. All these are remember skills. So if you want to just target people that are the harvest skills on Facebook, let's say Facebook marketing. So basically, by doing that I am promoting remember my last course, which is about Facebook retargeting. So I'm targeting people only people that are good at Facebook marketing. But maybe they want to learn more about Facebook retargeting, which is an advance Facebook marketing strategy. So by doing that, I am selecting the right group of people. The goal here, guys, is to select the absolute best profile for your customers. So in this case, you need to put yourself in your customer shoes and think about then think about your customer profile. What do they like? What are the specific skills that they have in order? Target. Then on once they see your ad, when they see your information, your products or services here on Lincoln, they will click on that and they will be ready to purchase your product. That's the goal. Okay, so I spent some time here because this is super important. If we are not showing your add to the right group of people, you won't have any good results. Okay, so that's why I always recommend to my clients my suit as my friends, to spend time here creating your target. All you think about it grew up a piece of paper. Ah pan, And just make a lease off all the skills that your customer half or what they are looking for. What have the interest? How where do they leave? All this information is crucially super important here. When we're selecting your target out, it's okay. Excellent. So next let's see here, save the artists and temple you can save as a new template. If you want, you can enter the name off the audience. I won't save it for now. When you're ready, you click on next. Excellent. Now we are in the part off beat budget on duration. This is important to we have two options here. The bit tie. We can use the cost per click which is the CPC, or weaken just the cost per impression. CPM Future score spur impression You will pay every time you're at this view, even if they are not clicking. If they are not interacting or engaging with your at you will be paying If you use the CPN version. Cosper impressions if you just to see the sea you're paying on Lee. When somebody clicks on your doesn't matter If the art is showing toe 1000 millions of people they don't click on it. You are not paid anything. Okay, so you can choose whatever you want. I recommend you to start to use the CPC the cost per click and you have killed the daily budget. The minimum is $10. In this case we have the 25 year. Let's say I want to change 20. You can choose the number that you want here the beat This is how much you are beating is the maximum beat that you are often that you're out arising linking to charge you for every single at click. So every time somebody clicks, you will pay upto this amount here and they're saying that suggest bit for this audience is three dollars on 69 cents. This is just a suggestion. On the minimal bit will be $1.50. Let's say $1.50 here. So you are paying up to that amount. Okay, but you can choose the beat that you want. The higher the beat, the more higher the chances for you add to be shown to people that are in this specific target out. It's also we have the start date start immediately on you can scale or you gonna skill the study. You can say OK, I don't want to start today. I want to start like in two days or something like that. I will say Start immediately on and a This is good. Remember, he peeped. Most people don't set on end. They saw the Basically the ad keeps running. All the time on this is this is bad in case you forget about it. Sometimes when I when I have new students and people are learning these, sometimes they set up the at and they forget about it on At the end of the month, they receive a big, ah, huge beer from at charges from the social media platform. That's why it's important to set on end day. So you will say Let's say that we start today. 21st. Let's run these four two more days. So until Sunday, you can run that or you can say run indefinitely if you want. Okay, Total Badgett in dollars is the maximum. The minimum budget will be $20. What's your total budget? This is the daily budget minimum $10. I put 20 and you can select the total budget. This is important because again, if you say run indefinitely and you don't set a total budget. It will actually keep accumulating charges for you. So let's say that I want to spend maximum $50 here. Okay, let's click on next. Wonderful. Now we're in the last stage. That check out page we're seeing here. All the details the sponsor at this is a name off my specific campaign. This is a name off the product. Duration. From this day to this day, bit debit eyes choose is $1.50 in CPC, cost per click. The daily budget is up to $20 on a maximum total budget for all the campaign off. $50. Okay, so here we have my name, my credit card number. I need to enter right now Expiration date all that good stuff. And when I already I will enter this right now. I will stop the video. Before that, I will enter this information. We can review order and that's it. When I click review order, lengthen will receive my order. They will see if they are proof or not The specific other I am proposing. If they approach that's great. I worse If identification on the ad will start running immediately following this recipe that we created here, showing toe my target out. And so we also created here in this video, and after two days on this case, it will stop, and I can analyze their results. So I hope you take action on this. This is important guys you can get. You can invest just a little bit for 12 days to see how works to see the interaction, to see the engagement of Europe having from your audience. Remember, that is good to great. Great content to probe before promoting two outings, make sure you have a great post. Make sure you are voting your customer heart with what they need with what they are looking for. That's the most important thing. So when they see your at, they will be happy to click on the add. Maybe purchase your product or service is okay, so let's do that on after that. In the next video, we'll continue with the course, creating more the second most famous at he on Lincoln. See there 16. Waiting for LinkedIn Ad approval: I just submitted the ad A week rate in the last video. You see, here we are now in the campaign manager here on Linton. You see all information about the company. You see that we have one at running, which is this one we created in the last video they are reviewing. Now you see here, created in review. When it's approve, I'll see. That is a proof on. After that, the at will start immediately running here on the system. I just want to show you that waste half information about the beat and Badgett here. The daily budget, $20 total. $50 on you can change that. You can customize all that easily here on the campaign manager. Okay. In the next video, we'll continue creating the text at here on lengthen Seether. 17. Creating a LinkedIn Text Ads Campaign: in this video will create the second option that we have here on Lincoln at which is the tax at is our ads that are showing in your customers profile us. You see, on my profile here, on the right side, we have the ads were three acts with the headline which is clickable. People can click here and you can drive it into your website. Your landing paid to your online stores on you have a small description. We're creating these right now. So to do that, we goto acts dot lengthen dot com or we can go here, toe work and click on Advertise. And here we are driving excellent create at click on create at And now let's see here we can go. We're right now on the campaign manager. So we click here on the top left side campaign manager, and we're going to the main screen off these campaign. Excellent. Now this in the next step is to create campaign click on here. And remember, we have the three options today in this video. We're working on the 2nd 1 which is tech text ads. Speak on that. Select this one. Excellent. Now we need to interact. Campaign name. So let's say campaign takes at Okay, the language off your target audience. Click on next Exxon. Now we have some information that we need to add. Remember that we they add. Well, looks like this. You have your logo. A clickable health headline on some description. So that's what we're saying up right now. Here we have. Where should members go when they click on your ad? And this is important here. You can choose between your page or your linked in profile. So you have the company page or your personal profile or your website on this case. I will drive, then toe my website, so I will say Okay, let's go to Diego Davila dot com. Okay, We need to add eight TTP at the at the beginning. Http columns last last. Excellent. Now is good. And now we need to add a catch it headline on cop an image on a copy for the description. This is up to you. I recommend you hear toe at your company logo if possible. But you can also add your picture if you are the company on this case, for example, Diego, feel that I am the face off the company. So in my case, I could adhere my father, or you can add up for off your products. Okay, for something that your customers will recognize, that's better. Also, you can write a headline here. So let's say, for example, there we have here 25 characters on Lee on the description and here on the right on the right, we have a preview. When we're start writing, you'll see the preview filling up here. So Facebook retargeting, of course. Okay, let's see. Okay, I have a two extra character. Let's see if sometimes assistant allows me to go over a little bit. So let's see here and roll. Or let's sailor, how to create Facebook. That's using retargeting, for example, OK, and heat on the company logo. I don't have the local right now, but let me use one simple image just for now. Of course, here you will have your company logo became so in the rights I will have the preview. We see the square. This is the former exactly the same that we're seeing on my profile. Here we have the toll, which is another former that also shows the people horizontal and long game. So all these will be showing on your customer's site and your customer profile when you're happy with these youth. Do you think that brought the link here? The headline is good. The description is great. The image looks amazing. You are happy to continue. So all you need to do is click on safe here. Okay? Yes. You remember the headline over 25 characters. So in this case, we need to remove thes on. Let's use only Facebook Facebook return. Of course, you need to use something that help people to take Actually advise them to take action. For example, here on the Facebook one ccn A. We have four Cisco Certs in seven days. So this means that you can take four Cisco set, certified exempt in seven days. This is amazing. I am within I on a network admin also. So I took some Cisco certification and having four in saying seven days is great. So I will show for sure Click on this one if I'm looking for this brother. So you get the idea here. Let's click on safe again. Now It's good. That is good. Looks great. We say here, let's start building your at craft Attention grabbing Headline on Upload an image on preview off your creation. So here we have the thing ready The statuses in review The creative number Is these the headline? The description on the destination are all here. Liquor Next. Now we remember the target out. Is we created in the last video? Let's say here, United States, you can choose all the specific targeting criteria skill that you have for your audience. I will just jump to the next step here again. Here we talk about this In the last video they beat the cost per click or Cosper impression . Let him on time. Maintain my Cosper click Here they beat the minimum is $2 On this case I will say Okay, chill dollars Sounds good. The daily budget will be $10 for me on the start and end dates I will click and show more Here on I will select their at for to run for a few days just for three days on this case. Excellent. Looks good. Start immediately. Click on lounge Campaign it thinking about it processing all the campaign. Congrats on launching your new campaign. The arts is in review right now. After a few minutes, when Lincoln team approved at the other will start showing toe my audience on showing, especially on this area off your profile. I hope you like this. Think about how you can use this on your advantage on your business. And after that, in the next video, we're creating the last option here, or Lincoln at, which is the sponsor in mail campaign, Where you can email, you can send message, not email. You can send direct messages to linking users for talking about your company about your product and inviting them to join you on your landing page on your website or on anywhere that you want online. Okay, let's do that in the next video. 18. Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Campaign: this video will create step by step, a super optimized sponsor in mail campaign here. Only thing that means we will create an ad that will allow you on you on your company to send direct messages toe any lengthen user that is on your target out. And this is powerful because on this message you can you can invite them. Tell them about your product telling about your video, your service as your company and sending links off course to allow them to join you in your email lease, or maybe to download a free gift that you are offering, or maybe just inviting them to purchase your products and services. Okay, so let's do that right now. Here we are in the campaign manager. If you don't know how to get here, let me show you. Let's go toe my personal profile here. Arlington. You can go here toe work, Click on Advertise on Here, You Creek and create at a now click on campaign manager here at the top. OK, here we're in the campaign manager. Let's click on Create New Campaign, and now we're using the last one, which is a sponsor in male. Click on select. Excellent. The campaigning. Let's name it. Sponsor email. Just the language of your target audience. Click on next. Excellent. Here we have the send their because when you have let me go to my profile and show you what I mean, if I go here to messaging on the top, you see here all the people that send me messages and you see, actually, this is a good example, because the 1st 1 is from Lincoln. And you see, that is a sponsored message. This message was created exactly in the same way that I am showing you right now. This is on in male sponsor at here. Only thing. OK? And you see here, this is a sponsor message. Expand your company's search page, Diego, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All this information that they want to send me here. So your message will show here on your target audience, user in your followers in your customers mailbox here on LinkedIn. Okay, this is the end result, and you will have So let's go back here. You will see you can choose here the sender in this case, the sender that will show on this page the picture here will be my picture. I can at other center if I won by clicking here at center, on the top, off the image. And I can add any person that is related with my company. So I will say yes. I am the sender. And here we need to enter as a name for this message for the sponsor in male at. Okay, so let's say test in male at Okay. Wonderful. This is the center Click on next year. Now we have the subject. Now we need to compose this. You see, this is the subject on this case is expand your company page search. This is the subject that they send me. So you need to say you need to type here. The subject. A headline I recommend toe ap Ah, handling here, that is. Invite your customer. Your followers toe klik toe click on the link to read your message. Okay, That's the most important thing. Remember, they receive a lot on a lot off messages here. So your link off your this the headline off your message needs to be very, very good to invite them to continue reading this message. So I will say here, Test headline. Of course, you will enter a different headline here and here. You enter your description. Actually, your message okay Into your message. Here. Here is an example. If you will probably right now to your messaging up here on the top off your profile, you will see some that are I sponsor? Probably. OK, so do that on you use that as an example and here you can feel you can create your message . Also he on the right. We have some tips and best practices. So if you want to use the first name off your follower you see that you can use thes codes . For example, if I want to say it's a hell Hello, D'avola villa, In my case so I can say it's remove these excellent Hello on you enter this code which is the first name on the last name. Or you can use only the 1st 9 if you want. For example. So in this case, when I send if I send this to John, it will say hello, John on the message will start. After that you get the idea. Okay. Would you like to add a custom food er for terms and conditions or disclaimer. You have the option to yes or no on this one. That's up to you. Remember, that is good to add. Links here is good toe. Invite them to tell with your customer as he's a real person. You need to write these directly to your customers on toe add links The best way to do it He's let me show here. If I add for example. Diego Davila dot com On by this to be a link, I select this. Go here to the top and you see this icon is a little the link I can. So I click on Insert Link and he I entered the girl that I want people to drive people. Okay, develop Villa that. Come say Okay. And now you see that this is a girl so that when they received the message, they will be able to click on these on these will drive them to the specific website. Okay, click on next when you're ready. Now we are on the banner and destination. You're a Let me show you an example. Here he were back on the Lincoln message sponsor email that they just send me on. You see the messages here on the right. We have a banner. This is not an ad. This is actually a banner that is coming within this message. So they are able to send me this message and also these Bonner. What? I have a call to action there saying, for example, they are inviting me and this message to get the $50 credit actually on in this image, they do the same. You see, success away, give sponsored content. Try $50 in free advertising credits so I can click here and get my free tea dealer advertised credit, for example. Okay, So you will have the chance right now to enter an e match a banner here for your message. Your missile will be here on the right. You have your your image on when they click on the image. You can forward them to specific website. So let's do that right now. So I want to drive them again. Toe my page. Diego avila dot com. When they click on the image also, I can add a call to action bottom. Let's say for example, visit the seat me here. This is the call to action bottom. Excellent. I recommend this is optional by recommended toe. Add the call to action Bottom East. Good. You are already paying for these acts or the more call to action you have, the better on here. We have the banner, which is also optional. But I recommitted toe at this banner, so I will add legendary image that I have here on my desktop. Okay, So uploading here. Wonderful. And here on the right, we have the tips on best practices using the clear call to action. Try register reserve on this bottom. Include relevant May banner. This is the banner one. Okay. Still uploading for some reason that we try again. Okay. Excellent. Here we have the banner on when you're ready. When you're happy with these, let's click on next. Okay. Excellent. Now we click on next again on here, which is a target out. It's you already know how to that Because we did that in the last videos, Mr. Like just that. Click on next. Here we have the beating. They are saying that the minimum bid for these East Forest sent Remember that we were in the last video. They suggest us a bit off $2. So you see that this change depending off the type off at that you are using independent off the target audience that you have. Okay, so in this case is saying minimal $40. So let's do the 40. You can do more than that. If you want off course on the daily Badgett, let's say that will be $10 in here. I will want to start immediately running this ad, and I want to run it for two days. OK, The total budget on this case I want to be $30. This is up to you. The minimum. You see, here's $10. So you can choose these amounts with what? With what works for you in the big type. You see that? We have only one option now in there. Before, we had two options in the other ads. Now we have the only one which is cost percent. Because every time we send these, this is what we are beating. Okay? We are paying up to 40 cents on this case. Click on lounge campaign. Okay. You're thinking about it. Let's see. Processing it will be sent to the linking team in order for approval on. Now you see, that is in review and we're waiting for a viewing. After a few minutes, sometimes a few hours they will review these and will immediately start sending this information to my customers. I hope you like this in the next video. We continue with the cars. 19. Quick view oat the LinkedIn Campaign manager: in the last three videos. We explore the three types off at that linking provide to us, US Intrepid or some business owners. We talk about the sponsor content at where you can promote your post the text ads where you can promote on the profile off your customers on the sponsor in mail at the we allowed that allow us toe basically detik send direct messages toe all your followers toe people in your target out is and that's great On this video, I will show you very quick because this is easy and probably you know how to use thes. They can paint manager. So if you want to linking dot com slash ATS. So it's his last a. D. You will see the campaign manager and we were working on these in the last three videos also, and here you will see when you start running campaigns, you see here the campaigns that were run will run the campaign. The at text campaign, the sponsor campaigns on the in mail campaign. Basically, here you have all the statistics you need to see if your campaigns are working or not. You see the performance leads conversion, social action on budget Here you have the graphic off. How many clicks are you getting on each campaign? How many conversion elites, Impression cliques and social action How much you already spend on this campaign. So basically, I want to show you these. So you know where to look in order to see how you can brings are performing this important and it's good after you can pain ends toe, come here and see how many pressures you got. How many clicks? How Maney average city are you got on all the information Will, This will help you to the side If you want to continue advertising here if you are getting results. If you are getting saves for from these at or not how many people are actually going to website from here on all that good stuff? So you know, you can see all that here on the campaign manager on you have these available right now in your linked in account. I remember that it's good to book to put things into practice, to put the other strikes The U ler here on this model in the course inter practice because there were swords. The real results. We get only when we take action on. That's why that's my goal. My goal is basically that you own not only learn all this is tragic, but you take action and put into practice thes So you get the results that you want with this elector. We're finishing the linking model. I hope you like it If you have any suggestions Police Please send me that in the Q and a session. I love to receive messages from you from my friends, my, my students here on the course and also remember that is good not only to watch the course and learned the strategist riel results which is the goal here. My goal and your goal is to get results. I want you to have the resources you want on The best way to do that is taking action. So it's I recommended toe watch these as you already completed here this model, but go back and take action in every single strike you are learning here and by doing that you are acting on you will get the resource that you want. OK, thank you for being here and let's continue with the course after that 20. Your Final Project: working to the linking assignment Here we are at the end off the model and happy to see you here. Excited that you are taking all the electors, all the steps here on this course. I really appreciate that. That you're investing your time learning this astrologists on. Now is the time to take action and put into practice everything that wheeler on this model especially my goal for you here is toe. So to help you to create an account and optimize it in the best way possible. So in the next section here on assignment are you will have the chance to share the link to your linked in account with me and with the community. By doing that, we will take a look on your account seen if there is something that can be improved. The graphics, your call to action. If you have your website there, basically, we'll take a look. If all the steps that we talk about here on these cars, you apply successfully on your account. And if not, we're open toe positive feedback so it will contact you on give you suggestions. That's the goal here on also, we have lots of a lot of students here on these cars that are super smart on By sharing your link here on the next page, you'll also be open to receive feedback and suggestions from the community, which is super super amazing. I love that I love the idea is that people are having here on our community. So please create your account. Apply the strike is we share Euler here on this model. After that, we are ready to continue with the course. See there.