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Instagram Ads Masterclass: Create Instagram Ads that Sell

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Trailer - Instagram Ads Training


    • 2.

      Welcome to the course


    • 3.

      3 Requirements to create Ads on Instagram


    • 4.

      Feed Ads vs Story Ads. Which one is best for you


    • 5.

      Planning Your Instagram Ads


    • 6.

      Exercise 1- Planning your Instagram Ads


    • 7.

      Facts about Instagram Ads


    • 8.

      Getting to know your Instagram followers


    • 9.

      Exercise 2- Optimizing your Target Audience for Instagram


    • 10.

      Creating your target audience for Instagram Ads in the Ads Manager


    • 11.

      Formula to create irresistible Instagram Ads


    • 12.

      Exercise 3- Creating an irresistible message for Instagram Ads


    • 13.

      Examples of Instagram Story Ads


    • 14.

      Secrets of Instagram Story Ads


    • 15.

      How Instagram charges for Stories Ads


    • 16.

      Tips- Carousel Ads within Instagram Stories


    • 17.

      Tips- Creating an Ad on Instagram Stories with maximum conversion


    • 18.

      Creating your ads with Instagram Stories


    • 19.

      Assignment- Create your ad with Stories on Instagram


    • 20.

      Tips for Instagram Photo Ads


    • 21.

      Examples of Photo Ads optimized for Instagram


    • 22.

      Creating your photo Ads on Instagram with your Smartphone


    • 23.

      Creating your photo Ads on Instagram in the Ad Manager


    • 24.

      Assignment- Create your photo Ad on Instagram


    • 25.

      Tips for Instagram Video Ads


    • 26.

      Examples of Video Ads optimized for Instagram


    • 27.

      Creating your video ads on Instagram with your Smartphone


    • 28.

      Creating your video ads on Instagram in the Ad Manager


    • 29.

      Assignment- Create your video Ads on Instagram


    • 30.

      Advantages of Carousel Ads on Instagram


    • 31.

      Examples of Carousel Ads optimized for Instagram


    • 32.

      Creating your Carousel Ads on Instagram


    • 33.

      Assignment- Create your Carousel ad on Instagram


    • 34.

      Collection Ads in Instagram Feed


    • 35.

      Creating your Collection Ad on Instagram


    • 36.

      Assignment- Create your Collection Ad for Instagram


    • 37.

      What are Instagram Leads Ads


    • 38.

      Case Study- Lead Ads on Instagram


    • 39.

      Creating an Instagram Lead Ad


    • 40.

      Downloading all new Leads from Instagram Lead Ads


    • 41.

      Assignment- Creating your Instagram Lead Ad


    • 42.

      Tip- How to create an irresistible Instagram video ad in 15 seconds


    • 43.

      Optimizing your Instagram Ads for mobile devices


    • 44.

      Make your Instagram Ads look organic, like posts from a friend


    • 45.

      The Instagram and Facebook 20 percent rule for your Ads


    • 46.

      Tip- Add captions to your Instagram videos


    • 47.

      Solving common problems with your Instagram Ads


    • 48.

      How to analyze your Ad activity and conversion


    • 49.

      Instagram Help Center for business - How to contact Instagram


    • 50.



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About This Class

Welcome to the complete Instagram Ads course.

You will learn step by step from Beginner to Expert how to use all the power of Instagram Ads to take your business and your brand to the next level!

With the most up-to-date strategies and marketing techniques used in the real world, you will feel confident to create super optimized Instagram Ads.

You will learn how to create 6 types of Instagram Ads, and how to choose the best kind of Ads for your business.

By the end of the course, you will master and feel comfortable creating:

  • Instagram Stories Ads

  • Instagram Video Ads

  • Instagram Photo Ads

  • Instagram Carousel Ads

  • Instagram Collection Ads

  • Instagram Lead Generation Ads

We will also review all the details of how big companies are using Instagram Ads, and you will learn how to apply these same strategies in your marketing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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2. Welcome to the course: Hey guys, welcome to the course and excited and happy to see you here. Here we are ready to start in. Let me tell you before we jump into the content what you will hear in the course. Here we are in the installed an official instrument for business page. And you see the ads that we will create together here on this course. By the end of the courses, I promise you, in the promo video, you will dominate all these. You will be able to create any of these ads for your business. You can use it to grow your brand, your personal brand, your business. It does increase your sales or to help France or clients sell more using Instagram. The first ad we're creating east, the Instagram story, at least one of the most powerful ads right now on Instagram. And you will learn everything about it in the Instagram story adds model. Okay, after that we are creating photo ads on the instrument feeds very optimized and that works very well, works great for specific products. And you'll be able to tell if this is the right ad for yield will create hours of video ads. All that involves the video at how to create that video in order to be captivating and caught the attention of your costumers. We will also do the Carousel ad, so you can show different pictures or videos of your products, your services, or your company. We also, we're also doing the collection at that you can use to sell products. Very, very powerful right now on Instagram, we will use the explore at unexplored and also r sub one was, I'll show you how you can use Instagram ads to collect leads for your business to get name and emails from your clients. All that we are talking here on discourse, everything about these, you will learn, you will dominate. You'll be very confident creating any of these. 3. 3 Requirements to create Ads on Instagram: There are three main requirements to start creating at, on Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are required that we have these three elements in place before we start. The good news is that it's very easy to get an I'll show you in this video how you can make sure you have all these. So we can continue with the course with these three elements, ready? The first one is your Facebook page. You need to have a Facebook page for your business, for your brand. If you don't have a page, don't worry because it's very easy to, to Cray one. You come here the top, create anew, click on create page. These will allow you to create one business bait or brand page, or you can create a community or public figure. Page two, I recommend you to use their business or brand, even if, even if it's just to promote you as a personal brand or your business. Excellent, this is the first element, easier, right? The second element, each unit to have access to the business manager on Facebook, we have two options here. You can do it on the business manager, you can go to business dot The link is here in the resources area of these lecture. Or you can go just to do, you can't just go to the Ads Manager, as you can see here on the screen. This is another option that we have for what's the different you ask Diego, what options should they choose if you are creating ads for clients, if you have more than one AD account or you're planning to create ads for different companies, you need to use the business manager because here you can manage several Facebook ads account. That's advantage. You can just, you come to business dot and create and click on create account here at the top right-hand side. But if you are creating and add just for your business, for your personal brand, and you will have a one at account. If you, if you are doing that, the best option will be to use the Ads Manager is very easy to use. And if you want to access that, you can come to slash arts manager, as you can see here the top or if you are on Facebook, let's go to the home page on Facebook here, you come to create and click on Create at. These were forward you to the Ads Manager at creation page, as you can see here, I come to the bottom and click on close. So now we are in the main screen of the Ads Manager. We will talk about the art manager and the business manager later in the course. The third element that you need is your Instagram account. You probably have already an East Harlem account needs to be a business, be Instagram account if you have a personal brand or if you have a company that you are promoting on Instagram, in-order to create ads, we need to suit that account, a business account, or to a professional account. How you do that? Very easy. Let me show you here. We'll click on the top right-hand side to access the menu. And here the menu changes over time. So if you come to the menu and looks a little bit different, just look around and you will find the option that I'm pointing you here. So we go to settings on the first option in this case for me. And here we go to account. Is here. Excellent and inner count, you see at the very bottom now he's seen switch to a personal account or switch to a creator account. If you have a personal account here at the bottom, you will have the option to switch to a commercial account or to a professional account or to a business account, or why Ari, I am telling you all these names because Facebook use different names for each kind of for each kind of account. So over time they changed the name, they changed the location. So you need to come here and take a look on all the options. And you need to choose the one that makes sense, that is a business account. When you switch to that account, you will have big advantages because you have great analytics. You can see how many people are interacting with your content on Instagram, you can see lots and lots of details or we will explore later. And we also have another course which is the complete ESA or a marketing course where we talk about that in details. Ok, so with this, when you complete this, we have the three elements in place. We have your Facebook page, business pages ready. We have access to the business manager or the Ads Manager on Facebook to create this Instagram ads. And the third piece is that we have an Instagram business account ready for you. With that, we're ready to create ads. Now, let's move to the next video where we'll continue learning more and is starting to plan your ads to make sure you're at our irresistible to your client to make sure that when they see this ad, they interact with you, they click on the ad and they start buying your products and services. Let's go there. 4. Feed Ads vs Story Ads. Which one is best for you: Okay guys, welcome to this video here we will talk about the two different Instagram ads placements that we have so far. One is the eastern feet and the other one is the Instagram Stories. Eastern and feed. If you know east, when you go to Instagram, you have the first slide here where we see the two placements. We see the Instagram Stories and the insulin feed. Instagram feed basically is when they go to instruments, started browsing style, seen all the polls for the France, I'm between this pose will show your ads and Incertum story at ease when people though of course, to Instagram Stories and these terawatts in the stories of their friend. And between the stories from one frame and another wheel, we'll see your ad on Instagram stories. I'll show you here the difference between the two so you can decide which one is the best for you for a business right now. So let's start with insulin fits ads. So we can create photo ads, video ads, Carousel Ads collection at, at, in explore an also lead acts. We will work with all these ads in this course, as I told you before. And these, all of these show in one place which is the eastern feet. Also the instrument feed needs to be i square e match. That's the recommendation. You can use all their sites as they are not square. But the thing that is working right now for my clients, for my students is actually square images. So that's my recommendation, is very, very powerful. Also, or a square video, of course, if you want to create a video app, you can do a square video for the instrument field. Also, we need to keep in mind the 20% rule. We'll talk about that in details later in the course, is the rule that Facebook on Islam and required that you have less than 20% tax on your image. So if you choose an image for your AD, that image needs to have maximum 20% of texts. So if you get the size of the image that the aria where you have the text needs to be less than 20%. My suggestion is that you have not text on the image Reiner with. That's what iss award Kin and we will see that in details later when we create the ad, okay, but this is the 20% rule. We need to keep that in mind. Also, it's good that you're images and videos when you pose on the feed on Eastern and feed needs to look organic. That's where he's also working very well right now, guys, if you have an image that is super well produced and people, when they see the image, they know that that's an ad. Usually people jump to the next post. So creating an image that looks organic, that looks like your friend curry, that image that's very powerful and that's working amazingly well right now an instrument unwanted talk also about that later in the course. Also make the call to action. The CTA. Call to action when you tell people what to do next on below the image or the video. In the past, we use it, we do it on the video. You're going to still do it of course, but is recommended to do it below the video, we have, of course, the call-to-action, at least by default there. When you create an ad, would choose the call to action for you at later when we create the ad. But also you can add tags below the post on. You can add a call to action with details there. That's instrument feet. Let's about insulin stories really quick. That default size for your image or video and Islam stories is 1080 by in 1820 pixels. Okay, that's the recommendation. It can be affordable or a video. Esa recommended to use a video or an animated photo. So you can put a forum and you can put animated gifs. They're animated arrows and call to actions will talk in details about that is very, very powerful. Is the good thing is that Islam stories happen automatically. People don't need to scroll like in the feed. If they are in the fit, the need to scroll down to see more pose from, from France and ads. But if they are on Instagram stories, when they start seeing the stories, we'll see, you know, you have experienced on Instagram, you see that you stare watching the videos or photos from your friend and out automatically between one frame and another, between one pose and another. An instrument stories instrument will place your ad in the middle, so it will look like something organic that is coming there. People doesn't, people don't need to do anything in order to see the ad. The ad will show up automatically for that and that's very powerful. I would, will talk in details in there, in the model of Instagram story ads on how to prepare the ad house upgrade the most engaging videos for Dan and all these details are very important to guarantee the success of your ad game. Where are the advantages of Instagram story is super popular at the moment. Is generating better results than feed. Placements are the moments. So if you create an ad or Misra ME stories right now at this moment or test shows that the, you will have a better result that view place on the certain feat. Of course, that depends on your product, your service as the kind of the target out and you have. So it's always recommended to test and to see which one performed better for you. But for most of my clients, they, Islam stories is performing very well. Also right now at the moment the ad cost for the ad is cheaper in Islam stories Dan defeat modality. Of course, these will also depend on your target audience and their needs that you have. But mainly as an average right now at this moment, you will have a cheaper add on his farm stories. This could change at any time. Also the most powerful thing guys on Islam stories is that we have, we have a 100% of the attention of your costumer because the instrument stories take the whole screen as you know, when you are watching that, the whole screen is captured by the, by your video, by your photo. So you have a 100% of the attention of your costumer of, of your future customer. And this is uni, We don't have any other social media today that performs at this when we don't have, if we have ad on Facebook or on YouTube, or on Twitter, or even an instrument feed. We have a lot of the users still have lots of input, lots of options that they could do to jump out of your app, of your ad or to distract them from your message right now, only certain stories, you capture a 100% of their pension of your foot to future client. And that's very, very powerful. These are the main difference. Will, will, will go very deep in these details later in the course when we actually put into action this into action and start creating the act. Okay, let's continue with the course in the next video. 5. Planning Your Instagram Ads: Hey guys and welcome to this model and happy to see you here. Here in this model walls start planning your Issachar and add step-by-step. And this is very important because if we have a good plan for your AD, we can create the perfect and the most optimized ad to make sure that you are investing in something that you get the retard to make sure that your app works. When we published that and start showing that to all your target out is right. The end goal is that at the end of the, of the process, you have more sales. You are attracting more customers, you are collecting more names and emails. That's the goal. So to do that, the first step is to plan the basic elements of your instrument ads. And to do that, we have the first exercise. Here we have the workbook, and the first exercise starts and page six. And here we are planning your ads and this is an easy exercise, but he's very importance. I told you the first question, we're answering three questions here. The first one is, what is your goal with this ad? Is your goal to sell more products, to collect emails from your customers, maybe to attract new customers to your business. What is your end goal? When we think about creating these ad on any stubborn for your brand, for your business? That's the first question. And to answer that, I want you to answer two things. First, one of these examples I gave you, what is maybe you want to attract new customers, maybe what you want to collect emails or sell more products on. Also, I want you to go to the Ads Manager and Facebook were 0s were we will start creating these ads. And here we have what your marketing objective. If you don't know how to get here, basically you go to and you click on Create here at the top. And create adds. This will open the ad managers for you. So here we have the categories, these menu changes all the time, these options. So if you are seen something different here, don't worry, that's normal. Facebook updates, the names every week, every month. So which is what, what's your goal here when we'd see these categories, what is your goal for the instrument act? You can come to each one of these and read the description. When you put the mouse on top of the information icon, you can see what is each one of these. And we have three main categories, awareness, consideration and conversion. And the most popular for you probably for most of our students will be consideration and we'll be traffic because we want to send people for on Instagram, to your online store, maybe to your landing page, to your webinar page, or whatever offer you have. That's the most popular, probably DC's yours. But take a look on the options. The islam art is not recommender doesn't work very well when we one brand awareness or reach, it will work, yes, but the problem is that you will be spending money and investing its money just to let people know about your business without an offer. That's the op, the awareness category one, you'll want just people to be aware about you, about your products, your brand. So I recommend your strongly to consider maybe their consideration or the conversion category. That's question number one here on the exercise. The second question is, what type of art are Ukrainian on Instagram? We're working here on the Course with Six Eastern at seeks different kinds of ads that we're creating. Instagram here very deeply in detail. So you need to decide now what kind of add ru creating. And here is an example of old ads. You can create an ad on Instagram stories. You can create a photo at lobbies on the instrument feed, video at a Carousel ad where you have multiple images and we are doing in details, all these on the course. Maybe a collection ad or add in explorer, okay. Also we have another kind of add that we are not showing. The insulin doesn't have here on the page which is delete add when were we can collect name and email from your earliest. Okay. So the second question is that what kind of add ru creating Boyd, These would these ad on Instagram. And the third one is, what's the media that you need? So let's say that I want my main goal here is to sell more products. I will create an ad on his forearm stories, for example. And what is the media that I mean, do I need a photo or video, or graphic? Do I need to shoot a video from my company? Backstage may be showing that on the ad. Maybe I need to take pictures of my product. Which media do you need? We need to start preparing that. So when we get ahead in the course, when we are ready to create the ad, you have all unit. You know exactly what to go, you know the ad you're creating and you have all the media that units. So think about that. What's a media unit and what you need to do to get that me and maybe you need to buy a royalty-free images or something like that. Think about that and write the answers here. That's the first exercise in the next video, we'll do the official assignment here and we're continuing with the course. After that, let's call 6. Exercise 1- Planning your Instagram Ads: Okay guys, welcome to the first assignment here on the course. Now you have the option to take action and do the first exercise adds answer the three questions that we talk about in the prior video. To do that, you have two options. You can print out the workbook and just do it with a pen on the paper right? On the war book itself. Or if you prefer to do it electronically, or you don't have a printer or something like that, you can just click on the next section here on Udemy. And you can answer here on the computer on the system. The three questions that are part of the exercise would that you, we are ready to continue with the course. And also it's very important that you do it here because we, when you submit your assignment here, you are sharing that with all the community with tells us and thousands of students all over the war. Most of them are very, very good with marketing and Eastern around you can get amazing feedback from the community. So I recommend you to do it here. In the next section, I will take a look on your answer, Sue. And after that, we are ready to move forward with the course. Remember that is important, very, very important that you complete this first exercise. This is the first step, guys, this is the base of the instrument ads that we're creating here together. Ok, I hope to see your assignment here. And after that, I'll see you in the next lecture. 7. Facts about Instagram Ads: Facts about the Instagram and how you can use this information to prepare your ads for success. The ads on Azara war are recommended and works best for paradox offering. So if you have a parabola to sell, if you are offering a viewer, promoting your products, your services, this is ideal for inserting ads, but it's not recommended just for brand awareness or to promote your Instagram profile. People use it is still an Woolworth, but you will spend much money doing that. And it's difficult to see the real results because if you are just promoting year, your profile to get more followers, that's an idea, is an option. But I mean, you'd, you don't know exactly how much each of these new followers will bring to your business when they buy your products. So it's recommended to promote it and is optimized for that is optimized to promote paradox. So if you want to promote your products, this is perfect for that. Also generates the results instantly when we compare to organic cells. So if you are, if you want to sell more products, use him Islam ad. If you, when you start creating the ad, you'll see Eastern results. That's how happens because you are paying Facebook. Any sort of start showing your ads immediately. People, if you, if we optimize your app, and we'll do that when people will start buying your products and you will see Eastern results and organic cells. You usually leave your website where people need to discover your website organically, maybe through Google or something. And they buy your products but is way faster if we Cre acts also is very easy to scale if we create an ad. Yeah, it can be on the feed, it can be interim story ads. And the ad is working. We see that for example, for every $10 that we've put, WE error $15. So we are, we have a profit of $5. Let's say just as an example, we'd need just to feed these ad with more money. And we will see people buying your prose because we saw that tendency, we saw that growth. And we proved that over the day's, over the weeks that the ad is running, we see that you always have profit. So when we have bad, you just need to scale. To scale is very easy. You just put more money on the ad, you sell more products, of course, is not that simple to get an ad that works amazingly well and always perform as top. But that's one of the goals of this course is to prepare the ad. So you have that winner at that you can scale later, okay? Also they are easy to create with a boss button if you don't want to use the Ads Manager or the business manager on Facebook to query your SRM ad, you can just boost your post with one click is very easy. You can do it on the app. So basically, anyone could create an instrument ad. And the secret to success here is practice is not. I mean, people say DAY follow the steps. It may not, but not performing, people are not clicking, people are clicking but are not buying. We have a model layer on the course answering all these questions. If you have problem with your ad and all that, you will see the answers there and what you need to do to fix that. But the secret to success here is practices. Put all that we teach here into practice, apply that and you'll see the results that you want. 8. Getting to know your Instagram followers: Getting, you know, your Instagram followers. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we'll talk about one of the most important elements that you need to think about when you are creating ads on Instagram and in any other social media. And here, before we move forward, we'll talk about that. And I'll show you three ways that you can use right now to learn more about your audience, about the people that are buying your products or services with these social media. Okay, so why this is important? Because when we're creating ads, not only an East Harlem, but also on Facebook, on YouTube, on Google, you need to define your target audience. That means the people, the group of peoples that we'll see you at, the good of the group of people that you are telling Instagram that this is the group of people that are interested on you, your products, your services. And why this is important for you. Because if we define our target audience that is not optimize, right? What will happen is Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google. They will start showing your ads to these group of people, to this target audience. But if he's not optimize, you won't have any resource with that. You won't have any sales, you won't have conversions. And that's bad because we're investing money on ads and we're not selling your product. That's why is very, very important that we do these exercises that are coming on this model, okay, so we need to define your target honest to create these ads. And I'll show you here right now three ways that you can find out a little bit more about your target Alice. The first one is on Instagram itself. I connected my phone here on the computer. You can see my phone right now, and we're here in the real Diego de Villa profile. This is a commercial profile or a professional profile on Instagram. And he said I'm changing the name of the commercial profile frequently. So what we need to do here in order to see data for your target audiences coming to the menu at the top right-hand side. And we click on insights. And here we have three tabs, content activity and our audience. If I go to a third one, audience, you see the number of followers, you see the graph, and this is what we want. The tub locations, top eight range and gender also is very important because when we query ads in the next videos, in the next modules, we need to define what is the location of your target audience. Where do they live, right, in which cancer we'd CD. Also, we need to define the age of your target audience. Are their male, female, white, it's a gender. What is the age that they have? How all the r or you can change, you can do a range of age. And that information will we have here on Instagram right now. So you see here the top locations for these account is when we select cities is some Paolo with 13%, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte Brasilia, and query Chiba. If we go to country, we see that most people are from Brazil. So if I want to, if I want to create ads for people all day, Brazil may be, will be a problem for these profile because most people are following here, are from Brazil. Also, we have the age range. You see here, this is very interesting. You see here that most of our followers are between 25 and 34-year or and we 32%, we have 35 to 44. So basically from 25 to 44 year years, or is the perfect arrange for the target audience that we have? If I select, for example, when you, we're creating ads, I say to Instagram that I want to show my ads to people from, let's say, 18 to 65 plus years or and maybe spend the money showing ads to people that are not in my target audience. For example, the people that are here from 55 to 64 year or there is only 4% of my followers. They won't be interested because only 4% of my followers, Irene BCE, age, right? So will be more optimized if H create the ad and the target hours for people between 2544 years old. So take a look on years to see how the data is. Also, of course, you can change here from men, women to see the age is 2m, and the last one is gender. We see that 45% are women and 55% are men. So basically it's half-and-half. When I am creating my target audience on Instagram, on Facebook, I will select probably that I want to show the ads to men and women. That's the first one, the second channel or you can use to find out a little bit more about your target audience is your Facebook page. To create ads, you'll need professional, a commercial, business Facebook page, or here on Facebook of course. So here we have to deal with Avila page. We click here on the insights tab, on the top menu. The insights will open and here we go to people, see we have the left menu now and we go to people. We see here the similar data that we saw on Instagram. This is not exactly the same beta is the people that like my page on Facebook. This is the data about them, but you see that is similar to what we have on Instagram. The main country here is Brazil, with most of the people that are liking the page us if after that, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, and here we have the cities, the main language that people speak. And also we have the age of the followers, right? We see that in phase, but we have more men than women we had in Eastern, Eastern we have 45 to 55%. Here we have 65 to 34% women. Just to have an idea. And the third option here, guys, ESA Facebook group, Facebook group are very powerful because it's an online community that you create for your clients. Here on Facebook where they can change, exchange ideas, strategies and you see here or marketing or lane by Diego diet group, we have more than 46 thousand members at the moment. And so we have good data to analyze in the left menu, click on Group insights and click here on more member details. We see here the top contributors for the group, how many comments they created in the last, Let's see, the last 28 days. And here is the data we want, their gender and age. We see here similar to Instagram, we see 40% women, 50% men. And the ages are also are similar. 25 to 34 is the biggest arias heat on the group. And also we have 35 to 44 with a significant number. The top countries, same Morse people are from Brazil, port dwell us. Also we have the top Cs here in the ranking. So all these information is very important for you. So you can have an idea of your target audience or who they are, where they live and all that. Next video, hearing the course, we will do the second assignment of the course where we are actually putting this information that we learn from your target audience on paper, we are clarifying or they decide about your target hours. We'll define a super optimized target audience to make sure you're at work and to make sure, to make sure that we are reaching the right people for your product, for your business. Let's go there. 9. Exercise 2- Optimizing your Target Audience for Instagram: Hey guys, welcome to the second assignment here on the course and excited, I happy to see you here. Here we are ready to start optimizing your target, our ins for Instagram, make sure you have the absolute best target audience for your instrument. Ads sought when the see the ad that you are creating, they add and they buy your product, your service, as they learn more and more about you, your brand, and your products. That's what we want. So to accomplish that, we will do the second exercise that is here on the war book. You can also, you can do it on the war book as I told you in the last exercise on paper. Or if you prefer, you can do it here on the website. In the next section, you will have all the questions that you're going to fill it up. By doing that, you are sharing this information with the community or the we have healed thousands and thousands of students sort is good to get positive feedback. So I encourage you to do it here on their website. Okay, let's, let's talk about the second exercise. This about optimizing your target audience. We learned in the last videos. In the last video, how you can find out more about your audience. And here I asked you to think about the ideal costumer. Answer these questions. We have six questions here about this person. How all our day, how old is your outings? Remember that we check that in the last video here, for example, in the Facebook group, we saw that most people are between 2534. What is your case for your target audience? Feel that out here on the first question. The second is, where, what's, what's your audience, gender? Are they men, women? Mainly you have, maybe you have a product is only for men or for women or for both genders. So you can decide that here. You can write down your answer number three. What's their location? Where do they live? Right? You can say da or my Mahout is leaf all over the world. Okay, but maybe we want just to, to target specific country-specific CD with your ads to test, see how it goes, see how it performs. And if works well, we can expand to other territories. So this site here, the location, what is the interests of your target audience? Are they interested on, on my case, for example, digital marketing, social media marketing. In your case, what is the interests? We'll write down all the details about the interests that you have here. All these questions are important guys, because when we create the ads in the next videos, we will come here to this sheet of paper and we will just copy everything that you wrote down about your outlets are all create the target hours. Before this model ends we are, we will go to Facebook ads manager and we'll actually create these target outlet. So this is important to complete right now. Where the interests number five, what's the biggest problem that your ours is facing? These will help you to create an amazing offer for them. So if you know their biggest problem you can offer, then the solution, right? That's the solution that you have. On my case, for example, I have one of my courses which is about the Camino is Santiago, which is Pilgrimage on Spain that you do for 30 days. You walk. Like 800 kilometers from France to the Atlantic Ocean, you cross Spain walking. That's a hiking trip, pilgrimage. And I have a course teaching people how to prefer. What's the biggest problem that example maybe is that they don't know how to prepare for the height for the trip. They don't know how you if they need to bring food, if they need tens or they will sleeping hotels, they don't know how much they will spend. So the biggest problem of these people that wants to do the Camino Santiago is that they don't know what the spec they they have like a cloud of doubts on questions on their brain. And I have the solution because I will answer all their questions for you. That book purchase discourse, for example, maybe your biggest problem is that you create it instead of at, in the past. Anew though, you didn't have success, you didn't, you invest money and you just basically lost money because you have no sales. So you want a formula, a way to agree ads that really works. And when you put money into, you receive something in return. And that's the goal of this course that what I want you to accomplish by the end. So that's the biggest problem, right? What's your biggest, the biggest problem of your out of Europe, your group of people, your customers, rider down here. The last question is, what is your audience biggest dream and wish, if you know their biggest dream, order, be swish you, you can use that when week we'll create the copy of the ad, the texts, the images that will go into your ad. We can use the biggest dream and put that into the image, boot that into a text or of your ad saw when the C that is irresistible for them and they will just buy your products. So write that down. And the second page, this continues in the next page. And this is the last question, is, what kind of person would you get with? We'll get the most benefit or you're off your products or services. Here we will make a complete discrete short description of your idea, idea client based on the answers you wrote in the previous page, basically here what you are doing is getting all the answers that you wrote here in the last page. And right down here, a sentence that will describe that, that group of people, your target audience, the perfect client for your business, for your products or your services. For example, I could say here that my, my idea client, my target audience, our people from 25 to 35 or 45 years or they are men and women that the leave in Brazil, mainly San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as the biggest cities. Maybe I can create just the first ad for these two cities. They are interested on digital marketing, social media marketing. They, their biggest problem is that they created out on Instagram and Facebook and they didn't have resolved, they lost money. Or maybe the biggest problem is also that they don't know how to look at how to use all the power of Instagram to grow their business, grow their brand, and unshared their message with the work. And the biggest dream, and they don't know how to do it. The biggest dream, It's actually that is to reach people, serve people with their products or services, their ideas and they don't know how to do it. So I can help them do that teaching then how, how to create amazing and adds that work on Instagram. So that's my description on the I'm just doing that on the fly here. But you get the idea. It's just as an example to help you with some ideas on how to complete this exercise. I hope you do these. I hope to see your answers here on the next section. I'm after that, we continue with the course where we are actually go into Facebook ads manager and creating these optimized target audience for your Instagram ads. Let's go there. 10. Creating your target audience for Instagram Ads in the Ads Manager: Perfect, Welcome to this lecture now that we have lots of information about your target audience. Now that we optimize it, now that we know who they are, how old they are, where do they live? What's their interests and all that? We can go one step farther and create your target audience here on the Facebook ads manager. Later when we create your Instagram ads, we will use these target audience. We will, we will leave all the aliens ready for you at the end of this video, your hours will be ready. So when we create the app in the later models, we will just call these target values we don't need to create by scratch. Again, we just reuse where we create now in this model, you and me, so will be easier for us to move forward. Okay, how do we create your target audience on Facebook ads manager? We go to slash ads manager. Or if you are on Facebook, you just come to the top menu where you, what he's saying, create and click on add is opening here. So now you see the cranial campaign screen. Click on close at their bottom, lower left-hand side, too close and go to the main screen of the Ads Manager. So here guys, we have the top left hand side menu. We go to all tools and now we need to look for out incest you see here under assets right now, we see our incest. Remembering always that these menu change very frequently. So if you come here and you don't see our insists on these exact place, look around and you will find that for sure. So let's go to our instance. And here we have all the instance that I have created in the past to create a new out is we will create, will click on create outings button. And we have three options. The one that we are using now we ease the safe Audi and two, which is the ECS one to start with. Also, in the future, you can use custom audience or look-a-like audience. Here is the definition of each one of them. Basically with the customer outings, You can use your pixel that you have on a website, or you can upload your email list. If you have a list of costumers with name and email, you can upload that here. If you have an app, you can upload the app activity and stuff like that, but this is a little bit more advance. So to start, we will do that with a safe outings. Click on that. And here we are guys. This is they create a safe Houry and speech. And this is what we are working on right now in this video. Here in the left side you see all the boxes where we can put the information about your outings. And in the right, we see the potential audience size. You see here this idea and enter anything just United States so far. And you see that the potential is 230 million people, which is a lot. Here. Details about you out is, so when we start adding information here on the left, you will see the right-side updating and updating the potential size of your audience. Important point, people ask me, Acadia watts, or right side of our audience, East Lake, one million, two million, how big the audience should be that depends of your specific needs, depend of your product, of your company. What I recommend to people is to be very specific because we want to show your ad only to the people that have a real interest on your products and services, right? So my recommendation would be to have, are nowadays that is lower than 500 thousand people are rich, right? Potential reach lower than 500 thousand. Maybe you will go up to a medium, is okay if you can go lower, I think is better in my opinion. Of course, this these changes depending off your niche and you're the type of company or services that you provide. Ok, audience Name, this is test our audience. Or let's do this. Let's do Instagram. Course. Students, audience. You can put the named as the need with u1. This is the name that you will use to identify in the list here. You'd erroneous after you create it. This is the name I'm using right now. Let's put a Kia version. One. Customer insists that this is just if you have the Facebook pixel. We are not using these right now on this specific sample bar, if you want to use the Facebook pixel, you just go to Google and search for Facebook pics on, you will see all the instructions about how to install it on your website. And when you have the big selling style, you can come here and just select the pixel that you want. Excellent. The next thing that we are checking here guys, is locations where people leave, where your hours in audience, Leif, Are they in the United States, in another country? You can go very specific here if you, I don't want the United States, for example, let's say I won Florida. You can go by states of awesome. I, you see that my audience low a is lower now is 16 million people. And I can go even lower if I just want a specific CD, let's say Miami. You see that it drops to 3,000,300 thousand people. So it's up to you. You can also select here how many miles from the center of the city, how many miles around? You can also add an address here, any address from for your business. If you have a local business, you can add the address here. The undefined How many miles around your address you want to reach people. Okay? Let's say we want to create an app just for people that are around Miami, 50 miles around the outings age. Remember that we defined that for my case, east from 25 to 45 years, 44 years, or that's what we saw. Men and women are okay languages. Let's say English. You can define English, UK, US or oh, let's say o. And now you see that my potential reach iss lower is just 1.8 millions right now. Perfect. So now is the more that we come to the most important place, guys, is that the tail targeting here, I want you to spend more time, spent 10152030 minutes here, reading all the options that Facebook provides to us, these options change over time. So the option that you will see right now with me are different probably than the ones that you will see. How will you find in the interests of people here. Basically, what you do is you can add the demographic USA, your demographic interests or behaviors. You can search for keywords. That's my recommendation. For example, let's say this is one of the option. The other option is to browse. You can go browse and go demographics. Take a look on education, lifestyles, let's say parents and A1. All parents and an insight, all parents, I can select people that are new parents, for example, from 0 to one year. H, You can go 18 to 26 years, six to eight. And this is just one of the categories. Also you're gonna go in relationship here. And you can select the relationship of your audience. So if you have a product that is just for single people, let's say you can go single. And you see that the potential reached now East just 340 thousand people, which is getting good. Let's see, we can go back here and demographics also, you can browse for interests. So you see here business industry, entertainment, family and relationships fears that fitness, food, all the categories. I invite you to come here. And just as the categories that fit your business, your products, your target oddness, and also behavior. Here we have. You can also search for keywords, let's say marketing, which is or a target audience. So you can select people that have interests in marketing. For example, you see here, are there right interests, and this is the keyword. If I search again for these keywords, you can see people at our job titles. You see on the right. That is a marketing offered or marketed assistant or Mao or employers marketing assistant. Promotion, marketing interests, viral marketing. All these options are really related to the specific out in the protocol we are announcing here, which is the installment marketing course. So let's say that we want to target awesome people that are marketing assistance. And now the target ion is increases again because more people are actually tough interests on marketing. If I remove these, you will see that it is lower again. So you can, you can just play with all these options and select the perfect target audience. Think about your target out is you react to your clients and see what are their interests, who they are, where do they live? And all these details. Also, you can exclude people. Same thing, you're going to SCLC people that for example, let's search for keywords again. You can exclude people, any people that are interested in viral marketing, for example. And stuff like that. Lets go. The connections. This is a little bit more, I think doesn't apply for most of you. You can connect people with your pages or your apps or events. So you can your Facebook pages, you see people who like your page. You can also link with that. So you will show only two people that have all these criteria. And also like your pages. Let's remove these for now. So at this point, what we have is this, if we go up to the top, we have a potential rate of 310 thousand people. This is the details about the Allianz, which are we are targeting only people that live in the city of Miami, 50 miles around the center of the city. On this case, we are targeting only people that are 25 to 44, men and women that speak English, that are single and are interested on jobs AS marketing assistant or they have a job as a marketing assistant. And are we exclude anyone that is interested on viral marketing? This is just as an example, I will click on create outings. And you see that here, if we are in our witnesses on the Ads Manager, we see the honest name is a safe outings, which is the type of audience we created. This is the size of the hours, is 310 thousand people in the audience is ready for use. So we can write now create an ad using these Audis and that's what we are doing the next models. And that's basically how ECE EDS is very easy to create an audience on the Facebook ads manager. If you want to modify these, you just click on here on the name of doubt is, and you click on Edit on audience Details. And here you can change any of these criterias. I hope you do these and see you in the next model. 11. Formula to create irresistible Instagram Ads: Hi guys, welcome to this model and happy to see you here. Happy to see that we are advancing in the course. And I'm sure you will love this one, because here we'll talk about a formula that you can use to create ads that are irresistible for your costumers to gray ads that your customer, your target audience will see. And they will say, wow, I really like this. I like this company. I liked this product, the service. I want to buy this product right now. That's the goal and I'll share with you a simple formula you can apply, not just not only for your Instagram ads, but also for ads in any other platform. Okay? The first element, we need to optimize ease graphics on also videos. If you are creating any ad on Instagram, you need to have either graphic or videos of your products, your services. And is super important that you spend time thinking about how to call the attention of your costumers, of your target. Our earliest, remember we work in the prior small in the parent models. We did an exercise answering what's the biggest dream off your costumer on a Watson Brieger for the biggest fear or difficulty. So think about these two things when you create a graphic for them, tried to put into the graphic in some way the biggest dream they have. Try that when you, when they see that graphic day, remember of their dream. Okay, that's very, very important. And how you proud of your service, your company solved that problem that they have. And you may be asking, OK there who is difficult and how I work, fine, uh, an image, a video that will show that only, you know, that, I mean, depending on your audience, opinion of your company, you can find that really go back to the exercise that we did and read what's the biggest dream of your costumer and was their biggest fear. And see how you can put that into the graphic and videos that you have. So it's very important to have a great media graphics, videos or for, or for your at. The second element is you. You're super optimized target our audience. We talk in the last video and the last model about all why is important to have a super optimized target audience. These are the people that will be seen your ad if you don't have a target al-Assad is optimize. Your ad will be shown to anyone that may not be, may not be interested on your product or your service and you are wasting money. So we're already completed that in the last video. And that's great. I'm happy that you are doing the exercise and you have that target audience ready on the Facebook ads manager. Will you be using that later here in the course? The third element for an irresistible add half is to have an irresistible offer. Again, here, we will think about the biggest dream and the biggest fear of your costumer and create an offer, create texts that call that tension that solved the problem that they are looking at the are having and show them in these irresistible offer how you can solve that, how your product can solve that problem, ok? The fourth element is your direct and plan message. This is the method that you will write down a description of your offer and is important also here to show then how you are solving the problem, the biggest problem, and how you are fulfilling their biggest dream. How you can help them to solve this problem and moved them to the biggest dream that they have. And the last, but not least, is the call to action, a powerful call to action. It's important to let the client know what they need to do next, okay. Some some people saw students and clients of my they think DAY, I don't want to be pushy. I don't want to be a Laker sales man. Don't worry, people need to know what to do next. You are offering them a solution. Of course they will pay you for that, but you are offering them a solution and you need to tell them what's the next step. So click here, open these slides up. Doesn't matter where you call to action is, is important to have a powerful call to action that is related with all the other elements like their videos on graphics, the message they offer, so they know what to do next. I hope you like this. I love this formula is simple. Look simple, but it's very powerful. I invite you to test it and see the results and let me know what happened with your ad after you implement this formula. Very powerful. I hope you do this. 12. Exercise 3- Creating an irresistible message for Instagram Ads: Hey guys, welcome to the exercise number three here on the course and happy to see you here now is time, one more time to put things into action. And this is important for you. And I hope you complete this because here what we are doing in these exercises so far is we're preparing all the blocks that we need to build a perfect ad for you. So in the next models, when we are ready to create the ad or an instrument stories instrument feed for us. Carousel doesn't matter. You already have all the elements you don't need to think about. Okay, what's the best peak tour? What's the best for the best video, Watson made the best message. You're gonna need to think about that because you already have all the blocks ready. That's what we're doing here. We're preparing in advance with very detailed strategies. So you have the perfect elements to create the perfect ad, okay, on this exercise, we're creating an irresistible message for your Instagram ad. And we are here on the workbook right now. This is page nine. You can do it here on the on the Werbach or you can do it on the website electronically. In the next section here of the assignments aria, the advantage of doing, doing here on the website is that you are sharing these answers with the community. So you will receive feedback from thousands and thousands of amazing people, amazing students that we have here on the course is very, very vulnerable. Okay, so in this exercise where we need to do is answer three basic questions that I think will help you to create an app later in the course. The first one is, what is your irresistible offer? We talk in the last video about the formula to create an irresistible instead of add. One of the elements is to have a great offer. So what is your offer? You already thought about that on the last video. Probably. Think about your audience and what do they want? What do they desire? Why? Why are they here with you? What are they looking for? An answer that here on this first box, on my example, let's say we are selling an Instagram ad scores or any strong marketing course. So my offer will be the course. The biggest problem of my audience is that they don't know how to succeed on instrument ads or any sort of marketing. They don't know how to use all the power of Instagram to grow their business. And I know, so ensuring that on the course with you, we then with my target audience, right? So may offer in this case will be an online course that will help them to succeed with ads. What is your offer? Rally down here. Second question is direct and plan message. This is the message that will, we will see on your ads. Okay, we have the AD, we have the image, the video, and we have a message that we're writing down their type here unruly Now from the word book, how you can hop you out is with your product. Ok, that's the message. Needs to be, needs to be direct and straight to the point I remember always their biggest fear and the biggest desire. Think about that when you write the message. I am just doing this on the fly here for my example, could be, let say we have sort of adds cores. Their biggest problem, my audiences that they don't succeed with ad, they don't know how to do it or they did it, but they lost money. So I can have a message, for example, stop wasting money on instrument ads that don't work. Take the course and learn how to use ads to grow exponentially and just making things up here, this is an example that I could use as a message, direct message, thinking about the biggest problem, the biggest desire, and writing the message here. So write down your message for your AD. And the third one is the easy one is the call to action. What is the call to action you will use in your ad? If you have a video that you will record, how would you say on the video? You will say, for example, okay, click on the button below, swipe up if he's own stories. What is the call to action that you are recommending here? And also, right, this is just for you. What is the next step if I am collecting, if my goal is to sell the course, I will add, for example, the call to action here. Click on the button, enrol now below, and you will have access to a course. Okay, this is the exercise, very simple. I hope you complete it here on the next section. And after that, we continue with the course. See you there. 13. Examples of Instagram Story Ads: Hey guys, welcome to this video hearing these model, in this model of the course instructor at, we'll talk about in Southern stories. Instead I'm storage is one of the most powerful at the weekend, great on Eastern right now. And you will learn everything about it. Heat on this model. We will talk about the technical aspects and how you can make sure that you are using. You are optimizing your ads for Instagram Stories in the best way possible to have to capture the attention of your followers to wake a burning desire for your product or your services on your customers heart. All that we are, we are learning here on this model very deeply in all, with all the details. But first before we start, I connected my phone here so you can see, I want to show you if you don't know, probably you already know because everybody knows most people knows how interim stories work. Let me show you the ad and how they show up on your time field. Here. Let's go to the main, the Home screen on Eastern here at the top, we have all the stories for my friends. So if I open any of them when their histories or boyfriend is finish, you see the next one. And after that between your friends stories, you will see sponsor adds sponsor instrument stories. As you can see on this case. Here I was watching a story of my friend with the appall and the next one, when this one finish automatically, Eastern is showing to me relevant ads that I may be interested or for companies products, services that companies offer, right? This is an add on Islam storyteller and seeing right now is from come. And I know that because of the top, I see their username and this case you see come on, on below that you see there sponsor ward, so that mean is an app. Okay. The other characteristic here is that you see the ad and at the bottom you see the call to action on these case is install now because it's an app that they're promoting. But in most cases you will see the swipe up call to action. So I can do several things from this app. If I go to the next one, I see again my, my france stories and other friends story another friend. And now I am seeing again. Another story at these, in this case is for Michael hired. Looks like it's a book that he is lounging about, division driving leader, about leadership. And I have the option to learn more, as you can see here at the bottom, the call to action that I can swipe up. And again, if I go and watch my friends stories, you will see that soon on this case are our Audubon is showing to me another at only certain stories, very powerful big companies in the war. Or use any sort of mysteries at right now because he's one of the most powerful ads we can create, not only on Instagram but in any social media. And you will learn everything about it on this model and ready to start. I hope you are. See you in the next video. 14. Secrets of Instagram Story Ads: Hey guys, welcome to this video here we'll talk about the secrets of a successful Instagram story add and what are the advantages of having an instrument story adds Instead of using any other ads are nice diagram also here we'll talk about a little bit about the technical aspects. So you know exactly how to prepare the best media, the best video and photos for your insulin add on Instagram stories, solids go to this slide here. First, we see that the first requirement is, it's not a requirement. He's actually one of the settings of the instrument, sorry, add is that the maximum duration is 15 seconds, but we can go up to 45 seconds. And I'll show you how here in this model and hero myself. And again, you see here we have one ad from brilliant, let say brilliant torque is a sponsored ad. And here we see that we, the duration of this ad is 15 seconds. That's the default. So sometimes you can think Diego is very difficult for me to create an ad and make an convince somebody to buy my product, my services to follow me on Instagram, to start a follow my company. And you your brand for in 15 seconds. How I will do that, that's almost impossible. Yes it is. But let me tell you also hear later in this module, we'll talk about a formula to create irresistible video at, in 15 seconds or less. Okay? But this is the fact we have 15 seconds to create an atomist from stories on also, we can go with three stories, add a carousel story, and go up to 45 second World War in the practice will do that in practice here on this model. Also the dimensions of your ad needs to be 1080 by, by 1920 pixels. So instead of being the standard high definition a frame which is 1920 by 1080, we invert that because instead of the cellphone beam here, we do it. We watch the stories like this needs to be 1080 by 1920. Also, there can be a video forum. You can use. Any of those. I recommended to use video. Video is very powerful, is working well now. And Instagram stories also, this light up is the main call to action. When you see the stories you see here at the bottom, learn more. By the way, if you are doing a video and you tell people, people to take an action on your instrument stories add, you will tell them to swipe up to learn more. So you see here the bottom, learn more, but people will need to swipe up so they can learn more about your prosaic and before war to the link that you are using on your Instagram story up. That's the main call to action, will talk in details also about that, about different call to actions and all that. Here on the course, it happens automatically. That's a wonderful thing here on Instagram story ads, the ads appear when you're out in says watching the stories is like some friend is posting something. So what is working now is if you create an instrument story in a way that looks organic, in a way that looks a post that a frame may create it. So if I'm watching here the instrument story, this is what is wonderful. This is one of my friends, I, and watching the stories and our friend and watching the stories here. And you see now that between my friends pose, I see an ad. And that's fantastic because you don't need to clicking some seem to watch the ad. The ad just show up for you and looks organic. That's the wonderful thing. Very, very powerful. And also, let's talk about some tips for insulin mysteries. I recommend you make your post interests and fun. Okay, the instrument story video or four, needs to be fun. That's a characteristic of Instagram story. And the main thing here, guys, as you can see also on this tips, is that your post needs to look organic and inorganic post on Instagram story is usually fun, interesting with lot of discrete Sean moving things and stuff like that. Use call to action captions on your video, on your photo on Instagram stories will do that in practice later here on the model kept to capture their attention immediately using text. You humor images to attract the attention of your followers. So they are watching your Instagram ad and you see there watching these stories. And when they see your ad, you capture the attention immediately. And that's why we planned so much at the beginning of the course to make sure we know exactly what your customer B S dream. What's your customer biggest fear or Biggest challenge? And how you, your company, your product, your service has solved that problem. That's why we did all that planning in the beginning. Ok, so we can use it now. And the last tip here is instrument has a rule that only allows accounts that have more than 10 thousand followers to put links on his own stories. But if you create an ad, you don't need to have 10 thousand people. You can have a brand new Instagram account with 0 followers or Aaron or 1020 followers. And you can create Instagram stories that has a call to action at the bottom. Let me show you here. At the bottom again here we have the call to action saying Install. Now, if you have less than 10 thousand followers, you cannot do that, but if you create an ad, you can do it. No problem, that's another T. Let's talk about the advantages of the stories right now at this moment, we see that it's super popular, is one of the most popular tools in all. Social networks is not just an instrument, instrument stories is very, very popular. So Facebook is also added. Stories, something like similar to instrument stories to their platform. Also, you see YouTube. Now if you go to YouTube on mobile, you will see some kind of videos that looks like instrument story. So everybody's trying to implement something similar to stories on their platform because it's very popular at the moment. So is powerful for ads generally in better results at the moment than any other ads on Instagram. If you are planning to create a video ad for to add or any other ads on Instagram. At the moment, for most people, for most product, what works best that is generating Beth results are Instagram story at. So just to let you know, you need to try that for sure. Of course, it can be different for you. If you have a business that have different kind of product, you have a different niche depending on your target audience, may be different, but for most people, what is working and generating better results now is Instagram story ads. Also the cost of an ad is cheaper than the feed modality right now, it can change at anytime. But right now, for most audiences, of course, this may change depending on your audience. But for most people, for most audiences, if you create an instrument, story ad will be cheaper than a feed at, at the moment. When people start discovering all the power of instrument story add may be different, may be even more expensive than doing the instrument feed. But at the moment, that's how it is. Full screen on Historia at we have a 100% focus of your audience and this is unique guys. For any social media. We don't have any other social media that have this experience you see here and myself, and we have a complete screen. I don't have any distractions here. All I can do is just click on the, the main call to action listening style now here so I can swipe up and installed this app or follow this guy, go to this website. Very, very powerful and I hope you use it. Okay, these are the tips that bandages and some technicals facts about our instrument story and I hope you apply this. And in the next video, we'll continue with this course. We will continue exploring and letting you know, helping you to use all the power of, of instrument story adds to grow your business. Let's call that in the next video. 15. How Instagram charges for Stories Ads: The next big question you may be asking yourself is Diego, how Islam charges for these installed on history ads? Do I pay if they skip the ad? Do I pay only if they swipe up and click on the call to action. When do you pay when Facebook and Instagram charges you for the ads? Great question and let me tell you that you pay for the ad for by impression. That means if I'm watching an astronomy story or myself or an ac, your ad, you are paying for that impression doesn't matter if I act, if I click on the ad or if I just jump to the next. And I'm historic, in any case, you are paying for impressions. That's why we want to make sure you have a super optimize in sort of mystery ads, right? So we're not, we're not wasting money. We may need to make sure you have a super optimized target audience. So your ad is shown only two people that really have an interest and are ready to buy your products and services, okay, so you pay by impression. See you in the next video. 16. Tips- Carousel Ads within Instagram Stories: Hey guys, welcome to this video here we will talk about one tip there is, I think you will like it because is working very well now and you can start to use it immediately on your Instagram story at a sweet talk. In the last videos, you know that the main duration of the instrument story at ease 15 seconds. So you have your one chance in 15 seconds to convince your clients to buy your products or services, not the client is people that may become you reclaim. You can, you can also create, and this is the tip. Instagram is story at, in carer salt style. That means that you can put together 315 seconds clips, three 15-second videos, or three 15-second forest, or a mix between videos and photos, doesn't matter. You will have 315 seconds blocks. So we have a total of 45 seconds that is considered one app. What's the advantage of that is that you have more time. You're going to structure your message in a, in a more optimized way to lead your future client know about your product, your services, and to wake and took a burning, decide about your products on your customers hard, right? Also, if you, if they jump, but this is important guys. If they are Watch and stories and they see your ad and you have just a 15-second one block, the jump. These, they just gold to another Stories and never see you again unless you pay for a more ads. If you have three blocks, 15 seconds each, 45 second total, if they jumped, they need to jump twice in order to escape from your ad because they are watching the first block, the job. They go to a second, they jump, they go to a for. The next time they jump, they will be out of your ad, so you have more chances to capture them before they abandon your ad. Also, another advantage is that you pay only once we talk about how Facebook charge us for the instrument story ads and they charged by impression. So when people see your ad, you pay doesn't matter if they act on your call to action or not. If you have three chances on their three blocks, 15 seconds each, you are paying only once, which is amazing. You have more time for the same price. And also, you're going to structure your message in a different way. You can say, for example, okay, the first 15 seconds, the first block of your Eastern stories, you can do like the Facebook phone or you can call the attention. The second one, you can do a desire phase where you wake this desire on your customers for your products. And the third block could be, for example, the call to action. Were they when you ask them to open their wallets, take their credit card and buy your products, or you convinced them at the end and a call to action to slide up and visit your website, follow you on social media or whatever your goal is with this ad. This is very powerful and let me show you really quick how we can create that on the ads manager. If you are not very familiar with the Ads Manager, don't worry, we are working with that deeply here on the course later. And just want to show you a quick overview on how to do it. Here we are in the Ads Manager and let's say we want to create a trophic, ADD. Continue. Let's see, we want to for where people to our website. You can use also any other options. We have a target audience that is already created. We created in the last videos of the cars. And hearing placement is where we need to change to only Instagram, we deselect, we'll remove the check mark from Facebook out and says and messenger will if only instagram. And he don't Eastern and we live only Instagram stories. So let's remove this, remove insulin explore, and we live only in CRM story check, as you can see here. Lets go. This is the budget, we will talk about that later. Let's go to the next phase. Here is where you can select carousel. So usually people go by default on the single image or video 40-some stories. Now we select carousel. And you can have two or more blocks on insulin history, up to three, so up to 45 seconds. So far, this may change in the future, maybe feasible at more time for your ad on their carousel option. For now we have 33 blocks on Instagram stories. This is how you create it. We will do, we will go very deep on this model and on this course later on, how to create the app. I just wanted to show you this option because it's really good. I love it, I think will bring greg results for you. 17. Tips- Creating an Ad on Instagram Stories with maximum conversion: Hey guys, welcome to this video. Happy to see you here. Here we will talk about how you can create an East Harlem story ad that is optimized for maximum conversion. Something that works well, something that looks like an organic pose to your future clients. So they see that they think that he's from France. You, we captured the attention and you convince them to become a client, to start following you, your company, your business. I'll show you in the practice here on the self and how we can create with one quick example on how you can do it. Let's say we want to promote our seminar, our webinar. That is, with information about the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. We have a course. I have a course in real life, not just in this example. That is about how you can prepare for the coming of the Camino is a journey that people do in Spain, is a trail that takes 3034 days. You walk from Spain, from France all the way to Spain to there or the Atlantic Ocean is amazing. And people want to know how to prepare and all that. So we do a webinar showing people some tips. And if they want to learn more about the Camino, they can enroll in the course. We, they become a client, right? They become a student of a course, and that's the main goal of the ad. So one thing that we could do here we are, here, we can create a new post. So we will use the eastern army story image editor to create your image. In this case, we will use an image, not a video, just to promote this webinar. And we will customize it in a way that looks organic or download the image and use it on the app. To do that, we go on the home screen of instrument. At the top, we have your, in this case my photo with the war years story. I can click on that or I can click on the top right hand side or left hand side camera icon. And you see me here, okay? And now I can click on create here. The second option at the bottom, I have all this option I go to create. And right now we can create the ad. Let me delete these. First thing we will do is take a screenshot of your webinar page, of your landing page, of your product, of the things you want to promote. In this case, we want to promote the, let me go here to Google Chrome. We want to promote the Camino Santiago cars. In this case, this is important to wish. The Course is just to show you an example. I'll take a screenshot of this. I will cut so people can see only my mean call to action here on the page. This is good. I will save these to my photos. If you have another font that is not an iPhone, you can still do it with any phone. Just take a screenshot and safe to your fought us. Okay, let's go back to Instagram Stories. The first thing we do is click here on the lower left-hand side to add the photo. This is the one where we want to add. I don't want the photo to cover the whole screen, so I will just select one person of these. Let me go back here and I will place it at the top of the screen on the superior part. So I have an option to put some text and call to action at the bottom. Okay, so I have my webinar page. And you can use filters just sliding to the sides, you see the different filters. Also, if I go at the top here I have the color option. I can just click and keep changing the color to the color i1. Okay, let me use this one. And next we will add some texts, sought to other text. I will click on the Text option. And I would say, and this is the tear, the texts and creating the call to action. I want to do a commuter Santiago. We have a webinar, our webinar with all the details to prepare. So this is what I want. I can change this side if I want. Let's do this. I'll say done. I can move these down here. I can change the color, you know, these i can do, we can do different things here. Excellent. So now the next step is to add some movements on icons, arrows pointing, and also a call to action where they, they know what to those swipe up and all that. So the next one, we see some effects here. You can use it if you want. Here we have some stickers. Let's see. You can find anyone that you want here. I will find something that is related with hiking. So let's say hike. Let's see if we find something. Walking. Dead Sea, maybe hiking. Okay, where there is an option. He's a guy that is working. So we can do this. And also we can add arrows, pointing app understaffed laid that, let me, let me find an arrow here so we can point the arrow to the button, rho c. Let's see whether we have, I like to use something that has movement. So we can do something like these here we have two options. Let's use this one just as an example. And we can put it. Let's see, let's, let's lay that. I will move my tags down there. And this guy here, I can also change the size, maybe put it here, the tub, and increase my text a little bit. So you can play with these and find the best way to do it. But this is the idea guys is to have a screenshot of your product, your webinar page, your landing page. The thing that you are offering, maybe a free PDF, a free video series, doesn't matter. Put it on the top, put some stickers. Movement is good for Instagram story. Put a text that contains the call to action. Remember that we talk about what the b is the sign of your audience, The biggest fear. What are they looking for when they look for you, for your products or services? Think about that right up. Very powerful description. And with that I'll change the color of these, of these two. Red is better. After that you, we are, we have the ad ready. This is what we prepare right now. So what's the next step now that we have this looks organic. This looks like a friend of yours, a friend of mine posted on Easter Island story. So that's why it's powerful, captured attention. You see here Camino Santiago, wow, this is what I want. I will target people that want to know they want to do the Camino Santiago. So when they see the word here, they see the hiking guy. They love hiking. These people that I'm targeting, they will be captured by this ad, by this image, simple image, they will think is something from a friend very powerful and they will just click, swipe up and hopefully they will enroll in my course, watch the webinar and all that we want to do. The next step is to click on the download arrow here at the top second icon. So we can save this image, this video, to my cell phone. So if I go here to my cell phone, I see now that I have the image here. So I can send these to my computer if I want, or I can just add, create the ad for my cellphone wars, wars. He both ways. In this case, I will send these to my Mac. And here I can create the ad in the next videos with you, okay, now we have the image. We are already to move forward and create these ads. See you there. 18. Creating your ads with Instagram Stories: Giga is happy to see you here. Now is the time to put things into action and really create the, you finally create your ad on Instagram story. I'll show you how to do that right now here on the Facebook ad manager. If you are not here, you can go right now to slash ads manager came if you cannot find, you can also come to Facebook. And at the top menu you have the option to create. You can click on Create and click on create ads. Okay, wonderful. And here we are on the Ads Manager. Let me start over. And if you are in the main screen, all you need to do is click on the green button, create here on the left side, remembering that these change all the time, this interface, when we click on Create, we see all the campaign options on the left. We have Campaign at set and add with all the options that we will configure here on this video to optimize your instrument story ad. And in the right we have the configurations that we are setting here. On the objective, we see Facebook asking, what's your marketing objective? We have three main categories right now. Awareness, consideration, conversion. For most people. The goal that we are selecting will be traffic. For most people will be traffic because we want to send people to your page, to your website, to your online store, to your landing page, your webinar page, or anywhere that you want. You also have the options to brand awareness reached, engagement, up espouse If you are promoting and video views lead generation or we're doing a marble about lead generation here on the course. You will love it later on, here on this course. Messenger and conversion using the pixel of Facebook. For most people, if you don't know what to do, you can just come and read the description of each one of them, but I think the right option will be traffic. So we select traffic here. And also remembering, remembering guys, that these many of these options change all the time. So if you are watching this video in the future, probably you will have different options. They changed the name but the meaning is the same. So you can just read the description and you will identify which one is the one that you want. So trophic, Perfect campaign name, let's say here that we want to Camino de Santiago, webinar promotion stories. You can put here story, you can put here any name that you one. Also you have the options to create an AB testing if you want. Click on continue. Wonderful. Here we have the ad set name you can change also the ADSR name if you want. This is just for your reference. I will leave it the way that where do you want to send people who remember that we select traffic in the prior scream. That's why we have this option here. If you select any other objective before, you will have a different block here. But most people will use traffic. And we want to send people to a website, an app, a messenger, or a WhatsApp. We want to send them to a website. And our audience, we have the hour is we created an audience or super optimize out is for you in the last videos here on the course. So I will use that, which is this. We are targeting here people from 35 to 55 years old, which are in this case male men's that leave ten miles around Orlando for some reason and they are vegetarian, doesn't make sense for the program we are, that we are promoting here, but that's the audience we created, okay? Also you see here all the other audiences we have. Of course, you can edit this or you can create a brand new audience. I hope you do that. And here we have placements. This is very important for us because we are working here on insulin stories exclusively. So we are going is manually placement, remove all the the checkmarks and just leave Instagram here. And the policeman area again here at the bottom, we remove all the feeds, explore, and we live only in tsunami story because that's what we want Joe's story. We created that image which is perfect for stories and is optimized for them. And that's what we want. The next block is the budget and scalable. We talk about these in details in the instrument marketing course, but is very some of planets or is easy to use. You can see here you can optimize for click on links, daily unique reach, impressions or landing pages. I recommended to do the link clicks for Instagram Stories. And so you can set a daily budget or a lifetime budget. Let's say I want a daily budget of $5 per day just to test it initially. And you have the option. And this is very important to run the app continuously or set a start and end date. I recommend you to set a start and end date. If you were starting on this, if you are testing the ad because we're not sure if this ad will work, maybe when. We will see what happened and we need to optimize it a little bit. Maybe we need to change a little bit the graphic, maybe change that target our audience or something like that. So we want to test it fear first for seven days or three days or 15 days is up to you with $5.10 dollars, twenty dollars depending on how much how much money you want to invest. Okay. And if you said to run continuously, One thing that I've seen on some students is that they said the ad, forget about it. And after 30 days they receive a bill from Facebook, which has a substantial amount. And daily they won it. So that's why it's a good idea to put as a start and end Day. This is the total. We will spending a week. I will go continue here. And now we are in the third area, which is the last area before we published the ad. First we have the identity. Where is, what's the page where we want to promote? I will select the communist Santiago page because the product is about the community Santiago. And now we will create the format we want for this specific one, a single image or video. I can select the media here. I will add, in this case it's a video. Let me cancel these and add up low here. I'll go to my desktop and select, let's say this one is the one that we just created. Excellent is consider a video because half the movement, the arrows and all that. That's why he's considered a video, but it's like an image to. So we see here they recommend 15 seconds or less. This, these are the measurements that they recommend. We talk about all these in details in prior videos. Here we have the instrument story. And now we have a preview here of what people will see. You see here we have one block 15 seconds in this case, actually guys, I, I'll probably need to adjust these and recreate this image. Moving, this screenshot, I will a little bit down because you see that my username here is covering the top part of my webinar registration page. So I wanted to redo this and move this image a little bit down so I'm not covering here, we may use her name or other than that, I think looks perfect. The call-to-action is here, is not in the top of the text, which is great. Now, finally, we want to send, then we're probably to a website or a Facebook event, in this case, a website which will be let's say we want to send them to deal with, which is not the case, but just as an example. And we can choose the call to action here. Learn More, apply now Book contact, donate, download. Get a quote. You have all these options to choose. I'll say Learn more for now. You can choose languages. Facebook pixel, this a little bit more advanced. You don't need a facebook pixel, but you can install it later if you want facebook pixel, if you want more information about it, we have another course about Facebook, the complete Facebook retargeting course, where we go deeply about the Facebook pixels and how to use their retargeting options, optimize it for Facebook and Instagram. But in this case, you don't need to worry about it. So I will disable this. And with that is really all you need to do now is click on confirm. I find satisfy with all these. And with that, my ad will be sent to Facebook to insolent. They will analyse what I send and they will decide if they are approved or not. When they approved the ad immediately start showing to your future clients and you are reaching people all over the world. That's fantastic. I hope you do this. In the next video, we have the assignment. Let's go there. 19. Assignment- Create your ad with Stories on Instagram: Hey guys, welcome to this video here we are at the end of the model and happy to see you. Here is gray. We are learning a lot of good strategies and I hope that you now put these into practice. Remember that it's not enough just to watch the videos. The real results counts when you take action. That's why we have the assignment. So I invite you now to create these Instagram story at following the examples under strategies that we'll learn in this model k. So if you say Diego, I'm not ready to create the, Don't worry, I just want to do an example, do a simulation if you, if you, let's say you want to create an ad and for one of your products or anything that you are, imagine, let's carry that out together. Let's do that exercise. You don't need to submit to Facebook for approval. But if you are ready to rate, that's even fantastic. You can also do this. So I want you to create, to go to instrument story and create the graphics that we, as we did. And in the next section here of the assignment, shared the graphic with me with the community. We have thousands and thousands of students, very smart people here in the community that may give you feedback on your image, on your video for story, ideas of how to improve the media so you have even better results. So please complete this assignment. This is very important guys. Okay? Do the image query the image or the video, for instance, I'm story and in the next section, shared that with me or with the community. And with that, we are ready to move forward with the course. I hope to see your image and your video for his stories here in the next section. And after that, see you in the next model. 20. Tips for Instagram Photo Ads: Hey guys, welcome to this model of the Eastern for ads and happy to see you here. In this model, we will learn everything about how to create a photo add on Instagram or the instrument feet. I'll show you examples. We will do it together from straight from the smartphone and also from the Ads Manager with more and more options, more advanced options. But before we go there, let me share with you some very interesting things about the E7 for some technical requirements and some rules that Facebook has in order to make sure we have the most optimized app. So here we are in the slide for awhile, is recommended to have a square image. You can use different images, but they're recommendation for sure is that we need to have a square image. That's the default image size on Instagram. And we want the year add to look organic, right? So the best way to do it is first do it by using a square image. Also, the image needs to capture their pension and generates curiosity. Will show you examples in the next video. Real examples of ads that I and found the ion father finding on Instagram that you can inspire by the strategies they use. But basically needs unit. You need to start thinking now how you will create an image that generates curiosity on your customer's mind. How you can use an image that captured the attention of them. So they stop scrolling and they say, oh, I need to learn more about this. This is very interesting. Let me click on here. Let me read more and find out more about this product, the service, this company. So a square image, capture attention and generate curiosity with your image. The third tip is simple image that look like organic publication. We, we, we're very use on marketing to use complex images. Images that are super Produce Love looks super professional, that are fantastic looking with the facts, tags and all things like that, that war that is working in several social networks. But on Instagram, the thing that works is if the image, the videos look organic, OK, that's very, very important. So I invite to test these. This is good because it's easier for us to create an image. We maybe don't need to hire a designer or a company or an, a video editor to create a super amazing email to you. Maybe you can do it yourself. So images that looks organic, it needs to be a high-quality image, of course, are just the image in editing software isn't if necessary, so you can adjust it at tags and stuff like that. And talking about tax, we have the 20% rule. We have a complete video lecture about that leader here on the course in the next models. But let me tell you that Facebook and Instagram recommends, let say that you have a maximum of 20% of texts on your image. So your images, these, you need to eat and you have texts around the image. The image need to occupy less than 20%, sorry, the text need to, need to cover less than 20% of your image, okay, that's the 20% rule that Facebook have for us. If you have more than 20% or 20% in the past, Facebook just used to reject your ad, right? They will not approve an as you to remove the texts. And now they approve it but they are not actually show into many people is not, will not perform very well. So that's why it's important that you have less than 20% tax on your image. And the last point here is to make a call to action in the text below your image, right? You can have a text on your image with the call to action. But in Salamis, owls are already add in as you can see here, download, right? You see the download call to action here. So you'd examples in the next video. But you can have the option to put it on your texts or just use the instrument that is below your image, or which is recommended to add the text below the image. Of course, talking about urgency and scarcity so your areas needs to act right now and not put it for tomorrow. These are some tips. In the next video, we will explore examples of instrument 40 ads. See you there. 21. Examples of Photo Ads optimized for Instagram: Hey guys and welcome to this video here we will talk about and we will analyze some examples of Instagram for ads, formats that are in the instrument feed Eastern and feed the view are here on your Instagram. Is this place where you have all your friends post, as you can see. And eventually you can see something like that that ease an ad on the feet. So this is a video feed that looks like an image but have moving stuff. So it's a video. And let me find another one for you and I'll show you in a minute here some examples. This is an R1 from Final Fantasy seven. Looks like that you can create. Ok, so let's take a look on that. I'll go to my save files here really quick. I save SON ads for you. Let me see for o, ads are here. Here are the examples. So the first one is for Daymond John, which is this member of the Shark Tank on ABC's are show people go to talk with millionaires and they decided they will invest money on their business or no, this is a very famous guy. It's a very rich guy. And this is an ad that he created. Remember that we talked about simplicity. Remember we talk about Karim post that looks organic, great imposed that looks like a friend of yours is posting on Instagram. So when I'm on, I am scrolling on the eastern and feet and I see this image, this roots glue looks like a friend of mine, so calls my attention, right? And you see that Damon didn't add any links or no links but any tax on the image. The image is clean from him. Look into their horizon to New York looks like. And at the bottom, he has a call to action, which is download. So you can click on Download and the text says, free download social media marketing guy, that's it. Free download Social Media Marketing Guide. So this is showing to people all over the world that are interested on his products. And basically, simple call to action, simple image looks organic. The next one is an app called dual display. Do a display. This is to extend your, your monitor to an iPad or a tablet. Basically, they have also a simple image showing the product. In this case, you see the iPad with the extended screen using the app, they do do a display and you have the option to download here under description, you see Do it, do it err towards your iPad, Mac, or PC into lightning-fast wireless second monitor or remote desktop you can use from anywhere in the war. Power for call to action, the, these plane, what you, The product is. Because if I just see the image here, I don't know what the product is exactly. If I read here, I know what the product is, so doing well and I can click on download to download the app. If I go download, you see there is a forward me too, that I already have two because I am a client of this company actually. The next one is one that has some texts on the image. And you see here is square image. Are SHE never pay for music licensing? Again, life-time membership, $199. And their description says, to celebrate the launch of our new music licensing platform, we are giving filmmakers a chance to buy a lifetime membership, pay one, unlimited access forever. So looks like if I click on Learn more, this is a place where I can buy music to use on my video as a filmmaker, Great idea. It has some texts. The texts occupies less than 20% of the image, which is recommended square image. Good. I mean, the image doesn't tell much to me because this is a website that sells music, looks like royalty-free music problem. And I see a guy that is probably a filmmaker. I see a Baloo like a stage on the back. But I mean, I think that we could be more optimized to call my attention when I'm scrolling on Instagram and, and invite me to actually stop and read these and click on this product. The next one is from sham Academy. We see here these are marketing for a week digital marketing course now free flash sale four week course in digital marketing, a 100 costumer sign-up February, okay, this is another example. I think this is, this could be optimized. Remember, we talked about the image looking like you're like a natural or organic polls from your friend for your, your, your family. And this looks like an ad if I under scrolling than I see these immediately, these wreck lack on my mind. See this is an ad for sure. Probably if I'm just relaxing, I will jump these and they will go to the next post. But it's an example that I think could be optimized in the, in the other way, if I see this image from Daymond John, You see that looks more organic, same of these. This is looks more, you're more organic and not tags. And this is over, overloaded. You know, there is an ad for sure. So these are some examples. In the next video, we're actually going and creating your format with the instrument, the instrument app on your smartphone. And after that, we are creating also in the Ads Manager, I hope to see you in the next video. Let's do that right now. 22. Creating your photo Ads on Instagram with your Smartphone: Hey guys, welcome to this video. Now we are ready to create your first instrument photo app. And in this first video, I'll show you how to create that on your smart phone is super easy to do it. I'll show you, you will be able to create this in a few minutes. And these after a few minutes will be live. The war reaching people in your target audience. Very, very powerful, okay? And after that, in the next video, as I told you, we will do it with more advanced options in the Ads Manager. And we will create the instrument for the first way to do it. There are a few ways. Is the easiest way is to create a post on Instagram that you will use to promote later as your photo app on this case, let's say we want to promote this forum that I took here on Jupiter, Florida. A beautiful beach that you can see a lot of stuff going on. Wonderful beach. And I want to promote the Soul. I recommended to create the photo. You can do it on your image, any image editor, Photoshop, or even on your phone. Or you can just take a photo of your product, Omar photo of your, your company, your services posted on Instagram, optimize the forum, post that on Instagram as these. And when you have the poles ready, you can go here and promote the post. How will we do we do it? We come here, we see the Florida we want to promote, and I click on promote here. And we have the options to create the App, select where they were to send people when they click on the ad. Do you want to send them to your Instagram profile, to our website or to direct messages. I recommend you to always send to our website. You can do to promote your profile to if you want. But here we are trying to increase your sales, not to give you more followers on Instagram. Of course, this works to give you more followers. That's, if that's your goal, you can just select my profile or you can go to your website on desk in that case. What is your website here? You see that it's peaking the website that I have on my profile. If I go here to my profile and real Diego Daniela, I see our website here which is linked three, slash a real Diego Daniela. But that's jaws. A website that is directing people to another lnx is not my main website, let's say one to send them to my Camino Santiago webinar page, which is the example we are using in the course. So let's go back here, promote. I want to send them to a website. I will edit these. You're going to click on edit. And you can change their website once a website where you want to send people out or send people to deal with per perfect. You see there? Okay, mark, their website is valid and you can choose the call to action. Learn more Shop Now watch more contact us. Book now, sign up when you watch this video is lecture probably you will see more options or different options. That's totally fine. It's sort of updates these very regularly. So I'll do these with learn more. I will click on continue. Select where people weren't simply people. We see the website and now we see the correct website, which is Diego de The action button is learn more perfect. Next. Now we need to define the target audience. Here. On the smartphone we have a good option, which is the automatic. So instrument targets people like your followers. So if you have followers on instruments from world, target will use your target audience, will reach more people that looks like your followers. People are the same, that has the same categories, the same interest, the same demographics, they same eight, same gender as your followers on Instagram. If you like that, that's perfect. You can use it or you can create your own. I recommended to create your own. Of course, following the step that we created that we did in the beginning of this course, the beginning of this course, we create your target, our in super optimize, we analyze. We did exercises, thinking about your hour is where do they leave, what do they like and all that. So you know exactly what I'm talking about. To make things easier for us here I will select Automatic just for now. Click on Next. Now we have the budget on duration. How much you want to invest. I can invest unlimited or I can go to like $5 a day. That's good for me. I think that's I would first step. And what's the duration? Six days, ten days, 30 days. I will test these. Let say that $5 a day for five days, for example. So you see here at the top, we have the twenty-five dollars over five days, there will be the total span and we will reach an estimate of 303,700 people to 909,700 people. So that's the average number that we will reach with this money for these many days. Click on next. Next, okay, and now we are ready to review your promotion. You see here your estimate, a reach. This is the number we see, the preview promotion, we have the destination or we're sending people, the audience will be automatic just for this example, budget. And here we have the MasterCard credit cards. So we have register on Facebook at manager. And this is the carta will be used to charge the ads. If I wanted to change, I just, I just click here and I change the Cairo or add a new card if I want. When I'm ready, I can click on create promotion. At this moment, these will be sent to Facebook. They will analyse if they approve your ad, you will be live immediately reaching all these people in your aureus, and that's how you create an ad with your smartphone variously. See you in the next video. 23. Creating your photo Ads on Instagram in the Ad Manager: Okay guys, this video all create this same instrument ad that we created in the last video, but in the arts manager with more options, more advanced, advanced strategies, advanced options. So here we are on slash AT manager. If you are not here, you can go to the home page of Facebook, click on Create and go to Add to create new app. Okay, here we are. Let me close and go to the main screen, so everybody's in the same page. So in the arts manager means green weekly on their top and left button, which is created here. And we are forward, are now to choose the objective of the campaign. We have awareness consideration, conversion. This case, most people will use the option of traffic, but you can feel free to come to any of these and take a look on the descriptions to the psi. Which options do you prefer? Traffic is good for an offer us. What's the campaigning? We will add the campaign name here. We will, we'll say Instagram photo. At version one for example, you can put any name that you want. We can do also an AB testing. You can turn these on if you prefer. And when you're ready, click on convened, continue. Now we're in the second section, second of three sections. Here we decide the traffic. Where are we sending people? In this case, we want to send them to a specific website, which is the website where we have the landing page there, webinar, your product, your course, or your company, your brand, your capture page is up to you depending on your goal. Next, we have the audience. I'm going fast here because we explored these with details in the last videos. There. Let's select this audience here, for example. Here we have the audience size all looks good. The placement is important for us because we want to create just for Instagram feed on the photo app. So we deselect a Facebook and messenger and we'll if only in Instagram. And here we'll leave the instrument feed, which is what we see here, and remove these theorems, floor and INSERM stories. So now we have only the feed, as you can see on the preview in the right side. Wonderful. But here we have the budget. Let's say that we want to spend just $5 a day. And we will run the ad indefinitely. Click Continue. And the identity, we will choose the page where you want to create these specific ad. I will create these for now. Let us see here. This is person. Now, let's go to Diego de Avila. Let's create on the DOW Le Page. And now we choose the format we can do Carousel, we are doing that in the next videos, single image or video or collection. We're doing collection also in the next model. Now which is single image, which is affordable ad. We upload the photo here, upload the image, select the image from my desktop. Let's select this one here, which is the photo from the beach on Jupiter, Florida, the one that we use in this in the last ad. Click on Continue to add this. Wonderful. And now in the last section here we see the image on the right and in the left we have the information that we can add late texts. These texts will be added at the bottom of your image. This will be the call to action. Remember that we talked about using the text as a call to action. So I can say, for example, download the free report here just as an example. Let's correct desk this. Where are we sending then we are sending them to a website. What is the website? We say that is deal with for example. You can add your website. And also we choose the call to action. What is the call to action here? We're asking them to download the report. So I will say download. You have several call to actions that you can choose for your business. When you are ready with this, you are satisfied. All you need to do is click on confirm. These will send the ADD to Facebook. Facebook will analyze the ad. They will see if they can approve it. They approve your ad will immediately start showing and performing all over Instagram, reaching thousands and thousands of people on your target hours. Okay, I hope you like these. I hope you do this. In the next video we have the assignment or it's time to put this into action and share with the community so you can get feedback. See you there. 24. Assignment- Create your photo Ad on Instagram: A guy saw countries assignment and happy to see you here we are at the end of the model. I hope you are alike in this course and I hope you are learning greatest strategist. In order to complete this model, we need to put into practice what we learn. That's why we have the assignment. The only way that you are getting results with this course and in life is by putting into action, putting into practice what you learned. So that's the chance that we have right now. I invite you that for this ad, for this assignment that you create a photo art on Instagram, you can do it either on your phone or on the Ads Manager. And in the next section of the Assignment area here please share with me and with the community. I screenshot of your ad is something like this. This is an example that we did in the last video. I can just come here and let me take a screenshot of this and I can share these in the next section with you, with the community. We have thousands of students that are very smart people that will give you feedback on your ad. And this is the right thing to do because we're a community, we want to help each other. Police do these unshared you're at in the next section, if you said dA1 not ready to create a photo, maybe I will create an, an instrument story at No, don't worry. In any way, you can just do a simulation like we did here on this, on this model. So do our simulation, pick any image, come here, create the ad, create a call to action. Put the website where you are for what did people and share with me or with the community in the next section, I hope to see that here. And after that, we continue with the course. 25. Tips for Instagram Video Ads: Hey guys, welcome to this video. In this video we will talk about the eastern VD or act and how you can plan and carried out in East Harlem video ad that is very optimized for your target audience. Assault, you seed the results at the end of this cycle. That's the goal of this model. At the end of the model, you will have your video ad ready on Instagram, ready for millions and millions of people that will be learning more about your product, your service, your company, and what you have to offer. Here we're seeing this live video ads are a great way to explain how your product works. Simply sharing a fun and compelling message about your brand. This is very important because video 0s at the easiest way we have to explain something to somebody. So you need to think about that because this is a great opportunity. Especially view Ni If you need to educate your future customers about your product or your service. Sometimes we have products that are difficult to understand how work or how are difficult to see the advantage of that. Or maybe you are just starting with your brand and you want people to know more about what you offer. So videos are perfectly everybody layer on video. That's why YouTube and all these documentaries. Websites are so popular because they provide video as an education. So you can use the video ads to educate your audience about you, what you have, and also to do the call to action and, and complete the sale. So inviting them to buy your products and services. Usually their movement that we have on videos, on your video ad will help to capture, is perfect to capture people's attention so you can do it when they are on the instrument feet, just scrolling, you have a video there is easier to create, to capture, to make them stop scrolling and watch what you offer video. We talk about, draw their attention and generous curiosity. And the call to action is very important at the end of the video, call to action is vital for these eastern video ads and we will talk about that in details later here on the model also generate urgency, ionised scarcity, unremembered Of the 20% rule. What is it? 20% rule? Probably you already know Facebook, any Salam allow a maximum of 20% of texts on your image. But if we are talking of video, how do they calculate that Great question? They calculate on the first frame. So if you have a thumbnail or if you have a video, take a look on the first frame, that's what they use right now. These may change at any time to see how much tax you have. So try not to overload the first frame of your video with tax. Let's talk about some technical ME our data about the instrument video ads, the maximum texts recommended on the bottom as a call to action is a 125 characters. We will talk about that later. They recommended resolution of the video is 600 by 600 pixels. So we have a square video here, or 600 by 315 pixels. Also the aspect radio, as you know, square is the recommended format will be one-by-one, minimum resolution, 600 by 600 pixels, maximum resolution 11080 by 1080. Again, we are talking about square videos here. The duration of the video, you may be asking, OK, do you, or how much, how long the videos should be? The video could be from three seconds up to 60 seconds on Instagram. These may change in the future right now that's the rule. What I recommend is 15 seconds or around 15 seconds. Okay. That's what I recommend you base on what I see that it's working now, you may be thinking, okay, but if I have 62nd is better to use all the time that I have scenes own pain, to have more time in front of a customer. That's a great way to think. But remember that people is difficult to hold the attention of your customers for that long. So if you are doing the call to action just at the end, your video at the end of the 60-second may be they are ready, watch a few seconds and jump to the next post on Instagram. So that's why we think that 15 seconds is the ideal time for your videos or something around that 20 seconds or around that. The maximum file size recommended is for geeks, not recommended. This is the maximum you can, of course, are below lower size files. And the frame rate, it is a little bit technical, is 30 frames per second. The maximum and the file types should be an MP4 or gift, okay? If you don't understand all these terms, don't worry if you go to any video editing software and you export the file that default you are exporting, if you said OK, they use default of the program. Probably that will be 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second, which is good. And the file will be an MP4, so is fine. You don't need to worry about these details. Much. Under video compression is recommend that usually eight choose 64 is the recommended. Okay. These are the technical Leto's. We'll talk about examples in the next, in the next video, we'll go ahead you and me together and create your video out here on these model. And after that, we will continue with the course. Let's go to a next lecture now. 26. Examples of Video Ads optimized for Instagram: Okay guys, let's talk about, so let's see some examples of Instagram video ads. This lecture is important because here you will see some great examples on, you will see what's working, why Strategy. Big companies are use him to create instruction video ads, how they are using to promote their products or services, increased sale. My suggestion for you here when you started watching this lecture is to see all these examples and see if there is anyone an example that you could apply for your specific case, for your products, your services, or what you have to offer to promote your brand, your company, okay? Think about that. Take notes if you want, if you find an example that you like, take notes so you can implement what we are learning here later in this model when we create your east or on video APP. Okay, so let's go to the cell phone here. Here we are. I save it for you. 678 examples of video ads. And after that, I'll show you an article here on my computer with a greatest study of 13 great video at examples by digital marketer. You will like that. So let's start with a cell phone first. Here we have, let's go here to video. Here we have the first one. You see they are using video art on Instagram to educate about a new product. This product looks like a microphone for smartphones. You see the examples and you see the technique that they are using the ADR dividing the screen into, so you can pair that. They're comparing the built in microphone of the iPhone, for example, or the Android with their product we use in their microphone. And that's great because this is the best way to educate. We talk about that in the last video that you can use video ads on Instagram to educate people about your product, to demonstrate your product so you build a desire on your customers hard for you, probably your services. And this is great because here I am up, a video producer and a content creator. I create content for you. I use microphones. You see my microphone here. And this is a point that I have tried to use the built in microphone off my iPhone to record in the past and didn't work well. So they are comparing here and this frame exactly the, the, the, the prior and after, before and after. You've seen the built-in microphone under product and this is great. I like what I see probably I will end up buying these untested to see if it works for me. So this is our gray way to do it. You see the graphics they use. You see the quality of the video is great, that the logo is at the top. You have call to action here at the bottom saying shop, shop now in red. That's fantastic. And they also have a text below the video saying, Are you a content creator is struggling to get to getting more views and followers. Studies show that the audio quality is good, bla, bla, bla. And here we have this solution which is a great microphone. So this is one example. The next example we have here, his front skill share is an online course platform. And you see that they have graphics with the logo, the colors of the brand. This is the classic SQL chair colors, which is green and white and black. So this is calling my attention. Ion is scrolling on the page and they have text moving around. They have the offered the Chu This is like 15 seconds video. Let's see this color where you can do, see what you can design, discovering what you can shoot when you can create these focus on creators, on arts, on people that want to draw too great arts and stuff like that. Soy is very optimize for these our audience. And you see that when we enter scrolling, this call my attention, these capture my attention. I stop and I started watching this. The next example is about Facebook. Are these guy is offering some consulting, some services about Facebook ad. He's saying crush your competition. And the he's using a different stripes. That's why I selected this. He's using talking head with graphic. Talking head is talking in front of the camera like you, like I'm doing here with you. And also he used texts and animations. So he's combining the talking head, the power of the talking head, which is, I love it because it's the best way to connect with your customers to display your products. And also we, with a specific call to action texts are moving elements which captures the attention of your follower. The next one is and download a free download for all that. He's saying the ultimate online presentation swipe, you see that he's using something that a lot of people use, which is a strong call to action at the top, this is like a headline. He saying video, videos helped me to grow from 20 clients a month offline to one hundred, one hundred new clients online. So that's the headline. If I am looking for something similar to this, these will capture my attention. These looks organic because the guys using a talking head style video that is, looks like a friend talking to you, which is great, is a great way to do it. And also have they are the bottom. He's using the subtitles, which is fundamental. This is requiring all my opinion is not required, but it's a suggestion that I think you need to implement. You need to use the subtitles in all your insulin videos, especially on ads. The next one is product for traffic. To increase traffic, you see that they are, they are showing the Google page and they search for the specific for a question. Like everybody does. This is how we find answers now. And after be hit enter, they start doing these videos from these two guys showing the solution, showing how much he looked like he cell. From his online store in the last month or something like that, offering a product that you can download, you can buy, probably this is looks like a book or something that he's advertised. So this is another style where they are using talking cat style. You see that the camera is moving more heat is not like fixed on a tripod. So it's a different style of video that they are using. And this is, I really like this. This is another one. You see. Basically they don't have any audio digital video where the guy shows the problem that you are getting, which is this ebook. And he started just changing the pages and going through the book so you can see what's inside. These is great. I mean, he doesn't need anything with that. If you are looking for this content, you see these, you see what is inside and you just wanna, he's saying claim your copy for 25% off for a limited time. No-brainer. If you are in the target audience, probably you will get this right away. Okay? And the last example I have for you here is from thet guarding He has an MBA program call out MBA. Mba. And he's basically just in front of the camera, in the talking head style fix camera. Very professional style. I just talking about the product and why you need to sign for his problem. Ok. And the last one also have strong headlight at the top, you see people giving reviews here, giving comments about these specific product. He saying my top ten secrets to get more than a million subscribers probably on YouTube. And people doing same, people that direct clients saying how they did it using the product. So this is another way that you can also use context in your clients. And asking for a video testimonial that you can use later in order to create a video, a video out on Instagram. Very powerful. Before we go, let me show you here an article. I'll add the link where we go here to a computer. I add the link for this article here in the resources area of this lecture is from digital marketing, digital marketer at great blog. And for digital marketing ideas and studies. They are shining here the 13 great instrument video at examples. I won't go in details here, but I invite you to come and take a look on the article is very interested. They have data of how companies are growing using this technique. You see here the example one from ring camera. This is the example they use. Somebody's still in a box from Amazon or something like that. And running and the camera is getting all the action. Basically they capture the people doing that. This is a newer one demonstrating products. Great example. This is a service that offers close. They, I think they deliver a box with close to your house, no subscription free shipping, blah, blah, blah, and Uber and other examples. So I invite you to come here and take a look, read this article. You will like it. Divs will help you to have more ideas to create your insulin video app. 27. Creating your video ads on Instagram with your Smartphone: Hey guys, welcome to this video. Now is the time to put things into action and create your insulin video ad, and we'll do it in two steps. The first one, the first option will, which are, we are doing this video is creating the app on your smartphone. You don't need a computer for that. Jaws. You're smart phone with the instrument at the sort of app installed on your device. If you prefer to watch this video, if you prefer to go to the Ads Manager and create your video ad with more options, advanced options. We can jump to the next video now where we're doing the same process we are doing here. But instead of doing on the cell phone, we will be doing in the computer, in the Ads Manager. Okay, so let's go to Instagram and we will find we want the goal here is to promote a video on Instagram, right? So the first step is to post your video to your account, your profile. So if you have the video, you prepare the video using all the techniques that we discussed on this model. You have the video ready on your computer. You can save that your font and pulls on your Instagram account. Their video needs to be posted here for everybody to see. Once the video is posted, we will go and find the video here. Let's use these video for an allele's art here in Florida. And we will promote these. Let's say that this is the video that is super optimize a week rated four, or our audience is talking about our product call to action every, everything is good here. So when the video is here, we click on promote. And this is the same screen we had in prior videos, in prior models when we created a photo out using the instrument up. So here we select where we want to send people. We want to send people to your profile on Instagram, if you want to promote your profile or to your website, or to direct messages, I recommend you to use website. Especially if you are starting unless you want to promote the you're in sovereign profile. But I mean, we talk about these in details in the beginning, guys is recommended to use Eastern at work better to sell products, right? That is the main theme. Or sell digital products. You need to sell physical products. It can be digital product, that's totally fine. So you have that on our website. Maybe you want to capture name and email of your costumers or anything like that. Landing pages. We select website. You see here we have a website and a call to action. I can edit these. They can change their website to any other website that I want. In this case, I'll send people to my website, Diego de And I will choose their call to action button. Watch more, for example, click on done when you are ready. Here we see the new information. Click on Next. And now we define the target audience. We created our target audience on Facebook are to monitoring the paths. You can come here and create your own manually put the earliest name, location, interests and ages. Or you can say to Instagram, to automatically target people like your followers. That's an option too. You can try it, but I recommend you to create at least one ad on Instagram, especially video ads that are your own Audi. And so you create an arias from scratch here using the strategies we talked in the beginning of the course. In this case, to make things easier for us, I will select Automatic and click on Next. Now we are in the Badgett and destination, we're almost there. So how much you want to spend daily? I will say that I want to spend $5, which is a good start for testing. And I will tense this ad for four days or I can test it for seven days. And you see when I adjust these, you see at the top how much I will spend during the whole seven days, thirty-five dollars on this case and $5 today. And we see below that the estimated number of people we are reaching would these money, and this time, if I increased the budget, you see that we will reach more people. If I decrease it, we reach less people. Excellent. Click on Next now. And now we have the final page where you review everything you see the preview of the video you are posting, the number of people you are reaching, you see the destination or we're sending people there, the audience that details about your audience, how much money we will spend during how long the ad will run. And here we have the payment that credit card that I have on file when unready, unhappy with all these, I just click on create promotional and that's it. That's all we need to do when we click on Create promotion, this ad will be sent to Facebook in the Facebook ads manager, they will analyze it. If they think is good, they will approve it. And that immediately will start reaching thousands and thousands of people. I hope you do this. In the next video, we will do the same in the ads manager. See you there. 28. Creating your video ads on Instagram in the Ad Manager: Okay guys, now in this video, we will go ahead and create your Instagram video app using the arts manager on Facebook. To do that, we go to the Ads Manager. The easiest way to find that is going to Click on Create and create, ADD. Okay, here we will be forwarded to the ad curation page. If you are already on the arts manager, probably you will see something like this. These are screen, where is the main screen of the app manager? We have all the campaigns that we created in the past. So if you are here, click on Create. And now we're all in the same page. Here we have three main blocks. You see here on the left that campaign, the ad set and they add to the first step here will be to select your marketing goal. What is your objective? What do you want to accomplish with this ad? Here we have the option of awareness and brand awareness, reach, traffic engagement, AP style conversions, store traffic and all that these names that Facebook is using here change all the time. So if you can here you see something different. Just read the description and you will find the one that is better for you. I will use traffic because it's the one most people here on the course we'll need to use because we want to send people to a specific website, to your website, to your online store so they can buy your products and learn more about your brand. Excellent. Here we have the campaign name. I will put this name is just for you. So when we are in the Ads Manager later, we see the campaigning. You know exactly what we're talking about, when is the campaign name? So write up a description here that help you reminding of, remember these specific ad that we're creating. So I will write here Instagram, video art, v1 version one. You can do an AB test. And if you want a little more advanced, if you are starting, I recommend is just to continue with these, click on continue here, and now we jump to the second model, the second set here on the creation of the ad. Where do we want to send people to our website, to an app, to messenger or WhatsApp. On this case, we are sending them to a website. We will define your audience. We're ready created only in the beginning of the course are perfect target our wins for your business. Remember, so we come here to save our audience. Your, you save the audience. We want a specific name, so you just click on the name of the audience. This is the one that we created, I think. Yes. This is just an example. For example, people that are from 25 to 455 years or that live in Miami, Florida, 50 miles around from the center of the city. People that speak English and they are interested in viral marketing. And also people who much these criteria that are marketing assistant. And our single, I just put single as an example to show you how to do it. But doesn't, I don't need only single people on my courses. Of course. You see here on the right that the audience size. It's perfect, is on the middle, 310 thousand people. Looks good to me. And now we move to the next section which is placement. This is important. We change for an automatic to Manuel placements. In here we, here we will remove Facebook, audience Network, and messenger will if only Instagram. And we will leave Easter Island feed because that's where we want to publish your add, remove Instagram, explore, and also in certain stories. The last one is the budget on this section will say, we will say we want to spend $5 a day. You can choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. On this case, I will choose to run the ad continuously starting today. But if you are starting, I recommend you to select star and n day and just test it for a week or two weeks or three weeks. So you know how the ad performance before you run it continuously. Very important. Okay, click on, Continue to move to the next section, and now we're finally in the last section here. He would choose the page. What is the page that is associated with your product? In this case, we will choose our Diego de Villa speech. Excellent. You see that or Instagram account is already linked to this page. They're real Diego de Villa. And in the next section here we will create the ad. You see we have three options right now. Carousel, you can use more than one video, single image or video, which is the one that we are using here, or a collection we're doing a collection later here on the course. So single image or video. Wonderful. We will select the media first. You have your video ad for instrument ready super optimize on your hard drive on your computer. And we will upload that to Facebook now. So we come here at Video. This is a video I have I previously uploaded. It's just a test video where I hit the control key on my keyboard. And just as a demonstration, I will click continue. Excellent. You see that this is a square video, which is what I recommend you for Instagram ads video. They recommend that just to take a quick look here, the recommended video length by Instagram is 15 seconds or less. Okay, very important. And here you see a preview on the left on the instrument feat of how the video looks like. It's a square Video, perfect for instruments super optimized. We have the call to action here. We have the name of your profile at the top and we see the sponsored link, meaning that he's an ad. Before we finish guys, what we need to define is the primary texts. The texts of these going below the image, as we took in the prior videos of this model, is recommended to have a 125 character or less, as you can see here. So we can add any call to action, for example, download the PDF now to access all the strategies. I'm just making this up right now. But you will have a great description with a call to action following the strategies that we discussed prior videos of these scores. Excellent. Next website, where are we send in then we are sending them to Diego de Of course, you will send it to your website where you have your product, where you have your landing page, your webinar page, or wherever you are promoting. With that, the last step here will be to select the call to action. Learn more on this case C menu. If you have a restaurant or something shop now, sign up, subscribe watch more. Apply. Now if you are asking people to apply, book now if they need to book something, an appointment with you, or contact us, I will say watch more just to use it as an example. And with that, I can come here at the bottom and click on confirm. When I click on confirm what happened is and the ADD will be sent to Facebook that they will analyze your ad and if everything looks good, they will approve it. And this will show up in the arts manager us. You can see here, let me open a new window for you. This is where your ad will show. Here's the main screen of the ad manager. You will see your ad here is not this, this is another one. And you will see that he is in review or is active, depending of what's the situation, how much you spend, how many people click, all the details will be here for you. 29. Assignment- Create your video Ads on Instagram: Hey guys, while console this assignment. I'm happy to see you here we are at the end of the model now is time to practice and to put everything Wheeler into the real war. So all the ideas you had, look, watching all the video with examples of great Instagram video ads on also, you watch the process of the Ad Creation here now is your turn. I invite you to come here to a Facebook ad manager or to your instrument up and create your video ad. If you are not ready to create a video ad, I still invite you to come here and do a simulation like we did in the last video. Pick up any videos that you have come to the Ads Manager or to your insulin app and create that. At the end of the process, I invite you to come here and take a screenshot of your ad. And this case, this is the one, the example that we used. I will just come here and take a screenshot of t's and posted here in the next section of the assignment aria. That's important because it's the best way to get feedback for, for thousands and thousands of students a week off here on the course, there are super-smart people that will be happy to give you feedback on what you create it. So please, now in the next section, create your Instagram video ad and share the screen shot with me and with the community. After that, we're ready to move forward. And remember that the only way that we have to create real results on your business and grow your sales ease by putting things into action, you invest your time watching this model. And the best way to make sure that's fixed on your mind is doing this assignment. I hope to see you in the next section here. And after that, we continue with the course. 30. Advantages of Carousel Ads on Instagram: Okay guys, we're welcome to this model here we will talk about Carousel Ads on Instagram. Very powerful. And let me tell you some interesting details about that. Carousel Ads allow us to use up to ten images or videos on one single app. Very powerful. You can recognize that an ad is carousel because you will see below the image S SON dots. And that indicates that is that there is more than one image or a wire or more than one video. So people kind of scroll to the side to see all the content that is following the first video or photo. When you said insulin Carousel ad, you don't need to feel the fields description is not mandatory or the Seymour URL we will talk in details about that. Don't worry, right now. Advantages. What are the advantages of the Carousel ad? You can create as this is very, very powerful, you can create a step-by-step demonstration or instructions on how to use your product. This is great because in one ad you pay the same price. And you see, you can, you can short your customers several videos, several photos showing them how to use your product, how to use your services, why you are the best company, the best brand, the best product for them to solve their problem. Super, super important. You can tell these the story about your brand, your company in multiple images or videos, and give a good sense to the costumer, to the audience about your offer, about your product. Maybe more effective depending on the product you have than just having 14 or add just one photo. And that's it. Having multiple forests, multiple videos give you a bigger chance to explain to them how you can hug them and give them a clear idea of the offer you have, product you have, and some technical data. Before we move forward, the maximum texts characters on the bottom, when you have the main text, I'll show you where that is, is a 125 characters. You can add your call to action or any other texts that you want. The media type for the carousel guys, iss video or photo. The photo recommended we'll be a JPEG or PNG file. The video could be an MP4 file, of course. And the recommended the resolution ease for 600 by 600 pixels to up to a maximum of 1080 by 1080 pixels. We are here talking about a square images, square videos. Again. How many cars can you have? How many photos, how many videos can you put together? Minimum to maximum ten. What is the right number? We'll talk about that. Second when we analyze the ad in in details, okay. And the, the video land, let's say you want to go with videos. The video lamp could be from three seconds to, up to 60 seconds on Instagram. So you can have from two to ten videos, from three seconds to 60 seconds, each one of them. What I recommend you for each video or for most of them and as, as an average will be 15 seconds per video. That's what this working. Okay, I hope you lay these in the next videos. We'll continue exploring Carousel Ads. And, uh, By the end of this model, you will have your Carousel ad ready for your customers. See you there. 31. Examples of Carousel Ads optimized for Instagram: Let's take a look on one example of Instagram carousel ads. This is one AD And you see that instantly we identify that this is a Carousel ad because we see below the download blue call to action here below the image, a few dots. And that means we have more than 140 or more than one video. Or most users on the instrument know that. So that's very powerful because you create this Carousel ad. They will see the dots. They will identify that there is more content to see. Also when they go to the ad, you will see in the top right-hand side one is lashed six. That means that this is the first image, forensics images. Let me go back and go to the Add again, you will see that number in the top right-hand side that indicates that there are several medias to consume. So you see here this is an example, the ultimate conversational marketing started Keith for example, I can download here. If I click on download, I go to their website. You can download the kid probably put my name and email the subway. A great way to collect costumers information. Also, I can go and see more information here. The first image shows me a strong headline at the top, and also show me some books that may be related with the products. I'm not sure here at this point if what I am getting are all these books or I'm getting another product, I am not sure yet, but we have more information. So let's go to the next one. You see here. 2018 is an all add conversational marketing. Look like this is a handbook that I can download. Also, we have another one, conversational marketing blueprint. We have another one and we have the CMO secret regulated. So you see that this is a greenway. This guy here is promoting all these books in one ad. So he's pain once and he's getting and the attention of people for all these content. Okay, also below the image we have the download call to action. We can choose any call to action as we know. And we have the description. You see Drift is a name of the account that created the ad. And we see the description that we have with a call to action and details about the offer. This is how the Carousel ad looks like in the next video, you or me to whether we are going and creating one Carousel ad for your business. See you there. 32. Creating your Carousel Ads on Instagram: Creating your East Harlem Carousel ad. On this video, we will complete by the end of the video and instrument Carousel ad. I'll show you how to do it. I hope you take a look on the video. In the next video after this, we'll have the assignment where you have the chance to actually practice what we are showing here right now. Okay, let's go right now to the Facebook out to my Nigeria. Here we are. If you are not here, you can just come to Facebook and click on Create and create at Yule before were to these pinch in the arts manager would click on Create button to create a new ad. And here we choose their marketing objective, ongoing only a bit fast here with the several time, at several times already on the course. I am choosing traffic here, which is the main goal for most people in the cars. The campaign name. Let's add here. He stuck around Cairo cell. It's version one. For example. I'll click on continue. Perfect. Now we're in the second block here where we defined the traffic, offer, the audience an important detox. The first one is, where are we sent in people? We're sending them to our website where we have the offer. The second block here is the audience. We are really created an audience in the course, which is thes. And this is just an example, but you already created with me a super optimize our ins for your customer. But of course, you can create a new audience here if you want. Next, we have the placement. Lets go to manual placement and remove facebook audiences. A messenger will if only east sovereign for these. And here we'll leave Eastern feet, remove, explore and also any sort I'm stories. Wonderful. Next we have the budget unescapable. We'll spend here to test it first, $5 a day. And these will be a daily budget. Of course, you can set also a limited lifetime budget for the campaign. And I will say to run the ad continuously. But of course you can select a start and end date, which is actually recommended if you want just to test it out, see how it performs. And if you see that it's doing well, you can go back here and just run it continuously. Excellent here Facebook is saying that I will spend around $35 a week. Click on continue. And now we are in the section where we are actually creating that. So the first is the identity all choose cured the page that your business beta is related with the app on this case, I'll use their deal with Avila page that is tied actually with the instrument Macallan real Diego de Villa, which is our Instagram account. And here in their creation at weekly gone carousel. Excellent. As you know, in carousel we can use for an Chu to ten images or videos for your HAT. I will use images here and one website. I'm not sure if you already know these. I show these several times on my courses to get great image's. These are website where you can. Access millions of professional photos and images. They are all royalty-free, so you're going to use it for your projects, for your personal use, and you can use it even commercially. That's fantastic. So if you don't have specific images for your ads, you can come here and download the images from peck sauce. Of course, I recommended to use your images from Uriel products are images that you create, but sometimes we don't have those images. And u1 inspiration, you need some x-ray images. You can come here and download it. Okay. Let's go back to the Carousel ad. And here you seen, let me show you here. We see that we have 33 images that we can add here. Of course, we can add more images for five or the image that you want. I will use just three for this example, and you can also use for us. So the first image, I will select the cemetery uploaded to Facebook, so you can see it here. We will say we want to promote some clothes that I have for, let's say we sell clothes. So I will select the second one, which is this. And the third one. Select the image, which will be this one. Wonderful exon. You see that also I can select a video or, or slideshow. If I won, the five, I will remove these and the four a will remove, I will just keep 34. Now, also you see that the handling is optional, the description is optional, but the website where you are sending people is not. You need to add your website. And this is great because you can add a different website for each folder, for each card that you are using. On this case, I will add my website here. But let's say that the photo one, this product here goes to the aorta The second one is a different product that I have on my store, on my online store, I can send these people to another website that you fail one. Okay, so deal with available Afghans last tool, for example. And for the third one, Diego de slash three or all can go to the same website. So you'll prefer, if I change that emerges here, you see that they are going to different URLs. Excellent. Here we have select cards from previous ads. If you won, that's up to you. On this case, we don't need that automatically automatically showed the best-performing cars. First, I recommended to say to check these, because instrument will start showing these two costumer to customers. And they will determine the algorithm. We'll say, we'll figure out which one is the card, the image, the video that is performing better. And that's the one that we will show first. If you want that, you can check this. If you have already an order that you want the customer to follow, just remove these checkmark and Eastern on will follow whatever you set up us 123 here. Also at a current at the end of the page with your profile picture review one, you can do that. So at the end, they will see a last card with your image, with your picture right from your profile. If that's your goal, if you have a logo as you prefer, if you have a Facebook page, that is for your business, that's a good option too, because they can visit the Facebook page. Wonderful. So here we are. Let's go down a little bit more. Primary texts is a textile will show up in the, below the images. So this is the call to action. So I will say gets 70% discount on new clothes. This is just a test. Click heres to get your coupon. Okay? Excellent. What is this? C More URL you see here. Enter the URL you want people to visit when they click or tap on the Carousel ad, then last carries optional and won't appear in the placement. So what is the URL here again, the URL premium. I'll deal with Excellent. And here the last thing is to select your call to action. These case because I'm selling clothes for in this example, we say shop now. So people can see the close is they like they can click on shop now and they will go to the specific URL that we are defining, ok, when unready, unhappy with all these, I can just come here and click on confirm. This will send the ads to Instagram, to Facebook. They will analyze if everything looks good, they will approve your ad and you will start reaching thousands and thousands of people on your target audience to you in the next video. 33. Assignment- Create your Carousel ad on Instagram: Hi guys, welcome to this video, to these assignments and happy to see you here we are at the end of the instrument Carousel Ads model and hear it right now we are ready to take action and create your carousel app. I invite you to complete these. This is important, it's important to put things into action to practice. We're really invest your time watching this model. The way to make sure we invested sine well is to practice now. So you remember later when we are creating the ad, or if you are ready to create the ad, you can just go ahead and do it right now on this assignment, I invite you to create the ad, even if you are not ready to just get some images, practice here on the Ads Manager. And in the next section here of the assignment, share with me and with the community. This screenshot of your Instagram Carousel ad, something like this here we are on the Ads Manager that we were created in the last video. Select one of the images or videos that you want to use to share with people here on the community. And take a screenshot of this area here. Unpause these photo, this screenshot in the next section, ok, I hope to see your poles here in the assignments area on nafta that we continue with the course. 34. Collection Ads in Instagram Feed: Hey guys, welcome to these model and happy to see you here. Here in this model, we will talk about the collection at, on Instagram. And this is a very powerful ad. Because if you have products to sell, especially you will love these kind of add because this is like a huge display that we will have for several products that you could show an Instagram and I'll show you an example right now. We're showing the prize four of the product or a video of the product. And given the chance, this is the most important thing. Given the chance to your customers to purchase your product right there on the Instagram app. And that's powerful because they don't need to leave the app. When they click. There are new website will open within the app and they can complete the purchase. Of course, this may change at anytime Instagram change things very frequently, but the experience of the user, of the client East, fantastic. That's why the collection ads are so popular on Instagram. Let me show you a definition first, this is the official definition from Facebook. Here we are in the Facebook for business block. And you see here that collection of collection ads on Instagram is a format that, that creates an Eastern experience for the costumers collection. Ours are designed to make it easier for potential customers to discover your products, browse your products, and purchase your products and services straight for on the Instagram app, on the mobile device. And that's fantastic. One example of an Collection at is these. Let me refresh the page so you can see it here. Let's see. Here we are. This is an example. You see here. These ladies showing the Mac products and you see people are scrolling effect. The claim clicks here. You see all the probes or she's using on their videos. If she clicks or if the client clicks on the product, you see that they are forward to the online store where they can complete the purchase. And you can display several products here. This is fantastic, and I'll show you how you can do this right now in the next video, we are jumping straight to the Facebook ads manager in the next video and creating these Rhino for you. Let's go there. 35. Creating your Collection Ad on Instagram: Okay guys, time to create the Instagram collection at, and we'll jump straight here to the Facebook ads manager and start the process. You will see how a series and how powerful DC's after you created untested for your business. So here we are in the Ads Manager. Let's click on Create here. And we'll start over, of course, and we will choose the traffic gore. If you are watching this course in order you are already know exactly what each one of these halls mean. For most people, as I always tell, will be the traffic option. I will create here campaign name and this case, I'll add instagram collection at version one, just suggest this is a name that you can set up. Any name is just for your reference. Let's click, click Continue. We are sending people to our website when they click on your ad and hear the audience we're really created the out is in the first models here of the course. Let's select these, the audience that we have. But of course you can, anytime, at anytime edited these old, Create a new audience. Here on the Ads Manager, on placements, we are going just to Instagram instrument only. And we will select for these eastern feet, which is the right type, the perfect format for the collection ads. Okay, so we have only instrument feet who underperform the budget. I will invest $5 a day initially for seven days, but a will run the ad continuously and I will monitor the ads runs. Let's click, let's go here to continue. Excellent. And here we select the page that is associated with this ad, and this case is the deal with Avila page and the eastern counties are ready, Hugh real, Diego de Villa. And now is the aria where it's very important for us, we will choose the collection option. And you see here the great thing about the collection guys is that Facebook is giving us should template a ready and these templates may increase with time. So when you are watching this and you come and click on collection, you may be seen more templates or maybe less templates. We don't know. The first template is called storefront, where you can display all your products that are on a Facebook catalog. And the catalog you can create on your Facebook page is very easy to do. If you don't know how to do it, you can just search on Google. You will find lots of lots of articles and videos from Facebook showing you how to do that. Basically, what we need to do is upload a picture of your products description and price. And with that, you have a catalog and you can use the storefront, ok. This is storefront is similar to this example that I showed you in the last video where you have a video here. And you have the products with the price. When people click on the products, the website opens and they can complete the purchase. What we're doing here to make things easier for you is the customer acquisition, which is another great way. Use the collection at basically here we will place pictures of your products. You can use these if you are launching a new product or if you just want to send people to a specific website landing page to collect their name and email. Or if you want to send them to a product page when they can see the product and baby by or if you are, as I told you, if you are a lounge in a new product or a new line of products, you can forward then to specific page where they can leave their name and email. And you will be, they will be notified when the product lounges. For example, lots and lots of implementation ideas you can have for customer acquisition and forest storefront. So let's explore a little bit storefront before we start with the customer decision. So you'd have an idea of what's going on here. Here we have two main sections, the product and the Fix button. If I click on product, you see the catalog here we can select a catalog from or Facebook page. If you don't have a catalog, you, or if you have one and you want to edit is just click in here and edit your catalog. And you'll be editing. Or you can go to your Facebook page, your business Facebook page, and create or edit your existing catalog. With that, you will see all your products here. And in the fixed button, you add a label and a destination to where you want to send them so they can buy your products. I will close this and go to the second. Let me confirm this to the second template here is a customer acquisition, which is the one that we are using. Here is exemple in the rider preview of how things look like. You're so you have photo here or a video. You have a headline, text below the headline and you can have a button where you can write something, a call to action probably. And you have more products here with a slideshow that shows different products that you have. An another description with a call to action button. So basically whether we need to do here is so easy. Facebook makes it so easy for us. And all we need to do is just come here to the right and replace the images under texts. So you create your, your collection ad. And that's what we are doing. So let's say we have a store that sells watches and we want to sell we went to grade these collection, add to sell some of the top collection watches for people. So let me replace the images. I have some images for our products here. So this is the first one he says, I wonder I will use for the cover. And you can use our video too is uploading now. Excellent. And you have here the destination URL, which is optional. And you have the text, you see the text add context is the same tags I have here. So if I delete here or I had, I changed these texts, you see that is emitted changing on the preview. So let's see here, let's write I will just make things up right now for you. Experience. Let's use experience or new watches. And here we have another text that is here. So we just change this text to whatever we want. Luxury watches for you. And here we have the call to action, which is here we see button so we can change, right, something that we can change. What is on the button now? See all Watches. So they can click here to visit the store or we can say, for example, VCD store. He does a destination where you want to send them. I'll send them to the Agoda This is just an example, of course. So this is the main RLE mean image, the cover with the headline description and a call to action button below that. This is a template right below that we have the carousel where we have several photos, up to ten photos or videos that you can add here. And you can of course change the description, the destination of that. So let's replace the images here for the images of products. This is the first one. Beautiful watch with the yellow background. Let's go to the second one and replace this image two for this one, this is the second product we are featuring here on the carousel. The third product we're factoring will be this one. And we have a fourth one to fit through here. Of course, if you have only three or less, you can come to the forehead and believe it, that will solve the problem. But let's add one more image here of another product. Excellent is uploading now and you see that the destination URL, the, you have the option to set up our destination URL for each one of these images. So for the first one, I can say that he's dealing with slash one. Let's see here. Excellent. And for the third, I can say Diego de la slash to and we can, you see that it changes depending on the image. So you get the idea. You can put, if you have a page for indifferent, each different product, you can send them to a specific page. You have the products so they can see the product with more details. They can see their reviews maybe, and they can buy the product ONE, your online store. Perfect. So we have all the images here on the carers zone with the undid the click on the image, they will be this, the website will be this one where they are being forward so they can learn more about the product. Also below that, before we finish, we have another text here. See all new watches in the collection, for example. And here we have another button. Let's offer then you will get 25% off in the first watch. For example, under destination will be equal to, these 0s, this nation for this button here. So that's it. We have the up ready. They had their collection ad ready. You see here the main, the cover image with the headline, the call to action. And we see here the collection, the carousel at with several images for products. And also we have the call to action here, a new button where you can send them to a new location when they click on that. So that's how easy it is, is just using the template and replace it with your information is very easy. You can create these in a few minutes. And this is very powerful because it's a great way to capture more leads for your business and to sell your products, your services on Facebook and also on the instrument. This also works on Facebook news feed if you are interested. Okay, I hope you do this. In the next video, we'll do the assignment. I hope to see you there because this is very important. See you there. 36. Assignment- Create your Collection Ad for Instagram: Okay guys, welcome to this assignment here on the course and happy to see you at the end of the model you advanced and in the course, and that's fantastic. So in this module we'll learn how to create collection ads and how to use collection adds to promote your products, to sell more, to create a storefront, to display all your products and give your costumers the chance to purchase straight from your, for their devices, from their Instagram app. Okay, very easily, very powerful. This assignment, I hope you, I see you pleased to apply what we learn because this is the best way to create real results when we put into action what Wheeler and also if you said you are not ready yet to create a collection ad, I still invite you to create our sample. Add just a simulation and pause, take a screenshot of your ad and pause that screenshot here in the next section, this will help you to practice with it and to save on your mind to keep that memory. The process of the techniques of the strategies. So later when you need it or when your friend needed what your company need a collection at, you know how to do it. So this is what I would do and we are coming here to the Facebook ads manager. You create a collection ad. You can use a storefront ad or a customer acquisition template is up to you. And when you are ready like these, this is the example we did in the last lecture. I ask you please to take a screenshot of this, add. So I will take a screenshot of this and I will share these with you and with the community in the next section here of the Assignment area. By doing that, you are asking the feedback of thousands of students that are very, very smart, smart people here in the community. So I hope to see your screenshot here with the collection at an after that, we are ready to continue with the course with more and more strikes. See you there. 37. What are Instagram Leads Ads: Hey guys, welcome to this video here in this model we'll talk about the Instagram who lead ads? Lead ads are very powerful because it's the easiest way to crew to collect name and email, phone, your audience from future clients that we can follow up with. We can create a relationship with them. And later we can offer then your products, your services. This is a kind of add. The wonderful thing about the leap ads on Instagram and Facebook is that they lead form where they enter their name and email is integrated in the app, in the app for Instagram. So when they are in Instagram or Facebook, they see your ad, they click on it. They don't need to leave the app in order to give you their name and email. And that's fantastic, very powerful. You can collect thousands and thousands of name and emails, potential clients for your business. This ad is a great idea and in this model, we will go through the benefits, the details about that. And at the end of the model, we will create you and me the perfect elite at for your business. So you can collect more Neymar emails and you can increase your client database. But before we start, let me give you some details, some technical details about the images we need to prepare for these. What is the data that you need to have before going ahead and creating these leap at here we are on the official Facebook for business block. You see here the lit at, and we see here the technical data, the specifications for Facebook on Instagram and this case, the first one that you will see is for Facebook. And we'll jump to the Instagram one, which is this. And you see that they allow images and insane, if you like, your lead ads appear on Instagram, check to make sure the following guidelines are good. And this is good to have because when we create the ad, we send the app to Instagram, so they analyzed and approve your ad. This is what they will look for, is if this is all good, they will approve your ad and you will start reaching thousands of people right away. So the image radium needs to be, it could be landscape, square or vertical, that's up to you. I recommend you to use this square on Instagram. As always, the minimum resolution is 600 by 315 pixels. And for the, for the landscape, unfold the square, which is what I recommend you ISS 600 by 600. Okay, that's the minimal resolution you can use higher if you want. If you're going to use an image, you can use videos for short. They're vertical. The aspect radio will be vertical. R four by five is the radio. The video needs to be an age 260 for video compression. And you need to have a file that will be MP4, okay? If you don't know what this means, don't worry if you go to any video editor and you export probably your video will be already on age to 64 and will be an MP4 file, so you will be fine. Yeah, okay. Wonderful. We have everything we need. That's that's simple. I am. You have if you have an image, a video, that's all we need. In the next videos, we'll go ahead and create this ad for you and you will see how easy it is to create and what the potential results that you can have with these are amazing. See you in the next video. 38. Case Study- Lead Ads on Instagram: Welcome to this video here we have a case study where we'll see one company that successfully use what we are doing here. The Instagram and Facebook lit adds to collect new potential customers, potential client data, name and email, phone number, address the data you want to collect and use it to grow their business, to increase their sales and to generate the real results. The case the company that we're looking to, the east LA Body clinic. You see this is official fraud showing here on the Facebook for business page. You see that this is a non-surgical fat reduction clinic that they use Facebook Live ads to generate leads for consultations, resulting ON three times increase in the number of consultations. So they said an immediate and they said, Guys, we need more clients. What we should do, they decide to invest on Facebook ads and Instagram lead ads. So they will, they will publish their ad on Facebook feed and an instrument feed. And when somebody clicks on that, they will be collecting these customer information in exchange for SMS. And let's take a look at the data here. They have almost 13 times increase in Leeds, 12.9 times and three times increase in the number of consultations. So this is sales for them. They might, the bigger the number of consultations they have, they have, the bigger the number of man in the beer, the inconvenience come into the company because people are paying for this consultation. So we can say that the increased three times then the business of the company just with this strategy. Fantastic. So this is a little bit of their story. We are not really in that. What I want to show you is the ad that they created. This is that they created that we have here a video, I will play it for you. This is showing the ad on the Eastern News Feed, sorry, on the Facebook new fits, but it's the same for the instrument, new fits. So let's take a look on the first video. You see here we have the call to action. This is an all add 2018. They are saying selected target and remove and farad and fat and what it fat, no surgery, no needles, blah, blah, blah. And here we have the image of the offer. So if we play this, what happened when people click on this ad? This is what opens. Let me pause here. You see the image here at the top, and you go back a little bit. So you see, here we have the image. We have a headline to a $100 off on cool scooping. And we have some bullet points. And if we continue, you see here they have a call to action saying Sign Up by providing your information below, someone from the office will reach out to you to confirm the appointment. And you see the fields and they are called they were collecting our email name and phone number. That's information they collect from this add excellence. So when they enter this information, this is the next page and we are configuring all these pages on the ad for you in the next video, a page saying thank you all said your info your information had been had been sent to the cleaning we will reach in one business day to configure your free consultation. Okay, that's it. And they also create another one. Let's take a look at this one. Same theme, st, st copies. The picture is different. So they tasked with different pictures. They form is exactly the same. Looks the same to me. Is the Confirmation page is also the same. So this is what we are doing. In the next video. We'll just go ahead to the Ads Manager and we will create this ad for you. See you there. 39. Creating an Instagram Lead Ad: Perfect, here we are in the Facebook Boltzmann and you're ready to create or phase of Facebook and Instagram and lead ads right now. So too great that we will go to Create button here on the left hand side. And here we have the goals of the campaign. The one we are choosing here is lead generation. You see here if we go to the information icon, we can see the description saying drive more sale leads, such an email addresses from people interested on your brand or your business. This is great. So let's do it. Take on lead generation, create the campaign name in this case, this is just for you, for your reference, lead generation Instagram version one, I'll call it, you can call any name that you want. Continue, which is the page that is associated with this product. In this case, we go to the Diego de Villa page. Wonderful. And here we can choose the audience if you want, you can choose an, a catalog. This is optional. In this case, we are not doing the category, the catalog because we're not displaying products on this specific ad. We're just collecting name and email the audience we're already created in the beginning of the course. So I'll pick up the same out is that we are using in all the models here, which is this one. And the placements? Yes, you could do it on Facebook and Instagram and both of them, if you prefer, because it's, this is an instrument at scores. I will remove Facebook and do it only on the instrument fig, remove, explore, remove instead on stories. And the budget, which is the last block here, I will span $5 a day for a week to test and see how it goes. I am going to continue now. And this is the last step. So here are the top, the identity, the identity. We see the page. We see your Instagram account, real Diego de Villa. And we have two options. We can do the carousel or single image. This case, I prefer the single image all the kids started. That's the we saw the cars are using single images. So that's what I recommend you. But you can of course, if you have several products or more than one image to show to your potential customers before they leave you their name and email. That's an option too. So here we are, single image or video. And now in the media, this is the main media the medieval world is play on your lead at this is a sample of what we are seeing. I will replace these four. Another image. Let me go here and click on Add Media, and I will add an image. In this case, we are using the example of what store, so I will use one of my watches. Here are some main image for these lead at. I will use this one, the box with the watches. I'll go and okay, wonderful. Here we have the image. Perfect. If you want, you can do an AB testing UC, he'll try AB testing. You can use different images to see that the algorithm will, will, will determine which image is performing better. So you use that. And with that, you will have different versions of your ad. Perfect. So here we have the box, we have the sample now. And here on the left we see text and links. This is the primary. The primary texts there will show you're on the ad. Remember that we have different pages here. We have three stages on this. The first one is this there without UC in the instrument feed. This exactly what your, your audience will see when they see your ad. They will see your, your, your Instagram profile. The, the image, the call to action. And if they click on these, they will be forward to the form that we saw earlier in the video, in the last video and the case study, right? So you see here that here we have the form and when the form is completed, we have the contact information, we have the private policy. And also when you, when they are all set, you will see these message saying, Hey, you are all sad, we will contact you and thank you for entering your information. Good. So in the first stage you see you need to enter a text here, which is the primary tags will go below the image. This needs to be a call to action is to be an invite to your customers so they click on your link. I will just put here, get twenty-five percent discount in new luxury. Watch. This, this is just an example. And this is of course, something for people that love luxury watches. This is a world targeting people that have an interest on that. Also as an option, this is optional. We have a headline, we can use had lain with less than 40 characters. You see here. If the headline is over 40 characters, maybe could officer luxury watches for your excellent the description is not allow for these kind of ad. You can also add at this point. This is optional. And then we have the call to action on these cases. Sign up. You can we can put get offers since we're offering 25% discount, for example, get offer, that's an option. Exon. We go to the next section here, we see the form this afford that we previously created. I will create here new forum. And here we have four who actually 1-2-3-4-5 steps, right? The first one is formed type intro questions, private policy, and thank you. Screen, we need to configure all these. And while we can feel these, you will see here on the right, on the right side of the screen, the preview we'll be updating so you have an idea of what we are creating. The first one is the form type. We have two options here. The more volume this is quick to fill out and easy to use on mobile devices. Or the hiring ten you are seeing here add review step that give people a chance to confirm the information. In this case, I'll go for more volume, which is easier and less, less difficult for the client or for my audience to feel with their information. You can choose the one that you prefer. The intro is optional. What is the intro we see here we have a headline and EMH is something like this. We can have a paragraph with a call to action. This is optional. I will jump these. I want a one. I wanna use these because I want, when they click on the link, I want them to go straight to the form where they can enter their name and email. Is does that is that the best option you may be asking, maybe not for you. You can feel free to use the intro If you want to introduce your offer with more information, you will have a chance to write a headline. You can use an image and you have a paragraph here where you can explain to your potential customer why they should leave during that information with you. Ok, I will jump these and we are going straight to the next option, which is the questions. What are we asked him here? We're asking You can add questions, you can add more information like email, phone number. You can add a specific question. You've see add categories. We have all these information that we could add to the forum, user information, full lame, demographic. You can ask for the date of birth, gender, another information, work status. You can also have that and you can ask for the national ID number, right? The documentation for the author and Watson number of their documentation there, passport or something like that. Wonderful. I will just leave with name and email. Of course, if v1 and other information, let's say I won their phone number. I can just go here. Click on phone number. You see that the phone number is add to the list. If I want to ask first for the full name before the email, I just drag these to a top. And you see on the right here that we have the new order for the fields. Let me delete the phone number. I don't need the phone number. I just want the name and email. That's what I want. But of course, it's up to you. You can add questions here, multiple choice question, conditional questions, appointment scheduling. This is wonderful if you have a system that work. If you have a business at war with scheduling, if you receive schedules for your business, this is great people kind of scandal right now here on the ad. The next step, this is wonderful. The next step is the private policy. We need a private policy for lead ads. This is mandatory, so you need to fill these with your, your, your private policy information. And this is mainly be caught because we are collecting customers data, right? People's data, and we need to have the private policy because of that. So the link tests we can say, for example, read their privacy privacy policy. And the URL. You send the URL on your website where you have the privacy policy. You can link that here. I will just add my website here for use as an example. But you get the idea, this is the URL where the private, the privacy policy is. You can add also accustomed disclaimer if you want. And the last step is to thank you. Screen you see here this is the premium. Thanks you are all said. You thanks you information has been sent to deal with the viola. And tab below to visit or page or website, right? And here we use it. We put the website link URL, deal with on this case. And you can change these to view website, download core of the business. So if you are doing appointments, you can say call the business or download if you are promising, this is important if you are using these, the lever, a free PDF or our free e-book or something like that. You can use the Download call to action. And this case, I'll leave just the visit their website. Thanks. And here's the website link again, the Eagle And with that we are ready. We have all the ad ready to go for or for LET generation led me, he see here Fi seeds or visit our website. Excellent. That's it. That's all we click now on safe. This is safe. We got to finish. And you see, we, we see the green marine, all of them. And now we can just go here and click confirm. When we click confirm, these will say will be sent to Facebook and Instagram. They will analyze. If everything looks good, they will approve your lead at, at start reach thousands and thousands of people immediately. I hope you do this in the next video. We will, I will teach you what happened when people are ready to enter that information. How you access that, download that so you can contact these new costumers. 40. Downloading all new Leads from Instagram Lead Ads: Now that we created a year, add your elites at the We have people pooling, sharing with you their name and their phone number, address, and all that. You want to download that you want to access this information. How do you do that? Let me show you in this video how to do it. When we create the ad, you associated the ad with your business Facebook page. So we can now see your business Facebook beta in this case is the deal with Avila page. And here we click on More and go to publishing tools. Maybe publishing tools for you will be here on the main menu already. But if not, you can just go more Publishing Tools. And here you will see it, the left menu with all of lots of options. The one that we want here is Lead at forums, remembering the name, the name that we have on the, on the menu here may change over time. So if you see a different name, just take a look and you'll find the right one for downloading the data. So under lit at forums, we have here the forums libraries. So let's go there. And now in the form's library, we see the force that we have in this case. I have to that I create for test. And when I see the form, I can just go to downloads. And in downloads, you will see here the number of leads that we have on this form that we created. And you click on download new leads. And here you choose. If you want to download on a CSV file or an XLS file, is up to you whether you download that, you can upload that file to your outer responders service to send email to these people. And maybe you can just to go to a spreadsheet to call these people or do anything that you want with the data, okay, I hope you use this. And in the next video, we have the model assignments. See you there. 41. Assignment- Creating your Instagram Lead Ad: Hey guys, welcome to this assignment and happy to see you here. We are ready to put things into action and create your Instagram leap at. To complete this assignment, what you need to do is create the ad they lead, lead generator at, with the strategies that you learn in this model. And when you are hit at the end of the creation process, I want you to take some screenshots and share with me and with the community here in the assignments area. This is important because it's the best way to get feedback from thousands and thousands of students that we have here in the course. So what you need to do is come here at the end of the creation. And utica screen should first of the main screen of your ad, this is the main screen. You will take a screenshot of bees. And also I want you to come to your form, which is these. This is the form that we just created in the last video. And you see here this is the preview from the contact information. After that we have the private policy and the thank you page. So you need to also take a screenshot of your contact Information page on the private policy without privacy policy went on me. But these the thank you page where he used to have your call to action, what do you have? The mess of things saying thanks to your audience? Take a screenshot of that tomb. Unshared these three images with me or with the community in the next section. Okay, I hope you do this. This is important. This was planning away to help you get results. And by doing this, you're also fixing all of this information on your mind to make sure that when you'd really need to use it, you know how to do it. I hope to see your submission here in the next section. And after that, we continue with the course. 42. Tip- How to create an irresistible Instagram video ad in 15 seconds: Okay guys, welcome to this video, to this model. In this video I think you will like this. We will talk about how you can create an irresistible Instagram video in 15 seconds. Looks impossible, but it's not. I'll share with you. Greater strides is here. I hope you watch it and take notes because this is very important. So why 15 seconds? Because basically for Islam story, we want to create an instrument story at is 15 seconds they recommended size if we are creating a video ad on a news feed, is also 15 seconds, what do we recommend? So it's not much time, but it's the perfect time that we found out on tests. And also with thousands of students or we have seen the cases or a lot of clients 15 seconds. It looks like the magic number for us. So that's why I want to share that with you. So you use that also in your marketing. At least you test it to see the results that you can create with that. So let's take a look on how to do a. We will talk in three different, we will use here three different models. The first will be talking head, which is like these that I'm doing with you. You in front of the camera on this case will be you on your cell phone recording yourself on Instagram. For Instagram, the second will be a video testimonial that we are using. Do enough, uh, 15 minutes and 15 seconds video with a video testimonial. And the last one will be to promote a webinar, for example. So let's start with a talking head, which is the most popular and probably one of the easiest and fastest to create for you. How to do an irresistible video or talking head video in 15 seconds. First you need to draw attention. This is the first step. So when you are writing your screen, what you will be, you will speak. What's the things that you will tell to people in the video? Think that first you need to draw the attention. How are you going to do that, right, that ONE, yours video scrip. So you know exactly how to do that when you are thinking on that, remember, what's your call, your audience biggest dream and their biggest fear. So you can use maybe that in order to call their attention what they are really looking for. Used that to call the attention. Second step, to give an irresistible reason for why people have to act now. So why do they need to act now on your offer? Y Y is the reason why ways now instead of tomorrow or next week, what do they need now, scarcity is important, so think about that, about your offer and ride out on your video screen. The third step is to a call to action, of course, but most people forget about the call to action when in a 15-second video is too short. So remember to give a call to action, simple call to action. I'll give you an example in 1 second here. And a tip that I got actually front a podcast on digital marketer is to make the call to action two or three seconds before the video ends. So if you have a 15-second videos video on your instrument ad, remember that if you give the call to action on the second 14 or 15, when the video is ending, you say, hey, click here or swipe up to go to their website. What happened is the video will end and insulin will show the next video. Or if you are doing is from stories, for example, the next story will show up in the costumer screen and your video, your ad is gone. They didn't have time to swipe up. So that's why you need to allow two or three seconds. You need to give the call to action two or three seconds before the video ends. Okay, let me give you an example. This is one 15-second example. For a video. This is a small script that I did to promote their Camino Santiago course. The webinar actually that we are doing in a few, in a few weeks. So this is how will, how it will go. I will get my phone, salty mode. And I will say, Hi, this is Diego. If you are thinking on doing the Camino Santiago, you can learn everything about how to prepare and have the best experience of your life in the Camino, were doing a free webinar tomorrow at 05:00 PM, sway up to sign up. Ec quick, straight to the point and calling the attention and thinking and capturing the attention, saying Hey, if you are thinking on doing the Camino Santiago, they are thinking on doing that because we target the people that are actually planning an interested on that. And you want to learn everything about how to prepare. Yes, that's what they want. They want to know how to prepare because a 30 something 303234 days pilgrimage where people walk around Spain. And they need to prepare. They need boats, they need backpack. So they need that. And then offering a free webinar tomorrow at five, they need to act now because they're webinar is tomorrow. Say up to signup. Very easy example. You can just copy these script if you want and use it on your 15-second video. The next one is that there was a talking head. The next one is a video testimonial. How you create a 15-second video testimonial. You get a dissimilar from your audience. It can be written testimony that you can take a screenshot of that and put that into instruments story. And you can write something like this. I love when I received testimonials, ladies, for unary students, if you want to participate in the course, she is talking about swipe up and you can add stickers, arrows, and move movement on your Instagram story emerged, right? And you can export that image as a video. We did that on the, on the eastern, I'm sorry, model here on the course. If you don't know how to do it, you can go there and take a look. So this is a 15-second video that is not talking head is not you in front of the camera is simply a screenshot from a testimonial that is very powerful from your clients. You're in my case, my students for the course. And you write something about that and also invite people to take a look on the course or the webinar or something that you have to offer. And the third one is promoting a webinar. Here is an example. Take a screenshot and we did exactly this, this process I am showing you here in the instrument story ads on the course here. So go up on the models, take a look on the, again on the lectures and you will see doing exactly these deny and describing from now on. So they're webinar will be taking a screenshot of the webinar landing page. And you put that on Instagram stories. You open these from historic app on your phone. You'd take the screen shot and put it on Israel, on the history of history as you are creating a new story. And you write something like if you want to learn everything about the Camino Santiago and prepare yourself in the best way. We have this webinar that will teach you how Slave up to see more details, right, that something like that on the lower part of your story. And in the upper area you put the screenshot. You also add stickers, emojis arrows pointing to the landing page and stuff like that. Export that as a video. And you use that to create your ad on his story, for example. I hope you like this. Choose one of these three methods to test. You can use the talking head, you can use the testimonial from your customers or you can use the webinar promotion example. I hope you like you do this. This is powerful and I, I see you in the next video after this. 43. Optimizing your Instagram Ads for mobile devices: Hey guys and welcome to this video and happy to see you here. Here we will talk about one very important thing is simple but very important to optimize your ads. And Warren team that you are having the best results. Who every time you create an ad and everytime somebody act on your ads, everybody, every time somebody clicks on your ad or go to your landing page. And the key here east, to remembering that most people are using Instagram or on their mobile devices, on their smart phone. That's the main way people use Instagram. What that means for us and for the ads we're creating, that means a, we need to think about that and create the ads, the images, all the graphics that we're doing, thinking that people will be showing that they will be seen that on small these play and also more important than optimizing the images are on the ads, is to optimize the pause clique process. That means when somebody's on Instagram and they click on your ad, you're maybe are sending them to your website. Maybe you are sending them to our landing page or something like that to our webinar page. Is that page optimized for mobile? Very important because if you, if yours website for some reason or the page where you are sending then is not optimized for mobile. They will click on your ad. You put all the effort to create the best ad with the best graphic, the call to action. Everything is perfect works because they see the ads called attention, they click on the ad. But when they go to your website or to the page where you are sending, then if the page is not optimize, they may be jumping out of the process. Maybe they just move to another website or maybe they just close the window and abandon the card. So we need to make sure not only your web that your app is optimized, but also your website. And also remember one more thing that is important if you are selling something on this ad and when they click, they go to your website, your, where's your web say's optimized for mobile, which is good, ease the sales process optimize. Also, you need to make sure that the sales process is optimized or is optimized for mobile. So that means that they need to be able to complete the purchase on their form. That's a key aspect. Ok, so just keep that in mind when you are creating ads to optimize not only the ad, but also the post click process. See you in the next video. 44. Make your Instagram Ads look organic, like posts from a friend: Okay guys, this is another tip that is very important. We talk about these in different lectures here on the course and is very simple but very powerful, especially when we are talking about Instagram. The tip here is to create your ads in a way that they look organic. That means that you don't need to invest a lot of money to pay somebody to create a super amazing image for your ad or something like that. Because the more organic your ad looks, the better for Instagram. We proved that with thousands of students and some clients. And the status shows that that's what works on Instagram. So if I am browsing and if I am on the insulin news feed and I see, so a pose that looks like an ad is like colorful and Kolyma attention in a, in a big way. Let's say I will probably jump and go to the next one because we don't want to see ads. But if you create an ad, Cause that things on of your costumers in an organic way. Something that looks clean and organic like a friend from, as opposed from a friend. That's what is working now. So keep that in mind. When you are planning your AD, when you are planning the message you are, you will be doing on the ad when you're planning the videos and the graphics you are planning to use on your app needs to look Organic. Something like your friend will be posted on Instagram if looks like that, that's great. We also analyzed several examples and case studies here on the course. So you have a clear idea of how to do it. See you in the next video. 45. The Instagram and Facebook 20 percent rule for your Ads: Let's, let's talk about the histogram unfeasible 20% rule. Facebook and Instagram allow us to create images and use these images on your ads, or to use video on your ads. But they have a rule and this is very important because this will determine if your ad will perform well or not. Their rule is this. They recommend, recommend that you have maximum of 20% of texts on your image. So if you get this image as a whole, you need to see where the test the texts 0s and you need to make sure that the text is not larger than 20% of the space your image takes, right? So there is a tool to you to check that to make sure that your image doesn't have 20% or more of texts on the URL. And you will see the page opening. What you need to do here to test your image is to upload the image. And the ratings will be this, okay, which is, the art, will run normally low. Your ad may reach slower, lower people, medium, much lower people, and high you're at may not run. So that means that if you have a lot of text on an image, ER, Facebook will approve your ad, but you're at half chance of not running at all. So make sure you test, you check these good your image before you start. If you have a video, you may be asking, OK, do I have a video? How do they analyzed that? I have text on my video, maybe in several areas of my videos. So how works now, right now with the videos east, they take they used a thumbnail. You have to analyze the text. Or if there is no a thumbnail ie, they use the first frame of your video. So take a look off in the first frame of your video, and that's what facebook algorithm were analyzed to determine the 20% rule. I hope you keep this in mind and let's continue on the next video. 46. Tip- Add captions to your Instagram videos: If you are posting videos on Instagram, is important to do one thing. And you may be noticing these on big Instagram accounts if you have video, not only for ads but also for regular video post is recommended to have subtitles on your videos. Why? Because most people, when they are Instagram, they have not activated the sound on the cell phone, on the smart phone. They are just browsing. And if your video at, let's say it's an app, start playing automatically and they have no sound. You are paying for that ad. But the costumer that your audience is not actually listening to the song of the ad because they are on mute right now on instrument, most people start on insulin muted. And after they start browsing, they see something interesting. They turned the volume up and they start seeing, listening to what's going on. So it's very important to have subtitles in all your Instagram posts and especially guys on your Instagram ads. Okay. If the if you are subtitle, if they are on the newsfeed, they will see your ad and the ad will start plane, but the subtitles, even if they are not listening, the subtitles will show up so they can read what's going on. And if they really like what they are saying, they can turn the volume up and listening to your message okay. To you. You may be asking, OK, well that's great, but how do I create the subtitles? I don't know. I'm not a professional. I don't have the software. Same here. I don't have it too. Let me show you a great tool that you can use to create the subtitles. And in here we mentioned, we have all the links with mentioned on the course., ESA subtitle. Creation website is fantastic. I use it for lots and lots of projects. So all you do here is click on the red icon. And here you see the website. And this is how world let me show you the services here. We have the services transcription raw throughout, captures. This is what we are doing here. Captions or subtitles will be 125 seconds, sorry, $1.25 per minute of video. So if you have a ten minute video, will be around a $1.50 or something like that. This is great. I recommend you to use the stride is worth it. And if, even if you have foreign languages, you can use the foreign subtitles, $3 to $7 per minute. And you see that they have 15 different languages here, all the languages they have with the prices and all that. Okay, I hope you like this. I hope you test this website is good. Remember to add subtitles in all your videos on Instagram. See you in the next video. 47. Solving common problems with your Instagram Ads: Solving this with your E7, add, Sometimes we create the ad and we see that we have some problems because they are not doing conversions, is not getting click is spending money. In this video, I will show you all the cases that you may have, and I'll show you the possible solutions that you can look for an implement on your ad. So you fix that and they add continues to reach thousands and thousands of people and creating results for you for your business. So let's take a look here. The first option is that your ad is not spending money. If that's the case, if you see that the ad is running, but not it's not expended money. Check your payment options is the first suggestion. Check your budget. Sometimes your budget is already on the limit and you need to expand that a little bit. That third option will be to recreate the ad. Sometimes we don't know what happened. And Device option is just to recreate it and see if works. And therefore option suggestion would be to contact Facebook customer service. I'll show you how to contact them here on a minute. There are other possibilities that your ad is not getting rich. Saw the ad is active, is working, but it's not reaching people for some reason. In that case, you need to check the 20% rule. We talk about the 20% rule in this course. That's your video. Your, your image needs to have less than 20% of texts on it. If you have more than 20%, there is a chance that your ADD worn run, you can check the, the, how much tax you have on your image. By going here to the resources page of our website, you go to Diego de And here in the top right-hand side go to English and click on insert ads. Here we have the resources. And this is the tool to check how much tax you have on your image. So you click here. Facebook will open the page and you are below the image here and test it, see how it goes. And if, if the image looks good, but you are still not reaching people, I suggest you to contact Facebook and Instagram to see what they suggest. The third option is that your ad is not getting clicks. So you add is active, is working, but nobody is clicking on the ad. So in that case, you may optimize your target audience. Maybe they added showing to people that are not really interested on your product for some reason. So you can take a look on the image, not the image on the target audience. And see if you can optimize it a little bit. Changed your image or video the main image, the main media for the ad maybe is not that optimized. Maybe it's not calling the attention of your customers. So changed that and see if you start getting clicks, optimize your offer. Maybe the image is good, they ours is good, but people see the ad and the offer is not that attractive. So you can optimize that. And if you're still not getting clicks, you can of course a recreate the ad and see if that fix it. And the last option is not getting conversions. Your ad, for some reason is not getting conversion. First, check if your ad is active on the i'ts monetary, go to that manager, see if their status is marked as active. Check the URL of the ad. That means that when people click on your ad where you are sending them to a specific page, check that page, check if the page is active, if it's working or not. Also, check if, if the Facebook pixel is working in case you are using the Facebook pixel and make sure that if you are sending them to a landing page, that the, that the landing page is working and make sure that do a test, put your name, your email, submit, see if you are actually receiving this information. When people enter the name of email, maybe there is a problem on the back of your website that is not sending information to you when they enter their name and email. These are the options. Also, you can, of course, come and ask Facebook for help hearing their resources page. I have the link for that. You see here. Under links mentioned in the course, you see Facebook's support for business. So you would just click on the icon here and you will be forward to the page where you can start a support call. So you can get started here and contact Facebook. What happened here is they will, if you choose the chat option, they will contact you on Facebook Messenger is very good, very fast. They are very efficient with the help. I hope this helped you and see you in the next video. 48. How to analyze your Ad activity and conversion: How to analyse your ad activity and conversion. You already created the ad east working UCI that people are clicking. Now it's time to analyse if the ad is working or not. If he's generating sales for you, how many people are clicking on the add, how many, how much money you are invested on that. That's very important information and let me show you here how to do it. Here we are in the ads mileage or this is the easiest, easiest, easiest way to do it. Basically, you can just here to the main screen of the Ads Manager. And here you see all the ads that you have active at the moment. You see that the lever in this case are off, but for you will be active. You see here the results. How many people you reach, how many impressions you have with this ad? What is the cost per click per for every person that click on your ad, how much are you pain? And these exemple is 303 cents per click. What is the amount span so far running this ad? And when the app adds, you have here some information about the performance and you can come here and take a look on that with all the details also, you can come here and click on View chart. See the performance, the demographic of the people that are clicking. You see here, we have a towel over a thousand clicks on beats 147 thousand people reach. And this is the amount spent. And you see the graphics here for each one of these items also, you can see the demographic, how many, how many women, men are reaching on the, are being reached with these ads specifically, you see that for this case, will reach for some reason more women than men, 78% comparing to 21% men. And the main age range is from 35 to 54 years old. Okay. Also, you have the placement. Where are you placing the ads? And this case we will probably be on Instagram because that's what we are doing in this course. But for this example is Facebook. And you see here the graphical and that's it. Here we have the information. But if you want to learn more about conversion, if you want to have more data, you need to use the Facebook pixel. That's the best way to do it. The feasible pixel is easy to install. If you want more information about it, you can just come to Google and just search for Facebook pixel. You will see the first result is probably from the Facebook official website. We click on that and you see information about the pixel, how to install the pixel, how to look for data. And I'll show you really quick here how to install it and why this is important for you. The feasible peaks l ys as small code that you install on your website. So when you send people from your ads, from feasible for an Instagram to your Facebook, to your page, the website, the Facebook pixel will be there. And we'll, we'll record these, these traffic. So every traffic that is coming from Facebook or from other sources, you will be recorded on the Facebook pixel on you're going to use that to read target people. So if people visit your website. They left without buying anything. You can use that to see how many correct ads for these people that visit and abandon the card. We have several several option on his all explained here on this page. If you want to install the pixel, let me show how easy it is. Let me go back here to the main screen of the Ads Manager. Excellent. And here on the top medium, we come to all tools and we see under measurement and report the option pixels, remembering that these menu change all the time. So if you don't see pixels here, take a look and other places and you will find it. So let's go to big saws. And you will see that in the last, let's see. In the last seven days, we have around a little bit over 3.8 key event 3.8 thousand visits on our website in the last seven days. And this is the activity you probably come to peak. So if you click on pixel here on the menu, you will see a, you don't have the pixel yet. You will be asked to create these pixel. So you can do that. And with that, you can install on your website. So if I come here to details, you see more information about the big song, a people that initiate a checkout and all that. How many people here we have an error on one of the form. This is good also because I see these now and I need to go and fix it. But basically, you have more information about conversion and all that. So you can install the pixel on your Thank you page. When you have an ad on Instagram and you send people to your website, they buy a product or they leave their name and email. They when they submit that therefore were probably to a thank you page. You can have a pixel and a thank you page. So you know that everybody that went to that page are people that completed the sales process or completed the the Leap capture process. So they leave you, you their name and email for example. Okay? So if I let me see you, if if I go here to set up and go to install picks, or of course, if you don't have the peaks of these menu will be different for you. You just come here, go to pixels, and you will have the option to create a pixel, but I already have it. So let me show you on Setup installed Pixel, This is what you will see. So the pixel is just a code. Ladies, that you need to place on the head tag of your website. You don't know how to do that. You can just go back here and Sen, too, developer emailed instructions to a developer, feasible, we'll send them an e-mail. You see here, this is my pixel idea. Here is a code and you send these to, you put the IMO here of the developer. They will receive any style on your website once the pixel easy style, what you see is this. Let me show you here. Let's go to Diego de And here we are on Google Chrome. I suggested to use Google Chrome to test these. And you see here I have some extinctions. The one for the pixel is called Facebook pixel helper. You type this on Google. You will be able to install the extinction on Google Chrome. And you see here when I go to the website that I have three events here, one pixel, three events. One is the general event page view and micro data automatically detected. This is another automatic event that they have. So basically, because they see the green button here, the green icon, and I see my pixel id. That means that iss work in is collecting the pixel is working on is collecting information right now. If I go for example, to, you will see that they also have several events on pixels. So I am here on their website uses six events here. They have chew, peak sauce. One is a pageview and this member and this second one is the same. So if I go to a course, let's say that I go to my friends feel webinar course here. And I open he's course. You will see that Facebook, Udemy have Facebook pixels are at detecting what I, I'm looking here on Udemy saw you see here view content isa one pixel, one event that they are collecting here. So at this moment they know that I am interested on these cores. You see here, this is a photography course. The instructor name is here, the location is here. The minutes is a filmmaking topic. English is the language, the course. Our average rating is these. So you see that they're collecting all these information on the pixel. So they can suggest to me courses that are similar. So this is a re-marketing strategy. But basically, if you want to learn more about conversion, about pixels, we also have a course about that. You can search for Facebook retargeting corps here on the platform. And you'll find my course. That's an option too. But of course, installing the pixel, you don't need to buy the course. Joseph is telling the pixel, going into the Ads Manager, you'll have access to all these data about your ad, your Facebook at to make sure they are converting well and to see all the data and analyze if, if it's working or not. If you need to optimize it or if you need just to put more money to collect more sales. See you in the next video. 49. Instagram Help Center for business - How to contact Instagram: How to contact Instagram and Facebook if you have any problems with your ad, weed your account. Sometimes he's almost impossible to go to or and find this support email or the support contact page. So in this video, I'll show you how you can contact them and even hold to schedule a call with them for free. Or even better what I use and I really like it all the time, is you can set a chat session with Facebook so you can chat with them. You can, you can tell them, tell them they're your problem on the chat. And you will use the Facebook Messenger for that is very easy to do. Very fast. You weighed like jus to five minutes, and you will be online with a real person talking about your installed on Facebook account. And under links mentioned in the course, you see here that we have the last option is Facebook support for business. So you just click here. And here we have the page. So basically what you do is just come here and click on Get Started. You select the topic that you need help with. Let's say with a, we want help with that. And here you have the option to select one of these at the top, or even better, this is what I recommend you need more help contact support. So you can click here to chat with a representative. And the UC that the estimated time, waiting time right now is three minutes. So this is great. You click here, your Facebook Messenger will open. You are chatting with them. You are fixing your problems and you can move forward with your ads. See you in the next video. 50. Congratulations: Welcome to the last lecture. Congratulations, you finish the course and super happy and excited to see you here at the end. That means that you invested your time learning all these great strides is about Facebook at East Harlem ad. And happy, happy that you are here at the end, most people by the course and they watch a few lectures and they stop after that. You, in another way, you are a winner because you are here at the end and you completed the course. And if you like the course, I would love to see your honest review here on their reviews section. I read all the reviews are my personal goal as instructor ease that discourse is a 5-star review. I invest a lot of energy and time here to create the best material for you to try to deliver these on the best way possible, straight to the point. And in a classroom style, something that is not boring is something that feels like you're in a classroom. You and me together with two friends, learning this great strides is about instruments at, and also, I would love to see you in my next course where we have more things to teach you. I have more advanced courses on Instagram, on Facebook, on my, on digital marketing, on YouTube marketing. All that is digital marketing, everything, all the tools that you need to use, all the power of digital marketing to grow your company, to grow yourselves, and to reach more people over the war, we have a solution for you. So an honor to have you here at the end. Thank you very much and I hope to see you in the next course.