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The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to the class!


    • 2.

      How you will get real results with this course


    • 3.

      How to take this course


    • 4.

      10 Powerful Brands that are killing it on Instagram!


    • 5.

      Assignment #1 - Follow 5 brands and products that you like


    • 6.

      Module Intro: Instagram Power Account


    • 7.

      Creating your Optimized Instagram Account


    • 8.

      Switching from Personal to Business Instagram Profile


    • 9.

      Choosing the best Instagram Handle and Username for your business


    • 10.

      Optimizing your Instagram Profile Picture


    • 11.

      Creating a captivating Instagram Bio using the absolute Best Keywords


    • 12.

      Getting inspiration for your Bio from the Top players


    • 13.

      Finishing your Optimized Instagram Bio


    • 14.

      Adding your business Information, Category and Contact Options


    • 15.

      Assignment #2 - Optimize your Instagram Profile


    • 16.

      Module Intro: Instagram Content Plan


    • 17.

      Instagram Content Ideas (Brainstorm)


    • 18.

      6 Ways to get a Viral Instagram Post. What to post?


    • 19.

      Learning your Competitors Best Strategy!


    • 20.

      Assignment #3 - Learning your Competitors Strategy


    • 21.

      Module Intro: Instagram Posting Genius


    • 22.

      Best Times to Post on Instagram


    • 23.

      Developing a Posting Schedule for Instagram


    • 24.

      Posting and Scheduling post from your Computer


    • 25.

      Uploading Photos and Videos to Instagram


    • 26.

      The Power of Hashtags + Instagram Search


    • 27.

      Adding Hashtags to your Instagram Posts


    • 28.

      Getting Free Unlimited and Professional Images to post on Instagram


    • 29.

      Assignment #4 - Posting Optimized Content to Instagram


    • 30.

      Module Intro: Connecting Instagram with your Facebook Page


    • 31.

      Connecting your Instagram with your Facebook Business Page


    • 32.

      Assignment #5 - Linking your Instagram with your Facebook Page


    • 33.

      Instagram Statistics - Measuring your Instagram Success


    • 34.

      Free Tool to Analyze your Instagram Data


    • 35.

      Best Instagram Filters for Business


    • 36.

      Reposting to Instagram


    • 37.

      Embedding Instagram photos on your website


    • 38.

      Using Instagram Widgets on your Website


    • 39.

      Module Intro: Creating a Business Facebook Page


    • 40.

      Adding Essential information to your Facebook Page


    • 41.

      How to Choose the perfect Profile Image


    • 42.

      Creating a Professional Facebook Page Cover Image


    • 43.



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About This Class

Before I show you all the great things, you will learn in this course. Let me tell you that my goal is to help you use all the Power of Instagram to exponentially increase your sales, crush your competitors and become an Instagram Leader in your niche while having a great time creating a community of raving fans that love your products and are addicted to your Instagram content.

This is not a course like other courses where you just watch the videos and never implement anything, here we’ll be working with actions and results. To guarantee that by the end of the course you will absolutely dominate Instagram and that you have real results, using the best Instagram and social media marketing strategies that are being used by large corporations that make thousands of dollars every day, strategies that you will start using today.

Every Day, more than 800 Million people are active on Instagram, and 80% of them are following businesses on Instagram.

  • But, how do you optimize your Instagram account to get more followers?
  • How can you effectively plan your content to get more Like, comments and shares?
  • How can you spy and beat your competitors and see what are the exact strategies they are using?
  • What are the things you need to do and the things you need to avoid?

Not using the right strategies on Instagram will cause you to lose potential clients and to spend time with no result.

Using the right strategies will give you outstanding results, increasing your sales, increasing the number of customers and your relationship with them, growing the number Likes on your photos, views on your videos, and inspiring your followers to take action and buy your products or services.

Welcome to the Ultimate Instagram Marketing training on Skillshare.

In this course, you will learn how to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people on Instagram and how to convert them into clients and raving fans.

We’ll create and optimize your powerful Instagram account to make sure that when somebody visits your profile, they FOLLOW YOU!

You will become an Instagram Content Genius, with strategies that will allow you to touch your customer’s heart with each post. 

We’ll talk about the 6 Ways to create a Viral Instagram Post, about content ideas, content planning and scheduling to save you hours of time.

You will identify and make a list of your top 5 competitors, and together, we’ll do an X-ray of their accounts, learning what’s working and what’s not, so you can apply those strategies immediately and accelerate your results.

You will also learn how to create 4 types of Instagram Ads, and how to analyze your results, so you know exactly what to do next. 

And of course, you will learn how to create raving fans with Instagram Live and Instagram Stories, (300 Million people watch Instagram Stories every day). Using the right Call to action, we can convert fans into customers.

And as a Bonus, I´ll share with you the 10 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Organically (without Ads!) and the 6 Mistakes that most People Make on Instagram and how to avoid them.

Remember that is not enough just to watch all the videos and lectures, the real results come when you TAKE ACTION, that’s why in this course you will find 10 assignments. Each assignment was designed to help you apply all the strategies you learn, so we know that you are taking the right steps to succeed.

What will you learn? (if you find at least two things on this list that you think will take your Instagram game to the next level, you should enroll right now!)

  • You will learn strategies to become an Instagram Leader! Dominating your niche or market on Instagram.
  • You will learn how to beat your competitors on Instagram. You will identify and make a list of your top 5 competitors, and together, we’ll do an X-ray of their accounts, learning what’s working and what’s not, so you can apply those strategies immediately and accelerate your results.
  • You will learn how to create a community of raving fans that are addicted to your Instagram content.
  • You will learn how to create an Instagram content masterplan that will generate the best results and save you time and energy.
  • You will learn how to create unique business opportunities from your Instagram presence.
  • You will learn how to build a trustful relationship with your Instagram fans, customers and business partners.
  • You will learn how to get more Instagram followers, likes, comments, and shares.
  • You will learn how to use Instagram to generate and grow your sales.
  • You will learn how to spread your brand, your products and your message all over the world.
  • You will learn how to use Instagram to increase traffic to your website, your stores, or other social media channels.
  • You will learn how to run Instagram Ads like a Pro.
  • You will learn how to use the power of Instagram Stories like a Pro.
  • You will learn how to create your own Instagram Live show.
  • Learn the best Instagram Marketing strategies that will create real results for you and your business, saving time and energy.
  • and much more...

Why should you take this course right now?

  • There are 800 million people on Instagram every day, your target audience is there, people are waiting to hear from you, your products and services. If you are not optimizing your Instagram strategy, you may be missing a great opportunity.
  • You need this course because here you will find real-world strategies. We will analyze the top players on Instagram to see what's the exact recipe they are using, you will see and learn that so you can implement immediately in your Instagram.
  • You need this course because together, we'll identify your top 5 competitors on Instagram, and learn the strategies they are using.
  • You will love this course, because this is not like other courses where you just watch the videos, here you will get real, solid results.
  • You will love this course because does not matter if you are new or an experienced Instagram user, here you will find strategies that will move your business forward.
  • You will love this course because is not rocket science, this is a simple recipe that you can quickly follow. After each lecture, you can take immediate action, and start seeing results.
  • You will love this course because you will learn how to "read" anyone's strategy, this is a skill that you can always use for business or personal relationships.
  • You will love this course because you will have fun!


By enrolling today, you will have immediate access to these:

  • 10 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Organically (without Ads!)
  • 6 Mistakes that most People Make on Instagram and how to avoid them.
  • The complete Facebook Page Domination strategy.

With all this guarantee you have nothing to lose, Enroll now and let's start using all the power of Instagram to generate more sales, attract more followers and grow your online presence exponentially right now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


Step #1: Join our Private Facebook Group (for students only) > Click Here&nbs... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the class!: before I show you all the wonderful things you learn in the car. So let me tell you that my goal is to help you use all the power of Instagram to exponentially grow your sales, crush your competitors and become an eastern leader on your niche. Well, creating a community off raving fans that love your products are not passionate about your Eastern content on this course is not like other courses where you just watch the videos and never implement anything. Here we are working with actions and result toe warranty that by the end off the course, you are dominating Easter Graham on especially. You are having the results that you want by implementing the best system strategies that are being used by large corporation that are making thousands of dollars every day on. You'll start using these strategies today. Every day more than 100 million people are active on instagram and 80% of them are following a business on instagram. But how do you optimize your Easter from account to get more followers? How can you effectively plan your content to get more likes comments and shares? How can you spy on bid your competitors and see what are the XX tried is that they are using What are the things you need to do under things you need to avoid Not using the writer strategies on Eastern will cause you to lose money, lose potential clients and spend time with no results Using their writers. Tried you will give you outstanding results. Increasing your sales, increasing the number of customers on your relationship with them, growing the number off likes on your forest views on your videos on inspiring your followers to take action and buy your products or services. Welcome to the ultimate Eastern market in training. In this course, you'll learn how to reach 100 thousands Millions of people on instagram and how to convert them into clients on raving funds will create an optimized, a powerful storm account to make sure that when somebody visits your profile, they follow you. You will become an Easter grand content genius with the strategies that will allow you to told your customers heart on each post. We will talk about the six ways to create a viral instagram post about continent DS content planning and scheduling to save you hours off time. You'll identify and make a list of your top five competitors, and together we will do an X ray off their accounts, learning what working and what's not so you can apply. Those astride is immediately on. Accelerate your results. You will also learn how to great four Type off Eastern ads on how to analyze the results so you know exactly what to do next on, Of course, Woeller. How to create Raving fans with Instagram Life on Instagram stories. 300 million people What instrument stories. Every day using the Reichel toe action, we can convert funds into customers on a Sabonis. I'll share with you that time. Ways to grow your eastern organically with the ads on the six mistakes that most people make instagram and how you can avoid them and roll now. And let's start using all the power of Easter Graham to generate more sales, attract more followers on grow your only in presence exponentially right now. 2. How you will get real results with this course: Hey, guys, welcome to the course and happy and glad to see you here in the course, I am sure you will absolutely love everything that you will learn here on by the end of the course. This is my promise to you, by the end off the course if you take all the assignment. If you watch all the lectures, especially if you apply what you learn by the end of the course, you will have amazing results or source on Instagram. You'll have followers growing. You'll have people going to website buying your products and services on. You will have the absolute best profiling presents on Easter Graham. So what's the strategy for us? First, let me tell you that Eastern East great and he's not great. It's fantastic because we have 100 million users over there. Let's look at these 80% off these 800 million people like at least one business. So from 8800 millions, 80% like a business on instagram. So if you have a business, or if you want to promote Yuasa, produce a sub brand or if you have a brand services, this is the right place because your target audience is here. So before we start with the course, let me tell you what the plan first, we want to make sure you have the most optimized up, um powerful instagram account. Okay, if you have an account, that's fine. You can jump to the next section if you want to win this step number two. But if still, if you have your account, I invite you toe watch these because here, we're not just talking about, OK, how to great account. We're talking in deep. We are analyzing all the top players on east around the top players in your industry we're seeing we're analyzing and getting the structures that are working for them. Un applying that on your business to make sure that you have the results that you want. Okay, that's number one. After that, we will talk about content. How to plan your content. How what? The best strategy to captivate your followers with the content that you create on. We'll talk about marketing how to market your products, services yourself. Your company on Instagram, for example, will talk about posting a scandal, right? Most people saying, OK, I already I already on Facebook. YouTube In all the social media, I don't have timeto for East around. Don't worry. Because here by then off the course, we actually have a final assignment, which is the last step on. By then, off the course, you will have one month off content already. Schedule. You will sit down for an hour, an hour and 1/2 Plan X cable, all your content for one month on. After that, you forget about it. It will work automatically. Start collecting new followers and fans for your business, which is what we want, right? So marketing will talk about East Durham life. How you can go life for a new device to the world. So you create raving funds that are always waiting for your counter. We'll talk about Instagram stories. One of the most powerful tools guys, that is from half right now. 300 million people watch the storm stories every day and you need Toby there. And that's why we're here, right to make that happen. So what else will connect your Facebook page with your instagram? So if you have Facebook page already with fans and all that, all these people will see your instrument content on your Facebook page. They don't need to leave. Facebook will do. Ah, connection Here on you Love these. Unsure that only that by itself will help you to grow you're Eastern fall or followers and to get more engagement on your post. After that, we're jumping to the third goal here, which is to convert these funds that you have on Instagram and also on Facebook. We are doing a link here, but mainly on Instagram To convert them into paying customers. We are doing call to action where we're using great marketing strategies that again we will analyze what working on your niche will analyze. Your competitors will make a lease off your competitors. Instagram see what they are doing, right? See how they're converting, how engagement is going on there, page, we kind off post it's working for them and we are applying all that on your business here on your on your eastern business. OK, so converting these guys, these followers, these funds into pain customers, that's ago on step number three. After that, we're jumping to step number four, which East is from at. Okay, so if you want, this is not mandatory But if you want, you learn how to create easily, very simple steps to create four Type off East Room at 40 Carousel video on instagram at stories. So if you see the stories that 300 million people are watching every day, you will be able to create at over there. And no, nobody's doing it right now. People are start doing it. Big companies are starting to invest on instrument stories, and he's one of the most powerful waste toe be in front of your audience. Every day came on. The final step aside told you, is that the final assignment will sit down, apply all the strategies we already layer on the course. Everything that works for you for your company, make sure everything is in place and create Ah, 30 day posting schedule for your business so you don't need to invest time everyday thinking. OK, what do we need to pose? I don't have any DS or anything like that, so we'll sit down for an hour, an hour and 1/2 schedule everything for a month on. Forget about it will work automatically on. Just do it for the next month. After that Okay, That's it. If you have any questions, police let me know in the next section. Here. Let's see what we have coming. Well, I will. I will. I will have a quick lecture telling you how to take the course. What's the best way to do it? How to ask questions and all that small leaders that are important. All that's coming on the next lecture again and excited to see you here on Let's jump there right now. 3. How to take this course: Okay, guys, how to take this course? What is the best strategy for us? This is a comprehensive course. We're going from beginner to advance. So if you already have an instrument knowledge if you already have your account, you have followers. You can feel free to jump Lecter's for example. The 1st 1 of the first models were taking action is how to create a powerful instagram profile. So if you already have on instagram ready and account with followers and all that, you can jump that and go to the next section. But of course, inside each model iron I am sharing greatest rise. So even if you already have on instagram profile, you will see that I am always sharing the strategies that you can use toe optimize your profile. Okay on we are actually going out into into the rial war on analyzing each one off the top players on instagram and see what can we learn from them? And how can we apply that on your business? But feel free to jump electors if you already know that the count Okay, also, we have the zero power point policy and I love this one. I want to make this for you Like a really life, Uh, a Taillevent. Or let's say is like me and you being one in front of the order. If I start to put in a lot of power point here, you'll you won't be engaged on the course and probably you. You will learn everything that I have to teach you. All this Try it is right. That's why I my my goal here east. Oh, don't use power point. I use one or or one or here on another just when I ensuring you are else over. Or if you need to take a note of specific thing, I will show very rarely some power points. But I have the zero power point policy to make sure that you have the vexed the business brains as a student on this card. Okay. Also, I offered a 100% results warranty. I am 100% confident that if you watch the course, if you apply the strategies, any of you do the assignment, we have assignments here. As you know, I am 100% confident that you will create the results that you want that you will increase your your your followers, all the results We with instagram, the sales you'll have more safe for your business. More people following you people that will become your raving fans on instagram. Stories on the storm life and all the strike is that we will learn. Another thing is changes in the interface. Facebook on instagram guys, they changed the interface very regular, sometimes once a week, sometimes every month. So if you are taking the course and you see that the interface a little bit different, that's normal. I am working always on updating that. But please take a look very carefully and you will find the way toe the the goal that we're looking at a specific electoral game. I hope you are excited about it. Let's start the course. Let's take action right now and I see you in the next letter. Let's do it 4. 10 Powerful Brands that are killing it on Instagram!: Hey, guys, walk into this video now in these video analyzed 10 powerful brands that are killing it on instagram a bowler What they're doing, right, Okay. Or the elements. So you know how to evaluate and what to keep in mind When you are doing your amazing instagram profile, you are creating your content, planning on reaching more people all over the world. The 1st 1 is a source and you see, here they are using as the profile image they're using their long one. That's what we want. We will have a complete lecture about logos so you can know you will be a hand. You're not guessing you are 100% short that that the the image that you're using on your profile is the absolute best image for your target out. Okay, so they are using their local. So people that buy this brand that lof a source, they will see these low on. They will immediately associate in 25 these with the Brandt. Also, they have a great handle because it's just the brand A sauce on Mueller. Also here in the course how to grab the best handle for your business. 6.9 million followers. This is amazing on let's take a look on the description. The bio. They're saying a source tag. Your looks at hashtag as seen on me to get a picture. So there they immediately have a cold action here and we'll talk about this in details heat on the course. How you can create these amazing bio to make sure you're out in steak action. When they come here, they start following you and they go to website or whatever you want to send them. And off course, they are using Emojis here on the description. Right Easter from just did a study and we'll talk about these also later here on the course on 50% off. All the tax on instagram contains emojis, so people are using mortise all the time. So instead I'm stopped and they said, because everybody's using, Emojis lets her let's use more distorted to discover new information on instagram. So right now you can go to Israel uncertain for Emojis instead of searching for, like, travel or food or something like that. You concert by emojis and this is powerful and you will know how to use all these in your advantage here on the cars. So great description. They also have a link here. This is the fourth element. We're analyzing the website. We have the option toe. Add our website. Your website here on your instagram profile on Asia's is are in here a page that is driving us to let's see here to their Valentine's Day sale. So basically these space here they are changing this link depending off the sales they have . They changed that the update the next on you see the content here, all the pictures and we'll talk in details about the counting. How you can become a master of Enstrom counter so your followers will be addicted to your content. Every time you pose there will go there. They were like your pictures and everything will go grow on growing and growing. The next companies FedEx amazing local were record necks immediately. These we have a hash that is also FedEx. This is amazing. They have verified account a A to K followers Any 2000 followers. You see, if you compare frantically is a huge company that is a spread all over the war. And if you compare with a source. They have 6.9 million because they are more active. They have almost 7000 bowls here on FedEx aren't have only 500 posts, but it's still they are doing great things here. They're using great strategies. They are not posting very often, which is a bad thing. We'll need toe pose very often. He don't instagram on. I'll show you. By the end of the course, a site promise you you will have Ah, one more. We'll sit down. We'll schedule one month off your post in one sitting so you don't need to think about it. You don't need to worry about the report. The policy, Esther. They do any proposed today? Oh, I forgot to pose over the weekend. You don't need to worry about. We'll sit down on a scale the whole month. So you have the best strategy is working for you right away Came So FedEx Look at this. The description is amazing. FedEx delivering a more colorful connected world Emordi emoji, which is great. And they also have a hash. That day they're saying a call to action, saying Hey, guys at hashtag FedEx to your forest. So if I am. I am a FedEx. Fine. I take a picture with my cell phone and I add that I had the hashtag FedEx So this is a spreading all over the war is me a synthetic client. I am spreading to my friends to my followers. All these when I am using the FedEx hashtag okay on the website is here the next. The next player here in the ceramics Mac cosmetics. You see, they have 17 million people. This is great. We have a great hashed, a great handle to the use of means on the local e. Much is He also immediately recalled Nice if you're familiar with the brand that this is Mac cosmetics and they're saying the official microbe cosmetics instagram on They are using the modest all ages All races, all genders, shop or feet. So you see here that they have They're saying with with us their mission there saying Hey, we are here for everybody. This is what we believe, right? We're sharing that with your audience on. We will discuss that so you can do the same. You can create hit. A message on this is coming earlier here on the course Well, you can create a message here in your description that will told your customers heart. And that's what we came. And here we have the website where we can buy their products so they have a call to action Front Instagram. I can just go here on the start shopping, right? The next brand is a Starbucks you see here start, but Starbucks coffee we have. The longer they change the local very often we are everybody's familiar with Starbucks, so they change the call. Or sometimes it's a red lower. Sometimes these are black and wily. In this case, sometimes is the official green logo on. They have 16 million people following. That's great on. You see that they are using also the emojis. You maybe you notice that all off this brander we are analysed. So far, they are actually using their mortgages on their description on there, saying a Starbucks coffee spirit inspiring a nurturing the human spirit. One person, one cup, one neighborhood at the time. And they have the website. This is great. This is amazing. They have their message. They are showing their mission. And if you love, love Starbucks, you will identify with this phrase. This is what they want. We want that when your customers come here, they read your description. They read your bio in Israel and they start feeling that most they have that emotional feeling inside off them that is creating raving funds for your breath. Okay, They have their website here. Official website. That's fine on the pictures. Picture off their products or services. Will I want to spend much time talking about the continent this video Because we have a whole model talking about all the details for the content. We will come back here on, analyze each off the top players on Instagram and see what they're doing, right? What they need to improve on also, analyze your competition. Okay, You're you will find five competitors that are playing a good plain very well on instagram . So you will identify that. I'll show you how to do it on. We'll analyze what they're doing. Good on what they're doing wrong. So you can immediately start implementing. This is strike this. Let's go fast now, guys. H m The logo is here. We identify immediately the brand we have the hashtag we have 24 million followers. Wow, this is great! 4000. More than 4000 post here and they're saying work. Welcome Toe HTM. And there are also using the hashtag here, which is a will there everything about hashtag too, by the way, how you can use it to actually grow on Go viral on instagram. Okay, daily fashion and beauty Eastport, please share your thoughts. But keep ah Friendly Tom Ok? Yes. On you see here that they are doing something different that the other guys are not doing. They have other Instagram's account. This is the official Hmm. They also have an H m account for men on H m for kids on eight AM home. And they are linking all these accounts here on the main account. That's powerful because they are using these account where they have 24 million followers to say Hey guys, By the way, if you like a champ, we have also h A man keeps on home. Just click on these links and people know that. So here you see tap the link to shop or fit So you can just click on the links on Go to these Bages. The next one is Whole foods. I love these 12.5 million followers Gray logo here on all the continis about whole foods about what they go, their mission in the world Right there saying here we are the place to discover new flavors , new favorites and new ideas. Whatever those may be, they have the hashtag on the link here. That's move quicker here. GoPro 13 million followers the continent's great content produced with their products were dead with their camera. They're saying make the worst, most versatile camera. Okay, share your feet your pictures with the hashtag GoPro on If we way, let's click on this and see how many people actually shared this. You see here that we have 33 million followers on Instagram with the hashtag GoPro and this is how powerful east to have your hashtag here on your description. Okay, The next one is Shiner. They don't have any description. I think my opinion they are doing right. They have 26 million people because people love show Now some people love, you know, but they don't have any description that they can use this space. They can use all these toe actually to actually connect with their customers to invite them toe. Ah, safe space to invite to share their message with their outings. But they are not doing but because they are a huge brand, They're still doing pretty well with 26 million people here. Okay, BMW, you see here the logo. 14 million followers. Welcome to official BMW account. Home off. Sheer driving pleasure on instagram. Okay, this is their message. They have the hashtag picture off their cars here will analyze later this page in details What they're posting what? They're posting these how maney lives they get and all that SportsCenter's the isolate this one because they are linking toe app. So if you have an app for your business or if you sell services and you use a scheduling system, you can link your up here or you scheduling system. So in this case, if I click on the link, you will see that I will. There they are texting me the link to download their official app for the iPhone or the Andre or whatever phone you use on the last one is Louise v Tom. 21 million people. And they're also us Chanel. No, the use. In my opinion, all the power off instagram. Okay, But they still have a lot of followers because some people grew off Louise between on people that love rivets are following then or eastern so they can see the new products that they're releasing on what they are producing right now on what's the style that people are using right now? Okay, they're just saying the official instagram account for his baton. And they have the link here, which is great, is very urban channel on my opinion, because not only the same Chanel on here. They are driving people to their website. Okay, that's it. I hope you like these. I hope you are excited. This is a little bit longer. Video in the next in the next lecture here will do the first assignment. And please keep watching these course guys, this is mind blowing that the all the technology, all the structure that we are sharing here in these cars is some mason you need to invest your time. Sometimes some lectures are a little bit boring because you already know the contents or you can jump to the next lecture. But please keep watching because There are a lot of gastritis that will make a huge difference on your business. I can warranty that to you. So please watch, take action, do the assignments on. Let's continue with the course of right now. 5. Assignment #1 - Follow 5 brands and products that you like: welcome to the first assignment of the course, unhappy to see you here on excited. And this is the place, guys, where we take action. We learned the strategies and we apply all the wheeler here on assignment on this, because is, this is a first assignment. This is an easy one. So in this assignment, what we need to do is we need to 25 5 brand. You need to go to instagram dot com. Right now, you can do it on your cell phone on your tablet or on your computer and identify search. Search for five brands that do you like doesn't need to be a brand that is huge on Eastern . It can be a Brenda. This is starting on Easter Room. If he's a huge brand, is better because in this assignment we will get this five brands. You will follow them when you find that you click the follow bottom so you are following these companies on. Also, you will analyze a few off the ideas that we unlike in the last video. You will see their logo, what is their logo or if they are using their local. Maybe some companies don't use the adelo. They use another images that helps the impossible to identify the brand to relate the brand with the product, right? So first analyzed the profile image or the local also analyzed what they're instagram. Use her the East German handle, because later, if you don't have a handle, will create a handle for you. If you already have, it is fine. We can still optimize it. There is a way to change it and optimize it to make sure that you have consistency to make sure that it's easy to share for when you're sharing these with your followers. Also, analyze please with details. All these bio the information, the description about the sort of profile here on each of the five Brandt analyze what they have here unless the measures they are giving analyze if they have hash stocks. Like in this case. Also, if they are using emojis, and if they are using a modest, that's great because you need to use emojis on your by. Okay, that's a must. Instruments changing on people love emojis on Instagram They are. They are searching for the cynicism, so please receive their brands are using emerges on which and start thinking which Ahmadis you made use on your buyer to. Okay? Also, you the last thing that will analyze east the link that they are using all the instruments counter most off them. If they are optimized that they have falling here on the profile, click on the link and see where these companies are sending you. If they're sending you to their main website, if they're sending you to specific promotions, see how behaved that all you need to do? Okay. In the next section here on the assignment area, please share with me. 125 The name off the five companies that the you are following on Instagram. And also, if you want on, I hope to see these two you can share with me and with the community. What do you think? What do you think they are doing? Great or you? If you find one brand that is doing amazing that you think is doing great Why do you think they are doing great on Instagram? That's an optional the mandatory part off the Simon east. The five companies. So please share here with me on the next section. The five companies you are following. Okay. After that we move forward with the course. We have amazing things to cover, and I hope to see you there in the next video. 6. Module Intro: Instagram Power Account: Hey, guys, walk into these model here we are ready to create a powerful instagram account for you on for your business. If you already have an INSTAGRAM account, you can feel free to jump to the next model. Where we are planning all the content on, I will share their all the business strategies for you to plan and to reach more people. But in this model, even if you have an account, maybe you want to improve it and optimize it. He will talk about how to parade your account. How to choose the best handle for your account will sweet your personal account toe a business account so you have access to more information to more data you can create at. You can see great important information about your audience. Who is visiting your profile? Who is like in your feet, pictures and videos on Eastern. We'll talk about the instagram bio. That's important will create a bio on these model guys. A bio that will told the heart off your customers will generate that will parade that emotion in your customer so they will love. They will become raving funds off everything you are doing everything you are sharing on Instagram. We'll also analyze the bio off the top players Will Goto, Nike, Whole Foods, Adidas, Luisi, Tom, all the top players. And we have a specific elector here where we go and analyze each piece off their instagram profile to make sure you are using the strategies that they are using. They are already winning on instagram on. We want to make sure that you are also winning. Will also add information about your basis on your account on your profile. So people, when they are in your profile, they they can just with one click contact you call you on the phone or it may be in value or visit your website. All this is coming on this model and excited. I hope you are. Let's start the first lecture right now. 7. Creating your Optimized Instagram Account: Hey, guys, Welcome to this video Right now we're ready to create your eastern account. If you already have an account, police jump to the next video. The next lecture here and we can continue from there. If not, let's do these right now. So here are young with myself on you can see is connected to the screen so you can see all the process. And this is how will work during the course, you will be with me here watching what I am doing exactly on the phone on the Eastern app up learning all these amazing strategies. So let's do that right now. Here we are on the Eastern A map. Let's open the app on Eastern is asking us to logging. So if you have an account, you can log in here so you can access your information If not at the very bottom off the screen, you see don't have an account. So click there. Sign up on right now because I have the Facebook up on my form on Facebook is the owner of Easter Graham. You can log in. You can continue with your Facebook credentials if you want, or if you prefer you can click on, sign up with phone or email. So if you have a Facebook account and you see your name here, just click on, continue ass on. You will be ready to go. If not in this case, we will do the sign up with phone or email. So lets the less do these. Right now, I will click on the email option on here. I will enter my email on this case. I have a temporary email, which is temp three at Diego Davila dot com. This email is just for tests, So if you want to tell with me a new email to the address, I probably won't be able to see your email. Click on next. Here we enter the name. So for these specific course us, you know, World War with a bakery. So in this case, I will enter my business name. You enter your business name or if you are creating the account for your personal use or if you are your brand, you can enter the brunt name here. This case, Let's use Diego's Bakery. Okay, on enter a password. Let me introgen Eri password like 12345678 Next off course, You need a stronger password, right? Working to restore. Um, this is a temporary use. Her name I have right now, which is stamped 32018 Now, the storm is inviting us to find more people so we can click on next year. Excellent. On if you want, you can connect with Facebook polices. Do it. If you have a Facebook account, just click and connect with Facebook. I will skip these because I don't want all my Facebook friends to see these example that I am creating for you right now. Fine contacts in this option, Eastern will serve your phone for specific contact that you may have on. They will match with the instrument app. So if you have a contact name on your phone on this person is also in eastern Rome is Rome will show you here. I will skip these for now. Profile Picture. Don't worry about this. We will have a complete lecture about these and how you can find how you can select the absolute best and most optimized profile picture for your account. So let's keep this for now. Logging in for safe loving it, logging in for yes, Let's save that. Now you click on Done on, Let's see here, find people to follow. Let's cancel these and that's it. Right now we have a brand new Eastern account for you, for your business on this case. I have Diego's baker here, and you see that it's all bland. We don't have any information here right now, but in the next video, Old start in the next videos will start. Are building a very strong presence, a very strong profile for you here to make sure that everybody that comes here they like. They follow your instrument number one So you have more and more followers, and they start creating an amazing relationship with you on with your breath. Let's go now to the next video, where we will be transforming these personal Easter Ram account. This is a personal account into a business account that so that in the next video 8. Switching from Personal to Business Instagram Profile: in this video Woeller How you can sweet your personal Eastern profile toe a business If you created an account with us in the last lecture. This is what you need to do next. And if you already have an account, you still need to do this. Is that because the big advantage here, guys is that you will get more insight for you followers? East a gram will give us more access to data important data that we will use later in the course to make very smart decisions on applies some great strategies toe warranty that your business is growing instagram and toe warranty that you have more and more followers. More and more likes on your east are imposed. That's what we want, right? Amazing. Other than that you will have the option to great promotions on instagram. All create ads. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can create at promotion any kind off strategies that we have to reach more followers with paid at. We will act out solar here on the course. You can reach your potential customers on Eastern. We will have more tools with a business profiles toe read that we can use to reach specific customers. People that are looking for your product for your services on Easter came on all that east because the amazing business Profiler we're switching right now, and you will be amazed on how easy it is to do it. Game on. You can also add if you have a local business. If you have on online business, you can add a contact us both bottle on your profile. So you are on your Eastern profile on at the top. You have your picture, your user name, and you will have the option to create a call to action a bottom that they can click and immediately call you. Call your business toe, ask you about your services, your products or to learn more about you on your breath. Okay, How do we do it? Let's do that. Here we are on my farm. This is the brand new account we created in the last lecture. If you have your account, that's fine. You can still do this. We can click on your profile picture, which is on the lower right hand side. Click on that and now click on the bottom next to added profile, which is the settings Bottom click on that Exxon. Here we have the settings. And now if we scroll down a little bit, you see here switched to a business profile. Okay, this is the bottom. Were create. Were clicking here in a minute. Before we do that, let me show it. Tell you something that is important. Facebook on Easter Graham, they were. They are the same company, as you know on. They require they have some small requirements in order for you to use a business profile in order for you to create to change too sweet. That personal profile you have into a business profit Facebook on instagram require that we have a Facebook page for your business. Okay, if you don't have a Facebook page, don't worry. I will show you in this video in 30 seconds. How to do it. But also, if you want to create a super optimized Facebook page, I will adhere later on the course. If you scroll down the curriculum, you'll find a specific section about Facebook page domination. How you can create that best Facebook page for your business. Ok, so how do we do that? We do that by going to Facebook. Let me go to my Facebook. It on my computer. Wonderful. Here we are on Facebook. I really logging. You see my name here. Everything is good on you. Click on the top, right hand side a row on Dhere. You have the option. Create page. So I click on Create Page. You can choose one of the six auction options local business, company organization, brand or product artist, brand or public figure, entertainment or cows on community. Let's create for these a brand or product. And here you choose your category. Let's say that we have software. Okay, enter the product name here like let's see. Brought my broader name. We can get started. Let's see here the name is involved. Of course. Let's try another product. Diego's amazing software software. You can get started now. Now we can go to the next step. Let's see. Here we are on. You will follow the steps here. I am not going with you step by step right now, because it's super easy. What you can do here is just upload your profile picture, or you can skip this on do it later on in the next section, you will have your page ready to go. OK, so when you have your page on, if you already have a page, that's wonderful. You can go back to Easter, Graham. Now let's go back to Instagram. And here we create We click on sweets to Business Profile. Excellent on. Look. Look how amazing this is. Work on to instagram business. Continue. Learn more about your followers. So here you have an image showing with the data. Son off the data. You will have access if you switch to a business profile. Like how many percentage of men and women visit your profile? The H rain. Where? Where do they leave a lot. A lot of great data from your followers. You can reach your customers, create Promotional East Durham to reach more customers on build your business. Continue on here. You see the contact bottom that I told tell you about a minute ago what they will be able to create on your eastern for business profile. We can continue here and now we need to choose the page. Remember that. I told you that one of the requirement is to have a Facebook page for your business. So let's choose the Facebook page for their business. These are all the pages I have on this case. Let's choose, um, where we let's see here. Let's select parts bakery for now. On off course, you will select your your business page here and click on next. Here we have the contact information. Enter your email. Contact email. These will be important for that contact as bottom that I told you about. It will be on your profile if you want. If you don't want, you don't need to have it. But here we have the contact information. Click on Don when you are ready. That sees thinking about it is creating the business profile on That's it. Welcome. And this is my temporary user. Your page parts bakery, which is any off the bait, have been linked to your business profile. You will be able tow edit on Facebook. Now you can get started with new business stools like promotion insights about your post on followers. Go to the profile. Wonderful. That's it on. If you want to switch back to personal for any reason, you can just do it very easily. We go back to the settings bottom here. Scroll down on you see where we switch back to personal accounts. See that? So if I click this bottom instagram is warning me saying, Hey, are you sure? If you switch back to personal, all active promotion will stop on. You will lose all access to the insides data, which is the amazing statistics that we have about your audience right now. You can switch back to business at any time. I will cancel this and I will stay on business. So this is how we create, and we'll link your personal account on Instagram to your business account on. Now we're ready to move forward with the course because we have some of the most important steps ahead of us on this model. Let's go there right now. 9. Choosing the best Instagram Handle and Username for your business: excellent work into these new video right now. In this video, we will choose the best Eastern, the handle on the best Eastern Maine for your business or for your Instagram account right now. But before that I will explain you very quick. What's the different between the handle on the name on how you can choose me? What's this tragedy we will be using in order to find the perfect one for you and for your business? Right. And also, I'll share some great examples that I have here on my computer companies that have excellent names and handles on how you can get spire. With that all that is in this video. Okay, let's start. So these are the handle is your instagram user name is the unique use earning that you have on the platform on Lee one handle on Lee. One user pair account is allow and nobody else can have the same use. Earning okay is like the email. Think about the email you have only you have the specific email a gmail, for example. If my etymology Malisse Diego Iijima dot com nobody else can have the same even right. So the same applies for your Eastern handle on The other thing we have is the Instagram name. They Easter amaze Different because anyone you can just any name doesn't matter if other companies other brands are using that name. You can have that name on your account if you want, and I'll show you concrete examples right now. Let's go to my computer here. So here we have the whole foods market instrument page on. You see here at the top they they handle the use. Earning for Whole foods is actually all one war. Whole foot on the name is this one that is in balt is whole foods market. If we go to the Miami International Airport, you see that the handle is I fly Mia, right? Mia is the the cold off the airport? So they came up with Ah, handle. That is nice because it's I fly me. I fly in Miami International Airport on the name that they assigned to their account is Miami International Airport. The good thing here about these two specific elements or you're off your account. He said you can change it at any time. You can set up now one specific handle, one specific name on you can change it the many times as many times have you want this picture off? The dog is amazing. That cycle up? Yes. Okay. LeBron James. He's our basketball player. They the handle the use. Her name is King James On the name off. The account is LeBron James. Barcelona Football Club is FB Barcelona. Is they handle on the name is the same FC Barcelona. So how do you choose the best hand on the best name for your company? First, the handles are difficult to find because we have millions of people on Instagram right now . So we have millions off handles, millions off users already on the system. So in a minute here, I'll show you on my phone how you can find and how you can test if your handle is available or not. Okay on, Think about. If you have already other social media's. Let's say you have a presence on Facebook on YouTube. My suggestion is to have the same handle, if possible, try to use the same handle, all the social media's, or at least the same handle in a few off then so you have consistency when you are promoting your products, promoting your company, promoting your services to your customers. You can say, Hey, guys, go to Instagram and follow me on these Handle on my case, for example, is really Tiago Davila. So I have a theory. A legal battle on Twitter on Instagram or YouTube I I on Facebook to so in the four Social Media's I have that handle so you can find that for your business. Think about the options. Think about some handle that identifies your your business on this case. For example, in the Miami International Airport, you see, I fly mia. Make sense. Whole Foods market is very easy because they're a big company. Probably they purchase these or, I don't know, they got an amazing handle here. LeBron James. Probably. LeBron James was already taken, so he used the word kin in front of his name. Eso is King James FC Barcelona. They got a great handle, too. So think about your case. Think about your business, how you can choose a handle. I mean, think about the handle that can identify your company, your your services and something that is easy to remember for your followers. That's very important because when you are promoting, you won that information to be record that on your customers brain. That's why we want. We want your customers to remember you every time the interim, they're here and they say, OK, what's the handle of these off this company of this guy that I saw Ah, video about or about me? Let's say I saw So Diego scores and what it does is his name really easy to remember, right? So create that for your company in this way. Let's go to the phone here. I will click on my profile, which is on the lower right hand side and here Weekly Can added profile. Excellent. But we're about the photo yet We are talking about that in the next video. Here we have the name. This is the name that I show you here on the computer, right? So in this case, this Diego's Bakery, we're creating a new account for ah ah bakery. We are using a bakery, a sonic simple for these course on the user name. Let's see if we have Diego's Bakery available. Diego's Bakery. Let's see here. Okay, Diego's bakery like click on Don. Let's see hopefully will be. Yes, it's available. You see right now at the top below the time below 9:41 a.m. You see my my instagram user name that Diego's baker is ready and is available in the case. If in any case your handle is not available, you can add numbers. You can add all their words in the beginning or at the end off. The handle is up to you. It's not easy to find the perfect handle all the time, but you can do it by trying. So vessel is 5 10 minutes here, finding the perfect handle for you on. After that, you can move to the next step, which is the name. So you already see here that we have Diego's name. Diego's Bakery here, ready on the name box. So in here, you'll at the name off your company. Or if you're creating an instagram about you because you are the brand just at your name or the name off your breath. Okay, that concludes these video in the next videos. We have amazing stuff. Let me take a look here on the curriculum. Let's see, here we have the Easter Gramm picture in the next year, we will talk about your picture. You low on how you can find that perfect local, that perfect picture that will call the attention off. Your customers will do that in the next video. 10. Optimizing your Instagram Profile Picture: the next step on the process off. Creating your powerful storm account is to choose the best Easter, um, e much the best law. Go the best picture that wall. Use us your instagram profile, even it right on why this is important. It's important because every time you post on Easter Room every time you like some somebody , every every times your customers, you follower to funds visit your instagram profile, they will see your picture you logo on as the main instrument. E much right. That's why we want to choose one image that re percent your business that represent your brand on, especially if you have a logo, I will say all the time. Please use your lawyer. You're always the most powerful tool you have when we're talking about creating that relationship with your customer. Because the end goal here off all these social media courses on strategies guys, as you know, is to create a trustful relationship between you and your customer. That's it because if you have a trustful relationship, but we took in the past heat on the cars, you, your customers, will buy your product. They will follow you. They will like your what? Your post. Everything that you are doing because they trust you. They know that you are the company, that you are the guy or the girl that can help them to take the steps that they want to take to solve the problem. There. Pain points, right? So let's talk about the image. If you are follow, use your logo. For example. If we take a look here on my computer the whole food page way check in the last video you see here, the whole food market logo, which is on grain, is the specific caller that identify whole foods. If we go to the Miami International Airport same theme. You have the logo off the airport here on every time I see these II your I always use the Miami airport to travel around the country, right or outside the country on. I am very used to these low Every time I see these I remember, is this airport. I remember if this company on, I feel well because I already know that I trust these people. I trust the system, right. If you have a personal brand like LeBron James, he's a famous guy, so you can use your picture. He's You see one of his picture with ah had a really nice hat on show And using that as their profile picture. The next one is a Barcelona club. The football club. You see, this is the personal O. They are using that on the specific page. Every time I see these, every time you see these, if you are familiar with this team, you will know that is coming from these guys. So that's a goal. The goal is that you will choose right now in this video. One image that is your logo. If you don't have a lower e, that's fine. You can use any image that you think identifies your business. For my case, I am an all online instructor. My logo is not good for Easter because it's a different longer. People are not very familiarize with the lower. So what do I do? I use my picture. I take a professional image off me, right? And I used that. Ask my east several main image because when people see me, you are used to see me on the camera. So when you see me on Instagram, you see my picture there you will remind you will be reminding all the things that we did together. All the strike is all the hours that we spent, whether on the courses and all that spent that fantastic stuff, right? So in your case, choose right now the e much that you will use as your logo And let me show you on my computer from actually my phone. How you can set that up. So here we are on the APP. Eastern A map. We're still working on your profile. You click on change profile picture here at the top on you have four options you can import from Facebook. So if you have a picture from Facebook you can imported here from Twitter. Take a four right now with your phone. You can do it or choose from your library. I will choose from the library off the phone and you see that I have some pictures here about bakery on the lower that I will use. I have to model. This is one and you see that is in a circular shape you see here and you can soon team soon out with your fingers is very easy. to use. This is how you doing on the one that I will be using for Diego's Baker is this one. This is one that I just created for these cars as a test. Let's call these or lower right? Excellent. So I will click on Done isolated Click on down here and you see that the images stare. If I click on don't here again, we can go to the profile home page. Let's see, is saving and you see right now at the top left Kansai, you see Diego's baker. You see my address on you see the logo there. So every time I create a post on people are browsing, they are going to the instagram timeline. Just looking a pictures. They will see my longer there. When I posed right, they would see my picture, my video on my low and they goal here again. This is the last time repeating myself. I'm sorry, but this is super important. Guys, I want you to take these very seriously every time they are going through the timeline. The goal that I have for your business is that when they see you longer there, they will know that you are posting these that your company's posted it. That's the goal. Okay, so choose your logo set up here on your profile. And after that, we will move to the next step where we're setting your website and I will talk you. Right now. This is one of the most exciting thing for me because right now we will talk about called to action on all the power so you can use all the power off Instagram to drive people toe other sites to your website, to your YouTube channel, or to any other place on the Internet. Okay, let's so that in the next video 11. Creating a captivating Instagram Bio using the absolute Best Keywords: creating a captivating Easter granbio for your business on your eastern profile. How do we do that? What are the elements are we need to have in place in order toe warranty that every time your customers visit your profile, they read that on the wall. Take action that they will visit your website. They will follow you on it so that they will see your post. That's what we want. Right? So what do we need? The Easter from value is has assured description off your business that will add next to your pro next year is around for a right. We work. We work on the phone on the last lectures on that will be Let me show you an example really quick here. And in a minute here, we'll have will analyze the top players, the top companies and how they are using the bio. The description here on Eastern. So here we have FedEx. This is basically the description, right? Saying for h m. This is the descriptions. So we'll write a great description optimize description for your profile. Okay. So what are the elements that we need to have in place in order to accomplish that each by you have a limit off 100 50 characters. So you need we need We have only 150 characters toe right This amazing bio that will call attention off your customers. Okay, so the limit off 150 that's number one. Number two, We need toe Add emojis to your specific by why Esta Graham did A lot of the study's off. How people how this millions of users are used in instagram every day on they conclude they saw that 50% off the every text that is posed on Instagram has emojis Okay, I think I don't remember the exact number I will confirm to you we have a complete model a commitment mother complete lecture here on the course about emerges on how you can use it effectively on your storm marketing also you can add your website We have Pacific box specific field where we can add your website by the few one you can at other links on the buyer. The links won't be clickable but people can see the links on You can have called toe action which is the next element goto actually super important because you can use call to Action Toe. Ask your customers to join to your newsletter toe goto a landing page where you will collect their name and email to buy your products and services. You can ask them toe visit other social media that you have like Facebook, instagram, Facebook, YouTube or our periscope Twitter. Or you can say Jos Hey, visit my website. You can write the bio on at the end at visit my website, and I'll show you how to do that here in the model to okay so that these are the elements and these are very important guys. But the most important thing that we need to remember is toe have these, but also that they were to write a compelling description, a compelling bio that will told your customers heart. And I'll show you concrete examples right now in the next lecture off. How the top players the big brands are we have on instagram are using these effectively and how they are right in the bio in a way that is starting is generating that emotion in your customer. And that's what I want for your business. I want that every time somebody goes to your Eastern profile. They read the bio on They said, Man, this is great. I want to follow this company. Want to follow this guy? Okay, that's it. That's ago. So let's move to the next lecture. Analyze All these 10 companies were going fast over there. I will. I will hardly highlight all the specific elements we're talking about here on the selector On After that, we have the last lecture on the bio. There were were creating your bio step by step. Okay, Let's so that in the next video 12. Getting inspiration for your Bio from the Top players: Okay, guys, let's analyze these 11 top players on instagram so we can get inspiration on your by. Okay, The goal here is to create an amazing bio for your business. So we'll analyze the elements that these guys are using. So you can inspire from this what we're seeing here. And we will analyze also how they're using each other off the elements we talk about in the last video. The 1st 1 is Starbucks. So you see here, this is the handle. Nice day, logo. The account name. And you see here, start with emoji. Remember, we talk about the emojis and how Easter, Miss Official platform. We I mean, I recommend you to use a modest on your bio. Here we have Starbucks using the first thing they have in the bio etymology off a cup of coffee. And they are saying, inspiring on nurturing the human spirit. One person, one cup on one neighborhood at a time. Remember that We talk about that message off course. Starbucks doesn't need to Splain to their customers what they do because everybody knows that Starbucks is a coffee company, right? They have stores all over the world where they sell coffee. So what they are doing here is they're sharing one off their mission, right? Inspiring people inspiring the human spirit. One person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time. So this is by remember, we talked about creating a buyer that told your customer heart that create an emotion on your customers. So this is what is happening here on Starbucks. And here we have the website Starbucks dot com. Let's move to FedEx fabrics. We have here with 79 0.5 K followers on here. We have FedEx. Excellent. And they're saying the delivery more call off more. A more color for connected work. So their goal, their mission is to connect the world through the liver is that they are doing on this is what they are sharing with us here on the bio. Okay. You see here the margins. Remember, we talked about the modest excellent. And here we have a new element, which is the call to action. Look how smart they are on how they're using these. So you can do it on your business to They're saying at the hash that FedEx to your for us. Okay, They are having another emoji on. They have FedEx here. So what's happening here? They are saying toe people Hey, if you have a far about my product about my company which is FedEx on you want to share with the food the war? Do you want to share with your followers, share it and use the hashtag FedEx? What have why the hashtag is important? Probably you already know for for people that don't know I will explain very quick here the hashtag and we have a complete lecture about this Because this is important are specific things that you can use on instagram toe express an emotion or this or describe what you're posting. So they are asking people to pose are using the hash that FedEx So if we served the big advantage here is that you concert for hashtag So Okay, so if I pose up a far out on I used past that at the hashtag FedEx Oh, my faro people all over the war. You can do that. You can come here and search for the hashtag which is these one of these case and you'll see how many posts are from people that used that. So you see that they have the call to action here. And we easily here right now that we have over 307,000 people that that used the hash that fabrics here on Easter Graham, that's amazing. So if I open here, you can see let's see its opening. All these people use the hashtag FedEx. So if I opened this photo, for example, where we these guy here? They work today. Pose these. And here is this hashtag you know FedEx Okay, so this is what FedEx is doing here on their body and I'll show you how to that later in the course how you can add hashtag on your for us and how not only how to add, but the whole psychology, the whole strategy on the hashtag. So Okay, let's move to an egg. The next one is whole foods with. We took a look at on this one in the last videos we see here. Whatever you healthy eating resolution, we have got the solution. Okay? This is their message on it saying show us how you feed your resolution on wolf regrow grand your fate. So here they have a call to action saying Hey, show us how you do this and this is they are actually adding the hashtag here on the buyer the same thing that we did with FedEx. So if I click on this hashtag, let's see how many people are actually posting using this hashtag that they are requesting . So for your business, one of the ice that you can create a hashtag that its unique you can come here and search for the hashtag and if doesn't exceeds, you can create that Hashtag just saying people Hey, just pose using this hashtag so people will start doing that. So let's see how many people pose with feet your resolution we have ah, 1.5 k 1571 people that pose using this Hashtag This is great. You see, people are posting. People are taking action from these simple called to action that they have on the bayou. And that's why I want for your business. That's more forward, guys, the next one is a source. They are saying this is a little more more complete, more complex. You see how many emerges they are using here? That's why I tell you that is very important and they are having a lot of call to action is even a little bit confusing. I don't know what this company's about, but I like how they they are displaying the composition off the buyer. That's why I'm showing you. So tag your looks call to action straight. You know, they are saying Hey, police, do these Thank your looks. That means create boast post years your forest, your videos using this height hashtag as seen on me to get a picture. So they are promising that if you do these, you may get Fichter Seymour for us Here they are adding remember that one of the elements that I told you about in the last video waas the handle so you can add another handle. This is the handle officially for these page a source on their adding another handle here we which is a cyst men. So I click on here it will forward me to the new account. So this is a way to link accounts that you can use to Let's go back on a So this is another one face and body which is one line of products looks like on a source fashion, which is another line of product. And here they have the website they see. Let's see what they have on the website. So they are forward. Forward in asked to the A source for women where they are offering a final called call up to 70% off. So you see how the promotions were killed? Guys, these guys are having a lot of call to action. Straight to the point asking you, asking the customer to take action on Do what they are saying there. Let's move forward. H m. So we have here the hashtag straight the first thing they hashtag Hmm. So people will pose using that the place for hashtag fashion Hashtag beauty. Inspiration We love emoji, your common but police state respectful. We have here two handles Agent man H m home on H M kits. Remember the handles I talk about here we are emoji shop or feats Tab link. So you click on this link and you will be redirected to their website Next Mac cosmetics, the official macros, cosmetics, instagram, emoji, All ages, All races, all genders. So here this is their mission. They want to reach everybody. They don't care about ages. They don't care about races. They don't care about genders. This is the message on this is generating on emotion on their customer. Right on. They have the website here A Marge's here. You see that up to now, all the profits we analyze half emojis Let's go to the next one. GoPro, This one doesn't have emoji. But let's see Official GoPro Eastern We make the world most versatile camera share. We'd go broke, heeded a call to action Hashtag GoPro And here we have the website. So if I click on this hashtag that see how many people pose using that Wow 33 million people post using the hashtag GoPro. That's amazing! Next we have Channel Chanel Official Channel Isa Cosmetic brand probably. You know, they're saying Chanel is above all style fashion faces style remains. So you see, their mission is over there on the description and here they have the website No emerges here also. Next we have BMW. Welcome to official BMW account home toe share Driving pleasure on Instagram. Share your photos here we have a call to action hashtag BMW reposed for the chance to get Victor so they're promising these guys the 14 million people that follow it. Follow them. They're saying, Hey, please pose with this hashtag So you have a chance to get Victor. So if they get picture basically, the BMW official account will post for us from the people that used this Hashtag so with that, most people will be will be trying to use these this hashtag in order to get Victor the next one. And I like this one because it's different. Is this sports center? So you see, here they have just everybody knows what SportsCenter is. I think everybody that leave in the United States at least because they know that it's a TV channel for sports. They're saying, Hey, download a ESPN up and here is the league. That's it. Straight call to action. Their goal. Right now marketing is to have as many people as many customers as they can on the up. So they have 10 million people following, and they're saying, Hey, just go here and down on the app we talk about the Miami International Airport. You see here the official Miami International Airport tag your peaks, your pictures on these hacked hashtag on tweet to these hashtag. This is the Twitter handle. Ready? Set. Travel on. This is the website on the last one is Louise be Tom. This is not my opinion. This is This can be improved. That's why I am bringing to you to show you how we can improve this. So here we have Louis Vuitton on there saying just the official instagram account off Lewis be Tom and they have a website. That's good. I mean, it's good enough. They're saying people that it's official, but they already have the very five batch here. So everybody that knows a little bit about the serum, they know that this is the official one because it is a very five profile. So maybe it's not necessary to say that here. Maybe they can have that mission statement that we're talking about. Maybe they can have a description that told their customer hard that create that emotion on their customer so they will take action. They will start a deep relationship with this company. But it's good we have it here. They are, ah, huge company. Probably They know that their customers better than I do. So if they think this is great. Maybe that's working for them. Okay, I These are these. Are there specific companies that I want to show you in the next video? We'll start writing your bio for Instagram. Okay. And excited about it. Now we have some examples. Some knowledge. I will add all the links to these companies here on their resources. I off this lecture so you can go now and visit. Probably. If you are watching this video, these cars in the future, these for sure, these description will be different. So it's actually a good thing if you go right now before After this lecture ends to the resources pages off these lecture, click on the links, visit all the page and see how these descriptions are changing. And see if you can learn anything new from these big companies. OK, in the next video, we're continuing. We with your instagram bio. See? There 13. Finishing your Optimized Instagram Bio: OK, guys, Now that we have the examples from the top players on Easter Room we get we got inspiration . Now you know how to create your bio on Let's do that right now I'll show you how to do it. Here we are on the storm account. Let me go to the home page. So you know how to get there Here weekly, click on edit profile. And now we need to enter your website and your bile and let's enter the website first. So my case I'll enter my website. You enter years and in the bio I will write something like we have a bakery. Remember? On this example the best home made bread let at some emerges here. Okay, in the city Let's at the margin of the city fresh for you every day. So here we have the best homey breath in the city. Fresh for you every day. This is the message that I just came with off course. The message for you will be different. I remember that the most important thing is to create that emotion on your customer. Came click on Done right Now let's take a look How it looks like here we are on the main account. So we have the logo. Diego's bakery on. We have the best homemade breath Emoji emoji in the city. Imagine fresh for you every day and we have the website. So let's do something different. That's adequate. Call to action here. So edit profile on here. We can add V c it or visit my website. Or you can add something like Start, you're or they're here. So done. So you see Here, start your order. Your order here. And they have There is the website. So if I go toe the the specific profile here, everybody that comes here, we'll see these bio on. They will read the message off your value of your bio and they will see the call to action . Of course, you can add different calls to actions will talk about that in the last video in the examples, I hope you create your buy or right now. After that, we are ready to move to the next video. The next lecture where we were finishing all these information on the profile will finish adding your basis information All that on at the end off these model we have the assignment , the first assignment of the course where you will create all your account you will share with with me and with the community your instagram account. And that's a great opportunity to share your message to put your accounting front off more people. So you get feedback from the community. Positive feedback, right? How you can improve. If there is anything that you can improve, people will suggest to you. Okay, let's do the bio right now. When you already with the bio, you can jump to the next lecture on. After that, we continue with the course. Let's do it. 14. Adding your business Information, Category and Contact Options: Okay, guys, The last option unless, uh, feel here on the profile is the business information. So you see here that the pages already assigned, if you want you can change the page to another page. That's totally fine on the category. You can change your category if you want. You can browse here. They have a lot of options on my case. You see that? It's a bakery. You have books, magazines, brothers, companies, advanced music, other people, television on blocks. If you select one off these local businesses, you'll have a subcategory where you can have a more specific option, like bar, airport, bookstore, business service, college doctor and all these options. You see, they have a lot of options. Okay, let's cancel. Least for now, select. The wonder is the best for your business on this case. I have the bakery, which is the best for this example on. The last option is a contact options. Click on that, and this is important because these will allow you to set up. They contact bottle on your account, the bottom that people will see contact ass when they are on your profile so that C Eastern want to use your Facebook signing. Yes, Continue. Wonderful. So here we have the country information for the bakery. Off course. You need to add your email, your phone number and your address. If you have a local business, the addresses no mandatory. So if you don't want to add the address, that's totally fine. When you are ready with these, everything looks great. The private information. I don't worry about that That is not available for your customers so they won't be able to see these. Emma on this case is tempt three at the villa villa dot com, the phone number or the gender. This is private for instagram. Click on Done. Let's see on. That's it, guys, here we have, Everything is ready. You see here at the bottom below the address and look how great this is. You see call Emma and directions. So if you have a local business, you added your your address. Their people click on directions and these will open the map up on the on the phone. Let's see here they will open Google maps or or if you have an iPhone, the maps application for the iPhone on will show your customer there step by step directions from there where they are to your business. That's a mason. Also, they can click on email so it will. The system will automatically open an email window for them where they can tie the message and send to you. Or they can click on call on this world. Pop up Ah, window asking for the call. So if I click call call here, it will immediately start calling. I don't have a same car, so let's cancel this. You will start calling your business. OK, so we have all these tools in place on now. Your account is ready. We have an amazing local. We have the name. We have the handle, the bio that inspire your customers inspire showing your message showing talking about your problems, your services. We have your website, the address which is not mandatory, and we have the call to action 15. Assignment #2 - Optimize your Instagram Profile: Hey, guys, welcome to this assignment on Excited that you are taking action. You are moving forward on the course. And that's amazing. Thank you so much for being here with me on with the community. In the next, models were moving for war with amazing strategies on Mason A B s that will take your presence on Instagram to the next level. I warranty that to you. But now in this assignment, we need to concentrate and take action right now, applying all the strategist that Euler in this model, If you were watching the lectures off the model and you are doing all the steps on your phone on your account, that's fine. All you need to do here on these assignment is in the next section. You will share with me on with the community the link to your instagram profile. Okay, that's important, because by doing that, you are sharing with the community on you are opening your account to receive positive fig that I hope to see your Easter rambling here. I will check it out on After that. I will see you in the next model. Let's do it 16. Module Intro: Instagram Content Plan: here we are ready to talk about content. How to make sure that you create amazing, outstanding, captivating Compton for your audience every day on instrument. And by the end of this model, you'll have all the best strategies to make sure you are doing that. So here we're talking about content ideas where you can get ideas to pose on Easter Graham , I'll share with you. Also, the six ways to get a viral instagram post everything you need to do everything you need to know strategies that people people are using that are creating viral post every day. And you can start using that to we will analyze your competitors everything. We're going to your competitors website on this model on. We will analyze every stride did they are using. We'll see how often they pose, what they're posting, how people are engaging with that. All that is coming on this model to on. I'll send you a check list in this model. To that you can download that is their spine. Your competitors check, please. Okay. It's a great old that you can do in order, not just not to copy what your competitors are using, but to analyze then and use this astride is also on your business. See what's working, what's not, and filter that and use the best strides. OK, I hope you are excited. Let's start this model right now. 17. Instagram Content Ideas (Brainstorm): Welcome back here We are ready to talk about what you can pose on Easter Graham. How to choose the best content for your audience and what you need to look for when you are planning your content for Instagram in order to have decorator result. Right? We'll talk about all these here in this lecture. But first, let me tell you that the two things that you can pose on Instagram right now our photos and videos, any photo off your company, your products, your services and will talk about these on this video or videos that are from 3 to 60 seconds in 2016 instagram increased that limit from 15 seconds to 62nd to 1 minute, so that's a huge increase. Now we have more time to use video also on your instagram marketing toe. Sell the products your customers on toe build that relationship between you on your funds, your customers. So we have these two things videos Unforced. How do you know? How do you find the best content to pose on your eastern room? I'll give you some advice right now on. This is a task that you need to do it before this video ends on, the first thing we need to do is to make a lease off all your products and services. So if you have a let me in my case on this example, we have the bakery. So I will make a least off my products and services. Starting with the top sellers the most popular products or services that I have. I invite you to the same. Make that least that's the first step. Second step is to make a lease off the benefit off each brother. So you have the first least here just next to that least create. Write some words that indentified the benefit for your audience for the client that is purchasing that for the climb that is hiring you for these service. Okay, if I have on my leased the first item, for example, homemade bread on my bakery, the benefit for the home a break can be that I am providing healthy. How healthy, Brad, Healthy food for your family, right? Maybe one of the benefits east that you will have a great breakfast with your family or great *** consuming this product, right? That's the second least on the thoroughly is we're we're making here in this video, guys, it's at least off the different ways that your products argues Okay. For example, if we are talking about Nike that produce are run issues we can make on one off the first least we have run issues, the second least, where we have the benefits it can be, for example, that is more comfortable to run. It brings a great experience for year for your clients, for the people are running on your shoes. On the thoroughly least will be the different ways that people use your products or services. So if we have their run issues, the thoroughly he's where we talk about the different ways people are using, we can think about. Maybe they are using for a run they are using, maybe to toe through. To do are right on a bike. It's possible toe. Maybe they're going to the gym with their running shoes. They're not running, but they're going to the gym. Maybe they are just walking around the city, the downtown, off your city, with your shoes. So these are all the different ways that people are using these ideas. These products or services that you have on. The last thing is to think about the end result that your customers is having by using your products and services. Okay, maybe on the case off the bread, the end result will be an amazing moment. This need to be an emotional thing, the last least. So they were sword ever so that your customers having can be if they are consuming my bread can be that they're having an amazing moment with their family. They're having a family time. Maybe if you have the shoes on the Nike. Nike's example that there there was, so that the customer is having at the end is the satisfaction. I can feel like I can imagine a guy or a girl that just complete the run is sweating a little bit, but it half a satisfaction off the off the completion off that task off the running, for example. So that's the benefit. So we're making four lease here. The 1st 1 is least all your products. After that, least, the benefits that your products have the pros are bring bring into the customers. Before that, the thoroughly is to make a list of the different ways people are using this product on the last. The fourth least is what's the end result. What the an experience? Oh, and emotion. If there is any that your product or your services are bringing into your customer, why are we doing all these? Because if we have this, least we can imagine maybe for us or videos or any media that can reproduce any off the irons off the list. With this least, we have a huge prosecutor, a lot of possibilities off content creation, right? We can, in the case, off day off the running shoes weaken first show pictures off the run issues. We can show pictures of people using their running shoes in other situations that are not running like going to the gene. For example, we can show the match off that person that just completed the run that is sweating a little bit but is full of energy and enjoyment because just completed the exercise so we can have all off these tools to use on your Eastern. So make this four least okay, on in the next video, I'll show you concrete examples off how the big companies are using this specific islands on. Also in the next video, we'll talk about other things that you need that you can use basically how you can do it in the practice. Actually, how when you have the least, you have the images that you will use, how you are hardly posting that, are you just posed in the image and hold that everybody will like Andi follow you because off that maybe that will happen. But we can optimize it even more to make sure that every e much every video that you posed half an amazing impact a huge impact on your followers that's coming in the next video. 18. 6 Ways to get a Viral Instagram Post. What to post?: Welcome to these lecture. This is a gray Lector. I invite you to watch this video all the way to the end because we have amazing strike is inside this elector. Okay, in this lecture I'll share with you. What? How do you need to think when you are selecting what to post on Easter Graham? In order to use all the power of this social media to grow your business unwto to establish that relationship that we want to establish we your customer. And here are the six different strategies that you can use to pose on instagram the 1st 1 east to pose for us or videos off your products or services. Here we are on Ferrari's, um instagram page on. I select this one because on these profile guys, six million people, six million followers, 1000 post all the post. All the photos and videos are here are four from their products. Everything here there is no one single post so far that I I was scrolling here. I didn't find one single post that was not about their product. About the car, about the Ferrari. You see that everything is about the car. Everything is about the brand. The car. You see the logo here? The car. Another all car. Ah, lot of cars. Eso You see that in Ferrari in the Ferrari Easter room? They are taking very seriously the strategy off posting your products and service so you can think about that. You if you have 123 10 products both a few products that you have on. See how you out, how your audience react to that. Okay, that's number one number two images that inspire your customers. Okay, All these images If you love Ferrari, all these images will inspire you will create a feeling inside me that I am a customer, right? That I love Ferrari. Let's say I what in this forest, these video, these videos I will feel an emotional, positive emotion inside of me. Let me give you other examples. Here. Will have Nike right. People running people in competitions, people doing it. Just do it. That's Nike East phrase, right? You see, Blaine, 10 is winning. Let's see the winning here. What is the winning golfed? Um, questions. Here we are. We're running today. You see the apple watch with the running. So everything here is to inspire the customers right? Every image here here is the winner that I was looking for. The guy winning every image Here is an inspired images to inspire you to do it toe, to exercise, to buy on every image, half their products, right? So thats the goal. You are mixing a feeling that you are generating inside your customer with the E much off your product. That's amazing. That's powerful. Another example of that East Travelocity instagram. This website, probably you know, is a website where people buy vacation packages, t fly tickets and all that. So you see all the amazing places that you can visit on we Travelocity. This is an or ex simple, right? The next. The third option. Here, guys. The third strategy East toe pose something asking a question to your outings on. Let me show you how powerful this is. Let's go back to Nike here on Let's find the post for the upper watch. You see, here in this picture we have a question asking asking. Our were running today. This is for runners. If I put the mouse and top off this image, you see how many comments we have here. We have almost 7000 common 6008 195 comments on this image. Let's compare with the images around these posts to see how many comments they have on the specific ones. Okay, this one 2.7 k 1.93 point a 2.9, 3300 1,308,700 on this one with with the question the upper watch with a question there are were running today has almost 7000 comments. So what's what are we learning here? If you post something on Instagram asking your audience, they will reply to you, So that's wonderful. On what? Why, that's good because you are engaging with them. Eastern will see that people are engaging with your post, are commenting and liking and what you pose and that would that will help you to reach more and more people inside the platform. Inside instagram potential customers maybe don't know you yet, right? Eastern also suggest people specific pages specific posts. If they're not your follower yet, so asking questions, you see that it's a great way to do it Let's see another example here on the Travelocity page we have here. Ah, pose asking New Year's resolution in 2018. I will travel to dot the dot So basically, here they are opening the conversation for me, for you, for all the people that will see these Andi uneasily inviting you to think about. Where do you want to travel? Right? So it's a It's a great way to help your costumers to dream about your problem, because the program for these guys on the services are trouble. So they will sell you your dream that you are. You've seen how amazing this is on. Look, let's compare the comments. I didn't check this one. I hope these one also have more comments that the other ones let's see. Ah, 107 comments. The next one they want to the left is 13 comments. Four Comments. 16 26 1 common eight Comments 25 20 on this one with the question 107 comments. So that's outstanding. So remember, you can pose products and services for us both images and inspire your customer on both images that have a question. Create a conversation with you out. It's okay. Let's jump to the next one. Let's see both image or images with a call to action. Let me show you one of these. Let me close, son. Off these here here we have a live feed nous Another thing. They have a service which is a gym. There is ah, fitness academy. Right? So you go there. You see people exercising and all that on This is great. So let's see, I said I have another Another example for you call to action. Ok, excellent. So if we go to these Instagram page best vacations, you see that they have their service east to promote Onda rich people that the law traveling. So in this one, for example, we have cocoa node with a sound set and a couple people here just relaxing and having a great time. So if I click on this one, you see the text of the included attack who you will hand with California and this is the outer. So they are asking you to put the name of the eastern tack off the off The friends, family, anyone that you want to be with you here in this photo. So if you are one of these people, who is the other one? Who is the friend of family? That the person that you lost that you want with you on this for tag heard their name here ? So you see that people are commenting a lot on these. Almost 80 76,000 likes, right? This is amazing. On if I check other pictures from these guys, let's check these one, which is amazing. Here is another one, Tak who you will be with Happy birthday to our friend. Blah, blah, blah. So again, they are asking you there Asked asking the customers in all the post that they have to tack include the name off the person that they love, that they want to have this experience with. Okay, so this is another way that you can add a call to action toe your post. What else can you do? You can pose an e match. Would off your brother, for example, with Tex saying, Hey, uh, check the Lincoln, check the link of the description or visit my website and you enter They the there. What do website heat on the image. My case, for example Diego Davila dot com. I compose on image about social media marketing, which is my market on I can say Hey, new course about Eastern marketing. Check it, check it out on the Ebola villa dot com. I compose that right or common here. I can do contest, too. Corman Heat on this Imagine, and I will select 10 people that will win 100% free. My new course about instagram ATS, for example. So you can do call to actions to guys. This is very, very important. Let's see, another example is too Pozo. Let me give you one more before we move to the next one. This is Macy's Instagram. So you see these one, for example, 40% off. If I click here, you see how they are actually creating that scarcity. They are creating the promotion. The call to action, for example, 40% off your favorite handbags. Black Friday deals don't get better than these. Shop online is starting tomorrow, so this is call to action. Inviting their customers toe actually come here on by their product. Let's take this one here. Urban decay palate is 15% off friends family, plus 50% now through Monday, December 4, or while suppliers supplies last. Go, go, go! So what are they doing here? They are telling people about the promotion, and they are telling them about the amazing discounts that are available only until this date on there saying yes, go now because it will mean it will sell out. Right? So this is another way that you can use instagram another strategy for your products and services. Other things that you compose East. Your team, the team. The people are behind the scenes on your company. If I have a bakery, I can post the team that is working with me. I can pose things on the behind the scenes off my company, for example, while I and working on career on early in the morning on doing the bread, the fresh homemade breath for amazing families that live close by right. I can take pictures about that about the process off, creating my product and posted on Instagram. People love seeing that here is an example for for you from Kelly's Bake. She's saying we're so grateful for a Mason teen, Kelly steam right on everything. Everybody that works in a company is here, so this is another way to do it on the last ah suggestion for you the last thing that you can post. And it's not the last because there are no limits off the things you can post. The last item off Miley's for you is reviews. You can post customer reviews if you have reviews. If if you can get customers reviewing anyway for your business or for your products and services, you can post that here on Easter. From here is an example. You see the five star reviews here is another one for an, um, interiors. The sign you see the house is so beautiful now in quotes. So people are This is somebody something that a client said to this company right there. How is so beautiful now? So if I am looking for interior design, I read this and I would say, Wow, that's what I want. I want my house to be like, beautiful. What trust for my house. I need new things. I need new ideas. So this will inspire me to follow this company on. Maybe we can a client, right? So that's it, guys, I hope you like it It's a lot of information I know. Please take notes. Degn, Oaks and select the two favorites that you have under you. Commit to start implementing right now on your instagram marketing. So let's go through the least again that meat. Push this lease here. Okay, where we let's see, Here we are. So post photos, obedience off your products and services images. That's number one number two images that inspire your customers that generate that amazing feeling, the emotion inside off them. Number three. Ask questions to your followers. Pose the images. Remember the example of Nike A lot of comments when you post something asking something to your out its right number four Poor post images that have a call to action. Remember the best vacations with amazing places who attack somebody that you want to be here with you, for example, So they will start tagging friends on by tagging friends. Other people will come that are not in your audience will come and see that Amazing. Please write what else four off or your company off the behind the scenes for us off your employees off your team off the process off grading your products. Share with your audience. All the magic that happens every day on your company came on the last option. The last strategies to pose customer reviews. This is super powerful. If you have products or services. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what the product is. If you have customer reviews, that's very powerful because his social proof on people, if people see social proof they are, they are more compelled to buy your products and services. That's it. Select you off these storages that you like the most on the two off strategies that you are commit toe implement and to start toe. Keep that on your hat every time you create interim posed. Remember these two strategies from this list that you selected and try to apply every time that I I will tell you that will revolutionize your instagram on your basis, especially their relationship that you have with your customers, which is the most important thing. Okay, let's continue in the next video 19. Learning your Competitors Best Strategy!: the best way to stew No on toe. Be sure off what toe pose on Instagram is to see what working and how do we do that. We do that. But analyzing your competitors on I'll show you exactly I will give. I will give you at least off things that we can analyze in all your competitors to make sure we're picking up the best strategist runs that that are working for them on. We are using that on your business. How that times. That's great, right? Well, let's do it. Here is the least off the things that we are checking right now, and I will do a real example here for Diego's bakery, which is the basis we're using on these cars so fertile analyze their logo. The East Durham bio. If they are using emojis, if they have to call toe, actually, they have ah website there. Maybe they have a phone number or they are using hashtag or not, we're analyzing all these also were analyzing. How many followers do they have if they have a lot of followers? Maybe it's a good thing because we want to learn fourth from the top brands own year Meat, right? That's why one How many poles do they have? How often are they posting? What do they post? How many likes and comments Are they getting on a specific post? If we find one post that is performing way better than the other polls on the page, why is that what they did? Different? All that we're analyzing Are they using hashtags on their post on? Are they using call to action? Right. So this is the least that we're using on I one here. This is our new account. There goes bakery here. We have a description. Everything. We don't have any post yet. We're starting with these. So how do we find your competitors? You concert here for specific keywords on that case? Andan using the hash tax write The hashtag are very important. So use the hashtag on. Uncertain for your topic on this case will be bakery, bakery and you see all the hashtag with bakery so I can go here and I can see for us from a bakery and I can see who posted this. So this is ah, guys. You know pastry Chef Matthews. So this looks like this is a staff that makes pastries so I can follow this person or I can open the profile and see they have other for us. Yes, they do. They have amazing for us here. Wow. Um on analyzed these guy, Another way to do it is doing asserted without the hashtag just without their there this the pound, right? Just type in The keyword in this case will be bakery. And in this case, I won't be searching for hashtag I will be searching for users. So here we have, for example, Magnolia Bakery. Ah, bakery Black Blind Bakery Love baby boy bakery $5 bakery Sweet spot bakery. So I can open all these bakeries and see which ones are performing well. And which ones are actually my potential competitors? Let's say I already selected 123456 off them. Let's analyze each one of them very quick. So you understand how the process works. So let's see. First logo eastern by your followers and post. Okay, let's go back. Logo looks great. This is the logo. They are not using just a generic image. This is the actual logo on. Looks amazing. I will probably you see some text here at the bottom. I will probably assume a little bit more on the circle, so I will have a more clear image off the lower. But he's perfect. Ah, the user is great. Bakery, Bakery loaf. You see here the information about the bakery looks like this is in Napoli, Italy. That's great. They have the phone number. Whether they are using a modest here, they have an app for, ah, us and Android that you can download here. So they have the call to action. Everything is great. The post looks great. Great images. They're posting for us off the product. But you remember this. We talk about the backstage off your company. They are looks like they are doing some construction here, so they pose the picture for the audience. This is great. Yes. So let's see. What's the next, uh, number of posts? What either are they posting and how often? So let's go back here We click on the 1st 1 we see one day ago, the next 13 days ago, five days ago, five days ago, six days ago, 67 Okay, so you see that air almost posting every day. So this is the strategy from these guys. You can download the least that I will share with you in the resources IRA off piece, specific lecture on just fill out. If the specific items for each off your competitors So you have an idea of how often they're posting on all that, Let's see what's next. Are they using hash tax? Are they having any call to action on the post? Let's see. Let's open the 1st 1 Let's see here. This is an Italian. I don't see any hash stocks here, but I see a lot of comments they're using also emerges. That's great. Let's take the next one. Yes. Here we have hash Taxi bakery. L love Paul Media. No bakery love. These are hashtags for this company Reported for this company because this is the name off the company bakery E love. Right. So they basically are creating ah hashtag using their name on another world. For example, bakery loaf e Caserta, which probably wanted any off one of the products. Right. Um so you can do that for sure. Let's see. What else are they using? Any call to action? Let's see here called to actions I don't see any. They said it would be difficult because it's in Italian. Probably. You can find one off. You're on your own language. That will be easy to analyze, but I don't see any call to action here. They're asking a question. Here. Branch any CIA to eat two chairs? Sundries Say, I think I am not good at Italian, but I think they're talking about the branch on what do you think about this sandwich on your brand? So they're asking a question of people will reply here. Okay, so that's for the 1st 1 And we need to do that for all your competitors, so you'll select 3 to 5 competitors. We have an assignment after these lecture on these important guys, because is different. I mean, all the things that I am teaching you right here are good. The air strike is that war for most accounts. But if you have the specific things that are working for your topic for your kind of business, that super powerful and the only way you can get that is by doing this exercise, so next you'll find a Simon and police do it. Take it very seriously on. Analyze. 3 to 5 competitors. Right here. We have the 2nd 1 Magnolia Bakery, Low grade. They're not using a lower is just a image of the product. I mean, I will prefer to have the low here, but it's fine. Great for us. Off the product. Everything is the brothers here? They're just taking pictures off off their products, Which is great. Kate. Um, let's see the next one east five daughters Bakery 67 k followers, um, 1.3 k post. This is graced. These guys posting a lot or best route are made fresh daily from scratch. Always non GMO sourcing locally and organic. Nothing is sweeter than family. Wow, this is wonderful. Remember the lecture about the bio generating that feeling inside your customers heart? This is what these guys are trying to do here, right? They have. Ah hashtag here. Done it. Cam on. Let's see, this is the post. They're having 55 comments here 77 40 to 26 12 to So these one is not working very well as this one. For example, in these you have 55 comments on 2433 likes here on older photo that's supposed to have more have only 538. Likes to comments. So why is that? That's what you need to analyze for your business. OK, go here. Read the comments, see if they have the call to action are 2018 goals. And you see the old is an emoji off a Donald. So this is great on. People are posting their goals here. So that's why we have a lot of comments here. We have a picture off the front off the store. So you get the ideas here. Okay, let's go to the next one. Gray logo. Gray images. I love the picture on the lighting on these images. Very professional, These guys Very good. So we can analyze after that Every image. This is important. He's excellent. You see that? These guys are using emojis Almost all the post everything. Everything we do with a more. Just remember we talked about that in prior lectures. Yes, everything with a modest. So go there, analyze your competition, download the checklists. Follow that, see what, working for you out and see what's working for the topic. The niche for the top players on your IRA off business. Un apply the same strikes. That's it. You need to see who is waiting right now on eastern for your aria on you go figure out what they're doing. Right on. Do the same on after that. Do it better. That's a recipe. Okay. If you have any questions, let me know. Now we're ready to start. Their Simon Simon is important is where you are going on finding these competitors and analyzing and getting all this amazing data. These amazing strategies that you can implement on your business. Let's do that right now. 20. Assignment #3 - Learning your Competitors Strategy: Hey, guys, welcome to this assignment on excited and happy to see you here. Now is time to take action on. I love that. Because us, you know, take taking action is the only way that we can get the results that you want for your business. My goal here as instructor is one goal is that you get really results. That's it. If you are getting rare assaults on a happy instructor and to do that, we need to do all the assignments. So let's talk about this one and this is an easy one. Is fun on is one of the most important assignment off the scores. So to complete this assignment, you will find your competitors on Instagram number one, number two. When you find 3 to 5, competitors will analyze all the ideas that we talk about in the last videos. Okay? Analyzed all these see who are a strategist. They are using what's working for them on right down on the least download the least that is here on the resources area on on this lecture on our So in the last lecture, I put it in both place so you don't miss it on bring that out and just feel with the information that you are getting OK. After that, In the next section heat of the Simon Ira, I will ask you to share with me two things. First, your Instagram link share that just based the links just right. Time down. This is my instagram. Put the linger second thing Share 3 to 5 links from your competitors. Okay. Say, hey, these are my competitors here or the 3 to 5 links with. By doing that, you are sharing this information with the community. We have very smart and entrepreneurs here in the community that will be ableto give you feed that positive feedback on maybe help you toe Fine. What? Working for these competitors? Maybe Sometimes when we have too many things going on, we can meet one or another important strategy that the community can help you to see. So do that. Find the competitors in the next section, share with the community. And with me, the link to your Easter Graham on the link to your competitors. It's a rampage. Okay, After that, we are ready to move forward. Let me check here while we have a mason. Things coming up. Wow. I think you'll love it. I won't tell you anything more about it. Let's concentrate now on the Simon on. We can continue after that. Let's do it. 21. Module Intro: Instagram Posting Genius: Yes, Here we are in this new model call the Eastern Posting Genius both destroyed is for Instagram that you can start using. Right now we'll talk about what's the best time to post on Instagram, not only for for general people, but for you, for your business. When is when your customers are more active? When is the best time on days to pose on Easter, Um will develop a posting schedule. Very, very important. Guys will talk about how to pose for a new computer. I'll show you will share with you to software that I am using frequently to on. I recommend my clients on my students that you can use right now to start a scheduling your trump. Oh, so you can seethe one day and schedule the whole month for Easter imposed. So you you don't need to go back every day. Andi, think about that. You do it once in a batch and you forget about it and that will get get you Amazing results were talking about these on these model. We are talking about also uploading photos and videos to Eastern and what's the best way to do it? The hashtag the power of hashtag on why hashtag are very important right now On at the end , I'll share with you the top four websites that I use toe download unlimited royalty free images. That means that you can go to this website down low professional photos and images that looks outstanding, looks amazing. And use it on your instagram on your Facebook on your e book on your website or anywhere that you want and you can even use it commercially. Okay, All that is coming to this model. I hope you're excited. Let's jump to the first lecture right now. 22. Best Times to Post on Instagram: Hey, guys, working to this video now we're rates. Talk about the best day to post on Eastern. How do you know what the best day for engagement on for posting two different things Engagement, being likes and comments on your on your post on the best day to pose as general is another style I will share with you before I shared the data with you, Let me tell you, we have a lot of companies analyzing interim bait, and they are not having the same result because the data is very similar. The numbers are very close to each other in one or other day when we talk about best day to post or bay or day with most engagement on the platform. So I will show you the data right now. But after that, in the next lecture in the next lectures, I will show you how you can figure out what's it is the best day to pose for you, right? Because that's important thing. You're out. This is different than my audience, and you need to have you have a unique characteristic off people that are following your instagram on. You need to figure out we will do it together. We'll figure out what's the best day on the best content for your out. So let's go to the studies here, and we have data for a later green. This turning off the off the company that analyzed these on they calculated the best engagement. Best days? No, actually, the days with the best engagement on Eastern. What's that? Best engagement on the serum means the best day, the day the people are liking more for us on, the people are commenting most right on the best. One is once they followed by Thursday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday being the worst day for engagement. Okay, you see that the numbers are very close to each other. The best days, 4.9 in the ranking on the worst day Monday is 4.4. This is close. So what? I want to tell you what that is that every day is actually a good day to post. Especially when we figured out what's best for your audience. Right. The next data. I want to show you a spice. The company called simply measure. What is the name on? This is our on article for at espresso is a great block from for social media marketing. On they they conclude that the best day to post on instagram Our Monday you see here best day to post on the second. Best day is Thursday to post on Eastern the worst day being Sunday on their analysis on their investigation. And this is good to know I will share these data with you. These two articles with you here on the resources area off this lecture, I invite you to come here, rate all these. This is very interesting. You will learn a lot of good stuff here on. After that. You will know what to. Though you'll have an idea of what's working on these companies opinion. Right on in the next lectures in the rest electors off this course, you will have the capacity and you'll have the skill to figure out what's the best day for your artist. Okay, let's move forward with the course right now. 23. Developing a Posting Schedule for Instagram: Okay, Now that we know the best days to post on Instagram, we need to develop posting schedule for you, For your company. A custom posting schedule that works for you, for your out. Its That's what we want. Because whether we saw in the studies may be true for most people, but maybe not true for you. And we want to make sure that all the energy that time on the money that you are investing here on Instagram it's worth it. We want to make sure that every step you take, I have the right steps. And how do we do that? What in this in this video, all the develop your posting scale. Okay? The main thing here, guys. The main secret. And I need to be totally honest with you because I want you to succeed. The main secret here is Toby. Consistent. That's it. You need to be consistent. That means you will create a posting schedule. And you need to commit to that. You need to go there every day that it's a posting they on Do the posting go. It's mean best. 5 10 Half an hour, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Whatever time takes you on create that post post for your followers. In the beginning, it's normal you won't have too many likes if you are, especially if you're starting on instrument, you will have 123 likes, but the thing will start growing. That's the That's the goal. That's the plan. And it's a proof from we did that with a lot of clients on. We saw a lot of studies from these companies that I mentioned on. They also proved that this is the right way to do it. So how do we do? How often do you need to post? You need to post at least once a week the average company. So you understand how things are going, the average companies boasting 1.5 times a day on instagram. So that means that one day, their posting toe to post the other day there person one, maybe the other. They chew the other. They they don't post but to have any the ice they're posting, at least daily 1.5 times a day. What do we learn with that? We can use that for your company as a starting point, so my suggestion for you is that you go ahead and post every day for a month. Very post is not too much. Maybe it is. But that's what we need to do in orderto have bigger chances off success, right? So let's do these war plan a 30 day post scheduled for you. That's just a test. You are not posting 30 days for every day off the year or every day forever we are doing. You were just doing a test for 30 days. Why, that's important. That's important for one reason, because we don't know exactly what's best for your out is. We don't know when your audience is more active. When your audience is engaging Moore's most with your posts with your videos, your photos on Easter right? Or with your instagram stories will talk about that later on the course or with your Eastern life. When you life on Instagram, we'll talk about that also. So how do we figure it that our how do we know what worked for your audience? We will do the 30 day post challenge, right? We'll post once a day for 30 days on after the month you will sit down, analyze all the data you have on you will look for patterns like, for example, ok, unseen here That for some reason Wednesday at the day that I have more likes and you see and see if that repeats in week over week. So you have a father. So that means that Wednesday is a good day for to pose for your audience. Okay, so you get the idea today the ice to invest your time right now and do testing. That's the only way we will do. I cannot tell you. Okay? Just go ahead and post our Monday and Friday and you will be successful is not true because your audience is unique. Its unique is different than my outings under air. Anyone's out. Okay. One other way to do it is analyzing your competitors. We did that earlier in the course. We went to the instagram page. We analyze how often they pose which days they pose Hominy life. They have all these great data, right? But now we're ready for the second test, which is the 30 day challenge. So you're just now east toe. Prepare on your mind. You don't need to have the 30 post ready, right? now just have it on your mind. Remember the least we did in prior videos. If you are taking the course in order, you remember the with it, at least with an exercise in one of the assignments with it. Four. Lease leased off your products licks off the benefit that your prophecies bring to customer at least off the end resource that your customers having leased off the different ways people use your product right with it. Four least you can go to that least get inspired later. Here in this mobile. Let's see yes, later here in this model, I will share with you through 3 to 4 top websites that you can go on access royalty free images, images that are 100% free, professional, great quality images that you can use even commercially so you can put that much on your e book or on your Facebook page on your Eastern you can use on. There are millions of images gray images that you can use for your Eastern Post that will inspire your followers if you so you So you don't need toe be over one for these 30 day challenge because if you want me to go out and take pictures every day or take 30 60 100 pictures to use in your challenge. That will be a little bit over one in the beginning. So I will give you the tours later here in this model. Um, so you will have access to this website. They are totally free. You don't need to pay their no subscription or anything like that. You just go ahead and download everything you want. What else? Let's see the schedule later. He don't look on this model toe. I will share with you. Because when we when we have, when we have the right schedule for you, let's say for your outings after the 30 day tests, we know that he's best to post on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, for example. Okay, so we have the three days. So after that, you can say, OK, I don't I don't need to post every day. I will post just three days, three times a week, right? Three parts, three posts a week. That's it. Okay. So 12 Paul post every month. That's easy to go. Right on. I will show you layer how you can schedule that So you get sit down the first day of the month and you can schedule like a Knauer of war or two hours off work. And I will show you how to schedule the post from your computer. That the native, it's a room up doesn't allow us to schedule post. Okay, Is no allow officially by Easter Graham. But there are a lot of companies that allow us to do that. So I will share my two favorites here on this model. So you can you can just sit on your computer scheduled two hours off time, sit down on schedule. All the deposed for the month, right? So you Then after that, you forget about it. You just schedule once and forget about it. And your instagram keeps growing automatically because you see that one time you do a batch job and just move forward, right? That's it. I hope you're excited. And remember one thing that I want you to remember for these specific elector guys is the secret to the success off on instagram which is only one is be consistent. That's it. You need to be consistent off course You need toe analyst. They analyzed the data. See what you're out. It's like likes. See what the best day to post See what they are engaging with which content they are engaging with. But if you are consistent, you will grow your audience and you will start monetizing all these platform the interim platform to grow your business and get more followers. Okay, let's move to a next video where we'll talk about the post in schedule C there. 24. Posting and Scheduling post from your Computer: Hey guys, walk into this video. Happy to see you here. In this video, I will share with you two off my favorite tools that I use it to a scandal post for instagram. Usually how you do it is you use your phone on you open the app and when you are ready to post, you go there and post. The problem is that sometimes when you are working in a great it's ceramist rieti, you need to be posting frequently. So you will be always depending on your phone thinking about it. See if it worry about the time off posting and all that. So with these two tools, you will sit down once a month. That's what I do. At least on you. Schedule the post. All these are impose for the month, right, So 30 30 boats or depending on how much? How many posts are you posting every day on The good thing is that these will This is also valid for Facebook. Facebook group, Facebook pages on for Twitter. So if you have any of these channel, this will be also this will also be very interested for you. So he only two toes Let's go now to deal with the villa dot com slash east a Gram Tools is Diego Davila dot com slash easter um, tools. And here I have a block post where I shared the two tools that I use for post scheduling. So the 1st 1 is called Promo Republic. Probably you are already familiar with this disease are very popular. Tool on the 2nd 1 is new, but I like it better. I'll tell you why is called groom a G R U M. So here are the links that you can visit any of thes. Let's go to the 1st 1 which is former primary public. I will show you very quick how the tools work on how you can use it on your business. So from a republic, this is the home page. Basically here they promise very to publish content. They they have templates that you can just use. You can modify it if you want. Or if you are happy with the temple you can just supposed to destroy to your social media Facebook, YouTube, Facebook, Easter, Roman tweeter. Um, so here we have the content, you can add it. I will show you all these in one minute. So here the tool they have, they have opposed ideas. Library So 6000 templates, events calendar interested for a stock so you can use the for royalty free for us, you can add it. The forest on the post you can schedule. This is the one that we like here on these course. Right, That's cabling Optimal timing tool. They will give you statistics showing you how your ordinances reacting. And they will give you the right time to post user collaboration and promised content on the next one. Ease groom, Let's open this one. So I'll show you. This is a Morse. A newest is very simple website, but works very, very well. Let's see is groom dot c o boast on Eastern right from your computer. No annoying reminder spoke identifications. You schedule the post on you hand, we handle the rest. So what's the main difference here? The main difference is that with Perama Republic yuk scandal The Post for instagram You also need to download the prom a republic up on your form on when the time comes for the post Toby posted you will receive a notification from former prom republic on your phone on , You need to click and you need to accept. After that, the post will be the post will be life on Instagram in the other hand with graham dot c o this tool here you scandal the post and you forget about it. You don't need toe, you won't receive reminders. You don't need to do anything special. Basically, they will handle the rest as they are promising. Here, let me show you the insight off off these platforms. So here we haven't Perama Republic. The price for these one guys, I think they have a free plan. Um, I'm not sure about it. I know that their basic promise $9 a month, but it is worth it. You'll love it, especially because I mean, you are investing this money toe to use these tools and to be able to schedule and save time. So for me personally, it's priceless. The feeling off, Just sitting one time a month, schedule everything on forget about it, you know, and I know that I am not abandon in my audience. My out is is receiving constant post on Facebook. Tweeter on also instagram. Okay, so here we have both ideas. Upcoming events. So you have your winter impart a woman in poverty and you see that they have, like polls with Tex everything optimized for the social media link teen, for example. They have linked in posts without a goal. You can score the only you get only one first impression make a unique brand blah, blah, blah quotes. If you like to pose quote for your audience, their coats already All you need to do is just click and share Tweeter Also the second here is the editor So you can come here. Let's say I like this one here. So is open and I can change any of thes Aiken high. Oh, our blah, blah blah. You know, you can remove these tax If you don't lie, you can change the colors. You can add new thinks Let's see e ideas. You have the backgrounds object tax my ideas and up low you can upload files to if you want it, See objects here we concert for icons. Um, these one, for example, the Twitter icon. You can put it here, so basically you get the idea. This is the editor from Promo Republic. Let me cancel these calendar Here. You will see all your channels on the left and you see the calendar with all the posting. Okay, Statistics. How many people view on you? See here my content Upcoming events on the statistic. How many people are clicking, engaging with your content the next? So let's do that. The posting. Let's go here. That's fine. One. Um, let's see here, East program. So we have all these. Let's use they Let's do a test with this one. I miss latte. So you select the channel where you want to post. In this case, let's like Instagram. I can select also my Facebook page if I want or my Facebook group right on here we have already all the hash tax you can add. You can modify. You can do us a super for on you can click on schedule, publish or add to Q or you can even download this image. Of course, you can edit this image if you want. I click on Add it here. Maken, uh, I can edit okay tonight we can use and you see that the new ive the new version is available for me here. So if I click schedule here, I select when I want to pose these the time and I click on schedule. That's it. So now you see here confirmed that the posts on the Oroville Okay. Excellent. So I can click on viewing calendar and I see on my calendar on that day This is ready to go . So when they When this day comes on, this time comes I will receive a notification on my phone and I need to manually approve. That's how promo Republic works is great. Still works very fine. Very well. They have all these tools. Let me show you now the groom. So here we are in groom. I already logged in on here. All you need to do you'll you link your account with groom first Once you link account, that's it. You forget about it. You have to menus Here you have the time line under schedule. In the schedule you will see all the polls that you have a scale. Let's go to a timeline. I can add new media here. Let me down Low one from pixels. I will By the way, I will share with you in the next videos here on these cars the top websites, my favorite websites too to download. Amazing for us royalty free for is that you can use even commercially came. So let's go back to groom. So like here let's choose the photo. Here we are. Let's use this for here. Excellent. I can change. He I can rece ice and I can add the information. So let's see these. These are test and I can post now or I can scale. Of course, you have their margins here all the modest available. You can choose us you prefer So let's click on a schedule. A nice select Wendell I want to scale Oh, let's schedule for the 17 at 10. 57 am Click on safe is saving all information on that's it. Now if I go to schedule you see we have a number one here. So we have one polls ready Togo for instagram. So when the time comes here So you see General 17 2018 10:57 a.m. These posts will be life on my instagram account and what I like about group he said you forget about it. You need you don't need to approve it on your phone. You need these? That you just working on other, more important things. These are the two tools I use. Guys, remember that to go to the old avila dot com slash instagram tools to get the links. Or you can go straight to these to these websites on. Create your account and I'm sure you will love it. Okay. See you in the next video. 25. Uploading Photos and Videos to Instagram: In this video, we will learn how to post on Easter Graham. So if you already know how to do it, feel free to jump to the next lecture. But if you don't, let's do these Rhino. I'll show you how I do it on my show you all my strategies. So he wearing the brand new account we created on these cars on at the bottom, in the centre, off the screen we have the plast signs. So if we click on plus here, we can select the photo that we want to use for your post or video to Right. So here we have at the bottom again, we have a menu with three items. We have library photo so I can take a photo off this moment I can make a video off this moment, or I can pick up a fall off from my library pictures that I already on my phone. So here we have some pictures about the baker. Remember that we have Diego's bakery on this example. This looks great on. Remember all the things that we learn about what to post how to told your your audience. Hard house, great at emotional feeling inside your audience on all that. So let's use this one. When you select the far that you want, you can also select multiple by clicking on select multiple. When you have the right picture, you can sue name. So now that you are happy with these, you click on next at the top right hand side. And now we have some filters layering the course I will share with you my three favorite filters for business. Okay, my opinion. These three filters are the ones that are that that makes the for a looks more professional . That's coming later on the course. You can, of course, click on edit here to edit that. Just the photo, just a brine nest. The contrast on destructor I will click on next. Let's see here at the top And now we're ready to write a capture. Here is where you write a description off the post. Okay, you can write anything that you want remember to use, and Margie's remember to use hashtag is we talk about all these here in the course and actually in the next lecture here will be talking a little bit more about hashtag and how you can use on Why so powerful? How you can use it effectively. Okay, let's adhere. Delicious bread every morning, A very morning. Let's at some bread emerges here. We have just these one. Okay, click. OK, you can tack people. If you want, you can add location. Location is important to add sometimes big, especially if you have the location of your business on instagram. So if they if you have that register, you can take your business here or if you are in specific city. If you are traveling and you want to. Let's say you are traveling on Berlin and you want your outings to know that you are there . You can post that on another big thing about audiences that people concert on Instagram for the location. So if I do a checking in Miami International Airport, for example, Andi, I go on the syringe. I look for the post from that location. I will see my post there, so that's another way to be discoverable on Easter Room so you can add location. And at the border we have the other social media platforms. Remember, the will link your your your instagram account with your your Facebook page. Remember that we did that when we create the count in the beginning, off the course. What? Here is the page. I can just turn this arm on. By doing that, I will be posting these be specific post not only on Easter Graham, but also on my Facebook page that its life for right now that's amazing. It's a good way toe multi tasks to depose on the same place, the same content in different places, the same content without doing the work. You can also link with Twitter or from on. In this case, I will be sable. These actually, let's leave it. The naval on click on sheriff. Okay, it's posting, as you see and that's it. That's how easy it is to pose on Eastern. Later you see at the bottom of the picture the photo. We have insights. So we'll be able to see how many people like how many people visit these, the gender. Where are they from? All information about your outings. We have the promote bottom two. We will talk about that later in the course. I think you will love this model on below that we have the description. Delicious bread every morning. So this is how we post on If we go to the account, uh, home page, you see all information and you see the first post that we have, which is this great photo? This is how we posed on Instagram. I hope you like it in the next video, we'll start Start talking about hashtag and how you can use hashtag teau x sky rock. Your results See there. 26. The Power of Hashtags + Instagram Search: Okay, let's talk about Hashtags and why this is important. How you can use hashtag starting today on your business to create a conversation with your out. Its we can use has tax for two specific reasons for to accomplish two things. First, that most people use hashtags on Lee to describe. Afford to describe opposed. Let's open one example here from Travelocity and we see that they added a good number off. Hashtag is here on the post, so basically people can find these posts by searching these hashtag. So if I go to Instagram and I can let's see one off then who asked, for example, Ocean love. I can click on this one or I can go to Instagram on type Harsh stack Ocean Love. If I click on here, let's see what happened. Easter Miss opening all the post all the pictures that used these hashtag right on the past . So all these pictures here are using the hashtag ocean love that See that's open this one, for example Let's find it here. Here it is ocean love. So one of the reasons the first reason that we use plastic is to describe for us on Toby Discoverable. So by adding these, you are attracting people that are not your followers on Instagram that may be looking for some specific subjects. A lot of people, lots of user Every day they come here and they type hashtag unlaced. They search for something. Let's start for Florida, for example. Let's say I you will go to Florida on vacation. So I want to see pictures on Let's say that I, uh let's see here. Let's say that I lost this one here. So I click on this photo on. I see that these was supposed but only in Florida. That's any off account. They used the hashtag so I can click here and I can see more pictures from these company from this only only in Florida. 11 K followers. I'm If I like what I have seen and I like it, I will click and follow. So they gain a new follower just by the hashtag. I discovered this company and showing you in the practice How Think how this works. I discovered this company only in Florida. They use their only in Florida because they used the hashtag ocean love. Okay, so that's how you can use. Let me unfollowed these. That's how you can use also hash that you need to think about. What are the key words? What are the hashtag that you can use for your audience that would describe your Prada, your services or the things that you are posting right? If you are. If you have a personal account, what will describe what you are posting what you want. We describe what your account is about. That's the main thing. There are some hashtag that you want to using most of your post hashtag that will attract new followers that tell people about your account. So if I will great. If I have a bakery, probably I will use the Hashtag bakery in most of my posts. Because if somebody some client that doesn't know that that is not my client yet some people, some person that is looking for my product and services, they may come to instagram and search for a specific keyword. That's the number one reason we use keywords. The second reason we use keywords. Let me open Nikes. Eastern Page here is to create a conversation, Okay, And this is the powerful one. Guys, I love this one so you can create a hashtag for your business, right? So I am the available I can just go ahead and taped to my followers. Hey guys, go to Instagram Post Something on used the hashtag theater of Avila for example. Really gonna be lower or Diego course or marketing by Diego hashtag marketing by Diego or something like that or Diego in your enemy I can create any hashtag and you actually don't need to create I apologize if you are experienced Instructor is Instagram User You already know these but there are people here on the course that don't know that So let me tell you don't need to create they they there is not a place where you go and create new hashtag All you do is create opposed using that hashtag on starting from that moment you can go here and search for that hashtag and you will see all the posts off people that they used the same hashtag Let me give you an example here on Nike. Let's see these guy this photo here, for example You see here we have a hashtag hashtag t c N s New York marital So this is a hashtag for the New York marital look like Let me open in a new tab here and take a look so we can make be sure of that. Yes. You see here all the pictures from the marathon Excellent. So this is a hashtag that probably somebody created. Somebody said, Hey, guys, let's create a hashtag and use this hashtag when we're posting about this event. If you are doing if you are going to ah, wedding ceremony, for example, a wedding party you can you guys can do, for example, John on Laura 2018 or Jonan Laura party hashtag journal or a pirate party, for example. So everybody you can say to your your your guess? Hey, guys, take pictures off the party posted on Instagram and use this hashtag Jonah Laura 2018 for example. So everybody they used that you can go here on search so you can start a conversation. Let me show you a powerful one. This is by Nike. This is Rafael Nadal. When he wants one of the championships on. Look at this one here. This is Nike. This is powerful because it's just Nike's just do it. That's the highest on when I read. Just do it. I know that's Nikes phrase and you see, just do it and you see the winner image off Rafael level In that moment, they captured that photo in the winning moment when he's full of energy and uncertainty on that is actually are also creating a feeling in your customer in Nike's customer. Because I see the guy winning. I see the picture. I see the energy on. I see just do it. I mean, you know what I mean? Right So you can use the hashtag to create a conversation about your business. If you have a podcast, I have a friend have a podcast on Every time he released it. A new episode he opens the conversation on say, Hey, I see if you have a question. If you want to post something about these episodes used the hashtag the podcast name 001 for example. So if I go to Instagram or even Twitter into their works, the same on you served for that specific hashtag, you will see all the comments, all the post all the forest that people post using the hashtag I hope that this makes sense on now for you. Before we move to the next video, I want to ask you to think how you'll use the hashtag. Remember that it's not enough just to what? And learn These probably you already knew these, but maybe you are not using the hashtag in a proper way. So think about two things First, which are the hashtag, which are the key words and the hashtag so you'll use for your business when you are posting, which are they hashtag that you will use constantly on your post that will help your your your future clients. Do your friends to discover your instagram account. That's number one. Think about you 34 works. Maybe if you have one word that's also a winner, use that and move to the second step, which is Think about how you can use the hashtag to create a conversation with your audience and not only on Instagram. You can do it any sort of arson. Tweeter, especially on Twitter today, is very powerful with hashtag stew. So think about how you can use the Castaic to create that conversation. You know what I mean. I for example, can can tell you guys now. Okay. Uh, East around by Diego Hashtag Instagram by Diego Go here and posed these So I will start initiating. I will initiate a conversation with you about the specific subject about interim marketing . For example, before we move forward with the video, let me show you here on my phone how people can follow a specific hashtag and this is making hashtag even more powerful. If I go to search here on I search for Let's see here Hashtag here we are on Let's say travel came so to hundreds on 47 million post With this one on the phone you can follow these has so I can click or you see the follow button I can click on follow here on. By doing that I will be following the hashtag So everybody every company, every person, every user on Instagram that post using these heart attack that I am following on because I follow that Every time I go to my timeline, I will see the post that are using the specific help Hashtag So that's another powerful way to put your content in front off the people that are looking for your key work. Okay, let's move to the next video and I hope to see there 27. Adding Hashtags to your Instagram Posts: Okay, guys, in this video, I'll show you how you can add your hashtag stew Your interim post if you know how to do that. Police had jumped to the next video on Will continue with the course. Okay, let's do it very, very fast. You see how easy it is? Here we are on the main account. Let's at a new but for, um, you click on the class I can hear on the bottom. Let's select another four. Let's select this one here, click on next. Choose the fact they're filter. If you want. Click on next, aunt Here on the captain On the description you can write your description like we are making making it for on scratch Okay on you can at here hashtag and you see that because I search for travel on marketing Instagram give me the suggestions, but I can at any hashtag late bakery you see here and you half we have more than six million posts with the hashtag bakery. So let's select that one and I can't Atmore hashtag so if you want, if I want So let's say breadth. So we have a milion both with bread and I can add home, mate Homemade. We have 45 million posts. Okay, that's it. Click OK on click. Unsure. Let's see, It's posting for us. Wonderful! Here we have Here is the specific post that we created on you See, here we are making it from scratch Hashtag bakery hashtag Breck and hash that home may If I click on any of thes hashtag you see that the app is already certain for all the images that have this same hashtag That's how we post on Instagram using hashtag See you in the next video. 28. Getting Free Unlimited and Professional Images to post on Instagram: well in this course will talk about free royalty free images, how you can get the images and where you can get the images and we will talk a little bit about the license so you can have peace of mind when you use these images on your project on your website or anywhere online, we're unit images. Okay, so the first website we are looking today is call unspool ash dot com on this website east . Great. They have great high quality images on is totally free so you can download the high resolution photos on. You can use it for whatever you want. Also, they have a subscribe option so you can click here and subscribe on. You will receive 10 photos every 10 day. So basically, these website works. People send photographers and people that love taking pictures. They send all the pictures to these guys to the UN splash dot com team and they publish here for free nobody hours money. Here. They're just helping you to have amazing pictures on your side. So if you want to describe you, click unsubscribe here on enter your information. So basically you will receive on your inbox. 10 for us every every 10 days. So that's great. You can have You can download the photos and you can have an online library. You can put store all the forest on your hard drive on. Use whatever you want, you know. So if we click here on, do whatever you want, you see the license. The license is saying that all the forests on our publishing unspool Ashar, lies and under the creative Commons zero, which means that you can copy, modify this tree with and use of force for free, including for commercial purposes without asking permission, or prevent providing attributions with a total for or in spots. So that's why we want, you know, sometimes people spend I spend hours and hours on the Internet looking for pictures when I need to use for my website, and this is a great solution. So you see all the pictures here. Basically, what you can do is you can have for these are the Victor Victor Pictures. You can go a new to see the new ones on also collection. They have a great collection of foreigners. The penny off day off every single category. You can load more here on also, you can use the search box. Let's say I want pictures with laptops, so I type laptop and here I see all the pictures will laptop. And when I when I find one that I like Let's just want here let's say Well, like this one, we just click on it on you Click on download. So by doing that, did you see that the browser open a new tab. And in here you click on the image to expand its high quality image, right? Click and save ass so you can save us with the name that you that you like. Let's say your laptop. And now the picture is here on my desktop so I can open, and I can use these for wherever I want. So this is the first option. Guys, let's see if there is anything else that I need to show you here. So I invite you. I invite you to look for, use the search option here and look for the picture you want. You can choose the view that you want Here we have three columns off pictures is faster and easier to find. The one that you like or you can years the first option here, which is showing one picture at the time so you can see the patron a bigger size. But do you see that takes more time to find the picture you want? But that's up to you, so this is the first option. The second option is called Pixels Pack cells dot com On Deasy's Great I work. I use a lot off technology pictures or laptops, networks, cables, stuff like that on these webs. I have a lot of these pictures, and I love it. So, basically, is the same. The same functionality. Let's take a look on the license first, so we click on license here and you can read the whole agreement. But the main point here is that all the pictures are under the Creative Commons zero license. This means that picture are completely free to use for any legal purposes. The pictures freeport for personal and even commercial use. You can more than five copy the street with the photos, all without asking permission or setting the link to a source. So that's why that's great. No attributions require okay on. You can feel free to read the whole license before you use the pictures just to be safe on here. How they use the website is similar. Toe on splash. You have the search box here on also you can see here the popular searches. So you see Summer, Beezus, Abstract sunset art on all these options. So let's take a look on nature, for example. So in nature we have great pictures off off landscapes, nature, animals. So you can use all these for your website. Imagine how Look how greater Waas your website will look with these pictures You have unlimited pictures here and you can download for free. So this is one option. Let's take a look again on the laptop option Some pictures you will find in all the websites. For example this picture here who s on splash dot com to so but that's that's fine. You can just go here. I'm fine. The picture you want for your business for your project. So this is back sauce. You can also Ablow picture. So I invite you if you are a photographer or you If you have great pictures to share with the world on, you want to do it for free you and you want to contribute with these guys. All you need to do is go to upload on. You can become part off pixels. Basically, they explain. You hear how it works, They have a challenge. You see here the wieners off the challenge of November 2015 on. It's great, I think if you are using the pictures, if you're using the photos on pixel or any other website that we're talking here, I recommend you off course toe, contribute with them the next option. Ease snapped. Stocks nap. Io Okay. Stocks, not I. Oh, this is the website. Same. Same thing. You can search here, search for the Forest year. But first, let's take a look on the copyright restriction. Okay, just to make sure we're safe. So I click here on free from copyright restrictions on its opening. So basically, cco license all for us in stuxnet full under the creative common C c O licence. That means that you can copy, modify, distribute any forest on this website even commercially, even for commercial purpose, all without asking permission. So basically we have the same license for all the three website that we investigate until now on. What you need to do here is check out the full license just to make sure you agree with all before you use any pictures. So here you can search or you can go down. Look for the picture you want on What I like here is these at the top where you have the search option on you can sort the forest by date. Trending views. Download off favorites. I like these because sometimes trending is cute for a year to find the best picture. That picture there are There are trend in right now. The penny off, what you search for. OK, so these are Let's take a look on a laptop again laptop So is no certainty is sort for by relevance but let's sort but by trending So this is the trend in the results for laptop on basically here all you need to do is click on the picture you like. You can see here the photographer, the view click. You have the photographer profile. You have the dimensions of the picture size. The date added on some tax. So basically you can say you can search said this as a favorite. So you can download later. Sometimes you are looking for picture and you find pictures, or you will like to download later so you can add us favorite. But if you want to download, all you need to do is click on download. High resolution on the download starts automatically, so that's it. Very simple. If I click here, I'll open the picture. That's it. You can modify. You can attacks here or useful wherever you want. On the last option here. Ease big sabei dot com, and this is a very famous website. They have free images and video that you can use anywhere a game. Here. All images are under this creative con CC or cc zero. Okay, that you can download, motive, modify and distribute even for commercial applications. North Division requires always a recommended to quicken Larmore and read the whole license just to be safe. Okay, so here you have photos, illustration, vector graphics or videos. Sigalert on the far is because we're focusing seen here on images. But of course, if you need videos for your websites, royalty for Devious, you can also click on videos here or instructional graphics. So let's say well, like these blueberry for here, So click on the blueberry and in here again. You can read the cco public domain free for commercial use, nor tradition. Require something I always recommended to check these because I found in these website picks. Obey some pictures that are not allow for commercial use just for free use. So always unpick survey. When you can take a picture, take a look here on the right and just confirmed that is free for commercial use and have no attribution require again to download these. All you need to do is click on from free download and here you have options so you can download small size median, large or original. You see the original is huge. It's almost 1000 by 5000 and it has 18 megabytes. So it's a great high resolution picture that you can use for everything that you want. Here you have related images. So this is good because if you are looking for blueberry for us, you confined here or there related images. For example, this is a great blueberry forum on. This is also a great forum. So you you have these options on Big Subait when you say the size when each is the size you want? Remember, if you are using your Web site in Warren, a war press website, for example, I don't recommend you toe down a very big image because the website will be slow and the the page with low slower, depending on the speed of the connection off the visitor. But that's fine. That's your decision. So I'll download the small size. All I need to do is click on down low here and that's it. Sometimes when you clean doll Oh, it will ask you to enter some characters here to make sure you're you're a human and you are not a computer leads downloading the the images in high quantity. Okay, so all these websites you can use for free I hope you like this option. I hope this website help you and save you time because the most important things saving saving time here. I spent hours and hours on the Internet and I I think YouTube looking for the perfect image and now you have four websites that are great tools to help you on your daily work. 29. Assignment #4 - Posting Optimized Content to Instagram: Hey, guys, work into this assignment. Happy to see you here. Now, this is an easy assignment. All you need to do is to get your phone open the instagram app and posed something there any photo or video that you have for your business or for your personal use off course. You suppose that using the techniques that Euler on this model remember that the best way to learn is when we put the things that wheeler into practice take action and what Wheeler , That's the best way toe record that in her brain, you know, we're learning and we're taking action, and that will also generate the results that we want. So post something on Inter instagram on in the next section here on the assignments area police share with me and with a community that leading to your INSTAGRAM account so we can take a look on your sharing that remember, with thousands of people that are part of our community, and maybe that will help you to gain more followers from or community. I hope to see you to see your Isa Graham there in the next section. And after that, we move forward in the course, either 30. Module Intro: Connecting Instagram with your Facebook Page: Hey, guys, I hope you are liking the course. I'm happy to see you here. Have unhappy to see that you are advancing in the course. That's amazing. You are learning great stuff here in this model specifically will talk about how to integrate, how to connect your instagram account with your Facebook page So you will have all the insulin power owning serum. That's amazing About also, you will laying your page with your instagram. So everyone that, like your page on Facebook or everyone that finds you on Facebook will see all your Facebook constant off course but also will see on the Facebook page everything you have on interim. They can even like your pictures and videos on they can follow you on instagram for on the Facebook page. This is one way, and it's very easy is free on. You can implement these in in five minutes. Okay, let's do that right now. 31. Connecting your Instagram with your Facebook Business Page: in this video war. Link your Facebook page with your Easter room. In that way, all the people, all your followers, your hours that is already on Facebook. They will have access here on the left menu to your Easter Graham account. Basically, they can click on one link on within Facebook. They will see all your post, your comments, the comments they can, like oppose. They can follow you on Instagram is they don't if they don't follow yet on this is also a great way to cross promote your instagram account. So everybody, there is some Facebook on your Facebook page that is like in your page will be able tow also follow you on Instagram. That's amazing. So let's do that right now. I'll show you how to do it. 100% free. Here we have a plug in a Facebook plugging Paul east. A tab on the link for this plugging is also here in this in the resources area off these Lecter. What? It is what it is exactly This will create. We will stall this up on Facebook and it will generate one link like these on when I won new item on your Facebook menu here on the left column off the page. So let's look right Now click on the use up on here we are now we select in which bait we want to use. I will use on Diego Davila's click on add page tap off course. Here he was like your page on is stalling. 3210 Let's see. Excellent. We are now on the deal. The villus page. And here. Yes, you see, on the left menu we already have the INSTAGRAM option here. So now we need to set up the application settings Easter from name here. You enter your Easter room name on this case, I'll enter my my name. Really? Diego Davila. On the Defour mode, you can choose between thumbnail quarters more or normal. I prefer thumbnail, but you can feel free to test the different options they have. And see which one do you like better? Also, we have a header image file. You can enter a header image file if you want to be the main e much when people click on the interim link here on your Facebook page, I will leave this blank for now and cancel these on Also, you have the link to the Hitler image. Off course you can add the header image here. I hear the before the recommended default size on you can are at also a link with a call to action to your website to your YouTube channel toe a landing page. Maybe on by doing that you are using that. That's actually very smart. So you are using all the power or Facebook to use us? A call to action to So click on safe settings when you are ready. Let's see. Okay. Excellent. Now you see here if I go to my Facebook page, let me go to my Facebook page Home page on now in the menu Here I click on Instagram. You see all my Easter for us, right? You see my description, My bio. The website here on this is what I love. You can follow people from here so people can click. Follow bottom on it will. It will add these people to your followers on instagram. Okay, let's see here. Let's speak one off them to take a look in any at any time. If you want to change the application settings all you need to do is just click on application settings. You will see the data here on all the information you need. Let's go back. Excellent. So if we click on this one here, we see the specific video. In this case, people can also share under while they can like or they can jump to the next post. Okay, this is how it works. This is how you can link your instagram with Facebook on one more thing that we need to look before we end this video. It's link your Easter McCown on the settings off this page on Done what? That will allow us to later create ads for Eastern if you want. So to do that, we go to settings here on the page. Let's see. Now it's opening. Here we click on Instagram. If you are coming here in the future, this this menu may change. I let you I let you know because Facebook changed these very frequently. Sometimes once every week on it's almost impossible for me to re record the whole course. So if you come here and you don't have the INSTAGRAM menu here, just read the menus that you have and you'll find the instagram option. They may be under another name. So here we will link your instagram account with your Facebook page. And again, this will allow us to later create great instagram at straight on Facebook. And that's very important to do it right now. So let's do it. Hear clicking, Logging Excellent. Let's enter your your eastern name and enter your password. Let's see. Excellent. Now you see that my account is here. I can edit my account information from here. And if I'd want to disconnect this for any reason in the future, I scroll down to the bottom and click on Disconnect. Okay, Now we are ready with Instagram. We have the Instagram integrate on your Facebook page. People can follow from here. People can see what you are posting on this East Outstanding 32. Assignment #5 - Linking your Instagram with your Facebook Page: Hey, guys, walk into this assignment. This is a great and easy assignment. All you need to, though, in order to complete this task is to go to your Facebook page right now on integrate your Facebook page with your Easter from account. Using the Easter top lean that I share with you. I will also included here on the selector. So it's easier for you to find. So all you have to do is visit the link, install the app on your Facebook page, link your Facebook page with your instagram account and in the next section here, share with me on with the community the link to your east, a gram account and also the linked your Facebook page so we can see both off both entities . We can visit your Facebook page, your Easter. Maybe we can follow on. That would be great for your account. I hope to see your link here in the next section, and after that we move forward with the car 33. Instagram Statistics - Measuring your Instagram Success: Okay, guys, let's talk about Easter Gram statistics. Very simple. This will be a short lecture because it's self explanatory. So here we are on Diego's bakery account on. Because we have a business account, we have special analytics. If you have a personal account you won't be able to make to make this happen. So if that's the case, you go back, please to the first lectures and see how to switch from your personal toe. A business account on when you have the business. Here is what we have. Click on the lower right hand side on year. I can just go to your broke your home page on here in the the right side off the the user name, you see the statistics icons or click on that. And here we have information about your account. How many followers, how many new followers in the last seven days, how many posts we have? How many impressions on you See the date off the weeks here? It's starting to today, which is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on you can scroll toe to the left, so you will see how many people you reach on these days on a score like once again you see 15 profile of you. How many people? How many times people review your profile in this specific days? On one website, click How many people click on the link that is on your buyer? This is important Data toe. Have to see how people are reacting with the Khan to the content that you already have. Below that, we have the followers. You see that? For this account we have 57% men and 43% women. The ages are from 24 to 34 years. All most for you. Off your followers are on these ate not all the followers, but most of them are between 25 34. For this account on you see here the CDs autopsies where people are connecting from the post. So in the post, if you click on Seymour, you will see how many likes you have in each post. How many engagements do you have on each pose? If I go back here and I click on Seymour here on followers will have great data. That is very interesting for your business. Take a look on these how many followers? The gender. Again, we have 57 43 the ages. So you have complete the complete lease from 13 to 65 plus year, all on men, women all. You can click on men on women or keep on always to see the specific data changing. You see the location, the top locations, where people are connecting from you can choose by countries or cities. On the last option is the followers. And look how great BC's not today's Thursday's I asked as I told you, and you see here did they data by our from mid 9 to 9 p.m. So you see that between nine on 11 PM 11 a.m. nine and 11 is the best time to pose for these specific account On. Also, the second best time is from let's say, 6 to 96 to 8 p.m. Around. That is the second best time. If I click on days here, you see that actually Thursday East, The best day to post for this account on Monday is the second best day these east The specific data for these account on. I hope you can go right now to Eastern account. Make sure you have a basis account, and if not, you convert to a business and check your statistics. In the beginning, you will have just a few information. You have much data if you are starting on instagram. But after a few days after a few weeks gaining new followers, you'll star seen your aesthetic. Six. Grow and grow on having more and more data that will help you to decide what to pose. Where to pose went to post What kind of what type of content people really like Own your instagram account. OK, in the next video, we'll talk about a free tool that will help you toe analyze your data and I'll show you how to that in the next video. 34. Free Tool to Analyze your Instagram Data: Hey, guys, walk into these video now I will share with you one free tool that you can use right now. Toe, Analyze your your instagram information is coming day that statistics the numbers What's performing well, what do you need toe continue doing on what do you need to stop doing? Okay, the website is Webster. So I will share the link here with you on the resources area off this letter is W E B s t a dot m e Okay. Web start dot Me This is what? How the website looks like. Click on, sign up for free on do your registration and after that you will see the screen which is the internal page off Webster for these specific account we're analyzing. So in the left we have the menu manage, analyze, explore on others. The perception is my post. You see here all the post for this account on If you click on analytics, you can see everything You can see how many posts How many followers following total comments Total likes engagement rate the percentage, right. All the post here you can filter by Yusor by hashtag UC all information here on I want to invite you to spend some time here. So you see what's going on on your account? Your account will be different than this account. So the best way for you to do it It's just to create this account on men on Webster Don't Emmy on Come here logging and see your data. Analyze. See how it's performing. Everything is here for you The top 10 hashtag for this account you see love Easter Good for off the day Fashion beautiful, Happy, cute like for like And follow me if we moved down to the analyze are here on the menu and we click on content will see great data from your account So you see here the post story, the post history, the date here How many poles you created these days? And you see these growing right The distribution This is great. You see here 2016 17 18 on this is the average. So you see how the count is performing over over time On here again we have the top 10 filled their hashtag usage. So they from the hashtag that you use on this account. You see what's the percentage off the hashtag you are using specifically for all your posts . We moved down to engagement. You see here more graphics that will be again. This will be different for your account. Each account is different. So what you need to do is just come here and take a look on your data. See, for example, that like Rove story history you see how the account is growing. You see the pose the most like it posed on all that before we in the video, we have explore option Here you see Victor, users on top, hashtag click on top Hashtag right now on you'll see what are the 100 top hashtag that people are using right now on Easter Number one is love east a good number two with us more than 700 million times for off the day more than 486 million Andi, you can see all the completely is here. So when you are doing your posts, you can come here and see if there are any specific hashtags that you can use because the most the most popular they have like the most people are actually looking for this Castaic on the interim search box. Okay, this is Webster. It's a very simple tool. All units really slowing. With the information, it will automatically pull out all your data from your instagram account on Dhere on the left menu. You have all the tools you need. Toe. Analyze this. Study your data. Invest 15 10 20 minutes, 30 minutes maybe. Here on the count on take a look on your data. Analyze. Think about a thing or your astrology. Think if you are doing the right thing, maybe the best day for you is thes day and not that day. So instead, off posting Monday, Maybe you can pose on Wednesday. Write a piece for your account so that the CD all these decisions you will be able to make with these very important information for your instagram stories. Okay, See you in the next video. 35. Best Instagram Filters for Business: Hey, guys, welcome to this video. Now we're talking about East around Filters on I will share with you in these video. Also, what are the three top filters that you can use for business? OK, so let's talk about filters. Let's go right now into the my cell phone and create a new post on I'll show you the filters. So click on. Plus here toe add one. You picture, Let's select this one here. Excellent click on next at the top and now the storm is showing us solar filter. So we have normal. We have parade on ji England moon last. So if I click on any of these, you see that the picture is changing, right? You see different styles. We have cream. Um Ludwin perpetua on Let's see what's my your favorites Lo fight. So the top the top filters for your business, the pants off you. But what people are using Rhino, What? The companies are using our three specific filters Perpetua low five unload win. Let's see if we find this one's right here for you. This is the 1st 1 Ludwin. You see that it give a great coach to the image when we select Ludwig's. So this is one of my favorites on Let's see, this is the one perpetua. It's a different feeling. This is Ludwin. This is Perpetua, and we have also low five. What is that? Lets he's here? So one is more saturated with more light, more colors on their one eyes, a little bit less so it's up to you. I will recommend you to use one of these three filter. This is more clearly much more a serious image if you are taking for us and you want to. If you want to share with your artists more a transparent feeling in the picture, you can use the Ludwin, which is one of my favorite, specifically, um, to reorder the filters. Let's say you like Ludwin and you want to move these three beginning Natalie, so all you need to do is just hold down a move toe wherever you want. Let's say here so we have normal and we have Ludwin on. Let's speak up the 2nd 1 perpetua on move here also to the beginning because thes are the most used for me. So if you are using one filter, that's when it's tried. You can use the same filter every time you pose off course you need to see it looks good for the picture you have, but it does. You can always use the same fielder, so that will create some regularity plea on your account. And every time your customer see and they go to your profile use, they will see that it's all looking very similar. And that's important. That one is trying right? You can also add it the settings off the filter. So if I double click on perpetual, you see that we're 100% now and you can regulate how you want toe. Apply the filter. 100% is applying totally on. You can say, Okay, let's apply just 68. So it's a little bit. This is normal. This is with the filter. Apply when you are happy. Click on Don and click on next to post to go to the next step, and here off course, you click on share. That's how filters work. These are the three favorite filters for business. Off course. Your favorite can be a different filter on that story. Okay, is what works best for your business for the pictures. You take my suggestion on the strategies that you use. Try to use the same filter every time, Okay? 36. Reposting to Instagram: Let's say we are here on east around we find one photo that we love and we want to share with your audience on your in summer account. How do you share these? Easter common doesn't allow us to share this photo straight straight. Right now on your account, you need to take a screenshot off your phone and pose that for later. Or the banner were the best way to do it. East, using 1/3 party tool call repose. And I'll show you this video How to do that? The tool is free and you're going to start doing that immediately after you watch this lecture. Okay, so here we are on the items website. This is the official app. You see, that is free. 40 a megabyte. You can just come here on down, or these on your iPhone or all on on your android of you have Andre. How that's the war. This work. Basically what we do is we start the up and we find here the four that you want to share on instagram. Click on the three dots on the top. Right hand side on. Here you click on copy link. Excellent. You see that Liang was copy. We go right now to the reposed app. Open that on Dhere We click on the top right hand side. You see the eastern Logar there. Click on that. And now we need to find the photo that we want. So here we're on aggio. Let me grow up Another picture. Let's say we want to grab this one. Excellent. Corica, Click on the three dots on the top right hand side and click on Copy Link. Excellent. Now we go back to repost basically can hear We're going back to the repost up you see, they got the URL and you see the at the post is here ready to go? So all we do that right now is click on these Forum the top one that we want to share with your audience And you see here the beautiful picture high quality on at the bottom. You see that? They are referring to the Najia website because these for its originally from Najia they you need to give credit to the outer off the photo you can not just posed assists your photo It is not right. So the app is doing that for us. They are linking here. Repose from Naji on. You can change the location off these to the top right up left, or you can remove the ads. If you are premium on. Also you have. Let's go back here. To the down you have a darks, dark, deem or allied. In this case, let's use the dark because get is better for these specific picture. And when you are ready, you are happy with these. All you do is click on repose here at the bottom. This will open the share window for your for your posts. Here we go and you click on copy to Instagram. Excellent. You will open your E storm account right now. Let's see that said, you can add these to your story or you can add to your feet. Let's add to the feet. That's wonderful. Click on next. Now we can apply filters if you want. Let's go to normal on click on next and of course here. You know how to do right? You can ride the captain hi and you can at people. You contact people. You can add locations. You can share these also on your Facebook page, and when you're ready, click on share and that's a disposed in right now. Let me go to my home page off my account and you see, now that we have a new post the beautiful picture with horses on you see that we have the credit for Najia here, which is very important for legal purposes to right. So this is the best way to share in an open way to repose any content, any fathers from instagram in your account and share that with your followers. 37. Embedding Instagram photos on your website: Hey, guys, welcome to this video here. Woeller hot in bed, your Easter imposed or any sudden impose on your website. This is great. If you're creating article, tip you off a block, sometimes it's good. It's a good idea to share what you have on on Eastern on your website and this video. I'll show you how to embed these information easily on your website, especially if you are using war pressed. Okay, here we have the official. The official are Sitaram documentation for him bearing. So if you want to change the size off, the off the image, if you want to change the position, all that you will need to apply what is on this article. I will share this with you in the resources are off this lecture. Now let's go ahead and do then betting right now, I have a test website called Plato Diego Davila dot com. I used these only for my own land courses where I test thinks like this one, for example. So in this case, the goal will be to adhere a new post with the serum image. Okay, so the most that we are posting off course, I want I can post something from my account, but in this case, I will choose something for Nike. Let's see. Let's just this one here. The ceasefire on Rafael allow. So when you have the image here, how do you get them? Bad code. You go to the lower Reinhardt's right hand side. You see the three dots here, the menu click on that and click on in bed here is generating the coat. Here we have the complete code that we need to corporate your website. If you want, you can include the captain's, which is thes if you don't want, you can just remove these and it will generate a new coat. So I will include the captains. I try clicking on copy code and that's I think, supposed to copy the whole coat and pace over there. But he was not working. So for me, what I will do is I will just manually select all here on copy and I go to my website now to the admits area I go to post on. I will add a new polls and I will say here, esta graham, uh, Eastern image on website. Okay, It's just for test website test. And in here on the you can write your posts. Of course, As you know on when you are ready, you can paste the code. So how do you do that? Let's see here. Here I am writing my block and now is the time toe to toe post to embed that image. So now I go to tax Here you see the second tab biracial and tax click on text. And now below these we do on enter and we can enter the cold here. So right click paste. Excellent. So now to see if how these looks like we go to visual and this is how it looks like a Now we click on preview, so we'll have a clear idea of how the post is right now. So here we have Eastern image on website test we have here. I am right in my block. This is what we're writing. And you see the grey image here from raw file and I'll you see the the the owner off the count. Nike, If this is coming from your account, this is good because people can follow you straight from your website, right? You share these the more you share, the more people, the more pictures people will see. Under more times they will have the call to action, which is one of the biggest thing here, which is the follow. So if somebody visits your website and they are not your follower on Instagram, they can just click Follow here on. They will immediately start following you. Okay, that's amazing. So here we have the image the captain's that we added on below this I can continue right in my block if I want. So this is how we add images to your website. If you want, you can add these to the sidebar to write by going here to our parents. Let's see we jets. Let's leave this page on in here. Do we have the sidebar? You can copy attacks box here and paste the text. The code that we copy from interim here and just safe. That's how you do it on your side, Burke. Okay. I hope you like this in the next video, I will share another way. A better way to do it is not a better way. But it's a different way where you can add more pictures in one specific and bad e much. Okay, Let's so that in the next video 38. Using Instagram Widgets on your Website: Okay, guys, let's use one tool called lied widget. I'll share the link here on the resources area to generate an amazing image for your photos on Instagram. Unsure that on your website you can share on the block. Boss, you can share on a page or you can share of the sidebar off your website. That's a great way to drive people from your websites, your Easter from account and e and increase the number of followers we have. Right? So let's go right now we're on light widget dot com on first we need This is the style of we're generating here you see on first way too low in with your instagram account. So let's click on here on logging with Instagram. Let's see thinking about it waiting. Okay. Wonderful. Here I am. This is my user name on right now. Here are my pictures, right. I can change the size and all that on here. We have the initial settings, so I can I can check the great slash o or columns vice. If I say it's lie show, you will see. Let's click on preview here You will see that we have a slice show off images. It will change after a few seconds, so this is a great way when people are reading your block, your images are scrolling on your page. This is another option. On their last option is columns. Interest style. Let's preview these Here we are on. We have the cash tax here on each one on the comment. Right, Let's go to the 1st 1 which is the greats. And here you can decide how many columns you want and how many roads. Let's leave it be for three and three. For now, you can also have an image effect. Fade in, fade out swimming. So now let's leave unknown for now, on patting on. You also have the image. Former Let's see Original on. Let's preview these right now we have, you see when we select original DC's is small, and this is a different verse, a different size off image. So this is a little bit off focus here, so let's choose square so all the images will be the same size. Here we go. This is perfect. This is why I like let's get this code and pays that on the website. Okay, also, you can Of course, show captains. If you want, I will live without it. And now I will click preview first and get the colt. Excellent is generally in the code. Here we are. This is the code. So all I need to do here is copy to Clean Bar. Excellent. Now is copy on. Now I go back to my website again. I have the deal that they play. Doh Diego Davila dot com is a website where we test thinks like these and we see how it looks like. So it's at a new post here. Let's see, What's any of the websites light? We jet test and here you can ride your post. Ride your post on when you're ready toe, add the image. You can go here to tags the second tab and just paste the cold here based a cold. Wonderful. And now we could come preview to see how looks life we like it or not. Let's see, it's loading on. Here we go here we have light way language. It tests right. We're right in the post here and here We have all the images for the post. If I click on one of the images. You will automatically go to my Instagram and will open the much for my audience. This is how it works. I hope you like it. I hope you implement this on your website on. I see you in the next video. 39. Module Intro: Creating a Business Facebook Page: Hey, guys, welcome to these video. Now, in this video we're doing, we're taking the first step in norther toe. Complete your Facebook page domination. This is the first step where we're creating your Facebook page for a scratch. So if you already have a Facebook page, you can feel free to jump to the next video. But if you don't or if you want to learn exactly how to do it and how toe optimize it, please keep watching these so we can generate the same result. The goal here is to create an amazing landing Page running page that captivates your followers so they want to like your page. They want to follow you on, see all the updates you have on your life on your Facebook page and also optimizing the page so it can so higher, and Facebook can recommend your page toe. Other followers, followers, people that are on your target audience. In order to create your page, we can go to facebook dot com. Here we're and in the top right hand side, we click on the IRA, pointing down which is the menu and click on create bait. This option here and here we have the six options that Facebook show us right now. These interface guys as well as almost off the interfaces on the course, may change with the time Facebook changed the interface. Sometimes every week, every day, every month. So what you are seeing here? I now's up today and we always try to keep these cars up today when Facebook changed interface. So here we have the six main pillars off the Facebook page on Dhere is the first time that you need to make a decision. You need to choose weak category feet better your business. The 1st 1 is a local business or place. This will apply to you if you have a local business, for example, you have a bakery if you have a supermarket. If you have a store where you sell products for your local community, all enduring all these cases, you need to choose the local business. Okay, on in here, you see, this is the only one that is different from the other five. Because here Facebook asks you to enter your business name on the street and all information address off your business for the other categories. Here we will also at the address of your business. If you have an address, if you want to share that with your community but these wanting the local business, that's a must, because Facebook will optimize all the algorithm in order to reach people around your business in case you have a local business. So that's why this is important, guys. Second option is this fits most people is company, organisation or institution. You can choose the category here. They have a lot of categories. OK, if you don't find a specific category that feeds your business, you can find you can choose here something that is the territory's closer to your business . On With that, we can continue okay, the next East brand or product. So if you want to create a page for your products specifically north for your company. But for one specific problem, you can use these specific option here, the third option on the create page creation categories. The next one, the number fourth, is the artist bunt or P public figure if you are. If you want to promote yourself. If you are an artist, if you have a band, if you are a public figure, This is the one that you need to choose and you see here the only difference is the categories. We he would have actor, actress, athlete all these categories that you can choose. Ok, you are You may be asking yourself. Okay, what's the difference? This is these are or very similar. Yes, they are very similar. And the main different here, guys, is that Facebook will run a different algorithms in order to show these pages to people you know they're people face. But we have more than one billion people active on Facebook every day. Facebook will use these categories in order to use specific algorithms to show your page later, when we have the page ready and we're ready to start receiving followers, Facebook will use this algorithm to show these two specific people that maybe our interest about artists or Pew public figures, Or maybe people are interest on your on your local business because they leave, like, one mile from your phone near the address that you enter here on this category. Okay, so that's the difference. Try to find the best that that the one that fits the best for your business the next one is entertainment if you want to. Great a page about entertainment. If you create YouTube videos. If you Korea. If you are a gamer, that you record your your screen when you are playing games and you want to create something about that. If you have shows that entertain people, you can choose this one. The entertainment options you see here, the categories changed a little bit. You have books, all bones, library, movies, sports, TV shows all that. If you can create, for example, a page about a TV show that you like, maybe the walking dead or something like that you can have. There are great pages with millions of people following. For TV shows, that's an option to the last option is counts or community. If you want to create a community about specific couch, if you want to create a group of people that are looking for something, for example, in my case I have a course about the Camino Santiago, which is a a trailer hack, a hiking trail in Spain that you that people work for 800 kilometers or 34 days, so I have a course about that and I have a Facebook page about that. On that specific case, I created the community page because my goal on this specific page waas to parade a community off people pillars that are interest that Dante on doing the Camino Cynthia. Okay, so I hope you understand the main dependent on these Later in the course, we'll have more details about each of this category. So if now is a little bit confusing, don't think too much about it. Because by the end of the course, you will absolutely dominate all these six categories on this case. For my specific example on these cars, I will choose the more generic one, which is company, organisation or institution. If you are the if you don't are not sure which one to choose. Probably you can go with this one, which is company, organisation or or institution. And later, if you want, you can change the page category. I saw you how to that lead. Okay, so let's go here and choose a category here on this example of this course, I will create a page about online course about marketing courses that I am teaching online . So basically the goal off the page will be toe promote people specific courses. Specific online marketing strategist on all about that social media marketing on all about marketing in general. So let's find that in here. Let's see, we have IRA space automotive, computer education. We can say that maybe East something about education because I'm creating online courses off that one option. Let's see what more we have here. Industry, legal media, media, news company, medical, political. Okay, I think the more they want school, maybe school science, technology or engineering, I will choose education for now. Okay, we can change this later. I'll show you how to do it. The name off the page this important because the name off the page is the main identifying . You need to think about that and try to think what is the goal of your page on when you have the goal of your page, you can come up with a name, make a lease off 56 10 names that you would like to use for you Page. Or maybe if you are sure about the name, just use the name here. The pace name that we will be using will be strategist for top and trippers. That's the goal of the page below that you see here, get pages steeps on messenger. You are seeing these because Facebook just release the new Facebook messenger at so basically soon you will be seen ads on your Facebook messenger to I know that's too much, but that's how it's happening. Uh, when we have these ready, we click on get started, and that's all we'll see. Now that we will see the page now on in the next videos will start format in this page and make it amazing, making an awesome page so your customers will like the page and we'll start following you online. Okay, See you in the next video. 40. Adding Essential information to your Facebook Page: Okay, here we are in the page. This is how the beach looks like is a brand new page. We have no information about your business yet, but in this video will out well at all the essential information information that is necessary. And that information will make a huge difference on your customers experience when they come to your page and also on the rich that your page will have all over Facebook on other networks to if you are not seeing exactly this is specific interface here is because Facebook maybe change the interface. But don't worry, I'll show you how to do it. Anyway, Here we are on the page on you see here, like follow. Unsure. On the next option is three dots, which is expansion off the menu. So you click on that on Goto every page in four. Okay. He will add your general info, contact info, location and hours Eve. That's the case for your business. So here on General, we have the name off the page. You can change here if you want. You have the category. Remember that we select the category for your business when we create the page on the last video. So here the good news is that you can add more categories Here is up to you if you think there are other categories that better feed your page. Police add the category here because that will help the Facebook angering to show the page to more people. For example, in here we can cert for markets. See marketing. We don't have marketing marketing agency. So Alexa like that. Let's see strategy. Now let's see intrepid ners because we have a page that is a strident talk for top contributors, and we concert for more more categories here. But I'll just limit mind to three if you have more categories that feed your business police at them here. When you're ready, click on safe changes. Next, we have the description. Don't worry about the description now because we will have another video where we'll rule right optimized description for your page. This is super important. I'll show you how to find the best keywords for your page. The key words that your customers your followers are certain online on. We will use all these key words here in your description toe. Make sure its super optimized that's coming in the next videos impression. These option here is not mandatory. This is basically an optional feelings you can see here. They said that in certain countries like Austria, Germany and Switzerland, business may be required by law to include a statement off owner she on their Web presence . This is limited 2000 characters, So if you are not living in any of these countries that require an impression, just leave it blank for now. Next, we have the contact info. If you want, you can adhere your phone number. Save changes. You can adhere your website on. These is super important guys. If you have a website, police add your website here because this is another way to promote your website to promote your accountant. Remember that this page Facebook half a heavy weight on Google. So if you're Bages here, if your link is here, this link will be telling Google, Hey, this company, half a website. This company have a Facebook page, and it's another link that is showing online for your customer. So when people start for your content or maybe for your page, their chances for you Pedro up in Google rankings are higher because you have the website here. Off course. There are a lot, a lot of other factors that influence that the Google ranking. But police enter your website here also because your customers will be able to see your what you went through here on the page and just by one click, they will immediately go to your website and see all your problems and all the wonderful things you offered that rhyme. So let's add my website here. The Davila dot com save changes email This email address can be an email address that you want to use for contact from Facebook so people may use this contact. They eat this email in order to contact you about your page about your products so either recommended to use here your personal email address. Try to use your business email address because is more formal. Maybe you will avoid receiving professional staff. You know stuff from for your business for a company on your personal email, so lets me al it at my email here. Diego Diego Diego Davila dot com Okay, save changes. Location. This is good, especially if you have a local business. If you have a local business you selected in the last video the option for local businesses . You already have your address here. But if you want, you can add here. You understood? That's totally up to you. In my case, I want at the address here for now. Hours. If you have a local story, you can say we're always open. We have specific hours that we open like Monday. Tuesday You can select the day of the week and the time you open and close. So, people, when people come to your page on, they want to see if you're open. If you're close, they will see that information straight on your page. Okay. This option is available only for a few categories. Remember the six categories we have in the last video? Some of the Qataris don't have the hours option. Okay? Because I select company or if you select local business, you will see these options here. If you don't see, don't worry. Now that we have some information here that's great Weekly can see all information so we can add more more information, more keywords, mawr statements for your business. And here you have a complete look. A complete display off all your information. You see, here we have the categories the main categories education you can edit Here, the page name. The user name will talk about these in the next videos. You have the business evil. You can add the businesses Start date, for example. I can say that the business was founded on its A year 4010. On December, let's say 31st. Safe on. You can also add the mission off your company on this is important, guys, because remember that the page this page we're creating for your customers. So it is the same thing that when the customer visit your company, when they go to your your your physical store to your address and sometimes some company have there frames with their mission statement, You know, the vision statement on this is the same when people come to your bait. Your Facebook page is the same thing that they said that it's you need to have the same experience. You need to generate the same experience that they have what they visit your physical stop . Okay, if you don't have a physical store like me in my case, I don't have a physical store. I can still write my mission. What mission? With the space. What's my goal with this page on, this will motivate your followers toe to actually see your material to like your post toe. Watch your videos on toe. Follow you all line, or Facebook or any other channels because you have a mission. You have a goal off helping that. Remember that you mission. I mean, thes video is not about exactly how to ride your mission, but it's just one specific team that works for me is that I try toe right, my visions, my on my missions with my customer in mind. So when they read these days and men, this is good. I like this company. This is solving a problem that I have to remember that all or customers have some pain points of some problems that we, as a company, want to solve. Right? So that's what you can include here on your mission statement, sweetie, we go down here, we see the email. You see the email is displaying. That's why I recommend you to use your professional England, not your personal evil. We have the website here Let's see more info. You can edit the about. Click on here on here. You have assured the scripture we have two description here on these specific page. We have the loan description, which we're working on that later in the next videos. Because I'll show you first how to pick the best keywords. And we have the short, this creature, the show description. Lisa. Ah, small statement where you share with your with your customers with the people that will like your page. What's the goal off your specific page? Okay, this is not is different. Redundant mission. The mission is what your goal as a company on the about page is what's the goal of these specific page? So in this case, I will say I didn't think about let me think. Now I can say, for example, find the best strategies strategies that will take your online business to the next level. For example, let's save these wonderful. So he would have about we have the impression. Remember, we talked about that a minute ago. Here in the video. What's this is just saying edit founded. Okay, you can enter the found that day 2010 let's say Edit a word. So if you have an award that you want to add if you your company or you Asare entrepreneur you have an award. You can add that here you can add the lease off your products. If you have a restaurant or you have a menu on your company, you can add the menu here. The last item here is the story. This is the same. That the description? Yes, I promise you will talk about that later in the course. Well, that's great. We have a lot of information. He we the pages coming together and excited about it on Happy that you are here with me on in the next video at your profile picture. And most importantly, we will create a Facebook over image. The Facebook over image is super important because it is the first impression they have on your piece is and I'll show you how to great an amazing cover image that do. Your customers were absolutely love. See, there 41. How to Choose the perfect Profile Image: Hey, guys, Welcome to this video. Excited and happy to see you here. This video is a short one because we're selecting here. Your profile image on what's that specifically you see here on my divan Avila page, the profile images. The image that is here on the left side, above the page name. You see the E much here, and this is important to select A I'll give you some tips here because when you create opposed, you see that this image is the one that will show in all your posts. You probably know this already. Okay, So how toe? How do you sell leg? You imagine how you choose the best image for your business. If you are creating a page for your business, I recommend you to select as the profile image your logo. Okay. The logo is important. Not just a generic form, because you want the the followers the people that are like in your page to identify to associate this page with your website. This page with your lover, with your company, with your business. Okay. That's what I recommend you. The lower if you anchoring the page for you. If you are an artist, a public figure, and you want to create a page for that specific cows, you can use your picture. For example. In my case, I have my deal. Avila Page, where I share news about me courses, information, coupon codes and all that. You see that here I am using my follow as the the image. Okay, because this is a personal is a professional page, but it's using a pace that is using my name. So my goal here is that when you go to the page, you're my customer. You go to the page, you associate this page with me with my picture. That's why I am here. If you're creating a page about Europol business, for example, you can take a picture of your business off the front of your your store and put that here . Or you can use any other tools that you think will work for your specific business on this case, anchoring a page for strategies for top and trip owners. So I will use these e much here. This is a generic image that I got from the Internet. Is that royalty free image? But I can use on I like these because it shows like an trip in or style off life. So I think my customers will like to see the so I can up lower form so we can hear clicking , upload on, select the image and you will see the much uploading here. Their requirements are that the foreign needs to be a square. So please make it a square on if not, is fine. You can still uploaded here and you can you can see that you can drop a select, make a selection here and select the person off your father that world show on your profile . So let's click on. This is good. You can change the size to, you know, because I already have a square. I will reduce the size here and I will cover the whole image. Okay, I like that. Click on safe when you're ready. Let's see if we have the picture here on the page right now. It's uploading on the Facebook servers. Beginning ready for us. Your profile picture. Waas successfully safe. Let's see. Wonderful. Here we are. We have a profile picture now. Every time we create a new post, this picture is the one that will show on the post as I show you as an example here on my deal in a villa page. In the next video, we would talk about your Facebook cover page on. This is not as easy as your cough, your profile image, because these, as you see, is the first impression your customer half on your business. So first, I will give you some tips on different tricks that you can use in order to the scientists on later, I will show you how to create these. Even if you are not a signer. If you don't want to pay somebody to do this for you, you can do it yourself. That signals near the good news, and I'll show you in the next videos how to create that with the free software that you can use online using free images and I'll show you how to tell toe access on download. I limit it professional images that you're going to use even commercially so you can use that here on your Facebook cover page and all that is coming in the next videos off this model. Okay, see, there 42. Creating a Professional Facebook Page Cover Image: Hey, guys, work into this video and excited or page is coming together, unhappy to see you here and to know that you are here with me on the scores. That's great, because Facebook pages guys are one off the best ways to put your business in front off. Millions of people on you are working to accomplish that right now in this course in this video. Specifically, this video will talk about your Facebook cover for on this important aside told you before because he's the first impression your customer have when you're on your business. On your page, right. So, for example, here we have here we're on, my dear Bonneville, a page you see here the image. This is a royalty free image that I'll show you how to get later here on this model. And here, what are the ideas we have here? The gun off this page is basically for you, for my students. So basically they are taking my course online. We have a computer here mouse. They are using a computer in orderto watch these videos, probably or a smartphone. I have my name here which is associated with my business. I have courses and I have one of the most important things that you can add. Own year image, which is your website. You need to add your website everywhere. When you have a chance to show your website your business, you need to do that right away. So how do we create an image here for your specific, uh, beach, Right. What's the deal? How do you choose the best? Imagine how the which is the best format. What? There are no rules and no limits off the create for you Creativity here on the color image . Basically, that depends totally on your business. On what services you have you can have for if you have love for example poor cleaning service, you could have for us off amazing pores, clean pools or a guy make. Maybe you're you or your employees calling in the pool. Maybe you have a far off that on. You can add your website on your company name there. So there is no limit If you have had a sign, um, business where you create the science with customers, you can add anything related with that In my other courses. I also teach how to great images for Facebook My students created. We have assignment and you have a Simon here. On this course, two eyes have seen amazing cover a much for Facebook. So I hope you create one and I'll show you how to do it here. OK, so first we need to select an image because we're talking here about strategies for top entrepreneurs. I select three images and we will choose here together rule the site whether which one to use. This is the 1st 1 you see an A trip inner looking toe, a wall with a lot of paper, a lot of options strategies. The 2nd 1 is thes which we have a laptop here with a notebook. A coffee on the thorough one is this one which were We have some statistics. A pen is like more more business. Our image the one that I like better is Let's see here I like this one because it's cleaner . This is good too. But my opinion for my physical have too much information. I mean, I need to think that I need to add somewhere here my website. Right. So maybe these already have too much information toe my website I think this one Let's hear this one will be one of the best options. So let let's use that one. Okay? If you don't have an image yet, you can go right now to the next video where I will show you how toe access how toe download unlimited royalty free images us. I promise you, in the last videos 100% free images that you can use even commercially. Their websites that I absolutely love use every day all my business images from these specific websites. But if you have an image, we can continue here with the Carson to create the image. We will use our phrase service you don't need to download. So for a start, a new computer don't worry about that is a free software that you can use online. So if you go now, toe can va dot com is c. A n v a dot com. You will see this interface card. Maybe you already know it is one of the best free services. Four people for entrepreneurs, online business owners to create images, you can create any kind of images here 100% free on the thing that I love about Canada is basically that they already have templates. So you can use templates that they have on modified that you wish in order and use for your business. Right? For example, here, we're at the top. Create at the sign. If we click here on the plus sign, we have access toe all the templates here. We have, for example, popular this sign types. Social media presentation, poster, Facebook, post blah Graphic card, Twitter posts, social media or social media posed documents, blogging and e books. You can create cover for Kindle e books. This is amazing. Marketing materials on social media header. So in here, on their social media and email headers, we have the option off Facebook cover you see here, Facebook cover. And you see, that kind of already shows here the exact size off the image which is right now a 28 by 3 15 big sauce. So if we click on here will have a new tap where we're creating this sign came. So if you're not a miracle with camera, this is it. A sign Ira on the right and the left. Here we have all the templates in the left menu. We have searched layout, element, text, background and uploads. If you select layout, you'll see all the template that they have ready for you. Okay, we have free templates here. So basically, what you can do is just click on the template on you can modify it as you want. You can change the color, change the filter, change the phones, add or remove images. And with that, you can create an amazing, very easily and amazing Facebook over a much for your beach. We have the much remember this image that we're want to use. Okay, let's use that one. So, in this case, toe Pablo, these all we need to do is go toe up close here and just click on the much and drag under up here in this area. Okay, you see the image here on the Ablow area. So if we click here on, move to the Sinai where you see that the image start covering the whole area. So that's what we want Release here. And now we have the image. Now the next step is to add some tax or some elements. If we go toe elements here you have icons, charts illustration. Lines for us All the things that you can use on you sign. OK, I will keep it simple for this demonstration. Let me just at my website here. Diego Davila dot com Let me increase thes and reduce the phone size or at the top. Here you can change the fun. You can change the size, the color. So let's make it right here for now on change the size Teoh. Let's see 28 a little bit smaller. 21. Excellent. And now I can just move these to whatever I want. Game. Let's leave it here on. I will just delete the other options to the leader options. I just click Select the area and delete. Okay, let's see the this one. So here where we have my website here, let me see another colors If you want to access all the colors you can click on. Plus, here on you have the complete least the complete options here for different colors. Okay, let's make it yellow. She's just for Tatham guys and I think this is ready for now. We will use this image off course. I want you to spend more time here. This signing your image. Go to the text are here. You see all that? The pre the text template here you can use for free on your the sign All your actually Just select the one that you want Click and it will show here. And you The sign You can change the size on all the options that you already know Okay, When you are ready with this all you need to do is click on download and select J P G on this case and click download By doing that can vies preparing your file to download So all you need to do now that you see that the finest Here, let me put this on my desktop. Go back to my page, click on APP cover Here I blow for us and in here I can choose my image. So our blood safe Excellent. This is showing. All I want is showing the computer the notebook is for entrepreneurs Have my website here, so let we can improve these years we can, But let's leave it like that in order to continue with the course. Okay, before we move forward, let me show you something that I think you will like if we go to layouts here. You see that some template are not free. Okay. If we see this template, for example, you see a dollar sign here. On there, Right on the right hand side corner. Okay, so if we click on the I for the information, you see that the premium elements are the images you see here, including asset $1. We need to pay for this image. You can still use this template if you for free. If you remove the premium elements, let me show how toe that. If we click here, let's replace the one that we have. You see that the image have the can that watermark, right? So if we remove these were removed these premium element. Let's see here, delete miss sixties. Okay. And now we can go here toe to our images and select one off them. And you see, when we click on that and go through the sign area, we see that the image is here. Ready? So now we Yes, we can go here to the down low station. We can download this image with the new template. Okay, so this is great. It's a great way to use the premium template removing I mean the the premium template to removing the premium elements. Okay, Actually, I really like the So let's do this. Access all the best online courses on Diego Davila dot com. Wonderful. Download these. I think I'll use this one as my page. I really like this one. I like this one better than the all images that really much of we just created. Okay, so let's do these replace these inner three place we go here to the top, right? Left inside, change cover up low. For so, like the new image, let's see how it looks like safe. And now, yes, we have everything. Here. We have the image access all the best online courses on the availability at com. Excellent guys. 43. Congratulations!: you were at the end of the course. Congratulations. You just finished all these course and I want to thank you very much for investing your time here with me on my skills Course on owner. Because you need that. Before we go, let me tell you, I need you to do to small things. The 1st 1 is to follow me here on a skill share. Why you need to follow me basically. Because when you follow somebody an executioner, you will get an email. Every time I release a new course for you. I have plans. Amazing courses with greatest tried on learning every day with my clients in the real world . And I am creating every day new courses, packaging and publishing here on a scooter for you. So click on the follow bottom here on the pages. Somewhere around here you can follow. And by doing that you will follow me on a scooter and you will get an email every time I have something new for you on. That's amazing. Also, if you like the course, please please leave your review Here. Click on the review bottom. Leave your thumbs up If you like. The course. If you don't like the course for any reason, that's fine. Contact me and tell me, what do you need? What do we need to do in order to improve the course in orderto add more value to you until more serious. But if you like the course, leave your thumbs up here before you leave. Don't leave with the other of you. That's super important because that's helped the course to grow and to reach more people down like you are looking for ways to grow your business and to improve your life. Also, if you go to the end of the villa dot com slash skills share, you will be able to see all the courses I have for you. And if you are a premium member, excuse so you can go there and take all the courses for free. And they're all these amazing strike, thank you very much. Go to my weapons also to see other products I have for you. Diego Davila dot com on me, I'll be happy to see their on. I'll be owner to see you in my next sculpture cars