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Instagram Live: Strategies to Captivate your Audience with Instagram Live

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Why Instagram Live?


    • 2.

      Going Live on Instagram


    • 3.

      Planning your Live Session


    • 4.

      Using all the power of your Instagram Live session


    • 5.

      7 Tips to optimize your Live Streaming


    • 6.

      Final Project: Go Live on Instagram


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About This Class

In this skillshare class, you will learn how to use all the power of Instagram Live to reach thousands of fans Captivating them with your message and creating your Instagram Live show! 

We are going step by step, from beginner to advanced. You will also watch over my shoulder as we create an optimized Instagram live session.  

I created this class in a way to guarantee that you have real results. 

These are powerful strategies that you can implement right not on your Instagram Account. Strategies that will help you to reach more clients and add more value to your audience.

See you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Why Instagram Live?: Okay, guys work into this model. This is one of my favorite one because he's one of the most powerful tools and strategies that we have right now in hands on Instagram. And you'll learn that the thing that I am excited about is that by the end of this model, you will be using that these two Lisa strategy on your business. We're talking here about Easter Graham life. If you participate on my other courses. You already hear about YouTube life, Facebook life, Paris couple life. And now we have the new Instagram life, which is super powerful. Why? Simply because of my opinion? This is the best way the best. Better than email better than Facebook Post better than Easter. Imposed better than anything is the best way to connect with your customers. You are going live right now. I mean, I am not life off course, but you are going life in this thes kind of scene to your customer. You are going Hey, let's go the life session and let me help you fix your problem. Let me deliver value to you. Let me teach you something here on these life session. So this is a site told you, is the best way to connect and create that trustful relationship with your customer that will end up on people buying more products from you for your company. More services for you. Okay, that's the end goal here. What else? Life we are usedto watching life thinks we're watching life TV for years, right? So people are or brain or human brain issues toe. What life performance on there is something about life performing the people love because it's not edited is not script that East Joseph a company, a person delivering value to their out. Its That's it. That's the end goal here on this model. I hope you are excited about it. Let's start. Let's take action in the next lecture. I'll get myself on Connect to my computer here so you can see it on. We'll go life on Eastern. I'll show you how CCDs On. By then, off the course, we will have an assignment where you will take action. You will get your cell phone and start a life session. It can be a one minute life session just saying Hey, to say hi to your customers to your followers on instagram or can be something more prepare . We'll talk about that later. Let's move to the next video right now. 2. Going Live on Instagram: working toe Easter Graham life here on social media streaming model. If you are watching these cars in order, you probably know how to do this. That I am about to show you right now. But let me show you very quick and easy how you can easily go life on instagram and reach people all over the world with your message. Here we are on the Eastern app, I recommend if you don't have the app, you can download it from your Apple store or Google play. When you are here on your account, you logging and all that you see at the top stories on. Did you see my picture in this case? But in your case will be your picture. So you click on there and here you see me. Hey, guys, on at the bottom. Here you have life normal, Boomer, you click on life so it will sweet toe the the interim life mud mold here. So here we're ready to start a live video. If we click on the top left hand side, we have a settings icon and you see here that you can hide these streaming from specific people if you want So you said okay. I don't want this guy here to see my through my life streaming. So I click done. A nice I am excluding one person by doing that let me at this guy back here. Excellent. Below that you have a loud message Reply from everyone or just from people you follow. Or if you prefer, you can turn this off. If there for you I recommend you that it is the first time you are doing. Please leave it, everyone. Because the goal here, guys, is toe share the message with your out of Santo have engaged audience that interact with you during the life extreme right? The last section is safe share for us automatically safe for us on videos to your phone. When you add them to your story, I recommend to turn to leave this on. And if it's off turning on because these guys is important to save these live video, you will just do it enough that we will do it in one minute here. These live video will be safe to my device on your case. It will save to your device so you can use it later If you want on your block on your YouTube channel on your Facebook page or anyone that you want came the next I can hear in the middle of the Top East notifications you can turn on on off. If he's on Easter, Graham will notify of your followers about these life session. So that's great, right? Because if you have, let's say you have 100 followers. Ah, 100 people will be notified by Instagram saying, Hey, Diego's life, click here and see what's going on on. People will start participating on the life session, and that's where a crane engaging, engaging comments and all that. Okay, so when you are ready with these, you can just click on start light video on. After that, you will be life for all your followers. Okay, this is how you do is easy to do. I won't take more of your time. You probably know how to do this. I just want to make sure if you don't know or if you have any questions, you get all the questions answers here on this video. Okay, See you in the next video. We'll continue exploring all the power off social media streaming 3. Planning your Live Session: OK, In this video we will talk about three important points. Very important points to keep in mind before you start your life streaming session. Any social media doesn't matter if you are doing a you to Facebook instagram any social media, same strategy. The 1st 1 is to plan the content. You think you are planning to the lever to your audience. The most important thing here, guys, is that this contents this continent needs toe add value to your audience. Think about the pain. Points off your art is what they are looking for when they find you how you can change your life, how you can prove they're like, How can you teach them something that is valuable toe to reach? They've all that they want Okay, the penny depending on your audience depending on the needs that you have. OK, so it can change. I cannot give you exactly a recipe for how toe plan the content. But I will give you recipes here to maximize the marketing strategy to maximize the results that you are getting from this life. Extremely. But the content is up to you. You need to think about it. You need toe, get a piece of paper a pen and just write it down. The most important immunized, as I told you, is toe warranty that they get that they're getting value from information you're sharing. That's you with you. Okay, Number two. And this is important. Engage your outings during the scope. What that means. Ask questions when you are alive with your audience. Some people, just our life and they start talking, talking, talking, talking. They're artists are watching but are not interacting or not engaging. When you engage in a conversation when the other person knows that you are there on you are watching and ask you questions, you are more engaged. You interact with them on the chances for at the M toe. Actually, follow your call to action that we're talking here in one minute are higher. Okay, so engage with your audience means ask questions at the beginning of your stream. Say, Hey, let me know. Here in the comments. Where are you connecting from? Let me know if you have any questions or asks simple questions, questions that they can ask yes or no about your your top. Okay, if you are teaching about for example, how to create a website. You can say, OK, guys, In this video you'll learn how to create a website even if you never create a website before posted on the questions. If you are excited, if you're excited, say yes so people will go. Yes, yes, yes, yes, you will have some knows that's normal. There are people that are not excited. You know that. That's how it is. Eso ask questions as easy questions. Not only the beginning off yours off your session ask questions all the time. When you see that you are talking for like 5 10 minutes straight, stop and ask questions. Okay, If you are excited you if you like what you learn here on these one meaning that I should I share with you police Let me know in the comments or something like that. You get the idea. Ask questions. Number two asked then to share your stream Well, as then two things Here we will ask them to share your stream and we'll ask them to like your string First, we'll ask them to share your screen. I test these for my company and with my clients. I test asking them first to like later. Second, to share people are usedto only take action once on my test. So the percentage off the people that are taking the first action are higher than the one that I taking twice the 1st 1 on the 2nd 1 So that's why first we're asking the most important thing for us, which is Hey shared is a string with your out. So if they are on Facebook, they were click on share and they will share with all of their friends If they have 1000 friends, 1000 people will be able to see your string OK or your post later They're recorded version . So that's amazing because you are growing exponentially. More people share your extreme. The more people, the more exponentially your audience we will grow. OK, so first we asked them Hey shared the stream. If you like after that way can ask them If you like this police click click on the like bottom here, give me a like or if you don't like, click on this like you're a mutual you have like and dislike on. I will know how to proceed from here, you know so you you need to be great for all the time you need toe at as you have a real conversation with somebody. No, only with the camera. Okay. You need to think that you are talking to a friend that you are teaching them something you are let telling them about your company. Your process about how house on there are. Okay, so as then to share as then too. Like your string on the last one that I want to share with your with you before we go to the call to action on this is actually a little bit in the in the department off call to action is to run contest during your stream on This is easy. Let me show. Let me tell you how do I do it Every time I do a life destroying Facebook life? You took life, instagram life. I ran contest. So how do I do that? I say, Hey guys, at the beginning you say guys, during this video you learn this on this I mean something that they really want to learn. And at the end of the video, I will ask one question related with the content that I share with you on this extreme. The first person that answers that I have a correct answer on that question will win a gift . For example, in my case, I give for free one of my top premium courses. Okay, so they are very excited because our courses that are valued at 200 plus dollars so they get the keeping gates, they pay attention to my message because they say, OK, this guy is sharing something very interesting with me. And if I pay attention at the end, he will ask a question on If I answer correctly and I am the first, I will win a $200 course, which is great, or you can offer anything that you want. You can offer a free call with you. You can offer free pdf for free e book. There is no limit off the things that you can offer to them. OK, so that's the contest part. Also in the context, you can add more elements. For example, you can say guys, if the first person that answers get the price if this person share the stream before so at the beginning you say, Hey, please share the stream. At the end, we will have a contest and all the people that share will win a price. I will randomly select one off the lease off all the shirts so you can do that too. So there is no limit off the combination guys that you can implement on these contests. On my experience, I really want you to try the contest s strategy because of my experience, the engagement on they. I mean, the number of people are there with you life. It's amazing. And engagement. They ask questions. They get that they shared the screen. They like the video. So it is great and all that will help you to grow your artists. And that's the end goal. Okay, On the last one is called to action. Always, always, always in all the videos that you do in all the the post that you create on your website on your block, you need to have a call to action at the end. Okay. If they are watching up to the end of the video, that means that they like you. That means if you are watching me now, thank you very much that you are watching me and you're participating on the course and excited for you. So if you are there watching to the end, you need to give them a call to action. On the call to action can be hate. Go to a landing page, and this is my most efficient, in my opinion, you know, driving people to a landing page because you can say Please, if you want to learn more about these, all these right that I share with you. Go to the or a villa dot com and you will find great courses over there. That's good. That that's a good call to action. But more sufficient call to action is if you want to learn how to take your your Easter and followers from 0 to 1000 in two months, go to this u R l and you will get a video. Siri's 100% free that you can watch it one a day for a week and you learn the complete strategy and you can implement on your Eastern right away. That's different, right? More appealing. So that's a call to action driving people to a landing picture. What's the advantage? The advantages that you are getting their name and email and they are getting on your out of seek out of responders sequence and all that good stuff that we know. Okay, Other than that, you can drive into your website to your online store if you haven't only store. If you are talking about specific product on your life session, you can drive them toe that proto link that drive into a specific product on your website page on your website where you have your brother, you can drive into your YouTube page or to your Facebook page. They will like your Facebook base. That's another thing that you can add on the contest. You can say, Hey, all the people that go that share the stream number one on Click Go to my Facebook page goto this link to visit the face of page. Like the page, I will draw like three free passes to my top premium courses for all these people that do that. So you see the engagement and you see how you can grow your outings with this Simple tools are 100% free for you. I hope you are excited. Think about these three points. Planning your your your life sessions, engaging with your audience on giving a call to action at the Okay, See you in the next video. 4. Using all the power of your Instagram Live session: So you may be asking yourself, How can you use life streaming? What do you do with it? In which situations, in which case is you can use all the power of off social media life streaming right. So let me give you a very quick a few ideas that I have here for you. One option is to promote a new product or service. If you have a company where you provide services or products for your company and you have a new product coming out, you can do. Life is streaming to your Facebook girl. Beautif subscribers to your website to your email, least anywhere in your audience. You can create these life streaming when you have a new product, so that's a good weight to promote the new product and let people know create that excitement you can even do prior to a pre lounge off your new product, telling people that the proxies on development you can showcases show how the brother works on when these the lousy when the produce is actually available for sale, when they can purchase a prelude to another live streaming, I invited them to buy your products. That one option or option is to reply questions from your hours on my case. For example, I have questions on using me here. I have questions on my website on. I received a lot, a lot of questions by email, own or also on her Facebook on the private Facebook group, the week for students, right? So if I want to reply to each question, typing it will take me forever. So what I do usually is I create a life session on Facebook, probably Facebook. Life is what? How I do it. And I replied, toe all the questions I receiving all my channels, and that's great, because by doing that, I am creating new content for my block for my channel I and engage in life with my audience . And I am replying toe all the questions, and that is good because people really like to have their questions. Answer life. If you are taking the time to go life, you read the question you read the customer's name on. They see that you are actually talking to them, replying to the question. So that's a great way to use life streaming to another way. To use it is to teach something. If you have a product, a service or if you just teach people so things about your niche you can create life is streaming, teaching them something you can say, OK, guys in beast life is dreaming. I will teach you how to create your first Facebook at, for example, right or how to grow a new website or doesn't matter. You need to think about the the pain point off your audience, and you can create a teaching session about that specifically right, So that's one way to do it. Another thing is to review products or services. If you don't have your product or service right now, maybe you are doing affiliates right. You want to earn some money for your business, referring people toe all their business to other products, right so you can review product from Utah. We have a lot of YouTube channel, very successful YouTube channels from big YouTubers that all they do is just review products. They review the new iPhone. They review the new computer that apple release or anything like that. You can do that for services to I. Personally, I recommend host Gator for all my courses so I do a review off the horse Kate or hosting on Why? I think it's great So you can do that also, with life s streaming, this is great because you can answer your customers questions right away if they have questions about the product or about their services. Another thing that you can use and this is very power for these looks simple, but it's powerful. It's just to talk with your out. Sometimes I do it, and my clients also do it. I just come live saying, Hey, guys, this is our ask me anything Life Q and A. Let's say so. I go life, and I just wait for people to join on D Day, and we have a conversation so I can sometimes, depending on the tour, will explore more tools here on the course, their tools where you can invite people from your audience to come live with you right on. The life is training so you can have a conversation. Or you can ask people to command toe leave the comments so they write something on the comments on you. Start talking with them about that. That's another way to use live streaming and that engage your audience right that's repetitive. Are your audience for the sale because you're are in value for free. For them, right? You are providing value teaching, then answering their questions and having conversations with them, creating a trustful relationship between your brand on your customer, which is what we want, right? I know they're, uh, option that we have here is to do seminars advance on Facebook life, YouTube life, Instagram periscope. We can do life event on the event. You can teach them something. You can have different structures, that there is not a rule that you can use, but basically you can create events you can scandal. Life is streaming for specific dates and times on. People will know that people will join to your event on. You'll have a life event like these 100% free. I mean, you are not paying anything because you are using free tools that we recommend here on the course on I see people also doing daily talk shows so you can a little simple looks complicated, but it simply is basically toe have a daily schedule where you go every day or every week or three times a week or two times a week. Life on your on your show. So I, for example, if I said OK, I will create a daily show about Facebook marketing. Let's say so every day, let's say 10 a.m. Eastern time. I go life for 10 15 minutes just to give one quick strategy about Facebook marketing. That's a that can be a daily show, so people will start expecting done that. A lot of people do that on podcast on. People do that off line. That means they record the video and they pose on social media later. That's good. But if you are doing in life is even better. Because people us, you know, life, love, life events and also people. It will be faster for you. You don't need to add it. You don't need to spend time everything and planning everything and publishing later you just press go life. You are life on ur life on your daily talk show, so that's another option. So I hope this is inspire you on this. Give you some ideas off how you can use social media life streaming your task right now before we go to the next video is to think about all the strategies, all the options that I gave you here on this video on select one or chew at least one that view Things will be better for you, for your audience and for your business. OK, select one off, then commit to do it. Okay. Start doing it. If not today, maybe tomorrow. You can start doing that planning that on using all the power of social media life streaming for to grow your business and reach more people. Okay, let's do that in the next video. 5. 7 Tips to optimize your Live Streaming: Hey, guys, Welcome to this video and excited to see you here. In this video, we will talk about the seven tips toe warranty that you have. The best life is too impossible that you reach out is that you're out in steak action. After watching your video Austin part after participating off, your life is streaming. Okay, that's the goal. Okay, The first step is to have your goal. Your objected in mind What? Before starting your life streaming, you need to set a goal. What do you want accomplish with these life history? Do you want to drive people to specific website? Do you want to promote a product? You want to teach your outings? Do you want to talk about your brand? About your services, about your company, about the website? You want to drive and drive them to your course or to your landing page or to your YouTube video? What? You're gore? Or maybe you want them to participate on your Facebook group. Okay, so you need to have in mind what you go on by having that will have also we talk in the last video about planning your life streaming, So if you did. If you completed all the steps, I suggest in the last video you already know your goal, but always is good to have that in mind because that will hold us to create the best life streaming for your out. Okay, The second tip is to check your Internet speed. We need upload speeds higher than 3 to 53 to five is the minimum recommended. But Facebook and YouTube, if you have a higher speed, is even better. But you need to have a least between three and five megabytes per second. Upload speed. Remember that we have the different between download speed and upload speed winning toe warranty on. Make sure that your upload speed east. Good. So to do that, I usually use a website called Speed test dot net or you can go to school on just type speed. A speed test on you will see all the services here. We have, for example, days, but that does not net. If I could go, it will find the best server. The server that is closest to me on this case is Miami, and it will check the download speed. You see, here we have the download speed 2021 26. I used I bay here, actually for 100 megabytes per second speed, but is now in 37. That happens sometimes that way. That's why I want you to test this is beat before going to your life streaming. You see here that I have 1.6. This is not enough. I am uploading right now. Videos toe to my you Timmy profile for these cars. So that wise I actually have 10 megabytes. But a megabytes are used right now by our loading videos on East Assistant is checking for me to 100.34. So check your speed. Make sure you're up low speed is between three and five or more. That's better. If it for some reason you have lower speed, you can still do it on sometimes a penny off on where you are. This beats can be lower. In this case, if you are doing a YouTube life or Facebook life or easterners or periscope assistance today are very smart, so they will still do the life streaming with lower quality. So if you are in a place where you don't have that speed, that is required. You can still do it. But you need to keep in mind that the speed will be low, not the speed. The quality of the video will be a little bit lower. Okay, that's Steve. Number to tip number three. Close Any gaps that maybe using your bandwidth. For example, if we look here mind you see Oh, and I am working a macro right now. You see, all the absent I and I have opened at this moment. You see, here we have the Amazon. Dr. We have the one drive dropbox be cloud ever note. Um, mega. So all these Esposito, all these abs are using bandwidths right now to send files or to check the status off the service. Right. So I will recommend you, especially if your speed is not very high to close these aps before doing the life streaming. So you make sure that all the bandwidth that you have, especially all the resources for your computer, are only dedicated to your life streaming toe warranty that you are using that you'll stream with the with the best quality possible. Okay, so let's move forward. The next EAP East tohave a killer title and the title is super important. Will talking details later on the course about the title on how you can assign the best title. Not the sign how you can choose the best title for your life streaming. Okay, so the title is important. Make sure you think about Tyler. And remember that the tip number one we talk about your goal. So if your goal is to drive people to a landing page and on that landing page, you are offering something for free. Think about your audience when you are right in the title, right? Something that is that that cold and their attention off your customers. So when they receive the notification, they will say yes. I love this. I want to learn more about these. Let me join this life session right now. Okay, That's a go. Think about your title on. If you want more tips, you will find that later on the course. The next deep is look at the camera right now I am talking to you. You need to look at the lens off the camera. Okay? If I if I keep talking like these or some people talk like these are and have the arms gross, you know, on their they're looking at other ways, and that's not good, because you need to connect with your hours on the best way to connect which somebody is by looking at them. If you are speaking with a friend on the street outside, on a restaurant or anywhere, you usually look to the people you are face to face, and you speak one toe to each other right on. That's how the friendship girls right. That's how you create trust. Your relationship with your friends and your clients on the same applies with the camera. I know that your hours and your friends, your clients, will be all over the world right now. That's the advantage that we have. So what? They will be at their homes at their offices or maybe commuting around with their cellphones, watching you life online. But you still need to look at the camera that's the same off looking at your customer face . Are your friends face? Okay, so remember toe. Always look to the camera on. That's the other tip. The next one. Let's see here. My least I have haven't optimized description is good to have an optimize description. Not on Lee to get people to join to the life event, right? Some. Sometimes people don't read the description when they are ready to join to the life events sometimes, yes, but most of the move off the use for the description will be later. Because if we do a you tube life right now, if we do a Facebook life right now, later on YouTube on Google will have their rankings, people, your videos will be still available for next clients, maybe clients that you will followers that you will get just 123 months from right people. They're not your clients yet. They will find you through YouTube, search through Google search. Okay, on the description, you helps you a lot with the rank, it's on. Also, you can use it very smart and very optimized in order to drive people to specific sites. So if you have a video and you are recommending websites, services products on your video, you can add the links on the description so people will know where to find. So you are life here right now, like me, and you said Okay, guys, check on the description. You will find all the links off all the prokes I recommend to you in this video. Okay, so that's how you use description. Use also keywords. If I am teaching you, for example, on these video how to parade a website, I will use from my description that phrase How great a website and I will use keywords. For example, create website or war press, which is one of the most popular platforms to create a website. Right. So use these things keywords that you have for your audience on your description to okay, the next one in on the last one east to use tax, especially when you are you. When you're doing a YouTube life session, YouTube allows you toe enter tax on your session. So you have the title, the description and you have the tax cape attacks are the key words for your specific life session. So the same thing that we did on the description the key words that you are using you at that on the tax to and we will talk in vetoes later in the course about that Okay, these are the seven tips. I hope you like it. I remember that all the tips are important. All the tips are super important. I remember that The first thing is to keep your goal in mind. So you, when you have your goal, you go through the whole process off creating planning on doing the life session on There were souls will be amazing. Okay, See you in the next video. 6. Final Project: Go Live on Instagram: Welcome to this assignment, Guys. Here we are ready to start doing your first Easter criminal life session. So your task for this assignment this is easy. Because if you are here and you watching the course in order, you are ready The Facebook life on a you tube life. So that's amazing. On this assignment, you need to go ahead and create your life. Instagram video session. Okay, start that. Following the steps on the strategies you learn on this model and after that, in the next section here, in an X page you can share with me and with the community the link to your Easter from profile on your Eastern profile, we will find your life session. OK, so police shared that with me with the community will give you positive feedback. And after that, we can move forward with the cars. Let's do that right now. 7. Congratulations!: you were at the end of the course. Congratulations. You just finished all these course and I want to thank you very much for investing your time here with me on my skills Course on owner. Because you need that. Before we go, let me tell you, I need you to do to small things. The 1st 1 is to follow me here on a skill share. Why you need to follow me basically. Because when you follow somebody an executioner, you will get an email. Every time I release a new course for you. I have plans. Amazing courses with greatest tried on learning every day with my clients in the real world . And I am creating every day new courses, packaging and publishing here on a scooter for you. So click on the follow bottom here on the pages. Somewhere around here you can follow. And by doing that you will follow me on a scooter and you will get an email every time I have something new for you on. That's amazing. Also, if you like the course, please please leave your review Here. Click on the review bottom. Leave your thumbs up If you like. The course. If you don't like the course for any reason, that's fine. Contact me and tell me, what do you need? 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