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Google Ads: 12 Steps to your First Google Adwords Campaign

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Google Adwords for your Business


    • 2.

      How Google Adwords Works


    • 3.

      Example of Ads that we are creating


    • 4.

      Setting up your Adwords Account


    • 5.

      Exploring the Adwords Interface


    • 6.

      Discovering the best keywords


    • 7.

      Creating a Google Adwords Search Campaign


    • 8.

      Selecting your Audience


    • 9.

      Choosing your Bid settings for Google Adwords


    • 10.

      Creating an Ad group and Adding Keywords


    • 11.

      Finalizing your Google Adwords Ad


    • 12.

      Managing your Google Ads Campaigns and Analytics


    • 13.

      Creating a YouTube Ad with Google Adwords


    • 14.

      Your Final Project


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About This Class

Welcome to the "The Complete Google Ads for Beginners"

In this class, you will learn all about Google Adwords, how Google Adwords works, and how you can how to create optimized Ads to promote your business, products, and services on Google and YouTube.

Let's start the class right now!

Remember that millions of people use Google every day, you can be in front of them with Google Adwords.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Google Adwords for your Business: Hey, guys, Welcome to the Google AdWords model Here we are on in hearing this model. In this course, you will learn the absolute Bassett strategist to use efficiently Google ad work in order to grow your business. Remember that. Here we are talking about Google Ad works is a Google company. So we're advertising on Google, which is one off the biggest. I mean is the biggest search engine in the world. Everybody use Google every day. So we are doing that here and we will have the potential. You, your company, your brother will have the potential to reach millions of people all over the world. We're going step by step from creating your Google AdWords account number one. After that, we will find the absolute best keywords for your business for your product, for your company to make sure that we're finding We're targeting the right people that we know exactly with terms with key, which keywords your customers are using on goal to find your content to find your company. If you have never created a Google ad works advertising before you will do it in this model very easily. Step by step before we start is important to talk about the interface on this model. Google AdWords change the interface very often, So if you are seeing something different off the interface and showing you here on the course, that's fine. That means that Google changed the interface. We update the course. The court's very regularly, but if you find your interface different, you can look around and you'll find exactly the same option. So don't worry about that on after that, we're ready to start the course. So let's start learning about Google AdWords and how you can use in order to grow your basis and increase yourselves. Let's go. 2. How Google Adwords Works: how Google Ad Works works. The main ingredient that we have on Google ad works is the key word people are using. When they when your client your customers come to Google and they are ready to find to search for something, they use keywords here in order to find your products on this key, words are the key words that I related with your business later here on the course will go step by step. I'll show you step by step, how to find the absolute Basque Yours for your business to make sure that you know how many people are searching for this keyword every month on You know, if these people are looking for your service for your business, for your products or not, that is coming in the next videos. But for now, let me show you an example. If we served four, for example, hotels in new your city Okay, we have an extra s. You and me are totally new. Your city here we have some ads. That means that the key were we're using here. If I have an off hotel on new your city, probably the key word I will you one off the keywords I will use here on Google in order to Kregel at works is the key. The phrase hotels in some for a new your city. OK, because I have I have that business that I want to share that with my outings with my clients. So when somebody comes here to Google and they type hotels in New York City, my at will show her here on the first page. Okay, that's the goal. So we will identify. I've here on these cars the best keywords for you in order to show your business. Your website here on the top result. Okay. What happened? If one more than one company say Okay, this is the same. This is a key word for my permit audience too. So let's say we have three hotels in New York City saying I want to create an at for these phrase for this exact phrase. What happened then? East Google, half a beating system that will decide depend of how much you beat for every click Google, the Calgary Out amount will automatically decide which at to show in the first page. Okay, you will understand all that here during the cars. So that's it. I hope you are excited. This is super powerful because with cool add works you have. You know, Google is one is the best search engine in the war. People are using over every single day, several times a day to find new products, new services and new companies. And you, your company can be the next one that will be in front of millions of people. And I'll show you how to that. Okay, so let's continue with the course in the next video. I'll show you some examples. Real examples off the ads that we're creating, see there. 3. Example of Ads that we are creating: Hey, guys, in this video world check and we will see the different ads that we're creating here on the cars. Okay, basically, go will give you some options. You can create different type off at goodwill, will add works, and we will explore three off. Then, on this video, which are the main once, the 1st 1 is search. Also, we have the display and we have the video ads. The search ads are starts that are showing only on the Google search pay. So when boots when somebody goes to hold that com on, they searched for a keyword. Let's say we start for hotels in New York in your city will see some results at the top that are at all these four at the top are at you can see here at below the headline you have the at sign. This is the search Google ad works on at. Okay, so we'll create these later here on the course. The 2nd 1 is the display at. That means that all over the Internet and you probably saw these, I'll show you real examples here all over the Internet, people are adding to their website, the Google at work code so their website can air a little bit off money showing at to their visitors. On this at our the quick here we have an example here where, for example, on speed tests dot net, which is a website where you can check the speed of your internet and we see here 2345 acts you see here at the top. I was looking for flights to bear lean and you see they are offering me here first class to Berlin on the at. This is another Google ad works that is showing here. Another ad from Ghoul here is another one that is not join for some reason. And here we have the last one for a digital marketer. So basically they are using a retargeting here and they are showing me this is the display at on Google at works there, showing me ads that I related with recent Internet activity that I made. I was visiting the American Early's website a few days ago on there showing me at here. So this is the display at you can create at in this way to here on Google ad works here we have another example of this play at on the New York Times website It sees refreshing. Hopefully we will see that he on this are here. We're here. We have this lack at this is an ad from Google at works to you See here on basically, if I click here, I will be redirected toe these the company website. So the New York Times is using these space at the top for at also the next example we have is from Miami. How we have here another Google at this place. We're talking here about this place. That's right. Now we here we have the classic alligator on Florida coming out off the water. So here we have 12 on three. This is another ad. We have three ATS from Google at works here on this website. So this is this play at we talk about search ATS here. All the ads are showing on the google dot com website on the search base. We talk about this play acts that are showing all over the Internet in all the websites that on the last one that we're exploring is the video. You know, probably if you go to YouTube and you play videos. Sometimes you see at the begin off the video. So if I play this video, this is an ad that is running, and I have the chance to jump the at after five seconds or something like that. Or sometimes I need to watch the whole thing. So this is the video at on. You'll see on this car's two or this model. How to create video ads on YouTube is very easy, and it's very, very powerful. Most entrepreneurs, especially it's more business owners are not be using properly. Or I wrote using at all all the power that you have with Google at on video, especially on you, too, because you're out insist on YouTube. Everybody is using YouTube and you have the chance to create cheap ads on YouTube. I mean, not investing Chip. I mean, not investing a lot of money on having great results. So this is the video. I hope this is helpful. I hope now you know the difference between search at this play. ATS and video ads on in the next video will start creating your opening your Google AdWords account on a star career in your first Google AdWords campaign. See, there 4. Setting up your Adwords Account: in order to start advertising on Google at works first, the first step is to create your Google AdWords account. If you already have an account, you can jump to the next video where we will continue with the cars. If not here, let's start doing that right now. First step is to go toe. Add works dot google dot com and here you have the starting interface. The interface will probably be different for you because you will change it every week, but you will have their starting now bottom. So click on start now. Here on, Let's create the first account first Ghoul asked us to enter the email address, so I'll enter a temporary email address I have for testing. So it stemmed at Diego lavilla dot com. On what? Your website. They asking for my website? So here I'll enter. Diego Davila dot com. Click on Continue. And now we are ready to create the first Google at works account. Enter your name here on your last name. Enter a strong password. Let's see Excellence, enter your birthday. Let enter a Ursa genetic birthday here on. You can enter your four number if you want this is not mandatory, but if you want, you can enter your number here on choose your location. Click on next step. Here we have the privacy on terms. Make sure you read these and you agree with all the turns on policies. And if you agree, you click. I agree so we can move to the next step. Excellent. Now here we are ready to continue with their congregation. But let me tell you, sometimes go will ask you for your phone number in the next screen in order to very five that you are a real person. So if that happens, all you need to do is enter your phone number and you have the option to receive a text message or a call from Google. This is a free call or a text message with a code you enter the code on. That's all you need to do. So now Google is asking us to create or first campaign. I know that this is not the best time for create the first campaign because probably your new to Google AdWords. We are just great account, and we don't want to worry right now on creating a really campaign here, but because this is mandatory will need to create a draft campaign here. And let's do that with just simple data right now. Here we have the budget. Let's set the budget toe. Let's see. Let's see if they are set. $1 day here. Yes, $1 a day. Okay. Locations U S and Canada. Let's leave these for now. Keywords. Let's like the key were here. Select any keywords that you want here. Just as a test. Let's see here, Facebook Marketing. Let's add this one so we can move forward. Excellent. So now we have the beat is good at tax. Enter. Ah, headline here had line on Enter a text here. This is just for testing. Don't worry about this right now. This is just click on safe. This is just to make sure we can move forward with their calculation. So they are asking me toe enter mawr information here. Okay. Safe. These wonderful click on safe and continue on the last step is to enter a payment method. Don't worry. Google won't charge you anything for the first ad because we will disable after the account creation. I'll show you how to that So we're creating this at just as a sample in order to allow us to create an account. So next step, we have the payment information here. You enter your billing country, make sure you choose the right one here because you won't be able to change this later. Here you enter the specific times on that you have. Enter your business name or your name. Enter your address. Primary contact If you want four number all this information at the end you enter your credit card When you are ready with these, click on finish and create at on. After that, Google will forward you to the Google at work's main panel, which is this guy here you have you are seeing here right now. A lot of information on yours. You won't have any information for now. Only you will have your current campaigner. We just created okay In order to disable that campaign, we're doing two more things. Guys here before we move forward to the next video they were they were pow's ing that campaign that we just created a sample and we're also confirming your email address with Google. So first, let's pow's your campaign if you're here on the Google AdWords panel. If you are not here, you can go toe. Add works dot google dot com You cake on campaigns here. Second option on the top menu and now Juanito POW's Your campaign. You see you will see your campaign here on. All you need to do is click on the green bottom and click on Powers, or you can even remove it if you want. Remember that campaign is just as a test we created in order to make sure that we have a valid Google at works account. So you powers your contain. And by doing that, we are making sure that Google is not running this campaign because he's just a test. After that, when we have the campaign powers were happy with that. We go to your email and we need to confirm your email address because it's a new account. So you will see an email like these Google ad works. Verify your email to complete your account. Sign up. So click on that and he will have a link. This is the link that we are copying un pasting here on your profile. Let's see here Excellent we are confirming your account. This case is still asking me for the critical information because I didn't enter. I already have an account. This is just a sample account and creating for you. Okay, with all that, we are ready to move forward on the course. You now have an account. And by doing that, you are ready to start advertising to millions of people all over the world through Google ad works on. Also, you will have now free access to a one off the top tools that we have here on Google AdWords with which is the goal keyword planner. These told here I'll show you here on the course in the next videos. How to use this effectively. This is super powerful is an amazing tool that you'll use in order to find the absolute best keywords for your business. Okay, let's continue with the course right now. 5. Exploring the Adwords Interface: Hey, guys, welcome to this video. Here we are ready to explore and learn more about the interface off Google at works. If you go right now to add works dot google dot com, you'll see these interface taken home right now. Confront This interface is where we're creating new campaigns, creating new ads, watching the results that we're having with your ads. Seeing the keyword, finding the best keywords for your out is all off that we're using. We're doing here on this interface. We have killed the top many, which is the main way to navigate from one place from one tool toe another. He would have home campaigns, opportunities reporting tools on the home menu. We have a general view off your account. This case you are seeing some data probably years because we have you. We created a brand new account from you. You won't have many data here, but as you can see, we can see the total number of interactions, impressions, interaction, rate of our costs off off your ads on the total costs off your ads. So far in this specific time frame, the next one is campaigns of weekly going campaigns here is where we are creating new campaigns later in the course. And if you are a little bit over one with all this information, all these options don't worry. We'll talk about each one off them later. Here on the court, on the left. We have the left many when we see all the campaigns. So if you click on each campaign, you can see data for that campaign. Let's say, for example, it's click on this one how to create, how to make a website. We click on the campaign and below we have the ad group. At group are group off acts that you can create inside each campaign? Let's say we have a campaign to promote your hotel in new your city, and we have one group off at running 30% off this count on. We have another group off at running a promotion for Thanksgiving, for example, so you can have different group off at, and we'll talk about that later to running for one specific campaign. So if you have more than one, you click on the campaign here, which is some blue right now, for example, the how to make a website below that you see all your at groups. Right now we have only one. Also here on the left menu. You see, the different campaigns we have, we have the 1st 1 which is company number one. You see, on the left we have an icon, which is which is the search would remember that we talk about the different types off at the we can create. We have the search at we have the display at and we have the video ads. So in this case, this icon ease on this case specifically for the search at on the next one Here, for example, the one that is in blue is for this video arts. So that's on our way to identify specific camping. Said you have also in the right here. When you click on the specific campaign, you see data for on your campaign, you can see a sample off your ad running on this case. I have this campaign powers For now, this is the total impressions that I have. How many views on this video? This is a video campaign, the view rate, the average course purview on the total cost for these campaigns and for this campaign. You have the campaign menu here at the top two. So if I click on add groups, I can see all the at groups for this campaign, and you can also hear See, here on the left side settings. You can change the setting off your campaign. You have the at specific acts that you have inside these campaign videos on video targeting . Also here on opportunities. If we go to the next option. In the top mania, we have opportunities that ghoul is showing us some changes that we can make on your account or at on, or campaigns that can change their results. So in this case, they're saying, Hey, this is what you need to do in order to improve your campaign. And this is different for each account. That depends off the keywords you have, the art you have and how you're at our performing. They will give you suggestions here on the opportunity step. The next one is the report. Taps were talking about this later on the cars to where you can see the results. You can see graphics on how you're at our performing, and the last one is tools. This is great because inside tools we have great tools to make sure everything is working. Fine. Like conversions attribution. Google Analytics on my favorite Here is the key War planner. I'll show you later in the next videos how to use the Gohlke War planners to find the best cures for your That's okay. If you want to change your settings, you can come here on the top. Right hand side settings icon you have here the billing option account settings link a count on the help option if you want todo to ask for help on these specific panel, Okay, This is a general overview off the the dashboard I know is to too many options here. Too many new terms, terminologies. But don't worry. By the end of this model, you will have your campaign running here on Google AdWords. Okay. And in the next video, we continue with the car. See? There 6. Discovering the best keywords: Let's talk about the keywords and which keywords you can use. So to do that, there is a Frito from Google, which is one off the best tool that you can use on is called Google Key War Planners. So we go to school and we type Google Key were planner. OK, search for that. And you see here the first result East Google keyword planner, How much is it? Coast And you have all information about the tour right now. Here, this is add. This is at this is the first to result the first organic results. So we click on this one and in here Let's see, we are going to the Google keyword. If you don't have an account with Google keyword planner or you don't have an account with Go AdWords, you'll need to create one account before using the tool again. The tool is 100% free right now. Off course. That can change because ghoul constantly change their policies on how they deliver their products to the customer. But right now is 100% free. The only thing you need is to create an account on Google at words, So if you don't have an account. Let me show you very quick how to create one right now. Let me open up. This is a browser and incoming to browser. This is the page that you will see if you don't have an account. So you can click on create an account here, the top right hand side. The first option is to enter the email address. So let me enter a generic email address here just for test. What's your website? I'll enter my website if you you need to enter your website here. So they are asking you. Yes. I want to personalize steps on recommendations to improve my at performer or No, I don't want I I will say no for now. You can change this later because we're not actually advertising on Google right now. That's not the focus off this class. Click on. Continue. Excellent. Is asking for the log in information for these account. So let me do that. Okay. They are asking me for some recovery information. They have my fun. I may recover email address. You were nice. Unready. I click. Done. Excellent. And now let's see what's The next step is loading the page. Excellent In here. We can create ads for YouTube for you, for ghoul and all that. But for now, we go to the top menu, click on tools and click on keyword Planner, Opening the planner. That's great. And now here we are on the main page on the home page off the tool. If you don't have a credit card associated with your AdWords account, you will need to enter your credit card again. For now, these Tulis Story freed. The credit card is just in case you want to start creating at with Google, which is not the case. But in order to access the tour yes, you need to have your credit card on file. So when you are, when you complete that, you will be here on the home page off the tool on the tool of the specific option we're using. Here is the first option, which is served for nooky war using phrase, website or category. So click on that and in here we need to enter the cure for this specific case. Again, we are talking about online courses online. Course you can enter a website so well will analyze the cures associated with your website or with your competitors website. So if you have that you can enter here and see how the keywords are managed on the specific website. Your product category. You can enter here if you want. I don't worry about this. We need toe toe only analyze the key words right now. So targeting locations you can enter again The location the country, the city on this case al enable all locations. You can choose the language you can you choose more than one language in this case is English on the ghoul to you want to serve that on Google or on goal and search partners? For now, I'll just like Google and click on safe. Also, you can set up negative keywords. This is a little more advanced. Don't worry about these. If this is the first time you are using the tool when this is ready, when you have your key were here the location on the language. This these are the three most important thing you can click on, get ideas. And now Google is searching their database for these keywords and see how many times people goto google dot com and search for these specific cure on What's the beauty off all these? The beauty is that we have two taps here at the top. The 1st 1 is at group ideas. Let me click on that so you can take a look on. The 2nd 1 is key war idea, and this is the one that we're using today. So you see here on the cure idea, Basically, you enter a key were here at the top. They tell you how many monthly searches are for this specific keywords. So for the key where we have, which is online course we have from 10-K tau 100 K searches Fairmont. So that means that up to 100,000 people go every month. You will and type this specific keywords. Okay, on also, the great thing here is that g kugel give you keywords idea. So related keywords, keywords that I related with this term that you enter here on how many search they have every month. So you can use that to to target specific content to create target content for your out on this case, we're using these four or Facebook page description. So the 1st 1 is online courses. So I read I will write these down on a piece of paper that I have here. So online courses. That's great. I'm here now. I will take a look on the keywords suggestion. So I have online classes you see from 10-K to 100 k So this is another great keyword that we can use on the description. Let me open no bad here, so we can right these and use it later. Let's see. New document. Okay, So the 1st 1 east on all lying courses Perfect. The 2nd 1 is online classes, which is a huge key, were also because it has up to 1,000,000 people searching every month. Distant learning. This is not a good keeper for my page. I think all line education again. Another great keyword. So online education, all the universities only learning a great you were online learning. Let's see. Okay, I'll use these for now. Online training is also great. So they were training online courses. Excellent. You can also order these by average moment research. So if you click on these, Google would show you at the top the top the top searches for the specific. You're So you see, the the war course is we assert, every month upto one million times distant educations, free online courses with certificates, online classes. All this is great. So we have a few key words. I invite you to spend more time if you need searching for keywords and we will use these five keywords I have here own or Facebook description. Why? Because these keywords are the top keywords for these specific area for the online course. Keyword phrase. Okay, on by using that on the Facebook on the Facebook page description, we're spreading this Key words on Facebook were spring this kiwi worse on Google and Google Search partners? So that's why is super important because the chances toe for your baits to run higher on Google on our so on. Facebook results are great because people will go actually on Google and said for the specific keywords on disk, you are east on your Facebook description, so go will say OK, these may be the right paid for these this this group of people that are certain for for these keywords. So that's why it's important before, and we will do that on the next video. We'll create the description on the next video Before we end this video. Let me give you another example. You can enter other key words here if you want. Let's say we're talking about we have a business that we want to create a page about a chuckle at K. Let's say we we have recipes off great cakes, and one of the top one is a chocolate cake. So let's start for that chuckle. Adds Joeckel, Lad, cake. Okay, search. See here. So you see that there was a problem retrieving these ideas? Police dragging This happens sometimes because when when Google is, I don't know if it's over low or was how or what happened, but happened sometime. If this happened to you, all you need to do is click on, get ideas until you see the results. Let me refresh the refresh the page. Okay, Now we see their results. So you see here the chuckle chocolate cake, this specific phrase. People are looking for these on Facebook, actually, on Google from 100 cato, one million times every month, people go to Google and type these key war. OK, so these are great key work that see which related to yours We have. We have chocolate cake recipes. Another great keyword cake. Recipes upto one million. The server recipes one million Easy Chocolate cake recipe Moist chocolate cake. Okay, Carol Cake. One million car. Okay. He's also upto one million. So this is a great way to find If I am interested on chocolate cake, I will use for sure the key work Chocolate K cake recipes on my description. Let's see what else? Dessert. I'll use the war desert because people are looking for that also, Maybe I can add something about carrot cake. I know my pages about chocolate K, but I can say, Hey, if you want more information about other recipes on do you can click here and see on access the recipe off the best cover cake you will ever make or something like that. Okay, so you get the idea. This is a grateful. I hope you like it. I hope you take action right now on search for your keyword on. Write down at least five keywords related with your topics and we will use these cures in the next video. See you there. 7. Creating a Google Adwords Search Campaign: creating your first ghoul. Add works at campaign Let's do that right now in this video step by step. Here we are on the ad works dot google dot com website on. We're in the home panel right now in the home dashboard. The second option is campaigned. So click on that. And now we're going to the campaigns dashboard, where we can see all the activity, all information, existing campaigns that we have. If you have a new account, probably you have only one campaign running here or maybe a campaign that you powers here. Okay, so right now we're in the Companions menu and we also select on the taps here the campaign tap What is the 1st 1? And now we have the red button saying, Hey, class campaign, create a new campaign. So we click here. We are able to see all the different ads, the different campaigns that we can create here on Google that works. The 1st 1 is the search network on this police select. Remember the wish. We talk about the three different campaigns that we can create the video campaign. The search campaign under display can pay. So the search is the one that will show when people go to google dot com Insert for your keyword on this play is the one that shows in other Web size in third party websites where they show your at over there. OK, the 2nd 1 is network Onley display Onley shopping video or universal at campaign. In this case, we're talking in this court who will talk about the the search network that display on also the video campaign. I'll show you also this course how to create a YouTube at on this case. By the end of the small, you'll you will have also a YouTube at running on your account. Okay, so right now we will create a search on Lee at because this is the easiest one to create on . I want to show you how to it right now. So here we are on the campaign name. Before we talk about these, let me talk to you about tell you about the type of campaign here you have the standard, which is the key word target texts at showing on Google surgery. So Okay, if you have any questions on any time, if you're not sure what something means here. Google allows us they have a question mark. I can hear where you can put the mouse on the top off it and you will have a description or exactly off what each I didn't means in case you have doubts. But let me tell you, he don't stander. This is a standard Assert acts at the will show on the cool page. If we enabled all victors, Google will allow us here on the next page to select more advanced victory. If you want to select the at extensions and other advanced victor that we have on Google AdWords, you can select this one so you will have all the options available. If you want to improve to optimize your act for mobile app installs, you can select these. Also, we have did the dynamic cert at In this case, if you select this one, you are not using your not selecting specific keywords. This is good. If you have an on online store, for example, with a lot of products and Brooks are changing all the time. By selecting the dynamic search at Google will go to your website and analyze all the keywords. Analyze all the data that you have there on the Calgary will automatically improve and will create a target out. It will create a specific keywords to target your ads for your website. On call only eats away toe may call for business, So if they see your ad and they click on it, you'll see that they use especially a mobile. They will be prompt with a new option to call your business so they all they need to do is click on your ad and click on call on this phone. The smartphone will automatically made the culture business. This case, we're using the standard option here right now on this example Campaign name. I recommend you to add something that is descriptive that you know in the future. Remember that you will have a lot of campaigns in the coming month in the coming days. In the coming years on, you will you need to have a good description here on the campaigning. So spend some time here writing a compelling description that you will will help you to identify your campaign. In this case, my campaign will be about digital marketing, so I will target people that are interested in digital marketing on driving people to my website. You can also add here you can put the slash and you can Atmore information about your audience. For example, if you are telling us kind of there on U K, for example, or the countries you can add the countries, you can add the gender off the people you are. You're adding here, so that's up to you for me. I will add on Lee for this demonstration Digital marketing as a name below that we have a load setting for an existing campaigns. So if you if you have more campaigns that you want to use the same settings, you can just low the settings from there. That's an easy way to create new ads when you already have campaigns that are very successful. So let's say Campaign one here, the super successful. I haven't on having a great conversion rate, great results, so I can import the settings from this campaign to my new up. If I want this case, I won't do that. Let's move forward. The next one is network. So where your ad will show is saying that will show in Google search networks on. Also, you have the option to check if you want to show your at on in on the school. Such Patzert partner. So basically other websites, the other search engines that are partner pool. We'll also show you are if you want. For now. If this is due first ad of you are starting here. I recommended to select only Google search Network devices. Google will show by before, and we can not change these toe all eligible devices. So mobile tablets, cellphones and laptops, computers All the devices will be running your at by before. Okay, the next video, we'll continue the finding your target out in cedar. 8. Selecting your Audience: Okay, guys continued with the first at the We're creating here and will add works. Remember that it's assert at, and now we need to choose the target out. So the first option is the locations here. Again, if you have any questions at any time, and you want more information about each field, you can click here on the question mark next to each item and you will have a complete description off the idea. So here we need to select. Or we can include or exclude specific specific arias off regions off your target out. So if your target audience east, for example, in us, you can add you United States here you can add the United States and Canada, or you can say, Let me choose If you said Lamy, let me choose. You can add specific cities. Let's say we at Miami for a simple and you when you you and you add the city. Or you can add the address you can at specific sip growth. Let's see, here you have a sip coat. You see that? How many people are the potential? Reach off this specific at this specific location. So for this sicko you see that the potential reach is 300. More than 300,000 people came for Miami for if we had Miami, the city. You see the potential riches more than six million people. You can also add your address here. You can add more than one country, more than one city. That's up to you. If you click on Advanced Search. This is great. You see on the area that these specific locations are covering. So if I go here to Miami, for example, you see the area that people in this area will be the target outings for the specific location. So if I want to add, let's say these are here. Miami Beach. I can add Miami Beach and you see that Google automatically at the new location here. So if I go to Radio Star getting I can enter the specific address off your business, let's say the Winter Clematis Street on your Ford. You enter your address here and you said, how many miles around your business you want to target people, so I want to tell people only 10 miles around my business. If you will prefer kilometers, you can select here to Sochi concert. Here we are. This is the location Clematis Street on my young targeting people 10 miles around my business. Let's say I want to target people only two miles around, so you have a more target out is right now only two miles around your business. This is powerful because it's works, especially if you have a local business where you are providing services to your audience, and you can use that by doing their radios targeting. When you're happy with your target, you click on done on. Let's move forward now. Now we have the languages. If we take on added here, I recommend it. Just only one language, because you're at will not be translated by ghouls. So if you select, let's say Spanish here, people were that speak Spanish will see your at in English, and probably you won't have good result. So, for now, I recommended toe use only one language off course. You can answer like English and select any other language that you prefer, especially this basically is the language in which you are writing your at. Okay, let's move forward to the next IRA, which is the bit strategy here. We will be talking about how much to invest on your at, and we're doing that in the next videos, either. 9. Choosing your Bid settings for Google Adwords: just in the best bits strategy for your Google ad were at. Let's talk about that right now. Here we have continued with the at creation the beat strategy, and we need to choose this strategy that we want to use. If we click on the drop down menu here, you see that at the top we are presented with lot off automatic strategies. Bit strategies from Google. This world's great for some business, but not for another. If you are starting and this is what we're doing right now, we'll use the manual. CPC. This is the cost per click. Every time somebody clicks on your ad, you will be paying on amount of money to cool, and you can decide that here on this beach area. Remember that when we searched for keywords for specific keywords. We have different maximum are minimal beat amounts. So let's save. I used the key war, for example, digital marketing, the keyword phrase and you need to have that in consideration when we're using the manual CPC on the automatic strategy, we have the target search basil page location, so we will optimize the app in order to show your at in the first page off Google to target the CPI A target are away Tracking out Rankin share Maximize the clicks on your ad so it will set the big toe Help you get the most clique within your badges and maximize the conversions on and has the CPC This is all automatic for now will choose the manner. OK, The next step is to choose how much you are paying for each click. Remember that when we use the Google keyword planner here we when we find the keyword next to the key were we have a suggested big amount. So if you don't you're not sure how much you need to put here. I recommend to start very low sometimes if you set us ah, low amount here. Google won't even show your at. So that's why you need to Whoa on Google keyword planner Right now, If you don't remember how to read, you can check two videos before this one. We have a complete class showing you how to find the best keywords and how to find the average beat amount for each cure. So for these tests, I will adhere $3. Okay, of course, this is up to you on this change, depending off your cure. And next we have the budget. How much you want to spend a day? This case I'll say $30 $30 a day is the maximum I can spend on the amount per bid is $3. So one question that people ask me all the time my students, my clients is okay If I said $3 here, that means that every time I will be paying $3 No, that doesn't mean this is the maximum beat amount. So if you have more than one company beating for the same keywords, let's say we're where we're talking here about the keyword digital marketing, for example. So we have company A, that is, that is, targeting digital marketing key war on. They adhere to dollars and 50 cents. For example, Perbet on the Company B is also targeting digital marketing and they said OK, they want to pay upto $3 here. Okay, so what happened? Ease that because we have company A and B for the fighting, let's say for the same key war on the company, be half Mauris have have a higher beat for this key work. What happened here is that, you know, are you are not paying $3 here. You will pay a little bit more than the other. The other company, which is 2 50 in this case, probably you will pay 260 cents or something like that. It's around that amount off course. This is just an example. Nobody knows exactly how the algorithms work and how it's calculated. So But you now have an I d off half the how the building works. Okay, so let's move forward here. Next. We have the at extensions were not using the's right now in this example. Probably later on the course. But if you want to learn more, you can click on, take a tour on take a look on that. So, for now, we are happy with this double. Check that all East issue one on. When you're ready, click on safe and continue and we move to the next. Sorry. Okay. See you there. 10. Creating an Ad group and Adding Keywords: Okay. The next section here is where we create the at groups and we choose the keywords. And remember, the keywords are one off the most important elements here on or at creation. Because the keyword is the main tool that will help us to identify the right people. Right? People will goto global, and they will search for specific keywords. And we need to know exactly what they were they are using. That's why we spend sometime sometime in the last videos with the Gohlke were planner. OK, so let's start with this right now. The first feel here is to add the landing page. I recommend you toe have a landing page if you want to collect by landing page. We mean here on Google That is not only the landing page where you are collecting name and email from your audience Landing page means any page that you are driving your audience. Okay. Where you have an offer off course. You want people to take action because you are paying for then for traffic to the specific landing. But you are paying because they're clicking on this link. So you want to have a super optimized landing pages is also one off the main factor. The main elements that influence the success off your ad. Because if they're clicking on your heart and you drive into your landing page of your website on the landing page is not converting very well. Nothing happens. People are clicking on your at because you're at this optimized and you're paying for that because every time people click, you'll pay but your landing pages not optimized. Okay, so in this case, make sure your landing pages optimize that they are. You are driving people to the right place, this case just as an example at my page. Diego Davila dot com Here is the page where I am driving people off course I in the rial war. I won't write people to this page. I will drive people toe a sub page where I have specific actions called toe actions, asking them to speak to perform specific things. Specific actions. Okay, so here, based on my website deal avila dot com, you see that Google is giving me some ideas, some ideas for keywords. Okay, so here, Let before we go here, let's continue on at the group name. So at grouping number one. This is a name you can change these tow Any name that you want. So in this case, I can say, for example, that this ad will be for the Facebook retargeting course, for example. Okay, the beat here is the better we set up in the last screen the prior screen. So you can change these if you want. And now we are ready to add the keyword. So you see, he your at can show uncertain results for the terms and later to your keywords. And here the best way to do it is to add at least 10 keywords that I related with your landing page with your business. OK, so let's add, for example, Facebook. When people said for Facebook when people start for Facebook marketing, when people searched for retargeting. When people search for Facebook Group and you get daily Okay, so you need to have at least 10 keywords. You can go up to 20. That's a recommendation off. Will you see here, start with 10 to 20 keyword spare at corrupt. This is the work number one. If I want, I can add more ad groups by clicking here so I add another at Great. I can have a different name off course and change the beat if I wanted at new keywords here . Okay, for now, for this example. To make it easier for us, I will add only one at group and click now in continue toe ads. 11. Finalizing your Google Adwords Ad: okay, continued with the at creation here we are ready to write the as. And this is important because now is the time that we are the signing. And we're right in the text that your customers will see every time they start for your keyword. Remember, this is important. This is also one of the most important step. So I want I recommended to spend time here searching on thinking about the best headlines for your at here. We have a preview on the right side, off the at. When we start changes this field on the left, we will see the preview here on the right as a sample. Okay, so let's start doing that right now. The first feel is we need to add the girl where we are driving people when they click on the add came This is the same that the landing page we added in the last in the last section. So you see here were driving people to deal the villa that come off course. I recommended toe add toe drive people to your landing page. I remember that your landing page needs to be optimized. Headline for the first headline East These are a you see here, New York budget or total. So these aria is the first headline on you Have the dash on. This is the second headline We're right in here. Okay, so for this example justice a test, I will add Facebook retargeting course. Excellent On. You see that when we click on this area, we have 30 characters available. If we click on the other one, we have also 30. If we click on the description, we have 80. So keep that in mind when you're writing your description on your headlines here. So let's right here. Step by step processes or step by step arrested be Let's say recipe. Okay, this is just for test. So the last the next one piece path So what is this exactly? Here you see a preview off your at Facebook Retiring car, step by step recipe. And you see here the u R l that people will see when they see your at. So in this case, you see that they are driving. We're driving them to the available about camp. But this path easy. You can Atmore information he in order to describe to change these girl you are actually not changing the URL itself. This is the final, Ural. Even if you add information here on the path, but the path is away. Toe help your out is to have an idea where you are driving them. So you can say, for example, here Facebook. Let's see here, Facebook course. And you can add, for example, free here. So people see your at and they will say, Okay, I'll be driving to the able available con slash Facebook courses last free. Okay, looks like this is free. Let's do it. So you get the idea. You need to use these fields toe, help your audience identify where you are driving them OK on the description is also important. In this case, we have 80 characters. I will say reach people all over the world with Facebook. Retargeting. Okay, this is just one example. Of course you need to describe here exactly what your audience wants. You need to know your audience and I recommend you toe, actually see what what are the pain? Points off your artist on what? Which value are you bringing on these final your on your landing page? What are you adding toe their life. So use that as a description, right? Something great here that they were reading. They said yes. I want this the pain of what they're looking for on the preview here we have mobile and desktop so you can review how that looks like on desktop and also mobile on. When you're happy with this, you can click on create at Excellent. Now we have a preview here we have Facebooked retiring courses, the name off the campaign. All the keywords were targeting here. Off course we can edit this and we have a preview off the at here Quicken Review campaign And now the Google Give us an estimate. A daily estimate that off how much how much clicks and how many people we can reach with this specific budget that we're sitting here. This case you see 61 to 74 clicks for 27 to $30 a day. This is the estimate for my specific audience for my location and for my keywords, for your keywords. Maybe different. You have a cure that is not super competitive like, for example, digital marketing, a Facebook marketing which is super competitive. You will have more way more clicks that land like this for the specific amount of money. So this change that many of each situation you see the campaigns settings here, where we're targeting people. The Google search on the language. Okay, when you are happy with this, you say yes. Unhappy. Click on safe and finish. And now, ghoul, drive us to the campaign panel here, the dashboard in the campaign. And you see here that we have the Facebook retargeting course UNECE right now ready to run ? Sometimes it this will send. This will be sent to the Google AdWords team for approval. If they're happy with your at, they will approve on your AL will start running immediately for now. Because this is just a test campaign. I will go ahead and house this campaign here. So I am not generating any cost for me right now because this is just for this. I hope you understand. Now you have a clear idea. I noise too many things going on here. Too many pieces that we need to put together on this goal at works war. But I My goal here is to give you an idea of how you can use the stool in order to reach out and all over the world on to increase your self on tow, Promote your business, your services, your product. OK, I hope you take action and create your at. Remember, if you are not ready yet to create a really add at least go through the process as we did here and creator at, you know, do it into a practice put into action what you learn. I hope you like that in the next video. We'll continue with the course either. 12. Managing your Google Ads Campaigns and Analytics: Let's talk about how to analyze if your campaigns are having great results or not, and how you can see the data when you campaign star running. Were he on the campaign's menu on the cool at Works panel and you see here your campaign? This is the one that we just created. If you want, you can enable Paus or remove this campaign from here. Also, you have the status right now. The Compagnie spouse. You have the default CPC, the cost per click. How much are you paying? Berkeley. How many clicks you have? How many impressions the city are the Everett CPC, the coast on the average post, Also at the top. Here you have a graphic. If you are not seeing the graphic, you can click on the graphic I can hear and you'll start seeing some graphic off the clicks and impressions that you are having here in the specific area on you can, of course, change these for Click Impression City. Are all these other options you can you have more also competitive Metric and Jim O metrics . You can compare with another, you can say, OK, let's compare clicks with impressions, so you will see both off them. Geographics clicks in blue impressions in orange here on the graphic. And also you can set the time if you want a monthly review, a quarterly review weekly or daily. That's up to you on off course. Right now. We're not saying this because it's a brand new campaign that we just created. If you are at any moment, you think that you campaign is not converting for some reason, you can come here at any time. Go to campaigns, ad groups and you can. How's the campaign here and create a new one. Remember that the first complaint that we're creating are usually not very successful. Not because you are new to these is because when we start advertising one new channel, sometimes we need to invest a little bit off money a little bit off time in order to find the right way and the right audience. The way that you other types on Facebook is not the same way that you are there. Tyson Google AdWords, for example. So if you are having success on Facebook at and you want to start on Google ad works, you need to save, you need to assign some amount of money, as, let's say, as a research found, so you can create so at see how it goes until you find at that works fine on this channel so you can replicate you can on. You can do it basically exponentially if you are seen a good return on investment on one at all you need to do is add more money to the ATM machine and you'll have more clicks on more conversions after that. So I hope you get the idea. This is how it works. You can also use their reports if you want. When you started getting more and more number, some more and more results, you go to reports and you can watch old activity on your account. Okay, I hope this is helpful. In the next video, we're creating a YouTube at step by step that will be only in one shot. So in the next video, the whole video would be from start to be to the end, creating our YouTube. Okay, See you there. 13. Creating a YouTube Ad with Google Adwords: Okay, guys, welcome back. Now is the time to create your YouTube at using Google at works. Okay, here we are at works dot google dot com. And this is the view that we had in the last video when we created the first ad. So now we go to campaigns here at the top African campaigns on in this second menu. Here you see campaigns at group settings if we taken if we're right now at groups, so we can not at a new video here, we basically need to create a new campaign. So go to campaign here, click on new campaign and select the video. Excellent. This is very similar. Some of the fields will be very similar to the one that we just created in the past. Video campaigning. Let's adhere YouTube app for Facebook. Retargeting off course. I recommended to use a super descript descriptive description for you. So when you see on your dashboard, you identify and you know exactly what is this about the type? We have a video campaign. Of course we can change it if you want, but is not the case. Because now we're going one for you too. And you can have the option here standard at driving views, awareness and conversions. Or you can drive mobile app installs. If you are promoting your up or if you have an online store off course, you can shoot. Choose the shopping one. Okay, Next, we can set import settings from other campaigns that we have in this case, we're not doing that. Okay, the video at form. And we have two options in stream or video Discovery. This is basically remember, when you go to YouTube and you see an ad and you can jump the ad after five seconds so you can say, OK, wait a second click on jump and you go straight to the video that you want to see. And the discovery adds, are the one that would, when people search on YouTube there on YouTube death goal and they start for keywords. The discovery at will be the ones that show at the top as an act. Okay, the second option is the bumper at these are at similar to the in stream, but the difference is that they cannot jump your video. They cannot jump after five second day when they need to watch the whole video before they watch the video, they want to watch. You know what I mean. But the only requirement is these video needs to be six seconds or less. So if you have a super short video that have a great call to action, you can use that if you want. In this case, we're using the in stream be deal. Okay. On the beating session, we have killed the man. Almost the maximum cost per view. This is the maximum your pain, Fairview. So if they are on YouTube on your at shows and they jump your at their you are not pay anything you pay, only they watch. 30 seconds or more off your video. Okay. Off course. If your video is shorter than 30 seconds on, they watch all the video. You are also paying this amount you're paying up to these. The penny off the beating on how many people are bidding for that specific keyword. Okay. Next we have the delivery method. Let me expand these. You can have the standard show at every evenly over time, or you can choose the accelerated. I recommend you the standard for now. The next were you the networks. You have the YouTube search YouTube video on video partners on this plane network for now because he's the 1st 1 I recommend you to select only youtube. Okay, so you will have YouTube video or YouTube search or only YouTube videos. If you want locations here. You know these You can define the locations off your target audience. We talk about these in last videos. The language off your target outings to on this will deliver this divide. This ad will be delivered by default in all these specific devices Computer, mobile and tablet. This is by default on for now in the specific at We can not change that. You have outside advanced settings. If you want, you can add a schedule, start bein ed and date off your at the ad deliver. You can set the impressions and all that if you want. For now, we click on save and continue and will move to the next section here so we can finish the video. Here we have the at name group. I will leave it like that. You can rename your ad name. Now we have the your YouTube video here. So now We need to add the girl to the video that we want to advertise This case. Let me go here. Toe my YouTube channel. Here we are, the a la villa on on YouTube. Let's advertise this one. The complete Facebook retargeting course trailer. So by doing that, I am showing my trailer to these people you see here, Here we have an ad. Actually, let me jump this on. People are will be able to see this video, which is the trailer on if they like, they will be able to click on the on the video and they will be driving. I would drive them toe my landing page. Okay. Excellent. So let's go back here. Copy the URL on Pays a euro here. Excellent. Here we have Facebook Battalion course trailer deal. Avila 58. Viewed. Excellent. So now we have the video at former. We have the interim, which is the one that they see on your video. When they are watching videos on YouTube, they will see this video before us. An ad before the actual video they want to see or you can just also the video discovery at which is this is an example. So when somebody certain YouTube you will see your at here on the mainstream is the's, you know they're gonna skip the out if they want. Excellent. In stream is the one that which is that this place U R l is the Urawa do they will be seen here on the bottom. So in this case, I would write I would say that the euro is Diego Davila. That comes last free course on the final. This is just for display. This is not the actual euro. Well, what they are going on, the actual you release this one where you are driving your your customers on this case, I will drive into the level of that kind off course. You need to drive it into your landing page to take action because you don't want people clicking on your video clicking on your app. You're paying for that, but you drived into a page What? They have nothing to do. You want to drive into a page where they can buy your products, entered their name and their email so you capture their information so you can follow up later. Okay, you have We have advanced. You Earl Trucking. We're not using these for now. Companion banner. Our generate image. Four videos in your channel is recommended, or you can upload your on image if you want. Okay, this is the much that it will be using. Which is the automatic Are much here on my specific video is the thumbnail or if you want, you can add your own image If you want Game The beating You already know how this works. This is the recommendation to because typically five cents to 2125 21 cents. So let me at here 56 cents. Next, we have the popularity video beat adjustment. You can say to YouTube how much they can increase your beat in case the video gets popular . So if I say for example, 20% they give you an example here that if I spend $10 on a beat it will become $12.20 percent more off this number which is at the top here, I will leave it. This zero right now targeting you can target people for a specific interest specific arias you If you click edit here, you can select the gender age, parental status holds house income if you want. Let me cancel these on also the inter This important I have recommended to select the interest off your target audience here. By doing that, you can, for example, say OK cooking you can add They're there to the selected Ari off. In this case, I will start for Facebook. You concert too. Facebook marketing. Let's see. Excellent. He would have social media and to Thea's business professionals that you get the idea safe and click on Don when you are ready on click on safe at group. Excellent. Now we have the at already here. You see, that is under review right now This is the video title How many impressions? Views, view rate, average cost per view on the total cost that you have okay on. You know how toe add these how to manage You can pow's if you want. You can see all the statistics here at the top on this east How you create YouTube videos? We went a little bit faster on this one because I show you all the steps in the last videos . But I hope you get the idea on pieces, powerful guys. The results most entrepreneurs more, most small companies. They're not using YouTube as a channel for at their using Facebook. Google ad works, but not specifically YouTube on YouTube is powerful because people love video independent off the target hours you have depending off the top in the niche that you are, the pain of your business people will be Are your customers for sure are on YouTube watching video. So you have the chance right now to reach these people to reach people all over the war, telling them about your company about your products with amazing videos. Okay, I hope you like this. I hope this is helpful for you on after that. I hope you implement these because it's not enough just to watch the videos. The rial results come when you take action. So take action. Now create your first YouTube video. Your YouTube at here on Google ad works on. After that, we can continue with the course. See, there 14. Your Final Project: Hey, guys, Welcome to the Simon Heat on the Google ad work session. This is alone model, and I'm glad and happy to see you here at the end. Now we're ready to start taking action on putting all into practice everything that we learn. This model, the Simon for this model is simple, but it's super important. You need to create on at using Google ad works. You can create a YouTube at you. See that we talk about you jump at the video ads here on this model, or you can create assert at using the main strategy that we set with you here. So basically, when people go to assert for specific keywords you're at will show up on the search result . You can just one of them one of this model, the one that works better for you. Follow the steps that you should that you are layer here on this model on create your at in the next section here on the assignments Aria, you will be able to share with me and with the community. I screenshot off your ad. By doing that, we will take a look on your headline. The tax on your ad. Where are you driving people from then? If you are running for your life to your landing page or any other websites that you can share with us also in the next session, So you get positive feedback. Okay, let's take action. Remember that it's important to take action putting to practice Will Wheeler. That's the best way to get the results that we want. Okay, See you in the next video.