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The basic options of CLIP STUDIO PAINT

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      The interface while installed


    • 3.

      Creation of a new file


    • 4.

      The options of top bar


    • 5.

      A short review of the options on the left bar


    • 6.

      A short review of the options on the right bar


    • 7.

      Review of the color and drawing tools


    • 8.

      7 Example of brush use


    • 9.

      8 The 3D models


    • 10.

      9 A chapter with plenty of examples


    • 11.

      10 More about colors and effects


    • 12.

      11 The story editor


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About This Class

Have you ever dreamed to find a drawing software that could help your workflow as a comic book artist? Clip Studio Paint has ben designed for you!

This software is proposing amazing stuff to help you in your creations. Find very useful and precise tools, like the 3D models, the textures, or the several brushes and comic book options that are easy and friendly to use.

You will learn in first place the main options of Clip Studio Paint, with where is located what options. Then, we will see how to create a simple document, a simple page, to the creation of a full story with plenty of pages dedicated to your comic book project.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: I'm going to prison to use this stuff. Toe clips to you Paint this after is the best software to drug Cannon Brookes. Why? For several reasons. First, this after is set up to create comic books with pages. I'm using the clips you paint X, which is more X extended version of the software. You also have the clips you pain pro. That is very good, but that is missing some very key tools. For example, these pages tool is missing into Prohibition. Now the software is going to be probably the more completes a threat you can use to create your comics. This is why, in this course you will probably find many example off sketches, drawings Deng release after I'm going to present use a different type off options and tools you confined in it and how it will make your life easier off course. You have to use graphic tablets to draw in the pages and to make the color and to create characters all what I understand that you will. You really need to create a comic book. The first thing will be to prison, too. In the very general overview. Those options you got over there. End on the side, left side and right side off your working presentation. We're going to speak about a different kind of brushes, the tools a different kind off document can create. And a lot of things here, every tools you will find its software will really give you a hand in creating your coming book faster and easier. 2. The interface while installed: when you are done with instilling keeps you paint. You have something that is proposing here some new features. If you use the last version of clips you paint, you didn't have all this stuff. This is a new interface that propose you to open paint here, which is clips in your paint. Mother set up Freedy materials that can let you personalize some trip pretty stuff. We will see later that we can introduce treaty models in the working space and use it to help you to draw easier. Then you have several interruptions. You have managed works when you click here, you have all their works done and not done yet with some empty spaces you can create and some stuff that, for example, here we have not found. It means that the work I have done previously with clips to dipping is not located anymore , or my computer that you have all the last stuff created previously still on my computer that they can open and find very easily. You can add tags for every work you do to make sure that it is easy for you to find its with this search engine here. Of course, You have to lug it with your account here and you have 10 gigabytes of space to as a storage. Then you have managed material here You can have plenty off free materials and matters you can pay to download that 1000 different materials are available for free. What we call material is freely models like this. You have brushes, you have textures and plenty off things like this which are Freedy buildings you can add for your working space agains. You have stuff this and you have a lot Not a lot of things. You condemn it. You can create your own materials like this. Things created. We will see later how you can create your own stuff. You also have things like this, the faces, expressions that can be added to your three D models. Then you have for every models like this, you can have some keywords. These cures can be also search with this search engine. Here, for instance, I contract a faces. Okay? Nothing Face. We have some stuff. You have a pretty shape. If I click on body shape, nothing reports faces. Get a yes to raise face first. Then pass body shape one person hope this is some kind off Gretchen's are Dexter Recon Using Munger, they're completes. You have free character frames, and you can search for something. There is species specific here for over time, and you can see the F 20 of materials that are very sooner what you can see in Munger. All the stuff can be added to your working space. Keeps you paints. It could really help you to work faster and have some models beginning use. Then you have issue. It's in short story. When you click here, it's give you some tutorial. Teoh learn how to use this after charging it could be a bit long, because if you are not connecting regularly, the publisher is adding some materials, and you have to general at least a preview of these materials. He have to tell yours. You can have plenty of explanations. I have to create colors, how to make profession illustrations and a lot of things like this. You also have you three D drink figures to draw challenging poses so you can really find what you need to learn more stuff. You also have some basic tutorials to use their talents and interface of the software. You are useful feature of keeps do paint, which are basic tools to learn, and you have some other stuff from professionals. All of these tips and videos are very useful when you want to run very specific things, any other. Also an official tips page, and you can ask questions to the prohibition where professionals will be able to answer you . Then you have clips you assess. This is giving you some materials you can download. You have some matter you free here and some others that you have to pay to get them. You can even more by clicking on the banner here and get some stuff that needs to be day to have access to it. You have some off course materials and some specifications here still tell you when you click, you have access some other features. If you see a rent number is this is the price off what you need to pay. Of course, it's not dollar. It will be very expensive. It's a money. It's money that needs to be on. You have to pay from your accounts to get some Monday on your accounts, and from this money you can pay once is a proposed. Here you have several effects you can general, like power effects, water fix and here, you know, and some brushes and fixtures. So feel free. Teoh Wonder on the several options and stuff proposed. Sometimes it's very useful to the specific brush that you need that will save you some time instead of trying and again, again, again and failing to create a very specific. That space is a community space where people using clips souping are asking questions and trained to answer to users. You can find plenty of questions, and there are discussions that subject that could be relevant for you. Officially, about three D and out drove things and how to open some windows had to use some stuff you can find many questions asked. That could be helpful for you to have a better understanding on the suffering and how to use it. Then you have clips to do tips, learn and teach. Here again, you can find questions and tutorials about creating things. You can also find very interesting and useful tips to create effects. For instance, you have here painting skin purples and who have make work in very mint new materials. Sometimes you can find Turo that are in Japanese. This software is from the Japanese companions. So unfortunately, not all the tutorials and advice is confined are in English. So sometimes you have to just envision where this option is located and try to find your in your own computer software where the option is located. You have also clips. Do you share this space will make you vill will let you pay space available to show your work and to share the work. This is very important because when you are starting in, drain in keeps looping. You can really have a good it could be very good for you. Interested to sherry work. This is why you are working on Manya. It's to share what you draw. I mean, manga comics are any kind off outwork. So you have here some advices about how you can publish your story. If I click on finish story, you can read this story from your brother Are from clips. Did you? You can have two options. You have to get a register cliff should your account to poster work. Even it it's free. You have to be registered advocate, for instance, on upload history from clips you do, it will take the story you work on clip studio. You will see later how to create a story that this is very interesting and very easy to use because you can share very rapidly history 2000 off users and readers. When you are done with your story, you click on it and you have the different work register in your clip studio software. Now there is no fun here, No found. It means that my work is not located on my computer anymore. So I have my two stories here that can be still be selected and uploaded on the clips to do servers. But it's not something we're going to see now. We're going to see how the software works and how to create very simple artworks. We are going to see how the software is using brushes, how you creates a simple registration, what are the options and how we use the layers and all the stuff that you will need to create your comic book, especially colors. Many options are very ah useful and create. With the colors you can create very powerful effects with cars, and once everything would be done, we will try to publish a comic book and see how, what are the effects and how it works to publish and how you can get some feedback from from your work. 3. Creation of a new file: before respected that creation off pages and going to show you the first step off the creation of a new document. First, you're going to file. You have plenty of options here. The 1st 1 is new. When you create new fire, you click on it and you have civil propositions. You can create just administration in Quran. Create, coming book. You can create a printing of fencing you can create. Sure, all coming sittings, and you can create animation if you take illustration. You have the whiffed hates resolution. And if this great monochrome or color, you can choose the Fermat a four B six and soon you can't decide. The color of the background means paper and if you can, you if you want to use the template, you have several templates. Propose here. I'm not going to use templates, and I'm going to create a name for Fermin. You have a lot of presets here, and actually OK, here is my administration is a white paper and then you can draw on its and any kind off drain. You close it, I don't save. I go back and find new, and then we present to the second proposition. You are in the coming look options, the name of the coming book, the place where you will on recall all the pages. It's a different game. From it. You can find most of the firm. It's used in the usual coming book industry again the size of the pages, and you have different options, like resolutions bleed with And if you want to use templates, the number of pages. If if this is a multiple pages document, we should be the case if you open the current book and then the name of your story if you study the page one. The name of the Creator, you usually it used to be the first page, and several account several data about the fool you The Folio is. For instance, if you go into one of my pages, it's a number of the beach beach run and old data. Refrain here to 16 and so So he has a figure of the page here, and you have outside off the last line, a looking room that is only available for the printer, So 16 you will find. Here he's visible like the reader. These data are only visible for print. You have several lines here, the lines that limitation page. Everything that is here is going to be cats. You have the first limitation here, which means that your drain can go outside, but you think the reason to have get one part off another and this length in the final line round your document would be cuts, and you can be sure that if you draw in this part, the dream will not appear. This is a getting off area that puts here to make sure that you will not go outside of the document too much if you get outside here, for instance, if your dreams in here for sure your drink with that appear. So make sure that when you write text, if you write a text in a bathroom, you boldness nuts like this. Otherwise, here take the race to have cats. Then let's see the other option. You have a fancy printing fencing. Fencing is a can of magazine. Usually benzene is done by artist. You want to be printed with very not expensive magazine print themselves the's fun communities. Are you confined friends in in comics conferences where fans off different kind of arts are like movies, and so, uh, creating their own magazine. It's not magazine because it's not officially published in in the shops, but it's a gang, a fan art printed under the form of a magazine. A fencing can also have a more professional aspect and be distributed in shops. But you have anyway. Here is a different kind off technical information to create a magazine with pages here, the Fermat. You have several information like binding points on the left, mating right paintings, resolution, color, paper, color and name author. And, oh, what al immune to creates a provocation. Then you will have another option. Oh, comic sittings and you will hear determine on old presets off your comic book pages. For instance, If I want to create a comics, I will first determine all the Withnail Ament of pages and the funds you can have access to all difference available in your computer and old information in the folio change numbers. All these information we find be found here. It's the next step. He's the and mission you can create again off animation, frame by frame. If it creates animation, you have your frame. Of course, you do find the information of the creator, and you will find, for instance, on a mission timeline and new team. You can create timelines. You can create timeline and make you to appear and create an emission picture. Picture the option in the creation of you knit equipment can really get your life easier. When you create a comic book, you just have to work a little bit on the presets and then start adding pages after pages and draw in pages. Once your presents are done, you create a new page and you're drawn. It's and that's it. Once you are done, you can then export. You work for the printer that this is not a story, and it will be explained in and the Children. 4. The options of top bar: when you create a coming book, The presentation in your folder on in computer will be like this on my comic book. I have 17 pages. So you have here 17 cliffs duping documents and you have no additional document here. This document represent the gathering of all these pages. This is why when you create your comic book, you would have that presentation 17 pages, 16 pages that this is where our located your pages inclusive paint and on your computer this is looking like this. So don't destroy these documents or don't try to change it. Otherwise, equal. Enter your comic book inside. The additional stuff you need to know is saved. Saved your documents save as saved duplicate which is to duplicating some pages. In other farmer, you can export one single page. You can export them multiple pages. You can, for instance, used batch exports and you will be able to export all the Beijing's at once in pdf r g PG and other from it. You can export for Kingo. You can create a preview you can you can create have a preset for the Kindle format and exploded sittings. You can export the e p a firm out the pope is the for kindof kindle for my book, for you can work on the sittings for the Pew Data, you can export the animation when you have the animation creating. You can import pictures in your documents and create Quicken batch process, which allow you to add several pages at once and create other documents. Of course you can. Prince, you can set your shock. It's from for the use of the software, and you can. Of course, there s plenty of plenty of other options, but we're not going first deeper in. These are most of the time. Will not need to know every every options. Whether I'm going to explain you on just the more important forms, Then you will be able to edit your documents. Any documents is available when you go in a page, Click on edit and you have more options available. You can rotate. You can change a canvas. Gender image Resolutions transform some selections on. You can feel with color one part of the page. You could compare the page. You can compete and passing some elements. This is very similar to some. Software is like for the shop or a creator, then you are something that is very specific to clip to do. Print X This is the story options. This corruption is giving you this comic book presentation. If you're using the soft version off, keeps you paint, which is this keeps dipping pro. You will probably not have deception, and you will not have the story option here. This is what is the best option of the software. You can open a page. Open a vision. New tab, Great Next page, less page to go to very specific page again at page. It can agitate recent details. For instance, you can create a page with very specific firmer you can imported page friend. As a project, you can replace a page you can duplicate you congee late. You could combine pages you can change many sinkings off your pages. You can sell page by names and so on, so you can really have the hand on every detail of your coming. This is probably more interesting options because this is really following you on the creation of a comic book, step by step, and this is very easy to use. Then you will have the any mission, any mission, something can see later that you can personalized the option over your animation. Then you would have layers. Donators is something that is working right in full of shit. If I go in the working space, I like page. I'll hear layers I can create plenty off for years and personalized options off the layers . You can suppress layers, and you can flatten layers to make only one one single layer of verbal and create several other options. We with Slate, you have option of selection. For instance, if it's like this, like this, selection can really selection. And instead of having this part selected, I have all the wrist. You can select a very specific cooler. Give it blue, and so we have been the view options. You can rotate, rotates in eighties, then rotates, invert and work on a very specific view you can print. You can see the prince size fits in Evita recently display and many option that can help you to have a better vision off your work, especially if you work on graphic dammit, you can have civil thinkers. It's very similar to when you're using for the ships and filters. It adds some kind of X. There is not a lot of effects, so you can use song. But I'm personally not using them because the effect on probably nuts very interesting to use. Then you can personalize working space with the window option. You can make some option, appearing some other differing and create your own specific working space according to how you are working. Then you have help option sending you to the registration website and supports a manual and some other option that we have you to have a better understanding of this after. Okay, so we have seen the major options here. Then we're going deeper in the options on the left. 5. A short review of the options on the left bar: Okay, now let's review the options you have on your left bar here. So you have several options. If you used to to work with some similar computer Softwares, like Food Shop or critter or some others, software is like this. You will find some similar options. We'll create a new file, and I will show you what the options are useful. You will have, of course, zoom ins and outs the hand to move your space on your working area. You have some operation here, like selecting a layer and some other things that we are going not to review here. Like any timeline, which is a very specific action for the animation ocean when I mean animation options. When you click on file new and you can create an emission, you have the selection tool rectangle, and it's eso putting nine, and you have some section pin, serious addiction and train station. These different on selection toe are very complete, especially when you are working on very specific areas that want to feel with the car. Then we have to move there. When you have a layer instant here we have a layer I'm going to color on taking this and I can move the entire earlier have the selection. The photo site. It means that it's going to save the color gim. It's our and the color that is flat and each will senate all the flat car. I think all the black, for instance. Here you have some other options for every tool here, but we're not going too far in explanation. First, you can say the 1st 1 here. Refer edited layer on lee to sit If you click on this with the able to select, for instance, the color off another layer while you on the lay. Oman If you have layer to with the red, you will be able to say the right to bits. Very tricky. Just first step. Use this one because while you can create mistakes and alter or make a mistake on the layer , you are not working. You have this a dropper. We She's juice addict color You are you want to select? I have the red here. I think this and I select the correct It will give you the killer selected. For instance, here in my cooler seduction here is on the black. I think it the red color and can see that it will add. Each was saying the red color also here and also here. So when you take another tool, it would immediately drollery. This color just sec from layer means you can select a color from different kind affairs. You have dependent. This tool is very, very useful. It's various full because this is the main tool you're going to use to drop. You have for the Penn US Also the market in the side here. It's not another tool that's just below, because it's it's like if you was gathering all the kind of pence in one single tool here. So you're a fan, and Mark Marca is kind of market with very heavy brush, and you have a different kind of precious. But then is very single out, too. No mo pen. And if you was using China Inc. You will be able to do very interesting line. And this is the main tune you're going to use when, within your comic book pages, we will review Z's things later. Then you have here past ill Ben, Zeal and Vestel. The purpose of these tools, it's to create a very natural effect. These natural effects is going to be very useful when you want to create a comic book that let thinks the color is done with some natural colors like pink, and so but it would be done with. Then we have the things tool where she's the brush you have, what color all painting and India painting. You would have to work a little bit on this, too. Very gets used off there. Other effects you can create off course. You can create plenty of smart effects and let thinks, Let's your reader things that we use very natural hink while you just use some Ah, some brushes here. This option will be reviewed extensively later. You have been to a brush and different kind of rushes. You will have some hatching and ethics. These are also very is full when your drain like hatching effects and some parents like small things like this. In first view, we can say that this is useless. We never use such things. But if you drove instance on the shirt off, someone you have been to give to these shoot some things like this and this is various what When you have some drinks that are repeated. You have to repeat the dream off several signs, and this is why this tool is so useful because you will not have to draw every hearts one after the other. You can create your own brush here and use it to create that defense. So you have some stars and so on. Brian's here in first place. Probably not very interesting, but we will see how you can create your own, then had the razor. If it came off a recent heart soft off, you will have plans. You re also what it's how we can you this you have to fill its like visual field tool. It's not a new tool and confined this tool in every during software's even in paints paint was the first during softer proposing a field goal. So it's not new. You have a gradients. You can use different kind of radiant and create your own Grady ins you will have controlling pains will see also what is is you how you can use this tool and you have perceptible that is called figure. This figure is going to give you the opportunity to create lines, stream situation frames, and these effects are very useful to create a coming book. If it, for instance, I can crew the frame here and I mean to use this, I can sew it and crease line are creates, such if it this is really done for Manya comic books, then you have done to once again. It's really proof that this software was created for the committee because there is no other software having such easier tool to create bones. You say you're wrong, bones are you can first, right you takes doing can, of course, select the size of the fund. You can see the fun self, and then you can on a to and that then you can say, of course, the size of the dome, meaning the first sighting black line will be figure or nuts. Then you have the tailor. Ballantyne. You have the felt team, and you can bet in paint. You can add something to this. You concur of them if you want to personalize the farm, and there's plenty off very smart options to really create your own bones. So this is very interesting, because in full ownership you don't have such to you can do something similar, but it's not so easy to create. What is the more important is to have creation. You bound and then you add the tape. You will see that's each will automatically create a separation between the tail on development. Then we have some options like correct line, remove just and so that these tools are very, very interesting and powerful. You would have been the ah color, the front colored back color and which will be also useful to to draw and two after colors . So this is a short review off the tour of on the Left. Then we will see what we have in the right, and we will go extensively on the drink. 6. A short review of the options on the right bar: Let's have a look on the options on the right of its cream. You have here the other view of full page. When you are zooming in page, you can still have. Do you have your filthy You have Sylar options means I'm out and have very precise detail is very specific area. Then you would have some, uh, oceans here. Advance your layers. Your ears are every step you can create on your coming book. If I zoom out, we can see that when I added the effects and the values and the text he created several years evening acumen has known in years you would have something at this. Onley will remain your white page. Then I can draw on this white page and create in unity. They can draw on the first layer, creating signal earlier and drawn it. I can't hide the first layer or high ceiling there and have several legal off creation. You can have the first layer for the black and white, the 2nd 1 for the coder, 1/3 1 for the special effects you can create and another one for the text so you can use this system off there to really separate is a different level of creation on your page. If I take one of my recent projects, I think that character there is only one layer. There is no couple of years now I take a coming book project eating the thirst Peach. I have the layer for every steps. Like here. Yeah, the frames and other things. Take another page, my project, that one there for everybody and for the gray values, some looking world white parts and the lower part of my peach. There is no a specific way how to work with this. Each will depend on how you like to work, but we will see on the techniques how you can use them and how you can use the benefit of the system to create as fast as possible and to be safe when you drove. Because if you're during everything like the sketch, the thinking in the color on the same near, we think the risk when you do a mystic to not be able to go back in the last stage. With such technique, you can have layer for the sketch layer for the ink on layer for the color. And if you see a mistake on the sketch off on the thinking, you can just modify this layer and this is very good to know, because otherwise you have to start your drink all over again. If you are not able to separate a different little off work, then on every year we will have some options here. These options with give some different effect on your layer. For instance, I will destroyed two years and kick that one, and this one on the first layer just drove red four. Then I select may layer to with the BRAC align in normal Mom, there is just a superposition of the black. Of course, we can change the opacity and I can see several modes. This month's are giving a different graphic. Inspect off my layer darkened. Not change much, but if I have a color line, you will see that there will be a kind off effect created with blue and black. Multiply are cooler burn. Oh, I can take, for instance, hard light. We can see that there is a different effect dark in color so you can see that every option would give you something different. We're not going to to detail every every specific effect every layer can give. Every option can give because did you to defense of the color and the lines and drink you are going to do on every layer. So an example. Shame here. Something could be different when you draw something else. Are with all the colors but official that you can find their interest in effect by searching in deceptions. Off course, you hear some other options, like destroying in there, creating new earlier new victor earlier because you can create a victor or drying. Create a layer folder to to put specifically yours in its and you can also merge every layers when you have several years in Sylhet. By pushing the control button on your keyboard, right click and you can ah cover clear off merged layers. Murders visible nears. It will flat in age between all the layers of your image of your documents. That much selected layer, it will merge. All the mayors were selected Control Z two good, pretty stick and to consult steps have just done. Then if I select these two layers, the 3rd 1 is a signal worm click. Merce elected leaders. He murdered two second the certainly years and he let's lay one. You would have been to your options and we will see through all the eggs and post We're going to see evidence how you can use this layers The last important point at the end of their rights Options are different icons you have here. Develop these icons by clicking here and we have old materials These materials where seeing first place in the first chapter of this pips your pain course where you have some stuff you can download year manage materials quickly. Here you have the materials. This is where in your software you can find these materials. Here. We can see that all this materials at the one I donald it from here. If you usually this is a graded ultimate and you can find all the stuff here. You have plenty of things. For instance, if you think that character, a dragon drop and I have my three d model, this three Mullican used to draw a anatomy. Its three D model is a layer, so I can put a layer at the top and draw the main lines of my character in give you and mother. I can select it and suppress. We were speaking about this three D models after then several Aikens, three D models, objects and so on. You would have well materials from all the software. Some color powders, monochromatic patterns main Gonna tell you in ages free and other downloaded stuff. Every materials have key words that you can add to find easier your materials I can find. For instance, if I tool it trying to find every object with the keyword to in your download objects even sick all materials click here. I tend to anyone trying to find all the object with cured, too. For instance, again, this again, I can do several things like turning rounds. This zooming zoom outs Move it, turning in every angle and do many, many things. Of course. Click on, suppress, acidic, suppress and cancel the object So you will have old icons in that will give you very shot access to all this stuff you have here. But mainly all is based in old materials, and you can break them to selection by clicking all materials and have all of them here. Yeah, some, of course, when you put your mouse on the object on the options. You can click and have direct access to it. But medical you all have here. So it was the first presentation of the right options. Now we're going to see over things, including colors and how to use the drain tools here. 7. Review of the color and drawing tools: Let's hope to the options of the pain and marker. The options will be the main ones with the shrugging to work when drawing, You're coming book first, we have the pen. This productions is very useful to draw any kind off sketches or to do the thinking off the pages. First. The Jeep in is probably the more interesting tool you can find this after it. Why? Because this is a very smooth frane, and you can do small and big can of fines when you push hard on your graphic picture. This and when you are very smooth on your tablets and not pushing her on the on the pen or not give you very thin lines. Su. Here's my white page with the G pain I can draw on my layer. One. The sketch off my drawings. I can draw a character the face of I used to draw in blue ink because this is how we drove sketches on no mouth with normal tools. Like if you work with the paper and really pencils and really razor and real stuff using, you draw with blue blue into do the the sketches. So I kept this technique for my drink on the tablet. I just think they're fast. Okay, Then you can create in your layer. This layer will be the thinking. Make sure that I'm not mistaking and be sure that shrub working always on the good layer. If you're starting to draw for black lines while you are on the thinking layer, when you would he raised this layer You will arrange everything while we're wants to draw on the in clear and then erase the sketch Fair to keep on Lee to black and white drawing Sue and can drove Do something fast to make sure that the video is not too long me droning something So this keeping is very, very, very good. As you can see, it can draw very hard lines And Larry small lines and without changing the size of my brush can draw their small details on this and then get something more strong here idea and change the first signs. Now I could change Birzeit and get something more this So you're gonna have fake lines and thin lights and more. You get the brush size going up. I have a figure here. And when the figure is going down. You know the scenery that you can have plenty of sizes, so this is very good to draw your ink. Then you can have the mapping. When did you write this? You can a very different line, then the GP. You can have a rethink and think line with the same brush during fan. It's something that what's different is that this point will be wrong. Will be in will not be like this. You have something very. It will be very sharp here and here. It would be very round. This is the difference. Then you can have the calligraphy. You can draw things like this. Why calligraphy? Because it's very similar to the writing techniques of the medieval period. Then for effect climbs, you draw lines, and it's automatically decide where is the to change this part and this part. And you have to find, of course, than need an occasion to draw something like this because it's something very easy to use. But tonight, then textured pain. It gives some texture to to your brush. It could be like you was drawing just to give the effect off a drink done with the rial pen like if the paper has some match, then you have some others here that are less sometimes is full A chain. It could be good. Instead of trying to draw chain, you can use this and you know, from tee off things like this you can download. He has a chief into that created myself. So we'll see how to create your own the brush. Then we have Mark this time. This is different because the market is not going to have sharp lines here and here it will be more or less the same thickness. You can download it. And these market more on is the same difference is not very obvious. So this is another view of the fan on the mark. Now you can have the past ill defensive. Defensive is something that is being like this. And it shouldn't replace normal offensive against not very sometime this century of us. But this one is much better. You can draw you sketches this and it gives a feeling that you are using a real pen. Best in this effect is it's very good because it give you some feeling you're using a really tough No, We have the brush tool where we can see some things very relevant with the water color so dense with a correction. Put your got to clear. Here. You can transparency offense and you have something that is very good. We should dispose electrical. You can smooth vertical and create a kind of effect off watering your page. You being apply. You can watch a codefresh give you very interesting effect. And in every brushes like this, you can modify options like bridge size, amount of pain, density of being called stretch branch density. And with all of these effects, you can really create painting with imitation off really faint. You can see that the police traits here rent ankle age lenticular I want to read, and you can see that when you drew again on the call you just put on your paper. It's give some very interesting if it's in front of teachers and many came this, and they just don't know that this Japanese Japanese tool for controlling after that The difference is very something is very. It's not something very easy to see the difference between one brush another. You just have to get shoes with your usual brushes than done on new ones and see some very small details. But this one I can see there. Some difference with this instance was sent. Draw around. I can see that said Effect is bit different. G pain. We still here, and it could be interesting then. It's like when you use a normal brush riel brush while jean painting. This is a question of feeling. You cannot really explain why you prefer something or another brush, but this is really something that is close to your own feeling, and it's not easy to explain, but you cool. Perfecto works with some tools or others. Then we have old pains. Soybeans. It's supposed to represent the old paint African. Put some putting here, some brush effect or color change between make some colors, and then you can go back when wittering and on watercolor and had some water. If it works, then injure Inc again supposed to represent the injured INGE smooth in the inj dunker. Scanning of texture effects right. You can use the light to create some very right color effects and can see that wintry put a rush on another. One can see that transparency effects then again and using a lot smoother for their culture syringe and to get the coal over like being into water and using this water too. Duminy fix. So for every tools here, you you would have some different options. A recon change so you can play with the passivity amount of being the brush size and so on . You would have something similar. We did it airbrush. I don't know if you ever used the normal hair brush. I mean, not to Computer tool, really hairbrush. It's something very hard to use its two at the 20 years ago, it was used to do flat color like this, and you was putting ink in machine and machine was you're pushing the button and having the color put like this. And if you was not using it properly, it was doing something, something staying like this. And it was Oh, bad. You have two trench drain and stopped out of again. So it was very hard to use. And now we have this brush under steam. Could do some things. Is this so this tool, this tool in this rule and this one are very youthful to do old car effectual wants to do. You will see in some other videos example of the use of these tools, especially when I'm drained. Illustration. During this Kinch the ink and doing the color. 8. 7 Example of brush use: it's time now to try first creation by using the tools proposed by clips you paint. I will start with the new file following you. I'm going to select for an illustration into a four for mouth and this guy illustration. It's not really important because we'll be able to changes afterwards. All of the people white and then think OK, here is my paper. Then when you create the first documents, you have the white paper and you have later I were first drove on my layer. I will try to show use different tools here. Reason the recently examples you will see later in the course. I will give plenty of example of creation down with Destructor with this software. But there will not be so some explanation to the only examples Su how I start to work first amusing this first layer to create the sketch of me illustration to greatness Cage. I like to use the pen. This pen is called the G pen. I'm using the blue color here, and I'm during your rough sketch. So if you need and we need more explanation and that anatomy I'm also proposing some courses amounts human and that's me. So this catch is just place off the body elements like the hand neck, torso, arms and so just giving a riff rougher aspect of money. Drain something the re first. - Okay , something like this. I can go in more details, but I'm not going to do so because we don't want to spend too much time to dream. You just it's kitsch, then have Sketchley this end. Now I can create another layer click. Here. It creates a new layer. I can name it. Think, name thinking and as name and Gates going to do the thinking. It means black ink. So usually I'm using the keeping. Also, I can change a little bit brush size and I do very different lines. I'm not doing rough things like this. I'm doing very smooth frights, A traitor of the same lanes, approximately Reynolds, a character. Sometimes it's a bit like this, and a bit like this. It's not like this and like this, try to do something really senior. It's been different. Sometime when I draw insight into character. Difference of the size of the lines ends the size, and the aspect of the lines could be different. inside. Current I don't think it's for is the scene. It's three. No, that's all right. So I'm using the eraser. Yeah, through Just erase the line again. That's what they want to do. Okay, so a re raise everything 22. So there's something fits more symmetrical. Then when I want to work on more precise details zooming in and when you zoom in, you can see Is it lake of Perfection? Um, the troubles off during with too much distance it give you finally, some mistakes like this is a hole here that they don't wants. Hear, hear. So for very, very good quality, I am advise you to to zoom. We deserve me for Sezam. Sometimes you have to zoom out to make sure that your character is we're done. But from a general view, because sometimes we are doing the mistakes very doing a very hard work on the part of the body, and when you would resume out, you can see that it's not fitting with the rest of the body that is less detail. So this is a mistake that you do, for instance, during the income, die without seeing the other eyes reach could create some problems and used to draw sits. I used to two new How I'm drain. That's some time it makes mistaking eyes could have a problem to be beats higher, dense. The other warning could be we create some trouble with me. Okay, I'm just doing this when I run to have another view off my final drawing, I can and hide the first layer click on the I. We conceive of money character here, and I can have more pre save you off what will be the final result of my drink? And I can finalized detainees that were nuts visible with my e with my sketch failure. Very Then, when you have done with such with such restrictions than creating another layer that would cool and I can add some color. So no, some people are using a couple off layers to do Seo color. I'm just using one. I used to be very simple in the creation Onley free on to layer maximums. But for that I'm using the to brush bar you can use in first place and brush doing using an aversion Blue one. Yes, and this layer on will change option here When you create a layer, it give you the option normal angry ing to use the multiply and see what happens to your black inking. The blacking king is now transparent and why I'm still on the color layer. I can see the black ink. Then I go back on my brush tool, and I would show you different brush here that are very useful. I can use dense water car trying to loot of skin, and this one is giving you something. They're interesting because it's like he was using some a critic picture. And when you take another color and you use it, it's like mixing the colors so you can work with very fine, a variation of the skin color and we some shadows. And this is something we can see in our graphic arts. Video games against his such creation was different kind of color for the same character. Only for the scheme, you can have 34 different calorie. It's not a flats color on Lee. It suit Milt itude off just to create it. Variation of for the lights from the skin. You can in first base draw a natural cover like this if I put some pressure on night, Ben off my tell, it's you can see that you can have flat corner on this parts. Then, when I click on out off, my keyboard can pick up again a color I used previously to make sure that you stay in the same tons and you're not picking it or creating other. And I can, just with my feeling doing something interesting. The color and even the drawing is something you do because you like it. And it's not always a technical problem. It's also feeling problem. As an artist, you have to to feel good with Hillary or using sometimes gives you a good reason, something nuts. So yes to two starts over again. But some things hard to explain that you just like a color in you're going to use this one instead of another one. Of course, you can find plenty off information about colors. Tell theory that will never replace the artist. For instance, I did some personal work here, just its own two or three different colors because I like this curves. Now I'm doing a more technical technique and the light on the part of the face and if I had a light here, the light will also be located here. And, of course, on the nose here, you and from the neck here. So you have really to understand that even if you are doing a creation, their personal questions if you're doing your realized it, you have to respect physical rules. Thanks to a position of the lights and some other things, human anatomy is one of them, because if you draw humans with totally unreal proportions, it would be somehow ridiculous. So you have to respect some rules, even if your dream a story with found to see Kim creators so you can see with his brush. How colors are mixing is very interesting. We have the opportunity in other videos to speak it and using these colors. But you can have now the smooth and this is like you was heading some water, and this is smooth. So if you want to lose these very and this, this aspect of having plenty of colors everywhere you can smooth everything and having another role color and with very smooth shadows in here depends what can effectually Crete . Then we have, for instance, what color brush give you gain of 40 color respect with some. Um, take calling this. You can see that it's like water color. It means that if you choosing the red color, But if you stop to pain from a blue color, it will be like you. Brush is full of water. And first pick up Luke 11 to finally finish with Red Curl that was previews the selected. You have to get shoes with such feelings in and tools because sometime we don't understand way. You're sitting to the regular and it's not giving red. It's because you the software is trained to reproduce natural colors with natural water on your paper. So it was the first over you off tool. You can use the the bend deep in brushes they have rush. We will see in some other example and explanations you can used them and how to use some other very useful options. 9. 8 The 3D models: Let's see now how you can use the three D models. Create a new file and I'm 14 here in materials a tree. Three D models. When you insert yourself to where you have plenty off three models proposed, for instance, I have this one I can drag and drop and put him on my working space can Tour appears here, and you have several options here. The 1st 1 is turning around the character. This one is sliding from left, right? This one. Zoom in. Zoom out. This one. He's moving where he wants. It's one turning like this, this one. Turn on this and this one backward for it. Then when you have a model, you can click on very specific point that you can turn like this. You have free access. Did reward is turning the red. He's from back to the front's and blue right? This. It could be different according to what kind? What part of the body you sex? But you can see that for the harm. For instance, you can say it's turn its and Murray movies. It means that you can change the position of your freedom a little and turn is a chemical review. If I want to draw a character like this from the arm like this, then I sitting. They're from here. I can more elites. I can select every finger and I can see the arm. You can see that you can have very and human position. This is very, very powerful because you can have their def very kind of difference in the position of your character. Then I decide to do something like this and they want to hell to get some. I want to have myself to draw a character with this three months. You can see that when I added this character, it created a lier. So now cretin you earlier for both this one and thinking stern drain. I can draw no to help me to draw easier. I can decrease the opacity of this character. Layer three D modeling there and I come back from my later too. He cites color. They're in control. Each will write a lot off an internal problems, especially when you move your character because you can learn very interesting Listen in anatomy, but it's very hard to reproduce or to draw a character that is moving especially when the movements are in situations like fighting any kind of situation that's involved in movements. Consider that can easily drove both the Freedom Room. It will help your to Jules very realistic currents and not spending too much time to draw on, and it to me and missing to draw something that he's realistic. Clo thes So you can see it's very easy. Then I can't hide my free model layer. And I asked. So this is really interesting and this is probably the only drawings after the purpose. Such very interesting option then in the Freddie material you also have and some stuff like this residential area. If I drink and drugs, it will give you a freedom a little off full streets again. You can use the difference view tools here, too changed to Kimora view and zoom ings of adult in summer. Then you have other options you not only have in a treaty material, but you are here Plenty of all the eruption and stuff like this chairs, bikes, tables. So don't be shy on used These materials that are very, very interesting and useful for you you had here all materials you are a selection here with three D. You have characters, opposes body types, small objects, backgrounds and old emotion in kinds of parts. Everything's done to help you to do very realistic are funny characters that this is them to help you in your creation. 10. 9 A chapter with plenty of examples: In this chapter, you will see several examples of creation. Most of the examples are creation done with clips of you pains, but sometimes software easing whites. When you install you clips, you pain. You can shoot white already. But options are the same. So don't pay attention to that. This is the same software. But I recon them at a different time where I used the white, Southern white aspect of my software. What you have to see, because in every video there is not a voice. I'm not explaining every steps because this is just an observational view. These are observation videos. You can see in these examples how I'm playing with the option explain. You drink this course with the restrictions, right? Options how I'm drawing the characters, playing with layers and with the different effects you can find here. This is not a course about learning how to drop. This is just a course about how I'm using clips. You pain at best. Off course. It doesn't mean that you would not find your own way how you use this history. He just give you an example off how it could be used 11. 10 More about colors and effects: Let's see now how you can create with color. The cycle here, with all the colors, is working like any other software off creation. Reason drying. You have the cutter acidic, the color gannets here, and you have different colors now. Who having to see in detail how you can play with this colors. If I take a red color with dense water color, I'm using the brush option here. Finding like this, you can see that's here and here. The clarity difference. The traits of local er is different. It's dense. Whitaker is dense bets. It's like if you was using you know what? Now? If I take smooth with your color, you can see that there is a smooth if it and you can play with the car like this to create some effect, and you can do things like this, then you can decrease the size of the rush and very small perfectly. This it's real straights who come over here. You have painted the fry, which is going to show you some interesting thing, but not really useful. What's a brush is much more interesting because it will Joe, something like it was like it is really watercolor. Of course, when you have such tool, you can change their sons of the brush, the amount of paint on your brush density of the paint, the cooler stretch and the brush density. Even I add some paint on my brush. This is like your brushes overloaded with color. You can decrease density. Call a stretch, sometimes a difference. Isn't it obvious on the video with when you use the graphic tablets, you can feel the difference. This is very precise end of the bridge density, but you always have this kind of effect, which is very similar to what you can see in consent arts. Then you have running for Edgewater. It give you a kind of 40 color with brush full of water. You can smooth it some parts, enough powerful computer because these FX can take some resources. And sometimes if you work with poor quality, computer brush is going to be very slow water if give you an effect, like if you brush, which is not. The brush like this is a very straight brush, but full of water and fencing texture. Dental records. This is something that they created. If you want to create your own brush. You can also let you can start with the brush already existing right click, and you can duplicates you. Name it that you want my own brush and you can select the BankAm. Okay, my hunger. She's on my list. I can change the brush size and our stuff here, and I can click here on the sir perimeters. Then here I can change other options, like inking until using option breast shape. I can see some priests. Some option that existing presets First type spray effects. If you want to have sensitivities acting like a spray, his choke the texture. We considered one of the teacher, for instance, this border with American at some water color green effects. Not the reason. We don't fund this to erase, but to draw some correction and many can. You can really personal any Subarus as you. When it's done, I can click on register all the writing initial sittings. It's fine because you created your own brush. You creates it's like this and then creating a young brush and you can see that there is some fake like this. It's very slow because I selected very complex options he could be anyway, control a console. And now you have the average that is working the same. You have some very thing soft and thes cold shadow its's just ahead. British Normal rush It was. It works exactly the same. Then you have a very interesting options here. Decorations. It gives you some effects. Some effects. Is there interesting? Some other use. This kind of battles you one of the stars and some other effect like this. What could be interesting for you if they knew a solution could be the hatching. The etching is giving your stuff like this and Cheney fakes. It's What you gonna finding Manu? Some dancin in fates? Of course. It's ended the form off the brush. If you want very Nyanga style patching and can go in your motel you're here and go Ken used keywords incident in 20 miles. Okay, you're here. So other options. This is located. Keep basic monochromatic stuff. You're for alliance. I think this dance you drag and drop and you have your text sometimes doing something good something now its defense of which one to create and this one and it apply on the on the area is selected here. You had a couple of textures cross hatching here. Still better. Something just for you. See? So you you have plenty off things like this. So you can really use them to create, like, man defects. All right, So now you can just continuing to play with these tools. And when you will get use with pistols, you will see that you will person as your own use off, keeps you paints. 12. 11 The story editor: now here it is probably the more important option off the software how to create your own commit book projects. First, you can pick on file new and select coming here so you can name it. You can decide where you sift you where your pages are going to be, uh, recovered. And then you say it's your firm it A for instance, you can personalize old, different kind off options here. Like the changing full you if you want, Is the number of the pages appearing are nuts. And if you want the car page, you can create your own cover page here. Then you click. OK, I'm going to create a want to 12 number of pages I can create, like faith, which is, for instance, but it doesn't really matter because you would be able to add pages. I decided to come. We'd like paper. Okay. In case of color, Page said the number off pages to more than four pages okay is because the number of pages would count. So start with okay, 20. So now it is creating a comic book with covers and 20 pages. It would be y pages. There is nothing inside it will be up to you to create your own. So we have the cover that color from cover cover page back. When you open your book, you have the cutter and then you have your first page. 12345 Then the last page. This is a back of a peach. Then you can start by clicking on the first page. You have the voters here, so it would be nice. The first separation. Here you will have to draw your friends and drawings inside the limit. This limitation, the white paper here should be should be printed now. If you drew things here, you can take the risk to have some element. Your page will really be cut at this line and the last part here, and this is kept. So make sure that your drain is inside this for sure. And you can have, for instance, if you have a character that is moving in these hand is like this. You know that it will be here that this should appear, but you don't know exactly to what point it would be. So be careful. Don't write text here. You can take the reeds to at this cut here, especially because of the full uniform. It means review. Binding. Selling. Hey, this is a left page. The tiny will be done here if this is the right age to get in here and you take the risk to have binding effect, continue texts. So this is our you can create your I would show you a project. I'm working on that. He's already giving you some example. I go here and they make my own coming project. I already have already dropped 70 pages. And it looks like this. I haven't done any cover. This is a project without cover yet. The reasons just because this is something I want to work on separately and will be added to the comedic later. So higher, different pages. Sure, you have the first here with two pages and pages and pages and pages, so you can see that it will be this one. This one would be, uh, together. And this one thing one will be at this side in this one. We decided you can envision already position of the pages, and this is very good. If you want to do a double Page one administration for double page, and this is where you're going to see a good work. So now if I want to add a page conflict right click, I can open the page. Open division, you tap. You can see that open standing here, go to the previous page if they don't like this and jump to the previous pitch meant it opened the frickin speech I can click page and the page detail. To add the page detail, we add a new page with very specific details. For instance, if the next page is not on the usual firm you selected here, you can select a very special from it. Honestly, I never see any kind of books of coming book with different from Usually. Side of the page is the same for all community, but anyway, you can do it if you have. Unfortunately, he writes, you get in and ranking again At page imported page replayed page duplicates, Gillette's and some post of here dining process blindingly sitting, fitting for name and such option could really be and and everything if you want to go into the printing process. So if communication with printer or companion it's is about to print your coming Cuban really have information here. Then you're done with your comic book and I can add a page on a new page and that's it's created new page. It opened the page number of the page of information here like this is named my story, turning off the author page and you can create your now every time you so I can't close project Now when I'm doing with my comics, I can't exports in He made nothing new. I can go on file. I can exports Ian Layer. It means that it will import one single page our export multiple pages Can you match exports and we'll see what will be the result of the batch export. If I could connect, I decide to a place where I want to export my job and the firm being creepy. The name only protects all the pages and I can also expect the text. It will create a text file with all the that takes you wrote on your project. This is very good. If you want to translate your project because like this and you will see also what it looks like, right? Thanks to file they drink French beaches on the main takes for the and explodes spread separately to explain, uh, binges so like OK and way we'll see what it looks like. Then you have to see what our details of food expedition you can personalized output in age , of course, you run to Prince to export with painting with text. If you don't like this would have the pages within the text. In the balance, you can have two crop marks Is a blue lines around your page. It could appear I don't want any crop marks appearing in my pages and you can select where you want. Didn't exportation to be done? You have inside crept out of set of crop knock. It depends on where you want the page. For instance, if you import if you export paid, you can cut from the first line or second line. I do the normal expedition option sports right Takes that okay And no crop mark I would not touch to all this from community Perfect clarity. Fuck it and all right. Okay. I do directory where I have my coming book. So at the 18 p. G's and zoot Thanks export be sure that because I probably did a mistake when I did the previous week up. When you want to export all the pages, you have to click on exports much export and kicking. All because if you only see one specific page, it would be here. So you can all and it would exportable cages. Now, I got my here and I configure my pages and I can see that Zune limits after printing our experts is here. Wishes the this night, the first line inside. Yeah, here I go to the next page here. This is very important to respect this because otherwise you can have some surprises and another good prices so you can use the speeches. For instance, the club here it gets. So let's see where the book is. This one. Okay, I am too close to the white border. So it was kids. Fine. You can see that the limitation was already here and I went over this condition. What is important is the text is not get. And this is something you have to check every time you drove coming here on the Bering Sea . It's not three important. It's at this point. Okay? So this is the pages, then the export Here, here with his name of my project and export. This is old text on the sticks. Here is a French Sorry on this is what they wrote in my coming book pages. Kind of stain. They sleep and understand this Big three and pitch four. And so So this is very useful if you translate this this this text for further translation of your book.