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Digital painting: Learn how to create landscapes

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Drawing a landscape, part 1


    • 2.

      Drawing a landscape, part 2


    • 3.

      Drawing a landscape, part 3


    • 4.

      Drawing a landscape, part 4


    • 5.

      Drawing a landscape, part 5


    • 6.

      Drawing a landscape, part 6


    • 7.

      Drawing a lighting, part 1


    • 8.

      Drawing a lighting, part 2


    • 9.

      Drawing rocks


    • 10.

      Drawing skies


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About This Class

If you want to learn easy and simple ways to draw landscapes, this course is done for you. You will find in these examples, plenty of tips and advises to draw your landscapes. These videos are presenting you several examples, like how to draw montain, rocks, water or the sky and ice. All these elements need some specifics techniques to be draw, and I will make sure you get some of them. Get ready to learn very interesting stuff!

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1. Drawing a landscape, part 1: In this first example, I'm going to show you very simple techniques to drove and to paint a sky and sea. There is the sunset, and we try to do something interesting. First, I'm drain the clowns and I'm drained The sketch of the drying, the main lines I try to put the I. D. I have in mind on the paper. Of course, I'm using graphic software. Here is clips you paint, but you can do the same with for the Shuffle Creek hours and other sin a little sectors. So I'm starting to draw their re simple right. You can see that I'm drained these lines blue. Why did you? Because if you are using black color, it will be too much similar to a comic book style. And I really want to focus administration, not on a Kennedy book. Off course. This page could be used then, as a frame of commitment with the first thing is just to draw a single illustration not necessary, something that makes people think immediately that is a communiqu free. - Once I'm satisfied with lines and I added gradient, you can see that this is a broad Gretchen with, um, colors in from the yellow too. On this is just a main graduate, just to to explain that the since since the sky is evolve and see these ah, at the bottom of administration. But you will see that then I'm going to when it will add some colors on the clouds and the sea is going to be more evidence, it's going to be more of just that's There is a separation between the C and in this case, then now on adding some with some painting that contains transparency. I'm drawing and painting like I was drawing clouds was very small woman off the brush and Indian following. Do you sense the accounts? So I'm playing with different colors. Of course, we can say that clubs is white, but it's not necessary, right, especially if you have sensitive big game it off different colors. And this example is relation you that you can use different colors, including dark or very dark colors for the count that I'm also mixing the cold colors in hot colors. As against here, the purpose here is to position the colors and then I will make this colors the one with the others with a tool that he's don't to mix the colors. And you would say that I'm going to work step by step. I'm not going to do all the coal in a row. I'm trying to. I'm testing and if it's not satisfying, just changing a few things. But this is very important to to trying when you try to find something that and make you happy about drawing and nuts, just putting colors and having the kind of flat colors and that's it. The technique and showing your here is really to create different gradients of colors and different people to. So here is my first use off the mixing of. Then I'm also using the same technique I'm using and much more large brush to be a big move faster. And also I don't need to work on to small details. We are having clouds here, so yeah, you can just play with different graduates, select you pick up the colors, you already using the left and you use it in the right. It is good also to find the same color, a different place of frustration, - playing some different light values delight. It's reflecting the clouds and is very important to show this. Also, this light is represented by the same texture with the clouds, but with different colors is a variety colored and we can also add some blue with blue is very here and nuts dark blue. We can see some other parts on pounds soon. He's also such technique that will make you cons very interesting. And your color there in thirsty you're playing with multitude of different imagines inside your elements off the registration to complete this kind and also adding some additional white or very shiny effects on the clouds. Some of them will be smooth, smooth with brush, but some others will not. And this is the balance between these values that would make the difference. Don't smooth old colors were using. Otherwise it would give you something that I thought you have to play between some brush that remain but rough and some other that are flattened or some other parts that are makes it with all the cars. So you play with different texture, even if you are talking with Onley with about clouds. This is an element, but you're worth with different techniques and then I completed with General night with the ham brush style, adding some light. Of course we can continue working it. But from this example, I think you got it. And you understand how you can play with these colors. And if you zoom out, you cannot final results, which is not that. So now this is about him of frustration that needs to be working out. It will be much more easier and much more faster. You can see that I will play with the reason blinds and just playing with some kind of reflect, uh of the Knights white yo colors to complete my sense it on the sea. 2. Drawing a landscape, part 2: I'm presenting you now. And new techniques, which is the one they call the technique of the the selection tool you can play with selection to to psych areas that would become for this example in Mountain is nothing is going to be a mountain with snow and heis and to site some areas and to fill it with some blue that will then become blue with different value white blue. It is going to be we're trying to do cocaine off man is in effect. So I'm 17 areas filling with the blue and changing some graduates with white ab rush. Then this guy, he's filled with some clouds, and we have two different ships. The texture of the mountain and this cats who have to work with different techniques. This techniques is done with the brush. Really normal brush that's could make this guy having a cloudy effect are, even if some folks we are not sure if the weather is pretty good. It's pretty bad a mountain, and we can draw some. You think like this with great colors, white colors and symbol. So more you and the dog color like this gray through dark gray. All the weather with looks nice tonight. Frightening, um soon is probably something that will make the drain this painting more intense because it will be a weather that is probably not a good one to wondering. And, uh, this is they think they want to create. So I'm using the birds that is mixing different kind of blue and and grace to make. This guy is very complex and gathering of different comes so it will be the difference with the mountain. That's going to be very clear and very easy to do. So we can spend probably more time in painting Skyland Mountain. - I'm not really done yet with this guy, but was not sure exactly when she do. And sometimes you need to teach it to progress on some other parts of illustration before. To complete the 1st 1 in illustration is a gathering of different elements. And you have to find a cane of bands. Graphic balance between these lemons. So we worked. You work on these elements, the wounds on the Nimmons, then on the other one, and you come back, you can see you have to work the same things. That is important. So now you can see that the mounting on the right is the chicks texture on its very light extroverts give. Nevertheless, the feeling that we have some kind of eyes are snow. It's not something flat were not working in the flood design drawing. So to avoid such mistake to something flattering to ads and even if it's very self where it's needed, - I can add some whites lines with the brush very thin brush, but it could help to to draw the out some ill kinds. Very, very small outlines should not be too much obvious. Otherwise going to be like coming book illustrations that Mississippi we're looking for. But it also just re prison reflect the lights on the ice, which could be good even if it's a broad illustration landscape. You have some time to zoom on narrative to work in details in this illustration. This information is done quite fast. It's something I 15 minutes or something with this, but you can spend much more time to do something the re detail. But you can see here I'm mixing some colors and letting some jitters on mixed. Still some flats cause he's very sensitive stuff. You have to feel it's you have to feel, if you have to add some details or two makes it very hard to explain because it's really on the filling. And this is why I am also shown you plenty of examples to give you more poor changes to envision how you could do and and what you can do and when you will work yourself, you can go back on these videos and and see Han working very specific on details. The purpose here is not you to do exactly what I'm doing because they're not the best of this trader world, of course, but it's to find your own way to work on your illustration, And if these videos can give you enough inspirations to unlock your own imagination, it will be more what it would be really sensing that cool make me up so you can see here to complete frustration. I'm finishing some ah, why times that will improve this ice a texture 3. Drawing a landscape, part 3: I'm going to show you here the creation of the mountain landscape. This time there is no snow. There is no eyes. It's just a mountain with Brock. And of course, the first step is now to draw this now. And if you have some very big, rubbing big mountain that is their impressive, you can start drawing the lines rapidly into, um, rapidly draw the main. It's not old details with the main ones. - This is a very beautiful day, so I'm starting first with Grandin's with Dark is colored at the tough and lights its color at the bottom them and adding some plows. And I'm using a technique that is more from flat coloring techniques. Consider clowns is very round. It's not realistic cloud. That's technique could be much more pools to what you can find in a comic book. I'm living the realistic side of the nutrition and focusing on the technique. It could be interesting, graphically interesting. So first I'm drained around the rock and fill the second parts. You can see that's being to to use very different colors for the rock. It's going to be interesting because we're not staying on the great color what we can expect from the mountain on. I mean to start with blue collar and I'm on Lee working with nines from top to bottom. There's no real present takes traveling Manson, but they re not be on Lee Blue. Israelis were presenting, in fact, the shadows in the rocks on also going to represent the life with very shiny colors. This technique is very risky, because when you are using some unusual colors, it's going it could. You could feel that you are missing the boat because it's look in first place. It's looks like water falling down or something like this. Sometimes musings take me something really about to give up because I say OK, it's not what I would quit but just go wrong. Keep going, trying to create some effects and we'll see that piece by piece lines, lines. It's going closer to what you want to create, and you will see that I'm going to continue to work with lines and is going to make it. You can see that sometime. Using dark colors, too, created his shadow as fate with the rocks that are behind the ones heart touched by the lights so diesel. So they're important to remain on the baby, cruel off, having apart touch, big lights and under part staying in do shadows. So if you play with such technique, you will really get this coloring aspect. It is very good, because if you forget to use the light, you will miss something, something we're missing in your administration. The matter if it's realistic illustration are different kind of illustration. The light is always something that must be included, and you have two things in first place where you will put the source of the right and how it will touch the object that is influenced by the site. And I'm completing with the element in the front ground registration that is using colors that is much more different than the blue of the rocks. So this is usually done to create Hunan, packed on your registration and create something very different that will attract them site of the people so they can really have something different and created kind of background and foreground effects 4. Drawing a landscape, part 4: this video showing you how you can create some elements from background or from the landscape on going to create some rocks are trees off stuff like that, and this video is showing you, particularly this creation off earnings. So I'm going to draw a year. The rock. It's just a part of a rock because it's I'm really showing you how to create the teacher effects. So designing a rock that he's rectangle and you can see that I'm using different kind of colors and first using free flat colors to create these free angles. Then I'm going to draw the cracks in saying rock and I will. I'm using a very simple technique and step by step, going to add some details in this cracks. First on using the result end fluff colors. And while we progress into frustration on going to add some different colors like here, I'm using another one and I'm feeling with brush, and then we'll use, um, all the colors picking because already used in details step by step. The details are, don't know, drained the outlines of this form inside the rocket, but by on suggesting someone, June stuff the rounds forms the clear colors of the nice and dark colors are the shadows, and they playing. This is to technics. You're going to improve inability to draw on this texture past Bates. - This is important to see how you can create some ah thickness into these elements. There is a line is black and the bill there is an area. It is light and light colored, a clear color so you can see the difference between the different level of colors, first endings and cracks, and then adding some light and shadows always in the sequence and in situate. You can do this for every kind off rocks room to draw on. These elements are also used in two games video games. It could be used to create some evidence for the Games for your situation. But what is very important here, how you can play with the light and how you complete with the detained. You draw the details and you add more, more more colors in the dark colors and drawing here a new type of frog. This time we have some rogues, Kane of boulders of rocks in first and drawings king of support. And then I'm going to draw boulders. So first I'm starting with shadows and you will see that one's. The shadows are done. I will draw some kind off the outlines of the rocks, and it would make the color somehow to make sure that there is no too much outlines of pairing. The purpose E here is not to draw out lines like if if we had some elements coming from coming book, but to create a kind of rehearsed it aspect. Even if we are still in some your reality, we're not total realistic, so you can see that I'm already mixing the colors, just checking if it's doing the right effect that want to create. Okay, so now I can add the right on the other side of the rock. Maybe I will mix a little bit the colors. Maybe not. Yes, you see you have. It's very important through to the gradient between the culling the lights and give you a great if not a perp. Your prisons without Amy and perfection is important. As you are working on the rock aspect, you have to have some cracks. It's and things that note perfect. So here we have to kind of Frank's. These rocks very difference, and I just show you two different ways to draw them 5. Drawing a landscape, part 5: another rock to draw is the one that is kind of frog confined in USA in the Death Valley. It's a rug can think desert bread, he arrange Brooke. So first I'm drawing some lines representing their planes with rock. Then we're on some. I will make sure that I can do some selections so their plans must be completed. And then I will add some Judaism flat colors, and then I will have some gradient. But first I complete the outlines and make sure that I will be able to select every part with selection tool. - Then I'm feeling with flat colors and on choosing different colors to make sure that the rock is not one single color. That these were important because the natural elements, no matter if it's tree are wrong, you will see there is never one single corner. It never happened. Eso if you if you stand the same color, each will get something that is not natural. So trying to play with the friend cars doing here and once and only the flood colors ending selection and plain became grinds and I didn't some broad lights, and then coming back with some shadows is the real rough in first place. But I'm just trying to find group to prepare the rock before I'm adding some crack since and little details. And right now it's good. So again we can start working with details with the first women's and I'm working element by elements. - No drying a lot of details on every element. This could take some time because you have to play with shadows and the lights and drawing on ley lines with such two techniques, and you go back and forth by drink shadows in the night and shadows in night delights. The lines that represent the lights will enforce do lines that are the shadows and this aspect were This effect is going to be very efficient to represent the crisis of the rock. When you are focus for Seoul time detained. Make sure that zoom out time to time because you have to have the global vision of what you're creating when we draw something, some kind of detail that this could happen, that you feel that it doesn't if the research want that this feeling is you usually because you are too much focus on something specific. So thanks and distance. Probably you can even go out, have a coffee and come back in. Even you look at your drawing and you will see that you will be satisfied. So now I continue with this technique. You can see that it's a big difference. I'm having a brush that is more, I think, or something or fin, and I'm playing with the same brush. They're important difference the size of the lines to make sure that the difference is also not only in different colors in the science of the brochure using, because the Iraqi will have some cracks that would be larger than other one. So play with his two difference Seidel brush and difference in the colors you use here. For this step, I'm using less visible color. I would never drove some elements. Make sure you never let any elements flat because we are working very natural rock and you have to have details everywhere, so I'm using it more soft color. But there is still a kind of ticks turn that remains, - and I'm doing the same here. But this time I can really work on the on the lights and Doug parts that I'm adding colors . That's one forcing this dark side and the light side, and you can see that by any means such details. We're really finding the's rock aspect so you can see the thing adding some it's almost the same color. But then the flat wondered with specificity, Brush that mean very soft takes her, - and we have been the final touch off this attrition. You add some final cracks to complete this. This rock is very important to finalize. It is very little details that would make finally all the difference in the realities off your administration. 6. Drawing a landscape, part 6: here is new example off the fool landscape. I'm going to show you how I can draw easily the kind off, uh, landscape that is containing the back room that is very far away the first time playing with flat colors, then really fuckers and using some selection tool to create additional step of this landscape. It will be a king off countryside where we have several heels and so we are going to have the bedroom is very far and in the animal kind off off for a historic Essam will see what is behind that To draw such different levels off. Health is very technique to created effect of something that is very far away in the end. So then I mean to grow on. We have to add the sky soon and very shiny day to draw a pure blue color. And these flu is very intense. And and then I started writing some additional values. What is important to it's to make sure that even if disguise, we want to draw dark has blue bulls and in the night, more of a reason, trying always to respect this because the nights come from the sun and the sand shining and in the background. So it's almost like this. And when you draw dark colors, these colors are closer to the people looking in frustration. So it's a basic rule off, but he's full round background. So now I'm drying very rough. Sketch of the background on natural. Yet if it's only rock Nansen are a castle, I think will remain in something natural to be a mountain so and also drawing, uh, mountain that are in the background so you can see that there so far that they're almost not visible. And to make this invisible effects you can play with to draw the shadows of the Nansen with the blue, not dog great, but with blue and is very important because more the elements are far away. More there, none visible. So you play with very soft and cool colors. This technique off drawing with the background could be really, really enforced. Bank having very small touch off brush with pure color but very small, very small touch, and you can see on the and under Rogich in the middle of illustration. We have small touch off very shiny yellow color, and then there is a dull part on the rock that is very don't we really small touch off, Great blue, A green card. So this is things could be really to true, very fast consent art It could be You could have done like this, and I would do the same to draw trades and forest. The four run would be a bit more difficult because I want to add some more details, then what we have in the bank ground. So I'm going to at some using and more big brush and trying to create this grass. You can see that they really decided to keep this aspect off concept art with colors that are very strong and you can see the room year low points in the foreground and yellow lines could re prison some some different king of grass and playing with the reason shiny colors . Because this restriction is very shining and is important also to make this different colors as a thank you like I'm doing here and this is him taking. But then the book ground, but used different. I'm really and emerge more details in the foreground, so you have to keep the difference between foreground and background. And with such techniques, the difference is how much details and elements and lines and points you are ending in a full run and how pure it remains and are very simply remains in background. - So now I'm adding the clowns and you can see that it will be quite the same techniques used for the clowns on. I'm adding some very white lines and using a blue to represent the shadows below the clowns . So I'm adding this, and we should be almost done for that. 7. Drawing a lighting, part 1: If we talk about nature, we're gonna tell the bounds and natural elements, and the lightning is one of them. So I'm going to show you a very simple technique to draw near visions Lightning. First, I'm starting with with such color and add some particles such project. It's gonna be fine. Many brushes confined info to show for every graphic software you can find and articles and in trying to use different. Then I added some lights. Well, the lightning touching some dark side. And I'm three. Sedition of lightning and amusing a pure white because it represents light aspects. And I'm drinks and cracks around lightning because we have more realistic like this. - And now I'm adding with brush the nights around the white. So I am first using kind of blue, and then I would come back with some white to increase this shiny effects. Okay, so we're almost done, So I can also add some additional particles, worried particles, and to complete the light thinks around writing so you can see that you play with the brush way, have tree for different kind of brushes. But what is more important, light estimate of the lightning to make sure that we feel that Rees shining powerful Shania Thursday night and the night comes from the middle Do lightning. 8. Drawing a lighting, part 2: in this video, I'm showing huge creation of landscape. This is very threatening. Sky Bull, the water. I have seen Seoul in first place. I'm drawing the the flag color. It was the first flat corners game you'd atmosphere then amusing Ruth in brush with lights to draw the reason such lines can just suggest to see and the light reflecting and seen you consider very simple. Perfect. It's for revisions. - Then this thesis technique is drying. That's think of the scene. So this is very important to appreciate it in the night to use darkest colors, ducks blue to draw the waves even if there's not too much waves. Its importance to Jordan damn would makes the colors to make some themes or smooth that it is important to draw the this aspect in first place, mixing the colors. And then you can see that I added some light aspect. Some light reflect on the waves. Then I'm starting to draw the clowns and the same I'm doing their rough. Ah, work in first place of this clouds, it's just too give a position and to give me a first idea about how the clouds are going to be administration. And when im satisfying and at some additional details like where will be the lights? Because there was kind of night somewhere, and then they would come back with more and more and more details. - Okay , Now I'm satisfied with the position of the clouds back in and some dark thesis dangerous feeling of this illustration so it can have some great. I'm using different kind of grace and mixing a with dark clowns to make sure there is kindof graduations inside the clowns, but still done with brush. I'm using the brush itself to create this kind of gradient, - and I'm extending this cloud respect to the right to the left. But as we're in the sky, don't try to do something that the symmetric nature is the contrary of what is symmetry, of course, confined, sometimes symmetric things that north in this kind of thing to see it is very important to a different clouds on different levels and different colors in your registration, and I'm playing with some lightning. The lightning's our source of the colors, and this is the last element we are going to add, so you draw them with lights lines and you aren't some light and speak with the brush with a wide brush 9. Drawing rocks: to be more specific on the drawing of the rock. I'm showing you here on example, off a run done from a to B. So first I can play with a solution and using a flat color hit. Then I do a single selection, which, which will be the lights. Another one is going to be the shadows always play with tree, different colors, and it means you're elements. It's starting well, then I can smooth color a little bit and then a skin start drawing some kind of details. First place. We're very controlled very roughly. The details. Ah, and then you can pick up colors and play with a gene, and overlaying the colors with the others is very important. Don't try to erase if you do, Mr just pick up a color off your amendments and draw on it as we have a natural rock. It would just give the impression that you have elements, the one on the others, and this is exactly what we have on Have Iraq to give this natural aspect, so don't paint engines to be raising, Never erase. It's useless trying to draw a moving a moving abroad in this finger several. Nader's is what is going to give you this natural rock and red because Iraq, when have the rock in hand? For instance, if you just look at the rock, it is random and Brendan aspect of different things. You have many colors, and you have many lines and many details and stuff, making Kareem natural. So make sure, in fact, you have never any kind off flat colors anywhere on your element. In more progress in the creation of this rock, more amusing Phil Brush to draw some lines, dark lines, light lines and doing the kind of, um, plains of do cracks inside the rock. And he could take something to draw just to rock. If you want to go in a very realistic detail that in the end is going to give you what's worlds, that if your registration and if you have to work at this level of details for every element, of course it would be very lonely Nutrition Indian. You would have something very interesting and then they failing with some kind of grass around the rock. This is a little last thing that make a difference 10. Drawing skies: this video is showing you how you can create easily. Very nice guy. So first I want something that is very like landscape. So I'm getting my page tohave very good rectangle and I'm using discredits. So first I'm working. The pure graduations can see these two colors. And then from there I'm going to stiff fight Klaus. But the first step is to position clouds position. Yeah, you position to start with clear elements. And if we have several clowns are going to draw the soft ones, the one that they're just very simple to imagine. So we have. It's more atmosphere than here It's going to be you for after. So now I'm starting to draw so amusing the brush that is full of transparency. And I tried to draw the first Ah, the first line, more important lines. I'm not paying intentions to the cloud that's tickets. There's something that we're going to work after. The first I'm during the main lines. You can see that I just feel this form with very rapid technique, which is not really the final one, but it already gives something on. I did a blue cloud because in fact it's like if you see clothes from the ground, that's your looking at the sky. Um, in some periods of the day, you can see the shadows of the clouds and do the cloud itself. The white of the clouds is above because it's there is always this kind off planted, the clown do not touch my delight, the sun and the sense of votes. What is shiny is above the clouds, and here we have do way have be little count. So now I'm going to spend some white. It's Whitey's cloud that touch with the lights, but I'm also adding some the show cards with blue that is above sorry below the count's and for this one, as in some white on the some very small parts. So this is it could be freaking first place because we're not sure we have to add some lights and dark with this white. I'm going. I'm trying use video. It could help you to decide how and where to pull what color to draw you clowns, - and we can see that one by one. Our drains clothes and mixing the colors a little bit. Not too much, because we have to keep this oil aspect that we make the creation off the drawing of the clouds very easy. So trying to, uh, step by, step every details and try to change color a little bit. Hey, I'm draining bits more yo clothes because we have very you colors in his attrition lights of the sun in death color so you can draw with that color, too. Then I'm finishing the restriction by adding someone should very thin ah curls in the background. It is going to give you some some foreground and background, even if it isn't. Skype is very important because if all your accounts are on the same size, the same color, it's not going to give you something realistic. This is all the difference that will make your obstetrician and terrorist ing otherwise. You weaken do a flat blue colors and the flat white glow from the clouds, and that's it. But it will not be very interesting.