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PROCREATE: Illustrations step by step

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction to the interface


    • 3.

      A first use of the layers and sketches


    • 4.

      The Pumpkinman, drawing with a scanned drawing


    • 5.

      How to draw a charcoal illustration


    • 6.

      Create a black and white illustration


    • 7.

      Some coloring techniques


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About This Class

In this course, you are going to see different illustrations created step by step with different techniques and tools of Procreate.
You will learn many techniques, tips and advises to improve your drawing skill while using Procreate, regarding colors, inking, sketching and many other things.

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1. Introduction: in this course whether to see how to use procreate, to create song illustration by using different tools like the charcoal, the ink, all the color. I'm going to give you a couple of examples. How you can use is different tools. 2. Introduction to the interface: welcome. In this course, dedicated to drawing software procreate, we're going to see a couple of things, including the creation of illustration and some advanced techniques and simple techniques to draw illustration. First, give me giving you first view of the interface. You have different options. First base, very simple ones. The 1st 1 is to create and to have an overview of the work already done. You have here couple of frustration I'm working on and you have on the right side of the top free option. Select import and photo. You can import drawings and picture and photo allow you to take a picture with the iPad Pro or iPad you're using and drink directly. The picture taken into the software here. I'm showing you administration and just created it's kind of warrior fighting monsters, and I just had to click on it to have the illustration appearing, and I can do any modification that want to do these modification. It can use different options we have on the top and on the left, and you will see that this is very comfortable and very easy to create and change and modifying illustrations. When you moves, you keep pushing with the finger are your pencil on the nutrition. You can move it to another place. You can deal. It's you can share. Of course you can. You have to be connected to Internet and can duplicate. Here we can change the canvas, decide to take a normal size off to personalize the size of your working space, and you will see that you can also have some additional options. Prevue share duplicate delights. The options are very simple and just done for what the immense duplicate duplicates diligence idea. Delighted. So no need to go further these explanations. So here are some additional option if France's African Plus on the right upper side of the screen. I have screen size square, four K a four and different. Confirm it, including comic. If you own to have the firmer of a comic book here, just created a new file. You don't have to click on any safe weapon. This is directly saved when you work on your project. So here is my Weitz page on going to use to start drawing and to stand Drel. We'll see that we have a couple of options on the left and the right to create layers. Changes say the brush changed their capacity, and that's it's This is very easy, for instance, can change the opacity with you left, and you can draw with the right hand and so on. You can really change easily the options by using your fingers in your pencil. So here we have different options here. If you click on Prevue, it will give you Preval astray shin. But it's like going into the illustration, like taking on it with your finger with a pencil. So Aaron pencil. Now I can cite already some brushes. I can try Teoh to show you first. Different pencils, every pencil I are located in sketching, inking, drawing in Sioux on. You have different options that are named like the normal brush, and here you can see with my two fingers I can move the paper the Y wants, and with the distance, we would blame the distance with my two fingers. I can zoom in and zoom out again. This is very issues. So if I'm drawing with nine Ben and this is something you can do first, you can just train yourself by zooming in zooming out changing disciple the brush and you can see if I take this brush. I can also change your capacity. If I stay clicking on the white, I select directly the white color. Usually I'm staying pushing with my finger to select the color Because of the right side you have the color can change. And now I'm just doing some tests off drinking the white paper to select the color I want I want to take and you can see that remain keeping your finger remaining on the color and moving it It will change the color you can select So exhuming a little bit and put my finger keeping pushing on the screen I concealing the color and then I can go in the right upper side too Changed color. You can clean the history also. So now zooming out try to focus. Um, the papers have old paper from my Skrine changing the cycle brush and trying to use my brush with different capacities. This is the first exists as you can do zooming in, zooming out, moving with two fingers. Changing message is changing the size, testing the different brushes. And here we go. We have here no difference brush conflict this. And when I click on the brush itself, I have a different personalization. I can make the spacings trim line Jeter full out different. These options can really change the way you can use the brush and it would change. Do you have to think about it? Usually I'm not really modifying this because for me they are already very good now changing size The British using the biggest size in black and has this is a pencil. You don't have something they re launch. And I'm already trying to show you how to do a sketch on drawing this Mitch with line between face and during the job years hairs against it. It could be very easy to draw and is very good product. The nose and the mouth, the eyes and swollen. You can see that you can drop rapidly. Then I can move the drawing to be more confortable. I'm drawing because sometime cartoonists and artists I don't like to keep the drawing just in the same position and we can really turn in the way rounds are coming to this very simple option of the two fingers tanking and keeping you keep the two fingers on the screen . You move your page the way one then I can draw and pushing I am doing. I'm using him much more. Ah, hot pressure on the offensive with a pencil and I can have black hairs just by using more pressure. I'm not cheating the size of the Russian, just using a different pressure. And it gives a very realistic aspect, some hatching to give some the feeling we have some shadows and and details mills. So this first example show you how realistic just the pencil to on Lee is really close to what you can have in reality of the rial pencil. The result is very, very interesting, very powerful. Soon now we have to see in the other videos advanced examples of the use of colors, Catchings and so 3. A first use of the layers and sketches: If you want to master procreate, you have stopped by learning basics of drawing off course. You can have a very good technique and apply it to procreate. It works like a like any other drinks after work. The first exercise you can do is trying to draw forms like a ball. This ball is going to be ahead that first tried to master you pencil and your tablets. So differs exorcized just to draw bulls on the paper. You have to do it many, many times to increase your ability and to feel more confortable while you draw on talent. So you will also see how you have to position your hand on your tablet and how you have to take your pencil because your pencil rebuild very sensitive, and you have to get the habit of how it will react to a different kind of fresher, doing different kind off position as it can also change, according the position of your pencil on Tell it so drew many, many forms first exact size, very easy, but Kip during this to feel more confortable. Then when you are done, you can do it going the layer and click on clean it with a raise. All. What is it? The signature size is going to be about the tools than itself. Trying to see how the fresh works. You don't touch to the pressure option left. You just try to draw graduates by changing the pressure of the pencil itself. Exactly how you can do graduate with the normal pencil for the pressure you orientate your pensive at the vertical and you draw it would give you something like this. This technique will be very interesting to draw shadows on the faces you may be wanting to draw, drew many of them and try to do different game flying's and sketches like I'm doing. I'm just trying to understand how brushes work. Okay, When you are doing this with this, you can clean again. You are the name. The next step is going to be to select a new brush to dro a sphere like this. And we are now trying to draw a face but with very simple technique. So first you drag this fair. You can't eat with the symmetry. Klein at the vertical and our isn't and you try to refrigerate exactly what you see here. You have something approximately symmetric on the left on the right. If it's not exactly it doesn't matter. We're just trying to this sketch of face, and this is the taking to do it. I'm zooming in with my two fingers with two fingers and enlarge the distance between two fingers. That is a rain. You, too, zoom in forms that will be later, the eyes. And then I'm working on the job. These were could be hard to do in first place because it's not hazy. Sometime to draw a job that is symmetric, you can see here. It's not exactly symmetry, but if you look at people, they're not perfectly symmetric on the left and right, so it's the Birkett right now. Now I'm trying to play with the best city known that side of the brush on drink a size off Birthers lends importance with larger, and I can use here. Do a razor. You can see the tool selected is in blue on the upper right side of your screen, and this a razor work exactly like the brush you can use to draw. You can select a reserve and use like the brush and you setting then the site of the brush You can even see like new capacity and raising that unnecessary details. When you progress in the drink of your sketch, you will see that a construction line you joined first place are not useful anymore, so you can erase them while you progress in the drawing of your illustration. Otherwise, they were the annoying because you have too much details. Draw on your paper. Then I'm already sketching the delimitation off the hairs and the president to be like this , and I can work on the different details of the face, especially the volume detail. Make sure that while you draw your face, you have to consider that the hand is in Freedy because you have to understand that the shadows and all the details that we were had later, like the color I'm going to take in consideration that the character is Afridi muzzle. So it's not just a flat thing, So now I'm creating a new layer can complete this one, and to create a new layer can allow you to drew details way they're taking the risk to spawn all the rest of the drawing. If you do a mistake So this layer, I'm decreasing the capacity because now on the next layer and into to troll more details. But with less Lange's kitsch more like a nutrition, and you will see that we will have some additional details that will make our countem or a human. - You can see that now I'm using lines created previously on the sketch in the layer that he's creating first place to just creates very clean lines. And while this lines are going to be drove, I'm going to hide the previous layer of this catch to just have appearing the clean illustration that this technique is very simple and can work for any kind of illustration. First you do a layer with this catch. Then you do another layer with the mawr details and complete your situation. - And here we are with the registration. Without this catch, the layer has been hidden 4. The Pumpkinman, drawing with a scanned drawing: It's like a monkey man or panky warrior, and I want to add some colors. Just have here a test off as we just see with layer, including the color. But I want to show you with a new example how you can do this so you can use the importation of picture and or you can take a picture and you can find a picture in your eye events to Cage. So now I'm using a first watercolor, a tool to create background, and I'm really playing in the whites off the paper, too. Give the feeling that's the color has bean and and IDs with by hand techniques. So here we have a couple of different options for the layer. The different layers are giving difference effects. I'm using the multiply mode that's is allowing me to have a cane of transparency effect. Then I'm moving the size of the brush down to made the outlines and to create additional details to do not have too much white, and I'm zooming in with my two fingers and now a stopped using we can take artistic are banking is pretty well, if you want to have a flap color I'm not sure this is what we're going to use here because the font color is not always good. If you want to have a kind of watercolor aspect, this one is pretty well as it gave some kind of water color because we don't want something perfect, then playing different colors. And I'm not feeling everything with the same color because I will try to play with different kind of graduations in some with some difference brown and arrange colors to give something. I try to do something interesting. I keep pushing with my finger on the drying, too. Capture the color punting outs with my finger so I can use it straight after selecting its . So I'm going to play with different lights and shadows, but only with colors. The left side of the camera is going to be in the shadow and the right side in delight and during the the plant on the hands. So I'm feeling with the same color, and I will play on different gradients afterward. - One of the very efficient technique, instead destroying its to really play on the lighty light colors with the on the small details and adding some shadows also knew May journal areas and on very small parts, and I hear just suggest additional details. And if you do well with instinct in, you will see that your drink is going really to have a kind of very interesting aspect. - Now we'll try more less detailed techniques for the because when I wanted to show you is really in the face of this character and how you can play with different tools to do so end now I trying to do something a bit rough just to suggest again of broad color for the the suit of the character. - If you want to go faster, you can always play with the light and dark colors off every parts of the body, and it will be less detail and less professional than what we did in the face of the character. But he can work. So if you want to details the parents between the different details of the calf, you can also play with size of the brush to work precisely, but remind that if if you were presiding one part of the tar so, for example, you would have to complete all the torso and probably work with the same degree of details on the arms you cannot just play with or draw with. One part the rich. It in the other part, not details. It will give you something. Not really professional, Um and you will do the same from the top to the bottom of the current. 5. How to draw a charcoal illustration: Let's see how to create a shark. All illustration In this example, I'm going to show you how you can just use charcoal tool to draw something like landscape. The Shark O Toole is going to be the Onley tool I'm going to use to create that frustration . Nothing to play with the different black and whites and the pressure on the side of brush. But we will not move to another brush, so I'm first playing with the distance in the foreground. I'm using black colors, just a very dark forms to give the feeling that we have came for rock and are something very close to us. If you do something, they're dark and very strong down the destruction Give the feeling that trips waiting are looking at the landscape on the rock. So then I'm trying to draw the main lines of what will be do. Landscape in the background. You can already have some kind off buildings, our house, our we don't really know what it is, but it will looks like something, and when you play slightly with farms that size and the pressure, you will rapidly get something like this. The firms are going to communicates something. We don't know what it is, really. But we know that this is something, and this is what will make this illustration. It will give to that illustration feeling that there's something terrific. So if you want to draw or to represent natural elements, you can really play on different lines but never draw straight lines because in the nature you will never find any straight lines. So you play on this and you add, and then we're also you make sure to let some white spaces, and when you draw back lines and black areas just near this black brains, you leave some whites and you will see that piece by piece. Some and terrorist ing form were appeared and more work on the background less. The firm's has to be big, and we have to our coming off. Ah, small detains in the background. So now I'm changing the brush just to to do some white. I'm changing a bit the brush and I'm selecting the white to awesome, some white but still staying with this shock aspect on my drawing and to enforce the white near the black areas has said. - Then I'm adding some amusing. Another brush, but this time a complete different brush. It's the finger you can see in second place near the pencil on the top right side that is going to smooth your color. It's not really a brush. It's like if you want small thing on the shore, coal off your paper with your finger. This is exactly the same. And to keep this realistic aspect while we work on your I have a pro. You can draw with the shark hole with a pencil, and when you said like this finger tool, you can do it with own finger on your tablet. It will give you with the feeling that you are really working in the paper. This is very imprisoned. Then you can all change different, kind off brush are coming to this finger tool because his finger tools also having plenty of brushes, and we can add and transform and change a little bit like if it was raining on your illustration. But you will see just by a planes this technique, it will be very easy to create a black and white illustrations 6. Create a black and white illustration: in this example, we're going to draw a face, but this time is going to be with inking technique by thinking we mean that we're going to draw a sketch of the face with a pencil tool. And then we're going to create a new layer where we're going to use the same technique you will use with China Inc. Meaning that we had drawing after the sketch the out plans in black. So first we can try to draw a face off a girl with very wide eyes and some hairs footing the hairs. If you want to do a similar exercise, you can get inspired by many, Many motherly, confined Internet are in picture where you won't and you can just reproduce what you see and try to drove. The main lines of this illustration that has the thinking is a technique very precise. You have to draw something very close to with very you can you have to draw as much detail as possible regarding the pencils catching. Make sure you don't forget anything that will create a program when you will be thinking So now I'm creating a new layer and Symington the In King tool and 17 this brush. Now I'm usually starting by inking the eyes. So you're going to see that I'm using a hatching technique to draw the eyebrow, and I'm moving a restriction on the size and starting with the lines I want to draw. What is very good is because we're not using normal ink that could create some stain your fingers, frustration and so on. You can stop very one, because with the normal techniques, you have to start from the top to the bottom to make sure that you are not create some staying in your illustration. There you can start by the elements you want and you can start by the eyes like what I'm doing. So you can see that I'm really precise, taking the time to draw every details and not trained to do as fast as when I was drawing the sketch. - This is where his catch is very important because the eyes are similar. Not exactly the same, of course, but they have to be signal, for instance, even have not the same size. All the eyes are looking in two different direction. It will give kind of very strange feeling and give probably in the face expression that will not be the one you were was expecting. So the side of the brunt of the eyes and the size off the elements inside the eyes, like the Black Bulls white light ball inside and so on has to be rather similar. Then the other hard thing to draw is the outline of the Joe and the phase itself, as this is the woman were drawing the face has to be very smooth, not something very like rectangle that will be more feeding For a man. A woman has to be very smooth. Flying's on all the body, including the face and the hairs had to be worked. Do saying and you will see I'm going to show you a technique very well. Using Manya about how to draw the hairs to represent the hairs, I'm going to feel the heirs with hatching techniques, parts after parts, hairs after hairs weaken. Say, I'm going to use this kind of hatching techniques that will make you very make your hair's suspect very realistic, or at least very close to what you're gonna find. Incoming book. This could be in exorcising itself just drawing the hairs the way I'm showing you here, you can see they, um, letting some white space between two black spaces and always separating them with hatching technique. This is very important to, um, to give its aspect. Don't do not let too much black color in theirs are in too much writing a part of too much back in other parts you have to balance these two things some white and some black, some white and some lies one after the other. Then I'm now drying the rest of the body and play with very dark color on the neck. We can see this is a shoot of the girl that is like this, but to have a very white part of the during the very dark one is going to be very efficient as an illustration. When you play with black and white especially, and when you have a full white and fullback, it's going to be very strong, and I recommend you to try to find the way you can use this to create a very big impact while drying administration. - Now we have here a technique that is to at some gray, but the great has a can off matter you can use with the grain. Two out of these shadows is taking some time using Manya or incoming book, and could be very youthful when you want to stay on the black and might illustration, but at some grays and shadows values. Anyway, - while you're using this back in white angry values, make sure that you don't spoil your illustration by putting them where they're not supposed to be. You just have to respect where the light is touching your character, for instance, here, the light in just place on the left side and just close to the nose and also on the mouth, because we can imagine that she has some makeup that this has to be. I don't know. I just by mistake. But just to think about where you have to place these shadows, and that has to be, has to make sense with the way your character is designed. Then you can finalize it and complete with the last step, which is the eyes. The eyes is very important for every character because, like in the normal life, when you speak to someone, you look at him in the eyes and when you look in this situation, you look at the eyes of the character, then I'm completing with some brush that will be like backgrounds. So I have to find a way I can draw something that he's not supporting the restriction but just create Kenneth background. 7. Some coloring techniques: Let's see now how you could add color on the administration. First, I'm using a black in what illustration I draw, and now I'm selecting first a color for the background. You can change Bagram color anyway. You won't. Then when this is done, you can select the color for the character itself. You can decide to select a new layer and used option with the opacity that is changing. For instance, you can decide to change the mode of that later to get used the color layer with some transparency. First, I'm selecting Decision Tool. You can see on the left her percent of the screen that his blue insulating. And there you can see that Onley that part of the registration can be changed. So I mean to use a water color tool to create that aspect. This is really like if I had, ah, water to the color. The coloring on that registration is going to be quite complex. But this is really what you have to follow step by step, what kind of tool I'm using and white kind off effect. It creates only paper. Some aspect are going to give the watercolor staying that you can then smooth with the finger, and then you can also decide to change the smoothing if it but getting this brush bigger. So every step off that coloring is going to get a very interesting effect we can create with different brushes. For instance, if I decide to take a novel color and work on that specific part of the drawing, I will be later able to change, to smooth and to raise a little bits, the different details so you can really have ah procreate his route to Well, you can just use your own feeling and create some very interesting graphic aspect here. I'm playing with light and dark parts of the face to ask these different watercolor aspect . I am playing the different kind of Fred I'm and you can see that I never erasing anything. I always tryingto overlay my tools, the one on the others, just to try to see if I can really get something interesting and to overlay the techniques accepting if you did a really big mistake that make illustration completely spoiled. But otherwise you can really go piece by piece, overlaying the techniques, the one on the others and you will see that some details off the previews taking you just use before I still there and are giving some kind of interesting detail to add to your illustration. So don't try to erase everything. Maybe even if you did a mystic by choosing the wrong tool, maybe what you did can be an advantage and can create some kind of interesting thing. So, see, if districting off overlaying techniques, the one on the other can reserve the quality off your illustration, and we can see that while we progress, we can go into much more details and focus on one specific thing one specific part of the face. So the technique will be to first draw a broad color. Then you are the main shadows and men lights, and then you focus on the details and nose the eyes and different areas of the face that have to be working out an Indian. One of the very interesting tool off procreate is the brush about the light colors and the light effects. You can see that we can really do something very powerful here. We have a dark character needle guy, and we can just use this brush to add some lights of red lights in the eyes that will give him this very evil nature.