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Cómo darle color a tus libros de cómics

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Técnica de coloración de hombre de araña


    • 3.

      Las técnicas más simples para colorear los cómics


    • 4.

      Técnica más de complejada y un ejemplo


    • 5.

      Colorear un ojo


    • 6.

      Colorear un brazo


    • 7.

      Cómo colorear un person, cada paso


    • 8.

      Técnicas de color: la surfera de plata


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About This Class

¿Quieres aprender cómo puedes anunciar colores a tus páginas de los colores de tus cómic? Aprende a hacer con un software y una tableta gráfico. Te mostraré cosas muy sencillas que te permitirán añadir colores rápida y eficiente a tus ilustraciones a tus páginas y ilustraciones de cóm, de cómic.

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Damien Barban

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: one of the key step while creating illustration coming book is the use of the color in this course, I'm going to explain you with plenty of examples how you can apply the colors with digital tools. I'm providing you plenty of tips and advice is to teach you the easy way to add colors to your graphic work. 2. Spider man coloring technique: in this chapter, we're going to speak about the color in the comic book. So we have here the picture off Spider Man. I'm not the one who draw this one. I took this from another artists, and I would just show you very simple things to understand colors. But before to start with this example on going to take the white document just to extinct you things first. The color, especially when you work with the software, is working with different options. Amusing clips you feign. But it could be the same with foolish up we have in every creative software's tools here and layers. We also have the colors here. When you decide to choose one brush or another it because every British have different forms. We'll have brushes, things, things like this and others like this. Others, and every brush can work with different colors just after cities colors, and you can apply them now when you decide to create, for instance, on during the selection here and I'm feeling the selection with one color. These colors can be use for different things that create an outline in color are I can create another form in color this farm. This orange rectangle is a both my yellow return. No, I can use different players. I can hide my layers and create friends and hate me later. One I have created earlier too. Honestly a toucan. Create another form, I feel and I can hide the layer Want this use of the layer is really important because when you would create color on your pages, you don't want necessary to have all the colors on the same layer. If I take spite him in here, I can have understands layer for background and then layer for the character. This is exactly what we're going to do and we're going to speak also that different use of the colors. We have also different NATO to use the colors. I can have, for instance, one color here in one to it. To understand this is different techniques. You have to understand that in first place the flat color could be enough. In the polarization off your in ages, I can have, for instance, the red color and I take my brush and the winners took to stop to apply the color make ureter we have right now the color covering two black lines. So there is one option when you use your layer is to use the product. Knowledge and product mood is giving you this aspect of transparency and you can just fill the carrot. - All right. Now, if they come back to this example, the flat color can be changed. I can take, for instance, this pink and shoes pink, which is a bit darker. Then I can create a shadow here, and I take a light to pink and create a light here. It will be different than to take this and crew to create again off Grandin's like this Decca color and right, you have two different kind of technique you can use. And if I take my Spider Man, I can say hello does his way. The layers don't for its that I have my color that is separated to my black and whites registration so I can only sell like the red color. And once I have selected this, I can just he kept the color and years different came off color full of shadow and news. Another read to create the right and you already have something interesting you don't have to do merge details in drying your character. This could be enough for the color of your camped. Then I can't decide to use Onley flat colors and used the first technique. Then I have to take darker red and to put its into the character just to fuck use under part, I estimate the car should be and the results. He's also very interesting. You can part with the right. This is also something that could work. This is a thoroughly up to you to decide when kind off taking human to use these two takes and techniques could give a really good reason for your administrations. 3. The simpler techniques for coloring comics: Now I'm going to show you how you can create a full color illustrations, including the background. We'll start with very simple technique with a flat color creating first mayor that make sure my layer is not in black and white. There is gray and telling to color. Then I create layer, and I can fill my layer with very soft core. Usually you earlier he's is no more not you put the product now. This is the same term in full shop, are included, you pains, and we have the transparency of the layer and can see to drain bill the color layer. Then the first very simple technique will be to add the color directly all the colors differently. Under singly, consider, color can fill only character. You still by filling with one single car, and you will understand just why. After that, I'm using my brush in my tablets. Teoh, If you character all right, and then you can see if I hide the black and white there. I am only the color earlier remaining, and these color I can select it, and if selected and I make the black and white offering again, I can see that I can only work on this color. So from there, considered another colorful the shadow of the character and just create one side should do . We're estimating that the show should be positions, and you can also do work on rest of the details, like eyes. So you are working on the same lane. Then I can add some details, the background. A insulate may corrector and can just select my background and work on shadowed here and some elements of the wool that's are broken and again the museum duck color and no right color, and soon so you can work very simply. One layer Siegen step will be to you several years trying to erase every steps I did previously todo just to kill the flood colors. All right, I only have the Firth colors. The second step will be The second passivity will be to have to start with flatcars and to use graduate colors I'm using do now brush and filling like this. Then we have a gradient can create eyes again. You can add more can then see that this gradient only technique can be enough to Britain thing efficient. Then I can select the background and use the same gradient technique with the AM brush. And here, Leo, just This is probably the more simple techniques I know to create rapidly and efficiently colors for things. 4. More complexe technique and one example: Now I'm going into more complex techniques on having my Spiderman rate in my bag room in blue. I will select my spider Man, which is the in fact I'm stating only the red color. I'm doing a copy, Captain. Past control X in control the and create automatically a new layer of yourself tourism creatinine earlier than creating new earlier and then passed the color. So you have now two separate layers Rid we're going to work on. Lee owns this blue thing to make sure that and making disappearing too. Make sure that your car is no going outside You Spiderman gay. You want, for instance your brush on lee able to draw on your on a Spiderman? It means that you have to activity very specific option that is called Look, the transparent pixels click on it. You have the same for the ship and other Softwares to it mean that I'm just able to draw on the part of my lawyer layer that contains pixels. It means that I cannot draw on transparent pixels. I can't add anything outside of what is already that what is already containing peaks helps . You can see that nothing selected I'm not choosing this addiction to I'm just activating that option. And why deception? Just because you can now use your seduction tool and do very rough selection like this. And even if you go, I would say the character and then use, for instance, your brush and work with someone gradients. Then I want to select that part and pleading with Canada again using eso front leg finnic in Do thinking of selection like this so you have You can select some force are your character and just use your regions tool or any other tool to create the color and a flag it very rapidly on your character. This is really interesting. And their offense. I think the eyes like them countries something like this and just do some random things like this. I think I'm working in my bedroom with you, and soon and then you make Bill for this layers bearing, and you can, once you are done with your registration on, have something very close to the color you can see in the coming book. So I'm going now to work on the full creation of a firm. The illustration. By using this more complex techniques. So I'm creating a new file and I'm going to draw a face the face of a hero I don't know, something to see. So my first layer is for the sketch Andrew Que and then creating, sitting there with thinking. So working first with main fine and then injuring what is inside. - He's , um, in because too small, it could be not create enough me too dark just doing to ensure the eyes on the same site. Yeah, there's something okay yet this bit changing his position. Then that layer with kitsch working on something very fast doesn't create first layer where I will create my background . So I put my background in product moods and I can create some, um, graduations and creates the court for the face. And to do soon can separate what is outside the face with my black and white player and I river dissection to make sedition. Not 6 17 outside space, but the contrary, which is the for here selection revert section and then go back on my on its second layer. You can rough a pretty products, and if I show my back room here, you can see that as both mate Layer for in my lay off three own product mode, they are both transparent. So to do this I keep the section I go on selectively selection with background and I he raise the cancellation off my on this form, but only there with background. I go back on my layer with forms in their skin. Use gradient technique this and I can work and he's teaching. Then they can work on the hairs I can do again this technique. But this time I only select the color of their heirs where she's right now. Flat curve and using and that greedy in taking This is the refers to notes being too much time now to droz something very complex just to show you the principal. Then I can sitting less sue and work the main parts that could be in the shadow And they can use again this brush click one time and give you something. They're smooth, right? I think this just a few hairs from the jurors on the further debate tonight can also play with some run things and, of course, chicken for the hairs. Try something like this seduction here, here and years again. This technique create very smooth regions and give something that is really looking like coming books and maybe the slightest bit too hard so I can smooth this in Europe. It was a very fast example about this technique off graduations and selection tool. 5. Coloring an eye: Let's talk about the color of the night. I'm going to draw a night. The woman. Hi. And then I'm going to apply the color. This video is going to show you how I'm using the colored creates more life into this. The first I'm going to create this. All right. Okay. With a black and white then just completing we some white bones in sight. The center part the This already creates the feeling that there is some life. If you don't do this, you will have less a human attitude inside the eye. This is nothing. But this is all you can really, and some humanity to your character. Just by adding this the light Then I can complete I was some national stuff like this. Take your poor change. Too many details. Because we have the big guy. If your drain character that is very small, new page will not have a chance to drove. But anyway, then way, bro. Here It's a detail. We're not going to talk about this. Okay? So we have night and then adding a new layer product runs and we will say this is blue first aid kit, blue color. You see that. Try to respect it right here. And I like this. And I can use some white color but almost flight. We stand blue can and such lines like this. Then you know the kind of blue and then you can smooth color. Then right somewhere here and then see, you can add additional shedded. Very smooth shadow Here. There is stuff to here Smith it and he will here and then this parts can also be working Doubts threesome, shadows and this should re smell it. And we're done. In few minutes you have created your 6. Coloring an arm: No, it's still give outs coloring and are fine. Drain the arm of a superhero. - First date is to do a complete seduction off this area to fill it with a knuckle. Preed color Dominican selected So in stating Onley color layer and I can start using the self fabric is one of the techniques you can use. Many techniques meant this one. He's one of them. So you can just add shadows in some areas here, Beatles vessel and you can see that the Shadow is just giving more importance to civilians . Then some nights this part and it's a bit too much, so smooth a little bit and give something worth like this. It's more a gradient and completed his gradients to create volume, and you can continue at some more details. You feel the technique is to first creates. Then you keep this flat car selected and you're using a simpler with more shadows, and you can quickly can Grandin's and using a resinous pressure on my talents. Then on the other side, using the night something close with white that's still in the range of this car, then insight. You can use another brown to accentuate the parts of the body and muscle something like this. Then when you're done, you can use the launch brush brush using a dark color ex entreat in cream this side of the brush thin. You gave final touch to your creation just a little bit. Not too much with Final One, and it will accentuate old details of working out. Then make sure to cancel. He's outside your section. 7. How to color a character, every steps: in this example, I'm going to add some colors to lease character. I tried to makes some colors, like the blue and other colors. This is girl from the desert Andi, and I'm going to create a very white skin and to create white king amusing a grave. You cannot just let the white The white is too pure as a color to feel account, you're always at least to add some gray values. This is what I'm going to create here and adding some grays. Andi would come back to add some shadows and lights on this skin, but first I'm doing the and feeling the characters with all the flat colors. This is the first steps you have to do to create flat colors and then come back, probably with another layer on the same layer to create the difference values, graduations and stuff like that that would make characters very interesting. This is very common now in coming to see all the colors of the characters and the frame really working out with graduations and a lot of details Now, sometimes it could really work to draw your characters with only flat colors. It depend the style you want to create that here? I'm going to finish the destruction with very with gradients and light and shadows Effect all on the character. - Also , make sure you take the same color. You pick up the same color for the skin, for instance. Here we have the legs and the head and the arms and hands disease the skin, so make sure you just pick up some colorful to feel all these limits. You can pick up the car we do. Color picker tool. Having every drain software's. If you take the wrong color, each will be wrong. It would be wrong. It will be missed it because it will give the feeling that the hand is a different color. That their legs, for instance, are probably the characters is wearing a pent. Well, it's not the case, so make sure you pick it always. Now this is complicated, done with flat colors and selecting the face, and I'm adding with a brush tool delight on the face and I come back with the show. From there, I tried to create the difference shadow in such a way that we can see the volume of the character and the head, we can see that there is a really round a state that the head, we have a shadow in the the neck to also create this aspect off shadows is very small shadow that is ending some realistic aspect. Then you have to go step by step by any choose. Don't try to put too much others in the same time and then don't take the reeks to overwhelm. Illustration with shadows. You play with shadows, light, shadows light and then sometimes, when you like the the position of the light. But right is too strong. You have to find a tool here. I have the smooth watercolor that it's moving, the color that is mixing the color with the color that isn't just behind, and it could give you this color in effect. That is interesting because it's mixing and create very soft gradients. But we don't have one single region for all the face. We have plenty off small Gretchen's composing the entire color for your face. Then you have to respect the anatomy off your face. For instance, there is the knows that is, the more the animal that is more in front of you on that is probably touching lights. Eso You can add some nights on the news, but don't put too much nights and shadows. The reason is if you put too much intention on the nose and doing in the shadows in the knows, it's real created big nose that these rules could be fined also in photography. When you put to its light on the part of the face, this part is not going to be is going to be too much exposed. So you have to find a balance and create a nova RL balance with light and shuttles for all the face. Then I'm drinking mouth, and I'm adding some light and shadows and emerge from the mouth. While the face is probably one of the more complicated stuff to completely complicated elements to where to add lights, you have to understand and it to me in the face, because this is more simple just because how the countries are turning and instead of flat elements so you can play randomly, rather relatively on the light and Children's. But always flu, the way is put on the character, - and then I'm finishing with the boots. This is interesting to see that while you are putting the colors, you want to represent how the book is created. All the cloud is re pretty is created, which is matter used to create this element here, the boots reflecting the light. So I'm just putting some point of flights which are in fact points done with the brush like brush, and it could be enough. Also, this is important the same coloring technique used for all the counter. Don't try to make some too much statements of the wide it will create member earns and create something that is not the re beautiful sea. 8. Coloring techniques: The Silver Surfer: Sometimes superheroes have very specific characteristic, and the color could be hard to create on these characters soon. I think the example of the silver suffer. This is a counter that is very simple because this is just a man with a hairs and just composed with a normal human body with muscles. There is no specific tools accepted the surf and that's it. The point that is character pretty hard to drop. Is this silver texture. As we're talking about the color, we're going to see how you can re prison deceiver cold in a drunk. So I have the cover drawing of the Silver Surfer, and I have a black and white, and we will create color on this counter based on how the cartoonists draw the current. So here is the difference that we can take. First, we can see that the character is mainly composed off white car on the white color. We can add some colors like the great we have here, Sue, can this great and discipline and we have some gradients in the blue. Yes, we have some me yo to because it was his son and there is some reflecting the sun in the body. So it means that with only this tree colors, we can represent the color off this guy. Soon I'm going to start adding first the yellow colors. So we have to estimate where is the sun? You can say the city there. Okay, So we can add some reflects for the year Just taking advantage of the lines drawn by cartoonist with his drink to feel with the right color drain. Where is to me? The sun is thine. The sun rays are touching the current here a little bit. All right, then I'm using the blue color, and this kinda has to feel some places between the white degree and, you know, so we have to use this look, but not touch instead of the blue is nuts is just more to accentuate the shadows of the character. So we have here the face and some places here where can estimate we have shadows and then amusing degree. I mean, I can see that's giving it to create the shadows to there's no specific rule. Just have to use good sense off for brushing to proportionately you the corners should there isn't too much great in one part too much blue from the other parts have to find a good balance between these colors. - I think, um, play with forms of the bunnies and come banks, um, blue and then and the final tips they can use. I can smooth color here, for instance, just to have an additional reflect stuff. Not everyone. Just where we have more opportunity here to spill the color is completing the silver aspect . You can see that we can easily have something very close is different in this because this dream is a really pretty old you can see that the cartoonist years some flood cutters in the more than committed criminals using such type. Of course, we're using a lot of gradients that gave something very efficient so I can do the surf. - I'm taking this Governor Gray great here. It's going to use again. Smooth and Winer come back with some white and smoothing in rates. Seems some more right asleep, and then I can use the more dark blue. Here. We only have the seven suffer. This is how you can very easy to use colors and just playing with three or four colors and playing them correctly one day one and not adding too much color in one farts. Just think about this benders. Then I can also play with the to energy in his hand, for instance, considers airy. Some, you know, energy again can play with this, and they with yellow and, you know, colors different parts of the arm. And again, playing reflects from the body surrounding current it with some yellow, too, to create this powerful effect.