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Tips and advices to create comic book pages with digital tools

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Full page creation part 1


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      Full page creation part 2


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      Full page creation part 3


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      Full page creation part 4


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      Full page creation part 5


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      Full page creation part 6


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      Full page creation part 7


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About This Class

You want plenty of explanations, demonstrations and advices to help you to create your own comic books? This course is done for you! Find in this course several hours of tips I'm giving you while creating pages of comic book. In black and white or in color, this course will give you the tools to use while using Clip Studio Paint, or any other creative softwares.

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1. Presentation: in these videos, I'm going to show you a couple of hours of comic book pages creation. All these pages are done for one coming book, and I'm giving step by step every tips I'm using to create them. I'm going to tell you the positions of the bodies. Use of shallows, light gray values, size of the frames, page settings. Every examples are committed to give you some ideas about how you can create your own pages . I hope you will learn very interesting tips, Khalfan. 2. Full page creation part 1: in this new example, I'm going to show you how to create very big characters in the middle of the page. You can work on such page sitting when you want to give some importance to your characters . In the story of this comic book, this page is presenting two very important Countess, um, first drying to its catch as I'm doing here. Ah, to show that because this is two brothers and they're presented to the crowd on it is very important to show that there are equal we're getting the size. Just show that one is not more important than the other. This is purely a page sitting matter, so I'm drying sketch. This is normal drawing, and then you will see that it would be more easy to to do the thinking. Wow. The main lines of the cultures are draw. - Then I start to ink these characters I already know pretty well. High 12 drove in on the specific lines that would make this captures more life. And, for instance, this one has wide eyes and he's smiling. The other one would have different fees. I teacher even they're not expressing something strong love not very happy, not the results that just neutral. But even if you're captures natural, you have to create a character with when you will. When you walk in your scripts. Your scenario, you have to decide what is the main attitude of the character. The character. It's like when you decide to create Reveal, writes the book, You have to create really character with human characters, taken emotions, and this has to be fined and you can find again and again in all the pages this kind off personalization on this character. So right now I'm just doing the face. I'm always talking to being the face of these characters because what is more important and it's even the same in the reality. When you met someone for the first time, you don't forget his feet. Forget his face and the eyes. And this is why this is also very important when you prison to character for the first time in a page of your comic book. To be very give a lot of importance to this first presentation, because this is this first presentation that would reminding the memory if you're if your reader so I'm I'm just using a very simple inking style, which is I'm letting a lot off blank spaces not off white and just putting blacks in zoom or important areas like behind cap and also drain the more important details, like the belts and some other stuffs in the clauses. But I would not use hatching. It's nuts. This drawings time that will Ah, you cannot, for instance, drew this comic book frame with a lot of matches and not using this in all the frames. You have to get something very stubbled in this time using and be careful because you could be attracted. I the Eid e off changing your style and trying something different. He could be good, are nuts. It could be like silently your and reader. The guy I was reading a comic book can suddenly find that the state change and thing that there is another artist who Cynthy work on the committee. Sometimes some playbook studios are working with several artists, and this is completely no by everybody. That's style can change. But if this is the same cartoonists and artists, whatever are you calling? Ah, who is supposed to draw old drawings? Try to keep some things table. Don't Don't try something like if you was in the laboratory and trying to make experiences , because do this before or after working on a project that when you are working in your profits in project, try to keep the same Stein because even your television could find something weird in changing Stein and you could be asked to reduce some illustration. So be very careful. - So here I'm drying the Siegen character. The trap in Wish skin full is because you just draw a character. Just you just finished the 1st 1 and you drove the other one. Um, one of the mistake that could be done is to draw the second character with very similar attitudes like the 1st 1 because you just you just drawing in you who are from happier than you work. You just did on the 1st 1 And it could be a mistake if you draw the Cygan character, Sir Territo Prison in the page with the same attitude on the same site and the same emotion . Um, keep in mind that you have to work on every character, but every character has to keep his on emotion in his own personality, So I tried to draw this one. We who is more shy, big, more shite. So he's not smiling like the 1st 1 and I tried to express the difference between these two characters. - The difference with the black and white can be also good when you want to separate these two characters, even if you're really tomb, Expiration one is blown, the other one has black hairs and so on. And even in the Clovis, one is wearing that closest, and the other one has, yes, black zones on it. So everything is done to make a very visual separations between these guys. So when you were drawing black and white as I'm doing here, it could be a very strong point to make two characters very different from one from the other thing that you have to use many tricks like this to creates your story, you cannot take the risk to draw. Several captors were supposed to be different, but in fact drop in a very similar way. This is what can be annoying when you read. Manya the manga Stein is very common from them on Get to another off course. This'd is a graphics think that could be easy to draw because this thing very and interesting, powerful but could be easy to draw, even someone using very the result left outlines and not going too much detail that he could make that sometime were confused. But who is ruin things is a problem that could happen if you have a very simple graphics town anyone to, no matter what. I try to make a difference between characters. If you are in this problem, trying to create this difference with different clauses. And maybe the two characters have different size, different eyes and soon playing with all the physical attitudes and physical points to create different as much as possible again has a like to do in this comic book. And using gray values, too, increase the three characters in the atmosphere of this comic book. You can see that then, just playing with gray, and it's going great gap gradients. I'm putting you very broad grey layer and just adding some shadows in white and the clear colors clear light on the page and then coming back with some very thin lines. For instance, this character's bones on adding white lines in the airs on the face show that he's pretty young. We know that's not white hairs like if he was old. So all these details make that the characters Cleary. What is suppose to be, then the final touch? This camera of this page is the last few details, like the colors of the thing is very important, even if you draw in black and white to make a difference on to explain that theories several gametes of colors, and you play with different values of grace to make these values under stable. Here he's wearing Black Cloud is, But I'm not using a full black because even if someone is wearing black crosses, drive in the reality some difference used. You just have a black Andi staying on your page who have several gradients, and you have to understand that and use this to make this more realistic. 3. Full page creation part 2: now to draw a new page. This one is composed with several characters and with much more details. This makes sometimes the work pretty difficult, and this is why the sketch step is vital. Without this one, you can fall in mistakes like drawing small characters, a toll character and have some problems in arranging all of that. So the first point is to draw the sketch Very ref sketch, that we'll just show the size of every characters present in in the page and from there way can rearrange or work further on the seating and maybe brings and changes and improvements . - So now I already know that's this character will have this size, and I can already start on the details. But this is importance to have the first character that is correctly drop, because even if we have all the sketch off the page, this counter is going to be the main ones on which will we based the drink of the others. Let me explain you when this one would be done. Then I will know perfectly what will be the size of the other ones. For instance, I know that the character that is just being him on his left or his right will not have head that has to be bigger than his own. Otherwise, I would know that it would be a kind of proportion problem. This is why also, this is very important to have the first drove that is completed and from which you will based the work done on the other characters. And there I can see that I would probably have to change the size of the head of his brother because we have two brothers here and I'm not sure it's I would see maybe, and we have to re sign it a little bit. But this is exactly the mistakes in the problem you can have while drinks your captors in page the best. When you have nuts enough certainty of your graphics time, you will have to draw some more advance sketches and be very, very accurate on this. Kich instead of me, where have just during the rebirths catching, going straightened drain with black ink? I can tell you that was drink with the normal paper and not digital stuff. You still tablet. I would not be so light on this sketch. I will be very much more decorate. And this is in fact, it's not show you that is very simple to draw after. Very simple. If you need to have a much more accurate skip, this is exactly you have to do. Don't burn states. If you have to be more, you should be slower on this sketch are inking. Uh, the speed I'm showing you is not the speed you have to be. Absolutely. It could be good or not probably and wrong in being so fast, because I'm probably missing some interesting details on men do arm ads on my drink that what I also trying to solve. I was there a short in time to draw these pages. I wanted to draw one of pages, and bravery was very short in time. So I produced a turning to drawing style that can allow me to draw in quantity and enough quality to non drawing the characters that is behind the main one. Again, I'm taking the characters Andrew previously, to create this one and make sure to base the side of his character and on the other one and making sure he's nuts on out of proportion, then just making sure that this one is not too small to toe, and the problem can have also when you are not having to have it to drop repression you could get You could be very good in drink proportion for one character that when two or three characters and the same frame gonna have more difficulties because you have much more elements to take into account. So now you will have to be to droll slowly. And even if you have to come back to a more detailed sketch, you have to do so. Don't try to speed up and Diggory's to make very strange drain with character design background that seems taller than the characters in the foreground. Take time to understand the positions for round backgrounds and soon to help you on that. If you have real difficulties to do so, you can take pictures off a couple of people in the street. All some friends of whatever family members and ask them shooting to pose. One is in front of you and in other ones behind you. Take a picture and you put the picture in your drinks afterward and you use layer draw. It's like just using a picture, too. 22 draws his captors and just to find a habit off drain characters with different position in the space. Second dimension when you draw could be hard to understand. So this is a habits, and there's no magical stuff to draw correctly with that have to work from this to make this more easier. Denniston. Then okay, I'm no. I feel pretty good with the side of his head and can add details. The that cares, working with details and now from this end, um, supose to draw the rest of the body when the head is well proportionate it than the rest of the body should not be, aren't to do. In this case, I finished with the outline of the frame. Sometimes it could be very helpful to draw first the characters and then to draw the frame in the last as last tape. Just because sometimes we are not certain about do the proportions the character would have in the end. So maybe when you finish a frame, you reduce. You increase the size of the characters before to draw the frame so you can start with drink frame are drink frame in the end. Now I'm drained. The last character of this page, she's very important. She's a princess and she's a very important role in this story. So this is why I will make this character very big and taking all the place off the of the of the beach. Almost all the page is dedicated to the presentation of this character. I'm using a very simple drawing style here, but I will. This publicity using this frame is not what it is. Not a problem if you make this character very big and within movement, the movement of the head of the story of the arm of the hand and will be very important. This is why when you draw their big character in your page, you have to make sure that the details are correct. I'm really working on the hand. We have probably other details to rework because I'm not satisfied and more, the character is bigger in the bridge, more default and anatomical. These proportions will be visible, so make sure that when you decide to use one big character in your page, make sure that you pay more intention on the things that could be nuts. such a problem in when the country is drawing very small are smaller fame. - Then I'm using the great failures to complete to feel into creating atmospheres. I'm not choosing colors here again on everyone to create this background. Also, which could represent kind of castle we don't know exactly, and try to create a background that is that let the reader the coming. Just imagine eight. Where could be behind and you can do coming pages with very a lot of details on everything . That's, uh, he has nothing to imagine it. I like to let some parts in the page that are just a sketch of something. And the reduction uses on imagination, too, you know, to understand what is being character, Um, it's good to let the reader using his imagination to complete some pages. This is kind of participation of the reader, and it could be good for him to have his own understanding and to create his own background and to let his imagination playing a role in the story. When you draw in black and whites, you have to play a lot with the lights. The light will be very, very important if you want to learn more than light and use of the night and suggest you to study photography. Photography is a in art that is mainly based on the on the use of the lights. A very beautiful picture, especially in marketing advertising, is there would be work done with lights, not only with camera. You can buy a very expensive camera if you are. If you are that in using the lights, you will have for me a good picture. But someone was using the light and understanding how rights work will do a huge, beautiful work and this understanding of light could be also they're interesting to you as it could help you to make the your friends much more powerful and with more intensity and this having more communication that is probably more accurate and touching heart. The people really nearer coming 4. Full page creation part 3: in this example, I'm going to show you how you can create a kind of effect off. The main character in this page is doing one step forward when you want this effect being there important in your storytelling. You can create that several different frames here and doing the same size for these four frames. First we have a step forward. Then we have again looking at do young boy from this time forward, and we have kind of a change. Ah, he will be very sad for him because in the story this young guy, he's being rejected. We consider, and he's a volunteer to be rejected. So first undoing the inking you can see already in do in those catch that something was created that it's very rough. There is almost no details, and it could be hard to understand. Andi, this is why such level of sketch cannot be work cannot work if we just give this to a cartoonist to a guy supposed to do the thinking of the page. Any anarchists doing the could be a big loss with such poor details. So now this isn't always really showing you how you can start from nothing to more. Ah, professional work. So you can play with the shadows in the background to show difference between the foreground and background. It always work to do like this, and you're meant to add too much details. And there you can see in the second frame zero res the new I say you can see the leg moving things younger. So now I'm directly trying new the creation of this face of this person looking at this youngling Ruiz Ah, going to be rejected in the story again. You have two different way to in these frames because the friends of Bill with Fitz has to be very light on the details. We only have one part that he's full field with black, while the focus on the face, which is a very strong close upon the eyes, has to be more intense. We can add more detail, do on the eyes, the nose, the hairs more in focus on the face more. You have to be realistic. If you are not so resting for food, it doesn't really matter. But for the face is very important because, as I said in the previous video, emotion is communicating via the sites on and position of faces in the eyes. And so so you can high this catch time to tell you just have no overview of the work you're doing, especially here that I'm doing the thinking of the heirs and is very important to do. Notes. The too much confused by the lines drove for this kitsch and again more important or problem more difficult point. You evaluate its when you have to stop doing in King the point where you know that could be enough. It's if you ask yourself the question if this is efficient enough, when I mean efficient means that if we understand enough what it's all about way we know that he has a beer. He has black hairs, is with sad and soon on this tape, you can be sure that it would be enough then, after that, if you add something else just to complete aesthetic part of the dream there, there is any change between these two characters. We have the Youngberg reason Yoon Boy, who is being ashamed, and he's looking at the the old man. And we have this kind of exchange and we can probably nuts at any text, any dialogue. It could be enough to create this. The's frames and that's it. You can just play with the emotions communicated. The end is drinks. But if you play with this emotion, you have to make sure that the eyes of these two characters well enough drop to make the emotion correctly understood by the reader coming. Then I'm heading, as I show you in previous videos. Some example. How you can use degree values, too, UM, two details and to and some global atmosphere. - Here we can play with the different position of the light, sometimes on the left, on the rights of the top of the frame on the back of the frame you can try to position. It's a different places just for the written off the of the story. Don't figure out that you have to be completely into the reality, and the lights source on the same place are, too, to be stuck on some reality consideration. Make something this fun, and he's making frames having a lot of a touch. You don't have to respect older physical and reality rules. Make something really thing and nice to see in this example. I'm sure a new a new page started from the beginning. They're on training discretion between Eun Boy and in adults. They're discussing Advance something, and we have to focus on the importance of that execution. You can see that emotions again. They're important, as we said, and you can play with Aib Rose and dis ites societies. Sorry on the eyes and the direction to get inside the house. Everything is very important, especially when you are focus on faces. This is a very good example about drawing on and page that's these fuckers Onley on discretion and emotions. Now I'm doing the thinking the page. There is something that needs to be considered carefully when you have a really appear that sketch where the emotion can be understood and we know what's old out. Make sure thinking is not destroying everything because sometimes too much focus on the technique of the banking and Diggory's to lose some expressions. Um, this is very important to stay on this emotion who have drawing first place sometime. You're doing the sketch into emotions not found easily, and you can find it when you do the thinking. This is also matter off not only technique but also bounce feeling when you draw something with black ink. And no matter if it's a belts using a pen or a brush. O noble brush our China in consort, you have to feel very comfortable with the tour using, and you will feel comfortable in the measure that you can really re prisons the emotion you want to communicate via your drying. We have here again some details, like the black hairs to draw on I like to use in came taking That is not perfect. Perfection is something that must not be look for, because we can say that is perfect for everybody. You cannot please to everyone. You have to find the right style. I don't see the mountain nine is perfect because just my graphics time, I know that enough people like what I'm doing, and this is not for me. You have to be located between the technique and the artistic fitting, because the 1st 1 who needs to be happy about the work, it's you and but you work for others. So everybody, our people to woo new address also have to find something nice and agreeable and have to like your work also. But in the end you cannot please to everyone. So we have to. To find this time is not taking you too much time just because a few people told you to have more details. Sometimes the fight between the publisher and artist on publishers sometime at some things with wish the artist is not agreeing. So when we have such situation, you could make the artist bagging on the creation off his pages on Try to Do No, Awful in this trap because if they're Justice Bergen, his very introverted in his artist six time you could really made the project big, really longer than expected. And it could be a dangerous trap, especially of the deadline to respect So given minds, that's what is more important is your work and how you feel with this work. And okay, maybe some frames could be redone are improved. It's fine, but your Rafic Stein, your your level is going to improve all of them your life and you can just I said OK when I would be good enough, I will publish my work. Now you have to probation. Get your work out show it to people. People needs to serial work. Don't wait to be the best conference. It will probably never happen. Because who can say someone is better than another one? Even if we have someone with a quite bad job, you could even find people. We love his work off course. You have to be for fishing and did the best we can. But don't wait toe up the best little ever off the world to publish work. 5. Full page creation part 4: this new page, I'm showing new, different characters discussion with the one with others. Things time. Some are on the table and they are taking their hard decision. So you have to feel the pressure when the I trained you fine to take a decision. Su. What you have to draw first in the sketch is the main and environment and the main post of the characters, and you have to play with the zoom in. Zoom out during the discussion because when you drove people talking, you have to. This is very boring. If you don't change the size off the characters really playing the zoom in, zoom out changed the angle of the camera everything that you are a cameraman and turning around the countries again. I'm starting the think So the thinking. So here I tried to make this very light not going to too much things because we have Broadview off people at the table don't waste too much time during very important things like on the cloud is things that are very not important again is coming. You can really focusing on the main lines and trained to find it taking that allow me to draw as much pages as possible. So what is important is the movement and the proportion of the counties. Then enough details to make captures realistic but not too much details to the point that it will not add any things great to my story telling just enough to make the story clear and agreeable to read. Then the more difficult point here is to dro the characters that he's respecting the same proportions than the characters that is sitting on the side. Um, we already talked on this subject in a previous view that when you draw several captures the one Neil some others you have to respect proportions. This catch is going to help you toe make very a good proportion. But again, if you're sketch is very roughly done, you can just in a proximity view of the proportions. Soon, if you are not sitting about proportion, you can make some sketch even more accurate. But maybe it would be useful to increase the size of the head and get this, uh, to get the size of the changed. Okay, now, this one is This frame is almost completed on right now. I didn't get any problems of proportions. We can be more. It will draw more. Who will have certain temperature on traffic? Graphic is killed. So here I'm just finishing some details on this character, and you can see that as we have the broad view on these tree people, I'm not putting more importance on. One are on another one there a line which means that the hat off equal importance in this frame and even they are equal. They have to have the same degree of details, not one with a lot of details, and the two of the ones with the report details labels. So you have to also find balance between the way we're Inc reasons. The moments you can focus on more details. It's going to be on the focus on the faces Onda and the points I want to tell you. Here he That's when you do such work. You have to make these characters on looking like what you have seen the frames above the frame above and in the previous pages, because this is very you can gain some time in drawing in second line, but you can have troubled in your storytelling if you don't recognize who is picking to womb because all the characters are very similar because you didn't add enough things are enough stuff that will make them different. So make sure that when you draw a physical, the physical aspect of the character, that there is enough points that can make him very easily, uh, very clean level. Make sure you know, ruled these guys is because if you're many pages off discussion in the end, you cannot the reader. Another advice, I can tell you, is to hide. Also regularly the sketch in to have an overview, broad overview of your page on this very important to elevate dance with white and black areas on here. Also, I'm drawing the profile of this character, and this provided miss nuts all traits. When you speak about when you want to express something very specific, we don't have to feel that this character I'm during here is turning his back to another character just because we do it like this. You will have also to dialogue to make this under stable, of course, but make sure that when you draw people in discretion, they have two opened enough because if they're shooting the mouth and drain people not talking. It would be hard to understand that they're talking to each other. It's very, very small things. It could be nothing with these. The little things, more little things and sew everything added to everything that he's making your comic book different and more efficient. You can also play on the very positive emotions of the characters and the balance between dark emotions and the re positive emotions like here could also, and some points to your story. And don't stay on the same emotion level every time Major captured alive and changing their emotions. There the boys very happy and we can see his hand just in front of his torso on we can see is very excited. And this is important that the movement is improving emotion he is feeling, - and to complete this page, I'm adding some grave Eller's. These values are also they're important to express different emotions. The black hair as and have Justin here is focusing on the people thinking it's like they're in trouble in their minds or there's something try to handle, then when you you will draw when you adds a great values on the boy who has been free people will be at some a light color, not cold light value. Something clear? Of course, you can play with this very simple rule. Dark is that emotions and nineties positive emotion. It could be so simple, but it works. It really works so you can play with simplicity. 6. Full page creation part 5: Didn't you see the video? The creation off a coming book page? These videos are going to show you every step of the creation of a comic book page. First, we start with Fast Sketch previously in many videos. In this course, when you have a habit to drop, you are not. You can allow yourself to do very fast catch sketches you. If you draw yourself, you're doing the thinking and you know how you work yourself so you can just draw rapidly. Uh, the frames, as I'm doing here and just drying positions and well will be text. And then you can jerky starts drawing in details. This technique and showing you is probably the mawr fast techniques to draw. It means that I'm drink directly with the tell. It's not drawing on paper because I want it really. Two. Drove as fast as personal page and keep to step where I'm drawing with paper and scanning and cleaning the scanning with foot of shop and then spending time dreams is previous steps . It will be also different if you into the page with the China and then you have to scan the paper and came the paper on tradition now to be fast. I'm just sketching directly on my software. Keeps you paint. Then I will Inc in the layer and I will add some. I'm wondering colors in his coming book, him just doing great values. But these gray values are respecting some roles because from a page to another, you have to find the same universe. So now I'm fishing to dro this sketch and then I will directly stop the work. - I'm working on the frames well, on drink frames here I'm just using the normal tool. The wrecking ball to that isn't more kind that some draw differently. The frames some artists will draw. They're freehand, the framed it give the feeling that it's something their natural that here Andi, don't want to take the risks to have re tangled that no straight. And for this cream especially, I want something very clean. - Then I'm starting the think part on. You can see that as I said at the beginning of this video, when you know exactly how you draw, you don't have to go to mention to detain, fences don't work. I know exactly what I want and I can then start drawing directly from the thinking off course, and you will probably find such advice is in the previous videos when and speaking on inking, you have to respect the size off the off the outlines of the characters. For instance, here we are on the close it off the of the gang re speaking so we can use very think lions and work in detains in the around the eyes and the very focused on all the face expression because this is the more importance, so so we can spend time just doing this. Do you chase? - You can see that I just added some black parts on the face. It is very important to add black, uh, arias to give more, uh, volumes. But if you add this on the first frame, you will have to end it on the other frames. You have to respect the balance off between black and white. But for all the frames off your coming book now I'm starting this second frame. This is probably not a good example. If I want to teach someone to draw in the details, but you can This is also a good example to see that when you are the certainty off how you counter has is supposed to be. And when you have draw enough, you can deal Cree very complex elements the night hand on and face expressions. Things is good to know that when you have drawn many inwards, then you can directly draw these details that are suppose to be tough to drop directly on your paper. This is very interesting to see you drain little improving and knowing that you are more efficient and by being efficient as a cartoonist, it means finding the techniques that will allow you to be to draw more with higher cut quality and draw more frames every day and have a quantity and the quality. Then you can see there is there is a desk and the death on the desk. I added. Some black hatching is very important as t to according to what I said previously, on the other frame that we have always one part of the picture that has to be black. There. I'm working on the pose of the current. I try to do something more alive. Don't forget that if you have C already, the videos about the movement poses that the character, what he's speaking has to have movement in the arms. You have to add always some kind of movements, and when someone is talking to you, you will. If you observe the postal, this person, you will see plenty of moments. These movements have to be exaggerated a little bit, and this is why here I'm just taking his hands and the other harm on the hip and one hand in front of him. So every details in a thing frame is very important to make your character's life. - And here, as I have drove this character already many, many times, I can't directly draw the face without any sketch. This is the point where when I have done 100 of time the same character that you can draw it just like this. And this is what is also very interesting to see when you improve your skill as a cartoonist that you can, uh, really before kids in the faces, expressions and the universe around the character more than the technique. Because in the end, this course is ready to give you many tips and many advices to finally find your own graphics time and be more confidence. - In the end, this was very interesting to see that I corrected face just to make sure it fits with the character had dropped previously in the other frames here. And this is very great with the coming book with the software's Just use the selection tool and move a little bit the I. This is something that cannot be done with a traditional paper techniques. So now I'm just an in few detail that we complete this frame and again you are not supposed to spend to abstain in during one frame. Don't forget that for a comic book that is several 100 pages, you have to make sure that you are not spending too much time in one frame because you have thousands of other friends to drop. So evaluates the quantity of work, and some the straighter sometimes can say approximately how many friendly can draw in one day. Okay, so now I get my sketch appearing again and we'll work this way. Okay, this is what I called the lazy technique. Many probably all the illustrators have a lazy technique. It just means that when I don't want to draw a full counter on just using the silhouettes on drying a black single it instead of the character itself. In fact, it's not so easy because it could be hard to drink just rope with looks like the character . We wanted to show that this is sometimes more easy to do like this and especially, I'm getting back on adding some black parts on my page. And you can use this laser techniques not each time, because otherwise you will have on Lee black characters in your frame that's you can use it time to time, just to find again this balance between white and black in a page. Then I'm a regular at the end of this page, and I can't see that. For instance, the previews frame with the book was completely changed at the last moment, decided to change the policy position of the work and push on the hand. It's often something that happened when you draw. When you think your page, you decide that doom the view of the hand off any other end could be better if you change the position of the camera. If I can say and this is why I just changed student Lee, the position of this book. Now the thinking is done. I'm going to and agree values. And this is something I am the first time in so such technique world. In the Woking dead coming book, you can find a chapter in discourse a bounce, um, using gray values like walking dead technique. And in fact, this is just using the great values for every frames and then coming back with some shadows and lights like I'm doing here to give the atmosphere. I would then erase degree that he's put between the frames. And first I'm just playing with shadows and the lights, the lights. It doesn't mean that I know exactly where is the source of the lights. Just the Google work, just a global atmosphere and putting him. Then I can come back on every frames to at some more details, shadows putting the white in the eyes of the characters and adding some additional details , like small things. Undo closes the characters, maybe some details that make their closes them aged a little bit. And so So now you can see that I'm adding some shadows on the side of his face and that will I can't do this and spend many times this. I just have again to keep in mind that I have a lot of work to do. So I would just add what is necessary to make the frame good enough to say, Okay, we're done with this one. Now I will go to the next free. So again, this is something that you have to do for yourself. Decide when your friend is done. We can off course, do everything something better. But you have to decide for yourself when it's done and you have to go to the next free. - You will see that piece by piece. We had some light and shadows, and it's make the frame more interesting when you are working for CNN Photo and so on. It's before to be the cool colors matter. It's always the light matter, and we're just playing with the lights to add the atmosphere. And here well, we're almost done. Just adding the last details, the black on the suit of the character, and then we'll be able to zoom out on this page and see the final results 7. Full page creation part 6: Okay. Now the speech is already ready for the creation of frames. So I need to start with the frames on. I'm creating a new layer and I'm adding friends, even if it's not exactly fitting like in the sketch. Doesn't matter in this sketch, with just something very rough, too. Position my elements, then things catch is giving me more ideas, how to to send the page. And then when I know what to do, you needs certain. But what I have to do at the end of this kitsch, then I can directly instead of has been in time to current this catch in just starting, um, creating the frames and drying. So here again, I know that's I know perfectly my main characters so I can drive it from zero directly days on nothing their if I know perfectly how to do my character. This catch waas nevertheless useful because I had to have first vision off the page saying and how I can and how well positioned the characters. So we have different use of the sketch. We have normal use. This kitsch will permit you to have a sketch off the carrot turns the characters and drop with a layer. Build this kitsch to draw the character and the buildings and landscape and so on. Now the single news is just to give you a broad idea off which Ryan head, and because you are already surgeon of what you want. This gets just confirming what you want, because it's like when you do a storyboard for a movie, usually the film director asking you for a story, burled nose in exactly what you want. But sometimes it's it's clear for him, but when you see your story, But he realized that the take will probably have to be changed because it would, it would be possible to extensive are there will be things that would not fit with what he wants to do, and or it will not help in the understanding of the of the scripts and probably made the story less understandable. So this is the same phone, your catch and your story board. In the coming creation, you will have to make this investable for yourself and uh, will help for the creation off your black L vines. - Then here again, I'm using a similar technique. This is something that is very useful but has to be used carefully because, as I said in the previous video, you can just use this quote unquote lazy technique. It's not so lazy because it could be hard to use Suitt if you are not drawing a secret. Currently, you take the risk to make something that doesn't make sense in your frame. So get used to draw very good and that Tony characters before to start dream sill it's There is another technique. It's to increase that the emotion of character, all the importance of the character. You can add black things like this. It will give more interest into his character like if you was saying something very important, so the black values here are just not Onley aesthetic. It's all also to have some importance on something that they said, Oh, are something that is done. You can see that now undreamed the character from the face. Don't forget to change the view of the camera sometime from the profile from face, and this change is very important to continue some something something that is very dynamic don't draw always a character with the same size and from the same view it will between nuts help you to create the re dynamic stories. - And again, this is another example in the discussion. I want these two person speaking about the reserve use matters, and this is why I'm playing with close up on the eyes. Because when people speak in coming book my advice, it's to be more focused on the eyes than on the mouth, because the mouth is just something that is open and it's close. The eyes is expression, expressing more attitude, more emotion than just math. Especially this Canada has a big beer, so we don't see the mouth, so fuck is on the eyes. It would be the same from this page. This page is another one of the same coming book, and now I'm starting again from a blank page on adding very rough sketch, and we play on a different view. Our start with view off. The character is going to speak about something, and they're still discussion between two characters. This example is very interesting, as as like the previews page. Will you just see a discussion? Could be very hard to represent in a coming book without being annoying, like you're not annoying but boring, and you don't have to create something boring, and it will depend on the position of the frames and what he said in the text and diamonds . So you will have to make something interesting and change the position of the frames, the position of the characters and with the zoom in, zoom out on the different characters. It will make the story interesting and will keep the reader and terrorist in into progressing in the look. You can see that right after drained frames in black on drain. This first captain there you can see again that's left, you know, perfectly hard count has to be dropped because I don't have a very precise kitsch. But it is the case. The case. Then start drunk and, um, also turned my page little bits to software permits to wrote into page. If it's not the case, maybe you tell it can be turned and help you to draw the way ones. This is the important also to, because you can also hear make the sketch later. Ah, more invisible because if there is too much detail in your sketch layer, it could lead you to make a mistake and during a two big heads compared to the body and soul. If you are not comfortable enough with very rough sketches, keep drawing very prisons. Sketches. Keep working on the frames, and you can see that in the last one. I have not done any frame. This is a technique that also can add some dynamic on your page. Sometimes you just do not draw frames. It will give more life to your page. Now this character drain will be more simple. As this is a young guy, he will have last details on the face. So also it could be a change off the change. It could be interesting for the dynamic of your story, with some friends that have details, some other are more simple. Some would have some details in due in the backgrounds with trees and houses, and so long can see in the background, and some will be very simple. Play with this things to have to keep the the interests, because if you are all the frames drove the same way, you will create something boring, and this is exactly what you want to evolve to get your reader boy. - Then the great values are also hear their importance, as in the previous video and playing with the atmosphere and create the atmosphere on my my story with this takings, sometimes I'm using different brushes and it doesn't matter if you can. You use different techniques to create these atmospheres because the more important to know Ruiz, begin Where are the characters, what is happening and understand what is said and in the Google have a general understanding off this story on every techniques that will serve. This purpose will be welcome in the use of this coming book, and this is the same here that I'm using a shadow ticketing and his big different than in the another video where I show you probably more simple taking. So don't forget that no matter the brush is we're using, the the reason. The final result is very important and the final result is not beauty of your page itself. It's in the only purpose it's hit the reader, understand what is happening, and you can see that in the end I have done all the details of the frames billow and I'm completing with the last one. There is no specific orders you just have to work as you want. And I'm finishing with this this one because I was not sure about global atmosphere of the page. Now I have more certainty on what the page looks like. I can complete this friend because I was not sure that I will have to add some, ah, backgrounds behind his character or just let the background white so high. And my answer and I can complete the final details of its page. 8. Full page creation part 7: in this example. I have already started to draw this page, but I will add very specific things. We have some elements, like Forest Way Have Chains and pick you pain to have a very specific tool that will make your life easier. We have many filters and sets off a design that could be added directly to you pages. The sets are like natural elements that are done with the comic book like mango style, and that can be very easily attitude page and Make Dune made to commit book signed very easily. Teoh. I'm going to, for instance, here use a brush that looks like a bush brush a trio brush, and then I will additional stuff like this that are already included into software. No need to find them in many kinds off websites that already included into software. - And here I'm just looking for the right design I want to use. It is a playing like layer and just have to resize the later and you knew. It's to the right place like this, just movies, and then I have to get what is going out of the frame, and I will have my effects off forest. This is something that could be very easily done from from any kind. Off is something that could be very easy to do from starts in footage shop, but we have the chance to have it differently and already prepared in keeps duping. So I just resize it on position. It's and then I can erase what is not necessary. The second step is to work on the great values of this page on. We will then come back on. The modification of the last frames after so I raised is not necessary, just like great off the first frame. And I'm adding some lights and there would add some shows. Every great pages are worked like this, adding lights and shadows. And then I'm doing assert, uh, work on adding some stuff on the clauses and all all the stuff kind of details like this additional an additional work detail work is even more interesting when you zoom on the character and when you want to work on the very precise with a very precise if you, for instance, here on adding some light on the hairs on the eyes. And it's always much more interesting to workings expression of Paris, stand on the details of the tree or on the background, something like this. - And then I finalized this frame, and you can see how I'm using the layer the gray later to complete what I have done previously with automatic failure, with trace proposed by keeps you paint. This is a word that is done together with two are free, different layers and we'll have layers with trees, and you come back on another layer of it and to complain it with the work you can do with the brushes. - In this new example, I'm going to show you another kind off technique you can use to rapidly draw buildings and very complex buildings. I have to draw a castle in one of this frame, and I don't want to spend two months trying drink castle from scratch so I will take a picture and from this picture, which is some kind of options that will make the picture transform into a coming book frame . First I want this guy. So I'm using the automatic layers proposed by the software and by change with plenty of skies that were transform and purples, especially for coming book then in this picture, I can draw the castle. The first technique. It's to draw all the outlines of the castle and to. And and this is what I recommend because when you will use the option of going to show you , the picture can be changed in a coming book frame very easily. But there will be many things that would have to be erased because all the details will be transformed into a comic book, and this is an automatic option. And sometimes it's something that beats, um so you can stand during old outlines. Main outlines of the building and then can apply to filter I'm going to shoot Reception are very interesting because you can change on a degree off back in whites, parts of the teacher, and from there you can just keep what's our main lines and what could be Closed Toe Inc. Uh, picture. So I changed different degrees with the values oceans over there, and I can play with this to find the right the right house right design, and when I find it, I can erase some part that are unnecessary, and I can add some additional stuff with my brushes This is why, when you have a very complex picture to work on two sides the first which are the main outlines, and the single one which which were prisons to details of the castle where you applied this filter, things were interesting. Also, to keep one or two or even three layers on which you can work and make rebuild some parts, for instance, there was cross at the top of this roof. I prefer to erase its and reference it. By normal, I don't as this coming book is done on a fantasy world where Catholics religion is not existing. I preferred to every some on evidence that could make my story obits strange, because I don't have to use elements that are from this world. I can be inspired by your castle found and transform it into a drawing done for my own world and creating. Now it's not perfect, but I'm satisfied enough to now goods next step on adding some sky with my automatic options again. And then I will come back on this frame to add the different values that we complete the creation of its castle. I'm always adding in the first step General Grey flat color. Then I will come back on it and at some additional values these values will make and will achieve. To give this coming book style to my friend is what is their important, especially when you do a work based on the picture. You have to understand that in the end, we really have to believe this is a coming book page and not a feature that has been changed off course. This one's in perfect because I could spend again many hours to change many things and to complete it. But this is good enough to be added to this page and to be considered as some work that is done because the rest is going to be done. I can drink here with the lights and the shadows. - And this was a game when I can go lazy taking to make sure that there is an atmosphere and to add to hide some details on where to belong, to change and just putting a very bright, shiny sun that makes room that complete the frame