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Learn the digital inking for your illustrations and comic books

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What you will learn


    • 3.

      Starting with a very simple drawing


    • 4.

      Example of inking from a picture


    • 5.

      Inking of a full comic book page (Warcraft)


    • 6.

      Inking a sketch (Thanos)


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      Drawing explosions


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About This Class

You want to know how to ink your illustrations and comic book projects? Learn tips and techniques to do so with this course! Learn how to use your graphic tablet and your creative software to ink your illustrations.

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1. Presentation: I'm going to teach you how you can use a graphic tablets and software like clips of your pains are foolish up to in your comic book pages. I'm going to show you different example of how you can use the black inch to do the lines into hatching and different guy in off techniques and details to create the effect you expect the thinking will be and should be efficient for a great book. 2. What you will learn: here is the explanation of what we mean to speaking during this chapters back to digital in key, the digital inking is subject that is very important when you think about coming book creation. First, the coming creation needs to step with scraped, of course, to know which for cooking belts have a story, something to say so and you have the sketch step after the sketch raft to drop on sketch with very accurate line. It would depend if you are working with someone during the drain in someone else doing the thinking, because leave this is two different persons than the guy who is doing. The drawing has to be very accurate. The wise, the guiding after to do the thinking could be quite a bit disappointed. Even the sketch and the drinks are nuts. Good enough. But if this is the same person, for instance, if you're one doing do sketch into thinking and you can on be just enough good to know that with few lines exactly how you will think you're drawing administration. So the this course is going to tell you about different brushes, different Softwares waiting to see different examples and speak about the pressure, the tablets. I mean Teoh should different kindness. Examples like here. I'm doing several lines on my whites paper with different brushes. His brushes could be used in many ways to do. You're thinking this is why you have to and noticed many of them. There is not specifically one that is good for everybody, but you have to find your own brushes. For instance. Here I'm giving you an example off how the pressure of the tablets is working, because when you are using graphic tablets on the software, you have to play with both of them to find do the rights, pressure and the right way, how you feel confortable to work because there is no one single perfect way to work. There's really how you feel and how you work, and when you find the good stuff, perfect for you is very good. Doom's let anybody pretend that's one technique. He's better than another one. This is really all the tests and, oh, what you will try and difference techniques. You will learn that would make a difference, and that will permit to you to decide which is good for you. This is why, for instance here I'm showing you some Kelly graffiti tools which are not very useful for the thinking of the coming book characters. You have to shoot something more neutral here. You, for instance, versus cold Marca. This market is very similar to a real mark with the difference that you are with the similarity that's you have very lying that is similar from the end to the beginning. Contrary to this panel, that could have many difference on the size on the thickness according to the pressure put on your pants. Then if I got fresh up because Pretty isn't keeps your pains. In fact, it was not finishing here and on finishing. I can show you difference between the difference. A kind of brushes. Yeah, this one that is, uh, having different thickness at the end and at the beginning and in the middle of his brush. This difference can also be changed with the size of the brush itself. And then they're responsible. The pressure you put on your rectum, it would make a difference. Then, according to this, you can change the orientation of the brush which could not be done so easily fixed you pain this is why. Also, according to the different kind of tool and company ocean tools you have for every brushes , you can prefer a software another. This is why I'm also going to present you different kind of Hughes and different kind of suffers. You can see that I'm using something more strong, which could be fined for a certain type off graphics, because if you, for instance, tried to draw a city, are still Nora Nano are any kind of elements you can have to change your brush and to use something different to change the texture off brush so you can have to change also, sometimes the opacity. But it's not usual because if you are doing the thinking with the natural tools at the China, you will really trying to add water to your China in to get something more transparent. Usually the thinking, especially for American comic book, even for coming from anywhere is on the world will have to get very black lines outlined. The character should be very dark that okay, it is another story because you can use some of the techniques off using brushes to do some follow ups to draw some very some shadows. And so where you can density, you can quit dancing here, for instance, I put five off my brush and permitted me to change something options and to cover greats option to make sure it fits with what I want to to do, and I'm drain rapidly face in the style of becoming book. And this could also be a drill for you to draw idyllic directly with black ink. Well, okay with software, because you only have to push control Z to go in to consult action you have done contrary to when you're drawing a real paper, you don't have control the he could be a problem so the same drill can be done. Different Softwares thesis will allow you to find what kind of software you'll find good enough for you, where you feel more comfortable personality, amusing clips. You think because this is a suffragette, he's really dedicated to 100% to come into creation, and they're also there is basic option in its to help you to manage the full coming book with the system off multi pages and so on. Sistema recover. But she's not the case for tradition. All right, So this was the presentation off. What we're going to say. I have probably forgotten some elements, but you will see that in this chapters to speak adults at Dita inking and will try to cover this subject as much as possible. 3. Starting with a very simple drawing: I'm going to start with a very simple example. This is funny drawings that have done, um, I need some background, but more important will be the sketch. That is Look, why Starting with a very simple example is just to show you very simple lines and how these lines will transfer your character. So I'm just finishing the background here, and I would show you how you can transform this character in to a very completed in illustration. So I'm playing with the layers of my computer software to put the that ground and back and to have my sketch appearing. So I'm taking, like, tool that my jeep in and I'm playing with my the thickness of the lines two starts, very simple technique. So you can see that as I know how my character will be. I can already start the inking a move very rough sketch. This sketch is not totally here that I know myself how to draw this character so I don't waste time and I'm starting to draw the rights black lines so you can see that I'm doing very straight lines and I simplify everything and just using and suggesting, for instance, he's having some hairs, some air out of his mouth, and I'm just suggesting this so you can see that for such sunny drain. It could be very simple. You just re prison the more important lines. Then, when you are done with the main outline, you can add some details, but not much, because you have to to keep in mind that is just very simple trying. Then I'm already start at the top of the drain, and I go down to start mind. The head is always something that could be useful for you. It's like when you drove, You're is down with the head. Otherwise to you. If you start by the food, pay the feet you can create some proportion problems could be the same in the inking as when you think you also take this last opportunity to make ultimate changes in the position of hand on position off something else. Not when you are only do person doing the thinking, because if you have someone drink for you, you just have to. You just have to follow the lines. A person who did the drawing with examples you will see step by step, how I'm working with illustrations so it could give you a d 90 off. How easy could be. I'm not really even playing with on thickness the right, just a little bit that image. Then you can see that the details of the piece of meat in the plates are done. These very soft lines and lines outside outline is more strong. And then I'm just saying some Or do you taze inside on the plates? Then you can zoom out just to have an overview of the the name results appearing step by step and hiding the sketch. What we're doing here during the ink hiding the sketch. Ah, getting you back again is something that's you're going to do every time because you have to regularly have an overview of your work. Make sure that you are not mistaking, and then we're almost done with thinking. So this is how you can use the the ink parts. Then you have to complete some details finally, as a few things. And this is only after that you can stop work on the car 4. Example of inking from a picture: and that there is and pull off thinking if we start with something very simple, will be to take the picture a real picture face. Read the picture very their famous sector handoff or menu, too. And then I created a new layer, and it will just create the inking off this face. It means that instead of having the sketch a za first layer, I'm going to use a picture. So when you have such things to do, it's especially done when you want to create A during that is very similar to the actor, and you have to simplify the outlines. You can see that for the hairs on just doing very simple lines, even for the here's and for the rest of the face you will see how I'm working on the on the details and small lines. So did you something. This is one of the technique you can learn, and you can drill yourself for the beer, for instance. I'm doing plenty of very small. I can play with the pressure of the tablets to create and small and strong lines and also doing the right side to that side backing fourth to make sure that there is the symmetry. Even if I have the picture, I still have to work on both sides of the same time just to make sure that reason symmetry . It's not derogatory bets. This is an advice I can tell you, because if you work on only one side, some surprises, especially if the for instance, right side has his details and left. So once the outlines down, you can work on the lines and details inside the face so you can start with this the hair. So I have 100 outlines of the hairs and the beers. I'm doing something one single line turning around. Do more imports, imports and and for the eyes, this is the same. The upper part of the eyes will be having strong lines on the lower port, then working in the eyes with some simplify details and making sure that all the details you do into left behind are the same. This list right eyes. Then you can also play on different ah brushes. You can choose some brushes. It could be good for picture of the hairs, and some and I can do very on different forms. From the eyebrow. I bro's and just giving a form that is really looking like which we can expect from a coming book drawing. And then they replace the very soft shadows by very dark shadows just to give this very comic book face and attitude. And I feel this spaces with Brooke. And then I tried to replace all the small shadows, and you can go step by step on. Just making sure that you're not giving are putting two murdered shadows. The purpose here is not to overwhelm your drawing with plenty off black things that doesn't make sense. You have to put them carefully. And no, we don't have to step. It's hard to explain when you have to stop, not because it's really depending. If you're feeling the nose was two months raised his details that make the country very old . You can see how more Aquinas his eyes, adding some stuff here, some hatching to complete details of the beer, the hairs You have to choose also one of the side of the face to add some black shadows, but you can only add a lot of shadows on one side, because if you do on both sides, your face will be to relax if you just add on one side to make some if we give some volume character and this is what we're looking for. Just for instance, on this face, the right side of the administration is where we have some light, and the light is reflecting on face in such a way that we have shadows in the left side. So if we raise the picture, you can have something. Another view of your phenyl drying and working on the other side, where we have some a bit less nights for the message, really using small and very thin lines now working on the here's left one right one. You see that this is the thinking is really a step by step taking progressing little value . Then you had some hatching. You see if it works, it is good. Sometimes it works sometimes too much, so you have to determine we want to create more. Of course, if you have plenty off comic book pages, going to such level of detail could be 10 consuming. You'll prefer to two more straight result in designed very a lot of work on the same face. The first example, give very root i d to what for? Can go into the small things can add while inking drawing all right and you complete by a few things on the beer. And it should be almost 1.2. Decide mint to stop because you can work in a team at things again and again. But at one point you say, OK, that's it. We go to the next. 5. Inking of a full comic book page (Warcraft): This is a quiet, long example, but this is really necessary to show you this. This is the thinking off the Nanterre page. This page is from the comic book one of the current Brooke, inspired by The View Game Warcraft. The first frame was already done, but Andi starting video at second frame. So here we have a full coming book page and the difficulty you can have. It's too, Uh, find the right size for your brush so you can see that right now on this character. I'm just doing the outline off this work, and you just have to observe first the thickness of the line. And when I dissent to get the rain stronger also has the fight. That's the character is wearing some difference clothes. This he has normal. He has, if you're and there is the skin itself. So every part of the character is having different kind of things, and we are lucky here. Has the pace is very well drawn. There is the paper line of paper off pencil is there? It makes it easy for you to to reproduce with the thinking all this nights so you can see how I'm feeling that part's she's quite easy itself and how we're going to work with, ah, different outlines. But this is a very good example that it's really show you that if the pencil sketches is very accurate, it would be very helpful for you to think I have some stiff here and the you can also directly work on the black uh, arias you that clear so you can just them and we're going to work in this armor parts. And as this is different than the fewer, there is a very small details and adding here that make a difference, especially the texture. - And you can see the our lines armories, Don's when working on the other side and with the same kind of details to show that our Mirza beats damage. And right now we're nuts sitting and we just feel with black. Once the outlines done, if you have a selection to, you can also use it. Right now I'm dealing with but then and have to do this for old parts that are still in great that we can see the gray from the layer, which is the sketch, and, um, you can also work on the the rest of the character because again, this season matter off being sure that you are nuts. Grain too much into the dark and black colors compared to the bottom of registration. We have to have a kind of balance between the black and the whites. So if you're not sure, continue just to work from the outline registration and come back zone. You think you have to feel with the full black, but he could be done it in the end. If you're not sure right now, you can just as a drink here during the the outlines and details, something I'm even adding some details that are not appearing on the sketch because estimate this is it will give something more to the situation. He's in my own graphic style, and I love clear. There is something details here and there. Then the belt is also done. Ah, with metal so you can some lies. Make sure that to make sure that it's not, it's works differently than the fear. So it's always trained to reparations texter. Even if it's not really easier, you don't really see the difference. You have to really consider what you are thinking and trained to even aspect as much as you can of the but cereal. There is a chain here. Can a innocents chain produced it as much as you can, and we're almost done with these lower part of the frustration. In fact, this frame is almost done. It's not so long, and then you can erase the sketch to see the final result. See, we can improve it. According for this example, thinking too. See what is next? You can see there is. The composition is pretty good on. You can see already the first frame second frame can say it works. It's not perfect. He could be improved, can do many modifications. But right now, that's enough, and you can continue the thinking of this page and we can start the thinking of desert frame, which is a close up on the face of the work. So I'm starting with the frame, and I created another layer for this just because I want to separate the thinking of every frame so I can do the outline of the frame. Big souls, two pixels that it's not enough. Forget it a bit stronger. Five pixels. All right, then I can. He raised that parts Disease is also useful to have different layers because you can do medications layer without erasing the lines and the layer. Then you can zoom in on this frame can work thinking parts. So as you have closer on the face, the outlines should be a stronger. You have to get more pressure on your tablets to get lines more strong, and you can see that I'm working with very straight Nice. I'm not adding any stations now. This comes with the habit off using a tablet. If you are nuts, use yet to work with the tablet, you have to work lots with its to really feel confident. There is not much techniques to for that, just a quantity off. Works done with a tablet give you this certainty and this confortable thing to work with the tablets tablets like you, a scream tablet where you draw jerking, your tablet reproduce or that pres your computer screen. It is very easy if you have a normal tablet or you have to drop on the tablet in while you're looking in front of you the screen of your computer. He could be much more difficult because we even if we were quiz normal techniques like with the fan and white papers. We used to look at the depend itself, and we such tablets have to look in a different direction because you look in front of you . Well, you work the tablet, and it could be gets. It could be in trouble because it's not natural to look at a different direction. Penn Self drawing Now the frame is almost done, just finishing black arias to fill and the DJs they're hiding just kitsch parts. It's kitsch layer and okay, networks. Composition is good and the king work, so let's continue that next frame. So now we have here the silicates of character. Soon this could be done with the selection tool. I just have to city this for my just filling lines and full indication of his trader and filling this, and that's it. Then, as the selections beats straight, you can come back with pen and working in the lines and getting more natural list straight . Some things too much weird then looming in and drawing that ground as the works of the background, really using small lines, then work with backgrounds off the ground. The different elements here represented don't go into too much detail. It is really background that he's not very important. Just drove in there. And we're done now with this frame and we can work on the next one so you can see that we have to frame remaining. And according to, if you are close to the counter, not again have to designed with Ken of brush and size of brush to use here, changing and doing amusing and more thick brush. And that would work the outline first. It is important work in the airplane first, because if you won't change the size of the brush, you have to see it until its decision while doing the the outline. Because, as the details inside, the character needs to have less important unless thick. Nine. To work more small months, you have really to to decide in the first place the size of the the British while doing them planes. We can work here, for instance, on the face, and see that older black Karen's here will be very important because you have to get a can of while working on this presentation, the organization of the different elements of the frame. You have to decide where you put the shadows and the black, and it's possible that the is trader working on this. I'm pacing the black and whites made me state. So you can also correct this yourself. The decision to change its first the outlines, even for those black areas during the planes, in the feeling insight, - then they fill with the option. And while we were using the selection tool and you feel you may have still some white pixels to correct and to fill with blood is a risk with this section. No matter if he used for the chef or then for the very soon are areas that needs to be filled with black. You could also use the selection tool and send them. Ah, when you use the black color to fill, eat may help you true. Have some gain some time because you don't have to spend time to put so much details in this area. Just put the black that sits he then here. It would probably not be see in the coming book, Get your printing. So now I'm focusing on the small character here, saying something creature. So has this is a very small character. You can just use very simple lines as they do here. And there is straight and simple lines. You don't go into too much things. This is really useless. Because why are you working the commingle page? Uh, when it would be printed page with the shrink. So you don't have to spend too much time in during plenty of details in this creature. - And now we have almost completed the inking this page and we start with the last frame. So we have something very interesting because I have a friend, but the character is going outside of this frame. So what you can do, it's 22 Draw the number of frame with the new layer and we will erase the part of the frame that is not supposed to be visible. So I'm doing a plane and AirAsia no, you residents parts. Okay, you didn't stay, so I corrected it. And then I'm zooming in and starting to work on this face so as whether vory good closet from this face, we can spend more time enjoying the all the details and adding some and Christine things that will really give to this character. He's his emotion, and he's the intensity. Want to every lines has to be drove. You can see that it could be difficult to draw one line from one time perfectly so you can control Z and start again. And here the drink is very good. So if you don't have to to do to creation, just fall the nights, this traitor and then you can continue on the decide what kind of parts you want to to do. First, there's nothing different than the previous part. Just have to continue to consider that the outlines should be more lines. The outlines should be more. I think that the inside lines John was very snow brush and here we have some black areas will have to feel. Then you continue. It is different details inside. You can work on what is inside, outside and back in first things black areas thing then and why zoom out. You can see that we have something that is almost done. We just have to complete his armor parts. It should be donors. The rain just being you can see that there was drinks stepping on the right side of the page. It means it's at this point. It would probably be kids during the printing, so you don't have to add much more lines here. It would probably not be visible in the end. So you just complete the last things here, and we will be. Don't. All right, small Rick. They're good. So we're almost done here. We have to zoom out and see the final results of the page. All right, We hide it layer of this kitsch, and here we are, so he could be better. We can spend much more time injuring more precise and create work. But to give you another view off what you can do with the thinking of a full page, Of course, after, we would probably have to do the color. But right now, the thinking of a page from beginning to the end could be that strong, are longer 6. Inking a sketch (Thanos): it starts to being this head. This is tennis from the Marvel universe. I did the sketch off his face, and now I'm doing the thinking. Soon I will explain you step by step, how I'm thinking such very draft drafted sketches. This kitchen is not a little accurate, and it could be hard to ink level such sketch. So I start with the outlines, the main outlines where you have to decide Zoom June thickness of the lines. So this is decided with your software and see if you want to use also a lot of black areas or if you want to use hatching techniques. So this is the difficulty that if you are thinking character, you can have the program off not having enough detail, so you have to imagine eight instead of the in this traitor seats . It's a really and hard works, too. Decide where to start, so you can also decrease the capacity of your sketch and start drawing as missing detains. You will see that at the end they will do something that is quite good, but we really have some time to go through these difficulties, So if you are missing details you can first drove very film lines off the detail. You think you that should be here. And when you are more certain of this of these details, you can work and with more accuracy here and select Team this and I can probably do something inside, like doing some hatching, are filling with black. And this is something that could also help you. It's to turn around the illustration to make more easy to you to get this lines. John, if you're wondering with your right hand, you can see that it would be easier for you. - You can fuckers round the on these parts and work on the other part to make sure that this is very symmetric to work on the symmetries. Also, something that you have to be very careful to do not have a part to part could be very well done. That's even symmetry could be the problems then working knows and you will see that from the there will be some small difference between the right side and left side and again, step by step. We at some things hatching on the nose here. This is in such situation that you have to be careful and not go too fast drinking. Adding some, like things like areas going too fast. Freezes such sketch will be leaving you to make mistakes. Okay, This is like you had to to complete this catch before too. Started thinking that you are doing the same two in the same time. Doing the thinking and completing the design of the character is what he's convene very hard. You have to take all your experience as a cartoonist. Two to envision these details is missing Details then usually doesn't happen. It happens. That's cartoonist. Illustrator did the forward of registration. But in such a case that you have to to to to complete the drain someone This is good also to work in the real tough situations. Thank you. This restriction that is not completed and you have to do it thinking Anyway, it's so you progress step by step. Getting more certainties. Okay. All right. Continue way. End this. We erase this and so So you You continue in more. You progress and you get some Have it on. Do you feel comfortable with what you have? Draw? Then you can, uh you can be more and more sure that it would work and you have to zoom out. Zoom in to focus on something to go on the other side. It is very important to keep a global vision a few work, you see. And you can also go up and down the illustration. This is really the case where if you know that one part has to be drawn like this and you are, we're sure that something could be done very easily. You did first, even if it's now from the eye, right on the left eye and some. But you study something, you know how to do it. And IV there is give the sketch is suitable, badly done that you don't know where to start. Well, starts with something and then you expand your working area, choose something else and something else and something. Now, I got enough certainty this that I can put black area. It would give more. Ah, in burdens. This is his head, and we'll see if it works or nuts. - All right, so you see that we can have more, uh, like more certainties. How to draw this? Contend that did upper side of the head should be done rapidly because way know that you can feel parts in black and add some hatching to complete, too. Give a, really has Speight's. So now by hiding his catch. We have something that is really looking like tells, and this is with. From there. It would be easier because a good part of the face is now completed, and we are sure that you can get some results. So now we have to continue to work as we did previously and trained to get the same results till the end. That's illustration continue with details of the mouth on. It is also very important in the thinking of the mouth. Is nuts done properly? Could give something very ridiculous. Then here. Not sure teeth done calorically butts do something that will probably needs to be corrected afterward. First, we draw the main lines of the thinking, and then we can correct things and come back into, uh, part of the drain. That needs some correction. But this is really important to sort out the name structure of the face before to focus on very on something specific. See, you can hide again. Sketch, see if it works. It's not about the emotion in there. We can see that he's quiet, angry. So we'll keep this like this for now and will continue to work in the on the rest of the dream, the outline of the face on the details around the mouth and some black, very black details that will increase the thing that tennis is not human has some were things like scarce on the face of something This, - at this stage Re now are quite sure can have a good results. That is only a face because sometime administration, I'm working place, and it is not so easy to transport poor sketching to a good administration. With there, I use lots the hatching techniques to completes the missing details. It could be even more difficult if you don't really know originally looks like. But this part on with hatching is giving really bad has take to this character. We know that this is a feeling also what we are trying to show because it's a Onley heading . Ah, a good illustration. We also have to show. But the eight story playing with matching could be also quite risky, because too much will also kill your frustration well like you that we're working with this software, so we can he raised without any consequences. It is quite different when you work in the on paper where if you applying to China and and you make a mistake, this is over, can do much modification. But here again, if you spend time tune and some hatching and you realize this is not currents, then you have to start over again something. It's hard to come back in, figure out what could be goods. So right now, it's not that I can see that the hatching taking here is perfectly giving some volume on this character. It's not too much. - Then I will not add more etching right side because it would be too much for this character. Just enough in the nose, too. Show the volume on the nose and in some more strong details on that side that will create King balance off things to do not have too much hatching everywhere in the face. It will well with the hatching. Technically try to create involved to have too much at 18 technic everywhere in the face will make the contrary, and we'll create a flat flats feeling that every single is at the same level is different, not trained to create. - All right, so we have now to see that we are now almost done with the face we just had. The additional stuff at the neck of the character can play with more black areas around face. To make it more clear can make the character more impressive. You feel like this is good travel, some flat black around the face that he's done with hatching. This is two different kind of technique that either welcome dying could create very good design. So behind this kitchen, we have something. They're interesting. This is almost like this is really and good results compared to what we started. If we see the skits that we had in first place, too rich such results is a very good point. It's so this is It was on example of their very and interesting Chinese. You can have and you can do yourself, for instance, like trying to self is very and detail sketch and trained to think directly on it. Andi, you can learn by doing this because you have to. It will give you more 70 on your skills with thinking and, uh, what you're looking for. Just more certainties and more abilities to do the ink and knowing where you have to put the black areas where you have to be matching and how to create the volumes of your character. It is very important because even if you are the very simple characters, the inking released in perfect create a good impact on your on your story. 7. Drawing explosions: There is many effect we would like to draw when we are drying Superheroes are people using weapons and powerful weapons. When someone is using, for instance, very strong weapon we can easily imaging. That's at the end. We will get explosion. We're going to see how we can draw explosions and many kinds of effect like this. First, I'm going to speak about extensions. We're going to see the first technique to draw explosions. Imagine you have the ground here first. Envision that explosions something that is going to start at one point and go in different directions. It could be building exploding. Are missile already like days? Looking at this is boom. So we're going to see what kind of a technique we can use to draw that explosion first, As we have many direction where particles are going, it means that the dream has to be. We're going to draw something going in many directions. It's like you will drink waves, start to draw a week like this, then higher wave like this, and several 100 to use more dark color. This he can drew waves. All right, this to create this one can decrease your city And now I can draw with the black ink immediately to show you one thing off. Reasons could weaken. Yet I'm taking text in red pen just to have some interesting effects. And I can use a hatching, an explosion, something the re strong so he can use very strong hatching taking and an explosion something They're fast and very strong. So you can use very dark lines that also using this technique of hatching to create Fastness of the explosion. Also, we can have that part of the explosion is more dark than the other part. - Consider working like something that he's not solid coming back from hatching over here and you play with the black and right and as on the left it will be dark. And don't know that the right you have to work step by step. For instance, here used such techniques, but here it would be, Hey, more white areas in the curved explosion here could be white American also use things like this ground and you can drag always. You can see that the museum very strong lined and smaller, hard line on small lines and you have to wave one behind running in front and yourself. - If you don't know if you have to feel this blank spaces here, it doesn't matter. You can just go step by step, zooming in, zooming out and see if you want to add anything else. I can completely explusion free stuff like that. You can really understand. We have particles, spread all the rounds, and then you can, complete with things like this. You have his trips through material here with prison to play something small, so we have a very busy explosion. Now let's see if we have one friend you can see we have a frame. Then how to complete this frame and to make this expression even more impressive, I can use this time fistic. It's like a reverted explosion. This is darkening. That's area around the explosion, playing the shadows reaching. It's more like the light of explosion chasing the shadows. But can a C imagine that the shadows is still referring here? So you have something that could be the rejection we get. Of course, you have to work on this even more is different. You can't brushes if you want, but it give you a first vision. How you can create your exclusion. Then you have some other type of explosion. You have the one that is like not to using waves as we did here, that using particles like this grounds. And we had things like this Rome forms. It's like you've explosions that you can have And, you know, maybe not answering bone that almost something really huge. No, if I have to think this would do this, - the more you go up in the sky or have some direct forms this very good down where? Something their light to represent this forms. - You can cross the hatching roots. It's not necessary for something good. Then I can continue to draw the explosion in the ground and you add sometimes and particles the explosion here. - Rework outlining explosion to make sure it's not too much clear. The lane was really destroyed, not very clear on a plane because it's an explosion. So it playing drink that this is a destructive crowd around. I think this some details this again we can on first these explosion doing something this surrounding the picture with, like he's going to enforce very strong power and lights generated by the explosion first very Joe. Think thing this all right. Now I can use right color and come back adding right stuff. Just here. Complete hatching. It's in a rapidly. You should probably spend more time doing this to have something very clean. Trying to s versus possible to make this demonstration too long, but give you an idea how it can work. Explosion we're gonna have in the next video. Many other effect you can do just with hatching and inking techniques.