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Streamlabs Chatbot For Twitch

teacher avatar Trui, Twitch Streaming Specialist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Introduction


    • 2.

      How To Connect Streamlab Chatbot To Your Twitch Channel


    • 3.

      StreamLabs Chatbot Lurk Command


    • 4.

      Streamlabs chatbot shoutout


    • 5.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Sound Commands


    • 6.

      Uptime command Streamlabs chatbot


    • 7.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Dadjoke Command


    • 8.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Clip Command


    • 9.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Timers


    • 10.



    • 11.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Link Protection


    • 12.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Minigames


    • 13.

      Streamlabs Chatbot Outro


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About This Class

How to setup Streamlabs Chatbot. Caution this is not the website bot from Streamlabs but the desktop application. You can download the application here:

Dadjoke API: $readapi (

Clip Command: 

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Twitch Streaming Specialist


Hello I am Trui. My goal is to help you become the best streamer you can be! Therefore I will publish lot's of classes about Twitch streaming and all the tools that can help improve your stream. Are you a Twitch streamer or do you want to become one? Make sure to follow me, so you won't miss out on any of my future classes!

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1. Streamlabs Chatbot Introduction: Welcome to this course on how to set up stream labs chat board with stream of jet boat. I do not mean the jackpot on the stream labs website, which is this one. But I do mean the desktop app that you can download from string labs, which looks like this. So I don't want you to get confused between these two because they have similar names and it might be a little bit confusing. In this course, we're going to go over how to set up certain commands. How tired of mini games, how to set up timers, how to use a rank system, and how to set up the pot itself. We're gonna go over it step-by-step. Every video just goes about one subject. So you can either watch the whole course in one go or you can just move one by one and learn as you go. I would love it if you guys would share your favorite commands that you use for your student I've shampooed, don't blow and the discussions. So we can help each other improve our stream and actually make something fun out of it. 2. How To Connect Streamlab Chatbot To Your Twitch Channel: In this video, I'm going to teach you how you can have a custom board name with steamships check on. I'm also going to show you how you can connect your streamer account to it. So right now for me, everything is connected, but I'm going to show you how you can do it. To have a custom bot name, we need to actually make a bot account. We do this by just Lori Gardner for own Twitch channel and start to make a new one. Just make a completely new Twitch account. The name you name, your new Twitch account will be the name of your bot. So choose wisely, I choose three bold, but you can choose whatever you want as long as it's available on Twitch. Then if you have made this account, what you need to do is start stream left. Then here in the bottom left we can click on this little guy. We can go to which bought. What we want to do is write down or Twitch bolt name. So tree, but for me, this is the name of the account you just made. Then we type the streamer name. This is my name. I'm truly so I type tree. You will type your streamer account name. And then we generate a token. We're just click on this button and it will let you authorize your body count. And it will automatically put a code here, this B or q naught token. Then if everything is alright, you can click on Connect. Now what you need to do is go to the streamer account, type your own name here for me tree, and then generate token. It will let you authorize your Twitter account or not. If you're still logged in on your body count, then logout or you bought a coulomb and log back in history where account authorize your stream or count though don't you ride your bicycle here because that will be a mess. Then connected as well. Now, both customer count and your body count are connected. You can see this by saying both clients successfully connected and the streamer client successfully connected. If it does not say it is for you, it did not connect correctly. Now what we can do is here in the console, we can click on streamer and type something like Hi. We can see that my streamer account is writing this in my chat. Now, you can see that in your own chat by going into traditional TV slash your own username as well. But we can see your chat right here. Now we can also set this on bar and type Hi. This should be from your body counts. So for me true belts as high now, mixture to make your bot and moderator. So if you haven't done that yet, I click on the streamer and then type slash mod and then your bot name. So for me that's true, but for me it says it's already a moderator, but for you it made it just a moderator on your channel. After this, you can start up setting things up like commands, timers, everything like that. 3. StreamLabs Chatbot Lurk Command: In this video, I'm going to show you how can they get exclamation mark look mad with streaming of shepherds. So to make a command, we make sure that we have our streaming account and our bot account links. We do that in the bottom left here, but account needs to be linked and student account needs to be linked. Then what we do is we go to command the left ear. We're going to click on the Plus or making a command called excavation or clerk. Make alert command line work. We want to keep the costume 0 because this is the amount of currency from this step you need to use. And you don't want that, you don't want them to spend currency on this, then uses stream chat. This means that if somebody types exclamation mark Luke in your stream chat, this will work. We can also set it to respire or Discord if you would like your desk or whatever is keeping on stream chat if I were you enabled, true? That means its own. Then group general. This means that it will always work whenever you play. If you wanted us to only work for certain gain, what you can do is you can use these brackets type game like here in Overwatch. But if you don't want to do that, because we want people to be able to work all the time. So we keep that on general. We want everybody to be able to lurk, keep that on everyone. We can set a regular two flips if you want to, but I would not recommend you do it is we can set a cool down. I will leave the cooler non-zero and put the user cool down like five-minutes. This way, everybody can work whenever, even if somebody just works, but the same person cannot work more than once every five minutes because once there's enough gas, as it was spoons, we will type something like Hellenized lurk. Have a nice lurk. We want the bot to sale username. So we do dollar sign username. This is code and it will transform into the person's username. Now it says have a nice lurk. And if I type it tree, if you want to use emails, you can use your own words. For example, if I type truly love, this is one of my emails, my cow or the heart will come up behind it. You can also make it kappa. Kappa, but makes sure that the capitalisation that you right here is exactly the same as the ones into which if you call somebody and you want to use your own emails, make sure that you pay for a subscription for you. But otherwise you can only use the standard to which emails. This is because all these subscribers can use your e-mails. They really need to give you one slot for free for your ball. That would be so nice rich, please. And then hear a sound file. You can select a sound file if you'd like to. So you could make a voice live with having those lurk at that in here, but it will work fine without sound file. And then we click on submit. We can test this by going to console or by actually going to switch yet. Then we can just type exclamation mark clerk, I have a couple of buttons. So she knows is also reacting right now. Normally the proper capitalization consent, but this one is doing it with do I capitalisation, like we see tree with a capital D. That's it. That's how you make an alert commit with streamlines chapel. 4. Streamlabs chatbot shoutout: Today I'm going to show you how to set up a shadow command and streaming up Scheppach. So what does this shadow, this is basically a little advertisement you place for somebody else's dream because you like it or because you want to give something back. Why would you use a shadow command? I love to use them if people raped me, because if they raped me, I want to give something back to them. And by doing this shadow, I give a little advertisement for the airstream so they maybe get some of my viewers to watch his or her stream as well. The second thing I'm using it for is if somebody, I really liked a stream of joints by chat, I just want to show to people that the stream is awesome. A shadow command is not just exclusive to stream live chat bot. For example. You can also use them for stream elements or an iPod, but I'm going to explain you how to use it on stream labs chat bot. Let's jump behind the PC is shown in the screen where you see the chats, your moderators, you viewers, and you can type something in your own chat or you can type as your. But I'll be doing now is we're going to go to the tab called commands on the left side. And we need to add a new commands. This due by going to this plus icon and clicking on it. To make a shadow command, we want to commend to be called shadowed or S0. So type in exclamation mark shadow. Keep this number on 0 to make sure that the command doesn't cost any currency. Keep this on stream chat. This means that the command can be used in your own stream chat. That makes sure this is untrue because if it's unfolds, the command won't be active, then the group needs to be empty. Arraylist to say general, this means that the command will be able to be used in any game you play. An important one is permissions. Right now it says, Everyone, you probably don't want this because then everybody can shut out whoever they want. So make sure this is on moths. Now only your moderators, and you can do shout-outs to make sure you don't shout out anybody, you don't want to share it out. This is cool down here. A cool down. I would not recommend setting any color and because well, it is in your hands if you and your mother is already, and if you want to spam it, you want to spend a good part. Here is where we type the response. This is what the bus got to say back. If somebody types exclamation mark, shout out, and then a name of somebody they want to shout out. There are three things we need to use in here. What does dollar sign target? One is dollar sign URL and one US dollar sign game. The rest of the text you can basically make up what you want. But to make it simple, I'm going to give an example. So what I've done here, I made a little sentence out of it. So what it says now is go check out Target. They were less seen playing game a URL. So the words with the dollar signs will be replaced with the actual information we need to dollar sign target is going to be the name of the person you share it out. So for example, I shout it out myself. So then it will be, go check out truthy because target becomes true. The next thing I've used is dorsal fin game, which is the game I've played for me, Mario omega2 that we become Go checkout tree. They were last seen playing Mario Maker to. Then the last one is dollar sign URL. And for me that is Twitch TV slash tree. So go check out tree. They were last seen playing Mario Maker to add traditional TV slash tree. And there you go, you have a whole shallow sentence. But what if you don't want a gaming it? Well, then you just do go check out target. And then you remove this part and it says Go checkout target at URL, go checkout chewy at tuitions V slash tree. Also just check me out. What if we don't want a URL? Won't go check out to eat. They were last seen playing game and you just remove this part. What if I want to say that they were awesome? Go check out this awesome streamer. So now it says Go checkout is awesome for me are truly, they were last seen playing Mario Maker API URL, at which your CVs less tricky. That's what I mean. You can, you can chase the whole sentence for whatever you want, as long as you understand that Dulles and target will be the name of the person that you shout out. Assign game will be the game, the last plate. And also a URL will be you're actually twitch link. As long as your list that you can make up the sentence to whatever you like it to be. Last thing is sound file. You can get a cell phone with it, which means that you will hear a sound or your stream is somebody uses exclamation mark shadow. I don't know if this is helpful, but yeah, I don't know. You can have a sound going off while you shout out. Somebody. Can be fun if you use it the right way, and then makes sure to click on Submit. 5. Streamlabs Chatbot Sound Commands: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can make sounder low commands withs few months Jamboard, Let's hop right into stimulus shepherd. To make a cell commands, we need to have some files, of course, so make sure that you have them ready to upload them. We need to go to sound files here in the left. Before we can do that, we need to make sure that we turn to sound files on. Now we can add one. We can name it something. Let's say door knock, knock. Then we have vote. How many people have to trigger the command before this similar goes off for me, I would say one. Then if somebody triggers it, it will go off. If you have a very busy chat, hundreds of people, you might want to set this up a little bit more. So more people have to say, we want to hear that alert to actually go off, but I would recommend just leaving it on one. The volume here, you probably want to adjust that later on, we hear like Haiti alert a super loud or not loud enough. You can always adjust it here. And then group general. General means that it will trigger whenever it doesn't matter what you're playing. If you want it to only trigger in a certain game, we can change that to these brackets. For example, game, game, bracket close and M, for example, Overwatch. Now, this alert only triggers when we were playing Overwatch. But I'm going to put it back on general. Now, we need a bigger sound fell. There we go. I picked a door knock and then we're going to submit that. Now we have the door knock in and we're going to add a command, goto commands up here, and then add a new command there. We have the command name. This is how you want to trigger it. So for example, excavation of door is my door knock. We can set a cost. These are the points of the loyalty points, the currency that you can earn here. You can also keep that on 0 if you're not doing anything with the currency usage in Twitch chat. Now, if somebody types exclamation mark door, you know, Tricia, this sound will go off. We can also set it in whisper or stream both. Whisper n in chat or discord, discord risk for this group both like in discord chat and whisper. Well, I think you get it. If you wanted to have spooky loris and you don't know when people trigging it, maybe like whispered ball will be better because then you don't see them coming. But it's easier to do chat because that's just more convenient for viewer. That's easier to just trigger. And people are going to see older person just triggered it and they're going to copy it from other people. Like, Oh, I saw that. I can do that later on as well. Now permission, we can set this on SAP only. For example, regulars, fib subscribers, minimal rank, minimum hours, editors, moderators. We can save this wherever, but I would like to keep things for everybody. So I like to keep it for everybody. But you can make fifth specific south or east like this. And then we have a cool down. Basically, if you don't want the thing to be triggered every second, you can set a cool-down of like five-minutes. Then they can only triggered as every five-minutes instead of literally oldest, old time. And then we have also used to cool down. For example, if one person is using something all the time and you want to give other people a chance to use it as well. You can certainly use a coolant and a little bit higher than the normal cool down this way, this one person can keep spamming it and other people have a chance to do it as well. Gripping something you real quick. Tiers, those bonds. We don't really have to type anything right here, so I'm going to leave that empty. Then the Seinfeld, we're going to search that door that we just upload it. See where is it? Door knock. That was it. I was like searching for a door and I could fire door and then submit. Now, if you go to console or just do our own. And we would type X-Men from our door. We would hear sound effects. Let me see. Typing written by a Calvinist stream account excavation work door. Yeah. So yeah, that's how it works. Now people can do to expiration mark door and you will hear to doing okay. You can add as many side effects as you want. I recommend that you keep naming them easily so people can remember all these names or you make a list of like sound effects that are available for you. For example, I made a command sound effects, software defects. And then it's like, Oh yeah, they constitute sweaters and these are some facts you can use, like you can make something like that as well. 6. Uptime command Streamlabs chatbot: Today I'm going to explain you how you can get an uptime command from streaming apps, chatbots. So why would you want an uptime command? So people that come into your stream can check how long you have been live for this session of my viewers like to see how much of the stream they missed already. If you do want a 24-hour stream or a 12-hour stream, It's good to see how long you've been streaming for already. So how do you viewers use this command? Exclamation mark uptime in your chat. And this will show them how long you've been alive for swim laps. Chat bot is not the only one that can do an uptime command, stream elements and night bulk and do the same. But today I'm going to show you how to do it on streaming apps, chatbots, jump behind a PC. I'm going to show you how to set it up. If it's Startup screen, Let's chat bot. You will come into screen with the chat, the moderators, and the viewers where you can chat in here as a streamer, Russia. But on the left here you see this command tab. You have to click on that legacy. I have a tons of commands here to add new commands. Go to the top right, you click on this plus. So to make it uptime command, you type exclamation mark up time in this box. I recommend making the costs hero. This is the amount of currency people have to spend to use this command. If it's 0, it's free to use for everybody. Usage you probably want to have in stream chat. This means that people can type it in your stream chat and that they will get the response in the stream chat. You can also choose for doing it all, that people can do it in your chat or your discord and your district whispers that they can do it in the twitch whispers like everywhere. But I recommend just having it on stream chat because this is the way everybody does it and that is the most clear for people that are watching you. And here's his enabled. Of course she wants to set that to true because then it works. And here's his group. This means that if you have it on general, it can be used whatever game you play, you can also sacraments to only work for certain games. For example, if you do this open bracket and I don't know, Herzberg has called, but it's like a square bracket, I guess I gave and then close bracket and then Overwatch, the schemata would be only be used if you play Overwatch or in that it can be used. So make sure to keep that on general. Right here you see permissions right now it's in everybody. This means that everybody can use the command. You can also make it only available to moderators, Phipps, subscribers, or maybe only just you. Then here you can set a cool down. This means that they can't use the command after a certain amount of time. So let's say, I said I'm ten, then the command can only be used once every ten minute. You can also set them on user cool down, which means that this user cannot use this command again every ten minutes. So let's say you can set the user cool down on ten minutes and the normal cooled down on 0. This means that one person can only use the uptime command every ten minutes, but the rest of the child can still use it within the next ten minutes. Then we have response. This is the important part. This is the response to the bar, which we need to make sure that it's going to respond with the current uptime. There are a few ways to do this. We need to at least use dollar sign time. For example, you can do only dollar sign up time just like this. What does that do right now, if somebody types exclamation mark of time, they will only see the amount of time you have been streaming without any message. But you can also do is make a sentence out of it. Like this tree has been streaming for x amount of hours. And like this is a little bit more professional and a bit more complete than only the uptime. But as you work at the end it says cell file. This means that a sound will go off if you select a file here. I would not recommend doing this for the uptime commands, but you can do that if you want. I don't know, holding you back on there. 7. Streamlabs Chatbot Dadjoke Command: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can make a dad joke command with stream of shipboard. With this command, you can make your bulk make digit. If you haven't connected your stream Love shampoo yet, we are twitching your bulb mixture to do that first, let's take this away. And goto commands here in the left, Edwin clicking on the plus and then color it, exclamation mark, dad, joke. I cannot type apparently, or something like that, like job or anything you want. Then here you can set a costume points. These are the points that you can see in a currency depth here. But you can also just leave it empty and it doesn't cost them any currency. They wanted them to do it industry and yet we want everybody to see it. And we need to make sure that the command is on and it's always working. So don't fill in anything in here or have the word general in here, then permissions. If you only want your subscribers to be able to make dad jokes in your chat. Citizens subscribers, you can also just keep it on everybody, regulars, fifths or moderators. I like to include everybody, so I leave it on everyone. Then here we can set a cool down. I think it's important to set a cool down so people don't spam it. So let's let a coolant or two minutes usually cool down, or five-minutes. This way every two minutes people in the chat can use this command, but there's one person only can use it once every five-minutes. And as a response, we actually go to description of this video and company API. And then I'm going to paste the API and a response. This is sort of code, and this code will translate into the actual jokes shadow to the person who actually wrote this because I can actually code and it's not nine, I just saw it on our website as well. It was cool. I didn't know any of these jokes myself, but I haven't felt jokes at warrant family friendly yet. So nothing that can get you band on Twitch. Okay, and then submit this. We're going back to our console and type exclamation mark dead joke. Or document name you gave it. So if you gave it joked and you just do excellent job, right? As we see, tree boat is actually reacting. Don't mind extreme elements, but we're not using that right now. We're using the tree. But what did the beaver say to the tree? It's been nice. Granada in you. I don't know that word. It's probably really funny because I just my lack of English is just coming up here. I would love to know what, you know wanting, couldn't granting mean if this isn't working for you, where you probably need to do is make your moderator by doing slash mol and the bulb name you're using. It could be that the body doesn't react immediately because sometimes it's a little bit slow. We need to wait on the server to actually give us a joke. So sometimes the server is a bit overloaded and other people are also using this command and that makes it a little bit slower, but it will come eventually. 8. Streamlabs Chatbot Clip Command: In this video, I'm gonna show you how you can make an exclamation mark clip command which removes chapel. So we are extremely sharp ball. We're going to click this away. Now we're gonna go to commence and then click on this at the plus, we make the command called clip exclamation mark clip doesn't cost any points. And we're going to do to use it in stream chat. Make sure it's on, and make sure that there's nothing in this thing or two or general is also fine. We set the permission on everyone because we want everyone to be able to make lives, right? If you do not want done, if you only want your subscribers to be able to do that, says isn't subscribers same as moderators and all the other rules, you can click them in here. We do not need anything for info because we have it on everyone. Then we have a cool down here. I really recommend you set a coolant or at least a minute. This way, if multiple people saying, hey, this is fun to clip, you don't get multiple clips are distinct, but just one. Now as a response, we need to post an API. That API is sort of code. It helps you change the code into the thing you actually want to achieve, which for us is making a clip to get this API needs to go to the description of this video and go to the link on my website, you need to authorize your twitch. Then on this website we search for streaming. Left Shabbat story, I had to blur this all because if you guys see this, you can actually make clips with my channel. So I had to blur it. Then we copy the thing that is under streaming of Siobhan. I copy it. Let me go back to student of Shepherd and paste it into response. Then we click on submit. We need to do is go back to console. And now type exclamation, mark, clip and press Enter. You should get a response for your barred from a true bar that says can clip for an offline channel. If you see that, you're good to go. Obviously it can clip out now because I'm not life and I'm not making compound where you live. Please try it again, check it again to see if it works. It should be all fine and should be overworking. That's how simple it is to set it up actually. 9. Streamlabs Chatbot Timers: In this video, I'm going to teach you how you can make timers with stream loves chatbots. So let's jump right into string of shipboard. I've already said things up like unconnected to twitch and to eyeball. If you haven't done that, you need to do that before. So how did it timers work? What we need to go is here on the left, we click on the timers. As you see, I have a lot of timers said already, but most of them are off. So how this works is if you have multiple timers like we have right now, for example, they're in the general tab. If I set the timer to be on every five-minutes, it will pick this one than this one, than this one, and then this one, it will not put them all at the same time. So let's start out with how do we actually make a new timer? In the top right, we click on the plus. And then here we can name our timer. Doesn't really matter how we name our timer as they don't actually see the name. But it's only for you to remember what it is. Let's say follow. Now, we want it to be active, so we want it to be true, and we wanted to be used in our Twitch chat. We can also put him in a discord chat or both in our discord and stream chat definitely need to connect your discord, which a stream labs jet board. Let's just keep it on stream chat. Here group, if you want it to be a timer that's running all the time, you can just leave that empty if you want it to be a timer for a specific game, what you can do is you can do these brackets and then game, and then the game, for example, Overwatch. But it can be anything, it can also be Fort Night. And now, this timer will only run when we're playing this game, this game category. If we keep it empty, boom, it will always run. So I'm just going to keep it empty for now. And we're going to type a response to what I want is I want to let people know that they can follow if the live stream, Let's say, don't forget to follow if you like the stream. Now, every so often this will be set by my ball tree bark because that's my boss name. Don't forget to follow if you'd like to stream. Now we're going to submit this. What we want to do is you want to set a time that is actually trigger. So now we don't know when it's triggering because we didn't set the time for it yet. We can do that by going to this gear, the settings in the top right. Here we see link timers to commence. We keep that on false. By enabling this, a command will also be created with the same name and response. So then you can basically also trigger it manually. But we keeping us on false because we're just working in the timers here. Then here we have the interval. This is how often the boat will see it. So for me it's on 15 minutes. I would recommend keeping it like a little lower, like five minutes because then it kinda gets spammy. So I recommend keeping alone 15 or more minutes. So not every 15 minutes, my bot will say, don't forget to follow or one of the other ones that I actually enabled. Then here we have minimum two yet lines. This is a whole friend or somebody has to say something in your chat. So if somebody is high, that counts as one chat line. Every time there's a new message in your chat, that's new chat line. It can be you, it can be anybody in your chat. Now if the stream message has been sent in our chat and 50 minutes have been passed. The bolt, we'll say our bot message, our timer. If we lower this to 0. Now it doesn't matter how many chat messages has been sent, but it only looks at the time. So think of, do you want this to be included? And how many lines do you want people to be set before the trigger actually goes off? But we can also do is we can delete some of these if you want to. For example, this one guide, we can click on the X yes and outs delete it. We can also click on one of these and then click on the editing and then we can just edit them. This is the one for the Discord server. This one is being in general. This means that it's always been posted. We don't have to play a certain game for it. Here. We have one from Overwatch that is only being played when we're playing the game. Overwatch, that it has a main. It doesn't trigger if we're not playing the game because it wouldn't make sense to trigger if we weren't playing that game here live is strange. Strange to, I mean, I guess it will be fine even triggers without playing a game, but it would be really out of context if it did trigger readout playing that game. So you've got some gains, specific ones, and then we have some general ones as well. To make this work, you need to make sure that you have your bot account and you're streaming accounts connected to your bot, because otherwise it doesn't work. You can do to the bottom here and here you have your twitch bought, and here you have your streamer account. You need to make sure that those are connected, otherwise this will not work. Another thing you want to do is you want to make your bond, your bot name, a moderator in your chat. You do this by typing slash and then the name of your bond. For me, that's true belt, but that's what F robot you have made for. You stream loves chatbots. 10. Currency: Today I'm going to show you how you can set up a currency and stream lips chat bot. But first, let me explain what a currency is. Currency or points that people earn from being in the chats, subscribing following, hosting, rating given bits and a lot more here. What you can do with this currency is different for everybody use. I'm going to explain you how to use stream labs, chatbot. And in there you can use currency to play many games, do some requests or trigger sound alerts or rather kind of commands in your stream. We stood up, student has chip board. You will go to the console screen. You see your chair, you're moderators and your fingers. This is where you can directly write something in your chat as yourself or as your bot. We're gonna talk about currency. So this means that we're going to go to the currency tab. And that's right here. The first thing you want to do is activate the currency by clicking on this switch icon. The currency can be used now, but you probably want to tweak some settings. Therefore, we need to click on a colloquial on the top right here. Once you want to do is think about a currency name. Of course, you can always use points or currency, or dollars or gold or whatever you want. But mine is called sweaters because my name means sweater in Dutch. So if you have come up with a name, you have to type it here under the name, right here on the left you see command or do you have to do here is type your currency name. But David next animation mark in front of it. What does does is it makes you feel as be able to find out how much currency they have. You can have a comment that is exclamation mark point or exclamation mark currency. If you want a general one. On the right here you see response. This works fine as it is. He said some code words in there that refer to the actual numbers. So for example, it says username here, which means that it's going to say the username of the person that used to commence. So if I will do exclamation mark sweaters and my own chat, it will say, true, we hear this is rank. This is a ranking system you can add. You don't have to do this. If you don't want ranks, you can delete this part out of it. Then this is hours and the amount of hours. So this is just going to display the amount of hours somebody watched. If you don't want this in it, again, just delete this part out of it. This is currency name for me to the sweaters. So if I would write Swedish down there, it would give the same result. But if I change my name, this name will change with it as long as it says dollar currency name. And after that it says 0 points, which is the amount of currency somebody has. This is just displaying how many points they have, basically what they wants to do if they do exclamation mark sweaters or exclamation points or exclamation mark gold. Then underneath here you see a sign ranks based on XML of something gained spent in chat. So once you can do here, this has to do with the ranking system. If you don't use the ranking system, this is unimportant. But if you do, you want to assign these ranks to number of hours or points people have? I personally like ours because people can spend their points, I would get a lower rank. And if they watch a certain amount of hours, they can go back and watch less hours so they will keep daring always. Then we have this boxy that we can tick, tick offload hours and account for eternal hours industry, I recommend not taking this because people can just look in your stream where you're not aligned and gain your points. So that's, that's kind of like cheating. I think I would recommend not taking this box automatically become a regular at something. You can have points and hours here again, for me, I think it should be the best because the same reason as before, actually just people cannot, can spend our points, but they can spend their hours. What does, does it will just basically say to the bot, the dispersion comes to your stream often. And I said on Twenty-five hours, which means that if somebody watch my screen for 25 hours, I consider them to be irregular, then we have use treemaps extension currency. This basically means that it's connected to the website from stream labs. And I don't have it connected so I can click on it. But if you haven't connected, you can take this and it will be sinks. Then underneath here it says intervals. Online interval. It's ten minutes, by the way, it's not ten seconds, ten hours, it's a minutes. You can drag this up or down. This means that people get points every ten minutes. You can also set it on five-minutes. People get points. Every five-minutes. We don't know how much yet because we still need to set that. But that's the integral for people to get actual points. Then we have the Offline interval. If you take this off, this is unimportant. It will not do anything. But if you have to take this on, same thing, but then when offline, fewer. So you can set this on sexy and people get points every 60 minutes while you're offline. Again, I would not recommend doing this at all because people can just get a lot of points by keeping your stream open all the time even though you're not live, then we have payout. This means that this is the amount of points they're going to get after the interval. I said terminus. So I'm going to say feminists for just to make it easy for everybody. So after ten minutes, they get one sweater. If I'm life, if I make this Stan. Tense verbs when I'm live scene with the offline one. But because I didn't take this, it wouldn't matter what I what I put in here. If you did take it, make sure to make offline payout less than the life bail because otherwise, you get a lot of lurkers when you're not life, that's not ideal. Then underneath here you can give some extra points. For example, regulars, they get an extra points if they watch for ten minutes. So after, after you watch ten minutes, they would get 11 with the settings like this. Again, people become a regular After the amount of time or points, the gains that you set right here. Or you can make them irregular. Same forceps, moderators and people that are actively shedding. So you can give them extra points for being your stream basically. Then you can also give extra sweaters for certain events. If somebody writes you, they can get five extra sweaters right now. You can set this to whatever number you want. Then if they follow the tree points right now for me, you can set this on wherever you want. You don't have to copy any of my settings, but just what you'd like to do. Same with SAP and mess gift us up. So if I would give to people, I will get this amount of sweaters per sub I gifts. We also have for hosting. So if somebody does slash hosts and a username in their own chat, they will host you and they get another point or more points depending on how you set it. Same with donations. This is the same as the event payout. If somebody donates one US dollar or euro depending on your currency to get this amount of points. So let's say if they would do 5, $5 or five-year-olds, they will get 50 points with the settings like this. You can also set them for extra life donations. Works the same as normal durations. Pandemic extra life donations instead of for yourself. Those are the basic settings of recurrency. We're going to take a look at the rank system now. So go back to this main page of the currency, and it's upright here you see this little crown. If you hover over it, it will say ranks. If you click on it, you will end up here. You would not see anything. These are your ranks I already set. So we're gonna remove them all for you guys so you can see how you actually add some. So if you want more ranks, you click on the Plus, which has ADD. If you hover over it, you can neighbor rank whatever you want. You can call them 12345. If you want that. You can call them after army jobs. I don't know. A lot of those lieutenant and stuff like that. You can you can call them after dare. You can make something funny out of it. Like if my name is Mike, currency name is threaded. So I could make like socks, trousers, underwear or something like that where it ranks. I know I'm a bit weird. Yeah. You can do phases of growing up baby child, adult. You can do like that and you can just name them. So let's do the baby version. We now have a baby group, we said is viewers. You can also set it to you subscribers or moderators. For some reason it doesn't record this flip outing here. I see it, but you guys can see it, but it's a subscribers and moderators as well for me. And then we can submit it. It says requirements here. If you want to check if it was viewers or hours, you just go back. Click on the little cogwheel. And here it says, assign ranks based on X amount of hours or views. Again, spent in chess. You can set it here points in hours. So we have done one rank. Now, this rank, you basically gets the moment you start viewing my channel. We can add more by just clicking on the plus icon again. Let's say we make this kid just for fancies now. And you have to watch five hours. Everybody can do it and then we submit it. So if somebody watches five hours another baby anymore, but they're starting to get a kit. And this is how you set up ranks. You can name them whatever you want. People will see the names of the ranks. You can edit them by clicking on Edit. So you click on the rank first and then click on this pencil. You can edit them, submit them again. You can delete them by clicking on the button, of course, click and drag then in the bin if you want to delete them all right-click on it and removed them all. You can also right-click to edit and remove them. So let's go back to the currency page that you see. I don't have people in here right now. I'd leave them all. Just for this video, you will see people coming in here as soon as they start earning points or view time in my chat. You need to make sure that streamline shape on his open door. If you don't open this, people won't earn currency. So you need to make sure to keep this open at all time. You can minimize it, but don't quit it. So what if there's nobody in here and you want to add somebody and give them some points already. There's a plus icon here. We can add a person. Let's say me because I can give myself one's tricky. That's my IDE, that's my torch ID. And I can give myself a 100 points. And I even can give myself watch error. So I can say I have watched Twenty-five hours. You can also give them a nickname so we can call myself tree and submit it. You'll see this is my nickname now, I don't have a rank because I didn't actually watch that many hours and I got a 100 points, sorry. So this is how it looked like if people come in and this whole thing is going to fill up, you can vouch you to the pages. You can also search people. So if I do three and then search, you can only see me now, but this will also be the result. There were actually more people in new customers by name and rank. If you want to edit a person, you want to give them more watch hours, or you want to give them more points, or you want to give them less points, right-click on them and an edit. You can edit it all again. You can also remove them like this. You can remove everybody in here. You can remove index of users for one week, two weeks, three weeks, one month or two months by just right-clicking on it and reset points to 0 for everyone. You can do all of that by just right-clicking on it. You can see it because l Now, because the way a recording and I don't know why that is, but you can see it. But you just right-click on it and you will see it. 11. Streamlabs Chatbot Link Protection: In this video, I'm going to show you how can you stream labs chatbot to protect your chat from links. To do this, we need to start stream chat bot. For the link protection, we need to go to More Tools. So we click on the modules right here. And then here we want to take on the link protection. We have a couple of settings here that we can set. We can auto permit people to post links anyway. So now it says subscribers. What this means is that subscribers can still post links even though other people kept, make sure though that in your tweet shutting itself, that you don't have link protection on because otherwise it will not work. Then it will also take the settings from Twitch and not only from the bot, I would recommend always running a true or a ball instead of switch itself because it's just easier to handle it and you can customize lot more like that. So here we can also set no restrictions, but why put it on? If you have no restrictions on it, you can set regulars, which you actually can set into regular tap somewhere where it's the regular tap users. That's where you can set the irregulars so that you can set them manually or you can automatically let them become regulars after a certain amount of hours or points, Phipps, Phipps plus so that's Phipps and subscribers and moderators ranks. That's if somebody hits a certain rank that you set up any currency setting, then you have this menu and rank that you can set your demeanor and ranked it you can set and minimum points amounts, hours. This is all with the currency, but for me I like to set an own subscribers. We don't need the info for that. And then the punishment for actually posting late if you're not a subscriber is a timeout right now, we can also set approach, which basically is something that says, Don't do that again and removes that message. And then we have Ben, then they will just be banned of your channel forever unless you embed them. Of course, we have a permit duration. This is basically if and what permits one of one of the people that isn't a scrubber with doing estimation more permanent and then their name, this is how long they actually can post the link. So I would recommend doing this very long because people always like surgery link after they got it from it. And if it's not long enough, they still get the punishment, which is a demo. In this case. This is the costume reply. This is what the bolt will say if somebody actually does post the link. So they say don't name no username, you should ask for permission if you wish to post the link. And then it says what the punishment is, which is a timeout right now. And it will say how long the time I was and everything like that. You can customize this if you want. I would recommend you keep the username in because that's their username and the punishment because they know what their punishment was. But you can set it on something else. You can say, Hey, don't be like Dad, don't post links. There wouldn't be a strong one, but you could make it like that. Or no links allow here in the dungeon. Something like that. You can customize this wherever you want. 12. Streamlabs Chatbot Minigames: In this video, we'll show you how you can set up a mini games is finished yet pod. Before you start with this tutorial, you need to connect your students, Shepard, what your twitch stimulus shepherd, right now, what we're gonna do is we're going to click this away because we don't need that. We're going to go to the left side here and click on mini games. There's a couple of different mini games. There's highest, dual free for all, and boss battle. We're going to start off with the highest. If you want to host, you can turn it on like that. There's a command for it, exclamation mark haste. You can change this in whatever you want. What dehaze does is you go to this fictional bank and you're going to try and wrap it with everybody joins the heist. You can do this, whatever you want. You can go to browsers castle and tried to steal peach back, literally whatever you want. And you can just change this command to the thing that fits your street. Well, we have a cool down here. It's 15 minutes right now. This is a cool down for the highest be triggered. You don't want the highs to happen all the time. So make sure that there is a colon here so people don't keep spamming. The highest. One note is that for the highest people need points. And these points are actually from the currency tab. You can see right here. This is a currency tab. If you haven't set up that yet and you have questions about the currency tap. I would recommend watching this video about the currency, talking about their currency. That's what it says here. Minimal entry to maximum amount 200. This is the amount of currency they need to pay to join the heist. The more currency is spent on this highest, the mortar can actually win with this highest. So it is beneficial for them to spend a lot, but it's also more of a risk to spend more than we have a standard delay here. What this means is that if somebody does exclamation mark heist for the next two minutes, or if people can still join the highest and go with them on the rate, then we can said we can join. For now for me everybody can join, but if you want like subscribers to be able to join, you can see this on subscribers, there's minimal rank points and hours, which again goes back to the currency tab right here. If you want to learn more about that. Now, if we click on one of those, we can also feel into requirements in this area here. But for everyone, regular flips and everything like that. You don't have to fill this in besides from dad, some basic info or we can also do is actually click on a cochlea here. This gives us a lot more information about the highest and we can actually set how lucky they can be. So here we have the probability of winning. The chance of winning right now, for a normal viewer is 40%. That means that if you would join ten times, most likely for from you, when you will lose points. In the long run. People that are irregular, my Chad, have 50% chance. There's basically no wind enjoining it, unless you're lucky. Therefore, subscribers, it's 60 per cent for me, which means that if subscribers during the host, in the long run, they will probably win points instead of lose them. Then we can also give a chance for moderator. For me that's just 50 per cent because I don't want to give moderators more points or anything like that. The last one is gain with sub chance. I do not have any game wisps ups because I don't have it. I don't even know what it is. I think it's something like a vegetarian. But yeah, if you do have that, you can connect it to the chapel as well. And then here we can also set out the payout. So right now for viewers, if they win, they get a 140 per cent. So if I said 100 points to be my highest amount, then I get a 120 points back. If I'm irregular, I would get a 125 of a bag for a subscriber, a 134 moderator 125. And I don't have that for gamers subs because I don't have game list. So you can basically decide how much chance they have. And you can decide how much to actually going to win. The other thing we can set is here on this while chat message, I can hear you. You probably be pretty intimidated by the amount of texts, but no worries. You can keep them all on the default settings if you don't want to change it. But if you want to customize your highest is something like finding pH in the browser castle. You can change this whole text. I would recommend that you keep these pieces of code in code as they actually translate to a number. Dollar sign username actually means the user that actually joins. So if I do start the highest, it will say true, but you can change the rest of it. So what I did is true is putting together a team to relieve the elderly of their price mitten sweater, knitted sweaters. So because my name actually means sweater and Dutch, I thought that was funny. Then type command because this is the command they need to use. And then the amounts to join. What I do recommend that you keep the username in this part about the command, what they need to do to actually join the highest, but the rest of the text you can just customize to wherever you want. This what I have now, the default text, of course, that would be weird. But you can kiss this and customize it yourself through something funny. And then the cooler message, it seems like Dr. Phil's onto view right now. Any elderly people are sure to be awake right now and then you see the cool down. So for me, what I said is there's a cool down, That's the cooler message, right? And I scroll down, joke, Dr. Phil's on the view so we can still sweaters now because the other, we will definitely notice the cool down is gone and then I have the ovary have gone to take a nap, time to take what's yours, and then type commands. So this means that it's off cool though right now. You can keep this all the default settings, but I thought it was funny to make a little joke out of it. We got for the other things as well, like starting message like, Oh, we're starting raid, a resource. Oh, this is what happened. Then we have Filter start message. Oh, there's something went wrong. Maybe they don't have enough sweater points for me because they're just dealing sweaters. But just enough currency to join. And then we have some solo outcomes and outcomes. So you can basically set this all what you want. And then we have display entry message. So you can turn this on and off. So if you want the bot to acknowledge the adjoint the rate, keep us on. If you think that's a little bit spammy, you can turn this off. Then we basically set the highest command, or you can call it differently and it's definitely, but it's still a high-speed again right? Now we have to do all here again, turned on with this button. The dual basically makes it possible for two people to do. What they do is I say like, Hey, you wanna do on me for a 100 sweaters. And then this person can either accept it or deny it. Again here It's a stool, but you can change that to whatever you want. We've got a cooler and just like with the highest and then we have the time for it to expire. This means that if I send you dual and you would not be replaying between now and two minutes, it will be canceled. Then the cost would cost to actually do also in Africa stands for others to do it. Or ten, whatever you have gold coins whenever you want. Joining permission, same as above here everyone. And if you have set like rank or points or anything like that, you can put that info in here. And here again, we can set our custom messages. Again, recommending that you keep those pieces of code in, but you can chase the rest of the sentence, whatever you like. I'm not going to go over them one by one because I think they're pretty clear that this is a starting message. This is the abort message. If it got canceled and everything I got you got you can fight that. I believe in you. So free for all. We can turn it on again. And this is kind of a battle or yell. If I start a battery, the free for all. That's why it's like exclamation mark L'Oreal. L'oreal, more people can join. Again. It will have a short delay. So in the two minutes, people can join. You can set this higher or lower if you want. Then for 15 sweaters they can drop in during it takes all basically the person who stands at the end of the battery, I'll gets older price money. Again, you can set it on everybody subscribers, moderators, amount of hours they watched. And then here the info, if you took like rank points or our state has to watch minimal amount of currency they need to spend, and maximum amount of survivors. So if you want more than one person to be able to when you need to set this higher, but I feel like winner-takes-all right, here we can set the cost of messages. You can make it whatever you want, slow as you keep the gold in. The last one is a boss metal. Again, we can do it on right here and we can change the command name to whatever you like. So what is it? Boss battle here, you don't compete against each other but against the bus. So everybody would join story, can win and come out of this battle as long as you guys defeat the boss, the boss battle. So there's a cool down for how often people get started starting delay again in those two minutes, people can join. The cost to join right now is 50 points. You can set them and whatever, and everybody can join. But you can also said info for a minimum ranks and hours and points. Because at a regular FIP subscribers, again, whatever you want. I think it's amazing that this allows you for so many customizations, but it also gets a little bit confusing if you don't really understand it. Then here on the left we have this thing is this player status. So here you can set the sets of this person who joins the raid. For a viewer, they have a 100 held, ten attack, ten dodge, and five defense for irregular. Well, I've set them all the same, but you can set up differently so you can get more help to scratch, for example, and they have more chance to actually defeat the boss like that. Then you can also set the biostats by clicking on this one. And you can add buses. So I can add a boss. We can name the big shredder. The mix sweater needs at least two people to join. Max, five people. So you can send multiple bosses. So for example, you can send a pulse for one person you consider both for temporal dilute is a 100 points. So the people that survive will divide that a 100 points. Health is this boss is 50. It will do 50 attack damage, 50 dots chance, intend to fence. So if we make it like ten attack for example, this boss is gonna be a lot easier to feed. So we can calculate the chances of them winning by clicking on there. The chance of surviving is now 79%. So that's a lot right? If you put it back on fifth year, we calculated again, the chance of winning is literally 0. The bus wins a 100 per cent of the time. So this is not good. You want to find a way that it's around ratio that the surviving people can actually survive. But the boss, I will also not be too easy. Boltzmann's a lot of the times. So 15 attack apparently guesses 42% when ratio fibers and 50 per cent return ratio per player. So these stats seem to look a little bit more accurate than the ones that were in here before. Let me give submit this bars. Notice. This boss will appear if there's two to five people entering a raid, a boss battle. If you have these all on, you've got all these mini games on, you can decide to either put one on, put them all on, or just have them on. Just see for yourself, what do you like to use in your channel and through like to customize it. 13. Streamlabs Chatbot Outro: Thank you for joining us on the course for stream labs tripled to finish the scores, I want you to get started setting up your chat bot for the project. What I want you to do is think of tree check commands you want in your Chen and set them up. Which ones that you think of lifting W0 into projects are either set up at least one timer. If you don't know what the setting the timer, you can always make sure that people don't forget to follow. And I want you to set up at least one of the mitigations in your chat. You don't have to customize any of the messages if you don't want to. But it is a lot of fun. And to protect yourself and the people in your stream, I want you to set up link protection as it's super important to make sure that your stream is safe. Share screenshots of how you did it in the project files. So I can look back and see how you've done. If you've any more questions or need any more help, leave them down below in the projects or discussion tab. If this bolt was a little bit too complicated for you, I have a course on light bulb as well, which is a less complicated bond. If you love the course, make sure to leave a review so other people know that this is a good course. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you in one of my other courses.