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How To Setup Stream Avatars For Your Stream

teacher avatar Trui, Twitch Streaming Specialist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Stream Avatars Introduction


    • 2.

      Stream Avatars Setup


    • 3.

      Custom Stream Avatars


    • 4.

      Stream Avatars Custom Background


    • 5.

      Stream Avatars Currency And Shop


    • 6.

      Stream Avatars Battle Royale


    • 7.

      Stream Avatars Nametag


    • 8.

      Stream avatars Shoutout Command


    • 9.

      Stream Avatars Commands


    • 10.

      Course Project


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About This Class

How To Setup Stream Avatars For Your Stream. This lets your viewers be little avatars running around on your stream.

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Twitch Streaming Specialist


Hello I am Trui. My goal is to help you become the best streamer you can be! Therefore I will publish lot's of classes about Twitch streaming and all the tools that can help improve your stream. Are you a Twitch streamer or do you want to become one? Make sure to follow me, so you won't miss out on any of my future classes!

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1. Stream Avatars Introduction: Welcome to my course on stream avatars. In this course we're gonna go over on how to build up the program stream avatars for your Twitch or YouTube stream. We're going to go over how to get the switchover doors to work, but also set up custom backgrounds, mini games, Eggleston avatars. I don't want to waste any of your time. So let's jump into the course right away. 2. Stream Avatars Setup: I'm going to show you how you can set upstream avatars. What we need to do is we go to C and robust avatars. It's not that expensive. And we started up. Then you will see a lot of general settings here which can be really intimidating when you start, well, we start with is viewer spawning. What is means is Boo gets an avatar in your stream. For me, that's people who follow, but you can set it on everybody who's watching, subscribers or people that you have whitelist it yourself. And then you can say they have to be in chat or do you have to be actively chatting? Then here we can see limit a few responses AT doesn't mean that there's only 80 characters allowed. Right now, you can set this up something else. Keep in mind that if you put this number really high, you proceed might have trouble running it, or you will see so many avatars that you can't actually see them anymore. The viewer sees pound after three hundredths. This is the time it takes for this bond if they're not followers in your chat anymore. This is the avatars Enable Profile. This means that the evidence that you've grouped, which group do you want to display? So we can say, oh, but you can also make a group for different reasons. Like if you play a different game, like Overwatch, you can have an Overwatch avatar group. If you want Overwatch avatars. I do have some free ones on the scene workshop. I'll leave a link in the video through them if you want them. Here, we have Windows settings. You want to make sure that you keep this on the 1920s times 1080. This is a resolution your OBS Canvas is in. You want to block the resolution because if otherwise, if you move this like this, the resolution would chains. But now it looks back to ten ADP. If you do not do this, basically what happens is that the source OBS gets modified as well and it wouldn't fit on your screen anymore. You can make it full screen, but I would not recommend that as you don't want us to be the main thing, you haven't gone, your screen skill, you high resolution, I would definitely leave these off. Height mouse will minimize, you can do that. So people don't see your mouse when you go over this. And then we have connect on startup. What this means is the program will start when you start UPC. So if you stream a lot, this might be a good option. Otherwise, just keep in mind that to start to district FDR's, otherwise they won't be on your screen. There's a little more settings here like Avatar settings and events settings. I would wish that things are basically for things like chat, chatting. If they pop up messages, pinned, avatars, bombs, **** sounds, hugs, actions, dense actions, or lack of, then events are for four events. We have donation events, subscriber events here that we have data settings. We can basically say it needs to Cloud Save so you can open it on a different PC as well in the days before a backup. And these are all has to do with the program itself. Fewer extension panel. If people have this fewer extension on, this is what they see and you can customize all the lines as well. Now we go to login details. This is the important part. What she wants to do is you want to select your streaming platform. For me, that's traditional TV. You can also allow multiple platforms if you do multi streaming, that we have channel o off, but we need to do is really to look in platform login, click on this and log in with our twitch and authenticate cream avatars, then we login with our body count. If you do not have a bot account, login with your normal account. If you do not know how to make a body count, what you do is you basically make a new Twitch account and color, for example, tree bark for me. And then you're looking at with debt account. Then we have checkouts, rotations, and we can test them here and we can see that they become green. And our tacit, this is basically how you connect the stream FOR a two-year twitch. Keep in mind that if you have this non connect, if you haven't clicked on Connect is no connecting to your switch and you won't see the avatars. To make sure that it connects, we click on Connect. And we basically see this, the avatar spawn and it actually connected. And we can see that there is two people in my chat right now, me and two other people that are in my chat hanging out to know why, but we can disconnect here as well. This is where we can select a custom backgrounds. We can do some quick cool oxygens here as well. I'm going to disconnect just to show you a couple more things. Both commands, mini games. Those are all things that we're gonna go over in different videos that we have, the Steam Workshop here. This is where you can download avatars. So for example, the Overwatch ones. Here we go, these are my Overwatch ones. We got the Overwatch pixel art characters from tree. That's me. By clicking on Download here, we can download them. You want to import. Here we go. Success. Now we should go to avatars and gears, and we should be able to see avatars here as well. So we have mercy here. We've got the hands over here. Let's see which one. Mcri which is Cassidy by now, but I've made them a while ago. But you can see that there's some Overwatch characters in here. Now that you can use. If everything goes right, you would see this immediately where it snaps to these frames. If it doesn't do that, make sure to put two by 32 and apply and skill by one, then it should be doing this what you're seeing here right now, and, uh, basically cuts the sprite. So it has frame by frame. Again, we have sounds here that we can add backgrounds. Okay, this is another important thing, but I'm not gonna go over this in this video because you can just use the custom background for now, save it name tags. And we can import and export things here for saving or a different PC or something like that. And we got shop as saying, this is basically some points that people can get it and making by average hours with them. Basically. We can also edit some users. We can blacklist some. So these are the people that don't get points and don't show up in my avatar us because I don't want, I don't want my buds to show off. That will be a little bit weird. If we want to delete an avatar like mercury here, we can just go here and click on Delete, wrote up here. Lead, okay, I should have only my Nintendo characters now, these are my own custom avatar. You want to make awesome advertisers. You can do that yourself as well, or commission somebody to do that. So what we need to do to actually connect these avatars now is just click on Connect here and a spawn. And then we go to OPS. And if we click on a plus, we can add a game capture. Okay? Gulf Stream avatars. You choose a specific window. And here we choose the stream avatars and then allow transparency. That's really important if you don't do that, as you see, there is this gray box around it. But if we allow the transparency, the gray box disappears. And if we press Okay, we can see these are our avatars. We could make them smaller if you want to. But I would recommend just keeping it full screen because now it goes all over the bottom of our screen. This is how I've added my screen every two hours to my stream. 3. Custom Stream Avatars: You want to get your own custom avatars, not the ones from the workshop, but you were to apply the ones that you've made or that you have commissions. What we need to do is to open stream avatars. There we're gonna go to avatars and gears. Then here we see Open Data folder. This is the folder with all the sprites in it. We've got a folder called avatars, and this is where you need to drop your sprite. If you want to make your sprites. For click on one here you can see an example. One row is one animation. The first one will be the idle animation. The second one will be the walking animation, the sit animation, the stent up animation. At the jump animation, you can add more animations after it is. If you wanted to have a variety of other animations, make sure that you know the size of one of these sprites because we're going to need them later. Make sure it's a job you're PNG in here. And make sure to name the file, the name of the avatar you want it to have in-stream avatars dot PNG. For me, these characters, composer DC Luigi, because people are going to use that in the commands to become their avatar. So you need to make sure that these names do match, does not cold spray tote or something like that. Okay, and then we can just click this away. This price will automatically load in here. Right now we see Guzman extra, but let me just turn it off. So right now we can see that all these sprites have loaded in here. Bowser, Daisy, Luigi, Mario piece told, maybe it looks like this for you already because the program picks up the correct sizes, but it might not look like this for you. What you need to do is you need to put in the width and height of one sprite. So not the whole thing, but just one animation frame, width, height, and then click on Apply, then it will cut them up in pieces. You will see if you did it right, if it looks like mine, where every frame of the animation is in a different box like here. We can check them for everyone by clicking on the next one here, you will probably not see any of your scarce items here yet. But because I have as good Bob, we can immediately see the Khumbu in it, but you can just turn it off like that. We can scale it up like twice like this if you put it up four times and we can see that the Roomba becomes really small in comparison, but we just leave this on one and it becomes the size that you've drawn it in. We can allow gear here. These are all the gear patches we have put in. I will probably make a second video on how to get your own specific gear and how to set it up, bring your avatars. This video is going to be specifically for the averages alone. You can say which ones you want to be able to use on this character and save and exit. Then we can turn them off and on here, we can make sure that they move on not an appropriate speed because if the animation is too slow or too fast, if you want to match that with the speed that they're actually going at. If we click on the gear here, we can rename them. Because if you put the wrong name in this prize, you can rename them here. We can copy, paste and delete them. We can update the preview down here, create a tableau from them, remove a temp now, and we can sort them out as well. And then another thing that's good to realize is here. What we see is that the preview is one right now, if you make it bigger, we can see them a little bit bigger, but I'm gonna keep it at one. We're not going to focus on the gear now, so we're just going to focus on the frames. The first one, like I said, it's gonna be the other one so you do not have the chance I don't walk, sit, stand, and jump as long as you did that the right way, the way that I just said in that order, then you will be fine. Here. You can decide how fast these frames will actually play. So we have five frames, but FPS is nine. So there will be a little bit faster than just all these in 1 second. Play around with these, just connect, see outlooks, put them faster or less fast. That's the best way of actually seeing how fast you want this to be. Unless you are artists already taught you this animation is supposed to be nine FPS. Then just put in what the artist said, that was a good idea. We can preview the animation here. This is just an idle animation, so he's just winking. We can set it like on something else like fifth and then preview it. Now it goes extremely fast. Legacy, we're going to put it back on line so we can preview it like this too. But if you want to preview multiple characters at the same time, you can also connect walking. We can preview the walking animation. We can put the FPS, we can change that out. And what you can also do is you can add more sprites underneath. We haven't done that, but you've only done this basic ones. But if you add more sprites, you can also, for example, have a spread for hugging exclamation mark hug is a command in stream avatars that can be used. Call yours hug should be getting overwritten by the command that you made yourself. Same goes for attack, for the battery out. If you make an attack animation, you can have that underneath hue and attack as well. Another thing you could do, your avatar is a vCore them. How we do that, we're gonna go to editor. And now we can see, we can pick a color here for the first color. Pick the color from the head here. And we're gonna plus, so this is for scholar. Second color we're going to pick is white. Then we're going to pick the darker n. Then we're going to pick another color, which is the skin color. This Friday's have a white outline as you see here, but we don't want to change that really, but it's going to probably change because we're going to change the white on here. If you made it yourself for your artist, you can also ask for a sheet with all the colors that are used in your spray. So now we have all the colors that are used in Mario, just Mario's sprite has all these colors in it. We picked all the colors and we can change any of these colors to different color. Now, we're going to create new and call it Red Ventures the same because all these colors go to a different one. But this is already, he already has the red cap, so this is already read. Create new. This is gonna be purple. Now what we can do is we want Mario's it become a purple Mario. We're going to click on the red because we want to change the rat and we're going to change it to purple. And this one too, It's gonna be a darker purple. And that lets me see, let me make it bigger. We have a purple Mario. We can make a new one, Create New green. Again, we pick the rat and we're going to go to blue vector. And we're gonna go to blue if we don't do anything with this one, but only change the u here, the colors will look good. Legacy, if we start chasing this tune, the colors might look odd because you're not using the same saturation and brightness if you made a mistake. And we use this anyway and we don't like it. Well, we can do is we can always delete the green here and then make it again, Create New and create green. Continue. And we can do it again. Just click on here green, green. And now we have a green mario. You could do that with any of your sprites. And now we have purple, green, and red. None is also red. So if you click on none, we go back to read. However I like to do exclamation mark as well, to be one of the choices because it makes more clear for people that they can change back to red, but there are basically two different ones. We can also change any of these colors like you see here, to something else. But I would recommend keeping some colors the same. So you got it just tiny bits of the character changing from colors because it looks a lot better than when the skin is also changing and stuff like that. Then we can just exit the pellet editor. Then we have bought commands here on the left. If you go there, we have color selection right here. We can see that this is how you can set the colors. Command, word color, global cooling 0, user colon is zeros so people can choose it as much as they want. You can enable it to say something back, which is the output color choice list. This is going to be putting it out. It's kind of code. This is what it says when it feels. You can also say that they need to whisper your bot to be able to change it or get the outputs in whisper, whisper South wished DMZ basically. So how do we change the color now? Let me connect. I wanted to become Mario. So what I do is exclamation mark, avatar Mario, because that is how the sprite was cult. So that's how we change to Mario. And then what we're gonna do is we want to become purple. So what we do is x much more color, space purple. And now you see that the Mario has changed into a purple Mario, if you do X mark color, green, we become a green mario. Exclamation mark. Color receptors to normal Mario. We wanted to change to a different spot that we just made. For example, peach here, exclamation mark, avatar, Peach. Now we're peach. Like you see, this is just how simple it is to change editors. It's once every command that will tell people how to change the avatars, have it in your trich panels, or just tell people about it often so people know how to change their characters easily. If you want to use the colors as well, make sure to tell people that they need to do exclamation mark color, and then the corridor want to change the cells into the color name that they have to put into the command is related to the name that you gave them into core sections. So if you go back to avatars and gear and pellet editor, because these colors here, these are things that they have to type after color. So make sure that you give them the name of the car so people can find the right one easily. 4. Stream Avatars Custom Background: So you have stream avatars and you want to have your own custom backgrounds, those types, remember Doris? And then right here we see general. But there's also a tab called backgrounds. This is all we need to be because we're going to change the background. What you want to do is click on the Hamburger menu, click on Create New and caught something. I'm going to call it test now because this is just as Israel. It already exists. So I'm not alive to God says, I'm going to call it tutorial. As it is a desirable video. We select the one that we want to change, which has as its oreal, which automatically selects if we make a new one. And then here we want to edit it, like you see it is empty, there is no OPEX here. We want to create an object. Now we do have an object here, but there's nothing here yet. We need to select an image. We can do that by clicking here and selecting any of these images that are in here. So for example, I've got these birthday flexing here, got this little cloud in here. The grass is in here. If you click on here and you do not see all of these things, and you want to upload a custom one, click on this data for here. It will open a folder here and you can go to backgrounds. And then here you can add your background images. You can see that I've added in here as well. These were for cheap activates. This is my battery, I'll ship. We made a bridge here so we can have some information here and I need it from the cave itself. Got some clouds, grass. These are standard ones, but yeah, you can add your own ones like we did. And what you just do, your PNG in here. If we click on it and I go to properties, you can see the width here and the height. This is the width and height that I use for my background. But you can use something else. The standard backgrounds in here as well, the low address here. If you right-click and go to properties here, you'll be able to see what the dimensions are for dose. So I definitely recommend making them tells him 536 pixels wide because then it is screen filling when you use them. So we've put them here in the map and we've got them here now because we added new grass. So we're running, gotta put it down here. And maybe you want something more because we do not want just a single object. We're going to unmute you and those flags in here, birthday flags, there we go. So these are the birthday flags that transparence, but you don't see that right now. But like you see that underneath the grass now, we can make sure that we get that up the grass. So we have the Z index one. Notice above this one, because this is in Z index 0. The higher the number, the higher it is up and the layer. So you need to see them as like Layers, pages on top of each other. We're going to create a new object. And we can, for example, put some clouds in here too. Here we go. Now we have clouds, we had another Cloud if you want. We can also make them move. For example, if you do 50 for example. So yeah, that's how you make them move. If we add another OPEX and that's animated one. So for example, the battleship we had, there we go. I should see it appears as the whole spray, but what we can do is click on animated and we can set the width. I think it started through. No, it's not 32, I think 60 for them. It is way bigger tree. Normally you or you artists actually knows how big one of the sprites is. So you can actually feel the right one in. You also need to know how many frames it has. So this one does have 12345678 frames, but it also says that here already FPS is eight, which is good. We just need to figure out what the width is from the sprites. 112. There we go. Yeah, that's good. Now I just want to animate it because you put it on animated. So now what we wanna do is we want to save it. Now we're gonna go to connect. We need to wait until it connects. You will see your avatar's, you probably see the standard background here. What you want to do is go up here, click on 3D background for you that has something else like little Jurassic lose some or something like that. You find the background name that you just made it. We just made the tutorial. And we can see that the ship is actually moving because it's animated. The animation is running. We should be running into a lesser rate probably to make it look great. And we can see how fast this this cloud is going. The cloud is going insanely fast. So that is definitely something we need to adjust. As we can also see is that the avatars aren't in the grass, but they're on the ground. So we need to fix that too. Go do is go back to the backgrounds and select the one that we just made an edit in. The Cloud here needs to go a lot slower. So let's put it on ten. The ship needs to go a little bit to the left as well. Five, we just want it to move slowly. Now the avatars are walking right here at the bottom instead of undergrads or kind of like in the middle. When I wanna do is I want to move the avatars as well. So here it says red line grant loan. We can move down. We can see the line is as retype. It goes up to a 100. Now we can move these items again. Here we go, see the green and the red is where they walk on. So if we put this down now and we would save this, we can see that the avatars are walking way higher. In every avatars are working on the grass. I don't put them all the way up to grasp because I feel like they need to kinda walk integrals and all like all the pixels immediately. But this way they're walking inside the grass. We can also see that they go over the flagpole Now, which is a little bit annoying. Now I think of it, whereas the battleship go onto it has gone, I think you might have put it too high. So you have just been walking over here, which looks a bit odd. So what we can do is we can put this over the avatars. If you put us on 2020 is foreground. They say, we should be able to see them walk underneath it. Now the ship is going backwards. Well, you know how to fix that. You need to do minus five. Then if you want it to go left side, what I want to see is if these efforts, yeah, they go underneath the poll now. I mean, this does look all but they always walk here. So you won't see in the flag poles are in front of it right now. So that's how you put reflecting or anything before the avatars. And this is how you move avatars and put animated items in there as well. 5. Stream Avatars Currency And Shop: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can sell the currency and the shop in stream avatars. So we open through avatars that we go to shop editing. Here we're going to currency settings first. I want to start off with the currency setting because it makes sense to be able to get the currency before people can get something with their currency. I think here we can set our currency name. How do you want your current city we call, I'll leave it on gold, but you can set it on whatever you want. If elif dozens new evidence, it will just use this dream avatars currency. You can also link it to stream labs, two elements, stream labs local, which is streamed live chat bot and mix it up. Here we can always return to the pricing settings, which is the shop itself. So let's go back to the currency. So things show on extension, there was a stream avatars extension. If you have installed that people can see what they can buy with their currency in how much they got. If you click on this, people can see that enable exclamation mark currency command. This will be your twist shut. People can see how much currency they have by tapping exclamation mark currency. We can go over that command in a second as well. But if you want to excavate it, click on here somewhere owns all items. I would definitely recommend turning this off. Just make sure that you can set everything up as she wants to announce bid transactions. If people buy something in the store with beds, it will be announced in Chad amounts greater than 0. So basically, this says, if bids getting paid for items, we will show that in the chat, but only if it's more than 0 bits. So if you want only a 100 years or more to be displayed, you can set this on a 100, but I recommend just doing 0 because then everybody is paying bits is being shown in Chen. And this will be the message shown done user, this is a bit of code devil sent for the name of the person who did it. If I did this, we'll just say tree has unlocked the item in the shop that they have paid for with this amount of bits. So this is just enough paint for it. You can change this message as you want, but I do recommend keeping this bits of code in so you make sure that all the information is displayed in here. Income amount, this is how much they earn. Right now, I'm not using the currency on here because I already used all of different currencies and I don't want it to be confusing for people. So here you can say for everybody one, but if you're a four, you get two instead of 1. But if your subscriber, you got even for, if you're a subscriber, you don't get seven, but you get four. As a subscriber will only use recover amount, other incomes will not be edit. So you will not get any of these other ones. Like I just said, you get just for if you're following, you just got to if you're not following, you get one. And how often are we gonna get this the right now? We're getting it every 0 seconds. If you put one there, we get, every second we get points. My below. So maybe we should do like ten minutes, for example, 600 seconds. Then every ten minutes we get four points. If we are subscribed to, if you're forming. And one, if we're not following or subscribed, we're gonna return to depressing settings now. Now here you can see all the avatars that you using, all the colors that using 40 Center for Doris. If then here all the gear she set up the actions they can do. So if you said only standard actions, you will have set, dense, jump, hug, attack, ****, and move. Those are the actions and you will see them per character. Then here name tags that you have set up, sound alerts that you can let people trigger. All these steps basically work the same, but I'm just going to show what the avatars, because you can see these options are the same for every of these things. It just like different tab. So let's say this is our daisy avatar. And we want the daisy avatar to be able to be bought 400 coins. That means a 100 times ten minutes for people that don't follow. 50 times ten minutes for people that do 425 times, ten minutes from people that are subscribed, right? Because we said how much you're going to earn per ten minutes, right? Because they did the daisy ever charcoals ten gold, gold because that's how our currency is called. We can see that right here again, but we can also say they can buy it for bits. So they can buy it for 500 bits. They get this avatar. Nobody else gets it except for people that are paid five for the bits. We can also say they need to get. And then here we can also say it is, this one is only for people that follow. Subscribers that follow count. Mother Teresa follow count. But people that do not flow cannot use this. We can say subscribers and people that for somebody moves subscribe but no follows can use it. Somebody there for us but isn't subscribe can use it. Or we click on moderators. People that are moderators can use it. We can combine all these things. The end, they need to be all if you use or we can have one of these instances and then they can use it. So it doesn't matter if you complete all these things that we just fill in with N, you need to be all of the above to be able to use it. I wanted to be mine free. So I intake all of these if everything is on text and there are 0 cost of it, everybody can use these avatars unless you've set your general here to be on follower early or unsubscribe, or only those people who will sponsor only those people can use the avatars k. Let's go to the boss commands and aVF currency here. This is where we can set some more currency settings for the command. We can change the command name. For example, if you call it your currency gold, you can do smart goals to be the one instead of currency. We can enable the commands here as well. And it will output wishes, these outputs. Now Ds work restrictions. Only me, the Castro to streamer can do it. Everybody that's bought can use the command. Everybody that subscriber can use command substance follows, or everybody can check their currency. If people can use input and chat, don't put it in any of these texts. But if you want people to whisper your bulb, you can put this in. If you want you both to whisper bag. You can put this in. This is cool down, CD is cooled down. You can say that everybody in a check only use it once per five-minutes, for example. We can also say a user, I don't want to use it to spend everything. So user can only do it once to ten minutes. Here we have the same pieces of code again as before. And we can change the sentence, but make sure it's not change the bits of code as they sent for a number or a name or something that you need in the command, you can customize all these. They also have gift commands here, again, we can restricted, these settings are the same. We've got the user colon and the global cool down. If we can change all these outputs and we can set the input words. Now, it is gifts or gifts. Blue box, for example, we can receptively settings by clicking on Reset and it will be going back to the default settings. You want to keep this on both moderators or caster because we don't want people to be able to give free points out. We also have the shop commands here, which basically tells you what things you can buy. You can also have that in the extension on Twitch in your panels, the word that triggers it Exploration workshop at this moment, but you can do store or anything else. If you have another boat they uses shop already, you could choose it at the store. You can enable and disable it here, Mossad commands, whisper, output and input, same as before, global cool-down user to learn. And we can change all these sentences again. And people can buy things with this command by doing exploration workshop by and then the item they want to buy, either to care or the avatar or the name tech. If you want to make sure everybody loses their currency, well you can do is go to use an editor and click on Clear current secure. Everybody is currency back to 0. You can also reset everybody and their items back to default by clicking on Delete userData here, delete all but be careful if people paid bids team might become angry. 6. Stream Avatars Battle Royale: We're going to set up a custom vectorial in stream avatars. We go to stream avatars, assuming that you have set everything up here. We're gonna go to mini games and we're going to open the Battle Royale tab because that's the one that we're going to dive into today. If you use the shop function and use the currency function from stream avatars, you can have people when currency in the bed or yell when reward 0. You do not use the currency you can put as 0, and they don't want any currency if they win. However, if you want them to be able to buy avatars and gear with them, you can put this in a number depending on how much you made because of your avatars and your gear. Here we have plain height. This is something that you have to adjust yourself to whatever you think the plane is high enough. The best way of testing this is just doing the better way L and then see how hydroplane is lowering and hiring this and seeing how high you want it to fly a plane image. If we click on edit, we can see that I have this cool ship. It comes with a standard plane, but we can see tenses up through something cool that you made yourself. If you click on the image select here, we can select an image. I have put my ship in the backgrounds folder so I can find it back and it's compact with all the other stream FOR stuff. We click on our sprite. As you see, it automatically sees that the sprite is 1212. You made your own sprite. You probably know how big ones spread is, how many pixels wide and high. We can fill that in here. However, if we do not know that, what we need to do is we need to go to the folder, right-click on the image and go to properties. If we go into details here, we can see that the height is 128 pixels, the height of the sprite. It doesn't have multiple spreads, so this means that the height is 128. However, it's gonna be something that we have to calculate. It says 896 pixels or we need to do is I need to count the amount of shifts we see. Because these are all frames, 12345678, we do 896 divided by eight. And then if we're alright, it's gonna be a 112. So that's the number that we have to fill in, their width. Again, if you're the artist yourself, you might know the height and width of your head. If you're not, this is a way to find out. You can see the center of the picture here and we can set it somewhere else by doing the original x and original y. So if we set this on something else, it's gonna be higher. But as we see two sprays made right in the middle. So we just wanted to own 1.5. So despite is going to be in the middle. Here we have the FPS. We know that there were eight ships in the sprite. This is what we have to fill in. You can have more or less bright, but make sure that you fill in the appropriate one here. Again, if you go to the sprite, you can count how many you see the hatred or if you make a costumer yourself, make sure to draw one and draw the animated ones behind it. The program can cut these off and use them as frames themselves. You can't leave any pixels in between. So if the sprite is a 112 lung, make sure to put a 112. And then the 100th term means pixels should be the first one of the next bright. So we can see how the emission goals, if we click on this and we composite, we can also skip through every frame ourselves by clicking on here. And then we can save and exit. Okay, so that's the plain image. We got the med kit image. Okay. We can again select something here ourselves. Let me just select this cloud for a second. And now the cloud is going to be met kid, that means that while the better we all is going on, med kids will drop out of the air. Right now. It's going to read this cloud, which is kinda funny. Again. You can set them to same as you said, the ship, we can add a sound to it. We can say alluded reward here by creating a new one. Give it a name, currency reward, reward per player, and allow repeated rewards so we can set them right here. So I'm sitting on a none because I'm using any of the currency or anything like that. Layout positioning. This is the flooring, so you don't want them to go out of bounds. So we get this all set up. Good thing to know is that we can go to the bolt commands here, and then we can actually settled the commands here as well. Just scroll down, we see better L'Oreal. So these are some extra options for the Battle Royale that you might have not found yet. So this is the command name exclamation mark battery out there, but you can also set it on exclamation mark Royale if you removed a battle here or any other command, enable it. So it's on now. Click on this, it's off now. We can also put the input in whispers. And the output is saying that it starts playing and that we can also do into Whispers if you want to. Restrictions, but moderators. So now boths and moderators can put this on. You can also set on subscribers or followers or let anybody turn the battery else on. You can see the commands and it gives answers. We can see that the battery l starting and we can actually set the stack so to better yellow starting. We can make row gathering know to go and lift venture. And this person has won the battery out. We can also make this and this person has defeated them all. Same here, if it feels the ballerina has ended abruptly, we can also say the Battle Royale got a big error. Not enough after she started by L'Oreal. None of people came together to celebrate this glorious moment. You can write in whatever you want here. Input words cancels, so we can cancel the better route if you want to. These are commands that you can use. We can also add a global cool down for the boreal, which means that this amount of time, nobody is actually going to be able to trigger a new battery L, but you can also set up per person, so no one person can a battery l for a certain amount of time. I've got them on malaria. It is only so I don't really care about these right now. Okay, so if we connect, we will see that avatar started appearing. So we've got some, every tarsier know much because I'm not streaming. So there's not that many people in the chat, but we can do exclamation mark battle royale. Let's go and then we should see the shift coming. Jobs just two people because that's the ship we made and they're going to walk and they're going to attack each other. People can't really influence what they're doing is just orangey. I hope that there's gonna be met can falling because that's going to be joining the Cloud right now. Which is gonna be really funny. Oh yeah, there it goes. That's a cloud. That's a method. There's another Medicare medicaid, but obviously that will heal them. Oh my God. Where am I going to know? Turnaround on that. So this person one the battery out and they got filled up and they're happy about it because I've lost Let's say there's a you're like, wait a second. I made a mistake. I don't want giant clothes falling out of the air. We're going back to mini games and we can go to the image. And if you click on the X here, we will remove it and it becomes default one. Again, if you're not happy with the spreadsheet chosen, you can remove them like that. 7. Stream Avatars Nametag: In this stream, every dark tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can make custom name tags. So we said upstream avatars and we go to the Name tab here on the left. Here you can see which texture already made. For me. I've already got tree made. So we're going to make a new one. We click on this menu here, and we're going to create new. I'm just going to call it material because it's just for tutorial and continue. So here we have a new name tag. We can see how it looks like here. You can type anything you want in here to see how it looks like. But for me, it's tricky because that's my name and that's how my name tag for look like. So we can set a font that this is going to be displaying in here. To any of these that you've seen here. Let's do this one for now. But it's tiny, right? So we're going to make it a little bit bigger, so it's easier to read. Make sure that you see these green lines if you exceed a green lines in my cutoff, we can also make it a little bit wider or less wide. If we make it like mine instead, you can barely see it, so make sure that it's visible. So here we have font outline. If we turn it off, we will see that there's no black border. I recommend having an outlet or reason for this is if something white will be appearing behind this, you cannot see the texts, but because it has a black outline, you can still see it. However, if there's some black behind it, you don't see the outline, but you still see the texts that we have a softness here, which is the softness of the outline. We can also offset the outline to more have a shadow than being outlined. So if you wanted a drop shadow instead, you can offset it. And same with the y, we can do it bottom and top here. We can also reverse the texts. If you mirror your source, that's a good early. Otherwise don't click on it. Then we have padding y and x. Let's just try putting in something here. What we see is this thing here. This blue is going to be all big. If you put it on 0 is just around the letters. This means that the letters will appear in here. If you make it super big, it's going to have a super big hit box, offset X, Y. Let's try out what are those now, if put down, it's going to be all the way up here. So this is gonna be hit box. You don't want that. So we're just going to leave the offset for both x and y and the pending for x and y and 0 center, we want to send it to BD center, right? You could have the center of the eye, for example, if we won, the center is going to be all the way down here. But I would recommend not messing with these things and just keep them the same. The center is the same and the hip walks will be the same. You can test it out with a longer name error. You can see how that looks like as well. Okay, What if you want to change the color while we see this wide up here, if we click on it, you could choose to you here and we can set a color like for example purple, that's more pink, but that's fine. Set color. We can also change the outline to, for example, white. Now it's a white outline or we can make it right and it will look super ugly. So let's make it. Okay. We can even add an image here. Title from the image is gonna be being named tag, big name tag. Now we're going to select the image. We can select anything out of the background layer, so make sure to drop it in the background layer. If you don't know where it is here on top, you can open the Data folder and it will open a folder and we can go to backgrounds and drop it in here. We're going to select an image. You can select any of these. I'm just going to select this cloud to show you guys. The public Cloud has appeared behind it right now. We can off-center it to be in front of it, for example, I don't know how much that will be. This is the y 0. So y minus a 100, maybe a little bit more minus hi there turning. Now it is in front of it, in front of the longer name, there is this little icon which is the Cloud. You could have whatever you want to have your logo in front of it or behind it, then we can do an attorney. Now it's behind it. We can also give the image a tint. And we can basically use shifted to a different car. So if we had the name on Pinky's, we can also make the cloud canopy pink like this. And I said color, now we have a pink luck with it. It's basically you're shifting. So if you make the image yourself, just make it in the correct colors. I would say you can always color pick as well with this color picker and click on actual lists and you can have the exact same color. You can also set the RGB values here or the hex code here. You can also do that with the name tech itself is a mass and we can also Club to mask. We can add multiple images. This means that if we have multiple images selected, we can go up and down in the layers. For this to be higher or lower downside of adding these images behind or in front. It's like if you have a shorter name like here tree, it will be far away from the name. Then you might want like 50, for example, to make it fit, can mess with how the image actually looks like. If you click on Single here and clicking on repeat or slices, for example, repeat, we can also make the picture bigger. Which might help if you have a really small picture or we can make it smaller. If you want smaller. We can also do that at a nine slides. We can all scalars here, I would say mess around with the settings and see if it looks good on your picture. Gave me save. And now we can click back on here and edit. We can see that this cloud has been added to the name text. We can, for example, another Cloud for the other side by adding other image. Or we can edit this one or delete this one if you want to. We're going to save and exit. And now we have this name tag tutorial, which we can always edit here, duplicate here, delete here, and then there's some more settings about named texts right here. Okay? Height, stack height. There is this line, and this line is on five right now, if the name tech stack, because multiple people send all the same spot and they go over this line, they will not be visible until people are going to walk away. And then the name tech will drop back down. If you don't turn this on or you would have the stack height on super high. Older name tags might go up and might eventually end up in front of your face, fade out or hide. If you're not going to see them anymore, they're going to fade out instead of instantly cut away. In activities. This means that if people are not active in your chat, they will hide a name tag inactivity timeout. If they're not active for this amount of time, that will mean that they're inactive, collides with avatars, coalition with avatars display behind avatars instead of above. So instead of above them, it will be behind the Avatar itself. If you take this on maximum length, if people have really long Williams, my fill up the screen so you can maximize the amount of characters here that they can use in it. Okay, Well, we wanna do now is say Woo can actually use this name tag. We're gonna go to the shop editor here and we're gonna go to name tags. As you see, I have molten salt named only for moderators and subscribers, in which you can do is you can set a name tag for people to pay points, the currency firms stream avatars to get it. You can have people pay bits for it. You can also allow only for us to have it, only subscribers to have it. Or moderators can also allow followers or subscribers and moderators. You can make an accommodation from this. So you can say, for example, it costs a 100 and then needs to be a follower, goes hundreds, there needs to be a follower, Aetna subscriber if you want people to be able to pay 100 coins for it or be subscribed. We can click on here and it changes into or, and I was this word is spoken do it with 100 coins, but also if their subscriber, they don't have to pay 200 coins. Now if you want to delete this, again, go to name tags and then just click on here and delete that. Delete. That. If we connect here, we can see how our name texts will look like. There we go, we see the name tech for general I've made and this is the name tag I have. So that one is red and this one is white, which is the one for everybody else. I also have a subscriber, one that's blue, but there's nobody in here subscribe right now and isn't me. So therefore, we can show that one yet. But you can basically make a subscriber one, a moderator, one, maybe a four or one, or just done for one for everybody who isn't in there. You can change those corners around. You can change the fonts round size of them, and stuff like that. So you can be really creative with them. 8. Stream avatars Shoutout Command: Did you know you can make a shout out with stream avatars. It's actually pretty simple. So how does it look like? We will see that if I shout out rock Sass here, Roxanne is gonna be big and become, shout it out, right? It will become like filling for the screen and they're gonna be small again. We can do that by just typing exclamation mark. So and then the name of the person we want to shout out. Keep in mind that there needs to be an avatar on the screen. How do we set this up? We're gonna go here two commands. Both commands. And we're going to scroll down until you see shout out, highlight avatar command or a shout out. We can also do as well. That works as well. Then we can enable and disable of here. We can also enable an output or disable an output. This will be in the chat. Then here we can say, we can use this command. Everybody can show it. Everybody else. Only followers or subscribers. Subscribers, only people that are above or only be Kester itself. I do recommend sitting on board moderator. This is because then your bolts and moderators can do shout-outs. And it's especially helpful if people in your chat that I'm what a writer can help you with the shadows, especially if they're doing shows another polymer already. This also triggers automatically if they use a shout out command, we can do the whisper and I do not recommend this because usually people do shadows in chat. And if you're moderators are going to do to shout an inch and it needs to be reacting on it to whisper and output, you could give a confirmation in the output instead of in the chat. Here we have a cool down. You can set a global cool down or ten minutes, for example, and make sure that nobody can use this command and spend it. However, I would not recommend setting a club called User colon for this command. The reason for it is because it's a moderator only command, I would recommend it. That means that it doesn't really matter. You trust your moderators to use the commencement needed. So we do not need a color. Let's say there's two rays coming in real fast after each other. And you want to shout out to people, it's nice if you moderators can do that and don't have to wait a look, cool down. Normally I would say for coolant on commands because people might spend it, but you trust these people not to show it anyway, here we have input words. It says, SO this means that this is a second way of doing this. So we have shout-out or SO, like I said before, you can also do exclamation mark as O instead of exclamation mark, Shout out, I recommend doing it like this because that's a lot shorter and it's easier to jive real quick when somebody calls, they would array if people that rate you are not appearing in your stream avatars. We can go to general and we can see here bookends pump only forwards. This means that if the person is not in there, they're not following you. If you have it on everybody, everybody that's watching comes in and they will always bond. If you have subscribers only, only the people that are subscribed will be in your chat and we'll be in Avatar. We can also weightless people instead and manually write them down in the waitlist user editors here we have the list and we can manually add people and username in the waitlist so you could add people like that as well. 9. Stream Avatars Commands: In this video, I'm going to show you what the commands are that you definitely need to know in stream avatars are upstream avatars and go to boss commands. The first command is the commandlets document. You always need to find all the commands you see come out words here. You can always change these, but every other commands to something you want, you can make it a command or blueberries if you want to, but depth will be hard to remember. I would say you can enable and disable it right here. Now let's enable, enable the output as well. So it talks back. Otherwise you still don't know which commands are. Then you can set the command for everybody, people that follow or our subscribers, people that are subscribers, just moderators or you as the streamer itself. This is a global cool down. How often can this can be used in chat user cooler? How often can this user uses in chat that we have? Whisper improved. This is if you want to trigger it a command, you have to DM whisper, whisper output. The bot will whisper you back. If you do any of these that will happen. And you can change the output here, make sure that you never changed these pieces of code because that's kinda like the point of the command. You can make something else from this, whatever you want. I don't think you want something else but are lost commands. And then you see the commands, for example, a gap. Another important one is the help command. Obviously, if you don't know how it works, you need to be able to type exclamation mark help here. So make sure that that one's on to select whichever tool you want to be. We've got that here is just exclamation mark, always the command word, exclamation mark in front of it. So exclamation mark avatars. You can see the choice of the avatar and then the list does in disagreement with the editor where it's like x, make sure Mark avatar space and then the name of the character, and then you get that avatar. You can change these outputs again for every of the commands, you can change this output. Make sure to not change the code. Same with the gear. Here is just exclamation mark gear space, the name of the gear. And these are decrements, this kinda versus same in every command with the name tech as well. Excavation work named deck space enabled the names, for example, months, poorer selection. This is if you do re-coloring than actions here, we got left, right move, jumps it. Stent, attack dense for and hug. So if you do exclamation mark, hug, exclamation mark for x. 10. Course Project: For the course project, I want you to set up stream outdoors. Make your own sprites if you want to, or just some out of the workshop. I wish to make a screenshot of how you stream avatars to sit up, make sure to share it in the course projects for others to see if you haven't done so yet, make sure to leave a review for this course.