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Setup Nightbot For Your Twitch Stream

teacher avatar Trui, Twitch Streaming Specialist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Nightbot Course Explaination


    • 2.

      Nightbot Tutorials Intro


    • 3.

      Nightbot Timer Tutorial


    • 4.

      Nightbot Subscriber Count Command tutorial


    • 5.

      Nightbot Followage command Tuturial


    • 6.

      Nightbot Lurk Command


    • 7.

      Nightbot Blacklist Words


    • 8.

      Nightbot Uptime


    • 9.

      Nightbot Welcome Message


    • 10.

      Nightbot Donation Command


    • 11.

      Nightbot Add, Remove, Edit Commands Via Twitch Chat


    • 12.

      Nightbot Best Spam Protection Settings


    • 13.

      Nightbot Countdown Command


    • 14.

      Nightbot Countup Command


    • 15.

      Nightbot Dadjoke Command


    • 16.

      Nightbot Follow Count Command Skillshare


    • 17.

      Nightbot Change Game Command


    • 18.

      Nightbot Change Title Command


    • 19.

      Nightbot Giveaways


    • 20.

      Nightbot Giveaway Via Your Phone


    • 21.

      Nightbot Latest Follower


    • 22.

      Nightbot Latest YouTube Video


    • 23.

      Nightbot Twitch Stream Marker


    • 24.

      Nightbot Shoutout Command


    • 25.

      Nightbot Raid Command


    • 26.

      Nightbot Subscribe Command


    • 27.

      Nightbot Viewcount Command


    • 28.

      Nightbot Course Outro


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About This Class

Setup Nightbot as your Twitch chatbot. Go over everything you need to know in Nightbot to make a successful stream.


Followage command: $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=ymwd)

Uptime Command: $(urlfetch twitch/uptime/CHANNELNAME)

Dad Joke Command: $(urlfetch

Follow Count Command: $(urlfetch$(channel))

Latest Follower Command: $(urlfetch$(channel)&count=1)

Latest YouTube Video Command and Timer: $(urlfetch

Subscribe Command

Viewcount Command: $(urlfetch https://api.crunchprank. net/twitch/viewercount/CHANNEL)

Meet Your Teacher

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Twitch Streaming Specialist


Hello I am Trui. My goal is to help you become the best streamer you can be! Therefore I will publish lot's of classes about Twitch streaming and all the tools that can help improve your stream. Are you a Twitch streamer or do you want to become one? Make sure to follow me, so you won't miss out on any of my future classes!

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1. Nightbot Course Explaination: Hi, I'm tree and I'm known for making streamer support videos on YouTube. In this course, I'm going to teach you how to set up night board for your Twitch stream. This is a beginner course. So this means that you don't have to know anything about light bulb yet to set this up and I'm just gonna help you get through it. But he end of the course, you can set up a lot of commands you know how to protect yourself, but a span protection filter and much more. If you're a streamer, you want to set up a chat bot in your stream. This course is definitely for you. If you'd like to join more courses for streamers, make sure to follow me here on Skillshare for if I bring out new courses in the future. 2. Nightbot Tutorials Intro: In this video, I'm gonna tell you what night bulk can do and cannot do if you learn how to set up anything in a ball, I've read a whole playlist of how you can do everything when you login to know both. The first thing you see is that it keeps track of some stats. Then there's the first thing you can do, keep track of your sets. You can check them in your dashboard. You can also make chat commencement night board. You can, of course, someone's are default ones. Nicholson, once you can also make use of APIs, APIs, APIs, apiece. I don't know what the proper pronunciation is. You could also run giveaways in your chat. You can do that with letting people tend to command, but you can also just do that with people that are active in chat and just talking, or people who are just viewing the stream this way locus, when we'd also have a chance to win. There we can see the logs. In the logs, we can basically see wounds I brought in our chat. So somebody says something where we can find back when and what they typed. We can make people regulars. Which means that we can set certain rules for them. So maybe only regular skin use a command or only regulars are being excluded from the blacklist, then we have the song requests. Please do only use copyright-free music. There's some music of monster cannon there that's totally free that you can use in your stream. But do not use popular songs from the radio because they're gonna copyright strike you, might lose your channel from it. So please do not use those. Then they can also do spam protection, which is basically automatically modeling, which means that if somebody uses it off capitals or EMOs or people use bad words in your chat, the board can automatically banned or timeout them. Then it also has timers. This is very useful if you want, you're about to say something every so often. If you want to say, Hey, I'm doing a giveaway every ten minutes, then they both can do that for you. The last thing is that it also has integration with Discord and would mock see. If you want to learn how to do anything all night board, hoping with me in display list full of helpful tutorials for Nightbot. 3. Nightbot Timer Tutorial: In this video, I'm gonna show you how you can set up a timer in nipple. First thing we need to do is go to nearpod dot d v. Then click on Login. Login with Twitch. It's probably going to ask you to automatize something's just do that. You know, we're on the side of netball. If this is your first time here, click on the Join Channel button and it's upright. If it isn't, you will see the button part channel link. Click on that. You will delete the boat for retreat channel and we needed to be working. There we go. Now is hearing the left side, you see something called timers. If you click on that, we get to the timer section. Why would you want to set up a timer? Maybe you have some merchants or you want people to be reminded that they can follow you by saying, Hey, you can follow me or you can subscribe to my channel. Don't forget to use your church brown. There are tons of things you can say maybe you're doing a giveaway. You want to have people's attention on that. Dimer just makes sure that the boat is saying the thing that you want them to say every so often to do alzheimer, we need to click on Add. Then here we can name it. It doesn't matter what you name it, I would recommend you name it something that you recognize. For example, if we want people to be alerted on that, they can follow us. We're probably going to name this follow. Then we have the message here, which can be literally anything. But because we are going for a follow timer right now, I'm just going to fill in as if I will make a follow dimer message. Don't forget to follow. If you like. The content. Click on the education bill too, to know, to find. Whenever I go. It's a short message and the boat will say that every so often. Now we have the interval. This is the every so often that I've been talking about. How often do you want your ball to say something. It says here every 15 minutes is the default. We can make it every five minutes, but we can also make it every 60 minutes or somewhere in-between. Began to make a trillion and five are longer than 60, but I won't recommend is doing it between 1520 minutes. This way people that stay for our don't get spammed with it. They're probably see a tree or four times. If people just stay for ten minutes, there's a high tens. They still see the message right now we haven't on 15, This means the boat will post his message. Don't forget to follow if you like the content. Click on the notification bell to get notified when I go live. We needed to do that with a capital letter. So it is exact message will be posted by the bulb night board every 15 minutes in your chat. Well, there is one problem though. If there's nobody in your chat, if you're brand new to streaming and people aren't that chatty. If an bought will poses every 15 minutes, but nobody says something in-between. This comes over us really spammy and it's just a nice feeling for you if you've been talking and you're like, I see something that yet and it's the bottom. What would you recommend is go to chat lines. What it means is how many lines, how many people have to be spoken in your chat for this message to pop up. Right now it is two, which means that if I post two messages, 15 minutes have passed, the boat will post this message. If we set this higher or 40, this means that 40 messages or IAT push 40 messages or somebody else just combined in Jed needs to be posted 40 times N 15 minutes have to be passed for about two. Plays a message. You can make this two, minimum and max of a 100 lines. I would say go for about five. I think five is a sweet spot for it is. But just try and figure out what works for your channel. This is really dependent on how many people are chatting your channel and just how far you are in your growth process. Underneath here we have alias means that you wanted to call a certain commands. If you have made a command for exclamation, mark follow A1. Debt wants to pop up on a timer, then you put in here exclamation mark, follow. I will see you in the other Naipaul videos. 4. Nightbot Subscriber Count Command tutorial: In this video, we're gonna learn you hope you make a subscriber command in night mode. This means that you can check how many subscribers you have. We just did command. First thing we need to do is go to nearpod dot tv. Go to the right and click on login. Make sure to go through your own channel, go to the chat, a dipolar checkbox slash mod, night barn. We can go back to the night board site. Now on the left you see something called Commands. Click on that. I click on costume. Then other than talk bright, we can click on Add command. The first thing we want to do is give the command name. It can be exclamation mark sharp or exclamation mark sub count, whatever you prefer. This command can be literally anything you can do exclamation mark cows, and it will work. But it's better that you may get sharp subs or subq count just to be clear what your viewers and make it easy for people to find it there. We need to fill in the message. This is where the magic happens. What we need to do is type in this channel has dollar sign, open bracket, twitch space sub Gallup, close bracket, subscribers. You can change something's in this sentence by saying does general, it could be just tree or your town name has this amount of subscribers or you can say twitch ship account. People are subscribed to this channel. This here is a piece of code that stands for the number of subscribers, which means this will translate in the actual number. Then there's a user level. This means that you can set this to everybody can use this command. Only. Subscribers can use this command. All irregulars can use this command only FIPS, only moderators, or only you the ball cast yourself. Then there's a cool-down for it, which means that this command can be spammed. If you want people to not spam the command, I would recommend setting it on like a minute, which is 60 seconds, which means now this command can only be used once every minute. And aliens means that if you weren't this command soup county pop-up. Another reaction. For example, if you make an other one which has got exclamation mark shoves, you wouldn't know to lead to the same thing. You probably want this to be exclamation mark soap count in the other command, which means that it's basically generating the same command. What we're gonna do now is we're gonna go back to our channel. This is my DEJ channel by the way, and not my actual English genital. We go to the chat. Here type exclamation mark is surplus, cow. 5. Nightbot Followage command Tuturial: In this video, I'm going to explain you how you can set up a follow Eijkman with netball. What we need to start RED is go to Nearpod delta-V. Click on Login, login with your twitch. Then on the left side it says Command, click on it and then click on costume. We want to add a new command. So we need to click on Add command. Let me make the command follow age, exclamation mark, or exclamation mark. Follow, follow h. This is going to be the hard part we eat, right? You are following. For Business link, I will leave the link only thing, the description because it's pretty hard. Rather just write it. I guess I'm not going to save the link. I'm not going to say like I will just show it for a couple of seconds. Then the user level, we want that to stay on everybody. We want everybody to be able to use this command to check how long they've been following for the cool-down. This means that people can't spend his commands. So I recommend you said this about ten seconds. This way a lot of people can check what their follower edges, but it's not literally spending follow along. Then alias. We want to keep this empty because this means that it will just show a different command. So we can set exclamation mark donation, and then it will just instead show if you can donate instead of the actual follow age alerts. So we want to keep that empty and click on submit. We do now is we go to our own channel, going to my dev channel right now, and go to the chat. You want to do is type slash mod night bond and then enter on my channel is already bought, so I didn't have to worry about it. And then we can check it. Follow age. It will say you are following. Who tumors for not following because you cannot follow yourself. The other command is from student elements. This is the one we just set up the night bought one. 6. Nightbot Lurk Command: In this video, I'm gonna show you how to make alert command all night bone. What do you do first is go to nearpod dot v, click on Login, login with your twitch. Then we go to left side click increments and then costume. We add a command. Every call it exclamation mark clerk, the message needs to be something in the line of heaviness. Lurk. Have a nice lurk. If you wanted to be cheeky, You can do a capa behind it and it will display a Kappa email. Or we can also just keep having asthma work than usual level everybody because we want everybody to be able to use that command. Then the cool-down, we can set whatever what does means is that people can spend his commands. So if we said this intensity against every ten seconds, somebody is allowed to use this command and it will work. If people use it quicker than that. It will not give the response citizen whatever you think is good for your channel. Usually you want a little bit of a cool-down so people can spend, if they hadn't reacted yet or something like that, they don't spam it a second time. Then we have alias. We wanted to keep it empty. This means that if we put in something like exclamation mark follow age, that it's going to actually display the following message and not the message we have sent here. So just keep this empty. Then click on Submit. Now we'll go to our own channel. This is my DEJ channel. By the way, what we do is slash mod night, night, but I can tell you we've already modeled him, so we don't have to worry about that. But if you haven't yet do it, then type exclamation mark, work. Nice Look. You don't have to put two kappa in there. I just found out that the dots I put in for after the cap out, you just need to write kappa and not with the dots. I didn't know why I thought that that needed to be happening. 7. Nightbot Blacklist Words: In this video, I'm going to explain you how you can blacklist word on night ball. First thing we need to do is go to netball dot tv. Click on Login and login with your Twitch. If you need to enabled, you will see join channel. Click on that. If you're not using a ball and you've been here before, it will say par channel. Do not click on that. What we want to do now is go to our own channel and go to our chat. Type slash mod. Night BAD. Enter. For me, it's already marked, so I didn't have to worry about it, but make sure to do this step. But anyway, this is my Dutch, my normal English one. We're going back to nipple. Now, here on the left you see spam protection. Click on that one. Let me see blacklist words and phrases. You want to enable this, and then click on Options. Here's this blacklist and it says, this is the list of filtered words and phrases you wish to block. Enter one entry per line. You can use an asterix as it will if card character to dynamically filtered chat, for example, tests, tests, testing, test to Reno, etc. If there's a word that you want to not display in any capacity. Right now, the word test is in testing and intestine Reno because you see tests in here. If there's a word in there that you want to be blocked anyhow, in any capacity, use the Asterix. What do we want to be blacklist? There's tons of things we want to be black list. But obviously filtered words. Words. Maybe you address if your street name, your city, if you don't want to tell that, although your city, you might be relevant to others people's stories. So you want to be careful with that. Maybe your street name. I'm not gonna say pin backwards right now because I don't want you to see bad words. But you guys know what kind of words I'm talking about that you want to bet list. And then we have a check username. This means though we also checked usernames on these words. So if somebody has, for example, the word in their username, this filter will automatically also work on their username. Not only do the things they do in chat, if you don't take this, this will only apply on things in chat and not their usernames. Then here we have timeout length. This means that if somebody actually post one of the things that you have in your blacklist or have that in their name, they're gonna be timed out. This is the amount of time they're going to be timed out, six seconds as feminists, there's enough time for you or any of the most to block this person if they're really bad news, I would recommend making this something quite long. So you have the same due block them. You can always manually if it was a mistake, then we have exempt usual level. This means that this person of this rank doesn't have to be checked. So right now it says moderator. That means that any moderator can type these words, these bad words, and not be turned out. We can also say there's a whips, irregulars, subscribers. I wouldn't never set this on everybody because then this whole thing is useless. It would recommend just having a moderator and maybe even owner, because these are words that you just don't want to be selling your chat. And then we have silent, which means that if we click on his thing, we take this, that neighbor will not say, I just timed out somebody, but we'll just do it without saying it. It wouldn't flow your chat messages like timed out this person. And then here we have a message. We can let the ball say something like you set some backwards. You can see it in the corner. If you don't want to write anything, this will just be the default message or you can just leave it empty if you want. Me click on submit artworks. Just check if you enabled it. So if this has disabled, it is enabled. So that's how you blacklist words in newborn. 8. Nightbot Uptime: In this video, I'm going to explain how you can make it uptime command all night. But what we need to do first is go through NIH bode plots. If you click on Login, Logging with your twitch, if this is the first time for you looking in on my board, make sure to go through the top right and click on Join channel. If it's not, you will see pore channel. Do not click on this. There is click on commands on the left and costume command and make it exclamation mark up time. You've got to have to face this. I know it's difficult and it's going everything. So I'll leave it down in the description below. What we need to do now is you see this code and it says channel name here in caps lock. We need to delete that and type your name. For example, my name would be then the user level is everybody because we want everybody to be able to use this command. We need to set a cool down because we don't want people to spam it. So I would say about thirty-seconds. Earliest we leave that empty. If we put an alias here, it will just show a different command that this message we want to be here. So we want to submit this and I'll go to her channel. I'm going to my Dutch channel. I know that I typed in treasury, but that's okay. You can have an uptime command for a different channel or your own channel. What we want to do now is do slash mod night part. This will not deny bought and it makes it able to do stuff. Now, we can test the uptime commands, but having exploration of uptime, and it will say true ease of lime because I am not streaming. You also see most of the elements command, but this is the one we just made, the nipple one tree is, if you're not online, it will say true he his life. This amount of hours, those are simple. It is. 9. Nightbot Welcome Message: In this video, I'm gonna show you how can you use Naples to say hi to people that just come into your string? The first thing you want to do is go to nearpod dot tv. Click on Login. What we need to do now is go to commands and click on Custom. New commands. Command needs to be high. We type high. Then the messengers. Hello. Well a comb in. This can be literally ating wherever you want to say. When people say Hi, use level everybody. And the cool-down, I would make a cool-down like Teresa seconds. Otherwise the ball is going to go crazy and stemming the alias we want to be empty for now. So when somebody says high, the bolt will say Hello, welcome in right now, we submit that. We're gonna need to test this by going to our actual twitch profile. Go to her Twitch channel. This is my Dutch one, No, my main channel. Good to check. Then we need to first make sure that they're moderators. So type slash, mod, night, bold, they're already more than my channel so I don't have to worry about it. And then we test it by typing high and see if it responds. It does. Hello walkaway in. Now we go back to the night bulb and the decrement and say, Hey, because this is a common thing that people say as well, right when they come in. What we want to do now is give it an alias of high. Make this 30 seconds again. Submit it. Go back to our chair and they'll say, Hey, hello, welcome in. What we did now is I'm going back to the command. We said an alias high. So what it means is if somebody says, hey, they're going to do the command high, now it goes, Hey, we need to really commend high. We need to say Hello, welcome in. We're gonna other command which we can call hello. Again, usually level everybody. Acetylcholine about why you think is reasonable for me. I think thirty-seconds is reasonable. And an alias high, submit it. Now, when somebody says hey, hi or hello, it will say Hello, welcome in so we can test it again. I was saying hello, and it will say Hello, welcome in. You can make as many variations as you want on this one. Maybe HIO is why I say Hey often so we can make a hail. Again, just set this ONE, developed good on you want it and at high as the alias submitted. Now if somebody says, Hey yo, it will also count and I said, Hello, welcome in. What I think is best is that you look at your own channel and see what kind of things people say when they come in. What are the usual variations on a high people use? If you see people use something that you haven't gotten into your body yet, write it down and make another abs of that one to make it say, hello, welcome in. Again. This is basically easiest way to let the boss say hi to anybody who says hi, hey, hello or anything like that. But you need to make a variation for any of these, it's pretty quick to do is only a little bit cluttered in your command list. For those of you who are wondering if nibbled can recognize people that just joined the chat and haven't said anything. That's not possible, enabled cannot do that. I would also not recommend sitting heights of people that haven't said anything in your chat. This is the best way to let enabled say hi to people who want a high back, of course after night, but saying how you also want to say hi yourself because otherwise people would just leave. People are not satisfied with just a high from abroad. So make sure to actually give them attention after the Boston Hi. 10. Nightbot Donation Command: In this video, I'm gonna show you how you can make a donation command written iPod. First thing we want to do is go to your paper or making people. If you don't have one, you have to log in and click on Send and requests. This is gonna be a pain. I'm going to need to blur everything in this video here at the top you see requests click on that one and I usually get your people adopt me. Click again, create a people but me profile dot. Now, your name will be displayed here and then slash, truly true is already taken. Apparently with this method, people will see your real name, so be aware of that. You need to agree with the conditions and create one. Done. Note since you back to this page and now instead of great ones as share your paper, let me, if you click on that, you'll see people adopt nice luxury on Twitch. If you copy there, we can paste it later. What we need to do now is go to Nearpod and login. If you have not used Nipah before, it says join channel right here, click on that. You have used it before, It's a spar channel there, do not click on that. Then on the left we see commands. We can click on that and then custom commands and then adds commands, exclamation mark, donate. I can't write, don't need. That. Took a while. The message, donate to the channel and then paste your link. For me. This has bubbled up nice lush tree on Twitch for you. This can be a different link because you just made that in the paper. So make sure to paste that link right here. Donate to the channel. You can make this anything, give me a beer, spare a dime, help the stream. Anything, as long as you use the link in here, because this is where people can donate to or true user level anybody, because you want everybody to be able to donate. The cool-down. You wanted to set a little bit of a cool-down our recommend sitting around 30 seconds. If I can't get it all authority, it's 29 is fine. This way people cannot spend the Donate link, well will only be given you the link every once a 29 seconds now, do not fill in the alias. Alias has been for you to duplicate commands. We do not need that right now. So leave that open and then click on Submit. We're gonna go through a channel, which is my desk channel. Why I'm using my Dutch channel for the series, but I am and, and type slash modes night. But you want to make sure that it's a mode so it can do anything and it's not gonna be blocked by twitch or any other modes. Now what we can do is to exclamation mark donate. It will give us the link. For those of you who don't know yet, you could also do a true stream elements or stream labs I used from elements myself, which is a lot more safe than doing a true people itself. You can also have student alerts pop up on your stream, which stream elements. So I definitely recommend going for instead of the night but one. But if you really insist on using Nobel, this is how you do it. 11. Nightbot Add, Remove, Edit Commands Via Twitch Chat: I want to teach you how to edit or move twitch commands in the eyeball just via Twitch chat. This can be done by all moderators to make this work needs to go through NIH bought dot tv. Right here we need to click on Login. You can login with your switch and authorize it. Then here at the top right, I see pore channel. If you see per channel, double-click on it, but if you've seen joined shuttle, it will be green. Click on it until it says per channel, this should get nipple into your chat. You can also add a remote commands by going to commands, costume and an ETC commands here, We're gonna do it via chatbot. Then we need to go to our twist shed. If you haven't already make sure to make Night bought a moderator by doing slash mode. Night bought your twitch yet, like you see, I might or might not have tried some things already to just make sure that I worked. So what do you need to do to edit command is usually command deck commands. This command is F comb, so exclamation mark at comm without any spaces. And then we wanted to put a space here because we want to put the command name here that we want it to be named for me. We do exclamation more cows because cows are amazing and we want to make a cow command no space. We want to type something behind it. This is what we type behind it will be the response if people do exclamation mark cows. So for me it will be closer acute cow or Cun me to work because they're super cute. And then we press Enter. Now enabled real responds with your name. The command cows has been successfully added. It will be called differently if he didn't call it cows. Obviously, if we do exhibition where cows now actually responds with cows are cute because that's what we set up. Who were not happy with this and we wanted to be different. A set of cows or q, we want it to be cows are amazing. We can do exclamation mark, edit column space, exclamation mark cows because that's the command we want to actually edit the cows command. Cows are amazing. Exclamation mark and an Enter. And now night, but we'll say tree, the command cows has been edited. If you do cows now, it will say Kells are amazing. Instead of cows are queued, even though they're both, it will change. It's a peanut bell cows, but we're now if RealWear see cows anymore. I don't know why everybody wants to see cows, but we don't want to see cows anymore. Sorry. I guess not know cows anymore. What do we do then is we type exclamation mark del comb from the lead. Obviously, space exclamation mark cows because as the current we want to remove, then just enter it. Will say the command has been successfully removed. And if we do cows as command, boom, nothing will happen because the command has been removed. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. A true you do you want to forgive me please? But that's how simple it is to actually add and remove and edit commands when I bulges fire Chen. Oh yeah, I'm wondering to shoot, be able to do this. 12. Nightbot Best Spam Protection Settings: In this video, I'm gonna show you the best spam protection settings for night board for this music, O2 nibbled LTV login. Then on the left we go to spam protection. Here we see a lot of different options. Black dash, Schwartz, caps, emails, links, symbols, and repetitions to know which settings would be good for your night board, we need to know what happens on switch. For example, people like to rate and when they raid, they like to put a message in the chat. Some people do this in caps. Some people spend a lot of emails and some people say the same thing over and over just to get some high Pinochet going. This means that if we would actually bend people for modes, gaps, or repetitive sentences, we might be bending people that are just here to share love and hype. So what we want to do is make sure that the caps, ie modes, symbols, repetitions are not on, they need to be off. What needs to be on is blacklist words enable, links, enable. Now we're going to actually jump into these and set these, right. Let's start with blacklist words. Go to options. Here we can put words that we don't want to be used in our chat, like the M word, the seaward, and the rest of the alphabet. You actually know what I mean? We can type them here. An option is if you use this asterix behind the word, that everything would that word in-between is going to be timed out or anything like that you said in here as well. So for example, they do that with test here. If you do that test with asterisks, then testing, because it worked in testing, will also count as one of your blacklist words. Be careful with that. If you want to add more than one, just get some answers in-between. You can also check usernames on these dirty words by just clicking this on. You can whitelist some things if you'd like to talk about booties and you think the word booty is okay to say in your chat, you can type the word broody in here, then we have timeout length. If somebody actually uses one of your blacklist words, then they get timeout. And now it says 600, that's ten minutes. You're going to be timed out for ten minutes. You can set this lower if you want, or you can even make it higher if we wanted, but I will make it higher than feminists. We're just going to keep the limit over 50. Then exempt user-level. So now what it means that moderators can still use these words if you use very dirty words in here and you are not okay with them being used to keep them on owner. But if you do trust your moderators, you can also keep it on moderators. I would not recommend setting this lower because these words that you're going to put in here to blacklist are gonna be really dirty words anyway. And if you click the silent button, NAPL will not announce that they have timed out somebody, but they will be just denote for a while. I would recommend not clicking on this because you want people to actually see that this person does something wrong and that consequences are getting to them. And we can set a custom message like saying, don't use dirty words in my chat. Anything you want. It's just like a warning message and we can submit it for the links. We also click on Options here with the links. If that's on, people cannot post links in your chat. What I recommend is you whitelist some things that have a dot in between. For example, the name Diva from Overwatch, because some people want to write diva and the boat will think does a link and timed them out. I would also recommend that you put your own social media in here. If people saying slash tree and twitch, there will not be timed out because they're actually just promoting me. It would be weird to time them out. So I would recommend definitely putting your own social media and your own links in here. Besides that, you will walk into some other words on a census as people might use with a dot in it and just keep adding them in here as you find them out. Then again, we can set how long this person needs to be timed out for if they use a link. If you just want delinked to be deleted, you can set this on 1 second and then it will just remove the link and after a second ligand talk again. Here you can exempt people again for lenses might be something cool as you might want your subscribers to be able to post links anyway, because they wanted to share something fun. Usually trolls are not subscribing because their cost money. So if there's a troll that wants to post or dirty link usually denote subscribing to do that. And therefore, it's usually safe to keep this on subscribers. If you don't trust them at all, I keep it on moderators. And then again, we can warn people silently or we can time to Mao just in public and we can set our own message for that. And then if we submitted, we will be good to go. Don't forget to go to your own Twitch chat and type slash mark night bought to make it a moderator so it can do a lot more in your channel and you won't run into any problems. The only thing you need to make sure of is that nipple is actually on your channel. So if it's a spark channel, you're good. If it says joined channel, please click on it first. These are the best settings for the night, but spam protection, if you ask me. 13. Nightbot Countdown Command: In this video, we're going to teach you how to make a countdown commands with an iPod. What does account though command. For example, you want to show when your birthdays for me, 17th of November. And he went to count down until the moment, it's my birthday. We can make a countdown command for my birthday. Obviously, you can do this with any event you want. It doesn't matter which day it is. It will come down to this date. To get this to work, we need to go to nearpod dot tv. Login with your twitch. Make sure that you press Join button here at the top right. It says Read the type slash nearpod air chat. So we copy this or just type it in our twitch Shen, like uncheck. Go here and paste it. Now bulb was already a moderator for me. It doesn't matter if you do it twice, but don't forget to do it. Go back to nipple dashboard, click this away and gives her commands, costume at a command here. For me, I'm gonna make it birthday command, which comes onto my birthday. You can make it anything you want. So for me I'm gonna do exclamation mark BD as the command az, sense for birthday. And then for the message, we need to have this countdown timer. Let's say you want this amount of time to trees. We have the message that we want now and we want to at the time and everything, the caldera itself before it is right. What we need to do to get the countdown is no, which date we want for me? 17th of November because then it's going to be my birthday. What we want to do is make a dollar sign, open bracket, and type of count down. For me. It will be November 172021. I wanted to be right at midnight, so I'm gonna do 12 Suo 0 zeros, 0 AM. Central European Time close bracket. We got to use a level for me. I want everybody to be able to check it. So I'll leave this on everyone. Cool-down. I will recommend you do a little bit of a cool-down. It doesn't have to be precise, but sort of people can spend it ileus. We just need a PPI because we don't want a second version of this command and we're gonna submit it. Now we can go to our Twitch chat and type exclamation mark BD, or for you, something else, depending on what you're said to be the command, it says nine months, 30 days, a tree hours, 44 minutes and 53 seconds, two trees birthday. This is how much time until my birthday is going to happen, selling off. You can't use a language as it will say, minutes, days and everything in English, but you can change everything around it. So to trace birthday can be anything. Maybe you make an account on to Christmas or just an events stream you gonna do. 14. Nightbot Countup Command: The US and off account up command with night board where you can see how long you've been streaming for it. We're going to go with this command. You can show how long you've been swimming for or you can count up from something else. Here, these are literally endless. So let's go to night, but RTP and login with our twitch, make sure you click on Join channel here. If it's a spar channel, you do not have to click on it, go to your twitch and type slash mol. Nightfall. If you have done this already, don't worry, you can do it twice and it wouldn't have any effect. But if you haven't done it yet, you should definitely do it. Go back to nipple commands, costume and edit command. We can name it whatever we want, but I wouldn't name it after what you're counting up from starch stream. This is the day that I started streaming message, dollar sign, open bracket, count up, up. I can type It's alright. April 24th, 2017. I didn't know what time it was. It was probably like APM, so I'm going to guess it's was APM because I usually start at APM. Apm, pm, Central European Time, close bracket. I forgot the space here. There we go. I started, started to start to look for first stream. I would just leave the user level, everybody unless you wanted us to be mod only or subscriber only command, which I don't really see the purpose of cool-down. Just sit a little bit of a cool-down just so people can spend it because stemming is annoying. We don't have to fill in the alias as we don't want to make a second command with the same response and click on Submit. Now we're gonna go back to her Twitch stream. And as it starts stream, whoops, I didn't century European summertime deny. I did Central European summertime, it needs to be century european time instead of center European summertime time zones are so confusing. Stored stream. Three years, eight months, 27 days, one hour, 24 minutes and two seconds ago. Truth notice, her first stream that's actually a long while ago, isn't it? I didn't know I've been swimming for quite a bit. Okay. What can I say? 15. Nightbot Dadjoke Command: In this video, I will show you how you can make netball, make dad jokes in your chat. The first thing we want to do is go to night photography and login. This could be what your Twitch or YouTube channel goods to the left side and click on commands and then custom. In the top right we see at Command, click on that. What we do is we call a command exclamation mark dad joke. Then the message, it's kind of complicated because it's an API became just want to cut and paste. Boom, you can also type it over, but I would recommend going down into the description and just copy it and then paste it in your user level. Everybody, for me, I like if everybody can make the dad jokes, but if you want only regulars or early subscribers are only your moderators to be able to do it. You need to change this to whatever you want it to be on. Then the cool-down, make sure to make it a little bit of a cool down because otherwise, your community, yeah, they might spend it. Elis by puberty be rude if I wouldn't put a colon on this alias, we're gonna keep that clear. If we wanted to make a second command, you can basically copy this command, but we don't have to copy this for now. So we will leave this as it is. I click on it. What we do now is we go to our channel. I'm gonna go to my Dutch general, and then we go to our chat. Now right here we do exclamation mark, March, night bond. This will make it a moderator. This means that it can now do a lot more than a normal user. And this makes sure that you might not run into trouble with your board posting links as the front yard, they won't get bad. There'll be awkward if you're on board against band. And then we can do exclamation, mark, dad, joke, boom. And then it will appear in a chat. It takes a little bit because it's an API and it needs to actually go to their servers to give you the response. But it will work. There you go. I went to the store to pick up eight cans of spread. When I got home, I realized I only picked 7-Up jokes, but they work. 16. Nightbot Follow Count Command Skillshare: Do you want to make it follow count command with an iPod? It's actually pretty simple to setup. Let me explain. First thing we want to do is go to nearpod dot tv and login with your twitch. Make sure to authorized Napalm. Now here at the top right, you see join channel or pore channel. If it's a spar channel, you have used Nipah before and you don't have to touch it. If it says join channel though, you have to click on it to make sure that nibbled actually joins your channel. That what we wanted to do is go to commands here and go to costume. Well, we need to do now is add a command right here and call it exclamation mark, follow count. No need to fill in a message. The message is quite complicated and they will leave them down below in the description. Go to answer the description and copy up. There we go. We have copied it. Now you see this channel here. We need to remove this and replace it with your own channel name for me, that's true. We've replaced your name in the link. This alone, we will result in the actual fuller account you have. So if we do actually from a full account right now, we'll just say a number. It wouldn't be that nice. We want something in front of it. Maybe a mth of followers. Just follow cow or something like that, but something that introduced the number, I would say now we have user level here. You can say everybody can use this command or we can only restrict it to subscribers, FIPS or moderators, maybe even only you, the owner. The cool-down, I would say set a little bit of a cool down, maybe 30 seconds or something like that. So people can't actually spend the command. Now an alias, we can just leave that PE. We don't want to make a second command that's called differently. So just leave that and then submit. Now we go to our channel. If you haven't already make sure that nipple is a moderator by doing slash mouth Nearpod. Nipple was already a moderator in my channel, but I did it anyway, just to show you, we want to test to command by doing exclamation mark, follow how enter among the followers, 6,670. This is how simple it is to make a fuller account command. 17. Nightbot Change Game Command: In this video, I'm gonna show you how you or your moles can change your game category, fire twist shed using night board. The first thing that you want to do is go to night photography and click on log in. You log in with your twitch or top right here from ESA sport channel. But if you have not done this yet, it says join channel, make sure to click on it. If it's a joint channel, if it says portional, double-click on it, then the second thing you want to do is you want to make sure that nipple is a new channel. Go to your own towards channel and go to chat, the name you Trish yet you write slash Naipaul, and press Enter. Now, I bought a moderator. So what you are you most need to do to change the game category is type exclamation mark game space in name of the category. So for example, now mine is on immortal phoenix rising. And if we do exclamation mark game space, just chatting. Nipa, we'll say game has been updated to just chatting and we see here just chatting. We can do this with everything. We can do games, but make sure that you type it correctly because otherwise the game title might be switched to something else that you don't want it to be on. You can always see if it went well or no in the response of nipple here it says just jetting. If it says a different game that you wanted to say, that it didn't go correctly. That's actually how simple is this? Is it. 18. Nightbot Change Title Command: In this video, I'm gonna teach you how you or your mouse can change your stream title, Fire Twitch chat using nearpod. First thing you want to do and make sure this has happened is go to dipole philosophy and click a look in login with your twitch. Then here at the top right you see Portugal for me, if it says join channel Makes you to click on it. If it's a spot channel, you're good to go already. There, we're going to her own Twitch channel. And here in the chat we type slash mode, night bond and press Enter. Now we made unipolar motor radius so we can actually change the title. Now if you want to change the title, what you do is type exclamation mark title, and then type the title you want to have. For me. I'm just gonna type tests, press enter, and now it has changed. The title. Title has been updated to test. Notice she entitled as test. If it goes through a creative dashboard here, we would also be able to see that the stream info changed to the stream titled tests. Though this worked easy-peasy. You and your moles can both do this. If you look at a user level of this command, it says everybody. This means that everybody can check the title, but only moderators and the broadcast itself can actually set the title. So don't worry if it says everybody. 19. Nightbot Giveaways: In this video, I'm gonna teach you Hudson giveaways in night bulb to setup a giveaway on night. But what we do is we go to night biodata CV, go to the top right and click on Login. Logging your torch or were you YouTube? Then what we want to make sure is that nibbled is on our channel. Do that by clicking on Join channel. What we need to do know is type slash night board in our chat. So what we can do is just copy this slash netball close. We can go to our chat, but just go into her profile for me to switch your TV slash tree for you to establish LD50 sledge your own name, and then click on Chat. And then right here in the bottom right, we just paste slash nearpod or type it or shelves and press the Enter key and it says that it will be granted. Or if you already done it, it says that it's already a moderator, but that's also fine. Let's go back to night bolt. Here on the left side we see something called giveaways. We click on that. This is our dashboard to settled giveaways. There are multiple ways of doing giveaways. But first, let's say Woo can enter your giveaway was allowed to enter. Here we have moths, regular subscribers, and users usually is just literally everybody. Subscribers are the people that subscribes to your Twitch, I believe for YouTube this is a members. Then here we have regulars. Regularly. She could set yourself. Those are people that what you often I just like to have my giveaway for everybody. So normally I take this on and then we have everybody being eligible for your giveaways. But if you want to do subscriber only one, you obviously want to take this off. Now it's a subscriber only giveaway. I'm just going to leave them all on. And then here we have the type of giveaway. What we can do is active users. Now if people start typing in the chat, this is our chat and people start typing in it. They will appear in here. This means that they will automatically be your giveaway. They will get this doll like you see here in front of the name in this list. And you will see, oh, this person is already in a giveaway. You can get people out of a giveaway by seeing the names here and doesn't for them, you can untick this dots and then they will be not Indigo way. We can also set one on keywords. So let's click on that. Now instead of just picking anybody who talks to your chat, you will only pick people that say, for example, if you do the word giveaway, never, can, never type but giveaway. So now somebody says the word giveaway, your chat. They will be in the giveaway. You can still manually get them out of the giveaway if you want to. Okay, so for this last one with the random number, random number between 0100, you can set these numbers to wherever you want. And I did go in with my account to make sure that this user is in. So people get in by just typing in the chat like they do by active user. Now, when I click on role in, we get the number 80. Now it says to give away has started to win entered a number between 0180 right now, if I go back to my other account and I typed 80, boom, I should get it right. It goes. That's the number winning number 80. I'm not sure why it's not picking up the AD because it says winning number 80. And if somebody would guess it, they would be able to win. And I didn't guess it obviously because I knew what the number was because I can see it. But it's not working. I'm not sure about how this works in white. I'm not sure why this is not working. If we go to one of these active user or the keywords, it doesn't really matter with the keyword. You only have this extra bar here with the keyword that you don't have any active user. Here at a keyword you can set subscriber luck. So right now if we put it all the way through the right, we can have subscribers have ten times more look, which basically means that their name is in the bowl ten times more than somebody without being a subscriber. We can also say that all the way to the left and then they just have as much work as other person. Regular. Look same dare. You assign people to be irregular. You can give them more lark like you do with the subscribers. And then at the end we have anti-spam this automatically there just because we don't want people to spend the whole time and just get in multiple times. It just people get in one's keyword is obviously the keyword that didn't need to type. If you go in for the keywords type of giveaway. For example, right now you've got the two button. You're going to see and if you roll it, one of them was gonna win. That's my, that's my account, my Duchy coulomb, and they won't know. And you will see that in the chat, and you will see it here in the dashboard as well if they're gonna type. So now we see a timer and you can say, oh, somebody needs to react and tree minutes. So for example, if we type now, we go back to our dashboard where you will see that retyped, Hey, within 15 seconds so you can see how long it took them to react on this as well. So we can see how fast you reacted. Four, if you want to tie her on this, That's it. That's how you set up a giveaway with Naipaul. 20. Nightbot Giveaway Via Your Phone: In this video, I'm gonna teach you how you can do giveaways via Twitch jets, where your phone, we need to open the internet browser and go to night bought Nazi v. Then here we login with our twitch and altruists. It, I'm apparently looked in my Dutch account. But that doesn't matter for now. Make sure that it's as par channel. If it says join chin or click on it. Now we need to go to our twitch shed where we need to type slash Mole Night board. We can either do that in the Twitch app or you can do that in a browser. And I'm going to open up as a browser. And I'm going to open his browser as a decimal website by just clicking on these dots and then on display a vessel upside, That's it, That's upside. Now we need to go to Chet. Here we typed slash mod night, but again, you can just do this in the episode roll if you're locked into the right account. Let me show you how you do is on PC because you can also set it up on PC and then you don't have to do it on BC anymore. It's a little bit faster. We go to Nearpod delta V, click on Login and click on Twitch authorize it. It's skipping those steps for me because I've already done it. Then we need to make sure that this spot channel, if it says joined General, click on it, go to our Twitter channel. And now we need to make unipolar moderator slash bold enter. This is basically what you just did on the phone as well. You don't have to do it twice, but just if you prefer doing this on a PC and you don't stream for a PC, but you have access to a PC anyway, you can do this to check if the command is working. I'm just gonna check that on PC because here I can switch accounts real quick. This is my Dutch Cow. This is tree. It's a lot easier because I got two browsers. Here. We're just going to type something like hello. Now we can see that comes in here and we can pick a winner now, winner exclamation mark winner, that will do the trick. And the winner is meaning tree would always be me because the other counsels or meat, but yeah, the winner is me. This is actually how easy it is to pick a winner out of if your chat, we're just your phone. Obviously exclamation mark winner, you can still do with your phone just in the switch happened. A good thing to know is that it picks an active cheddar for the last ten minutes. So those are the people that could win a giveaway. 21. Nightbot Latest Follower: Do you want to have a night book man that can take your latest follower or just find out what your latest follower is. I got your back for going back to night ball. Now we're going here to commands, costume and ethic command. You can call the command whatever you want. Latest follower, follower or tank you for the follow or anything you want. Like I said, doesn't really matter. As long as you know what it is. We're gonna do exclamation mark follower. That is really easy for me to remember and never go into the message if you want to thank somebody for the follow, what you can do is say tanx, tanx for the full flow. And then we paste this API, I believe this API description. So it will probably say dis. What we'll do is usually level everybody. If you have this, thank you for the follow. What you can do is sit in his own user level moderation. So you and your moderators can take somebody to follow the cool-down. This is, you can't spend it, but if you and your moderators are doing, it, doesn't really matter. Alias, we just want to leave that empty. We don't have to fill it in and we click on Submit. Now we have it in here. So we're gonna go back to twitch and type follower. Boom, thanks for a follow. Il-1 Mecca Bob. What you can also do is if we go back here, is instead of just thinking somebody for the following, we can say late tests follower is and then double dot if you do dad and was admitted and go back and read the follower. We basically get the same thing. Yellow Meg Bob, He's always followers. So debt does make sense. That's actually all you need to do to find out what your leaves. Flores written a book. 22. Nightbot Latest YouTube Video: You make YouTube videos I wanted to promote during your live stream. Well, you can have an iPod or we need to do is we go to Napal LTV and click on Login. Login with your twitch. There we go two commands, custom and as new command, you could call it video last video, lose video. What you want, I'm just gonna do it. Exclamation mark video at the moment. The message what she was do is open description of this video and copy the link, paste it in here, and then you will notice that it says YouTube ID care. You need to fill in your YouTube ID. This is because night board needs to know what your huge pecan has to be able to say what your legs video is. No way to find this out is to go to YouTube. Click on your icon and then click on Settings. Then here we go to Advanced Settings. Then I need to blur this out, but you guys see user ID, a TOP channel ID at the bottom. The one that you need is a channel ID. The bottom one, click on the Copy button, go back to Nearpod and paste it right here where it says YouTube ID and then submit it. I'm not gonna share a code to you guys because you might be able to get on my channel or something. Again, I don't want to be hacked. Now we have made this V0 commands. When you guys didn't see it. I will actually change it for my actual YouTube ID. And if you type exclamation mark video, then we will see twitch, pride, overlay, peg, OBS, slope, etcetera. And then we have the video here. What it does is it puts the title here and then it gets the video link in here and you can hover over it as well. So that's actually how easy it is to promote your YouTube video on your twitch. We can also do is you can also put it in a timer. So if you actually go to the timers instead and then at one we can hear putting the message, we can put in the link, Where do you treat body in here and then give it some name, it doesn't matter what. And then it will promote your video every single five-minutes, 15 minutes, whatever you choose it to be. I've set it up like that, so my latest video automatically gets promoted and I don't have to change what the latest view is every time because the API does that for me. 23. Nightbot Twitch Stream Marker: Do you want to find those awesome movements in your stream, Beck, when you start editing for social media like YouTube or TikTok, but you don't know how to make a stream marker. I'm going to explain how to mark your stream with night board so you can find these things back really easily. First thing I'm going to try and find a fault where I actually marked on things so you guys can see how it looks like when you mark something to go into your fault, you go to content and have a video producer, or he can immediately clicking your image and go to video producer from the main page here you can see my vaults and probably something funny happened to him, right? So we've got this fall, just me playing strategy fairly. And if I click on highlight here, you actually see a marker. Here. This marker doesn't have a name. It says it is marked by me tree. And at two hours and 23 minutes, we can actually click here now and we can see what is happening. So we do have this timestamp right now and we can clip settings by going to default and actually going through this time period. Or we can make a highlight. Just making a highlight like this, flicking here, clicking at the end. Alright, that's how you can find vacuoles markers, but we want to know how we can actually make them so we can easily find them back. So we're going to night ball delta-V, and we look in radar twitch. Now what we can do to make them marker is we can use a command called exclamation mark marker. If we do this, nipple is starting to make a marker industry. If you wanted to edit the description to this marker so you can know what the market was spelled. We can edit the description after the command. We do marker more, correct. Then test for example, if you press enter, it will make a marketing new stream. We can only do this when you're alive. So testing it well offline wouldn't result in anything if it doesn't work for you. One thing you need to make sure of is that you make napalm and moderator. 24. Nightbot Shoutout Command: In this video, I'm going to explain how you can get a shallow command on Blackboard. The first thing we want to do is go through neighbor Tartuffe, a login with your twitch. Those of you were wondering, this is a twitch command, not a huge shift command, sorry. On the left side you see something God commands click on them, and then click on costume. And the top right you can click on app command, click there. Then we make the command exclamation mark SO or exclamation mark shadow. But as always, a lot easier for you at your mouse because it just short. That is the message we can say, go check out. And then we use dollar sign open bracket to user close record and an twitch dot tv slash. And then the same thing. What does means is this is the user, you're shouting. Now it says Go checkout. For example, truly, at twitches V slash, truly, you want to set the user level on moderators because you do not want everybody to shout out everybody whenever they can, and then we can cool down. I don't worry about this too much. It can only be used by moderators and usable to address them anyway. And then alias, you wanted to leave that empty and then click on Submit. What we do now is we go to Tasha tv slash your own name. What we want to do now is just to command. So we shout out somebody's shout out me, for example. Whoops, I use it. One is the exclamation mark. There we go. Checkout tree at Twitch. Tuition fees. I'll show you. 25. Nightbot Raid Command: In this video, I'm gonna show you how to make a wraith command. There's two versions. One where you take somebody for the raid and one where you know that you're going to rate with direct message. I'll show both of them. But I'm gonna start with the one for tanking people for the first thing we want to do is go to Napa TV and click on Login here in the left commands, costume command. And then we're going to call it rate exclamation mark rate. What we can do is we can take somebody for a, this is the first version. We're gonna show what type, something like well comb in or writers. Thank you so much for the rain to user. This means that it's gonna be replaced with the actual name off the person we're ready to use. So for example, if I rate, you will say thank you so much for array tree, you can use one of your own the most here if you do so, Naipaul needs to be a support for your channel, but you can always use the general twitch emails. You can check them twice. Delta V is slash to user, that's gonna be the username. All right, I'll usually level, let's say for moderated only, you animals can do it. And we don't really need to cool down because it's only command and we trust our mouths right. Now we're going to submit this one. Always test it out. So we're gonna go to our channel and we're going to do exclamation mark, raid and treat. Now I rated somebody and it says, welcome in our readers. Thank you so much for the array, true. You can check them out at tuition tv slash tree, that's my link. So now it works. Make sure to do tree behind it because otherwise the board doesn't know. Just rating you. You can also do extra shrunk rates. Space actually will still work. It will still know that that's username. So you can do it with ADD or it out. Usually if somebody has a hard name to type, I usually use the advocates and Twitch out of filter rest of the word, which usually you have and you know it's the right one. Notice second version, we can see a preview of that right here. This is my rape message. So maybe you were searching for a command that shows a rape message. What we can do for that one, Let's delete this one for a second and just add a new one for this one, would you do exclamation mark rate again, if you just use exclamation mark rate for the motor command, make sure to name this one a little bit different because you can't have two of those increments with a different response. So here you see my chat. This is my rape message. What we can do is we can copy the right message. However, these MOs will not work for nipple because nipple is not a subscriber. You see it's a moderator, but it's not a subscriber, which means he can't use my IE mode if we try and do it anyway, this will be taxed. So it will be just truly love legacy in here, that's the name of the IE mode. We can however, use the standard twitchy modes again, like this heart one, for example, come join us for a raid. Spam. Graded you, for example, a desk. And everybody can use this command because then, you know, anymore It's in Nevada. Then we're gonna submit it going back to switch and we're going to write it again, exclamation mark raid. Come join us for the rate spam, reread it, you and people can just copy this and use it as well. Again, if you want to use your own images here, you can give nipple this up and then it will display. You can also copy them just like this. If you just copy this and paste this and night bulb business here and here. Now I submit this again. You will see that enabled does not display them. Here we go. I bought does not say them. You just see the text. If I copy this and I am a subscriber in a paces and I do enter, you actually see the nose. So it's not much of a problem as all the subscribers do actually show the emotion when they put it in chat. This is something you need to consider yourself. Are you going to go for option one? You give them a sub and he can use your e-mails option to just gonna use EMOs that everybody can use on Twitch or Option tree. You just going to put a text in and let people just copied anyway without them seeing it in the pot itself. 26. Nightbot Subscribe Command: In this video, I'm gonna teach you how you can make an exclamation mark subscribe command with an iPod. This way it will show link that people can subscribe to your Twitter. To make this command, the first thing we want to do is go to night button. Here on the left, we go to commands and then click on Custom, click on F commands and it's upright. Command, exclamation mark subscribe. You can also make an exclamation mark or anything you like. That is a message. We do. The stream. Question mark, subscribe, subscribe here. I cannot say, Why can't I ever type? Then we paste a link. So this link, I will leave them down below in the description, but it's pretty easy. Here is a switch of the visa sharps slash, and then this needs to be your username. So just replace this part, which I probably do like brackets username. So you guys know which bar to replace with your own Twitch name. So if you're called username, later, self-select username. If he called superhero, you do subs slash superhero. If you have underscores or numbers in your name, make sure to also include them in here. You're going to have this text being told different anything you want as long as you put this link in, because this is the link where people can click on and then they can go subscribe to you. Usually for everybody because we want everybody to be able to subscribe to our channel, then cool down. I usually get around thirty-seconds gland on these kind of things. Why can't I ever get it on 30? There we go. Just because then if two people do it at the same time, it doesn't get spammed twice and second person wouldn't see it any way as well. And an alias, we just leave that be we don't have to do anything with that for discriminant and we click on submit, then it will appear right here. And he wants to make sure that everything is right. So command message usually level, I typed it wrong subscribe, there we go. This is what we want, how guys? All type subscribe. And then it will say, Do you like the streams of carpet here with the link? If we click on this link, you'll see that this is my subscriber page. You can see 222 tree. You can see all the e-mails here, not 41 for some reason, but you can see him for 22 entry. You can give the subs here as well. This is just the subscriber page where you can go for checkout. That's a simple as it is and, you know, things aren't that hard if you just know how 27. Nightbot Viewcount Command: Do you want to command that shows how many viewers are watching your treatment the moment that's easy to do with Nearpod. So to get those command working with Legos in hypothesis, we need to click on Login, looking at your twitchy gal and make sure to authorize it. So now we go to commands here and click on costume. We edit command, call it few cone. You can also call it something else if you want to. But I like to keep things simple here in a message to paste this link, I believe a DM below in the description. So what she needs to do next is removed channel here and type your own channel name here. So for me that's tree. This link here is gonna be the exact number of people that are watching you. It's better weird to just have a number being response. Make something from it. Like for example, cures. Wu are watching doubled odd or viewers or view count or anything like that. Because otherwise it's just a plain number. Here. We can say we can use the command. For me, it's everybody because everybody can already see it if you count. So I don't think it's necessary to actually change it or we didn't moderate only your subscriber only command. But I would recommend setting a little bit of a cool down so people who can't spend it, just ignore the alias. This is just for if you want to set up multiple commands, but the same response, but we don't want that. So just leave repeat and click on Submit. Now we go to a channel. No, we do exclamation mark view count to see if it works. Fewer SHE we're watching trees of line. I'm not live, I'm not swimming right now. There is there a number? There's no people watching me, and it recognizes that there was nobody watching me. What I wanted to do is go test it with somebody who's actually live. So I'm going back here and edit the command, and I'm gonna replace his name is somebody whose life, my friend Waldo is life. So I'll just put while their friends here and then submit it again. Now if I do exclamation mark viewCount, it should actually result in a number. Apparently, well though right now has ten viewers. So it says viewers who are watching ten. You can do this with any channel lines. So you can basically make a command for another shell. So make this, while those fewer than ten or shrouds viewers this. Or you can just cheat and put somebody else there. That would be weird. But you can if you want to, I'm going to turn it back to tree because it will be a bit weird if it would just display, well those numbers. So now it's going to display mine again. 28. Nightbot Course Outro: Thank you so much for joining my course. All nipples. I hope you've enjoyed it. If you've any more questions, feel free to ask them into discussions underneath this course. And if you'd like these kind of courses, make sure to follow me here on Skillshare as well. So you don't miss any of the courses that I will bring out in the future. Don't forget to do the assignment. Make your own car rental nipples as you know how to do that right now, and don't forget to rate this course. So additional note if you liked it or not. I remember guys three smarter, not harder.