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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Twitch Intro


    • 2.

      Follow VS Subscribe


    • 3.

      Charity Streams


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    • 5.



    • 6.



    • 7.



    • 8.

      Twitch Raid


    • 9.

      What Twitch Panels Should I have


    • 10.

      Twitch Channel Points Tutorial


    • 11.

      Everything You Need To Know About Emotes On Twitch


    • 12.

      How To Save VODS


    • 13.

      Twitch Founder Badges


    • 14.

      How To Do A Charity Stream On Twitch


    • 15.



    • 16.

      Twitch Moderator View


    • 17.

      How To Change Your Twitch Name


    • 18.

      Who Is Following Me On Twitch?


    • 19.

      Pronouns in Twitch Chat


    • 20.

      Who Is Watching This Stream?


    • 21.

      When Did I Follow This Streamer


    • 22.

      Delete Clips On Twitch


    • 23.

      Twitch Automod


    • 24.

      Twitch Shared Ban Tutorial


    • 25.

      Twitch Artist Badges


    • 26.

      Music On Twitch


    • 27.

      Twitch Outro


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About This Class

We will go over different features on Twitch and we will explain how everything works. This makes it easier for you to stream on Twitch.

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Twitch Streaming Specialist


Hello I am Trui. My goal is to help you become the best streamer you can be! Therefore I will publish lot's of classes about Twitch streaming and all the tools that can help improve your stream. Are you a Twitch streamer or do you want to become one? Make sure to follow me, so you won't miss out on any of my future classes!

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1. Twitch Intro: Welcome to my course on how to set up twitch and how to use, which in this course we're going to learn how we can make clips, how we can use the creator dashboard and switch how we can pause them, twitch and much more. This is good for if you want to be a switch fewer and use a platform. But especially good for if you want to be Twitch streamer. Because if you don't know how the platform works, how can you make content for it? This course will not give you any tips on how to stream. But what I do is I go over all the things you can do on Twitch and how they work. I don't want any free time. So let's jump into the course right away. 2. Follow VS Subscribe: If you're new to swatch, it might be so confusing what a four isn't to judge whether subscribe isn't, which as is like so different on YouTube. So let's jump into twitch and see how it works. So this is a twitch homepage. And here we can see any of these dreamers here. So let's just click on a random one. I didn't know them, but then here we see this Follow button, MAC subscribe button. If we click on the follow-up and we're just going to follow them like on YouTube. They're going to be in our homepage more often. And we're going to see them here on the left where we can join us dream really easily. If forget to subscribe. As we click on that, we can see that costs money is not the same as subscribers on YouTube. Subscribing on Twitch is the same as membership on YouTube. This means you have to pay for it. You get some emails. So for this stream or to €14, they have unlocked. And these image you would get if you subscribe to them, you also get a batch in front of your name. So I should see here there's a chat going on. These are just people that are watching the stream right now. And you see this person here just came in and it has a two-year subscribing badge. You can see the patches that you can get here. There will be something right in front of your name. You can click on Show All and see how they all look like for a streamer, you also get extra channel points if they have channel points activated on my channel every viewing. So you don't get advertisements on this stream only if they activated only a streamer. You can just still type. And subscribers james, if they do that, most people don't really do that. And if we click on a different stream and now this one, you can see that I'm following. So if you click on it, we can all follow. And here we see we subscribed, so I have been subscribed to them before. Let me see. There is EvoS here. We can show them all their partner. So they have more emails. You can see that the pertinent here with a stick. And here we can see these are the bachelor's from shooting at you. And they have other branches. They will look different in chat as well, because the streamer consent how the Spanish will look like, and they have the same perks because this is just what Twitch offers natively into which itself, they might have more perks. If they have done things manually, for example, they might sit, you stick her, or they might give you access in a discord server or something like that. But this is not on Twitch spark, but the stream itself can do something extra for you. 3. Charity Streams: I've been doing purely streams for years now. I've always used to justify because there was no option onto it. And it worked pretty well to be honest. We actually raised thousands of dollars for every dollar can make a difference. So let me show you how to set up a fundraiser yourself. You're going to switch the feet and goes to the top right, click on Create your dashboard. Then here on the left it says charity. We click on that. Here we got for charities that you can choose already, but you can also search more up here. When I click on here, you'll see that they're unfold and it's actually a lot of cherries in here. But those four were just do recommend it when it's, I guess if you scroll down a little bit, sizes recommended ones, you see this preview. This is a preview of how the fundraising will look like for your viewers. So it will say, for example, if I fundraise for some dude, it will say that and it tells a little bit about some dude. You can learn more about it, see how much erased or your goal is. You can donate either one of the presets or just put another number in here and then you can click on donated. Donation goes directly to the charity, so nothing goes to twitch. There will be a small PayPal fee because you can pay with people only. So that's all I cut that twitches taking, but is also not going to charity. It goes to people because people is asking for, is how to actually fund raise for cherry on Twitch, Jewish or charity. So we need to choose one of all these 210 at the moment, charities switch on your fundraisers. So we got to eat to turn on and then make a difference, which is just start doing the fundraising. So let's say we want to do it for some jute and I click on Create fundraising. We see what Isabel here, we can set our goals. So for example, $100, $100. Then here we can see the preview panel, PV, your donation panel, almost done. This is how it will look like. We've added a donation button. The donation button is square. Wait for your viewers to donate to your friend racer readout leafing twitch to donate button is added to your channel page in the place of the subscription button. So pay attention for it is guys, if you want people to subscribe while you're doing a charity stream, the bone is actually replaced by the donate button. Okay, now we click on Save fundraiser. We weren't at Discovery tab, but now in a fundraiser tab, we can see that here we have the sinned juice campaign. It is off right now, and our goal is 100 bucks. If you click on Start for an eraser, it will actually start. It doesn't start immediately after making this campaign like I did just a second ago. Are you ready your channel switching to fundraiser mode? You can always increase your goals. You can stop the furious at anytime. And I'm wasn't donation has been made to defend rate or the fundraising cannot be permanently needed. So we cannot delete this campaign permanently if there is a donation made, we can, however, still stop the fundraiser. Just don't delete the campaign out of my fundraisers. So we say, yes, we start a campaign and then we can see that it's an active. We can stop it here by clicking on this button. Let's go to our channel. What we see here now is this has appeared. We're fundraising for sinned you Children's Research Hospital. We see there is a donate button here. This thing will pop up when you live as well, so people get notified that you doing it. The fundraiser, we also see a fundraiser up here. 0 of the $100 is actually collected the way and click on donate. We can see that this screen that we saw in a preview is coming up. People can still subscribe by clicking on support tree instead with the main page will be for St. Jude donations. Then here the chat we can also unfolded and this will tell us a little bit more about since June and what will count for the charity streams. So cheering, purchasing subscriptions and gifting prescriptions goes to the streamer and does not contribute to the charity go. So as we see, only the donations itself go to the charity and not the beds are subscriptions, they will still go to the streamer. And then if we don't want this campaign, we go back to our dashboard, click on charity, my friend raises and just click on stop. Yes, we stopped the front. We see that this is off and because we haven't received anything yet, we can click on these and delete it. Yes. Delete. No. There is no for Rosa anymore. Again, if $1 gets donated, you can't erase it from here, but you can stop it. So it's just in here like an archive and it doesn't really do anything. 4. Drops: What a twitch drops, how you can set them up a streamer, which games are having dropped right now, and how can you join them as a viewer, you can get drops in game for watching streams. For example, you can get Overwatch breeze, but watching Overwatch contents. Or you can get a game that isn't better to play in battle by watching a stream or data streaming that game. What do you need to do as a viewer? It's just watch the stream and wait until you get a drop. It's quite simple actually. If you want to claim to drop, you need to link your accounts to the provider of the drop. So usually that's like the game company. So for example, Warner Bros, Ubisoft or something like that, to actually get the in-game drop or get the access to the Beta code. If you click on your icon here and you go to drops, this is the place where you can see which drops you have received. You can see that, for example, for the buck for block, you had to connect your accounts to get the drops. So you can do that right here. When it didn't work out for multipurpose here, you got to tick. That means that it's completed and you've connected it correctly. You can also see all campaigns here. And these are campaigns of the games that are running your viewer and looking to find some drops. These are the games that you can look for. For example, human kind here, it's from the 16th of August, 30th of September. So if we search for humankind and we click on the game here, we can see there are two people screaming that in English right now. None of them have the drops enabled tag, which means that they probably haven't enables a job. She can always drop in a stream at Asda streamer if they have enabled drops, but if they have to tech, which is called drops enabled, then they definitely got it enabled. Here at world of warships, there's also a drop going on right now. You can see that this person has drops enabled. So if you go watch the stream, you are guaranteed to get two drops from world of warships because they have the drops enabled. If you wash them, you will get this ticker telling you how long you've been watching and what your progress is on the actual drop. Let's say we're joining the stream. It says get rewards for would've warships. And we can see more about this campaign here by few of the details, or we can dismiss the actual message. So we can see that we are in a stream with the tropes because this pops up. If you were already getting percentage for the job, it might not pop up again in another stream or put the first time you start with this, it will definitely pop up. If you're a streamer and you want to set up drops, what you do is go click on your avatar and go to create a dashboard. Then here go left, you go to your awards and then drops. Oh, we need to do is click on Enable drops. So we disable it and enable it. Winter it on your force will be alerted when they have a chance to earn in-game loot. We can learn more on this page. It may take up to five minutes for a drops to enable, set it for your drop, enable cells to be changed to be flexing in the system. So it might take a little bit before you actually start earning those drops. And now if you change your category when you stream to either one of these games, as you see, these are all the active ones. So if I will change my category two new world, like it says here, Josh for this game, will be active on my channel when the category is New World. So you change the category by going to stream manager, stream info, and then here just category, you change that to game. You can also have a different layout for it. So for example, you have this extreme info here, then category here. If you change that to one of the categories here in the drop, SAP, new world champions, you turn over to Eternal Return. During this time period that says behind it, your viewers will start accumulating the drops. What I was talking about this tutorial, I'll let this guy stream room for a bit so you guys can see if you are collecting drops. It will pop up here and it will say drops and progress through the drops is true percent overall of warships. Now, because I was watching this guy, this is basically how simple it is to turn on drops for your own channel to find drops. A good thing of drops is that it accumulates more viewers because people want to get those drops. And if you're one of the few that actually a streaming at that moment, they might drop into your stream to collect the drops at your stream. Definitely recommend looking at which games have drops. And if you'd like a game, definitely recommend playing it. 5. Tags: What are taxed on Twitch? How do you use them? What is the difference between texts as tremors, shoes and tags that are category specific tags where I can refine them. We're going to twist LTV and I'm here. If you go to Browse, we see a lot of channels. If you click on Live channels, you see a lot of people that are alive right now. It's like high viewers first. So these people are like huge streamers. As you can see underneath here we have drops enabled English and e-sports. English here is a language deck is not one of the normal tags, but this is just the language you set your stream tube. Then here we have drops enabled. I'm not sure if you automatically get that. If you have drops enabled or if that's one of the texts that you have to choose yourself. Let me go to a category. Let me say Fall Guys, four guys is an action platformer game, sports game, party game. So these tags up here are texts that are specific to Fall Guys. Everybody in this category will fall on the detector because this is for guys already. So if you stream Fall Guys, these tags, your stream will fall under. As we see here, this person has put in the tags, challenge run and speed run. We can also search tags here, for example, playing with fewer hours, playing with fewer errors. As this game is multi-player, we're going to find a lot of people that playing with fewer. So this is a deck playing with viewers and we can search a stream your debt we like to play with because these people have said that they play with viewers, right? We can also go to browse back and goes to life use here, and we can also search here, playing fewer. So now we get all streams that have playing with viewers in it and have English because I have the English tag selected you as well, though we don't have a specific game, but all games were streamers are playing a few hours. So what tags are available to search? Basically anything you can think of. We used to have the system worked which would recommend you tag. So if I would type something here, then it will auto-fill. But it doesn't outer fill anymore because we have caused some text now, you can have whatever you want. But I assume that most dreamers are still going for the tags that used to be in the old tech system. There were quite low of them, so I'm not going to name them, but try and see which tags are being used by a lot of streamers, and those are probably the ones that you can filter by because those give them bowls results. Okay, so how do we set these tags as a streamer? We go to the top-right and then go to create a dashboard. Here we see by creating a dashboard, you can edit the stream information by clicking on it. Stream info here. This pop-up will come up. Or if you have a different layout. For example, this one, you might have the stream info panel already opened right here. You can set the information here. We have the same title, going life notification category, as you see here. Under the category, we've got simulation indie games, surgery party. This is for overcooked. You can see that these texts, because these are tags, are game-specific. If we would change the game down here, you will see that this starts changing as well. So now we've put it to just yet in that category has a tag around. This automatically gets assigned to your stream as long as tags are still new, we have this Learn More button here. It will bring us to a twitch dot Help page guide about tags down here. As you see, you can use them on the channel page is discovery page and search are we searched it? We've also seen a discovery page, which is the browser page, and we have also seen it on the people's channels. So here we have the answer. Automatic tags. For example, the drops enabled. So that means that if you enable drops, does tech enabled drop will automatically be assigned to your stream. It says three types of tags here, costume texts, those are the ones that you have to type in yourself. Category tags, we just talked about that. Comment, the game or category. Automatic texts like drops at abled and also the language you're speaking on stream. If we go further, we have tags here and this is a section where you can put a tags in. And as you see, I have put some texts in here, the maximum amount of tax you can use is ten. I know it says 0 out of 25, but if you type, you see that the typing is actually how many characters attack can have is 25. You see one of my tags is coop, and I don't mean chicken coop. This is actually co-op. However, you know, allows to use a dash. So if you want to write co-op, either write it. Scoop, say we're fairly freely, we can't have a spacing there. So you can basically think of any tags you want and type them in here, kind of like YouTube where you can think of your own tags and put them on your video. This is the stream language, this is a tag, English, you will get omega OA. If you put it in a different language, you will have a different one. Pop up automatically. Switch doesn't recognize your language, so you have to set this manually because it doesn't know which language you're speaking. So what are the best x you can use on your stream? I was playing with viewers is pretty big one because a lot of people are searching for shameless to play with LGBTQIA plus one is also a big one because there's a lot of people searching for a safe space. This might be a reason for him to watch your street. Maybe the country you're from. Some people really liked a few other people from the same country, or maybe Europe as you might have around the same time zone so that you won't be streaming overnight. Like we have here. Birthday is a pretty good one. It was son's birthday not lined by the way. Birthday is actually a great one because people might want to congratulate you. I've put in a switch because I played on the switch. So that is something that people might be searching for a switch games. Try and keep in mind wishing you take your fingers would enjoy about your stream and trying to make texts about those things that you think people would enjoy it and why they were comments to your stream. 6. Polls: You want to make a poll natively on Twitch, that is possible. Let me show you how you go to twice delta V here in the top right, you click on the avatar and then go to create your dashboard. Then here in the bottom right you see quick actions. It can be somewhere else as you can move this platform to wherever you want. So here you see manage pool. If you don't see it, click on the plus. Here you have miniature stream, grow your community manager chat. And here under grow your community, it says Manage bolt and you click on Add here. It will look like this. But notice edit, we click on Manage pool balls are a great way to interact with your viewers. Asked him questions and react to their feedback. Create a new poll. Here, we can put a question. So, pineapple on pizza. Then? Yes, no, indifferent. What's pizza? I guess we could make Wyoming What's by nipple to know, a few started poor people can vote on one of these four options. You can have a maximum of five options and a minimum of two. It says up here you to fill in at least two because they need to have a choice. In Nepal, they can normally just vote on one. Then here it says duration. This is how long the pole will be active. How long do people vote for? You can set it on one minute, two minutes, three minutes, five minutes, or ten minutes. I definitely recommend putting it in longer than a minute because a minute this kind of short. So let's say we do two minutes. If we start to pull, you see here in our create a dashboard that had started. It says pineapple on pizza, fewer resource and pull delete port so we can easily ended if we were like, It tastes too long. I settled ten minutes, but we're already we already know who's going to win week it ended. We can also view the results. This is the Hong Kong for right now. This is the browser source URL of the pool, which we can use. We can also do a vote breakdown here. We can see more about it as well. And we can instantly end the poll here as well. If you would go to her own channel now and go to chat, we will see that the pool is active here. This is where viewers see and they can vote. Yes, no indifferent folds. Now, indifferent has a field, we can also do is at a browser source here and OBS. And here we put this in an A-T 1920. And then we will see the poll here. We need to accept a cookies. We can do that by interacting except to cookies. Now we have the poll here as well. So you can have the pol II OBS like that. And now next time we possible it will be in here as well. It will keep being in the OBS. Now if we go back here, we see that it ended and indifferent one because that's what I voted on. We can fuel the results again by clicking on here, we go back to the same page. If you want to make new one, we just click on Manage pool and we can make a new poll by clicking on new poll. If you make this new poll, it will get the same URL, pop-out tree pool, which means that every new poll will be calling into the same browser source on your OBS and you do not have to change this. 7. Goals: How to set subscriber or four goals and natively into which I'm going to show you, Let's go to traditional TV. Click on the top right here in your icon and go to create a dashboard. Here we see a box with quick actions. You might be somewhere else and you're creating a dashboard as you can move them around yourself. Then here we click on the plus and makes sure that here Manage Goals under grow, your community is added. If it's null, it says Add, you need to click on it. If it says Edit with it, take like this, you're good. The closest backup and you'll see star here. Manage Goals. What we can do is we can set a goal here. That's endoscope we're having right now. And then we just click on it again. Type goal, subscriber goal or follower goal. Let's add a subscriber goal. We can set a sub count to be total subscribers you have on your channel. Total subscriber points due to shops and to treat subs give you a higher amount of points. So this is usually a higher number unless you only have one subs, mu subs from the moment that you said the goal. How many subs have joined mu sub points from the moment you started the goal, how many subpoints have join? So again, multiple points for T2 and T3 subs. So let's just do total subscribers. Our goal is to reach 40 total subscribers. Base your for your channel size, we recommend a goal of 40, but we can even change this to, for example, 50. Okay, now our goal is 50 description. So what will we do if he reached a goal? If we reach the goal tree, we'll do a dance. Tree will do a dance. If we reach another 20 subscribers, we can customize the color of the bar to any of these colors that are indicated here. For me, I've got this blue, pink combination. So we could either go for pink or blue and save it. We can't actually change the rest of the bar or less. We make something as an overlay in OBS and here's his browser source. We need to make sure that we copy this. We opened OBS and here we click on plus and browse the source. We call it sub goal. Notice window will pop up and we're going to replace this with the URL you have and make it 1920 by 1080, and then click on Enter. Then we're gonna go back and we start to goal. And now we see is giant. It is actually filling the screen. Let me, let me make this smaller because you don't see the screen, but you can basically you shift to make it smaller. We can set the properties here to be something else, for example, hindered by 300. Now it will be really squashed. I guess I should have done it the other way. You need to have it wider than higher, right? What? Hi. Then we see this as a mini progress bar. I would recommend not doing it like this because as you see, the pixels become very blurry. So please edit it by going to the properties and white and height here instead, because then you don't get all these pixels. I'm going to remove it out of my OBS so you guys can see my desktop again. We can see that it has started. Now. We can enter goal, we can update the goal and we can change the progress bar even though the goal is still happening. If it goes to our island Twitch channel and we go to the chat and we click on Manage your shops. You can see that there is a sub-goal going here, so everybody would try subscribe. We'll see this sub-goal popping up, retrieval. Do it ends if you hit 50 subscribers on Twitch. 8. Twitch Raid: That's a set rate setting for gerade and the history of ratings. So what is rating? When you end your stream, you can sync your fingers basically to another streamer. It's kind of like a way of networking, telling somebody you're streaming as well. But also a way to show your appreciation by sending your viewer somewhere else. And it's kind of like TV. When your program stops, you kinda wanna go to the next one. So it has three functions. I would say I wanted to dive a little bit in the history of writing because reading basically came to be because of hosting. Mozi was this kind of thing where you showed somebody else's dream on your profile while your life giving them the chance to be seen by other people that visits your profile, hover and Twitch just remove that feature is not there anymore. The whoosh shoot your'e, people that you like, that gets the answer. People that you like. If you don't like a seam, don't go over it here because it is basically a waste of array. You can have multiple reasons why we raise somebody network because they didn't know that your streamer yet and you let them know you're streamer, show appreciation to somebody else that's also playing the same kind of game machine or help us streamer that's trying to get to which affiliate by giving them a couple more views. Or just because you were curious about testing yourself, there's plenty of reasons to read. I usually recommend not writing somebody with an immense amount of viewers. So if you are having ten viewers and you're going to read somebody with 10,000 viewers, they probably don't even notice your rates. I would not recommend reading these kind of people read somebody that basically so notice that you're writing them, then you erase the things they might even deny you from being able to read anyway, to receive her aid is such a big deal because those people get to see who you are and what kind of content you make my for you. Now we're going to dive into how you should actually read somebody. People usually do rating after stream. You could technically get a watch party together, go to your channel and raid because you can do it when you're offline, but you're supposed to do it at the end of your stream. So we go to our own channel, then we go to the chat. Here we type slash rate, then the name of the person we want a rate, and then we press Enter, we're setting up a raid. It takes a couple of seconds to actually being able to initialize arrays. So we got to wait for that. But then here it says rate now, because he'd had two people are in my chat right now, we're gonna go rate and the rate is going to go if this bar stops. So there's bars at the end will automatically go. Also click on right now. Then we immediately go into rate people that are in your chat right now, automatically gonna be the viewers that are rated if they don't want to be this array, no button is basically a join, a leaf now button for the people that view so they can join or leave for rape. They automatically get integer array, but they can basically tap out back, click on that. You can also cancel the ray and just skip Cohen's viewing if you made up your mind, we can also click on right now, if you've already done it, you don't want to wait until this end. Give me my dough. When you rate, your stream is not automatically of light as measles. If you stop the stream, go to your streaming software and click on stop streaming because you are still left. But now twitch edit something, we iterate settings. If we go here and we click on create a dashboard and go to Settings here and we go to stream, scroll down, we see rates. These are the rates settings. Now we can actually say we don't want raids from only one person or we only want rates for people we follow ourselves or our subscribers in the channel. Here we say hello reads from channels that meet the following requirements, minimum or fewer. So these are the minimum people that need to be on a rate if you don't want one for you, erase, you can make this higher maximum amount. It has no maximum for me. But if you get really, really nervous from people that are coming in with more than 100 people. You can set this on hunter and then nobody has 100 or more people will call me into rate you maximum account age. This is just for hate raise. Basically, you want people to be old, switch for at least 30 days to be able to reuse. It doesn't mean that new accounts queer today can't read you. This will basically prevent these both and hit rates. They can also store arrays and not allow any if you don't like rates, then here we can also make exceptions. So we can say my teammates can read, teammates are basically to watch teams tails, I follow. So people that you have click the follow button on channels are my suggests that list is the list of your profile. Go to your channel, you go to the Home section. If we scroll down, you see tree suggests these streamers and is basically my other channel that are in this list can rate me. You want to set those up. You can always click on suggest channel list here. My subscribers, people that have beta subscription or your shell and you affiliated channels. So anybody that is a twitch affiliate, not per se, affiliated with you, but just an affiliate here. Any partners channels, so a Twitch partner channel, somebody that has a tick behind their name, you're wondering, well, it's nice to be able to deny any rates and set some settings up. But how do I get people to rape me? Well, I would say networking with other streamers is the thing that gets people to rate you. 9. What Twitch Panels Should I have: In this video, we're going to take a look at what Twitch funnels you should have. I think one of the things you need to ask yourself before actually starting to make petals is kinetic done myself? Or do I need to pay somebody to make them for me? This question can be really hard, as you might think that you can not make any penalty yourself. A little bit of practice. I think you are able to do something. I was really bad at making panels and anything for Twitch when I sold out. But now look what I did. I made these spindles. Look at them. I think I look pretty great as not because this is the first time I meet them. I have several versions of this. It's just a matter of me trying and keep going on trying to make them better. If you don't believe that you can do it though, there's a lot of ways to have people make them for you. Their sites like narrative die where you combine them. But there's also people on Fiverr and Twitter where you can order petals red. But to answer the questions which penalize you should have, it's actually kind of dependent on what can a stream you have. If you have a music stream, you might like to mention the music you like. What kind of music do you play? Do you like country? Do you like Rock? Those are way different things. Your team is all about music. You probably want to mention something about that. But if you came like mentioning what your favorite music genre is, might not be that relevant for me because I do a lot of spurious supporting certain panels here that are actually meant for you for streamers. So we have like a podcast here, we have a YouTube channel here. You've got a free checklist here that people can download. So we've got some things that are specific for streamers because I like to help streamers and this is something I want my students to be about. I want to help you guys out. We have those petals that are specific to what you're doing. So think about things that can help your audience or you take that your audience has to know. Though we also have is our schedule. I know that you can find each our schedule here at the top and actually see the schedule. If we go to the About Me section, I can see my actual stream times here. This is a stimulus, essentially I'm using, which has a cool-down which I really like. But for you, you can have literally anything you can make a career for yourself. You can write it out. I'll do anything you want with it, but I do recommend you keep one of the panels reserve for your schedule. This makes it easy for people to actually come to your stream because they know where you live. But on the other side, It's also a way to show dedication. Show that you are going to be there all those times. You are serious about becoming a good streamer. Then what I do like is starting out talking a little bit about myself, about you. I know that there's a section here which is called about tree, but I can talk a little bit about myself, but I like to talk a little bit more about myself and where to stream Isabel, because that's the thing that makes machine different from somebody else's me, our community that we're generating here. So I want to dedicate a little bit of space to telling you more about me. So here you see an ember in front of Netherlands and 24-year-olds? I'm actually 25 right now. I should change that. Yeah. My perfect. I was in November actually, so I started streaming inches and 17. I love retain though, and I play guitar and I have my email here for businesses to email me, or if people want me to work with them for any reason. This is my e-mail address where they can reach out to me. I do recommend you make an email address like this. So just slowly shifts and people that want to work with you can reach out to you. It's so much easier for sponsors to fight you and to contact you. So I do highly recommend you do this. Even if you're small, it's better that you have already set it up and then people can already read you. So besides the About Me section, I have a section which talks about my community values. That's this one here. For me. It says, we help each other. We create a safe space and we welcome new people with love. For me, it's important that we help each other as most of you guys are new streamers and I just love to help you old. When I started, I was fuming. I struggled so much with setting things up and just finding my way of how to actually stream. That. I don't want you guys to struggle as much as I did. And I think I can just speed up the process by helping you. And then just a one man show. So what would be amazing if you guys also help each other? So if you guys have questions that you start answering each other's questions because that will make us all grow, that will make us all better streamers, and that makes the platform better. Gets more people to switch. Hey, that's the ultimate result here. Okay, what can I say? We need to work towards improving oldest teams and all become better than the second value, we create a safe space. I just want to space where people can feel their selves and compete ourselves. And I want people to be sure to come to my stream and feel okay. If they don't feel okay, they can call me or one of our minds and we will try to resolve the issue. And that's definitely something I want to build a community on. The last one is you welcome, new people will laugh. That's just to make sure that we're not getting one tide group that isn't allowing new people, new people to come and all the time or new faces I want do I want to get to know you guys? What I do love is if people that are already in the community say hi to new people, that is such a great feeling. If you come into a community, you're brand new and people already started recognizing you that it's just the best ever, right? That is one of my community failures. I think this is really important because that sets the tone for your stream. You don't have to have a community value pedal, but I do highly recommend you get one. Then we have the standard ones, which are like social media wants discord with YouTube. I got my Twitter here. I'll just show me the data you want people to go to where people can find you when you're not streaming linked and your panels make a button for them, make the button clickable or right of texts that are needed. Make deck clickable. Make it easy for people to go from your trich to your other social media, them even donate button. This is where people can donate to from stream labs or stream elements or any other. But you use by making it easy to donate, two people will more likely get more donations. I will not say that you get donations because if you're small, this is definitely not guaranteed. It's just people need to be as nice to give you a nation and that will not always happen, that will definitely not be guaranteed. But if you don't have the button, it will not happen. They need to have a way to do it. So I would recommend you make a donate button. Then what I also love to do is show my e-mail. So if you're a touchy-feely it what you can do is make a panel where your emails and showdown, which image you have because then it gives people an incentive district gripe. You can also say something like more channel points, links, vowel discord, role, no ads. That's just other incentives I have for people to subscribe to my channel. If you're not fishing for you, you don't have to do this yet because people cannot subscribe to you yet. But keep that in mind. If you make your panels that you are going to have a subscribe panel as well later on. But I do have a Merge panel. This is where I sell my merchandise. This is my streamer and I think that's a great way to demonstrate my merged by just putting a picture up here and showing people, hey, this is the merge. We have a microphone, you see that all these things are actually pictures. You can also have a picture and then have some texts are needed. So we've got a lot of people that actually have this picture of a bowel and then write an About Me section underneath that. That's totally fine. Go for small. The opposite of doing it is people that can see you can actually read it. One of those page readers, the downside of doing it is it just looks more COO at pictures. If you asked me about, you know, that's just the thing I liked better I guess, solely legit to actually have a picture to be the title and interest rate, something under it. One thing you should not do is if you put a picture in, also fill in a title. So let's do that. The Valerie was empty. So yeah, if you add an image here and you would put in a title here as well. Let's just do that. Let's just put something here. It doesn't really matter what but let's put this picture of me here. Yes. Why not? And title it, that's me. Me. And then touch on something here. Okay, we submit that. And now I'm going go back to my profile and actually look at how it looks. Then we have me and then the picture and then something here. Why this is not a great idea is if you make this picture one of the panel heads, it will actually say me in a meeting the penalty GET and then the text. So I recommend you just keep this empty. So that's just totally possible to keep this title part empty. And then if we do it, the picture will be the title of the panel. So now it will just be the picture and then underneath it or something here, I'm going to delete it again because it is not aligned with duress and it's also kinda blurry because it's supposed to be an e-mail if you're struggling to get panels, and if you're struggling to think if rich panels you want, I do have some free petals. Why do I graph the free software? It's free. 10. Twitch Channel Points Tutorial: In this video, I'm going to show you what channel points are, how you can use that and how you can set them up. If we go to our profile, we go to a chat, then here we can see a twitch. If you click on this icon, which is like a round circle, we will see our channel points. This circle can be something else. If you customize the channel points, they can look differently and you can see that people can do a lot of things here for our channel points. For example, chasing my camera border, but also have me straight. Okay. How do you earn this kind of as a viewer? If we click on here, we can see all the ways of you getting these points. What's the stream for? 5 minutes. Gives you ten points. Claim a special bonuses. Give 50. Sometimes there's this just appearing the exodus icon here, which basically looked like this. If you click on that, you will get 50 extra points, participate in a raid. So at the end of the stream, if somebody raids and you are in the raid itself, you will get 250 points full of the channel will give you 300 if you cheer and become the top one cheer. So that means here on the board, you add the top one cheer, you get 350 points extra. Same with the monthly. Give this up, you get 500. So if you gave the most subs that month, you get 500 points. If you watch multiple streams after each order so you don't miss any streams, you get what streak and you can get up to 4050 extra points. If you subscribe for Tier one, you will get 1.2 times faster points. So any of these numbers that you see here, you will get times 1.2. So instead of ten, you will get 12 points for 5 minutes for two two subs it's 1.4 and for two disrupts is two times the amount of points. So again, if you would have a territory sub and you would rate you had 500 points, a set of two, a 50, you could click here and that will actually bring us to a page that is a guide on how to use the channel points. But how do we set all these rewards up as a streamer? Well, we need to go to the top right and click on Create a Dashboard. Keep in mind that these channel point rewards are only for Twitch affiliates and partners. So if you're not affiliated yet, you can do this yet, sadly, than here. If you go to view rewards, you see channel points. If you click on their here, it says enable channel points. If this is ticked off, your channel points are disabled, so make sure that this is ticked on note. Viewers can start earning the points and you can start setting up the channel points. This is where you customize them like I see I haven't customised them. So if you click on here, we can call them whatever you want. For example, pizza points or pizza slices or, I don't know, eggs or it depends on what the team is of your stream. I would call this I do have a second point system going various elements which would cost further points. So for clarity, I kept calling these channel points. So it's kind of clear which ones I'm talking about. Then here we can change the look of them. We can upload an image three times a year in different sizes to make it appear to. Let me just upload emote here just so you can see how it looks like. So we're just going to upload this emote. So now we can see a preview here of how it actually looks. If we don't follow them, we can click on Reset to default and it will stop being there. Now it's back to default settings go back and administrative challenges. Okay, so we have different things here. Let me start out default ones, default rewards underneath in a page and these are basically made by twitch and they interact with Twisted for example, highlight. My message is a thing that actually happens in Twitch itself without you having to do anything because it's programmed a same with a locker, an email and stuff like that. So this is like interactions with Twitch itself. You can turn off and on by using this slider here. You can edit the cost of them by clicking on the edit button. You can set a cost right here just by typing it, but you can also set smart costs. Smart costs, auto adjust, reward cost for you. Crucial as far as price is hundreds. This means that if this reward is very popular, the price will go up. Here we can again upload mode or any other drawing you have. Let me just upload the same mode again. So just make sure that you have the same picture but in different formats and we can see the preview here. Again, this is how the report will look like. Okay. We can reset them by clicking on here. You also save them here. We can also set a background color by clicking here and setting any of these colors. You can also use an hex code here and reset to default again. I made mine all red because then you know that all these red ones are the ones that interact with Twitch. So I like to make groups by coloring them a little here too, with these rewards. Some of them are green. That's me doing something. So all of them are red, which are interactive with the stream. We've got these darker ones which are horror sounds. We got these changes of color from the webcam to any one of these colors that you see. These rewards are other ones that we can make custom, like doing push ups or or squats or doing anything on stream. And how we make those is by going to here if you don't have them yet. This will be right up to the top for me. I have a lot of them already. So it's down here and a new custom reward. If we click on here, we can give it a name. So, for example, jumping, jumping jacks and then tree does turn. Jumping jacks. Now we want that to be Townsend points. Just look back at the numbers and how fast people will get to points. You can always adjust as leader if you have to do a lot of jumping jacks and you don't want to do as many as you're doing. Again, reward logo. We can just up anything here again. Make sure that the same image produce different sizes. If you do not know how to get them in different sizes, but you do have an image, you can use a website converter. So there's a website on stream frogs. And if you dump an image here, you get them into correct sizes. Okay, we can set the background color on whatever we want. We can use the slider and uses together skip through IQ requests. Okay. Basically what this does is safety reward for you so you can go back and see which ones you have done. If you click on this, you will set a cooldown and here you can say it can only happen this time in a minute. So like every 5 minutes this will happen. You can also do hours or days. Or we can say we keep just empty and we do limits per stream. So only five times per stream. This can happen or we can limit it per user per stream. So only like one person can only do one stream. We can also say only five times the stream and once per person we can also save every 5 minutes max, five for stream and only one per person. So we can basically combine all these things. If you click on Save and you can find these back, if you go to your profile channel chat. And then right here again, the image will appear and here you'll see two jumping jacks right now I didn't at the image, but here, for example, you see an image which you can also do is go down here in this visit collection. These are all ideas that you can use for channel points. So these are standard ones made by Twitch Boss. The check, for example, you can just eat them like that with just one click. You could just add them like clicking on plus ET and you can add any of these instantly. So I was talking about the reward queue before you can find out up here. Customer rewards or reward queue. And here we can see all the things we have, all the channel points we watch we have, and here we see all the requests so we can see Ryan claims and what this sticker what giveaway entry last month the newest ones are underneath here. So for example the yellow camo border we did that the bean camera border we did that yellow we did that. The motley stickers I keep in here because I know at the end of the month claim done but we can just remove this because we don't that we can also for example, reject them and then we give back different sold to Blue Karma Border. I'm not sure how much point that is out of my head, but if you click on Reject, Jim would get all the points back that he spent on making the camera border go blue. You can also just go true here and then click or any of these, let's say the green border. And we can see all these people have made the border green and we can immediately also complete them and we can see motley sticker giveaway. If you click on here, we can see we're redeemed at this month. So we can basically see who gets to enter the giveaway. So that's the way of seeing it. If there's a reward that you want to turn off for a bit, you could just disable to like this enabled and back on. You can also delete them if you don't think you're going to need them anymore or you made that mistake of yours can get channel point rewards. They don't have to be affiliate or themselves. All their streaming has to be affiliate or partnered. If you don't have to follow before to start getting channel points flowing, just give us an additional channel points. 11. Everything You Need To Know About Emotes On Twitch: Make sure that you are already at which you feel it. If you note which affiliate yet, you can upload images yet, but you can already use them on your Discord server, for example. Then here on the left we go to viewer rewards and E modes. This is the place where you can see all your emails and upload them. So here you can upload a new IE mode. You can put the mode here. It will automatically resize them for you. So it needs to be between 112th be and 4,096. This is just a quality of the image. You can also turn off auto resize and then upload the XX sizes, which needs here. In here, you can give it a name. So for me, if I would upload a lovely mode, for example, I can kill a tree love, we already have a tree laugh. So it says, we can't do this because your names need to be separate. You need to have different names for them. If you've uploaded them, they are appearing here. You see, I've got some that aren't assigned yet. You can assign them by clicking on them and an assignment, and you can choose for any of these slots. Right now, for me, all the slots are filled. But you can see that all these sorts of fruit and you can just click on one of these slots to fill them up. Can also click on one that you already have it as long as I click on it and then remove it, click on none. And then you can adjust it again so you can really quickly switch out your Christmas one, for example, here we have colored Christmas cow with our normal cows, for example, you'll see how many images you have here, standard ie most, nine out of nine. And then here we have 34 or five out of five as well. 123 modes and our prefix, this is just the thing that comes in front of your name, which probably is something close to urinate or to start a few names. But my name is so short that it literally just, if you just get switch, if really, you probably have to wait until your images get approved. After a while, you will be able to upload them whenever you want, as long as they don't break through as you can just upload them and switch them out. So don't worry, eventually you have that chance to get to I believe you need to have no strikes for community guidelines. And I believe like 60 streaming this, but I'm not a 100% sure on that one. How can you actually find out how many images you have yourself? So here's a web page that actually tells you how many slots you have. So if you're wondering, why don't I have now, you can see the tier-1 e-mails give you 1 or two points and T3 gives you six points. So if you were looking for points to tree will give you the most points. Okay, so what can you do with these points? Here, we see affiliate image slots. These are the amount of slots you get four points. Here, you see how many points you need. So you get at least five females slots. If you don't have any subscribers. If you have 15 subscriber points. So no per se few things subscribers because if you haven't, you're two or two Teresa, they take out four more points. You get six. For 25, you get seven, for 35, you get eight, and for 50 you get nine. You only have to meet these requirements. Once. After that, you will just keep the emails. I've had 50 points in the past and now I always will have nine emote slots. Partners get a little bit more. You can see that underneath here as well, that if they have 0 subscribers, they were already get ten slots. And then underneath here we also talk about the IMO slots for animated, the modes inside of the follower emails and subscriber E modes. We also have bit emails he's unlocked depending on how many bits people drops in your chat. So you can see that one KB batch, Thirty-seven people have it. So now I unlocked the slot already. For the budget, nobody has 0 if he was hesitant, one, this one has one. So we got an extra slot. I didn't make an email for it yet because nobody got there. So it doesn't really matter. But as soon as somebody got there, I can immediately uploaded. There was a lot of information already. I know, however, there's more. You can actually see how your emails are doing. How well are they doing in your own chat, but also in other people's jet? What we need to do for this is go to Insights and click on channel analytics. If you scroll down a bit and we will see how if you modes performed. And here we can see our image sets. This is in our own channel. We can see that the Fourier mode, the standard flow ie mode is lovely mode has been used 10,210 types by 14 people. So this is the most popular one in my own chat. Then we can see going out and we can see that this one, for example, has been used by more users, but less often. You can also set this on outside my channel. So we can see which he knows we're doing really good in other channels. This is the mode I use for rating. So it makes sense that this one is the highest. But we can see that this IE mode here, the lurk one, is one that 15 users have used in so many offices. Jan of course, if somebody uses your hemos in their CED, then it's kind of a promotion because if somebody like shooting mode, they might click on it and go through your channel. So you want this to be as high as possible so you can promote yourself with your own e-mails. You can see which ones didn't do too well. But for example, the big batch didn't do too well because not a lot of people have looked at Pitt batch. So that makes sense. But if there's something else that aren't doing as well as others, you might want to switch them out for something else to see if that does well. 12. How To Save VODS: In this video, we're going to make sure that your twitch broadcasts are being safe. We're also going to take a look at where you can fight them and how you can download them. So let's start off with turning on the past broadcasts. We do that by going to switch and go into or create a dashboard. Then here we got to have to turn it on and we're gonna go to Preferences and then click on channel. Here we see store pairs of broadcasts. This needs to be on, it needs to be purple and 2D array, then you pass broadcasts being safe. Might you had everything you stream before it is, has not been saved. From now on, it starts saving your past broadcasts. To actually see your past broadcast, we need to go to your Twitch channel clicker, yeah, after and click on channel. Right here, we see a tab called videos. If you click on that, you should get through this awesome page with a lot of videos about you. Here we see something called recent broadcast. It might not be the top one for you as you can change the order of them. But I would recommend keeping this on the top one and then click on view. All. This is where you can view all your past broadcasts. Keep in mind that they will be safe for 14 days. And after that, they will be deleted. If you highlight things from your past broadcast, they will stay forever. So if you have important things that you want to keep, make sure to highlight them. If you have Twitch Prime DO, they will be saved for 60 days. Also, if you are a Twitch partner, they will also be saved for 60 days instead of just 42 high-low, you pass broadcasts and actually download down. We need to go back to the creator dashboard. So top-right, created a dashboard and go to content video producer. You can also directly from here, click on Video Producer. But I like to go through all the steps so you guys know how to get there via the creator dashboard. So here I have a lot of highlights already and some of the pests broadcasts. If you have a pass broadcasts like this one, exploring galaxy for the first time, stream 424. We can highlight it. There's a button behind it that says highlight. If you have a highlight, the button says Play and you can just watch the highlight. What we do is we click on highlight them here, we can select a part of the stream. In yellow, there will be a highlight, and if you click on Publish highlight, it will make your highlights and that will stay forever on your profile. That won't go away after 14 or 60 days, we're going back now and if you want to download it, we need to do is sticking with three dots here and then click on the button, download, it's right here. If you click on that, it will take awhile for Twitch to actually send you the documents. So keep open your browser and don't quit it. Don't quit this page, just leave it on it. You can open a new tab and do something else. It takes awhile just saying it can take up to like ten minutes before it's actually starting to download. So don't click on it multiple times because you got to get the same pass broadcasts a couple of times. It is pretty big. It's probably a couple of gigabytes. So it might also take a while for the download to actually happen. 13. Twitch Founder Badges: What are twitch found a righteous, and how did they work, which is three minutes, will get founder batches when they reached which affiliate partners also have founder batches. If you are a twitch, hopefully you have ten founder batches. If you're a Twitch partner, you have 25. If you are touchy-feely that a of grown to be a partner, you actually get 25. So what are these batches? Basically, they're the first people that subscribe to your channel ever. So what's the easiest way to get it found a match is to go to somebody's shadow. We're just going to feel it as if Scott, usually people that just get Ophelia that they know how many subscribers you have, anything you don't have more than ten. You're probably getting that found in batch. There's a couple of rules though. You can subscribe for yourself, receive if this up, but if you give us up to somebody else, you are not getting their fan of edge. Is this something you can do it to fail the batch? Well, it's just a badger for your name. It's replacement is a batch and just letting them know that you are going to do first, you are wondering, Oh jeez, my friends, can you just recently got switch, you feel I'm not sure if he has all his ten batches already, but I'm going to try it. A fairly, I didn't have a tenure. So I get the fellow right now. So what can I do if I want his normal batch instead of this founder batch, I just click on the clock. We'll click on identify in Identify, identify it, and then click on edit. If you want to hide this batch here into default global settings, you can click on their badge, but skinny doesn't have a custom badge yet, so it's not in here yet and we can click on it. I have to say though, that this setting is for all the crab channels you are on. So if you set this from the founder bash through another batch, you will never see the founder bashing those other channels as well. I mean, you can keep changing it the whole time, but if you want to chase it once and never touch it again, you need to choose the one liter for all channels you subscribe to. And there's another question a lot of people have. You might have is can we lose or found a batch? You can, but it's not really likely if you get banned from Twitch for indefinitely, you will lose your badge because you will not be in touch anymore. The second reason is if the broadcaster will actually be banned because then they will be n-th anymore. You can't be in their chat having that batch, this kind of a way which is not really that you don't have the batch anymore, you still have the badge. But it's just that if you don't subscribe, if you have not gotten the active subscription on the channel, what happens is that your batch will be hidden, but as soon as you subscribe again to that channel, your badge will appear again and you will have the founder batch. So say you subscribe right now the first month of the streamer you get that found a batch. You don't subscribe for three years and after that you subscribe again, you will have that found a match. Again, it will always be yours. If you weren't one of the first stem to subscribe to a channel, you still have genes on to Firebase. If anybody, before you got bands, then the person will get the batch. If two people, the 12th person will get the batch, also have the storage affiliate gets partner. They got 25 slots. So then the first 25 will get the badge. And even if your number 26, One of them can be banned from torch and you get that patch instead of them. 14. How To Do A Charity Stream On Twitch: How do you make sure that your charity stream will be a success? I've done a couple of charities rooms already in the past, and this is what I learned from organizing a charity stream. I have done treat charity stream so far. I don't like doing a lot of them because they really hyperbole community. I feel like the leash you do, the more HIV will be when you do one. So I just do one a year and we've been doing them for St. Jude since I started streaming. I might have missed the first one because in May they have fry season and I started screaming in April. So it wouldn't make sense to do one month after I started as I didn't have a big audience yet, even though there was nobody watching. That's that's what I'm trying to say. Nobody was watching me. But as a first year, we actually did do a charity stream. Do you have a pollster still format, which is this one-year anniversary stream name made this poster for the event like totally hand-drawn with pixel art. So amazing. I've got a couple more, but I will show them later on in the video. So when you want to do a charity stream, big the right time to do a charity stream, but also pick the right charity for me. This is since you, because I fully believe in their calls, Watson Judas is basically really short, curious kids with cancer and also researchers cancer itself. It's a really short explanation for me. The first-person I lost in my life was a friend of my dad and he had cancer himself after it had the second person I lost was my aunt, which C also had cancer. Well, you might expect it the third one, I lost. What? I think most people are lost right now have been dying from cancer. And I think a lot of you that are watching have the same thing going on. What your life we're living in h, where a lot of people die from this and we don't really have a cure for you yet. Yeah, I would just be looking a little better if we did have a cure for it. And that's why I think this is a really, really good cause, especially because like if the doctors in St. Jude find out the cure, they all shared freely with all the doctors and the whole world. So even if you don't live in America, like me, the doctor, she was just share whatever they found out. Also, this gives us go to the hospital, don't have to pay a single dollar to get treated. Which is amazing if you know how to hold the American health system works. Because normally you will be settled up with a really, really, really big death. And you don't want that, you don't want to having millions that you still have to pay to a hospital or a bank because you take your ear and I just think that's a really good cause. So that's why I chose myself for scenarios where you can have different reasons to choose for different charities. There's no right or wrong witness. Well, it is if you don't really feel for the calls, it's wrong to do it. So, but if you have passion for this course that you truly think this is a good cost, there's no right and wrong. So another reason that I chose for St. Jude is because they have tilta Phi Delta phi is a website where you can sign up as a streamer. Then what you can do is you can start a campaign for an organization. Then your viewers can start donating money. And then money directly goes to the organization. You don't have to touch it at all. So nobody can keep you accountable for buying a hamburger with their dollars because you never see any of those doors in your own hands because they directly go to that organization. It's also a way to just build trust because you can't really like if they don't. You can scan them because it's already in the organization. And adolescent reason I've chosen Judas because they have this amazing hybrid racism in May every year they do this event for streamers can earn money first and Jude. 15. Teams: What I've seen themes and how do you get into one shouldn't even get into one. So what does this dream team, the swim team is a team of streamers. Yeah. Okay. This is actually a term used by switch. Okay? So as streamers on Twitch, you can actually make a group, a team of streamers and the steam name will be displayed underneath your profile. Things can only be made by a partnered streamers. So if you try to make one and you're not partner yet, you can only do this by asking a friend to make one for you. You might have seen these dream teams on other people's profiles already because a lot of people are just industry in team. And you might be wondering if you should join a stream team. They might also be wondering how if you want to join us dream team, the partnered streamers made that stream team has to invite you. You will get an email that says that you have been invited and you can accept it on your profile. How do you get a partner streamer to invite you? Well, you'd say you can ask a streamer, but technically this is kind of weird. It's kind of an unwritten rule that you don't ask to be part of the stream team, but that you get asked. So if you want to really, really, really become part of a stream team, try and just talk with the people in that team. Hopefully they will see you too. There was another option though, because some swim teams actually have this apply forums. And you can just apply to be a part of it and then they will accept you or deny you. There'll be sad though, if they deny you there ton of other teams. Maybe they will accept you later. That's a realist. It's not that bad to not be part of a stream team is just their name underneath your profile. It's not that big of a deal. Yeah. I'm saying is not a big of a deal. A group of close friends having a team and helping each other stream. That's amazing. But the thing is being streamed team doesn't mean anything. It is just literally grouped streamers with that name and read their profile. And if you click on it, you will see them all. But obviously the partner streamer can make something really cool or really bad from the stream team. Most dream teams also have a discord server where they actually darken and murdered network together. So this is more like the actual team part of a stream team that actually on Twitch. Let's start about talking about the bad stream teams out there. How do you recognize a bad Stream Team? Most of the time, if you see a stream team members, there's no way to all those members are always talking to each other and love each other and just be friends with each other. Let's just not possible because there were so many people, chances are that the parties femur isn't actually talking with any of those people. Or maybe you just read a couple of them. Which means that you guys are going to support that one part of the streamer and he or she is going to get a total of us just from being the leader of this team, team and other things. So extreme teams do is ask you to use hashtags, return name, or add attack on Twitter with their name or at their retreat account on Twitter or something like that. This is generally not good to do because you just look like you spam on Twitter. You don't wanna look like your spam. You want to be in genuine person that post cool stuff, right? Melt some kind of BOD. So try and avoid stream teams that ask you to do this. If you really want to be part of this dream team, negotiate to see if they will let you not do any of this? Because I'm serious. Hashtags with their name. Adding them on Twitter is not gonna help you. Then you have another kind of swim team which are well fed. I would call them the e-sports teams. And I'm not talking about actual e-sports teams with a team that are going to leagues and winning matches and doing super grade. Those are fine. But I'm talking about those e-sports stream themes that are not actually having players. I have been into one of these. And what happened to me is I was asking this Partners femur all the time about when when we were going to have players because he said we were going to have players and actually joined competitions, right? Because that's what an e-sports team does. And because number wise, I was to be a streamer in there. I kind of was the one carrying the team. You're thinking tree, you're not even partnered. And elderly person was yes, that person had a Tree Viewer average and was partnered. But besides that, I had trust in a Twitch partner because I was new and well, I didn't know that you could just get partnered with reviewers if he works in e-sports or something. I don't know how it works exactly, but that guy got partnered and I still don't know why, but because he was partnered, I taught that he was knowledgeable and stuff when I was new with streaming, right? So quick tip. Not all partners are actually knowledgeable about trade. Show. All advice with a grain of salt. Even mind. What happened to the steam was that they wanted to force me into always raining team members. Even though like all the other team members had like one or two views. And I was like around 20. So which means that We're trying to use me. The second thing was they wanted me to buy a t-shirt of the e-sports team. I pay $50 for it and I've never received my shirt. It's like two years later and I still haven't gotten it. Sorting was they got like sponsorships, deals like energy drinks stuff, and I was not into energy, still not M into energy. So I really didn't want to connect my brand to energy drinks because I don't like them myself. For me. And it was still kind of the idea that I was promoting their brand because they got revenue from micelles. And apparently this partner, Twitch streamer hit this deal with mixer that if we could get all of this over, that, we would get mixer partner or Houston mixer partner. It was kind of vague. But at the end, they tried to force me to go to mixer, which is not their decision. Hello. Freeze to do that. And then they got mad at me. They kicked me out. Those like, well, you kicked me out. I want it to go already anyway. If you want to force me to mixer, That's my decision. So long story short, there are e-sports seems like that, that are just trying to take a finish off. You try and see if they're genuine e-sports team or if they're like trying to take advantage of you, save your data stream teams DO like some of them are just taking advantage of you and want you to buy all their merchant, rate them all the time. And I just really want to help you grow. Then there's this other downside, which is not really on the Teams itself, but more like, which I guess is that you don't really search for stream teams, nobody searches for stream theme. So openly being part of the stream team on Twitch itself is not going to make you better. I actually give you extra viewers unless the people that are earned a stream team are actively sending you viewers will go into the good part. So why are they good? Obviously, if you're in a small group of people, it's easier to network with people like Hey, I'm also on the team and if they're like 30 people or maybe even ten, it's easier to connect to people because you already have this connection. You have an excuse to talk with them. And then the second goto is feeling like a team because working together to grow both of your streams and other super, super awesome in there for you can help each other grow. Even though we could have already done that without being part of a torch team. Have you asked me being part of a Twitch stream is not really something that you have to do. Connecting with other streamers is though I have a video about networking if you don't know how to connect with other streamers. But this has nothing to do with being on a torch team. You can just never could people, even though you're not on their Twitch team, it might be a little bit easier to connect with people because Uranus same Twitch team, but you don't really have to be. Let's go into some tips for joining us which team? You can all have the same audience. So if you are making content for people that are 16-year-old, you kinda wanna have a stream team that also serves that younger audience. If you play a lot of 18 plus games, you don't want to have a stream team that does family-friendly stuff. You want to try and find people with the same vibe. So if you are a chill streamer, you might want to find a team. There's also has a lot of chill streamers. If you are energetic and go all the time, find energetic streamers. And the last step is don't join a stream team with too many people. Love is busy already and trying to keep up with talking with them. Many people is hard. If they're not that many people to talk to, you know, it's kinda be easier for you to make friends with a few people, then read a lot more. 16. Twitch Moderator View: Few is a new channel mode there provides also she needs to keep your community safe. This is basically a twitch dashboard, but definitely your moderators. If you are a moderator in somebody's Chad, I didn't eat in the chat. You will see this short icon. If you click on that, you will get to the Twitch mouth view. The left side of this view, we can actually see some information about the session because I'm not assuming right now. It will just say off-line underneath there we will see how many Monstera are active. This can be a little bit misleading because always count as modes as well because you move them so they can actually do more stuff. So for me, extremely elements but is active right now, even though it's not an actual mod, mod. See you act of feet. This is just a notification bell like you normally see them on trade show. If you get a subscription or a friend request, it will be there. And then we see the Whispers which I'm not going to show you because, you know, people whispered for reason. The top left here we have our stream which is basically just running like normally. You can just watch the stream because you also want to enjoy it. Probably undervalued dad. As always, the chat where you see people chat an extra, you actually have all the usual in chat. So here you can see who is watching you right now. And here in the bottom right we have channel actions. You can turn on things like subscriber only mode, emote Only mode. We can ban people, we can timeout people, we can permit people to post links, for example, turn on slow mode, but we can also go to the create a dashboard from here. It will pop out in a new window and you basically see all the moderation settings of the channel. They have fewer requests queue. This has to do with the channel points. So if you have like costume reward for channel points, for example, for me, I will do a dance if people pay certain amount of general points. And then all the things that are not standard will come up in this list and you can reject them, or you can accept them. If you reject them, they will get the points back. If you accept them, you need to do the thing that they asked in the last one is rho is recent rates, which is pretty nice if you, Mr. Ray, but you still need to give a shout out for somebody. For example, you can see their name back in here because I never know how to type things. So just go in here. And that completes the name of the person. On the left underneath the stream we have more actions is just a list of actions that have been taken. If somebody got a timeout, it will be displayed here in this list. Next to it is the outermost Q basically picks up messages that Twitch things is not good. So if you use profanity, most likely the automobile is going to pick that up and put it in here inside this list. And all the moderators can decide, Hey, is this something that we don't want on this channel versus something that is okay here. So words might mean something different in contexts. And then when the auto mode picks it up with something bad, it can still be something normal. If you didn't like the setup, you can actually change everything around. At the bottom left you see this pencil that says Edit melt few. If you click on that, you can edit everything. If you don't use dark mode already. This is also where you can set dark mode up, just do it here, we can just drag things around. So for example, I wanted to chat here, or I want the stream to be here. We can just drag everything around it like we wanted to. Shorter. Oh, that's a really, really slim chats there. You're on the right, you can always reset it back to default. And if you deleted something like the chat, boom, you can always add the chat by dragging it out of here and putting it back in. So no worries, you can really easily turn everything that you mistaken to do back to normal and just click on Save when you're done. Certainly enough, you cannot change this gentle viewport and the right side. I don't know why they did that per se, but I guess they found that part's super important and they didn't want you to move it around or replace it. 17. How To Change Your Twitch Name: What you do is you go to Twitch TV, go to the top right click in your avatar and go to settings down here. Here you will see your profile picture, peripheral banner, and profile settings. If you scroll down a bit, you will see username and display name. If you only want to change your capitalisation of your name, you can change it in here, but you cannot actually change your name here. To actually change your name. You need to do that here. Like you see, I cannot click on it yet. But there is this pencil right here. If you click on the pencil, it redirects you to this page. Here you can basically just typed in them you want to use. For example, name. Obviously name is already taken. It will automatically say that name is available or not available right here. Be aware though, you cannot change your name more than once every 60 days. So make sure to not make a typo. So if you want to make a joke and quickly change your name, you cannot change your name back for two months. 18. Who Is Following Me On Twitch?: In this video, I'm gonna show you a neat little trick to figure out who is actually following you on Twitch. Since the figure is how we used to go to Tricia defeat. I want my profile right now, but it can be anywhere on Twitch. Then we go to the top right and click on your avatar. And then we go to create a dashboard. What we do here is we go to the left, I click on community, and then click on follower list. This is where you can see all your followers. But if you have a lot of followers like over a thousand high won't be going to scroll to read anymore. It's just too much work. 19. Pronouns in Twitch Chat: You want to make sure that people see your pronouns and sit him right into a chat or you went to read them and make sure that you don't make any mistakes yourself. I'm going to show you how you can get pronouns in your foot shed. The first thing you want to do is download an application for your web browser called a flanker face. Here it says download for Firefox. So you click on that and you can connect with your twitch. Then if you go back to twitch, then here in the top you see this Frank Interface Control Center. If you click on that, you can open the options from Frank or phase. Then it says search. I thinks I'm a little bit lazy, so I'm going to type in their pronouns. So when you type programs here, it will have this extension, this add-on coming up. And here it says Enable. If you've done that, you can see that there's new options here that you can set batch color. You can change the color of your batch, for example, pink if you want to be as she or her, or because you just like pink. You can also change the colors per batch and he could be light gray, for example. You can also just leave these on the default settings. You don't really have to set them. And when we have enabled and we can see people's pronouns. Here's also a button that says settings that will bring you to the same menu here with the pronouns. If you click on website here, it's going to load in and we have to look inward at Twitch. And then here we can submit what our own pronouns are. She, her. But you can select any of these and then just click on Submit. Now too upset knows what your own pronouns are. So this is how you set your own pronouns. And so you can actually read the pronouns for other people in chat. Now, if I go back to twitch, click this away and I type high, you can see that I'm a sugar. 20. Who Is Watching This Stream?: In this video, I'm gonna show you how you can see was actually watching your stream. There's actually two easy ways to find out moose watching your stream, or at least we see your chat. There's no way of knowing if they're actually watching your stream or only being in your chat the other way round. If you're on the front page, all if people are not in your chat and they're still watching your stream. So keep in mind that this is not 100% accurate because some people might only be your chat or only being restrained to find out who's in your chat and most likely also watching your stream is you go to your Twitter profile. Then here we see chat. If we click on that, we'll go to our Chen and we see our offline screen. Then on the right here, we see your chat, we see our leaderboard, and there's probably nobody there right now, right? But if we go here to the top, we see users in Chad. Click on that. You will see your list of people that are in the chat right now. For me, it's mostly bots as in Baltimore, but video all the time. And apparently there are some people working seeing if I'm going live. I didn't know some of these people, but most of them are actually no. What are waiting for me? $3. The second way to finding out who is watching your stream, and that's by using stream labs yet. But if you install streamed live Shabbat and connected to your twitch, you get into this dashboard. Here on the right, you see viewers and it will show you with actually watching your stream, your moderators and just normal viewers. I think it's the same list as you seen a chat bot here. You can also read your Chad and dual off things that boss can do. So if you're using sudo Shepherd, I would definitely recommend looking here. But if you don't use it, you can also use just the normal twitch yet to figure it out. 21. When Did I Follow This Streamer: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can see for how long you've been following a streamer. So to show you guys how does it work? So we're going to all fun and games this channel, and he's not live right now. And I picked them for a reason because he's not live. Because to figure this out, you need to type in this chat. And I thought it was pretty awkward, toughing and somebody said that is alive and actually not reacting after that anymore. So you go into the chat that is actually offline right now. So what I do is I just type something here. Like hey, and what we can do now is we can click on her name here and it will give us some information. It says the following, since September 25, choose at 19. And so now we know I've been following often to gaze from 2019. So this is an easy way to find out when you were following a streamer, which you can also do is a law of swimmers have an exclamation mark followed H command that will actually tell you how long you've been preparing for and when you followed. For example, it will say one year, month and there's many days. I don't know exactly. I'm not going to calculate how long I've been following him, but there will be the answer from the buttons set of the actual date. 22. Delete Clips On Twitch: In this video, I'm going to show you how to delete clips on Twitch, on desktop and on your phone. So let's start off with showing how you can delete clips on desktop. We're going to trace out the fee. You click on your icon in the top right. There you click on create a dashboard. We can also immediately click on video producers. So let's do that as fear producers indicator dashboard, we have clips underneath that too. If you went to create a dashboard, click on content, and then click on clips. If you do not see this menu, you might have followed in here and you can fold it out. Okay, we click on clips. Here. We can see all kinds of clips. We can see how many copyright strikes we have for me that 0 luckily, here we have clips of my channel and clips I've created. If you want to delete clips that you've made and you need to be in this step. But if you want to delete clips from your own channel, click on clips of my channel. We can search them by going through this list. We can also search them. I searching a category here, K0, the kangaroo. And we can see these are the clips that are made when I was playing Kao the kangaroo. If we delete this out of it, all the clips will reappear, besides from searching them on category like we did here, we can also search them on when they were created. So we can click here and we can see the oldest one is five-years ago. The news one is nine hours ago. We can also sort them on how many views they have. This is the one that has the most views. This one, I mean, there's a lot of them at one of you, to be honest. Here we can also download the clips. So if you want to keep the clip with do want to delete it, make sure that you don't want it by clicking on this button first, okay, so how do we actually delete them? I recommend before you delete one, you click on it to see which clip it is, so you can play it. And check if that's the case that you actually want to delete. This seems to be just a clip of my starting soon screen. So we're going to delete this clip. Here. There is a delete button. We're going to click on that and then we're going to confirm it by deleting it like this. Boom, it is out of the list. Now, if we went to delete multiple at the same time, that is also possible. We can click on multiple boxes and delete selected. These are clubs I don't want to delete, so I'm not going to do that, but we get the same pop-up asking us, do you want to delete it? You can also select all of them by clicking on here. So now we have everything from this row selected. If you would scroll further, we can select even more. How many you load in. That's the many you're going to select. We can delete all of them at the same time. If you want to methylate all your clips, this is the way of doing it. So how would we delete these clips on mobile? We're gonna go to Twitch LTV, just like we do on a PC. And then here we see the website from torch dot tv. You can see that is the mobile version. What we can do is thicken it does here on the top. And then we can click on desktop website. It takes a little bit to load it in, but then we see the same website as we saw on the desktop. We do is we click on the top right on our icon and we go to Video Producer. It goes a lot faster and preceded it Does a mobile phone. Sadly. We zoom in on the left. We click on this one, which is the icon of the player, I guess. And I click on clips. Here we can see this is the same page as we head on desktop, but without the actual Down opens. So if you want to download the clubs, I would recommend doing it on PC. Again, we can just click on one. We can view it and we can delete it here as well, just like we did on desktop. We can also select multiple here and click on Delete selected. Again, if you use Apple instead of Android, which I'm using, I'm using Android. What you need to do is you see that bar with the web address next week you have this little a and the bigger a, if you click on that, you can go to desktop website as well. For some people, it's not working because if they go to the visual defeat, it automatically opens in the Twitter app. What we need to do to fix it doesn't open it at Twitch app is we can click on it. I can index which app. We go to account settings. Here we can click on community guidelines and then we're going to get redirected. And then in the top right you see this saying Twitch TV logo with the arrow. If we click on that, we go back to torch LTV. If that still doesn't work for you, open your Settings app on your Android, me. Scroll down until we see apps. Choose Default Apps. We click on opening links. Open link in apps. If we disable that, it should not be opening into Twitch happening more for you. So again, you can just go to the torch website on your Chrome browser, on your phone. I'm not using an Apple for myself. So if you do have an iPhone, you probably need to do something like this to fix this issue as well. So just look around in the settings to find how you do this. 23. Twitch Automod: Awesome. What are your Twitch channel? Let's go here to the top right, click OK, create a dashboard. Here on the left. Four go into Settings, moderation. Here we have automotive rules, sad, turn on, auto mode. Now it's turned on. We can basically set any of these things separately to no filter, less filter. Some fields are more filter or maximum filter. We can also just do it by moving this to maximum, for example, or moving it to None. And now everything will be off. There's a button called view demo here. And this is how it looks like. So this is how it looks like if somebody uses it, it asks you, Hey, do you want to accept or deny this message? So if somebody would say the N word, it will pop up like this and you can say no, this can be used. So you click on the X if they say, nice sweater and it picked it up anyway, you say like, oh, that's, that's fine. We're just tickle a tick here. And that message will go through in chat. We also have learned more here, which brings us to a page. They had this page on help dot specialty fee. And you can read some things about functions on Twitch and they have some things written down over the automotive here as well. I can go back. We've got blocked terms and faces here. We can search block term and we can add more blocks terms in here as well. So sometimes you have like these balsa come into your chat and they're like, hey, buy followers here, something like that, and use the same words. You can put those in here in the automotive and then the rest is just won't be put in chat, but there will be blocked by the automobile instead. Then here we have terms, familiar term, for example, right here. And garlic. I got something for you. Like those things that should be allowed to their channel. So you add them to the permitted section. You can also have them immediately after permitting something in chat. Now this part is, this suspicious user part is kinda new. And here you can say, hey, if people try to evade a band, what should we do here? We have likely if age is we can restrict them or just monitor. If you're just monitoring them, you see something in chat indicating that they might be any failure of a band, likely voters, people that are probably veterans, possible. We don t know, I'm sure as we know, likely your failures can here we can click on few demo and we can see this is how it looks like suspicious user or so they might be evading a band. We can also go to the month view VI here, and it's just how it looks like. There is again, a Learn More page which brings us to a page that doesn't actually exist. Thanks to wedge, it. Let's go back. We've got shared bent info. So here we can set a request to another channel and then we can get that suspicious user notification every time somebody that's Beth. And another channel, we are sharing our balanced which pops up in our channel. Now we're sharing it with your mouse, switched my desk channel. So it makes sense to show the vet list on both channels because it's both for me anyway. And then we have bench headers here. And this is just a list full of people, 99 plus people. We can also block hyperlinks right here. We can put in delay in as well. So if you want the chair to be delayed a little bit so you must skin can actually stop a message from coming in. You can set that up here. And a cool thing you can do is for new people that are new to your chat, you can leave a message here and they get this popup with like, Hey, I'm new and I can introduce themselves. Then here we have checked verification. You can say that they have to have their e-mail, fair fight, or a phone verified here for at least a week or something that good or just in general, you can also accept a subscribers, VIPs and most from these rules. So these are just a chat rules that you have made yourself. We can have unbend requests, so people that have been banned can ask okay. Please on by me because this is the reason you can see the unbend requests in the moderation dashboard. If you don't want that, you can turn it off. We get activated for all IMO here for somebody who's following for at least ten minutes before example. And here's subscriber only mode. I would definitely have the moderation tools in chat because then you can bend people easily by clicking on one button instead of having to type slash band and then they're using it. 24. Twitch Shared Ban Tutorial: Here you can invite other streamers to share their band lists and then you can see we have band as well. Let's jump into how we set it up. We're going to switch, click on an icon and go to the create a dashboard. Then here on the left we're going to settings moderation. He receives share Ben info. Click on that. And here we can invite people like we see reshare bands with who's humorous because that's my Dutch channel. And obviously if I'm Ben, I'm there, I probably want them to be bent here to welcome to the sharp bend info tree. Sharing that information helps you create and maintain a safe space both within your channel and across twitch. Ben, users from channels you share bands, information with will be flagged for you and your motor it is to manage. So no band flagged. Get started by sending your first share requests. So we can find somebody by dumping them here. And we can send a request by clicking on here. If you do, dad, they will appear in here and they can accept or deny it right here where you can see is that Hutu most is also an affiliate and we're mutuals. Mutuals means that we are following each other. That's mutuals. If they're not affiliate partner, it will say partner. This is how it looks like when you get an incoming request, you can accept it this basis in Dutch because my Dutch channel has their torch set on Dutch. You can also turn it off right here by clicking on the Share button infant warm, and then you take it off. But as more settings here by clicking on the Settings button, no new requests. If you don't want new people to set your requests, click on this. We can also say Woo can send us a request to share our band lists with everybody on Twitch. Only people I'm also following and they're following me. People that are affiliated and Twitch or people that are partnered on Twitch. So you can set this year if you want to restrict the amount of people that can send you a request. If you have done everybody you want, you can always click here and still new requests from coming in. What is a pro of using this? 25. Twitch Artist Badges: I'm gonna tell you how to credit your artists for EvoS, but also for overlays. I'm going to tell you how to create every single IE mode for a different artists. And I'm going to tell you how to accept accreditation for your Okemos that you have made it to show you the new batch and how it looks like I went to my other channel, which is called accoutrements, is my Dutch channel. And then here I'm going to type in chat because I am an image, this theory, yeah, I did actually make one or two modes here. We're going to do hello, hey yo. And we can see here, this is the artist batch and how you can set these artists batch of four people in your channel. Okay, we're gonna go clicking on avatar and then go to create a dashboard. Then on the left we click on community, and then we click on rural manager. Can we got all the rules? And we've got every rule. We can add a new person through this list by clicking on Add New and typing somebody's name. We've got my friends who's here. And if I click on them, I can add a rule. We can add moderator, VRP artists and SR. So if you click on the artist here, we can save that. And now Suzhou account as an artist right here, we can delete a row by clicking on the minus here and making sure to click on Yes, we want to delete a role and now they don't have the rule anymore. If you want to edit to somebody that is already in Moderator, we can do that by clicking on the plus and adding it here by clicking on here. And now tony here has to rule. And again, we can delete it by clicking on the minus end. Yes, We've only have five slots for artists, betcha subtly. So if you have more than five artists, you're going to have to choose, would it the most things on your channel? How do we actually credit individual emails? What we're gonna do is we're gonna go to viewer rewards and I click on emails again just in the creator dashboard. Here you can see all your emails. You're going to click on one of them. Here. There will be emote attribution. There will be a thing where you can type a name in here. Let me see if I missed an e-mail, but it costs. I think I've actually credit all of them already. I guess we can remove one. If you want to remove accreditation, you just click on the vendor and we can do it again. Here you have emote attributions and we search tree does mean we click on her name and automatically goes to approval now, because I already approved everything for my own channel. Like you see, if I click on any of these emails, we can see that this one is pending bloop epic light hasn't said that. Oh, yeah. I've actually drawn that IE mode because you still have to accept them as the artist. How can we do that? If we go back to torch and then we click on our image again, we see emote at tradition has started to come there. We click on it. Here we can see all the channels. Can see this is my Dutch Shell who tumors my own channel where I have all these images that I've made myself. So here we can deny them. But before I had the option to accept them all, I did accept the most already. So you can see that this is how it looks like after accepting it, you'll just see this Accept button and you just have to click on it. You basically automatically accept the most from the whole channel already. The way to actually see that you have new people saying that your emails have been used is here with the Notifications. You will get a new notification. Here. It says, nice RBC, it's using five attributed an email to you and then a cave in here. So we'll just link through here. If you don't want anybody to be able to attribute you for emails, you can turn this off by taking this off. But I would not recommend it because it's like a promotion for you anyway. So how does it look into chat? If I post one of my emails, for example, this one, I could click on it. And now we can see tree dab. It's a tear to IE Mode and the artist isn't in place. If I click on it, I'll go to names. Profile. Name is a streamer, but he just streams from me on the Dutch channels. So nothing really on his profile. And we can see the channel that is from a stream. This is how you can set up the artist patch for. 26. Music On Twitch: What kind of music can you use for your Twitch streams we want to prevent DMCA strikes this copyrighted music, help with this. So what music are you allowed to use all your Twitch stream? The real answer would be only music that you have a license to, to play on your Twitch stream hour for you, of course, have copyright-free music. With copyright-free music doesn't mean that you owned a license or they could actually play them home screen. However, a person has decided that anybody can use his music for whatever reason they want. And I won't DMCA claim you over these people can still change their mind and licensed the product, which means that they can still DMCA claim you if they change their mind, doesn't happen too often, so don't be too afraid of it. But it can happen. Of course, a little switch fingers play games, so do I. And in a lot of games you have game music. You would say you're not even allowed to play the game because the game itself is copyrighted. Music indicate, however, usually game developers are kind of okay with it because they know you are promoting their game. We have this collaboration going on with femurs and game developers that they're okay with those playing these games. You probably won't get DMCA claim for playing any music from video games or playing the video games themselves. However, if the game developers, the site that they hate you and one of the DMCA claim you, they have no right to. So when you play a song that you don't have to write to the people, rides, find out there's two options for him. One is to DMCA claim you. This means that you're gonna get a strike on Twitch and they're going to remove the footage with the music in it. Second way is that they're just mute your stream. This means that you can't hear the sound anymore in the fall. That's everything that happens. So how can you find out if you've got a strike for DMCA claims go to your twitch creator dashboard. Then here in the left, go to content, I click on copyright claim manager. Right now, it doesn't load in anything because I don't have any DMCA strikes. You. It says you have zero copyright strikes on your channel. You'll see claims here. If you do have copyright strikes and you can also appeal them right here. If you want to learn more about it, you can click on here and distinct pub-sub which complies with the DMCA and similar loss worldwide. This means that Twitch isn't deciding to mute your false or to give your strike. This is actually the people that have the license students music I'd do when we receive a DMCA notification that targets content on your channel, it is proceeded under or DMCA guidelines. You can see them if you click on here and may result in a strike being issued to your account. So this happens when a person that claim Shu wants that. When this happens, you'll be notified on Twitch and details about your claim will be sent to your e-mail address linked to your account. You'll get an e-mail. Will definitely notice when DMCA claim happens. If you include copyrighted material in your channel, then you don't have the rights to suggest playing recorded music in the background of your stream. The whole point of this video, you are at risk of receiving a copyright strike repeat. Copyright infringement can affect your ability to stream. So they could actually bend you if you have lot of strikes, know more about the copyright law and the tools available to manage the content on your channel here. And then you can click on the Help page. So Twitch can buy new account if you have multiple strikes. So be aware that if you're gonna get a DMCA strikes, eventually your channel will be deleted or band. So I definitely recommend trying to minimize the chance that you're going to get DMCA strikes by only playing music that you have a license to. If you're a gamer, I mean, you're a gamer, so you can just know, play any games. That's kinda the whole point of your channel. But at least you know that you're taking a little bit of a risk grid. It DMCA strikes could also happen on image that you have. If you have licensed carriages and u e modes, there could be a problem. Usually they don't actually strike you for it though. 27. Twitch Outro: For the course project, what I want you to do is set up your own Twitch channel. Make sure you have a profile image to Banner and everything set up. I want you to make a screenshot and post it in the course projects so everybody can see or trich profile and how good you have set it up. But also people can learn from how you did it and you can learn from how other people did it if you haven't done so yet, make sure to leave a review for this course so others can see what you thought of it. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you in one of my other courses.