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SEO Keyword Research For Beginners - Google Keyword Planner & More!

teacher avatar Azmat, -Marketing Made Easy-

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome Intro: SEO Keyword Research


    • 2.

      What is Keyword Research and Why is it Important for SEO?


    • 3.

      How SEO Creates Long Term Revenue Growth for Any Business


    • 4.

      Where to Find Profitable SEO Keywords


    • 5.

      How to Compile and Build Your Unique List


    • 6.

      BONUS LESSON: Using Premium Tools for FREE To Outrank Top Competitors


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About This Class

This Keyword Planner Course - First Steps of SEO - Keyword Research Class details one of the key fundamentals of a longterm Search Engine Optimisation strategy -- Keyword Research. A good Search Engine Marketing campaign starts with a strong foundation and that's why it's so important to get your SEO Keywords right from the beginning. In this course - that's exactly what you'll learn.

In this SEO course you'll discover:

  1. What is Keyword Research and Why is it Important for SEO?

  2. How SEO Creates Long Term Revenue Growth for Any Business.

  3. Where to Find Profitable SEO Keywords.

  4. How to Compile and Build Your Unique List.

  5. View the top Competitors targeted keywords. So you can overtake them.

    **BONUS LESSON** How to use Premium tools for Keyword Research completely Free.

Further Course Details:

  1. What is Keyword Research and Why is it Important for SEO?

    Lesson 1 :: Details how and why keyword research is so important to get right from the beginning. Targeting the wrong keywords can be a critical mistake as it can be difficult and time consuming to reverse once back linking, content and pages have been created.  

  2. How SEO Creates Long Term Revenue Growth for Any Business

    Lesson 2 :: In this lesson you'll learn how SEO creates a steady long term growth strategy and unlike paid search, organic traffic is able to provide you drips of traffic 24/7.

  3. Where to Find Profitable SEO Keywords

    Lesson 3 :: You'll discover the industries best and free tools that are readily available and you can start to utilise them straight away to build out your Keyword and SEO strategy. 

  4. How to Compile and Build Your Unique List

    Lesson 4 :: We build your SEO Keyword List together, and i help you compile it so you can start your SEO strategy with best-practice in mind. 

  5. ** BONUS LESSON ** View the top Competitors targeted keywords. So you can overtake them
    Lesson 5 :: In this bonus lesson you'll see how to use the industries leading and premium tools for free. 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


-Marketing Made Easy-


A seasoned and respected digital marketing consultant based in the UK. Having over 15 years' of marketing experience in the Digital space and first-hand business know-how.

Azmat understands what it takes to grow businesses from small budgets all the way up to managing multi-million-pound marketing campaigns.

Starting his early career in the technical domain and hosting arena, he quickly fell in love with technical marketing and the sales side of promoting digital services.

Being a creative individual from the very beginning it wasn't long before Azmat was dabbling with Adobe Dreamweaver and designing beautiful and practical websites.

Shortly thereafter, Azmat started getting clients ranked in Google and later grew a passion ... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome Intro: SEO Keyword Research: Hey, guys, it's us, my hair with another skill share course. I hope you enjoyed my last one on crushing your business goals with Facebook House. If you haven't seen already, do check it out. But as promised, here I am with my next video, which will show you one of the key fundamentals of digital strategy today. And that's keyword research, which is a cornerstone of S E. O. So in this calls your learn the importance of keyword research and how it creates long term revenue growth for any business. Where to quickly find there's profitable keywords on how to get maximum utilization from them. How to compile and build your unique list view the top competitors talking keywords so you can actually overtake them. And finally, as a bonus lesson, I'll show you how to use, um, premium tools, keyword research completely free. So there's an absolute fantastic course already. Hope you enjoy it about any further ado. Net story 2. What is Keyword Research and Why is it Important for SEO?: Hey, everyone, welcome aboard. It's really great to have you here. I'm really excited about this course. Eso Let's dive straight into Lesson one. The importance off keyword research. So what is key with research and why is it so important for a CEO? So keyword research is the process to discover profitable keywords and phrases that are most commonly used by people in search engines such as Google. So, in a nutshell, that's what keyword research is. So here is an example for a local search. Eso a local searches typically a searcher or a person that we're looking for a local service or company. They come compromise off around 90% of searches, so around nine out of 10 people will actually served for a local service or company. So here is eight. A top tip. Look for something such as plumbers. London mirrors Michigan Electrician's Manhattan, for example. So you want to do something like service followed by city. So if you're promoting or talking a company to get onto the first page of Google, you really want to be taunting something. My service in a city that's just a top tip that I've kind of learned over the years. So let's quickly dive in and have a quick look it to see what that looks like in real time . When they said Surges it, she's talking plummet and then just to see what comes up. So these are the results, and I get back from Google. Considers around 17.5 1,000,000 results. So these listings here, or what we call the local listings or now called G m B, which is Google my business on We'll cover off a lot more of that in detail as we go along through the course thes three listings here or the organic listings. And they're the ones have worked hard to get their into the non paid listings, which is usually and typically at the top here. However, they may be the bottom on this particular result s so we can see here that plum Lyndon dot com, they're using the targeted keyword here. Plummer London in their meta title tag. Pimlico isn't. However, they are using variations of it scattered through their title tag within their description , and I'm sure they're using it on their website. On DSO is mind climber Dr UK. Yes, I can see as we go through the listings that this is a paid out here on again. These people will pay for these cliques. So if I was to click on there something this particular company will likely get child for roughly £46 so quite expensive. So you really want to be talking in the natural organic listing that you want to be targeting idea to get to those in those top three results. So let's just flick back to the presentation trending and rising Searches that are coming up are near me searches, so these are very ideal for local businesses. So if you do want to get into those Google my business listings that we just talked about, you want to make sure that you've got a G m B listing such a Google my business listing, which is completely free to set up. It does take about 30 40 minutes to set up properly, you know, with images, text descriptions, promotions and so on. But once it's done, you have gone opportunity to rank on the first page. You know, with those kind of with those listings. So a top tick here is Teoh. Also, insert the near me key phrases or keywords in your meta title tag. Eso Not many people are doing this as of yet, but I'm sure in 6 12 months or more people will be so off them, utilizing that tactic again. That's any ideal for companies that targeted locally. So companies are, you know, plumbers, electricians, movers and someone and so forth. I mean, there's hundreds off them that's ideal for them. So just to show an example of that so you know, a good metta total tag would be, you know, Plumber London near me or a plumber England. And near me eso That would be a very good way off talking, getting no soft keywords in, you know, in Google first page, because we're essentially talking multiple keywords within one sorta title type there. So that would be a very good one. Good one to do on. Also, don't forget mobile and voice it, guys. So mobile now equates to over 50% off daily searches. So, a few years ago, more people would be searching on a desktop where it is Now. Most people now search on a member phone sales, actually over half off surgeries are done on a mobile phone on 20% off those voice searches they want 20% off. Those searches are now. Voice search is on. Voice is actually growing very, very quickly, so that definitely wanted account for. But if you follow the tactics and strategy used on outline in this course, it will help you tailor your strategy, Andi, for your business or any other to target both mobile and voice within within that as well. So when you want it, you know you definitely want to get it right. You want to target the right keywords from the get go, because that will really build the foundation off your long term strategy within your key within your seo strategy. So, yes, so that concludes Lesson one on our let's dive into lesson to 3. How SEO Creates Long Term Revenue Growth for Any Business: Okay, guys, welcome back to lesson, too. Now that you're familiar with why keywords are so important for setting the right foundation for your s u strategy we're now gonna talk about, how S E own the right keywords? Create a long term growth for your business. So S CEO typically sits parallel would paid search or Google ants, for example. The issue, however, with Google ads is that assume if you turn it off, your traffic will also switch off. That's very, very common. So the purpose off CEO, the purpose off choosing the right keywords from the beginning is to create a long term growth strategy in a long term. Keywords rightly. So you can essentially keep that traffic going along the way a Z your business grows. So even if you do turn off your paid surgery, you Facebook hands or good glands, for example and your traffic won't stop overnight. It was still continued to flow through, and you'll still get you know, that traffic. So let me quickly show you an example off paid search on organic search. So I'm just gonna search for Roisin reclining chairs. So this particular coming here is actually a company that I've helped in the past with them with their s U control agency. So they are currently ranking number one for Theis. Search phrase on Diffuse Crawled down in the organic listings. You're notice they're also number one in the organic listings as well on day. Include the key freight is inside their meta title tag. So riser recliner. They've got armchairs, but that's very similar to cinnamon. Um, two chairs. So however those So, for example, with this one. So if they switched off their paid surf there Google ants, this company, Kericho will still get a good, steady stream off traffic through their organic listing on That's ideally what you want to aim for is to control you. Have you know that number one, two or third spot to continue that traffic. So just flipping back to the presentation. So So So how is s e o different? So, you know, talked ing the right keywords in commencing and SCF strategy is what you want to do from the beginning. So, for example, with the Care Co one, they had a Google account, So I was able to look at the key words I would performing highly in terms of all human conversion on then create a strategy around that this'll may not be the case for yourself. So you may be a startup. You may be a new business. We may be helping a client that doesn't currently use paid search on you could be starting from scratch. So in Lesson three, or talk about how to actually start creating those powerful and unique keywords and what tools you can use completely free on gets a very, very quick and easy way to start compiling your list from scratch, so I'll see you in Lesson three. 4. Where to Find Profitable SEO Keywords: Alright, guys. So lesson three, we're gonna dive in and have a look to see where to find your most profitable keywords and see people. There's all important competitors. So the first thing to do is is to really keep things nice and simple and start with some short tail keywords off your choice. So, first and foremost, what is the difference between short tail keywords on long tail keywords? So short tail keywords are typically keywords are very short, as the name suggests. So, you know, we've got two examples that have got flowers in Birmingham or plumber London. Eso short tell keywords tend to be fairly generic. Very sure. Where is long tail keywords or slightly longer. So it could be, you know, cheap plumber in London or in a cheap flower shop in Birmingham near me. Such long tail, typically on a top tip here, long tail keywords tend to convert better than short Tell keywords. This is just the nature off consumers. Andi is Generally I talked about this in my Facebook ads course in my the course, and, you know, consumers tend to be much lower in the buying funnel if they're searching longer tail keywords. Where is in the short term? Short tail keywords. They tend to be hard work in the front, on the economy at that awareness stage. Um, so that's just a top tip there. So in action point, here is if you if you head over a news the following website which is uber suggests dot com and I'm gonna do this with you, we can start to actually build some keyword ideas on, actually start to build out our unique list. So, uber suggests, is a completely freaked all. It's a free website, Andi. It's brilliant because it allows me to compose your list. Look at competitors and all sorts. Eso Let's just jump straight into you but suggest and let's just build a keyword list from our generic example we're using here, which is plumber than done. I'm just going to Google and type. Do you suggest Kiffin website? So I'm gonna select UK just because I was wearing based on debts type in our key phrase, say plumbing London. I'm gonna type across and hit search. Okay, so this online software is gonna give us some rough guidance on you know how difficult the Cuban is to rank what the search volumes are and so on and so forth. So according Teoh suggest this particular key phrases generating almost 4.5 1000 I'm searches per month. So I was probably the amount of people that are searching it per month on to stop, which is very healthy. And the CEO difficulty is a rank out off 100. So if that was 100 it very, very difficult to rank, obviously was. One is very, very easy, said 36 is just below average. That's not too difficult rank, um, in terms of its paid difficulty. So it is slightly more difficult to get in those top three spots for your room paid search . So if you were in, for example, Google ads, it is a little bit difficult to get in there. And that's purely because of the competitors now run and a corner and bumping up the price it still needs and very, very expensive. So this is just a guest amount. But uber suggest things is, you know, a pound 97 almost eight around that kind of mom actually rank on the first spot. You for those kind of key phrases so again very, very expensive. So you know, it's something like that with the difficulty of 36. You personally, if always kind of talking. You know those keywords in Google? I would probably go for a Mormon organic approach. They building the content, using those keywords in my contact, my strategy more back Ling's refugee on building Out that way Because, you know, needing nine pounder Click is not cheap. It'll in terms of dollars us around $12 per click. Eso not cheap. It'll a Z scrolled only it's a here, all the keyword ideas so we can see here. So these are so various keyword ideas that people search for. You've then got the four year. So that's the number of people searching thes keywords and per month, this is the CPC, the cost per clicks again in the paid search. And while that's super super high there, that one just spotted a with his emergency from government into London's or were immediately from London. So again, I can see why that's so expensive because it's gonna be a very high converting keywords. Anybody that's looking for an emergency plumber onda apparent. This, quite is this. There's quite few, you know, they're going to be in need of somebody quite quickly. So again, So that might be a very good one to talk. Get in the in the organic listings on bpd is paid difficulty on SD is the the organic strategy difficulty. So this, you know, the difficulty that organic difficulty there. So some of these ones are highlighted in green or the ones are awesome of the good ones. Took on a target. You know, again, if I was, you know, looking a split between, you know, this one on Plummer in London would be a tricky one. Broad because they've got, you know, similar Conniff CIA difficulty. I probably going for the plumber in London. Why? Because it's kind of got, you know, 34 times. You're a three time, you know, the amount of traffic volume compared to the, you know, Plummer, Emergency London. So just give you an idea of the approach that we take. Of course, you approach will become completely different. That's common. What? I would typically go for yours, Qassam content ideas, and then as you go through, I'm But this this tour really is that is completely free you can, um, create an account, you know, on uber suggesting it unlocks a few more features, which again it is free. I do have a sneaking suspicion that at some point some elements off this tour will become paid later on potentially. So it's definitely worth calling from, you know, So Crane Accounts signing up to the and Onda condom and knocking those special features which is give you more suited for new, more key with ideas on except for etcetera. So just to flick back to the presentation another fantastic website to get on the list is the word string eso we'll just jump in order to show you that one So weird. Stream dot com slash keywords is lonely wanted local on T again. It's a little bit similar, Teoh uber suggest on, but also gives you some great ideas. So what can I can put in here? You know? Let's just do, um that's just it flowers living him in this example and see what we get again. I'm gonna choose my country. Hit the search button. Okay, Let's see what we get back from word stream software. So similar fashion to suggest So give us our corner of generic keywords here. You know, again, you can call him Look through this and you could get a very good idea off. What keywords that'll get. You know, based on the volume you think the cost a click on how high it will know the competition is So this is a really unique columnist. It's a great one because it shows you what the competition is in in terms off. You know how high or low it is. Some of these wounds in here, you know, are quite good on you. Do want to solve flow through these and can have a look at them. So this would be fantastic one to go for your flower delivery. Birmingham by You know, there's there's almost 900 people searching. Your permanent competition is low. Um, you know, the average CPC is 30 average, and so that's a very good one to do. So this this is the Google side of it. This is Google, and this is being generally want to concentrate more on Google it if I'm honest purely because they've got over 80 slash 90% market share across the globe, um, being although the well there are a lot of people claim that the being converts better in terms off the search ish. It kind of has the very small amount, like five around 5% market share. But from from experience, I found the beings very, very hit and miss and I definitely recommend, but your main focus on on Google No, no, not sort of things. Um, So yes, I did. Just flipping back to the presentation. So, you know, again, word stream is a very good one to use on bail. Show you a good number off key words that you can go for another one in a very quick an easy one is good keyword suggestion on related searches. So let's just go back into Google on Let's Search for, um, Electrician's in London The most just caught it now on the screen and said, Electrician's near Me again. These that those of the rising searches that that kind of coming up on, they're the ones that you know you really want to be talked thing as well because they said that their game or more popular, actually, in fact, that was an example off off the search number, talking about So I assume you just type something in here to Google will suggest various keywords and Marius listings based on their algorithms based on their search history based on what they believe is popular on. And you know he can You can kind of, um, get a good idea off Carnival of the search for news in there. So that's the search suggestion. If you scroll further down near the bottom, you'll also get trouble. We called related searches. So these are good selection off key words that all related to the search Tim that you entered simple here, same day electrician's look, 24 hour electrician's emergency electrician's and so on and so forth said they're also very good ones to look out, get a quick idea. Okay, so these are some of the good woman stood to talk it so so So you could dio and of course, competitive as well. So if if you've got em, it lets you say you've taken on a nest CEO job for room for a client on day say, Well, you know, Pimlico is one of my biggest competitors. S O What? You know, What I typically do is I would go into Pimlico's home page we can do is if you right, click on, then view the page source. You then if you press control F or command F on a Mac and search for title So you see here that it's highlighted in pink here on the title. This will also give you a good indication off. Some of the key words of this company is actually talking. So you conceal now that they got in London, they've got service and maintenance, and they've also got born our response. You know, Pimlico plumbers. So you can see on their you know, they've got You're in London plumbers. You've got, you know, 24 7 plumber, you've got one hour response. Plumber maintenance. Plummer said, You know, service plummets and these are ALS. The keywords that these guys have talking, you know, for their sort of search, um, search strategy, it also the description. You can look at the the description. So they're just of the bottom, then bottom left. You can see here. This is called a boat there. So this is the meta search description. So if I just go back, want So essentially, that's what what comes up in here. So that's that meta description. So this is that meta title on us. The meta description here. So again, that's a very good quick, easy way you're off getting a good idea of. You know what? The competitive talking get a flavor? Four. You know what? You to sell your search strategy. So the final thing that you can do is guys you can actually search for Google hands on guy . Definitely recommend this for your business. If you're not doing it already on, that's why actually create a Google Lance account. So if you just search for Google ands, if you could calm the first link on that the and still google dot com So Google is actually given away a £75 or $75 voucher for your advertising. Andi, you can actually, you know, spend a few dollars so you'll have a total off 100 total because the offer is you spend $25 or £25 for the month, which isn't very much. That then turns into 100 £100.100 dollars. Andi, you can actually get a lot of good keyword ideas. I'm potentially some business along the way from it and that also economy open. Open the kind of doors for ideas off keywords and what your customers are searching because inside Google answer will show you. You know what keywords being populated, What keywords again getting in the most hits and also, you know, if it's set up correctly, will also show you what converting the most or driving phone calls. For example, so do you head over to where you know Teoh Google ads on create account and use lies are 75 you know, pound offer. They've current government moment, Onda said. You know, when you spend only £25 you'll have £100 you know, to play with on that all know only generating some business, but also will give you a lot of ideas firsthand to get some good idea keyword ideas that or get for free business. So that concludes a lesson three on Do I look forward to seeing new lesson for 5. How to Compile and Build Your Unique List: Okay, guys, welcome back to lesson for where we're gonna show you how to compile on build your unique list and with doing any keywords. So there are a few action points in here. They do need to follow along. So please do that t get the most from this course. So how to compartment? Build your unique list so you can do this in on the Cooper suggest or create a Google sheet which is free or among soft excel. She whichever your preference is actually attached. A pre made and exile for For you should you prefer to use that one instance that will cannot be in the product Resource is down below, so sometimes they let safely head over to you, but suggest them and let's start creating your list. So we're gonna follow the pattern that we have done by creating again for the diploma. London key phrases. Remember, guys So, you know, slept turkey would see a profusion country and then hit search. Okay, so you'll see the screen again. So scroll down to key. Would ideas once you've kind of got your room, your entry keywords you can then select which have keywords in here that you want to kind of brown child. I'm kind of expand on. So we're just gonna go for this one here, So click on this one. It also give you a list of ALS. The domain names are currently in the soft top 10 here, and you can also kind of expand those out as well. There's lots you can do with this tool. You may be deciding with, like, a Google account or create a free account, which gives you a bit more kind of diethelm bit more information. But we're just gonna keep it quite top level food for this particular on demonstration. So wouldn't you come in here so you'll see all your keywords here and again, you call the volume the caustic clicks on DSO on and so forth. It also gives you related keywords. So we'll give you more ideas based on your entry, keyword. I'm saying you have got emergency plumber London cheap plumber, London local Pamela and then Andi in, I mean in the kind of in the next top hip. I am going to show you how to expand them further on those and how to actually run choirs as a bit of a bonus lesson, but for this particular one where we actually is gonna create your least, I'm going to show you how to do that. So you've got two ways of doing this with uber suggestion Oil there. Select the keywords that you long So let's just select these following firm as an example, you can then export them to a CSP. So CSP is very similar to excel files. Got comma separated, finally foil. You can export them out there on opening up. Or you can just copy them to the clipboard and paste them kind of, you know, wherever you like in unopened file, you know, excel, Pharrell giggle. She has recommended earlier eso Here's one that I did prepare really yet on its the one that's attached in the foil on you can. You are more than welcome to use this, And it's just something that I kind of would generally use when I'm solve, you know, working on campaigns and helping clients. So you know, the first column here is all your keywords, said the easel. The keywords being listed eso this. The state you're in here is just It's just generic data that I put in there. Azan example. Obviously, with your one, it will be, you know, real data that you will have in here because it will be dependent on your on your nation. Your your data. So So yes. You know, column A We've got the key word in here. We've got the monthly search for him. So that told me the number of people searching for that keyword per month again, the caustic click, the competition level. So that ones that I've highlighted green of used locker and number Sorry. A traffic light system. Eso, you know, green, amber, red, so red are the ones that you don't really want to go for. Why? Because they're quite find competition. That quite expensive keywords on the traffic isn't quite as high. Um, enough to column holiday a search strategy to call it build around it on the greens are good because they are either, you know, low or medium competition. So it's calling how many people are competing for those top spots in the surface of the search engine results pages while show during the previous lesson. So So yes, the greens, a corner of the ones I've got fairly good said Fun game, not too bad, cost per click and they're gonna have got meeting competition Or, as I said, low. So they're the comment. Did you know the low hanging fruits that you want to go for when you want to come one. Start with those built me your traffic on, Then expand on some of the year the keywords as you naturally get back Ling's as you grow and you know, over time when other people started linked to you and create more content. Um, you know, you can talk about some of these other keywords in there as well. So essentially, you know, you want to keep it fairly kind of simplistic from the beginning and kind of scoping out as you go along. So in column E, you've got your competitive. So this whole column might be a domain name off the off your competitors for that, particularly in usually targeting what they rang for. Andi, you've got a notes column here. Onda current rank, which is really important. So if it's brand new website or brand new domain that you're starting out with, of course, didn't never rape position will likely be, um, not zero, but it will likely be empty or non existent at that state at that early stage, however, is he progressed through. You know you can update this, and you can also date it as well. There's also another fantastic tool that I actually use, and I'll show you about that one is called Rank. It'll so all of them, or dropped the link in the descriptions below thistles. The tool here is called Frank. It'll dot com. It's a very, very treatment, affordable tool that allows you to essentially measure the results off key words. And you know how the performing in Google being on a mobile, for example on I mean, you can so you can kind of look Akamai the search patterns, if history off, how you keep was writing Google both on mobile and desktop, and to call. I see your progress on. But you can choose from, you know, Miss Lowe's 20 keywords away up to 10,000 keywords off course that you know, the price goes up the more you search. But you can start with 20 keywords, which was actually really good based on point on, don't only cost you $5 a moment says very, very affordable on this Alcala removal, that manual headache off, keeping spreadsheets on updating it manually because their system will essentially track measure and show you. You know, where keywords are, ranking how long they've been renting, Therefore, whether moved up and down, that's both in mobile search and desktop search as well, because the two algorithms a different for Google. So you may run, for example, before even on nobody. But you may you know Number 10 on desktop, for example, S So this is a great tool that helps the column and eliminate that. So just flipping back to the presentation. So this is a top tier guys to call him, outrank your competitors, and it's an interaction point. So is to dive back into uber's guess, which we can do in a moment. What you want to do is you want to go under the traffic analyzers section on top pages and select Buel under the estimated There's not a lot with you in a second, but just before we do so what, you can actually find out here and this is called a bonus sort of tip here. Excuse me? What you can find out is you can actually punching your competitors. Domain name here on Do you can actually find out where their ranking on what their ranking for in terms off the keywords of positions on how much traffic they traffic, those keywords generating per month. Andi, You can actually create a content strategy around there, so actually overtake that competitors on it kind of, you know, has mentioned in this column in the small bullet point at the bottom. If if you're not too, you know, comfortable, we're creating your own soul content strategy. I writing articles or writing pages of text for your home Page three services page. Then you know you don't need to worry about that because there's lots of good websites out there with plenty of talented freedom says on Dive. Kind of like listed a few. There's you've got up works people per hour final dot com. So these air, you know, good websites where you can hire a very talented freelance says very affordably, eso. So let's start even ticket Google. Let's take a quick look at another example, so let's do something like beauty salon London and then see what we get a couple of directories. Okay, so we've got Beauty and Melody doctor at UK. So let's let's try this particular born here. So if I just copy, copy the euro Jim backing to into here. Pacer domain split the country in search. Okay, You then need to go into traffic analyzer here on the left and click on top pages. Remember, guys, when Now I'm looking at this beauty and Menotti website as a competitors, so But then go to here. So these essentially all the top ranking pages based on traffic so you can see here. So their home pages generating over 1000 visits per month, they've actually got 68 back links. We're not really covering back things in this particular video. However, you know, I can cover that. I mean, that will require a whole new kind, of course on back wings and s CEO. Do leave a comment if you you're interested in incontinent learning about battling. So it was probably one off the most important fundamentals off CEO, so essentially is going back today. So what you wanted them do is you want go under estimated visits and click on the view all you want to scroll down. Okay. Andi thes here or so off some of the key Was that their ranking for so these a cornet these what we call, I mean, this is a branded term. Andi, this is almost like a hybrid. Tim Cook has got beauty in there on the brand name, which again is very similar to the brand. So I would kind of ignore these ones I would focus on on these. So this s O. This is quite presses we saw. And then they were positioned three a moment ago, beauty salon in London, which has a volume off around 1000 visits per month. They rank position three for their home page on bond. CSU got some of the stats here is well how difficult it is to rang the pay difficulty, etcetera. So let's just flick back to their website. So what you want to do is you want a copy of this key phrase here, so copy that from backing to their website, and then you want to do, um, control left or command deaf on a Mac, um, pasting the keywords and then hit search Now I didn't. Then it's come back Let's do our little something that is come back with zero. Let's just grow old way down. So the content is loaded now, Apparently so court, you know, isn't these keywords in this exact former is nowhere listed anywhere on this page. So that's just view the source and double check it, whether it's in the source as well. No. So a so you can see there frase phrase not found at the bottom. Andi So that's no great s e o strategy guys on If I was a competitive too. You know, this beauty and melody company I would look at that was a big positive because on saying Well, we know that they currently run third on for that. It's a very popular searched him because it's getting over 1000 people searching it per month. So there's scope here for position one and two. So I would build out seo and keyword strategy around that to target those keywords and ensure or included those key phrases, Um, in my content, because we know that you know, beauty amenity. I know, including those anywhere on the page. So you want to use, like, a page one. So you know somewhere in here this'll ideally should be a beauty, some on London. So something in there and that will really help them. And to be honest, they did something around now aroma, content, strategy they may find they may jump up to position to, on instance, searching the keywords in various places. So they've got I mean, they've got good amounts off content here, So this is great for search engines. But again there no, including its own, etc. Think, including, um, beauty Salome's. If I get rid of London so no there, no, even including beauty salon, Which is which surprises me a little. Let's see how many times have included the word beauty on their page. Some imagine that should be around. I mean, I would be looking for around 15 to 20 times on on this whole page. If there's anything inside here as well, very slow loading, which probably isn't helping their CEO, I there. Yes, you can see it's it's not that's destroying. Refreshing the whole page. Crippling beauty. Yeah, that's no great guys. And that could be another one of the reasons why you decided that. Ranking asshole eyes. It should do because this. Unfortunately, it's unloading. So let's again. Let's jump into the source off the side and let's see having times include beauty within their actual schools again. Wow. Okay, so that's not great. So there, including it. According to his 252 times in the source eso That might be what we will be classes over optimization on. It's no good. So you want to do you want to get a balance off having a good number of keywords both on the front end on the back end? So Google will typically Google Connection. See both. It kind of looks mainly at the source, but it can also detect walls on the front end as well. On they will be able to see that while this websites got 252 mentions off, the keyword beauty in their source code grows on the front end. I think it was said it was sorry. Seven. Yes, so it's looking at 70 R. I'm not too sure if it's behind there, any of these hero much and it would be, but it's not moldings. That's not great, but they should really they've got over tune from 50 times mentioned in their source code. They should be mentioned here a few more times on the front end. So you know the little tip there to try and balance on your key phrases too much. Both front end and back end. You know, you should have a buffer about 10 20% on. Do you know for example, 20% more times mentioned on the back and which is the code compared to the front end of in these guys Has said it 700 front end over 2 50 on the back. And there's no really only deal. And I said, with a few foreign genes, you know, these guys could be ranking that. You know that number one spot. So it's just a few key takeaways. Ends of just, um, one of them, you know, some ideas for you there. But it's essentially that kind of mean. That concludes less and four. So I'm just gonna flip back to the presentation, show you, you know? So this is this is kind of the section we've just covered off, eh? So I hope that helps Onda conaway to see in the final lesson where we're gonna talk about. We're looking at some premium tools on getting to know the insides off competitors from a premium perspective as well. 6. BONUS LESSON: Using Premium Tools for FREE To Outrank Top Competitors: so welcome to the fifth and final bonus lesson off this course, guys. Thanks, Epsom Extra joining me on. But I really hope this unless and helps you in this course is help you along the way as well. So let's get straight into it. So the bonus lesson is going to cover off a premium tall, but you conserve utilized your keyword research, which is totally free. Eso what I want you to do is his head across to ECM rush dot com and create a free account with them. So it will look something like this. So you learned on the home page and you'll see a screen such as this. You can then enter a domain name, Andi. I mean, we're gonna use the sample one that were used earlier, the beauty one. So I'm just gonna pay stand in there, select UK and hit. Start Now you're then see the SCM. Russia's gonna ask me to Crais a new account so you can go ahead and do this. Eso you if you actually compose a video and go heading on decree ate the account with them . What you need to do is just getting your email address and a password. Um, and then so you create the account your land, then the last few to solve, You know whether you want to solve them, Purchase if you If you want to say you can go ahead and do that's Antonio to yourself. They are currently offering a free seven day trial. You can sign up to that. Once you're logged it, you'll see a similar scream to this s O. What then want me to do? Is is on the left hand side. Here is just to go ending the main analytics and hit the overview button. Okay, drop in here and hit paste or typing your Marie your competitors domain that you want to get a date. Ron, you may need to change that. The currency on the database to UK or or American or, you know, whatever is applicable. Eso just to give you a very quick overview off ECM Russia's dashboard now going into too much granular detail. So this is the authority school. So 40 warns again, this is our 100. Eso very authoritative domain will be in the common eighties and 19 forties and too bad at all. Andi, their organic traffic. According to ECM rushes around 5000 per month. They've got 3700 back lings so that also doing some display advertising as well and they got on display links as well. Eso this here. This section here gives you the traffic trend over time. So it tells us, went essentially when they could have started doing There s CEO um on. Do you know how well they are? Ranking on what college levels of traffic there being getting over the years. So the small time lying here on the right is Yeah, that's one member 61 year, two years. And that's all time since the data is present. So you can see here that these guys really started There s CEO strategy the beginning of 2016 on. They've been slowly and incrementally climbing over the years. They saw great Spike. I'm kind of like I would probably say around August September roughly get September, October and Big Spike off last year. We can't see, However, unfortunately, since then they are. They have been dropping eso it could be that, you know, they have been hit by an outward them run bell. We're going through a bit of a strange period, you know, economy at the moment. So that could also have an effect on that as well. So I know the free tool that you can use a za bonus tool with one eye you saw very regularly is something called El Guerrouj. So Al Guru is again. It's a free online tall. They didn't sign of Brinkley like now, but it gives you a very, very quick indication off when Google has been doing algorithm updates. So you know Google is the Senate changing? They do hundreds and hundreds of hours update every year. Some of them are court changes on some of them are non called changes. A zoo we can see here. So So Al Guru is a fantastic free website. It kind of gives you a flavour of when Google has run these updates on Deacon See on there to see when you know website more have been affected. So if you ever find that you've got a website and all of a sudden overnight that you dropped in 5 10 places orm or you kind of think it and hold on a minute. You know what the house going on here on. This is a fantastic website to show you. You know, while actually there has bean, you know, on algorithm update, you know, here in recently, in April, or if you kind of saw a dip in kind of, you know, mid February, you could bring it down to this core update here. If you're wondering, then you know what That update, Woods. You can head over to something like most dot com on, You know, if you said, you know, Google algorithm changes, I believe it's normally Moors. And there's another website that here in the Google SEPs And actually, you know, we'll know what the actual core update was or what the algorithm change was. And then you can put places, but I put measures into place, Teoh to rectify them and bring your rankings back up. So this is a really handy website called Al Garrido. Calm, Andi, you know, you can kind of see, you know, mobile on and desktop changes on there. You can you can select. You know, I normally live to default google dot com, not the Australian version, and it gives you a good indication. You know what? The update was this blow here. And she tells you what you know. What websites of the winners, The turns of the losers. Um, you can also get a flavor for kind of. You know, boy, some of these are our upper boy. Some of these air down, so I just I get another bonus tip there, but let's just head back into s him rush. So So I mentioned, you know, we can see with this particular domain your beauty amenity of the UK s. So they've been slowly climbing up. There had a slight dip here, and that just gives you, like, a historical standpoint of where they are. These are the countries that their own for inorganic and what we can also switch into to pay if you want A If you scroll further down, these are the top organic keywords for this particular domain. So we can see that they've got quite strong brand presence on. That might mean because they might be doing a lot off them offline. Advertising's that might be doing a lot of ants in kind of magazines. Andi, you know, newspapers potentially in the local area, you know, leafleting, except for except trade so they might. They might get in the market for a good number of years and they've got, you know, strong customer base and customer presence. But But yes, so you can see further down here, you know some more, some more interesting data. However, if you kind of if you have some of that main organic competitors, so you can see there something of the company's. However, if you scroll further down, this will give this to this section. Here is really, really valuable. Andi can really help you. So these are the back links off this particular domain. And as I mentioned in in the produce lesson, guys back Ling's or one off the key factors on ranking. You know, Page one on Google in myself, in my humble opinion, or I personally think that it probably is the most valuable s CEO kind of tactic purely because it's very difficult to obtain good quality, authoritative, clean, nontoxic ducklings. However you know content, you know, is you know, content is king on, you know, it's also it's one of the biggest factors as well. So you want to kind of, I mean, we're talking about online and offline s CEO here. You know, if you can use them both in synergy, then you're gonna do really well on this section. Helps you find where to get this back important backings from because you might be so abortion using them. Well, you know how how, where we get back things from I've got no idea where to start on has mentioned earlier that , you know, back linking and in depth there might be another call someone you to do because it is. It is a very, very big topic. So you just touched upon it to give you a flavor for a So here you can look at the some of these back links and condom, reach out to to them and see if you can also get links from from them to your own website. Because a lot of times it'll be soft, like it creates a month paid directory. You say you know any trial? It's like 2030 $50 a year to be listed in there. Yes, I'll give you a very, very good insight, you know, for free on, get some good in town to know these these aware more competitive again, their best links from. So if I can get my links placed there as well warned. Similar. Besides, Onder also create a lot more salt content on a lot more, um, in depth content around the keywords that we talked about earlier, then I can definitely our rank these guys on. Do you get more traffic than them on top bankers? So anchors is just essentially the what it saves on the actual text within the link that's coming back to it. So you can see here they're talking, picketed the spar, shortly spar on their in brand names. That's good. Tohave that sometimes are not employees any young crime there. They just got there. They're comin firm. Therefore, I hate it. Http, your as it is there, essentially like that. So you know, so water, like publishers on here, said they got some backing from publishers so that hair style dot com on sometimes has come because tricky to get. However, you know, sometimes you know it's very easy on the flip side. So you just got a call in flight looking to it for your competitors of your own domain on get annoying to you. For that, I'm all that gives you some of their convoy there. Some plants. So these the the image answer they're using. So they'll definitely So they're definitely using some of my Google Google, Ansel Rose, some kind of displaying strategy on because these are comment, The answer they're using. So it also gives you a nice source. Snip it off. You know the answer they're using as well. So lots of lots of great information here on I'm just gonna have a quick look to see if something else works and am not sure if this will give ASEAN free version of Let's have a quick look to see if we can get that Yes, sometimes state. So if you do cook on the, you know, the morning for button that I just clicked on there that will get you a lot more detail about those particular links as well. So we can see here. So the mainly sort text links. So these text links through the water got term, you know, 495 image wings last backings from from images. But as I said, you wanted to scroll through these and you want to get a good idea on a flavor for some of the kind of on the back wings of your game again. We talked about the newspapers, so they have got link there, so that might be the injections for dog. Come here, son. So that could be locking advert. And they may have placed potentially Andi. Yes. This actually get to see the top 21 in here. So again, so five star moms dot com on dave got links that you could reach out to them. You could create a post on this website link back to your own website and getting from them . Um, so you have got followed links? No fallings but asses. And I won't go into line in this sector days quite advanced, Andi. But yes. So I mean, if you do have any questions around that, then you're welcome to college. Drop link, you know, commented in the solvent in the comment section and just just give me a show on rt my my best to help you on answer it. But there's a wealth of column like data in ECM rush. And as they do, take advantage of that seven day completely free trial because there's there's lots of salt data. I mean, we just touched upon probably 5% off the holes off Software means there's key with analytics. In here, you can create projects making research topics. If you're doing a content born out, we extracted the particularly good for, like, blogging and writing content on another, a lot, lot more. Really good, good toe. But but to be honest, guys, that pretty much concludes the final bonus session. So I really hope you enjoyed that on if you No, no, please Do you follow me Because I'll be making more of these videos and said if you if you do want a more in depth s CEO, and you know of course, and I can I can create one on, you know, we should be more in depth cover more about back things, you know, on a jet CEO pay their CEO on Diaoyu Keywords Plane three. And how you can, you know, total between Aly assets of key CEO to get maximum results in Serbs. So so yes. Oh, thanks once again for watching. I really hope you enjoy the course. Please don't forget to bring me Please please call me and say, thanks very much on take care