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Digital Marketing - 10 Complete Digital Marketing Basic Courses in 1

teacher avatar Azmat, -Marketing Made Easy-

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Digital Marketing Basic Course - Welcome Intro


    • 2.

      Digital Marketing & What's Covered


    • 3.

      Understanding Your Audience


    • 4.

      Create Your Brand Part 1


    • 5.

      Create Your Brand Part 2


    • 6.

      Intro to Website Design


    • 7.

      Creating A Website Part 1


    • 8.

      Creating A Website Part 2


    • 9.

      Website Site Speed


    • 10.

      Intro to Heatmaps & Tracking


    • 11.

      The Best Heatmapping Software


    • 12.

      Google Ads Intro


    • 13.

      Google ads set up


    • 14.

      Setting Up Google Analytics


    • 15.

      Google Analytics and Creating Your First


    • 16.

      Google Smart Campaigns


    • 17.

      Building Manual Google Campaigns


    • 18.

      Ad Group Keywords


    • 19.

      Secrets of Powerful Ad Copy


    • 20.

      Learn About Google Conversions


    • 21.

      Facebook Advertising


    • 22.

      Facebook Lesson 1 - Setting Goals


    • 23.

      Personas & Your Target Audience


    • 24.

      Free Facebook Tools & Tips


    • 25.

      Facebook Pixel & Events


    • 26.

      Custom Audience and Lookalike


    • 27.

      Facebook Ads That Convert


    • 28.

      Top, Middle & Bottom of The Funnel


    • 29.

      Best Customers To Target


    • 30.

      Facebook Re-Marketing


    • 31.

      Facebook Lead Ads


    • 32.

      Mobile Monkey


    • 33.

      FB Ad Hack 1


    • 34.

      FB Ad Hack 2


    • 35.

      FB Ad Hack 3


    • 36.

      FB Ad Hack 4


    • 37.

      FB Ad Hack 5


    • 38.

      FB Ad Hack 6


    • 39.

      Facebook Shops


    • 40.

      Landing Page Optimisation


    • 41.

      Share Your Facebook Marketing Results


    • 42.

      Email Marketing - Part 1


    • 43.

      Email Marketing - Part 2


    • 44.

      Mobile Marketing Intro


    • 45.

      Mobile vs Desktop Stats


    • 46.

      Unlocking The Power of Mobile


    • 47.

      Beacon & Proximity Marketing


    • 48.

      Congratulations! You've Completed this Digital Marketing Course


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About This Class

Looking for a Digital Marketing Course? - Want to Become a Digital Marketing Expert? Then look no further! In this detailed course it includes all the handpicked, digital marketing tools you need! You'll learn step-by-step from Google and Microsoft certified instructor - Azmat on how to use performance marketing to get fast and explosive marketing results for your clients or digital marketing agency. 

In this digital marketing course you'll enjoy learning:

  • Choosing the right domain & hosting
  • Website Design (includes mobile design)
  • Driving Relevant Traffic
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • EMail Marketing
  • Analytics & Heatmaps
  • Conversion Marketing 

It's the complete step-by-step process the instructor uses for all his clients to generate amazing results.

Further Course Details: 

- Choosing the right domain & hosting

The importance of choosing the right domain should not be underestimated, adding keywords into your domain can give you huge SEO advantage over your competitors, backing this with a fast and reliable host can have great impact on your search engine rankings.

- Website Design (includes mobile design)

Azmat shows you step by step how to create a professional website that is fast and mobile friendly and looks great on all devices.

- Driving Relevant Traffic

There's no good in having a website if no one can find it. In this Digital Marketing course your learn the best ways of driving relevant and high-quality traffic to your website, using the power of Google, Facebook and Email.

- Analytics & Heatmaps

What good is driving traffic if you don't know how well it is performing? In this lesson your learn how to monitor and measure and also see how customers interact on a website!

- Conversion Marketing

Find out to improve conversion rates using some of the best tactics and marketing strategies this year!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


-Marketing Made Easy-


A seasoned and respected digital marketing consultant based in the UK. Having over 15 years' of marketing experience in the Digital space and first-hand business know-how.

Azmat understands what it takes to grow businesses from small budgets all the way up to managing multi-million-pound marketing campaigns.

Starting his early career in the technical domain and hosting arena, he quickly fell in love with technical marketing and the sales side of promoting digital services.

Being a creative individual from the very beginning it wasn't long before Azmat was dabbling with Adobe Dreamweaver and designing beautiful and practical websites.

Shortly thereafter, Azmat started getting clients ranked in Google and later grew a passion ... See full profile

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1. Digital Marketing Basic Course - Welcome Intro: Hey everyone, My name's Azmat. And in this latest digital marketing course I'm going to show you how to explode your business using the power of performance marketing. So I'm going to teach you step-by-step the exact strategies that I personally use to get my clients double digit results in amazingly fast time. And the best thing is that you can mirror this alongside with me every step of the way. So in this super tangible course, we're going to cover off everything from purchasing a domain to setting up fast and reliable hosting, to building a professional website to drive that all important, high-quality, relevant traffic. And much, much more. Finally, I'm going to show you how to measure and further fine tune that traffic to get you some explosive results. So I'm super-excited i've never done, anything like this before by giving away all my trade secrets. So I can't wait to get started and I can't wait to see you on the inside! 2. Digital Marketing & What's Covered: Hi everyone. Welcome aboard and a warm welcome to you. So I just wanted to say thanks for joining me on this digital marketing course. So I lots to cover, lots and lots of good stuff that I've tried to pack in this course as much as possible. So please do give me a follow and drop a comment below. If you've got any questions along the way, I do personally reply to every single person. And so if you want to, you know, pick, pick my brains or whatever it might be, just drop a line and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible and say, give me a follow, drop a comment. And I hope you enjoyed the course. So without any further ado, let's dive straight in and see what is covered inside the course. Thank you. Okay, So as of today, digital marketing around the world is with close to 0.5 trillion. That means that people are spending more and more of that budget unknown and growing their digital presence. And this figure is actually doubling every five years. Now that's absolutely huge. So what does this mean? And what do you need to do to learn to grasp the power of digital marketing, to connect all those consumers are searching for the many products and services that your clients and customers or sunny. So in this course, we're going to focus primarily on what I call performance or direct response digital marketing and how to build a successful brand. So what does performance or direct response marketing actually mean? It essentially focuses and utilizes the best methods of today's marketing to get fast results and get consumers picking up the phone or sending inquiries straight away. And that's direct response marketing. So a good example of this is running, for example, Google or Facebook ads with strong calls to actions. So also strong call-to-action. So call to action is something that entices the customer to click Visit or call. So it could be like, Cool Now messages now email is now button and all caption on the screen. Since versus posting on other channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and doing tips and tricks and hoping that people will call and pick up the phone. And to be honest that Cornell method really works, although that's called brand awareness or brand awareness, as great as a long-term strategy, it won't get you quick results. So digital marketing is all about connecting the dots for your consumers. For example, you might be running some paid advertising on Google. And your users may see your ad on Google. You then might need a website which ideally would need to be, for example, mobile-friendly. And then ensure that that device is allowing a user to have a good experience, which were all cover in this course. And that user might not converge instantly. So let's say you're a florist or you signed in flowers, and you might be targeting a keyword on Google, it says Boy flowers online. So as a digital marketer, I'd want to ensure that I've got a e-commerce website as mobile-friendly because I know that over 50 to 60 percent of users now oral mobile. So you'd want to ensure that you give the users a good customer experience, a good user experience on mobile. And then, as I said, most visitors don't convey on their first visit, most of them will kind of go elsewhere. They'll shop around. And you can utilize things like remarketing or Facebook remarketing, Google remarketing. And again, we'll cover all of that in this course. So these are some of these sort of tactics and strategies that I personally use and have them for many of my clients that I've worked really, really effectively in a cost effective way. So so we're gonna talk a little bit about what's next and cover off some of the things that you're going to learn in the next lessons. And that's good. I'm going to be things like building your brand and also learning about your audience as well. 3. Understanding Your Audience : Okay, so before you actually start building your brand and Starbucks or creating your logo, your color schemes and your branding and logos. We website, etc. You really wanted to solve understand your target audience. And this is a key part of digital marketing and a very important part of a digital marketing strategy. So understanding your audience as that is quite critical because if you don't already know who your audience is, what they're looking for, what sort of behaving online. And then you have an early struggle to essentially give them the best experienced in order to con, of purchase your product or we enquire. So it's very different to having a physical shop. So if you've got a physical shop is great because the economy in new clients all the time, you're interacting with them. But if you've got a website, then that makes it a slightly more tricky to Congo Wall. Who is my audience? What do they do on my website? And I'm going to talk about some, a lot of tools and softwares or in-person news and more companies is to actually target these people to enjoy that you know who they are. Things I do one analytics, things like hot char, which is a heat mapping software. And that will allow you to not only see who your audience is, are you how old they are, where they live, whether they're male or female, how they're interacting on your website. But through our joy log fc, actually visually see how they actually interacting on your website as well. There's some really, really good softwares and nano when you go through all of those with you in this course. So, so yes, it going back to your audience. So the first thing that you wanna do is guys, you Manu, really understand who your target audience is in digital marketing. So they can either make or break the success of your whole digital marketing strategy. So if you understand who the actual audience is, you won't be able to create the ROI messages or use the right tactics to actually target them. So what's an example of this? So it really does depend on what you're selling or what you've, what your website is common trying to do. So as a general example, Let's say that you're running on a men's men's boxer shorts for example. You, Calvin Klein and your mains of thing is men's box chores as an example. So you might think to yourself, okay, We'll monitor your audiences, just going to be all men. But that might not be quite right. So it could actually be some females I usually purchasing for partners, husbands, boyfriends, et cetera. And you need to really look into things like Google Analytics and all. You need to look into things like Facebook and actually really get to understand who the audience is. Great way to do this to start off with. So you might be like, Well, where am really got a website at the moment, and we haven't got bigness presence at the minute. So what you wanna do is you then want to head over to things like Reddit or Cora and which are on the screen at the moment. And these websites, and you just want to kind of not necessarily store the customer is, but you want to kind of get an idea of what type of questions are asking, how they're interacting. And look how people are responding and kind of visualize the gaps. Perhaps he can do a brainstorming session to call you understand who your target audience is. And the tops or five things that you want to know about your audience is kind of vertically, is how old they are. Scoot demographics, color where they live, what their pain points are you what they like, what they don't like, what they find difficult. And kinda how affluent they are. So how much are they spending? They call premium shoppers or they, you know, a good example of this. Or they can lock a or a little or an Asda shop, or are they Rocco a Waitrose Schrock bear. As an example, they're all in saying, you know, you've got two very, very different histology of markets that will target two completely different audiences. You've got Waitrose, they're gonna target this or more high-end audience, cannula, you more people that can't allow, got more disposable income, whereas you've got your little shoppers that perhaps haven't quite got as high disposable income and a lot more savvy with their money. So yet That's two different brands there. The corners would target to very different audiences. They get other ones you could look at is Carmelite, Mercedes Benz versus let's say Ford. That color two again, two very, very different markets and wants affluent one's not. Other brands include, let's say, the Dyson, the vacuum company. This is like VAX who tollgate lot more of the cheaper kind of audiences. Whereas Dyson, we'll talk a lot more high-end premium customers. And so you've really got it. So think about this and decide who is your audience. Like I said, a good way of doing that is to head over to websites like Cora. All kind of ready or online forums to really get deeper understanding of the topic questions or your customers are asking what they're doing. And then really break it down and kind of see, you know, where they're spending their time. And that will give you a very, very good understanding of how to actually target them. Focus on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on and so forth. So, so that, so have a look at some of these sites. Drop I am a map and sort of see how you get on with that. And I will see you in the next lesson where we're going to start and build, stop building your brand and start with the first thing, I, which is the most important, and that is your logo. 4. Create Your Brand Part 1: Okay, So I'm going to teach you about the, one of the most important things in a business, and that is all about your brand's identity. So your brand's identity starts with your logo. So a key part of your logo is the icon, the colors, the layout, the type. And so I'm going to be talking a little bit about all those fundamental and key elements for creating your brand. So it's gonna be really cool. So we're going to, you know, please do take notes and so do have some into they can write down with. So I'm going to give away a lot of stuff. I'm going to talk a little bit about kind of the technical side and the non-technical side, as well. As obviously some users will be quite familiar with certain software such as Adobe Illustrator photoshop, whereas other users might not be. So I'm going to try and cater for all parties and try and give you a good balance of common law, my gotos, and how I start the whole process of Cranor brand. And so so yeah, so let's get straight into it. Okay. Diamond strain to the deep pentane then guys, what do you think this logo here is actually worth? So this, as you know, is the infamous Nike Swoosh logo. So normally was actually formed in the sixties and the logo was designed in the AAD 70s. Boy, a young student who was actually taught boil water and the owners or all co-founders of noise at the time, he was a lecturer. So this logo, so the charge, so the student actually charged the company only thirty-five dollars to create this logo. So, so what is it worth today? So is this logo with thirty-five dollars or is it worth what the company is worth? Nike today in 2020 is actually worth 30, 35 billion in net worth. So this logo in fact is worth a multibillion brand worth. So the idea of a logo is to create something that reflects your brand, is simplistic, easy to remember, as I mentioned, just reflects what your brand values are, what you know, who you are, what you do, and so on and so forth. So in this example, I've got two T-Shirts. So this is just essentially a very basic essentials t-shirt, so it's essentially friendless. And the value of this T-shaped is around five or $10, will fight with him pounds. But you know, as, as as, as, as soon as you put a logo on there, such as this one, then the value of this T-Shirt, you can start charging 30, $35, or you know, around 30 pounds. So that's really the power of building a brand. And you build this over time, and you build the value of the brand over time. Um, but the key part here is to understand the logo is what identifies you to the whole world. And it's really the core fundamental of this. So moving on to the psychology of colors. Now guys, I'm just going to show you how consumers see seven brands in a certain way. So take a look at this color emotion guide. So as I, as I mentioned before, when consumers or potential customers will look at a brand or a logo. And there's psychological factors that come into play. Corridor is a big, big part of that. And color wall make people feel in a certain way. So this is scientifically in factually correct. And there's been big studies that have been taken place on the power of color. On the left here you've got various emotions, so optimism, friendly, excitement, Creative, trust, peaceful, and balance. So this is a chart that, that kind of showcases some of the brands and how they use color to showcase and build that, you know, that psychological and that kind of brand value and that brand image. And then our identity to tune into their target audience. So for example, you're going to take a look at, excuse me, Ferrari air. In there. They're yellows have our shows are optimistic brand. You've got some other famous ones. They like Nick on and Shaoul, and also McDonald's as well. If you, if you take a look at excitement, so red will get emit you feel excited. Companies like KFC in here. Why? Because they want to make you feel excited. It's family fast food restaurant there. What you feel excited when you come there because they wanted to order more, you're going to come in there, be happy, be excited. So essentially your spend more, you order more with them. And again, Coca-Cola, you know, when you drink Coca-Cola, they want you to feel excited about the brand. They, you know, they wanted to be quite bold and punchy, so they'll use red. And then you've got Nintendo as well. Because what is a bold is a youthful company in US near targeting the younger audience, the younger demographics. And then on the flip side, you've got trust and peace and growth. So Prosci, these are all your blue colors by a dao, the computer and technology. So they're saying, you know, you can trust our technology. So they'll use blues, same as Facebook and Facebook. We use blues case, a feeling of trust, strengthen dependability. These brands will use these colors to call right. Their advantage also got JP Morgan narratives, a huge, huge brand, and IBM and so on and so forth. So you've got lots of big, powerful brands. And then this is some of the tactics they use in the soil called in a psychology behind it, that they sort of take on to allow their brand to showcase some things. Say, you know, again, just can find more subnational. You got peaceful with bringing, say, gotten really good. I went and growth and healthy until you tropic on is, you know, you've got BP, which is oil and fuel. So they're saying, you know, we're, we're kind of energy-efficient way eco-friendly, green were coined to the Earth, Animal Planet and Land Rover. And these are the companies that showcase their corner of earthly friendly, eco-friendly. They care about the environment, they care about their customers. So that's column the image it builds in the consumer's mind. Um, you know, this might be subliminally, so a lot of this is called a psychological and sending subliminal messages. So that's something that you might not be thinking about, but it's actually playing into the mind and its building in image psychologically. And so Devin in your mind about this particular brand. So it's very, very powerful stuff is very, very interesting. And again, the example we've talked about noise. So they'll use balanced because they do a lot of sport and our off calms their lobby when I do things like yoga, sports, you know, you need good balance in that. So it's very neutral color, says very broad colored because they want to target a very sold via abroad kind of audience. So yes, while O'Connor hope that gives you a good indication for colors, mean if you're thinking of what color should I go for, for my brand, think of what you do, what your, what your products are laying sound or the service that you sell, you know, is it, is it something, you know, is it a service that you sell them? Perhaps he might want to consider getting flock lock a nice blue color. And a day be cooler is an excellent website for that. So if you login to Adobe Cooler, if I were to show you my screen now. So this is an excellent website that allows you to pick and explore different kinds of colors and choose color waves. And it will call it much here based on whatever you're thinking. You could come in then to type in business, for example. And it'll give you a whole multitude of difference of colors that you can play around with. So David, colorism is a fantastic one for, for that. And it's completely free. So I'm sad to say. So do dive in. I have a little play around with the colors is really exciting stuff because, you know, that, that was kind of, you know, your current is called the initial part of you building your brand, your identity. Perhaps you know, you're going through a color change or a rebrand, or perhaps you're stalling knew as a startup. So this is some, some of the things that you can do to help you a lot along the way with that. So I'm going to show you some of the things involved in creating a logo. So I'm not going to actually show you, for example, in Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop how to create a logo from scratch. However, I'm going to show you the quick and easy way of creating something that's very powerful and help create your brand's identity. So we're going to jump in, I'm going to have a look at few different solutions because this really depends on what your skill set level is. Whether you, whether you've got design skills or whether you prefer to outsource something like this or preferred to do yourself. So what I've done is in Lesson 1, I've created a few different scenarios to try and tailor for, for everybody. Really. The first one that we're going to do is we're going to dive in into looking at some logos on mine. So these are logos where you can essentially download them from an online source of fresh air with you in a moment. And they're yours to keep, you know, you'll, you'll, you'll have the acids for them. And there might be a very small fee involved. You can also get free options, but are all Shea, you have a mix of everything so it fits well into your personal capabilities. So, so just before you start galleries only to brainstorm some logo ideas using the mind map, mythology. So mind-mapping is a fantastic way of essentially getting ideas and then branching them out into more ideas. It's like a brainstorm session, like a cloud as style session, where you saw growing, grow ideas and they branch off into more ideas until you find that perfect idea. So say, so. On the screen here you can see an example of a logo mind-map. So what you can do is you can call Move place. So you could probably, to start with go online, perhaps formed a few logos that you like, the general look and feel of. And then essentially just branch off of those. So if you've got, for example, a logo such as National Geographic for example. And he said, Well, quite like the topography, the toy on this. Whereas more like the, you know, the, the icon of the Target logo. Then you can think of combining something and get some inspiration and ideas and just call it my branch off those. So mind-mapping and don't mind mapping you can apply to anything and everything, you know is fantastic for rare idea creation and concept generation. So it's a top tip there and he said it's an action points, so please do try that before you get started. And now I'm going to dive back in into sort of create a logo online. 5. Create Your Brand Part 2: So the first side that we're going to look at is a website called Canva. And I've talked a little bit about this particular website in my Facebook course. It's a fantastic website, are highly recommend it in Canvas really allows you to create logos, images, lots and lots of simplistic design work for Athena for non-technical users and gives that freedom to essentially do that. So we're actually going to go ahead guys and actually start creating our logo in Canva. So as I mentioned, this is totally free. You've got option to just find a material with them, a couple of details such as an e-mail address. And you get complete access to majority of that content, which is a lava is premium. And it said that for 30 days has told you freeze, they do take advantage of that. So I'm actually going to create a logo and just download one here to show you how quick and easy it is and some of the sort of good options have got available in here. And in this particular course, we're going to be creating an exciting apparel brand. So begin to create a shop which is going to be selling apparel, wears clothing. And I'm going to base it around apparel such as hoodies and the hooded sweatshirt for example. And I'll explain a little bit later why I've chosen those because it's going to link up to a few of the systems inside Shopify, for example. So yes, I do follow, follow me along and take a little look at creating new logo. So I'm just going to show you how easy that is. So once you're logged in and you've created your account with Canva, just come onto the home screen on the left here. I then want you to come down and look for logo. So it might not be in this exact same spot here, but it'll be somewhere along here or it will be underneath the marketing section. So click on logo. So personally, I'm a big fan of mountains when vintage corner of locations, the personal taste of mind in general. So I've got something in mind. And also once we've completed the non-technical side of it, we then move on to a slightly more technical side where I'll show you some of the initial drawings. And though I've done and some of the common concepts for logo and show you some of those as well. So, so coming back to here as I go through this, have a good look through and just solve. I have a little look at the ones I catch. Catch your eye. As I said, are all the ones with the mountain on there. So this, for example, looks, looks quite good to me. Some of the bits are not too keen on these sorts of these rays here to our community here, and just left-click and then just delete. I'm not a fan of these oils as well. Come on there, select and simply delete, quote like this formed these both here so it can stick to this. So what I do is if I want to edit this, I can just simply been toy pin your brand name safe for this or causes purpose. We will call it, we call it hardware. Hardware. And that's going to be a parallel save. Okay, so now all I need to do is simply hit the Download button. As I said, I can be OVOC and I can grab it, work in the society than 30 day free trial here and try Canva pro, completely free. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that, is you don't need to do this. Okay guys. So once you've got your logo downloaded onto your local computer, you can then start to play with that logo and you can upload it into Shopify and use that as your Lego assets. In terms of the second option, say the second option is slightly more technical. It's a little bit more of a DIY do it yourself kind of method. And that's more for the, for the techie guys are white, so get creative and so create their own version of their logo and do from scratch. So I mean, genuinely oily, follow this path purely because of the knowledge's own work in the past. And familiar with Photoshop, for example. So this particular method. And it will require some things such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. If you haven't got those softwares, but UT prefer to give it a go yourself and you do one, It's all. Try this out from scratch, then you can use a free option. And this is a top tip. You can use a software called photo P, says PH, say we're not a completely free websites if you just search for that API and you can actually, it's very, very similar to Photoshop in fact, but it's completely Cloud-based as Online is free to use. And you can import graphics images and edit them. Learn the system. And if you do feel actors or playing around within familiarizing yourself with it, then you can go to download in a Photoshop or Illustrator, for example, if you wanted to. So again, back to the logo then so generally I will start with college just sketching some concepts and some rough designs. So I'll show you a closer view of this shortly. So I'll just call have just spend 40 minutes or roughly in college just sketching out some logo ideas and some kind of concepts. And just kind of just then showed them to friends, family members, and get their take on it, give their opinion on it as well. But if you've got one that you can learn quite favor you like. And you say, Yeah, this is the one, I've got the vision for this particular logo for my brand. And then just go for it, you know, and there's no right or wrong way with the logo. And you can always tweak it, change a molded late acorns do a rebrand later as well. So there is really no right or wrong ways have, you know, feel free and yeah, just, just go out and just start sketching, start drawing, have some fun with air. And then what you wanna do this once you've got, you know, corner if you know Ted or, or, or does it also kinda concepts in moiety then one in colonists scan all, all yam got scattered and take a picture with a smart phone and put it onto your computer. So once you've got it on your computer, you then want to import it into Photoshop Illustrator or, you know, as was mentioned for photocopy, use a tool like a pen tool or a shape tool to go around the logo. And essentially you're going to use your, you're drawing and you get your concept as a guide. And that the software is going to do all the heavy lifting and create that for you as part of a. So once you've created your logo and your and you're happy with it. And you can then download it. I mean, I'd recommend. I'll give you some of the settings on that. You should use it. I should be at least 300 DPI or join you gave for a 2000 by 2000 canvass. Why? Because later you want to solve curbing sure that you've got a square logo also where a portray one, maybe a landscape one to kind of fit different mediums like social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and so on and so forth. So you want to solve, ensure that you can create your logo in different formats and different social media platforms, your website and CTO. Of course, if you are studying apparel or clothing, for example, then it can go on there. So so definitely go for 300 DPI resolution gave us me like roughly 2000 by 2000 pixels. Cmyk is a good standard to go for. And just say, yeah, just, just go for it, have some fun with it. There's no right or wrong way. And play around with shapes vary around to people see what they think. One of the other really, really important things about creating a logo. And I'll talk more about this shortly in the course as well, is your RAM is to go for a strap line. So this is a top tip egos say you want to go for a strap line. So for example, a, for this, in this course, I'm going to recreate it in apparel, clothing one. So it's going to be called hardware. So what I do is underneath as myself company slogan, common law problem, perhaps do something like, you know, urban casual wear or been hoodies for you or something like that. So it kind of spells out exactly what you do inside a couple of, a few seconds. So if we use a lumps on your website and the first thing they do is they'll look at your logo. And there'll be able to tell exactly what you do straight away without even looking at the rest of your website. So this is what you did, such a top tip there. And so to have a nice logo, but also have a nice slogan, accompany slogan underneath as well. Okay guys, so the third and final option is a better bonus option for you to get your logo created. So I'm not really into designing or, you know, already a graphic designer. I mean, I'm not a graphic designer, but sometimes you feel a corner given a guy, but you'd go try those options and you feel that you need a professional to do it, then there are a few very good cost effective ways of getting your logo professionally made. So I'm going to share with you as a final bonus lesson. So I'm gonna go with this section quite quickly. But essentially only need to do is you need to log onto a website called oil the, which is the oneness on my screen here. And say if you come in here, you essentially, you land on a page that looks a little bit like this. And the top and type in Logan, and hit the Enter button. You will then get pronounced with a few different options of logo creators. So you can opt to have your own countries if you just want, for example, V in America. Or you can opt to have and freelancers or design agencies from your corner, yo yo, your native country. And if he want to have a slightly more affordable solution than just turn off, I'm your own country. Obviously, if depending on whereabouts you are, because that way you'll get one over log broad designers that will kind of come in and give you some options. And so for me, in terms of, you know, you can select your hourly rate here, say if you work into the family entry level budget, for example, and then he just slept that if if you figure the foil dollars and our mean, you can see this chap here is four over $4 thousand and throw it through. Upwork is based in India, is going to a 100 percent feedback. And again, this trap here, $5 an hour. So this gives you a good idea of coined of the level that they're at. You can also come in here and add in more theaters HTML and answers very, very quick and easy. You can cut off slightly by Trump success and 90 percent and above. So these are the people that have completed their jobs and their kind of work via this platform to very, very high standard. So knowing our top 10 of their jobs are compared to high, high standard. And say, yeah, I means I do have a good level through some of the other websites. Paul from Stockholm is people per hour, so similar, so fashion. And just come in here and type in like a warlike I dissolving. And thou then show you some of the economy goes on here. What they charge. And it works in a very similar fashion to your work. And the last one is a website called fiverr FIV And again, you increment that. And so I pin logo and select somebody that's very, very affordable. For example, the, these, these, these people here, I'm done. Like I said, these is rated 4.9 out of five. He's got 1 thousand plus feedback. And his designs. You have three exclusive just logos. He visit for the first 17 pounds, roughly around $20. So that's really, really cheap. And you can have a look at some immunized, some of his work in here as well and see what color his capability is. So it looks like he's done some pretty cool stuff in there and say yes, so it's definitely lots of different options out there. And I plan comma three methods of kind of covered a broad spectrum and they've given you a good nicotine confidence to go out there and say, this is 11 crave more Brando was. Or you perhaps want to consider so generate brand or looking at column just molding or tweaking your current existing logo says lots of really, really good options out there. Um, so I hope the house coils on lesson 1 is taken probably slog along them, we would lie, but it, I've tried to pack in as much as I can and therefore save an IPO is very valuable. So thanks very much. 6. Intro to Website Design: Hi everyone, Welcome back to this lesson. And in this lesson I'm going to show you and teach you step-by-step how to create your own website. So I'm going to be showing you this with a real client. I'm going to walk you through the exact steps that I personally take and what I do from the start to the end on crane, a professional looking website. So please to take notes. And if you do need to watch the video a couple of times, you're welcome to do that and feel free to do that. But I'm going to call it God you the best I can and start with the very, very beginning of the things I use and everything, the ID to get a website up and running those could be mobile friendly. It's going to be responsive. And I'm going to show you all that right now. So let's dive in into the next lesson on creating your website. 7. Creating A Website Part 1: Okay everyone, welcome to the next lesson, which is all about designing and building your own website as part of this digital marketing course. So I'm actually going to run you through a real client website that are designed of SEO work on their paid search and a lot more. So this is going to be great for you because it's going to give you a real working example of how I put my icon of skills and knowledge into daily practice. And Hanoi, I work with a real client and get them real results. So the company that I'm currently working with is only consume screen, which is next wheels and tires. This is the actual final logo that was created for the client. And as I mentioned in the previous lesson, you want to ensure that you've got different variations and con of colors and dimensions of the logo to ensure that you've got different styles of it. And I'll explain that to you in a second. Molars show you the client's websites. So you can see here that we've got a dark background. We've got a light background, and then we've got a square version of the logo. And this is great for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. I've already important one version that square and one has of a rectangle or landscape. So yes, so the reason why you want to get at different styles and different variations and colors is because the client may decide to go for a kind of a light background on their website and branding for example. Or they might also decide to go for a dog, bite ground and branding. They might want to get their logo on tee-shirts, merchandise, etc. So it's always say, always bear that in mind as a top tip. And always have different color variations of your logo. And I'll show you why now. So we're going to flip over to the client's website, which I built, which is this one here. Okay. So the client of course all it sees is next wheels and tires. So this is a UK company. They are essentially a tire and we'll supplier based in the UK. They mainly do automotive related things such as fitting, tires, servicing, repairs, and so on and so forth. They also have an online eBay store and they offer a few other services there as well. So I said, I'm going to call, run you through, um, you know, the easiest, fastest, and most pain free way of creating a modern website. So this is built using WordPress slash WooCommerce, and it runs on the theme K2. Website. Theme. I highly, highly recommend it. This is the URL at the top here, theme dot direct. Currently I think you can get a free version of this as well. We're going to do is put your name and email address in here. And you can actually get this to go powerful theme, completely free at the moment. If you need web hosting or domain name. Also just sign up through here or get in touch with myself. And I can arrange that for low cost of this three, essentially three things that you need to build your website. And that is a, you need a domain name, which is, this one is themed art direct. You need web hosting. So web hosting is what stores your files on the internet and makes them available, publicly available on the internet for people to actually see. So all these kind of images, for example, these are all stored on an oldest texts is stored on a web server, which provides public access worldwide via this domain name. So I won't really go into the technical side of building a website or you like DNS, domain propagation, etcetera. But I will cover off a lot of the basic things like getting a free SSL certificate as a bonus tip. So I'm going to show you how to get a free SSL certificate which will give you that all important, HTTPS secure. So all websites these days, they should be secure or they should be HTTPS stays in new modern standard, something that Google pushed and promotes. And their purpose of this is to ensure that hackers or people on the Internet can easily get quantum information that you pass across. So for example, if you'd put in your name and email address in here and hit the button here. If this was non HTTPS knows they are hackers snooping around for information as you hit that button. And they could potentially take a Raman address and bombard you with adverts and, you know, and, and whatnot. But having HTTPS, this helps to prevent that. It makes the protocols and the transfer of information secure between yourself and the server. And I'll show you a nice top tip on how to gaze SSL certificate completely free. There's two ways of doing that and all run into that in just a moment. So that steam k2 and the URL is the'm dot direct. And I highly suggest you kind of take advantage of the free sign up and sign up to there on that one. So again, going back to the client's website. So so yeah, you've got a good flavor of college. You know who they are, what they do. And you'll see here this is the color of the logo, what we talked about in the previous lesson. So this particular design, and we featured a dog background at the top in the header. So you've got three main elements. And I would recommend that you please do take notes because there's a lot to cover in this particular lesson, but this will give you a good foundation of creating a website. And this is something you do want to do after you've done your logo. Because it's a medium and it's a great tool to drive sales, drive inquiries, draw upon in leads, orders and a lot, lot more. So this particular website, as I mentioned, is designed in WordPress stroke WooCommerce. This means that people can actually, It's from this website. And this is something that I particularly implemented as this particular customer. They sell alloy wheels and this is something that they requested later on that what they'd like to do through the website is to actually allow their customers to be able to purchase our wheels that they they actually supplies on. I'm going to quickly jump into that eBay store. And I'm just going to show you really quickly some of their alloy wheels. So if I visit the shop, guess at things like these. So these type of wheels is what they con, of what they sell. And, you know, they want to have the ability to be able to do that not only through eBay, which is a big online channel for them, but through their website as well. And this helps to save or save unlike fees, Ebay fees, etc. So it's a good way to do that. And again, we'll, we'll we'll go into into that a little bit later on. And I just want to cover off the foundation and the basics before we dive in into the more intermediate things. So a website entails three to four different things on a homepage using your core things. So you've got your header, which is the top part of the website. You've then got your menu or your main menu. You've then got your body, which is the main body of the website. Okay. And then you've got your footer. Okay? So these are the four main elements of a website. And they should have all of this. By minimum. It depends on the strategy of your business or your company or your client on what they want to achieve from their website. Whether it's to sell through their website, or whether it's to just Django and generate leads. So as two good examples there in fact, so this is a two-fold website. So this particular company, they want to cook on servicing, So they do vehicle service things have always a potential customer looking to service more a car, for example, in Gloucester where they're based. So I might search for something like car servicing Gloucester, find this website because it's been optimized while which we'll cover later on in the later lessons on our commodity and go actually, that looks like a cheap price, okay, from 68 pound, very cheap for a service. I'll go ahead and book now. Okay, I can see that's where they're kind of based on Bristol, Rhode. And I might fill this form in. Um, I can pick up the phone. And this is what we call the lead capture in the online kind of industry. So we're capturing a lead and that's what we call it, was going to lead hopefully to potentially a CEO of a customer. And there's multiple ways that you can drive that traffic will drive that person through to this website. It could be via Facebook, it could be via Google, it could be via social media, email, could be through an affiliate website. It could be through many different channels. But the whole idea is to drive that traffic onto the website and then ensure that the website acts as a conversion engine for your traffic. So essentially that the website is a shop front that allows people to corner, read a little bit about who you are, what you do, what you specialize in. They incarnate, see some pricing. Compare U, and then they cannot. Or they can book, book now, or they can pick up the phone and give you a call. Okay? So that's the key fundamentals of a website. You can see on this particular one because it is a physical store. They said the client's requests in an address on there, opening hours, a phone number to call to call the Shop Direct. And all of c to all say book through there as well. So, so the best way to get started with a website is to kind of get a brief Dan. And in that brief, you just want to note down what are the key fundamentals of the website? What is the purpose and the strategy of the website? Is it to drive traffic? Is it to build leads it to get sign-ups for female? Is it to allow customers to purchase or is it a multitude of other things? So if you're a freelancer, you know, these are these are the first things I generally ask my clients all sit down with them, all kind of spend about an hour with them and go through all their corner of sunning points or their pain points. So what makes it difficult for you as a business to generate sales and inquiry's. Okay. So this is the exact same thing that I did with this particular customer. I sat down with him why she visited their premises are gone idea. And I call them, ask them, you know, well, YOU pain points. And the thing the answers, I guys, well, we are quite new in this area. There's lots of other competition on this large road that we're on. And so my first question is, well, did you do your homework before you went into this premises, before you pull it lease on these premises, for example, or bought it, did you do your homework around your competition in the area? Now this is going more into business consultancy rather than marketing, but they have a very, very strong overlap. An unexplained boy now, so once the client says, Well, yes, we did research the area, our USP, or unique selling point for our business versus all the other competitors in this area is we are the largest part worn separate tire supplier in the area. And so my answer to that was great. So we want to push the par worn tires on your website and try and ensure that that's con luck. A key part of the, you know, if you're signing point. They also mentioned that, you know, servicing is going to be a big part of their especially with Khan of the time of the year when the, when the website had been launched. And they said, Well, you know, servicing is a good part. So we've made that the home screen homepage on here. And a good example of this company that does this well is Apple. So you notice on there that Apple do this row very well. So they've kinda got the 13 Pro as a newest iPhone at the minute. And you can see the homepage is cognitive, littered with the 13 Pro. And they'll kind of push their latest flagship product on there, whether it's kind of oil Mac, Apple Watch and all kind of AirPods, you know, whatever the most latest releases, they push it on the homepage and they'll make sure that that's there. And another important thing is everyone is a top tip here. This section here, the top of the body. This is called above the fold. And you want to put in your key important metrics here above the fold. So the fold is an old newspaper term. Newspapers used to ensure that all the most important things when newspapers or folded and ball with the inner, the headline is the most attractive thing on the page to each to make people buy the newspapers. That kind of tactic and strategy is tr1 transited from newspapers into the web now, it's called above the fold. And this applies to mobile as well. So although you've seen this website on a desktop computer, don't forget guys, that over 50 percent of users now that browse on the Internet or using mobile phones. And so you wanna make sure that you are ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly. And again, we'll go over this in this particular lesson a little bit later on. And I'll show you some top tips making sure that your website is mobile-friendly. And that's a key, key part of, of the website. Okay, so what I'm gonna do it, I'm going to break this down into probably three different parts, purely because there's just so much to cover in this lesson. Obviously building a website as I'm giving you kind of, you know, good insight for information that we've learned over the many, many years I've been doing this. I mean, I've personally built hundreds and hundreds of websites over the last 15 years. And what I've personally found is that the web is Connor transitioned more into mobile-friendly. Now mobile, mobile phones economy, you know, overtaken our lives. So it's very, very important to ensure that your website is, as I said, is mobile-friendly, is got the right key selling points on there. It's got the offers on there. Um, you know, pricing is critical. Majority of people online, a red ace, read a, a, an article that did a study of a 100 thousand people and they asked him, you know, when you look on our website or if you're purchasing something on online or looking to purchase a product or service or mine was one of the key things that you look at. I believe 70% of them said they'd like to see some kind of price of the product that they're actually buying or inquiring about. You might be surprised by this number. You might be thinking, Well, surely you'd be like, more like nearly everybody like 99% or a 100 percent, um, but actually it isn't. A lot of people do want to make sure that you look like a professional company. You've got a professional outlook in aid. You've got a phone number on there. You've got a little bit about who you are, what you do, the services that you provide. You've got a contact page and also other trust factors like an address and e-mail address and things like company numbers, but numbers. So these type of things here, they build trust and I do highly recommend them. If you come put these things on a website, if it is feasible for you to do that. Things like addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, company numbers, BATNA, music, cetera, social media. These are things that build trust on a website. And trust is a key, key part of the success of your website and digital marketing strategy. So please do take a no, this scribble it down. Trust is a critical part of your website. You might land on a website. So let's just do a random search for something here. Let, let's just search and something like let's have look by Paintings. Paintings for example. Let's see, let's see, let's see what comes up. So let's look at this one. Let's do let's do the city that that particular client is in any way just to see what we get back on and on. So I'm just going to open up Tableau random websites and just give you a quick ideas and to stray away this particular one all following day, great start at 10 percent off. If you saw them to their email. Fantastic, great way to capture email for marketing to them later on. And yet Thompson, fantastic way on there. Again. This is just an intro pop-up, very easy today. And we won't go over this later on. She is falling somewhere else, so okay. So this this particular website, this is a small company or the look of it. And just for your use or noticing this website before, identity who they are, what they do, blesses A0 is the customer was interested in Boyne in a paintings from a local coin of all Gallery or local corner shop that was caught in near an area that I'm looking for. So straight away or kinda London there or see this, you know, which looks like a shop at the back. Which is great. They've gone about us page so likely take on a read some of that, although it's looks a little bit boring. Personally, I would like to see some pictures in there of staff maybe or, or the sharp bit too wordy. And it looks like they've first in their tables of service, we shouldn't really be there. That should kind of be on a link radiate at the bottom somewhere here there. They should have just kept it there, Rob and then playing jumbling up all their terms of service inside there About Us page. So so that's just something I didn't put a one on this particular one and say it looks like they've got lots and lots of pages, which is great. Because that will help with search engine optimization. And they've got their opening hours in there. Say maybe it was he took out some news. So it looks like news is generally reserved for blog, but not very clear. So ideally, I'd like to see some posts here. You know, if they had a blog, a little bit like this website here, let me just show you a quick example. Okay, just come down here and go to the blog section. So a little bit like this. So you can call it quite quickly in clearly, see all their blog posts all nicely laid out here. And you can economize, see what's going on. And then if you're interested in reading one of them, you can just call have. Click, click on there. One little thing I would say is try not to eat and categorize what they've done. And you do want to put it in some form of category. Perhaps rise of recliners or whatever. These are, recliner chairs. I would probably create a category that's called bat. I'm not the one here you probably couldn't guide. So they put made him put in uncategorized again. They're just little things like that that could help. But this layout is a lot cleaner, a lot easier than, than this particular one that we just looked at where it's very difficult to actually see where the news articles or blog posts actually are. So just know that the tip there, um, so these are the types of things that improve the user's experience. And we call this a good customer experience, a good user experience. And the whole idea of providing a good user experiences is to, is to increase the conversion or increase the chances of this customer having a good experience on this website and actually making a sale or make an inquiry as, as a general example and a real case example, it's the same as if you walked into a shop on the High Street. And let's just say you walked in there. Nobody said that no status and health AT they all look a little bit miserable. Let's say they didn't attend to you. There was no cost of sales on anywhere. The shop was a little bit messy. So you'd con law today, let's look at a clothing store. Your experience and necessary. You know, it wouldn't be a good experience. So you might just turn around and go, well, actually, you know, nobody's really bothered, you know, coming up to me attending me. It seems like they didn't really care about me or my business. So I'll just go elsewhere. And it's a similar thing with a website. Although sadly, as I mentioned in one of the early lessons, you know, you don't get that customer interaction with users that you can call to ask for their opinions or kind of see their body language and get that icon a void from them. A website is called a block or a blank canvas for RNA. Um, but I'm gonna show you later on in this, in these next lessons in how to overcome these. But these are some of the kind of things I've learned, as I said over the years, that you want to help eliminate and you want to make any noise easy, simple and clear, like this website. So if you're into cars, have seen you've got it there. If you're interested in the eBay shop, you've got it there. If you want. Part will entice. You've got it there. Alignments their wheels is and you've got noise contact us. There is very easy laid out and you've got all the con is selling points here. You've got the brands that they work with here. You've got noise price comparison for servicing here. Whereas this versus some of their competitors. And you've got good call to actions here. Book now read more. You've got some more trust indicates here. So you've got some Facebook reviews. You've got sign-ups, you've got location indicates this website Corning ticks all the right boxes for the customer. It's got all the right info on there. They've even got a search box if you want to search for your own products. And this is some of the things that this particular website who have gotten no association with, no affiliation with identity, who they are. But this is a general critique of their website. Overall, it looks quite nicely close. Some art work in terms of the actual usability in the friendliness of the design. There is a, To be honest, a beer room for improvement. They've mostly got their SEO or search engine optimization, right? Because they don't quite high when I typed in by paintings Gloucester thing they came second or first? Part gallery. Yeah, part of it. So the iron fact ranking first for organic in there in the Serbs, which is search engine rank page results, which is excellent. Give you a whole host of reasons why they're actually ranking first on Google for that. So this is the maps. This is the and this is the pay depends on the paid con of listings on there. In fact, no, they're not first. And why apologies. You've got Etsy, which are huge. You got read-write gallery, which I'm not sure who they are but would click on them. And then it looks like we've got like a shopping cart, a website. So it looks like that. They they are the first independent company that ranked on there, which is what I was actually looking for. As opposed to Etsy majority, a very, very large international website. That's not what I was looking for. This looks terrible. It looks more like a kind of yellow ocher or directory of thing. And again, not already on after this little again, looks like some kind of directory again and wasn't really was looking for, So yes, so this this is a cold current company that I would be looking for if I was to purchase locally with some as some paintings. So and I hope that's given you a little flavor of the first part of this website on our packed in a lot of con of information there. But please do take notes if you need to listen to this video again, feel free to go back. Listen to a again, I have given to have tried to give away a log golden nuggets in there. And things. I'm making sure your website in a structure and your foundation is what is good is not in clear and simple. Yang got too much crowding of text going on. You've got a good button. So they're making sure that the user forums where they're looking for quickly or on the website. So again, it is another good example here. So you've got noise 50 percent off sale. You know that this particular company does these these furniture products. And you've got a little bit about the, about the company. Few words from their factory manager. You've got the trust indicators there. You've got a gallery here, you've got a sign-up lead capture form here. The only thing that this website is lacking, and it goes back to what we were saying earlier is that whole price thing. So if I was a user and I clicked on this, then I would want to sort of see some coin a price somewhere of Hamish this product is. So you've got, you know, you've got an option to get a brochure or free fast quote. Although I don't believe you get the actual quote. I believe it's just just quickly having a look at this. Yeah, so you don't go quite. So. It caused economists is captured, is a very clever way of capturing the leads. Now wrongness on this particular website, They give you actual price. So I feel that is missing on here. But I'm sure they're capturing a lot elites are doing where you are, the website links and rigor in nice and clean. It's got the hot, you know, all dissenting points on there. It looks, it looks quite professional. And they've got their best sellers on there. Some noise, clear ways of showcasing their products and services. Things are built on 30 years experience. Again, these help build that trust. This is great for SEO, but we'll go, we'll go more into that as we go into the SEO classes later on. Again, and they've got their logo the top-left corner. They've got their, their menu in the top bar, sorry the header. They've got their body. They've got the trust, and then they've got the footer here as well. Again, with older registration company numbers, et cetera, with the address in their phone numbers or in there. So this is another good example to look at in terms of I'm a good user design and a good way that they've come to utilize our main fundamentals. You know, they've got the reviews, phone number, call to action buttons, the sale, and etc on there. So I hope that that's going to conclude this part, this part of the website design lesson guys, in the next part, we're going to go into more depth and start gathering of more of the intermediate things. I'm going to start looking at the website and admins and the backend and how to actually stop building your own website. 8. Creating A Website Part 2: Okay, welcome back to the second part of the lesson, everyone. In this lesson we're going to continue covering off building your own website as part of your digital marketing strategy. Okay, so here are some of the things that you're going to need to ensure that you can actually have a website present and on the internet. So I've broken this down just to make it nice and easy for you to follow. So the first thing that you want to purchase or you want to get hold of is a domain name as your first thing. So this could be, as I said, something like theme dot direct or the one that I've got here on the screen, which is just my own personal domain. Deeds would typically cost you around roughly around $10. Could be a little bit less, could be no bit more depending on who you get them from. You know, i2 can help with this, this side of things. So there's something that I do specialize in. So feel free to reach out to me. And, you know, I can get, get, get that sorted for you if need be. Again, the second thing is like you bid your web hosting. So second thing that you need, you can pick this up 40 and you don't 10, $15 a month. For a decent host, you want to get a good, credible host, somebody that kind of reliable, trustworthy. You know, that they're kind of if, if, if you need them, they've got reliable service and reliable technology and knowledgeable enough to for you to trust them. So that's something that I recommend hosted. So a hundreds of websites for customers and clients. We've gotten over 99.99% rate time, which is fantastic. And, um, backups as well, all in there as well. So second thing that you need to have your website. The third thing is, is a SSL certificate, which I'm going to show you in a minute how to get that completely free. I'm also then going to actually install one to show you how nice and easy is to get that also set up via the options or use. On the last one that you want is, for example, is a WordPress theme. And to install WordPress. Wordpress is the number one most used software to create a website today. In 2020 too. You know? And it's the one that I do recommend. Theme, theme K2 is as that is currently free at the moment. So do take advantage of that. This is the URL to navigate, to reach out to me, subscribe to it, and we can get that all underway for you as well. But as I said, you do need these two things prior to that. And I'll show you in a moment now, easy is to get your free SSL certificate rather than paying for it. And we'll jump straight into that now. Okay, so there's two companies that you can go and purchase, sorry, go and get a free SSL certificate with the first one is this company called Let's Encrypt. Now they are a non-profit certificate authority that provide free SSL certificates. There had been around for a few years, an absolutely fantastic, I mean, protocol analyte, Let's Encrypt people and companies who are paying cannula in anywhere from a 100 to 200 dollars per year or necessary. It's typically unknown. And these guys popped up couple of years ago. And they can have they provide them for free. They're integrated with majority of the dashboard hosting companies that you go ahead with, including the one that I run myself. And yes, it's normally, it is as easy as a few clicks and you'll be completely SSL. Https said Floyd on there. And I said I'll install that with you in a moment. Ch3oh, easy. It is the other company that does SSL certificates. M is a company called Cloudflare. Again, they're excellent. Now. They do offer a free and a paid version of their room of their room plans and also the Godfrey pro-business and an enterprise. So as it, as it until sort of hack, you can opt to go for their free version. And in the free version you do get a universal SSL certificate included in that is just a little bit tricky to set it up because you've then got a point, your domain DNS, Domain Name Service to Cloudflare through your Host Control Panel. And that can be a little bit tricky for some Somali recommendation. And top tip for us is to stick with, Let's Encrypt, following it through, through the dashboard, which I'll show you in a second, and then get it all installed that way. So let's dive straight into the into the dashboard and get that done now. Yes, you'll come to a control panel that looks a little bit like this. So it is very straightforward and UV conical, et cetera, pay with all the icons. Column Account Manager. So all these can help manage your account. You got email side of it, some advanced features. And you've got some nice, easy 1-click installs down here as well. So what we're gonna do is for this example, I'm going to show you. Installation of the, Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificate and show you how easy that is through the control panel. So if you're not on HTTPS website, you'll, it'll give you a warning that looks a little bit like this again. And you've got a quite big con of exclamation mark there. And you also get this color red here as well, which signals that this is not a secure connection and it's not private. And this will just put users off immediately. And this is why you need your security certificate in there for you. Okay, so let's just jump back into the certificate and get that installed now. So I'm gonna come up here and click on this. Okay? And then what you wanna do is you'll get presented with some options here. You just want to keep it simple and go with the automated, automatic certificate from Let's Encrypt because this option here, okay? Ideally you want to select all of them for CSS2 redirect, hit save here, and then once saved or not, hit Save here. Okay, so we can see here that the certificate and key has been saved. And that's all been successful for all of the blow. So that is now good to go guys. It's as easy as that literally takes a couple of minutes through the Fremont control panel here. And I said if you need any help with that, drop me a line, connect with me, asked me for some hosting and I'll get that sorted for you and you can get your certificates and everything all up and running within minutes on there. Okay, so let's start building our website. Okay, everyone, so I'm really excited by building the site with the now I'm going to show you how to do that step-by-step in an overview format. So once you get back into your, into your kind of your admin dashboard, where you need to do is come down to the 1-click installs. Click on WordPress. Okay, and I'm gonna show you how super easy this is. Okay? And we need to do is literally come in here, hit Quick Install. Okay, we're going to choose the domain name that we want. We're going to delete this directory because I want to install WordPress to the root domain. I can put it in a folder like forward slash, cheap or anything like that. It's going to go into default route directory. Again, we want to install the latest version, which is always at the top. Okay, I've been passed when you can change this here, I'm just going to create a random one for the minute, just for the, for the purpose of this test videos her password 123 for the minute, obviously, I wouldn't recommend normally using this one. You want to use something alphanumeric. I'm skeet dislike this for the, for the minute as I said, admin and password 123 on now. Okay, so we're going to install the default WordPress. Standard cost of installation ran the box onto this top-level domain. Okay. So let's just scroll down. Install. Okay, So it says it can take up to three to four minutes to be honest, on this particular hosting platform that I'm on, it takes about 20 seconds. There you go, done. Um, so it's as easy and as quick as that. So you might notice here that it's installed it to HTTP. Obviously we want this to be HTTPS because we've just installed the certificate. So if I click on that lessee, if our redirect that we set up previously in, Let's Encrypt his work into this should read route me to HTTPS after clicking on this. So let's see if it's done that. There we go. Perfect guys. So we've got the secure padlock there. Okay. And you can see that our website is now secure and that's pretty secure and the certificate is valid. There we go. We can see that we've got a trusted valid certificate on that K. And that's gone through via Let's Encrypt, which is for the ABG trusted system. So that's all working perfectly. We're going no warning now and that will go back-end. Just do Command are spot on. So that's all working perfect. We've got our default WordPress installation here, okay, which obviously we're going to replace with theme K2. And I'm going to show you how to do that now. So you go forward slash and go WEP, hyphen mmm, k. That will then get us to the admin panel. Okay? And I believe it was admin and password 123 as a general. So setting the example of we will delete this after. So let's just log in there so I can show you this again. So this is your WordPress admin panel, the default one that you get out of the box. On the left-hand side here you get your posts for your, your, your, your blogs. You get your pages where you create your pages, Appearance and Themes. This is where we're install K2 in a moment. Plugins if you want to install any plugins, web forms, et cetera, et cetera. Theme K2 is great because it comes with a lot of the plug-ins. Pages and templates all set up our straight out of the box. And we're going to go ahead and we're going to do that in a second. So i o January just current dismissed this first box here. The general dashboard in WordPress on That's just installed straight out of the box, just gives you a general overview of kind of, you know, what you want to call it C. And it starts with the standard 2020 template in there. Go to Appearance and Themes. It gives you these old Conor themes are in there and you know, and, and unlock a new theme in there. This will have 2022 theme in there. Again, you could ignore that because we are going to install the professional theme, K2 theme, which will change the whole look and theme of your whole website. No, make it look a little bit more professional than than it does at the Mini, which look a little bit like this. Okay, yes, so what you need to do is head over now to theme dot direct. Okay. And then just obviously just sign up through here. Okay. Or was it dropped me drop me a line. Okay. And then I will get you a copy of theme k2 that you can install. And then we can get you up and running. Okay, you don't have to do that. You can use other themes should you wish. Issues are accustomed to that one. But I'm going to show you how easy is to install that and create a website that is going to look awesome. So let's go ahead and do that now. So firstly, you want to do is get your parents themes and hit Add New. And then upload a theme. Okay, and then you choose your zip file. So this is where you do so choose foil, okay, so once you've chosen the foil theme, k2 dot zip, you then want to hit the Install now button. And that should take a moment to install K2, which is quite a small compact file, which has been done intentionally toasty, keep load times Noyce and fast. So I should take about roughly about 2020 seconds or so. There we go. So that's all been installed already. And then what we wanna do is hit the Activate button here. Okay? And there we go. So that's all been activated for you against the active theme is now k2. Okay, and then you've got a nice message here that says we recommend installing these plugins. So you've got Contact Form 7, elemental WooCommerce Yoast. So it can do is hit Begin installing plugins. So click on there and then hit installed, appear and then hit Apply. Okay, So these are the recommended plugins. Woocommerce, you only need this if you, if you want to solve through your website. And you only economy either transact in any commerce manner. If you don't, then not eat, obviously you don't particularly need to install this form, but you do need to install the other three in that. I okay. So they've already been installed. Again. Nice and easy. Okay. Let's have a quick look here on some of our pages. So let's just review the sample page now that we're on. Okay, so we can see that it's kind of change the general look of it quite, quite drastically. It looks completely different to what it was before. This is called a cut, just a default sample page. And what you wanna do now is you know what? And create your RAM, your actual page. No, show you how easy that is now as well. So what you wanna do is if you want to change the general look and feel of the header. So the header is this top section here. So let's just go back here. So we're going to K2 dashboard on the left. You've then got your styling. So let's begin styling. And you then want to go to the header section on the left here, okay? And then styling. Okay? So Katie gives you multiple kind of headers to choose from. These are all bright, really nice and easy that 1-click installs. So all these sort of different style of hat, is it what you can choose? Can a woman, the background, one with the top bar, and a new menu phone numbers. So I generally recommend going for one that's got maybe some social media or on their contact details on a embedding column, menu bar. If you want to go for a walk, a really simple one with just a hamburger menu, you could say, let's just hit Save on that and then hit View Site. So you can see him there is changed. It's changed it straight away. Okay. That's put there and that this is a particularly good one to go for because it's got all the info in there, but you can choose all of these. You've got some advanced headers in there as well. And then if you've got WooCommerce, you can use those as well. So you just go back onto the simple one chooses to the minute in is save to k2 has been in some, some, for some beta testing. So there might be few little glitches here and that nothing too crazy, but you might find a couple of bits here and there that might need color tweaking. So let's just view the site again. Since we're ready to get back to this noise menu now hey guys, okay. So what you wanna do is you want to start by changing some of these phone numbers, change some of these contact details, and start adding your menu. I'm going to show you that now. So you'll header has got all your contact info in there. So top bar text is the text and the top all we haven't got any at the moment, but we have got a phone number and email grass. And so I'm gonna go ahead and just change that to something like for the day, i 1, 2 3 4, 1 2, 3, 4 voice six. Okay. Just, just for this demonstration purposes, email address, info at, something like that. It saved to train js. Let's just quickly view decide to make sure that we've updated that we gave. So it's been updated. Okay. So let's go back on there. Didn't notice guys, that this is in caps, Caps Lock. I don't want nine cups look. So let's just go to our typography. Okay? Fixed Header Menu fonts must be this one here. And we get, so it's the same as the fixed header text that, that's less at a lowercase k. A case I. Once you've done that guys, we can then start actually adding your menu and your menu items. I case. So your menu, which is essentially this bit here. The we'll just refresh my screen. Just got a sample page. This is where you create your menu items. So let's just do that now. So that's actually done through the native WordPress option or sort of appearance menu on the left. Okay, so we want it to be in the fixed Header Menu. Customer add a menu item and put it in the footer as well. This is where you want to place your particular menu. Again, I'm going to call it, we're going to call it main, will call it main users on their goal to hit Create menu. Okay, so then what you do is you can create your custom links. More generally do is just to kind of get something in there for the minute. Just to create before you create your pages. Because I just wanted to sort of see my pages here in column C, my website being bill as I go along, you can just put in there something like a hashtag and the name is you could do like, hey, okay, Add to Menu About Us. Services. You could do, listen to the Contact Us. You do alternate and then something else about our services. And the alternate formula history or whatever it might be for you. Just swap these around so you can just, you can chain, you can change these around whichever order that you like. You can also kind of do indent num. That will then be a sub menu of services. It's just, you just click and drag. If I wanted to make it a sub-menu of about us, you can do that easily in there. So that's nice and easy. So so far I mentioned about this home, about services history and conductors and fix that is so hit Save in there. Now, back on the front end, refresh, we will see some more menus appear here. So they've appeared there, although they seem to be white and color R3 see them. So let's fix that now. So scared, back onto our k2 dashboard. We want to go to Theme Options, beg your pardon. Okay. And we then want to go into color styling, okay? And Main Menu styling. So yeah, so main menu styling API we can see on that Lincoln are set to white. So let's just change that. And we won't not to be con, in flux and noise blue color. So what causes here? Copy the hex code from Nat, go back into the the link color, and then paste time to then it choose, and then hit Save. Okay, and then get back on that, refresh. There we go, guys. So that's all gone back to there. Okay. I also want to make sure that these are kept moist. And from the beginning said typography and then many phones. So these are the lever case and it's due to noise and all making bit bigger as well to escape. 18, save view, decide. There we go. Perfect. So they've got bigger now and they're capitalized as well. So as easy as that. And in fact less, even, less go one step further. This increased a gap in between, in between the words and the words here. Say we go in there. Let's do ordinariness, do 10 maybe. Could be too much Melissa. And that's how it will look. Like. Kss actually split in that way between there. So it's good to revert that buck that is facing that way. Do it because that will increase the spacing in-between that. See that again? It doesn't look too bad to be honest feelings, quote, professional coin, neat. So that's called a month. The top column net menu denoted this screen is quite wide and we'll have corny got it to avoid screen, you can't change that in here as well. So you can have a site layout is currently set to that. I can also write it like this or smaller one. You can do a page shadow, which is quite cool. To 1170. Let's just do 1200 mega pixels wide. You got these light, pretty good icons here that colleague give you a guide on, on what some of these things do. So next, hemolytic slow, Good luck with that and get back on that or refreshers should believe it should go paste in our patient of a yes. Contact with it's 70 percent on. I can't believe it's because the header is set to full width. So okay, here we go, enabled for width header. So if we take 10 that off and then hit Save, there we go. Perfect. So that's common now made the site more narrow. And it looks a bit more toy idea and it's quite clean. And so let's start creating some pages now, boys, and let's get rid of this horrible default WordPress posts that it puts on there. So let's go back and saw cranes and pages. Okay. So what you wanna do is to create your pages is good to pages, okay? And then you just want to add name. Okay? So this is what we call an ad, start adding our pages. But what we wanna do is guys, we want to build our pages through the publishing system inside there. So I'm just gonna go to plug-ins. Okay? No, yeah, I've learned some of these on active, so let's activate some of them. Let's get rid of these couple of these ones. So I'm going to activate Yoast SEO plugin, which we'll get onto later. And a mentor we want NesC is going to build our how bowed out page. I'm just going to activate this form. So click on that, activate an airport. Okay, so now go back onto our pages. Add new. And I'm, what I'm going to want you to do is is to edit with Elementor. You can sort of change the page as you could call it K to edit with Elementor. And I'll give you, I'll show you all about the SEO momentarily at the moment, I'm just kind of giving an showing you best practice on how to create a professional looking webpage. Says Get rid of that in the bottom there. Okay. So currently this is how our pages looking at the moment. So remember in the earlier part of the lesson I said you've got your header, your main body, and then your footer. Okay, so now we're going to create the body section of the page. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to hit the add new section of and create all these sections AS work and have a full width 2 column, 3 column. With all the rest of these by choice. I can also come in a folder, and I can select all of these here as well. So this particular soil is Can automotive, sort of Gary's type of website. So let's see if there's anything in here that's related to look at call garbage or something like that. So yes, we've got look good deals on cause here. What else? We've got garish perhaps or mechanic maybe. Looking commit with that. What you can do guys is a top tip. You can always, you know, a lot of the times and I've learned this over the years. You can select something that you think well that could fit into what I needed to do, although that's not specifically what I'm after. And that could work quite well for I'm looking for. So for example, if let's say you wanted to go for something like this, you can quickly preview it. So although this is like a restaurant type of theme, I could potentially change all of these and kind of make it look like mine. So let's just run with it for the moment. Show you how quick and easy is I'm going to insert OK, Hit get started, okay, and just create a sulfate or free content them account with their, with this website here. So once you've done that, I've got a pre pre-existing one that Logan has been successful that should then reroute me. So there we go, guys. So it's an added inside, inside there and you can see RNAs. Pretty awesome. We've, we've nearly got a complete website already. We've got our top menu there. We've got some great content there that's going to be easily editable. And we've got a website that looks pretty much complete already. So awesome, awesome stuff. Obviously, we can change all these colors. We can make them wherever colors that we want. A URI noise and easy and straightforward to do. So I'm going to show you how to start editing all these, all the content inside here as well. Um, okay, so what you wanna do is just open this little side panel here, okay? And then once you hover over this Assist, you can also edit all the hero section. So let's just right-click on here. Edit the section. Kay, got your layout style advanced. Okay, so we go on to study all cage and you can see this is the image that they're the background image they've used, or C, Let's just stay a logo on top which I can change air as well. So just right-click on that arrow section. Change this. Okay, Let me just upload a random image in there. Okay, so that's, that's been uploaded straight away. You can see on there that starts gone straight in there. If I wanted to call it, change this logo here or, or remove it, or you simply do is right-click and delete if I want to undo that, and then I'll just do Command Z on a Mac or Control Z on a Windows machine. I can choose to get rid of this, as I said, and just calling, remove it, There's a right-click and then just delete and out of the way. So yes. So I mean, what you could do is you could just put like a small gunnery here. So let's make the theme, Let's keep the thing blue on this particular one, I will change the logo ID column much in upload that in JIRA, easiest to do that, but we'd call it got lots of blues here. We can't change all these orders color scheme. In fact, let's, let's change it to the actual brand, this particular brands color that we had in there. Let's change it to degrees. All I'm gonna do is go back in here and then go to exit too. Dashboard. This will take us back to the dashboard in this w in the top-left corner. Okay, keep that theme options. So what we're gonna do is we want to change the color styling of the menu icons. So Main Menu styling. So we can change some of the colors of the icons there. There's a top bar icon that the moment of blue, which is these icons here. So let's make those changes. Top bar to black. Let's change these bars here to green. Okay, because I'm what I want to try and do Ages too much the logo that we looked at the start. So there's changes to like, Okay, I'm allowing green color. As I said, you should, as a good practice, you should be getting the hex colors from the actual logo. So let me just quickly load that up as well. Here we go. So that's, that's the, the line greener or you should be using IK. So if I open that up with photoshop for example. Okay. So yes, a Walmart do is own and get my color picker. So my color picker is just here. So click on there. Okay, and then on the left here. So that's my, my hex color for this green. So if I right-click on there and they copy, okay, and then just hit Okay, go back into here, click on their hit paste and you can see there's change the color. So the oil content change now got top bar background gotten great at the moment. So let's say we're going to make that black dim way so I can move that and that's made up black, which is all those zeros I hit Choose. Okay. Void there, That's perfect anyway. So let's just hit Save and then viewed site. There we go, perfect. So black bar, green icons, less now changed out our logo. So my logo, would it be to be an adder again or imagine your logo and the main logo. Let's remove this logo. Upload logo. I'm going to upload it now. Okay, so it's quite large logo, but let's see how it so hit Select. It's currently set to logo width is 2 19. So you can make this as void or small as you want. Let's just do 250 cc when it does. Hit Save icon there and refresh. There we go. So I think a little bit wider. So let's do 320 on that. Hit save, refresh. There we go. That looks quite nice. Now let's change these to black. I think so many icons as changes to black. So again, styling, sorry, that colors toiling, main menu, link color, we've got that, so let's just change that to black. Ok, save, refresh. So I sold black now. So we've got straight away, God is already starting to take shape already. So this is just based off this color scheme on this particular logo, just to show you how quick and powerful this is. So let's go on there. So you might be wondering, well, where's all that content gone that we were just on? So remember guys, we were editing the homepage which is here. Now that's a different page to this page is a little bit confusing with WordPress, but I'll show you how to set this page that we're creating as the homepage. Okay? Okay, so back on here then. So we've got our noise corner here. I've image here. Obviously this has been changed from not refreshed there, so it's not taken effect at the minute. But don't worry about that in a second. Let's just go ahead and see if we can make this a bit wider and fat guys, instead of having good box, which is kind of what we've got it in the middle is to see how it would look if it was set to full width. Just type curiosity. I yes. Okay. The reason why so that's the content width. Let me see. It might be constrained by the actual width of the actual theme that was set to 1200 or 1250 or believe. But let me have a quick little quick little play here. So minimum OID. Yeah, which you can change all the way to. Smaller as high as you want. I'm straight section. There we go. Yes, there is to it does it does look like that. It's actually constrained. Boy, the themes with which I'd said to 1200 and theme options. If you remember where that words will be, those in general, There we go. Yeah. So it's not a problem. So yes. So let's kind of take and we can revert it back if we wanted to read every one to look a full width. Let me just show you for you, for example, scan there, so hit publish on here, okay? And then refresh. Now this will, this will all change. And then it's just going to refresh. So that gives us all looking pretty, pretty tidy. That says yes, so still not a hero section. So why are you not doing full width or is causing this not to go for width and stretch. There we go. Stretch section. There we go. Perfect. There we go, guys. What we'll do is let's make a little bit more fancy. With vertical overflow. Hidden scratch. No. Okay, So scroll. Okay, that looks pretty cool. So we update that. Just, I'll just put low sulfur fixed, scroll silver effects on there. So when we scroll down, it kind of stays, stays where it is. Which is pretty, pretty neat. We can put some text in here. So if I wanted to call a person text in here, so go back to here at other heading in there. So this is playing up slightly guys. It's just not Lamy hand day and the heading in there properly. So what I'm going to do is just quickly aware crown, sometimes you get this with common themes and stuff is quite common WordPress, but nothing to worry about it. So what I do is, is kind of right-click on here, right-click hit Copy, then hovering over there, right-click hit paste. And that's just kinda like a little loops paste. Thus our global tip low 10 way of getting around it. And what we can do is I can edit this text now. So what could do some alloy, Welcome to our website or something like that. What I wanna do is make that center, so center line in there. Okay? Maybe have it as medium. Like changing. It doesn't take an effect. So styling, and let's change the typography 54. So let's make a bit smaller there, perhaps like this. Not keen on this font, so I'm going to go in there and select Montserrat, which is a very nice, clean, fond tonight's warm, I recommend is a free Google phone. And they go, you can see how clean that is now, again, little bit smaller. There we go. 47 to do we want this all uppercase less. Match it to what we've got here in the menu and make a capitalized. Capitalized. Okay, I began AS better. And also we wanna importantly change this color to match the same color of green here. So I'm going to come in there and I'm going to get my color picker. And I'm going to color pick this. Okay. Is it going to let me it doesn't like it. So I think it might be that might be a little bit of a tiny bug in elemental there, but no issues at all. So we can go back in there, click on my color picker in here, and copy this again. I'm going to go back in there, just left-click on this one's click here. In fact, what we'll do is guys takes Columbia, click on this little custom globe, okay, and we click on royal assent here. See if I can edit my primary colors. Here we go. Click on there. Change that to my formula. There. There we go. And so if I go back now and then click on this load is Dani already Right-click. Update. Okay, left-click on there, go back in there. Yet that's 40. All done on there. So I'll just gone down. I've got it saved no more. Yeah, I'm Maya, same color to anywhere on the website goes and logo on their styling going there, he assent, is already on there and that's going to match that straight away. Okay, I can also send months rat as my primary font. So I'm going to go in there, hit Montserrat. So now it's my primary form. There we go. Okay. So that's got a way of their we'll capitalize it. Letter spacing is minus 2 for some reason, much should just be set to 0. Again, we get better. And that's just made that get bigger. Probably around that cortisol is there. So hit Update on there. Perfect. So, so that so yes, oh, here we go. So as you can see, this is quite a pretty much taken, taking shape already. It's starting to look a noise professional website already. And you know, this hasn't taken as long at all. So I'm just going to quickly change these, this gallery here now. So this is the gallery, say click on the gallery. Click on this little pencil icon I can call and get rid of these broken slip my foils. So I've just selected some random quantum images just to kind of upload on there for, for, for this purpose, just to show you how it looks. Okay, insert the gallery in there. So we've got one missing. So let's just add in more and more image in there. But add to gallery. Let's just add that one in that to Galloway. Should have noise six images and now go though. Not all quite normal CT, perfect in nine, but that's okay. It's just a demonstration purposes. Um, so before would you say like, you know, our, our garbage all went away, edit this, but this is calling you, just simply left-click on that and you can edit all that as you see fit. You can edit it on the page as well. So I would just call it put anything in there that are one to very, very nice and easy. I can make it bold or underlying it, et cetera, just like a simple Word document. So again, very, very easy. Okay, so that's all on now for a click on an image and expands it. If I wanted to take that off, then I can say if I just right-click Edit basic gunnery to image size is full, light box is default or could hidden no, on that light boxes the the pop-up less on there since I did not I'm clicking on it now and it's not popping up. If you do want to pop up, they just put Lightbox do yes. Let me click on it and it will pop up like so. Okay. Again, nice and easy. So look and really, really small. So we could do something like we could let the blood like a testimonial here. So let's change this color here as a storytelling. Let's go back into here and change the ascent to green. There we go, that's done. Then just issue something like amazing service. Highly recommended. Recommend D, D, spite rights. Troy them out or somebody like that on that. So that's got your skull, the phones and manage change that color to green again, maybe, Oops, commands at where am I here? So where it starts, Safeway, edit testimonial. I see yellow is intense. Styling, topography maybe. I'm not too sure where it's getting up from actually. That particular texts there. This is a nonce the the name they'll be in the name. So name, there we go. So because, because it's D says the image, so you can stall the image. So if I wanted to make it less round to make it bigger, I can add a solid border to it. And you can change the radius and a lot more. So when they changed their name to call it a green color. So again, choose our SAN color, navigate done. Maybe we can make that, change that to white. Let's edit testimonials, toiling change, and then just change that to occur. And a slightly off-white color. There we go. I don't want it to 16 bit to hurts your eyes go from those kind of noise. 9. Website Site Speed: Okay, so in this lesson we're going to talk all about site speed gets one of the most important things in your digital marketing strategy as part of your website build. So speed is of really, really important. Why? Because uses these days, they don't want to hang around. They've been accustomed to using things that are stern, responsive, and very, very quick. So what I'm going to show you is in this lesson is I'm going to show you how to speed up your website, which will help you improve your conversions, sales on those all important leads. So let's dive in and I'll show you how to do that now. Okay, so you can see the website on your screen now. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna run a speed test. So at the moment on using a wired connection and it's pretty fast. So I'm on a pretty fast Internet fiber connection. I'm just going to hit Command R or Control F5 on your keyboard to just refresh the screen just to give you a quick idea of how quick it loads. So pretty quake that took probably about a second also to load. So it's already quite fast straight out of the box. And that's really important because you want to make sure that you're using a very good, solid theme, which is our WordPress theme, known as theme Katie will theme direct. You also want to have a good stable hosting platform. There were the two most essential things that you can do to have a strong backend of your website. So again, I can help you with these two things. So get in touch if you need any help with that. And this was a good, strong foundation from the beginning to ensure that you've got a good structure of your website from the beginning. And so there's lots of other things and lots of other tips that you can do, which I will explain to you in this particular lesson now. So the first thing I want you to do is to head over to a website called GT metrics. Okay? So GET metrics is a website that allows you to Conor run a speed test and allows you to test your side. So I'm just going to quickly login here. Okay? Right now. So what it's done is it's given me my local server. So this particular website is a UK website. So I want to measure it on a UK server. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is just come up in here and just do HTTPS colon, colon slash slash, sorry, simply the So this is a particular domain on waking or the money. As you can see, I've selected London, UK because this company is based in London. They're not targeting worldwide or RAM or the other servers. He can't choose other ones and NADH, so got America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, and so on. So McClellan's in the UK, so I'm going to say London because that's the server that it's going to ping to notice where my audience is. Okay. So let's just close some of those options down there. Okay, so I'm gonna hit dilate and alloys. So GT metrics now is going to run a test to see how fast this particular website is. At the minute on a London-based server on using Google Chrome on my desktop, which is, which is the browser omitted minute. So let's see what that comes back with so far. And then I'm going to show you a few tweaks on what to do to improve it, to make it even better. Okay, so it's generating the report now it's done its thing and wow, okay, pretty good. So it's given us an a grade straight off the bat. And 94 percent and 87 percent structure. That's pretty desperate. Good to be honest. And that's because we've got a very strong foundation. I already, we've got a good theme. It's given us pretty much all in the green already. So that's really good news in fact. But I think we can probably make this a little bit faster and make this shade this down even more. Okay, so 1.22 to load. Let's see if we can improve this even further. So one of the things that saying here is scoped by Han to the structure. So it's recommending to use a content delivery network which is called a CDN. So CDN is excellent if you've got a global website or YouTube thing, a worldwide audience. Obviously this particular customer is an early just targeting customers within the UK clause where their business is. So a CDN probably wouldn't actually be worth getting for this particular client. Although a nice little hack and a top tip for you here is if you are, is to go for the Cloudflare option, which is why I showed you you're on. And Cloudflare actually is a CDN and it will give you that for free. And it will also make your soil HTTPS secure as well. So where I showed you how to get the the free SSL certificate, the HTTPS one. You can actually use the Cloudflare one and get both things for free. So you'll actually get this in green as well. So it's a top tip there for you. Okay. So we already performing fantastically well straight out the box says a few of the things that we're going to do. So what I meant is one of the first things that you want to do is, and here's another top tip is to make sure that you're on the latest version of PHP. What is PHP? So PHP is pretty hypertext performance script, and that's the script that runs or the, or the programs and the software or any website or yi, WordPress. Wordpress is written on a PHP language is a very, very popular. So I'm just going to go up to my host. And you can see at the moment the current PHP version is 7.2. So I'm going to flip this and I'm going to change it to eight, which is the current newest version of an set that as currency if that makes any difference to start off with. So now we're running on PHP 8, which is a newest most condensed, fastest version of PHP. So let's flip back to when GT metrics and let's do a retest, appear to see if that made any difference. So let's retest it now. Hopefully this should make a slight difference. They should improve the speed of our website. Sometimes it doesn't, but in theory it should do because PHP 8, as I said, is a much more newer, condensed, faster framework than PHP seven and some 0.4. So let's see what we come back with now on this particular results. So it's just analyzing and generate neuropore now. Okay. So not much to be honest. So that's not really helped that much in this particular instance. As I said, is pretty good to start off with. I do recommend that you do use the latest version of PHP. And so we're going to flip over to the next one. Now, let's get back into the backend of the website. The next thing I want you to do is once you've got the most latest version of PHP running, or wanting to remove and delete all the plugins that you don't need. So I'm going to uncheck these ones. Are Cialdini keep with CMS. Doesn't need to be. There you go, sweetie. We do need to keep as our SEO. So we're going to get rid of WooCommerce. We're going to get rid of Hello Dolly. We're gonna get rid of the anti-spam. They're gonna come in here and delete. Then apply, and then Okay. Okay, so I just deleted those and get rid of unnecessary plugins that you don't need. T. We then want to come here, hit Add New, would, then get a common, then hits speed. The one that you want to go for m or shave or couldn't see it here, WP fastest cache. This is one of my favorite ones and it's one that I recommend and it's a particularly good one for theme K2. So I'm going go ahead and install WP fastest cache, which is this one here. I'm going to go ahead and activate that now. Okay, so that's installed, but then we're gonna go into our settings and enable it. We're going to enable catch system. We're going to enable the following pre-learned. We're gonna do pages, homepage, posts as well, categories and attachments. We can do all those. Okay. Hit Okay on there. We're going to do this danger cached version. So mobile and desktop users pay cash or credit Post, said essentially ten, yet ten, all these on, okay, So sometimes with modifying HTML and CSS can break the websites. I'm just going to zoom in a little bit here for you so you can just see a little bit easier. Um, so you just, you do need some kind of play with this and be a bit careful with their Don't be shy with desk so you can turn them on and off. And i'm I'm going to try it and see that breaks our website. Again. This can do the same. So I'm going to do it and see what happens. I'm going to G Zip and the website browser caching enable that. And I'm going to disable emojis, okay, so I'm going to hit Submit on there. So we essentially turned pretty much everything we can't on the free version. I'm going to flip back to the website and see if it's broken anything. As I said, sometimes it does. So I'm just gonna hit Command R and see if it's still loads properly. Seems to have loaded everything, quote, properly. Refresh again. So everything seems to be okay at the moment. Seems to be loading called quake. So that's on there as well now. So I'm going to just delete the clear or clearer in the cashflow Natalie, the cash for minified version. Okay, So now we're going to flip back to geometric. I'm gonna do retest again. So again, 1.2 at the minute and 90 percent, the structure has gone up to 86 and we're still on age is great. Let's see, we can get this down even more. So every test again, Okay, So we're now up to 95 percent, 89%. We haven't quite shaved off the first content for paint 1.2 seconds, which again is excellent anyway, but we have managed to get these two structures both up and they're looking excellent. I believe this is come down slowly as well. So we are seeing a good improvement. As I said, it was very, very quick. You're scoring a grade straight off the bat anyway. But these improvements or do do suggest and recommend. And there's one final thing that we can do. And I'm just going to flip back to the sign change that now. So it's to make your images compressed as much as possible. So image compressor, it does another plugin will install. Usually don't know, I tend to go for let me see if I can spot it. Essentially, smush is a good one to be honest that we use and it's got over 1 million plus users. And I do believe they've read branded actually. So let's just go ahead and install this particular one here, which is smush. I think they've changed their logo. Nice be a superhero. Let's get that installed. A k. And then let's just go ahead and start to smush our images. Say click on this machine and colon I'd ever go, yes, there's, there's, there's a superheroes talking about. You can just go through this, these options here as you want, hit Next, Next alone, these, this will make your images load a lot faster. Enable all of our finished wizard setup. Just go stop to check some of the images now on the website. Uh, make sure you install it, compressing all the images. So it says there, then we've got 21 images and attachments that needs mushing to what we're gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and knit bulks mesh now. So that's going to go ahead and just basically go through those and get those all kind of says smush, which basically means it's going to compress and write down and make them even faster to load, which should in theory make our website load up even faster. And don't forget guys, you know, fast, fast learning pages keep users happy. It keeps Google happy. So in turn, you'll get much better scores. You'll get much faster loading pages. And in theory, and according to Google, Amazon or the big e-commerce players, you should get more sales, more leads and inquiries. So I highly recommend installing these plugins and using this. So just to recap then everyone. So you want to ensure that you're using a good, solid WordPress theme, roll out the box because all the code in the background will be nicely in a condensed and compressed already. So you wanna make sure that you've got a decent mom there, such as theme K2. You then want to make sure that your hosting provider is using a good hosting platform. You've got the latest PHP 8 plus version running. At least. You then want to make sure that your images and your room, you know, plugins. So you got your RAM compression plugins running. You want to make sure they've got their running in their compressed the code, even more formulae to top it off. And this is optional and make sure that you're compressing all your images through some of the noise much. So another top tip here is if anything, that you run and you run a couple of speed test and gt metrics. Sometimes they'll come hired because it's still building the cache. So you can run GT metrics tests a couple of times just to make sure that everything's all going through. And then suddenly it doesn't quite work. You know, remove that plug-in for example, and stick to your highest loading speed. So it's just a top tip there for you to conclude our regularly hope you enjoyed this lesson. And as I said, if you do need to watch it again, please do, because speed is rudy already critical these days. And that's going to continue to be even more important. So thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one. 10. Intro to Heatmaps & Tracking: Okay, welcome back to this next lesson, everybody, where we're going to cover off heatmaps and tracking. It's 11 most favorite lessons and is one of the most important things as part of your digital marketing strategy. So it's great to drive traffic to your website. And you might have a website, there'll be gaining lots and lots of hits, but it's no good if you're not measuring and monitoring that traffic to actually see how your users are interacting and how they're behaving on your website. How many uses of those are actually bouncing away and how many of those are actually converting into sales or leads. So this is a critical part, spin part of mice or online digital journey. And it's something that I learned very, very early on to ensure that I'm maximizing my spend, my budget or return on investment and making sure I'm getting the most out of my ads. So as I mentioned, there's no good in spending thousands and thousands of pounds or dollars per month on your marketing. If you don't quite understand the return that you're getting from that spend. So I hope you enjoy the next lesson and we're going to dive straight in and I'm going to cover off the importance of heat mapping and tracking and show you step-by-step how to set it up, how to use it, and how to get the most from it. 11. The Best Heatmapping Software: Okay, welcome to the next lesson, everyone. And in this lesson we're going to talk a little bit about heat mapping and tracking your visitors to get a much bigger picture of how they're interacting with your website and how they're actually behaving on there. So this is a top tip and a fantastic tool that I use for all my clients. And it's called hopped jar. So hot jar is essentially, as I just explained, a free a heat mapping software that you can take advantage of. And this will give you a very, very good idea of how you'll users are actually interacting on your website. And it will allow you to give you a much bigger picture of what they're doing. So, so how does this actually benefit? How does this benefit you? And how would it improve what you're doing with your websites and your clients, etc. So I'm building a website is great. You then got to drive traffic to a, or you through Google, Facebook being, and so on. But then you've got to ensure your maximizing that traffic. So please do take note of this scares me because it's really, really going to help you get a more diverse, visual and more diverse knowledge of what the professionals coined of do when they're building websites and the tools that we're using to maximize and utilize that traffic to enjoy it converts. So as I said, you know, when I visited and users come onto your website, you can use things like good one and it takes, which will install after this particular session. But the beauty of hot GREs, it gives you visual recordings. Also. It will show you what the customers are actually doing on the actual page itself through actual real time recordings. And then what you can do is you can then sort of see, you know, if certain users are clicking on sale areas on the actual website, you can go, well, people seem to think that, you know, this area's a button. So, but it's actually not a button at the moment, but perhaps we've changed it into a bone because looking at the heat mapping software, you know, a lot of people are clicking on there. So Joe will tell you where people are hovering over, which areas they're clicking on most which ones they're not clicking on. Give you a very, very good in-depth visual of how your users are actually interacting with the ascites. Okay, so let's just go ahead and get this installed. And I'm going to show you how to do that, go into pricing source, you've got the usual plans there. So we're gonna get with the free version. In the free version we get up to well over 1000 recording the month, which is amazing. And I'm just gonna go ahead and get started on here. I'm going to sign it with a meaning that address and just put my name in there. I just create a password. Okay? Except the terms and egg get started on there. So just, just gonna do this, I'm just going to pause the video here and get that done 3D in their hot dry. It's fantastic because you can also do landing page surveys as well, which is what we're getting here on the right-hand side, this is also included in software. And it's a great tool as part of your marketing strategy where you can kinda ask your customers questions. Quick questions are here going to one progression. How did you hear about Hot Jar? So of delivery? Because I've used it before and I actually, I actually just go at hot job through, through Facebook. In fact, when I first started, this is a beating. This is about 334 years ago now, I actually never scold them through Facebook. Time it's going to hit that and hit, hit send. So now they've got more feedback and thus, that will give them a better idea of where to place their marketing. So if they've got ten hundred, ten hundred people say no, gain it through Facebook and 500 through Google and maybe worn through Bing. Or they're like, well, we, instead of spending our money on being less inject into Google or Facebook. So then they're getting a better return on investment for their spins are these little tools. So you get again, you get this free throughout jar. You can use these little tools and grow your knowledge. And you know, these are fantastic tools to help you get better results or your client is a good selling point here, free none. So for example, you can say to your client, work and install this heatmap in software for you. It'll give you a very good indication of how your user interacting on your website. And it will help you to convert more of your traffic into sales. Okay. So open said a carry on in signing up to this one goes through my e-mail address. I'm just going to pause the video here. Okay. So once you've verified October, we'll just ask you for the website address or the IP address where you want to install it. So nice and easy. So I'm just gonna come up here to Zach on a test or that we're doing. So I'm just going to copy that and paste it in there. Okay, so hit Continue. And so that's just going to do is sing and prepare read. So I'm gonna hit OK, gone to add code manually. Okay, So this is our code on here so we can copy in. So I'm going to actually copy our code here. A case is copied our room tracking code. I'm going to flip back to the dashboard. So then what I'm gonna do is come to Plugins, Add new plug-in. Okay, what we're then gonna do is we're then going to go onto header code. Okay? So header code. And the one that you want to go for is this particular one here. So Header and Footer Code Manager to install now. So I'd take a few seconds to install, and then you want to hit Activate. Okay, so that's our code there. So what we're gonna do this, if we just come here, says Header Footer Code Manager here, HM, SCM, the bottom left, and then hit Add New. Okay, now you get to choose the column, the name of it, et cetera, where you want to place it. So icon there. So it says and then paste it. Headache at Tata code into the head of the page for the head is right at the top. Remember we've saved earlier. So what we wanna do is location is header. So we want to keep as the header K Chevron or devices. We can exclude pages and posts who don't wanna do that. So we're going to name names on there. So hot jar or tainted as a top-level tip or in only just name it something that a lot too obvious. Page j, in case your competitors are snooping around for looking at your code to see what you're up to, to pay say in there. Get rid of that, of that. Okay? And then what you do is hit Save. Okay, So that should be saved now in the header or our web slow and all pages and go back onto their head, verify installation, case. Verify installation. There we go. So it's verified that and it's saying, you know, we're loyal point tries capturing data. Fantastic. So, so just to give you an overview of the dashboard, so this is your hot dog, hot GI dashboard. Now for this particular domain here on the left, you come follow some of these tips here, but I'm just going to give you an overview of that myself. So you've essentially you've got two main things here. You've got the heatmaps. Just get rid of that. At the heatmaps, just zoom in a bit here. And you've got recordings. You've also got the incoming surveys and the general surveys. Okay. So we're not going to touch on these just to the second, to these two things were my main focus and they are absolutely golden in terms of giving their valuable data. So what we're gonna do is you need to tell, you need to tell hot job the page that you want to make heat maps for. So what we did here, so we'll say on there it's going to be a single page. Or what you can do is just gone to all pages containing, um, and then just Paul the URLs or we could do is just going to copy the TLD top-level domain, hit nine that and then hit view heatmap. Okay, So that's, so that's now what we're telling basically hot draw to do is to create heat maps for anything, basically all the pages on our website. If you've got hundreds of pages or don't recommend men doing this and just create only the pages that you want or see a single page. And also that would be your homepage. Get a services page would be slash services and so on and so forth. But because I know that this particular slowly half-life for things like falling five or six pages, for example. Cisco back on there. Yeah. So to 45. Yeah. So I'm going to just use a shortcut and tau hot tried to create a heatmap for all of those. Okay. Then we're going to recordings. Okay, So recordings or already being done. So it's fantastic. And what this will do is this will tell you, this will show you actual real recordings, what real customers are doing on the website, how they're engaging with their, what they're doing, where they go in. The actual is basically like standing on watching over your, your customer shoulder whilst they're navigating your website is absolutely amazing tool. It'll tell you what, you know, what, we'll give you more data, lie what device they're on, how long they spend on that. And just show you the full eight is L on there. And they'll give you a very good way of improving your website and making it better. So you're not missing things. So that's the whole idea of Hot Jar is a twofold process. One, and please do take note of this boy's warn is to ensure that you and improve the user's experience on your website. So in customer experience, which is also void taught to increasing conversions and sales. And the second one is, is to find the areas or following things on your website and improve them. Because you might not be aware that there might be saying errors on your website, forms that don't work or links that don't work and people are clicking on them. And they just kinda like nowhere kings and the user will bounce or ego back or go off the page. So this tool is going to help eliminate that and help you get more sales. Okay? So let's just go, go back for a second. So let's go back to the main dashboard on there. Okay. So the main dashboard, so say I'll see your heatmaps, you a recordings. And these are the couple of things I was talking about was the intellectual incoming feedbacks and the feedback that we just filled out a moment ago. Where I unsaid Facebook for the hot jaw line, and this is exactly where you set that up here as well. If you want, you can put it in the middle ROI, you can put it in the bottom right-hand corner. Use emojis. You can change the color of it, make it whatever color that you, that you want. You can have a light Dog theme. And that's kind of where, where you create all your feedback. But when go through every single one of these guys, but this is where you can create all those corner of incoming feedbacks and get that feedback. You can also do surveys. And you know, which is, which is a little bit similar, but they are different, but you can play around with this, get out of it is fairly self-explanatory. But the tool is there. It is free and do take advantage of it and it's absolutely fantastic. So that is hot dog ice dust away. To get the free version, I'm now going to jump into the other tool that I use on a database is, and that's Google Analytics. And which will also tell you how to get very, very strong data and insight about your users. And we'll jump into that in a second now. 12. Google Ads Intro: Hi everyone, Welcome to this super powerful lesson which is going to transform your knowledge and empower you with the real skills or you can take with you and use for your own business, your clients, or your employer. So there's 8 million advertisers using Google Apps or right now all around the world as we speak. And this number is actually growing year on year, and it's only getting bigger. So Google Ads is really very powerful. And for every small business, in fact, two out of five companies rely on Google ads to drive their business and sales on a daily basis. So it's, in fact, it's actually my first go-to to generate sales for a company. And one quick tip before we dive in and I'll let you know before we set up a real clients accounts that you just need to be aware of is that sometimes with Google Apps, when you first set them up, your cost can look like they're a little bit high initially. So for the first couple of months, for two to three months, you might think, wow, this is why I really expensive, but I'm going to show you step-by-step how to control those costs, keep them in check, and allow you to manage your daily budget and some top tips along the way to make sure that you get the most return on your ad spend from Google. And we're going to dive in and I'm going to show you, as I said, each step of the way that what I've done for my client and the results I've got for my client, and you can do the same. So let's get started. 13. Google ads set up: Okay, so welcome aboard everybody. It's great to have you here. So in this first lesson, we're going to cover off creating your advertising goal. I'm going to show you how to set up your new campaigning Google ads to best suit the business that you're working on. Big yourself or your clients. So depending on who you're working on, what the objective goal is. So the first thing you need to do is before you do this, you just need to create a Google account. And that's very easy and quick to do so just search Google account and just sign up for a array of free Gmail account. Beiyang got one already, or you can use your own personal email as well. Once you've done that, go into Google ads and you'll come to this scoring here. So I'm just going to show you what client on working on at the moment. And I'm going to show you a real life scenario of how I set up an account from scratch and what you can do to follow me along. So the client that I'm currently working on is a complaint called next wheels and tires tides specialist. And they also do alloy wheels. And as mentioned, their objective is to drive people through their doors. So let's flip back to Google ads and I'm going to show you what to do from the beginning. So as you can see here, Google is asking what's your main advertising goal? So our advertising goal for this particular client is to get more visits to their physical location. So I'm going to select that one and hit Next. Wait for that to load. Okay, so it also comes up then talus where people go after they click your ad. So so you can select it, you can select a business profile or you can choose a website, either or. So. I'm going to go for your website on this one. Once you click on that, Google is then going to start to look at the website, go through it all, and get an idea of kind of how it looks and feels on both mobile and also on desktop. So it's just going to quickly scan through it and get some pickups and keywords that it believes are going to be relevant and suitable for your RAM campaign. So once you've denied, just click next. Okay, so it's asking us now to actually create our first add on here. So it's going to pull out the headlines 1, 2, and 3 description one to you can also opt to share a phone number and your address. And the new Google system for this year is quite small. And it also, as I mentioned, it pulls through a lot of the data from the website. So it's really important that if you have got a website already, you can plug that in into this previous screen and it will pull it across. And of course, if you haven't got a website, then you have to select the second option on the previous screen that we were just on at the moment, that most people these days we'll have a website. And this is a likely a route that you will take. So in Headline 1. So for this particular client, we're going to organize it in a specific way. And I'm just going to show you a breakdown of how I debate in terms of creating, structuring my accounts. So I'm just going to pull up a notepad file here goes to show you really quickly the best way to structure and organize your Google Ads. And that's a very important today from the beginning. Okay, So as I mentioned that this particular client is a tire and allo Wheel shop based in Gloucester. So so I'm going to just do is I'm going to break the account up into various categories. So, so step 1 and k is to break up your account in categories. Step 2 is to create subcategories. And K. And step three is to create the actual keywords and add groups themselves were put down key words in here. So essentially Googled his broken down into and what you call campaigns. So let's just put that in brackets. So campaigns and groups, and then keywords. That's essentially the three main fundamental things that Google is broken down into those campaigns and groups and keywords. And, and these are, these can be classified as categories, subcategories, and keywords. That's probably an easier way for you to look at it and understand. So at the moment, what Google has done it in the new system is actually flipped straight through into the actual system. The ants actually sit underneath your ad groups now, okay, So it's kind of skipped ahead a little bit because it's done is gone through this kind of a tutorial phase, which is absolutely fine. I'm gonna do recommend you follow this because it does make a lot, lot quicker and easier for you to set up your account. So the first set, the first campaign that we're going to create for this customer. So as I said, the main thing. And that they do is new and part worn toys. Okay? And what you wanna do is say, here's our three main services here. You've got new important entires. You've got Emily wheels and you go, we'll tracking or wheel alignment cassette three core services that they specialize in. So we're going to create three campaigns inside Google. So mom's going to be weaned alignment. One would be noon problem tires, and the other one will be our wheels. So you've actually got a choice of doing this. You can either do it through three new campaigns or you can create one campaign and then have three ad groups. Groups, which is here in step two. We can have those as the following. So we could do alloy wheels and we can do new and Paul tires. Oops. Okay. And the third one of course, is the wheel alignment group so that you can do it either all now without getting too complicated. And you allocate your budget in your campaign level. But you can also allocate budget in ad group level as well. So if for example, NSSA, they had completely different services. So let's say they were doing car servicing, for example, as well. Then you would probably create two different campaigns. One for the other wheels, problematizing wheel alignment while you, because they are interlinked with each other or servicing, or they've got they're coming soon is slightly different. And you might want to allocate a different campaign to that because you'd be a lot easier to measure the success of that campaign. Because Google Git tells you how much you've spent on a campaign. It tells you how many visitors wildly goals you got from that campaign. So that it makes your life much, much easier to measure the success of the campaign. And that's a good way to allocate your resources. So for example, you might say, well, in the servicing campaign that we want to allocate an essay or a 100 pound, or a $100, for example, per month on our services campaign, because we want to push that side of the business. And you might say, well in terms of the alloy wheels part won't ties. And when alignment we'd like to allocate 500 pound per month or $500. And then whatever happens, whichever adds that the customer is click on a particular campaign. That budget will just go down and down. And essentially it's pay-as-you-go. So you allocate a daily budget inside Google. And it will just keep every time that you to click on those ants for whichever campaign a setup or whichever add new setup, it'll just keep taken a budget away from that pot. And so as I mentioned, you might have two campaigns or two pots. One for servicing to keep it separate, one for these three to keep it separate. And then you can allocate to different budgets for two different campaigns. So that's a very, very good way to organize a and, and in this example I will, I will create one came in at campaign in fact, and I will split those. That's one campaign between three outgroups or three subcategories or create those three ad groups called alloy wheels, new problem toil them wheel alignment. And then we will create our ads and keywords in soiled those three ad groups. So that's the core structure of this campaign. And you guys, you know, I do, I do recommend that you spend of five or 10 minutes going over your client's website, look at the services they offer. And I see you know, who they are, what they do, what they specialize in, speak to them, find out what's most profitable for them as a business. Do your competitor research as well. So Google their competitors. Find out you know, what they're doing. So you can really provide, if you are doing this for a client, you can provide them a great end-to-end service. And you can really, I'm showing them the UK are very broad knowledge in this area. Okay,