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Rethink- Break the Habit of Negative Thinking & Reclaim Your Attention, Focus & Energy

teacher avatar Kristen Becker, NLP Practitioner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Course Trailer- Rethink


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      The Source of Negative Thinking


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      The Results You Can Expect


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      The Solution


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      The App Trick


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      New Day, New Energy


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About This Class

The course is like a breath of fresh air for anyone who's ever felt frustrated by cycles of negative thoughts.

 If you're feeling bogged down by negative thoughts, it's time to break the habit and reclaim your focus & energy! In this course, I'll share practical tools you can start using today to break the cycle of negative thoughts so you can raise your vibration & reclaim that energy, focus & attention for your success!


Raise Your Vibration! This course is part of my series of courses that teach you how to apply the easy vibrational coherence model in all areas of your life. Be sure to follow me to be notified as new courses are released, and look for this note in the course descriptions to enjoy other courses in the series.

 Vibrational Coherence -When we raise our vibration, we become confident and successful. We're able to manifest what we want in life. Unfortunately, most people don't know how to raise their vibration. They try things like positive thinking and visualization, but they don't see results.

 This is because they're missing the key ingredient: vibrational coherence.

 Vibrational coherence is the state of being in alignment with your authentic self & true desires. When you're in vibrational coherence, you Manifest with ease.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kristen Becker

NLP Practitioner


Success Mindset, Manifesting, Law of Attraction, NLP

HI, I'm Kristen!

Once a mind has been stretched, it never goes back. Pebbles on the pile, one course at a time, discover how much power you truly have within you!

I am a Certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner & Cht, author of FreeLark, and creator of personal development courses with over 10k students. I have personally explored and found great success in all the topics I develop courses for. My goal is to empower you to start living your very best life by understanding and leveraging the power and ability already within you!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where you will discover new weekly videos: manifesting, the law of attraction, living your best life, guided audios, i... See full profile

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1. Course Trailer- Rethink: Have you ever had a pattern of negative ruminating thinking? And you just think in your conscious mind, I know I want this to stop. I don't want to be doing this. But no matter what I do, I just can't seem to stop the pattern, right? These thoughts just keep coming back. I have definitely been there and hi, my name is Kristen Becker. I have been there and I could tell you that there's good news because there's actually really practical, easy things that you can do to break this pattern. In this course, you're going to learn the source of these negative ruminative thoughts, which is really liberating because you realize it's not, you understand why and how this happens. And then the easy, practical things that you can absolutely start doing today to break this pattern in your life and free up all that focus and energy and attention to focus on things you do want to bring into your life. So go ahead and jump into the first video and let's get started. 2. The Source of Negative Thinking: Now I'm sure that you have thought to yourself, like, where did this come from? Why is this happening? Is there something wrong with me? Why can't I stop this? And when we see where it comes from, which we do understand very well, then it's the biggest aha, because you start realizing there's nothing wrong with me. And this is how I can stop this now that I understand a lot more about how it's come to be and how it works. And I want to say that a lot of what you're going to learn here is based on a model that I've developed called vibrational coherence. And I have another course already here on the platform, which is raise your vibration and skyrocket yourself confidence with one, with a one-step formula. Go check that out after you watch this. That is really the foundational course for, hey, this is what vibrational coherence is all about. This is how it works. This is how it empowers you to live a high-quality life, right? Manifests the things that you do want in life. So do go check that out and also follow me because I am going to continue to put courses on here related to solving our everyday problems that we all struggle with. Using this super easy and effective formula of vibrational coherence. I also talk a lot about it on my YouTube channel. So be sure to go to YouTube and subscribe to my channel, Kristen Becker, and I'll see you there as well. Now the source of this ruminating thinking, this negative thinking patterns, There's two, they're very easy to understand when somebody pointed out here, you're like, Wow, That's a game changer to know this. The first one is our programming. We all come into this world with essentially the same blank, blank slate, right? And then we adopt programming, which is a good thing. Our human machine is designed to help us, and in this case, so that we can acclimate into our communities with this programming we learned in our Alpha brainwaves state when we're kids. And that is where we also pick up a lot of programming that doesn't serve us. I think research was 70% of our programming doesn't serve us. So here we are together doing this, we've all done it. The good news is that it works. There's a path out. But just to know that there is nothing wrong with me. I observed my family, my friends, my peers, having these repeated dialogues, revisiting the same problems over and over again, right? In the same ways. And then I adopted that same way of not only conversing and the outside world, but in my inner dialogue in my head and seeing the patterns like, Oh, they keep coming back to the same problem. And so I adopted that as well. So that's reason number one, source number one, source number two is your body is also in on this. And this is really interesting. When we have emotions, we release chemicals and peptides into our body. Our cells develop receptors for the chemicals and peptides for the emotions we most regularly feel. When those cells divide, the new cells are already born with those receptors. So your body is literally getting physically addicted to these emotions that you regularly have. Another interesting part of this is that when you revisit a negative thought in your mind, like a negative experience or how you feel about a negative experience in your life for your body that's happening right now. It is releasing all of the same chemicals, emotions, everything is going on as when you had that experience. So as far as your body is concerned, this is a threat right now, right? It's having all those same experiences. And that's kind of a bummer when you think like to patterns, which I'm gonna get to in a minute. Oh gosh, I have like kind of fed into this pattern by continuously revisiting these things. Well, that's what we're here to break, right? I have to. And the reason I point that out is because the opposite is also true. As you invest in yourself and get yourself into the habit of breaking this habit of the ruminating and negative thoughts. Well then you have the opposite. Then you have the cascade of feel-good emotions and chemicals which you are getting addicted to. So let's jump into the next video and we're going to start talking about the really practical everyday things that you can do about this. 3. The Results You Can Expect: So what's going to happen when you break this pattern? What kind of results can you expect? How's it going to feel? What's gonna be different? I am going to share that with you and I'm also going to share with you my own experience, a very, I would say challenging experience that I went through in this regard of breaking these negative, ruminating thoughts and negative thinking patterns in my own life. But first, what do you have to look forward to? Now, as you revisit these thoughts, as I already mentioned, you have that whole cascade of chemicals. Your body is feeling the same emotions. You have negative emotions related to them. You are building more neural networks around them. And this is supporting ideas and beliefs around whatever type of incident led to that event that you're ruminating about, right? But that's a real threat, but that's a real thing and just beliefs about maybe I deserve it or I don't or whatever. But the point being this process that you're breaking when you break it, you are no longer going to feel the emotions and feelings around them. You've freed yourself of that. You're no longer gonna be reinforcing those neural networks. They are going to start to prune apart. So beliefs that you may have established like, Oh man, people are kinda rotten or I'm just bad at relationships or maybe I'm not worthy all sorts of crazy beliefs. They are going to start to dissipate and you'll, because the actual neural networks that are supporting them are printing apart. Because you're not reinforcing them, you're not using them. All of these things come together to raise your frequency, to raise your vibration in general, but also your frequency on whatever issue it is related to what you've been having the ruminating thoughts about. So then that plays into what you're just naturally going to manifest. So on every level of how you bring quality experiences into your life, by breaking this pattern, you have lifted yourself, yourself up so incredibly high and stack the deck in your favorite to naturally have much more fulfilling and rewarding and enjoyable relationships. You have now freed up your focus, your energy, your attention, even your life force right now. To go to things you do want to do, to put into things that make you happy, that help you to expand, that make you feel fulfilled. And that is what you have to look forward to. Now I want to just share my own personal experience. What happened was I had a series of very challenging experiences going on in my life. I really didn't, I was just reacting. I didn't do a lot to check myself and to really process those as well as I could. And once the dust settled, you'd think I'd be like, Oh thank goodness. That is over. Well now what I discovered and observed within myself was that I had a pattern in the morning when I had my cup of coffee that I would sort of pick and choose. I had a whole deck ready on deck to just pull out of the air, right? Revisit this challenging experience, ruminate over that. This person was wrong. I can't believe that happened. And the first thing is awareness. I was like, What? I gotta do something about this? I know that this doesn't serve me and I don't want it to get any worse than it already is because I've already started to get that sort of physical addiction. It had become automatic. It was happening every morning. I jokingly called it my cup of crap. It's time for my cup of crap. And that is actually a powerful tool which I'm going to share with you in the next video, we'll come back to why. That is actually a good thing and very helpful. So I use the very things that I'm sharing with you in this course and was able to break myself of those patterns. And it is so nice to wake up in the morning and be excited like I got all these things on my list today. I'm excited to get started enjoying my coffee. Listen to the birds, right? Watch the sunrise because of my very early riser. And it's just an entirely different way to start my day. And it doesn't matter at what point in the day you do it. But what matters is you start recognizing your patterns, identifying this, and then jump into the things I'm going to share with you in the next video and apply them. 4. The Solution: In this video, we're going to talk about how to use vibrational coherence to break these patterns. In the next video, we're going to talk about something I call the app trick, right? And then in the next video after that, we're gonna do a review of what your day looks like now that you're approaching it differently so that you can break your own habits and exactly what that's gonna look like and how it goes down. Now, vibrational coherence in case you haven't seen the other course that I mentioned that I do want you to go back and watch it. Fabulous. The simple formula is this. We have a natural vibrational state in which we work optimally are coherent state. Everything in our body and our whole lives is designed to function optimally when we're in coherence. When we have something say like these ruminating thoughts or things like negative in our lives that don't bring us harmony, then we're not in coherence. And being aware of that, what you do is you make simple little micro choices at every step of the way. And ask yourself, does this keep me or moved me into vibrational coherence? Or does this kidney, or move me more into chaos and discord in my vibration. With the example of ruminating thoughts, what I would do as I started finding myself entertaining, sort of imagining sometimes you do like little movie in your mind. I don't know if anybody else has done that. That's what I do. I say, okay, is this bringing me harmony? Most certainly is not. Now sometimes you might recognize I actually have some emotions I need to process. And that's again, another course that I'm creating. But in this case just that simple awareness is this bringing me harmony. Know, when you invest in yourself, that is self-love, that is self-care. To say, I love and care for myself enough to recognize this does not bring harmony, the springs discord, and therefore, I'm gonna make a different choice. I'm going to make the choice that brings harmony. And it could be the thoughts. It could be maybe starting to think about like, well what am I doing that's triggering these thoughts. As you sort of break down the whole, entire process and what you see going on within yourself. Always ask this simple question. Does this bring harmony? And if not, what other choice can I make for myself to bring harmony in to my vibration? Now get creative. That might be, oh, well, I need to just physically change my posture, get up and walk around or do something to sort of break this, right? Or maybe I'm going to replace it with another thought. Maybe I'm going to take some time to forgive this person that's unique to you and your situation and every thing that you're having these thoughts about. But the big idea is ask yourself, does what I'm doing right now bring harmony into my vibration? And if not, what are my choices? This opens up a whole world of possibilities, of other things that you do. And now you feel self-empowered. You're no longer feeling victimized and things aren't just happening automatically, right? You're saying, okay, move over. Negative thoughts. I'm getting back in the driver's seat here. I'm in charge of my vibration and I'm headed straight for coherence, straight for harmony. And that is the vibrational coherence model. I use this time and once you get in the habit of using it, you will start viewing the world through this model. Naturally this will happen on autopilot. You won't have to stop and think about it anymore. You'll find yourself naturally gravitating towards the choices and options that do bring harmony. So start practicing this vibrational coherence model. Gift it to yourself, right? As you go throughout your day. Now you might be wondering to yourself, well, what kind of things can I really do to create vibrational coherence within myself instead of practicing this ruminating thinking. And here are three absolutely powerful, wonderful things that you can do. Number one is very easy. Hug yourself or someone else. If you have a loved one nearby, who's gonna be open to this, right? You find yourself negative thinking. You say, you know, I'm gonna give myself a hug or I'm gonna I'm gonna walk over there and hug my son, right? Whatever it is, this is generating so many wonderful emotions within you, nurturing you. It is sending a huge message to your self-concept and your subconscious. I love myself. I am really enriching myself with love. This is wonderful self-care. And on that note, The second one, although it seems so simple, is to drink a glass of water. We generally are so dehydrated in our lives and water carries information. We are mostly made up of water to stand and just enjoy nurturing yourself again with this water. Just stand there and drink it and reflect on it and notice the nuances of the experience, right? How it tastes, how it feels, everything about that experience. It's so simple. And again, you're sending this message to your subconscious and your self-concept I am carrying for me, I am not continuing this pattern that's destructive with a negative thinking. I'm changing my own patterns. Gosh, I'm amazing. Now this third one is so much fun. You can really gamify this. And before we talk about how this works, I want to remind you that when we stop and take the time to revisit negative thoughts, we're using our imagination. We're focusing our energy and our attention. And we can actually take that same energy and focus and attention and put it some place else. And this is what I love to do. I catalog all of my experiences in life and you can do this too. You might start at a specific year or maybe one time you say, Oh, I'm gonna do when I was 15 to 18 or maybe my 20s or whatever, maybe just last week. And you sit down and you systematically go through your memories and your brain and you think, well what things that I do for myself, how did I grow? How do I, how do I expand? What have I learned? What kind of wonderful experiences have I had? And you can really do this endlessly. We all have within our own memories, right? All of this information about the wonderful ways in which we've grown. And now you are taking your focus, your energy, and your attention, and putting it on something that actually expands you and most definitely brings you back into vibrational coherence and keeps you in vibrational coherence. And that is vibrational coherence as you might apply it to ruminating and negative thinking. Let's jump into the next video where I'm going to come back to that cup of crap. Tell you about that and also tell you about something I call the trick. 5. The App Trick: Okay, what's up with that cover crop? Why is that helpful? How's that work, Christa, and you might be thinking, and it's really, really cool. It's an NLP based strategy or technique, I guess you'd say. Obviously I became aware of my pattern, which is the first and biggest step I identified. This is going on. I'm seeing the details of how it works and what's happening so I better understand it. And by jokingly referring to it as my cup of crap, oh, time for my morning cup of crap, right? I created a, actually a positive emotion, not to say that I want to reinforce that particular behavior. But the alternative would be to continue to feel overwhelmed, to feel like, Oh God, not again, I can't seem to stop this. Oh no, right. That is a very disempowering, an overwhelming feeling. So by looking at it more objectively like it's me against you, a cup of crop. I began to feel more empowered. I began to have replaced this part of the process, this leg of the journey with a positive, self-empowered emotion. And I just share that as one example as you think about those vibrational coherence things and you're stopping to think about harmony. You can fold that in like how can I change the emotion with which I even approach this and look at it? And I also do like the idea of looking at the situation objectively. It's not me, it's, you know, I know I adopted this habit. I know adopted this programming. I know that I'm going to remove this just like I would any other thing that was dragging me down in life are holding me back in life. So that's the cover crop stress. Let's talk about the app strategy. I love this and I'm going to explain it to you. And if you picture yourself doing this like in your house, probably honestly when you're alone. And you think, Oh, I can't do this if I'm at work or I'm out in public. Well, you can imagine it and that's what I did. And also before I even explain it, I also want to tell you that, number one, this process will become very fluid and automatic and habit. So you won't really have to stop so much and go through the steps and really think about it. Write a number two. Remember that emotional addiction that is going to change and transfer to positive states. Your habits are going to transfer. Your frequency is going to completely shift and rise, and your vibration is going to rise. And therefore, you're not gonna have to go around doing this all the time. So it's not like you have a lifetime of doing this. It's really a onetime deal, which I hope motivates you to invest in yourself and be consistent with yourself and say, Okay, I'm gonna give it a real Christian said, but I'll try it in the next video and I'll tell you why that's so important. The big pay off there. But let's talk about that trick. Now. I haven't personally been on any dating apps lately. Not that I'm opposed to it, but I just haven't. But I like to think of it as a dating app type situation. That comes into my mind, Let's say a negative thought comes into my mind. I picture myself just swiping left, right? Is that what you do and you don't want to go out with the first time you swipe left out it out. But here's the thing. You just saw. I lit up. Right. Or I could just be very non-emotional. Not today. No, not for me. Right. Which don't want to do is start feeding that cascade of emotions of negativity like Not today. I'm going to want to get angry and just either if you can have fun with it and be like that. If you if it just feels right, just no motion picture. So swiping that thought right out of your mind. And then conversely to reinforce the other side of the coin, so to speak. When you have a great thought, like, let's say it's an imaginative thought, something you have this wonderful imaginative thought about a vacation. Maybe you can't even afford it just now. Maybe it's not your budget, but it's just been wonderful to entertain the idea, right? Check-mark, yes. Kinda like the swipe up yes. Checkmark. And this also is interesting because you're not getting really emotionally attached to either the element of I canna lily will not happen. Maybe it's something that's definitely happening. Maybe you have a big event coming up this weekend and you're thinking about your chat low grade, or maybe it's something like I gave the other example of that. You don't know whether it's really going to happen, but you don't want to apply any negative emotion to it. You want to give it a, I'm on board with this kind of feeling, release, any feelings of lack or worry or concern around it. As you can see, how much fun I just had with that. And I swear to you guys, did this myself, being in my house like Oh yeah, I'm all about that. Let's do more of that, right. And then like I said, you can imagine it if you're in a situation where you can't physically do it, and then it does become automatic. And it's kinda funny actually, when I found some stragglers coming in who didn't get the message that the party was over. And just to sort of go and just feel good about that. Actually gone. That was easy. Now, in the next video, we're gonna do a little recap of what your day is gonna look like with this. And I review of all the things you can do and also why it works. Please invest in the next video. Because as you understand fundamentally why this works so well, you're absolutely going to be definitely down with doing it for yourself. So I'll see you in the next video. 6. New Day, New Energy: Are you ready? I hope you're ready to absolutely liberate yourself. We all deserve to be in the moment to have all of our focus and our energy and our attention to use for things that expand us, that move us forward, that we're excited about investing our focus and energy and attention in. Now, if you don't know too much about me, I'm an educator. I've been teaching college now for gosh, probably 25 years. I have over 10 thousand students in my different private personal development programs. A lot of education myself in education. And I could tell you that we don't learn from absorbing information. So we do that a lot. We watch this really cool video or like, Wow, I love everything I just learned. However, the neurons are going to prune apart. If you don't go out and put it into practice, when you have the experiences with what you just learned, you're developing more dense neural networks around that understanding. You are creating evidence which changes your actual beliefs. What you believe. All of this is changing your emotions, how you feel, the feelings and emotions that you're releasing in your body, which is all changing, your vibration, you are frequencies and what you're naturally manifesting around these things. So the very short version of that last statement put it into practice. What I suggest that you do first is identify your patterns. Obviously you're aware of it because you're watching course, right? When I, my patterns, do I see a pattern of when this happens? What types of experiences are frequently coming into my mind. When I'm going through this process. Then you want to start applying your different techniques. You can use vibrational coherence, get creative. Say, Oh gosh, I've realized that this happens when I have my coffee. Instead, I'm going to walk to the coffee shop and walk back home. And maybe that whole experience of walking and occupying my senses and stimulating myself with other things around me will really be beneficial. I don't know, I'm just throwing it out there as an example of looking at the vibrational coherence model and asking yourself, how can I have fun with this? What can I do to empower my own vibrational coherence? You can use the idea of the cup of craft to look at it more objectively. Like I got you, I got my watch and you have fun with it. Develop really good emotions around you empowering yourself because that is exactly what you're doing. And also there's the app, right technique. So there's just a bunch of cool things that you can do. Now, please. I really have loved preparing this for you to leave a review. It is so helpful to me. It's just like that positive feedback. I'm like, yes, people like this, they find it helpful for other people to know that they liked the class as well. Please be sure and follow my profile. I am really posting a lot more courses all related around this that all solve very specific things that we all struggle with in life that we want to move through or get better at to bring more quality of life to ourselves, which we are all capable of doing. And also be sure and follow me on YouTube. I have greatly enjoyed creating this for you, and I look forward to seeing you in the next course.