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How to Harvest & use Aloe Vera in Your Daily Beauty Routine :The Plant of Immortality

teacher avatar Kristen Becker, NLP Practitioner

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Introduction aloe


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      Benefits video2


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      Use video 4


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      How to harvest and store video 3


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About This Class

Aloe Vera is full of surprises and easy to incorporate into your daily beauty routine.  In this course you will learn the super easy way to extract and use Aloe Vera at home> In this course you will learn the super easy way to extract and use Aloe Vera gel at home. Use of aloes coveted gel dates back 6,000 years. Find out today why the Egyptians called aloe “the plant of immortality”.

Because the Aloe plants contain 75 potentially active constituents ranging from vitamins, to enzymes to amino acids. Because the aloe  plant has both antibacterial & antioxidant qualities and  contains a unique mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids  it is widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market with an estimated annual market value of $13 billion globally.

You can tap into the beauty and healing properties of aloe Vera today to get radiant, even skin, reduce wrinkles, make hair full and shiny and so much more without the expense, hassle and added toxic ingredients of over the counter beauty products or the high prices tag.

In this course you will learn the easiest ways to harvest and use aloe for its legendary beauty qualities. You don’t have to become a cosmetic almchemist to reap the amazing benefits of aloe, in fact, its  super simple. You wont find labor & ingredient intensive DIY recipes here  just, fast easy wasy to harvest and use the legendary beauty plant as well as a guide to everyday use for more radiant and youthful skin and hair and even some surprises.   

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Kristen Becker

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HI, I'm Kristen!

Once a mind has been stretched, it never goes back. Pebbles on the pile, one course at a time, discover how much power you truly have within you!

I am a Certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner & Cht, author of FreeLark, and creator of personal development courses with over 10k students. I have personally explored and found great success in all the topics I develop courses for. My goal is to empower you to start living your very best life by understanding and leveraging the power and ability already within you!

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1. Introduction aloe: that giant leave of Allah Vera that you've probably passed by hundreds of times in the produce section of your grocery store is absolutely full of surprises. In this course, you're going to learn the super easy way to extract and use Talavera as part of your daily beauty routine. The Egyptians called it the plant of immortality, and once you start using it, you're going to see why the Allah Vera plant contains up to 75 constituents, which are beneficial in many ways. These range and things from vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids. It's also anti bacterial and anti oxidant. Because of this, it's part of a $13.5 billion annual global cosmetic market for Talavera. As a product, you can easily tap into all of the beauty and healing properties of Allah Vera to get more even skin tone, reduce wrinkles, more radiant skin, shiny fuller hair and so much more without the added toxic ingredients and super high expense of over the counter products. And purchasing the giant leaf of Allah Vera in the produce section of your grocery store for less than $2. And it can also be used for a surprising variety of things. Makeup remover, shaving gel, moisturizer, hair conditioner and lots of other things just in its easily extracted gel form. In this course, you're going to learn the super easy way to extract and use Allah bear for its legendary beauty, benefits and properties. It's so easy you don't have to be a beauty alchemist to do this. You're not gonna find a lot of fancy D. I. Y. Recipes that call for other expensive ingredients or weird processes. It's just so incredibly easy and in its most natural form, so incredibly effective and so useful. In many ways, it's always best to begin by knowing your wives so and the very next video. We're going to learn about all of the scientifically proven benefits of Allah Vera that you could be tapping into right now. 2. Benefits video2: in this video, you're gonna learn all about the properties of Allah, Vera. How they work to benefit you, and the science that backs up these claims things is really important because knowing your why is justice important as knowing how elevator is a very strong anti bacterial, an antioxidant. It has probably females and other compounds that make it very strong at fighting and inhibiting infections. Allah Bear also boasts up to 75 constituents and elements within it that are very beneficial to humans. These range from everything from vitamins to enzymes to amino acids. Let's just take a look at a few of them. The AL A planet contains vitamins, antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals. Enzymes, which reduce inflammation when applied. Topically many different minerals, some of which are also anti oxygen. It has many elemental properties, which act as antiseptic and analgesic properties on the skin hormones, which help in wound healing and anti inflammation. Alot also includes lignin, which enhances the penetration effect of other ingredients, so it can also be used in conjunction with other ingredients to enhance their penetration into your skin. OK, now let's look at some of the ways that Talavera is beneficial to our skin. L There is great for wounds, burns any type of skin irritation, rash or other topical skin problems. Multiple studies on Allah rare have found that an application of Allah vera on wounds can actually accelerate the healing process by as much as nine days, much higher than other conventional treatments and medications. They're quite a few surprising ways that Talavera functions as an anti aging element and a moisturizing element. Win applied topically to your skin. Aloe stimulates fibroblasts, which produces collagen and elastin, which, of course, are vital elements to keeping your skin tighter, firmer, less wrinkled. L. A also has a cohesive effect on the superficial up a dermal layer of your skin, making it softer. The amino acids and Allah vera served to soften hardened skin cells. Well, the zinc that you find in Talavera actually where it says an astringent to tighten and minimize your pores. Research has shown the AL aware not only improves the integrity of your skin, but it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Alot is absolutely fantastic for the prevention of acne, both because of its antibacterial qualities, which keep the bacteria from getting into your pores, but also it's astringent qualities which helped to remove the dirty oil from your skin. And if you've suffered from Afridi, the properties of Allah Bear also help regenerate skin and can help with scarring, preventing scarring and even healing scarring that you already have. Research has also shown that outline in the AL Oh is great for D pigmentation and lightning of the skin, so this could make it really helpful. If you have some spots, you're trying to work on your just trying to even out your skin tone. It doesn't stop there. Alot isn't just amazing for your skin is also wonderful for your hair. So let's look at some of the ways allo can be used for your hair. The benefits of al Oh for the hair are very well known. Research has shown that Allah helps prevent and cure hair loss. And, of course, it's been used for thousands of years in different cultures and urban medicinal forms to treat the scouts and to treat that the enzymes in elevator are what makes it so wonderful for your scalp. They repair the cells on your scout. This could be helpful with any type of scalp irritation or danda also stimulated healthy hair. Follicle obviously is gonna help that hair to grow. But also the Allah Vera on the shaft of the hair does make it really shiny and beautiful and healthy as well. And not only is Allah effective, it's also fast. A 2010 study that was included in the International Journal of Pharmacology show that AL application to the scout actually resulted in regrowth of hair in just five days. But you're not really gonna reap all those benefits unless it's practical and easy to use. So in the very next video, I'm going to teach you the super duper easy way to extract, store and use your Talavera. 3. Use video 4: all right. Well, you've learned a lot here about why alot is considered the plant of immortality. Exactly how to harvest and store the Allah gel. And now you're ready to use it. I'm going to share with you, hear some incredibly easy and practical ways to use Al Oh, in your daily beauty routine. Now, there's plenty of recipes and things out there on the Internet showing you how to mix it with all sorts of other things and do all sorts of fun, complicated things with it. But you're not really gonna use it every day if you look at Elo in that way. So everything you're gonna learn here is very, very easy. It's not gonna add any extra time or hassle to your beauty routine. Alot isn't absolutely wonderful all over moisturizer. You can use this on your face or your whole entire body. You can use it in the morning when you wake up at night before you go to bed. When you get out of the shower, any time you would normally moisturize, you just apply the al oh to any area on your body that you want for your whole entire body and then just give it a few minutes to soak in and then go ahead and get trust or getting bad, or do whatever you were gonna deal. Now, if you'll recall all of the anti bacterial qualities of Al Oh, and the astringent qualities, you'll understand why it makes such an incredible cleanser. You can use this as your cleanser for your face at the end of the day, where you can take a container in the shower and use it as a moisturizing all over body cleanser. It's absolutely wonderful. There's no need to be stripping your skin with harsh, abrasive cleansers if you suffer from dry, cracked heels and feet, or you don't want to suffer from dry, cracked heels and feet. Allah is your friend. You can put on a kind of a generous amount of Al Oh, at night before you go to bed and put on a pair of socks. And, of course, any Allah that gets in the socks. Don't worry. It'll wash right out on and then sleep with this on your feet, kind of like little foot mask. You can add some coconut oil if you want to. To make this a little bit extra moisturizing. But again, remember all those qualities of Al oh, of how it softens the skin and helps the enzymes help. And this is gonna be a really great thing to use as a mascot night while you're sleeping. Another little tip I like to do is I like to put the out all over my feet and let that sit for a little while before you get in the tub. And then when I get in, the Taliban use my promise stone and much more effective. And my feet are really soft and wonderful. So be creative. I'm just trying to throw out some things I used, but there is another example of how you can use Al. Oh, we've already talked about how our is such a great cleanser. It's also great for removing makeup. So simply put a little callow on a cotton pad and use it at the end of the day to remove your makeup or use it to wash your face and wash the makeup off your face. But you can think of Allah as a makeup remover. Now, while you're in the shower, remember, Allah also makes a wonderful shave Joe. So, rather than again those harsh, toxic, expensive shave gels or films that you might be using, just apply a little of your al oh to the area and shave as usual, and you're getting a nice close shave and also moisturizing at the same time. Our eyebrows frame our faces, and everybody loves grooming and maintaining their eyebrows. These days, it seems so to use ello in that process, simply dip a Q tip in your allergy L and use it to groom and tame your eyebrows. Keep them down. Keep them in place without any kind of harsh, sticky or shiny look to it. It's just a very natural way to keep your our balls going where you want them to go. Obviously, these are all beauty related applications for Al Oh, on your skin. But let's not forget what an incredible healing plant Allah is. So any time you have any kind of skin irritation or rash or wound al O to the rescue, you want to grab that stuff and apply it liberally to the area as often as you want to need . Teoh, remember this with your kids, your husband, your family, whoever, Um, It's great for everybody skin, and it is a wonderful first aid treatment. Now let's talk about how low can be used with your hair. It's so many wonderful skin benefits, and I love them. But honestly, I think the hair is the one that surprised me the most in practical use. Now you can mix L. A with your favorite sham pose. You can get all the benefits of Al Oh, along with the shampooing process. That's one way to use Al Oh, on your hair. You can use Al Oh by massaging it into your scalp and allowing it to sit. This is great if you suffer from dandruff. Also, if you're trying to grow your hair longer, this will stimulate hair growth and an additional little tip. Something I do is I flipped my head over. It's called the Inversion method in massage yellow into my scalp for about four or five minutes. And then, of course, let it sit for a while until later, when I'm gonna take my shower and wash my hair. And if you do this specifically for hair growth, then you actually only want to do it about five days a week, I'm sorry. Five days a month and not every single day. So that's adding Al oh to hair growth practices to scout treatments. You can also pull the AL O out to all of your hair, and this I do. I wash my hair every three or four days, so I actually do this every time I wash my hair in. What you do is you liberally apply the ello to all of the dry hair, Um, and just put the Joe all over it. Let it sit for maybe half an hour or so before you take your shower or bath, and they just washer here normally. And it's amazing. I don't know really how to describe it. It's It's a clean conditioning. Your hair is, it seems, to have more substance and fullness, but it's not also not shiny. It's healthy, but it's not over moisturize. You know how sometimes your hair can get almost kind of greasy from a lot of conditioners? I just have I can't say enough good things about the AL O in there. I absolutely love it. So, to recap, you have learned a whole bunch of ways to use Al oh and your daily routine beauty routine for moisturizing, for cleansing, for deep treatment and conditioning of both skin and hair. I hope very much that you have grown to see all of the practicality of Al Oh, and that you will incorporate it into your daily routine so that you can begin to see the benefits of what they call the plant of immortality. Please remember to leave a review, tell your friends, share this class with everyone. I really appreciate it, and it helps people know if something's been official and you recommend it that then they can have those benefits as well. Additionally, take some time to check out my other courses. I love helping people and working with people and meeting people, and I'm always welcome you to reach out to me to say hi, Keep in touch. I look forward to seeing you again in another course 4. How to harvest and store video 3: acquiring Allah. Vera, how does one get their hands on the plant of immortality? Well, it turns out it's super easy because you can obviously grow the plant. You can grow them from cuttings from a friend. You don't even have to buy one. And you can purchase these giant easy to use Talavera leaves in the produce section of literally almost any grocery store for less than $2. The last one I bought was a dollar 59 storing. So what say you about this wonderful Al Oh, in your hot little hands, how you're gonna keep it fresh and ready to use. The release can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days. You just want to wrap up the open end with plastic wrap, And if you've extracted the gel, which you're going to learn to do here you can store that in your refrigerator for up to 10 days. You can also store your talavera in the freezer. What you're gonna do is either take the extracted gel and put it into ice cube trays, which you can. Then, once it's frozen, pop them out and put them in a Ziploc bag or another container to put back in the freezer for convenient single use cubes. Or you can freeze the larger batches of extract. Maybe you want to make like, three or four batches at a time and freeze a couple so you only have to extractor Alamaro ones. Months now we're gonna talk about how you actually extract or harvest the gel from your alibi Relief. Please don't overthink this. It is stupid, simple, really. And I'm going to give you three options, the last of which is my personal favorite. But I'll give you all three, cause you might find that one works better for you. Obviously, before you do any of these, you're gonna want to wash and dry your Allah leaf, your hands and any utensils you might be using. Regardless of which of these three options speaks to you, you're still little. Want to trim the prickly edges off both sides of your Allah leaf and also trim off and discard both of ends? Option one is to peel the top of your L a leaf with a vegetable peeler and then use a spoon to scoop out the gel. Now, for my purposes and practicality, I haven't found this toe work super great because maybe I just don't have the best vegetable peeler in the world. Also, the Al oh gets very slippery. But some people really love this method. Option two is to use a knife to fill a your Allah leaf, and you're just playing out that larger chunk of gel and you'll just slip your knife under the top. Show part of the leaves. Start working your way down. You can start working your way deeper under the leaf and you'll get a feel for this after you do it a few times, and then once you get one side off, you flip it over and to the other side. Now I recommend not using the sharpest knife in the house because obviously, the allergy l is rather slimy and slippery, and you don't want to have a mishap and have a really sharp knife and hurt yourself. So when I do use this method, I just use, um, sort of a serrated steak knife, not a really sharp actual fillet knife. Option three. And my personal favorite is to simply use your hands and your fingernail. Now you can grab that Allah leave. Get your one fingernail under the hard part of the upper shell and just start sliding it back and forth, back and forth. You can flip it over, maybe for better leverage getting the rhythm of what works for you. But as you can see, this is a really fast and effective way to remove the large chunk of gel from the Al Oh Shell or the X outside of the leaf. Now you've got this glorious hunk of aloe gel. You want to get it into a form that you can use easily every day for your hair and your skin. Now again, don't overthink this. You'll find a lot of things on the Internet telling you these kind of fancy, complicated ways through this better. It's very easy and very simple and doesn't need to be complicated. I just take the whole entire amount of gel that I have. I pop it in my Nutribullet, my blend it for just a few minutes, and as you can see, it comes out very smooth, a wonderful consistency. Some people add water here. I don't know why you would maybe if you have ah, more poor performing blender and you're having trouble breaking down the chunks. I could potentially see the benefit of that, but that just hasn't been my experience. Just a few minutes in the blender gives you this wonderful consistency. Also, some people like to strain their alot potentially with cheesecloth or a strainer and again here. I'm not a fan. I think it's a beautiful consistency. You can do it. I'm gonna show you a little bit more how to do that as you prepare your AL over storing in the refrigerator. So it is an option, but really just blended in your bullet, your food processor, your blender. Whatever you have to use now, you blended your gel and you might notice a frothy white top on it. And that will absolutely settle down and dissipate if you just let it sit for a little while, either on the counter or in the refrigerator. You have several options for how to prepare this to stick in the fridge. We talked about freezing. You can put it into individual jars about the size that you might use on a day and say Make seven days for the week, or you can store it in a larger container. And just pop that in the fridge and ladle out, which you need each day into a little dish for use as your moisturizer and your hair treatment again. You constrain it if you like. I personally don't. I love the consistency. It's absolutely fabulous. But if you want to, you could strain it as you pour it into these containers. If you do do this, please save that more chunky stuff that you strained because it's great for packing out of your hair as a hair treatment. As you can see super easy, an overview of the process is just simply that you fillet the gel out of the leaf. You then blend it in a blender, Nutribullet food processor or something of that nature. You put it in a container for storage, whether that be the freezer or your refrigerator. And if you want during this process, you can also strain it additionally or not, and boom, you're ready to go. So now you can see how incredibly easy it is to acquire, harvest and store your Al Oh for everyday use in the next video. I want to show you some very easy practical ways to use Al Oh every day for more radiant and beautiful skin and hair