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Law of Attraction Success, How to Return to Your Inner Self: Easily Align Your Intuition & Intention

teacher avatar Kristen Becker, NLP Practitioner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What You Will Learn in This Course


    • 2.

      Intentions: How they work, how they affect what you manifest & the super easy way to shift them


    • 3.

      Unconditional Love: Unleash your manifesting super power from within


    • 4.

      Intuition: How to become in touch with & follow your own inner guidance


    • 5.

      Intention Project: How to design & set a powerful manifesting intention deep into your subconscious


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About This Class

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you feel!

Now that you have peeled back the layers of limiting beliefs and created your own belief model in Law of Attraction Success 1 & 2, it’s now time to return to your inner self and high vibrating natural state of being. When you are guided by your own intuition, setting high vibrating intentions and feel the freedom of unconditional love, your life flows naturally and you vibrate higher!

In this course you will learn:

  • How intentions work, how to identify and shift your own intentions to super power your own conscious manifesting desires.
  • What is the scale of emotions and   how do your emotions affect what you attract in your life.
  • How to liberate your own soul and day to day happiness with unconditional love.
  • How to become fearless.
  • How intuition creates the foundation for confidence and belief.
  • Easy to use, everyday techniques to become more in touch with and follow your own intuition.
  • The super easy way to set intentions deep into your subconscious mind in a way that changes your own subconscious programming & belief models  so you can manifest more, faster!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristen Becker

NLP Practitioner


Success Mindset, Manifesting, Law of Attraction, NLP

HI, I'm Kristen!

Once a mind has been stretched, it never goes back. Pebbles on the pile, one course at a time, discover how much power you truly have within you!

I am a Certified Neural Linguistic Programming practitioner & Cht, author of FreeLark, and creator of personal development courses with over 10k students. I have personally explored and found great success in all the topics I develop courses for. My goal is to empower you to start living your very best life by understanding and leveraging the power and ability already within you!

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, where you will discover new weekly videos: manifesting, the law of attraction, living your best life, guided audios, i... See full profile

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1. What You Will Learn in This Course: Hello and welcome. I'm Kristin Becker. Remember, you attract what you feel, not what you consciously desire. In the first section of this course, you learn to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs. In the second section, you learn to become more aligned with your own beliefs and create your own belief models. Now it's time for you to turn to your own core inter directives. We've all been done a great injustice in our society, where we learn our mental habits and ways of navigating life through looking outside of ourselves. We are taught by example and teach others by example how to look outside of ourselves, how to gather information, input, feedback and weighing pros and cons and always looking outside of ourselves. And that leads to a feeling of not even knowing yourself and not trusting yourself and not knowing how to follow your own inner guidance. It leads to a feeling a feeling more isolated and more separate, which is really a false feeling we're not in this course, you're going to learn very easy to follow techniques which will help you to know, follow and trust your intuition in your own inner guidance to guide you through life, you're going to learn how your own subconscious intentions are literally creating your reality and steering you through life. We're going to learn how to identify and how to shift them. Also, you're going to learn how your separate fear based perception of life, that you've just been conditioned and programmed. Teoh attuned. Teoh is really holding you back. You're going to learn how liberating and empowering unconditional love is as well as how to practice it. So, as you can see, we have plenty to do, but we have a clear framework to follow, so let's go ahead and begin. 2. Intentions: How they work, how they affect what you manifest & the super easy way to shift them : Okay, let's talk about intention and intention is something that everybody has every minute of every day, every thought, every action, everything we dio. But we almost never stopped to think about what are actual, true intentions. So why are your intentions important? Because what you are attracting to you, what you are manifesting is based on your intentions. And so you could do the same thing, three different ways or the same thing, but have three different intentions. And the underlying intention is going to determine what you're actually attracting to you. So I want to give you an example of this. Let's say I want to say to one of my friends, Hey, I did this really cool thing last week and that seems innocent enough. But if I stop and really look at my intention, what is it? Is it that I want validation? Because if so, then really my underlying feeling is a lack of self worth, and that's what I'm going to be attracting. So I'm like, Oh, look, this really cool thing I did last week. Come on, tell me I'm awesome, you know? Then my intention is really just to get validated and it's based in a lack of self worth. And then that's more what I'm attracting to me. The same exact example is I could say, Look at this cool thing I did last week and what my intention might be as compared to you, What did you dio and I might be really trying to make this person feel jealous or position myself is being better or more creative when we're productive in this person by saying this to them and again, that is a lower vibrating intention, which are actual intention is, and then you're gonna be attracting back to you those lower vibrating face. Now, thirdly, I could also really just be so excited and so excited to share that. I'm like, look at this really cool thing I did last week and my intention is just really to share and to see if they're interested in to maybe inspire them in. Then I'm going to be attracting something that is a much higher vibration because my original intention was much higher. So the next question you're probably asking yourself is, how do I get more in touch with and in tune with my own intentions? And I want to point out here that this is about alignment when we become aligned with our true in ourselves and then we're not fearful our intention isn't negative because we have no fear. We have no sense of style, a lack and self worth. And so it's truly love based alignment. So getting in touch with your intentions is a very, very valuable thing for your manifesting and your co creating to make that a positive experience in quite simply, the easiest way to get in touch with your intentions is to bring them to your awareness. So everything you do. If you have a thought about something, you know what is my real intention here. And then If you realize that it's a negative one or it's based in fear, then you could do some internal looking and you know, turning around and figuring out, you know, doesn't really serve me. And do I really want that by right out into the world? So that person, if you're going to say something, if you're gonna taken action, if you're gonna put something on social media, I can't tell you how many things I haven't put on Facebook, cause I'm like, Hey, I'm just looking to get stroked, you know what I mean? So really, check in with your own intentions, and then as you do this more and more like anything else, it becomes a habit and it becomes automatic. And what you're really doing at that point is just getting more in tune with yourself and doing so authentically and automatically and flowing in a much higher vibration, A much more unconditional love based way of showing up in the world and, you know, thinking and acting and talking to people. So the simplest thing you can do for your intention is just to become aware of it, we almost never do. So I think you're gonna find this is actually a pretty challenging, rewarding and exciting experience. 3. Unconditional Love: Unleash your manifesting super power from within : What is unconditional love? Do you practice it? How does it relate to what you are manifesting in your own life? Now the reality is that we are all capable of unconditional love. It's our natural state of being. When we align with this natural state of being, if you feel better, why do we feel better? Because we're not living in a state of fear. Now, if you think about this, the scale of emotions, the first half, the lower vibrating emotions are all fear, fear based. You can have resentment, anger, that sort of thing. You move up the scale of emotions into the love based emotions where you have empathy, compassion, peace, joy. Now I know you're gonna want to think about real things in your life and, um, is what she's staying true. And I thought of a good example today because, you know, we all need money to exist, right? And I have a mortgage. You know, I have kids that I would like to entertain and do fun things with, and you defeat eso then tends to be a breaking point where we lose sight of unconditional love. But if you think about it, um So let's say somebody robs me and takes something from me. I'm gonna initially feel pretty justified in hanging out in the anger. Resentment. You're mad. I'm good. You just took for me and, you know, undermined my ability to care for my Children. Right? And we're gonna feel pretty justified in that. But if you really think about it, um, why do you want the house? Why do you want Teoh do these fancy fun activities with your kids? Why do you want nice clothes and all these things? It's really just a fear of not being loved. Um, and I think if you really dig deep and start looking at things deeply and issues where you're not willing to come to an unconditional love place, you start seeing you know, I'm justifying this. Yes, I have to pay my mortgage. But why do I want the house? You know, because so that I will be loved So my kids will love me and feel stable and healthy so that someone who in my date walks into my house says, Oh, wow, this is really cool. And you're doing so well if you really look deep, Um, all of these things were gonna want to justify not practicing unconditional of a really based on fear and fear of a lack of being loved. Just, you know, you can follow that path down. And if you do, and if you're open and if you're honest, I think you'll see that this is true. Same example. If that would occur, I might say, You know what? Okay. Lets say they apprehended the person, and I say, Wow, you know, they really grew up in this challenging situation and they don't see any other options in or they have this drug addiction. They're trying to just not be sick, and then I can practice unconditional love. I can be more compassionate. I could be more forgiving. And instead of spending the next three months telling all my neighbors, you know what a terrible person this is This terrible thing happened, have sympathy for me. You know, I can let it go, and I could not hold that with me. And when you practice fear based emotions, you were Actually it's like taking poison and hoping that the other person takes ill right and but you're really just poisoning yourself. And that relates to her manifesting because that's what you're attracting. Hey, I'm scared. I feel vulnerable. Um, you know, I have all these negative emotions, and you're attracting more that to you. So practicing unconditional love enables you to let go, which is a critical critical element of manifesting. Now, of course, you want to process your emotions when you have those emotions. So I'm not saying suppress them or repress them. You want to let them out? They're really valid emotions. You want to give yourself time to feel them. So that's one of the first steps in the process of practicing unconditional love is loving yourself unconditionally and sitting down and being okay with getting those feelings out. Like all I'm just shaking up so angry right now. Okay. What am I afraid of? Okay, what is the reality of the situation with, you know, like that? I just gave you What am I really afraid of? Okay. Is that in the whole of all things and the wholeness of time, is it gonna be okay? Yeah, it's gonna be OK. So process your emotions. That's one of the first steps in practicing unconditional love. Also forgiveness. I gave you an example of how you could start to see things from the other person's perspective. And this is a great NLP technique because everybody really is doing the best for them at that moment for wherever their mind is, whatever their life has brought them and their experiences, Soon you begin to see them not from your perspective, but from their perspective. And it becomes a whole lot easier to let go of all that anger. And there's lower vibrating emotions that holding inside and move up into the unconditional love space, which is where you wanna be. Plus it feels great. So observing the other person's perspective, practicing forgiveness, practicing empathy, releasing your own emotions. Judgment is also a really important thing to be aware of if you're really making an earnest effort to practice unconditional love. And you know, I talked about that fear and all judgment is it's your way of creating a list of evidence of reasons of why it's OK to practice conditional love. Here's all the terrible things that person did to me. It's OK for me to love them unconditionally and choose Total This fear and anger and resentment within myself and as you could see that what you want, It's now it's gonna bring beautiful running things in your life. And then most of us go one step further. Not because we're bad people. Just cause we've learned this from each other and we start telling everybody else Hey, did you know this person did x y Z? And so then we're fostering within them negative feelings towards this person. People have different experiences with everyone in their lives without you influencing them . They might have had a perfectly good experience for that person and could be healing to them and help them to feel respected and loved and whole. But you're going around. You're sort of trying to garner support for yourself and negative feelings against the other person, all not unconditional love for hate. And so a very easy thing is to really start checking in with yourself on judgment and then on passing and communicating judgment to others. And to that end, I have this wonderful thing that I call the will it do good filter. So before I say something, thinks something taken action, I like to say to myself, Will this do good for all people? involved the greatest good of all involved. That's a huge part of unconditional love. And with the answer being no, which it quite often is, like, you know, I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna put it out there. You just find yourself like talking a whole bunch less. If you apply, that will do good filter and you find you start realizing and becoming more aware of how much of what you're saying. Doing is actually fostering conditional love, fostering the lower fear based negative emotions and everybody involved. And it's a super simple way to bring this more into your awareness, to free yourself from that and everybody else and just practice unconditional love more fully. Now I also want to talk about unconditional love. Is it weakness? Thesis something a lot of people initially think. You know, I don't want to lose stuff or lose my leg up if you taken advantage of. But if you think about the scale of emotions, how the lower half is fear based and the upper half is love based. So when you are living in the upper half in that unconditional love base area, you are fearless. Fearlessness is powerful, so unconditional. Love is very empowering. And when you think about the golden rule, treat other people the way you would want to be treated. It doesn't mean that you can't lay a boundary, that you can't have a stern or, you know, necessary conversation with someone. It just means, how would I want somebody to talk to me if I did this? If I were in this position, you know you want to heal them, you want to help them, you want to support them. But you also need to lay down boundaries so you can use the golden rule to help you do so in a way that still falls within the realm of unconditional love. So you're fearless, you're powerful. You still have all the tools you need to navigate the realities of this life, and you opened yourself up to a wealth of abundance enjoy in which we're attracting to yourself. I hope you'll take the time in your day to practice unconditional love because the more you dio, the more habit it becomes And the more line do you get with your truth in yourself and it just all feels more natural and close more beautifully. 4. Intuition: How to become in touch with & follow your own inner guidance: Okay, let's talk now about intuition in first of all, why is intuition important to the manifesting co creative manifesting and law of attraction process? Because when you follow your intuition, quite simply, you have that faith baked right in, you know, the ask believe receive thing. If you are using something outside of yourself to make your decision as to which way to go , the believe part's gonna be a lot harder because you aren't looking inside yourself. You're looking outside of yourself, and then you just have to say, Can I mustered the blind faith in this decision that I've made based on all these outside things. But when you follow your intuition regardless, really, of how the experience ends up, you know, I followed my my inner self, my intuition, and I feel good about that, and I feel good about where it's led me and let me give you an example. Um, we're really conditioned to use thinking, logic, trial and error, gathering outside information to make a decision as to which way to go. And when you do that, you know, you feel like I really, like, weighed all the pros and cons, and I'm so smart and this is the best bet. And if it works out, then you're like, great. But if it doesn't work out, then all you have is a stamp of failure. Didn't work, didn't work out. Oh, my God. What was I thinking? You know, however, if you follow your intuition, chances are number one that you're going to find a lot of other solutions and paths and avenues in ways that you feel about the situation that you're thinking about deciding about . So that's the first thing. And secondly, the universe often has better plans for us when we could make for ourselves. So if you include in this process of following your intuition and your inner guidance that consideration, you're much more open to where things might dio and how much even more of ah, better possibility might be out there for you, then the one thing you've kind of got your heart set on. And so then, in the case that maybe it doesn't work out exactly the way you thought it couldn't be, that it's even better. And your eyes are really open to that. It could be that it's not quite what you thought it would be. And then instead of giving it that stamp of failure, you say Okay, well, let me reflect. Let me debrief. How is this actually an opportunity for me to grow and to learn and evolve because everything is if you choose to look at it that way? So by following your own intuition and inter guidance, you have a lot more confidence right out that a lot more faith, a lot more belief you're engaging yourself is the primary element in this process. You and the universe. Divine source. However, that relates to you. Where is if you just outsource all of that? You know to other people what they think gathering information on the Internet. You've completely taken yourself out of the equation, and then you actually really do valued yourself and your own ability to know how to navigate in life. To trust your feelings, I'd like to give you a couple of examples of ways that you can empower and in tune your intuition and following your inner self. It's not that this is a special skill. We all have it. It's just we've been conditioned to think in ways and process and navigate life in ways that take us away from it. So when you practice getting back in tune with your intuition, then it, too, will become much stronger and much more natural. And you'll feel so much more confident when you're making decisions and doing things in life like Okay, I know this is how I feel about this. You know, I can communicate this to people. I could make this decision, but here's a couple of fun. Practical ways to start getting back in tune with your own intuition. One of the first ones I learned. And it's still something I use and is actually kind of fun. Flip a coin. You can do this in your life or I do it in my mind. Actually, when I'm really struggling between two choices and I know I'm struggling and I know I'm not following my intuition because I find myself thinking of all these possible outcomes and weighing like Well, if I make this choice, this might happen in this choice that might happen. And I'm like, Oh, Kristen, you're not following your intuition. So you flip a coin in your mind and you say, If it's heads, I'm gonna go this path, and if its tails, I'm gonna go this path in What you'll find is as that coin is falling to the ground, you're gonna know which you want it to be in your mind. Something's gonna be like, Oh, I hope it's this one. That's your intuition telling you that that is the right choice for you at this time. The right path to take another great way to get more in tune with your intuition is writing . And there's so many, uh, scientifically proven things about writing and how that really gets us more in tune with our subconscious mind. And one thing you can do is start by writing your question at the start and then just to freeform stream of consciousness writing and see what comes out. Or you might just do words and start seeing where there's words lead you. And then, you know, as you go through this process and as you near the end of it, you can write, you know, thank you, Kristen or whatever. Your name is for the insight on this. And now I feel this. And, um, so you're basically asking a question of yourself and then doing the stream of consciousness writing process to get to more insight on that and get the answer. And again, the more you do this, the more quickly it happens. I'm gonna tell you a really cool story in a minute. Um, but the same idea, another way to do it is to relax yourself to an Alfa state, do a body scan where you relax your head and then relax it again. Relax your shoulders and then relax them again. Keep going down your hold her body until you're very much more relaxed and your mind is more clear and not thinking and not, you know, processing all sorts of stuff. And then you ask yourself the question in herself or Kristen Or however you want to trust yourself. You know what is the answer to this? I did this just like a week ago, and the answer totally surprised me. And the way it popped up totally surprised me. But I do this stuff a lot, and the more you do it, the more you're filters. There's outside filters strip away, the quicker the process becomes, the more unique and creative the process becomes. But let me tell you about this. So I was laying in bed. I relaxed myself, and, um, I like to be transparent. So I'm just gonna tell you, I was like, What do I need to do to get through this obstacle that is keeping me from my productivity? Because, you know, I have the creativity. I know what I want to dio, but it was having difficulty, Um, you know, getting to the productive part. And I just laid there and literally it popped up like a text message. And even with the sound in the white box and the picture of me as the center and it's a dream and I was floored, I was like, you know, and obviously I've been thinking about that ever since, and it's really motivated me and helped me to connect my dreams to my productivity. Duh. It's common sense when somebody tells it to you. Thank God I told myself, right? So it's a really cool way. Teoh, Just lower yourself to the Alpha State. Meditate. Maybe right when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed. And another great thing is before you go to bed again once you relax yourself. Ask your subconscious to solve a problem for you to bring you some insight on something. And then as you sleep, let it do its work. And then when you get up in the morning, you can either reflect on this whatever new insights you feel you have, or maybe you to start writing to see what comes out then. But when you ask your subconscious to solve a problem for you while you're sleeping it well and these were just some fun ways that you could get more in touch with your own intuition and urine herself. Also, a lot of people you know, you've heard trust your gut. Listen to your energy. Um, we're all vibrating energy. So when something happens, if you really stop and quiet yourself and quiet your mind and look at how your body feels and what it's telling you, the answer will also be coming from there. And you could do these individually or all together. Use them all the time. Just like anything else. They become habit the more you use them. So as you become more in tuned and aligned with your inner self, you will find that it's so much easier toe manifest and co create and use the law of attraction to bring the things into your life that actually benefit you and make your life better and more enjoyable and speak to your soul. 5. Intention Project: How to design & set a powerful manifesting intention deep into your subconscious : welcome to the intention manifesting project video. In this video, you're going to learn the very best way to design and word your intention and why it's important how to set and secure that intention deep into your subconscious mind and its programming, as well as how to let go resistance so that you can manifest what you actually want. So let's start by talking about what intentions are and how they affect what we manifest in our life and intention could be thought of as a goal. Um, an intention sets the framework for what you want, what you desire, and then consequently you will repel what is not aligned with that and attract, which is because you have defined your intention. No, really. There's two types of intention, and the one you're gonna use in this project is going to be the type that you specifically designed to manifest something specific. But also you need to be aware that every minute of every day will meet choose words, thoughts, actions, behaviors Behind that is some type of sub conscious intention, and when you just bring that into your awareness, then you're more able to see what they are to change them where necessary, and the reason you might want to change them is because they may not be aligned with your conscious intention. Let me give you an example. Let's say you're looking to advance your career and have some type of promotion at your workspace, and that's your intention, and you're putting all this effort into it. But you have to also look at your daily subconscious and tensions and see if they are aligned with that. If you're at the water cooler talking about somebody who really dropped the ball and you know gossiping about them that's not aligned with your intention now, you might say, Well, sure it is, because I'm going to put them down a rung on the ladder and therefore I go up. But that's not gonna vibrate at the energetic level of what you're trying to intend. It's gonna pull you down and as well as the other person is not unconditional love. And so becoming aware of those smaller, sub conscious intentions and where they're popping up makes it really easy to then quickly whip them into shape and get them in alignment with your conscious intention. Now let's talk about the best way to design and word your intention. Here's my suggestion. My intention is blank or a greater or higher equivalent that is in the greatest and highest good for all involved. Now let's break each of those down the 1st 1 My intention is blank. People often wonder, should I be specific or general? And there's really not a right or wrong? Answer it because it depends a lot on what you are. You're manifesting what your intention is. Give you a couple of examples, though, that I think will help you to figure this out for yourself. In the case of relationships, a lot of people want to do a specific person intention, and there's a couple of reasons why that might not be a good idea. We will get to those as we break this out into its three sections, Um, and so you might do a feeling intention instead of that, you might say My intention is to have a healthy, loving, mutual rewarding relationship with someone you know, very special, or that I'm attracted to. And so the specific intention leaves a lot of room for failure and disappointment in again . I'll keep coming back to this specific person intention and why it might not be a great idea, although I'm not saying absolutely not do it. And in this case, a general feeling. Intention might be a lot more rewarding and leave the door open for a lot more potential abundance. And that brings me to our second part, uh, or a greater or higher equivalent. And I've said this a 1,000,000 times because I know it to be true from my own experience. When you open yourself up to all of the possibilities, you will often be delivered a much higher and greater thing than you could have ever imagined for yourself. And this happens time and time again for me. I'm like, Hello, thank you. University is amazing And I can see it's the manifestation of, you know, the energy that I was creating and what I wanted, but even something more incredible than I could have imagined for myself at that point. So I like to work this part in, and it also is relative to letting Dio, because when you say or a greater higher equivalent, you are indeed opening yourself up to something outside of the specificity of what you had initially set your intention to. And so it makes it a lot easier to let go of that because you're not looking for signs or ruminating on it. You're like, you know, something incredible is coming, and I'm not quite sure what it's gonna be. And so it also plays into letting go. Lastly, we have that is in the greatest and highest good for all involved. Obviously, this speaks unconditional love. Obviously, this is what you would want someone to project towards you if you were somehow engaged or have helped in their intention in the cell about vibrating, you know, you are able to manifest that which you convey vibrate on the level of. And so when you are vibrating at this high love based vibration, then you're attracting to you really wonderful good things. It also plays into letting go because again, you're not trying to look for things. And oh, is this person doing what I want to do? And you know, and you know, having all these negative, low vibrating emotions because you've let that all go. You want this to be very sincerely in the highest good for all involved Let's talk now about how to set and secure your intention at a deep, subconscious level. We want to do an overview of the subconscious just briefly so you can understand how it works. This is your source of creativity, intuition, inspiration, inter knowing this and interconnectedness. And it's also your spiritual center. And there's a lot we don't know about that and the, you know, practicality of how everything works. But it works very, very differently from your conscious minds. We're gonna talk more about that in a minute, so your subconscious doesn't really know the difference between right and wrong. It doesn't make judgments. It doesn't factor in concepts of past and future and that sort of thing. It just does what its programming tells it to do. So it has in its priority things that have been impressed upon it time and time again, and this is what we're going to do with your intention. But let's talk for a minute about what's currently there and is attracting the things in your life that you currently have, so your subconscious learns through repetition and conditioning things that you were repeatedly exposed to, told and have experiences that reinforce in your life have created the priorities in the programming of your subconscious mind. I'm gonna give you a wonderful example and that is about wealth. Now, I don't know about you, but I when I was growing up especially, you know, just in different institutions and organisations was really impressed upon that Money is the root of all evil and you know, a lot of you know it's a struggle and especially being a woman, it's could be so hard for you and lots and lots of things and impressed upon my subconscious mind thes limiting beliefs about wealth. And that's wonderful to know because then you can know how to change that in your life. It's also important to understand that the subconscious doesn't work so much in language as we dio talking and speaking and using the words. But it works more through symbols, images such as visualizations and feelings. Feelings are very powerful, and when you think about feelings and energy and vibration, you can begin to see why and also how your feelings resonate. If you have a strong feeling, you're gonna end up visiting that feeling and thinking about that feeling a lot more than if you just were to say a word or a sentence. And you know that from your own experience So you can see how it impresses the subconscious so much more strongly than just words. So now that you understand how important it is to impress upon your subconscious mind that which you desire, I e. Your intention. Let's talk about the very best times to do that. And why now, your brainwaves who have the Beta ST. Which is your daily active kind of state. When you say lay down to bed, you begin to get into the Alfa State, and the Alfa State is indeed a great time to set these intentions going to come back to that in just a moment. But then you go into the data state when you have REM sleep and dreaming, and then deeper into the Delta Brain Wave state, which is the time when your subconscious is doing all this work for you while you sleep and reprogramming itself. And so to go back then to the Alfa State when you're relaxing, that is the best time to practice your intention or to visualize it and set it in your subconscious night Time isn't the only time. Also, just think of any time you're this relaxed. When you're beginning to meditate, maybe when you're relaxed in the bathtub or laying on a grassy embankment extra Brooke or something like that in a hammock in the backyard, I don't know, but you dio so you could just take these opportunities when you feel them and know that Oh , I'm in the Alfa statement really relaxing. So, um, I just do some of my visualizations, but nighttime is really strong because then you eventually get into that adults estate when all the work is done. So let's just say you're laying down to sleep. You're ready to impress upon your subconscious. Mind your intention. How do you do it? As I mentioned visualization and feeling. So what you want to do is have a very strong in the now visualization experience regarding your intention. Feel all of the feelings that come along with it. Here. You can be very specific. Um, if you have an intention, say of tracking a partner, and you might have this visualization of being at the park on a date with someone wonderful and you can hear the wind rustling to the trees and blowing on your skin, and they grab your hand and pull you over. You know I'm giving you an example, but feel all of the feelings, the wonderful, amazing, juicy, delicious feelings that go along with that same with the example of being promoted at work or having a career opportunity or expansion. You know, you sit down and the person says You would really like to see you move into this position because we think it's, you know, more fitted to your skills and your chest pumps up and you're feeling amazing. You're like, This is awesome. This is exactly what I want to dio. So be very feeling and enjoy this experience. It's really, really fun. And then just relax and go to sleep and let your delta brain waves do the work for you. I also encourage you to write down your intentions, and you can even do some journal writing. You could write out these types of visualizations, and the reason this is because in your mind, obviously all these neural networks and pathways and by having that tactile experience of actually writing, it really engages you on many levels and builds more and more neural pathways that lead to your intention. So this is just another wonderful way to reinforce it, and you will also become were clear, especially if you write it out kind of journal style on the parameters and characteristics that go along with your intention. So, Kristen, how in the world do you let go? This is like everybody's, I think, because challenge. Initially, I'm gonna give you a little couple tips about how toe make the process of being in the habit of letting go easier. But let's just talk regarding this intention that we're setting for the project. Stop looking for someone's people do this all the time, and that is in and of itself, hanging onto the resistance like where is a sign? There's no sign. Oh my gosh, I haven't seen the sign today, so when you force yourself to stop doing that, that will become your new habit to not do it, and I highly encourage you. But that doesn't mean they won't show up. They will be like, you know, and by rating really high have faith goes along, you know, with all of this letting go and stop looking for signs. It does take practice again. I'm gonna tell you in a moment more about that. Assume the feeling state of your intention fulfilled. So any time you're walking around or in the day, think about those visualizations and how amazing they felt And just revisit that and pump yourself up and get into that emotional state just all throughout the day. Also, you want to detach from the outcome. Often I'll say to myself, You know, it's OK if it works out, it's okay if it doesn't and you really have to mean that. And when you have some experiences at the lower level, which I'm going to explain in a moment that becomes easier. Trusting the process also becomes easier with what I'm about to explain and hear this last one. Why Mr jumped over a prune your thoughts prove your thoughts goes along with, you know, having faith and, uh, assuming the feeling state, because if you find yourself kind of having negative thoughts or resistant thoughts are thinking about what you desire G o in the other direction. Just spend that time imagining yourself, experiencing that experience that you desire. It's your choice. How you think throughout the day I remember all those thoughts are either reinforcing your consciously desired intention or working against it. And it's your choice. What you think. So please put your thoughts and lastly become both the giver and the receiver, and this is so incredibly delightful. You know, you're looking to receive something ultimately, and yet are you open to receiving it? A lot of us aren't again just cause of our habits and our conditioning. So practice being receptive, letting people help you with the example of the work opportunity. You know, you don't have to be the perfect person who never screws up. You can go to people and say, Hey, I'm working on this thing and I thought, You know your expertise in, say, video editing would be really helpful. Could you show me a few things? And people like to be needed? They like to help. They really dio. But just look for ways to practice receiving and, of course, give so again to return to the career example. Look for places around the workplace or, you know, in your culture or the people you work with. How can I help people of how How can I lift people up? How can I help people out? So when you get engaged in this process of practicing, becoming the giver and the receiver, it becomes a lot easier to just completely forget it. Let go of any resistance about your intention. No, I mentioned a couple of times about practicing this, and what I mean is at a lower level. So, for example, I do this with parking. When I'm going somewhere, I say, I would love to have a parking spot right in front or a greater or higher equivalent that isn't the greatest good of all unpopped. And more often than not, I pull up. And lo and behold, there's a great parking spot, literally, you know, on a busy street right in front of where I'm going in. This helps me to build my faith in detach. Obviously, it's easier to attach from the outcome because it's a very low level thing. I'm honestly not gonna be torn up. Don't get this parking spot, but it also helps me to build my faith as I see it really happening more often not in in the greater our greater higher equivalent area. I mean, I've literally had times where Okay, I didn't get the spot right in front and it park around the corner. And there is a good friend of mine that I haven't seen in two months. And we spent 20 minutes talking on the street. So do little things and even do this with social things and relationships, but really practice at a lower level. And then it becomes a lot easier to let go, because you see how beneficial you see, like Oh, it feels so much better not to think and worry about this, and it is actually a whole lot more productive and enables me to manifest. You know what I want or better, even faster. So, as I said, start small, build belief and letting go habits of your mind with small little intention setting experiments in your day to day life. When you set your intention, you want to carefully consider all three aspects of that intention setting language and come up with the intention that's best for you. Write it out and, of course, spend plenty of time visualizing and feeling your intention as it is already manifested in you during the Alfa States before you fall asleep, you want to just trust in the process and let go in spend time big being both a giver and receiver in the area of your intention. And then what I'd like you to do is look at the project guidelines You were gonna keep track of and journal some of this out, and we all inspire and synergize each other. So we would love to hear about your experiences. Please pass them in the project area and check out the projects of other people also. Please, please, please leave a review for the course because that's how people decide whether or not this would be helpful and beneficial to them. So I do hope that you have found a helpful, beneficial and inspiring. Please leave a review and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or comments or feedback on the course. Have an amazing day