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Raw edge applique (Letters) - The super easy way

teacher avatar Diptee Raut

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to raw edge applique - the easy way


    • 2.

      Supplies needed


    • 3.

      Marking the letters


    • 4.

      Sewing it up. FMQ


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    • 6.

      The final touches


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About This Class

In my class I will teach you how to raw edge applique letters with your sewing machines. I will be usingĀ  FME / FMQ to do this. This a a very easy method and anyone can do it. It will help you to personalise or customise things that you sew.

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Diptee Raut

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to raw edge applique - the easy way: Hi. My name is the T N. In my class. I'm going to teach you how to raw edge application letters and a very, very easy way. Once you learned this, you can applicant names or courts, or you can customize it. Anything that you saw in any way that you want. I hope you enjoy this class. And I hope to see some off stuff that you make once we're done. Thank you. 2. Supplies needed: Hi. So, for making your rough edge application a letter as the super easy way you are going to need your back fabric off course, the one on which you would be doing your application. The fabric, which is gonna be on job. Your letters would be with this fabric, you're gonna be needing an embroidery sizzle like this. So or any other small scissors that can cut like, really tiny bits. It won't me needing a pencil for marking. I use a pencil you could use. So any fabric Marco washable ones and you're gonna be needing this darning foot or a building foot, which would be late. This is a darling one you could use the one which is the half open one as well. You will be needing a sewing machine for so machine where you can drop down the freed talks and I wouldn't be using it for this project. But you might also need light read interface I wouldn't be using because my back fabric is a canvas fabric. But in case you are, you're not gonna be using take fabrics but lightweight court in ones. Then you will probably need on interface backing toe, give it some stability 3. Marking the letters: Hi. In this session, I'm gonna be showing you how you write your how we destroyed the name on the top fabric. Um, I like to usually go quite random and crazy about it. I am not going to be using a pencil, but a pen so that you can see what I'm doing easily. It would be a little difficult for you to see if I just do it with the pencil. But use a pencil because it's easier than so very randomly. More stunt marking. When it does, you can do it free style that I am doing it. Or you. Could this GOP up some Florence and have them crazed? You could also you stencils if required. It's just how you want to do it. It's like it if it's a little whimsical and, well like this. So that's what it is in the next section and show you how we actually get this on the the black paprika. And then we will see a hobby. We can fix it up, Walter Ghetto by some effin que 4. Sewing it up. FMQ: Hi again. Let's continue. So we will now see how we f m e r applicator toe through this. And as you see, I've already attached my darling foot year. I have dropped my feet, dog. You have usually the button. Is that the back here? The click to drop the three dogs do that. I like to keep my stitch land to zero. And I'm doing this so you might want to do the same. We could then start by this fixing, But Ben zero so but it doesn't shift. All right. And let's begin. So Ana Maria do is just go crazy. It's okay if you're not within the lines and you go a little out it off. If you're right, it'll still look very nice. Still be stucked I'm going double on this. Y you You could go double on a letter or fill it in to keep it in. Please. You could Oh, also, just nor do anything and keep us in the stitch. But then you need to remember toe keep enough space when you are putting the I assure you that with the next month, okay, on to the next one. This is really I mean, a little bit of practice. And, you see, anybody can just go ahead and this one will stick to one any. Why? - It's nice to be good. And there you are, the next session and will show you how we trim the sides here on the look that it'll give us at the end off it. Hope you enjoy the session. Thank you. 5. Trimming : Hi. In this session we will see how we will cut off the excess fabric to give the raw application look that we need for this. So let me just But off this excess first, we will then use No, I wanna use the embroideries is us too. Start cutting it, You know, go through the age as much as you want, because this is where the double sewing, if you around hits you will not have this just keeps it more stable. And the chancellor of the applicant coming off just usually the fear that we have a raw age application. Uh, I will not stand, so it's just easier to do it that way. Okay, I like you usually do my from Cuba and contrasting threads, but if you want, you can match your trades to your Saturday but also had gives a very, pretty nice look what helps and doing this. Um, and an application fee in this format is you really don't have to worry about the lines and keeping it. Oh, within the gut applicator that you have. So usually people would the usual way to do it. The regular way too wet is so that you have the letters under these got and stabilized with and in defeats in stock. And then you just effin cure so or do a zigzag around this around it Keep it in place. That's what it looks like. Oh, use people. No. Do you see that for the middle bit? You? I'm just want toe slightly. Pick up the top layer. Be sure that you're not picking up your bottom layer to on you Don't want to hold that with a bit Use this is us again. Nice. Got a little Yeah, this was nobody slipped it in the black behind. Shows ready. Just slip off on the extra treads that you have. You wanna go more near the edge? You could do that too perfectly. Find offically save. It'll still look nice into Don't worry. An interesting because the double stitches, remember? Yeah, that's what it is. Looking bright. And in the next session, I'm just going to show you how. Remember how I just kept a single stitch on the nul, So I'm gonna show you in the next section. Why? I did that and close and do a little bit off s and you in here and it will just give it another lovely pretty look. See you in an accession 6. The final touches: Hello there. On the section on he's gonna show you how we can do a little bit off decoration, a lesson que war from e. And these applications that we've done to give it some more stability. You could just leave it the way they are. That looks perfectly fine to or what I'm gonna do right now. So in the end, here is one Do these little squiggles crazy in love with your remember way? Definitely had a baby. So that's what it looks like now we build a nice Like I said, I had one more, which had done in the same alone, Fred. And it gives a completely different look. So I will look at this one, but some squiggles and lines in between. It is a few drums. A girl. You can you can put it on bangs. You can have it all quill. So you can personalize anything that you want with these, uh, sue person public case. So go ahead, make some of your own. Let applicator not scare you. It's easy as you saw and disco make mistakes. And the mistakes would also look pretty. They don't need to be within the lines So take care, have fun doing some super easy Rogge application. And remember to send me pictures or videos here. Thank you.