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Procreate for Beginners : Draw Symmetry Designs

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      My Art Journey


    • 3.

      Your 3 Beautiful Projects


    • 4.

      Introduction to Symmetry Drawing


    • 5.

      Create Color Palette


    • 6.

      Indonesia Batik : Draw The Center


    • 7.

      Indonesia Batik : Give Textures to The Center


    • 8.

      Indonesia Batik : Add Another Colors


    • 9.

      Indonesia Batik : Fill In The White Space


    • 10.

      Indonesia Batik : Add Details


    • 11.

      Imago : Draw Shapes


    • 12.

      Imago : Fill In With Textures


    • 13.

      Imago : Doodle On White Space


    • 14.

      Ubud : Create The Center


    • 15.

      Ubud : Fill In With Textures


    • 16.

      Ubud : Add More Details


    • 17.

      Other Ideas


    • 18.

      After You Draw, What Next? (An inspiration!)


    • 19.

      Your Assignment


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About This Class

Ready to draw 3 beautiful designs with the Symmetry tool in Procreate? That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this Procreate digital drawing class!

This step-by-step class covers the full process. First, you'll learn how to use Symmetry tools in Procreate which has 4 types of drawing guides such Vertical, Horizontal, Quadrant, and Radial. I'll show you how to use this drawing guide one by one.

Next, you'll learn how to draw "Indonesia Batik" a floral freestyle Symmetry drawing, just by following through with my super easy and fun steps.

And then, with line and shape, we will draw "Imago" by exploring a simple Line and Shape Symmetry drawing.

As I live in Indonesia, Bali is very close to my home. It's just 1.5 hours by flight from Jakarta. This island is my favorite holiday destination and I fall in love with Ubud, the city in the center of Bali island, which is full of green paddy fields and mountains. So, in this class with freestyle doodle Symmetry drawing that I called "Ubud".

It looks complicated, but after joining this class, you will see that this drawing is very simple, and I will tell you the secret of using the Radial Symmetry tool.

Just for the ideas, when I finished these 3 Symmetrical drawings, some people saw them on my Instagram and @dotsindonesia - a fashion designer - contacted me to have a collaboration.

You won't believe that "Imago" later on becomes the clothing line like the following.

And "Indonesia Batik" also has been transformed to be a beautiful "Coptic Stitch Notebook" - a collaboration with a handmade notebook creator @kertasbykarls

Another surprise, "Ubud" now has been transformed into many products as well and one of them is this beautiful tote bag through POD (Print On Demand) platform.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use the Symmetry tool in Procreate
  • Understand to use Vertical, Horizontal, Quadrant, and Radial symmetrical guides
  • How to make a Color Palette
  • How to use Drawing Guides
  • How to draw 3 beautiful designs
  • How to use texture in Procreate (I use the original texture brushes)
  • Ideas for different styles of drawing with the Symmetry tool in Procreate
  • After you draw, what you can do next?

Who this class is for:

  • All levels: whether you're brand new to Procreate or already advanced, you'll be able to follow along seamlessly.
  • Anyone who wants to learn professional drawing techniques

You’ll need:

  • An iPad
  • The drawing app, Procreate
  • (optional) an Apple Pencil or other stylus

Additional Resources:


Ready for another Procreate class?

I can't wait for looking at your project very soon!

Let's Be Creative,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

Level: All Levels

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1. Trailer: Thank you for joining my class. This is Procreate for Beginners, draw symmetry designs. In this class. I will did you not only one but three designs Indonesia, but they don't go overboard. In this class, I will teach you step-by-step how to use symmetry tool in Procreate. You can use vertical, horizontal quadrant and also read. And also I will get you one by one how to create Indonesia. But di Marco. And also I give you some ideas how to change the background, how to change the color in each layer. And they have a different style of drawing between two tails or line or shapes or floral style drawing. You will be surprised with the result using this very simple but medical tools called symmetry in Procreate and in this glass, I only teach you how to draw the design using symmetry tools, but I will give you some ideas how this beautiful design will be transformed into many kinds of projects. But don't underestimate this simple drawing because later on you can also have some ideas from this e Marco. We can create a clothing line like this. We can bring in Mongo on the fabrics and then it will become a check or beautiful dress or t-shirts like this. So why wait for it? Just grab your iPad, your Apple pencil, and let's draw with me. 2. My Art Journey: Hi, I'm Julie. I'm an engineer, but I love art so much. I bought my drawing tools in 2014, but only in 2016, I start to draw every day, everywhere I can, mostly of my drawing our flower. Because when you draw colorful Florida like this, you can feel happy. You can release your stress and you can sue them in your mind and meditate like me. So I draw a lot on birds, also on my iPad. This is another freedom for me because no water, no messy, terrible. And I love it so much. And then finally, I realized that I have so many drawings on my table. One day I counted about 800, but another day I found more than 1 thousand. And because each of my drawing has a story, then I start to create the story card of each of my drawing so I can remember what is my feeling, what is in my mind when I draw each of it and then I digitalize it and I transform it into fabrics, papers and lead there to be what we call it a wearable art. It's like scar or two elite for your bag. Also, not a botch wrapping paper. And also d tau. And of course the packaging box that also originally is my watercolor hand drawing. 3. Your 3 Beautiful Projects: All right, this is your three projects in this class. Our first project, I call it Indonesia, but because I come from Indonesia and ethic is our signature art. So I say that this is a kind of fatigue drawing. If I open my procreate, you can see here that my Indonesia has five layers. Usually I draw layer by layer by separating the color. Later on, if you want to change the color of insulator, you can do it by working on its layer. The second project, I call it a Marco. This is aligned are and shape drawing. It looks very complicated, but actually it's very easy. The first you draw the ships and then put the color inside its ships, give the textures. And then you act with line art with black color. The third project, I call it a boot because we'll put this once it did Valley, my preferred in place for traveling. And you see here this is a kind of today. Do the art that you draw each shapes and then you add a line like you are doing doodles in its off this one. It looks very complicated too, but, well, you will see that using symmetry tools in Procreate, you will save your time to draw this much. And at the end you will be surprised with the result. 4. Introduction to Symmetry Drawing: Next is the introduction to symmetry tools in Procreate. Now we start to create a new Canvas. There is a plus sign. You must fill in the width and hate. I put 7 thousand pixel and 7 thousand B cell makes your dpi 300 and you will have six layers. And I think the maximum layers is enough because in this geometric tool, we don't need so many layers. This is your new canvas. And if you click layers, you have background in layers one, and then go to action that is confess with a blue color. And that is drawing guide. Tap on the drawing guide. And then you have edit drawing guide. Click this. Double find symmetry. You can change the opacity of the drawing guides and the thickness of the drawing guides. So you can arrange like 85 per cent and the thickness, you can arise until 64%. And then in option menu, you have four menu, you have four options. Vertical means the drawing guides will be straight vertically. And then this is how recently and quadrant it means you have vertical and horizontal drawing guides together. And the last one radio, you have eight parts of your drawing because it goes radially a 360 degree, and then makes your Rotational Symmetry off and please turn on assisted drawing. Now we have a vertical drawing guide. But a sample, I just get v at mono line. I like this grass because it's very straight and very clear. And you can choose the color here. And then if I draw something, because this is symmetry, you will have the same drawing on the left and on the right side. Will save your time because you only draw once. But you may have two drawings on the left and on the right. If you have a mistake like this, this is because you don't close the lines, so make sure you close all of your pattern. So if you fill in with the color, it will not go through all the columns. And this is an example how I draw using party girl throwing guides. I call it this drawing angels. So you can see that I draw one NGOs and it becomes two NGOs on the left and on the right. Then I have many layers separated for its leaves and flower. And then another sample, this is called a Malibu. I use both the horizontal and vertical drawing guides. And now we practiced for horizontal drawing guide. This is the color to change the color of your drawing guide. Loop. If I move to the lines become blue and I can still adjust the thickness. I like it. Now we have the top and bottom bar. I use the color red now, and I draw something here. I use thicker line. And you see With one time drawing, you have two times better and at the top and at the bottom, tap with two fingers to undo. And now, as you, You quadrant drawing guides, it means you use both the vertical and horizontal drawing guide. You will have four bars. And then if I draw it one time, it will be for pattern together on the left and the right and also at the top and at the bottom. And then you can fill in with a color. And you see now suddenly you have for part of each drawing, again in the options. Now we practice with radio. You will see eight bars of your drawing. Just the color blue. If I draw this, and then it will be available on parts of your drawing. It will save your time very much because you only with one drawing, you have eight drawings. And again, remember you have to make a closed lines to fill in the color. You will make. The whole canvas becomes blue. See how much you save your time with one, but you can have eight drawings. This is, I put it in layer one. So if you want to create another color, usually I create another layer. So at layer two, and then I use the light blue and I draw again. Whoops, nope, it didn't work symmetrically because I forgot to turn on the Drawing Assist. So I tap with two fingers to undo mixture. Drawing assist is on now. Once you draw, you will see it. Same drawing on your canvas. This very easy, right? Easy and fun. Again, if I need another color, I add new layer, layer number three. Make sure you turn on drawing assist. And then I use gray for a sample. And then I add some more pattern. Is this only a sample? And then you can see how you see this. You meant three to source in Procreate. And later on we can try to create three projects that I've shown to you before. Now it looks complete and I only need three layers to draw like this. And then there is a background layer. You can change the color of your background just by moving around. This. If I choose the dark purple, it will be like this is really serious. 5. Create Color Palette: It says Yet we will create a color palette. If you have an email from Pinterest or from your photo library, you can create new palace, click Plus sign, and then choose Create new pilot. Then you can fill in the phallus width. It's off the color. I use my fingers to choose the color. This is for the dark green, and then I use my fingers again to pick up the color yellow. And then I put it in the pellets, light green and then the light is green. The orange one. The white one. Ready? Light green. I think it's in now. So this is the way you create your own palettes. And then you can also name your palettes for a sample with, yeah, you can double-click and then you choose the keyboard and you decide the name of your band. Let's, for example, take and then duck. And now you have batik pellets with your own color. It's fairly easy, isn't it? 6. Indonesia Batik : Draw The Center: Now we are going to create florals throwing that, I name it as Indonesia. But the first withdrawal, the center, we will draw this tile. It will be not the same. This is only the example. But you can see Florida in the middle draw the shape, the big shape. And as overall, we will create the center of our drawing like this. And later on we also fill in with the textures in its ships. Okay? And then for the color we already prepared, but the color palettes and again create new confess. But here I already have 7 thousand times seven cells and B cells. And in our gallery now we have new confess with two layers, background, layer one. Action can first turn on the drawing guides and then click Edit Drawing Guide. And then you'd use symmetry. You would choose options, and you choose squadron because I want to draw with vertical and horizontal drawing guides together, I click done. Now I use the lightest green. With calligraphy and mono line brush. You can adjust the thickness of your line. Okay. That two fingers to undo and then use drape fingers to redo again. This is the opacity of your brush. So now I create the shapes. I feel in with the lightest green I have. Then no, I choose different color and I create a ship again here. Because we use vertical and horizontal drawing guides. So with one drawings, we have four drawings. And then I continue again with the dark green. Now. I still work on the layer once for the center of our Throw it. Yes. Here I draw again different ship. Okay, this is the center of my drawing. And you see you have the same symmetrical chips on the left and right, but also at the top, at the bottom. So this is layer one. And then make sure you turn on Alpha lock. So alpha lock and drawing assist on. And now we're going to fill in the text doors off it shapes. I'm going to choose the next two hours and I will choose select. And then you can try. If you need a bigger size, then you can adjust the size of your brush. I will make it smaller, but this is a small. Yes, I think there's enough here. Now, I fill in all the shapes with this isolated next two hours. 7. Indonesia Batik : Give Textures to The Center: Let's continue with gift tax dollars to the center. So again, I do calligraphy, monoline. Make it big now because I want to make a dot and then I already just the color. Or if you use your fingers, you just step on it. Then I step my Apple Pencil. And because we use alpha lock, the textures will not come out of the ships is inside. This is very fun, isn't it? I can do it like this all day long. Don't be afraid because you've already done on the alpha lock so it will not go outside the shapes. Then I do different background color. I just jumped, put a ball and you can see how our drawings looks like. Again, I just the white color and then I continued to fill in the textbook. I will just artistic and I choose Aurora. Let's see. I will fill in this dark green and I choose the lighter green. I test it first. Adjust the breast size as you lie and make it smaller. Okay. And now I feel in those ships, because again, you already done on the alpha lock, the dexterous will not go out off your hips. And now our drawing looks like this. And then we continue again. I'm looking for another textures. I do spray paint, and then I do splatter done. In now, I feel in this part I just lighter color. Then again, you can try the thickness of your grass. Okay. I like it. You can add some more on the blank space with your Apple pencil. Now, this bar. And then I just went there and then I lie metal. Now, we try on our ships. I make it bigger. Yes. What's my hand? I draw it without lifting up my hands at all. So I can go through all of the bud of ETFs without lift up your pen. What happen if you live up? I drop and lift up and then throw again and lift up, and then draw again and move apps. That is a difference because you see the result is not the same. Because it's like layer add to the previous layer. So just draw without lift up your head, drop ones. You can move everywhere and you will not create a stack of the layer, so you only see one layer, one Dexter's on these ships is very good, okay? Therefore, the background color you can see much better if you change it with a dark background and then you can see how it looks like. It's off to Techstars. 8. Indonesia Batik : Add Another Colors: And now it's time to add with another colors. Okay, so we have done our center of the drawing. Then I gently again the background color to be white. And now we still have another layer with yellow and orange. And then I will draw with yellow color. Just calligraphy monoline. And then now we will continue to add with some more other colors. Okay, I add a new layer, layer two. And then I turn on the Drawing Assist desk again the size of your brush. If you are happy, then start to draw. And then I will create yellow pattern. Don't forget to zoom in and zoom out your iPad. Because if you can see close like this, it will be very easy for you to draw. And then I fill in with the color. I think I need to change the color with bright yellow. Okay, I think this is good there. So you can replace the color with a new one, Greg, and fill in into its shapes. Again, I forget to turn on the drawing essays. Undo, undo, undo, undo. And show you this because I also make a mistake like this so many times. So this is the difference. Once you've done on the drawing assist and it will be drawn symmetrically at the top and at the bottom. I repeat it and then I put it close to the color. So it's very easy for me to drag the color and fill in to all the ships. And now you have at the top, at the bottom. So don't work, get done on your Drawing Assist. Layer tool for yellow. And then still the same I still working on layer two, I draw again another bed done to continue this yellow layer. You can also rotate, your can pass. This is UNCLOS. So I will close it in line and I can fill it with yellow. Now. You can rotate the canvas as you like. So it will be easier for you to draw. So it will face to me, and it will be better and easier for me to draw. Now we have layer three and it's for the orange one. I draw again a freestyle floral shapes. And we can put orange to fill in the color. I think that's two tabs, so I just with a lighter and then I keep it as my palate. Now, we replace it with a new color. Looks better now, I will continue. It looks like the leaves, but this free style of floral drawing is very addictive. Once you did it like me, you cannot stop drawing like this because you just make a curve and the line width freestyle without drawing at all actually. But it looks very beautiful when you finish it later on. Again, with a symmetry horizontally and vertically drawing guides. Now you have four same patterns on the left, right, top, and the bottom. Now I go back to my layer one. I keep drawing, assist on, but I turn off the Alpha Lock and then I add the cane with green color. If you don't like it, just tap with two fingers to undo and draw again. Now I've filled in with the color. Wow, I like it. Now, I moved to the lightest screen. We have three kinds of green I think, but I put it in one layer, which is layer one. But if you want to separate dark green and then middle green and the light the screen in three layers is also okay because the benefit is at the end, if you want to change the color, you just go do is layer and you can fill in with a new layer that July. I continue drawing, just listen to the music and it will be very meditative for you. It will come to your mind. Just enjoy the music. And if you want to fix your drawing, you can make it bigger. You can zoom in and then you can draw again. You can fix it again. And it's okay. Now, I continue at something here in the middle of two orange color. If you want to delete it, make sure you click the eraser and then you delete it, and then you go back to brass and you continue drawing and fix it. Okay. We have done hub of our joy. Now we continue again. I move to layer 34, orients, makes sure that drawing assist is on. Now, I will add something here. I go back to orange and then I draw triangles, little triangles. And then fill in with the colored later on. You can zoom in and zoom out as you like, just to see how the composition of your drawing will look like. And then you continue again to add with some more triangles. When I draw my symmetrical drawing like this, I really, really liked to draw it at night before I go to bed. Because instead of drawing, it helped me to suiting my mind. My mind calming down and then my sleep will be so cool. You can try. I go back to layer one. I do the green color and we'll add some green anymore here. When drawing this, sometimes I put the music on Spotify or, oh my, I bet. It's very beautiful moment when you draw the symmetry doors in the Procreate. Now I continue again feel in the whitespace with another grid. I like to put it close to the color, so I just drag a little bit and see how it looks. Very nice. I like it. So we will continue again. 9. Indonesia Batik : Fill In The White Space: Now we will fill in the white space with the details, so it will be very beautiful. Leather or not. I'm still in a layer one. The green color I tried to fill in, again, the whitespace. If I don't like this shape and just undo and you can draw kin. Now, I feel in with the color kid. Looks like this. Well, now it knows, nice. That is a still whitespace here. So I will draw again. Okay? Okay. Then I move the layer 34 orange. I will add some triangles, the little triangles here. So let's just make sure you have a balance that will not be so much whitespace. Just fill in detail as you can, because the more details you are drawing will be so beautiful. In this class because this is only a sample. I just show you not so detailed drawings, just fill in the white one. But later on, after this class, you still can add some more in the whitespace. All right, we have done so far. And if you want to see the result, you can also change the background color to be the dark one. And this is your Indonesia, but I like it so much. 10. Indonesia Batik : Add Details: Okay, This is the last part of Indonesia, but we add details. So far we already draw with three layers. And if you change the background, it will look like this. There are still whitespace, so I will continue. I choose Layer one and I use a series of our green color to fill in the whitespace. You can make lines like this. You just draw a half part of it. Sometimes you can make a circle. I continue and I use a different green color. That's still, I'm in layer one. I add some more details here. And then I will find another whitespace. And again, I add some more detail here. Find the whitespace again, and then fill in with a little shapes. So it will be bare lands. And the construction of your drawing will look nice. Mix the color between the dark green, the medium green, and the light, the screen. So you can have the color composition also. And I add some more here. Okay? Okay. I want to see with a darker background. So I danced the background to see the details of my drawing. You still want to add some more liberals. Shapes are little marks on the whitespace, or this one is just spits. You still can add it some more. Just the dark blue and it looks fit also to the color that we already chose for this Indonesia. I like it. How about you? 11. Imago : Draw Shapes: We continue now with our second project called image. And this is about line and shape with symmetrical drawing. But first, we draw shapes. This is an example of my symmetrical drawing that I've already done. You will make a similar of this. And you know, what is the good thing? I use this drawing to design a Tumblr and then I create a story car about this drawing. And also I prepared the packaging and I can sell it to my customer. Or I also use this drawing to create a drawstring bag. This is so exciting for me to create a drawing and then transform it into products that says Tumblr or drawstring bag. If I can do this, of course you also can do this. You draw and then you find the supplier to create this product. And you will have another happiness when you see your drawing becomes project. So let's start now. We will see more detail on this example. So this is my drawing, and you can see this is the only shapes and lines due to the line actually. And I have only three layers, the background, layer one and layer two. You can change the background color by changing the color on the color. And you can see your drawing will look differently if you change the background and I choose white here. And then actually on the first layer you have chip or freestyle ship and you fill in with the textures. And then on the other layer, you can see this is my doodle lines, which is fill in the whitespace. So if we combine, it will look like this. That's it. Look complicated. Know, this is very easy. You will see shortly that I will teach you step-by-step how to create the shape and the textures inside its shapes. And also, we will have fun with the duty of the lines. Let's make a new confess. I just 7 thousand times 7 thousand B-cell. And then in the Layer one, I activate action Drawing Guide, turns on and then you tap Edit Drawing Guide, and then end about the financing my three and I choose vertical. And then let's make the color palette here. I taste the name of the pellet, become a monk, go through. It will be easier for us later on to draw, because all the colors already stay in the color palettes. Now, I adjust the color. First, I choose blue, and then you can tap on the color palette. And then I moved to green. I find the green that I like. And again, dab the color palette. Now Oren's again, this time thing and I tap again. So I've already had four colors here. And then the one I would do is yellow. If you want to delete just that the color, and then tap Delete and you can change the color again. Now, we have six colors ready in our color palette. On layer one, make sure you turn on the Drawing Assist. So it will draw it symmetrically on the left and on the right. Now you click action and you turn on the drawing guide, edit, drawing guide. And then I choose quadrant here to draw in Moscow. So there is vertical and horizontal guidelines. I still use calligraphy mono line. Adjust the size of your breath until you like it. And now I feel in with a yellow color. So layer one, I use for yellow and I separate another color in different layer. I add mid layer to mix your drawing assist is on. And now I choose the green one. And I draw a freestyle shape with the green color. This is so fun because there is no rules to draw this shape. You can draw whatever shapes you like. Sometimes an organic shapes sometimes and I'm ordinary ship. And again, I add another layer, layer 34, blue. And I draw again another here. For blue. You can fix. If you see your hip is still need some correction, you can make it more perfect. And then layer four for orange. Drawing assist is on. And then I just draw is laser chip and I feel in wave, oops, I fix it the Qin slowly. Yes, I love it. We already have 1234 colors. Again, layer five, drawing assist is on. Then this is warping. I draw another shape. I failed in pink color. And I go back to green layer. And I add some more freestyle ship to vote it as lighter green. So I combine dark green and light green in layer two. And then on layer for yellow color, I add another ship. You can zoom in, zoom out your drawings so you can see from far and you can see the construction of your joy. It's UP balance. I feel in the whitespace here. And I fill in with ping. Use your two fingers step and it will be undo or three fingers step for lead to, okay, It looks better now I go back to layer blue. I add some dark blue here. You can fill in little whitespace completed with colors. I like it. 12. Imago : Fill In With Textures: And then for our in-market drawing, we will fill in with text. Now, it's time to give tax dollars in aid shapes. I use calligraphy, Chopra, and I choose black color. Try floors. And you see, I loved this job for us because it looks so natural and it gives a beautiful line textures on it. It's ships. Now, I move to layer one, I make sure the Alpha Lock now is turned on. So if I draw on the yellow shifts, the lines will not go outside of the shifts, but it's only inside the shapes because we already love our drawing. So that's why it's called alpha. If you forget to turn on the Alpha Lock, know if I draw the lines, it will be outside of the ship. So at this time, make sure you're drawing assist is on and also the alpha lock is on. Now I move to layer two for the green color. I'll follow up on drawing assist on, and now I can draw the text with calligraphy, chop grass. I continue to the lighter green. It's up to you with the angle of the lines, but I like to draw in different angles. So you can see here from the yellow, dark green, and light green, the angle of my lines will be different each other side-by-side. So it will look so much better. Now I continue with the blue layer. And now layer four, or the orange one. Oops, I forget to turn on the Alpha Lock. Two fingers to undo, and three fingers step to redo. Now I've done on the Alpha Lock and I can draw the text without going outside of this shape. Now, layer five, I turn on the Alpha Lock for the pink color, and I changed again the direction of the line. So between green, orange and paying the angle of the textures is different. Now I move again to layer one, alpha lock and drawing assist on. And I use a different angle again and I draw the text, width, calligraphy and chop rats. You can continue with layer six. Now. I still use calligraphy, Chuck Brass, because I love this brush so much. And after the drawing assist is on, the colors still black. Now, I draw the line on the whitespace. And again, if you do like it, you can do fingers step, adjust the thickness of your breasts. Okay. I love it not just saying and not too thick. Now I start to create the line in the center of this drawing. And again, I start doodling with another lines. Oh, I love this. This is very easy, but the effect of your drawing will be tremendous. And I add some dots here. Again, I continue with this curly lines. This is a freestyle to do. So whatever lines are due till you make it, it will be loves spirit D4. And I can draw like this every day because I do need to sing. I just move my hand and the duty meal comes out so easy. Again, fail in the whitespace with the small details. And I'm looking again the whitespace. And now I draw a free ships. That's the ship. So the lines should be separated from the ship. Zoom in and zoom out to see from the fire. So you can see the whole drawing. Here. I add again the curly to dose. Is this the kind like meditation for me? Because I like to do this before bedtime and it's still saying my mind. And also you can listen to the music while doing this. It is so fun, isn't it? I enjoy some more lines. Here. I draw more currently details and also a kind of a flying bird. Fine. It's up to you. It is your freedom to add some more details in each of the whitespace. So it will be full of your doodle lines. Zoom in and zoom out to see the whole of your doodles. And continue again while you enjoying the music. 13. Imago : Doodle On White Space: Okay, Next, this is so fun to deal on whitespace. I'm still using my calligraphy job for us and I continue of gifts sale with black color. Just fill in the whitespace and enjoy it. I draw the curly lines again. And when you want to undo, you use two fingers step. Sometimes I like to position the first in front of me, so it will be easier to draw with the right angle. So you can also zoom in and zoom out, done around, rotate your canvas as much as you need it and it will make you easier to draw. Four, it's two dose in the whitespace. I continue again. I'm looking for another whitespace. This is in the upper corner. Draw kind of flying bird lines. The curly lines. Yes, enjoy the music and sudden D, you will be surprised with the whole result of your project later on. Now, I continue again with this whitespace between the green color and whitespace. Sometimes I use dots to fill in this mall whitespace. You can zoom in and zoom out. And if you see that it's still a big whitespace, then you can add dots or simple lines or any doodles you like. I make a scratch here so you can erase with plague eraser and then you erase that scratch. Now, I continue again. Fill in with the ship lines on the wide space. Continue until the whole West space is full. And you can change the background. I tried to change it to see how it looks like. Go be better if you choose the background color with a lighter color. So its fitness and good job. You already done two projects with this video. And later on we continue with our last project. The third one is called throughput. 14. Ubud : Create The Center: And now this is the third project with freestyle router and the drawing I called Ubuntu is a very famous city in Bali, Indonesia. And I like to go to open because this place is very peaceful and everything you go, you will see so many greens over there. But first, we create the center. We will see now the details of output. If I zoom in, you will see that I draw many lines on the leaves. And then also I draw dots, dots and little dogs and also the freestyle line and doodle here and also here. And neither lives with lines and dots. So it looks complicated, but actually it needs only three layers. 123. So if I close, I only draw the yellow part and this is the detailed dots and the leafs. So I will teach you one by one to draw this. And below this, there are some examples for my practice because I love to practice every day. You can see here using symmetry tools, you can draw very abstract drawing like this or this one. I love this one because you will see this is a red d and symmetry. This is also, I try another breast. The breast looks very nice. And also this one. And this one. I love this. So again, we will draw with three layers. And we separate the drawing in its layer. They'll first, we will start with the center of the drawing. Then we draw the leaves like this, and also we put the lines. This is how you see if I enclose each layer. I draw the center for hours. And then in the mid and the last one, I draw the dots to finish this drawing. So again, we create a new confess, and I choose 7 thousand times 7 thousand pixel. Now, we create the parallel plus sign and then create a new pallet. And then I go to the color to choose the color. And I start with the green and that on your palette. And then I continue again with lighter green. And also I take yellow. So now I have three colors in color palettes, the dark green, light green, and yellow. Okay, now our canvas is ready, go to XEN than on drawing guide, edit, drawing guide. And in symmetry option, we choose red, yellow. So now we practiced with radio. You can first will be divided into eight parts. Click Done. And now I start with the dark green color. In this drawing, I still use calligraphy mono line. And then I adjust the thickness of the breast. And I start to draw the sector all Detroit. So I just make a little line and then act with the other lines. And it will look like that because we now use rapier. So I drove this in layer one and then I continue with yellow. I draw a flower here. If you want to undo just that, your two fingers and then draw again. I just draw a kind of petals. And it becomes a flower like this. This is in layer one. And now I feel in the color into it off the ship. And surprise look very beautiful right after you fill in with a color then in the middle and you can see the beautiful flower. I choose, lighter green. And then I will add new layer, layer number two. Now in layer two, and I draw again a freestyle chip, which is fine Monday, it will look like a flower. Oops, bad, this is wrong. I make a mistake because I want to turn on the Drawing Assist. So now I turn on the Drawing Assist and you can see my lighter green has been in a part of the drawing because we use radio drawing guide. Zoom in and zoom out again to see from the bar so you can see how this construction will looks like. And each of the whitespace you can fill in with the freestyle. She. And again, I fill in with a color. This color, the green and the yellow reminds me when I stay in Bali. Okay, I like this one. I like the combination between yellow and the lighter green and also the darker green in the center. Now I go back to layer one and then I turn on Alpha lock because I want to fill in the lines inside of each shape and I choose black for the line. And I use inking and technical pen. And then now I see how the lines will look like. I adjust the thickness. Make sure this is in the layer one and Alpha Lock Drawing Assist on. And then I draw the lines with a black color in the middle of each of the ship. You can draw the line just by following the form of the ships. With one time drawing. Because we use radio guide, it will draw in all parts of the drawings. Now you feel any of the small lines like this. So it's a kind of leave that it will looks as a flower as overall. 15. Ubud : Fill In With Textures: Good. Now we continue with freestyle, do Jill for input and we will fill in with dexterous. And we continue to draw the little lines. This is like live. Live has a middle lines and also the small lines. But when we finish, we can see that the whole lips will create a form of a flower, a yellow flower in the middle. Use two fingers to undo. So be careful when you draw the lines. It should not go into the other lips to just do it one by one. And this is very meditative activity because you do the same thing so many times, it will, again, help you to associate your mind and make you very meditative. And I like doing like this. And hopefully you also can feel the benefit when drawing this geometric go with many repeated to dose like this fully it will make you wake up in the next morning with feeling peaceful and make you happy. Now, I go to the second layer for the green color. And then I just draw a zigzag lines. And because I already turn on the Alpha Locks, the black lines will not go outside the green shape. You just zigzag lines and enjoy the music. And suddenly you finish all of this green. Do two lines. Very good. Now you've finished with the grid one, and if you want to see better, you can change the background color. Here I tends to be black or dark purples. So you can see how this drawing so bright and so bored with a darker background color. Now I add a new layer, layer three, and then makes sure that drawing assist is on. Now, I choose darker green and I adjust the thickness of my breasts. I moved to calligraphy mono line, akin to create this shape. And I continue with the darker green. I'm fill in the whole wide space above the lighter green. Zoom in, zoom out to see the whole drawing. And now I continue again here. Make sure you draw each ships close to each other and fill in the white space. And now we will see if we fill in with the color. So I like to put it My can pass close to the color. I drag it into the ship and it will fill in the color for each year. So again, because we choose radio, it will suddenly feel in the whole parts of your drawing. And if you see a mistake or you want to fix your drawing, just use the eraser to erase that part that you don't like it. And then you go back again to brass and fill in with darker green color. I saw this, so I tried to erase and then I move again to brass and I draw my shape and fill in again with color. Now, after we fill in all darker green and then makes sure that drawing assist and alpha lock on. It's time to fill in with the textures I'm going to use in King and technical pen. And I choose the lighter green color. I adjust the thickness. Okay, I like it. And then I start to make a doo-doo. See, this is very easy to do. You just draw that line and after four or five or six lines, you can draw again with the upper side direction. This activity is also my favorite one because when you create this doodle, it seems like your hand just moving around without thinking. So after going to the left, now going to the right, just the opposite side of every 45 or six times. So after fitness with layer three, now I go back to layer one. And I had done off the alpha lock because I want to draw again. And here I draw with calligraphy mono line. I draw again the same shapes and fill in the wide space over there. So I tried to create layer with its color. So after you can still change the color for each layer, and it will be easier for you because you already separate the colors in many layers. Continue your drawing. And later on we will see the next video to finish our drawing. 16. Ubud : Add More Details: Well, let's continue. This is the last part. We will add more details to the new with fill in the color. So one-by-one, you put it closer to the color icon and then drag the color and suddenly your flower will be filled with yellow. This is another one. Continue again, one-by-one. Thinness. Let's see now. Okay, I love it. This is a part of our joy, has been finished. And now I add a new layer, layer four, and turn on the Drawing Assist. And then I choose the color, the light green again, and I continue to fail in the whitespace. I adjust the thickness of the brass and I just the big size because now I want to fill in the white space with dots. If you want it to be smaller than adjusted before you draw, can just step your Apple pencil and it will create dots everywhere. It's like making love it. And I reduce the size of the breast because I need a smaller dots. And I continue a kid with a smaller dots everywhere in the whitespace. The more detail on the white-space, a more beautiful your pattern in this. Now to see the dots, you can change your background color is black, so my drawing will look smoother and you can see the dark mix, our joint beautiful. Now I do black color and I moved to inking technical pen because I want to feel in the yellow shape. I adjust the brush and then I make sure alpha lock and Drawing Assist are on. And now I start to draw the lines in the middle of each yellows here. As I told you, it's like a leaf, but overall, it looks like a flower later on, just one or the forum of this year. And then now you make a lethal lines. Continue until all the yellows ships has all the textures that you use, inking, technical pen with black color, and so on. You can continue until *****. This is only a sample for you and when you use the black for the background color. So all the details that dot the dot, the small dots, I can see it clearly. So it's finished now. And this is my drawing on my iPad at inspired by, because when I stay in Newport, What I see is only the green paddy fields and also the yellow rice. So later on, see the video, what you can do with three drawings like this with symmetry tool. 17. Other Ideas: This is the other ideas that you can use an inspire you to make a project from my class. From imago. You can also change the background color like this and also the color of each ships you can change. That is elite because I told you before that we create each color in its layer. You can change the whole color one-by-one in your layer, and it will become another in Marco with another color combination. And also for Indonesia but **** and for Indonesia. But you can also change the background. This one I didn't to be a dump for ApoE and it gives you another different drawings that you can use later on. But also in each layer, you can also change the color of each node met each of the vector, and it will become yellow is like this. Oh, I love this. This is for me as Indonesian, I saw it as the real but tick because it's very detail. The flowers, the leaves, and also the combination of the color. I love it so much. And then for your inspiration as you, you also Mike, and this is ideas with radio. Guy. I draw from the center, I draw the pings cubes and then I draw on in their life due and so on. And then the outer one and then what is sample? This is the way I could use that one. So you adjust your thickness of the brass and just draw a line like this. And later on you can fill in with the color and then it will be the drawing like what you see now. This one, I also use radial drawing guides. I draw leaves and I throw lower, and I separate it into 1234 layers. I separate the layers and the blue one and also the leaves. It's very nice when you use this drawing for a pillow or a dog. Another one. You can see I draw a flower. This is very simple because once you draw, it will be 85 of your drawings. And then I combine it blue and orange. Before throwing, I create my color palette bars. I like this combination between light blue, pastel blue and then origins and deaf audience. And this become beautiful circle drawing. This is another one. I do zigzag lines, many types and it creates a sender. And then I moved out and I mix the color. This is beautiful. This one, I also again draw a flower and leaves and maximize their guidance guide. I love this one because you see there are so many details you can emit in how many days I draw this. I mean, maybe 30 minutes before my bedtime and then the other day 30 minutes again before my bedtime or just Then minutes in the morning, I drive to finish the detail. And this is so beautiful. This is another example. You can combine leaves and flower in different color. Fill in the blank space with lethal details, ornaments. This is so amazing. I loved this all much. Maybe five hours total. I make this one because death is ready detail, but you can feel in a different color and then you move out again, you draw the leaves and you'd bought a little details again. And then suddenly wow, I love it so much. It's drawing. I call my angels. So for us I throw angles using the vertical lines so it become two NGOs on the live and then on the right. And then I continue again using the drawing guides to throw the flower. And also you can use the same boat shifts with symmetry tools. And when you've done this one, you can create a mask, dots bed or a laptop sleeves or infant, a fork keys and gents, The big groan color and then suddenly went with the same drawing. You can find this become a flag or if this beautiful blue or indigo color. So that's why you need to separate your layer. Later on you can change the whole color SQLite. I hope this example gives you an ideas or inspiration to start to draw your project. 18. After You Draw, What Next? (An inspiration!): So after you draw what next, you wouldn't believe it if I tell you what will happen with this monk who I collaborated with a fashion designer. And since my Instagram and C likes my drawing very much the order of fabric from me with a marker drawing. And I didn't have any imagination how citizens the drawing to be a closing like this, you will be surprised. And even me until now, I'm still surprised with this image. Go and look, this is so beautiful and I never ever imagined my drawing will be like that. What's this? Amazing? It's very unique and actually you can build your own red clothing lines with your drawing. And also, I use this drawing by myself to create a Tumblr. This is a flask does Tumblr, and you can bring your hot the hot coffee or just water. And I create a thank you card and also the story god, because when I draw something, I always have a story about this drawing and width, this scar. Plus I design also the drawing for the packaging. I sell this and this is so, so excited for me. And another thing, as I told you before, I also create a drawstring bag and I also sell it to customer, including the packaging. If I can do this, you also can do that easily. Next, what will happen with Ubuntu? I create a dog back and forth and also this mask. So I enlarge the drawing to be the focus of the mass like this, and also the pillow and drawstring bag. And I use POD or print on-demand platform to sell this. So I just upload the drawing they will produce and backends and send to my customer. So it's very nice to have your own passive in GMB through print on-demand platform. The last one, what happened with Indonesia? But the against someone who are fair, The expert in creating Coptic steps notebook. See make this notebook by hand. And this is a Japanese Coptic States is very beautiful. And then my drawing become the Khafre and also this McManus, very surprised because I never allowed that my drawing with symmetry tool, which is looks very simple, but when it becomes the product like this, I'm still feel overwhelming. And also I use my story when I draw this Indonesia buddy and then put it on the notebook as well. The second one, I also create assembler with all of the design for packaging and story cards like this. And I sell it to my customer who loves my drawing. And this makes me happy because I just imagine that when I draw this, I'm very happy and I want to see at this happiness to other people. So I always happy when people use my drawing as a project like this. This is the things that you can do as well for your older drawings that you have been created through this class. 19. Your Assignment: Okay, I'm so proud of you. You already watched all the videos and now it's time for your project. This is your assignment. Dropping your resume entry, beautiful design, whatever you like with a freestyle tutor or with flour, or with any ships. And then submit your drawing and create project up here. And don't forget to leave the review for me. You can feel the student read table here, so I can teach you better one next class. Then don't forget to post it on your Instagram and tag me at her knee, dot Augustine with hashtag, honey, honeys skills here, just grab your iPad, Apple Pencil, and have fun. I can't wait for your project very soon. Thank you.