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How to Draw Cute Alphabet Robot with Procreate

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      My Art Journey


    • 3.

      Your Project


    • 4.

      Draw Robot Part - Eyes


    • 5.

      Draw Robot Part - Hands


    • 6.

      Draw Robot Part - Legs


    • 7.

      Draw Robot Part - Accesories


    • 8.

      Draw Cute Alphabet


    • 9.

      Draw Cute Robot - A and E


    • 10.

      Draw Cute Robot - O and U


    • 11.

      Draw Cute Robot - I


    • 12.

      Draw Cute Robot - K


    • 13.

      Draw Cute Robot - F


    • 14.

      Draw Cute Robot - T and R


    • 15.

      Coloring Robot A


    • 16.

      Coloring Robot E


    • 17.

      Coloring Robot O and U


    • 18.

      Coloring Robot I


    • 19.

      Coloring Robot K


    • 20.

      Coloring Robot T and R


    • 21.

      Draw Your Name


    • 22.

      Coloring Your Name


    • 23.

      My Robot Collection - Add Shadow - Save Project


    • 24.

      Apply It To Mockup Design


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About This Class

Hello Creative,

This new class is the longest class I have ever made for 2 hours 43 minutes in Skillshare!

I will bring you a full pack of 24 videos of a joyful and fun drawing on “How to Draw a Cute Alphabet Robot”Do you ever imagine that from a freestyle Alphabet like this following then you can draw cute Robots only in 3 steps?

So, later we will practice together to draw cute Alphabet Robots like, E, T, and many more.

This class is very easy and fun but full of surprises for everyone at all levels. By using Procreate, you will learn :

  1. Practice drawing the Robot’s Eyes, Hands, Legs, and Accessories 
  2. How to use Drawing Guide with Symmetry Options
  3. How to draw a freestyle Alphabet 
  4. How to draw a cute Robot and color it
  5. How to draw Names as Robots
  6. How to apply your drawing to the Canva Mockup Generator 
  7. How do people see your cute Alphabet Robot on a T-Shirt, Mugs, Packaging Boxes, or even on Pillows

After joining this class, I guarantee you can create your custom and personal Greeting Card, T-Shirt, Mugs, and Packaging Boxes mockup that will impress your friends.

And look how cute the name Ben is created and then becomes a Mug mockup like the following.

What you'll need: 

  • iPad or iPad Pro
  • Procreate Application
  • Snacks and a cup of tea (Optional)

So, let's start now. I can't wait to see your project very soon!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

Level: All Levels

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1. Trailer: Hi there. Thank you for joining my class. This is Procreate drawing series. How to draw cute alphabet robot. Alphabet robot that you can see here, I create R T A, F, and, and all these robots are so cute, isn't it? How about if I teach you to create B for P bot robot, and then you can use it as a more design for a Desert or F robot for a coffee cup. And another one is robot for your product robota we apply it to a packaging like this. This class is very simple. I will teach you three steps. First, we draw the alphabet in freestyle, and then step two, we draw robot for each alphabet. Then next we give color for each of the alphabet robot. But I also teach you how to practice to draw eyes, hands, legs, and robot accessories. I will teach you how easy to draw A that I call it a pot like this. First, you draw the alphabet A with your own style, and then we draw the robot part like eyes, hands, legs, and sauris on his buddy, and then the last one, we will give color to this A pot to be a very cute robot also you will find in this class it's very easy to create a mock up with KF mock up generator. And also, I give you a bonus to write your name, for example, this pen, and then you can apply it to a desert more or with this skill after join my class, you can create a special Happy pers card for pen or you can combine ILUot to create a special card I love you. I guarantee in 30 minutes, you can throw robot coloring, create more and you will love it so much. 2. My Art Journey: Hi, I'm Haney Acousti Actually, I'm an engineer, but I love art so much. I buy my drawing tools in 2014, but only in 2016, I start to draw every day, everywhere I can. Mostly of my drawing are flow because when you draw colorful flora like this, you can feel happy. You can release your stress and you can soothe your mind and meditate like me. So I draw a lot on papers, but also on my iPad. This is another freedom for me because no water, no messy table, and I love it so much. And then finally, I realized that I have so many drawing on my table. One day I counted about 800, but another day I found more than 1,000. Because each of my drawing has a story, then I start to create the story card of each of my drawing. I can't remember what is my feeling, what is in my mind when I draw each of it, and then I digitize it and I transform it into fabrics and papers and leather to be what we call it a wearable art. It's like scar or t for your bag also not a pouch, wrapping paper and also tatwel and of course, the packaging pops that also originally is my watercolor have drawing. 3. Your Project: Your project in this class is very easy. After you draw the alphabet per, you can make a mock up for Tel or packaging box like this or even this map. It's very cute, isn't it? There are three steps in this lesson. Step one, I will teach you how to draw alphabetic in freestyle. Then step two, you draw the robot for each of the alphabet, and then step three, you color the robot one by one. Then next, you can draw your name, and in this project, I will use N you draw and, and then step two, you draw the robot for B, and. And then you color it with blue or other colors that you like. It will be look nice when we apply it to a mock up for dessert for a max like this or even a pillow for pen. In this class, how to draw cute alphabet roper. Of course, you have to draw the body, the eyes, the hands, legs, and accessories. But first, I will teach you to draw the eyes. 4. Draw Robot Part - Eyes: Let's start. We will draw robot part four. In Alphabet robot, it has five part, it has a body, and then yes, and then the left hands and right hands, and also the left leg and right leg. Within his body, there is a small drawing like this, like a circle, electricity, and so on. That's what I call assures. It has a body, eyes, hands, legs, and assures. Now, I will close this layer. This is an example of our practice to draw yes, hands, legs and accessories. First, we will draw yes. I close this layer, and then I will click plus sine to add new layer, layer three, and then click action, choose fast there is drawing guide, don on, and then click Add drawing guides. At the bottom, choose symmetry options and choose vertical because we want to draw on the left and on the right, the same thing or is like mirroring. I draw this line. It will be two lines on the left end on the right. I reside the brass and then you can see that with one time drawing using symmetry, you will have the same drawing on the left end on the right. And then make sure drawing assist is on, y tree is assisted, and then we will use Calgraphy and monoline brass. I will choose tlor now I start to draw e. In this drawing, I will use symmetry because I want to show you how to draw yes on both sides, left and right. But later on your left eye or your right eye can be very different or you may have drawing robot with only one eye. Okay. So I draw a circle and then I give an and I fill in the wide space here. Now, I draw again the heat three times. And then tap again to create a perfect circle and now the eye is looking up before it is looking down. This one is looking up. You may also draw a very small circle, tap with your left fingers, and this is very simple eyes. Or you may draw a curve like this and then hold. Then again, it's looking up. I throw three more heads. Now, I draw different eyes. Circle and and at a t. A Circle and Another circle. Then I draw a shadow here. If you make a mistake, just double tap to undo, and then the eyes will look like this. I draw a circle and step for the second white space, I colored it with black. It will be a very nice robot eye. I draw two more heads. So the eye is simple, on the line, and then circle and that. Another dot and the dot is who's surprising eyes. Now, I draw a triangle, circle and tap. Again, this ice is very interesting. You may draw ice with a symbol one with circle or Kirk or rectangle, triangle and so on. Next, we will draw both part four hands. 5. Draw Robot Part - Hands: Let's continue. Now we draw hands. This is an example of our practice to draw hands. There is simple hands like this. You can see there are many types of weapon on his hand. This is also a very simple hand. We can also draw a very thin or very thick hands like this, including all the weapons. Now, I close this first and then layer three. I will rename it with e for the previous practice. We name every layer. Later on, if you want to see each layer, it will be easier for you. Now I click at signs to add a new layer, and then I rename it as hands and make sure drawing assist is on. Now hands is assisted. We can draw with Calligraphy monoline press here with the mirroring or symmetry tools. This is the body of our pot, and the hands can be very simple like this. Just draw a line and hold or you see my left finger tap to the iPad screen, so it will be straight line or a real circle. And then I draw again the body one and two. Now, we draw a curve like this. Again, a make sure that after you draw something, you hold your Apple pencil, so the drawing will be straight as we like. I add a little line here. And then you can zoom in and zoom out. I fill in the wide space on and off. Now for the third row pot, hold and draw hold draw again and hold, you can see that after hold our pen, then the drawing will be straight. I re the precise to be 14%, and then I throw a free line and then for the weapon, I throw a curve, a weapon on his head. And then I go back to 35%. I draw the body again. One and two. And three. Okay. Now, we draw a different handcraft here and then draw lines and hold line and hold a little and leapsward his elbow. I feel in the white face. And then I draw a small line and half circle to create a kind of scissor weapon on his head. Okay. Hold and row and hold and hold and pH straight line, holaon You can and and then I use 9% to fix this weapon. Okay. One more time. I go back to 16% freestyle line. And then for the weapon, I throw half circle a line, a circle. When you hold it, it becomes perfect circle. And then you can fill in the blank space. I a line small small p, small again and so on. Then for the small area, I can fill in with black color. Later on, you can combine one or two or three style of this practice into your alphabet. I draw the body again. We draw two more hands. Triangle, and then a circle, 14% line and hold it. And this is the weapon again with two triangles. Trow and hold row again and hold. Lose line. You can see actually, it's a very simple shapes that you can use to create your robot hands. Again, this one is kind of a scissor. I feel in the wide plan space. So this is our practice to create hands, later on, we will continue to draw legs. 6. Draw Robot Part - Legs: Now, we draw robot legs. We already done with eyes and hands, and now we are going to practice to draw legs. Sometimes it's very simple with one or two circle like this, so we create a lines, triangle and so on, and also a weapon. The last one is very big legs. So now let's start to practice. I close this one, and then again, I click plus nine to add a new layer, and I rename it with leg. Make sure drawing assist is on. Leg layer is assisted. We use algraphy monoline press. Now we draw the body force. Okay. And now I set the precise to be 40%. And then I throw first body and then the second one, the third one, and the fourth. Now, let's throw the legs. Okay. I draw a circle. My left hand is tap on the iPad. It will be a perfect circle, tap again, perfect circle, and that's it. Very simple. I tap again my left fingers on iPad. Then again, I a perfect. Now I throw the cir, and then just fill in a part of it. It's a very cute legs. How and circle and tap, perfect circle again, tap Perfect one. We have done four less. Let's continue now. I draw again three bodies for our practice, one, two, three, row and how Trow and hold. Circle and that. Perfect circle. And then I just fill in a little bit on the legs. Now, rowing *** is off because I want to make only one leg, not two legs. Row and hold. Row again, and how and I add a little accessories here. Again, one leg, draw and hold, throw and hold. How about a rocket for this straw bot? So I throw a kind of fire, and then I resize it to be 12%, very thin line, and then I fill in the wide space. Yes, you can fix with zoom in and zoom up. Now, our practice for legs is sometimes it is simple, but sometimes you can draw a rocket like legs. Next, we will continue throwing robot part four assures 7. Draw Robot Part - Accesories: Now, the last part, we will draw assor. After we draw eyes, hands, and legs, Robot also has assorsF example, the antenna on his head. It can be a simple one or it's like a redder. Then on the body, is on his tummy, we have a kind of ps, electricity, sins, Even you can draw robot inside his mouth. You can also draw many circle like this. It's very interesting. But also, you can draw like this part. It looks like a heavy tummy with many accessories. I close this, and then I click plain to create a new layer, and then I rename it as assores. I don't turn on the drawing assist because we will only draw the hat and Montana. I change the precise to be 40%. Let's draw the head first. Just a curve or a straight line like this. This is the head. Now we draw the antenna, a straight line and then a circle. If you don't like it, double tap to undo and then again. This is a very simple antenna on his head. Or you can draw a triangle like this, draw and hold. And then a circle and tap. And then now I want to throw a kind of radar on his head, a small square, and then I changed the size to be 6% Trow and how and and hole. And then hosly we also draw and hold draw and hold. The antenna is peeping now. Here, I will draw again drown electricity icon and then fill in the wide space. Now your robot has antenna with electricity on it. Now, I turn on the drawing assist because I want to draw both sides on the left and right. I create the body for one and two, and three. I can draw the mouth smaller size, and I create a little triangle for his teeth. Or just a simple line like this and also a simple tie like this. A little circle. And a leptle and line. Then I go back to 36% the body. Again, we have two bodies Tro and hole and T and it's like a belt on his tummy with the ps over there and I add a little circle. Tab. I put a 7%. I create two electricity icon. I fill in the plan space. Okay. C and that cc rectangle hold we finish practice to trow assures. We have a simple on his head, the mouth with the teeth, and also the tummy on his. Next, we will start to alphabet. It must be very interesting. Let's do it. Okay. 8. Draw Cute Alphabet: Now, we come to the very interesting lesson, draw cute alphabet. This is my alphabet A pot. I call it a pot. It's cute, isn't it? You can see his eyes and hands and legs and also accessories within his body. It's very cute. I love this a pot. As I told you before, first we will draw the alphabet. Then step two, we draw root for its alphabet. Step three, we will gall it. So now we will create a new fast with 5,000 times 5,000 pixel. For the press, we will choose Calligraphy monoline. After this, I will show you a good features from create. Now, if you throw freely, just any shape almost a circle like this and then tap with your finger left hand and here is a choice and lips or circle. If you choose circle, then it will be a perfect circle. When you draw a triangle, and then that you will have a perfect triangle. You can tap or hold with your finger. This is a perfect square and this is a rectangle. This is very interesting. Just draw free line and then hold, it will be straight line. A curve like this will be perfect one or this one. Later on, you will draw easily. Now, I use two taps to undo. Let's start to draw A. Just draw and hold throw and hole. Okay. I already done with my A and then in the middle, I add two straight lines, and it will look so cute. Okay. I continue now with, so we will draw for first A and E, draw, move around your hand, hold, and then it will be a perfect and straight line. Therefore get to rename each of your layer. Later on, it will be easier for you to find which alphabet that you want to see or you want to draw and color then I add new layer. Now I create. Draw and hold. Yes, this is my, and then I throw. Perfect. Draw and hold straight line. Draw again and hold and perfect. I rename it as. A new layer again. Now I create a simple I draw and hold and then I create a small square. Yes, this is my. But you can create another like this, a bigger one, and then I put ellipse with left finger and it will be. We rename it S. The focal is done. Now we create another alphabet, for example, K. In one move, one row row k, and then hold and it becomes very perfect. Now fum hold perfect F. We name it again as k. A new layer. Let's draw T. Q T. Now, let's draw R. Woops I give a hole here. Yes. This is my T and R. Rename it as R. We will draw o A and in the next lesson. Okay. 9. Draw Cute Robot - A and E: Now, let's throw cute robot for A and E. This is my a bot. I liked it so much because she looks so cute and her leg is not the same. One is small and one is big, so I can imagine. When she walks, it's like, boom, boom, boom. Let's draw a bot. Now, I open A and E layer. Make sure you already activate A and E layer, and then the size is 30%. Now I start to draw eyes. I throw one big eye and then another smaller eye. It's like my a pot is looking up. Now we draw hands, Trow and hold. Trow and hold. Okay. Now, we draw the left hand. Draw and hold. Then I draw a loose line and for the weapon, I draw a curve, and I create a very sharp weapon here. Now we continue with the right hand and lose line again curve. Hold hold. And then we will make a kind of scissor here. So draw and how and hold. Yes, this is his weapons. Now's leg. Draw and hold. A circle, another circle. Row and hold. Throw again and hold. Okay. So yes, hands and leg is done. Now, we create accessories. And because it's like her mouth, then I just a very sharp teeth here. Okay, this is the teeth, and now we throw the accessories. Lips and throw the line. Tangle and tap. Row and hole. Row and hole. Here is another ellipse or circle. Tango and hole. Pot is done with the eyes looking up as a source is completed, well, this is another white space. I will add a little bit Trow and. It looks nice. I think my pot is finished. Now, we call it. This pot will look so cute as well. She has two hands, one big and one small, but she has only one leg, and then her eyes is looking up to the right and she has an ten let's throw pot. I throw one tall eyes and the other one is short eye. Then I give a curve here. So she looks like looking at the right. And then I want to create an ant here. There's a straight line and a circle or ellipse. Now we draw hands. I want to make a big here. Baker You can zoom in and zoom out, and then you can move around your screen. So your drawing is easier for you to draw. It has an angle that mats to your hands. Here for the leg, I make only one leg. I create two p. So it's like the pot will run woohoo. Okay. Here in the white space in the plan space. I draw the te. And then another hand, I just draw the loose line and the weapon. Well, I will add a little bit here for his arm. So I will fill in here. So the loose line attached to this rectangle. Now we throw the accessories, caps, and straight line. This is an electricity. I color it with black but later on, you can still leave it as white, and then you can color it with different color. Rectangle, Circle tangle and hold. Dow and hole a curve hole row and at a circle over there. Another electricity I change the size to be 5% row and hole. Again and Okay? It looks nice. I will do some more on his arm. A little space here. I will add something in this play space. Another curve. Draw and hold. Okay. I love it. My pod is ready now. It has antenna, two, and one leg, and also the teeth and access. I love it so. Next, we will and. 10. Draw Cute Robot - O and U: Now, we draw Q draw for O and. After A and E, I close this layer and I open and layer. Still with Calligraphy mono bras. Now we draw the yes. I want all to have a very big one. Another circle and that. Another one and that. Now this hand. Draw the line and hold and lives for his elbow and tap. Other lines and hole. Another elbow. And the other line and And for the weapon, I draw a kind like four on his hand. Interesting. Now, the left hand. We draw the same style for the left hand. So two lines and hold and then lives and tap lines and hold lives and tap. S and t. Now for the weapon, I draw a kind of scissor for his left hand. Wow. Ora looks so strong with his hands. Now this leg. I draw a legs and another leg. Circle and Ciro I love it. Now as a sorry part. I recite the press and then draw his mouth. And I add some tea. Circle and the rectangle and there. If you don't like it, just double that to undo. Circle and straight line. Circle and that and then draw a gear like me. Don't forget to hold at the end. One more. Yes. I draw an electricity mets here, and then I color it with plat I add an electrical here. Row and hole. His hand again row and hole. The left hand. Okay. So I'll. Oh, p looks so strong and ready to walk. Now, you put I draw a curve line and then for his eyes. Another one, and that I add some later lines here. Another lips and tips and tap. I love the features from procreate because now I'm not worried to draw anything. Draw and hold and it becomes a straight line by itself automatically. I love it. I and then triangles and Electricity again, triangles, two hands on the right. Now, two hands also for the left one. Okay. Another hand, if you scratch the screen, just double tap to undo. Okay. Hand is finished now. This area is legs. Both has one leg Trow Draw and hold Okay. Circle and tap another circle and tap. Okay? Finish. Now as a Sp Trow and hole row and hole and lips and T Okay, we finished now. I love this I. 11. Draw Cute Robot - I: Now, we draw row four. After O and, we continue with another four wall. The last one. This is too high, so click arrow. You can move around your and put it in the middle. Now, I start to draw the triangle and a big lips I feel in the white space. So it's like the eye robot is looking down. It's so cute. You know the eye has a very important role robot body parts because just looking at the eye, you can see that your robot is happy or angry or frightened or even looking up, looking down, and so on. Now the left arm. And also the right arm. I make a two curve like this. And then I create the weapon, Trow and hold. Another curve. And then I kind like a and hold and for the left. Just double up to undo. I create two lines, and the weapon is a sharp triangle. Okay, I hand is ready. Now, I will something here. Trow in hot Trow in hot rectangle that will be the head. Now for the body, I reduce the breast size, and then I throw the electricity icon. This one, I color it with plaque. But you can leave it still white and then later on, you can color it with different color. Here, I want to throw a key, so I throw an ps and then a six sec follow through all the lips. One more, and then. Yes. It looks so nice. And then I add a straight line in the middle. Drawing rectangle rectangle again. I want to do some more with the arm. I want to give a little space here. You know that this step two drawing rubble for its alphabet is my favorite one because in this step I explore our creativity imagination and this could be very wide and as free as you like. I like this step so much. Now we draw the leg one and hold two. Then I want to give a smaller size for the electricity icon. Okay. Okay. So it looks like the ye pod is flying with the fire under his body. Let's continue with the second iPod. That is the eye looking to the left side. I just add a simple mouth lines and a simple teeth. But you may also regard it as eyes. The curve curve again and hold So actually, you can play with any shape to draw the alphabet and also the row pot. You will use circle, rectangle square, triangles, and so on. Look nice. I prefer to call the tee, not teeth but yes. Can we continue with the left hand draw and hold, draw and hold. Look nice. I want to add electricity so hold until you can position it to the right place. Now for the party, I want to b the square on his and then I live in straight line. Draw and hold at a circle or lips. And then I put 8% to throw a little curve here, Trow and hole, Trow and hole. Again, trow hole, trow and hole. It looks nice. It's like something on his chest that protect them from the enemy. Again, the electricity I will add something in the middle. I will create a care again. Don't forget to hold at the end. Yes. I keep across lines in the middle. Yes. Very nice. Now for the legs, I go back to 60% and hole. A. Another. Okay. Another strip for his life. And how and hold. I love this iPod. Well, for this arm, I will add something more. It will not look like play space, left and right are the same. That's good now. It's like brother and sister. It's so cute. I love this iPod. Next, we will continue with robot K. 12. Draw Cute Robot - K: Let's continue to draw robot K. I close, and then I open K and f. This is to slightly to the right. I want to change the position. I want to position it in the middle and I resize it a bit. It will be easy for me to draw the part. Then again with Calligraphy mono. Now we draw the I. I use 41%. And then I draw a small ellipse here, and then a small circle. I give a dog. Okay. Scale robot not only has two eyes, but C has four eyes. There is no rules. This is our creativity and our exploration and you can be wil as you like. Here, I add an antenna, I draw a line lips and d d again, I draw a line an ps. Well, now it's time to draw hands. Draw and hold. Draw two lines and hold leaves and. Now I want to make a kind like crane for his hand. So I draw a line and hold line and hold. Another circle here again. And again for the upper arm. And then 14%, I want to draw a thin line here, and then again, draw and hold. So it's like a crane for his hand. Now we draw the weapon, we draw a curve. A sharp weapon on his hand. That's nice. I love it. Now for the right hand. Go back to 38% draw and hold. Draw and hold. And again, the shock weapon for his right hand. Next, the legs. And hold. A earlier Throw and hold. Big lips again and that. And then I add some small triangles here. And triangles here. Okay. No, it's an accessory. A Ali Line and hold. Line again and hold. A little circle. D. Trow and hold. Little circle as if you want to erase your stress. Throw and hold Trow and hold. Electricity image here, I don't want color it to be black I just leave it as we and later on you can fill in with another color. Draw and hold an ellipse here. So if you want to ease, this is too mus. Just click eraser, and then you can read again the line, so it will be closed because later on, you will give a color to it, it must be a line. And ps here Now, we'll add something a little circle, rectangle and hold. Circle and hold, rectangle and hold. For the legs, I will add a lines one, two, three, and four. So you just the line and hold. It will be straight like that. Okay. I want to add little ellipse here and also cessories for his leg. Now for the left leg, small ellipse and hold, and then circle and hold Okay. So that's four K Robot. And next we draw robot four F. Okay. 13. Draw Cute Robot - F: Next, we continue to draw robot F. K and F are in the same layer, so I want to separate F from this layer. To do that chose this menu. And then choose free hand. You can draw the desk line surround the F. Ue three fingers to slide down and you have cut copy cut and base click. Now you have separate f that you can move F is in the different layer. And then now I rename it as f, and the previous layer now only four k. If I close k, this is only f and that's f. That's the way you cut and paste to create a different layer from the previous layer. Now I'm free to position f as I with the arrow, and then on the f layer, we start to draw. I draw long rectangle for his I create an tear. And therefore the hands row and hold row and hold a loose line. Agase line. Position, your screen. So it will be matched to your angle and it will make your drawing easier. This is the weapon. Again, we create a kind of scissor for his weapon. That's so cute. I will make a line on his arm later on we can col almost finished. Again. Okay. Now we draw the leg. I make a big curve and then line and hold and then I create a square under his leg. This is for his right hand, row and hold a loose line. Draw lives. So lines and sharp triangles for his weapon. I resides to be 25% for the accessories. Now I draw ellipse and tap, and then I want to create a gear here. Just draw like me. And don't forget to hold your hand at the end. A cross lines. Okay, is ready. The circle and that circle and draw and hold. Tangle and hold. Draw and hold. Draw and hold and add an ellipse and a little circle. I add a small circle above his eyes. I love it. Next, we draw and robot. 14. Draw Cute Robot - T and R: Now we continue with T and R pot. F is done now I close this and I go back to T and R layer. I can feel that the more you draw pot and its alphabet, I know that you enjoy the drawing so much and maybe this T and R is very easy for you. Now we draw the yes. I tap with my left fingers to get a perfect ellipse or circle. And then I resize the press with 30% to create the sit. Don't forget after you draw and then hold. Go back to 53%. I make it a bigger size because I want to color the set. Now for the right I In my experience, I also enjoy so much drawing this robot because when I draw five A, for example, so I have five A and then my a bot on the first day will be very different with the next day when I draw again. This is really about gratiftys about your wild imagination to draw this cute robot. Also, it's your decision to combine eyes and legs and hands that you already practice. Or sometimes you will find your own style to draw eyes and hands and so on. Now, I continue 34% to draw his right hand. I will draw three square like this, draw and hold draw and hold. Now I create a loose line also three times. This robot will have three different weapons, h one is a triangle. And then a kind of electricity weapon. This is too long, click the eraser and then erase a part of it and then throw again. I Trow a triangle again for his weapon. Looks cute. Now for the left hand, Trow and hold Trow and hold Another loose line. And the weapons is very sharp. Now, he's like a loose line. The circle and that circle or ellipse and that Hmm. This tea bot is running, I think, or is flying. This is his mouth, and I draw the teeth one and two, three, and four. Now it's time for the accessories. Circle and tap rectangle and tap. Circle again, I and ipse straight line. I will add some more here and how and hold little circle here and that This t bot is so cute. It's flying everywhere with the flying hands and the flying leg. Now, I want to separate R, so it won't be too close to T to this menu. And then make a dot lines around r and then use three fingers and then slide it down, stop and pace, and then r will be in different layer. I rename it with r and then tr now become only t. I close t now, I'm in R layer, use the arrow to position r in the middle and you are ready to draw the yes. I'll throw a one eye. Another ellipse. Another circle and that. Another one. Yes. Only one eye, the big one, and I give this three small lines. Now the d Two time I draw curve lines, hold it. Now, the weapon, another curve line straight line. And again, a kind of s weapon. Now for the right hand. Grow and hold. A circle and line and another line and hold. And for his elbow. I draw another ellipse inside the elbow and then a thin line here, and then again and hold position it and it's like a crane for his right hand. Now we draw the legs. I draw an ellipse here Okay. Nice. For the small leg here, I draw a curve circle, another circle. Here you can add again another circle and some circles inside this lip. To. I love it. Now, it's sores time. I resizes 8% to draw a thin electric signal. I leave it to be white. And then I draw lips another lips and across straight line, Trow and hold, Trow and hold. Trow and hold circle all leaves and tap. One more. Okay. I like to position the screen on my pad like this. So from any angles, I can draw much better. Ectgle and tap Circle and hold. You still plan, so I will add straight line like this, Trow and hold Trow and hold. And then leaves a circle and that A one and that. I like that part. Next, we will continue with the robot A. 15. Coloring Robot A: Let's go. This is fun. We will give color to my bo. Remember, in your layer, you have A and E, but I want to separate it like the above layers. Those are already tingle layer, single alphab Use this menu and then just free hand, create a desk line or a dot line around, and then use three fingers slide down, you will have cut and paste. Now is cut from A and separated layer. You can rename it as And then for the previous layer because it's only A, you name it as a. If I close a, I close now, they are separated. Now we will color A. I want to resize first to be smaller one because I want to duplicate A. Yes, I click duplicate. We have two A layer. But now, this one for a color because we will color a pot. So we have A and a color. I close A. Now, I'm in a color just the arrow. You can position your A. Now we can see they are still the same. But let's go to if color to this ap In my color palette, I have some colors already safe here. But you can choose your own color. Now, I chose gc monoline, and then in floors palette, I chose green. I track green to his body, and then there is continue filling. This is a good feature because you can continue to fill green to any part that you like. It's very easy. And it's very fun. Click the color drop first and then You can choose your next color, the dark brown. Track to the legs and then again, continue feeling and then click to any part you like for dark brown. Don't forget to always click color drop before you choose another color. Yes, click first, and then now light orange. I track to his eye, continue feeling. Again for his leg, color drop, and then I T one. Now I d two hands. Click continue feeling, and I continue fill in the other part. It's fun, isn't it? I like to do this all day long. Just and it's now so colorful. Now for the teeth, I go back for dark color. You can use your fingers hold to the du color Now, you hold on your breath and then you can have breath. Continue feeling. I hold my fingers green and green is there. Okay? Now I open the old a black and white, and this is the color pot. I love it. It's so fun. It's so fun. Next, we will color pot 16. Coloring Robot E: Now, let's color pot. We will do a different way to give color. After we color pot, now I close this A and now I'm in pot. Without color, I already fall in love with pot. We duplicate force. We have two layers. Color. Then now we position this on the black and white, smaller and over there. And then now for color, I will use it as a reference to give a color. I will take this and then just reverence now color as our reverence, then above E, I create new layer and I rename it as color. This is only color that we like to give two. This is the second way to do coloring. Now I'm in color layer. I chose the color from my palette. This blue. I track to his body. I click continue filling. Now I continue color the part that I like, including this antenna. Click again, the color drop. You are still in color layer. If I close this one, the black outline is not there. So I color layer, you only have your color. Now, I Ons. I drag to his eyes. Continue feeling, and I continue to feel in the ins. And then for the third one, I just this dark blue color. I drag to his eyes, continue feeling. You can go on give color to the teeth hand also for his left arm. Now, I tap blue because I want to go back to blue and I add to his hand with continued feeling. I still have one more color. I taps. Now, I just continue to color with orange. Now, I choose from this palette. I choose the pale ins. If you make a mistake to draw the line, tap with two fingers or double to undo, and then you can fill in the lights to this square. Yes, we finnes. Okay. We finished now, with color layer. Now I rename it again with color one. I add new layer. I want to create color two. You will understand why I create this because if I don't like color one, then I can create color two without duplicating the original part layer. Now I'm in color two. I can create a different color scheme. I start with red for his party. Okay. And then the light green for his eyes continue feeling. Also for his hand. Now, I just blue. You may call it blue or turkeys, I think, Turkeys. Color of Now I pick light green for his teeth. Now, I pick place for his eyes. And then I chose a light color for this square with continue feeling. Now, we finish, we have black and white, and now we have two colors Color one and color two color one, and this is color two. Without deleting the first color layer, now you can have a different color four pot by using reference. You can pins up two layers later on to combine the pot with the color that you. Next, we continue to color and bot. 17. Coloring Robot O and U: Okay. Next, N but after we draw, now I close color. As I told you, your color and color two, you just pins with your fingers to create a single image of EPO. Now, I activate color, I dublicate and then rename it as color. Position to the right. I resize it to be a bigger one. Then I will use the first way to color just by track color from your palette. Again, Calgraphy mono line, and I track this slight continue feeling and color. So after several coloring, I can feel your excitement, and I think you are happy and enjoyed so much as I am. I just here. There is a tiny hole in his eyes to Zoom so you can find your tiny hole. I picked the color from his left, and now I feel in the two tiny holes on his left. But this fits. Now, we continue to coloring to bot. I already duplicate the layer. Now in color. Again, using the first to color it, I just drag and drop the color. I choose a green here, continue filling and take the part that I like. Now, his eye. I pick the color for black. And then I just light yellow for the elbow. Continue feeling. Also for this gear, I pick cream color now. Then I track to his leg. I missed his right leg, continue feeling again. This tiny white one. A very tiny. Sum in to get the right holes. I pick the light yellow again for his leg Continue. I still need another color. Choose black for his teeth. Continue. This auto pot looks so scary pump pump. His hands are ready to grab the enemy. Okay. It looks nice. I love it with one eye. Next, we will coloring the brother and sister. The eye. 18. Coloring Robot I: Honestly, I'm so happy if we talk about color. Again, now is iPod. I have two iPods here, so I want to separate it into two layers. Use this new free hand separate the iPod, three fingers down, and then you have copy and choose cut and paste. Now you have a separate layer for this one, and I rename it as two. This is iPod number two, and the previous one, I rename it as one, the iPod number one. Now I close this one, I color the twos. Okay. Now you can choose your color, and I will choose from this. Continue feeling clear color drop. And then now the dark orange for the head. And also yes a pops head hands and legs. This iPod is so cute, isn't it? It's like he wants to dance right now. Now I choose the light brown for his hand. Continue feeling and then just choose the part that you like. For coloring, you can choose a bright color or like this one. I prefer to choose a soft and pastel color. Or even, you can choose monochrome color only black and white or gray and white, and so on. Now I chose this pink color. Continue feeling a very light pink Now for the accessories on his chest, I will use a gradation color. So this is the light p, and then I choose this. You can choose a different pin. Then continue feeling again. Okay. Then for the last one, I want a dark ping. I move again and find colors in this. Continue feeling. Yes. So it's gradation from light to dark ping on his. I love it. I. Uh huh. I cancel it, so I prefer the pre one. Now, I will color one. I close this two. Now I'm in one, and let's color the siblings. Looking this two iPods brother and sister are dancing together. The one dancing, not with leg, but with electricity on his leg. It's like robot dancing in the air. Now I choose choose the lighter one. And then the Decker. And then the one again. Continuing I like this pastel color so much, but looks softer, looks nicer, not scary one, not frightened one, but it looks so sweet and cute, isn't it? And this ping for the ke I think it is finished now. This is I one, and this is I two brother and sister are ready to dance together. Nice. Next, we color K Robot. 19. Coloring Robot K: Now it's time for K board and I will choose a bright color like orange and blue and so on. After we finish I one, I do. Now I'm in K layer. Look at the bottom. You will find this and then classic harmony, and now we will use harmony. Procreate will give you three colors, which is fret complimentary. This is what we call harmony. You just follow what procreate suggests to you with orange will be complimentary to light blue and dark blue. And then I just slight green for his eyes. Continue feeling. With harmony, you don't have to choose one by one, but Procreate will give you automatically three harmony colors for your option. This board has four eyes, all are light green, and then now I choose the third color from this harmony, the dark blue. Continue filling I go back to the light green. Continue feeling. Also for these tiny triangles on his feet. I see again, the ins for the weapon. This line his elbow and arms. Also for this antenna. So by using harmony, you may have three colors. Three colors are complimentary to each other. I continue with knee holes on his leg. Now, I just. You know, the new Okay. It looks nice, very bright and very different. Next, we will continue to color T and R robot. 20. Coloring Robot T and R: Now, we will color T and R robot. This is our t with a Q, and I already activate layer t. You see arrow to position it in the middle. Now I will choose color. I will choose this color and then continue feeling. Okay. Do ever get to take color drop first before you choose another color light one. And also for his eyes. Now, I just the third color continue feeling, and then I feel into his teeth as well. I hand and accessories. Now to his leg. My tot he moves very easy with his hand with loose lines, and also his leg. He can dance, he can run very fast for t pot. Okay, teapot is finished now. Next, we continue with R. After the soft color, now I will choose a bright color. And then I will work with this very bright pink. And then I choose sparkle. And then I to the life being. Continue feeling. She has many accessory, so I color it one by one, and also for the weapons, led. Sometimes I call my robot his or her. I don't know. Sometimes it's so cute, so I call it. It's like this R robot. I pick black color with my fingers and then I color her eyes. This is also black. I pick verbo color, and then I track to this electric senal and this accessories as well. I beg the light being now for her arm, and then continue filling this tiny hole. This one also little bit for his life. We have four holes here. So I will choose puss and then I pick with my fingers and track, then continue feeling one, two, three. Finish now, I think. Oh, and I pick purple color again to complete her hand. Okay, I think it's finish so cute, it's so funky, it's so curly. Next, we will practice to draw your name. 21. Draw Your Name: Now it is another fun but let's draw your name. Here is Lina. We can make Lina from separated alphabet. Here, I already separated for its alphabet and its layer. So this is Lina with L A. You can position it with the arrow, remember. So four alphabet becomes Lina. This is. I call it from C O R and E. So we can create a name from those Alphabet, and it's a fun way to combine Alphabet to be a name. But here, I will teach you how to draw a name from scratch. Let's make a new gun with 5,000 5,000. Make sure your drawing is on and click drawing guide. At the bottom, you have to, turn it on, and then you can slide the create size. I will create about 118 pixel. I use al graphy monoline and I choose my pallette, and then I create new pallette. This is entitled. This is new ballot that I created. Then now I try to find four blue colors. I have blue light blue, the lightest blue, and one more for the darkest blue. After color. Now we start to draw pen. I will create pen from B, and With this grade, we can give a touch just to see where your B and E and will be position. This is only a help for us. And then we start to drow bed now. Draw and hole. Then I will add an ps here. Another one, bigger lips. I like it. Double tap to undo and re draw again. I like this, and then now for E, I will use this eraser to date the dots because this is only our reference to draw, and then I draw and then. Now it becomes a straight line. But there is a little bit here. I use eraser again, and then I delete it. And then now, I draw. I delete again with eraser, and then I go back to my press. And then hold. So this is pen. We don't need this one, I delete it before I draw the robot on its alpha. So it's up to you how you make pen, but I will try with this one. Pen is in layer one. I duplicate it, and then we rename layer one as n one. That means this is only the alpha. Then the next layer, we call it pen two. Now we draw pot but I didn't like this one. I use eraser again, and then I delete it. I go back to my press and now we are ready to draw on each of the alphabet. Don't forget to turn off the drawing *** because we don't need the clip anymore. So your gunfs will be clean like this. Now, let's start to draw the eyes and a big eye for Now, I throw the hand row and hold and lose line, sharp triangle as the weapon. Again, you have two ways to create your name. You can throw a single alpha in separate layers and then you combine it to be a name. Or like this pen, you draw a name and then you draw the robot on its alpha. If you see here, you may say that p and n is two close to the left and two close to the right, but later on, again, you still can separate P or as a single layer, and then with in the middle, you can rearrange the position as you like before you draw robot on its alpha bit. We continue with assures for P. Circle and straight line. Draw and hole lips Also, there is no rules for accessories. You can combine your practice to each of the alpha, and also you are free to add your own ideas to the accessories or to complete the lags what I do here. Now, for, I draw a straight line and then L lives and tap. Another L lives and tap is so cute with different eyes. And then I fill in this wide space. Okay. It's acute, four E, and then I drown the antenna. Now for the hands, I just draw a loose line and the weapon. Another loose line again. And a sharp weapon with curves. Now for the legs, I make a long leg here, and then circle and that another circle. I fill in this part and I draw a thinner line. Now we already finish eyes, hands and legs and now the accessories part. In this class, I only show you after we create alphabetic robot, then you can create your name. But actually, the way you use the alphabetic robot is limitless. For example, you can create your custom happy per cup for your friend Ben, also, you can create a thank you card. Thank you so much This is the best part. You can arrange your ILO and to be I love C you can add everything when you together. So nice, isn't it? This is just an idea for you that you can use your alphabetic robot to create any greeting card that you want. The left hand is in Hands and left are qin. Now the last we our and the eyes. So for rubble, the eyes is looking up to the right. It's so cute. I like it. Now for the, The hand is also in limited space. That's why I told you, if you want to separate p and n into three different layers then, you can resize, and then you can position it again. So you have more space for the hands for and N. But this one, I just and show you whatever it is. Another legs for row and hole circle and hole. With this skill, you can create a custom and special card for your friends because he or she cannot find it on the shop. That is very custom from you to throw their name, and then you robot and saying, Happy Birthday, my friend. Now, I continue with the accessories here. I resize the brass, draw and hold. Trow again and hold. And then now I throw another accessories here. Rectangle and hold. Circle and hold. Here is the plan. So another lips and hold. Circle rectangle and hole circle and 10:00 P.M. Is complete now. I love it. Next, we color your name. 22. Coloring Your Name: Now, we continue to give color to your name or pen. We already finish N for pen completely with each robot. This robot I duplicate to be pen three. I rename it Pen three is for color. I close pen two, and now we are on layer pen Tree. For the color, I've made my palette from four blue color from the darkest to the lightest one. I choose the slight one, and then I track for p and n. The darker one for. And then I continue for this eye. Again, I just choose which part that I like to color it with dark blue. After we have done so many times, this coloring process is so fun, isn't it? There is no rules to give color. You can choose the bright color or sometimes you can choose a pastel or soft color with its gradation. You can also find the color scheme in pints. There are so many color schemes in Pintrest that you can just drag to your procreate, and then you will have the palette according to the image that you choose from Pintrest. Here I continue to color yes and osaors and so on. But if you want to keep the part of the osores to be white, it's also okay. But here I try to color each of this part. And then again here, continue filling, and then I can color each box with lighter blue. Don't forget to take color drop first before you choose another color. I speed up the video a little bit here, so you won't waste your time so much. Take color drop, and then again, I try to complete all parts with this blue color scheme. If you don't like it, just double that, to undo. What you touch is the space, not the line. If you touch the line, then just do is easy. Don't worry. Now it's almost finnes but we still have a bit here. Continue the light blue for this part in and zoom out as you need. Okay. Gain for the leg and this one this arm finished now. We have pin three for the color one, p two for robot and pin one for alphabet only. I like this one. Next, you will see my robot collection, and then I will teach you how to add so and save your project. 23. My Robot Collection - Add Shadow - Save Project: Next, you will see my other robot collection, and then I will teach you how to add shadow and safe project. This is my bod. I love the combination of this bright color and he has a brass on his leg. It's so cute, isn't it? This is B. I call it per depot. This looks like a bird this is D D bot. This is my bot. And another pot, and this is for f, and this is another F bot. This is for H. This is for my p k bool for u. And then this is nano this is a pot for po. This is my R pot for R bota. This is S, and this is T, this is bot, and this is x bot. This is b y for you, and this is Z both cute, isn't it? Hopefully, by looking at my robot collection, you will be inspired. Now, I'll teach you how to add shadow. Previously, we already created pen and then I duplicate pen because I want to show you to make a so. I renamed this layer with ito. So we have original pen Tree, and then we have ito, and then click adjustment, and choose u and saturation. Slide to minimum. Then for the brightness, you can choose very black four zero or I choose 29%. Then if I turn on pen three layer, you'll be like this and for layer, you click arrow, then you can move or change the position. I do a double tap because we only want to create a so a little bit under the original bend. So you see that I use my pencil or you use your fingers to tap tap tap a little bit. This is the way you move your so to a very little movement. This is with do and this is without so. You can see the difference. Then next we continue how to save project. For example, pen is in. We have a background color white and an active. We want to save it. Click action save here, you can save as PSD, PDF, chip pack and so on. I just chip and then it will be exporting save mates to your photo library. Then how about if I save it with a bagrom. I close the background. And then in action, say you may choose PNG then your project will be exported as PNG without background. Next, you can use this pan for our mockup design. 24. Apply It To Mockup Design: Okay. After you finish your Ava robot, you can apply it to MC design. A MoCap is a template, for example, the shopping bag, and then we can use our drawing or your project and then apply it into this packaging box. After you combine it with your project, it will look like this shopping bag with your robot drawing. To get this anfa create a new t just type three KF MCA And then you will see F free dessert mop generator. Just click that one, and then you will see this screen. Free desert generator, and then you create desert Moka click. You have two options. You run in CFA apps or browser. I just browser. I click continue, and then I don't need this. I will close this screen and then now you have a mop with many categories from technology, print packaging, apparel and home briefing. For example, for a better. You also have a sweet ser tert and so on. If I choose desert, you have a long sleeve, men, women, kids. Let's try now to apply it to T sert. In desert, you can choose free templates for your mop. Now I will choose an emg for this desert for ban see pen here. Now Ben is on his dessert, and then here is a chest image. You just click. Now you can resize your image and positioning as you like. It looks nice. The been robot is already on his chest. This color is for dessert, so you can change the color for your dessert. With whatever color you like, but of course, you have to see what is the best for the combination between your drawing pen and the desert color. I like this one. Then I click Save Moca We have two options and then choose download because I want to download it. Click download, and then this icon, it means it's downloading now and will be saved in your oto library. You can image and then you can select different images that you like, for example, this t. I select and then I will just a little bit. I wrote it a little bit, and then I make it bigger just to see the hand, the body, and the eyes. Okay. I resize again a little bit. Okay. Save. So it looks nice. I save then you can combine the color of your ts the position of a robot, and this looks nice with robot only on the pocket position. And this is my favorite A on the darker T sort color. And for the name, I in and this is Lina on the long sleeve. This Now, let's continue to apply it to packaging. In Fa Minertor you can find many types of packaging. Then here is you see your mgs. For example, you want to upload, click Upload, and then you to photo library, and then you go to your robot that you want to use it, for example, this R, and then you click and then it's uploading now to your Fa and then choose the RN, click Select. Then here is adjust image. You can choose fill, you can fade, you can choose top middle bottom or horizontal vertical and so on. Okay. So now I just save it and then we'll see it's right in the middle. But if you want to make it bigger, just enlarge your image and then see it again. If you want to put it lower, you just track and you'll see there is a centered line that you can use it. Here, you can see other templates. You can choose it, for example, this blue with hand. For example, you have a product, and you will use R robot for your logo. Then here I text robotaF example, your product is a robota robotic learning center for kids. Then you choose this image and then click Select. You will see the packaging will be like this and make it bigger and position it lower a pit save Par you just put it higher a pit and in the center, and it will look like this. You can see your drawing with text on pox packaging on coffee cup, on a paper pack like this, or you can make the mate speaker like this one. It looks so nice, isn't it? By using more template, you can show to other people how your design or your me will look like on things. Again, now we try to apply it to mats here in home and living, if you play Then you have an option of masks, pillows, candles, and other. You choose mats. In Mm cups, there is a ceramic mail and class mass. I will choose the symbol one ism. Now, I see, click. Then again, you can adjust your mags as you like. Click. Then if you already like it, save mock up, download and click download, and then this down arrows show ups downloading now in your library and your mas will be like this. I love this so. This is room. And then in clas max, robot will look like this. Even if you make pen for your kid's name or your product logo R robota will be look so elegant in this map. Again, you can use pen as your children's name and you can show it to him if you apply it to a p. You can try many mock up in F mockup generator, and I hope you like it so.