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From iPad to Home Decor - with Paper by WeTransfer and Photoshop

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      01 Trailer


    • 2.

      02 Introduce Myself


    • 3.

      03 What Will You Learn


    • 4.

      04 Introduction to Paper by WeTransfer


    • 5.

      05 Make First Pattern


    • 6.

      06 Save Pattern File


    • 7.

      07 Create Pillow Mockup in Photoshop


    • 8.

      08 Design Alternatives and Other Pattern Ideas


    • 9.

      09 Pattern Ideas #1 Pattern Play


    • 10.

      10 Pattern Ideas #2 Change Hue & Saturation


    • 11.

      11 Pattern Ideas #3 Re Arrange 1


    • 12.

      12 Pattern Ideas #3 Re Arrange 2


    • 13.

      13 Pattern Ideas #4 Duplicate Pattern


    • 14.

      14 Create Mug Mockup


    • 15.

      15 Create Canvas Totebag Mockup


    • 16.

      16 File Preparation for Printing Company


    • 17.

      17 Assignment


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About This Class

How about design your own home decor such as pillow, mug or tote bag ?

When you see it, you will be so proud of yourself !.

In this class, I will teach you to design a pattern using an amazing drawing application on iPad called Paper by WeTransfer. This is a very good drawing application to bring your imagination to the real world.

It's very easy to use, a lot of drawing tools and a lot of color palette. Then, you can learn some tricks to change your iPad’s drawing to be pillow, mug or tote bag in Photoshop. Even, I teach you if you want to print your pillow fabric in the printing company.

Many people said that they can not draw but Paper by WeTransfer will help you to make home decor patterns easily. 

After watching this class, I am sure you will create more and more patterns and make your living room looks different !

This class is for everybody - even with the basic level skill of Photoshop. I will teach you :

1. How to make a pattern with Paper by WeTransfer in iPad

2. Ideas on how to change your original pattern in Photoshop

3. How to use Photoshop to apply your patterns into home decor mock-up such as a pillow, a mug, and tote bag

4. How to prepare your design file for the printing company

This class is short, it takes about 25 minutes only. Don't have an iPad ? You can use Paper byWeTransfer application on iPhone too ! Paper53 is Free with Add on Purchase option.

I welcome any comments and feedback from you soon !

Would be happy if you may say hello to my email or you may take a look my website at or peek my Instagram @hanny.agustine


Important Note :

In this class, that I made in 2017 I used "Paper53". But since this company has been bought by WeTransfer in 2019 then this app becomes "Paper by WeTransfer". You can search that amazing drawing apps in AppStore.

So if you watch my class, please be noticed of this apps' new name.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

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1. 01 Trailer : 2. 02 Introduce Myself: have a I'm honey on Kristin from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm illustrator. He signed up and funder off two tickets dot i d That's my Children. Crap. Definitely center in Indonesia. This is my first class in skills here, and you can find it in skills you're not calls less. Honey. Honey. For about 15 years, I trained and trained my teachers for Cody programming using scratch an amazing with cut paper and also play and wept of Loveman. I also dislike Robotti and my storm for Abbott programming. And it's another fun when you can control your robot with your program. This one I did electronic using without beats and recycle material like cereal, pulps or tissue box that you can make it as a Elektronik toys and duels. And also, I did Zlenko serious play using business model can force to my team development program. I also kids are class. I did strolling and illustration where well they must At this technique we make a lot off graph and Martin dies like below dolls, marks calendar no good back and so on. So you see, I have a lot of fun here with my teachers and I hope I will have a lot of fun do with you in this gives you class 3. 03 What Will You Learn: I sent my drawing and illustration in society. Six. Don't call and also in there stud call. It's a lot off. Want to see your drawing and illustration become those things? And it's also my happiness to share the things that I love with people through online shopping like this. So today I will. Did you a class with the title throw iPad toe home decor with pepper 53 put the show so it will be so nice and so fun How you're pattern in I pet And then you can take it to be dropped below box or two back. What were you learn? First, you will make pattern with I bet and paper with the tree application. Then you create home decor. Woke up with this job. Then I will teach you how to create pattern tricks me for the shop and at the end you will prepare below photo show files for printing company. So I hope at the end of this cars you can make your own this time below What? The doors unit? Three things first, I bet. And Ben, if you don't have it, you can use your iPhone and your fingers off course for a paper 53 application. It's really you can download it in a store and install it in your bed or I foot. And of course you need for the show we did on these basic skills, so you can use whatever put the shop you have for Pepper. 53. What you need is only this the real even though Pepper 50 dream has many drawing doors, but we will have fun using feel in. 4. 04 Introduction to Paper by WeTransfer: we will make a dispatch. This is the kind of square. And this is another square while trying go and many six. And also this is kind of believe. And after you make the square, you can make a white lines here and also the shocking pink here to make it good. So this is one example Have another example. This is another color with the ship like this and also the same with white lines and not sample. You also can make this. This is a really and this one life. This is a circle. It is another life. And this isn't that everything. You have to make this this one. This is Serco. Line this one You need one and two and three and four colors. What is there to go in? This one are really just the purple. If I make this one, I already active. Put it down, then you can make watch and then not the color. Make it then for war, for example. Then why? Yeah, You don't like you can just undo and you make my and then find me life. Uh, what it's for? Yes, or you make a girl. And yes, it? No, we're pretty simple. And then you put color. Yeah. And then So me, it's you hear? You just take it. 5. 05 Make First Pattern: This is to make the new file. You have a three here in the nuclear drawing. It will have doors like this. And then you slice this and this and we will use this. What? And here is the color we choose. Black one. Do you play? Okay? And you would down with it was done and make these me there. He said then my wife. You good. Do anything you like. Did I just again? Yeah. Color be then, like this are sinful to he is black. One Blake here. All right. Why? 6. 06 Save Pattern File: If you win this one dish, one there is done, you're done. And then there is a sign here. And then you create this it will send to our Indian so you can send to save inmates or brain, or also because we will goto meal. And then you I really do yourself very simple me and then you just leave said, Yeah, they know you are in your meal and then this is our mill Do myself with number This this is the file and then consider here you see here and you can go to, for example, this one and just accept. 7. 07 Create Pillow Mockup in Photoshop: Okay. Now we will make a book up off a pillow with our floors. I bet Pattern here. You can find your file in our attachment in class project and then you just one below more a file. And then you open it a but the shop and you will see like this. That is a shadow of workplace Artemov epigram. So you need your fire from my bear. And this is my fire. When I opened it and put the shop that you see first we need toe Make it as a smart object . So you goto car for the smart object. There is a sign year as the square and this is a smart object sign. And then you move it this one into your pillow up and it should be under artwork. Here is the mayor. What? I knew me. I fact that the size what a simple you lie This sign our like. You just did to be that one. And uh yes. Okay. For example, I have committed what? Just click away and then here you can see. Yes, you do. We'll make a better But if you want Dio Jinya, you can have emit adjustment and carbs. Yeah, you can see a darker and like there and so on. So I am happy, Matich One that is okay. And if you want to make another better, you can Comanche make a copy. Then you close this one. And I can wrote a for example, like this or I can yeah, resemble you want to make? He's said to be like, okay, and happy with this one. Then you make another by done war your pillow If you want to say and then control common s and then you just hear is cheaper And you can name it like, uh, see being but below, for example. And then you play here and you will be asked quality and you just keep so you will have Z ping below here in your file. So this is the one way to get better. 8. 08 Design Alternatives and Other Pattern Ideas: for the decide alternative. After you create one better, then I will show you how to resize and wrote it and so on. And then you have many kinds off alternative design for your drop below marks and talk back . This is the first idea. I make a different color here, using green and purple and orange, and there is an original design, but below is better place. So I just number two. I use different shaped like circle, have circle lines and so on. And then for the pillow. There is an already know decide and when we change the U and saturated colors, then becomes very different. This is number three, you already know and also rearranged the ornament off the panel. Is this I did number four using circle and a very simple ships, and we learn about duplicate Burton leather on in for the show. 9. 09 Pattern Ideas #1 Pattern Play: diffusing this pattern, we will create a pattern. Play here because we will play with the pattern. It means that you only use this pattern and you don't use the white one. So you open this and for it in the shop. And then here you have to Do you know this one using Magic one. And you see this one and then you you let them, And then it becomes transparent and you know Conforti too smart object. And then it's not object. You bring it to your pillow mock up. Yeah. And you close this one, and then you get in this What? And then you got be this. It's been, for example, you like to play and to make it small. Then you can put it year, but a simple Yeah. Okay. Play with the pattern here. Oh, you get what year? And so? So this is a pattern 10. 10 Pattern Ideas #2 Change Hue & Saturation: they re really tells the U. N. Saturation. I'm looking for my pattern from my pet. And then I opened it a photo shop. Also, I used a magic whim and they create this one and Kristi live. And then it becomes transparent. And then comfort, too Smart object. And then you're vilest radio. And then I arrange you and then you can make it bigger or smaller. Issue is and I'm happy with this one. And then I quickly your view contains the mayor here. If you really you mates and then you want todo just the girls for assemble. You want to make it like Are you want to make it? Darko, You continue here. So I'm happy with this one, for example, and then click. OK, work it to save it. I commend s And then if you go to your below, this will be a new one again. If you want to do big difference and then double click you open and then you just you ends up to raise you here issue and saturation. We just tried Toe Jones, this 14 sided tent, you or I can move right to be this one, but I'm happy with this one. And then I click. OK, don't forget to save. And then if you go to your look up, it will be the new one again. I want the genes the saturation now, So adjustment, you saturation. And now it is a saturation with this one. And I make it like there's like, Okay, don't forget to save. And then you put to your beloved will be like this. So this is the way we changed the US saturation by double collector smart object. 11. 11 Pattern Ideas #3 Re Arrange 1: in appearance. You have toe God it So you go toe petition. And now I find the better this one and then open it in for the show, See, like and then you do live. And then now you use the God and then you want God. This one and you create this for Are you fine? His? Yes. And that you've got. And then you base here so it will be a single. And then you click Akin this nirula, Paul, and you can't very dead and then make up. Cut! Go! This word and this one have two more slowly. So yes, if you see as usual here and it's control X and I put here three is like this. And then another thing. I made this one so I could go Mayor Aceto and happen again. You've got a kid. I put it here. Okay, so I have 12 and three and for example, I like this one. So I go back to your zero. Yes, I got this and then I face it. Get 12. 12 Pattern Ideas #3 Re Arrange 2: because I don't need this one. I close and then I What? I have seen this one. And I can tell you, for example, I want to be, like this year. This one here. I don't want to make it so I can don't know. 13. 13 Pattern Ideas #4 Duplicate Pattern: to get pattern. So you see, this is a memory. We duplicate one better toe. Be one, and then we duplicate 23 and four. So and for the show, it is what? And then you open it in the shop to be this world we live, and then we have to make a matter patterns. I told Alison with 1000 and then I d be 300 transparent. Okay. And then you move your better here, and you make it as yes. This is what? And then you play control jail toe make it too. But you have to ask you this fall, and then you prick horizontal makes your they They are close to each other by this. Yes, And then you bring to one and two. So you think your discovery up and then you comment g and then you make a lot of things. But here s we have to flip transport and flip vertical. So you put in here and then you makes it and make sure. Yeah, You see this? What mixture? Carol, this is a factor. And then if you combine it one and two in three, you make a group here Group play years now you can dance the size for Islam for you like it to be like this. Okay, kid. And want toe for you. Put more slayer here to be only one. And then you move toe Smart object and then you bring it to your feeling. Yeah, course I close this one. And I lost this one. When you make it the smaller and then you can see here is the while this What? Get you like it? Get this is done. 14. 14 Create Mug Mockup: No. You have fired in your class project you can download in attachment for the mark mocha and , um earthy. The layer like this. This is a problem. FreeBSD them place that I got from this website. You can also find it is free. And you find the layer year entered me. So you have to see this is a smart object. Sign New Doubletree gift. Do we have to put our emits? Let's say, here I have this image and I already put it as a smart object. And then I move in here and I decisive. So it will be That's into yeah example like this. And then I save it. And then if I go back to back up, this will be a test due this month. Here. If I don't like this color than our close it, then I say it and then go back to mark up. Then it will be like this. So this is you can acted the miss here and you can acted the color here. If you want to make a different color than you can Do you also like it say I like this being so resemble? I want this great. I just click. OK, and then say it. And then I go back to my mow cop and it will be like this. So it's up to you. Which color and Miss Burton you like. But you just work in this two layers. 15. 15 Create Canvas Totebag Mockup: with the conference stirred back Book up in the class, Project and attachment. You can don't look this file. And then you see there is your logo here. So there is a smart object square sign you just publicly. And then I want to change the decide with my desires. So that say we have this one and then I didn't want why a ground. So I used a magic one. And then, like the white world and do they did. And then now I have without a ground I move it to place order file. I did this and then now I use commented to transform all and then I want to make it be, Yes, in my talk, but I want to the square. But I want something circle. So I prepared this force. I want to make it big. And then I use, uh, and lives. Thank you. Tools I hold save to make its circle, not a lives. And then you see, here is the why I choose with pattern that I like this and then okay, and then come in x two cup and then I visit a camp and then I don't use the some What? So you know what? And then I delete it so it will be my design for faster, back to don't forget can do to save it as click Ok, but you have to click Tous and then wait to open it. And then if you go back to your campus, this ergo is already on your back. So again, this is the way you acted your decide. 16. 16 File Preparation for Printing Company: This is the decide with using gun First ordinance off campus. What a perfect prick. You can ask the printing company Which one is good for your pillow and I actually use can force or they didn't stop with the size off 100 times to 150 centimeters. So for the decide here I create six flops. This is for one below, second below and the third below. And then if we want to make a 40 times to 40 centimeters below, it means that you designed for the two and then 42 toe prepare for the shrinking presents on and then you can separate it with two centimeters or more for suing. So the swing company will use this a sea captain, and then combine. This is the front below and this is the back below from below, back below from below. If you want to change the color or you just click and then you change the color off the here. Well, let's say you don't like or raise and then you want toe split for a simple and become like this. If you want toe combined with being a movie like this or you can Just any color, for example? Oh, dark grey. Or like three. Whatever you like that did that. This the way you changed the color is this. I use the same she and so it is almost purple. And I use a doctorate here. So this is the file with rial size 100 Cindy. Mean thirst time. 150 centimeters. And then you can design like this. 17. 17 Assignment: So that's all. That's what The class I hope you can show. Have your decide. So in a class project you can find assignment. Please create one or two patterns and show up your pillow here so everybody can see in the world. And then give me Komen and back like this Goss and share to your friends. Because this is my first class. So I hope you can help me. Hopefully I will soon make another class that did you in a fatherly thank you.