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Doodle Design for Paper Bag Mockup with Photoshop

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Introduce Myself


    • 3.

      Doodle is Fun


    • 4.

      Scan Your Doodle


    • 5.

      Prepare File & Scandinavian Swatch


    • 6.

      Create Scandinavian Doodle


    • 7.

      Create Scandinavian Paper Bag Mockup


    • 8.

      Another Scandinavian Color


    • 9.

      Paper Bag with Text


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About This Class

Everybody loves doodle. Remember when you were in the primary school and you draw anything on blank space of your schoolbook ? Doodle is free-ing our minds. Doodle can be so addictive. You need only paper and pen.

I like to make doodle everyday to improve my hand. For about 15 years I used my hand and fingers more mostly on computer's keyboard or mouse. Then my fingers became so stiff and I could not write nicely using my hand again.

Only in 2014 when I found an art shop CassArt in Kingston, UK suddenly I bought pen, watercolor, brush, drawing sketchbook etc, then I started using my hand naturally to draw and doodle. Now my hand is back :).

So, let's use our hand naturally by creating doodle. In this class, you also learn how to color your doodle with Photoshop to create Paper Bag mock up. Why you need a mockup ? Mockup is a good way to show how your art will look like on something. You can prepare your portfolio as well to show it up to clients for illustration jobs.

This class is very basic and everybody can learn it. You can use any Photoshop you have, I only teach you coloring with Paint Bucket Tools, a very basic level for everybody.

You will learn :

1. Create doodle with pen or marker

2. Transform hand drawing doodle into colorful digital doodle with Photoshop

3. Practice to create Paper Bag mock up with 2 different Scandinavian colors

ENROLL this class immediately, I guarantee those videos are easy to follow and you will be amazed with your own project later on.

I would be happy if you can peek my website and follow my instagram @hanny.agustine

PS : Don't forget to send your awesome project in "Project". 

Happy doodling,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

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1. Trailer: 2. Introduce Myself: Hi, I'm Honey a Christine from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm illustrator, designer and founder Tickets start I d. That's my Children Credit Planning center for about 15 years. For a long time I did my details in my centers computer about big electron ICS and also our I sell my art in society six dot com and also interested Call. And this is my instagram and had me told Kristen I like to draw every day. I like to do dio every day and I always posed in my instagram Sometimes I draw naturally with my hand But sometimes I make a digital drawing with I bet Please come to my website and follow my instagram. Thank you. 3. Doodle is Fun: Okay, studio time for yourself. Thank you. At line, please. Or any big science marker. I use the black one and then I use sketchbook or any paper you have. And now just move your head. Sometimes you go down sometimes you go out. Sometimes you draw kind of circle, square or lines Just me here, all the white space It's not playing anymore. If you're used to do this sometimes I practice to close my eyes and I just let my hands do drink. But for the first time, you can open your eyes. Corpus Don't be afraid to make any mystics. Not at all does move your hand and let the lines matched to each other. And sometimes you have to repeat it like me. Just make your all why Speirs is bored now. Here I see still playing one. So I make a small one And then I What next? The previous one. If you venous just take another paper and do do some more. Just remember when you were a kid you like the two days, right? So this is the final result and please doodle again and again and again This is another assembles I do like this on. You know what? It's very different. This is my last detail. Just try again and to do every day. 4. Scan Your Doodle: now scan your do dio. I used scanner. It's be skin deep 40 50. Now you just selected area that you like. Move the blue dogs to the selected area and then I just color and I use resolution 600 u P I I like it to make it paid. So I don't have any quality problems that there aren't. And then you give a name. Do your fire like to do one and then for the former U two steeper and then sharpen I just high for better quality and bleed. Scamp your eyes skin to do deals in one time. So now I just a second selection area to my second to Jos. I moved the Blue Dogs, the restricted area ally, and then give it the name till two and cleat skin. No, it's ready, and you can bring it up to put the shop in the next lesson. 5. Prepare File & Scandinavian Swatch: now it's what? This your time. We will prepare file from our to dose to be ready in 40 show. I choose at this time Scandinavian color because I love everything about scandal countries , the design, the colors. I love itself. What's first? We have to prepare to jail file in for the show, open your emits input this shop and we need a very sure black wines. So we need to adjust this dude. Oh, with image a judgment levels. And this is the good thing. Look at the input level, boss. If you move slightly, the big round will be whiter. And look, if I move it fried, and then the black lines will be so good, so sharp for our next design. Okay, This is our oddity now to job file. And then because we need to modify, you need to make another linear by duplicate layer. And then you can name it original. Click. Okay. And then close eyes for program. And you have the file that's ready to be modified? No. Make a new file with file new juice in dimensional paper and I juice. If for 300 t p. I and I do see him. So I came because we will pray and then just transparent for the bakery. Okay, Next week, period swats the color combination. And because I like this candy Nepean emits. I drink it for the show. And now we pick up one by one the color that we need and we move it to swats. First you need select calories and in the box you can see there is a simpler colors and then you click admits you just I drop our tools and now pick up one by one a color that you like and you see in your swats The car will be placed in the sorts on the upper right? Very. Is it to find the color you like and ready to calorie do don't. Next I still enjoy Pick up the colors and now look at the source. We're ready to cover our doodle now. In the next lesson 6. Create Scandinavian Doodle: Okay, lets May Scandinavian to Jill. We were agreed. Paperback. Move up like this Which square and circle design. And we will only use the easiest coloring tool in her for short that we only use pain backup tools. So it's very easy. You don't have to be expert in for a brochure, okay? And then, please your color in shorts on the upper right. And then one by one with pain backup tools. You juice each chip and you make color on I just blue. And then now I do No, I only knew with red red threat threat threats I like days. That's so fun covering like things, right? If you don't like the color you can use commencing for undue and the background we plan to be white so you can undo If you just do a mystic and make your big run. It's not wife. Yes. Finally, you've been this You already color all ships that you have now in the next life ship. We will use this to d'oh and we create a paper bag 7. Create Scandinavian Paper Bag Mockup: woke up time again. We will create paperback book up with rectangle and circle design. Fine book. Quiles PST file ingress project that I That's and you can see you will have three files and then open it in for the show. You will have a file named Brown Paperback Book up Dog PST and you have five players. You can see one by one. But the most important is that one There is a plus sign. DoubleClick the plus sign There is a smart object fire. Then you can have lettering. 12 dog psb file. This is the father's you will use to put your judo decide. Now you open your judo and we will delete the wide background. So use a magic one. Do you live and then move to dio lettering toe a left A PSB file drug here. Of course you have to These eyes command t to dress war first we want to make a rectangle design. Okay, Nice to me. Always say file when you have be with this world, then save and you can see the result in brown paper bag book upto PSD. But, oh, what is this white line that we don't need it so again in lengthening. Well, I don't bs being We will revise, make a new layers. Name it aspect Ground We used black color to see the white line is here use I did feel foreground color and then move your studio up And then you can see because the background is play. You can use rectangle. Thank you, Tool. See like the area. Select a white wine and feel it at the bottom. Also see, like the work area and deal it now you do Don't file. Must be okay. Save akin to forget. And then in brown paper bag More cup You will see now it much better so you can change your decide in your paper Backed by changing your file lettering Swell up. You can move it like this You guns make it smaller. Bigger. Okay, so using the editor you can turn the now and I like this one. So I make it right at the center and I say for it again. And in brown paper bag mocha file. You see who I like this. And then after this rectangle, we will make a circle design. I use elliptical marquee tool and you hope shift. Okay? And you will have Ah, circle lines over there. You just the best part of your studio that you lie. And then you got it made Command ex coca and then add a new layer and name. It s circle and then commence three and face your circle. Do dio again to forget to save the file and the result ISS Whoa! This is nice Also. Okay, So this is how to create the perfect more cup using Scandinavian color and your pen trying to tells. 8. Another Scandinavian Color: next do coloring again. This is so fun. I just another inmates prompting dress you cancer! Scandinavian color scheme. And there are so many images with beautiful colors. Again, you do see like tolerance. And then to assemble colors I dropped does take, emits and you pick up colors that you like Bill Greene been Oren's gray like their low and so on. So this is to create shortest, that we were used to color the judo and I just another emits from being dressed because I think I need more colors again. You do see, like tolerates and then you pick up colored as you like. Don't forget to think, emits and I dropped to and you get do us any color that you like now our sort This is full off color said to be like and we're ready to do coloring again. Okay, Now you're obviously no black and white to deal while I make to break it. Lay here and I close the force color and now I'm ready to do coloring. Now we pick up color one by one, and let's do it. It's so fun. I like it so much. I can do this all deal. Remember, if you don't like the color or used to some mystic, you can undo it Commencing You can make your image speaker and they together you can sign, and then you can see the details and you can cover it s very small ships and finalize it. Okay, We fitness with color Number two in the next life said we will decide the judo again for our paper back up and we will ask the thanks. 9. Paper Bag with Text: This is the last session in this class. We will make background for our war due to design. First, you open again The brown paper PST file End up Oakley The plus side, this is a smart object, so you can sense the decide and then closed eyes open again. Your Trudeau Scandinavian file tracking Teoh matter Enjoy all of the PSB file use comment T or transform to resize the studio and make it nice as you like And because we need to make the green background, then we have to delete the white one. But you say magic one and delete. And then if you save it, you can see the result in brown paper bag mocha psd and this is your first decide Then now we do magic one until it the white one. And then for layer one, we were used to to be the background and we change the color. We need the color to be dark green, just the color resemble I pick up the green from the design and then I did feel for ground color because I already choose the green one week. Okay, The background layer will be great because we need to lay years holzer and then you juice, background and the Dujail and direct two layers to let drink. Job done psb file again. You don't need the already no one And you close the eyes to calm NT to transform you after you You're satisfied with your sighs and then you can clean up here to do you see, there is a wide line here, dio with magic one and deliver. And then now you know design is clean and to most two layers you use come in e and then you resize it again as big as you want. And don't forget to sit a while. Then you see the results in brown paper backfire. Okay, Now we will put that's and our design. Whereas we will make us Article one do the same thing like before cut and paste and then put new layers and make circle. And then to make that's you Giusti vortex. And what assemble you will make this descent for a company called stationary injured calm. Then you write down W w stationary ended call. You resize the phone. You are It's again the position we nous don't forget to save the file and you see the result. The green color for the Texas Not cool. So I would tend to be why Missing layer style color overlay. And then I just wide okay, save the file again. And now the result is much Looks better with White Tex. Okay, so now you already make background for your design and you can dive the text for yours, go to Joe. And this is the end of the class. It's no time for you to show up your project. 10. Assignment: Okay. This is your don't. Now, we have done this project to different Scandinavian colors, and we make a circle and swear design for our paperback book up. And now I try again with my third color, and then I want something different. So I cut in place with the triangle chip. And then I are instead to be liked it. Sometimes I put stroke in the layers, drove with white or black. Okay, this is your assigned mud. Let's create your judo and then just gather and color it in photo shop. And then you say in the file. But I provided in class project you can create paperback move up and much Syria to the world. Thank you. Bye.