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iPad Drawing Series : How to Design Beautiful Scarf with Paper53 - from iPad to Fabric

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Introduction to Paper53


    • 3.

      Create Color Palette


    • 4.

      Draw Shape and Line


    • 5.

      Draw Flamingo


    • 6.

      Prepare Image for Scarf Design


    • 7.

      Design Your Scarf


    • 8.

      Change Color - Add Logo - Save File


    • 9.

      Prepare File for Fabric Printing


    • 10.

      Choosing Fabric


    • 11.

      Class Project


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About This Class

In this class, I will take you on a journey to create a beautiful Flamingo Scarf that is originally a hand drawing on iPad with Paper by WeTransfer apps. So, it's a fun journey from iPad to Fabric!

Some followers on my Instagram asked me "how can you make this scarf from a hand drawing ?" Happily, here I am, ready to guide you with fun, easy and short videos.

What you need ?

  1. iPad (any iPad, I use my Mini iPad)
  2. iPad Pen (or Apple Pencil or I use Alu Pen from Just Mobile)
  3. Paper by WeTransfer (install it from AppStore)
  4. Photoshop

What will you learn ?

  1. Introduction to use Paper by WeTransfer apps
  2. Drawing Shape and Lines with Paper by WeTransfer 
  3. Draw Flamingo with Paper by WeTransfer 
  4. Transfer iPad's drawing to Photoshop
  5. Edit drawing to be a ready image for Scarf with Photoshop
  6. Design a beautiful scarf with Photoshop
  7. Choosing fabric for the scarf
  8. Print and Sew with fabric digital printing company

This class is suitable for everybody including a Beginner. Even if you think you can not draw ! I guarantee this class will be simple and to apply Photoshop basic level skills. Of course, after joining this class, I hope you can create 1 beautiful scarf design and then I would be surprised if you can show me your AWESOME SCARF on fabric. 

Can't wait to see your scarf !

Important Note :

In this class, that I made in 2017 I used "Paper53. But since this company has been bought by WeTransfer in 2019 then this app becomes "Paper by WeTransfer". Search that in AppStore.

So if you watch my class, please be noticed of this apps' new name.

Happy Designing,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with www.digikidz.id in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

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1. Trailer: Hi there, this is I've been drawing serious class How to create beautiful scarf from iPod to fabric. Using my brother 53 APs. Do you ever wants to create a beautiful scarf like kiss with your own drawings from my pet ? This is honey Al Kristin. I'm illustrator, designer and founder off two tickets took Ivy. It's a learning center for Children to learn about computer multimedia around 40 electron ICS and also our There are three steps in this cast. First, I will teach you how to draw the Flamingo and ships in iPad. And then second, I will teach you how to design your scarf in photo show and the final one The third steps, you will be ready with your digital files to be printed all fabrics and show it in this class. We will have fun. Two draw flamingo in. I bet our did use that by step and after I bet I will. Did you also in photo shows how to design a template for your scar and including your local and just imagine after you printed, then you can find the small off the silky fabrics and how beautiful your flamingo that you draw in. I bet before then you can change also the background off your scarf so you can have three or five color ways that you like with a suitable and mets to your drawing in. IPad. For this class, you only need your iPad. You can use your fingers or any pan, apple pencil or any other iPad. Pen and off course you need paper. 53 abs. This is free and you can download it from APP store and not but this unit photo show. And this one is a simple for the shop, and I guarantee it. And then later on, you can sell your scarf, drew your instagram or Facebook or through your website. And you can also prepare the nice Beckett James for your customers and I get Indian. Iscause will be very easy, step by step and let's do it. 2. Introduction to Paper53: Okay. Now we start with Introduction to paper 53. By asserting paper 53 you can install from APP store And then after you got this world, you can click install, you can read all just through and then let their own You can open it in your I bet with this Aiken on the left side there are some avenues. But in this class we will focus on Lee before making paper. So here is example off my trying in the middle you can see three icon sti to make. That's for a simple you can type title. Here you can explore it But in this class we were not used for tax and then came around to find the admits from your camera roll. And when us paper would like Teoh a sense your photo or your camera to click OK, and you can practice with resize and spot line. But in this class, we will not use the second I can. We only use the 3rd 1 to drop Okay, number You're ready to throw in paper 53. This is the drawing tools. We will see one by one, from the left to the right we have a razor and then in back pencil marker, pen and grass. And then the single one is the color me, sir, that you can mix Carter, and we can pick up cover. On the right side, we have the color palette. And then if you swipe to the left, you still have tree does. First beside the eraser there is a continuous line and then fail ship and the Caesar is for cut and copy. Basically in discuss, we will use real ship to draw the flamingo to design our scar. Now we try one by one. This drawing tools this is the ink pen and then now I try and sells. This pencil is very thin. And then for marker, it's sticker Next man, This is also thin, but under the texture off the span instead off pencil and the next one is press the next drawing doors. If you strive to the left, then you will find on the left side. After eraser, you will find continues line. So you just a may go square or circle with your hand and then suddenly this application will make it nice. And this this is the most important thing because one off the session in discuss I will did you have to use this field ship to create chips and then let me go. Since just by creating simple things, we can create very nice car. If you want to know more about tips and support on the upper left corner, there is a tip in support. If you click, then you can have many tutorials. It's very easy and you can learn it. And suddenly you can use Pepper 53 so well. But before we tro, we need to create our color Ballard first. 3. Create Color Palette: course, we can create color palette in decision if using the drawing tools on the right side, there is a color pepper, and we can juice actually from the color we live from pin dress. If you find emit in cocoa, save it in your color palette in pepper. 53 for a simple you can don't look, my emits if your life my pastel colors like this, then you can open it in paper 53 then from the color picker, and you just double click and then you can find the color picker. You move it with your hand. You see there is a little dark and then you can hold the color and then track to the color palette, and then it will be saved in your palate. That's very easy, isn't it? Now you can continue with. Pick it up the blue color of the light blue, Uh, and again you hold and track to color paella and you save it from the color picker. You also can change the U. N. Saturation off the color until you find the best color that you like. For simple attains days to be this nice green and Then I hold and dragged to my color palette, and I have my new color on that panel. I continue again address to find the soft being like this and pull drag to color Bella and I save it. 4. Draw Shape and Line: next. This is throw ship and line Chip and lines also play a very important things when we designed something for our scarf litter own ships like this, freestyle ships or freestyle lines and also on perfect circle. And this can be nice combination when you designed this crap in for the shop. So no less that to create ships as usual, I will use in bed to show you how my hands or my fingers both on the screen. It is very simple, like overall, or is exactly like that or circle. And when you are ready, Then we moved to fail ship Just the color. I just the ping one soft be. And now I make my ships. If you don't like it, just undo because you sing feel ship. Sometimes you have to practice your fingers to be very flexible and then continue juice the other color and make another ship. Now I make unp er fix Syria Kal, if you don't like it, niche us. Create undue and repeated until you're happy with your ships. Every names you can make one again, just click plus sign and then you can practice with a different color life by blue, dark blue grey and so on. Here we make a new screen again. Now we tried to practice when two ships cross over its other. So after we make this job one then I just the light color and I enjoyed on the jack one. Now I try with different colors the bright colors one. So it depends on your creativity and what kindof imagination that you will create letter on and your scarf design. And then now I want to make lines. So I changed to ban I just black color. And then I make a free lines here and there. So just play around, enjoy your abs. Enjoy your fingers or your pan. And I like this so much I can make many shapes and many color combination with only this 10 Dale off. And then again, I use ban and the color and I make different line. This is like a electronica sign for resistance. Yes, yes. You can draw here and there and enjoy. So after watching how my hands and finger both on iPad in the next section you will not see my hand because I record my iPad using screen recording your new only seeing the result, the ships and the lions that I make it with my head. Next we used the implant. We also can make lines like these. The form is different and then it's with pencil and then with model could. But also we can still keep using krill ship and make a line like what I did before with my sips. If you finished with your ships in line and then there is a narrow just click and you can just mail so you can send email to yourself and this while you can open it in your email, seven in your computer and then later on you can open it in photo shopped. So design your scarf. So this is very interesting session you can draw and his chips and lines you like, and then let the wrong people you said to design with Prime Mingo using photo shop. But first we draw flamingo in. I bet in the next session 5. Draw Flamingo: Hi again. Now we drove flamingo. This is a very nice anymore. But here in this class, I don't issue how to draw it. So perfect, so professional. And I don't ask you to find the references from being dress or Google emits. But here are us you to have fun with me, drawing very loose style. And you will be amazed with this fail. She adores that are disused Draw claiming go. And that's this Flamingo can be the design off your skull like this. It's very nice, isn't it? Okay, lets that now here I used pen first to show you how my hand is moving. First you make the head and the neck and then next you make the body off our flamingo. You just follow later on when you sing well, ship tools move your hands. Like what we practice before you sing pen. So here is my assemble off our flamingo. I just being color and I just told like so seemed like this, but it doesn't matter if you want to draw your style. Okay. Now move to feel ship activity and then just the color B and like before move your hands one and to And this is your flamingo. So after creating go hat next and body now we make the flamingo B. I do stop. Great. It's almost black you can undo if you're not, said this five And you can also jump in and zoom out to make your movement easier. And if this is the first time you draw this family go, don't be afraid. If you make a mistake, you just create undue. And then you draw the big again like me Also, I have to repeat it for five times until I'm happy with the big and I continue drawing. And if you are happy, then continue to make our flamingos. I just make a little bit off for I. Now you see, my hands continue. We may fenders off our flamingo and then later on Regence doing bad and I just again the dark gray And I tried to make a credit in life That is the video when you can see my hand on my back And now I record my screen so you will not see my hand. But here is the movement off my trying using in prayer and fellowship toe, Draw this flamingo. In the next session, we will prepare our emits in for the shop for your scarf designs 6. Prepare Image for Scarf Design: could if you come to a decision, you already done a few things. Now we prepare. Emits four scarf design. Previously, we know that we will have three steps and now we already turn with I patrolling and step one. Now we continue with that to to design our scarf in for the show. It will be very basic skill and for the shop Don't worry. Just go through with me. Okay? This is the square that we will have in photo shop. So the fire size would be 9000 times 9000 excels. This is my favorite size because the bigger you have your size, then you will have a better quality when you design this car and then for the fabric size. Actually, we will prepare for 110 times, 110 centimeters. So when I create the size off a brick, then my photo job would be minimum $9. Sometimes 9000 Big sell for your design is up to you. Do you want to have like being from mingle with one high or you will create like the green Fleming Go on the right side with two lines. It's up to you But after tests, we will see how to prepare our files and put the show first. Open your for the shop and create new file. Now we juiced excels for the with and hate. And then for the color board, we just see m y que Because we will bring it on for bricks and I just 9000 timeline does, um, the image size will be wrong. 300 makeup bites s. So it's a quite big pile. And then now we continue with giving helping lines. So it will be easier for us to define which one for the lines and which one for the design and the ruler. Up there, you can see that we already prepare 9000 pig cells and the numbers that from zero I make the line at four. And then also the vertical lines and horizontal lines. Four. So we make a square for the design inside, and the lions were outside with the same thing. Also for the below part just for so from 76 to 72. Okay, Now our square is radio on the inside for the scampi sign and the outside for the lines. And is this in Layer one. Now we color it, so I already choose the color for being at lier. One click I did feel and juice foreground color, and then you can act players whether I got at the bottom and then layer to you can renew Mitt as small square. So we know try to clear the lines for our scarf. I district and go tos to create small square. So drag directing girls from the small square and then I give a different color. I just this color for the smaller square. But here in properties, I have to just know stroke because I don't want any stroke for the small square. Now we have inside square, and if you want to change the color, just go to the layer that you want to chance. Jews layer on, then juice color overlay, and you can choose the other color for a simple greed. Don't forget to rest. Arise layer. Once you use rectangle to make the smaller square. So this is the way. If you want to change the color for your skull, pick around or for the outline line, and later on we will see that this bigger and lines will be patch on the decide that you put it into the small square the replay around ways coloring the outside and inside square . Now we prepare our flamingo. So open your flamingo file and then open it in for the shop together with the ships that you will use. So here I have three files the Flamingo and also to files or shapes and lines that we already made in my path. And we will combine it into our scarf. Decide when you open from Mingo file. Make sure you choose the resolution to be 300 to p. Ay, because from my you only care 72 db I and there's too low for every printing. Now we will let the background but for spy coming l for levels or emits a judgment level input level the most left. But you can change the color off your flamingo. I like 15 here. When I'm happy. Then I use magic. What now? To delayed the background. So I bring the white one and to get a better flamingo. Usually I do see like modify Just one again. Seemed like modify Peters just one. So now you're blaming who is ready without any background. And you can get to our Scott fire. You can resize it with commending for transform. And now you can copy it with command J to duplicate layer. At this moment, three framing goes is enough. Now we move to shape files. So we do the same thing. Don't forget, Teoh. Change the resolution from your iPad file from 72 to be 300 to be. I've and then at my boss again. Doesn't picker to me get the bigger and more? Why here? I put 15 on the left made this green color is getting brighter and border than the original color. And then again, see, like, modify, expand and select. Modify Peters to have a very small ships and to delay the background again, use magic one click the white area and then clicking live. And now you only have the ships and one's ready dread and drop to your scarf. Fire. Okay, good. So now you already have this drop green light green shapes that you can raise with your flamingo in scarf Decide And next section will decide the Scott. And it would be so fun. Trust me. Don't forget to save your file. So this is Photoshopped file. And then juice your location to save it in your computer. On you Stop the Mingo Dog PSD Wow! You turn great jobs. You already done Step one and step two. And now we're going to continue with the sign your scarf in the next session. 7. Design Your Scarf: continue. It designed your Scott now. So we're still in step number two. Knee, Sign your Skupin photo show in this year's, as you know that from, I bet we have a couple of ships and we need to come up one by one. Just last. So tools and then seem like your ship and command x two car and then commend free to place . And then now you have separate ships and you can aim. It s I'm one and literal number two and so on. Don't forget to go back to your ship player. With this layer number, tool your to and then use Lassiter's again. See, like your ship and then government X car. Come and three based and you will have separate shipmate here. Continue after all ships Penis. And then you will have one to drink for five separately years poor this stock green and light green here. I like to name layers when I cut it one by one, so I can remember which one save number one number two normal part and so on. So after you Penis cutting it off, then you can place it together with your climbing. Go then don't forget you still have another ship from your bed. Now repeat the steps to delay the big ground adjustment I will, and then the picker to make it more wide and arrange your color I and 15 here to make us sharp and bold. Lawrence and light origins. And also I want to take the freestyle lives and then I use magic. Want to delete the background to work it to select, modify, expand and see, like modify Peters. Just one. Do you have a very good quality? Emits off your ships after venous drip and drop in your scar. Decide and rip it again to cut this or in ships one by one and also the freestyle lines that you drove with iPad. And then you will have separately years for its ship and it's slides again. You can rename you lay your name with us one as to history and so on. It's up to you just to adjusting with and easier for you to juice the shapes later on. If it's manure has its name, continue cutting off your ships and freestyle lines until all will be ready as separate lines in your file. Once your ships and lines are ready. And now this is a fun time because you can arrange your design as you want, and then you can make it Biggers water or rotate your miss here like what I do here I can. That's this ordinance here at the X off the second lines. It's up to you. I can do this all day long because I love how to see how my simple shapes and I bet become so beautiful when combining each other. I don't so with your flamingo, zoom in and out so you can see that your image will be located and appreciation very well within your scope Design for the Flamingo you can flip particularly or play palace and believe with that transform reported sandals or flip vertical, but also in at veterans From you can rotate 100 victory or 100 ticket wise or the other side. Now you can arrange your breath. Go ask you want after you said this fire airships and flamingo. Don't forget you still have a free style lines that you draw with iPad. So now we arranged the position off. It's off them again. With commanded, you can rotate you can make it smaller or bigger and duplicate. May here with command T in this white background, if you are not satisfied with the color off your freestyle lines, which is very stall, my trick is just make a copy off this line a year. So I used commend J to duplicate and then suddenly you see that the line will be more sharp . So the color is double lines and and if you need some war, you also can copy it again. Together. Now is much better. No, after finished designed the Flamingo ships and freestyle lines. We just the color for the lines outside and also the big ground inside. So now we choose the color for outline mines and the background for your scarf later on, because I like the green and the ping from the ships and flamingo I juice the line outside will be not so far away from the real, the blue and being, and I say, shall we will learn how to June sculler and at our logo into our scarf design. Let's do it 8. Change Color - Add Logo - Save File: now retains color and at logo into our scrap design. Uh, yes, still 10 scholar for the big ground and the lines. It takes time, but it's fun. And you will also have fun like me e for my logo. I create honey honey in my bed. So I used covered Ben. And then I write it down and said with as a file, so will be like this. And then in photo shop I saved As for web, to have a BND or transparent background. So now I opened it from my computer in the shop and here, Then I can arrange. I can resize it with commentator transform and then position a at the perfect place off mine scalp. Sometimes I moved the freestyle lines as needed. So you're ago would be position very well, and people can see it without any Mr Budge off any other meats. So I assume you also can create your local and then save it as transparent file or PMT, and then open it in for the show and use it as local in your stuff. Usually the logo in scarf will be placed on the right bottom corner, but it's up to you, You will do make it at the left side is also okay. But I prefer at the right bottom corner. Yeah, I'm not said this wide 100%. So I still ended in my shares my friend Mingo. And you see, this is very soft line. So I make a copy to make it Boulder and I audited again and feel the place based between flamingo and others until the design is completely finished. Okay, Now your Penis, your design and then save s Tupac and position it and keep it in your computer with quality . I just always toy love because I want the maxim of quality when I prayed my scarf. So this is the design off. Your scarf is ready, but not here for the fabric because this is still 9000 times 9000 big sales emits. Let's go continue to prepare 54 perfect printing and let's do it 9. Prepare File for Fabric Printing: Here we go Now we repair file for fabric for a day. So now here in the step number three to prepare fire for our digital printing again, our Scott will be in centimetres. So open new fire and then just the weight. 110 Hate. 110. Resolution 300 U. P I and your color mode ECM came for printing on fabrics. Don't just aren t B because our GPS for screen or monitor and then open your emits your file that you already designed before in the previous as you trek into your for the shop or open air in your foot the shop. Once you open your emits, it will be smaller because 9000 times 9000 smaller, compared to 110 centimeters. So you will use committee to drench for and make it bigger for 110 times 110 centimeters. And your scarf. Now it's reedy. Please take a kid. There is no any other. Do you packs or scratch on your Scott and oneness? Ready? Save it as Tupac and the demand as flamingos Cough 100 tense times 110 centimeters and write it down. See one Georgia, for example for the public's. So the digital Printing Company, you will understand that you will Brent Days or sequel Georgiev fabrics make sure the quality is to off. And then, for my option, just baseline. Otherwise, for baseline optimize, your will be so much speaker. So baseline standard is enough and we see here my file for 110 centimeters. Scar Square would be 37.3 megabytes, so it's already big enough for two pair. And then we will send this to our digital printing company that they're all if you want to design the other scarf that you can send this while as templates cop 110 times, 100 times centimeters and literally you can use it for the different design, so you're while now is ready for your scarf. You will print it with digital fabric printing company. But now let's see how you choose your fabric first. In the next session, 10. Choosing Fabric: Okay. Now the next part is all about fabrics. So how do you use your fabric? What you can do in your city that you live? Contracted it off every printing company and ask them for every cattle and usually I choose . See what? Your jail for my skull. This is very soft and warm. Will we use it and looks very thin and beautiful. But I also dry another time off. Brick suggest sales acted. This is faker than the chiffon Georgia. She I need Pelosi and maybe should a bow for a city or country with four seasons, especially in winter. And the other one is Turkey's for Turkish. Well has many holes, much more than the other two fabrics. So if your color is not so bold and bright and moved, don't great. The color is so much you get a scatter Hello from the digital. Her brick trending company, for example. I have a year and then they have a couple off. Samples here are also from Ciriello and then here you can see they have many assembles from its practices. A baby can first and then this is Captain Kapali and this is COMESA. This is a contrast crafting Abu cramp, but militarily and also still go for. So for the scuff, I would just see form. So this is it. When you're rejected, we will use for our scout. Sometimes they have so many different things and then also are gundy scuba and so and then to sue your scarf. Usually, the printing company also profiled showing services. But if not the only, print the fabrics and you can sue it to other parties. And for my scarf, I usually ask the printing company to shoot the hammock chewing like this and spreading tiny states at the edges off the scarf. So it's very need and very beautiful for C for George it Scott. But it's up to you. You can discuss with your sewer or with the digital printing company with services they can provide for you. Well, Duh D finished their session. Now we continue with class project 11. Class Project: and this is your class project. So by now you already learned from iPod to five bricks. First you draw and I bet with me the ships and friending go and then you learn with me the design off yours. Campaign for the show, just the fabrics. And then your final paper file goes to digital printing company and hopefully someone. So you're Scott and find out you already create your own Scott off course. I'll be super super happy to know that you create your design and also you can predict on their pricks like me. And this is your assignment. Throw your favorite animal ship and line on I bet and then design your skupin for the show . Save it in your back and submitted in your project year. This is like what you see in your skills here and forget deposit in urine sacrum and that me and honey Kristen, I really, really waiting for your submission in this project. And I would be really happy to have any kind off questions you may have during the process . And I would be happy to help you by sending personal emails or personal jet in communication with you. to help you succeed your project. You can see my every Detroit you saying many kinds off tools with what, color or agree legs or pan and markers Just go through my instagram. And this is also discovered that I drove with I bet altro ice cream and that I combine it with ships and lines, and I'm so you can also do it. This is so very nice, isn't it? I make it as a long scarf with 45 times 150 cent Kurtz. So now please read a review and life if you are happy with my class and pick my website at Honey Honey Co. And also, if you like an iPad drawing class, you can choose another iPad drawing service class with the title from iPod to home decor. And also I have another class with the title five beautifully signs with a joke troll. You saying it is a technique of you So fun, so easy. And I guarantee you can also draw like me. Okay. Thank you. Bye.