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Easy Floral Drawing - iPad Drawing Series with Paper by WeTransfer

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1 - Introduction


    • 2.

      2 - Introduction to Paper53


    • 3.

      3 - Practice First


    • 4.

      4 - Draw Flowers


    • 5.

      5 - Draw Leaf 1


    • 6.

      6 - Draw Leaf 2


    • 7.

      7 - Draw Little Flowers and Fill Leaf 1


    • 8.

      8 - Fill in the Flowers


    • 9.

      9 - Bonus Other Flower Ideas


    • 10.

      10 - Your Assignment


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About This Class

When I got my iPadPro for the first time, I can't stop drawing, especially with Paper by WeTransfer Apps that you can download it free from AppStore.

In this class, I am so excited to show you how EASY and FUN to draw florals by using only 1 or 2 tools in Paper53. Drawing tools like a fountain pen, marker, watercolor brush or pencil are common, but the "paint roll tool" is an amazing tool. You can draw almost everything with the paint roll tool because what you need to do is only drawing the outline.

In this class, I'll show you that you can draw a bunch of floral in an easy and super fun way as the following. 

So, in this class you will learn :

  • How to use Paper by WeTransfer apps
  • How to create a color palate
  • How to draw flower and leaf
  • Some other ideas to apply your skill to draw other beautiful florals

This class is for everybody, no matter you just started to draw with your iPad or you are already a digital artist. No matter you are a beginner or a master.

I am happy to let you know that after you join this class, you can ask me any question or even email me.

I can't wait to have your drawing soon !

Important Note :

In this class, that I made in 2017 I used "Paper53". But since this company has been bought by WeTransfer in 2019 then this app becomes "Paper by WeTransfer". You can search that amazing drawing apps in AppStore.

So if you watch my class, please be noticed of this apps' new name.

PS. If you like iPad drawing, I have a couple of "iPad Drawing Series" class here such as : 

5 Beautiful Designs With Adobe Draw - Using Eraser Technique

How to Create Beautiful Scarf - from iPad to Fabric

From iPad to Home Decor - Paper by WeTransfer and Photoshop

Keep drawing,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with www.digikidz.id in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise and only after developed my latest product www.artfactory.id for children in 2014, my childhood drawing hobby was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good ... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. 1 - Introduction: thank you for joining this class is a floral drawing step by step with pepper 53 Look at this beautiful floral arrangement. Haven't issue how to drop flower letter flour and also live like this. And after you learned the skill from this class you can also travel a different style like this rubber Camilla that iss my favorite And also this one that I call Bohemian dropped 30 . If you are a beginner, don't be afraid because letter You will hear my story. Hi, I'm honey a Christie. This is me and I like to try on my dining tables. Actually, I'm on engineer, but I love art so much. Actually, I bought my drawing tools in dodos and 14 but only in 2016 I started to draw every day everywhere I can mostly on my drawing our flower. Because when you draw colorful flora like tissue can feel happy. You can release your stress and you can soothing your mind and meditate like me. So I draw a lot on papers. But also on my iPad. This is another freedom for me because no water, no message. Terrible And I love it so much And Then finally, I realized that I have so many drawing paper on my table. One day I can't did about 800. But another day I found more than 1000. And because each off my drawing has a story. Then I start to create the story card off each off my drawing so I can remember what iss my feeling. What is in my mind when I draw it's off it and then I digitalize it and I transform it into vibrates and papers and leather to be what we call it a wearable art. For I did is computer in all things about technology. But now here I am with my scarf. Really? My notebook cosmetic approach wrapping paper, my Tetovo and off course, the packaging parts dead also originally s my watercolor hand throwing. So if you think this easy floral drawing class trust me by following my sure plus I will teach you to draw step by step in a super fan and super easy way 2. 2 - Introduction to Paper53: Okay, Now we start with Introduction to paper 53. In this class, what you need is only an iPad or iPad pro Silas or Apple Pencil and paper. 53 APS. This app is free. You can download it from APP store, whether I can like this. And then this is my sample from my Florida drawing. Joan Mills. We call it a Jonno. In paper, 50 trees of its life. You draw in your journal one by one. Which pipe aids. That's the way you see it in before 53 you can find sickles, the 1st 1 that most left one is similar, and then you click it to find another five Aiken's. Now I try the 2nd 1 to deal it Paige and then this one to duplicate. If you don't like it, you can feel it. Your fades this is do move fades to another journal for assemble. I move it to sketch and shape. And then if you go to your Florida Troy, it's gone now Then I third ship and other scarce because before I move it, do this ship and other skits. This is all my drawing with ships, and you can see the joy it's moved toe this journal, so I move it again by clicking the most right I Can. I just floral drawing and then close and then go to Florida, drawing to know now and you can see your drawings again. So that's the way you move, delete or copy. Now we start to draw our new pits by clicking plus sign. It means you can act new Bates. You can take your picture or photo or import from library, for example. I want to take this one, and I want you have to take your color if you like from one emits, that's probably you. Take it from Pinteresque or from Google. This is a color makes, sir. You can change the color U N saturation and, if you like it and then play and more to your color. Paris. But if you like some color from those emits you click color picker, then come up with like a mirror, and then it will pick the color exactly the same to your color mixer, and then you move it and tracked to your color palette again. I use color picker, and now for the green one. I like it, and I put it on my color panels. And then now I will issue how to make background color. So, for example, this is only a Nimitz. So just the color and then track to the pits and by ground will be green, and you just why click and drag and the pitch will be white background. It's very easy, isn't it? Now I really did, and start with new pits and we will practice how to use pain, drug tools and some pan or marker purse. I changed the background to be black click and threat, and then I just color. I picked Ping one and I use been brought doors. I draw the Circle one and then I just fund and pan. This is the life and then pencil and then the marker and then the thin line from pan and then the watercolor brush. So if I use pressed, the result will be like this and the ruler. It's nice because once you draw a rectangle, it will be a perfect rectangle by itself. The Caesar is to use to cop your admits, and you can move it around or you can copy, but I don't focus on these tools because today I only use pain, raw tools. And sometimes I use marker or funded Ben. So it is very limited to that I use for this class. But first off, all we will practice first, just enjoy and happen. 3. 3 - Practice First: now we practice first had to draw the blower little flowers and each live before we draw the complete floor arrangement leather on. So make new piece and then choose speaking for the flower and been draw to first we throw flowers. This is a freestyle flower. So I will not ask you to draw perfectly. Sometimes I use circle Sometimes I used five battle lovers. Remember again using Pedro to you only grow the outline off the ships. Okay. And now we draw the roast style flower. So I use my pen to draw half moon. But if you don't like it, you can undo and draw it again. A deal you are happy with full. I call it Half Moon because it's very easy for you to understand that I actually only draw half moon to reel in the flower. So it looks like a rose. So I drove half moon at the eggs. 1234 Sometimes five or three depends on the size of your flower and then I move forward. Between do have moons, you draw the new half moon and you continue until all the space will be filled with your half for the far better flowers. I drove half moons following the battle, so it's better have it's how more. And then I move inside between 2/2 moons. I draw a new moon do it business with the last one right in the center off your flower, and then still, you can add a thin how moon at the space that you still see as a blank space to make it more beautiful. The second flower is the little warm, so I just like blue color. And here you see, I drove five little petals or I drove war or dream. Little better does. And then I drove again. Circle in the middle, and it forms where I call it Letter as a little slower, and you can use it to fill in the blank space between flowers and leave later on. Now we practice to draw leave number one. I do screen color, and then I still you spend role to I draw outline off the lives and then for the stem. I still use spindle Jews just make a strict line, and then Joe four or six times inside, it's live. So this live I call it leave number one and then next I changed the darker green for leave number two. I throws exact. You can follow my hand movement 123 and then to finalize it. 123 I can't remember. This is a one time throwing. So don't live up your pan. Sometimes you need only to exact and then trees XX But this one if you want to make a bigger lift and you need four times 46 sex and then you finalize it. It's very easy, isn't it? You can draw it as much as you need, so your hand will be so smooth and later on you can draw it easily. A still have fun to do this. If you have enough practice now, Mr Flowers. Purse. 4. 4 - Draw Flowers: that's could be new withdrawal flowers. Now, if I talk about flowers, it can be anything, any form, any form that you like. But in this class, I did you the most simple thing, the Circle one. So I already just the color. And when you drawn with paint roll duel, actually you only drought with the outline. So, for example, you draw a circle. Just imagine, like you draw a circle with a pen, moves your hair like that and then the pin bro tool will form the ship exactly the outline circle that you trawl before. I do know how to use this to, because it's really at the beginning. But at the end, this is my most peppery tools in paper. 53 because I can draw anything without confusing with the result, because anything I drove with the outline off the lives outline off those star outline on the line or freestone lines. It just come like that. It's a magic actually. Already put some circles for the flower. I combine few colors for the flowers, like being Oren's light origins and life being, and sometimes when you drop, you intentionally lift up your apple pencil and it will not be a full circle. But it's, Ah, narrow like this. So don't worry. Just click, undo and you can go on to throw some more. Let's continue in the next session. 5. 5 - Draw Leaf 1: after we drop flowers Now withdraw lives. Okay, we go on now I'll choose green color from my parents that I already prepared before. And then remember, when you use pin roll tools, it means you draw with outline only. So look at my hand. I draw the live lift number one And when it that's the flower the circle one I with outside off the circle. I don't like this so I click undo and I throw it again until there is no two months kept between the lives and the flower. This is a repeated again I mostly early. Okay, this is good. Not so much gap and I moved on. So remember, it's like you used your pencil to draw lives. But this time before you cross over the circle, you move it slowly and you don't like it. I'm do repeated again. It's very easy, isn't it? So you can continue throw some more lives wherever you lie, injured a music and enjoy Troy. We stopped here for a while and then we will continue withdrawal. Live number two 6. 6 - Draw Leaf 2: we move on again. Withdrawn Lee number two. So we will have two kinds off near here. I used darker green to draw the second leave drug. This one. You use us exact line one and two in one time. So you don't lift up your pants so you don't live up your tools When you throw this, this is continues drawing and just imagine the outline off the second lives that you want to draw. So you draw like this Trees exact moves. 123123 And then for the right one again. 123123 Once you draw it, you will feel so comfortable with it. And then more and more practice. And then you just enjoy it. And everything about the perfect live or something like that. Because I want you to practice with pain, brought tools and applying freestyle. And then you can add it some more here and there, trying to be balance between right and laugh top and bottom. And then I prefer Teoh juice stock green beside the light one so it will be mixed between light green and dark green. And wherever you can have the space you can measure how big your secondly will be beside the first leave. Sometimes you need to troll, pick one or small one or sometimes the medium one and this one I just The picker lives instead off the small one that I've trump previously. So, people in the first session, I did you how to change the background color. Here I use the black one. But if you want to tense the white one, then go to color palette just why and then play and directo the pits and the background color becomes why so here you can see clearly how I draw the second live. This is a small spirit, so after the small one. But I do like it. You worry just like undo at the double right corner and discontinue. Okay. And don't forget, you can zoom in and zoom off. So if the space is too short off too small, you can zoom it out so it will be bigger and it will be easier for you to draw that lives again. This is the appliance. So I do like this undo. And then I drove slowly beside the circle. That's perfect. Okay. As um, in again. And I assume out again, As far as you feel comfortable, just draw and continue. Well, there's several dives you under. You see all this basis for lives ISS pool with your drawing and the combination between dark and light. Green is nice. You happy with that one? And then we will continue toe the max session. 7. 7 - Draw Little Flowers and Fill Leaf 1: Now we continue withdraw little flowers and feel in the leaf. Number one, I use black again to change the background color so you will see the difference between white and black background and then to draw the blue little flowers. I just blue one that I already prepare in the car fella. So again for this color palette is up to you because I love the images in the library. Then I use this to make my color palette and then once is ready. It's easier for you Detroit. But if in the mirror off the process you want to change your color palette is up to you because this class is only did you the way I you spend raw to in paper 53 to draw flowers for the blue letter off flowers. Look at this. I feel in the capital. Win live 1234 and cynical. 1234 And circle over there. Now we can feel in still with Ben Rhodes doors because it will not create a very stop line . But look at this. Somebody's I love the form that the create is not the straight line, but sometime this pin draw tour, you can throw a thin line or thick line as you need to fill in this live enjoying the music . Continue. Your joy is like a meditation for me, and I hope you also can feel it while doing this because the more you practice with pepper 53 the more you enjoy the trying style like this on because of the slow motion off your fingers on your iPad, it will helps your minds to become, and your life will be easier after that. Trust me Good. - Now I almost John with this, but I will see with Zoom in again and then if I can find the blank space. Then I tried to add some more little dark green or light green color. Yes, when you see it as overall bids, you can see which one is still playing, and you can feel with a little flour or with the lives. Number one or number two. I hope you injured this because we almost done with the process of raw. Next, we will continue to fill in the flower 8. 8 - Fill in the Flowers: this is the best part. Fill in the flowers. So we have several circle here. Not a perfect circles I don't like to throw perfectly. And then now we will make gross here, Created a little half moon for the bottom line. And then there top line. Yeah, but, um, go at them. Oh, but this is wrong on do. But, um oh, but the tell you like it undo, but, um and I have some thinner lines over there. But, um, go so don't live up to your pencil, because is this only one time Troy again by them stuff, but them but the dove. But, um but the belt sometimes I mean five. But sometimes also I at four or three depends on the size of the circle that you major before. Once you feel its full enough, then you can stop. But if not, you can add a thinner life outside. And this is enough for me. I will move again to the other circles and then you draw in the middle off the EDS so it will nose like this at some more than thinner. Life looks nice, but if you don't like it, just click undo and repeat it. So continue to hear in all the flowers with half moon and then the second layer will place the major off the eggs, enjoy the Maman and enjoyed the music way Almost done with the flowers. I'm happy to see this part. And this is the last part. All feel in the flowers. And after that still seeing which space the place place that I can fill it up. And after I at some little blue flowers here and there it will be greenest. And I'm satisfied. I'm happy. And I start doing this because if not, I would draw all they love. Do you think so? Yes. Is this the final trees up and next ever you some war symbols for your ideas to draw some more flowers? 9. 9 - Bonus Other Flower Ideas: This is the last session. I will tell you other flower ideas. So from this skill from this cars you can draw different flowers. As I will show you here I will show you my journal. I draw different flowers like this. But actually the technique list the same. I only use pain, brought tours. And this one I still keep my flower in a circle ship. I only have an ellipse two times as a center for the flower. And then you can add live number one and number two as the same as I did you in this class with the light and dark green color. And then we moved in the next flower here. I still use a circle for the flowers. And I used 100 band to make the flowers but in the middle and for the live I test rural simple. If but I used a razor to make a line in each live. And this is after I saw the movie for him in Rhapsody. So I drove this flower. It's the same Mr Go here and there for the flowers and then little ping flowers so you can make the live number one of two or only one off them, and here you will see a little quality. It's the flu. What? I will show you how toe draw this. So with Hunton pen, you can have a stem like that. That thing want a thicker one and also with a pencil. No, I you spent role do, and I make a later Zirkle beside the stamp. I continue for the step from pan and next stem from funded Ben, you can choose which one you like. Depends on you lovers throwing. And then again, I just funding plan to make the little stamp. But I have to go back to my brown color, and then I draw a little stamp or its little flower. So that's the way you can add some more little folly. It's to your draw. It's here. I jin's again do himself. This is interesting with apple pencil, because different pressure will give you different results. You can try to push harder or Bush slightly, and it will give you a different line. Now this is another idea. I do use a circle shape, but I dropped flowers like these. Sometimes you can draw with 34 or five flowers. Better but still this is a simple flower and then I add a circle ship inside each off the flour and for the live I drove a simple form off the lead. I'm sure you can do it. Still, I use a pin brought to and also for the stem in its off the live I also still you spent drawing tools. Sometimes I like a simple trying like this by using only two colors to green and the light pink. Then we may have a very beautiful drawing. This rubber is also nice because you combine roast by drawing half moon and instead off sir Culture flower. I use five metres flour and then I only use slave number two here and then give a little flowers to fill in the blank space. Next This flower, it's also my favorite and here you can see I trow have most only in the centre off the lower. And then I had a straight line outside the half moon. Here I also use a small flower to fill in the blank space. But for live I use live number one and slightly different with definable do, But still you can use Benadryl due to draw this power and its them inside its leave. And this is the last idea. I use a different color palette, and then I draw with five better flower. I use different color for the flower, like blue being white. And then I had a little fun. It's which is the brown one and for the live. I still use the technique that I did you in this class, but I quantified a little bit. But still remember, you only used to kind off towards witness a pain drawing tools and wanted men, and that's called for all the example or this class. So I hope you have many ideas now to apply your skill in this class, and I think this is now It's your turn to draw and send your project for me. 10. 10 - Your Assignment: this is the last tension. It's your don't know to do your assignment. This assignment is very easy. Apply your scale and throw your floor juice, your favorite color combination and create your own palette and then submit your project here. And don't forget to pose in your instagram and took me at honey dot acastillo. And if you like to draw with my back, please take a look at my iPad drawing Siri's I have from my part to him. Record or another cross is five PGA who decides with top draw using eraser technique, and the last one is hard to create. Beautiful scarf from iPod to break were pepper 53 to, But I also have what the color class. So you can also watch what the color, how to drop flower with outing techniques or drawing flora. We have been impressed on what the color big room. So thank you for joining Easy Florida, throwing us with me and wisdom okay to like and write a review in, discuss both in your instagram and attack me at hardly hunting underscore ing or at Haneda acoustic. And look at my website at www me, Honey, don't you Thank you. Bye