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Polymer Clay Decorated Mug

teacher avatar Ela Piero, Polymer Clay Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Coffee Monster 1


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      Coffee Monster 2


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      Coffee Monster 3


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      How to bake and glue polymer clay on mug


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      2 Bonus tutorials + Project


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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to decorate your mug with polymer clay. It is safe to drink from these mugs (hot or cold beverages). This project is easy, creative and fun!

I use Fimo polymer clay but you can use any polymer clay brands that you want. You also need an exacto knife and dotting tools for this project.

You can find two bonus tutorials on my Youtube channel:



Meet Your Teacher

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Ela Piero

Polymer Clay Artist


Hi! I'm Ela! I tell my stories on mugs!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Do you like coffee, do you like monsters? Then this course is for you. 2. Coffee Monster 1: So first of all, clean your working surface, your tools, and your mug with wet wipes so that there is no particles or dust involved. So for this project, I use a mug with round surface so that it imitates the face better. As you can see in this other mug that I did, because of the round surface, it looks more like a face. And then for the clay, I choose the colors that are really similar to my mug and they are not in contrast with the color of the mug. I chose some darker and lighter shades to have variations for each of the face components. I make a ball in palm of my hand. Just make sure that the ball is perfect. Then I press it gently on the mug, the handle on the mug makes it, stable on the surface. So I'm just gonna put it on the mug and then press it gently with the palm of my hand. As you can see, I still have some sorts of dust and particles sticking to my clay. So I should clean them up with a baby wipe. I just use a baby wipe to clean any impurities, that are sticking on my clay. Then with doting tool, with a very big ball, I make two dents two round dents on my clay. We're going for some sort of a pig shape nose. I use my baby wipe, frequently to erase any lines that are unwanted or any dusts that are sticking to my clay. I'm making two balls in palm of my hands. I ham going with one bigger and one smaller. So we can have two asymmetric eyes. And I think it will look better on this mug. I clean because there are still some dusts sticking to my clay, so clean it. Then I add the other eye, I clean the other eye aswell. Then I flattened a piece of black clay with my pasta machine. And then I use a round shaped cutter that the size is good for my eyes. I cut two round shapes with my clay clay cutters Then I flatten out another piece of white clay. And the thickness should be much less than the black clay. And then I use a very small cutter to cut two round pieces. If it stuck in your cutter, you can just use a needle to take it out. Then I put it on the black parts. Then I take the black parts with my blade and I put where I want them on the eyes then I use some hot pink color to make the eyebrows. First of all, I make a ball in palm of my hands. Then I cut it in half so that I can have similar amount of clay. And then I make a long drop shape by rolling just one side of the clay. Then I press it against the mug. I do that with the other half. Will just roll it with your finger, from just one side and make long drop and out it on the mug. and press it against the mug Polymer clay will stick to your mug as it is. After we baked the clay, then we will take it out and glue it back on the mug. But for now, you can just stick it as it is. Then I use my needle tool to make some tiny strokes on the eyebrows. This is my way of making it more fluffy. I do the same thing for the other eyebrow. Now I use some brighter shade of pink clay and make a ball and then cut it in half, it was not exactly similar, but I try my best to have similar amount of clay. And then I make a ball in palm of my hands from each half. Then I just put my finger on one side and roll it to have this shape. Then I cut ball shape Then I will do the similar thing for the other one. I'll just roll it from one side and Cut the ball shape. So we have these horns, sharp and pretty Then I roll a piece of clay to a very long rope I want to use it for decoration purposes for the horns. And then I just wrap it around the horns. At this point, you can use other colors that you want. Or it really depends how you would like to design the horns. Then l roll another piece of hot pink color. I want to make a braid for my pretty monster I cut it in half. And then I bend one piece and twist in outward direction. And another piece, inward direction. When I place two pieces together. I would have a braid. Then I cut as much as I want. And I placed the piece under one horn I try to place it perfectly. and if the length is not right. I am cutting more. Then I grab another small piece. I want to make the end of the braid. The part that the hair is not braided and after the scrunchy part. I make some lines with my needle tool both on the braided part and on the end part. Don't worry if the lines are not perfect we are just imitating some hair texture here. I use black clay to make rubber band or scrunchy, I just place them together, place it on the braid, and cut the extras from the sides Then I take another piece. I make a long drop by just rolling from one side. And then I use my needle tool, to make some hair texture. I shape it with my fingers. Cut the end and place it right under the other horn. With extra piece that I have, I'll make another one. A little bit smaller. At this point, it's all about declarations. Then I use my blush. I always use this essence blush. Or you can use any dry pastel or old eye shadow to just color the inside of the nose. Then I flattened out some pieces of clay in these beautiful pastel colors. With my round cutters, I just cut some pieces in different sizes from these colors. And then I placed this round shapes on the nose. Then from those colors, I just make some balls and then press each ball on the face to make some moles for my monster mug. I made five of those. Then make some texture on the moles For example, with your dotting tool, you can just make three dents and fill it with white clay. As I'm doing at this point. Or you can just make some dents with your dotting tool and leave it as it is. You can be creative also. For this one, I'm using small ball dotting tool. Just making a beautiful texture on it. Maybe just one in the middle and fill it with pink. For this one. I'm going for a heart because she's just so pretty. We have a tattoo on the mole. Maybe. I clean the extra blush, from the surrounding of the heart. So now we have our Pretty Monster mug ready to be baked 3. Coffee Monster 2: For the next month series, we are going to go a little bit faster over the radio. But if you need, you can always just lower the speed of this video. So I take a piece of clay and I roll it until I have a long rope, and then I make a little bit of pressure to two specific parts that I want to put the teeth and make them a little bit narrower than I placed it on the mark. Then I grab a piece of white clay. I shape It's like a sharp teeth and I place it on that specific part that I need a little bit narrower. Then I claim that on both tastes, good. Baby wipe. I grab this pretty color that is a bit darker than my mug. And I think a ball in palm of my hand and I shake it like a triangle with my fingers. I positioned it on the mug and then I use my dotting tool, the big bowl to make, to round for them. Then I grab a piece of white clay and I make them ball. And then I cut it in half. And each half right above the nose, the eyes. Then I flatten out a piece of a black leg. I don't use my round cutter to cut too small blight pieces. Then I put two small white clay for that license in the eyes. And then I placed each of them on each. You can put it funny and away from each other like this. Then I met the eyebrows as I did for the previous month. And I place them right above the eyes. I use my needle tool to make some strokes. I've got eyebrows and make them as glossy as possible. And then I make the moles by just making balls in different sizes and press them gently against them. I also decided to use this beautiful purple color as well. And for the homes, I'm using, again this treaty, purple color. I make a long drop and then I roll it like so and cut the end. Acquisition is right beside the, I. Use this ecliptic plane tomorrow to make some polka dots on the color will stick to the clay when you bake it. So for decoration on the malls, I use my dotting tool to just make some textures. And that's it for this one. 4. Coffee Monster 3: So for this light blue mug, I follow the same principles. I make a ball and then I roll it until I get a very long grow. I will use it for the mouth that I placed it under mug. I want it to be a little bit Smiley. Then I grab my white clay to make some teeth. I caught a similar amount of pieces from the clay and I just flattened it with my fingers to make a shape. And then I place it right above the lower lip. Shape it with your finger and place it. After doing this, I grabbed a piece of a pinkish color and I make a very small talk. And then I use my needle tool to make a dent in the middle that I use an old toothbrush to just make some textures on the tongue. And then I use my blush to come to the edges of the tongue and I place it on the log. And then I close the lips. I use my dotting tool to just press a little bit on two ends of the mouse. Then I grab my white clay to make the eyes. I just make a bowl, cut it in half, and make two. Then I grab my baby wipe and clean any dust or fingerprints. Then I flatten out a piece of clay similar color to the mark, and I caught it to almost half circles. Then I position them right above the eyes. If it's too small for the odd, you can just pull it, pull the clay a little bit so that it fits the eyes. And then I have flattened out a piece of black clay and cut to round pieces. I can use for the eyes, the eyebrows. And also I use the same color clay for the horse. Can really make any horn shape that you like. Then the texture on the eyebrow, my needle tool, and then some declarations, a piece of roles clay. Then don't forget about the moles. You can use practically any color that you want. This moles of it. Pretty colors is from another project, the dislike, gold color blue, and the green that you can see, there are just mashed up together. Some textures. That's it. Pretty easy to make this beautiful monster MC. 5. How to bake and glue polymer clay on mug: So now our art is ready to be baked. I preheat the oven to 110 degrees Celsius, and I put the mug on a piece of baking sheet and put it in the oven and bake it for one hour. After one hour, I take it out and let it cool down. So now that my mug cooled down. I put my finger nail under the doll, and push it a little bit. Then it comes right off. Sometimes it comes off as a whole and sometimes like now it comes off in separate pieces. In this case we glue each piece separately on the mug. First I clean the mug thoroughly Then I put a block of clay under the handle so I can glue the doll exactly in the center. Please attention at this point, if you are making this mug for right or left handed person. Because if the person is left handed, you should glue the art on the other side of the mug. I use Uhu epoxy glue for my projects. This one is the strongest one I found in the market. and it takes 90 minutes to dry. I mixed the equal parts, of both glues. I put the mixture on the back of my work and I'm being careful to not make a mess. I leave some areas without glue so that I can put superglue later. I also use a toothpick for smaller parts. So I don't make much from it. I also use superglue so the doll doesn't slide on the mug. Until the epoxy glue dries and make bonds. Now I use few drops of super glue so that my art will stick instantly. Now I placed the art in the center wait a few seconds until super glue dries. Then I do the same steps for the head or any separate parts. I use the epoxy glue. and some drops of superglue. Now I place it exactly where it supposed to be. wait a few seconds until it dries. I check if any glue is where it doesn't supposed to be. Now, we should wait for 90 minutes until the glue dries completely. 6. 2 Bonus tutorials + Project : I hope you enjoyed this course. If you need more tutorials for other mug monster designs, I have two free tutorial of these two designs on my YouTube channel. You can find the link in my profile. Please don't forget to share your projects with the class in the project section. Thank you very much for watching and see you in the next class.