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Polymer Clay Decorated Doll Mug

teacher avatar Ela Piero, Polymer Clay Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Body Structure (Face,Neck and Body)


    • 3.

      Legs and Shoes


    • 4.

      Two Layered Skirt


    • 5.

      Shirt, Hands and Accessories


    • 6.

      Makeup and Hair


    • 7.

      Bake and Glue


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About This Class

This class will guide you to sculpt your very own polymer clay doll mug. It will be a perfect gift for your loved ones. I will be using Fimo polymer clay and some tools (pasta machine/rolling pin, exacto knife, blade, dotting tools). It is a fun project. No special skills required for this class!

This class will guide you through sculpting a girl doll on the mug. It is build up in a chronological order, so you can easily follow along and bake the clay at the end.

1 - Learn how to make a body structure
2 - How to make legs and Ballerina shoes
3 - How to make two layered skirt
4 - How to make the top, sleeves/hands and decorations.
5 - Makeup and hair

Meet Your Teacher

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Ela Piero

Polymer Clay Artist


Hi! I'm Ela! I tell my stories on mugs!

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Ella and I am a polymer clay artist. Welcome to my course. I especially enjoy working with mugs because not everybody likes the sculptors. But if you put the sculpture on a mug, everybody drinks. Every body drinks tea, drinks coffee, at least water. People can use that piece of art. and Enjoy. Working with polymer clay is a way for me to tell my story. Everyone has a story and I think these characters on the mug tell different stories. That is why I prefer to work on different projects and not to do the same thing again and again. I think that's the most exciting part about this line of work because you can make different things, you can make flowers, or you can make characters, movie characters. Just a simple doll on a mug. Everyone make a different story Everyone tells a different story. And you can be your own fashion designer, you know. I hope you enjoy this video. Also I hope to see your beautiful projects at the end of the course. Thank you guys for watching and see you in the next one. 2. Body Structure (Face,Neck and Body): In this video, I will show you how to make a polymer clay doll on a mug. First of all, clean your hands and working surface with a baby wipe. Because there are always some sort of dusts or particles that might be there and it will stick to your clay and then your work looks unclean. We use baby wipes throughout this project, for all the cleaning purposes. If baby wipe makes your clay or hands sticky, consider using a gentler one. After cleaning everything, we use some sort of napkin to dry all the areas Now your mug should be faced up like this. And the mug handle makes it a stable on the table. Now, take a little bit of clay in the body color and start kneading it I usually use number 43 from Fimo for the body. The clay should become soft and flexible. And now you'll make a ball and press it very gently on the mug. Don't worry about your fingerprints because we'll clean them all up with a baby wipe. This way we remove all the fingerprints and also all the possible dusts. Now I'll take another piece of clay for the neck Then roll the clay on the surface. We need a thin cylinder shape. Cut one end and place the cylinder under the head. Then take the extra off. That's the amount we need. Now take it a little bit of clay approximately the same size as the head. Start kneading. Make a ball in the palm of your hands and then make a drop shape. Now I'm going to make a triangle. So we should flatten our drop a little bit with our fingers and shape it a bit to have a triangle. We want this shape. Press it gently against the mug. Ok. Then take a baby wipe to clean your fingerprints and possible dusts. 3. Legs and Shoes: For the legs I'll take another piece of clay and I start rolling it. You can either use your fingers or use a flat surface to roll it evenly. The thickness should suit the rest of the body. Then cut it in half. And also cut the ends. I put it right under the body. Just put it. do not press it. we just want to see the size, you don't want it to stick to the mug. Now I'll take a little bit of clay make a ball and make a little egg then roll only one part until you have a foot shape. Shape it with your fingers. That's it. Make the other one. Make a ball. make an egg. Roll from one side. With your fingers. Cut the extras off with the knife. You don't need this part. Now attach the flat parts together. blend them a bit from the back. you just want them to not fall apart. Otherwise we will cover this part later. Now we do the same for the other feet. Blend. Now take the color that you want for the shoes. flatten the clay. I use a pasta machine for that. Cut a rectangular shape from the clay. Cut the Rectangle in half. Take two rectangles apart. Use a round shape cutter or your X-Acto knife to cut two half a circle from the edge of your rectangles. Now try to gently pull the edges, to make them longer. Now place the piece on the foot To make a ballerina flat. Just pull the parts a bit to cover Pull the rest to the bottom of the shoes. Now take a scissor to cut the extras. Now press the feet on the surface so that the sole becomes flat. Push a bit now do it again for the other foot. We have our shoes. Take another piece the same color as the shoes and role it until you have a very narrow string. Place the string on the ankle and cut the extra, this way we hide the line between the foot and the leg. Do the same for the other leg. Now clean the shoe, with the baby wipe. Take out all the imperfections. Now flatten out another piece in the same or different color. We want to use it for the shoe soles, for the bottom of the shoes. I use my round cutter to cut two circles. I also cut the third one just in case. Now take one and pull it just a bit to make an oval shape and place it at the bottom of the first shoe Do the same for the other. Just pull it bit. We have an oval shape attach it to the bottom of the shoe. Now flatten another piece and cut a very narrow ribbon it should be thinner than the soles. Place the ribbon between the sole and the shoe to hide the seam now cut the extras roll a piece of clay cut two pieces to make the bows I use my dotting tool to put it into place. The second one, exactly the same way. 4. Two Layered Skirt: Take a piece of clay for the under skirt and use a rolling pin or a pasta machine to flatten it out. If you're using a rolling pin, try to go for one or two millimetre of thickness. Then use your blade, bend it a little bit. and make a Diagonal cut. Then another parallel cut. in the distance of three centimeters, and then two cuts on the sides. For the hem you can either use a wavy cutter or can use your exacto knife to make it wavy shapes At the hem. I'm using this wavy blade to make this wavy cuts on the hem Then take a little bit of corn starch and dust it on the skirt. I also use a little bit on my hand. we want the whole skirt be as none sticky as possible. Take the clay and start making the ruffles the first one should always be inwards. Imagine making a fan shape. And try the ruffles be in the same length Try not to press the bottom and just press the top slightly together. Put it on your surface. Take them a little bit apart. We want o arrange our ruffles. I use a knitting needle for this purpose. You can also use your pen or anything that you have, your tools. I tried to make them look the same and same length, same width. And arrange them into shape off skirt. When you are satisfied, Press your thumb gently and blend the top together. Press it actually a little bit more than gently. We want all of the ruffles be pressed. Then cut the extra with your blade. Now your under skirt is ready. I size it on my doll and it looks okay. Do the exact same steps for this skirt itself. I use this pretty color that I used form for the shoes. I make the cuts. of ruffles as the under 00:07:56.960 --> 00:08:02.760 skirt. That would be the ideal situation. I put it on my working surface. I use a knitting needle to arrange the ruffles. Now arrange it in the shape of skirt. Press it with your thumb to blend the top together. and make the ruffles fixed. For this part, we need another cut, it's too thick in here, so we need a diagonal cut on top. Make a diagonal cut. Now it's better. Now use your Exacto knife. Cut half a centimeter from your doll's belly. Take the clay out. We don't need it anymore. Now push the under skirt into the hole. only push it from the top. push it gently. When you fixed the under skirt, just put the skirt on top. Your diagonal cut that you did earlier, make it stable on the doll. and you don't need another whole for that. Arranged the ruffles together. I prefer to put each ruffles in another one. Don't worry they won't stick together because we used the cornstarch. Put the two ends together. Then use the tip of your tool. to just push the skirts together and make some dents here and there. 5. Shirt, Hands and Accessories : After fixing the skirt it's now time for the top. First flatten out a piece of clay. And then cut out a rectangular shape. To make the process easier just take off the head and also turned around the mug. So you have more control over the top. I cut the extra off , size it on doll , and push the sides so that I can see the shape. Then I cut extra from each side. Now use a silicone tool with flat end and just push the extra clay inward This way it will be clean and flawless. Now flatten out to another piece we are going to make the collar make the cuts as I do. We are going for a W shape. Now use a round cutter to cut half a circle from the top. Now place it right around the neck. for me this collar is too big. I try to cut it a little bit and make it smaller. Now I put it around the neck, and I will cut the extra Use the silicone tool to clean out the cuts. and push them inside. Now press another piece of clay now we are making two suspenders and one belt. Just size the suspenders on the doll and if it's too thick, then just cut it in half as I did. Now, I'm making the belt out of the bigger part and that's it. We put them aside now make an egg shape and then roll it from one side to (the same color as the shirt) we are going to make the sleeves. Size it on the doll and if it was okay, then put it aside and do the other one. First you should make a ball and then an egg. Roll it from one side a little bit. To make the second sleeve. Now take a dotting tool and make a dent in the middle of the sleeve. Also for the other one. on the bigger part. Then Take the body color clay. and create two balls. and then roll from one side. Then you have a small drop. and then attach it to the sleeve. We have one hand ready. and now we do the same thing for the other one. Now put the head back to its place. Attach the suspenders. If it's too big just cut a little bit Pick the collar up a little bit and cut he rest. Do the same for the other one. Cut, the extra, fix it on the shirt. Take the collar up, cut the extra suspender. Now take the hands up and attach the belt. On top of the suspenders and waist and everything This way everything in the waist area will look seamless and clean. Take off the extras and put the hands back into the place. Now, I use my needle tool to make some sewing patterns, and holes, on the suspenders. You can also alternatively do one on the belt as well. Now roll a piece of clay until it's very thin, we are going to make a bow for the shirt. Take off the extras we don't want any ribbon falling because the area is too small. so I am just making the bow. Now make two tiny balls that we can put as buttons on suspenders, attachment. We put each on each suspender. Then use a dotting tool to make a dent in the middle. This dotting tool is too small, so I'm gonna take a bigger one with a bigger ball. and do the second one as well. This is how we make a button. Now take a needle tool and make two tiny holes in the middle of the buttons.. Now take another piece of clay and roll it until it's narrow. We attach it to the wrists. So that our shirt has more details. These are all the tiny details that make the difference. and make your work Look more professional and more interesting. 6. Makeup and Hair: Now take a blush or dry pastel or a eye shadow that you don't use, and blush the face. Also, put a little bit of blush on the knees. Now. Grab a dotting tool and make two dents in the middle of the face. where the eyes supposed to be. I use a tiny round cutter to make the eyes just to make sure that the eyes are identical. Now put each eye in the intended place I just press them very very gently. Now flatten out another piece of clay. And for this part, I use an oval shape cutter to make the cuts, but you can also use your exacto knife and just cut two ovals. Then I use my needle tool I put it diagonal and not vertical on the clay and just draw some lines. We want to imitate the hair on the clay. Now take off each part and put them on each side of the head. I put in the way that the hair parted from the middle. Now cut the extra clay and then use your silicone tool To just push the extra clay inside Now that the hair is done Put the needle tool in the middle to make a clean part. And make some small strokes on the hair. Then I roll a piece of clay. And I make some bangs to fill the gap in the middle of the face. Then I roll a big piece of clay and roll it until you have two long ropes. Now take each one, just bend them and then twist them. This one inward. I twist them inward. This is a very important the side that you twist. and then I roll the other one. and I twist this one outwards. If it's too thick, thicker than the other one, I just continue twisting until they look similar. I position them together. Now we have a braid. Now I start rolling one piece. Cut. and then the other one. I check if they are in a similar size Then I cut. Then we have two perfect buns for our little doll. I check where I want to put it. Then I gently push it. Role two pieces of clay the same colors as the dress, and then twist them together to make scrunchies. Just position them between the bun and the hair. Cut the extra, do the same thing for the other one. Now our doll is ready to be baked. 7. Bake and Glue: So now our art is ready to be baked. I preheat the oven to 110 degrees Celsius, and I put the mug on a piece of baking sheet and put it in the oven and bake it for one hour. After one hour, I take it out and let it cool down. So now that my mug cooled down. I put my finger nail under the doll, and push it a little bit. Then it comes right off. Sometimes it comes off as a whole and sometimes like now it comes off in separate pieces. In this case we glue each piece separately on the mug. First I clean the mug thoroughly Then I put a block of clay under the handle so I can glue the doll exactly in the center. Please attention at this point, if you are making this mug for right or left handed person. Because if the person is left handed, you should glue the art on the other side of the mug. I use Uhu epoxy glue for my projects. This one is the strongest one I found in the market. and it takes 90 minutes to dry. I mixed the equal parts, of both glues. I put the mixture on the back of my work and I'm being careful to not make a mess. I leave some areas without glue so that I can put superglue later. I also use a toothpick for smaller parts. So I don't make much from it. I also use superglue so the doll doesn't slide on the mug. Until the epoxy glue dries and make bonds. Now I use few drops of super glue so that my art will stick instantly. Now I placed the art in the center wait a few seconds until super glue dries. Then I do the same steps for the head or any separate parts. I use the epoxy glue. and some drops of superglue. Now I place it exactly where it supposed to be. wait a few seconds until it dries. I check if any glue is where it doesn't supposed to be. Now, we should wait for 90 minutes until the glue dries completely. 8. Project: So I hope you enjoyed this course. I cannot wait to see the dolls you make using this course and please don't forget to share it with the class. Thank you for watching and have a great day.