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PLAN ORGANIZE & SIMPLIFY YOUR WHOLE LIFE with Creative & Visual Mind Organisation System

teacher avatar Self Clarity Academy By Sanja Stojanovic, MA Psychology Professor, Writer, Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome : Introduction to The Class


    • 2.

      How to Use this System and Class


    • 3.

      Class Project


    • 4.

      Selecting Life Areas


    • 5.

      Organising 1st Life Area


    • 6.

      Organising 2nd Life Area


    • 7.

      Organising 3rd Life Area


    • 8.

      How to Stay Motivated: Finding the main why, goal and feelings


    • 9.

      Motivated by Antimotivation


    • 10.

      Mark tasks


    • 11.

      Setting Monthly Tasks


    • 12.

      Setting Weekly & Daily Tasks


    • 13.

      Multitasking or Not


    • 14.

      Simplify The Day


    • 15.

      Create Balance


    • 16.

      Closing Thoughts


    • 17.

      My Message To You


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About This Class

Welcome to the brainstorming journey. This class is for you if you feel a need to organize your mind, thoughts, and complete life in a simple, creative, visual, and structured way. 

I will show you the organizational system I use to simplify and organize my whole life as a creative content creator, online courses instructor, writer, YouTuber,  psychologist, life coach, mom, wife, housewife, book lover...and all other things my mind is trying to do at the same time  :) 

 I also use this system to help my clients during our life coaching sessions.

This system contains work on:

  • main life ideas
  • goal setting
  • main roles
  • subroles
  • obligations
  • tasks organization
  • to-do lists
  • mind organization
  • thoughts organization
  • motivation
  • creativity
  • productivity
  • simplicity
  • relaxation

You can use this system to organize every part of your life. When you finish with setting, you will have a clear mind and a clear plan for each thing you have to do.

You can organize:

  • work/hobby or any other life area
  • family
  • any type of project
  • creative ideas and projects
  • house obligations
  • personal development / self-growth ideas & projects
  • simply anything that needs to be organized


  • DOWNLOAD THE WORKBOOK (Go to Project & Ressources to find the workbook) 

Let's go to grow :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Self Clarity Academy By Sanja Stojanovic

MA Psychology Professor, Writer, Creator


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Hi my creative friends,

My name is Sanja, I am MA Psychology professor, BA Psychologist, writer and founder of Self Clarity Academy. I dedicate all my time to gathering knowledge, combining valuable ideas and creating meaningful and useful online courses. Each of my courses is carefully designed and covered with scientific facts followed by interactive workbooks and presentations.

Through my work, I am trying to answer one question: How can we cope with our life obstacles, live our bes... See full profile

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1. Welcome : Introduction to The Class: Hello and welcome to this class. I'm so glad you're here and I'm so glad you decided to go on this journey with me and to change something in your life. Welcome. Organization in life is one of the most valuable life skills that we can get. We can have talent, we can have creativity. We can have resources. But if we are not able to organize them, will not be able to achieve our full potential. We have stress-free, creative, productive, and successful life. Hello, my name is signer. I am a psychologist, life coach, and online content creator. My work is focused on stress relief, productivity, creativity, achieving our full potential, self-growth, personal development, simplifying life, and trying to find the best possible simple way we can achieve our full potential in this class, I will walk you through one wonderful, simple and very effective organizational system that I found very useful and very helpful. I use this system to simplify and organize my whole life. Since I became a mom working from home on multiple jobs, I realize that organizational skills are so important. More than anything. We need more time, more energy. When you have more space, we need more. If we don't organize our lives very well, we are going to lose the energy, the energy that we can use to create something wonderful, to fulfill our lives with something better and more positive than sitting and worrying about all the things that we haven't done because we didn't know how when. So I decided that I'm not going to follow that path again. And I am going to find something, some system that will help me to fulfill my roles and to create the balance in my life. So one day I sat down and I created the system that is effective, simple, and easy to apply into every, every single thing in area of life. And today, I will help you to do that too. During this class, I will help you to find the difference between life areas, life roles, and tasks, to set priorities and to organize every single thing that you have on your mind. And to put it on a paper, if you are a visual person like myself, you will like this system. I will show you how I organize my life areas, my life roles, how I find, I always find the main and the simplest idea and the goal that will guide me through everything that I must. And they need to cheap to be satisfied with that life for I will show you how I explore the tasks and the priorities. And of course how I organize all of that on a paper in simple form. I'm so excited you decided I'm so excited you decided to join me in this journey and let's go to organize our lives together. 2. How to Use this System and Class : I picked three life areas to show you in this class. You can follow those life areas or you can just replace them with some other like areas that are the most important for you right now. Also, if you want to really simplify the things, you can use this system only on one light area for STI. And later you can just, We're on it on all life areas. Social life, family life, career, love, relationship, just any life area that you need to work on. I was writing on a paper because there is something about paper and writing things down. Sometimes I organize my life digitally, but sometimes I love to use deeper. And for this system, I found paper much easier for me. But if you want, you can use some digital program and use this system digitally. 3. Class Project: A notebook, blank papers. And I borrowed. This is how mikes up. You can also add some color if you like. Her work with create life. Though practiced on three light airs. And if you want, you can add more black arrows. Will work together. And I will use my own example to show you how you can create your own. I will show you how I do this, how I use this system. So you can see how you can apply this to your own life. We'll work together through this glass. I will show you my three areas that I picked to organize my whole life. So I can show you how you can use this system by your own. And you can apply this to any white area that you want. You can only be one life area for start. But I will work with 3 to show you how you can be more productive. 4. Selecting Life Areas: My first life that I picked is work. Second Life area is home. And the next slide area is family. Plus me. My time. Because this is all begin when I, The Life area that I want to walk on. The next thing is to write, what are my roles in all these sections? Because we have a role for certain life area. Everything that we do daily is basically the task to improve and to achieve certain goals in some roles that we create. So I will write my roles for my work. And you start writing your roles that are suitable for your work. 5. Organising 1st Life Area : So the first advice that I can give you is that if you can find one word that can explain everything that you do. If you can explain in one word all your roles when we speak about work. So if I can do that, I can say that my general work would be content creator. This is just one ward that explain a lot of different things that I do. And now we'll evaluate according to this, what are my rocks? So I will say, first of all, I am a psychologist because I have a psychology degree. The next one is truck, which is for online courses and YouTuber. So these are the three main roles that I have when I speak about my work as a content creator. Then we will evaluate more as a psychologist. What I do as an online instructor, what I do as a YouTuber, what I do, you can use another color if you want this to be more visual. So as a psychologist, what are my roles, tasks, and that would be counseling and life coaching. Okay. As an online instructor, what is my role? Making courses? Courses, and as a YouTuber, making videos. And now the next thing is the real actual everyday, daily, weekly tasks that I have to do. Another color, counseling and live coaching. So my tasks I have to do are read paperwork. This is the paperwork and tasks and obligations that I give to my clients. Learn. And this means read books. Read books that are connected with counselling, like coaching in psychology. Have classes, and track progress. Alright. I'm making videos. Basically. All these things are similar because I create YouTube videos exactly the same way as I make courses. I tried to provide well-researched information, science-based information, and to make quality videos. So I can just do this. If you have a different role, you will write your task for your differential. At the end. I will write tools. I will write what tools I will use for this. What are these online tools that I will use? Also, another way to mark the tools is to, is to just draw some little icon, we can say. So I use some icons. This icon, for example, read paperwork. Okay, so where do I read the paperwork? Okay, I can draw a little computer here. So no, where Learn, bring books. Okay, so I use this icon like a book. So everything we're gonna do on a paper, have classes. Okay. We have classes online and track progress. Okay. It's also online. But I have some specific program where I track progress. And then you can do this the same width with any other task. Just if you are a visual and you really want to understand better and clarified yourself where you will do this. And tools that I use. Mostly of the time. If you have more roles, you can just add them and take the bigger paper. And that will be everything for the work area. 6. Organising 2nd Life Area : So now let's start with the home. We cannot say we have one award or towards the home. Barth, but I will try to motivate myself and maybe also you. So I will write Housewife, which means for me, I will also a separate this 23 areas. And this means to me, okay, irregular role. How slide. The next thing will be organizer. Yes. That's the tricky part. And dinner. Because I think you have to create cozy home if you want to feel happy and relaxed at home. So let's see what would be the test that I want to fulfill if I want to organize my life and achieve this role in my life. So here, okay, I will go with the blue. So here I will say I goal. And the idea is to keep the house clean. And then as organizer, key, organized. Okay, I sold this from my son. He is coloring constantly, losing the color height. Now. We can keep going. And designer, I would say, calm. And you can write anything because this is not only for Housewives, okay? The place where we leave our environment have a huge impact on our mood, our everyday life, our productivity, our creativity. So if we want to explore anything that is internal and have time to work and be creative, productive, and have time for something they want. I think this is very important part when we organize this and when we achieved this role. And I think we will be more happier. Eat it to work. Okay, Let's go to the roles. So you know your own. And I will show you a sample of mine and probably would have pulse of that. The same rules. I spend much time on this one. I'm trying to go with a minimalism, but it's not so easy. And make your home cozy and calm. So here I will say, and what I want to do to do to achieve this. You can also be creating here. The lists can be very long, but try to keep your list short. If you want to organize just a little bit, but if you want to organize completely everything and if you haven't signed, then you make the list long as you want. So maybe I can write also here, take care of food. It is important tools. I think that would be. So here. If we say tools, you can also write here something that will help you. For example, what I will use to clean the way I want to organize my house. I will write minimalism. Hear you if you write something that is also helpful. I want to make. 7. Organising 3rd Life Area: Now let's start with family plus me time. You can pick social life or family or just me time or maybe helped. But I think that I will include the health area right here. And also when we speak about take care of food, that's something that is also connected with helped. And let's pick one word for this. When I see those two words on my mind, there are towards okay, Here we go through words. But you understand like family to me, that means for me happiness plus p. Okay? So now you can pick some of your wars that remind you on this one and that will motivate you and inspire you. That is one main thing that you would like to achieve. And my two basic goals right now are wife and mom. Here. I love go with the whole family, buyclicks, sister and daughter and granddaughter. But you can also focus on the whole family part. Here I will write the main theme that I would like to achieve as y. And that's like, good marriage. They miss some letter for me. English is not my native language and mom Well, I want to be good mom. And so some of my tasks here would be we will not write about parenting duties gay. But the other things that I can and I want to write here is conversation. Loose conversation when we are in a marriage and when we have all obligations. So conversation, time together. As a wife, I also have the task to make his clothes, of course, clean and prepare everything for work. So I can also write that. Prepare him for work. So this may be also goes here if it would better fit here. But never mind, we're brainstorming when we're doing this is really important volume touch to rise the oxytocin in the organism and to strengthen the relationship. Okay, I will go here now. As mom. I also need to have this light, like, Okay, I'll just talk with kids, talk to kids. The kids read to them, read parenting books, play with them. Be there. I want to be there for them, to be there for them. And that means that I am present and I'm name when they need me and they all day When they asked me something. Here. I will also write something that is like together for us. And I will write me. I'll let you spend time in nature and talk, some conversation together and watch children. I will probably remember so many things after this, but never mind, this is what I usually do. Like we can see tools. So here we'll write how we all use, right? So I would use books for this to read them. And then, for example, village. So there will spend time in nature and talk and walk and watch some movies. You can ride, just anything that is here. So I don't have actual sir to write the actual tools for this one. But for example, if this is the health area of life shear, you would probably write proper food and then the grocery store and then some apps that you may be used, subtract your health and all those things. 8. How to Stay Motivated: Finding the main why, goal and feelings: It's easy to write down. We know what are our roles and our obligations, and what are the tasks and the things that we have to deal. But then we quit. Maybe because it's overwhelming, may be because we don't have motivation. So another thing that is important to do before we go to the next exercise is to decide and conclude, what is the main motivation? What is the main thing that fire and motivate us to achieve all these roles and give us the strained to be productive, creative, and to be able to fulfill all these roles. So, uh, you can write main goals sometimes, Right, right here, and sometimes by right, right here. So let's start with the work. Here. I don't have any marketplace right here. So I will write here Y, Y. I will do all of this. When I finish all of these things. How would I feel? That could be inspirational? So I can write here because I feel a need to be useful. And you find your why. If you want to go deeper into this, you can question yourself why you feel I need to do all of these things. But for now I just wanted to bring the motivation to all of this. So I feel a need to be useful and to be productive and to be creative. And that's why I do all of this. That's why I became a content creator. That or I feel the need to help people to be useful. Sweat, I will just on one sentence. But you can write here, I want to, I want you to write your only one. And now you can turn the paper and write briefly entire page, your main goal. I feel so my Y, so this I already wrote. So I feel a need to be useful to help people, to be useful, to be creative. To express my creativity through this work. So my main goal is to share my knowledge. Connect, connect with people, connect with people, help people make all of this as my main job. And that's what I love doing, what I love to do in my life. And how I feel when they think about this or when I finish all of this that we wrote here is I will feel, I always feel helpful, useful, productive, happy, inspired. And one interesting fact is explained here whether well, because everything we do in life, we do that to feel like this, to avoid unpleasant feelings, and to fulfill and experience some pleasant feelings. All right. My main y. Would be simple. Take care of my house. Of my house. This is why I do this. Take care of my house means I take care of my family in my case. So you're thinking about your why for this life areas and likes to help with Y, o and my fear. And this can be also for some projects. So you can do every, everything, every separate that task or goal. For example, why I'm online structure YOU this, what are the desk? What is the main goal and how will I feel if they became, for example, online instructor? So my main goal for y, I want to be a good housewife. It gives me a good thing. If you write longer. You can write with a regular pen. I want to provide clean. For me and my family. Main goal is we will function well and feel well. We'll have time for family. And I feel well, I will simply feel organized. I will feel happy, productive for you everything. I will seal us and good. Wife, a mom. I will feel more relaxed. And that list. And now let's go with this family time. If you have some sort of life example, Life area or health area you write about. So I already have my main light here and is right here and right here, because I want to have nice, happy family. So as I mentioned, you can go dive deep into this. This is a psychologist speaking. Now from me, from my mind, I will say here that I have a strong need for these because I never had that type of family. I mean, I had until I was nine years old and then I'm fair-skinned, get divorce. I missed that part of my life. So I have a huge need to fulfill that empty part somewhere in my heart, brain. Really important part in area of my life. And now, let's see why. Main goal. And I feel alright, sorry he said Because again, right in this one. Because I miss that from my chair. What I also because I know that my father proud of me. If you can see how I rise my family. Right now. I lost him a few years ago. But it's not place to talk about that. I'm here to motivate you. But I'm sure you have your own walls. So my Y is down deep y and some lighter y is because I want my family to be shaping. The end. Most important goal for me here when we speak about family is to rise. Healthy. Have strong voice, strong kids. This is and part for me. The most important role. If I don't achieve that, I will considered that I failed. But I will do everything to achieve this one, this is, this is the most important for me and how I feel. I feel proud of them and myself. I would feel happy. Peaceful. Contents. Now, we have our motivator and it's here how I feel. And anytime when you don't feel motivation and you feel down and you feel that you don't house trained to continue or to achieve everything. Just look at your paper, look at here. And you will be motivated by. 9. Motivated by Antimotivation: Now another part that is also connected with the motivation to do everything right here, negative ceiling. Because we're trying to avoid Okay, we're trying to avoid negative feelings. I don't achieve all those goals. How would I feel? If I quit off? For example, if I quit making online courses, if we'd love making videos, if you put job or some part of your your work. So what would have been, what are those feelings that you will feel? If you will, of all that roles and tasks. If you can name at least three of them. And you will compare some negative feelings with a positive feeling. And this will bring you the motivation. We can say, for example, here, I will maybe feel useless, useless, feel unhappy. I will feel down here. I will feel this organized. I'll feel productive. I will feel like a tailored, for example. And there is a whole science in so many tools and techniques you can work on this part so you don't feel like this if you don't achieve something. But it's not a topic of this course if you're interested, right? Mina Coleman's, so maybe we'll create some of those courses here in classes. But this here is just to help you, just to remind you that you are doing all of these things in order to avoid these feelings and to get back to the right path. So you can feel this beautiful fields. And the same here of neon have been maybe disappointed and not contexts. All right, so to summarize this, we wrote everything behind. And the second task is to write your why, your main goal, your positive feelings that you will feel when you achieve your roles. And the narrative themes that you will feel if you don't. But also I want you to know that you don't have to take that so serious, if you don't achieve every day from your list that you should feel this, this just to remind you that you want to avoid this and Stripe for this. 10. Mark tasks: In order to go to the next step of our system, we have to define what are the tasks that we are doing monthly, weekly, and daily. So for that I'll use just the first letter and just do right next to the every task. Once weekly or daily. So read the paper work. So I need to do that weekly. Learn and read books. This is what are you dealing? Have classes. So we can say weekly, but sometimes it's the daily because every different day, it's the every different clients who overrate both weekly, daily and track progress. I'll do that also weekly and daily before the class. Plan content, research, collect, make lessons Record, Upload. So plan content. I do that monthly. I have one day when I plan everything, the content for everything. So we can also say that it could be the width they ended daily, but monthly is the best for this one. Research, I will say. We form daily, okay, they live because I will pick the day for it. And the weak and collect your knowledge. Okay. It's it's this is also a weekly and daily. May coalesce US Weekly. Report the weekly at it. The Lean. And upload. Weekly also can do this for that. So this is also a weakling and they have the day for every of this task specific, they for this organizing. This is something that I usually do. We clean the week. And they also have the D for everything and the clutter there. Great cook. Well, this steel is something that I do every day. And when we speak about this, I will mark everything as a daily. I want to incorporate and include every of this as my daily work daily schedule and something that I forgot to write and is the big part of my life. But I didn't know where should I write that? Is writing. Just regular writing. Writing is here also playing Content Collector. It's where I type in where I write, but only about the scientific facts and information. But writing for my song, writing the fiction book. I think I can write here, writing a book because everything that I wrote charisma, I'm writing a book that is based on psychology, science and tools for decision-making. Some life skills, coping with worry, with stress, and the finding the motivation, inspiration, creativity, productivity. But I do this because I want my kids to read that and to have that as something that is important for them. All right, so now we have weekly, daily, and monthly and we can go to the next step and actually plan when we are going to do. 11. Setting Monthly Tasks: Take a blank paper and we'll write monthly, weekly, and daily. You can be creative with the colors and some chunks here, just like you want k. And here I will write, what is my monthly task? What I'm going to do from this, but monthly. So I will plant content gate by 0 is monthly plan content here it is. So plan and plan content. But when, when I will plan content, so I will usually plan the content in the first week, first week of the month. First week in a month. I want to plan the content and water content. I want to plan for videos for YouTube. And that's what I'm doing in Trello right here. So I want to have every moment, every first week in a month, I want to have four videos plan for you too. And usually one class for Skillshare. Sometimes is needed. More time to record because I tried to make this class quality. So I don't want to set up too many obligations or too many classes. So this is what I'm going to do monthly for work area of life. So we do one paper for every life area. And then monthly, I will also review I will also review clients. So that means that I will read all our work and briefly write suggestions. So what what we will do next time? Review client's progress. 12. Setting Weekly & Daily Tasks: So read paperwork. Paperwork, but it's our articles and our writings on trial law. Um, and then so I have to read what clients from wrote. If he does some homework. Homework check. One, we work on cell growth, so I give different tasks and then adolescence or lesson plan. So what are am I going to do that week with that client? Heritage? So we clean research and search. Collect. What I read. I will write summary. And this is for videos, for classes and for my book. So every week I will read and collect, research and collect and make lessons. Then I have a record courses, classes, classes and courses, plus videos. Every week. 1 video. You see here I have 40 videos that I planned. And then after a week in a month, I will create one video. So I will record that video for YouTube or Skillshare. And I usually pick one specific week to be for skill share. If it's short class. And I pick one specific week to be only for the YouTube. Editing is also every week. And now I have cave records and editing and uploading, uploading, reading the paper war quickly, learning Daily. Have classes. Okay? So I will also add counseling, coaching to extend this. So you now are writing and planning when you will achieve this, we're organizing the tasks and this is the most important. Soil can be productive, creative, and not overwhelmed. I tried to have two clients per week. So I can provide the quality work and I'll daily specific these. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So I'm going to do this when kids who are at home, my working days in my days dedicated to this one were some Saturday and Sunday. But right now kids are going to convert our garden this five days. So I am using these days as a working time and I'm using some Saturday and Sunday for specifically this one right here, and also for this one, but this is every day. Okay. Let's go back to this. You can separate this score every week, so for weeks and daily tasks. But right now we're going to do on one week so I can show you the system. So long day. I check homework and I prepare the lesson plans, and that's what I do. From eight to ten AM. The next thing. What I do Monday is always the recording. Okay. So I record usually from. Well, he can go forever until kids get head back home. That appeal I'd say 02:00 PM. So I try to record everything that I can so I can add it. The another thing then editing goes to Tuesday. I will spend the whole day to edit everything. Sometimes focus. I find that this is the best when I focus on one task for the but if I added everything that I recorded a Monday and Tuesday, then next Tuesday will be free. The next four choose these will be free soil. Have time for something dear friend from some other lists and tests. And then I have Wednesday or coaching choosy for coaching. Have today's only for my clients. Then research and collect. It's for Friday. So here I have time to sort my writings and readings, to put that in some specific folder and to simply collect everything when it should be. So when I do this, then I'm ready for the next Monday to use that to record, edit and then doing all the renter. So I committed myself for you to upload. And this is Sunday. So every Sunday I upload. So we can say this is also somehow weekly, but okay, we will say that I'm planning this week right here, and planning every day here, and specifically the time. But you see it's until 02:00 PM because I'm planning on only these life area right now, my work work life area. So I have Sutter day here. Currently. It's free because I decided to spend this two days only for the family and this one or if here is a little task because I already will do everything long day em tools. So I will be free this two days for this specific goal. Okay. 13. Multitasking or Not: This is briefly the system that I use and the next step that is important. And the final step in this process, well, probably not the final but final, you my current system. And this really helped speed. You can do this on a paper, but you can also type somewhere. So now I have everything set right here. Exactly. What am I doing every month and then every week. And then they leave. And what is very important is the timing. And you can you can set your timing just like you want. Some days. It works for me to spend the whole time during the one test. But sometimes I'm about to do different tasks, but in a specific time. And yes, you can do the Pomodoro Technique. It would be, it would be nice. But if you don't want to be overwhelmed and try to do everything at a time. I suggest you to use this system and said the specific time and day 4, 12, maybe two tasks. And there are days when I put everything came from Monday. Then I do one hour for a coaching, one hour for reading the papers, one hour for writing, one hour for planning the video, one hour for editing. And it seems like productive day, but I feel so mentally tired after that. So that's why this system works better for me. And now you can do that with all life various like this. 14. Simplify The Day: I know it's not easy to separate all our life areas. And specifically because there are more life areas, then just read, this part of this system helps me to create all areas. Here. I want to set parts of the day for every n. And you'll do this according to your schedule and according to your type of job and your obligations. So you can separate this morning. We're trying to simplify as much morning often. So here I will write work plus hobby. You could add something more, but I want to keep this simple and I want you to keep mine. They simple as I can. So this is from Monday to Friday. From Monday to Friday. You can also write the time, for example, from eight to two favorite tests. And what is the most important for you or most important for you to do and to prioritize. But don't go to details because this fee per right here is important to give you a relief. So when you feel overwhelmed and you feel that you don't know what to do and how to complete everything that you wrote on these papers. You will take a look this paper. And then the point is your brain not to be overwhelmed but simplified. Click on working and reading. In the morning, afternoon, I will clean and have a family family time. And at night I will only have the family time. This depends on your specific life. And also and if there's something in the middle of this and it's like connected. You can write right here or maybe here. But here I will say, I will write here cooking because I have these upgrades cookie somewhere here. So here you will write what is priority one? And here for me the priority is collecting. This is lacked. Was good boy. So on the priority for me here is true or to collect him right? For my work, or to actually record according to what I built and collected and share housewife and family time priority. Verity is because it's really needed for my kids when they go to kindergarten husband, when he is going to scoop of true score from the University where she is teaching his work force. Okay. Please files not tailing and food. We need to eat the proper food and found time. What is priority here? So one priority, positive time together, positive shape, time together. So now you take a look of your life areas. Then right, morning, afternoon, and night, right? In generally, what is important and here, right about one or two priorities that are the most important for you during every day on one task, that is. 15. Create Balance: And what is the most important thrive here is that you need one day that is just relaxing. And they, and, uh, for me, as you see, is softer. They, so when I really don't dedicate my time to any of this, but it's hard. It's hard to make my brain stop thinking about creative process or organization and the family, or how to be a good housewife for a parenting skills or what I'm going to create next. But I'm really trying to dedicate this time to only read relax. You can incorporate this into daily time one hour only to relax during the day. But it's important to have this once a week. I I'm aware that it may be it's not possible that to be the whole day, but at least tried to have two hours of pure relaxing. Only sitting maybe at a balcony or on your favorite, your favorite place. And just relaxing your mind and your body because it's really unnecessary. If we want to achieve all of these things. We have, what? We need to have. This relaxing. 16. Closing Thoughts: Let's summarize our system. First step is to write the leaf area. Here we write work, family and anytime and home. We can write rule. After that, you write the main idea, the main role, pick one or two words that can describe one main area. And it was content creator for me, happiness and peaceful and great housewife for home. After that, you'll write some sub roles like psychologists, Instructor, online courses and YouTuber for me, wife and mom. Housewife organizer and design. After that you write, what is your job? When you think about this rolls? And for me, it was counseling, live coaching, making courses, making videos. And then good marriage and good mama. That's a jog. Keep house clean, organized in home. When you define the main things, you can start writing the tasks. Write your own tests. M. And the bottom. You will write the tools and ways you will use to achieve your tests. After that, we're going to separate and organize tasks to monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. After that, we'll mark everything. Every task with the first letter depends on are you going to do that monthly, weekly, or the wave finish this, right in one sentence. Why? Why this is so important? What is the one sentence? To answer? After that, we are going deeply. You're going deeply into inspiration and intuition. You're answering the question why. But deeply why? Why is this important for me than what is my main goal? And how I feel? What are the positive feelings that I will say OK? And what are the negative feelings I will feel if I don't achieve those tasks. But the point is to focus on those positive feelings. So it can be motivated to achieve all the roles and the tasks. The next step is to organize the tasks into monthly, weekly, and daily. So write everything that you would want to do weekly. And then they Li day and the time, that time management is most important. If we want to achieve everything from our lists. And I have a whole class about time management, organizational productivity here on Skillshare. Take a look on my profile. If you want to die deeply to time management and organization. Final step in this system is here. To help us relax and find this easier. We are defining all life areas. So the point is to set a part of, for every line in here tried to be general. This step is for your brain to not feel overwhelmed, but to look at all of these roles. Simplified. 17. My Message To You: I really hope this class helped you to organize your alive, your task and your roles. And just to feel more creative, productive, organized, and relaxed, please share your project with us. I would love to see that, but just second, dongle. Most import them. Think here is don't forget to relax and just be here. It's great to be productive. It's great to be creating. It's great to achieve all the roles we have in our lives. But also find a time for yourself just to be here and just to be yourself. And without any need to do something else, at least one day a week. Don't forget your great, Just the way. See you next time. And thank you so much for being here.