Nap Like a Boss: Create your own Surface Pattern Duvet Cover with Procreate | Julia Ferrer | Skillshare

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Nap Like a Boss: Create your own Surface Pattern Duvet Cover with Procreate

teacher avatar Julia Ferrer, Print Designer & CEO of Sunsmith Studio

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Colours and Concept


    • 3.

      Drawing Motives in Procreate


    • 4.

      Repeat Your Pattern on Illustrator


    • 5.

      Exporting and Printing


    • 6.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Hi there everyone and welcome to my class!

Are you a sleepyhead but you also wanna roll in bed like a boss? Then keep on reading.

In this class, we’ll create an original repeat pattern using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator, and we’re also going to get it printed in a real duvet cover to make your naps stand out through Bags of Love’s website.

How do we’ll do that?

Easy peasy! I’ll guide you in all the creative process, from the beginning to the end! You’ll never walk alone :)

  • Researching for trends and inspiration
  • Creating the concept design and a stunning colour palette
  • Drawing the motives and elements for the pattern
  • Repeating them all around
  • Exporting and printing

And voilà! You’re ready to relax in your exclusive designer duvet set!

What would you need bringing to class?

  • iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Procreate app
  • Computer with Adobe Illustrator installed
  • Wacom Tablet (it’s optional but really useful)

Shall we start? Let's go for it!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Julia Ferrer

Print Designer & CEO of Sunsmith Studio


Hi there everybody!

My name's Júlia Ferrer and I am Print Designer and also the CEO & Founder of Sunsmith Studio, based in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain).‍ Print design is my passion and I am the soul of the studio and the one in charge that everything looks nice and ready.

Formed in Surface Pattern Design and Textiles by the Staffordshire University and CAD for Textiles by the Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom). I started my career as a freelancer as soon as I finished my studies, developing projects for brands and collaborating with other print studios internationally. In 2019 with some experience behind my back, I decided to found Sunsmith Studio where I prepare collections of original patterns for textiles with the help of my lovely little team... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to displace. My name is Julia. I'm surface pattern imprint designer specialized gets in babies and homeware textiles into this plus will travel across obvious steps over pattern design process from the idea to the final product Trading amazing and close It David set for your bed first will do some research to find inspiration for our design, then will create the concept and stunning cover Pull it after that will be drawing all the elements we need for our pattern using procreate and we'll repeat them on a double illustrator then finally will export the file and be placing it to get our devil step printed for this class unit tonight. But with procreative an apple pencil, a computer reserved administrator in store. And if you have it, a welcome tablet will also be useful. You don't have to worry about a thing. I'll get you in. No, the creative process from the beginning to the end. So you'll never work alone. So if you were also a sleepyhead the once tonight like a bus, come and join my ship 2. Colours and Concept: in this lesson, we work the idea creation. First of all, we'll look for some inspiration on Internet. Then we'll create the color palette. And finally, we'll think about all the motives of melons we need for our part inside. First of all, we grow some interest IQ yours about the project we want to work on. In this case, he was like button design. Bedding can be a great point to start, but then you will need to be a little bit more specific. So, for example, your in Mr Do a Geo Metric or your want to achieve in a specific color palette, you must strike putting this impotent Pinter's browser so you can find related content about this. I really recommend you to create in a specific board for it project or thing you're researching on that will be so useful to friend related content and also to have everything organized Then. Besides Pinterest, I also recommend you to have a look into specialized websites, a spartan bank or pattern curator. There, you'll find a lot of imports about trends, an inspiration mood burst and can be also very useful. Then, when you find an interesting photograph with the lovely corpora Let you love to use in your pattern design. You just have to screenshot it and then you go to camp. Occur proliferator, too, that will select automatically the five men colors of the image and set to current bled for you in camber remembered to screen shirt your color palette for your records. So then you can just later to create your pattern more lives. After knowing the concept and the cars you're going to use in your pattern, it's time to think about the motives, a practice that really helps me. And my more recreation is writing down in a war club all the Ambien that I want for my print burning, the important words bigger than the others. Then, after having the concept crystal clear, I start to do a brainstorm list with all the concrete elements related to the work loud. For example, in my case that I want to base my print in a bowler, tranquil and relaxed Ambien out the elements like penguins eyes or Montand kemalist. At this point, I also think about some geometric shapes or little elements and starts that can help me later to fill the gaps and make my patter loop. Insistent as a repeat 3. Drawing Motives in Procreate: and here it comes, my favorite part when difficult, everything projected. It's the moment to have a great time drawing on your Ivette. In this lesson, I will show you my tips and tricks during my design. Processing procreate before starting. We need to create a filing. Procreate, ill said the campus sizing a four so I can have my motives thrown in a pretty good size. I was to recommend you to draw every element in a separate file. So then it can be used to import and work on the beat after offers created. We just have to import our corporal it screen ship and then pick the colors like this as procreate gifts. A lot of space to create car themes. You'll have some freedom to at as many searches this unique. Anyway, I recommend you to stick between four and seven colors so the design can have a unified effect. Then it's time to start drawing, so make sure you have your motiveless close and let your imagination flow. Remember to also drove some little elements or shapes, just in case it can really help you. Later, while trying to compose, you're repeating illustrator, you can also add a great looking effects to your motives by combining different brushes. But here's a tip. Write down in your notebook. Which brushes are you using? Where is this useful? Because sometimes afterwards you may notice that you need to draw more elements, and it's easy to forget the verse. You've just So if you want to have a consistent look, take some time to write down which burst you're using, so you can easily find a later if you need to. In terms of brushes, I have to admit that I'm so in love with Bardet brush ones, especially the pencil box in the mid centric. It's they're not expensive, and they'll make your drawings look amazing if not in the basic appropriate ones. The six B pencil, the drink and your entire brush on my favorites. Because of the texture and finishings when you're finished, creating all the elements you need for your pattern export to procreate, falling PNG and find a way to send it to your computer so you can start working. You're repeating illustrator 4. Repeat Your Pattern on Illustrator: Now that we have everything drone. It's time to create therapy. For that, we'll need to open a double illustrator in our computer or laptop. And if you have one, connect your weapon. Dublin Let's do this. First of all, as the device it'll create will measure to per two meters all said the campus off this size so I can see how my pattern repeat will look as a whole when we've created the foul. Now it's time to go into menu file place, and there we have two bro's and select or pardon motives and place them into the compass. Then, as they are PNG's, we also have to select them and embed Emmel. Otherwise, we won't be able to create. They're a bit later, after importing, the files will set a square of color and lock the layer to use it as a nori entities background. To imagine the final effect straight away, you'll start doing a pre composition off all the models. You one. In my case, This time I won't be using the literal elements as I want my partner to be simple and neat , but if you need so you can also include them in your composition. When you've got all your motives pre composed or you need to do is select everything and go to menu object pattern main. Then the pattern door will start running. Then you'll be able to see in life you. How will your repeats look like before starting? You need to decide which type of repeat you want to do. Looking at the tile options you have in the pop up window. Don't start moving anything until you took some time to decide which one works best for you . In my case, I'll be using the expert column as it looks the most similar system. Finally, when you've decided that Tyra be unique to fill the gaps between the different tells moving and cupping elements, adding me Wellman's rece izing or retaining them. Then when you're finally happy, when you print, look for safe and the sweat will appear on your swatch bullet straight away. Now you have to do is create a square in the top of your campus and filled with the button switch as it was a color. Then you lied just like the pattern in the background layer and for it into a G p J. Fell clicking on the menu export selection DPT 5. Exporting and Printing: And then comes the final part of the roses. Now that we have our buttons, what ready? It's time to export the file and get it ready to get printed. First of all, we have to visit the website backs off love dot co dot UK and search for the brother. We want to get printed in this case alternative it cover. Then, in the products page, you'll need to click on the start designing button. At this point, the customization interface will show up that you'll need to pick the details of the product and then a blow their images. In my case, I want a divot set for a double bed printed in both sides with no extra pillow cases. If you pick a double size or further, remember to choose a stitch pattern that can be less notice wolf in your design. For me, the best one is the state presidency. Once you have your designs, have loaded place them and then check that they've got quality knows to be correctly printed. You don't need to worry about this part too much. If you're created the campus with the actual size of the double who have come out. Really great. Then finally, you just need to proceed with the payment and wait for your debit to a rifle. 6. Final Thoughts: and that's all for today. Hope you're enjoying this class and I really incorrect it, creating experimenting with your patterns. Feel free to give me some feedback about the blast and to show your erratic sphere in skill set but also on instagram using the hashtag Julia for Redskins shirt. There will be so happy to share your breath days there and keep in touch with all of you happened, I say.