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Mastering Reels: The Basics of Creating Instagram Reels

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Using Instagram Reels to Grow your Brand - Introduction


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      Utilize long viewership


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      Improve your connection to followers


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      Summary and Conclusion


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About This Class

Have you ever thought, “How do I get more exposure on Instagram?”The answer is simple: use Instagram reels! Instagram creates endless opportunities for branding – whether you want to create an inviting and visually appealing profile, or manipulate your audience into sharing your content more often. The more often people see your posts and the more engagement you generate on Instagram, the more opportunities you have to grow as a brand. 

Instagram is a great way to market yourself and your business directly to your audience. However, if you don’t know how to use Instagram reels effectively, they could be completely ineffective. How can you best use Instagram reels to grow your brand? This course shows you some tips on how you can use Instagram reels effectively to grow your business without spending money on advertising or buying ad space. 

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Using Instagram Reels to Grow your Brand - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine and welcome to this course on how to use Instagram Reels to grow your brand. As you can see on screen, there are various topics and I'll be talking about, and that will be fully breaking down Instagram Reels and how you can use them to your advantage. So as you know, Instagram Reels is one of them's newest editions. It's their version of Tiktok. It's short-form video ten to 15 seconds. You definitely want to be able to know how to use them, how to take advantage of them, when to grow your brand. They are huge opportunity right now. So let's get right into these topics here. First of all, I'm going to be talking about studying IG Reels, then storyboards, practicing. Then I'm going to be breaking down the algorithm. Then I'm going to be talking about utilizing longer viewership and engagement. Improving your connection to follow is increasing sales. And finally, it then I'm going to give a summary and some final tips and tricks. So definitely make sure to stick around until the end to see that. But yeah, Enough said let's get right into this first topic here. Thank you so much for joining me and let's get started. 2. Study: So first of all, let's talk about studying Instagram Reels. Am, as I said, reels, I'll be fully breaking them down and explaining how they work and how you can use them to grow your brand. But the actual function of real sometimes can get very, very complex. There are a lot of topics that you can get into. This would be like trying to explain every feature on Photoshop and when video. But I will be more talking about the actual structure around rails and how they work and how you can utilize them. But using the editing feature, that music feature, that training stuff and stuff like that and you know, inserting images and stuff like that as also part of it. So you definitely want to go on the Instagram page. It has tutorials about Rails and you're going to want to go through them and fully breaks on everything you can. So it's almost like Instagram Academy. Go on their website and they talk about real estate day fully briefed on every single feature that it has. And I would suggest that you study that as much as possible. So yeah. Again, like I said, I'll be more breaking down about how Instagram real the algorithm works and stuff like that. But talking about inserting music, if you're having trouble with that, you definitely going to want to try to do that. A lot of it is very intuitive to, you know, you can just learn as you go inserting music and using the videos that you create and stuff like that. But if you do need some help to study that, definitely go on their website and try to figure it out like that. 3. Storyboards: So let's talk about actually creating a reals. Well, first of all, you wanted to start developing reports in a sense, so you'll want to create storyboard of what you want to share. So plan ahead and not just for one real, but maybe plan ahead for a series of rules that you can create. Planning ahead always makes life easier. So plan ahead, you know the tips and the trypsin to V6 video, but then you want to make the dancing videos, the funny skit videos. You definitely want to plan ahead on what would represent your brand. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you can create reels on share three tips about buying a house. Well, that would be one real and that would be a great idea. But you definitely want to try to sort of plan a little bit ahead of what you want to create, especially when it comes to sharing tips and stuff like that. Because you want to plan ahead the visuals that you want to use, a text and annotations that you want to add. And as you know when I say story, but you don't want to, don't need a map on every single frame of a real, but just take a little piece of paper, write down the plot of the whole real. It's only 10 to 15 seconds. So you definitely want to think about what you're doing. You know, let's say you share three tips about buying house, write them down and create that real, and then focus on the actual content, production and filming it. But creating store boats of what you want to talk about is going to be key in creating effective results that actually become viral. And so you definitely want to try to, you know, be focus ahead and plan ahead on what you wanna do. 4. Practice: So let's talk about practicing your real, it's just like with any kind of visual and audio formats that you're creating on social media, especially if you're starting off, you definitely want to practice what you're going to say, how you say that, cetera, you want to practice using all different kinds of features. And so as I said before, you can go through the tutorials to see everything that they offer. But as I said with coming to planning ahead, you definitely want to think about the music that you're going to use, the font that you're going to use, the style that you know if you're using AR or anything like that. So you definitely want to go through all the features that are available to you and definitely to see what fits best with what you're creating. Like I said, if you're creating, you know, three tips on how to buy a house as a real estate agent when baby, the music should be right. You're not really talking, you're just pointing to annotations in the air, but then you need to add annotations. Maybe you want to add pictures. So you definitely want to think about what you're doing and then you're also going to want to practice. So if it is a real, you definitely want to just go through it once, Think about it, but also don't overthink it too much. As I said, it is a real and it's only 10 to 15 seconds, um, but with any piece of content, you just want to make sure that it's effective. So think about it, you know, once I go through it maybe a little bit, okay, I should say this and this and this and then go through that real and uploaded, but also don't overthink it too much. Like I said, it's a real so try to come over authentic. You know, if you're working half a day on one real, that might be a little bit of a waste of time, but again, maybe it will be worth it in the end, but you definitely want to consider spinning an appropriate amount of time on it and practicing what you're going to say. 5. Algorithm: So let's talk about the algorithm of actual Rails. Well, first of all it instagram Reels are a newer feature on Instagram. And with all new features like that, Instagram is going to push it into algorithm that's going to push rails right now. So it will make it way easier to be discovered on the Explore page, there's a huge organic growth potential. You can create content and then having those rails pop up if you're small account, I mean, I've created new accounts that had like 80 followers and then I just post a real and it gets 10 thousand views. So the view potential is almost similar to tiktok. You can really try to get views and stuff like that surrounding your topics. And then it will be first of all, pushed on the real-time to explore page. And also if you used Instagram, you know, in the last couple of months, you've probably seen this. You just scroll down your feet, you go and look through your pictures and stuff. And all of a sudden you see a bunch of reals next to each other of accounts that you don't even follow. So that's where the magic comes in because your reels are being pushed to accounts that don't follow you. But they are based around the likes and of themselves around the topics that you create. So let's say you create Instagram marketing stuff. Sorry. Let's go back to the real estate agent, an example. Let's see, you create a real estate agent test. Will somebody who was interested in real estate and real estate marketing, they are going to be recommended those, those topics and those fields from you. So and you know, create national content around your industry and you will be exposed to non followers who are falling though those kind of topics, who liked those topics? The Instagram algorithm is going to work its magic to push your results and your videos to people who are interested in a topic. You know, if you apply pit videos, people are going to be receiving videos and recommendations from your reels who are into that kind of topics. So, you know, the organic growth potential, this is insane right now. So implementing real to your content strategy is definitely something that you're going to want to do because the algorithm works in a way that it pushes to non followers. And if you think about it, watch time, just like with tick Tom, watch time is the most important to try to get people to watch your video as long as possible. That way your chance for virality is going to increase. So let's say you have a twelv second video. If 99% of people in Washington until the end, well then it's more likely going to be exposed to other people and going to be pushed because people like it. So the main thing that you want to focus on is algorithms on the watch time to be pushed and the algorithm, I mean, just think about it. It makes logical sense. People want insert on once you're on that platform as much as possible. And if you're the reason that people are staying because they're watching here to the end, you're going to get rewarded as a, you know, with being pushed around other, to other people. So that's how the algorithm works, just like with Instagram wash time as the main thing that people are focusing on. Some tried to get people to watch your video until the end, whether it is hooked that you're creating or maybe you creating suspense for people to watch all the way through. But do keep in mind that creating videos on our real estate people will want to watch all the way through is going to help you being pushed in the algorithm. 6. Utilize long viewership: So as I said, am I wanna talk about longer viewership and utilizing longer vintage viewership for engagement. Creating a reals that encourage users to watch to the end is what pushes your videos more. And because reals are quick and easy and people that can absorb that info and engage quickly. So I think about the Tiktok example, that's always a great example of Tiktok algorithm. It works almost the same as interim rails because focusing on watch time. And so what's going to help your videos get pushed? So with long if you ship it can help you being pushed in an algorithm and then in turn can help you engagement and followers and so on. Because reals are so absorbed so easily and quickly, people can absorb that and for that you're giving them very quickly and also engaged. And they can leave a like they can live a view naturally if they watch it and then engage with your account. So it doesn't just help it grow your followers and grow your actual results, but it can also help your overall engagement because it is also posts and content that you're putting on your account. So people are leaving likes, you know, people can leave comments just like normal things because, you know, in creating that engagement on your account is what's going to help increase that engagement rate. And engagement rate is one of the most important things that you want to focus on because even if you're growing a following, engagement races, engagements rate is what's going to help you increase your loyal customers, who are loyal fans and in turn, increase your call to action. You know, if you have something promoted on your Instagram, whether it's your product or somebody else's. Having a high engagement raises what's going to help you lead those conversions. So they are a great way to attract new followers and also engage with current followers through it, your Rails. So definitely something to keep in mind when creating your Rails. 7. Improve your connection to followers: So another thing that I want to touch on is improving your connection to your followers and in turn, increasing sales. So as I mentioned before, reals are quick and easy, they're easy to engage with and they're easy to create. So even though you want to give it some thought, and like I said, you want to create a little bit of a structure and practice it a little bit. Once you've created that real, it is also easy to repurpose the continuity. You can post it on tiktok, same as you can post it on reals. Or if you post it on your reel to complicit in Tik Tok. You can post it on other social media platforms as well. So creating a Rails is not just for Instagram itself. You can try to use that content somewhere else. As always, re-purposing your content is going to be key. And you can really try to engage with your followers easily as well, because they're similar to stories. They're quick and easy, but stories are most often live and they're off the bat that results are almost like prepared stories. You know, you can just upload, you can create them, focus on them, and then upload them. And that way you can also have quick and short video format information. And that way you can not just in keeping with new folders and try to get new followers and engage with them, but also engage with your current followers. So this is a great way to convert sales as well. So now think of stories you can do and I'll swipe up if you want to look at this and it's very live and you can use it in the same way with rails. You know, you can show off your product. Maybe you create handmade letters, are handmade stamps or a handmade invitation cards. I mean, stories are going away, but most of the time they're just for your followers. So creating reels of maybe showing if your product in a live way, they are a great way to try and reach other people and try to convert sales. So, you know, like I said, and you know, the algorithm helps push your Rails to a non followers. So if you have a reel of a cool product that you're showing off and it becomes a little bit popular. Great way to convert sales. So because even if they might not want to follow you or they fall all of your content, they might like the personal handmade paper invitation that you create. And then they just click on your Profile and click on your Etsy store or whatever it is and then they buy it. So focusing on real send that sense is a great way to convert sales because it focuses on direct engagement and direct interaction with whoever is watching as they're watching it right now that watching a day engaging with it, they like it and they go about it. So, you know, it's not just improving your connection to your followers, but it's also increasing your sales from your followers and also from other people. So if reals are just a great way for conversions and for converting sales. 8. Summary and Conclusion: So let's summarize some of the topics here that I talked about in this course. So first of all, like I said, you want to study the IG Reels tutorial. As a said, I can talk about them as much as possible in an algorithm way and how they work. But if you want to break than at the actual feature, I could make a video about that and I might actually break down every single feature that Instagram mentions, but there is a long, long blog posts on their sites. So if you really are stuck with how the music works and how to edit and how to add annotations and stuff like that. You can go on their website and it explains everything there. So trying to do that if you really want to study the real features and stuff like that. But like I said, a lot of it is intuitive and you just pick it up as you go. Also, you want to create storyboards, aka plans. You know, you don't want to map out every frame like I said, but you do want to have an idea of what you're going to create. It makes it a little bit more cool, high-quality and it reels are off the cuff and authentic. But having some kind of idea of what you're going to do is definitely a good way to do that. And you just want to go about that and also practicing all your, you know, what you're gonna say and stuff it does add a great way to do is what to do. It's also practice all features. So you know, even if you might not want to use me know, certain things like AIR or stuff like that. Within Rails, my advice is to just practice it. I'll just use it once. You don't even have to publish them, maybe you can even create another account that's anonymous and just publish it, see how they do. But, you know, practicing all features possible on historical, religious, what's going to help you really get familiar, familiar with it and also really help you discover maybe new features that you should use because you didn't really think about using music and videos. And ago, I can use, I can use music, go actually music with this is way better. You know, people that use annotations and stuff like that, they're real stool way better. I'm just making this up. I'm just saying exploring all futurists will help you understand and maybe discover new features that you might want to use as well. Again, use the algorithm push, you know, you're using Rails will automatically give you a push because the organic potential and organic growth potential right now is amazing. You know, there are counts with 60 followers on Instagram. And you can upload a real and it gets 10 thousand views. Like it's very, very possible any and very manageable to do that. Just like with Tiktok to are super small accounts that get, you know, a million views and stuff like that. So try to utilize your talents and try to upload reels and get those views and therefore, getting more followers and engagement, utilize that long viewership. As I said, watch time is very, very important. Try to get people to watch on to the end. However, you do that with your content, maybe creating suspends, maybe creating information and stuff like that, or maybe dragging out a joke or whatever it is. But focusing on watched him is what's going to help you get that views. Now we get that push because the watch time you get, the more it's being pushed in the algorithm. And also you want to perfect connection to your followers and increasing sales. So, you know, creating reals, we'll just create that engagement between your existing folders and in order to increase sales and convert sales. Creating rails showing off your products are showing up, whatever is that you're doing can also help you convert sales because, you know, if you have $800, but you creative real of your handmade invitation cards and it gets 10 thousand views, you might get a bunch of sales. So definitely try to focus on that. And therefore you can help try to increase and convert through sales. So definitely something to do and definitely something to think about implementing a reels in your content strategy on Instagram right now is key. You definitely want to go to implement them in some point and at some level. So definitely try to create reels, playing around with it and get comfortable with it. And I think you'll be surprised at some of the results that you see and the amazing organic growth potential that it has. So thank you so much for joining me. That's basically going to bit, I do have some great news. I am launching a weekly newsletter with digital marketing, social media tips and tricks and stuff like that. So definitely sign up for that link will be in my bio. So click on that sign-in with email if you are interested. So thank you so much for joining me today. I really hope to see you in the next course. And that's been a minute, was meant to have downtime and goodbye.