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Using Instagram Reels to Grow your Brand

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Using Instagram Reels to grow your Brand - Introduction


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      More engaging content


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      Showcase your personality


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      Explore Page


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      Summary and Conclusion


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About This Class

“Instagram Reels” are short videos that allow you to quickly demonstrate your brand and personality through storytelling and visual art. They plant the seeds of what will become your permanent presence on Instagram. Use them to Tell a Story, Build a Presence, Improve Engagement and Acquisition. 

“Instagram Reels are a wonderful and easy way to show your followers what you’re currently up to. It is super easy to use and you do not need any special knowledge about photography. These videos create an instant follow and this can build momentum for your accounts. Not to mention that you can create extremely engaging Instagram Reels by adding audio files and creating fun animated effects! It’s super easy to create a new reel using Instagram's reels editor and it gives you full creative control over how it looks and feels.

In this course I explore the benefits of using Instagram Reels and everything that it has to offer. 

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. Using Instagram Reels to grow your Brand - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine. And in this course I'll be talking about why you should be using in serum rails. I'm going to be talking about how it's scrum roles work, how you can really utilize interior advantage. And I'm going to be breaking down exactly why you should be using a sort of rails and implement them in your content strategy. Now more than ever, so, let's not waste any more time. Let's talk about the first topic here for so I'm going to be talking about a reach of Instagram Reels. And then I'm going to be talking about engaging content, showcasing your personality. Talked again about the Explore page. And at the end, finally, I'm going to give a little summary and some final tips and tricks. So definitely make sure to watch until the end. But yeah, let's not waste any more time, like I said, and that's rumba right into this first topic here. 2. Reach: So let's consider their reach of eight sacrament reals. Well, first of all, the current average Instagram post engagement rate is around two to 3%, which means that two to 3% of your followers actually engage with a post that you have on your feet, like an image or a video that you post. Well, the real reach and engagement is much, much higher for various reasons. First of all, it is a relatively new feature for Instagram. And new features as big as Rails will always get that organic push from the algorithm because Instagram wants you to use it. It's forgotten once you do or use real estate want to eliminate tiktok, you know, they don't want Tik Tok to be as popular as it is. And the reals are their version of Tiktok. So they really want you to use it and they're rewarding people who are using it by giving it this organic algorithm does organic growth with the algorithm. And the reason that it gets pushed like this and you get our granite great this because it gets pushed to non followers. So if you post a picture 99.9% of the time, it just goes to all your followers. Sometimes if you use the right hashtags and topics, it will appear on people's hashtags and topics that they're interested in. But of course, most of the time, as we all know, it just gets pushed to your followers. Well, if you post reels, first of all, you are on that Reels Explore page almost like the For You page on as an on tiktok. And you can get discovered they're easily. And sometimes, I'm sure if you use Instagram the past months, you see it on your feed. If you scroll down, sometimes you will just get a tab of 20 reels in a row of random people that you don't follow, but they are topics that you might be interested in. So you can reach people that like you Tom, your topics and your category if you're in finance or digital marketing or your lifestyle in philosophy or a traveler and so on, People will get recommended those rails and the organic reach right now is huge and organic potential that you have with this growth. Even if you're a smaller account. Sometimes I've seen people with 80 followers get 10 thousand views on real. I mean, I've done it myself. So this is really, really a great chance to utilize this and get that organic growth and reach. 3. More engaging content: So let's talk about reals and why they are so good. Well, they are a more engaging content that they're not just a still picture that people like and move on with their day. Reals take a little bit more engagement and also they are more engaging. I mean, it is a short form video, the most popular kind of content on social media right now. A lot thanks to tiktok, but this will help you evolve your content. So take Tiktok as a guide and to just the Reels Explore page as well. You know, reals are quick, easy, fun, and engaging. They're more exciting than the normal posts. Just look at the real tab and you will understand what I mean. Most of these are, you know, 10 to 15 second videos of people who are breaking down certain things and you can really use this with anything. I know people think it's just like Tiktok in the beginning of people thought it's just people dancing, but it's not. You can really use anything. You can make funny videos, you can make ten seconds. Schizo can do memes, you can do helpful tips. You know, if you do digital marketing can be like, Oh, 10 ways to market to real estate agents. First one bump, second one pumps, third one palm and you can break down five and 10 tips and, you know, in ten seconds and that's a, that's a perfect real. So you can do all kinds of content and it is just more engaging because it is quick, short, fun videos. And again, those are the most popular kinds of content right now. So use this and used a real tap to identify trends for your own account, utilizing trends and music training hashtags, trending music and so on. And challenges is the best way to create that engaging content. And using them will definitely help you with that organic reach and organic growth. 4. Showcase your personality: So using reels allows you to showcase your personality. Results can really help you show your true personality. And these short fun videos, even if it's for a brand or a company, a quote unquote serious business. And that can really create more relaxed and personal content. Because especially nowadays the younger generation they want to relate to brands more. They don't want to see some corporate stuck-up, random video off just the same old boring content being catered to you. People like fun, exciting and new, relaxed and more personalised content. And this is what really allow you to do. They can help you show your authenticity. You can relate to your audience and also keep in mind that your personality can be your unique factor, especially nowadays and social media, you always want to think about your unique factor, one value you're offering, the others are not offering in order to stand out of the millions of people into thousands of pieces of content that people see every day. So if you're funny, if you have a great personality, if you have the great ideas, if you're smart, if you do whatever, you can really use that to your advantage and show off your personality, show off what you can offer. And therefore that can become your unique factor on why people want to follow you. And Rails make it really easy. It just similar to tick tock, like I said, because they're short videos. You know, you don't just have to create to dancing videos are funny memes or challenges or dances, or even Tips and Tricks. You can just sometimes sit there for ten seconds and give an opinion like Imani, only one that has known as the textbook circa have become way more expensive. Now there's just a silly example, of course, don't use it like that. It just came to the top of my head but I'm at something like that. You know, you can just talk to your audience sometimes similar to like Instagram stories, but reals are still a little bit different because most of the time they're being pushed to people who are not following you and they're printing pushed to a lot of people who are not falling you. So keep that in mind when creating these as well. Keep in mind that people don't, sometimes don't know the context, they don't know you. So create content that would work well with people who don't know you already as a brand personality. So and then of course, you can create that kind of content where then you can shine with your personality. People like, Oh, this guy's pretty funny. I didn't know, but then you can create funny videos. You can have clips from your podcast, whatever you can really truly do anything. And then that can become your unique factor. And Rails really helped showcase your personality. 5. Explore Page: So yeah, let's talk about the Explore page for civil adjust the real tab. And just in general, as I mentioned before on the feed, sometimes people look at recommended videos, but reals are one of the best ways to grow organically, especially honest CRM itself just because it is being pushed to people and you will be able to lend more easily on the Explore page. Sometimes not even many hashtags are needed. Sometimes the AI will see what kind of content you're creating and then people who like that kind of topics and dose kind of that kind of content you will receive. Your video has recommendations. So hash Texaco, so always important, but sometimes not even excess of hashtags are needed, but it's still definitely use them as much as you can. Reels can be explored on their own. And remember that rails are being pushed like crazy just because of this algorithm. And there are just overall better chances to get on the Explore page, which is like the Instagram's FY PIE paid for the For You page from tiktok. And just organic growth opportunity as great. So utilizing real secure advantage will help you get some viral videos and in turn will help with your engagement, your sales, your followers, your brand, reach, whatever it is that you want to do, call to action, and just being able to land your results on the Explore page. It's way more likely than somebody discovering her picture that you posted. You know, of course keep posting that kind of content as well. But definitely, definitely, definitely implement reals into your content strategy like yesterday. Because the, especially if you're trying to grow your account, the options to end the availability of this growth is unprecedented right now. And you might, you know, in one to two years maybe there, or maybe even months, they might be toning it down the real, the real push like this because, you know, it is where it's worked well it's implemented or whatever. But right now as a golden age for real, so you definitely want to try and utilize that opportunity and in order to gain some more traction on your account. 6. Summary and Conclusion: So, uh, yeah, let's summarize. So overall again, the incredible reached that you have and organic growth opportunities is on precedent right now. And of course also considered that the content is more engaging, quick and fun, and not just for you and the consumer, but definitely for something that you want to create. So when you create your content, don't just consider how you consume the content. That's why engaging quick event. But also remember that you want to be quick, engaging and fun as well. You have to viewers attention for a couple of seconds. You need to be hooked right at the beginning. So make sure to have that in mind when creating a real, you know, you don't have 25 seconds to set up your, your bits or whatever it is. So definitely, you know, your comedy bits or schizo, whatever. So definitely tried to keep that in mind. But also think about the fact that you can show your true personality. You can try to show up more of your authenticity. You can relate to your consumer, to your father, and your personality can be unique factor that can help you really hit strides and really hit new highs in nearby reality. And of course, the opportunity to hit the Explore page is way higher than just random pictures and videos and stuff like that. Results are incredible and you will be surprised, I think once you consistently start using Rails, how much, how many views you won't be able to get. And of course, just again, organic growth possibilities in all stages. So yeah, this has definitely been a, of course, but I hope this really illustrated how and why you should use its results and how important they are and how you can utilize them to your advantage to drive your followers engagement sales and so on. So yeah, that's basically, that's basically going to be it. I do have some great news. I am now publishing a weekly newsletter called Valentine. We clean when we talk about social media, digital marketing, tips and tricks to biggest breaking news and so on. You can sign up for that at the link in my bio or you can just go to tiny slash weekly eval. So definitely sign up for that if you're interested in that, I will be posting and polishing a newsletter every week and you can read it in under five minutes. So quick info for you to take in an oyster, stay on top of everything and digital marketing. So definitely set up for that if you're interested in. But yeah, that's basically going to be it for me today. I really hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next time. And make sure to click the follow button. This will help. That's basically it to be it. And thank you so much for joining me. Bye, bye.