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Making a Basic Pizza Dough!

teacher avatar Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Pizza Introduction!


    • 2.

      Ingredients List, with Quantities.


    • 3.

      Kneading Your Dough!


    • 4.

      After Proofing, making bases and toppings.


    • 5.

      After Baking, The Finished Product.


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About This Class

Make a basic Pizza at home without any fancy equipment!

This short class is a small part of a much larger course, that will be released later in the year.

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor

Level: All Levels

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1. Pizza Introduction!: I go. So in today's cause, we're gonna run over how to make a basic paid to base. This short class is gonna be a introduction to a much broader course that will be released later on in this year. So I hope you guys get something out of the class and learn how to make a basic Peter in your very own home. Without any expensive equipment, we will have a list of ingredients on the next slide toe. Begin your class with all the quantities listed there for you, so you can make sure you have everything you need. Then we're gonna jump straight into the physical demonstration and show you the results of what you can Dio. You have the right guidance, sir. Stay train glass. Enjoy. 2. Ingredients List, with Quantities.: 3. Kneading Your Dough!: Alright, So I've got out lukewarm water mixed without yeast and sugar. We're just giving this a little bit of a stir with our four here served as much as we can. We want to make sure that combines nicely. The reason we have the sugar and the ace together and leave the salt separate with the flower is because the sugar is the enemy off the aced, not the sugar. Sorry. The salt is the enemy of the ace, where the sugar is gonna help fade the aced and help you basis rise and get the desired result that you want. So this is going to sit for a couple of minutes and they'll just come back and show you guys had a need it and mix this in with you, Flower. All right, so that's water. And yes, this pain sitting there for about three minutes now. So we're gonna slowly add this 12 flour mixture bit by bit, because it's gonna be easier to need rather than if we were to addle the water at once. You all right? Cried a little well in the flower. I just want to slightly at it as she got Can I add a little bit there. What? The rest. Now, this will continue to work this and need this with your hands. You'll notice Thea Dari start to clump on your hands. Don't worry about that. As you work it, this will become less and less. Now. You wanna work the dough as much as you can within the boat? Makes that yeast, sugar and flour together as much as you possibly can. Now, what we're gonna do is we had to transfer everything onto a bench here. We're gonna need this with their hands. So what you do is you put one palm on the Dorothy other point it and push forward. Push back, push forward, trying to get everything off your hands. I just can't. Mating as we're doing it by hand, this will take a little bit longer than if you are Were to use a machine, a robot Cooper specific pates machine. But this is a lot funner. Anyway, you don't need to buy any expensive equipment to make pace up. You just need to use a bit of an AL bar. Grace, You want to make this as smooth as possible. You don't see any lumps like flattery. Dark Lumbee lumps in your daughter That's not good. Escape. Mating it. Apply a fair man of pressure. And also just to do this for about five minutes. You won't make sure it's all mostly combined in there, and it's smooth as possible now by adding the warm water well. Luke. Warm ocean, say instead of cold, this pizza dough boil accounts shouldn't take long to rise. Now that's what I recommend doing if you want to get really technical. Yeah, it's better to add cold water and let it hate naturally with the room temperature bus if you short of time, that can take quite a while to rise. So if you don't wanna be sitting around all day, make watching your dough rise and work. It's just adding water that's at least lukewarm. I don't get too warm, so if it's hot to touch, can kill the aced so I wouldn't go anything. Ah, more than local. See how smooth that's getting? It's not quite there yet. We wanna work it a little bit more. One pump in front of other pushed in Roll it back, like sir, just tuck it underneath. So now we're gonna do? It's gonna rub a bit of olive oil on that. This will help keep the pates are north and moist, but of olive oil on the bench There. Give it a rub. And what we're going to do is we're gonna let these dar proof. So you want to let it proof on the bench? Until that basically doubles in size. When that doubles in size, that's going to indicate that we're already starting to start making out basis. The reason we're putting glad Rapper grabbed our luck, sir, is because, as we leave it out, if we wouldn't do it uncovered, the air will get to the outside of the dark. It will become really crispy on the outside. National folding at your door left disgusting little crisp, dry parts to your base, and you want to keep it nice and smooth. So we're gonna leave that sit for a couple of hours. All right. Once this has doubled in sauce will come back and show you guys how to make your basis 4. After Proofing, making bases and toppings.: All right. So this, though, is being proofing for about two hours now, come north and beautiful and soft. So we're gonna roll the sound now without hands. We don't need I Ah, rolling pin for this. We put a pizza stone here that we've got with a bit of baking paper. This is going to ensure that the paints that are doesn't stick. OK, so we're gonna do as we're rolling. They say out, we're gonna gently peaking this off. A little bit of flower there. The reason we had the flail up so that when we ah shaping out dar Okay, this isn't gonna stick to the bench. Andi ruin the base that you just created. So you wanna get as much as you can. You don't be sure. Then just work your hands. Work the dar into a circle. It doesn't have to be a circle can be any shape you want. That's fun. So we're gonna do now is generally pick yourself twice that only a pay to study that as it's on the stern. If you want to fit it, start. I just work a dollar and boxer Also you can do just add a bit of oil to your hands and Sprinkle that our ball that's gonna keep the darn oss and moist. All right. And that's it. Okay, guys. And now we're gonna take out in a polar Tiner source, which we made earlier. I just Sprinkle that over our base. You don't want a whole lot of Napoli source on the base just enough to cart you paid. So now it's good that we've put the olive oil all over that at its cities. Gonna keep it nice and moist. It's not going to get across t. A lot of people don't put the oil of oil over the ah vice, and it gets across the and dry, flowery sort of beats all of you pates off. That's plenty of Napolitano Source. Pacers air Quite visit all sir, You can pretty much use any toppings that you want less is often more on the girls. The less you put in, the better will generally bay. So you're on a Sprinkle a little bit of onion here, cherry tomatoes with pre headed out oven to 250 degrees Celsius. America, I think that's about 452 graze Fahrenhorst So you want the oven really hard to get that nice, crisp AIDS? This will only take about 10 to 15 minutes. Don. Our village a pates is with so much toppings. It's best to just use a little bit. Sprinkle a little bit of pomace and chase season. This was a little bit of salt that's done. So we're going to chuck this in the oven on. We'll come back in about 10 to 15 minutes and show you guys the results. 5. After Baking, The Finished Product.: so that's been going minutes. Nice beautiful Crease edge Viking paper is preventing that from speaking. No, it's beautiful. Thick crust. They can say here that dough is knots and fluffy. Now notice how the dar they sagging a little bit in the center. That's because we're using a harm oven if you're using a pates rev in. Or would Florida often that's gonna stay crease all the way through You notice how it's nice increased on this side here, but as you got and is a little bit floppy. If you want to prevent that, one thing you can do is maybe fry the pay to base in a pan just really hot before you placed in the oven. But I don't really find it necessary. That's still a beautiful dar. So if you want to prevent that little bit of sagging, you'll need a pizza oven auto pan fry it