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Lets make some stocks together!

teacher avatar Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Let's make some stock!


    • 3.

      Chicken & Vegetable Stock Base


    • 4.

      Chicken & Vegetable Stock Cooking


    • 5.

      Straining Stocks


    • 6.

      Beef Stock Base


    • 7.

      Beef Stock Cooking


    • 8.

      Storing Stock


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      How did you go?


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About This Class

All about making Chicken, Vegetable & Beef stock.

In this class you will learn via a physical demonstration how to make them and follow along as you do so.

Some golden nuggets and tips on how to use them are spread throughout the videos.

Check out my other class here https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Sourdough-pizza-Basic-pizza-and-sauce-demonstration/167587632/projects

I will show you how to make sourdough pizza bases, basic pizza bases as well as a napoli sauce.

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor

Level: Beginner

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1. Stocks!: your heart is turning black. Tran is a feeling I know what an a You won't fall in love again Opened up to man it, Samson, be let 2. Let's make some stock!: Hey, guys, all thought old. Are today's Kloss at being such a nice day? It just felt appropriate. Tonight's class will run over how to make a chicken, vegetable and base talk. The Sox are fairly simple that require minimal amount of skill and experience. It can be used in the process of credit. Other dishes. I hope you get something out of it for a long and implement what you have lent place. Paris How you win in the discussion area. Feel afraid of pumping to the product vice with Tim coming in, private chef for any health questions you guys have. 3. Chicken & Vegetable Stock Base: So they're gonna run through just how easy it is to make a vegetable stock. So you've got your carrots, the usual three essential ingredients brand on you and your salary Stakes based ring radiance of We need to make a chicken stock. You don't even need to peel the ingredients at all. Keeping the skin on will help at a nice, nice flavor to you stuck when I could actually use days ingredients They're gonna be strained out. So it's fun to k from home in regards to preparation When you dio just kind of last, it doesn't need to be anything fancy. It really is that 80 with your camera. Good kind, not go us basically nothing. Straightening celery stalk. You do not even have to actually cop face. You can even just break it with hands like that, Right There is your banks for your vegetable stock Now the exact same base you will use fewer chicken stock. The method I'm gonna run through with you today will be the same for birth. Chicken on vegetable stock. Sure, your birth. So we've got one here, which is for a vegetable stock done. Now this port, he will around chicken stock. So we're gonna get them going on a separate give easy, and this party is a little bit big. Also flavor. You will hurt us. The onions will add a bit of a dark quality is stock. It basically dies the water. It's nothing to be concerned about. It's all flavor. If you do have any other off, continue kitchen such as capsicum broccoli stems. You can always capers stole them in a phrase up. And when you're about to make your stocks, take them out and put them back in the park. I also want to use um, Golic Clark, you don't even need to peel the garlic. You can keep the skin zone. Do slightly crush it. Just a bit of a hit with your knife. There we go. So now we're gonna take your for the stove and show you exactly how to cook it. We want to fry off these ingredients is to get the Iran is going bring out as much flavor as possible. 4. Chicken & Vegetable Stock Cooking: that's giving us desired. Coming up with one. I don't want a vegetable stock. Lost a bit of sorry. Private role. I would just go out to 15 with up with water and bring it to the boil. Now, the beauty of making stocks of Army service simple damn near anybody can do it. I'm with school stuff. You don't have to worry about any attitudes, junk design. They're gonna be good stuff. That's still also got some chicken Coxes down from the world. Bush up. You don't want to use any expensive cuts of meat such as chicken breast to make it stop. Barnes have the majority of the flavor in it anyway, So I got to Cox is you only have to use one. This will go for about 75 cents toe a dole. Okay. The butcher's just want to get rid of it because I don't really have any use for there. Not a professional kitchen, so they can cook it up for their stocks. But we can cook it up for a house, so just place here, give you I'm gonna save and stuff a bit of stolen off my good chicken and vegetables stuff you really need to leave Labour on the boil and then take it to Osama for about 2 to 3 hours to get to drive. Can be kept in the Fraser for the next time you make it. Stop taking with I'm a chef. We love that salt. Also using fresh herbs with my Wayne Northway Have noise around. Give it a Northfield, and it's gonna bring an even more fiber and stuff. I'm also a fan of violating with highly like a dry lake that's quite a bit of have any on hand. If you do have something with that one, I think now filled up with water and also bring this to the boil. As we're doing with vegetables, Small is absolutely delicious. 5. Straining Stocks: so the vegetable stock is being simmering for a couple of hours now, So now it's ready to strike. As stated earlier, We aren't going to use these carrots, so that's why we went peeling before. So we need to do a strand them over thing save lock these on top of a ball or a cup of some sort, a bit of a shake. You want to sort of press down as well when you tones into the sea, gonna get the reminding juice and flight that's left in your mira paw as we like to collude , which is your onion current salary and any Golic into your stock. So as the chicken stock is also done now, if we were to strain the stork like these, I wouldn't recommend it. I, you know, confident to do. Sorry, what are recommended? Removing the carcass first. It's gonna make it much easier for you to strain. Now stop pouring slowly. To be candid on these I'm gonna do this sign is what we did before. Once all the vegetables are in season, we're just gonna get out. Pair of tones and scorching hot. Damn, I don't have a little bit fools on the table. It's one we want to try to make a miss stocks of very, very tall. So we've got here the chicken and vegetable. So if you're making a chicken resort, for example, or chicken certain instead of this, using plain water, all the stuff you get from the supermarket, this thought stuff is gonna serving much better. And it's a lot healthier for you. Use the corresponding stock based on what type of result. Oh, it is so chicken result our chicken stock vegetables that are eventual stock. It's time to be set based way after this. 6. Beef Stock Base: So we're gonna run over a quick base stock for you guys. So purchased our faith burns from Apple charge, which is about three goals for a packet. We don't want anything that's gonna cost a lot of money, because, really, we're just trying to extract the flavors from these bones here so we can get a nice base flavour, stock water that we're going to create. We also want another train, which we've got here. A deep oven tray. Now there are a couple of options. You can chuck the base runs straight into these open trade and place them in the oven. If you're doing this that hard about recommended because it will stick to this and will be very hard to claim. So what? I like to use my arms. It's just a bit of banking type of. Just watch, sir. A little advice. If you try, just place your binds on top. Sorry. When we face, you just want to put a Sprinkle of tomato paste on h of those as well. Nicely. What we're gonna do now is grab some sold pepper, Give this a nice quick season. Lovely. So we've created out of and now told that served under the grace. We want these barns to get really, really brown dare I say even black to start to bend. Okay, That'll extract, immersed, amount of flavor and it burns as possible. So we're gonna do that now. We're gonna quickly truck these in the oven for 1 to 2 hours with them to roast, and then I'll come back and show you guys how to make stock. 7. Beef Stock Cooking: birds of reversing the oven for bed. Now, now we have turned the marvel so they could get Brandenburg thoughts. Thank you. Have a quick look. Syria. Barnes. You know what block, but really Golden Brand. Just about 10 with fraud of onions on a salary, which is there. Thanks. Okay. I never wanna pull the fact producers from eight try to get a stop. It always now unlock vegetable based. Bring to the boil and steam up. Quarter wall won't go with bacon targets to strike the flavor that way, some water. We don't need to worry about crossing himself because the burns of vein bursting in the oven. I'm a body. Take it upon myself while your salary. So we're just gonna have to call water now, ladies, on a hot hate to bring this to the boil, we're gonna lay but continue just enough of the next three hours and strain everything out which will run every light it for you. If you wanted to make what's called a baby is you gravy? That would take about three days to make. And you would leave the bones in there for the duration. The difference in the method being is off 2 to 3 hours. You'll remove everything all of the onion alot of your burns away. The salary VII care from this stock, and you'd only put the burns back into the water. Okay. The aim of at ease is to reduce the stock as much as possible. You would leave it seem Oh, for about 12 hours with the barns in May. You then take it upon yourself to remove the Barnes, and you would let the water Seema and reduce for up to three days. Really? That'll give you like a nice, thick sort of gravy. So big pot like this pool water will end up producing toe about this much. And this is saying what Make a nice, thick, beautiful gravy. So none of that powdered stuff you use on your stakes. So if you're one of the healthy version one that's more tasty that you while you go about it 8. Storing Stock: our guys. So here we have a vegetable and a chicken stock. You noticed the chicken stock, both of which have been sitting here for the last day has this little wire fat on the top? This is the reason I let it sit for a day because we want this layer of fat to form on the top so we can scoop it out with the spirit because we don't want that any stocks. This is the raising. The base stock isn't on display with the chicken and vegetable that we've got. It's because it hasn't been sitting for long and awful. And I wanted to see for a day toe let that fat to rise to the top so we can scoop it out with the spirit. Okay, so we're just gonna do that to get all these fat at a vast stock. Now, if you want to use your stock straight away, this is what this demonstration is about. Now, so have separated. The fact from the chicken stock now is simply gonna pour it into some type awakened. China's top awaken tying is if you have them. That is a command made for commercial use. You don't have to use the specifically just the top away that you've got around the house don't. So once that's done, we're gonna put some lids on our chicken store and labeled amiss. Sock. Tricky. Because if you want to Seoul days in the Fraser of the fridge, you wanna be out, tell the difference between which is your chicken and which is okay, so you can just simply right chicken stock on the top with the date and chuck it in the phrase up. This is really handy. If you want to use it later on down the track And if you're making a stock or result or for that matter, you can take this straight out of the phrase up and pop it straight into your super yours. 9. How did you go?: I hope you enjoyed your stocks. Course. Picked up a few tips and tricks for you all you newbies or new guys. New cooking people? Uh, yeah. Get out there and implement. When you guys have violent making family and ice chicken or vegetable soup or a nice victory, wars are, and we'll see you soon.