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Basic Italian Cooking Skills

teacher avatar Luca La Rosa, Chef

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil


    • 4.

      Genuine Italian carbonara


    • 5.

      The original pesto sauce


    • 6.

      Risotto with saffron


    • 7.

      Baked potatoes


    • 8.

      Italian meatballs


    • 9.

      Milanese steak


    • 10.

      linguine with fresh clams


    • 11.

      Spaghetti with seafood and shellfood


    • 12.

      Octopus and potatoes salad


    • 13.

      Baked fish in crust


    • 14.

      Filet of fish in foil


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About This Class

For lovers of Italian cuisine, Basic Italian Cooking Skills can jump-start a lifelong passion in starters, pasta, main courses and side dishes.

This course centered on authenticity and aptitude in Italian Cooking. In 16 lessons, you will cover topics including pasta, vegetables, seafood, meat and fish.

More specific, students will learn how to prepare soffritto, and use it for tomato sauce and spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil.

Five other lessons are focused on pasta: Carbonara, Pesto sauce, Risotto with saffron, Linguine with fresh clams and Spaghetti with seafood and shell food.

Other two lessons are focused about vegetables. You will learn how to prepare Caponata and perfect Roasted and baked potatoes.

Fish and meat complete the course focusing about Meatballs with fresh tomato sauce and Milanese steak.

Finally you will leant how to cook four fish main courses: Octopus and potatoes, Whole fish in crust salt, Swordfish with veggies and herbs and Filet of fish in foil with potatoes.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luca La Rosa



Hello, I'm Luca,

I am a professional chef, living and working in Turin. Previously, I have been chef and owner, for almost 10 years of famous seafood restaurant with fish shop inside.

At the moment I manage two restaurant and work also like teacher in a cooking school.

I will offer my knowledge about Italian cuisine, which I learned during my long experience as a chef and owner of three Italian restaurants.

Students will gain an intensive overview of Italian culture and cooking, that are then yours for a lifetime of sharing with family and friends.

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Level: Beginner

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1. introduction: Hello, guys, and welcome on my first course. I am local Arosa. I'm an Italian shaft, and this is my first course. Classic Italian cooking skills. On this curse, I will teach you how to cook a perfect sofrito tomato sauce, spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil carbonara. Breast store and result With suffering in the second block of lessons, I will teach you how to cook for reflector, rusted and baking potatoes, meatballs with sherry source Milan as a stack and octopus and potato salad winner with clams, spaghetti with seafood and shell food. Wolf fish in crust sold swart fish with two matters coppers and olives, and file it off fish and foreign with herbs and potatoes. My course is just for beginners. Don't be shamed to fall of me and remember, you need justice. Very good seasonal Inga against In many freshen 2. Soffritto: Hello, guys. Welcome to my first lesson in this lesson. I will teach you how to prepare sofrito. Sofrito is one of the most important based on Italian kitchen. We will prepare it with three vegetable and just olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil. We use carrot, celery and onion. Let's to clean the celery, the carrots and the onion, and then we will cook it. So peel the carrot. Remember to remove all the skin because it's just a debate beater. If you cook it, let's go toe caught in clean leoneans and 22 years also a little bit off celery. So, no. Now we have our vegetable clean, and now we need to up to chop it, chop the celery. And for sofrito, we used to chopper obtaining little small cube more or less the same dimension so repeated for the celery and for the corrodes. And okay, so we do the same thing with the carrots, okay. And the only in to cook the perfect sofrito. First of all, we need to put holy oil and let's to hit it. Remember to use a very loved it. We don't need too much power. So the first finger. The way we use is the carrots, because it's artist, then celery and onion. So remember, don't mix and don't put all together. We will use Carrozza. The second Ingrid enter we will use is the celery, and in the final we will put inside the onions. So let's hit our olive oil. And finally, we can put our carrots inside. Let's go corrodes for almost five minutes and the very, very slow it remember. It's very important to a plane. Very good sofrito, because we don't want barn our carrots and we don't We don't want Barner. Hold vegetables for a good sofrito winning patient. After five minutes, your carrots will be very soft. Now it's time to put inside the celery. We put all the celery and mix it up together. Let's cook for two minutes more, and after two minutes we will put inside. Also the only in so the last tab. Hate to put our own inside, and let's cook for some minutes no more. When all the ingredients will be cooking and softer, our sofrito, it's ready. Let's go and finished to cook with onions makes it. I remember very low. Eat the flavor It's amazing we will cook it for two minutes more, then a little suggested. If you want, you can cook a huge amount off sofrito, and then you can frauds it in some jar in some glass jar and put in your fridge and you can use any time you need. And in Italy, we usually do that. You will understand when you're sofrito. It's ready because the only in the last ingredients we put in the mix, it's cook it and became soft. Finally, our sofrito it's ready. So now we can put in a jar and amazing flower, and we will use it in the next lesson. 4. Spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil: Hello, guys, and welcome to our to lessen. Now we talking about how to cook a perfect pasta. In the previously lessons, we learned how to make a perfect sofrito. Then way, learn it out to prefer the original Italian tomato sauce. Now it's time for pasta. For pastor, we need off course Pasta. The Grand maduro. In this case, I choose the spaghetti boiling water. Remember to put your pastor in a port with boiling water without salt for now. So let's cook pasta and the time, more or less is we need 10 minutes to have a perfect pasta al dente. If you want, I can suggest you to add just a little bit off olive oil in your boiling water so your pasta will not attach food for your pastor inside boiling water and remember, makes it frequently. We will cook faster for more or less 10 minutes toe. Understand when our pasa it's really we need to test it. You contest your pastor after nine minutes, nine minutes enough and then you can. You can finish to cook your pastor inside your tomato sauce. After 10 minutes, it's time to test our pasta Well, perfect bust it's ready. So no more cooking. Our pastor. It's really now. We put the pasta inside our port with tomatoes souls and we makes it all together. Looks delicious. Finally, our pasta. It's really to serve so our past up it's ready, enjoy. 5. Genuine Italian carbonara: Hello, guys. On this lesson, I will teach you how to cook one off The most important pastor received in Italy Spaghetti alla carbonara. The ingredients for this received are spaghetti off course bacon or cheek off poor cooked Exoo, pecorino cheese, olive oil and black pepper. Step number one is to put our pasta in hot water and let it boil for 10 minutes. While the past ice cooking will start to cook our bacon, put in your ford a little bit off olive oil when the oil will be hope, uh, you can put your beckon and fry it for more last 10 minutes while the pastor is cooking and bacon is almost ready. We prefer the crammed with eggs of pepper and pecorino cheese, so let open one AG put inside, beat off pecorino cheese, black pepper and a little bit off water. Now make soul together. At this time, we can put inside, sold and makes again. After 10 minutes, we can put our buster bored with bacon, our green and sold jump altogether. Our carbonara, it's ready to be served. Now we are preparing our nest off pasta had a little bit off pecorino cheese, some piece of bacon like decoration and our Cabrera. It's really to be served 6. The original pesto sauce: flow guys and welcome to our new lesson. Today we will learn how to prepare Pesto Pesto is original and very engine Italian source and use it to prefer pasta. The ingredients to prepare a perfect Italian pesto. Our fresh basil leaves, Parmigiano Reggiano Bakery. No pine nuts, garlic, salt and olive oil. Step number one to prefer presto is to cut our fresh busy leaves just in this way, we need to use agreed to prepare. I work Parmigiano and do the same team with pecorino. No, all our ingredients are ready to be. Mix it all together so we use a mixer and we put inside our busy leaves. All were pecorino cheese, our bottom me general cheese, a bit of pine nuts, a bit of sold and a piece of garlic. Now we use olive oil, and we are ready to mix all ingredients together. The mixing doesn't walk because we need to add more olive oil. Pesto need to became very creamy and makes it again. So let's makes all the ingredients together until your presto became very, very creamy like that. So now we have our past already, and it's really to prepare with us stuff. After we boil it with pasta, we can food some spoon off pesto. You know, we're halt and let's jump all together and make so together. If you want, you can add a little bit more pesto on your past off I had a little bit off Parmigiano and a little decoration with basil leaves. 7. Risotto with saffron: Hello, guys, and welcome back. Today I will teach you how to cook one off. The most important received in Italy Risotto alla Milanese. The ingredients for a perfect result Alla Milanese are result off course quality. Carnaroli butter only in Parmigiano Reggiano vegetable brought suffering and the little beet a white wine. So step number one we need to call Leoneans. Let's do it that remember to cut the only in in very tiny pieces because we need to cook it in the butter. So let's to cook our results. First of all, we need a little piece of butter in our port, and we need to weigh the butter is totally molted. After that, we can put the owning inside and cook the only in very, very love. Eat for almost five minutes, so it's time to put onion and deport, and let's cook for almost five minutes. Remember to cook the only in very, very low vite and don't bar. Now it's time to put the rise and tossed it for 34 minutes. - Now it's time to add a little bit off white wine. Now it's time to add a little by little, our vegetable groves remember to cover completely your rise in the port and start to makes pull together. Result. Ptolemy is one of the most important received in Milan. This received is very easy to make, and it's very testy the ship because inside we have butter saffron white wine, so it's a perfect dinner for your guest. When your vegetable broth it's dry, it's time to add one more time covering all the rise again and makes again remember to do that for 34 times until your rise is totally cooking. Usually rise to be cooking needs 20 minutes. After 15 minutes, it's time to add our saffron. So take a little bit off water and put our suffering inside and makes for a couple of minutes. Now we can add our suffering in their eyes, makes altogether and finish the cooking for 23 minutes. When the suffering is totally dried, we can add a little bit more butter and a little bit off part me journal mix all together. Our rise is became ing very creamy, and the last step is to put a little bit of solved, cook it for one minute more, let dry a little bit too. Now it's time to turn off your fire and let rest your results for at least a couple off minutes before to serve. It's time to serve our results. So I would use just one to make around, for we had a little bit about me. Johnno on a little decoration with parsley. No, our results. It's ready to be served. 8. Baked potatoes: Hello, guys, and welcome on our potato lesson. Today I will teach you how to cook. A perfect side dish for any main course is roasted potatoes with garlic sold and rosemary. Very easy dishes. Easy to repeat at your role. First stab, too. We use a backing teen and put inside a little bit off extra virgin olive oil. No, I choose the orphans mole organic potatoes for this receiver and we will cook wall. We put some potatoes in our tin a little bit off dry rosemary, some pieces of garlic sold to again. Leave the beat of olive oil in lieu and let makes altogether. Now we can put our team in owing and cook for 30 minutes at 160 degrees. After 30 minutes at 160 degrees, our baking potatoes are ready to be served a perfect side dish for any main courses. Off made rabid chicken and anymore 9. Italian meatballs: Hello, guys. And welcome back. Today I will teach you how to cook one off the most important Italian food meatballs with tomato souls. The ingredients are cough meat hoc meat to Parmigiano Bakery. No eggs only in and fresh tomatoes, tomato souls, parsley, breadcrumbs, olive oil and a little bit of water. So let's start. First of all, we need to put inside lead our cough me pork meat, two eggs, two or three eggs, our Parmigiano, our pecorino and a little bit of bread crumbs. No, we put inside a little bit of parsley. Remember? Two could very, very mold pieces before and to finish salt and black pepper. No, we can make sport together. In this case, I will add a little bit off bread crumbs to make our meatballs dry. Okay, Perfect. No, we can make our mid balls. Prepare meatballs one by one with your aunts. Remember to make meatballs not very big, so you can cook it. Fuster. So now it's time to cook our meatball a little bit off olive oil in our pull it and let's cook our onion for a couple of minutes. Now we can start to cook our meatballs so gently and your poured and let's cook for a couple of minutes. Remember to procure meatballs in any side. After that, we can add our tomato and our tomato sauce. Now it's time to add our fresh tomatoes. Our model SOS, Our tomato Plus Coulson. Three. A little bit of water. No, we called her with lead and let cook for 30 minutes. After 25 minutes, we can check our meatballs. Look perfect. No way we can pull a little bit off, sold and a little bit off black peppers. Mix it all together and let's rest with the lead for five minutes. After that, our meatballs are ready to be served. 10. Milanese steak: Hello, guys. And welcome back. Today I will teach you how to cook. A perfect Millan is a stack. Millan is a stack is a very important main courses from North Italy. Milan In this lesson, I will teach you how to bread meet called by the way you can use also pork or chicken. The ingredients for our received today are a calf's stack yolk eggs, sunflower seed, oil, flour and breadcrumbs. So step number one. We need to use the yolk off to eggs. Now we put our flower and our bread crumbs. Now it's time to bread our cough stack full of me. Step number one flower Step number two The old hag, both sides and stepped on the three breadcrumbs. Try to cover totally your stack with bread. Crump's okay? No, we are ready to cook our step. So now it's time to cook. Our millan is a stack step number one. Boot our sunflower seed oil in our port and let's eat a couple of minutes. We need a good quantity of oil for these received. Remember, don't use olive oil when your oil starts to bubble. It's time to put your stack in the park. I'm checking oil with a little bit off bread crumbs. Let's cook your stack for at least five minutes. I'm using a very, very big stack. After five minutes, we can turn our stack and let cook for five minutes more. So after five minutes your stack, it will be ready. Remember, never caught or premature your bread crossed while cooking your stack. It's very important now we can serve our step. We put on paper just to absorb Little. Be devoid. Look, do it on sideboard. Serve your stack. We use baking potatoes like side dish and a little bit off course sold on your stack. Our millan is a stack. It's ready to be served. 12. linguine with fresh clams: Hello, guys, and welcome back on my cars. In the next lessons, we will talk about fish. I will teach you how to prepare the most important fish recipes in Italy. In Italy, we have a lot off fishes because Italy is surrounded by sea, so you confined meat, vegetable and fish off course. So let's start with the first recipe, one off. The most important Italian fish received linguini with fresh clam sauce. The ingredients for this recipe. Our clams, garlic, linguine, air, olive oil, white wine and parsley. So step number one. Cook the pasta. Let's cook the pasta. I will cook pasta for one portion, just a big four and let's boil pasta. Grano duro pasta. Need to cook for about 10 minutes. Now we will use fresh parsley, and we will chop a little bit off leaves. Four. Our recipe. Remember to use on Lee fresh ingredients if you want. Cook very testy. Received garlic. Now we can start to cook our receipt. Olive oil. Remember, if possible, to use only extra virgin olive oil. Chop the garlic and start to fry the garlic. For what I mean it no more. We want just to have a very garlic flower in our pasta. So after one minutes, we can food in our port clams. No, we can add. Leave the beat of white wine and color our port with a lead. And let's cook until your clubs are totally open. It will need smaller last three full minutes no more. Remember after eight minutes to pull a bit up salt in your pasta and makes a little bit. Now our clams are totally open, so let's cook until all the white wine is dry and then we can put pasta inside and finish our received after 10 minutes. Our pasta. It's really and we can meet with clams. We pulled our pasta clams and we will makes altogether. Now it's time to boot fresh parsley and a little bit more off olive oil. Oh, sounds very good. Finally, it's time to serve our pasta with a little bit of fantasy. You conserve your pasta in a beautiful dish like something like that. But finish our received with clams and a little bit off fresh parsley like decoration could be a nice idea. Finally, our received it's ready. Bon appetit 13. Spaghetti with seafood and shellfood: Hello, guys, And welcome on these new lesson about fish. In this lesson, I will teach you how to cook one off. The most important pastor received about fish, spaghetti with seafood and shell food and fresh to matters, ingredients for these new receive our muscle clams. Fresh Queen Different kind off Sri Mssa. Here we confined the Monte streams, Walsh reams entails. Then we will use also garlic, red onions, leek and cherry tomatoes, of course. Pasta, parsley, olive oil and white wine. So let's start to cook. Step number one. We need to clean older fish, so take hours. Queen. Remove the skin. Oh, we can clean, discreet. Remove all the skin and clean inside, so wash your squeeze inside and outside. Now it's really to be cut. We can cut the legs and cutting and rings. No, we can clean sh reams. These are Montes shrimps, cut into parts. Remove the skin from details into the same things with world trips. Now we can clean our vegetables so we have garlic. Fresh tomatoes leak and read only in, so start to peel the garlic and cut. As usual, we will use a bit of leak a little trick to clean leak, cut into parts and red onion and tomatoes and caught in smaller parts. Now it's time to cook our past a little bit off extra virgin olive oil, and now we can put our Garley read only in and leak all together. Let's fry our vegetables for a couple of minutes, and then we can put inside our sherry tomatoes. Mix all together, put a little bit of white wine and cover with a lead, and let's cook for five minutes no more. Now it's time to cook our pasta. After five minutes, it's time to put our fish and cook it. My so clams, our streams, Monty streams and it's quick. Let's makes all together put again a little bit of what wine cover, and let's cook for 10 minutes no more. After 10 minutes, you can check your seafood and shellfish pasta. If clams and mussels are open, definitely all your fish is cooking. Squeeze sh Reams are definitely cooking. Remove the lead and let's dry your source for a couple of minutes. Remember to add a little bit sold and a little bit off fresh parsley after 10 minutes. Here, pasta. It's really and it's time makes altogether cool. Cook a bus stop in your port and let's makes all together a little bit for olive oil. No, it's time to serve our pasta. A beautiful dish always is also a very tested dish. Last step. Beat fresh parsley. 40 void. They will up our seafood and shellfish pasta. It's ready one of the teeth. 14. Octopus and potatoes salad: Hello, guys, and welcome back on our course today. I will teach you how to cook. A very simple starter, very popular in Italy. A octopus and potatoes salad For the received we will use boil it octopuses, boiled potatoes, Oliver Plus Lee and extra virgin olive oil. So let's start. We boil it our octopus for almost one hour and our potatoes for almost 30 35 minutes. Now we can't ingredients and mixing altogether. Let's start when you see me after corrupted our octopus. It's time to do the same thing with potatoes. I use it. Organic potatoes for these received. Remember to put salt at the end off recipe. No, we can put, but they just with octopus. It's time to put I work polyps a little bit off fresh parsley olive oil sold. Now we can makes altogether Wow! Finally, our octopus salad. It's ready to serve very families starter you can find everywhere in Italy and in summer. It's very popular, fresh and delicious. Octopus. Olive. What a pity 15. Baked fish in crust : Hello, guys. And welcome back on this new lesson. Today I will teach you how to cook bacon, wolf fish in crossed salt. A very simple, received but very chestful impossible to make wrong for this received. We need a wool fresh fish, in this case, a Ciba's core sold, golly, some fresh basil leaves and rosemary. So let's start to prepare our Ciba's step number one. We put a little bit off water in our sold and we may explode together. Our souls need to became very, very wet. Now, using a backing Tina with food, our sold. Now it's time to put our fish inside our war fish. We can put some herbs and a little piece of garlic, and now we can call there our fish with salt. Try to modeling sold with the same shape of fish. After that, it's time baking our fish. After 25 minutes in Owen at 180 degrees our city bus, it's really to be served. You can see the cross that became our and all the flavor off the herbs remains inside and make the fish very test full. It's time to serve. Our fish broke removed hold across. No, we can remove the skin. Now You can put just a little bit off extra virgin olive oil. Fresh parsley L A beat off sold our Ciba's. It's ready to be served. 17. Filet of fish in foil : Hello, guys, and welcome back for a new received today. I will teach you how to cook a file it off Fish in baking foil very easy and chestful received. Let's start. The ingredients for this receives are file it off fresh fish. In this case, I choose black, cold, some herbs, garlic, organic potatoes captures for live and olive oil. The first step is to prepare our foil. So here's a teen. A little bit of olive oil. No, we cut potatoes in this way. We prefer our potatoes. Olive oil again. Sold rosemary. No, your foot aware fish, some olives, some cuppers. Remember to wash your copper, a little piece of garlic sold to boiled and basic leaves. Okay, now way. Use another foil to cover our file it. Remember to cover any sides and our file. It's It's really to be bacon. After 20 minutes in the Owen at 180 degrees, our file it it's ready to serve so we can open. Remove the first foil, a little bit off parsley and olive oil and ready to serve his ingredients. It's very simple as all the received. As you can see in this course, two secrets are good ingredients and a lot of patients