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Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine II: shawarma special

teacher avatar Simon Yared, Attorney-at-law/psychologist/home cook

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Chicken Shawarma


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      Meat Shawarma


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      Meat Shawarma Continued: Biwaz


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      Meat Shawarma Continued: Tarator


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About This Class

Hello and welcome to my second Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine class.
I won’t be closing my first class, and i’ll still add recipes to it, especially desserts but also stews and other dishes.
However, I thought I would create a new series of classes with a special emphasis on dishes based on proteins, whether it’s chicken, meat or fish.

The idea behind this separation is eventually to also add a class (or several) with vegetarian and vegan dishes only, for those who are exclusively interested in such dishes.

This class will be all about home made chicken and meat shawarma.
And i’ll try to add classes/lessons as frequently as possible.

Meet Your Teacher

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Simon Yared

Attorney-at-law/psychologist/home cook


Simon is an attorney-at-law with a Master of Law in Private and Business Law (Banking and Capital Markets) from Saint Joseph University at the end of which he submitted a thesis relating to the international competence of the Lebanese courts in bankruptcy issues. Simon has more than 16 years' experience in Civil and Business law in general and more specifically in corporate law and contracts law.

Simon completed as well a bachelor degree in industrial psychology.

However, his true passion lies in the kitchen as a home cook, where he has gathered through the years lots and lots of traditional Lebanese family recipes and gained precious experience and knowledge in the culinary arts and especially in Lebanese, Levantine and Middle Eastern cuisine. 

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1. Intro: Welcome back everyone to my second Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine class. I will not be closing my first-class, and I will still be adding lessons about Mediterranean deserts and savor initial. However, I thought I would focus in this class on protein dishes from chicken to red meat and fish. The idea behind the separation is eventually to also add a class would vegetarian and vegan dishes only for those who are exclusively interested in such dishes. Our first lesson will be about homemade chicken shower. And as a class project, I would really love for anyone and everyone watching this class to participate by preparing the dishes as instructed in the lessons. And share pictures, videos or thoughts and suggestions with me and everyone here so we can give you our feedback and help develop our cooking skills. So stay tuned for the first lesson. 2. Chicken Shawarma: Hello and welcome to the first lesson of my new class. I'll first protein dish will be homemade chicken show arma. Show arma is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, and it consists of meat or chicken cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone like shape and roasted on a slowly turning vertical rotisserie or spit. This is obviously not something that can easily be done at home. So what we will do is kinda chicken into relatively thin slices, marinate it in a special, managing it for at least three hours and bake it in the oven. Here are the ingredients. One kilogram of Gibeon chicken breast fed a 100 grams of plain yogurt. The two medium-size onions to bell peppers, lemon juice of two lemons, vinegar around two tablespoons, oil, around three to four tablespoons, pomegranate molasses, two to three tablespoons, garlic, seven to eight clubs, depending on how much gold, if you like, and assorted spices. We have, of course, salt, Publica, chili powder, black pepper, and ginger cardamom. Close entered medic, butterfly, the chicken breasts, and cut them into thin slices and remove any fatty tissue and seniors. And so this distance is point estimates. And it's not always easy. To be idiots. This is, this is, this is stable. Right. Questions. Please. Give it to me. Make swipe yoga to make the chicken tender and moist. And the molasses. And the spices and mix everything very well. And the red line vinegar. Okay. And some bailiffs America bailiffs, that smell. And the silver overnight towards be even better. Move the chicken at least half an hour before cooking, cleaning the chicken to be at room temperature. Remove the chicken from the marinate and put it in a bank. I am using a by re-expand I think and distributes the heat very well. Know, to remove all the imaginations we needed in order to keep the chicken moist. And the chopped onions and sweet peppers. And bake into preheated oven at 200 degrees celsius for 30 to 40 minutes until the chicken is well-equipped. This is how it comes out. Believe me, it's messy, right? And so that as a sandwich, Lebanese and bread with fresh eyes and let us leafs. 3. Meat Shawarma: Welcome back at him. After the chicken shall ARMA. Two will be making. In this lesson we've shown, this lesson will be divided into three videos. In the first video, we will prepare the shallower myself. In the second, we'll prepare the accompanying solid calling b was. And in the third will make the dressing for the micelle watermark known as Donato. So let's start with a Chihuahua. As you will see, some of the spices are the same as the chicken shall arm. But we will be adding a wider variety of spices than in our first lesson. They are the ingredients for the Sharma alone. The ingredients for the salad and adjusting in their respective videos, one kilogram of Sir Loin cuts into relatively thin strips. And traditionally, in addition to the sirloin, we should add a chunk of lamb fat, which makes the meat juicy and gives it a nice taste. However, I personally find that it does not make that big of a difference. So I don't think it's worth the has risks. One relatively big onion, one large tomato, or two smaller ones. 1.5 cups of wine. Use a good wine, if possible, it will make the marinade taste much better. A quarter of a cup of red wine, vinegar, half a cup of vegetable oil, and assaulted spices. We have paprika, garlic powder, cinnamon, seven spices. You black pepper and coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cardamom, mastic, and of course, salts, trash domestic well the pinch of salt and added to the vinegar. Okay. Before the oil over the meat and mixed swelling so that all the mean becomes white coating. So next the spices and the salt and adding gradually over them yourself. Make sure that under spices cover all the wheat. Okay. And as you can see, this transition systems. So these oceanic sewage systems. So if you add the vinegar and mustering the vinegar will help bring down the fibers is making the Medes much Stanley referenced and domestic HIV is a very nice, sweet, fruity and Herbert flavor. Mass extinctions. And finally, and the wind speeds. Cover it to a think fit and let if matinee then the French overnight as possible. Otherwise, let it sit into fetched for at least two hours. Take the meat's out of the French, at least half an hour before. They're actually nice knowing you have got the tomatoes and to have a centimeter indices. And the onions and tomatoes stood at eight. I make in the relevant act to a 100 degrees for around 35 minutes well, until the meat is cooked. Yeah. Okay. The best way for me is to minimize a sandwich and a Lebanese Brent stand with a salad and then add the meat, the onions and tomatoes, and finally add the Jesse and enjoy. Right? Okay. 4. Meat Shawarma Continued: Biwaz: Hello and welcome back to the second installment of our Setting lesson. We will learn in this lesson how to prepare the mitchell sites on it called B1 is usually eaten with either me, chihuahua or collapse. Guarding leniency. Bosley, I'm using 12K on 1.5 of a large anion. You can use one medium on seven spices, salt, Suma, and either lemon juice or pomegranate molasses. And using the lemon juice of one lemon and olive oil. If the operation cannot be any support, starts by roughly chopping the parsley and on the other side. And the second line. Then, using cameras. So we will mix the onion and the parsley very much. So. I can circle the centre and add the salt, seven spices and the swamp and mix well is a lot of microfinance. And imprisoned for the fourth column. It's that simple. 5. Meat Shawarma Continued: Tarator: Hello, I'm John. In the third and last installment of our second lesson of each our Mt, we are prepared and just well, it's a source code, territories and Maine was tiny. And they are the ingredients. A couple of tiny, a cup of lemon juice, a cup of water, salt and pepper. And optionally, you can put a clove of crushing garlic and the lemon to the tiny and mix well, at that time and the water. And if needed and more lemon juice or water based on how oscillate tabula, rasa, stuff like that season the sauce was salt and pepper. And that would be at Toronto addressing over Mitchell, watermark and enjoy. And it goes deaf for justice. He said. Yes. That's right. Yes.