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Learn to sketch draw a female figure

teacher avatar Melissa Conde, Artist, illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Absolute beginning


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      Volume sketch


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      Geometric sketch


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      Class project


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      Tips and details


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      Wrap up


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About This Class

This is a simple sketching class for beginners.

Through a series of  sketching techniques and  exercises you will learn to sketch and polish a full body figure

It´s about the process so let´s have fun with it.

You will need only paper, pencil, eraser and a fine liner.

This class can also be taken using digital media, feel free to do it as you prefer.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melissa Conde

Artist, illustrator


A warm welcome to you.

My corner of the art world where creativity, watercolors, fashion illustration, and botanical drawing

I believe in the power of art to inspire and uplift !

Whether you dream of illustrating , creating stunning botanical artwork, or simply wish to explore the world of Drawing Sketching Doodling in Ink and/or watercolors, here's your gateway to unlock your artistic potential.

Jump in any of my classes today, and let your artistic journey flourish.

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1. Intro: Hello. My name is Melissa Cont and I'm a Brazilian artist and illustrated today we'll learn through a series of catching techniques how to draw a full body female figure. I'm sure that using the simple is catching exercises. You will be able to sketch and draw your own figure of choice. All you need for this class is paper, pencil and anyway, sir, and a fine liner. If you want to give it a more polished look at him, you can also choose to do this class digitally if you have the tools for it. Whichever you like police poster drawing at the Project Session of the Quest. Take a picture uploaded so I can give you some feedback and answer any questions. Let's get started. 2. Absolute beginning: This is the line s case. It's very simple. Also Quick, Just draw the lines. The first capture your eyes very lose. Not worried about the outcome. Just to get the gist of the position are pose of the human body. In this case, we're focusing on the female figure. - Have fun with really let go of expectations and just catch away well. 3. Volume sketch: this is the volumes catch. It's one of my favorites because you can do it watching a picture or from your life. It's really quick. Shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to a minute. And if you're outside a coffee place or any public place, you couldn't do it really fast. And because of that, this time limits. I think that your brain send the message Teoh hands to capture the most expressive silhouette. 4. Geometric sketch : now, you know, to the geometric sketches. Okay, So like everything in nature, the human body can be broken down into basic geometric shapes. So just look at a a picture or a person and start drawing what you see, except with geometric shapes. Very simple trade forward. I noticed that usually most times you will see that the elbows are in the same height as the waste and the hands around or a little bit lower than the hips. In this case, I'm not drawing a fashion figure. It's just ah, normal human proportions. If I were to draw ah, fashion figure, it would have the longer legs. But in this case, just a a normal person. I'm doing a profile side if you I'm using a really dark pencil just for the sake of the video for you to see clearly. But you can use ah, not so dark and heavy one. I suggest you do at least a full page of these or five figures for this video for this exercise until little. But geometric dog. Okay, 5. Torso : Okay. Here, we're gonna draw. Ah, fuel torsos. Just, uh, three lines. I didn't even matter it. Just about three inches on the top and two on the bottom. It doesn't have to be really sick. The toilet, the feminine torso is what's gonna make it really make a difference and make it look like a female tours. The waste doing tiny ways here. The breasts. So this would be the front view. 3/4 the waste and the arch on the back. What gives it a feminine look? I would suggest to practice this at least 2 to 3 times. The rear is pretty much the same as the front. Just about the breasts. Besides you, I to them really skinny. You can do it your own style. That's it. Practice, practice, practice. Let's move on. 6. Class project : we're almost done. You're gonna choose, oppose and doing this, Dick figures will be able to come up with our five class project drawing figure, drawing with the likely draw lightly with pencil. Especially if you're going to use a fine liner to college. So here I chose this picture from a magazine. I've already done the volumes catch and I'm doing now the geometrics catch. Just looking at the picture on drawing. Don't stress over it. Just, you know, have fun. You don't like it, You can always erase her, race it or do it again. Get remembering that the elbows are aligned to the waist, the hands allowing to the hips. I chose a picture that she's wearing a lot of clothes, so you can't really see her body. But, um, there's another one I'm gonna do in this video that you can see it. But one thing you can do is go over the image with your pencil or pen and do this stick figure on it, too. When you come back to the paper, you can do it better now . I'm gonna draw it already with the clothes on. After I did the skeleton, I think you can try to draw it already with the close again. Just draw to see this is an observation drawing practice. Keep going back and forth with your eyes looking at the picture. More actually. Then you look at the drawing. It's not a photograph just drawing. I can see her hand there, So I'm gonna try to imagine what it would look like. Probably not like that. I can fix it later. Criticism of the bands. Not gonna get too much into the details of the face right now. You have to fix this while it was too high. Now I'm gonna go over it with a fine liner and choose the lines in Spencer that I like the most. Fix any mistakes I don't like. Add details. Keep what? I didn't lie there. The shoulder was to Lawrence who had made a little thinner. Really lose, you know, useful to have fun with it and relax. It's not something to worry too much over. Don't be too critical. Just play with it, please. And like this tribe, some good do some days drawing here and there. This is a beginners. It's catching glass. So the result is not gonna be like a professional fashion illustration. I want to see what you can do. And you'd be surprised after all these catching exercises, how it's going to turn out expressive. This is, ah, image A chose with very little close So you can really look at the body and shapes I've already done and just going over it so you can see it better. I see. No, I'm going straight to the fine liner. I chose a weird coz I know, but I wanted, you know, to to choose one simple and one with a little bit more challenging pose. You could take your time and cholera. It o r with a pen. Dude on more detail. This is just a quick sketch. I hope you enjoyed this one, so let's move on. 7. Tips and details: okay, I made this figure and I liked it so much. I decided to use it on my cover for the video, this class. And then I realized I wanted to and the sketching process. The sketching exercises into the cover image, so it looks like it's going backwards, but it's not. I just finished the the fate of the female figure, and then I decided to add the sketches. If you chose to go digital, I would only say to remember to separate this catching exercises in different layers, maybe with different colors, and choose an image opening on the software you feel most comfortable with. And the exercises are pretty much the same. You can deliver your glass project just the last complete image. Or if you'd like, I would love to see also a couple of sketching exercises. I really like these these images, but it's up to you again. You just click on the bottom of the video class. You see projects quick on my project, upload your picture and I will be able to comment, give you feedback. Other students can see it, too. I can't wait to see it. I'm really excited about this Here's how do the hair I usually do the outline shape, and then I go in with the details. So if you did all those catching exercises, you should be equipped with this kills to have built up some confidence in your strokes and do your female figure just fine. Don't worry too much. It's the pencil drawing so organized. Race it, fix it. Just be confident. You know it shows in your pencil strokes. - We can choose to deliver it just like that. I'm black and white. After you outline it with a fine liner, erase it. Just make sure you covered all the the parts you want to keep. Here's a little close up on the face. Details. Just a few simple lines. Don't go too much on the face. You will notice that even the smallest, the smallest drawing on the face can change completely. Her expression. If you'd like to call her it, you can use just simple color. Pencils are. If you like watercolors. You can watch my previous glass fashion watercolors, three styles that will give you some tips on coloring 8. Wrap up : thank you. For what? To my glass. I hope you enjoyed it now, Like everything in life. The more you practice, the better you get it. So if you practice at least a few minutes a day, you have noticed a huge improvement on your drawings catches drawing for me, It's kind of like meditation. When you focus on one thing, like when you're drawing any, everything else just fades away. So it's a good exercise for your mind and body. Please share your work. I can't wait to see, especially your sketches. You'd be surprised how Express it. That could turn out if you want to get noticed for my next glasses, follow me on skill share and also on instagram at Mel Condi that act.