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Introduction to Quilling: Quill Your Name from Beginning to End

teacher avatar Colo Alonso, Industrial Designer + Wife + Mother

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Trailer Introduction


    • 2.

      About the Project


    • 3.

      Gathering the Materials


    • 4.

      Basic Forms


    • 5.

      Color & Typography


    • 6.

      Edging Letters


    • 7.



    • 8.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

Explore how designer Colo Alonso will guide you in this class to find your artistic side with Quilling techniques.

In this class of 32 minutes, you'll learn how to do the basic figures of quilling by rolling and folding colour strips of paper, the combination of these forms will give you the opportunity to develop many differents objects and also 3D projects.

Chameleon: made by my daughter 7 years old.

You don't need any previus knowledge, in fact it is a great opportunity to share time with KIDS making this project together, I truly recommend it!

Garland: made by my son 4 years old  (with help edging the letters)

You will learn how to make simple forms first, and the combination of them will give you pretty designs and also objects.

I encoraurage you to try it! 

See you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colo Alonso

Industrial Designer + Wife + Mother


My name is Daniela Alonso, but my friends call me Colo because of my hair color.

My studies of Industrial Design allow me to work in Argentina, Italy and Spain in technical design. But in my spare time I develop my artistic flair, creating my own candles, restouring furniture with decoupage, making origami, knitying, sewing, backing muffins etc...most of these activities I make them with my two kids (10 and 7 years old). They just love to make craft-work as much us me.

Everything I make has my personal touch and a piece of my essence. Thats the way I take care of my family and people around, why not to share it with the rest of the world?

I have actually two classes published about QUILLING and one about DECOUPAGE, TORTILLA DE PATATA and wha... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Carl Alonso. I am an industrial designer and mother of two kids. Less. This spring, I discover killing what is squealing paper strip rolls glued together to make different designs? Dan, this course is perfect for anyone. You don't need any previous knowledge. In fact, it is a great opportunity to share time with your kids making quitting. I get in this class for the pressure back. Simon, we're going to quitting your name. I will get U S. Purposed it until the end. We will cover many topics color, inspirations, typography, basic forms and many others. So you just need to grab some color papers, see, serves glue and see you in class in that. 2. About the Project: Hello. I am Koloa Island. So I am going to be your teacher for this class. As I told you before I will produce a Simon is to make a poster squealing your name or someone else. Also, if you prefer instead of your name, you can choose award that inspire you like love home or whatever you want. The important thing is chested. Choose one word and not to be too long. The final project maybe looks kind of complicated, but if you look carefully, you will see that it's just made off some capital letters rounded by some papers, trips and then a lot off ornaments that are just simple forms circles, loose circles. Drops are some strips with rounded forms that are all a plane around the capital letters in a nice way. So the first thing that we have to do is test to choose the war that we want to be squealing and see the next video that we're going to talk about the materials that we need , how to get them. Thanks 3. Gathering the Materials: Hello again. We're going to talk about the materials we need and where to get them. The first material that we're going to talk about our color papers, trips. The easy choice is to buy them directly from eBay or from Amazon or format squealing craft store. You just need to to write squealing color paper strips, and you will get a lot of the options. The other option is to make the color baby strips with a cutter on with some carbo. We can make this trips. Other option is to use a paper cutter or the option that at the trial, like and I use is with a shader machine. I bought my Children machine in a supermarket, and it cost me just $13. The shredder machine makes to this trip a funny jag end that I'm showing you in this video that I kind of like it. The important thing to know about papers trips is that they have to be 135 grams carbo on six millimeter, with £38 on 1/4 inch. Also, we need transparent blue for craft. See sirs Qatar beans on coliform on a Quillin tool about the Quinto. We come by them the same thing at a scholar paper strips in eBay, Amazon or in a quitting craft store. Or we can try to make something to help us to make these roles disco be, for example, with a very seen a screwdriver or, for example, with a needle poke in a cork. It won't be the same because we won't replace the Quillin tool, but it will help us to start on to try it. Also, it will be great if you have tweezers and if you have a comb because we're going to use them in this assignment, and now we're going to see the least off material that we're going to use and we're going to need for the assignment. You will see that two last words are in Great because they're not essential for this project. But if you have it, it will help you 4. Basic Forms: hello again. Now that we have all the materials, we will start learning how to make all the basic forms. The 1st 1 that we're going to learn is how to make the guy circle. I'm sure that you're ready. Make tone off them's without noticing Just playing with a strip of paper. This tie circle is the basic form for everything else. So now in the video, you are going to see how to make all the different basic forms. And the important thing to know is that every time you have to make a to smash the form, try to make it in the Union off the paper. Because this way, you can a make it disappear. This joint off, the paper down . Is that what I beg? You see, - Mrs ISS? Lithe left, You see, don't you suit? So you back back So 5. Color & Typography: Hello again in this class, we are going to talk about color inspiration on type of roughy. How can we do it? We can just pick our favorite color and add I'm darker on a lighter one and use thes. But if you get more complicated, you can go. For example, to be interest on inter, use a color inspiration and you will get many different combinations about typography. Just what I did is to went toe new document, horizontal page and road cooler in different typography. The measure around 170 on I used capital letter because both things will make it easier for you when you work in the assignment. Then you have to print two copies. If you don't have a printer, you can just a traced from the monitor the world that you have chosen. Okay, In next video, we're going to learn how to start edging the letters. See you 6. Edging Letters: hello again in this class. We're going to talk about aging the letters. We will need a piece off Polly form on some things. Also the two copies off the world that we have chosen one off the copy on only one. We have to carry it letter per litter. So we are going to start working. We see we have to put beans in each corner on all the inside off the sea. Then, with a strip of paper, we fold one corner unquoted around the inside of the letter, fold it again on one more time, Cut the strip of paper, unfold the second part in this first se. Then I'm going to measure if it is okay with this strip of paper that I have left. So now I have to put the pins in the outside off the sea, as I did with inside. We have to try to make all the union off the paper in the outside, off the letters, because in this side, off the outside, we're going to put the ornaments on this way where we don't see the unit off the letters with tweezers, we can hold it. We have to wait until three or four seconds until it dries. And then we cut just in the corner. Anglo it. I did too Grown. And I grew it in the inside, as you can see in the video. So then I had to quickly change it. Clean it. I'm put it in there outside. Hold it with tweezers and you can see now it looks OK. And the union, it's always outside the letter. If you see that we're missing some glue in the corner, we can help with a piece of paper and finishing. It's birth Now we have to see and we let it dry, huh? Yeah, Open. I'm just west this gets. See you then. And Modi, I beg you see, I like ready left, You see? So you sighs lag. My God! So you back. So So you Okay . We have finishes are well letters. Now we have to let them dry for a while and then we can start making our ornaments. See you in next video 7. Ornaments: Hello again. We're going to talk about or moments I choose for May my assignment. Three different type off blue, and we're going to start feeling the empty space in the Rose IROC meant to make the center of dough. It's something dance in order to make them the world more readable. So I will start making fun. Tyrell's If you want to add another paper strip to make a tire old bigger, you have to make the joint chest in the place that ends the first papers trip. You're going to see it in this video. This gets me another way. To make a pedals is like to cut many paper strips in the same lamp and then glued in the end. With this, you can make, for example, perils for flower. You can do double, pales or whatever your imagination give you sleep so so keep adding the ornaments to the name in order to see what else you can or you must make to complete it. This is the best part off the project because you create a lot of stuff and you place it time and time again until you get the configuration. We want them by Maggie, you ready? Left. But I now I'm going to explain you how to make a no peace by piece and God Sonju suit Sudan. He's so so. - That's the way I am now. The you see Mrs ISS. Lithe left. You see Teoh? So you 8. Final Thoughts: Hello again. I just want to say thank you very much for taking this glass. We have finishes all our lessons so we know how to make willing from the beginning until the infinite. When n say until the infinite is because some other applications about this technique is to make, for example, birthday card, Valentine cards, Christmas cards, ornaments for our Christmas tree or anything that you want. You can see a lot off things in Internet on imp interest. Alok willing, as I told you before, this is a very fun thing to do with kids. They love it. My daughter that is only seven years old. She follows me a lot, doing the same things that I doing my son. That is only for he has his own projects. I'm showing you in the in the project the staff that they do, and you will get very surprised about what they can do. A. I didn't tell you before because we didn't use it in the project. But there are some other tools about squealing that are very interesting. For example, this one that you can see in the video that makes the paper strip a funny wave this one. The kids really like it. Well, so be very patient because these take time and some practice. But you will love it on. I would like to see your approach it eso please share it on. We can talk about them. Thank you very much. Bye bye. Back him funny that cancer.