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CANDLES - How to Make a Candle Lamp and a Tealight Candle

teacher avatar Colo Alonso, Industrial Designer + Wife + Mother

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Project Assignment


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      General Information


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      Candle Lamp & Tealight Candle


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      Good Bye


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About This Class

This class is going to be the First one from a Serie of Classes about How to Make Candles. My premise is to make simple and short classes easy to follow by anyone.

Each class is going to work the paraffin in a complete different way, I had chosen a beautiful, useful and representative exercise for each class.

At the end of the serie of classes you will became an Expert in Candles. 

This First Class is going to be about how to create a Paraffin Lamp and a Tealight Candle.

You will surprise your friends and family with your creations and if you want to go further, you can make an extra cash selling candles as I did when I was a teenager.

Also you'll find attached the products I bought with the links for this class.

Thank you very much for the MUSIC Symbiosis by Ketsa

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colo Alonso

Industrial Designer + Wife + Mother


My name is Daniela Alonso, but my friends call me Colo because of my hair color.

My studies of Industrial Design allow me to work in Argentina, Italy and Spain in technical design. But in my spare time I develop my artistic flair, creating my own candles, restouring furniture with decoupage, making origami, knitying, sewing, backing muffins etc...most of these activities I make them with my two kids (10 and 7 years old). They just love to make craft-work as much us me.

Everything I make has my personal touch and a piece of my essence. Thats the way I take care of my family and people around, why not to share it with the rest of the world?

I have actually two classes published about QUILLING and one about DECOUPAGE, TORTILLA DE PATATA and wha... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Trailer: Hi, everyone. My name is Colin. So I would be your between this class. I am industrial designer wife, a mother off two beautiful kids. This class is going to be my first class off a serious of classes about how to make candles . I am going to explain step by step Everything I know I will make it very simple in order to make this class for everybody. And my preemies will be no British. No, let's require. We will learn in very short and simple classes How to make a candle lamp at some birthday candles, swimmable candles, silicon molds, etcetera. All these classes together will make you a next Burke on will give me the skills to make your own experiments and candles. You may wonder why you know all of these and this is because when I was 20 years old, my sister and I started to make candles in order to get some extra cash. Is starting at the university. By this time, Internet did insist. So we bought a book about candles on some materials on this how we started. Then we experimented a lot, and I can assure you that 50% of the knowledge came from testing. And this is how we learn a lot about candles. Now, a day I make the birthday candles for my kids cake on I really enjoyed on my friends Love it. So candles are great to the great and also to create atmosphere so you can make government Athena are relaxing room and express yourself not only with the light, but also with the smell. Well, I hope you like the classes far and see you in next video, but by 2. Project Assignment: pressure assignment in this class, I will give you the tips and tricks to May Attila Campbell and to make a paraffin lamp. The good part about Islam is the east reusable for many, many times. Another thing is that the wind doesn't blow the week because he's inside. Campbell. Please feel free to customize it the way you want on. Also to choose this mail on the color that makes you feel comfortable on match with your furniture. See you in this class. 3. General Information: a boat works. There are three important type of Box B works that come from Mies. It has a yellow color, and he behaves kind of different from the other waxes. So it works that comes from soybean oil issues for container candles because he has, it has a lower melting point on traditional boxes and then sarafin that comes from petroleum, his other less on white color. I like the rest because I can use it in many different ways. How to melt the barking. Staffing can be melt in a secure way with a double boiler metal. Never in the microwave. You need £1 with water on a container with works. This is the secure way because Barfi never gets over 100 C degrees or 212 foreign Hey degrees. How to put coloring the carving? We use a special candle colorant. If you had heard that Koreans can give you color to perfect, it is true, but the birthing will behave different. Under week will make a funny noise. I recommend to use the appropriate one. We have to mix it when the perfect is very hot at the end, when it's all melt no matter how much used here at the bottom, we always have the rest of colorant that didn't get sold. The amount off color depends on the final color that you want to get. But the only way to notice is to test your colorant. How to put the sense to put the sense. We have to wait until the birthing gets colder because the sense evaporates over 60 or 140 degrees. We will know it's time to put the birthing when the griffin lives at Mark off live in our plastic cup. How much do we need to put a descent three or 5% off the firefighting amount that were used about the molds? They're different materials off malls, PVC, silicon metal moulds. It depends on the form off the candle, the one that you're going to use. One important thing to know about most is that you need to clean them with the release agent and never with water or soap. The release agents. It's transparent and doesn't smell. Also, it get dissolves in Sarafin, but if you don't have, you can replace it with some cook oil. It won't be the same, but a work, the week has to be accord to the dimension of the Campbells. I like to use 100% cotton thread. I have it in a very thing, one so I can put as many filaments I want in order to the diameter off the Gondol. Then I have to immerse it many, many times to the inside Sarafin to get the things I need for the week holder. The week never has to melt more than the diameter of the condo because party is going to melt over the plate. And now I'm going to talk about shrink the perfect unfortunately shrink. It depends on the type of sarafin you're using is going to shrink more or less, but you have to think that more or less, you're going to have a 10% shrink page in your candle. 4. Materials: materials for the works lamp. We're going to use paraffin works. It sends cola. Rand, Mom Mold release agent sir, Face could be a floor tile. Metal come back. Whatever. For the t like candle, we're going to need extra a week on a T leg cup. 5. Candle Lamp & Tealight Candle: in this video, we're going to say, How is the complete process to make this candles step by step? First we have to measure the Sarafin. Then we have to put the paraffin inside a van and then this pan inside another plant with water. Remember, we're going to use a double bowl. When the water is boiling, we can turn down the temperature a little bit. While we can use dispensable tools to mix the barfing, it will take off on our more or less toe to melt the conflict parking well, while the bar furnace melting, we can prepare the mold. We have to use a release agent Onley in the places where the Sarafin is going to touch. I like to make to put it with gloves, but if you prefer you can use something like makeup, sponge or some cotton or something like these. We only have to give a very thing code. Now that the birthing is all melted, we have to put it in a plastic cup. Be careful because it's very, very hot. First we have to put the current and we have to makes it very, very well. And then we have to let it call until we see that the Sarafin lives. This marks in the plastic cup, so now is ready to receive the essence. Now we're going to prepare the week for the delay. Candle. I used double filament because I want to make it a enough for my tea light candles. We have tumors it many, many times until the diameter is according to the week holder. We cut it and then we put it in the holder and it smash it in order to place it. Then when Maris the complete week in paraffin on a stick it in the till I cup when he's called, we feel it completed up to the top. We don't need release agent in the T like up because we don't have to remove the candle. Now we are going to start the candle lamp. First we have to put a very thin coat off, carafes in in the bottom and wait until it's cold. Then we continue feeling the mold until, to the top, we will see how transparent color become a pack on the mold. Imparting are going to be very hot, but we have to take things and mold now because if if it gets called the shrink age, want letters to do it later. Also, we need to cut the fire perimeter. Fortify degrees essential. Win the video. When we finished, we turned the candle upside down, and now it's time to feel the bottom. In this case, the perfect is kind of cold, and this is why he has so many bubbles. But if you keep the birthing in the warm water or heated again, the battle's want a beer. Well, now we have to get the week off the tee like candle one finger long, more or less, and we have to take the mold off the candle lamp. When the candle lamp is all cold on, you have your candle lamp really good job. 6. Good Bye: I would like to give you some safety recommendations before I go. The perfect lights at 100 C or 212 degrees far ahead. Please always use double boys system to mailed. Perfect. Also, be careful with the hot Perfect on. Don't patch it, and please be sure to put something between the candle on the surface where your candles going to be because I wouldn't like to read the furniture. If you like the class, be sure to give me some pomp and please. Sure, you pressure it's in the gallery and give it back to your classmates in order to make this class reach of knowledge and ideas. Be free to ask me anything out in the discussion section, and I will answer as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the class and see you in my next one