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Intro to Your Business Social Media Strategy (writing, posting, tracking)

teacher avatar Dana Malstaff, Business & Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Join the Course Now


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      Understanding Different Platforms


    • 4.

      Writing Social Media Content for Instagram


    • 5.

      Writing Social Media Content for Twitter


    • 6.

      Writing Social Media Content for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+


    • 7.

      A brief overview of Facebook Ads


    • 8.

      Hashtag Research


    • 9.

      Writing Social Media Content for Your Blog Post


    • 10.

      Writing Social Media Content for Your Service / Product


    • 11.

      Writing Social Media Content for Your Opt-in


    • 12.

      Buffer Overview


    • 13.

      Coschedule Overview


    • 14.

      Hootsuite Overview


    • 15.

      MeetEdgar Overview


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      Now go out and rock it!


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About This Class

It is becoming harder and harder to get our content noticed on social media. Creating engagement and driving people to our blogs, podcasts, sales pages, products or opt-ins are an important part of growing a business, and knowing how to write content that converts can feel like an uphill battle.

This course helps show you easy ways to create intriguing social media content that will get you noticed. 

You will not only learn how to write for social media, you will also learn what social media manger is best for you, how to use each social media platform to your advantage, and how to research hashtags. 

After this course you will be able to create content for social media that is engaging, fun, and drives action.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dana Malstaff

Business & Content Strategist


Dana is a mother, business & content strategist, coach, speaker, writer, podcaster, brainstorm facilitator, blind spot reducer, and CEO at Boss Mom LLC

With over 20,000 students in various courses, a 34,000+ community, and over 10 years of experience in behavior modification, content creation, community building, and business strategy, Dana grew the Boss Mom brand into a six-figure business in less than a year. Dana's specialty is monetizing your brand by creating what she calls a Strategic Free to Paid Journey.

Dana is also the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, Confessions of a Boss Mom, and her newest book Climb Your Own Ladder. She serves Boss Moms who yearn for more time and less guilt when i... See full profile

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1. Join the Course Now: Welcome to the Learn How to Write for Social media in one hour course. I'm really excited about this course because it's not just about creating a strategy for your content, which is really important. You also need to know how to engage your audience, right. If you're on Twitter, you only have a certain number of characters in order to be able to engage that person and get their curiosity piqued so that they actually want to go on with your content. The ultimate goal is to get them to your site, to show your expertise, to get them interested in the topic. Same thing what goes to your images and what you're putting out no matter what social media you're dealing with. While this course helped you with exactly that, it teaches you how to write titles, how to give just enough information and the right kind of information to pique your viewers interests. Get them to your website, get them to your other content, get them to follow you and really grow that following that you want to grow when you're utilizing social media. This covers Facebook, instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and shows you how to write for all four. It is valuable to be able to write the right kind of engaging content for social media, and you could have all of that under your belt within one hour. So make sure you join the how to write content for social media in one hour. Course I'll see you there. 2. Welcome!: welcome to the course today we're going to talk all about. Really? How do you write content for social media? Because it's kind of an animal of its own, isn't it? You've got to not just know how to write about what you're interested in. You have to know how to intrigue people, how to get people to click, how to give just still enough information. Really, You have to get good at teasing people with your content to draw them into your website, to draw them into that sales page, to draw them into your services or to draw them in to want to know more about you to click that follow share like all of those things. So today we're going to jump right in and get started to really first talk about what is it that you need to know about different social media platforms? What are the social media managers that you want to use? One of the pros and cons and we're gonna go into the actual content? How do you write for different social media platforms and why does it make a difference about how you write and what you say in order to help gain the following and gain the traction that you want to move your business, your brand forward, so let's get started. 3. Understanding Different Platforms: So which social media platforms should you use? Well, if you haven't taken my social media content strategy course, then you definitely should, because I dig deep into this idea of who goes to these platforms on what they really used for. But I'm gonna do a really simple, truncated version of that here because I do think it's important to understand where you should be because you can write amazing content. And if you're in the wrong place, it's not really doing you a lot of good. So we are going to first talk about Facebook. Your personal page is a place where you ask for support from your friends and your family. Biggest thing. Don't promote, ask for help. Asked for assistance, asked them to share. Asked them to tell you whether or not you're doing something good or not. Ask them. Do they know anybody who may fit the profile of who you're looking for? You want it to be a place of support. You want it to be that you are asking them for things that are personal to you, guidance that is personal to you, or to share, or to help get it out into the community, your business, a product, pages, an extension of your website. Think of it as a press release for your website. Anything that's new, that's happening in your business. You post to this this place. Don't expect a ton of engagement here and make sure that you aren't regurgitating content. You really want to post something once and don't put suppose something again until you have something new to say. Groups, find one for your target audience. Find one for your colleagues. Engage, engage, engage. Don't join too many groups. It's gonna be too hard. You really want to engage in these groups? There's gonna be a little bit of promotion and you want to make sure you follow the guidelines for that. Um, but you want to find groups that are really about engaging my particular favorite group? If you're creative entrepreneur is savvy business owners. It is an excellent, excellent view of how a Facebook group can be well run and how much it can actually do for your business without actually promoting yourself in a way that is sleazy. We're promoting ourselves, but we're doing it through engaging engagement with each other through helping each other getting business from each other, asking for feedback from each other and could be a very, very powerful tool. I'm a huge believer in groups, especially Facebook groups. Instagram. Show yourself be authentic. Don't be afraid to be in front of the camera. Don't be afraid to show funny, quirky aspects of yourself, friend, since I'm walking watching a sci fi movie the other night and I, you know, decide Teoh Post something about that particular SciFi movie and take a picture of the movie screen. Got a lot of good feedback from that from people who also like SciFi and might be up at wee hours in the morning, you know, because they've got a brand new baby, so making sure you're showing yourself helps people connect with you. Be dynamically visual. Don't just take a picture of the plate of food, take a picture from above and we're gonna go through all of that about how to be dynamically visual later. But you don't wanna be boring it. It is a very visual tool. Use comments and hashtags. You can really write out content here. It's a great place for marketing, and hashtags are huge here, and you can't really overuse Hashtags in this sense like you can in on Twitter. Do contest challenges follow Friday's? There is a lot more engagement on Instagram than you would normally think. Twitter Page. Don't forget to be visual. You have your written content that has a shelf life of an hour or two, but your visual content is they can scroll through a lot of your visuals that has a lot more shelf life. So be visual where you can share others content. Don't just promote yourself. You're not gonna get very far if you're doing that. Thank and compliment often. Go in and thank people for Retweeting something thank them for fate. You know, following you all of those things and you want to tell people that they look great. That sounds great. There. You're excited about what they're doing. How can you help those kinds of things? Twitter is also a very, very big place to engage. Use the 125 ratio, promote yourself once and then put other people's content out there or relevant information for your target audience. Five times so 1 to 5 ratio and twi, try a Twitter chat. Say that five times fast, right? Try a Twitter chat because they're very interesting, very engaging. You can really increase your following, Um, by doing that by by people seeing your expertise in certain areas linked in page the love a good opinion. Be inspirational, controversial or functional. If you decide that you do, you want to post directly in linked and, you know, make your title really interesting. Make it cut like it's a controversial is a big one If you have opinions, especially things that involve, you know, political things were happening in the news time. Relevant content is going to really get you the farthest in LinkedIn linked in groups. They can also be really powerful. You basically follow all the same rules as you would on Facebook. Make sure that you're asking questions. You people you want people to answer and give free advice and expertise. Often you're gonna do that way more than promoting yourself. Or like I said, you're not gonna get very far YouTube channel how twos rule people go on there because they functionally want to understand how to do something. Screen capture is easy in an effective way to go in and create content. Um perfect video isn't always important. So don't go in and and feel like you have to spend a $1,000,000 to have professional video there. People that make very good careers on YouTube, um, with just using their phone shortened sweet 3 to 5 minutes don't have to be long. In fact, most people don't want them to be long. That's really your sweet spot. Best biggest thing of all, tested out and see what works. These are all opinions about what works, Really. The engaging in giving of yourself versus just promoting is going to be key to really being successful in a lot of these areas, and we'll go into exactly how you write content that works for each of these social media platforms. But be agile, be flexible wherever you can, and that is going to really give you the most bang for your buck when you're dealing with different social media platforms. So hopefully that helps you understand where you might go on where you might might be. Um, ultimately, you know Facebook is is going to be where most people are. It's your widest demographic. YouTube instagram are going to be a much younger, much more visual creative, Uh, group linked in is going to be much more professional. And Twitter sort of runs the gamut, but a little bit of an older group. Ah, little less visual. And it really kind of depends on, you know, for instance, if you really like things that are bite size and want to put things out there really quickly that are bite sized Twitter could be a great place for that. So that also gives you an idea of who is there and what would make most the most sense for you on those different platforms. 4. Writing Social Media Content for Instagram: So how do you write content for Instagram while we're gonna go through this, There's so much you can talk about about different ways to use Instagram. I'm gonna try and be able to go through this in a timely manner for you, but really, we're going to start looking at things that work. So quote quotes are very popular. Quotes work. You can find a lot of different tools that can provide images, and I've created a sheet of those. Resource is for you, so you won't have to go into them Now Here's what I want you to know about the content So you come up with a quote that you like. Here's some of things you need to remember visually simple. You realize it's the quote. It's an image. You can see the words really clearly. It's It's very simple. He doesn't. Some of them have it where the words take up the whole thing. Some don't that The point is, is that make sure your words aren't covering part of the image, or that the images and covering part of your words to really easy to see. Remember, most people are looking at this from their mobile phones. It's easy to read, so it's easy to really just quickly grasp what it is. No foot identifies with you or not include your logo. Obviously, Michael Height didn't say this, however. He created this image, and even though he if it's not his image and he needs to give, um, you know, ah, shout out to the person in the in his comments he still wants of his logo. So when anybody is looking at this image, they know it's his create relevance through Hashtags. So you'll notice in here. He didn't actually say anything. He didn't have any text. It was all Hashtags, but destiny destination. Quote of the day, which is a very popular one. Inspiration, focus, motivation, goal goals, goal setting, You know, within these hashtags exactly what he's talking to on what you're supposed to get out of this quote. Another thing you could do with quotes. You can use it to state a theme, so it's time to break out. If you look in the text now, they're going to give you content that actually motivates. It's time for you to break out and you'll know it. It's the moment you're running a race. It's harder and harder, all those kinds of things, and it's a mantra that they want you to give. But it's promoting that brand there. Also thanking followers for being so amazing to them, you know, So there's really good power in getting people Teoh, using a quote to tell people that you think they're awesome and promote other people so that, you know, go in and you'll notice it says, You know another brand will not only believe in, but work closely with They're there and break out mode as well. It must follow. So promote following other people. Product promotion. Um, I'm a big fan of of Ashley Shelley. She, you know, does some really beautiful work and artwork for her work. Really, if you think about it, so stick to your brand. This is very fluid. With the way the rest of her brand works. You feel like you understand what her products will be like be visually appealing. This is really simple. She's got the, you know, the hash tag meant appeared to the mint color. She's kind of got the visual look. It's very simple, though. These are all things she probably has with her on her desk, part of what she does for business, and so she was able to take this. So take your own pictures as often as you can. Ah, lot of times when we're doing quotes, we're gonna stick on somebody else's picture. But think about how you could be creative and artistic with just what you have around you, what you're doing to convey what's going on in your life or what you're trying to sell. Be conversational in her text. It says, My love for mint is never ending. It's not selling yet, but she's just talking about the color because she's appealing to people that, like this color, you can like mint and have no need for a budget notebook. But you're in in the conversation. Okay, I like meant Now what? Now I'm going to sell you on it. So she's starting with something other than the promotion, and then she's selling. So don't just talk about the product. It can be very powerful to ease them into the product with a good visual and some other conversation based on on other things that you're talking about promote other platforms. This is one where they're actually saying, Hey, go and follow me on Pinterest even though you're on instagram, that can be really powerful as well. If you want people, if you're particularly popular in one place or your popular on instagram and you're trying to get followings in other places, use noticeable icon. So use Pinterest. People will see that real quick and go, Oh, what is it? And because they know what that icon is, highlights strong images. You see. She picked imagery that is really appealing the top ones that she would think people that would want to follow her on Pinterest with, like State. The purpose of mission, she says. Gather, adventure, play. Need inspiration. Check out our Pinterest page. She was very clear with words that she knew would get people to go. Yes, I like all of those things and ask questions where she says, had you know, why do who do you love to follow on? Pinterest? Tell us so. She's not asking questions, asking a question that actually promotes people to promote other people, so that could be a really powerful way as well cause then you get lots of comments and people are seeing that a lot of people are commenting and liking, and therefore it stimulates more engagement in conversation, promote events, make it easy to read, make it really simple. Simple is great. Don't be afraid of white space. Mention others you'll notice in here and idea design, which is Heidi Bartlett. I'm a big fan of she is, I think, maybe 12 or 13,000 followers on Instagram. So you know what she's doing is working. She mentions people all the time. You know about where she's going, what she's doing. She pulls people in because those people then get notified and they helped join in on the conversation and tag others. So, you know, make sure you're doing the actual tag, not just the mention, and have fun. You'll notice she's having fun. There's little little icons in their. This fits nicely with her brand. You know, don't be afraid to be a little bit of yourself. This is another one of idea design promote without promoting. I love this is an example because it's her saying, Hey, I love the weekend, you know? Can't wait for doing it again. Uh, this is somebody haven't seen in a long time. Hey, By the way, the shirt I'm wearing is for sale. If you want to go buy it, that's brilliant. Promote without promoting. So, um, you know, basically says, Show yourself, don't be perfect. You don't have to be perfect. You'll notice in all these when she's laughing, She's riel. You feel like a real person is wearing this shirt and it looks great and it looks like she's having fun. I wanna have fun, too. And then have fun, then promote. So she's saying, Hey, cheers to the frickin weekend friends that's having fun. By the way, you could buy my shirt, so just keep that in mind. This is a brilliant way to market and potentially get sales. Um, one more from from Heidi. She just says so many great examples of way, the way you can utilize Instagram capitalize on holidays. So, for instance, national lipstick holiday. Make sure you're using the hashtag so other people can find you. Say why it matters. Why do you care about that holiday? What is it for you? You know your view about that holiday. What is it that maybe a story or you've learned from what do you want? People to empathize with or connect with and then once again have funds. This is a little selfie she has with the drawing of lips, and so there's a lot of ways you could go with it, but she's getting her face and her brand out there and use icons where you can. You don't have to, but it does make it a little more visual in the text as well as in the image. Create buds. So this is one of the most underutilized I think by people, and that is that way before your product comes out. When you're even in just the building phase of your product, start talking about it. This isn't just for Instagram mrs for any social media, Start talking about it. I want you to. You can use website images to say something's coming out. Talk about the process. Say, Hey, I'm building this. Take a picture of you in a meeting. Um, take a picture of you writing something out. You know, a picture of you getting videotaped to tape something. Take a picture of what's going right. What's going wrong? Ask opinions. Bring people into the process. Asked them to choose from different views. Maybe you've got four different website covers and you ask them to pick which one they like most and speaks. Speak to them. These are the best ways to pull people in and create buzz so that when your product launches, it really launches with the bank. Rethink your images, so don't just take things from, you know, straight on. I'm sitting in front at the table, stand up and see what it would look like if you are on top of it. If you were, you know, coming from a bird's eye view. If you were farther away, maybe you're really close up. Maybe one of these little ice cream. Our cake at tins is super close in the front and really big. And then you can see everything else happening in the background. So think different angles. Think rules of thirds in sort of photography. Wanna one? You have the two lines, and you don't want anything to be really in the center. Now that doesn't always apply. Nowadays, there are things where you could be perfectly in the center, and that works. You've got a sign you're holding it. Maybe like we just saw with lipstick. But ultimately the best kind of photography design is where you weren't putting things smack dab in the middle. It's got a little bit off on that first line of 1/3. So think Cut your your image into grid of thirds and start feeling how if they go right over on the crossings of the thirds how that gives some more interest to, ah, to your imagery directional force. So a lot of times when you take images, you have something word. The directional force draws you somewhere where someone's arm lays where the spoon goes, so that you can take the image in in a way that you are almost guiding them to what you want them to see. So if you want them to move this that you can see the grains move this way in this image, you could be drawing them to something that you want them to. So think in directional force and then be creative. So, for instance, you know this one's just team meeting with treats. Well, when you're there just sitting there eating and But instead of saying OK, let's take a picture of us. Let's take a picture of the food. Let's mention, you know, that were, But that was mentioned. We're having a team meeting prepping for our live invent. So this is another one where it's creating buzz, but it's using an image of food. Brilliant simplicity, Um, and apologize for cussing here, but it works. This is three words in a period, and that's all it is. Got good likes, has good hashtags, and so you could be really powerful without over doing it. Simplicity can really be great. Tool on Instagram. Make sure you're using those hash tags. Wind that wisdom Wednesday. Quote of the day. Epic adventure Life coach mantra. Um, Kelsey Murphy's someone who is actually a colleague in a good friend of mine, and I love what she does on Instagram. She was a really great job of pulling people in even with simplicity, you know? And then she goes in and she's motivating them. She's a life coach, and, um, you know, her life. So this is another one with Kelsey, things that you're doing. Where you going? What, what are you going to do that day? And but it becomes more interesting than just saying I'm doing this. So mention cities because people want to look for cities at their end. This is a huge one for Twitter as well. What will you do? Oh, I'm going to go there and meet meet friends. I'm gonna travel and have an adventure. Those things here, she's saying, Ring me. If you're in the area, will connect with you once again. She's using a lot of icons, you know, doughnuts and food and sunshine and nature and love and all those kinds of things. And coffee and wine. Um, how do you feel If if she's gonna, you know, I'm gonna feel great. I'm so excited about it. I'm a little nervous about it, you know, put out your emotions and relate toe. Others get people to see, you know, a little bit more into you. And then I say tap the focal point. Because if you are using especially an iPhone, all the phones have really great, um, photo capabilities. Now, if you're taking a picture of somebody, tap on that person, tap on the focal point you want, and a lot of times it will blur out the background, or it will shadow out the background and make this one lighter, so make sure you're actually tapping on the focal point that you want in the image, and you will get some really cool imagery that that you might not have gotten before and finally embody your brand. So this is an example of Chris Tucker, and you see a lot of this where there's a quote, but it's always on this color. It's always got his logo. There is some some real congruence see in getting you get used to what his brand looks like and how it feels and the kinds of things he says. And it makes creating content really easy for him, and you can see it's working, working well, so make sure you embody your brand and stay consistent with that, and that's about pretty as easy as it gets to go for. For Instagram will actually talk about how to actually create ah to write that content and think about it in a later exercise 5. Writing Social Media Content for Twitter: Let's talk about content for Twitter. So we're going to go through some of the content on Twitter that I think can be really effective and help you to start getting ideas about how to utilize Twitter with your content. So first off. No, your target audience. This'll One is a really good example on. This is actually something that is promoted, so you'll notice they've got a lot of retweets, a lot of likes you don't have to promote through Twitter. But I did want to highlight the fact that this says the smarter, simpler CRM tool you never had. You'll even it will even remind you to call Mom. The reason I mention this is because playing to your audience desires understanding what they care about is really important in this instance, they are talking to more millennials. They're talking to people who are trying to find a really good work life balance, and they don't want to be just consumed by work. They want tools that helped them thrive in their business but allow them to actually live their life as well. In that instance will even remind you to call. Mom says, Hey, great, This understands my need for balance. It seems really subtle. But when you start to think about understanding your audience really, really well and the little things that they really care about all of a sudden, that one statement to them means you understand who I am, I more likely to click and learn more. Or retweet so remember, to play to their desires, played what they care about play to not just what they need in their business. But what they want and desire in their life is, well, questions. Questions are always great in any social media. It does depend on how you phrase them. Obviously, the thing that I love about here is asked the kind of questions that will make them want to know if they're right. So what are you doing to protect your marriage? Well, well, I could give you a whole list of things I'm doing. Well, how am I doing those things to protect my marriage? Wow, what's the right answer? I would like to know the right answer, and that's what you want them to begin to ask themselves. Not the question necessarily that you asked. But no matter what answered, they give they want to know if it's the correct answer or where it lays in the spectrum of the content that in this particular Michael High it is giving. So you're much more likely to get people to click on that link That and then obviously you want those retweets. You want those favorites. But ultimately, his goal is to get people to his website so that he can convert them to being on his list. All of the fun stuff that you want and really are on social media for more questions Are you emotionally strong? This is another one, obviously. Well, that's a good question. No matter what I say, I wanted the answer. But dear them not to read, because the reason I put this in here is the article is actually 16 things. Emotionally strong people don't do. And he asks ads in the question. So not just having the name of the article, even though his question almost completely just reiterates what it is he's asking them. He's daring them, really not to read it. He's daring them to say, Hey, you know, are you emotionally strong than if you say yes, then you want to find out if these are things that you don't do as well. And if you say no, then maybe you're doing these things and you might want to find out what they are. Either way, no matter what your answers to that question, you want to read the article even though it's a yes or no question. And even though he's reiterating the words in the article that question, adding in there, I guarantee you has added many more more clicks for him going over to that article than if you would've simply put in the article itself. Cliffhangers. This is something that people don't do enough of. Don't end that sentence here, Melanie Duncan says. My weekend was filled with relax ation and some serious inspiration when I had the opportunity. Hopes to barbecue four dot, dot dot Now for anybody who is following Melanie Duncan, you want to know who does she know? Who is she having, you know, having brunch with What is this? Who is this? It ends up being if you click on the Link Marie for Leo and Tim Ferriss and all these people that people who know Melanie Duncan most likely know them as well. Now all of a sudden you want to go great. Well, who were they talking to? And you start going down that rabbit hole of wanting to know more about what came out of that. But by putting the dot, dot, dot and not giving away the great amount of information, not just saying I just had a great barbecue with and then doing the name dropping here she does the dot, dot, dot and helps you guides you really to click on that link. Just at a sheer curiosity, the cliffhangers just bubble up that sheer curiosity for people that they want to click. So try to find some things that you're putting out there. Go back and review your old tweets and take a look and say, Wow, am I Am I adding in too much information by giving too much away? Could I create some cliffhangers there? Recommendations. She's a fantastic article on copyrighting on one of my favorite blog's so two things in there. One, she says, Fantastic, which means she loves it, and the other one is one of my favorite blog's. So she's not only saying that the articles great, she's saying I regularly read this blawg, and so should you tell people what you like, Don't just say the name of the article all the time. Let them know that it's something that you actually prefer that above all other things, this is something that you would go to personally because your community wants to do what you do now. Don't you know, necessarily let it go to your head. But the reason people follow you if you're an expert in certain areas because they want to know what's worked for you, they wanted a while. OK, well, if I'm reading this article on copyrighting, you have great writing on your email marketing and in your sales pages and in your content . If you think this article was great, maybe it helped you get to where you are. I want to read that Article two so your community wants to do what you do. They want to know what you like. So tell them, give it a little flourish for things that you personally like and would recommend keywords know what's hot in the market. So Kim Garst is actually really good. She's about She does social media marketing, and she's good about doing the keywords and really knowing what's hot in the market. So, for instance, periscope is from newest course, and she is. It's relatively new, but she's already capitalizing on it. And, she says, turn live streaming video into your next revenue stream so she's automatically using live streaming video or all three words periscope revenue. And the next one is used money words. Now this isn't always going to apply, but if you're doing things for your business and your creating content for your business that you ultimately want to sell things, you ultimately want people to buy things. You need to use money words, and you need to use money words not only in the content you're creating for social media. You need to create it for, ah, user of new words for the the titles that you're using for the words that you're using on your sales page, you can try and deny it all you want, but money words are things that really what? What helps drive people to make that click if I want to, I want to make more money for my business. I want a revenue stream. That means it's not just the one way that I make money and neck near next. Revenue stream implies to me additional money, potentially passive income money. The periscope profit machine. She's telling me I can make a profit by utilizing periscope. How do I do that? She's going to teach me. So to me. The money, the $97 for the course all of a sudden becomes very small when I think of the fact that I'm going to make money by learning what she's going to teach me, so think of money words, and it's not always relevant. But a lot of times when you are trying to sell it absolutely can help get those clicks for you. Now quote. No one ever injured their eyesight by looking in the on the bright side. And then she adds in just saying, Don't be afraid to simply copy, quote, you know, the quote from the image that's that's OK, and especially if it's a really powerful one, and someone's going to see the words maybe before the image. And then she just adds in the little hashtag the motivation. So she's she's really hasn't added a whole lot. It's reiterating what the image says. But when the images super powerful, you can do that. So don't be afraid to do that on some of what you do, not all but some of what you do. And really, when you think about it, it's not that you have to spend so much time figuring out how to make it different than the quote or how toe you know what it is that you're going to do. Just think in terms of how could you utilize this quote to help you drive people to your website or get them to click on a course that you have or get them to do a discovery call with you or go to your shop to buy your product. The idea is that you want to maximize the content you put out there. It shouldn't be something that is so difficult toe to figure out that if you look at and go , why I've guys spend 10 minutes figuring out how I can use this quote to help my business. If it doesn't come to you pretty quickly about where the alignment comes in and the synergy comes in between the quote you're putting out and how it can. You can talk about it to help drive business for you that maybe it's not the right quote. Or maybe it's just a motivational quote, and you want to simply reiterate that quote in the content, so just keep that in mind. Quotes that cell. I thought this was really interesting because you know, you've got a book or you've got a product. You've got something, you want it. I want to sell me books and another content blog's obviously easiest, but you are able to go in and put excerpts from the book poster website and quote yourself . Don't be afraid to quote yourself. Sometimes when you've said something really great, go in and pull it out and tell people about it. Don't be afraid to create images that quote yourself. Now don't overdo it. You obviously want to do the you know that sort of 1 to 5 or for everyone you're doing. That's maybe a quote for yourself. You're doing five of other quotes from influencers or same here. If you're going in and doing, you know, five influence or articles of things you recommend, and then one for your book or whatever it is that you're you're selling, but this is a really great example because it's a content that people can really quickly identify with. And then they go, 00 wow. She wrote it. And it's in a book and the book is, you know, might be just is interesting. Awesome pull excerpts from that bold words for any of you who love Ted talks, they said the surprising thing that robots can't do. Yet what I love about this is it speaks to the bold words that are very commonly used and there used because they work Surprising secret, New now exclusive. How to break through top number people, not people was a little bit surprising to me, but more research that I've done it does show that putting Pete the word people in your titles is actually something that can really help with click of click ability. So the 10 types of people who do this, you've got, you know, the next breakthrough in social media marketing. You've got the the the two you know, the two secrets behind this kind of success, the new and improved This. So the new this you know, Now you're able to, um you know Now you're able to do to be everything you want to be. Find out how get exclusive access, those kinds of things. The more those bold words that you're using get people to click. Because the surprising thing that robots can't do yet implies to me that it's not all of the things that I already know. Robots can't dio and that makes me go Well, what is it? Is it really that surprising? I'd like to find out. So it does help with your click ability and ultimately, you know, find more than one way to talk about your content. If you have a blawg, if you have opposed and we're gonna talk about this more in the course, but find a way to not just say one thing about it don't just say the title of of what it is that you're doing find a way to maybe have the title in one post and then have a, uh, you know, a quote in another and then pull out a question that you have, and then maybe pull out a cliffhanger, challenge yourself to go in, and for each thing that you're doing as far as a product, a service, ah, post a podcast to pull out maybe five of great statements and then see which ones work and continually do that, because people are going to respond to different things. And it's a great way to not only be able to talk about your content five different times without seeming like you're just posting the same thing over and over again. But it also allows you to see what people are really responding. Teoh. So go out and start some of these tactics and see what works for you. 6. Writing Social Media Content for Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+: We're gonna talk about content for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus gonna go relatively quickly through these because we've talked a lot about the kinds of content you can put out and think about in terms of imagery and the way to write for Instagram and Twitter. A lot of that is relevant for Facebook. I clumped Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus together because they are similar in content. Theo nly big real difference between Facebook on linked in is really that they're gonna be a little more formal and linked in a little more conversational in Facebook from my opinion . So if we jump right in, I want to start with the idea that images work for any social media, especially Facebook. Get more clicks, you're going to get more, likes more shares, those kinds of things. The big thing is a share your content. So if you're actually making things, if you have things that are relevant to what you are providing a service, then make sure you're taking pictures of those when you're gonna go out and talk about what whatever it is you're talking about. In this instance, she's talking about a superhero party, and she gave easy steps on how to make these boxes. So you're gonna include the boxes. So think about what imagery and content you can provide that really couples nicely with what you are talking about. And if they can be your own individual pictures, even better, keep it simple and conversational. If you're planning a party, great. You want to know how to make this and I show you how details click here. So you know the real conversational How you doing? Hey, I need your help. Hey, I was thinking, let me know your thoughts. Those kinds of things, especially in personal side, asked for feedback us for shares and conversational about asking for thoughts and recommendations in groups. And then when you go and ask them to actually help promote or to buy things like that, it makes more sense, and you're gonna get better feedback. Let the image speak for you. You don't necessarily have to put a whole lot of content. And we could have written a whole lot here, but she didn't need to, because the image itself shows all sorts of women's pictures and content that's really relevant and interesting. So if the banner of a blogger or your blogger really speaks powerfully toe what you want, that something that will get people to click. You don't have to add a whole lot of content here to go forward. Ways to create Buzz Look for them. This is a great example. Here's definitely there's definitely not enough Halloween in my shop getting ready to fix that. This is the simple image of of fabrics, but they are colors of Halloween. It gets you thinking, What am I going to do for Halloween? Why am I gonna make something if I am? Maybe this woman shop is the one that I want to go to, and that makes sense when you create buzz. She's pulling in an image that's really simple, but it gets you thinking, and she's creating buzz about the fact that Halloween hasn't happened. But she's ramping up for it without asking you to buy anything. She gets you thinking about whether or not you need something and whether she's the right person for you. Ask questions if you have a quote. We talked about this before. If you have a quote, don't be afraid to ask a question about the quote you're gonna get really good feedback, Use images for quote questions and fill in the blank. Haven't talked a lot about fill in the blanks, but they're great for all social media, and one of the great things about it is that you can ask a question that just asked them to fill in that one. Blake. So the biggest challenge I've faced in my business is blank. You're gonna get people that are putting very simple answers. So instead of open and a question where they can write paragraphs, they're giving you one or two word answers. Those could be used in your copyrighting later on. Their answers can also be used in marketing campaigns where you could say, Here's what You know what everybody's saying about what their biggest challenges And then you're posting images with what those words are so could be really, really powerful for your business. And because you're only asking very few words of people, you get a lot more response, pick something powerful from your content and use it. In this instance, Amy took a podcast she had, and she gave one important piece of information and just says this is just one of the insights from this week's interview. That means great. If I like that piece of advice, I'm gonna love what's coming next. Now I'm bought in to the fact that I might want to listen to this podcast and click there. So give a little bit of powerful content to get people excited about going forward and clicking through. Change up your content between platforms on Twitter on Instagram, there is the comment for the same exact post that says, You know, what are you doing to make sure you have a power, you know, a strong marriage. And here he's actually pulling just the set main sentence from the from the actual blogged . This is very popular to do in it linked in, especially just put the name. Put a couple sentences from the blawg, get them to read if they want to and continue on. You could do the same thing in Facebook that maybe an easy tactic. Do the same thing on Google, plus, so all three platforms. If you're posting a blawg, you can just give them a little tidbit of what it is that they might be interested in reading about in the blogged and then for LinkedIn. When you are adding posts toe linked in, um, you're able Everybody is able to do this now and just kind of a word of if you've got posts and you've got good called action for your Post to say, Hey, by the way, click here to this sales page or click here to get on my email list or whatever it is, your call to action is which you should have for every post if you can copy them in and have have them as posts in linked In. And that could be really powerful for you on Lee if you have a call to action that guides them somewhere else because you're not bringing them to your website. So you only have that call to action within the post that you want to make sure you have here also, the best post that you can put in, or things that have that are time sensitive, that are that are very tied to success and business, Um, as well as things that are controversial that you have an opinion about. There's going to be the most popular things that get shared the most on Lincoln and make your title interesting. That the one last thing in terms of looking at LinkedIn Don't just say I am a, you know, serum specialist, or I am a real estate agent. You want to say include either what the benefit is your providing people or your ideal client. So, in my instance, and I try different things often in here and I and I see what it does for me in terms of follows and connections, but business and content strategist for the boss Mom. So I am identifying who my ideal client is. I could also say something like creating, you know, epic content change for women around, you know, across the nation. So make it powerful, make it. But you know, Pop, and that is what's gonna draw people in don't have a boring title. It is not going to get you anywhere. It's certainly not going to get you things. It may not hurt you, but but it also isn't going to be powerful for you. So have a little fun with this title and see what it can do 7. A brief overview of Facebook Ads: Let's talk about content for Facebook ads. I'm going to go through this pretty quickly because this isn't about how to actually create an ad. It's about the kind of content you put in your ad. So first off Lewis House. Very successful, well known. If you actually want to do webinars to help run for business, which is my number one thing you recommend to give away on a Facebook ad. Lewis house does webinars all the time that show you how to two webinars and make money off your business. A couple things. Don't be afraid to use images of you. People want to see you most often time, especially if you are selling a service. They want to see that you're somebody that they want to do business with. You'll notice here he's got arrows. Remember, you can use directional force. It's guiding them to see it's a free webinar, guiding them down to see what the content is. Make it simple. This image is super simple, easy to digest talking benefits, not features. You want to master the secret weapon of growing your business, so he's telling you that the secret weapon, if you have this you'll be able to do do what you want. Growing your business is the outcome. The benefit is growing your business. So he's not saying, you know that I my webinars do A B and C he's telling, with the actual benefit of the outcome. Is looking for a breakthrough in your business? If this is you, yes, the breakthrough in your business is the benefit, not feature. Try split testing and those in the first image he's got a suit on. It's very professional looking here. He's got a T shirt on. I'm with the lights in the back, a little more funky and fun. It's the only thing that has changed in here yet. He can definitely test what the conversion rate is. That based on the pictures, you can change the picture. Just change one thing you know, master the secret weapon of growing your business. Maybe this is different than a secret word secret rope. And maybe it's different than the word breakthrough. Um, you know, maybe he calls it different than a webinar. Maybe calls it a workshop, that kind of thing for Maria, you know, follow your brand. She's got her brand colors be consistent with your colors. You get very familiar with this. It speaks to the kind of people that would want to take this course, make the call to action easy. So, she says, click here to register how to create videos that do the selling for you. Your content is relevant to the product. Seven steps to successful online video is the is the actual webinar than the course that she provides is how to take those seven steps and break them out and show you every step you need in order to actually do online video and make money for your business. It's actually a great webinar. I would recommend it split testing again. I would actually click on this image as opposed to the other one. This one is very clean. It doesn't have any words, but I know that she's doing video. I know that there's nobody behind here, so I assume she's doing it on her own. Yet it looks very professional. It looks like she's in action. This one speaks to me more than the other one. But who knows? If you split test, you can see what works include new one relevant, So for her. It's a new workshop or you know something that she's revamped and put it out so you can call it new when you can call it new. Definitely call it new imply your product is different from the rest. I show this because what's so important here is the word really is actually larger than the word launch. Here's how to really launch. It implies that everything else you've learned up until now is not correct, so promised to tell them what they've been doing wrong. That is definitely a tactic that works. Say, Hey, I can tell you 10 things that if you're doing them right now, you need to stop because it's hindering yourself from being successful. Identify who you were talking to. So here it's own a restaurant, cafe or retail boutique. You're very clear about the kind of people you want to look at this ad. Tell them the outcome. So and I think this is so interesting. I put this on here because this really mixes nicely the benefits and features I would normally say benefits, benefits, benefits. But here they do a nice mix. Dr Mawr customer visits that is a feature send our Sorry dr more customer visits. That's a benefit. Send an easily track promotions. That's a feature. Increased sales that is a benefit and, um, upgrading your rewards punch and program to five stars. That is sort of a mix between a feature and a benefit, and then view the demo today so they do a nice mix of saying, Hey, here's what you're going to get out of it And here's a few things that you'll be able to dio. So they most likely included this feature about being able to track promotions because that's most likely something that none of the other things have. If you have Patriot paper punches, you can't track that. So tracking is a number one reason why people would get this and maybe spend the money for it so that they included that feature. For that reason, follow the 20% rule and Facebook ads. You can Onley have text take up 20% of the image that includes your logo. I would just leave your logo out if you can. You know you'll be able t When you bring into the sales page, you'll be able to tell them more about who your brand is and who you are because you're mainly just speaking to the benefits for them. They will revoke or or deny your ability to have your ad if you're over 20%. So this is this is not something Teoh dismiss. You want to pay attention to it. You can go to facebook dot com forward slash policies for it slash ads and will give you all the criteria for their policies. Give it away, I would suggest. Don't make ads where you're selling something. Make ads where you're giving value. Like I said, webinar cell, they work really, really well. Lose house does do the webinar on how to do webinars that cell. Ah, but I would definitely recommend that if you're trying to sell a product, you are only getting very small conversion of people that actually buy that product to where? If you're giving something away, you're increasing your email list, and now you have so many more opportunities to sell to them and build up that relationship along the way. So definitely think about that. I'm not an expert in Facebook ads, so my my main area is content content strategy. Amy Porterfield, however, is an expert in Facebook at, so if you want to know more about them exactly how to maximize them, check out her amy Porterfield dot com goto webinars, and you can watch the Webinar about how to use Facebook to grow your business. She has really great content. I recommend her podcast and her blog's. I mean, they they kind of go together, but really powerful stuff That's good for every part of your business in terms of marketing and social media marketing. So that's it. Now you kind of get a good idea of how to create content for Facebook ads. 8. Hashtag Research: So I want to talk about influencers Hashtags really utilizing social media to your advantage. And I am often on Twitter. However, this doesn't necessarily just apply to Twitter. I want to talk about it through a tool that I use. You can definitely do this organically within each of the social media platforms. I think this is a really easy way to get a lot of the information in the minimal amount of time, which, as we all knows, business owners. Time is money. So to me, it's important to build a really quickly go in, get the information I want and then utilize it to my advantage. So I use a tool called Autonomy, and you can either have it where you pay a monthly fee or you can do it where you just buy for $20. You get access to this for a month, and that allows you to go in and really do all the research that you want to dio and then utilize that going forward. So that may be a really low cost way to utilize a tool like this, and this isn't the only tool. This just happens to be the tool that I use. I think it's the easiest to understand, Uh, and I find it to be really valuable. So you sign in and there's a lot of stuff you can go Go on here. But I'm really just want to tell you about how the easiest way to use it. Um and that is You go up into the search button and you search for a hashtag or you search for a person. I like to start with the person, think of somebody where you would like they're kind of following, um, or you want to know if they you you like them, you follow them. Who's You know, who's following that person. What is theirs? What are their successful tweets, those kinds of things. So I put in Amy Porterfield. She does social media, Um, you know, marketing. She's a social media guru and she, um basically, you know, has a good following and is really good marketing tec techniques. So I want to go in and see what she's doing that's working when I put in her name. It lets you know, gives me a feel for the activity she's having based on dates. But the really important and great information you can start getting in here that's useful for you personally, is is in the rest of the content. So it will tell you the most influential users within her network. You can see they're all you know, all have a lot of followers. I can go and see what their profile is, and I can start to see if any of these people are would be influencers that I would want to connect with. And if they are, then I can put them on my influencers list and say, OK, great. These are people I want. I want to be in my network. Maybe I want to be in their podcast. Maybe I want to start including their name in content that I'm creating so that maybe they'll retweet or favorite or or share whatever I want them to dio. And most likely, these people are not just on Twitter. So, as I said, this doesn't just have to be a Twitter tool. Ah, lot of these people are going to be on the other platforms as well. Instagram and Facebook, mainly now the most engaging users. So these were gonna be all the experts that are in this same kind of field, these air going to be the most engaging users, um, that are connecting with Amy Porterfield. So I'm able to go in here and see who were these people, because if there really engaging with her, maybe I can get them to really engage with me. So keep that in mind because you don't just want to connect with the influencers. You want to go in and start connecting with people who are engaging, because the more they're engaging with you, the more you are reaching that having that potential reach, for instance, her potential reaches almost three million. You want your potential reach to increase. And you do that by connecting with influencers and connecting with people who engage on any social media so that they're sharing with their network cause that potential reach is your network and then their network and then the network of the person that they share two and so on and so forth. Now it also tells you the most active users. So you see Okay, you've got the most engaging users. They've got the most active users. How many times are they doing mentions what are they doing? Um and this will tell you who they are, and you can follow you. Consider tweets follows lists and decide to follow them as well. This one's a great one. Top hashtags that she's using. Podcast Blawg. Um, like girl social media content marketing All of these ones are really good to know. And the more you look at these, the more you'll see some trends and get some ideas because sometimes it can be hard to think about what hashtags you want to use. Hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all going to be relevant on, um on Pinterest not necessarily so, so important and same with Lincoln. Now you can also see her tweets. But most importantly, you want to see her most retweeted tweets and the most favorited tweets because then you're going to be able to see what kind of content she is creating that really is being shared. So these are all and then down here, you can see a map, everything, but this is so it gives you some really great information to start building your foundation of what you want to do. How you want to, um, go in and find Hashtags that work for you Find influencers that you want on your list, engage with people that are actually engaging, finding out what content is really working and and then utilizing the same strategy that they're utilizing to go and get the results that you want. So this is the way. And like I said, you could do this organically in each of the platforms. But you're gonna do it a lot quicker if you use a tool like this and they're very low cost , some of them offer free components to it. Um, but the generally, you know, dishing out the 20 bucks for something like this is going to definitely be worthwhile for you. 9. Writing Social Media Content for Your Blog Post: we're going to take a look at a blawg or in this case, a podcast show notes. It's on her block page for Amy Porterfield, and we're going to walk through really quickly how you can make social media statements that helped create engagement. Draw people back to your website or back to your page, and we're going to go through five main categories, really just putting in the simple title of what it is that you're doing. So the really easy one that you're probably already doing is to post out and say, Number 63. How Park asking can complement and grow your business with John Lee. Do miss for anything that has a name. She's going to change this to have it be his handle, or at least a hash tag, but most likely is handle so that he can share wherever it is that she's posting this. She may have a hashtag for podcasting of business, Um, or for, um, you know, marketing that kind of thing. That's the easy one. The next four are creating a question creating motivation. Creating intrigue and creating buzz was your for main ones that are outside of just the obvious. Take the title of what you've created. So let's start with a question. Go through what it is that you wrote or what it is that you're trying to talk about. So in this case, a podcast or the show notes for the podcast. And I used Amy Porterfield. Example it because it sort of kills two birds with one stone. You've got all of basically all of the content in her podcast. She puts in her show notes, so they're pretty comprehensive from both sides. So go through here and think about what are some of the questions that people are going to ask themselves or that she's asking them in this content? Well, for the biggest easiest one is. Have you ever considered starting a podcast than the other part of that statement would say then you don't want to miss this podcast episode, so that's a good way to do. Question. Go through, find out. Think about what the benefits are, what people want, the outcome to be. What do they want to get out of it or who is the target audience? You know, the question could be Are you a you know, entrepreneur or spot, small business owner. And then you can add in the statement after that, um, that says then you should be doing pug. Then you need to be doing part, you know, part of podcasting. And this is going to show you how those kinds of ways to ask questions So you have your simple title, and in the 2nd 1 is you have your question. The 3rd 1 is motivation. So if you go through and you want Teoh talk about how are you going to motivate people? The easiest way to motivate them is to pull out an excerpt from the actual piece of content , make it almost like a quote, Um or exactly like a quote. You can add it to an image with the quote and draw them in that way, Or give them one tidbit of information that really gets them excited about being able to move forward. Um, you know, So let's see, if we go through here, we can pull out something along the lines of here that 525 million active subscribers on soundcloud, stitcher and Spotify. So this is actually one where you could make it a question Did you know that there are over 525 million subscribers on, and you can hashtag these three things that you can reach for your business with the podcast. That's actually that's a good question that you could ask that would get people go. Oh, OK. And then have them say fine. You know, find out how and have them go go here. You could also have used the same kind of statement in the motivation that says you could be reaching 525 million people with your content. Why not start today? Sort of things you can actually mix motivation with, um, with a question you can put in a really, you know, great quote from something that the, um the person actually says, um, you know, something like, bottom line, you have something important to say And maybe you've been thinking The podcasting thing seems to be growing even bigger and might be a good way to help your business get bigger, too. That could be a great quote. It's gonna be too long to be on something like Twitter. But if you put it into an image than that allows you to have the quote in the image referencing back to the podcast or the blawg, and then add in the quick question of If you know, are you trying to start a podcast, then you need to watch, you know, watch this watch this episode to find out how. So that's the way that you can pull out a good quote to get motivation to get them go. Yes, the bottom line is, I do have something important to say, and I have been thinking about starting a podcast in to get some sort of revved up the fourth we've gone through simple title, the question creating motivation. Now we want to create intrigue. Creating intrigue is where you're going to do something that leaves a blank in in the statement where you sort of cuts on the got that cliffhanger intrigue is going to be where you are. It can be in the form of a question, but it's something that that gets them peaks, their interest. That is only the ads, a little mystery to what it is exactly that you're going to provide, um, in this case, for instance, in this in this episode, they talk about Spotify how Spotify just recently has gotten into the podcast in game and how that opens up a lot more opportunity for reaching people so you could do something with intrigue where it says, find out the one thing Spotify is doing that will change the podcasting game. Now, of course, that's not the complete overall idea of exactly what she's talking about. But that's why you have more than one thing out there. You can have little tidbits of information to pull people in and then have them go. Okay, well, now that I've got that one bits of bit of information, I'm going to look for that. But there's a lot more content here as well. There's a lot of ways to create intrigue. The important part about intrigue is that after you read the statement, you have to be able to notice that you didn't give it all away that there is some ah, some level of mystery. So we've done a simple title. The question, the motivation, the intrigue. Now we want the buzz. Now the buzz works best if this hasn't um, hasn't published yet. Obviously, Buzz works best when you're building up to something so buzz isn't necessarily relevant so much on this particular one, especially with blog's and podcasts. The good place tohave buzz is if you are, for instance, if this hadn't come out yet if this was going to be launching next week. But you wanted people to Ah, for instance, she interviews John Lee Duma's on a previous one. Then she can create buzz by saying, Um, you know, next week I'll interview John Lee do miss again about you know, about growing your business and podcasting, but check out my previous episode with him. Um, in the meantime, that way she's promoting an old episode while also letting people know that that's coming up. So if they haven't subscribed and give them that opportunity to go there, or may be given the opportunity to subscribe, that that's the one place where the podcast or a blawg, you could let them know about future topics to get them interested in to say why I want to get on that email list so that I can actually go in and get notified when you are when they're posting new things by letting them know what's coming down the road. So those are your main things. You've got your simple title, your question, your motivation. You're creating intriguing creating buzz. Those are the five things I would do, at least the top four. Obviously, buzz is more relevant when it hasn't come out yet, or you're in a marketing strategy for more of a product. We'll talk about that. But if you can create at least those four types, um, and maybe even more than one of each of those four types, So I would challenge you, start with four and then try and do two of the questions of motivations and creating intrigue and go from there. If you can build up something where you're going in or you're via is going in and on a consistent basis with everything you're posting, you're creating between 4 to 10 little statements that you can go in to put on Twitter or utilize in other places. That's going to be really powerful for you now. Obviously, some of those will expand out. I did the very truncated Twitter version. Some of those can expand out when you are doing something on Instagram linked in, or Facebook, because then your your question constrain a simple But maybe in your motivation you want to actually talk more about what's going on. But I would also say, if time is not on your side, you don't necessarily have to write a book for everything that you put out there on social media. There is a advantageous aspect to brevity in the content that you're creating, and you can absolutely buildup community that way. Remember, this is one of those promotions were for everything that you're doing and content wise, which is the 1 to 5. So you may want to be brief on these so that you can spend more time on the other aspects of just engaging with the community. 10. Writing Social Media Content for Your Service / Product: So let's talk about writing social media content for service or a product. One of the easiest ones is online product that you're selling that is going to be a really great way to go in and create passive income for yourself. Product launches There is a long, ah process for this. And actually, Amy Porterfield put out a really great podcast episode, talking about exactly how she uses her project plan to do a product launch. So if you want to go on and you're interested, so I'm using in this example, Melanie Duncan's Power of Pinning teaches you how to use Pinterest for your business, and I I personally just think it's a really great sales page. So I wanted to he who use it as an example, but we're gonna go through the same five things. So the simple title, the question, the motivation, the intrigue in the buzz. So for the simple title, she has named it the power of pinning double your traffic and sales from Pinterest in less than a week. That is exactly what she would put in there. Um, you know, pinning, um, Pinterest sales may be some things that she hashtags um she has here a lot of existing statements that are already sales worthy. So when you have a sales page for a product or a service, your content that you've already written should almost jump out on the page for you as little excerpts of things that you could use in social media. If it doesn't, then you should potentially rewrite what your sales pages because your sales page for anything should really jump out as being bite size, little things that get people to continue get deeper and deeper and deeper into the desire to buy whatever it is that you're selling. So a proven plan for using Pinterest for business. Um, simple, step by step system, these air all phrases that are great for social media. So inspiration cells Pinterest is proof that's something that can be motivation, something that is inspiration. That that statement that gets people to get excited about the possibility that something that they could learn here could really work for their business. With the power of pinning, you can increase your traffic and sales from Social media's most profitable platform. Every single one of these statements is a benefit statement. Now, she could turn these all into questions. It says. Do you want a master Pinterest ads and watch your traffic and sales skyrocket overnight? Now she's turning it into a question. You know, she could put in and say the that there is a number of things that she's going to teach them. That sort of doesn't give a whole lot of information. Then there's the aspect of buzz. Buzz for a product should be a huge part of your strategy. If you aren't building buzz, then you are gonna have a hard time selling it when it comes out. So for especially for your products. But I also say for your services as before you put them out. So if you're building a new package buzz about the package that she may be putting in pictures of part of the course that isn't done yet. She might be taking pictures of herself at meetings, talking about the course. Um, find every way that you can to, at least on a weekly basis, be putting out content months before it comes out. You should be planning your foot a large product launch. You should start the plan 60 to 90 days in advance. I know that sounds far away, but you'll thank yourself when you when you create the actual buzz and and then incorporate him with that buzz, um, quotes, little excerpts, those kinds of things that will be really, really helpful. But so the buzz could be, you know that you are at a meeting. It's a picture of you in a meeting talking about the strategy. And you're actually, um, hashing out the, uh you know, hashing out exactly what to pin to sell more products and services. So you're taking that statement. You're actually turning it into buzz To say that you are, you are creating what that is and and maybe give one bit of information away so you can see a lot of this, um, is content that you can already use It should be copy that sells. And that copy that sells should self you on social media as well. Some of it You just need to turn around to a question, turn into a quote, use it to create some buzz. So, you know, 80% of pennant Penner's by within three weeks of pinning. Um, that's great. You know, you could say that. You know, those buyers could, you know, could help grow your business. Or or, you know, those those pins could be yours. Those kinds of things that you can you can talk about, all the images she's using here, um, can be convey images that you can use that irrelevant to really get people excited about what you're doing. So these simple title, the question of motivation, the intrigue, the buzz where you can add images to those. But that's the basic ideas You're gonna go in and you're gonna, you know, gives you an idea of how you can switch some of this content around. And like I said, if you're creating a sales page and you aren't able to immediately pull out tons and tons of content to put on social media just by utilizing the words your art and phrases already utilizing in your sales page, then you may want to rethink your sales page. So that just is a quick overview of the idea of a product or service and how you could write content for that 11. Writing Social Media Content for Your Opt-in: So let's take a look at creating social media content for opt ins. Now this is one of Marie for Leo's opt ins for the copy Cure for copyrighting, and it is a free course that she does. And there's a couple of reasons why I chose this Page one. Your opt in page does not have to look this beautiful. That is not a requirement. The cleaner it looks, the more people that will opt in. So you wanted to look Now if you have lied pages that something where they've already got things set up for you that have proved proven conversions for different areas? I would say Don't expect that just because somebody else got a conversion rate, you're gonna get that rate. But this is actually something that is a website, um, template that she used and is probably pretty simple to put together. So there's always those sales page templates. Optimized presses a place where you can have a theme that does very nice sales pages. There's a lot of other options for sales pages as well. There's there's just themes that you can have that this is the copy cure dot com. It could be its own theme and website, or it is its own theme. And what site? So the other reason is what she does works. And it's actually a class about copyrighting. So you know the content on here is going to be great, and I wanted to have an example that is, well, great content. So, like your service page, your product page or event page, your sales page. Whatever it is, you should be able tow automatically pull out a lot of great social media content just from what you've written. And if you can't, you should consider rewriting it. So the top five statements that were going to make our the simple title, the question, the motivation, the intrigue in the buzz So the simple title is easy. It's a free copy writing class learned three secrets to copy that connects and converts. It's a really great statement, very easy down here, it says. You can write copy. That's true to your voice and persuasive without being pushy. Find out how in this class now you could change that to a question that says, Do you want to write copy? That's true to your voice and persuasive without being pushy. Now you've switched that around and you've asked, Now do you want to make copy? That's true to your voice. Is going to be a more persuasive piece of content to get people to say, Yes, I do. I would like to please show me how, as opposed to just making this statement. So I would say Go in and find out where you can make it a question. Questions are going to be something that people engage more with. Um, now you can go in and say, OK, let's actually let's take that piece of content again and says You can write Copy That's true to your voice and persuasive without being pushy could be motivational. But you could also tweak a few words and say You have a voice and that voice is persuasive without being pushy. You can write copy that sells. So that's a way where you could actually take a statement you've already written, switched the words around, and now all of a sudden you've got a quote that you can that is, that is motivational that gets people excited and it put it on a image or just in text and put that out there. So don't think that you just write this down ago. Okay? Great. That's a good statement. I'm just gonna put that in there. Say, how could I turn this one statements? Actually, a great exercise and almost a challenge I put out to you. I want to take that one statement and our one statement that you have and try to to create this some kind of content with these five examples to take this one statement and just stated out. Then make it a question, then make motivational, then make it where you've got intrigue and then make it where you've got buzz. So do that and just practice that a couple times, and you will find that you'll start get it'll become easier for you will come easier to you now, things that you're gonna learn in the class. Um, you know why copies the secret elixir for success in business? Um, that's something Where? Hey, the secret elixir. That's a little bit mysterious. You could create some intrigue by, um stating something about, you know, there's one secret elixir for success in business. Do you want to know what it is? Questions And I you're kind of making it a question, But there's intrigue. There's mixed mystery there. You know you can turn the copy CPR three critical elements to copy that connects and inverts. You can ask Turn that into a question and say, Does your sales page need copy? CPR and copy? CPR could almost be its own hashtag. Maybe that's something that she started, so there's lots of ways you can go in and look at the content that you've created and flip it around to create that intrigue. Ask a question. Create motivations. You're finding different ways to utilize your copy and your content to make it into social media statements that are really going to create engagement and pull people back to your site. Now the last one buzz is that if you haven't put this out yet, then you want to. You know, you could obviously say a lot of these same types of comments, but talk about how you're creating it or how it's coming out. Or we've just discovered um, or invented copy CPR to bring breathe life back into your content. Um, you know, the course is coming out soon. Click here to find out more so that then maybe they've got an email list of of people that are are waiting to getting on the list to hear about it when it comes out. Maybe there, including some of the imagery. Maybe they're going in. And to create Buzz, they're going to say, Hey, we're doing You know, we're creating a new copy writing class. It's gonna have a fun sort of, Ah, retro feel. What do you think about which of these images is your favorite? Maybe you've got four different types of copy cure bottles or this same exact thing, but on four different kinds of alcohol bottles, then or remedy bottles, elixir bottles and people get to say, Hey, here's the one I like best. So letting people have a choice in the imagery that you're using is a great way to create buzz and content without really changing a whole lot of what you're saying. Or you could go in and say, Hey, we're thinking of calling it this or hey, we're thinking of which of these four statements speaks most to you about this free class that we're working on. Go here and get added to the list to find out right when it comes out, so there's a lot of things that you could do. But that is a really great way for opt ins to get and really the supplies to almost any content that you create, but great ways to go in and pull that content and get people to get excited about coming over to your list. 12. Buffer Overview: we're gonna talk about buffer app, which has been around for some time. As far as social media management tools go, I think this tool is one that I hear most often people are using. And I think for for the main reason that it's simple. There is absolute simplicity, and the way this thing is is put together. It is great for beginners. The other thing is, they've just recently added Pinterest. So one of the big prose about buffer app right now is if you were a big Pinterest user, you're now able to schedule Pinterest on buffer app, which I'm not aware of any other tools that allow you to do that. So that's a that's a big one. Now I will tell you, a lot of there isn't really any content in my buffer app account because I have used it before. I used to use it. Don't use it anymore, however, have come back in to check out the Pinterest component and really see how that works and feel that out. So we're gonna go through this, but you're not going to see a lot of content, but you'll understand the pros and cons and when this is a good tool to use. So what they do is you add your schedule. They have a lot of things that all the other tools have. They allow. They shorten your links for you. They allow you to schedule this one links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus, and that's in the free version. You have to have the paid version in order to have Pinterest. And in addition to that, if you have the free version, you're only able to have, I think maybe to social media platforms linked towards you have the paid version. You can have a zoo, many as you want. For my understanding. One of the limitations of Buffer that I see is it's a very simplified version of scheduling , so I can select that I want Facebook. I want every day of the week and on Mondays I wanted to go out 11 6 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Senator Sunday. So I'm not able to actually change the posting times Based on days. If I wanted to go out on Monday and Tuesday, they have to go out at the same times on Monday and Tuesday, which really makes it look like you're always posting it. The same exact time towards a lot of the other tools give you a lot more flexibility in the timing that you're putting things out. So in my mind, that's a little bit of a limitation. However, if you're new and you're just getting started, that doesn't necessarily have to be a big deal. People aren't really, for the most part, going to notice that that that that's what's going on. So you've you add in, you know basically what you want. You're scheduled to be the days that you wanted to go out per platform, and then you go over to your content and you simply add content. This is how easy it is. If I'm on Facebook, you click on the on the social media tool that you want or platform that you want. You add in your content you can add in a picture. You can have it go to multiple ones if you want. If you're going to Pinterest, you've got to actually pick the board that you wanted to go to, and then you're able to, um to also let's see, say you want to add it to Q or you want to schedule post, in which case you can add in a particular time and date that you wanted to go out. It's a simple is that once once you go there, it will show you. You'll click. Add to Q, and it will show you your cute for that social media manager. Based on the schedule that you've created, you can go to analytics and see how things have worked for you. Um, this one does not rotate your content, so once you post your content, it's basically just posted. They're never going to repost it for you unless you proactively ask, however, and buffer. They do make it relatively easy because you can go in and say, I want to look at my most popular. Um, you know, in the last 30 days, my most popular and you can select by likes comments, clicks, that kind of thing content. It will show you a list of everything, and you can copy that content and placed it just back into your rotation. Actually, I believe they now have a little button that says to put it back into your cue so you can wreak you your content so buffered does make it very easy for you to wreak you. However, you do have to proactively make that effort. Um, this is great for beginners. I think if you're just starting out ah, have never used any tool like this. Are really used social media, whole lot or haven't used it for the purposes of business than buffer at Maybe the really great place to start with the free version and you can work your way up from there. You can always export out all of your content or copy and paste and export out all of your content. If you decide to move to a different platform and then add your content into the new one wants to do that. This also has the extension. I don't have it plugged in right now because I don't use buffer. However, it will tell you on top. Install your extension and it will create a little icon, a little buffer icon so that when you're on a different website and you want added to your cue, you click on that that icon and it allows you to at that so it is relatively inexpensive. The paid version is $10 a month. Um, and you can buy that on an annual basis as well as a monthly basis. So that is basically, if you're huge user of Pinterest, if you're just getting started or you want something that's really, really simple, so easy to really quickly pick up and learn and go with, then buffer at might be the social media management tool for you. 13. Coschedule Overview: Khost schedule is also a pretty new capability in terms of social media management platforms, and it does a lot of what all the other ones do pretty consistently. Obviously they all allow you to schedule your posts or content out to different social media. The big difference with this one is it actually lays in as a plug in into your WordPress. So first off, if your website is not hosted on WordPress, this may not be the right tool for you. One of the biggest things is that it since it does lay into WordPress, is that if you are often putting outposts or you're often sharing pages from your website, then this is a great tool for you because what it does is it allows you to I will show you that allows you to see the calendar so you can really easily add content a block post to social media content. Um, on a day that you can say OK, this day, I want to put out this message. I'm going to add a bunch of different ultra median concept that great works very similar to the way the other ones would work. The big difference that I see is being a huge pro when you have a lot of of blogged posts or podcast posts for your business is that it actually adds in Khost schedule component the bottom of your posts. So when you go in and you create your posts, you're able through go down to the bottom of the page and you can actually see that it recommends. So it recommends that you publish content on the same day, the day after the week after the month after and then custom dates. What you can do is instead of thinking of this as I'm gonna post something about the post every you know or 10 times you say OK, they've got a strategy that they recommend for you. If you click the plus button, you can select the profile that you want. You can write in your content that the great thing is often times we're copying some statement or component from our text here in the post. You can just copy that. Pace that down here, it'll tell you and show you what it looked like. So you are able to do that same days post day after its you can obviously it or you could just keep it of what they recommended. And then you can add that message so you can create a whole line off when you will be promoting that particular piece of content. Now you can, so you can do this by post. Now, if you have a kind of other content, you're promoting other things that aren't necessarily on your website because you've got lead pages in a lot of other places where your housing your content, then this may not be exactly the right for you, because it's really what is housed in word press, where you're maximizing that ability. Also, if you're creating kinds of different kinds of promotional content, even for your posts, that maybe you want something that is going to just have a schedule. Because one of the cons of this is that, unlike all of the other social media management tools, you don't say I want something to go out At 8 a.m. 10 AM noon for an eight PM on Monday, there is no there is nothing in here that really does that for you. You're you're really proactively deciding on the schedule. And so if if you don't have tons of posts where it recommends it for you, and you have a lot of content on other platforms than this may not be the right tool for you, but it can be really great if you do a lot of guest posts or have a lot of guests post come in and you have a lot of content from your website that you want to, um, go out and share. So that's just gives you a really quick overview of co schedule the pros and cons and if this might be the right tool for you. 14. Hootsuite Overview: we're going to talk about Hoot Suite, which has also been around for quite some time as farce. Social media management tools go. It is pretty easy to use, although there are some complex aspects so you can really make it is complex Orosz. Simple is you want, so you can either see that as a pro or con. It kind of depends how easily you pick up these kinds of tools. It does what all the other social management tools do, so it shortens links for you, schedules things it links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. And then there's There's a pro in terms of it adds a the ability to have certain absent here. And I'll show you that in a moment, um, tells you how many characters you have left. It has a browser extension so you can add, you know, add it to your streams. Um, and you're scheduling from, you know, from different pages, analytics, all that kind of stuff. So it has all those things when you go in, here's where it is different from any of the other social media platforms. This is a great platform. If you were in a lot of groups and like to or want to be able to have a place where everything is agreed together and you're able to see and comment and like in all these things on on multiple platforms at once. So I am able to have a tab here, And you see, it's got all these things on my Twitter account. I can add my home from my twitter. So now I can see my you know, all the content from everybody I'm following. Then I can go in and say, Okay, I want to see my mentions. So maybe I want to be re tweeting these. Now I'm gonna go to my Facebook that I've got loaded and I want to see my timeline and, um and I want to see my event. Now, I've only got those to set up right now because I, uh, who street is not my particular, um, platform that I use. However, I have used it Ah, as my own before. So the easy thing here is all of a sudden without having to be in Twitter or Facebook, and I'm not and happen to be on my phone, so it kind of depends on your preference if you like being in these platforms organically, this may not be useful for you. However, I can see my, my, uh, stream from my Twitter, all my mentions, my timeline for my Facebook events I can add in groups. So, for instance, I might have my, you know, 11 or multiple groups that I'm in on Facebook, and I can see those everybody that's commenting in those groups and comment from here. So if you're often engaging and want one place to be, you don't like to be in those APS don't want to be on your phone to have to be in them or be on your Facebook page all the time. You can come into here for one hour a day, make all of your Havel of your engagement, have all of your engagement and then walk away. So, in that sense, this is very unique from the other social media manager platforms. That kind of depends on your preference. They also have a free or a paid version. The free version only allows you to have two or three social media platforms toe wears. The paid version allows you to have as many as you want. If you do want to be in groups and you really wanna have ah, hoot suite so that you can engage on multiple platforms at once? Then you really gonna want the paid version because you're gonna need more than two or three social media platforms to really get what you want out of it. Um, you basically come up here and you select the cunt What you social media platform you want , You add in content here, it actually allows you to put in the Lincoln. It shrinks at four use. You can see what shrinks so it doesn't link to an outside, um, tool like Betley. It's done internally, so you'll notice that one says bitterly dot com. While this forward slash whatever the extension is versus, this one will say, um, lahoud dot com or something like that and ford slash So it does it on its own. You can do a cool thing in here where you can auto schedule. So you basically say, between 7 a.m. And 10 p.m. On Tuesday. I want content to go out, and they just space it out appropriately. So in that way, I put it in once, and it puts it out that many times a day. So this is a little bit different than some of the other platforms in the sense that it doesn't really rotate your content. However, it does allow you to say, I wanted to go out this many times in the day, Um and and it'll schedule that for you. So So it is useful in that. In that sense, Um, really. The big big take away from this is that if you were in a lot of groups, you want to have a lot of places that you can consolidate together and see Platt those platforms and utilize those in the same spot, and this is a great one for you. One of the other features I did want to show you is that they have this ability called Let me see Maj. Dreams called APS. So other people kind of like the way Apple does can come in and say We want to have an app that goes into Hoot Suite, and you can, for instance, have click instagram at an instagram. And now all of a sudden I'm able to have an instagram stream and see my instagram feed. Now, this is as if you were looking at it in a browser so you can't post here for my understanding. However you can like and Carhart and comment on different things. You can add that to your stream and then, you know, and then basically view that all in one spot they have that with, ah, lot of other ones as well. So you've got your tumblr or your video, your flicker YouTube to read it. So if you were on those platforms and there's a ton more platforms in that as well, and this may be a good place for you to look at all of those consolidated and save you time to comment and engage in those platforms. So in that sense, this is almost more than a social media content management tool in the sense that it allows you to put content out. This also allows you to contribute to the social media platforms in a way that none of the other tools dio so that gives you a good idea if this might be the right tool for you. And that is a wrap up of, uh, the tool who sweet 15. MeetEdgar Overview: we're going to talk about Meet Edgar, which is a relatively new social media management tool. Meet Edgar does one particular thing that none of the other platforms do, and that is that it rotates, reuses your content so their you know their pitches, that you have content that never goes to waste. So the big difference of me Edgar verses all of the other social media management tools is their categories. So I'm on my category page. You can create as many categories as you want, and basically they fill in aspects of what your content strategy is going to be. So I have influence or articles. Um, you know, past block post promotional questions, tips, things. They always have a category called Use Once, which allows you to put in content that doesn't get reused. It only gets stated once you know, I've got throwback Thursdays blood put all sorts of things. You could do the work for your strategy, so you create your categories. Then you put in your schedule which categories you want to go out to, what social media platforms when. So the difference is that other platforms, they allow you to pick the times that your posts go out of your content, goes out to different social media, and you basically just put in whatever content you want. And and once you put it in, it's gone and, you know, forever. Basically, unless you pull it back out and ask it to proactively ask it to be sent out again. Here, I say I want my influencer articles one our influence article to go out on Tuesdays at 7 a.m. To my Twitter account. So now I can go over at once. I've set up my schedule based on my categories. I go into my library and I add in content. You know, I continually matting in content. I'm building up a library of content. So now when I have my influence or articles, I've got 37 articles that I like and want to help promote and put out there to my community because I think they're valuable and I am able to continually grow this. So the way that it works is that it will show basically the one that was that was shown the longest time ago, and it will rotate through those over and over and over and over and over again. So if I've only got five articles in my influence articles than those, we're gonna go out much more frequently then if I've got 100 articles of my influence or articles, and I recommend you always have a category for influence articles because you want to be promoting other people's content other than yours, that's definitely a way to help build your following. So when you are in here, I'm able to go. Okay, I've got all of these. I don't even ever have to worry about it. Once I've put it in here, it continues to rotate and I just add and add. Add an easy way to add is most of the, um, social media management platforms have, eh? What's basically called a browser extension? So up here it looks like a little octopus, and if I click it on whatever article I'm on, it will pop up a box that basically allows me to say, OK, here's what it puts in any content that's already there. If it's a blogger or something like that, it will often put the title of the blawg here and the link I can add in text, say what category I wanted to go to, what social media platforms if I wanted to go out at a specific time, which just means that it that's the first time that it goes out. So say I'm scheduling something that the Post won't go live until next week. I can put in that. I wanted to send this particular time, and it won't enter it into the Q until that particular time, and then after that, it just goes into the rotation. So I'm able to really easily add influence articles and other things to my, um, to my library, and then it just gets scheduled. So that rotation is the biggest pro and reason why people move to meet Edgar. It has basically what all of the other platforms have. It will shorten links for you because it links up to your bit Lee account. It allows you to schedule like everything else. It does link to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, it does not link to Google. Plus, I believe they're in contract to try and get that in there. But they don't have Google plus, and like most other platforms, they don't link to Instagram, and they don't link Teoh Pinterest. So if you are a mainly if you are a Twitter user than Meet Edgar is going to be great for you because Twitter each piece of content you put out there has a shelf life of between 1 to 2 hours. If that when you so you want a lot of things to continually rotate. If you're a big Twitter user than you are, this is great for that kind of content. This is the most I believe expensive, uh, social media management platform that they have It's at right now, I believe, $49 a month that you know. Don't quote me on that. You'll have to go and check that out, because that is always potentially influx and changeable according to whatever they want to do. But right now that that is going to be the most expensive. So if you're a Twitter user, if you have a lot of content that you have out there, a lot of blood posts, a lot of podcasts, you know, just a lot of content, coursework, things like that that you're putting out there, then this is going to be a great place. That house all of that content so that it continually gets reused and you spend less time with it, Um, and know that things are always going out for you. And that basically covers what we're going to go over about the pros and cons and who and who should really use Meet Edgar as a social media management platform. 16. Now go out and rock it!: so that wraps up this course. Hopefully now you feel much more comfortable with how you're writing for social media. To get that attraction that you want to get to get those people to follow to like to share all those wonderful things. And for this project, make sure you're going in and looking at what really has worked for you. What has worked that you want to continue doing fine. Three of those things. Three statements, three pieces of content that you put out there and take a picture of them or write it down whatever you feel comfortable with and post that so that we can see not only that, we can see, but it would be great for Suffield. Go in and share that content for you to really help move it forward even more so. I look forward to seeing your projects and I can't wait to see how it helps your business and your brand grow