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How to Create & Manage Your Instagram Strategy through TRELLO

teacher avatar Dana Malstaff, Business & Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to the course


    • 2.

      An Intro To Trello


    • 3.

      How to Manage Your Workflow & Add Content


    • 4.

      Setting Up Your Strategy in Trello


    • 5.

      How to Post to Instagram from Trello on Your Phone


    • 6.

      Imagery & Wording Tactics


    • 7.

      Extra Trello Basics


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About This Class

When it comes to running my business and my team, I live in TRELLO. If you haven't heard of it, it's a project management online tool that is absolutely life changing for a creative entrepreneur. 

I use it for everything in my business, but I recently started using it to help me manage my social media strategy, and specifically my Instagram feed. 

This course is perfect for you if you use Instagram and other social media and have a hard time planning your content for the future, or just like the idea of managing it from a visual place where your team can also live. 

It is super simple, super quick, and will make a huge impact on your business, strategy, and your time. 

If you want to learn more about Trello and how to use it to help you manage your life, business, and team, you can get my free training at

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dana Malstaff

Business & Content Strategist


Dana is a mother, business & content strategist, coach, speaker, writer, podcaster, brainstorm facilitator, blind spot reducer, and CEO at Boss Mom LLC

With over 20,000 students in various courses, a 34,000+ community, and over 10 years of experience in behavior modification, content creation, community building, and business strategy, Dana grew the Boss Mom brand into a six-figure business in less than a year. Dana's specialty is monetizing your brand by creating what she calls a Strategic Free to Paid Journey.

Dana is also the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, Confessions of a Boss Mom, and her newest book Climb Your Own Ladder. She serves Boss Moms who yearn for more time and less guilt when i... See full profile

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1. Intro to the course : welcome to building and running your social media strategy through trail. Oh, I'm Dan. Um, all staff, I will be your host. I'm super excited to have you here. I've got many different courses on content strategy, including social media content and just content for your business editor. Old calendars here on skill share. And this is helping you see inside the tool that I used to run and manage my team and my business, Trillo is my space. I call it my work wife. And it is where I live and breathe my business strategy, my content strategy, implement my work flows house on my content information. It is a treasure trove of awesomeness. And I want to show you how I run my instagram feed and my social media strategy through trail Oh, in a super simple, easy way. I think this is just the beginning of your love affair with cello, and I just couldn't help but share it with you. So if you are on instagram or other social media's and you want to have a better way to really help manage it or if you have a team, this is an amazing tool. We're gonna walk you through. It's gonna be tons of fun. So come and join me and I will see you on the inside. 2. An Intro To Trello: so welcome to my brand new trailer training. Ah, wanted to do a revamp. So if you have watched my old training, you can still get access to that within this free course. But I wanted to do all the updates, all the things I've learned since the last time I gave this training. And I want to break it up so that it's easier for you to go back in, take a look and really learned how to use this to its maximum value. Now the first thing we're going to do is really just talk about trail. Oh, how you use it and for me, how I use it a little bit, maybe different in some ways than other people do. Uh, depending on what it is I'm trying to manage. So one of the first things for me is I You know, this just shows teams. I just wanted to give you a nice, beautiful view. I have separated things into teams. Okay, the way that I used cello is it meant to be a project management tool. But it's also a workflow tool for me. It's a good repository tool. So you hear me talk a lot about it being, you know, the marriage between Pinterest visually and an ever note as this place that you could just throw content. So what I love about it is I can create teams and really start to segment what it is that I'm doing between teams and stars. So this is just one look, when you normally go in, you're going to actually pick when you're bored. So up here on the left, you can click boards. You could see all of your boards, you can just scroll down to the bottom and you can either create a new board here or you can create a new board over here at the plus side, I want to go to one of my most common common boards, and that is my podcast board. And I'm gonna show you a couple different boards really quickly to show you the different ways we can use cello and this training. And then we're gonna go in deeper in little separate videos to show you how to actually use trail. Oh, and how I use each board so apart. This podcast board is the perfect example of how I workflow something that happens consistently every month. So and where I'm gonna go deeper into exactly how this is set up in a separate video cause there's a lot of juicy fund stuff in here. Um, but what I want you to know here is we This is a process. Each of these what we call lists is a process. So we have people that we maybe want to have on their on the podcast that we go over and say we've confirmed, but they're not in our schedule. This one's there in our schedule, and you can see this is the only list where they've gotten actual date. This is when it's ready for my team to do. It means I've done the recording. So they've got everything they need. And when they're done that go over here, we've got templates, we have sponsors and that we have topic ideas. This works really well for us because in my team weaken Simply move something over. And the UN they know where it is in the process. Now, another board option would be my process of links. And this is a repository of information. That means this isn't a workflow. Each one of these lists is its own sort of thing. And I can go and really quickly and just pop up and get my bio get my, um, you know, social Media get my image is super easy. I could really quickly go ahead and get my riffles of affiliates. I can really quickly go in and see um, the different places where I have been featured and get going and get those links and pull them out. So all of this becomes a place Richt really easy for me to gather information. And those are the two main ways that I use This born out of one of the only other ways would be, you know, if you have strategy like you're really trying to break out strategy. Um, but for me, that's still a sort of repository sort of thing, Um, and or at least half in half where half his repository side of information, maybe half is actual workflow and project development. So, for exists example, you could have ah ah, virtual challenge. And this is almost a true project plan and that their dates within each of these things, there's checklists on things that you need to do. You know you. This flows between strategy, content, marketing and so this is everything that has to happen. And I'm moving things over into in progress as I know they're actually happening. Um, and then over into done. So this kind of does both things for me. So I'm gonna stop this training, that's what. The main idea of trailer, That's the main way. I want you to start thinking about trail Oped, and then we're gonna go in, and I'm gonna show you a specifically how to set up certain boards. I had to do certain things out how to integrate certain different tools. You can to really make this this whole thing rock for you. 3. How to Manage Your Workflow & Add Content: Okay, so we are back. Now, let's talk about how this flow works. So, um, we're gonna look basically just at this. These three main ones Instagram images needs text posted. Now, that's the way it works best for us. Um, what you could do is we'll show you how we do it with ours and show you differently. You could do it. So images instagram images for us is simply allows me to literally upload any images that I want That becomes the pool of imagery that we could use. So what this does is it allows me to always have a pool of images. I can I can move over and then create text for instead of going Oh, gosh. I've gotta find an image. Figure out what I'm gonna talk about. I already got a pool of imagery I can use so every time, because there is a trail. Oh, app on your phone. Just go to the iTunes app. Download cello. You can add straight from your phone to up up to the board. So basically, any time I take a picture that I think is good anytime I get imagery back from someone from you know of that we're using for quotes or if I take an image that I want and these air unedited, some of them will. Some of these are professional pictures, but some are the unedited ones. Once I put it in instagram or whatever tool you used to edit, but basically, this is just my well, my image. Well, okay, I can continually add to it. And what I do is you'll notice some of these have little tags. So when you click on the image to see what it looks like and I add labels, you click labels and I created labels for all the different things that I want to talk about, right? Remember that list we created about the things I want a reference back in my business. So when I upload an image, I say you'll this one. I could talk about the academy or I could talk about the retreat. So I tagged those. I go. Okay, this one I could talk about, um, my nurture your business podcast, or I could talk about the retreat. So what I do is I put labels for any topics that I could talk about, so that when I bring it over? I now have an idea of what I wanted to talk about when I upload, because maybe I uploaded it a week ago. Right? So that lets me know now every time I want to add, all I have to do is go down to the bottom at a card. As since these air my images, I usually just type in image. But you could type whatever you want. If you know what it is you're uploading, you open up and I have a completely new little box and I click over here to attachment and I go to my computer. Or you can go to Dropbox or Google Driver one, Dr. Um and it will just simply pop up a box of options you navigate where all your pictures are . Um, say I pick, you know, one of these. I opened it up, You'll see it's processing and up loading. And now it's a picture, right? I go to my labels, I pick which ones I want to talk about. Ah, And then you know to say, OK, it's academy and the retreat, or I'm featured in whatever that is awesome. And now life a deus ex out and that is there. Now, if you know something you want to do up at the top. So, you know, I did leave these alone because I move them over when I'm going toe actually create the schedule, but you can move these anywhere you want. That's basically what I do with the well of images, and I just continually add to them continually. Add to think until we add to them. Now, over here, this is where I actually create my schedule so you'll see these all have dates and if anything over here has dated because I decided to not use it and I moved it over. But the's usually have dates and it goes off of this schedule. So I know two Mondays to Tuesday's Sunday we do three. And the reason we do that is because my schedule is two images. One quote, two images, one quote. So you don't necessarily have to do that. You could do to every day, one every day, three everyday. Whatever works for you, we find to every day at three on Sunday works for us to keep us on the visual schedule that we want. So I decide. Okay, great. I want this image. I'm gonna you know, it was over here, and I move it over here, and that's the one that we post this morning. Okay? And so when I pop it up, I can see that you can see I actually wrote text for it. Right? So basically, all you have to dio is you click in the comments and you, right? Right. I could spell right your text. You want to post here? Okay, you click. Send. And now it's there. Now you have that available for a couple things. And I usually if I know the name of someone I want to tag or I'll just say tag at the bottom. Because once I'm in Instagram that I can actually tagged their name, right? Once I have that, I go up to my labels and I take away any of the other labels I have. And I say text done. So for us instead of having a whole nother list that I would move it over that says, ready to be posted, we just keep it all in one list that I just changed the tag. So if she sees it's got purple. She knows that the content is is there and ready, and we basically look at the due dates and we go down and I do that for everyone. I just simply write the content that I want. Put any girls anything that I want, um, and then change it to text on its that simple. Now, if I want to see my whole calendar, just click the calendar mode. And if you don't see a calendars, a side note troubleshooting. If you don't see this calendar image, go to show menu, go to power ups and you will see calendar and make sure it says enable like it's you've got it enabled. Okay, so that's just a quick If you don't see calendar, you click on calendar and it's going to actually show you your entire schedule so you can see Ah, what you scheduled on, what your scheduling out. So if it helps you visually to see it this way, you can do that. You can always just click on them this way as well, so that just gives you if you want to go in and you don't want to actually do what I like to just keep it in this view and open it up and do each one. Um, now my team member. When she sees that this is done and it comes time for this to be posted, she opens up her and I will show you from the phone Will do a phone video view, but she basically opens up her phone, um, opens up trail. Oh, pops on this, uh, clicks and copies the text puts it into in there and downloads the picture. And as the picture at its it the way she wants posts it and the moves this over to post it . And it is a simple as that. Then we keep everything that we've got posted already in here. So you know that it's been posted and used. And then over here, we just we like to do growth reports. So we just take a screenshot each week of where we are with their instagram following so that we can go and see what that looks like. And it is as easy as that. My friend, is easy. Is that now the next video we're going to do, we're gonna actually talk about imagery. How you want to pick some imagery and style. How we kind of right words and come up with ideas, and then I'll do the one to show you the actual phone view. 4. Setting Up Your Strategy in Trello: Okay, So night have a little bit idea of trail, and I've got in a bonus section walking you through some of the really cool features of Trillo that you might want to use. But let's jump into the actual strategy part. So this quick video is just talking you through what a strategy is right and why we wanna build one in the first place. Um, when we look at a page like this, this might have you never been in anything like trailer. This might look a little strange, may not make much sense to you, but the way that it flows is when you have any strategy for me. If you've watched any of my other courses, you know that I'm a big believer and creating a journey with your content right that serves your business. If you're creating anything, if you're creating blog's or courses or ah, webinars or whatever it is that you're doing podcast episodes, you want to lead it to your business and how it links to your business and how people actually pay you to do what you do. Because we need to actually financially support ourselves, right? So when we look at a page like this. One of the most important things I want to talk to you about is our schedule, right? What is it that we really actually want to bring people to? So I'm gonna pop us up in Trela. One of the great things about trail Oh, is that you can create checklists. So if you want to create a checklist that talks through your strategy on a day to day basis , all you have to do is go over to check list, and you can either add, uh, if you're just starting out, just click, add, and it will add a checklist. Okay, so I've already done that here. Once you started toe add checklists, you'll actually see those options, and then you can repeat a checklist so I could maybe do my Facebook group if I wanted it to be in one spot and adds whatever that was. So if you're doing a podcast or something repetitive and you want everybody to check off the same list of to do's every time, you can add in repeating checklists, and it's awesome for this. I just need one checklist, and it's not so I can check it off every week. It's really just a reference for us to make sure that when I'm going in, it's in this particular instance to Instagram that I'm actually posting about the things that matter in my business. So I brainstorm four or five different things, says what I suggest for you, brain or storm 45 different things in your business that you want to continually promote. We have a weekly boss mom of the week that we feature. We want to promote that person we have, ah, online or insert on site retreat in San Diego in January of 2017. We want to promote that we have passed podcast episodes. We have our current NJ and Danny, which is my co host podcast episodes as well as a nurture your business podcast episodes. I have a boss Mom Academy, which is a group coaching program, and we have fitting calls. I have places that I've been featured, and then I have my family. And so what you can see is, since I'm a boss mom, right, I've got my family. So what you could see is that over the time we post basically twice a day an instagram more than that on Twitter. More than that, go watch my social media content strategy course if you want to actually get your your full fledged social media content strategy. But for this particular instance in Instagram, we post twice a day, and we want to make sure that I'm touching on. Each of these topics have created a schedule for myself and that one. Make sure that you're touching on things important in your business, but two, I think it makes it easier to come up with content and imagery and to post. So you want to make sure you have that. That's the first thing I create. And when I give you this template board, you'll be able to create your own, basically, will give this and you just click and you could rename just back whatever you want. Um, and rename. Okay, so that's That's the first thing the second thing is for us. We also include our Facebook strategy and basic things because we use Meet Edgar, um, to go in and actually schedule are other content outside of Instagram, but we wanted in this place, so we have a Facebook live schedule of what we do on this walks through with different dates about what we want to talk about in our Facebook page. We have the same thing of what time we post and everything that we post on a weekly basis. So that the person on my team or if you're doing it yourself, you could always just reference back to this and make sure you're doing it. Um, we have a Facebook group and what we're posting on a weekly basis in the Facebook group and also as I go in here, I can actually connect with the person on my team that does my social media so you can go in and really know what your schedule is. We also have links and info that we want. So if I've got quotes or things I want to talk to my team to do so you can have something on the side. That's Ah, that was just sort of your side things. So that's the basic first step of the strategy. This main thing, Um, actually, over here, I want to show you guys to make sure you know that what you're doing is linking back now. The next video because I want you to do that. Brainstorm. What kind of content you're gonna put in there? What? Maine? 45 things in your business. You want a reference back, Teoh. And then the next video, we're gonna go into how this actual flow works. And then from there, how you pick your imagery, how you actually put in text, how to write a bit. Texan had a post so that you know, fully how to use trail. Oh, but also helps you understand how you do in actual strategy for something like Instagram. 5. How to Post to Instagram from Trello on Your Phone: Okay, so we're on my phone. You can see that The trail Oh, board. I clicked and I go in and I'm going to scroll down and you can see these are all my boards . But I keep a social media at the bottom. When I opened it up, you just looks just like the board that I had on my phone. And I go to basically go Or so the board that I have on my computer and I basically go to the image that I want to get to And I'm gonna click that image now Once I'm in there, I scroll down basically all the way to my text. I click and I highlight everything I want. I click copy I exit out of there I go into instagram and I click to add image and hope I need to show you how to download The image will do that in a second, but we'll just, um, use one as an example. You click next and we click next and then I simply paste in my content Add tags do anything that I want and I'm negotiate how toe walk through an instagram But that gives you an idea suddenly discard this real quick. And you could see this is where you have the images to images and a quote. And that's just how are our profile functions? You could do it whichever way you want. So I'm gonna exit out of this, and now I'm gonna go back into Trillo because I just want to show you if you scroll up to the top and you just click on the image and you look up in the top, right with a little box that just I just pressed on that allows you to save the image. So now you've saved the image and you copied the text. You go on Instagram and ah, And now when you go, it shows you the image and you select. Now I want to show you just because I have a second. This is how I edit my images because I think it might be useful to you. Um, I go and I click at it and I like to brighten. I'm a big Breitner. I want to look really nice and clean and bright. I usually go and change the contrast a little bit. I go to saturation. I usually play with saturation for just a moment. My other favorite one is Shadows, because it could make a big difference for me in the shadows. So I like to take away a lot of my shadows. And then the last one that I could possibly do for me is sharp in a little bit, and you just kind of see if you need that or not. And that's it. That's all I do to my photos. Super clean, super simple. I've tried a lot of things, and that's what seems to work best for us, and that is basically how you go in and edit. Now, I'm just gonna discard this because that's not what I was. You know that Justin aside, that I think might be useful for you. The big thing is Trillo you live in here. It's super easy. I do want to show you, by the way, um, that. Say you want to add a card because you've got an image on your phone, go all the way to the bottom and you just click toe ad card type in image or whatever you want to do on Click Done, and it adds it now you go and click on the card, and when it opens up on the bottom, you're going to see the green plus sign. And to the right of it, you're going to see the foot photograph image. It looks like a camera on what you actually click on the photo Not the plus sign, but the image of the camera. And that is where you can pull up toe, pull up from your camera and descend. Click any of the images that you want. I do want a time. So each one has its own card. Uh, and you are good to go. It's now. Now that image is now in there. You can also go down into the plus sign and click to add label so that we can as we talked about labels you can you could click to add your labels for, you know. Okay, these are the couple ones that might work for what I'm gonna talk about. Great. Now I've got the labels, the image, and it's in my space, so that could be super super useful for you. The other thing that I want to show you, um, is, you know, let's say you are going to You want to write somebody that you're talking to, So just click on the card that you want and down where it says add comment, little clicking it, right. So you're just gonna do the real quick again? You're gonna see what says that comment, clicking it. It's gonna pop up and you'll see an at sign. If you click that at sign, it's gonna give you everybody that's in that team. Everybody connected to that board. And if I put in, I click who it is I want. And then I just add text and it actually notifies that person. So if you have somebody on your team you're working with, that's how you can tag each other and work together, and that is basically about it. I'm telling you, the integration of the phone and the computer together is magical, so hopefully this has been helpful. 6. Imagery & Wording Tactics : Okay, So I just want to talk to you about imagery. Uh, when you're looking at Instagram and I have tried everything An instagram when you're an instagram of really any social media branding is everything. Ah, I don't currently have a course specifically on branding itself, but there are a ton I know in skill share and other places Go find one sign up for one. Branding is key. Now, when you're looking at imagery on, we're talking about any social media strategy and I do have my course on content for your social media content. It is in writing and imagery, and I do talk about Look at other places there, other other people's feeds there. So go to that course because it's short and it's great, but I just wanted to really quick few minutes run through here. Since we're talking about instagram, when you're looking at up loading images into your instagram image options, we have one template for quotes on things that we dio and we do this for our episodes. You know, you if you click on it, you can see we've got our, um, episode number for the podcast and then our logo for, uh, on there. So we like to have that. We generally usually ah, for if we're gonna be posting it outside of instagram, we make sure we've got or you are well on it. All that kind of stuff for imagery. This is what I think is super important. Um, there are tons of feeds that just whatever feels good to you. But if you really are speaking to a day on the audience, the people with the biggest followers, unless you're famous for some other reason, then it needs to be curated, beautiful and curated. Now, Instagram has stories now, so you can have your messy, fun, amazing life that people want to see which I love in stories, which is very Snapchat esque. However, in your feed, I would recommend that wouldn't, as you're uploading images, um, upload images that speak to your brand and allow you to talk about what's important to you and your business. So I often have pictures of kids, but they you often have pink, purple or accent colors, which is like a bluish teal and a yellow right. So same thing here, a lot of purple lot of the props, um you'll notice that there's some grays in there, and I and I generally do colors that fit Now, that doesn't mean that I live my life a little bit in my brand colors. But you'll see, as I see things that these might be something that is not from my feed. Um, let me see if I've got an instance of something that's not from my feed that we, uh, we put up there. So, like, for instance, um, this is an image of the place we're having the retreat. It's someone else's picture that we're tagging them in. Um, let's see if we have I know I've got some other ones. This is not my image. This is an image from, ah, you know, from someone else's feed. But it fit really nicely with what I was talking about. So I make sure that I'm tagging the person in there. And when you do that, um, I'm literally putting the camera image and then say who did it? Ah, and how I found them. If that's the case. So the main idea here is when you're looking at pairing all your your throw images in here , right, because when you're looking at that. What needs text? That's where I see how my feet is going. Toe look right. That's how I see how it's going to visually come together and just keep in mind that you want to be branded. You want to keep it simple, keep it beautiful and ah, beautiful. Just meaning consistency, right? If it's all gonna be pictures of you out playing and having fun and have pictures of you out playing and having fun, if you're gonna have professional pictures, then try and make sure they all fit together. It all feels like a cohesive look and feel. That's my best advice to you. Secondly, on text. OK, what I want to tell you is when you're talking about, you know, Okay, I want to talk about the retreat here. So when I go in, this is a picture of me and my daughter for her first birthday. And for me. Um, I could go in and I could talk about her first birthday, and that's it. Right. But instead, I want to not just have my pictures be talking about the thing that it looks like, right, because you want to find ways to have different imagery and give you the opportunity to talk about other things for your business. So what I want you to dio is say, What's here? We're getting messy. You were taking risk for having taken chances. Um, and so for me, it's okay. I don't want to just sit back and let my daughter, you know, try and figure it out. I'm gonna get my hands dirty. I'm gonna get messy. That's how I approach business. Our event is all about mastermind. It's not a conference where people speak. It's where we actually get in and dig into your business together. That's the correlation. Same thing I'm doing with, um let's see. Let's see, we've got featured in so one with my son and he, you know, isn't a cute. I love them. They look all adorable. I recognize my business does this same thing, right, that they're amazing and adorable, but it's like, totally treacherous sometimes. Um and so I want to remind you that everything worth doing will include challenges. That s so I equated to my business my kids sleeping. My kids are a lot like my business. They grow up like my business So you see, I often I'm not writing about the thing that's in there. Now, if it's something where I'm doing a feature on somebody or to quote that, I'm gonna use that quote, obviously. Ah, but a lot of times find ways to talk about something different than what you see. The wake to make is all about I love to create. So I want to tag tag other people where you can you know, my friend Lila She has this week to make movement, and I love it. Um, and I get reminds me of when I interviewed Lyla on an interview way back in the day. I want to recall that sort of a throwback to old podcast day because this one, I needed to talk about a previous podcast. So I found an image that spoke to her movement, using her hashtag and tagged that person and Lila in order to do it. So you see what I mean. Don't always just do images that you're gonna talk about the image, find ways to use images and talk about them, use them and leverage them to talk about what is in your list of what you want to actually get to what you want actually lead people to. So hopefully that is helpful. Maybe one more video to show you just some ins and outs of trail. Oh, and then we'll jump into the project. 7. Extra Trello Basics : Okay, so this is just to show you a little bit around trail. Oh, to show a little bit more. Ah, this is a normal board up on the left hand side for boards. This is where you can ah scroll all the way to the bottom and you can always create Sorry. You can always create a new board. Or if you want to create a new board, just hop over here to the plus sign and create new board. Okay. Um, when you create a board, you have some options. You can star the board starring. It means that it's not at the top of your list. Or if you saw on my phone, it's at the top, like in the the ones that you see is pretty boxes. So I star the ones that I use often team visible. I can keep it private, right? If I only want ah, people added to the board if they're only only that, I can make it team visible. So then I have a boss mom team. So it just automatically adds all of those people or you can make it public, which means if you gave out the link anybody could see it. Now, when I give out template boards like I'm giving you this one, I make it public so that you can see it copy and keep it your own. Otherwise, if I tried to share with you a link to a private or a team won and you're not on the team, you wouldn't be able to see it. So I most of mine are kept private or team. But if I want to share out a template, I do public. And just to let you know, I have a whole series of templates that I share out with various kinds of people in training. Um and so I basically I'm going to give give that one of those boards to you guys. Um and I just created a team that's template boards so that it keeps it organized for me. Um, I have an extensive trailer training over, and I have a link to it so you can go get that for free. But that's it's too long to have that in here as part of this course. Um, okay, so the next thing I want to show you is, if you want to add a list. Just click. Add a list, type what you want and click Save. And now you have a new list. If you want to add a card, simply click type what you want. Click save All you to do is click that card and now you have access to everything you can add. Members. These are already people that are here. If you don't see a team member, I'll show you had add them just to the board. All together, Um, you can add your labels checklist. I showed you that you can add due dates. Super easy. Um, you can add attachment to be looked over that those are the main things that you're going to deal with here. You can get more extensive, uh, over over on their site. If you want to subscribe to a board. Um, you could do that, or if you just want Teoh, say, get notifications for when due dates are you can right click these three little door click . These three little dots subscribe. It'll add a little I, and that's going to mean that you subscribe to everything. So even if someone tags you or not, you're gonna get notifications of what's happening in that board. Um, let's see, What else do we want to show you if you want to archive something, which means it doesn't get deleted, but it gets archived, you could always recall it. If you need just click the button and click archive. You could do that the same with the's Click Archive. As far as, um, cards go OK, I showed you how to tag people, but basically just one quick thing here. Just click the at sign and type in. Start typing in the name, or you can just click the at Sign down here and it will give you all of your options and just click. Click the one to give you the name so that's super easy in the show menu. Ah, that's where you can add members, and you can actually even just right in their email. If you want, you can change the background, but I believe you have to have their gold, which is five bucks a month. So it's, you know, easy. Most of the other power ups you're not gonna need, so I wouldn't I wouldn't worry about them. You can get the other training if you want to find out more about those when somebody tags you, you'll see that this little bell up here at the top, right? Also, a bell is on your phone app. You will see that that that turns red and I can see everything that people on my team have been talking about. So that's super easy. And those are the main ones ones. If you want to search because you need to find something, you can absolutely, uh, you know, click. Or how about clicks? Skill share. And it'll pull up everything that you have on that. Okay, so those air this super easy main things for you that you could do in here. If you want to get more extensive training, just click the link that I have. That thing is part of the description that will help you actually get gets more, more deep training that I give a free for this 8. TrelloInstagramTrainingProject: Well, that was fun, right? I think you're probably super excited about trail. Oh, maybe you have been in there and love it and can't wait to implement this. Or maybe you're just getting started and trying to figure it out. Believe me, once you get in and play around with it, you're gonna fall in love. And it's gonna totally revolutionize the way that you run your business, Make it so much easier for you. Now I do have trail. Oh, training that's free. That's really extensive that you can get through the link I offer down in the description information. However, um, this is a great place to start. So this is the project that we're going to do. I'm gonna keep it easy for you, but I want to be something that's really useful for you to implement. And I hope you do this in post this because I think it will also help us all share each other's instagram see different tactics. I want to see how you implement this in your business or life. So all I want you to dio is I want you to copy the template board I give you there's instructions on how to do that, and I want you to create your strategy. Start uploading pictures, at least if the only thing you do and tell us about is pop up that little box and take a screenshot that shows us the you know, a B C's and what the posting twice a day and where you want it to lead in your business. If that's the only thing, then that would be great. But I would love to just get a screenshot of your Trela board of your strategy of what your flow is going to be, of what it's gonna look like for you. Just a screenshot and tell us your plan. Tell us really what you're trying to drive at in Instagram as your posting, That's it. Super easy, and you need to do it anyway for taking this course to really implement it. So just take a screenshot after you've set up your board, share it with us. Also, don't forget to share your handle for Instagram and let's rock it right. I love it also makes you give me your questions. I'm happy happy to answer anything as well as any other training that you'd like to get about Trela here in, uh, in school share, and I'm happy to do it. So go and create your board, and, uh, and I'll talk to you soon.