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4 Posts that Will Get You More Engagement on Facebook

teacher avatar Dana Malstaff, Business & Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Let's create more engaging Facebook Posts


    • 2.

      Why should you care


    • 3.

      A little extra motivation


    • 4.

      Decisions Posts


    • 5.

      Call to Arms Posts


    • 6.

      Opinion Posts


    • 7.

      Can't Help Themselves Posts


    • 8.

      Wrapping Up


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      Your Class Project


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About This Class

This is a quick and easy training that will have you writing engaging content for Facebook, and any social media, in no time.

This training is great if:

  • You have something you want to build buzz about before it launches
  • You feel like no one comments on your posts
  • You have a hard time thinking of what to post or how to phrase your content

These four simple post types can change the way people engage with you on social media and can prime the Facebook algorithm so that your content organically gets seen by more people.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dana Malstaff

Business & Content Strategist


Dana is a mother, business & content strategist, coach, speaker, writer, podcaster, brainstorm facilitator, blind spot reducer, and CEO at Boss Mom LLC

With over 20,000 students in various courses, a 34,000+ community, and over 10 years of experience in behavior modification, content creation, community building, and business strategy, Dana grew the Boss Mom brand into a six-figure business in less than a year. Dana's specialty is monetizing your brand by creating what she calls a Strategic Free to Paid Journey.

Dana is also the author of Boss Mom: The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Business & Nurturing Your Family Like a Pro, Confessions of a Boss Mom, and her newest book Climb Your Own Ladder. She serves Boss Moms who yearn for more time and less guilt when i... See full profile

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1. Let's create more engaging Facebook Posts: welcome to the secrets to Facebook Engagement. I'm gonna teach you four posts that are really gonna help drive engagement, Whether it's on your page or in a Facebook group. We're going to talk about where Facebook is really putting their energy and how they want you to interact and why these four posts are going to help you create more engagement and prime that Facebook algorithm more than ever. That means more people are seeing you organically. Whether they're in your group, in your space or outside of that, you are being recommended to them, which is something that Facebook loves to dio. Now, my name is Dana Mall staff. I am the founder of Boss Mom. And we have been growing boss Mom online, especially on Facebook. For the last four years, we've organically grown the group to over 36,000 women and it is thriving. We have an average of 72% of our group is consistently engaged every single month, right? We have ah, close to 1000 women coming in every single month and 80% of those women are being recommended. Our group is being recommended to them by Facebook. I want to give you this same power than show you how you can really build that sustainable community. Ah, and you do that the starting step is with these kinds of engaging posts. Um, you can use them to create buzz outside of your groups into on your Facebook page to create excitement. You can do it so that Facebook shows you two more people in your network and shows you two more people outside of your network. This is a really great way to start the process of becoming more in gauging. I really, really, really think that this is probably one of the best 30 or so minutes that you can spend to create riel. True, authentic marketing that is easy to replicate. So make sure that you joined the course. Hop in and I'll see you inside. 2. Why should you care: Welcome to the secrets to Facebook engagement really going over four types of posts that are going to help create engagement in Facebook groups and everywhere else. Now here's the thing. Facebook groups build community and relationships, making them a powerful way to grow your movement and gain clients. Facebook is moving mawr and more towards the power of Facebook groups and adding a lot more functionality to help you leverage Facebook groups outside of just Facebook. Teoh really build community and take some of the work off of your shoulders, which it may not seem like that in the beginning, but I'll show you so. According to Facebook research, over 1,002,200 users are members of a group they consider to be meaningful. How amazing is that, Right? So that's people are joining Facebook groups when the group's message or purpose is important to them. It's something that they resonate, what with right they qualify themselves as a member of your tribe. It is really truly how community is supposed to be built where they find a place where they feel safe and comfortable and connected and open up there and beautiful, wonderful things happen, plus Facebook groups are an organic, sustainable and free marketing channel. They're not going anywhere anytime soon. Facebook is going toe. Only spend more effort and more time in building up Facebook groups because it's where all of the actual engagement is happening. People are self selecting them into so themselves, into groups engaging their and leaving if they don't want to be there. It's not like just following somebody's page. It is an actual place where they can post end connect. But if you don't drive engagement within your group, people will forget about you. What we the algorithm works is that if your group is not getting engagement, then it shows it toe less and less of people that are even in your group. The more engagement you get, not only the more people in your group that see it, but Facebook starts to recommend your group to other people who aren't in your group yet. 80% of the women who come in through into the boss moms Facebook group ah gets recommended from Facebook. How amazing is that? It's all organic. It becomes this beautiful cycle and you want to tap into that. Okay, so how do you make your members stay engaged. Well, we're going to go over four types of engaging posts. These four types I will walk through. Each of these is its own little bit of training, and I think you're gonna absolutely love it. So decision posts called arms posts opinion posts and can't help themselves posts. These can feel really authentic. They could be true to you and your message. And I'm gonna teach you how to use each one to create riel. True engagement and community within your groups, as well as help you create buzz for anything that you're trying to create. Buzz for this could be used as a buzz planet confuses an ongoing plan. It really works in a bunch of different ways, so let's hop in. 3. A little extra motivation: So before we hop into the four posts, I'm gonna give you a little motivational talk. We see a lot on in social Media that we need to have a content strategy that we need to have a content calendar. I even have a content calendar with purpose course, and I love to talk content strategy. Here's the thing, though, at the rial. But the real base and the foundation of what we're trying to do on social media we're trying to build relationships, were trying to connect with people in a way that allows them to feel comfortable, allows them to feel like they belong, allows them to feel like they know you, even though the two of you maybe have never met. Now, should we schedule things out and have them post so that we can free up some of our time on social media? Yes, that's totally fine, but we also have to be authentic, and the conversations were having in deciding the kinds of things we want to talk about. The four post that we're gonna go over, give you a framework for how to take any conversation you want to actually have with somebody with your audience to kill, have them get to know you to help you tell them about things you're interested in. Whether that's business or not, it's gonna show you how to create really engaging ways. Toe have those conversations because that's what you should be having. It's not just about posting stuff. It's not just about giving them information. It's about enticing conversation, hearing, wanting to hear more about them and wanting them to hear and learn more about you. And that's what we want to create. Whether on your page or especially in a Facebook group, you have to lead by example. If all you're doing is putting prompts out that people can answer, then you're not showing them how to engage in that space. How to be friends with you, how to connect with you. What conversations you want to be having these four kinds of engaging posts are going to help set the stage for the kind of conversations that you want to be having. It also helps you open up a conversation two different kinds of topics that are great for buzz that helped lead up to things you want to launch or conversations that you want to have or topics that you want to be on people's minds or be important. Remember that you lead by example. Remember that businesses, people, that life is people and that our entire goal in business and in life is to build meaningful relationships where both we and the people that were hanging out with feel connected, feel like we belong, feel happy and excited and want to be where we are because people always have a choice to leave. They have a choice to leave, and it's your job to create an environment that they want to stay in. Okay, so that is my motivational talk. Let's happen now and let's really dig in and look at these four different kinds of engaging posts. 4. Decisions Posts: so the 1st 1 is a decision Post. This helps you the group owner or page owner make a decision and allows the people in your audience to be part of the process. Now the important part about this is we live in a bubble on what's very lonely to be an online entrepreneur, and we often try to make all of the decisions on our own. It takes a lot of our energy. And then we spent um, or energy trying to figure out how to push content out to our audience to help grow our business. When the answer is so much easier than that, the answer is let your audience be the focus group that helps you figure out what you should do in your business. Go out to the places where your ideal client live and talk to them. If you're creating a group for that, create this space and show them that something that they could do in your group is to help make decisions. So here's an example of one I posted about recording for the Bosman podcast and needing for people to give comments about business challenges. So this is actually relatively low engagement for our group. But 20 some odd comments is a really great amount of comments that gave me so much good content. Ideas for the boss Mom Podcast. It did something else, though it not only created engagement within the group, it also gave everybody the information that I have a podcast for all those people that don't know. So you can see how these sorts of things help do double duty. It tells them about a program I've coming out. Ah, podcast. I have a book. I've written a something of whatever it is you want to them to know about you. It helps to create that buzz without at telling them. Hey, I've got this thing. Go get it because I'm not asking them to go listen to the podcast. I'm asking him to help me to create content for the podcast. Now, a good follow up to this would be to go out and ask everybody. One of our other kinds of posts would be asked if they ah, you know, if they have a podcast or what kind of ah podcast they love to listen to right so you can get more into those things that. That's an opinion post that we'll talk about in a little bit. Ah, but you can see you can actually create themes around these in a decision. Post really? Really helps you make a decision. Another example of this is to give them picture options. Right. So we do this with every cover of of books we've ever written nor, um, you know, covers designs for products. We're gonna make designs for, um, digital products we're gonna make for, you know, couches or dick, or we're going to get for events. In this case, we were working on a mailer for a the Bosman vote membership site that we have. And it was great because one of the ways that we created engagement with said said, Look, these are the four pictures of me we gotta decide. The one to put on the membership are on the mailer. Which one do you like? And it kept it super sweet. Ladies were work super short. Ladies were working on a postcard to mail out, and I need help picking image for the front. I want to help the imagery playful and welcoming. Um, if you don't know about with the best decision support ago, Conover asked Port, right? So super clean. Super short. 310. Yeah, 310 comments Because all they had to do was put in 1234 It took two seconds for people to put in number one, number two, whatever that was. And then I was able one. They actually helped me make a decision, which was great, and this one was super engaged. The great part about it is you get 300 had comments. All of a sudden, Facebook starts to think you're really engaging. That means more people saw this post as a few days went on. And even though this post is, ah, couple weeks old for a week or so old, it is still trending and getting new comments that's because it is trending trending means that there's enough comments that it keeps getting pushed up to the top of my, uh, group or the group that you're in. And it keeps couldn't put in getting pushed to the top of, um, the feed for people. So every time there's a comment someone will get that's in, your group will say, Oh, this is this is being commented on. This is something that we think you might want to see, and more and more people see it so becomes this awesome cycle. Now, decision posts to help you. They help you make decisions, right? Your decision criteria are them based on riel input from your audience. So don't do this if you're not gonna take their advice, right? If you don't really care about what people think about something one I think you should really should, because it's important part of business and your audience should depict dictate what you decide to make. Um and you really, if you're not willing to take the advice than it's hard to come back and say Thanks for all of your input, everybody, this is what we decided, right? Because that's an additional point that you can make. You could take decision posts and then tell them in social media what you decided, right? Also, group members air nurtured, right. They show you that that it shows them that you care. It shows them that you actually want their opinion, and there is nothing more powerful in getting engagement than you actually wanting people to share their opinion, not just teach them something, not just show them something not just have it be all about you, but for it to be about them, while also telling them something about you or something that you meet or something that you want or something they were created. It's really, really powerful. So I hope that you go out and you try one of these decision posts and then we'll hop right into the next one. 5. Call to Arms Posts: So the next we're going to talk about is the call to arm post. And the goal is to get people to come to the riot or help with your cause toe to get them to realize there's something you really care about toe. Have them be helpful toe rally the troops. The reason for this is that you you are going to create engagement by getting people to come and hang out with you that have the same kind of belief system with as you. Now that belief system could be in the way you live and who you hang out with and what you like and dislike and all of those things. But all and even the idiosyncratic sees we have. So this isn't just about these big, huge, you know, things that we want to be controversial. In fact, the things that we post don't have to be controversial at all. They can be if you want, but really, I'm gonna show you a few different ways to do a call to arms post. So you're getting people to come to your cause now? The very 1st 1 that we can do is really is to say, come and help me come and come. And you know, you are like me where you want to succeed in this particular area. Come and help me succeed. So, um, Jen gave us permission to post this with her name, and this is what she does. She said, I'm in a little panic right now. I said I'm an experienced, um Mayo Clinic trained wellness coach. My number one goal right now is to get 50 coaching sessions documented in the next month to be able to apply for the national board certification test. Right. Giving away one free our sessions full on sessions. No call, consult, sales, anything like that. Right. Um and so she just said I'd and she said I just had a marketing person run three Facebook ads and not one free session was booked, right? What the heck? I'm seriously confused about this. So, um, give me some help. Now. There's a couple things she did hear that a really great about a call to arms. Post one. She said I'm in panic mode, right? Panic mode meets. Come and help me, right? She said, Look, I'm an experienced person and all, and I need these 50 credits in order to apply. So the call to arms is if you help me, I will get to the top of the mountain and succeed, and it will be because of you. She then said, I've had marketing person do Facebook ads, and if and nothing was booked, she's calling out the fact that she tried something that everybody thinks were, you know, you're supposed to do and it didn't work. So everybody who has ever run a Facebook ad is going to and it didn't work is going to feel called to Gen. She did some really, really smart things with this post, right? So I want to make sure you understand that the cold toe arms isn't necessarily just a ah blatant. Um, come follow me kind of thing. She did some really cool things here, and it was authentic to her. She really was panicking. She'd really tried Facebook ads and it hadn't worked. And she really needed these 50 coaching sessions. If you concede you can see there's 123 comments, right? She didn't even put the post a link to schedule with her in here, which was very smart right. So not putting the link in there, Which means it gets shown to more people. Right, Because if you haven't a link in until it gets a lot of engagement, it's not gonna be shown. So you want to keep a link out? And she then gave the link, which we've lacked out for you out to people. Now. Jen told me personally that within the day of her posting this all 50 slots were taken. How amazing is that? And she was able to get her certification. Which then, of course, she came in and we celebrated with in the group. That is amazing. A call to Arms Post. Now, this is another one is a little fun. So I just got a voicemail from someone in a local newspaper asking for an interview. One I'm in shock to How did they find me? Three. Excuse me while I freak out for Do I call him back and pretend, um, I didn't get the message, right? Um, help in case and slash or two people that were known within the group. A little micro famous in our space. Um, that deal with publicity and all that kind of stuff. So what do I dio? What do I not say? And how do we not sound like a complete idiot? So there's a few things that she said in here that are really, really smart. Okay, so one she let everybody know. She just got asked to do an interview. That's cause for celebration. The four options that she gave really identify with people. She's in shock. How did they find me? I'm not anybody special. I don't know what to do. I'm really, you know, nervous. What do I say? I don't want to sound stupid. She is calling out to all of the people who would freak out if they got publicity. She's calling out to all of the people who don't feel like they have a legitimate business who don't feel like they are, you know, can play with the big dogs who have that feeling. She's doing a call to arms to say, if you feel this way right and it's very sly that way she did this. It's very authentic, but I want to call it the strategy here that she may not have even realized she was doing when she did this, that when she did this, it got the 30 comments was amazing right, which is really good for this post. And that is good, solid engagement where people were actually writing down help for her and things that she should be doing. And it got really, really great. You can see she's a conversation starter in in our group was really well done. OK, and then one more So I was featured on the social media examiner and talking about Facebook groups. Obviously, that's one of the areas of my expertise. And what I did is instead of just posting and saying, Hey, go listen to it. I said that, you know, I'm pumped like I want to celebrate with gifts because this was on my bucket list to get featured here, right? I got both, um what? Uh, what the what? Right. I was interviewing Social Media marketing podcast and the episode just came out today and it's here. Go, go take a A look. Right. Um, it says this is so amazing. I want to cry. This really was on my bucket list. I really did want to celebrate its authentic in the way that I posted and the way that I posted was a call to arms to say for any of you that have the bucket list for any of you that feel this way for any of you were so excited. When something happens that you've been wanting to happen, let's celebrate together and you can see there were. I think it's 81 comments where people gave gifts in celebration and the people went and they listened and watched. Um, there listened to and read this particular article and podcast. So it helped me do two things that helped me be engaging it. Help me celebrate with everybody and the people that celebrate together by from each other . That's that's a good thing to remember, right? We engage with each other, we celebrate, and we then trust each other with our knowledge and our information and our money. So that's good. It's important. Okay, um, now so remember that the colt arms post that people love to help in love a good cause, right? They love to know that they were a part of your success. There a reason for your success. They also love to hang around people that feel like them, right? When they see somebody that they have felt that way before. They want to reach out and be helpful to that person. It creates that camaraderie and trust, right? Thes post, demonstrate your humanity. Show that you have struggled, show that you're human and this is a really good thing to do. We all want to be able to rally together, to help each other along and to find ways that we have things in common tended to help each other get past those things that we need to get past. Okay, so that is the call to arms post. Let's hop into the next one. 6. Opinion Posts: Okay, so next is our opinion posts. So when you ask for their opinion or knowledge on a particular topic or idea So when we talked before about a decision Post where they help me make a decision about podcast topics , the opinion post would be which podcast do you like? Write that kind of thing So you can start paring some of these together, and there are some where they kind of overlap, and that's totally okay. So here's some examples. Opinion posts. What do you do for anxiety? 103 comments. Just It's a one liner. Isn't that amazing? A one liner. What do you do for your anxiety? 103 comments. Looking for a social media strategist Packages quote, stats, that kind of thing Whenever you're looking for somebody to hire great place to go. Um, 2025. Comment. 26 Comments. I am seriously stumped. Ah, what To answer potential clients when they say you're so expensive, Right? Oh my goodness, Yeah! 128 Comments. This is crazy, right? And that and it's a legitimate thing that they want help. Now this isn't helping them make a decision right, But it is wanting an opinion so that we can take that knowledge away and that education toe ultimately help us make a decision so that you can see how the decision post in the opinion post go nicely together. Now here's a couple other examples. So the one on the right where it says that my kids are start, you know, how old were you? When they're starting to talk, they give a little bit of situation of theirs. They're what they're doing. And does anyone know of any resource is I can use to start working with him myself? So in this case, instead of just saying you know, how old are you and your kids started talking? Does anyone know of resource is I can use to start working with my son? Um, you know, she decided to add a little bit of context. Both can work. And this one got 83 comments, which is great. Now here is the other one that you can dio. It's a little bit. It still falls into the category of opinion. Ah, but I want to make sure I put this in because what we said is a posted said. For $100 you can get blank from me. So it's not necessarily that they're giving their opinion. They're posting something that they sell or that they have. But it is them giving information that we can potentially use to our advantage, depending on what we want. So I'd consider this basically an opinion kind of post, and you can see there's 376 comments right now when we get into the to the final kind of post. This kind of mix is a little bit with that one. Like I said, sometimes of thes post categories don't get hung up on which one they fall in. If you create good content based on these kinds of post concepts, you're going to do really, really well. The main thing to remember with one like this for the $100 you can get blank for me. People want to find places to sell online. They want to find places to get people to see them or connected them or follow them on social media, do things with them, buy things with them, talk to them all that kind of stuff. So if you can create a space where people can do that. Um, then that is a beautiful thing. In this space, we help people, you know, tell everybody what they're selling for $100 in the group on a varied basis, once or twice a month, we have them do that in other ways that they can share their content. And it does not take away from me being able to run my business by helping eat other people connect. So there is space for all of us. And collaboration over competition in the online social media space is going to help you. Okay, so with opinion post in the digital age, people expect to interact with to be a part of your business opinion. Post demonstrate that their experience is valuable to use so incredibly important. If you value people's opinions, they will value you and your products and services. Trust will be built, loyalty will establish itself, and they will buy your products and services. Um, OK, now let's move into the last one 7. Can't Help Themselves Posts: Okay, so finally, they can't help themselves. Popes. This post It's so easy. It's easy for them to comment on. It's just a topic they can't resist. Remember when I did the decision Post There were four pictures of me. All they had to do was put a 123 or four. So they were helping me make a decision. But it also was something that where they couldn't help themselves. It was so easy to help and engage that they wanted to. Um this is one of the ones that I absolutely love where it says there are two kinds of people in the world, right? The male zero and the 13,000 people. And you can see I'm definitely the empty, um, the one with nothing in it and minus. Yet I'm totally the one on the right minds. Currently 2700 right. 66 comments where people just said, Yeah, that's me. But they didn't just say a one or two or three or four. They actually had an opinion because we think it's funny if we're the person who is has toe have, you know, email zero and the people that don't care it puts us into groups. So things were we putting people into groups, right? Are you a cat or dog person? Um, do you? You know, I'm about to run an event. Do you like Jay Z or J T? In order to, you know, to be my intro music, those kinds of things that things where they can't help themselves with an opinion. Now, this is another one that can't help themselves. Ladies, um, we're starting the boss Mom group. So we were opening up the boss mom, local meet UPS group, and we wanted to get them over to the boss moms group, which is a local media group that we had created was a separate meet up group. And in order to do that, it wasn't just about posting. What I had to do was say, comment below with your city so we can keep this post on top and get everybody knowing about the group 243 comments, because all they had to do was say where they're from and people want to tell you where they're from. Tech Nino, sin San Diego in the house. Houston, in the house. Um, coming to you from Philly those kinds of things they couldn't help themselves. And it made it really easy for them to say where they were from and more people than saw this post and went in and joined that Facebook group because another really good way to do this is if you want to promote, um ah, book or a podcast episode or something like that, you can say, Hey, go over and check out my book. By the way, has anybody else written a book and we can go follow, you know, get your book as well. Hey, I will have this podcast. I'm a super excited about, um that I started. By the way, has anybody else started a podcast so we can go listen to each other's podcast? So by allowing them to share where they can't help themselves cause they want to tell you and want toe, give you information about them or, um, celebrate with you or give you an answer? Um, it makes it easy for you to keep things at the top. Ah, by allowing them to share and it shares. And then your thing is the focal point, right? So I absolutely love it. Here's another high ladies. What kind of business do you own? Right? And so this is what type of business do you have? 100 and 81 comments, right? Because people want to tell you what they do for their business. It's not only a way for them to try and get sales, but they also just can't help themselves. They people want to share who they are were not listened to enough in this world. This is one that I did where I set him in the car with my kids napping and decided to look up gifts for an upcoming email. Um, tell me what the perfect gifts that says. No way, That's crazy, right? And we had It was 83 or so Comments, all gifts. And I have to tell you there's some amazing gift. So this is it can't help myself, And it actually helped me make a decision to conceive how those who kind of married up and it was I didn't do a post where I had a beautiful graphic or anything. I literally took a picture of me with my my my daughter is on the other side. I couldn't fit into the picture of my son sleeping in the back of the car. So ah, home. These can work really, really way really, really well, so they can't help himself post or topic that can't be resisted and they generate excitement. Right? Excitement is contagious and brings people back form or they want to share gifts. They to be honest, people want to procrastinate, and you want it there. Give your giving them those few moments of time when they get to help. Ah, have a little fun. Tell you about themselves. Given opinion, Do something. Um, where it's fun and playful so they can't help themselves were always fun. There was playful and they would get to share something about themselves. 8. Wrapping Up: Well, now, you know, four really great engaging posts. And I hope that you have seen the examples and are going to go out and create your own engaging posts now, Ah, this is going to be super easy for you because all I want you to dio is think about the decisions you need to make in your business about the opinions that you want to get from people based on things you need based on information you need or want, or ideas that you want to spread right. What are things that you can celebrate so that you can get them to celebrate with you? Right. Um and what are things that you believe in and care about? That you want them to rally with you for right? One of the things that you really want help with. List these things out, and they're going to give you all of the content that you need using these four types of posts took to create content all the time. If you're launching something, I recommend let you do this over a six week period and do at least 3 to 4 posts a week. And in your page or in groups or wherever you're at, so that you can get Facebook to start believing that you are engaging and to start showing you two more people. Because then at the end of six weeks, when you actually just start straight promotion for whatever it is you're launching, more people will see it. Otherwise, I think once or twice a week you should be doing engaging posts that really get people to start to see more of who you are, see more of what you believe in and care about help You make decisions in your business and help rally people together so that you're not just trying to post out stuff, but you're really creating a major, amazing, engaging content. So I hope that this has helped. I cannot wait to see what you create with these kinds of post, and I wish you the absolute best. 9. Your Class Project: Okay, so the best way to get things movies moving is to put these post into action. So your project, should you choose to accept it, is to create a post using one of the four types that I just presented and then upload that post as your project. Now you can do it as something you've already posted, and that gives a good example. And you could just upload that is a picture. Or you could just write it and posted in here. We can give our opinions, um, and then you can post that later. So to give you a quick recap, right, there's decision posts, which help you make a decision and let them be part of the process. There's the call to arms, which get people to come to the rioter. Help you with your cause. Get them excited about something. Opinion Post. Were you asked for their opinion or knowledge on a particular topic or idea? Or they can't help themselves post, which entice them to offer an easy answer because they just can't resist those air. One of the four that you've gotta pick. Go ahead and create and write up that post, post it as your project, and then we will give comments and the fun will ensue.