How to sell your own artwork on Products at zero cost with Printful | Chelsea Van Egmond | Skillshare

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How to sell your own artwork on Products at zero cost with Printful

teacher avatar Chelsea Van Egmond, Artist, Creator, Digital painter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      0.1 Intro


    • 2.

      0.2 The solution for physical products without creating them yourself


    • 3.

      1.1 Digitize with image trace [ILLUSTRATOR]


    • 4.

      1.2 Digitize with Pen Tool [ILLUSTRATOR]


    • 5.

      1.3 Digitize with Drawing tablet [ILLUSTRATOR]


    • 6.

      1.4 Another way to digitize your work [CANVA]


    • 7.

      2.1 Create your own doodles [ILLUSTRATOR]


    • 8.

      2.2 Create your own patterns [ILLUSTRATOR]


    • 9.

      2.3 Create your own Graphics [ILLUSTRATOR]


    • 10.

      3.1 Create your own Printable in minutes [CANVA]


    • 11.

      4.1 Save Your file in Adobe Illustrator


    • 12.

      4.2 Save your file in Canva


    • 13.

      5.1 What is Printful


    • 14.

      5.2 Create a Printful Account


    • 15.

      5.3 Connect your Printful account with a store


    • 16.

      6.1 Add your own custom logo to the packing slip


    • 17.

      6.2 Add your own custom message to the packing slip


    • 18.

      7 Add your First product (Product, name, tags and pricing)


    • 19.

      8.1 Why you should care about professional photos


    • 20.

      8.2 An introduction to mock ups


    • 21.

      8.3 How to work with mock ups in Adobe Photoshop


    • 22.

      8.4 How to work with mock ups in Canva


    • 23.

      9 How to publish your product to your store


    • 24.

      10 What happens when you get a sale


    • 25.

      10.2 How to handle Gifts


    • 26.

      10.3 How to add a custom gift message


    • 27.

      10.4 How to handle lost or damaged items


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About This Class

Open your Printful account below!

Hi there and welcome to this Skillshare class! I am stoked to have you here.

This Skillshare class aims to teach you how you can design beautiful graphics and sell them on products like shirts, mugs, pillows and other products. Maybe you are an artist like me, and you want to sell art that you have already created on physical products. Then this class is also for you. I will show you how you can digitize your artwork in no time so it is optimized for print.

I work with Printful for over a year now to sell my artwork, and I am in love! I only have to create the artwork once, upload it, and Printful syncs it to your store (For example Etsy). When you get a sale, they produce it for you, package it for you, and ship it for you.

You can open your Printful account for free here.

For this entire course, we are going to connect Printful to Etsy. Know that whether you sell on Squarespace, Gumroad, Woocommerce, or another e-commerce platform: You can sync it with Printful.

By the end of this course, you will know how to digitize your own work, or how to design your own beautiful graphics, so you can sell them on physical products.

Learning how to set up a profitable shop is one thing. But how about actually making money from it? To read all the money making tips from Printful, you should read their blog. Read the blog here.

Struggling with creating artwork that will sell? Learn how to create digital paintings that are worth selling by watching my other Skillshare class:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chelsea Van Egmond

Artist, Creator, Digital painter


I help millennials how they can make money with their creativity so that they can live the life their heart desires. Over the years, I have been pouring my heart and soul into art. I eat, sleep and breathe art (And coffee).


I believe that if you have a dream, your goal is to pursue it. Let's start dream chaser! We have work to do!

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Level: Beginner

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1. 0.1 Intro: hi there. And welcome to the skill Chiklis. I am Chelsea from joining creative sites, and I'll be your host for his class. As an artist, you might be looking for some ways to earn a little extra cash. You probably have tried many ideas, but none of them really work. If that's you, your indirect place during this class, I'll show you how you can monetize your digital arts by creating fiscal products without producing banking and shipping down yourself on. Yes, that is totally possible. That's if you haven't created any digital arts. No sweats. I will show you how you can create beautiful digital art with graphic design modules that are also include in discourse. But if you have already created your judge toe art like I did here in Adobe Photo shop congratulations. You can already start stocking up your shelf its fiscal products. Are you ready to dive in? Start your first marshal now 2. 0.2 The solution for physical products without creating them yourself: the solution for tangible passive products. Before we're going to set up your Etsy shop and prepared to create singable passive products, I need to give you some information about its first. Well, this best Finkel best income means that you do the work ones. They keep getting fates, for example, principles and etc. If you create a principle on Etsy and make a digital dollars work, you only have to list it wants, and then you can let it sit there. If a person first she should principle, he can download it straight away and sends it s specify the same. The sign can be sold over and over again. You can sell at one time a day, but also thousands times today. This means you can quickly grow. Your ref knows there's no X. Hard work is required. Why is it different from thinkable products? Tangible products are not automated. Let's say you make necklaces. Every time someone buys a necklace from your shop, you have to create that same necklace over and over again. This means you only can sell a limited amount of necklaces. This also means that it's hard to grow your revenue. The Onley rate increase. Your income is to make more necklaces a day or two pressure necklaces higher. Is it possible to create tangible, passive products? It ISS dead is what I am going to teach you during this course. Here's secret. If you outsource the producing, packaging and shipping part, it is possible to make a passive income with thankful products. Let's take my Etsy shop, for example. I so hand letters, clothes on mark shirts and told backs. So as you see here, I had letter it quote for principle, and I can also use that same design or mark and it's out back. Any best part, as already mentioned, is that it's obsessive, so I don't have to produce those products. Here's how it works. I write those quotes on a piece of paper, and then I dish ties it. Then I go to the website off the Prince Company. I work great and I upload my design. The best part is that this company called brimful, integrates with etc. This means I don't have to do any extra work when I get a seal on Lee Happy dance. When I got a seal, this company receives a notification. Then they produce package and ship the product to my customers from door 3. 1.1 Digitize with image trace [ILLUSTRATOR]: so before we're going to trace your artwork, I want to give you some details about setting up your document to write. Wait, so off course you have to feel in a name. So I have a quote about birds. I'm going to call this principle birds or design birds for profile. You have to do Prince because Prince Company is going to print it for you so normally, if you want to design graphics for your block, it's weap. But for this is this print. So number off art boards that are the number of campuses. Probably when I'm going to create in different sizes, I can show you what I'm you. It is four decides it depends if you're also going to sell a principle and what sites you wanted him. I always go for a treat, because that's like one of the most common sizes when people going to print artwork, and it's also big enough when you're going to print this on a product. So here is already feel senior sizes, um, bleed. You don't have to look at that, um, your color modes. Where you go to print, it's going to seem like a so Now it changes to custom again because I did a tree instead of prince. But make sure to select seem like a because seem like a is for printing. So it are two different color. Moz, you have rgb have seen, like a so seeing my case for printing and Archie bees for screen, as you can see here. So the rest are fact, that's actually the resolution. You have to put it on maximum. So how this works, the maximum is how much dots or actually buoyant spur inch. It's going to print, and 300 is the highest. And if you're going to assigned this through the Prince Company, then your your image or then your product is going to print in high resolution. So for screen, you only need 72 points range, so you're probably not wandering. Hey, Chelsea, if I'm going to decide something for screen, why should I use 300 points? Prange. That's because when you're going to the signs, a waiver screen, you don't need any higher than this because it's going to rece ice in 72 PP. I anyway, So if you're going to design screen graphics for this, it's going to rece ice with this anyway. And this will take more space and this will, like, slow down your load time or actually, it will increase your loading time on your website. So always, Troost is for screen, and this will printing for a few moments. You don't have to, uh, torch that for now and press. OK, so here you have your canvas. So we're going to start by tracing your design like the easiest way possible. So keep in mind that for this your image has to be, like, really high resolution. So you don't need a professional DSR to shoot photos with this. I just used my iPhone camera and I was good to go. Okay, so now we're going to import image. And as already mentioned for preparing your work, you need to make sure that you adjust sister image. You shut it in at your life. And if it's possible, if you're working with black and white to increase the contrast for image trace because that will make the whole process easier, so I'm going to imports image. Now. It's really easy. Just drag and drop and you'll see it appear speaker than my canvas, and that's okay, because we can resize it. And this actually ideal because this really high resolution so that's raising process will go easier. So what you do is to press image straight over here, and it says that it will proceed slowly because large image stand. Just click continue because the higher the resolution better and then we're going to wait. So, as you see, it's not really worked as I expected. But what's great at this is that this are all factors. So why I choose image traces is because factors rs capable and imagery just used whilst arrester. And that means that if you're going to trace this with image trades, you can size it until infinity and the resolution will still remain. But normally with picture if you're going to recite, it is going to pick Slate. But you can adjust all the settings over here, so if you go toe, um, default a select high fidelity photo, then it's going toe trace even better. So this going to take a while sometimes my illustrators almost going to crash. It's because I'm on the old laptop, but when this is completed, them you can see how to look like in a high resolution. So it's almost done and has already said I prefer, like the illustrated with Fechter over, um, factor over arrester and soda. Now it is all traced, and with a high resolution image like this, you barely can see the difference. So I'm going to place as outer image next to it. So distant original image and this t trace in rich. Well, I barely can see difference. And what's great about this is if I'm going to rece ice this one, it's going to pick Slate. But if I'm going to precise this one, it will still remain quality so you can see the difference if you're going to soon A like, really bad. Like here, you can see it's going to pick slate like pixels everywhere and here. If you're going to sue me in, you will see all those small, tiny shape. So those are defectors, and this you can rece ice this and then it will still remain quality. But you will see those factors like more clear. But I think it's gifts like a funny look. So we're going to delete this one you can barely see a difference has already set. So we're going to move to this from the our boards. And what we're going to Dio is to click expense because we're going to clean up all the white parts. So just like image tracing discords take a while to and it's already set with almost crushing. That's what's happening now. Eso my computer is like almost crushing, but it won't don't worry about that, so I'll get back to you when it's done. Okay, so now it's expanded. You're probably like, What is this? Well, it's because its selected and it's going to select all these shapes now. So if you're going to sue me, you see that it is made from a lot of shapes, also called pets. And it's also like to now. So don't worry. Your artwork didn't turn blue suddenly just click somewhere else to be selected, and now we're going to clean up. This actually departs. I kinda hate the most because we have to select all the white and then the lead it. So now it is grouped. That means that all the shapes are combined against. If I select one, it's like everything, so you're going to select it, right? Mouse click and on group. So if from here you can select a single shape and then hit the least So you probably like this going to take me forever, you have some small hex where you can speed up the process. So this one off them, um, you have If you press on this, it will select the color. So now you're going to, um, select and then saying and then you go to feel color because this year is your field color . And if you select everything with the same field color, it's going to select a mall like this. So in this case, it is marked. So only couple this our despair flight. So we're going to lead it. But sometimes you're lucky a f liked except same white over and over to place, and then you can delete a bunch of those. So we're going to try it again. Um, we're going to select same feel collar, and you see that this already couple more than profuse over can, so we can delete this, too. So if you keep doing this sometimes you have, like, a bunch of things you can believe like this. So this actually how it works? But you can also like, um, select is all and then hit delete. So what I hate about image tracing is that you have to clean this up, and it's like, really annoying in my being. But you have to do it is because you want to export us being G because you want two friend it on other products. So if you want to feel lucky, go ahead and do this like same feel color. Sometimes it it'll work out amazing. And then you can just hit the other so leads. So if you want to make sure you clean everything, what you have to do is to hit control or command I or actually wide. And from here, you can see the outlines off your artwork so you can see that here I clean everything, and here I still have a couple things to clean. So where you're going to decide cute characters. This is a way toe like get scared off those cute characters because where you're going to design a cute girl illustrator air going to look at the outlines like now it's like, really creepy. So I'm going to clean this up and then I'll get back to you. By the way, also, another small tip is to select eso. So from here you can select all this and you can drag it like this and then you see it selected the barge, so you're going to hit the lead and a less so it's kind of a sister, so it's only going to got out. Aren't you selected? But if you hit the lead again, it's going to delete the whole packed you have selected like this. By the way, I also want to show you that if you only have, like black on light illustrations or designs that you want to trace, you can also select at the preset the black and white logo. So this is going to save you so much time. But if you have color, you have to do the hi fi dentally photo, and that's going to take a little more time because we took, like a large only have to press expense and then on group it's like this and they can easily deleted like this is like a piece of cake in your done in a couple of minutes. Okay, so I just image trace its in another way. You have to hide the final it photo and you also have $16. So if you're only working with black and white says 16 collars will work as well. So why did I do this? Because this for this tutorial, is going to take me so much time to clean up like it's going to take me forever. And so if you want to print it and you want to make sure it will look exact the same, you can do the hi fi dentally photo. But if you don't mind if it's just slightly different, you can do the 16 collars. So, um, it's actually not like big difference, in my opinion, but if you want to be sure, choose the hi fi deadly photo. But for days we're going to use this one, so we're going to select it, and we're going to group it again so that if I only select the W, it's going to select everything like this much easier, so you don't have to select everything. So, as you can see, there will appear a small delay, and that's because it's made from all kind of pets, So it's going to take longer. So I'm going to delete this one and this one too. So we're going to rece ice this one so you can keep it like this for just historial because I'm intending to place this on a mock. So it's going to look different when I'm going to do this with Principal since here some space left. But you can also like, tweak left little and, for example, corrupt its clouds and place it like lower and I skew it like this and then corrupt this one. Wait a less so to to and then skilled this one a little bit more like this. Like to that. So this are like great ways to tweak your principal design. So if you want to select on Lee a couple things you can use a less 02 or the white arrow toe next to the Black Arrow to, but I like the less so since I can select more specifically and I can drag effing inhalants like So we're going to keep this one here for a couple seconds because I need to move this one up or you can just on group everything so you can select effing manually. It's that we're going to justice one again and we're going to place like this. So I'm not going to put much time this because it's just the tutorial about raising with imaged race. But as you can see, you can tweak a friend to make it turn out better. 4. 1.2 Digitize with Pen Tool [ILLUSTRATOR]: So now I'm going to show you how you can train. Sure graphic with mental. So we're going to take another art. Words. We're going to place the image so you can skew it directly into the art board or you just can't. You stood later. I like to do it later. So for this, we're going to make this one a little bit transparent, and we're going to lock this layer and create new layer above. I do this so I don't like that. It's the photo layer accidentally. So now we're going to take the pencil and what you actually do issue delete to feel color and create a black line caller. And from here, you're going to trace everything manually. So I'm going to show you quickly out of mental works. If you click, it's going to create an anchor point that's t small red square. You'll see. So if you just a futures were released from If you just released your mouse, click and record somewhere else and then click again your girl line so you can, like, keep doing this and then you're going to close the pets. So what the mother means is to connect the ends with a beginning. This allows you to color in your shape. So from here you have closure pets. So where you going to do is like your shape and making. So that's how dependable works also, but you also can do is click, and here don't just click, click and hold and dreck summer, and that's going to create a curve, as you can see and with the next anchor point. As you can see, it's going to growth already automatically, so just to make its rounds. But if you don't want that, if you want to kerf it yourself in a different way than click again on the anchor points, and from here you can decide yourself how you want to curve it. So here you can like I'm created, curves in the way you want and then close diabetic and never forget to close it. And then you did just make this shape. So we're going to try this by tracing this. So remember Ben to require Spector's and yes, if you become quicker at it, it will speed up your design process. So for this, I don't recommend to use the mental I recommend to use image trace because this going to take a wall in with Image Trace and my drawings have left. I achieved the same results. So I'm not going to complete this whole design because this quite difficult to sign. And I don't want to spend too much time on this. I just want to give you a demonstration. So I think I'm only going to, um, do the words if so, like this. And just when you're doing this for a while, you also actually know where you have to place your anger points and when you have to curse , so any beginning, it's gonna be it might can be a little difficult, but if you practice, you already know, like alive to place it here and here it's going to go perfectly. And then here, like so Okay, so if you're going to call her now, you can see Dad's. The F is looking where? Because it doesn't have those holes. So we're not going to color this yet. I'm going to show you how you can make sure that this is not going to call her. But this is so I'm going to show to you with just two simple circles. So if you want to create two simple circles like this and you only want this part B collards instead of the insight early, if you want to call it herself, circle this going to happen. And of course, you can make this one light, so it's not going to look like a scholar, but that's going to just that's just going to take so much time. So what we're going to do is we're going to select parts circles, right mouse, click and click on make compound pets. So what happens is that this is going to be a shape now instead off the inside. So if you're going to like this, you can make outlines. Ovitz and, um, make the h again black. So there's really useful for when you're going to design a letter. Death has holes in its, so you probably already can figure how this is going to work like we're going to trace it like this. And with this and almost done. Okay, some. Now what we're going to do is to select everything here, right mouse click and click will make compound pats. So what, we're going to fill this in, it's going to turn out asked on F So I'm going to hide the schedule here so I can have more folks on these so you can see. It's quite know Perfect. You can adjust that's with the white arrow and your select your design. And from here you can shape your design with the ankle points. So dismiss that you can curve it better like this so you can see this already in improvement. He can also select it a move it a little bit up with aero or just your mouse by tracking. And here you can see it has a weird ship. So from here you can shape this one better. And with here, you can also achieve to sing. So it is actually a great way to perfection your work even more. And also you can also around your corners, for example. Present is and grabbed his wide thought, and what you can see is it's going to create it, rounder. So that's right. Fic um lying means that you can't get any further so you can do it live like this, or you can just go all the way and that you release it and they could see that it's curved . So it's actually really great work with this. So from here you can clean it up, and this is actually how it works to trace an image. So one rule always make sure to close A pat's has already said you can't just do this, and then caller is because that doesn't work. If you want to create a shape, you have to close the pats they considered that is close by this small circle next to depends where you see that like to appear small circle. That means such a close defense, like so. Really? See, it isn't rocket science. So also for this clouds you can do, you can trace its clouds. I'm going to do this like, really quick. So not going to perfection it or something, because I need to show you one less thing. Okay, a beautiful. Okay, so for dis, you're going so selectee you're going to swap this. This means that is going to be feel color. So, Nike, I see it's like really Finn. But here you can increase lying so you could make it faker and make it as thick as His Majesty clouds. So I think this is fictional. Ever mirror. You have your clouds. So this actually Howie trays everything and your artwork witty mental. 5. 1.3 Digitize with Drawing tablet [ILLUSTRATOR]: So in this macho I'm going to show you how you can trace your design with the throwing tablets. So this one is the one I used most. The girls. All my designs are made with calligraphy. So you can also perform critic So you can also perform colic feeling adobe illustrator. So that's whatever you like about it. But for addition, it's a drawing tablet. So if a welcome or a welcome, I actually don't know. I pronounce it. I have a really big one now. I used to have a small one, but it got water damage show. I can't use it anymore. So what you're going to do is you're going to create new our boards and you're going to import to image again. Okay, so the image is important. So now we're going to drink a little through the sides. So the drawing tablet is actually also my one time favorite. So we're going to move this artwork so the other layer, because layer one is for photos and layer two is four artwork itself. So we're going to corrupt his little square and rocket to the other layer. This means that you will faithfully all layer. So we're going to make it more transparent like this, and we're going to lock it. So how you do this issue are going to crop a brush, the print paintbrush to and from here you can draw all kinds of stuff like Oh, my God, wonderful. But what you need to do is you need to select click Feeble Show. I already have my brush. It's working Abend pressure, as you can see. So if I press soft, it will be 10. And if I press harder on the throwing tablets, it will be faker. So it's like amazing to perform calligraphy rated. So But first, I'm going to show you how you can set up a costume brush like that. So press new brush and go to click freak brush, and from here you're going to select the size. And instead of fixed, you're going to do pressure. So this means it will work with tablets and the variation between the pressures, for example for and press OK and check how it work. So if you want to increase the figures, go to this and selected higher, so sometimes it doesn't increase. That means that you have to make something slice. And after that you can increase the gun and then it will work. So we're going to delete this chance. Are you have to increase it again? Yes, I read it also. So that's Onley, actually, the only gun that you have to increase it sometimes. But I'm going to select my other purse because I made this brush for calligraphy and I'm going to put it on. Let me see too. Okay, So I'm going to assume in, and what I'm going to do is from here I press hearts, I'm going low. And then I press softer like today. So what I'm going to do is here. I'm going to press harder and here softer. So it is requires some practice, just like the mental. But once you once you're good at it. It's going to speed up your workflow so faster and sometimes you might want to adjust your brush because it just doesn't feel right or something like that. So this one didn't turn out as I wanted. So we're going to try this one again. Okay, so from here, you can just, um, work. You wait so worse. It's so just trace it. So let me tell you something. I didn't game attempted monster. So this required a lot of practice. So I wasn't sleeping. And there was no story off me that I got woken up by ferry one day and she flipped her much grants. And suddenly I could do this. No, this requires practice. So you're not a bento. You're probably not a Dublin natural. Maybe you are the real lucky. But for me, it's words practicing this because it's safe. So much time. It's quicker than the pencil. And also an image Trace doesn't work. So, um, you can't only rely on image trace because that doesn't work. Always. So when image trace doesn't work and pencils going to take too long, then I can rely on this. So I'm going to check out how this looks like. So sometimes you see those, um, shapes here is going to me Shapley Oh, that's because this brush and I probably installed it wrong way so they can just adjust your brush from here and this will open your settings What's not going to do right now? So I'm going to select the other one. And for variation, I'm going to do it too. So leave strokes because they don't want my other strokes again. Justice. But this makes the process easier. Okay, So, actually, you just have to tweak and keep tweaking until you have found the perfect brush soundings. So I think are found it now. And if you found the perfect brush, make sure to write down the settings because once you have installed, like, perfect for she probably can live without. So if you want to create a huge difference between between fic if in you have to increase variation like this going to make you the little faker so I'm going to make thes one figure two. Yes. Okay. So also, keep in mind that when you're going to design something like this, keep in mind that you're going to trace its calm NC trace it commence E because sometimes it takes a while to perfection. One letter and sometimes you can like a trace the whole design without even pressing Commence E. So those days, uh, very eight. So, as now, I have, like, trace some images over and over again. I mean, some letters, but I also days that I can like traceable, um, graphic or calligraphy bees without even pressing co Muncie. So I'm going to finish this and get back to you so you can choose to do this with the tablet to. But you can also do this with deep mental. Since this is a Serra Fonso, there are low, like big differences in the weights off the funds. Breath with here, you have to, like, make fin strokes, fix strokes, and here this doesn't apply to them. So you can trace this with mental. So if you want toe, do it with with tablets. That's totally okay, toe. So for this one, as you can see, this one doesn't have difference in strokes. They're all fake. So where does we're going to select a lot of brush. We're going to select a five PT runs. So this one doesn't work with pressure like you can press hard as you can, but it won't increase the pressure. So for this, it's like ideal circling increases to three. Yes, this perfect. And we're just going to trace this one and then make decree one for behind it. Yes, like this increasing little. So now we're going to move that to the back so right, most click and arrange sent to back and then it's behind it. So now I can see Dead's Oh, it's the same shade of gray asked backgrounds. Almost so. We're going to make this lighter so you can see how this turns out. As you can see, it's behind it. And as I learned which you with mental, you can use the white arrow toe, move it around, so make it completely behind it like this. So this is how I traced withdrawing to have Waas. So it's actually when you learn it, it's really easy and it looks like really realistic and it's also really fun to do. And also, if you have a lot of followers, it's like really satisfying for them to share. It is because your followers always going to love this. You know those famous calligraphy videos while you can record this and then you can Sure, it's 6. 1.4 Another way to digitize your work [CANVA]: Okay, so now you're going to learn how you can trace your graphic in Gambia. So, unlike Adobe illustrator can fight doesn't have a pento. It doesn't ask image trees. And you also cans, um, Tracy threats of welcome tablets. So there's Onley. Actually, one way to do it is and I personally don't like the idea because it's going to look really different. Then profuse spelt a few don't have Adobe illustrator this the way you can do it. So we're going to import an image unlike this so we can trace it from here. And to be honest, I barely use can fall. So dis actually also a way for me to figure out how everything works in Canberra. So we're going to make this little transparent. It's also a way to lock a layer. I honestly don't know. Well, it doesn't matter anyway, so we're going to the elements and we're going to shapes and going to typing clouds. Okay, there it goes. Oh, it is actually not bad, though. Okay, so I see that there are a lot of bro things. I haven't just pro, actually, but there are some pro things here that you can use the loose like this for simple this one . Okay, so we're going to place a cloud. I know this is pro, but it has a watermark, as you can see. But I just want to show you how you can trace like this. So has already said I don't recommend you to trace Thinks in care va. I recommends Adobe illustrator over can file. But if you really don't have Adobe illustrator, then you can use these methods. Okay, so I'm just going to copy dis and place it behind each other and keep copying until I have to look that I want. So we're going to make this smaller, So if you don't after you and fast mint to, um if s in Adobe is ready, you can always go for again for pro. So I'm going to finish this and then I'm getting back to you. So now we're going for the tax. I'm going to check if there is a tax that looks same as thes one. So unfortunately, you can sort its so I have to find it. Maybe this one. Okay, so ok, text do you have to Turkey? It's like this. I'm going to make this a couple of more baker like 88. No, that's too big. Okay, 80. Okay. And then we're going to copy this one. So it's actually really easy to Neil. This principle I didn't expect it would be so easy with can. For so now I have to find a phone. That same as bird. Okay, so that's how you do it. Oh, get so wish me luck. This thistle, like those descendants like it's no, maybe pulled. Okay, I'm going to try this. Yeah, it doesn't look perfect like it, but at least it looks like it going to see if I see one. That's more like it. This one? Yes. There's only so perfect. Okay, so now we're going to make this speaker spacing, letter spacing. We're going to do this. Okay? We are going to make this. Yes. Now it's perfect. Oh, I actually law fit that you can new a principle like this. Easy. I didn't expect it. What's that? Easy And Gover. Okay, - almost . Okay. I think I totally did it. So this actually the only rate Teoh create treasure principle in can fire Soerensen. There's no image trace pencil and tablets But, um has already said if you're are really inside financial situation, you can use can va. But if you want to infest more, I really recommend you to use Adobe Illustrator because she don't have to heck a suffer like I'm doing now. Like actually, I'm just hacking this so far by placing clouds over place. And, um also, you need pro for those clouds. And while you're making investments, why not making it in Adobe Illustrator? So disa digitized version and I actually really like it. How? I just don't we know this? So from here, you can like a move those clouds rounds as Saul's as I also did an illustrator like do this grouped Make them Baker. And we're going to group this and so that a principal designs income. Okay, going to take this one a little more? Yes. OK, Perfect. 7. 2.1 Create your own doodles [ILLUSTRATOR]: So I'm going to show you how you can create simple doodles for your design. So we're going to create another art board and we're going to move it so it won't be a destruction like over here. And then we're going to doodle, for example. You can pick an image my church north copywriters I'm going to use at sea as an example. And what you can do is we're going to move this off course against photo layer, and what you can do is you can create a doodle from this, so we're going to correct a brush tool. So it's up to you which one you want. Select if you want just one consistent line that you can select this one without pressure, like it's going to form like this. But I always like toe adds a little variation to this. So I'm going to press this one and going to make the little finner like this, and what you're going to do is you're going to trace it like this. Okay, so normally, it's just I'm doing this little cleaner. So what's fun about doodles is that it doesn't have to be perfect. So this is like Messi next level, So it's like, really messy. But I'm just doing this quick and then you can see it's a letter eat. So if you want to do it for your best, sorry, then you can, like, take your time or, for example, do this and is And it's all about practice and fun parts about a calligraphic brush is that's going to for right from pressure if you just press a little harder. Also, you can adjust the strokes by making them longer that lost the, um, white ever through. By the way, so short got for death is a and then you're going to Do you know this? So is she already say, um so has already said my lines look wastewater then probably if you're going to start off from the first time, but has already said that is because I practiced this law on. What's fun about Illustrator is that it's going to smooch your line little like check it out, you see, So if you actually accidentally do this or awaits, it's going to smooth it for you to make it even straighter. So that's what I like about Illustrator. If you have a kind of shaky hands in the street will help you with that. So now I can see it's more perfect. But you can also, like, create your own drills free principal design for decoration. So, for example, issue may already so some clouds and the moon or a flower. Okay, so this all kind of looks like a five year old designed it, So it's not, like, overly beautiful, but I just want to show you the possibilities. But this will be great for nursery to Corey. No, because it's really childish on um like, yeah, the design is really childish. Showed this will be great for nursery decor. So what you want to do issue can ah, selective color off off each stroke, for example like this and make this blue set up like how cute. So this high can make the signs with doodles. 8. 2.2 Create your own patterns [ILLUSTRATOR]: this much, I won't show you how you can design your own better. So it's like, really easy. Normally, if you want to design better, you probably have to lay out everything and measure it like this and this, but we're not going to do it at this time. So now we're going to take the clouds and these bars. So what you have to do with better is that once you created better, you can skew it. So I'm going to make this really small. So first I'm going to outline this one so and then I'm going to skill this really small like this. And now I'm going to, um, place a clouds here and here just to make sure I have a great better days. Like everything you're going toe to object. Better earn and make. And here again, a mental. You have tow press, OK. And from here you can design your better. So in the beginning it can be my little bit horse because, as you can see, it's not even it looks kind of wears. So what usually helps is to a select one of thes and check which want turns out better sometimes you have to delete some parts to check how it will look like. For example, moved is one more to here and this one week that parts on moving more to here. They can move this barred like up higher here and there. You have deep, perfect, better. It's it's really easy to create a better. And if it doesn't work out as you want, you can also click Sigh style to our condemn. You can create your own distance. Here, you can select a couple things acres lecture copies like If you just want to look how it's going toe, look on a bigger skilled Inc and, like, select a lot of copies. And if you just want to look how to look on a small scale or how you're better, better looks like they against, like, three times three. So where you're done, click all safe a copy and you can give the name. I'm going to live like this, and then you're going back, and what happens is your bad earned his spirit, but it is in your swatches, so I'm going to do something awesome. Okay, um, so I'm going to type something here. I'm going toe. You can't just going to leave it better. What is awesome is that you can feel every shape with this better. So we're going to give this some outlines. Think Okay. And here you can see that your pattern is safe. So we're going to implement this better, and what you'll see is that it has the better. So it's really good. But what's the difference between a field color? Better. This pattern is actually safe. How do you How do you say that behind the scenes? So what? I mean that if this bedroom doesn't move, so if you're going to move this word around, the better remains. So where you going to make like, really small letters? This is what's going to happen. You barely can see the better she can see. You barely can see what f ring is. It looks like just a spot that's animal print. But you can so fit with this way. So one sure satisfied with how it turns out her coins api act and expand and press OK. And now you can skill the better in the way you want. Okay. I cannot scan skill. The better to wait. I want, so I'm going to try to 10. Okay, so you have to press object expense again. If it doesn't work, and then you can skew it and then the better over mate. So you can like, feel everything with that's like a shape. But if you want to make it more clear, make sure to give it outlines. And, like bettors, are so amazing for backgrounds, for your principles or just foreign words, and you can make better notice everything. So let's say you want this circle and you wanted black and you also want, like, star. So we're going to create it. Start to. So it's so easy and we're going to make the pink and that you're just going to do this and then you selected bozo Piak pattern make. Then you have to skillet properly Brick pyro like this and then safe copy. And from here you also have a lot of pattern. So you just delete this. We're going to make a Giants rectangle, and we're going through it with that better so it's like, really awesome. You don't have to create a better from the start. You can just create one and editors watches so that's whatever you like about it. And I also believe that it is like, really useful for designing principles. I haven't just myself, but it's probably for you. It's like, really useful. Hector, no. 9. 2.3 Create your own Graphics [ILLUSTRATOR]: So now I will show you how I can create graphics with D pencil. So I already explained this to you with, um, the graphic I designed with calligraphy over here. So I think I can't Adds march more fan you. But I would love to explain again. So if you've missed that march oh, you have to take a look at the sign. Graphics Wit depends or, I mean treasure imagery to mental. So if you may step macho, there's one more detail about this. But as I said, you just click and keep clicking like kiss and don't hold. Don't hold your mouse. Just, um, click and release. And if you hold shift, it's going to create a straight line so you can do this and this and it will move around. But if you lose shift, it's going to do this. So she was going to help you to create a straight line. It's also it also can move in corners, but this is, like, really useful. So that's something we haven't covered. So from here, you're just going to hold shift. So I still want to make it look sketchy, like not a perfect because if I wanted it to be looked like perfect. I would use the funds, but I just like the Glick field and literary style. Also, Asai demonstrated here you have to hold your ultra mows down and direct and make and creative. So what I won't say is that I want to, um, have that hand lettering style and not that perfect style has already said otherwise. I would use a phone. So hold shift here because we're going straight down here. You're going to occur, fits. And here we're going to close to That's so here. We're going to make, um, right mouse click may come, found bats and then you can feel it in So it's still bank. Or actually, McGinn's out from the profuse artwork. So from here, you can see that it's like, really sketchy D, and I actually really like how it turns out. So that's how you can do it to the pencil. So maybe I can like them straight again. Like if you're going to use those phones. Holding shift is ideal because it's going to help you perfection your work even more like it's so awesome. And here we're going to go over it again. So I always find, like, really satisfying to trace this start. Don't forget to press to make compound pants and then you can do this and then you can check out Looks like so. Actually, we like how it turns out. So we're going to finish the and you can make compound beds and then we have toward birds. So, as already gave in the tape of macho on, sketching makes everything easier because you're allowed to trace everything so quickly. So that's how he creates a graphics with mental. 10. 3.1 Create your own Printable in minutes [CANVA]: Okay, So now I am going to show you how you can create a printable, like really fast or any design, for instance, on a lot of products. So it's really easy. All you need is a good quote or idea for correct. Frick. Make sure it's not copywriters. So how do you know it's not copyrighted? So make sure it's not copyright by big prints or those quotes or notes from big brands. For example. More ful, Disney. Big. Sorry, it said. Throw. So if you want to be safe, make sure it's not copyrighted by your big prints. So I'm going to select a size. As already mentioned. I'm not really familiar with canvas, so what I do is like I select this design, and, uh, there's probably in East your methods to duties spots. Then I'm going to and just start here. So the close we're going to practice is you have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved. I'm going to show you how you can create a principle like really easy. So there are some tips for phone pairing. If you're going to use a click. Free funds make sure to compensate it with a thin and confident, So that's actually how I do it. So don't use garlic free all the time because it will be unreadable. Also for click free Onley make sure to use big words so it stays really readable. So now I'm just going to check over and over again until I find phone that I like. Okay, so we're going to implement its streak to not make it to black. As you know, if you've read so much about the hacks, you probably know that I I told you a heck about making your principal not too rough. And that's by making its, um, a lot lighter like this. And now we can, like, do a clouds, make it like really light, for example, like this and has already said the roof off states that's a graphic or photos more dealing with uneven objects. So I'm going to do three clouds. Make this a loyal smaller, so it will be even big Esti Ward Mountain. We're going to do this to 98 or one hundreds, so it's even big as the sentence of buff like this. So this is how he can create a principle in Onley couple of minutes so you can list this principle on the mark on the back on like a T shirt and the only thing you had to do is designing. So it's like, really easy to just do this. And with my course pro to pass products for Etsy Sellers, I'll teach you how you can just easily places to sign on any other product. 11. 4.1 Save Your file in Adobe Illustrator: So once you've learned how he can create beautiful graphics, it's time to safe your work. So we're going to clean this up a little and we're going toe delete. Those are ports. So normally I have created eight templates because I sell my principles in the size a tree a four and a five. So I know believe attempt with for death, I'm going to just toe. I'm going to open that for you right now. Okay, so I've opened to template, So here we can see a five a four, a three. So when when a customer birch my principal, they have available in three sizes. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to copy this to the new document. So if you want to create your own sizes, you can do that with the art boards and just creates another are part next sweets. So we're going to do okay on also small side note. If you haven't just image trace, but you used to drawing tablets. I want you to do this. So, so normally, way of traces with the drawing tablets. When you're going to recite two smaller, it's going to look like this. So now we're going swimming and you see that it looks really different. That's because of this is close and this to almost like here. And it looks just really work this week us. They are outlines and not feel color. So here you can all see that it isn't field. But they airlines that because we do all this. So now we're going to make feel colors off it so you won't face this problem. So we're going toe object bots and of nice stroke. So every time you're finished, something with the drawing time that you need to do is so what happens now is now they are shape. So here we can see Dave, they're filled into shape color, not with lights and more. So what happens when I'm going to skip this? It's actually nothing. It remains the same. And with lines, it's going to skill. Weird. So remember to go to object, bought and up my stroke. That's just a side note. I want to inform you it's okay now I want you to do if you offer it and more sizes, you're going toe place this one here and skew it. And what I said about factors because this is all factor now because we image traces is what's amazing about this is that I can skillet and involved big slates. So that's my favorite part about Illustrator. And it's also why I chose Illustrator over photo shop like See, it just looks the same. It's not going to pick Slade. It exists from those ships. I should go see here, so test the shapes that you can skill until infinity. So how do you say if your work you have to methods? If you want to offer this as a principal, you have to safe It s a pdf so people can print it easier and maybe also as a cheap back. If you find that easier. A lot of people giving my G back. That's okay, too. So we're going to fall and then save us and then be If so, um, if you want baby have attached to each other like one pdf, with all the size you have to use select use our ports and then all. But if you want every pd of separate like I do, you have to save it three time. So we choose all our birds select and then wrench. And then the 1st 1 is a five. So you're going to call it a five, for example. Then save it again with the 2nd 1 then Turtle. So we're going to save this and here you can see all the settings. So you have to click on high quality prints because it off course you want your customer to be happy. So test appear in high quality and then safe. Pdf. So you have to do with all three PDS. So if you want to save, it s a PNG. Because if you want to a print your design on Mark's backs bailouts, T shirts at Central, you have to save it as a PNG not cheap back. Because if you're going to upload cheap back, you will have to fight backgrounds and people can see that. So it looks quite unprofessional. So spg so are you going to do is fall exports and then PNG hope that's Photoshopped PNG it use our boards and in all. So when you're going to export SPG all, it won't bear us 11 big bong attached to each other. But for a dish, you only need to bake a size if you're going to bring it so range and then press tree Resolution three under DP I Because we're going to bring on a product and then press OK and day off your cheap back. So once you complete this, you can go to the Prospal Passive Brothers course, And then you can follow the steps there. So that's how you save your fall in Adobe Illustrator. 12. 4.2 Save your file in Canva: Okay, so now I am going to show you how you can export this design. So I created I selected a templates, As you can see here, do your best. Right to learn. I didn't name it that way. Okay, so I'm going to rename its birds principal. So what I did, I just grabbed the template and lead it all the graphic. So this is a four design, but for printing, you need a tree. But, um has already said it's just an example, but keeping my Jeff to use a tree. So here you're going to downloads and pdf print and click on downloads. So because I use some camper pro elements, it's not going to download. It's only going to download unless I purchased the stock graphic clouds or a camp opera. So keep in mind that if you don't use pro elements or you have camp approach, this menu is not going to pop up. So keep in mind, stepped. Um, after this, pdf will start downloading, so don't worry about that safer. PNG Co two downloads PNG and download, and you're getting notification again. So once you don't use pro elements or you purchased, uh, a graphic that it's pro or you're just purchased camp up this menu of owned 13. 5.1 What is Printful: in this martial. I am going to talk about the company. We're going to use principle. What is principle? Principle is a drop ship company. A drop ship company is a company that produces packages and ships your products. I have been using print full for a couple of months, and now I can't live without when you are using principle. You don't have to worry about producing packaging shipping. The only thing you need to do is to select your products and upload your design and principle does the rest for you. In this way, you only have to offload the design ones, and principle can print it on limited times. This is depressive part I was talking about earlier. Why it's brimful different and so shy. 86. Did you know how long it took me to get my first seal a year? Any worst part with so shiny six you will only make a 10% cut. Death means I only earn $2 in a year Like that is ridiculous. Here's why. I prefer principle. You can decide your own profit. Let's take a mark. For example, it's Gus prints for $8. 95 to produce that mark. Let's say you want to sell it for $13.95. That means you'll make $5 profit. You won't get charged until you make, so let's take the example both. If you sell Mark for $30.95 plus shipping, you will only have to pay $8.95 plus shipping so you can decide your own profit because you can edit your own prices in your Etsy shop. Their products are completely white label. This means you won't see principal logo on a product, and to make it even better you can at your own logo. So I remember with so shy 86. When I ordered the product, I saw a big society six logo on that product like, How are people supposed to know it is your design, if so shy 86 Locos on its but with Prince, for you can upload your own local and you won't see principal local anywhere like it's amazing you can integrated with etc. This means your principal products will be sink as draft listings to your A C count in next march. Oh, I'll show you how you can set up your prints. Four counts 14. 5.2 Create a Printful Account: we're going to start with creating in the accounting principle. I included the link in this martial ritual take you right to the part of setting up in the count. So for this macho, we're going set up your principal shop. If you squirrel below the FIO, you'll see a link that will redirect you to this page. So from here, click on, connect your shop and then you have to feel in all your details. So for this, I'm going to create a dummy account. And then I will regenerate the passwords and then sign up from here. You'll get a welcome to print full and with your name. Follow these steps to create your store. 15. 5.3 Connect your Printful account with a store: So we're going to skip this because I'm going to show you how you can create your store yourself. So setting up in the council's really easier She already saw. Well, you're down below. You'll get all the steps. Um, what difference will else can do for you? They have warehousing, but we're not going to folks. And that's so now we're going to connect your store, go to stores and then it sets creature only stores. Take a platform from your store. So now we're going hear juice, blood from because as you ready may be solved years, etc. Logo connects an e commerce platform and then you present at sea. So from here, I really recommend you to wash this video because I can show you how to connect it. That is because I can't connect to print for cowards to one Etsy store, and I also already have a principal count connect to my own Etsy store. So if you are so Satori oh, they'll show you how to connect the footprint full 16. 6.1 Add your own custom logo to the packing slip: as already mentioned before print. Phyllis White label. This means that you won't see principal local our your products. If they and the principal loco nobody would know it is your design. So this was the story already told about society six that they only at their logo and nobody will know it is your design. That is why they gave you the opportunity to at your local to your design and a packing slip. The begging slip is a sticker that goes on the package. In this way, your customers would recognize your package instantly. That is why I will teach you how to at your own back slip in his model. Now we're going to edit costs. A message to your backing sleep. Adding a custom message is a great way to encourage your customers to share your products or turn them into returning customers. If you are on the same page as in the profuse module, you can start right away with typing your message. If not, go to your effort or store, click, edit and go to backing slip. I think you should keep in mind while writing your custom message. It should be no longer than three on the characters authorize it fully fits. It should be thanking your customer if you have a social media platform and curse them to share their products while taking you and course sent to leave a riff. You Here's an example of my backing sleep. You see what I did there? So, Eddie, top I out of my logo and at the bottom, you see Mike Awesome message. So it stays. Thank you for your purchase in this part, I think my customer you're sporting my dream. I thank them even more. I would like to give back use a coupon, codes return and customer to get 10% off from your next purchase. So this a promotion to through your customers into a returning customer? If you're happy, which of product please rape me on. Etsy is asking for a riff you and don't forget to take me on Instagram at joining creative site So this is me incursion. Detect them and as less you see Chelsea my name so small notice You probably see those were breaks with products and instagram. You can't help that the principal backing sleep automatically break your worst. You're Simon's for today. Finish your packing sleep by adding your logo and custom message to it. 17. 6.2 Add your own custom message to the packing slip: So once you've set up your principal story, it's time to create a custom packing slip as already mentioned for a custom packing slip. It's a great way to during customers into returning, cost emerge and to branch of products for days. Go to your efforts, or or you can go directly to stores. But Alvarez preferred this way. Avatar. There you go to stores, and then you see your sink shop, and then you click on edit and run their go to backing sleep and already cost my states because this has already said, This is my store. So I this already displaying when people perched products butts. From here, you can change the foul or your case offloaded file for a branding staker, so make sure it's high resolution enough. If it's to lower solution, they'll mention it to you. And here you can upload your mogul and down below. Here you can upload a cost, a message to the packing sleep, and it's already mentioned. It should be no more than three on her characters. Authorized one fits. Look, if I'm trying to do something, they're going to say it has already through on the chapters, so make sure it's converting. So as already mentioned, you can't use no more than Triana characters because if I'm going to use more, they go and say this message field may not be created and 300 characters. And if you have missed the tips about writing custom packing sleep, make sure to head over to the profuse slides. 18. 7 Add your First product (Product, name, tags and pricing): after we have set up everything. Currently it is Stein's at your first product. I hope you are as excited as I am for his macho, because now it's finally time to stock up your Etsy shop. Make sure you're designing Majesty's requires. You're to sign form. It isn't being cheap. Your design has a high resolution. You can see if it is high enough when you upload it through your product. On principle, they will tell you if it's high enough or if you need to skill image a little more for this march. Oh, I'm going to use the mark as an example. You can quickly fall along, or you can select your own product. So now it's finally time for the most fun part, adding your first product. So from here, Septus Button for At Product and I should see Principle has a lot of different products you can choose from. And even when you choose a product, you have, like, unlimited choices to choose from there, like even baby wants. His are cute, but for days we're going to use and look as an example you can follow along, or you can choose your own product later. So for the mocks, I always choose the white glossy mark because this one, it's way cheaper, and I actually don't know why this one should be better than the other one, because they say this one is made in you say, But as you already see, they are both produced in the U SE. So here we have two options to at your own product upload euro foul or even to at your own text. And I don't know if Clip Art's already launched at the time you marched this, but they're also plan to release clip art, and here you can see where the Marx gets produced him. I always Jack Ah, you say instead of your rope because you say has more different products and a lot of things don't get fulfilled in Europe. Your guest like the sizes. I always so my mocks in 11 fluid. Alice is at 15 fluid ounces because I want people to have to feeling they can choose from two different sizes everywhere. You can offload the flower a text, and here you can see how the other size looks like. So this is 15 fluid Alice is, and this is 11. So we're going to start it off Load If all you can do that here, over here, I always do it here. And then you got to choose fault. So here I already have my sketches that I added before so during my library over here. But if you haven't already, you can upload your file from your computer Google drive or drop books. So for this, I'm going to have pick this society because I really love this design is also one of my most selling designs on etc. So just simply big choose and then it's going to loads. So here you can see if your image quality is good enough as already mentioned before. So this 417 dots per inch it's really good quality. So if you want your quality to turn out good, always make sure to use 300 dp I or higher. So had the higher did dots per inch, the better the quality and you might already see that when I'm going to skill this the number is decreasing, so now it has lot less dp I. That's because I'm skating it and it will turn to pixels and when it's not big enough, it's going toe warn you. Let me see if I can show that for you. Almost you see 300 is still good, and here they also say 2.5 is also good. But trust me, I'm a graphic designer, and I know that if you're going below 300 it'll turn out, speaks late it. So now you will see it will turn orange or yellow. I know average color. It will bury your computer screen, but this means that it it's too low resolution. So maybe you'll see it here. It's big slating the qualities, Beth. And if you're going to upload this, your customers not going to be happy and the resolution is ray too low and you don't want to ruin your reputation because your resolution is too low. So how can you solve this? Well, you can choose to recite your image, and if you can't do that because it'll picks late, it depends on the suffer. With illustrates, you can precise images and with first shop not because if you do it with food shop, it'll picks late. And if you take pictures off your artwork, and use them as a design upload. Then I consider infesting in the camera that has higher resolution or shooting better circle sense like Daylight's. So what I always do is I print my design on both sides. That's because so everyone can drink Dirk up and see the design, no matter if you're left right handed first. I always uploaded it on this that this sides. But then I realized, Hey, what what about the people that are left handed that they won't see their design, So simply click on public eight image on both sides, and from here it's a mirror, so it will always stay in proportion. So I always do it here on the center and to see how it looks like press market for you, like the quality off the mark. A few in Prince who is really low resolution because they have to runner it fast to show you how it looks like. So it's it looks like this is really lower solution, but that's only because the market render is low resolution, because if they're going to render in higher solution, it will take forever to load. So here you can see how it looks like D. Mandel, the left side and right side, and we want to make some adjustments to switch off the temple. Its view and also you have toe just every size manually. So for the 15 fluid ounces, you see that they're not in place as 11 fluid ounces. You have to reposition that want to so Erica boat, see if they're picking off and I see their boat off off the same resolution. So since this is 15 fluid, I was always like to make it a little bigger. And then you go to mark a few can to check out a look, and then it's generating again. And here you go. This how the 15 fluid ounce will look like so this muck up, it's a better render, so it has looks like higher resolution, but they both have the same resolution, so don't worry about this. It will still remain in great quality as well as you already see here. So here don't go to templates for you and then proceed to mock ups. From here, you can juice which image you want to appear your Etsy shop so they're empty now. But once they're in your shop there, generated with the fallen. It's like here. So I never at those mock ups from print for because I don't like the way they look. I always think they have a little to lower solution. And if you want to sell a lot of, etc. Like governing product, first matter. So in one off the next modules, I'm going to show you how to create I resolution images for dose without having to shoot them yourself. But now I'm just going to take off these two and keep this one to be sink to my Etsy shop so I can see which Mark I'm facing. When I'm looking at some new now, we're going to add the product title description, tax and titles. For this. It is essential to fill in every detail about your product. I always say, make your titles and descriptions, idiot proof by debt, I mean at every physical aspect. So when I organized a webinar and I tell people it's at 9 a.m. Pacific and yes, there will be replayed. When I mentioned it in the title description and in the terrific people are still asking me , Will there be a re plate like people don't read. But when you read their interest in your products, so make sure it's idiot proof another. Except for Mark. If your title or image tells, um, you can choose between 11 fluid houses or 15 fluid houses that mention it in your description. How to write a compelling title for your title, your limited to 150 characters. Don't just write out Mark or quote block. Make sure you have fused all the 150 charters by filling in relatable keywords. Always think road my ideal customer search for So it's actually really hard to and feel in while all the 150 tractor. So if you have six left, that's okay, too. People don't like to read as a mentioned for, but when they reach of the Scripture there most of the time, one step away from buying, make sure to mention things that your description like, where is it for size caller answers form. Your frequently asked questions in this case is a dishwasher microwave safe shipping time. Also, make sure your description is S E O. Proof. If you want to learn more about s e o. Make sure to head over to my daughter, of course, to profitable CEO Booth Camp. Tips for tax for its X. You have to give him mind. You can use up to turning text. I see a lot of people only used through text. This means you'll rank lower in search SCK. If you're turning text for a reason, make sure to get the most out of them by using them all. That's just like someone gave you $1 million or you're only taking 100 thousands. Why would you do that if someone's offering you a 1,000,000 Richard Tax, make sure there s CEO friendly authorized. They don't have a purpose. If you want to learn what tech school for it well and how to use them. Make sure to check out my other course profitable SC boot camp. As I mentioned before that we're going to proceed through description. Okay, so we have arrived at the description, and as you already see, print for automatically creates a description for you. But I believe this one is not comforting enough. And, as already showed you at the tips for creating descriptions like mention, everything mentioned a call or make it idiot proof, etcetera. I never added the description here because I I don't like it to edited here. I prefer to edit a directly NFC, but you can create a description here and then when principal sinks brought through Etsy store, you already have description fielding. So it's about your own preference. But But I always feel the Nazi, but we can create a dummy name so so we can locate it easy. So I'm going to name this one desk off feet mark so you can also create your tax over here . But I'm not going to do that. I want to edit in at sea off to your filled in your description title in text. It is time to continue to the pricing. But let me tell you one thing first, never, but never under price. Your product You are word way more than us. Ah, lot of people are under pricing their products because they think people won't buy their product if they price what they weren't. But let me tell you one thing If people really want something, money is not an obstacle. So don't worry if you're afraid your price too high. Actually, if you're pricing something to price your scary a bit how to make sure you choose the right pricing by stalking your competition yet for ooh in this case, diaper mark on etc. And hit the search button. If you see related mocks, look at a price off their mocks and from dark choose similar price. But if you believe your award rain more than the price you find your search, then go for it and price your product higher. One thing I always keep in mind is to match my price of my competition. But I should also make enough profit. So now we've arrived at the pricing and this is what I meant with you can decide your own profit. So I always want to make about 5 to 7 euros profit. So you have to see what happens when I'm going to talk. All this one up, so s you see, the price here changes. So what this means is it's got sprint ful seven euros of 70 cents. I have to currency euro zone now because located in that and so if you have dollar or pounds, it will look difference from your side but it's got sprint ful seven year olds and 70 cents to create a mock, and I saw it for 40 euros and 70 cents in my shop, which means I'll make seven euros profit. So this actually how it works and what happens when you get a seal? Um, when you got a seal off course, you get the money from its you get it transferred to your bank cows. I know in how many days your site receive it, but, um, wooden, our principal, will charge through that seven euros and 70 cents and once a charge that they could start fulfilling your product. But what I like to do in principle is toe choose where it's going to get located. So in this case, our located in the category Funny marks. So once you've said F ring off, maybe you even want to charge even more for the 15 fluid ounces like, um, $17. That means you'll make seven year old for three cents when someone birch, a baker mark. And, of course, you can decide your own profit. Whether you want to make one euro profit. I don't recommend that, but there you'll see that If you only make one euro profit, that's the price for your dumb Fordham. Mocking your at the shop is going to be really cheap. But as I already said, I don't recommend it, because if you get a steal, it only makes you make my Europe. So I'll stick this 1 to 7, and then we're going to click on Submit to Store, and now you will see this screen bar. This means that it's sinking, which are Etsy shop. So the test coffee mark. Once this is done, it will appear your Etsy shop, so that's pretty cool. So you don't have to do anything. Extra prints will just do this for you. And when you lock in into at sea and look at your draft listing, you'll see this mark here and you're you see, that's done. So now he can locate it in your Etsy shop 19. 8.1 Why you should care about professional photos: Marshall. Five Pretty Products photos. As you can see, I always try for the best quality Reading comes through. My photographs were at sea, but first, why should you care about pretty products? Photos, Some product photo facts? You should know people prefer pictures 60,000 times faster than text. That means that if someone is browsing through etc. The first thing they see issue product photos. Not your title. Notre text. So the one with the most beautiful product photos gets most clicks. Small effect. Airbnb was almost bankrupt until they decided to improved our photos. And another fact. It takes someone 20 milliseconds to decide if they want to buy from you or not when I take a look at your product photo. So in the 1st 20 milliseconds, there's already made a judgment. This means that if your photos are not pretty enough, people are not interested and they're not going to click or your product. So you better make sure your product photos comes. But how do you make sure you'll have high quality product photos without ordering effort? Product? You just produce and shoot photos office By using markups, you'll learn more about markups in the next lecture 20. 8.2 An introduction to mock ups: What are markups? According to Cambridge Dictionary, the full size model off something large. It has not yet been built showing how it will look or operate. Okay, now, in an actual language, a mock up, actually profuse how your design will look like on a product. Let's take a look. And one of my latest listings, as already mentioned before I did not shot this photo, I bought this marker from creative Markets. And then I load of my design in a fortune fall. And there you go a product image without shooting force of your actual products. So if you're following my Etsy shop or follow me on instagram, you probably have seen that the same photo with the mark has complete different decides where you look at my in scruffy, so one off them as this photo with the design is 2 a.m. for me or the pumpkin spice hate mark, but they're all the same picture, just they from design. Why am using markups? As you may already know? I live in the Netherlands when I have to order Mark. I'm probably paying more for shipping, therefore, the mark itself. So also because of shipping costs and wait sign. So let's say I'm going to order a mock, issued an actual photo for I have to pay a lot of shipping costs and then I have to wait a long time like three weeks if I want to save on shipping calls before the marks get delivered on my front door. So when I'm going to shoot photos, it'll take a month before I can listen in my Etsy shop. But with markups, I can easily just load the design in the picture and then I can listen right away into my Etsy shop. The recently I used mock ups in two words. Sighing Safety. It will also save money. I don't have to purchase effort products. I listen, my etc show. Although I wish I had enough money to buy all my products, says I am thrilled with how they turn out each time. Any photography is not your best skill. Markups are made for you. You don't have to infest time shooting photos since people already shot and edited pretty product markups for you to read more about markups, you can continue reading this block. Boast the complete guide to mock ups for Etsy shop owners. So if you scroll down below the video, you'll see your link to this block boast I raids in all my websites work a God Markov's. There are tons of freemark of sites like mark abroad dot com very condones Remo cups, although my preferences goes to pay Markov's. So if you're currently not in the situation, Rick and the fourth paid markups you get started the free markups from market growth. But here are the reasons why I prefer bait. Markov's the quality. It's way better off bay markups, because when some people are creating things free most of the time, they're not paying a lot of attention to it. But with pain markups, they have to strive for perfection because they're one customer satisfaction, so their products are way better in quality and not ever on spends money to bake markups. This means that you're more likely to stand out of Muggles, so I see a lot of market from market wrote and a love Etsy shop owners have. Those markups did means that you're not likely to stand up, and with related products, their products with the same market will show up. But we invest in baby products, not Effron dust that so you're more likely to stand out. And they also have better instructions about how to apply and walk up there. Free markups. They're more detailed and has already set the the creators off the mark of strive for perfection. So they write real, detailed description, and you can assure you can use it for your shop. So it's free. Markov's ALOF them have for licensed that you can't use them in your shop, but with big mark ups. They're allowed for commercial use, so really recommend you to your Spain markups. Make sure to read this block post to check out the markups I recommend. 30 Product markups weren't buying. If you're on Etsy shop owner. So also with this block bus I linked to blow for you any next lecture, I'll teach you how to work with markups in photo shop. And if you don't know how friendship works or you can't afford it right now, I'll also show you how it can work with Markov's in camera 21. 8.3 How to work with mock ups in Adobe Photoshop: So this say tutorial about hiking, working markups in photo shop. So I purchased this mock up Bondo from creative markets, and the block boasts 30 product markups to buy. If you're on Etsy shop owner, I listen, this bundle, it's around $35 but the quality is so great and I really love every picture in it. So, like $35 wasn't really dead March of money. For me, it seems like a lot first birth. I am so satisfied with this mockup bundled deaths, but I am so satisfied with those mock ups, and I already returned the investment. So we're going to start by loading in this design. Make your pressure your paycheck. So if you haven't used Marcus before, you're probably think their work like this like you place them in the picture and then you skilled on down and they place him here and done. No, that's not how they work, because you can see here that the design is really fake, because here the DIY bottom off the cup is round and my designers flat, so if you're doing this all the time, you're doing it wrong. And don't worry, I've done this like for two years when I found out I was doing you drunk too, So I'm going to show you the right way. So we're going totally that. And then over here, you'll see a layer waits. The paper sheeting it with some blocks. That's called a smart object. This means you can edit it curly. It's now empty because we're going to place it the sign on its But when you perch, this mark of it comes with a dummy design, so you're also it say stubble, click and changed image. So with the descriptions on the layers, make sure you really listen to the descriptions because some off those say, Don't touch this layer. And when they say Don't talk shit, just don't touch it. It's not like what paint If someone says, I bend at the door and it sweats that you were going to talk to to believe it so don't actually layer when it says don't arch. So now I've completed my disclaimer. We're going to edit this market, so don't silicon layer here, but click on square and make sure to double click. Now I should see Photo shop will open a new window. But this is not a separate foul. This fellow is attached to this one. So everything into here, they'll see it there. I'm going to give you an example. So I'm going to use my great bands. So and I'm going to do this, Then I'm going to hit safe. You can do it your fall safe or control safe or if you're a Mecca, men save safe, it's going safe. And now you see that the design I did is now here. So it also works like that with markups. So I'm going to delete this design and I'm going to place this design. Make your passion your paycheck In here. I'm going to skilled Lubitz. Everyone, the bigger or not. Let's say I wanted to really big like this. Then I'm going to hit save again and then I'm going to look at my mark. So as you can see, this is like really realistic version off the mark. A lot of people even ask me how I shot these photos and they even asked me if the don't I use is really and then I always tell them No, I didn't show this photo. I use markups, and they're like, No, shut up, you're kidding. But as you can see, this how I did it and I didn't actually show this photo. So I always recommend you to use, like 3 to 4 mock off, switch your mock and listen in your Etsy shop because she needs readers. Five photos to maximum is 14 if you can do 14 product photos with mark ups and new 14 because that's ideal. But I always stick to 3 to 5, and I also have a naughtier Markoff that is uncle person from the 11th fluid ounces and 15 fluid ounces. So that's already said it's a bundle that I purchase, So this is all you get for $35 only. And here is the comparison off the 11 foot ounces and the 15 fluid answer. So I already created the design on this one. It's a beautiful day to leave me alone. I actually really like this is I'm so here. People can see how their design will look like on the 15 fluid ounce mark and 11 fluid ounces, but one thing you always should keep in mind. Make sure it matches just the size off your print footprints because if you're a principal product, the print is really small, and you're going to use a big print on a mop, your customers going to tell you. Hey, but you said it was a larger print, so always make sure your design off the markka Majesty, except to sign off the principal product. 22. 8.4 How to work with mock ups in Canva: So in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a mock up with Ken. Va Silvered is we're going to load in the design again. Let me find it for you over here. And then it's going to loads. And in the meanwhile, we're going to upload t make your pressure, your paycheck. So from here, I ask, you can see. I've everything perfectly organized in folders. I can live without folders. I'm sure about that one. Okay, so we're going to place this one here. So this is like the dominant editorial. It's actually as I showed you how you can do this. Esta miss take. A lot of people are making photo shop. So this way you're just going to direct us the sign. Make it smaller on the mark. And if you have to, you can change the or bestie little bits to make it more realistic. Like this. So this was my one minute tutorial about hiking. Creating can va. But if you're familiar with photo shop, I still recommend you to use photos show because, as you see at the bottom here, this is not rounded and you can shape that in Canada. But if you can't afford for shop right now, you can use this as an alternative. And when you've made enough money from your brother, you can buy photo shop. 23. 9 How to publish your product to your store: So now it is time to locate Mark we have created in Peru fears macho in principle. So, as you remember, I used this design on the mark. And very gun located it ISS located in your drafts. So not as an active listing, but your drafts. So from here, we're just going to publish it and said it in your at sea shop. So we're going to click on it. And as you'll see, I used those poor quality images. But I'm going to remove that. The reason I use and now is because when I'm going here to my dress, I can easily see um, rich Mark I am facing which I'm going to add it. But no, I already know. I'm going to delete these warm and then I'm going to place the images. I already greatest for this monk. So D's and these on. Let me find this other one there. So most a loads, we can picked its on new, So we're going to wait for death, and then I'm going to get back to you. So now they finally load. So it's time to pick the time. New. So how do you pick the tongue knew the first picture you place here is going to be a temple . So now this one has changed in some new and I'm going to rearrange them a little like this and then put this one, like in the middle so people can see they can choose from different sizes. So we did some new you can soon in more to draw more attention to the mark or you consume out so people considered overall composition. But from this, I'm going to keep it like this because I created some new and exported to this site. So if I'm going to assume you'll see the text will be cut off. So it's safe. And from here you have to fill in the title with comforting cures. And if you're having a hard time with that, make sure to check out my ought, of course, to profit Cosco Booth Camp, where I'll teach you how to rise, converting title stacks and descriptions. So what I also like about principle is when they sink your product, they already have this filled in for you. So we just get that with the color chooser Primary caller. I'm going for white because my markets, whites and secondary color black because design on my mark is black for Eureka Jews location. I actually don't really have a location, but I still want to show up in one of thes options. So I'm going for housewarming and whole day since it's almost Fallon's, I state I'm going to click felt I stay and can it be personalized? In my case, my mark can be personalized, but some of you might have to sign marks that can be personal lives. For example, people can choose their own quotes phrase a stacks, etcetera, so material every mark you're going to list imprint Feliz made from Serra make. And with her new options, I choose automatic, so I don't have to lists it every time I sell something die. If the product its fiscal because people can start shit description, you have to feel inappropriate description and production partners. I'm going to take on principle. So when you're working with a company like principal, you have to mention your production partner. So if you haven't already, you can create a new one here categories that's already free field decks, materials. Make sure to feel out all the dirty in Texas. Already mentioned before materials it's made of Sarah make. So we're going to feel its hair and as a Victorian pricing, um, this already pre filled for you. He had a pricing. You've chosen principle, and if you want to edit it, like for example, I want to 50 euros for the 11 Phillip palaces, and I want 18 euros for the 15 fluid ounces you could steal edited here. It won't affect your product. Unfruitful Shipping options are not a great thing. Prince for automatically has filled in your shipping options. So if you're going to print a mock boaster like they filled in everything for you like snap back everything like it's ideal, you don't have to add this yourself. And if you want to add your own and if you want at your own costume shipping option, that can also. But I never do that, because why would I do that? If Prince, who already has designed this for me, they can see how much people pay for shipping so I can see that if I'm going to ship it anywhere else, where people are going to pay 40 euros and 15 nice since and don't let this price scary because a lot of people that ordering from Europe and they're paying like, um, 14 euros for the mock and 40 euros for shipping. So So sometimes they're paying even more for shipping done product. So if people really rounded, they're going to pay for no matter what. But most my customers are in the United States, so they only have to pay like six year old shipping girls on what your don't click publish . And now you're going to your store and artists your gov mark in your store. So dead is how you publish it products. 24. 10 What happens when you get a sale: depending on your payment methods. Prince Overcharge. The prince will cost within an hour from your PayPal. Grabs guards or principal wallets. If your transaction field for a reason, you have to update your payment Mets of manually in order to continue to production process . Prince for Bone Starkey. Process off producing your products until they have charged you, so make sure you have enough money, your print, full wallets, crafts cards or paper to pay principal to produce your products. When you get an email from principle that saves, your order is fulfilled. It means that your transaction was completed successfully and that Prince was started printing your order on a product. 25. 10.2 How to handle Gifts: how to handle gifts, especially around holidays. You'll get a lot off orders from etc. That are marked as a gift. Most of the time when an order is marked as a gift, that price should be removed from the pecking sleep. If you ship in order internationally, it is not possible to remove the price from the backing sleep due to import rights and Texas, you might want to inform your customer about that. So once I got an order from a person that wanted their products shipped to Italy as a gift , um, I try to remove the trial. The backing sleep and it didn't work. So I contact the print and they told me that if you're going shipping order outside off Dios SE, they can remove to price because off import access and import writes etcetera. 26. 10.3 How to add a custom gift message: how to edit costs a message. A lot of people also include a custom message in the notes. If you're dealing with a lot of gifts with principal products, make sure to include your description. That Acosta message only can have 200 share colors authorized involved. Faith on the backing slip. So when we go back through those modules, I showed you what happens where you're going. Over 200 Cherokee. So in a previous module, when we went to a packing slip, I showed you what happens when you cross those characters. They won't be shown on the betting slip. When an order is marked as a gift, you have to include that. Give message as soon as you can, because we didn't our You'll get charged from your order and a couple of hours. Maybe days later they're going to produce your products, so it's important to include your gift message before that sign. So how do you do that goes in order that hasn't completed jets and then go and change address so you'll have to make sure you get to step three off your order and it says Riff, you order some from here, you can choose include a custom notes with subject gift And then I, um x Y c happy first day and congratulate relations on your new graphic design surface like so And now this tax is going to show on a packing slip. So we're going to see that. So here we have the order I showed you before and it also has a costume notes on the backing sleep. So here, See, custom note. I include so small story. I had to put my dog down two months ago and some long for my family saw my address and they sent me a check off $25 so to pay for the funeral off my dock. But I already had enough money by the time, but I still wants to thank her for effort. So that is why I include this on the custom message. But Wing included costs a message. The message on the backing sleep still remains, so you'll have both Give message and Acosta message 27. 10.4 How to handle lost or damaged items: how to handle loss or damage packages. It might happen that order gets lost or damage like those things happen. And that's still leave. OK, because we're human and we make mistakes. I also experienced that a customer reached out to me when a protocols damage and this happened to my first mock steps was shipped. There were two Marx in the box or Lady Orders. So when I finally start to produce mock someone Order to and the mill carrier was not careful enough redid my customer ended up with one broken mock. She got in torturing me, and a new mark was produced the same day without any cost a one off us. So what happens? She sent me a message telling me the situation, and I contacted Principle, and both me and the customer dance had to pay for a new mark. So a new Marc Klaas feel fields the same day. So how do you do that? That's what I'm going to show you. So now I'm going to show you how to handle lost or damage products. So go to your orders over here and then select order that's loss or damage and then click on its We're now going to click on report problem. So if it's damaged, you have to click. I have a problem with the order I received. So when your customers orders damage, make sure to include a picture. Tell them it's nothing personal butts. You can't submit this without including a picture. So far, we're filling your issue and select image and click over Poor problem. And from here, Prince will get in touch with you for further instructions. So if your order gets lost, you have to click on. I haven't received my ordinance. And from here, they're going to show you when you order should write all In this case, there's really problem with this order because it still hasn't arrived. So typing lots happens. Um, I also checked It's wreck ings like here. You can see the trekking to check if it has already rife too, and it should be arrived two days ago and it still hasn't. So then I'm going to problem report and then I haven't received my order. And then I'm going to describe what happened so he don't have to create five paragraphs of text just right. The order is not has not been told if liver yet. It's sure be arrived at Deep 28. And the trip king has since updates that since let me check sins Sharon January seconds and I'm report problem. Thank you. We received the report and we will contact you as soon as possible. And then Okay. Got it. And then Pretty will contact you through your email, so make sure to keep an eye on your email.