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How to draw cartoons using random shapes

teacher avatar Jay Dubb, cartoonist/freelance illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction video


    • 2.

      let's practice drawing faces onto shapes


    • 3.

      let's add guidelines to help draw faces


    • 4.

      visualize the shapes and draw faces


    • 5.

      drawing faces out of wacky shapes


    • 6.

      try this exercise and make your own cartoon faces


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About This Class

These lessons will compliment my first, "How to draw cartoon heads",class. The basic for drawing a cartoon head should always begin with shapes. There are many shapes that you can use to stretch,adjust,or cutoff to create a cool looking cartoon. For most of us,we rush to draw in the facial features, so we don't take the time to focus on the over all head shape, but this exercise will help you see how important, and fun it can be creating cartoon heads using random shapes. You can draw alone with me, as i explain my thoughts and process, i recommend you use a light color marker or a highlighter, maybe not a yellow one to make random shapes on your paper,then you can use a pen and or pencil to draw in the features! I have create a printable PDF with a row of random shapes that you can also practice with. Thank you for joining this class and always remember to have fun while drawing! 

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Jay Dubb

cartoonist/freelance illustrator


About Me

Hello, I'm Jay Dubb and I'm a self-taught freelance artist. I share my art on Instagram,I also make animations and art related videos on Youtube ! I'm also a teacher here on Skillshare and i hope you can learn art and drawing with me!

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1. Introduction video: And then here, okay. 2. let's practice drawing faces onto shapes: This is the fun exercise that's going to help you to create a recognized different Cartoon shapes. First and you wanna feel your sketch book page up with the basic shapes. You wanna do this with a light color marker. Once you estab this step D and all you have to worry about is the facial features. So lead, you just concentrate on going in and putting in a godless in drawing out your different cartoons faces is pretty fun and it's a bit exercise when it comes to quiet too many. So, okay, so this first cartoon face, I will start out by drawing the eyes. And with this drew a rectangular type eyes instead of round or oval type. I's also put into nose, which is a little small part tune simplify knows. Then once again I did. The mouth is just the line with a couple of lines underneath. Our brows. Wanted them to be turned up just for some type of expression and added the ears on the side. Okay. Just those small ears not to be with few lines on the inside. Also started to add in the hair. And you also want to look at like reference other pictures of different hairstyles. What I just wanted to be kind of spiky in. And this slowly draw in the hairline. It's simple is that also I added a neck and just for good measurement goes no k, it is complete, the dot one, right? So that's how you draw and doodle bagasse. You can take this particular shape. You can make some type of animal if you wanted to hit all begin with the shapes. That's the most important thing. Okay, and because repetition is the father of while learning, let's work on this second drawing. I'll start out with the eyes on this one and do my favorite ice. And when I'm drawing cartoons and desk, straight line on the top and the income up under the bottom. And I'll do some type of circle or a square or oval. But they'll knows in there, the nodes is a little fatter, just a little bit, but not too much. And I got them looking off to the side just to add variety. That's what you wanna do. Sometimes you know you want to mix it up. This is a fun exercise. You don't wanna get too bogged down in to serious with this. You, this is to explore, you know, this is what you, this is what you want to learn the fundamentals and get them down. So try and to the slab hairstyle is always challenging and exciting at the same time, you know, always trying to figure out like what particular hairstyle I wanna character. And sometime it all depends on the shape of the face. When you experiment with it. This is the place and time where you can experiment and try out different things. Uri scientists in this ego lab. So you are here to try out different things, find out what works, what doesn't work. Also, you know, you're here to do practice good, good drawing methods. So it's a little of both, but you should always be fun, should never be stressful. Okay, the next one we will draw. Let's draw a lack of female with a drug girl and usually require tuning around shaped face will represent youth, fullness represents a younger person or whatever. So we'll start it, give her the basic cartoon. Eyes. Add a few eyelashes. Come across. In. Notice how everything is broken down to simple shapes and so forth in lines. That's too complicated. You know, especially with the line where it's just simple shapes throughout the whole picture. You know, from the hair from to the face to the US. Everything is broken down into simple shapes. In this prayer. But tau, cartooning, you know, or even just drawn, even drawing complicated thing. You want to break it down. Two simple shapes the and build with the detail and things like that. So like I say, I just haven't fun, maybe drawn the same type of ears. And I'll draw this character a neck. And draw a here. And now she needs a pony tail. So I'll put that in. And this, you know, just so simple shape once again, few lines and there you have it. And while law. So this how you do it guys, you don't practice shapes like this particular study because it forces you to get into a rhythm, right? Given to real, when you do maybe three heads in a row, you get into a rhythm. You find out what you like, what you don't like. And you know, you just go from there. It's a cool exercise. So let's continue shower you with the next set of drawings. 3. let's add guidelines to help draw faces: Okay, we'll use guidelines to construct these faces. You can draw without the guideline. But it makes drawn a lot easier. Okay, so you want to look at the shape and determine where you want to put the eyes and the nose in the mouth. And just start. Use, kinda use your imagination. Kinda figuring out what you wanna do. The Lean Startup net. I like to start out first by drawing the iss. And this particular one, I, I switched up the I shaped with BNL. So I've made the eyes there like a square, kinda like the shape of a square. Oh, I'd end up pupils which are pretty big. But that's okay. Then I add the nose, which are simple lines, simple three lines. And then I construct the mouth. I draw in the eyebrows. And I'll draw them a little bit higher up on the heat to give him a pleasant expression. I added some fun cartoons. Tau teeth. Draw the ears, which are just simple, simple shapes, simple curve shapes. And I start to work on the hair. There's no hearts that rule when, when doing this exercise. When you are drawing the cartoon features over the shape. You do not have to use the Gad lat or the shape exactly. You can alter the shape a little bit, you know. Now let's move on to the next one. Shall we? Okay, notice how I put it in the Matlab for this particular shape. I'm looking at this shape and I think it's, I can see your face look into the side. So I'll throw in that line I, the center line is curved because this actually not centered is as you turn to the side, the line goes as you turn. So that's why the center line is curved. And our steel will put into Ireland straight across because you still are level. You just the face is turned slightly away from me. So if you've been Imagenet DES, what I'm, what I'm doing. Now with these eyes, I made AMA there looked like beans. I made a bean shaped. I, right? So it looks Canada squinting. And like I say, it is always important to change up your the shape of the eyes and everything else really. So this time I will wind up with a different shape. Yeah, it's fun. Add in the standard small cartoon knows. But watch this mouth. May I went, when really cartoons dial on this mouth. It's like an open smile, right? You know, you see, see the guys tone in the NR, add insult, T, Scala telephone. Kind of wacky. It works. Now at this point I'm Phil in it, so I'm trying to poorly stretch everything. So the ears I'll come elongated trying to decide on the hair. And even with that, I started pulling it in, making it making a Cal alone in what it's trying to decide, like what type of style, whatever style, like I say, it's always a challenge where this one. Our broccoli cheeky and just the bit I didn't want to get too carried away. I darken into mouth. So at this point he looks like a young and the young man. So what I'm gonna do is I want to age him up a bit, so I'm gonna give him a mustache. And you can make your character look even odor by adding wrinkles, which would be, you know, just like lines like above the four he in around the eyes. Now, looking at this shape, it looks like I here to me, but it looks like he's turning and looking to the side. So I add in the guidelines. The center got last slightly over two to the left in the at the IGA outlines and then are stored star drawn eyes. I knew from the start that I wanted to know the female. So this time I wanted to draw the eyes when our lashes in draw the eyes like a football or a leaf type shape. After that. Work on the eyelashes are just tried to dock in the lands to make the allies is pop. Drawn the small upturned nose. Now, drawn the lips from the side is it's not really tricky, but it's a little different. To me. It looks like a hot, like a Valentine's heart, but this is till the five, right? And then you add the line in the middle. I gave her a bob hairdo. I almost forgot about the opera house. There are long and Dan and thank we're done. So there you have a Guys. Are you ready for the next set of shapes? It should be fun. I'll see you in the next video. 4. visualize the shapes and draw faces : Okay guys, these particular shapes or are a little more challenging because, because of the shapes, they're not your traditional simple shapes. You know, they have angles, curves sticking out in different things like this. So you really have to use your imagination for these, and which makes it fun. I stared at this particular one for a minute or two before I actually solve face. Once I solve face using my imagination, they're not starting. Have you ever went outside and let up at the sky and looked at the clouds? And you saw a lack a particular animal or a phase or dragging or whatever. And the clouds. That's what this exercise allows you to do. You know, it, it, it helps you to use your imagination and to see things through, through shapes. We'll contour the face in cutting into the shape. The left ear is already there. So all I have to do is cut into the shape. And then I will draw the ear on the right side. He looked like an elf, but those pointed ears, wet hay. And there you have it. Later I will come in and go with allies just to make the new Docker so they will read better. I really didn't see a face in this one at first. So I just put into centre line and the outline. And then I started from there. Once I've started adding the eyes, I started to see the character. Will. In this case, I drew some eyeglasses. Notice once I put in the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. You can see this particular character come to life. Now this one, this should be really interested in. Ok. This shape is definitely not human, but I do see a lot of different things in this shape, in this particular shape. So let's see. That's awesome. Standard cartoon eyes. Now, I added a long snout, cutting with a line C to form a mouth. I see a dragon and also see a horse. But there's no ears. But we'll fix that. This is fun. Don't be afraid to add necessary last that might get a picture look better. So there you have it. You never know what type of cartoon character you can make by using these shapes. So after that, you just cleaned it up in a dock and alliance. So are you ready for the last set of shapes? I'll see you in the next video. 5. drawing faces out of wacky shapes : This particular shape was harder than expected. Our stared at it for a minute. But a whole Asa was a hate with big ears. So let's see. Like always, I'll add in the guidelines. And usually once I've drawn the eyes, it helps me to focus them visualize the rest of the face. I added, I turned up shaped nose, the chunky operands or next. And at this point, I'm still searching in trying to find the shapes that I want. Now uptake I'll give him an open mouth SMOW. Made the shapes on the side of the head are tough. What so far that contour of his face at the neck, and then I'll draw collar. Now it's time to tackle those ears. I didn't want them to be 2B, so I didn't follow the shape exactly. Like I said before, this exercise is just to help you visualize the image that you're trying to draw. I'll draw the top of this heat and I'll give him a standard hair law. And in a feed details. And that's it. Okay. That wasn't too bad. But now that I'm warmed up, let's try to use all the shapes to draw a cartoon character with this. Okay, staring at this particular shape, I saw a lot of things that I could've done. I actually cite wacky vary with this shape. But I want it to continue to do our human face. This time, I drew small dots. What iss? I add it alone. Droopy knows. I edited a smile bang and it fill out the rest of the hairline. I'll give him a small green. I give him some ears. And at this point, OK, I see the character. He has while spiky hair. Cool. I like the way this one turned out. Okay, now we have one more to go. Let's see. Looking at this one, I'll see two shapes. I'll see a square at the top and I'll see a round shape at the bottom. So right off the bat, I'm thinking by drawing a female black, a young female place. So let's see. I'll start out by drawing big oval eyes. Adding in dark in the Pupienus. The operands or the end. In short. The nose is short and Q. Let's get some lashes then there are just visualize what I thought the top of the hitch should look like and I drew it. Now, let's do something with this shape on the top. Okay, I like that. It's time to put in the mouth, adding in a few details to the ears, round out the face, and draw in a NYC. And we're done. I hope you enjoyed this lesson. This exercise with definitely get your creative juices flowing. Remember to explore shapes and just have fun. You will definitely come up with unique characters. So as always, thanks for watching and keep practicing. And I'll see you in the next class. 6. try this exercise and make your own cartoon faces: Say guys, after you dumped this exercise and you want to clean up your sketches. This is one way to do it. Get a clean sheet of typing paper, can place it over your drawing and draw. Make enough fresh new picture. For me. I have purchase some tracing paper years ago. So I might as well use tracing paper is theme in it allows you to seek underneath are placed over the top of my drawings. Edited a little tape at the top so it wouldn't move as much. And then I started to go with the pictures. This is cool because if there was something that you didn't like in the original drawn, you can change it a bit. Once you have your clean new drawing, you can use color pencils or markers. I prefer shading what a council. But that's just me. No. And there you have it. This is a fun way to practice and be creative. Now, how did your cartoons turn out? Post them up. I would love to see them.