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How to draw Anime/Manga style heads

teacher avatar Jay Dubb, cartoonist/freelance illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Draw Anime intro


    • 2.

      Mapping out the head & face


    • 3.

      Adding hair and finishing up


    • 4.

      Make a female character


    • 5.

      Drawing the head in profile


    • 6.

      Adding hair to your profile


    • 7.

      Adding hair and finish female profile


    • 8.

      Class assignment


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About This Class

In this class we will be focusing on drawing the basic Anime/Manga style head.

1.We will map out the basic guidelines of the head.

2.Add in the facial features.

3.Draw the hair.

After drawing the basic head from the front view, we will then draw it from the side, which is referred to as the profile.

This is an easy and fun class that will give you a starting point on how to draw  Anime/Manga style heads. i believe that beginners can follow along with these lessons, as well as intermediates. There's also a PDF which contains the basic mapping of the head that you can refer to, plus a couple of faces that you can print out to practice drawing and create your own characters with. I truly hope that you enjoy this class  as much as i did making it. Remember to practice as often as you can, keep a positive attitude, and most importantly have fun!!! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Jay Dubb

cartoonist/freelance illustrator


About Me

Hello, I'm Jay Dubb and I'm a self-taught freelance artist. I share my art on Instagram,I also make animations and art related videos on Youtube ! I'm also a teacher here on Skillshare and i hope you can learn art and drawing with me!

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1. Draw Anime intro: If you can draw up basic shapes and you can draw hates in any style. And in this class, we will be focusing on drawing your basic anime, manga style. Hey, we will map out the basic guidelines. Add in the features V and finished by drawing in the hair. But wait, there's more. After drawing the basic, hey, it from the front view will be in turn and draw it from the side. This is called the profile. And adding details along the way will help you complete your picture and make it pop. So calm and draw along with me step-by-step as we draw a cartoon, Hey, it's an animated manage that. 2. Mapping out the head & face: Well, hello there, JD. And today I will be showing you how to draw anime, manga style. I'll be using this as a reference, a gap. Start off by drawing a circle. This will represent the base of the head. And take your time. And remember, this circle doesn't have to be perfect. After this, we will start to draw on the guidelines. The VAT, the CircleUp in hair, and draw a guideline going straight down the middle. And you want to extend that Gottlob a little past the bottom of the circle. Let's start to add the sides of his face. Start on one side of the face and draw a line going down. Then do the same thing on the other side. Now, connect these two lines by drawing a line going across. From this point, we will draw into chain, which comes to a little point at the end. Good job. After that, let's join the class to represent his eyes. And omega. Omega characters are known to have white eyes. So let's indicate them with a wide space between the guidelines. The nose is small, so I draw a little line to indicate that. Now let's join those ears. The ears should be placed somewhere between the island and the nose. And these are just your basic shapes. I always like to add in a neck. So the hey, it doesn't look like it's floating off the page, but that's just me. Cool. You have the basic layout for a manga style. He shall we continue our eye. Now, let's start to add in those eyes. I'll start to indicate the eyes from the top of the guideline and also the bottom. Notice that I do not connect the last completely. This hip sales, the illusion that the eyes are wide and bright or dark into outlines on the top. If this was a female character, that would indicate that she has big long lashes. Always remember to embrace the law that you don't need from time to time. So you can see your picture better. While drawing in this tau. Remember that the features are very subtle. That means the laws are not bold there light to indicate form. The pupils or be any hips to pump up the cuteness. The mouth is small. So I'll indicate that by drawing us short light line. I curved it a little to give him a pleasant expression. Like short lines over the arrow to indicate alley it. After that, Let's work on his hairline. Most young animate character hair lines, she'll start pretty close to the face. The sides should stop and curve above the ears. Always feel free to erase and adjust your lines. Nothing is set in stone at this point. We're almost done adding all the features. Just got to add into eyebrows. Once again, if this is a girl, you want to make the lines theme. But if this is the boy, you might want to thicken up the line a little bit. But hey, this is your picture. So you decide and have fun. And I'm a i's are known to have lots of schon in them. So I'll indicate that by drawing tiny circles in the pupils. After that L shape. And me and I'll add in some details for the ears. I'll touch up the nose a bit and just go over the whole picture. Defined into lines, darken into lines and adding little details here and there. And then you have a guy's, your animate basic head and face. 3. Adding hair and finishing up: Once you have the basic features down, you can determine whether you want this character to be a female or a male. Just by adding or taken away a few subtle things. I've decided that this would be a male character. So let's get started, Shall we? Okay, now we have the face, we have the head drawn out. Let's work on the hair. We've already established the hairline. So now let's work on the overall shape of the hair. This is the shape that I've come up with. So very much shapes of jag at lads. I slowly make my way around the entire here. Note, you don't want to make all your Jagger last evening. This will make the hair seeing stuff. And you don't want that. You want the hair the seam soft and flowing. I add a few hair strands along the hair line up. Think of leaf shapes like flame from a far. And once you have your overall shapes now, It's time to go over your picture. Darkening the lines that you'd like and erasing the lines that you don't need at this point. Cool. Now that looks about right. Don't you think from here, your picture is basically done. And to take it to another level, use a dark pen or a marker. And just go over the entire picture. Dark laws will really make your picture pop as some shaving for detail. And voila, you have a cool manga style here. 4. Make a female character: Okay, Now, with the same hit and features, we can make an atom, a female character, by changing out the hairstyles and add in a few details. You own your way. You want to construct your MMA here, just like before, using the guidelines to put it in your eyes, nose, and mouth. Which will bring you back to this stage. Once again. For this example, it's the exact same heat in face from before. Now, if you have trouble coming up with your own hairstyles, feel free to get reference from your favorite manga or anime. Okay, I want her to have to pony tails on the side. So I'll start out by making big shapes. And these are just circles to indicate the volume of her pony tail. Do the same to the other side is a whale. Remember to always take your time. You relax. Nothing is set in stone. So if you make a mistake, you can always go back and erase and do it over. Good job. Now, let's go in and add the shape for a pony tail. I'll add a few jagged lines to indicate hair strains. And I'll do a slight swoop on the E and for style. And do the same thing to the other side. Remember to draw just the few jagged lines when drawing the hair. Too many. And the hair can look unkempt, like a bird's nest. And you don't want your character running around here having a bad He, do you? Okay, okay. Now let's draw her some banks. I like to start from the top of the hit is spooked a lot all the way down, a little above the eyes. And once again, I imagine these shapes as the flames while petals from a flower. I'll ask them swoops on the side for style. And I'll add some volume to the top up here. So far, so good. Don't you think? Now it's time to break out the eraser and erase all the guidelines. I continue to erase and adjust lies as needed. Now, the final thing that I would do, which is pretty important not to overlook, is the eyelashes. This could be a little tricky. So you want to take your time to get the right shapes. And you don't want to draw a million. I'll just add a few and thicken the rest of the line. The bottom, oddly it should be lighter than the top and add a few lashes there also. And that about does it a manga, anime, female style here? And once again, I use a marker to go over the entire picture. Then use a pencil for shady. It's all up to you. Once you've got your basic K, you can add to it whatever medium you would like. 5. Drawing the head in profile: And now that you know how to draw and construct the front view of the face, let us now focus on how to draw the profile while the sad view. And this is the basic construction reference. So are you ready? Let's get started. Just like before, we will start out by drawing a circle. This represents the Crimea or the top of the head trauma. Stay loose. It may take you a couple of tries, but you'll get it right eventually. Now, from here, we'll put in the center guideline. But except this time we will move the gatt land over slightly. And like before, you want to extend that land slightly past the bottom of the circle. Next, we will put it into gatt line for the eyes. And we will start this halfway down close to the middle of the circle. Keep the spaces between the lines pretty wide. So we will have an ideal OHA be to draw the eyes underneath that, add a line for the nose. Now from these two spaces, I was taught to draw the bridge of the nose, slightly curving in and out. Now from here, you were worn or Jocelyn it line going all the way down. How's your drawing so far? Good. Let's keep going. Okay. Okay. On the opposite side of the center line, I would draw in the ER, which is just a simple almost shape. From there, we will start to work on the bottom of his chin and bring that line down to connect. And what do I always say? This right? No head is complete without the NIC. So let's join that. Good job. Now, I'm looking over the whole picture and try to the Fonda lives a bit. Remember, even when constructing your join may be off a bit. So it's perfectly okay to go in and erase in to adjust your picture as you see fit. Now from here, I'm drawing in the eyes and leave some space between the eye and the ear. It takes a little practice to draw the eyes from this angle. But I'm sure that you will get it down in no tab. Just make sure that your join your pupils and the right direction. Get it right. Direct. Okay. Okay. I extend the nose out a little. Then I start to work on the mouth and the chin. Note in this animation now, his lips in his chain shouldn't go pass the slanted got lie. Continue to erase it to adjust your picture. Whoops, I almost forgot about the eyebrows. Cool. Now that looks about right. And now that I'm satisfied with the profile, I'll go in and erase all the guidelines. And that's the best thing about join, impulsive. And last but not least, this add-in is hairline. Also add some detail to his ears. And now I'm just going over and tightening up the whole picture. And there you have a guy's an LMA mega heat in profile. 6. Adding hair to your profile: And now that we have the hate and prove out, Let's add in the hair. So now we will take the picture that we drew earlier and we'll, we'll use that as a reference. And even though this is a different angle, we will pay attention to the small details to see if we can put them in our profile picture. I have an idea on the overall shape of the hair. I want it to scoop forward. And to give you guys a visual of what I'm thinking about, this is the shape that I will be looking for. Starting from the back of the neck is swooping around to the front. And now since we have it planned out, Let's get started. Start from the back of the neck and slowly build the shapes around the head. I'm using jagged lines along with like short lines and try to vary the length of the shapes. And what I have the overall shape, I'll just go in and define the lines. And now, since I'm satisfied with the overall shape over here, I'll go in and erase the Gatling. Okay, it's time to add some detail to the front obvious here. So I took a look back at the reference. This helps me to figure out where I want to place the strains of his hair. You will only be able to see a few from this angle and continue to always erase in define your picture. You get it the way that you want it. Adding fine details here and there really helps to define your joy. And wallah. There you have a Guys, I am a man, the star here in profile. Okay. 7. Adding hair and finish female profile: Now let's draw the profile for the female character. And like before, we would use the front view as a reference. So draw your head in profile using the basic constructions until you come to this point. This profile is the exact same as the male character. And from here, we were asked them changes to make it this female character. Okay? This is the shape of the hair that I want. There are two major shapes that we have to consider. That will be the ponytail or pigtail, and the overall shape of the head. She also has bangs, but that would be a part of the overall head shape. Now that we know and understand the mission, Let's get started. First. I started with the ponytail. Start a little above the ear, is slightly over to the limp and draw in a circle. This hips make up the volume of the hair. From here. Make a curve or a S-shape. All the way down IN, OUT. Follow that same shape. It connect the lines. Not bad. Now let's add some volume to the top of the head. From here, I extended the line a little past the eyes. This will represent her bangs. At some jag at last to the hair. I added some details to indicate a crunchy to hold her ponytail in place. At this point, I think it's time to clean up the picture a bit. So outcomes the good old eraser. And just erase the guidelines that you don't need at this point. Now, it's time to add some detail to those banks. So I'll go back to my reference. And these are just some of the shapes that are we'll be looking to drop. But remember, from this angle, you will only see some of the banks. Not all. Well, thank you. It's time to add some details to the eyes. The bottom, Ollie, gets a couple of short quick lines indicating eyelashes. The top are leads, our document B. And they also get a couple of quick lies. And from here, I'm just adjusting my lambdas in redefining shapes throughout the overall picture. And never sleep on the small detail guys, light subtle lines to indicate hair strands can really bring a whole overall picture into focus. And there you have an enemy manga, probe bow. Or really hope that you enjoyed this class. And perhaps you've alert the fruit things. So keep practicing. As always. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next class. 8. Class assignment: Okay guys, just like within it bang and like, the more you do it, the better you will become at it. So here's your assignment. Practice, mapping out the basic manga hates shake. Add in the details that you would like to see and create your own original anime, manga style here. Yeah, I really want to see on and post them up. And last but not least, have fun. Thanks.