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How To Create A Web Hosting Business With Wordress - WHMCS Tutorial

teacher avatar Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Intro To


    • 4.

      WHMCS Tutorial Settings


    • 5.

      WHMCS Tutorial General Settings


    • 6.

      WHMCS Tutorial General Settings Pt 2


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      WHMCS Tutorial General Settings Pt 3


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    • 11.

      Integrating Stripe With WHMCS


    • 12.

      How To Setup Hosting Packages With WHMCS


    • 13.

      How To Setup Hosting Packages With WHMCS PT 2


    • 14.

      How To Setup Hosting Packages With WHMCS PT 3


    • 15.

      How To Add Product Addons With WHMCS


    • 16.

      How To Add Product Addons With WHMCS PT 2


    • 17.

      Funding Enom With WHMCS


    • 18.

      Customizing WHMCS


    • 19.

      Additional Questions With WHMCS


    • 20.

      How To Customize The Logo In WHMCS


    • 21.

      How To Combine Wordpress + WHMCS


    • 22.

      The Ending Of WHMCS Tutorial


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About This Class

Also here are some timestamps to help you follow along in this video just incase you don’t want the entire wordpress tutorial in one setting :)

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Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer



Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials. 

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1. SETTING UP WORDPRESS PT 1: What is that, Guys? My name is Darrell. And today I'm really excited to introduce you all to my newest tutorial. I'm gonna show you all how to create a web hosting business from scratch with no experience required. Now, if you guys have always wanted to create a website kind of similar to go Daddy or host Gator, where people can come through website purchase or domain and web hosting today in this tutorial, I'm gonna show you how you can do that. Now, let me just give you all an example of what you can expect to learn in this tutorial. So this is my web hosting business pie host dot com. Guys, this is a full demo website, so please don't buy nothing on this website. It's just for two tour purposes. So right here, I'm a go to get started. Now, Now, I have three packages right here, and you can offer these same services on your website. You can offer whatever prices, whatever packages you want on your website. So right here have the starter package the basic package and the premium package. Each package offers, like a different amount of space or bonuses or do you wanna offer your clients? So here. I must like the basic package. Now, in your website, you will have a domain registrar so people can actually see if searching domains are available on the Internet. So here, Miss Luxx. I mean, like, I loved name hero dot com. Now, you can also select the dot net dot or drop is you can select whatever you want. Just like a regular web hosting business. You can also, you know, have people transfer their domains from another registrar. So I'm gonna select check. Let's see if this is available. All right? And awesome. It is available now upon that, guys, you guys can actually offer, like, two years or three years to rest of the domain. And they can also purchase like the other, you know, like the other dot or dot net or dot co. Whatever they want, they can purchase all those on your website. So I'm a go to continue. And right here we have the basic package. Now you guys can offer billing cycle. If you guys can offer add ons. You guys can add whatever you want for your web hosting business. So right here we have billing cycles. I have monthly semi annually and annually. Now, you guys could have, like, a two year, three year policy or three month policy, whatever you want. So right here, I'm going to select a semi annually. And then right here, I'm going to go ahead and select, like, domain privacy protection. And you know what's like site lock, and that's about it for now. All right. So remember, you can offer whatever services you want for your website. You can offer anything else. So here I go to continue, he doesn't notice the price will adjust. So whatever adults you select, it will adjust. So right here I have the basic package. I have the domain privacy registering domain. Now, you also be able to give your customers coupon codes. So if you want to give them coupon codes, I was sorry to that in this tutorial today. And then from here, they can go ahead and check out, and they can go ahead and purchase everything. No, guys, your clients will actually get their own see panel in all their little client area, just like any other web hosting business. So they will be able to manage their domains. They will be able to manage their Web hosting, and guys were using the platform. W HMCS. Now this is an automated software, and it basically creates the C panel for them. It creates everything for them so that your entire website is automated and Web sites like a to hosting dot com used this same exact platform. We're not using some, you know, dinky software. We're gonna be using what big companies like name here dot com a to hosting dot com and also Web hosting pad dot com. They all use the W HMCS software because it's incredible, guys, you know, it's simply just it automates everything you know. People can actually come to your website purchased the domain hosting and salt WordPress and start creating websites on their own without you having to intervene or do anything else. And you will also have your own dashboard where you can see pending orders. If people have a problem with tickets, you can see like you know your invoices. And it's a very simple, easy to use interface. You know, it's pretty self explanatory to penny orders tickets, no cancellations, and you have all these other options right here. But we will talk more about all of this a little bit later in this tutorial. Now, this is a very simple, easy to use platform guys, and it's just really a matter of you watching this tutorial and learning its. So in this tutorial, I recommend having some knowledge of WordPress now just basic stuff like, What's a WordPress theme? What's a WordPress plug in? Remember, there's nothing complicated. There's no coding in this. It's very simple. But if you guys have never used WordPress before, I highly recommend that you watch my this tutorials on how to make a WordPress website before watching this tutorial. After that, we're going to purchase our reseller hosting from name hero dot com. There is a link in the description of this video. It will take you to that page and upon purchase guys, you guys will also receive a free W HMCS license, which is the automated software that we use. You guys will also be able to get a free domain free SSL. They got a bunch of free goods. It's a party over there, ever. It's They offer a lot of good stuff, and after that we're going to install W docs and WordPress. And then we are actually going to invite Ryan from name hero dot com. And he is the owner of name here dot com. He's gonna help you all set up your website with W Tim CS because name hero actually focuses on reseller hosting. So they're the guys to go to and they have amazing customer support. I haven't account with them. I'd use them. Whenever there's a problem, you could just give them call or submitted tickets, and they will answer all of your questions. And lastly, you will also receive two free Devi layouts that will help get you started with your website. Now, go ahead and click on the link in the description, it will take you to a page that looks very similar to this Right here. So this is name, heroes, reseller hosting packages and guys. I require the corporate package because with the corporate package, you actually get to the free Dobie HMCS plus license. Already included. Have you guys try to actually purchase the license outside of name hero? It's gonna cost you an additional 18 95 a month, plus whatever you're hosting is, but with name zero dot com. It's already included in the package. So I highly recommend that you guys get it from a name here dot com and also the corporate package. So right here, I'm a go to choose corporate. All right, then we're going to register our domain, so go ahead and put your domain. I'm just gonna put something like a name hero too tall for you. Every go and you guys can also select, you know, dot Net or whatever you want right here was gonna go to dot com and go to check, see if this is available and it is a available. So here I'm a go to continue, and I'm gonna go ahead and walk us through the process. So you know I won't leave anything else. You guys can, you know, not get lost or, you know, I'm set by sub. You know, I I was just step by step. My tutorials. So right here we have, like, the billing cycles. And remember, you will also be able to do this on your own website. So right here we have, like, the one month to six month and 12 month I recommend the six or the 12 months No, kind of give you enough time to decide if name. Here's for you right here. I'm gonna go ahead and do I'll do is I'll do six months and then we can also set the backups right here. So right here I'm going to select like maybe like a 30 gigs or some like that. It's like to 99 a month or 309 for the year. So, like that and also right here, you can see we get the Debbie HMCS plus license already included. Now, that'll save you an additional, what, 200 something dollars a year? So you actually get a really good deal when you go to name here dot com and purchase the reseller hosting and count through them. So here we go to continue, and here you can go ahead and purchase any other adults. Do you want for your websites. Now, remember, you guys will also be able to offer these same exact services to your customers with the software, So that's pretty cool. Now I recommend that production guys, I get spammed with so much junk with people offered me crazy services and just they're just not says people are crazy out there. So I recommend any protection because it will greatly help reduce the amount of spam that you guys get. So here we go to continue. All right, so right here we see the cost. We have corporate hero package. We have the license, which is free, and then we also have domain registration. In the future, if I ever get a coupon code, I will let you guys know I will probably put in the description so you guys can get a pretty good deal. So here we go to check out. All right, so right here. And go ahead and enter all your information in. So we're here to put you like your name, your address. Your email Right here. You can also put your support pin. Remember, that is how they verify you. So basically, if you call with questions, we're gonna tow your support pin, and that will basically verify that it's you that's calling. And then right here you put like a password and then credit card and PayPal. I'm gonna use PayPal, so I'm going to go ahead and meet you on the next page. All right, so I just purchased my package from name hero dot com nominal and say, Yeah, that was pretty easy. And, um, yeah, some of the feedback always say easy to use. Easy to use. All right. And then right here, they give you order number. And then right here, we go ahead and go to your client area. So right here we have the domain. We have the cloud web hosting, and then this is basically your portal. So I remember if you have any questions with anything, you submit a ticket right here. Or if you want to order new services, you can do that. Or if he wants to register a new domain, you can do that's right here. Okay, so this is basically your clients area. So let's go out and take a look at our progress. So we've already got our hosting. Congratulations. We have our W. Tim C s license. We are ready to go after that. We're going to change. Some settings were going to install Dobie, HMCS and WordPress. After that, I'm going to and Saul our theme and our layout, and then we're going to invite Ryan over And he is going to help us continue this tutorial cause he is the reseller hosting and Dobie HMCS guru. So what? You guys were in your client area. I want you guys to go to cloud Web hosting, and then right here, I want you to click on manage product. And right here you have the option to log into your seat panel. So this is where all the like the magic happens, all the all the fun stuff. So you guys will get, like, a welcome message. Okay, Welcome. You know, party for everyone. So once you guys you're here, I want you to scroll down, and I want you to go to and see where it is. It is the PHP selector. So right here is going to say select PHP version. All right, now, by default, most hosting companies will put you at 5.6. I've seen this on all the hosting companies, but we're gonna set up to seven point. Oh, and the reason why is because to be HMCS actually recommends that you have the latest ah, 7.0 version. So we're going to select the 7.0 PHP version and then we're going to said that as current and now we also wants to actually change some of the PHP options as well. So right here I want you to click on switch to PC options and right here under upload max file size. I want you to click on this and go to, like, 16. I will go to 32 now. A lot of hosting companies, I said, That is eight. But the theme that I'm currently using is like eight point something. So it's just like a matter of like, you know how much people upload. And I'm sure you guys have probably seen these in my future or my past. Videos like upload max file size error. It's simply an option in the settings that can fix all that. So I don't want you guys to run to any error. So I recommend putting it around at least 16 to 32 1 28 everything else. That's way too. You'll never upload like what do you blame movies, you know. So so right here. I want you to go Teoh safe also for the post max file size. You guys can go ahead and leave that at 16 or eight as well. 1 28 It's pretty standard. Everything else here is pretty standard. So Yep. So I'm going to click on safe now. I want you guys to go to back to our C panel. You click on this and I want you guys to install Dobie HMCS. So how do we do that? We use the app installer. So just like we install wordpress. You guys have probably seen it before. We're going to installed wdm CS. So right here we have wordpress, but we're going to actually over here, and it's all w hmcs. All right, so right here. I want you guys to go to install now. So right here we have the domain right here. So a CTP You guys can always set the SSL later. It's really no big deal. You guys could just call them and they'll do over the phone. It's really simple. And then right here now in directory you guys to see my pasa torrey als. Where I don't recommend that in this video. I do recommend that and we will talk more about why we actually add a directory. So, for example, your customers are going to see this. So when you go to my other websites and see, like piles dot com, I have it under billing. So I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys an example of the quick pilots dot com. And when I go to get started, now you guys can see goes to dash billing. So you're gonna put something that you would want their on and remember, people are going to see that link. So right here you can put something like, ah, selection or billing or portal or, you know, whatever you want. So here I'll do something like we'll just do billing. All right, Now, remember, that's going basically be the page where people are on this section right here. So, like this is like, basically wdm CS. And that's basically the page I have it for. So I haven't for dash building right there. So you guys can put it, you know, whatever you want, just be mindful that people will see that link. OK, so go back over here and go to building. Remember, if you guys like changing my later you guys can always just delete the app and reinstall it later you guess and give them a call. They can probably help you out with it so I can have a building and Cron job. Just leave it. Just leave it blank. All right. Uh, you guys want to learn more about Cron job? We'll talk more about that during this is tutorial. You guys can also call them. It's basically like, you know, like like settings. I just like they remind you every day. So right here we have 19 hours, 46 minutes. But anyway, we're going to skip the Cron job site settings right here. So go ahead and puts your company name. So put, like a web hosting company or whatever you want put so Web hosting company. And now this next section. Guys, do you really want to make this really difficult to find? Remember, only you and your like staff will have access to that. So make it really difficult. This full or so, like something like, you know, I'll do some, like Patty wack seven like that's and then right here. You want to go ahead and put your company email so put, like my current commitment, make sure you have access to this email. Okay. And then also for your valid license key, you guys will need to enter your license key Now, guys, you also get that in your email. So go ahead and check your email. You guys should be getting some emails from name hero dot com, such as, like a ah, welcome order, confirmation. And then right here we have the WTO's this license key. Now, if you guys click on the email first time, it's blank. Just refresh it. I found one time that to me. So right here I went, I went back to it, and then it was available right here. So you're gonna go ahead and take this license key and put it over there Now, for example, let's say you guys cannot find it. You guys can go to your client area right here and go to add ons and you're key will be right there. So let's just say, for example, you just don't get the email. You can just go ahead and go to your client area. Just go ahead and put it in right there. I think that's a whole thing right there. So copy and then go over here and go to paste. And then, of course, guys, you want to put your you know, your admin. Use your name, your 2. SETTING UP WORDPRESS PT 2: s word. Your your first name, your last name, your adamant email. And then, ah, you know, right here. You want to put your language, so if you speak Farsi or Spanish or Russian, you want Put that. And then after you're done with all these settings guys, you go ahead and goes to install. Okay, some go to install. All right. It is installing, and voila! We have successfully installed w hmcs. Remember, if you guys want to go ahead and view it, you guys can go right here to name hero to talk to you or whatever your is, you know, and then go to building and click on. That's and voila, guys. Congratulations. You guys have successfully installed Dobie HMCS on your website. So right here people can go ahead. And like by a domain that can order hosting, um, you know, they even get recommendations. So, basically, you just kind of like, browse around and take a look at it. You get familiar with it and everything, So this is basically w h M. C s. I remember your site already has the ability to search for domains and let people know if they're available or not. So the next thing I want you guys to do is I want you guys to install WordPress. All right, so we're gonna go back over here, do the app installer and reflect on this right here. Now we're going to install WordPress. Now, the reason why I recommend this because by default, sure, you can have it like this. You can have your entire website like this, but you really can't change much to it. So you guys can see When I went to pie host dot com, I basically created an entire website. So, for example, where here will go? Teoh pie host dot com. So basically, I created, like, entire websites, so I just I don't want to limit you guys just w hmcs platform. I want to say Hey, you know, if you wanted, you know, offer all this stuff I want invite you guys to do that. So right here. Basically, all they did was just create the wordpress website, which is what most people do. And they just put the link for the Derby HMCS folder inside of the websites to kind of make , like, melded together. Okay, so let me give you a better understanding of that. So right here, I want you guys to go back over here and go to install WordPress. All right, so now, right here and in directory. But Nevin, alright, put nothing. All right. So site names, light settings. You guys can go ahead and put all of this. For those of you who have been around, we're pressed for a while. You guys probably know the drill. You know, you can always changes in the theme. Customized her later. Right here. You want to put your user name and password? All right, so this is a bad password. Make sure it's good and log in attempts. So basically, if some dudes trying to, like, log in to your website a lot, it'll like, you know, it'll limit the lock ins, and then you know all this stuff right here. You guys are probably seeing all this stuff. Now I am actually going to install the Davy theme, and I'm actually going to include a free layout, and it's actually on my websites for you. So you guys can actually have full access to their free layouts, You know, they're just there to help you out so right here I go to install. All right, so WordPress is installing Awesome. So here you have the link right here and the admin link. So right here I click on this link right here. It's going to go ahead and take us to our WordPress websites so we can go ahead and visit the sites. And of course, you get the same theme. You know, this is the one by default. I'm sure you guys know that by now. Now, remember, if I go to name hero too tall for you dot com dash billing. It's going to take us to our w HMCS section. So, for example, will go ahead and give you an example. So dash billing And there you go, wall. Also remember, w hmcs is inside of basically our website, so yeah, so it's just a matter of linking to its and, you know, telling customers where to go within w gypsy s. So let's go to check our progress guys. So we've got our hosting. Congratulations. We have successfully installed wdm CS. We have successfully installed WordPress. Now we're going to go ahead and upload the Davy theme. Remember, you guys can use anything that you want, you can use a free theme. You can use the elements or page builder. You guys can use anything that you guys have seen. My passive Torrey ALS or if you're comfortable with the theme, feel free to use it. But this is just for people who used the D V theme because I teach it a lot on my website, so people might want to use that same theme Now. There is also a link in the description. It would give you a discount on the Devi theme. If you've never used its, I have the tour on it. It's an amazing theme. It's probably the number. It is the number one most installed WordPress theme in the world. So for those of you who have the TV theme, you will also get two free layouts included in this tutorial. So before I install the WordPress theme and show you all the layout, I want to actually show you the admin area for Debbie. HMCS so but default. You guys are very familiar with this section right here, right? Well, there's another admin for W Jim's. Yes, so I want you guys to go to your link right here. Billing. Remember that folder I told you to make? That was little complicated. You're gonna actually put that right there. So basically, building dash, whatever, um, directory that you added earlier, and then you're going to go and press enter. If you guys aren't sure, go back to that part of the tour. Remember, I told you to make that folder difficult to understand. So you're gonna put dash billing and then put in your you know, your your well, so you guys will get to a page that looks something like this, but you guys might be brought to a page. Looks just like this right here. So you're going to have to enter in your information that you put So the adamant information that you put for Debbie HMCS the first time we installed it, you're going to put that right there. So right here. Have you know, just my demo, you know, stock stuff. So if you go to log in and then you'll be brought to this page right here, it's like a little wizard, you know, just talks about like stuff, but, uh, Ryan didn't go more in depth on all of this. Okay, but if you guys want to go ahead and skip this step, just kind of just kind of look around. You guys are more than welcome to do that. So, for example, here you guys can check all your stuff and you know, your your order, your building, or support everything else. But Ryan's going to go more in depth on this section, and he's going to talk more about this section right here. So But I'm just let you guys know where you guys can access the Patty wack. 784 I'm sorry, your admin area. So, you know, that's what I put for mine. So whatever you put for years, that's basically how you, uh, log in to your specific part of the beach. MTs. That's why I want to make a little difficult so people can't just guess it, you know? So, uh, okay. Going back over here, I'm gonna go ahead and go back to my website. All right? Now I'm going to install the WordPress theme. So you know, you guys can use whatever you want. There's tons of things out there that used, you know, w maybe maybe there's one by default. This Just type that in and see if there's like a free one that's available. Let's see over here, whenever you try that W h of CS to see if there's a free one Uh, these don't look like Yeah, these don't look like uh, yeah, I wouldn't Yeah, I don't know. There's so many things out there, guys I don't know I just used did because it's it's amazing. And it's really easy to use. And I'm gonna go ahead and find Davey, so go ahead and find the Davy theme. So, Debbie, I'm going to click on that and go to install. Now, now, guys, I personally use the Devi theme. It's probably the number one way to WordPress theme right now in the world. If you guys go on my website darrell wilson dot com, you guys can actually see a preview of it. I'm actually using the Davy theme right here. It's just it's really amazing. It's really simple to use, and with the new visual builder, it makes making websites like just super super easy. So I wouldn't use any of the theme just because I've used it for so long, and I'm actually using the alley Debbie Child theme. So basically, did. He got so popular that people started making third party child themes for its third porting plug ins, which just really made the plug in just Maurin demand. So there is a 10% discount for the Davy theme in the description. And remember, guys, you also get a 30 day money back guarantee. So it really shows the genuine truth of the company when they're offering you money back guarantees they're not trying to just make your money and run. They're saying, Look, we promise you that you'll use our theme and, you know, they also provide tons of layouts guys there so much this company offers, and it's really what makes them number one. So again, they're not just out to make your money and leave, You know, they're not like that, you know, they offer a money back guarantee they offer a year of customer support. So, you know, if you guys do you decide to use the Davy theme. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Um, the customer service, the the layoff, the offer is nothing short of amazing. Okay, so anyways, let's go back over here, and I'm going to activate the debate team. Now, over here, I go to my website and go to Debbie layout. So, darrell wilson dot com And then if you go to my menu right here under Davey layouts, you guys will actually be able to find the Davy host. So, Davey host healthy, it's free. Doesn't cost anything. Now, here you click on view the demo and while also you guys will have a website that looks just like this running up in about 10 seconds sold thing to do is simply upload the child theme after you've purchased and installed Debbie. And you know, all this is included, guy. So it's just, you know, to help you guys out, you know, just to get something started cause I know designing Web site from scratch can be somewhat intimidating and also overwhelming. Trust me, I am in the world of what design, So I know can be really hard. So let me show you how you can actually have this on your website. Uh, really fast. So over here we go to add new upload theme, choose the file, and then we're going to go ahead and just simply upload that child team. So did the host and go to install. Now. Now, remember, you guys will need to just go websites added to the cart and then just go ahead and go to the check out process. It's free, doesn't cost anything. So it's just to help you guys out right here. We go to activate, so right, you know, it says like you need. It's like making sure that's Devi's installed and it knows Davies insults. I'm going to activate it, all right? So not to go ahead and import all the devil content because my default if you go to visit websites, it's not gonna look like that. So go to here to dashboard Debbie, host and go too easy Demo import and simply go ahead and select imports demo content. And after this guy's Ryan's going to take over, the rest of the sartorial is going to help you guys out only work with very few people guys , and I really do my homework on people. And he was definitely, um, commendable. The stuff he offers the knowledge, expertise, incredible, really, really incredible, really helpful to the WordPress community. All right, so import is complete. Let's go ahead now and see how this that looks now. Well off you guys can see everything has imported it basically clone the entire websites. So if you guys want this alternative where you guys can just have website running up really fast and really easy, you guys can go ahead and use the Davy Child theme. It's free. Always you got to do is pay for the TV theme I get. I do offer a 10% description are sorry discounted for that theme. All right, so now that I've done this section, guys, I'm gonna go ahead and turn it over to Ryan, and he's going to help you all further your knowledge with the W HMCS platform. 3. Intro To Hi, everyone. I'm Ryan Gray here with name hero dot com. I want to thank Darrow for heaviness on his channel here and having this kind of joint venture together in this tutorial of setting up your hosting business with W H M C s name hero dot com. We spent a lot of time in the last two years to really developing our platform and our infrastructure to create what I believe to be the best reseller infrastructure in the world . And so we designed our system specifically to allow you the ability to resell Web hosting to your customers on our high performance cloud. So because of our infrastructure using solid state drives in the high speed cloud, you're able to really offer unmanaged hosting product. It's unmatched to a number of other packages you see out there on the Internet. So in this tutorials, I'm gonna show you how to configure and set up your W hmcs so you can begin selling Web posting at the end of this. So if you watch now, always the end. By the end, you will have a fully functioning web hosting website. So at this point in time, you should have your your TV theme installed on your main site like you're seeing right now on the name hero tutorial for you dot com. You should also have your wh NCs installed. I'm Justus. Darryl showed its it. Name your to drill free dot com slash billing. And right now, where the the admin Uriel, which he called patty wack. 784 Which you want to make that hard to guess because only you and your staff members will be able to see that. But if you just have, like, slash admin than it, let's evil do potential evil doers know where your admin Mulligan ISS center admin log in really has the keys to your hosting kingdom. You definitely want to make sure that that secret is well as using a strong user name and password here before we dig into W H. M. C s. So there's a couple of configuration things that we need to do inside the name hero interface. So I want to start off of fat, and then we'll just go step by step until we have our website fully functioning. So right now I'm in the client area of name hero dot com. This assumes I will again. So the first thing we need to do is we need to register our private name servers because we're gonna use those were gonna provide those to our customers. When our customers come and sign up and they want a point there domain to us, they're gonna be using these private name servers. This is also makes you look a lot more professional than using our name servers. That name hero. This allows you to create a white label experience so no one would ever see name hero, especially once you do this, they won't see are branded. All Okay, So the first thing we need to do is is get what those name servers are and then go through the registration process. Now, is Darryl highlighted in his video tutorial? He registered his domain with us. That's highly recommended. Because if you're done, if your domain is registered at another provider such as Go daddy and you actually have to register those name servers with them now I know. Go, Daddy. For one, it's possible inside their interface, but they make it a little bit more challenging than I really believe that it should be. So you might want Teoh register a new domain with us or transfer your domain from Go Daddy over to us. Because it certainly will make your life a lot easier. Okay, so when I click on cloud weapons seen, I'm going to see my package of the corporate hero. And I click here. And if I scroll down just a little bit here, I will see my name Servers. You're right here in s one dot name hero tutorial for you dot com. And in s two top name here a tutorial for you dot com. Now, this is gonna be whatever domain that you signed up with for your web posting website. Now, these I p addresses, they're gonna be different, depending on your account. So they're not gonna be the same. All right, So once we're here, we want to navigate over to where our domain is located. So I was gonna hover over domains and click on my domains. No, open this in another tab. Okay? So you can see the domains right here. I'm gonna click on it and just give that second Well, loads and we will see right here for private name servers. So we're gonna click right here. All right? Now Right here. You're gonna see register a name. Server name. So right here is the name server in the eyepiece. Let's go back over here and let's copy this. The first I p address. Copy. We're going to type in Vienne s one, and we're going to paste the I P address and click save. So this process just binds those I p addresses to these names, sir. So the first ones registered, we're gonna go back and grab the 2nd 1 Going to copy nous go back Eunice to, you know, we're going to paste it. Click save changes. Once this has saved, we're now ready to change the actual domains name servers. So we're gonna click on name servers right here. And you're going to see when this loads up that we're right now using name heroes. So we're gonna change this over to our custom ones. So I'm just gonna copy this here and type in in s one dot name here A tutorial for you. Copy this. Case this and to so now in s $1 name, hero tutorial for you dot com and in estudio name hero tutorial for you dot com. So now we just want to save this and change the name servers. Okay, Now it's important to note that our order processing team they come behind each new order and they validate this just to make sure it's done correctly. I do want to demonstrate this, but in case you come across your account here and you see that's already done, then you can rest assured, knowing order processing teams already taking care of that for you, we do. That is a courtesy to all our new accounts that come in just to make sure everything is set up from the start correctly. Okay, once these have been registered, we just have to make one more final step inside of our Web post manager. So we're gonna go back to our main tutorial, our main page here for a name here tutorial Duck for you dot com. We're gonna click on wh am, This is our web host manager. Okay, We just want to make sure that we have the correct DNS entries added for those name servers . So we're gonna type in DNS. Click edit DNS zone. Click on name, hero tutorial for you and click Edit. And now we just want to change these here the same way we did at our domain. So in s one dot name here, a tutorial for you dot com We're gonna scroll down, and basically, we're just replacing name heroes with our own private name servers in this way that no one will be able to link name here of to your business. Okay? And then we need to add a entries for the i p. So in this one here, in this to here, they entry a entry, and we'll grab these eyepiece again from right here. Copy this. Pasted in here, come back and get the 2nd 1 Copy it and paste it. Scroll down to the bottom and then click Save. Okay, now that is all done. And as I said, our order processing team they will go behind you and make sure that that set up the correct way. But that is how you get it done inside of your interface. Now, if you want to check it, you're gonna make sure everything is good. Improper. You can use a tool. We have called DNS hero dot com and from their use type in your domain Click Report, and you can see that the name server records returned by the parent servers are are the ones that they should be. So on this page here, you should not see any red if you have any red errors than it's likely that something is configured incorrectly and you should give us a call, submits a ticket or hit us up on live chat, and we're more than willing toe help you figure that out to see what's going on. But I just want to make sure that there's no red here because that will save you trouble down the 4. WHMCS Tutorial Settings: down the line. Okay, Now that we have fished that we're ready to get into W h M C s and begin configuring that so we can begin accepting orders. So I'm gonna law again. I'm gonna use the credentials that Garrone made for us earlier. Okay? Now, as soon as I log in for the first time, I get this getting started, Wizard. Now, if you've closed it out, you can also access it from help set up Wizard. It goes right back to here. Now. It's important if this is your first time using W hmcs that you go through this set up wizard. It just really helps you make sure that you don't miss any of those essential steps that will cause you problems down the road. And so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through this getting started, wizard. Then after we're finished, we're gonna go through and makes a manual changes as well. But this will make sure that we get the most important things done correctly. And then that way we can go back and then configure a little bit more than 80 gritty after we get through this. So I was gonna click on next. And the first thing once is are hosting company name. So Darryl entered Web hosting company when he did the WordPress tutorial. Everybody did the WordPress. And wh NCS insulation. Some is going to keep it. That logo. You can upload your logo for your company here If you don't have one. Don't worry about it. If you're having one made, you could go back and upload it later on. So I'm not going to upload one. I don't have one right off the top of the bat, so I'm gonna leave that be email address. This is gonna be the email that's uses a sender for all emails. So named hero we use contacted name hero. But you can use billing, admin system, whatever. But you just need to make sure you have access to this email itself business in case the customer would hit, reply and reply back to a message that Debbie HMCS is sent that it would come back to you and you would be able to help them out. Next is the address. This is gonna be Your physical address is gonna be on all of the invoices that you send So I recommend if you don't have a physical office, she probably don't want to use your home address. And I recommend going to the UPS store and maybe getting a p o box. Sir. Just having an address to where you can put on your invoices. If you're running a business, you might have a business address or you might have a virtual office that you can use be definitely to put and a physical address in this field here on. So you have it for your invoices for me. I'm just going to enter. Thank you. Enter my office address. Okay. So from here, I want Teoh, Slick country, United States where I am and languages English. So now we'll get next and again. You can edit that information at a later time. So if you feel like I'm not sure right now, Ryan would just You can leave address and inter address here, and you can go back and edit that later, and I'll show you where to get to that. Okay, the next is you're gonna set up how you accept payments. So, by far the most popular payment gateway out there, especially for the hosting industry is PayPal. Most everyone has a PayPal account nowadays because of its popularity, along with eBay and many other merchants that accept it. So if you have a PayPal email address, then you want to enter it inside of here. Now, if you want to make a new one for your business, so maybe you have a personal paper use, but you don't want your business payments being sent there. Then you can just enter your business address here. And once you get your first payment, it will then ask you to create your account to claim the money. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use billing name zero Victoria all for you dot com. So I'm just gonna use this address as my PayPal email address, and then when I get my first payment, it's gonna shoot me an email saying Hey, you've got a payment. I'm click here to get the payment, and then you can complete your registration to pay. Pal has really came a long way allowing you to do that. I think they're really copying off of how Stripe stripes simple set up this because they want people to use their platform next is for a merchant account. W hmcs has teamed up with a merchant account so that you can automatically apply for one inside of W H M C s. Now I personally I'm a big fan of stripe because instead of merchant accounts, you have all these fees involved. You have, ah, feed processing fees may be a set up feet and maybe a monthly fee, and I'm not quite sure who the affiliate is with Debbie HMCS here, so I'm not sure of the fees. Now, if you want to use them, by all means, you can go ahead and do that, but I personally don't recommend Next is two million payments. I also do not recommend this now. Maybe if you're a local Web agency or maybe your customers or local and you want the ability for them to milieu in a check for their hosting, you can do this, but from my experience in the industry, you're gonna run across a lot of bad actors the way that you're going to run across some fraudulent transactions and a bunch of stuff. So I don't recommend enabling net. Okay, So next is domains. By far the biggest Upsell on Web hosting is domain registrations and transfers because in order for someone toe have a Web hosting package, they have to have a domain, and if they already have a domain, they might need to transfer that domain in. So, of course, you want to enable this because it's going to provide you a additional revenue stream for your business. Now it name hero. All of our corporate reseller account packages come with the 100% free Enaam reseller account. So if you're not familiar with the nom, nom is one of the biggest domain resellers out there. Popular brands such as name Cheap actually used in Nam for the back end to sell some of their domain. So basically will handle all the certifications and stuff to really required to sell domains. But you will be a reseller. There's meaning. You pay a wholesale price, and then you can mark up the price of the domain registration. So with that said, you want a first select. The popular T L. D is the top level domain extensions to get started, so the most popular ones dot com dot net dot work dot biz and dot info Now I'll show you later on in this tutorial. How to add more Because it is. I'm sure you're aware there's all kinds of new t. Lt's out there now. This wants us to set a price. Now, as I said that you're gonna be paying Enaam a price for their your pain. I'm a price for their domain registrations. And then you're gonna mark this up so you make money on the margin, so to speak. So I like to set this by default at 14. 95. Later on, this tutorial will go through enough show you how to price each tlg individually. Based on what? Your pain with this domain reseller account. This free one. I believe the cost would dot com is around $10 a year. So marking it up to 14. 95 you're gonna make almost $5 per dot com domain registration. But we'll go three twenties individually later in this tutorial. Okay, Now, again, this comes with a free Enaam accounts. You just want to click enable and go to next. Okay, When you do that, it's then going to ask you to create your account within on. So we're gonna need toe. Create this right quick. So I'm just gonna do Ryan Ryan Tester, and I'm gonna stick with my saying he might have been using billing at being here a tutorial for year dot com. It's again. Let 1100 more one long at ST Sorry states, and then your phone number. Okay, Now you have to set up a user name. Now, this user name is gonna be unique to you, but it has to be unique to the Enaam systems. You want to make sure it's something that's probably different you don't want just use. Like if I used Ryan Gray or Ryan test Ryan Tester might be available, but Ryan Graves probably taken. So, um, we're just gonna call this name tutorial, and we set our password now in on doesn't allow special characters in their passwords, So just keep that in mind When you're doing that, we have to select security question. Favorite vacation spots when I like to do that will help you recover your log in if you lose it at a later date. So now what is click next? Make sure we have everything in here correctly. This is actually gonna pipe your information to Enaam and create that account for you in real time. So once we get finished here, we can begin registering domains. Okay, so now we can see that we are ready to go with our Enaam account. Next, we need to link up our reseller account with R W H M C s. So you can see it's still, um it's asking us for a little bit more of information that we need to enter inside of here . So what I like to do is go back to my name hero interface and get my welcome email because all of this information is in the welcoming now that we send you. So what I'm gonna do is I'm a click on my name here in click email history. I'm gonna go over here to my reseller account information email, including view message. Now you're Frito. Pull it up in your email as well. But this is just one place. We are kind of all your emails. So you have accesses information very quickly. Okay, so I need to enter in my user name and password. So let's just pull this ever to another window real quick and The first thing is asking is my host name or my i p address? So if you would like, you can use the i p address of your account, which is right here. See where this control panel this is that I p. But I like to instead pull it from right over in here in the client area. If I click on my services like on corporate hero, I like to give out this primary i p. And if you order the corporate corporate time, Reese, our account, you're gonna have this. And this is because this is a dedicated I p address is just gonna be for used by you and your customers so we can use this one right here. What's and pasted inside of here. And then we want to get our user name. So I was gonna pull this from my email just so you can see right pulling it from I'm pulling it from my new account information. My user name is named hero. And here's my password. Something to copy that. Thank hero. We're gonna pace that password in right here. You click on verify connection and you can see connection successful. The remain. Details have been populated for you, so this is pretty cool. We've got all that in there. Now we need to re put in this primary I p coffee and then paste. Now, if you have, like, you can also set this as the host name instead of the primary I p It's all up to use personal preference, but we also white label this unnamed heroes. So this is a question that we frequently get by resellers. If you go here, you can see server name. We call this this server is gonna be specific. That pinning on your account. So this is not gonna be the same for everybody. So this server is Simon, not us. Web host dot com. Now, if you go to us web post dot com and your browser, it's just a blank white page this way. We're laying ableto white label the server name for you, so your customers will never see name hero. And then you can explain this to him is us. Web post is just the domain we used to provision our servers. So if you'd like, you can copy this over and go back into your Debbie agency s and you can use the server host name. The benefit to that is this already has an SSL certificate installed on it. So you can make sure when your customers air connecting to see panel that they have a secure certificate in there all All set. Okay, so now we look like next. Okay, are set up has been completed. You're now ready to begin using Debbie HMCS Now there is an important piece of information here before we click finish. Should you desire you can run this wizard again any time from the help menu. So that's good. That's how we got back to it earlier. But this is important right here. In my opinion, this should be put in red. Enaam requires your server i p address for a P I access. So if you don't do this, then you're gonna start getting errors When you 5. WHMCS Tutorial General Settings: Here's when you go to register domains. So I'm gonna click right here. When I click here, I'm gonna have some directions that I need to follow. So the first thing being I need to log in to my my new in on account. So, actually, let's go back here. And I'm gonna open this in a new window so I can show you how toe do this. So log in to your accounts and we're gonna use our user name that we created. I use name pictorial. Yeah, and my password to go again. Okay, Now you can see a p I live environment set up, so we need to add r i P addresses. So let's go back into our client area here. And there's a couple I p is that you need to add. So the 1st 1 is from this in s one scene. You take this one, copy it, go back to Vietnam and add it paste and add. Now it's been added. Go back to our client area and let's go ahead and grab her primary. I p copy it and paste it ad. So this adds two of our I P addresses to Vietnam's AP I So now when our servers connecting Teoh Enaam that it'll give us permission to do so. So it's very important that you do this because if you don't, you will get near when you got it. Register domains. Okay, Now that that is set, we are We're ready to go off to the races. I'm gonna collect finish on this tutorial, and now we will jump into the next part where we're gonna actually go in and verify some of the settings outside of the set up Wizard. OK, once we finish the set up wizard, we want to check the system health status of W h M. C s. Just to make sure that everything is good, I'm running, moving forward. So we're gonna click on help in system health status. Now, basically, we're looking for any red here. Now, if you notice some any red with the Cron job, that's probably because you just installed it in the Cron job. Hasn't had time to run, But if you notice a day or two goes by and you still have that feel free to reach out to our support team, we can make sure we make the necessary adjustments. But you can see I've got one here. It's the insecure permissions check so you can click on their documentation. And they have a lot of security recommendations that they that they like, used to do just to keep your installation secure. But the biggest one here is the change of actual permissions on the configuration file. Just so no one else can write it remotely and potentially have access to your data. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into my name zero client area here where our corporate reseller packages and I'm a quick log in to see panel because we're gonna change the permissions of that configuration file real quick. We're a click file manager. Then we're gonna go into www and we're going to click billing, which is where we installed it. We're gonna scroll down to where we see configuration dot PHP and we're going to get permissions. And we were gonna change this to 400. So we're gonna change it, Teoh, just a user read. That's it. So now we have 400 change permissions. It's now we have changed the permissions on configuration and we go back to W agency? Yes, we click. Refresh on it, you know, now we have a zero. So now we're good on that. Now, there's a couple other warnings here. One is automatic update requirement. Automatic updates require a rideable directory for staging during an update. So this is also important to do while we're in here. So let's go back to our file manager. And what I to do is like to go outside the public directory. So bring up one level up one level, and we've got stuff right inside of here so you can see we've got a photo. Come whn CS and data. We're gonna double click in there and let's create a folder, and we're gonna call it update but create you voter. So once we do that, we can click in here, and we just want to grab this whole path here, so it's gonna be right here, and we're gonna use slash home slash name here of Aziz. Well, so what I'm gonna dio is go back to W hmcs and I'm gonna click on set up. I'm sorry. Updated beach. Incessant utilities go down the year configure update settings. And here's where I enter that temporary path. So I wanna type inside home slash name, hero, and then I'm gonna pay stand the rest of that path, which is W h m C s slash data slash updates. Click save changes. And so then it's gonna make sure that when I go to update it, it will be about updates successfully. And you don't have to worry about that now because you can see you're running the latest version, especially if you have already installed it. That's something you may run into later on. So we're gonna go back toe system, health status, and you can see we're good on that. Now, using default templates, we are using the default templates for the Cartier in the client area. If you are to make some changes, then you can follow the documentation on making a custom thing. But I'm not so concerned about that right now, as I am the one below it and thats website S s L ssl is not configured for name here. It's a twirled for you dot com slash billing. So let's talk about this. Really click SSL is free and automatic for all domains. Have a student named hero. So even when you're offering resellers space when you're offering accounts, there automatically gonna have an SSL certificate on all of their sub domains and domains by us that name Europe. Not only requirement for this is they have to have their DNS changed over your DNS has to propagate. So I for you how to verify this and then I'll show you how to change it. So I'm gonna go back to our client area here and want to cut the law again to wh we do that we're gonna type in manage SSL so we could see manage SSL host will click that and useful scroll down here And you want to make sure you see, issuer, let's encrypt besides your main domain here. So this means it has a dedicated SSL certificate and you're all too good to go. It's automatically been generated for you. If you don't see this RBC Issuer says self signed, reach up to her support team and we'll generate that for you manually. It automatically generates every night one tonight. But if you're in a hurry or if it hasn't generated yet, then we can kind of speed that process up for you. So let's go back into our Debbie HMCS and let's go into some setting so we can go ahead and change that. We're going to set up general settings and you can see our domain here. So what I to do is switch this to H T. T. P s name here to to refer you dot coms. We're gonna go down here and w c W Agencia sister Muriel It's good and changed that as well . For me to say, we don't need to do this in the domain. Just need to do it on the system. You're l here and we'll scroll down and click Save changes. So now we go to system health status under help. We won't see that warning anymore. Finally, it's asking for one more PHP extension, and I believe Daryl cover this in his set up they Sometimes I change which one today and what you required. So XML rpc socio add that to quit while we're in here and go back to see panel and I will go to select PHP version. Click on that, then click switch to PHP options and we're gonna go to PHP extensions. We're looking for that XML once xml rpc, we're gonna check it and click Save Now that's been saved. We will go back to DB HNC s refresh this page and now we don't see that. So the only warning we have is toe that we're using default templates. And if we make changes, we need to create a custom play. But again, that doesn't have much concern. So 19 successful that one warning and zero I'm needing attention. So and if you need help with this, our support team is familiar, and we can help you out with that. You don't have to reach out to Debbie HMCS directly name heroes more than willing to make sure we get this where you have zero needing attention. So once that set, then we can go into our general settings. And then what I like to do is since we use the set up wizard, I just like to go through and verify that everything we did is correct. So we have our company name and this is where you can change it if you decide to change your company name later or ah, if you just want to change, maybe you didn't type. It may be made a spelling error. What? Not you. Go back and change it in here. So we have Web hosting company. We have our email address and our domain. Now our logo. If we want to add a logo, we would enter the U R L to R logo there. So that's where that is. We decide to add one later. We've got 6. WHMCS Tutorial General Settings Pt 2: her address that we did got our system. You're ill. This is the default template for wh and CS. Now, if we were to go often purchase a custom when or to develop one, and we could selected there the activity log. We can leave that default records to display per page. I just like to keep that the default as well. Maintenance mode. If you're making any changes inside Debbie HMCS, such as upgrading its automatically gonna kick this on. So there shouldn't be a need for you to take that on to this. Leave it. And then here's what the maintenance message would be. And of course, you can redirect. This is Well, if you want to send it to your own page, maybe instead of this default message, you can do that. And then I like to keep it friendly. Your ales for ASIO purposes. Okay, So once all that stuff is completed to your satisfaction, then we could get a localization the character set. Leave that default. This is the date format. So if you have in the 19 them and you might change the date format to match her wherever you live, then you can do that here. I'm gonna keep it default. Same with this client date format. This about your clients will see again. You can change this. You can change the country default language. W HMCS is translated into all these different languages. So you can do that if you would like us. Well, you can enable the language menu so your clients can actually change it inside of their interface. And I recommend leaving that on. You know, when I started named hero, I didn't think a lot of people would use that. But you'd really be surprised the number of customers you get that will use that dynamic field translations. This enables localization of supported, database filled guy used to multiple languages. I don't recommend doing that. And then this other one here, you can leave that default. Okay, so let's go toe ordering. Ordering. This is where we're gonna change the look and feel of the order flow. Once we get into things, we can customize this a little bit more, but you can see there's a couple order form templates that are already provided. I personally like just a standard one here, but you can change it based on how you want your website to look. So once I get some packages loaded up, then you'll see. You can be able to see this a little bit bigger, and you could change this to a couple of theirs and you can get out here. And there's a side bar that you can possible so you can have this some cyber bar show on the order form or not, um, enabled term to service acceptance. Now this is important because what you're selling Web hosting to customers, they need a terms of service to follow because if not in the customer goes rogue. And of course, you could be held responsible. So what? I like to tell our customers that name hero that a good starting point for this is just going over to name hero in borrowing are so we can go over here to name hero and weaken. Scroll down to the bottom and you can see terms of use so you can actually take this agreement and use. This is your template to make your own. So basically go through here and change from name hero will see to the name of your company or your hosting business. It's always good that you have your own set of terms. So just for your So if you have someone that violates those, you can always refer back to this. And so I recommend that you do put a page up and you do make them accept those terms as they order. Just so again, if someone's coming on to do something bad, maybe just spam, um, or to not use your services. What? Therefore you always have something to get back to? Okay, Next is some options. So what happens? Months, they check out, I'm going to leave this default automatically for the user to the payment Gateway. So you're using PayPal after they submit their order, it's gonna redirect them to the papal site where they can make their payment and then come back a monthly pricing breakdown. In my opinion, this should be turned on because if if you remember, when Darrow did the tutorial signing up for name Hero, he saw her prices displayed per month. So W HMCS allows users to pay monthly every six months every year, every two years or every three years. And so in the Web posting industry, we can actually set those prices to where we were ward customers that want to sign up for a longer time frame. So this right it will show the monthly pricing breakdown instead of showing that big lump sum. So I'm gonna take that on faith examples is that later on in this tutorial, get block existing domains of someone already has an account in your system. You probably don't want them to have another, because that's probably an accident. So I like to leave that. And then there's some optional options you can take on here. Such as no invoice email on order skipped the fraud check for existing customers on the auto, provisioned for existing. The name will random user names and sign up University parada. So, like, just leave these off. Unless you specifically seen one of these that she may need. Then you can check those but getting started. I don't really recommend changing those in the default. Next, we're gonna head into domains now. We've already enabled the domain reseller module and are set up wizard. So this guy just confirms all that that customers are gonna be able to register domains transfer domains and they can also use their own domain with you. Now, if you want to disallow any of the selections, feel free to do so by default. You should probably leave the, um you enable renewal orders. This allows you Teoh enable the customers the ability to renew their domains early if they wish. You want to leave that on auto renew on payment, so this will automatically renew domains that are expiring. Of course, you want to leave that on auto renew requires a product. So this is if you have a free domain. So we get into provisioning and setting up accounts. I'll show you how you can give your customers or offer your customers a free domain if they want to pay yearly. I mean, I'll show you how to make sure that that renews correctly. So you want to leave that on create to do less entries. This is if something fails in W hmcs, it will put it to do it. So your staff, your are you yourself know that there's an action that requires manual intervention, and you want to leave that on same. A domain sync enabled you leave that on because it's actually going to sink the domains. Expiration dates with what's on file it enough. Okay, so we're going down here a little more sink the next due date. I believe that off. Unless you specifically have a reason why Domain sink notify on this will just let you know that the Domaine ST Grand you can turn that on if you want. Allow international domain names support. So if you want to allow this with the registrar, you can. Now I know Enaam does not have a lot of these, so I like to leave that off. Okay, so we have our default name servers, and he should be your resellers to leave those as is. And you would like to you let your clients use of their details in the domain registrations . Now, if you want to define that for them, maybe you want to use your company's details from the registrations You can, but I personally don't recommend it. I personally just let the client users, So we're gonna save settings now we're going to go to mail. You want to leave this default? Unless you're specifically having any issues with your Debbie HMCS not sending emails. Then you could change this SMTP but by default PHP male works just fine so we can leave all these descending Just default. This is our global email signature. This is what's gonna be on all those emails that are sent out to your customers So you can see here the defaults just Web hosting company, the name of your company with your you are ill. So I suggest just leaving that the same where you can customize that Whatever you see best fit for your business Global, you know, CSS styling. I just leave that default on the same of the hitter content. You know, if your Web developer Web designer, you can edit all this stuff to customize the look and feel of your emails. But in my opinion, wh NCS has done a really good job with their formatting of their emails. So there's really no need to customize all that stuff. Okay, send emails from name. So when you first set up, Debbie HMCS you had this so you could do this, Or you could just put your name in here like system admin. Um, this is just who the system emails air coming from so you can use your name. Or you can use just a system admin, or you can put your company's name. Whatever is appropriate for you is appropriate for in here. This is from the from email address. A lot of people like to use no reply because replying to system generated messages really isn't always, you know, a good practice. It's a lot of people like to use no reply so people won't reply to that email address for support. You can BCC messages if you want a copy of every email sent. Don't recommend that because you're gonna get a lot, um, pre cells form destination. Debbie HMCS by default has a contact form. And so you can send this to a general enquiry box, which will set up in the ticket desk. Or you can set an email address so that's up to you. If you want this to go to your general enquiries box, you can where you can set up an email address. I like just to send it to the general inquiries. Like safe. Okay, now are Millis set support. So if you notice that name, hero and any other company that used W hmcs many of them have a help desk ticket. Help Death Center where you can submit tickets. Debbie HMCS has one built in, so I like to leave this default. If you want to use the K eight go, you can. But that's a separate license. Separate piece of software altogether. So if you this is your first time with Debbie HMCS, just use the built in system mass format. You don't mess with that reply order. I like to use the Otis to the newest Take it. Reply email limit That just tends fine show client Onley departments, and you can take this to show client only departments to guess not logged in visitors. Sleeve that default. You want to require your clients to log in, so require log in by the owning client for viewing tickets assigned to a client's. This way, the tickets aren't made public, so they have to actually log into their accounts of you. It's time to leave that on knowledge based suggestions. You like to leave that on to, because as the users typing their help this ticket, you can actually populate your knowledge base. So, in case their questions already asked nowhere in this tutorial, I'll show you how to add articles to your knowledge base. Okay. Um attachment. Thumbnail previews. Think to enable thumbnail previews of attack image attachments. You can leave that default support ticket rating. Do you want to allow people to rate your staff as they're answering tickets? Like to leave that on unnamed hero were really big on making sure that we have all five stars on there. So we like to leave that on. Prevent email from reopening stick to prevent email replies from reopening closed tickets and sending email advising to open a new ticket or update existing tickets. You wanna leave this off? Um, what we're going to set up is we can where we can allow customers to email in and automatically update in the ticket desk. But if they email and reopen a ticket and that can create a problem, if they're saying like thank you, then they don't need to reopen the tickets. We like to leave that off and we like to leave the time step default, disabled, replying, No logging. And of course, you don't want to do that. And these are the attachment files allowed in your ticket center. I like to just recommend images. I don't like to recommend zip files or stuff like that because someone could potentially send you something. No. Good. Um, service system requires law again. Service status. I'm sorry. Requires law again. So you're gonna have a system status page, and I only like to have clients. See, that's even require law again. Um, and then you can leave this downloads default, like save. And they were all set. Now we can look at invoices this year. You can pretty much leave all of these default. This is just some of the specifics about how the invoices are generated inside of Debbie. HMCS Really? I've never seen a need for these to be changed other than when it comes down here to the late fee. Some people, if you want to charge late for you, which I recommend that you should you can either do a percentage or a fixed amount. Personally, I like to do percentage, but I like to do about a 25% leafy, um, in that way of customers late. And you can say this in your terms of service. But over time, of course, it inconveniences you for them. Not paying their employees sometimes so you can charge that percentage of a late fee and that kind of encourage them to keep them to paying their invoices on time. You can disable this by entering a zero, and you can also specify a light theme. Minimum the minimum late fate accepted credit card types. I'm gonna show you how to use stripes that accepts all of these. Um, and the issue start date. We can change these fields to show for credit card payments. I'm not going to invoice number information and invoice starting number. Just leave those default. You can change those. If you're coming over from another 1,000,000,000 system, If this is your first around, you can leave it next in credit. This is for affiliates are for when you have affiliates in your system and when you have customers that want to pay and they want to pay a balance up front. So a lot of customers unnamed hero. The want to deposit funds into their wh NCS. They don't have to worry about paying invoices every month. This is kind of where you set that up. The minimum deposits. I personally like a little bit higher than $10. So I like to say maybe $25 the maximum maybe $500 and in the maximum balance, of course, could be about $500 since the max amount of credit someone can add. And, of course, you want to require an active order before in allowing the add funds to click. Save changes on that. Next is the affiliates if you want to enable the affiliate system. So this means if you wanna have a referral system, if you have customers and you want to allow them to send in people and get paid a commission for your products, and you could enable this, um, this in itself could be an entire tutorial. How to set up your Affiliate center So this is really up to you if you want to enable it for the purpose of this video, I'm not going to, but if you want to, you just click to enable it, and it will be inside the user interface. Then you can go ahead and enable how much you want each person to receive. I'm a bonus the deposit from sign up and how much they have to be paid or how much they have to reach before payout. In how many days Teoh DeLay the commission's. If you're going to do this, I do recommend setting this at least 31 days, so they have a full month to make sure it's not a bogus transaction. Security. This is always important stuff. So require you just confirm the email address on sign up or change of email address. You can do this. What I like to do is keep it off for now. See how it goes and then them and then go from there. Capture, form protection. Now you're gonna notice on your website. So when you go to your weather your wh NCS slash billing, you're gonna notice a capture here to see this capture right here. That's ugly. I do not like that. So go in here and take that off. So capture form projection like to turn it off on the domain. Look at Oops. So and I think that's actually I think there's another option here for domain captures and it's not there. So let's see if that gets it for us. I think that will get it for us, but I don't like to have a capture on our domain lookups because that's a really big pain in the butt. But with that, let's keep going through here. Um, you can add the recapture from Google so we can add that if we want out, just leave it default. Require password strength. Yes, you should believe that the filled admin band time. This is how many minutes after an I P address logs in unsuccessfully to your admin area. Leave that the default. 15. If you have a problem, you can change that. But basically that person will be allowed to log in again for 15 minutes. I think any longer than that to might get aggravating If it's yourself, you can white list eyepiece here. If you have your I P address, you can add it in here and white less it so it doesn't get blocked by this I p log in failure notices. This will just send a log and failure if it happens from a white list. I p I'm disabled password reset for admin. You might want to turn this on so the admin user can't reset its password. Just so someone's into your email, they can't get into that this able credit card storage so this boxed will not store customers credit cards in the database. Now, if you do not have PC, I compliance than you want to click this. If you're using PayPal on stripe, you don't have to worry about it because it's not going to do it. Any help Loud Client CC removal tickets box LA clients to delete their credit card details stored If you're not gonna storm enough to worry about that. Details. Disabled session I p. Check. This will disable people's my P from being checked in the cookie. I'm not gonna disable that. Allow smarty PHP tags. This is for if you have any custom templates. So we believe that disabled. If you have some custom templates, you might find the need to enable that later on. This is if you're using a proxy to relay I p information, you're probably not. So don't worry about that. Same with the trusted proxies. AP I I p restriction. So if you wanna Onley, allow certain eyepiece to connect to your Debbie hcs. Debbie HMCS ap. I can add those in here most of time. Enough to worry about that. Um you probably have logged this tick to record successful FBI off indications in the admin log. And then we have the CSR f tokens. They are enabled by default. And for the domain checker, they are disabled. So that some those air recommended. If you run into an error that says see SRF error, you can disable this most of time. That happens of custom modules and custom templates. Okay, finally, we have social. This is re enter your Twitter user name and this will actually show your latest tweets on your main page on this page Here, it will show your tweets if you have a Twitter account for your company. So if you do, you can enter it inside of there. Um, if you want to have the tweet button enabled on your announcement, you can, um, Facebook recommend or Facebook comments. You could enable those. And if you want to recommend Google, plus not really used much anymore, but they still have it in here. Okay, Finally, we have the other options here, and this is for the admin climate client display format. She last name first name only. I like to leave this one default and this is really all personal preference, but that's how I like mine to display. He felt the client area Tick this box to skip the home page and Ford users directly to the client Arian log inform upon first visiting W H M C s. So this means if they're logged in here, they won't see this page will to see the main page four of their account. So I like to leave just this default again. That's personal preference as well. Okay, so allow client registration. This allows customers to register without purchasing. In my experience, you know, receipts. Bam. If you keep this on their you don't see people register that are either fishing or maybe you have bought. So I like to turn that off so I don't like clients to register. I'm optional profile field. You can make these optional at the sign up time, so feel free to do that. I like to leave him default. You can have locked profile filled meaning that once they fill out, there may be their first name and last name. They can't change it without letting you know. It's kind of good. So if someone maybe hacks the account. If someone got someone's log in, they couldn't change it to another one and take over someone's account. So sometimes I like to even walk their email address in as well. Client details change. Notify Cisco. Send you an email each time a client changes any of their details. Marketing. Opt out Tip. To show a newsletter, opt out option in the client area. It's gonna show in your emails. There's no need to do that cancellation like if you want to have a cancellation link in the interface, I do recommend that credit on downgrade. If they downgrade, will you give them a credit for unused time? You can or can't. It's by default. It is monthly affiliate reports. Now, if you have the affiliate program enabled, then you can send them a report each month automatically ban sub domain prefixes. These prefixes air not allowed because most of these are system generated to leave that on and finally have some debug type stuff here. If you're having some issues with your wh, NCSU can turn these on. Okay, 7. WHMCS Tutorial General Settings Pt 3: I So now we have configured all of the settings for W HMCS. Now, if I understand, this is a lot. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back for you made it through this far these air just options that are important. And the good thing about these, though, is you can always go back to these as you get more experience with wh NCS As you get more experience with using the system and, um, seeing kind of what you do and what you don't need, you'll probably go back and edit thes several different times. I know running name hero. I'm back in here all the time tweaking these to make things work exactly like I would like him. Okay, now that we saved all of our settings and it's time to verify or server settings are integration with our reseller account that we did in the set up wizard. So we're gonna go to set up and want to go to products and services and click servers. So it's right there on the third Minya. Okay, you're gonna see Simon, which is what we set up earlier. You want to click this little pencil icon right here to get to this some area here. Now, this is the name of the server or the name of the reseller packages you have here. So only you're going to see this. Now the host name. If you remember, your customers are going to see this, but it's all white labels. You're not going to know anything about name here. Uh, this is your primary I p address, which is in there. And now we need to enter our monthly cost. So what I like to do is go back into my name hero section, make it back over to it. Yeah. Click on my hosting package. Click here. Now, all of you are gonna have different prices, depending on how long you sign up for some. We're gonna sign up monthly some we're gonna sign up every six months. Some are gonna sign a purely so Like what I like to do is go back into here. Click here and get this right here. See, this is 2 2170 semi annually so I could take this number and divided out monthly this way. When we're running profit and loss reports inside of Debbie HMCS then we can see where we're profitable on where we're not. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this to 2170 and I'm gonna divide it by six months to divide this by however long you purchased. So I'm gonna go into W HMCS. My monthly cost is going to be 36 95 Data center in O. C. This is gonna be just named hero. Maximum number accounts. Now, this is important because I know this is a question that we get a lot of name hero. Well, how many accounts can I have on this reseller account? What name hero we allow you. We allow unlimited accounts to be creative with your reseller account, but we only limit you about a disk space and bandwidth that you actually use. So with our corporate reseller, you can use as much as 100 gigabytes of space and as much as two terabytes of van with So you can use quite a bit of resource is now because we allow that doesn't mean that you should feel this full of just millions of sites. Because I wouldn't work right. I like to recommend on the corporate reseller account No more than 50 accounts. If you're paying 36 95 a month with 50 customers usually well, over 100% are why, so I just My personal preference is no more than 50 customers her reseller account. If you need to add more than you had more reseller accounts, it's instead of just selling all your disk space, toe hundreds of customers. I like to separate it for account. So this is up to you, though. If you wanna have 100 customers on one restore account, that's cool. But I really recommend no more than 50. Secondly, we need to look at redundancy. Um, when you set up one reseller account, all these customers are essentially on the same note or the same server. Now, if that server would have a hiccup, which is not common at name Hero but also not unheard off, then all of your customers would have an issue. So if you're running a hosting company, you probably want to diversify by having multiple reseller account, so you have multiple servers in here once you get up and going. That's why I like to just to say, 50 customers per account in that way, if there is an issue on a server, not all of your customers are having the same issue bombarding you with support. Okay, Server status address. This is so the status of the server will show correctly inside of your client area. So what I do is I go back to my site here, and I just verify my Uriel status works and you can see it. That's so copy this. Go back into here in pace. This right here. So now this will automatically populate in the client period, showing them the status. Now, if you want to disable this, you can do that. Here, not scroll down. We've got her name servers. Noticed the I P addresses didn't come over from the set up wizard. So we want to add those. Let's go back to our client area. Click on our corporate hero. Go down just a bit and grab these I p addresses. We're gonna copy nous go back into Debbie. HMCS pasted. Go back over here. Copy this one here and then pace it in here. Okay, Now we want to scroll down here. And this was our integration that we did earlier in the set up wizard, we can go ahead and just tested to make sure it successful. If you have any issues with it not being successful, I'm feel free to reach out to our support. But most likely, something was entered incorrectly. We recommend using his A p i tokens which are automatically generated in the set up wizard . Which is why I wanted to walk you through That instead of the account password is just more secure using a p I tokens. Okay, go down here. Access control. Now, this means if you only want the admin to have access to this server where if you only want certain admin So this basic if you have a staff, if you're hiring support team members and you don't want them to have information and have access to the server menu would restrict it. I like this to say unrestricted. Um, and then you can separate that out as you hire staff members. Most all of you probably want unrestricted for the time being. Okay, Now our server is configured, so we're ready to start some adding accounts. But there's a couple of more configuration settings that we need to do inside of Debbie HMCS just before we get started with that. And that's one The biggest ones is the help desk. So if we looked under support, we can see we're gonna have a bunch of different stuff. So this is the tickets that come in. Now we have to actually create support departments because by default, it's not so under set up. We're gonna have support support departments so you can see general inquiries that's already set up just in general mailbox. Well, we probably add one for support. So we're gonna click. Add new department department name this called support. Or if you want to get fancy context, support technical support description, you can have a description if you would like, um, I'm just leave it blank email address. Now, this is important because I'm gonna shade how to set up what's called an email pipe. So if one of your customers e mails his address, it's automatically gonna open up a ticket for them in the help this. It makes it super easy and super friendly. So we're gonna call this support at Main hero tutorial for you dot com and the sign admin users what? We only have one. So just admin clients only. I like to do this. Um, if if they're not a customer than you probably want them sitting support request. Right? Unless you're paying for your services, you don't have to provide them support. So this way, if that's not a client in the email support, it's going to send him back an email. It says. Unfortunately, you're not a customer, so we can't open a support ticket. Piper applies only require all tickets be open from the client area. This is if you don't want people to email in tickets, which you probably do. I know that name hero, quite a few our customers with his email support and opens up a ticket. So like to leave that off. No auto responder. This will say it will not auto respond messages for new tickets. I like to leave that on feedback requests and ticket feedback. Rain request unclos of ticket like to turn that on name hero. We're very big on customer service, so we liked the request feedback from from our support text hidden. If you want to hide this department from clients, they can't submit unnamed hero we do this for, like, our abuse department. So if someone's abusing the system, they can't really submit a ticket saying abuse. But we said we use that for internal use is Okay, this is where the ticket piping for pop three importing. We're not going to use this method, so we're gonna leave this blank in click add new department. Okay, This has now been added. Now we wanna import or use our ticket importing pipe. So this is very easy to set up. Just bear with me and I'll show you exactly how to do it. 8. WHMCS EMAILS: do it. I want to go back to our C panel where we're making our PHP adjustments earlier. Click on the main name your logo. Type in forward and under email. Click on forwards can side if you're gonna click on, add a forward And this is where we're going to add that pipe. So anything support at name hero tutorial for you dot com is gonna pipe into the ticket system. So we just need a copy of this little thing right here. Copy it and paste it right in here since it afforded on Sorry, we need to pipe it to a program and then it will be right under there. The lead it out of here, and we put it right inside of here. This will pipe it to this program. I'm automatically for us, and you can see it wants us to remove that little bit in there. So we're gonna pipe it into this directory here. So when pipe into a program is enter relative path, if it requires PHP, then you should omit it to make sure scripts X able to execute through There were click add forward and we're gonna go back and make sure that it is correct. So we look in here support because the home named hero to be agency s Cron slash pipe. So that is set up correctly. Okay, so now we can go back into here. Now, if you want to do one for sales, maybe you have a sales department click. Add new department department name sales description. I'm gonna leave it blank cells at name Bureau tutorial for of you dot com. We only have one admin Zwiers gonna keep the admin on there. Now, since this is a sales department, you probably don't look just client. You want anyone to be able to send a sales, so don't click that piped replies. Only this makes him log in. Well, that's not good. If they're not a client, they can't reply. So don't do that. Um, don't send out of know how to respond. Er you want the auto responder? This is a feedback request. You probably don't want this for sales because if it's a potential customer, they might not be willing to give you a review. Are few. If they say, Hey, I want a coupon and you say I'm sorry, we don't have any coupons, they might get mad. Maybe a matter of you, so just leave that off. You can show this to clients. You don't have to hide it. And we're not going to use the pop three, so look like add new. So now we want a pipe. This sales email address too. So what is going to copy this again and go back in to see panel and we want to add a forward this time Already, sales to advanced options scroll on down here to pipe, and we're gonna pace this. And once again, we need to omit the PHP look. And there it is for us right there, and we can click, add forward and go back. And now we can see it in there. So now both of them are set up. So now if you send an email to cells, it's going to open up the ticket. So let me demonstrate this story. Um, I've got an email client happened here, so compose an email. So say a potential customer months, email your cells, um, shared hosting gig you have here and they send this to you. Message sent successfully. And now let's see if it should, isn't here, and it did not. So we have an issue with our integrations. See what it says He was filled. The sender, Um, so we can see it looks like a permission denied air. So no worries. We just need Teoh assigned permission to that pipe that PHP file. Let's go back to see panel. Let's click on Name Hero. Let's go to file manager And from here it's quick. Wh NCF data. Let's a quick in the Cron's you will see the pipe. See, here's our problem. It's set to 0644 So let's change the permissions on this 2755 change Permissions. Now that's give it a shot. Go back to our Web Mel and composed sales at your oil for view dot com that fills. I've been test and send it, and now we've got a reply so you can see it's automatically going to send a test trip. I actually this ascending into your address. Thank you for contacting our sport team sport. A cinnamon open for your request will be notified Our spots, mate. Now, if you go in wh NCS and click refresh, you're going to see the ticket shows up in here. So now you're gonna be able to make a reply to the user where your staff is able to make a reply to the user from right inside of here. So it's a very efficient way to handle support now, if again, if they're emailing and support and they don't have an account that's going to tell them that they need to email from the email address where they have their accounts with us. Okay, so that's how email piping works. And setting that up, I'm going to go ahead. And if I wanted to reply to this ticket, this is a test replied to the ticket, Good on here, Click reply. And now the user is going to get another email. This is this is a test replied to the ticket, and you can see how well these emails air formatted again. This is all customized base to the auctions we've already entered. And if we have a logo, it will show as well. So now they're get our response back and right back you'll keep the ticket chain going so you can see there's no more tickets awaiting reply. So again It's very efficient way to kind of handle everything. And Teoh, you know, really organize your desk and your sales force to make sure that everyone gets the right answer when they need it and in a timely fashion. Okay, so now at this point, congratulations, your help desk, it's set up. The email piping is good to go, but now I want to go in and talk a little bit more about our domain. So let's go to set up product. 9. WHMCS DOMAINS AND PRICING: products and services and go to domain pricing. So if you remember, we originally set this just to 14 95. So if I click open pricing, you can see we allow for one year registration a dot com 14 95 for register, transfer or renewal. So since we're integrated with Enaam, that's where we're gonna get our pricing from. So what I like to see you do is go to Enaam. Let's just pull it in here. Todo Enaam, and that's log into our account. Ivory got mine logged in. Um actually, it's gonna ask me to log in again here, so name hero, tutorial. Click law again. Need tutorial. Rather. Yes, There we go. And now we're inside of our reseller account. Okay, so under resellers, we click on manage, edit damaging prices right here to the quickly. That's the fastest way to get to this. Now we can see our coughs of the T ah Dees and there's quite a few of them in here, so you can see there is a lot. Um So what I like to do is get the main ones handled first. Now from my experience running name hero. Ah, lot of these TL. These are not really sold or used Like everyone thought in the beginning. I first thought when I launched Name Hero did it would really they would really catch on. I really have not seen that. So we go back here dot com dot net Gotta work dot biz I info. Those are your most popular ones. You're gonna see most your cells from that. But you want to make sure that your pricing is greater than what you have any non. So, of course. 14 95 for dot com. Look, we're got nice margin on their the dot net 11 62. So we're good there dot org's. Same now, if we wanted to add, say dot me, we could do that inside of here. Had the TLT would just type in, not me. Click save changes. We do that. We click open pricing and then we can enable registration for one year register. Will we go over here to our me bring up their window here and it's 16 50 so we want to charge more than that in on suggests going on at 2 30 to 24. I think it's a little high, so let's just make it 1995. So 1995 Just copy and paste set on over maneuver and save changes. Okay, so now we have the dot makes when close the window. Go back. I'm refreshed this page, and you can see that now the dot me is included. Um, So again, you can go through here and add is many of these, as you would like now I'm I'm an old school type person. I like to go through and kind of pick and choose when I want to add, There are other scripts and stuff you can use out there to try to bring all these in, but personally from running name hero and seeing the support I see a lot of people run into errors and they're trying to import all this stuff in there. So what? I recommend doing sitting down, just grabbing the ones that you know you want for your business and start adding them into your w hmcs. So you know, I think it's always you have these the main ones. That's what's the most important. But then, of course, you can go through and add some other ones that You think that might be needed now if you want. If you want to, you can go ahead and add them all. But of course it's going to take a little bit of time. So in this video, we're not gonna add all of the new GT allergies and stuff like that inside of here. Okay? With that said, weaken spotlight, todo is make the most popular ones. So wh NCs will make recommendations when, as people go to register names. So I like the spotlight the dot com the dot net in the daughter work, I could use a spotlight Look up provider. You wanna lose leave. That is standard the standard Who is lookups Premium domains. You can configure this. This is through Enaam. If you want to offer the premium domains through them, you can configure this. I'm not going to by default, because in my experience, you know, I you have to pick and choose your in the Web hosting business or you in the domain business. If you want to get into all that and you're more than welcome to. But the month average reseller doesn't really mess the premium domains. That is nice they have that feature. The next thing that is important, though, is the domain add ons. You know, you price saw this when you're signing up unnamed hero. We have add on fees for DNS management, email forwarding and I d protection. So let's go back over here. Teoh, Enaam, and, um, we can look here. What I like to do is just type it in up here to register a domain and see what they're charging us. So this is just one dot com. So let's just do that to bring up a test order here. Of course, I'm that nothing should be available. We'll see. And it's taken. What's the like of that being taken? So it's just changes to rein them. String there. Okay, great. It's available. So we see 9 95 our costs. You click, add to cart, could check out, and you can see here G sweet new things. We don't add that I e protection. So now here's where you see that the cost to you is 3 75 a year for I d protection. So if you wanna add that you want to increase the price of that a little bit more now the reason why I like toe have you do this in the beginning? Because he nods. Actually lower this. They've made it, they've increased it and they've lowered it again, so it's a lot lower than it used to be. So 3 75 So we go over into here are I d protection? You want to make it more than 3 75 unless you want to eat into the price of the domain. So why not make it for 98 a year now? Dean s management and email forwarding Both of these are complementary at Nam, so you can leave. These is free for your users where you can charge them bursting. I recommend charging a small premium because a lot of times, if they're buying, hosting, they're not going to use this Anyways. They're not going to use the S management in affording, so if they're gonna use this, most likely they're just buying a domain from you. So it's a good way to kind of make a little bit increased revenue. It's important after you define your prices that you actually assign these add ons to the domains that you would like. So for example, the s management weaken. Going to sign it to these You pretty much always want. Oh, assign the add on to the primary domains. Same with email. 14. Now the only thing is there is a restriction on domains that can use the i d protection. So I believe most all of them allow it. But there are a couple, like not us, as I believe won't allow it. I'm so you might wanna check with Nam on that you can call their customer service or shoot him a ticket and say, You know what domains cannot use I d protection on and they'll let you know. Same with the PP code. Most all domains used the e p P code. I believe there might be one or two don't. But I think most is. Do you want to make sure after you set your prices here that you enable these here and save the changes? Okay, so now we've done a lot of work on our system. So let's just go take a look really quick and see it are so we can look at our progress. So right name here. A tutorial for you dot com slash billing and let's enter an example Domain. This is an example for Ryan. Now, notice. I'm not gonna put a T l d click search. Okay. And congratulations, the dot coms available. So now if I wanted to register this, I could click Add to cart. And if I want this the spotlight remember how we set the spotlight up in here this year? This is gonna recommend these t Aldi's Teoh your customers. So it's kind of just to get more revenue out of them, so they'll say, Well, heck, I got the dot com so I might as well get the dot net Gotta work, and then they can check out. So you can see after we do that, you've got the option to add hosting. Now. We have not set up are hosting packages yet, so we don't get ahead of ourselves. But click that we won't get anything. But now they can choose these add on. So they want to add I d protection or Guinness Management. They could do that. I de protection here and the name servers. These air the default ones that we set up in our set up wizard, but continue and you can see now the users ready to view their order and pay you so we can click. Check out and you can see the user now could go ahead and enter the information to create their account. They already have an account they can log in since both there. If we scroll down here, you can see they've got the option to pay with PayPal. So and then they also got the option interest notes and complete their order. So at this point, we've got our system set up to where we can begin selling domains. You're essentially your own domain registrar at this point, and you're getting a heck of a discount time using the complementary in on account that comes with it here at name, euro dot com. So my next thing is, I want to show you how to integrate stripe. So then we can now is to accept credit card payments along with PayPal. I know PayPal allows credit cards, will, but stripe actually has a nice little integration that will allow them to enter the credit card right inside of here. And I'm just like to be a little bit more convenient. So to add this, we want to go to strike dot com. You can read it 10. WHMCS CUSTOMER DASHBOARD: Hey, guys. So I want actually run you guys through on what your customers are going to see. So this is the log in page like, this is their interface. If they're not logged in now, let's say they want to go ahead and log into their dashboard there, go to their log in and go to log in. All right, so this is the customer dashboard that they're going to see now. I'm also gonna show you all how they can install WordPress, and you know, anything else that you guys might want to know about, what your customers will see. So this is like their domains right here. They can see their domains that can see, like, their expiring extended. They get notifications right here. Like your credit card's gonna run expire soon or whatever. So I'm gonna go ahead and go back right here. Now, this is the services now, right here. I'm gonna click active. Now if you scroll down right here, Did you like quick shortcuts? Kind like the APP installer. Now, if they want to actually log in onto their seat panel and install wordpress, they need to go right here to log in to see panel. Alright, Awesome. And they also might get, like, a little notification, Like for the first time saying, Hey, you know, welcome to your, uh your C panel and stuff. So it's guys. It's just like I showed you before to install Wordpress. So it's going down here. You're gonna see the app installer and think even saw the victim, CSR hunter there, um you know, onto their website or whatever. So right here, really to wordpress and then the same thing, you know, install now and then all they need to do is go ahead and put their domain and everything else and then simply go down there and go to insult, just like we did it. Guys, they have the same exact options and features as we do. So the C panel is this same for basically everyone. So if you guys are wanting to, like, know how it looks, this is how it looks. If you have any questions on their dashboard or anything else Ah, feel free, Let me know, you know? But it's pretty self explanatory. They get everything they can see right here. You like their services. That remains their tickets, invoices and they will also let them know if you responded to tickets in their dashboard. Okay. All right. That's what I want to tell you guys. Let's go ahead now and go back to the editorial. 11. Integrating Stripe With WHMCS: you can read about strike for not familiar with them, but they're really the payment provider of choice, in my opinion in recent years, much because of their quick and easy integration, they accept all the major credit cards ends the same processing feed from PayPal. Actually, it might be a little bit less than PayPal, and there they change it based on volume, and they've changed a little bit in the last couple of years. But really, the integration is perfect. And then what? You start processing millions of dollars, you can start negotiating other contracts with the stripe or with other merchant providers . What I like about strike, though, is there's no, there's no fee to get started. You just have to pay. It's a small percentage of each transaction. If you click on pricing here, you can see this pay as you go 2.9% of each transaction, plus 30 cents. So again, that's like right online of papal. They do have an enterprise if you start processing those millions and you can negotiate with them. But what I like about this there's no set up fee and a monthly fee or no hidden fees you only pay what you use and you have a real time reporting that shows you these fees so personally it strives. My favorite processor of choice. I've used many different months over the years. Somewhere you have to use authorized dot net gateway. You have to pay it. You have to pay a set up fee if you pay a monthly feed and there's just fees everywhere. Strike. There's not many fees. So that's what I like about it. And I recommend you get started about them. And then, of course, once you start doing the millions, you convince her outward. OK, but to get started here, we want to create an account unless you already have one. So let's click create account when he is billing at Main Hero tutorial for you dot com. My full name Brian Tester. You were anti password now stripe. Of course, by nature, they're tough on the type of passwords that you need to use, so I'm gonna enter it here in another window just so I haven't saved. And they wanted to be hard to guess, which you could understand why I'm not a robot. Ones are apartment buildings. This is always fun stuff. Okay, Create your stripe account. Okay. Phone verification. I want you to verify your phone number to make sure that you are who you say you are. Civil text a confirmation to this phone number. Somebody do that quick. Okay, Now we've got our coats. Sorry about that. It took just a second for me. Toe. Fetch that from them. Okay, so now this is our stripe accounts. It's created name, email, phone, and we're off to the races. So we want to go back to W H M. C s. And inside of here would go to set up payments payment gateways. Okay. It's gonna tapestry authenticate. And now we need to go to all of payment gateways. Scroll down to the bottom and click on strike right here. Okay, So now we need our secret ap. I keep our publisher a P I key. So let's go back to strike. Click on a P. I and we've got our secret keys. Denton, Uh, we have a publishable keys. We're gonna copy this now, this is important. These are our tests. Keys. If we want to go live, and we have to set the account to go live viewing tests. A p I keys toggle to view live keys. So we want to do the test because we're gonna do some testing here so we can pretend like we're submitting or orders. So there's a publishable key here. Let's get our token secret key is here. Copy it akin to hear paste. Just my name. I think Cole is just credit card. Um, company name. Here. This is a descriptor for the current, um, the credit card statement that she's invoiced numbers. Well, company name and the invoice number. Okay. Okay. Take to enable showing the apple pay option on support devices. Sure. Why not? Thanks. Save. All right. Now, if we go back to where we're gonna buy our domain and refresh Well, we've lost it. Let's go back through here and I'll say I can show you. Search. It's available. Check out at I d. Protection the bottom. Continue. Check out. You know, we scroll down here, you can see credit card, and now we can enter in our credit card, just as we were a customer and process it right here on the page. So now you can accept paypal and now you can accept credit cards, and that's really a simple and easiest stripe is just before you go live. You have to talk about this to the live AP I So you have. Teoh could click off of test data and activate your account, so you have to see there's a couple things you have to verify your email for one, but after the emails verified, then you can grab those publishable keys. But anyways, we're gonna leave it like this because after we set up the hosting products, we are going to run some testing. Okay, so let's go back inside of here. And you can also decide which gateway you want to show first, um, experience example. We could just move this up so stripe will show first and then pay. PAL will show second, so we go back to our shopping cart. Refresh PayPal will be second and credit cards first. That's how I like to have it. Just be a nick. In my opinion, it just looks more professional where you're asking for their credit card first. Now, remember and PC I compliance is not required because you're not storing these credit cards on your server. These were all stored on stripes server. So while it may look like the data's captured to you, the data goes to Stripes, and it's all encrypted and all very, very safe. So that's how you set up stripe. It really is that simple and that easy. Now remember, we haven't fully set up PayPal yet because we receive our first payment. Then we're gonna have to go through and set up our PayPal account. But now let's talk about setting up our product groups and setting up our Web hosting packages, because that's really the meat and potatoes of reselling Web hosting. 12. How To Setup Hosting Packages With WHMCS: on products and services, And this is where all of our products and services we create will exist. So the first thing you do is create a group, create a new group. So this could be this is gonna be titled the main category for your web hosting packages so you can call this shared hosting. You call this manage WORDPRESS hosting or whatever fits your business model. So for ours, let's just call this manage for a press posting. Now, headline This is just gonna show inside of your order forms and such. So say, select your managed cloud WordPress posting package. I had a tagline. Um, here we go. And available payment gateways. Remember, we have credit card just stripe in papal. We're gonna use the standard order form template. Remember, we talked about this in our basic settings. We can always go back and change this later, but this is what we want to use for now. This is hidden if you wanna make the group hidden, which we don't. Okay, so now the group has been set, and now we have to create the actual hosting products. So what we need to do this point is We need to go back into our client area. Name, hero. Go back into here. You want to go into a Web host? Managers were in Click log into wh and one second has been a long back in me. You time day out here. Okay. Okay. Here. You know Morgan. Okay, so now we're inside of a weapons manager, and we have to create our packages first inside of here, So I like the type in Add a package right here. Okay, So for this example tutorial, I'm gonna create three hosting packages. If I go back to my site here and I look at my main page here, you can see I've got room for three packages, basic premium and platinum. So I was gonna use these names since I already have these on my template, and you're gonna be able to define stuff like how many sites? How much storage band with and all that stuff. So let's some set up one here back to my post manager, and this one's called basic. So this quota now, this is very, very important. When I'm about to say so. If nothing else, you get in this video, make sure you write this down because your reseller, the way Web host manager, is designed in the way we sell our space at Name Hero. In order for us to allow you to over sell, you have to specify a disc limit and a band with limit, even if you want to offer unlimited to your customer. So if you wanted to offer unlimited us, we'll put a bunch of nines in this build here. Unlimited simply will not work because then we wouldn't allow you the ability to be able to over sell. I know it doesn't make much good sense, but from a technical background, it does so for the disk quota for this main package here, I'm gonna say 10 gigabytes to start. So that's 10,000 megabytes attend and 123 zeros monthly band with. I'm just going to say it's unlimited, so we're just gonna put it much of 19 here, Okay, now these other options here these air what you can you know, base. You're selling on what you want to create the sun. So Max FTP accounts. Let's just say we give him five max email accounts. Five email list. Five databases five five sub domains. Five Part remains. This is a big one, Max, Add on domains Since this is our basic package, we only want the user to be able to host one website because this is our starter package. Where is gonna put zero? No, Max, Add on domains. That's a big one there. Okay, the e mails relayed was Keep those zero. They do system defaults. Uhm. And now we're not going to select a dedicated I p address because since you are a reseller , you would actually have toe order the dedicated I p address from name hero first and then assign it to them. So it's not. And that's the same with shell access to you cannot assign shell access automatically. It's something has to be done on the root access. So c g I access. Of course, you wouldn't allow that so they can run scripts digest authentication at creation. We will not check that. See panel fame. We just have the paper lantern featureless. Now this is a big one. Featureless is all of the different features that are available into the account. So this is another place that you can make some up sales and stuff. So we'll talk about that after I create this first package. So good in here. Click add. Okay. And it successfully added the package. So while we have this honor screen, though, let's go Make sure report this correctly into W hmcs to go back over to here and we want to create our products to create a new product. Okay, now, product type. You can click the drop down. You can see there's four different types. Hosting account is what we're going for here. Product group. We only have one group in the product. Name will go back to our page. This is the basic host. So we're just gonna copy this and paste this in here. Basic coast. Continue. Okay, now, from here, we can add our description. So what I like to do is go over to here and grab this stuff here. Copy it, paste it in here. We're gonna do a little bit of basic formatting to make this look real nice, because this is where we're going. Teoh, We're going to show them how maney how much space they can have. This is what we'll display inside of our client area. in our order pages. We're gonna make this look nice like this. This so I like to make it look like this. And this space is quoted gigabytes. 10 gigabytes. Now you can see it gives you some HTML tags. If you're not familiar with HTML, you can use them inside of here. If you're not familiar, if you are familiar than that's pretty straightforward bowed, it's format this with local tag here. Okay, just do some quick formatting here. Oh, please. And you can change the way this reads. I mean, whatever. This is your business, so you gotta create it the way you best see fit for your for yourself. So since we're allowing five to that, my here and so this basically forces users. You know, when I was more than one website, they would be forced into a higher pain package versus the your basic package. And you know what? We should grab this too. Five. Here, here, five here, live here, and this is a big one here. Okay, so now we have all the details about our package in here. Now, let's scroll down. Welcome email. Now, this is one of my favorite things about Debbie. HMCS you don't have to spend all evening or all day writing emails. They're already written for you. You just have to select which one this is a hosting account. So select it. Um, after that to require domain? Well, yes. You toe have a hosting package. They have to have a domain. So you want to require and show the registration options? Ah, stock control this year. Limit the number of accounts again sale. I don't recommend it. Apply tax. If you live in an area that requires that you speak to your accountant about that but most the time United States he just pay tax with your company on this. Can you make this more prominent on order for him? So this one's our basic, so we're not gonna make it featured. You can also hide it to retire it. That's for when you're these products and longer exists or you've changed your offerings. OK, so now we've created the basic stuff. Now we need to go into pricing and add that So first we have our payment type free. We don't do that one time. We don't do that either. We want to do recurring so I like to do monthly annually two years and three years, that's what That's me personally. So since this is our basic account, let's just say it's $5.95 now pricing. You're more than welcome. Teoh price your products, however you see best fit. That's the good thing about being a reseller. You can use 5 95 You go cheaper, but what I'm gonna do and when I suggest you start with a low monthly price for your basic and then, um, I'm not completely low, but allow for some room so you can discount if they pay longer. So, for example, if they want to pay annually, let's give it to him at 4 95 a month. So what we would dio is we wanna take 4 95 and multiply it by 12 so we can put it inside that box for 95 times 12. It's 59 40 and then, if you want to every two years, let's say well under 3 95 months 3 95 times 24 months is 94.80. Finally, let's see if they want to pay for three years, we will go all the way down to 2 95 to 95 times 36 months is 106 20. So now they're going to get there. If they want to pay monthly, it's fine 95. But if they want to pay more than they're going to get a much better price, so now we can say allow multiple quantities. You probably do not want to know that recurring cycles limit. This is more use if you're setting up a trial, so don't recommend that all determinate tainment terminate is for trial termination email that would be for trial prorated billing. I don't really recommend that were the date for the charge. Next month, I leave that stuff default unless you're going to get complicated. 13. How To Setup Hosting Packages With WHMCS PT 2: they didn't. Okay, so now we didn't need to go into module settings. Our model is gonna be see panel, so we're gonna select that. And what do you know? Basic Already shows up. Since we haven't created already inside of here. Basic is already in there, so it already knows to when someone orders it knows. So sign them. This package. That's a good thing about Debbie. HMCS it plugs right in next. I want to choose this option here. Toe automatically set up the product as soon as the first payment is received. This way. Its automated this way. As soon as they pay their hosting account, this set up. And that's the way you should run your business, in my opinion, because if you have to manually verify And what if you're sleeping, someone signs up. That would be a really big pain in the butt. So now we're gonna save changes. Okay, so now we're almost finished. Let me just walk you through these next steps here. Custom fields. If you want to add an extra form field when they go to sign up, you can, um you know, whatever you may need, it's up to you configurable options. If you have options that are specific to this for most hosting products, you're not gonna have one for a configurable option. I'm not for your shared hosting, So I really feel like what you get into this. You kind of get this and complications. So I don't really recommend doing that. I will show you how to do an ad on them upgrades. Once we have more packages, we can put those in here because they'll be able to upgrade to another package. Say they want to upgrade to a package to allows hosting for multiple sites. Then we would list them inside of here now. Free domain. This is cool because you can offer a free domain registration if they pay longer. So let's do that. Let's say, offer a free domain registration or transfer, but renew. It is normal, okay? And you can keep it free to if they renew it. But, you know, at first I think of the first year free is good. Now, I don't recommend doing this for monthly because you would actually lose money. But if someone signs up for three years, you can off from a free domain if they sign up for two years or one year, even you can off from a freedom. And just remember, that's gonna cut into your profits. So maybe you don't want to do it for yearly. Next, you can select which T L D is you want to use for the free domain. Most companies, including us, that name hero we do is for the top ones and calm network. And biz is good. You know, some of these realities are more expensive, so you don't want to offer just all of them. Okay, Click Save. Now we can look another if you are running the affiliate module, which we did not enable it. But if you wanted to, this is where you had. This is where you would tell the system what the payout would be. It would be the default of the system, a percentage of the sale, a fixed amount or no commission for the specific product. So that's, you know, a pretty good you have in here you can add. This is the how much you get. They get paid for referring you so $0 right now because we're not enabling it. You can make it a one time payout or you can make it recurring. I personally, from my experience, I like to do one time payment. So I like to do a higher one payment. Then I would I'm recurring because it could turn into an accounting nightmare. It is for so domain options. If you want to sub domains, which we're not, this doesn't have downloads with it. So we were out that average billings. If you want to enable billings for over, just we don't want do that. But this is limits for if you want to build for averages instead, we're just going to suspend them if they reach numb the Ellicott and this space amount. So now we're gonna save. Okay, now we've got our links. These are our product links, and this is what we're going to be inserting into our WordPress template. So when Darrell finishes this tutorial, he's going to show you how to take these and add these into your WordPress template. So when you go to your site and someone clicks get started, it's gonna link to those products. Use is linked to the length of these products, So that's yet we've set up our first package. So now we want to set up our additional packages Women so we can get him all three set up. So let's go back into W h M two weapons manager. The first thing I'm gonna talk about really quick is our feature list. See our feature manager here by default, you're gonna use the default feature list, which is what we offer name here on were very feature rich. This includes automatic and free SSL. We include Cloudflare. We include a bunch of stuff, but if you don't want, offer your customers all of that stuff. You can create your custom lists of custom features and feature this so what you can do is you can actually go in here and select the features that you want your customers toe have. And so your packages might have different features. Now, most the time. I recommend just different making a different based on the dis space, your bandwidth. That's what most hosting companies do. They give everyone everything except then limit the dis space and bandwidth. So this is up to you. But you know, it's a way that you can add additional revenue to your company. So I know Cloudflare is a big one. So maybe you would want to turn off Cloudflare for the basic. Um, maybe you'd want to just not allow certain things so you can click here to select all features and then select off what you do not want them to have access to. And this is inside of C panel when you create it. But again, by default, they're all going to use the master feature, which comes with everything that we have allowed. Now there's certain things like shell access that they can't access to. So you can go through and read through this and you see what's best for you. But as I said most of time, I like just to use the default featureless. Here's the Cloudflare one that you could give them access to CP remotes. Another big one, too, because this is backups that we provide unnamed hero. So maybe you wanna have an account without backups. Okay, so once that is set, let's go back to add any package. I had a package, and we're gonna get our names of premium. Host is our next. So this is going to go into right here now, since we did 10 gigabytes. Let's go for 20 gigabytes. Monthly band with Let's just say this is gonna be unlimited to So what type of 9999999 Okay , now, for this one, we're gonna allow unlimited everything else, including unlimited add on domains. So this is gonna be our package we really want them to buy. So we're going down here and we're gonna not take this stuff. Leave this now, Remember, if we we wanted to use that custom features lest we could click it here and we could have this custom features by default, it's gonna use just a default. You also have the option to do mill only if you want to sell email Onley type account. Some customers like to do that. Okay, so I'm gonna down here and click, add. And now the package has been added. So I need to go. W hmcs when we can go back to product list and you can see we've got this one. So what I want to dio is Iike to use. This is reference. So we're gonna duplicate a product and we want to duplicate the basic host. But We're going to call this when the premium host. So that's good here. This just basically saved this time, right? This just makes this process go a lot faster. So a premium host is this so hosting For limited websites, this quota is 20 gigabytes. And instead of having you know what I didn't type unlimited limited bam with and now it's gonna be unlimited. Everything else. So we'll go teach this this unlimited and limited unlimited in unlimited. You know, they have unlimited everything else with the premium host, so we'll scroll down here and all this stuff is the same. So we'll go ahead and save it. Now we're gonna pricing because pricings obviously gonna be a big difference here. So for this account, we're gonna say it's 8 95 a month. It again, you can set your own pricing. That's the flexibility of having a reseller account. Um, but we're gonna say if they want to pay yearly at 7 95 months in 7 95 times 12 is 95 40. You know, if they want to go, um, every two years, it's going to go down to 6 95 to 6 95 times 24 1 66 point Haiti. And if they want to go even lower, they went 76 No get a 5 95 So 5 95 times 36 said to 14 20. Okay and save changes now are pricing has been changed. Now when you got a module settings, this is important. You need to select premium or premium host so you can call whichever one you would like. But premium hosting, Let's go back. It went to the advanced editor back to simple mood. I like to use a simple mode here because it keeps it simple. If you click it, you can see you can go to advance to where you can define all of this. But since it's already done over there for you, there's really no need to do that. So just premium host automatically set up assumes the first payments received, like save. Okay, so we can make sure it saves custom fields. Leave it as is configure option. Same upgrades. Now, we're not gonna change this because you cannot. You wouldn't upgrade from basic to premium, so I wouldn't do that free domain that's still gonna be on here, Others the same. And then we've got our any links. So I want to go back to products, and we need to modify this basic male toe, have this upgrade. And actually, I forgot Typing Unlimited to. So let's do that. Well, while we're in here, save it and upgrades. And now we've got premium and save their upgrade. Email. You can type this if you want. By default. There is not one inside of there. Okay, so now we need to do one more. And that is for our platinum. So go back into W H. M and package. This is gonna be our platinum. We call it Platt number planted moments that just up to you, It's personal preference. Okay, so now we did 10. 20. Now we're gonna do 50. 14. How To Setup Hosting Packages With WHMCS PT 3: 50 gigabytes. So this is this is your package that you want the people that are using too much face to go into and they're gonna have to pay for it. So it's 50,000 megabytes for bandwidth. We're gonna go in limited, so all nines will make everything else unlimited. Since this is the big package. Levi's default of this stuff the same. Had the package go back into W HMCS. Back to product list. Duplicated product. Well, duplicate the premium. We're going to call it the platinum host, but continue now. We're going to change this to 50 gigabytes of disk quota and everything else is unlimited with his Check it going on here and click. Save pricing. This is what we're gonna change to increase this now. So 8 95 was that one. So, since this one, we know they're using Ah, lot of disk space or more dis space. Now, remember, our reseller account only has 100 gigabytes total, So if someone is using gonna use 50 you know you're gonna be oversold just a little bit. Basically, you'll see this if the last package of 20 gigabytes, this one has 50 gigabytes, so you're looking for customers or about the 25 gigabyte range. So for this rook, make this $10.95 a month. If they pay annually, we're gonna make it 9 95 So we will do 9 95 times 12 under 1940 and then we'll go 8 95 for every two years to 14. 80 here. 7 95 for every two years. 7 95 times 36 is 26. 20. Okay, now we're going to save it. Okay? And now we've got our module settings. We need to change this one over to our platinum host. Like, save what's him. We've got our lengths. But now, when you go back into here and we need to go to our premium and set, this one is an upgrade. So upgrades is the platinum whose save go back to product list. The basic in the basics. Gonna have to upgrade options to click upgrades save changes. Okay, so congratulations. Now we have all of our hosting packages are now enabled and set up. So if we had ever here and we go to our billing, you are l slash billing. You can click order Holstein, and you can see these packages. So these are the packages that we created, and you can see how they display. Now you can see select your manage Cloud will posting package. Don't look too good, does it? So let's just call this managed WordPress hosting Sending That doesn't look. It also lets go back into here and let's go to our back to product list back to our group. Let's just call this managed bad WordPress hosting. I like that and save Go back in here. So you're gonna find yourself going through and tweaking things as you see fit and you can see there's attack. High speed, solid state drives, nine. Option of time. You can add whatever you would like now. Also, if you wanna change how the template it looks, you click you specific template and we can make this look a little bit prettier. Click premium comparison safe. Go back here and refresh and you can see it looks a little bit better right now. We can make one featured. So, for example, if we want to try to get everyone inside of the brilliant host, we can go down to featured Save changes go back here. Now you can see it's gonna highlight it a little bit more. So it's gonna try toe put emphasis on the premium host. So it looks a little bit better than the other design. So you can go through and customize that That's just back to products right inside of here . You can just, you know, change around these specific templates based on what looks best for your design, the pure comparison. I mean, you know, you can sit here all day and just make it look as good or however you want. I don't like that at all, though. Let's just go back to what we had. It looked better and again. These are just the ones provided with wh NCSU can buy aftermarket ones. Um, I'm not a big fan of after market, um, of after market custom is ations because when wh NCs upgrades and they do quite often, you'll lose those changes unless it's done correctly. So just always remember that when you're customizing anything you want to make sure you're following their documentation and you're doing things in an orderly fashion. So when you upgrade, you don't lose everything or and also that you're able to move along with their upgrades so it doesn't break your site, but now are hosting. Packages are created, and we can go ahead. And, um, we could run back into a complete test order. You happen to be sure what it looks like? So we already have that domain in our shopping cart so we could just use it and go through here. And now you can see we're getting this premium hosting package for 20 gigabytes unlimited everything else. Now, here's where the pricing comes into play. See how we enabled monthly pricing at the beginning? See, this makes a user more nap to choose to 36 months. I was like me and I can really save here. And plus I get a free domain if I go with one of these. So it looks smaller, but you're going to get more money up front for this package when you click. Continue. Of course, we have the idea protection, you know, now that you have the option to give them this domain for free because it was included and you're charging them for the privacy, you're charging them for the hosting and now they're ready to check out. So if you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back. You now have live hosting packages. So next I want to show you how to create add ons to your hosting products. Because add ons are also referred to his up. Sales are additional features that you can sell and make a little bit more money per. 15. How To Add Product Addons With WHMCS: so we're talking about Add on products. You want to think about other products or services, other really services that you can offer with Web hosting to get a little bit more revenue out of a customer. Now, if you're a local agency or look if you're focusing on local area, what I recommend doing is up selling services like WordPress configuration search engine optimization, social media management. These type of things really have the ability to outsell because people they like to do everything in one interface. So if you're already offering domains, you're offering Web hosting. But what else could you offer that they don't want to mess with? And I always refer back to my own father as an example. He owns a self storage facility, and so he knows he needs a domain. He knows he needs a website. He's not gonna pay hundreds of dollars a month, so he's gonna pay five or $6 a month for his website. But the same time he doesn't have the time or the staff to go create social media. So maybe you provide some sort of social media set up that you could Upsell to a customer or maybe just initial s CEO services, you know, making sure that they have a couple of back links and Google and and our ableto find their pages. So I want to show you how to add those. Now, if you remember when you signed up with us a name hero and right here is name heroes on the screen. If you scroll down here and look, one of the add ons we have is the wh NCS license. Now this is a free ad on so it wasn't really an Upsell. We also have the drop my sight back up. So that's kind of what would be considered to be like a premium Upsell. So there's a couple ways you can go about this. So let's go into whn CS and I'm gonna show you how to create these type of Annan's. I'm First, Debbie HMCS has a marketplace. So if we look in here and we go to market connect under set up, you can offer services like Symantec's SSL Services as well as Weebly website builder. So this is new and w hmcs just started offering this recently, so you have to log in and create an account. And so let's just do that right quick, Billy, So I can create an account here Law again, out on the road to create account. We can do it right here. Create. Okay. And so now I've got the opportunity to where I can add these Sipe of up sales to my customers. And of course, you have to deposit funds based on what the prices are. So, for example, we believe you can click here, and you can see you can offer all three weekly plans, set up a default. Recommended retail pricing changes later. Make available for all hosting products. Activate promotion up sales. Great landing page. Promise. There's a bunch of stuff that you can do inside of here. Um, we just want an activated. It click. Manage, and you can see you are now selling Weebly, and you can activated based on the package that someone would buy from you. So you can see this is your cost for the starter. This is your cost of the pro. This is your cross for the business. So this is all new from W H M. C s. And they've partnered up with these type of companies toe offer this. And so this says, um that this were the client area where you can promote this in the shopping cart on check out, um, and all that stuff. So it just kind of outlines where it's going to show up inside of, um, your interface. So let's goes click. Refresh here, and you can see here. So, um, more on our check out here, you can see build your website with the ease of using powerful website builder weebly so they could add this to their car here. And they've got you've got the weebly and on already there. And you see this already gonna add in the pricing for what they've ever what they've selected. So let me empty the carton. Just show you again how this works. So let's say they want a word in the manage hosting. They could click here, um, the country new domain jacket. If they want to add another one, they can. Can you? She's our billing cycle was one of the monthly, and you can see here's weebly right here is an upscale already. So if you wanted to offer this to them, it's all right here and integrated really quick so we could continue. If without it, continue never back the check out, and it's still going to try to up sell it so we could go back into here. That's just one Other ones are SSL certificates from Symantec, Geo Trust and Rapid SSL. Now SSL certificates, unfortunately, aren't that big of upscale anymore because it named Hero. We offer these free and automatic for your customers. So if you want to offer like a more premium SSL, you can. But from what we've seen it, name hero, most people, they just want the free one minute has taken a little bit of revenue away from our business . But at the same time, it's created a safer network. So really, SSL is not that good of an upscale anymore. Email security though. This could be a big one, though, because you can offer antivirus and stuff, and this is spam experts, and you can see their pricing here. It's really it's really cheap, actually, so we can activate that as well, and it's kind of the same as way Billy. When it gets activated, we can manage it and manage where it's going to be shown like on the home page product, last shopping cart and so you can add it all this so it's not shown on certain pages. So if we go back to her shopping cart refresh, you can see now we have email security. So there's another ad on and you know the thing I like about their marketplaces. This is where one click. Adding onto this now again, we are gonna have to Before we start provisioning this, we would have to deposit some funds into our account. Um, so you can see it's redirected. It's now to pay, pal, where we would need to put at least $20 into our account so we can withdrawal as we make purchases. So, um, that's just, you know, that's the easy way to add up sales to had pretty good up cells is with their market connect. And I'm again. This is a new feature and W h M C s. It's not in the older versions, but, you know, I think at least one is the is email. Um, you know, you're gonna find a benefit from, but if you want to add additional ones, as I said in the beginning, such as S E O. Services or social media. Let me show you how to do that. So we go to set up product and services product. An Elin's so inside of here you can see Weebly is already at now on. Our emails were already added, but let's say we wanted to add a Social Media one. So we've called this social media account creation way to do something like this. It's gonna ask this through my charge tax, Probably not, depending on your local area. Show on order. Do you want to show it during the initial order process? Sure to spend parent product. If they don't pay for this, What it suspend the parent to know you don't do that. Welcome email. There's not a welcome email from this, because it's custom, so I'll show you where to create that here in just a second. So we'll click save changes Next you want to do the pricing said. For this up, sales are good for a one time fee, or you could do a recurring fees, so if you want to charge them every month, this is more for management. But at one time account creation, you might want to do something like this and just dio the one time set up fee set up fee of flowing. Just put it in here. 1 99 95 Save changes. Okay, so we're gonna model settings and this is other. It's not a hosting account and you can say automatically set up that on assumes has received because you're going, you're going to go do it anyways. Manually, Custom fields. If you need to add some custom fields to this, say, maybe it's more information from them. You can add that inside of here. Or maybe you'll just reach out to them after they place their order applicability products . This shows the products that they would want. Teoh, This is a no show one. So let's just choose are hosting packages here and those three and click Save this if you have a download with it. So if you were maybe gonna upset on e book or on a digital product, you could put that inside of here, which we're not going to. So now we go through a shopping cart. Let's go back here. Let's just empty the cart and start fresh so we could go to manage WordPress ever seen? We can click our platinum host. We can get us a domain. Right? Check it. Yes, it's available. Continue Now we go through here, we'll see one. We can choose our pricing option 36 months. Got our weebly option if we want it. And again, we can eliminate this from this page. We can just make it show on certain pages inside of our manager there. And then down here, though we have our social media account creation, that's now. Show it. So now we can select that and go down here, and it's continue, um, one. And then we have domain up cells so you can see where you can advertise a low amount for hosting, But then using up sales, you can really get a lot more revenue out of a customer. And from my experience in marketing and advertising, you know, if the customers in the buying mindset, now is the time to start pitching these type of services that they may need later on idee protection. Continue. Now you can see we've turned in just a platinum account now into social media account, and we've got some i d protection. So Now we got a chance for for 85 16. And then once again, we've got Weebly and the email showing up in here. And just as a refresher for that, let me show you where to go. You gotta set up market connect, Weebly. You click. Manage, and this is where it's gonna show. So if you don't want to show one check out, just click that off, and then we go back every here. It's not gonna show on the check out or write the check out the next one you won't share right here. We'll show em all show down here anymore. I have to clear my cache for that Teoh change. But again, you have full control where this shows on your website. So you're not just cramming it down their throats, so to speak. You want to show this strategically, Not every single place, obviously. Um, but now when the customer orders, they're gonna have that. And plus the add on, um and you can really add as many Aziz's Aziz you want. Now, you know, I don't recommend going crazy with it, so let's just look at this because we want to make it look presentable, right? So the home page, Let's so put it on there. Um, product list we can keep in their product details, you know, they're in the view. Cart will leave it on there. Let's do that. I don't think we have to save this. Make sure we don't have to. Now, now it's good to hear. And let's just show this on the 16. How To Add Product Addons With WHMCS PT 2: Yeah, well, should Here, Here. Here. Yeah. Here. The check out. Now it's gonna look a little bit better. Suspect Amanda chose stain like our premium there. Check it. They want to continue on maiken selector. 36 month price. We've got our weebly in our email and are an island is right here. If we wanted continue and you can see I've still got my cart falls to continue. And, man have racked up a lot of stuff in here. So you can kind of see where you can get into really customizing and making beings look really nice and also to make additional revenue. Now, it's important to note to with these up sales that you're having to pay Weebly in the email security a price. So that's why you have to deposit funds into your account. So if we don't think it shows on this one here in the email security, I think we have to go in there and manage it as well to get the pricing. But that's that's important to note that you have to have the funds available. So, like all the you're not gonna get paid all that money, you have to pay out to these guys first. They do require that. So that's important to note. Well, that you have to actually pay for really pay from the email stuff before you can, you know, actually use. That's not so. That's important to note now. The good thing about stuff like the Social Media management is there's no fixed cost in that, you know, it's on Lee revenue to you so that when you're doing add on to kind of think about stuff like that, another one that we use that name hero is a dedicated I p address. So if you go over here to name Hero and you click on our basic Web hosting, maybe our starter package here. If we just center his name here a dot org's use and we scroll down here, we can see a dedicated I P. That's one of our bigger up sales. So you can Upsell dedicated eyepiece to, um, and the good thing about name Hero is when someone orders it, you just reach out to our team and then we'll assign It's their account for years. You not to worry about any of that are costs to you is 29 95 year so you could charge, you know, 39 95 a year and make $10 more. But then again, you can just order it from us after your customer pays. So that's kind of a benefits up. Sailing that way is you don't have to pay, you know, deposit funds in advance like you do for weebly and the email security. Such is important to keep in mind when you're doing that and when you're when you're setting that up for your customers. So next I want to talk a little bit about promotion codes because we're seeing that quite often. So let's talk about where we go to set that up, but actually quit. Before we do that, I want to show you where these email templates are for our custom custom. Adam Center set up. You'll see email templates. You get out here and look, and you can see general products services, domain invoiced, admin support. So all the email templates these air already written for you and you can go in and modify them as you see fit. So, like other servant product or service welcome email, we can click on that and you can see this is what it says here. For these dear client named your order for has been activated. Please keep this message for your records. So this is what we could use for a social media management. But we could also add Stephan here, like our team will be contacting you for a consultation to set up your social media and customize it how we see fit. But then we go back up to here the products and services and product add ons. And then we could chase sign that email to this. So that was called other product or service. Welcome email and save it. Okay. And then we could rename that emailed to say, social media account creation or whatever makes the most sense. So we're able to, you know, have full control over ever that. So now I want to talk about how to add promotional codes because you've been seeing that through every example order that we've done that's far. You see a box for a promotional code. So if you look right here to your left, you're gonna see a link called promotions. And I believe it's also in set up products and services and then in I thought it was over here as well. But now it's It looks like it's the center. It's under the payments menu, so set up payments, promotions where it is actually OK so you can get to it. Year. There were this left side of link. I personally always use this one here because it's right there in front of my face all the time. But now this is where we can create a coupon code. Teoh better our marketing. So if we want to include this on our website, we can. Or we can include this out in our marketing around the Internet to give people an incentive to sign up. So we're gonna click. Create a new promotion and you can make the code something they can remember. You can auto generate the coat eso that's you know I like to do this year. If I'm running a special for a certain time of the year I know we're getting. We're gearing up for Black Friday here at Name Hero, and so we'll have Cuban Code Black Friday and and offer a nice percentage off. So then you can do a percentage a fixed amount price override or a free set up coupon. So we're just going to percentage so we can use it for all of our packages. Um, next you can say, Was this a recurring promo or not? Is it? What new Next 1,000,000,000 cycle is it? Is it going to renew it that same right or not, Um, if you enable it, then it will do it for the 1st 1,000,000,000 cycle of 2nd 1,000,000,000 cycle or however many, or it will be a one time prima. So what is gonna make a one time promo here for 25% off somewheres go into 25? Since it is percentages, just the percentage it's going to apply to the following products. We want to use just the hosting products, So we're gonna use our command key. And this for our basic platinum and premium can use this code and we'll copy it to get 25% off. And it's just for that 1st 1,000,000,000 cycle. So down here, if you want to require a product. So maybe if you're offering this for the Webley what we believe website builder. Maybe you offer a promotion if they already have your platinum, um, product. And you could make it require that we go down here. Um, we can allow existing products and they account to qualify for promotion. So if the customer is already working with you, you could allow them. Teoh, take part of this promotion now. Billing cycles says sometimes you might not want to make it available for the monthly rate , and you make it only available for the six month or the 12 months or two years or what have you, So I'm gonna make it available. If we didn't do semi annually for the monthly annually biannually and trying newly billing cycles for domains. This is if it's a domain registration, which decisions, and we're not gonna select that this is a start date so we can click start date. So it's only valid starting today and then we can set expire dates. So maybe it's valid for a couple months. Couple months maximum uses. Weaken. Say Well, this sleeve used 10 times after 10 times the promote no longer exist, and this will show us the number uses. Currently, lifetime promotion discounted pricing supplied even on upgrade and downgrade option orders in the future. So I like I don't really like to do lifetime promotions because you never know when things change. You know what you're gonna want to add, but of course it's up to you. You're flexible. You can be as flexible as you would like to be apply once, in case you get someone that wants to order multiple hosting packages, you might want to only apply it once in the cart so they don't get discounts on everything . Now, me personally, I like to limit a lot of product from is just a new sign ups to new customers only. So they have no previous active orders. I like that plant once per client, and again, you can mix and match these toe, find your right combination. And, of course, you can do existing client Primus and then finally on the upgrades or downgrades. And so here's admin notes. So just for a quick reference, like just to do this is 25% off the scene first point cycle, and this is just for your usage like save changes said Now, if someone comes to our website and let's just get to the main page, actually make sure carts. Empty order, Herstein. We'll see if our current 10 team begin your platinum hose. We'll register any name check. Continue. And we can go down here and we'll see are add ons again. We continue on without any idea protection. So then we can at our promo code into here, validate the code in NC promotion code accepted. Your order total has been upgraded. So now we have a 1,000,000 registration in our hosting. But we have our one time discount applied to the cart. So now the user is going to save money, and so you're gonna increase your conversion rates by adding promo codes like that. So now we go to check out and the user could register their accounts and and get set up. And again, this is going to set up instantly once they do that. So at this point, I would like Teoh test the order flow for 17. Funding Enom With WHMCS: for you and show you how that works. So you can see in real time that we actually built a functioning website. So the first thing we need to do, though, is we need to fund our Enaam account. So if you have not done so yet, this is a good time to do it. Um, you need to fund it with at least $25. So give me one second. Why? I pause this video and put $25 in this account so we can do a test. I have now funded my Enaam account, but there's some important options. I want to run you through really quick that you need to do inside of Vietnam. So click my account and go to account settings. So there's some defaults in here that you need to take away from here. Someone you can enter your website, your LF you like who you should. But then there's some defaults that I don't like and you need Teoh change. So transfer lock and able transfer lock on all new registrations. I do recommend that that's smart. Enable 60 day transfer lock when dimming contact info is updated. You probably turn this off because that might make your might give you a support nightmare . Who is contact protection? You probably want to turn off this so it's not automatically added for new registrations. I'm attempt to auto renewal domains. You do not want to do that. Attempt to auto renew within 30 of expiration. You would take your turn all that off because that's up sales, and they add all that in by default. So click save because you don't wanna automatically be renewing your customers domains for them in the system. Debbie HMCS will automatically notify them, and they'll have the option to renew it or not. If you want to make sure you don't get stuck with those costs, eso, then there's some other stuff. You can have it. Have it notify you when it drops below the balance. I'm your domain pricing stuff like that, but that's the most important stuff. Okay, so now I want to run through a test set up so that my handy dandy stripe account here, but in stripe here. If I go to stripe dot com slash doc slash testing hashtag cards, you can see I've got tests credit card. Since we're using the test. Maybe I tokens with stripe. We want to use a test card. That's where it's going to use this test visa card. We have to do our sign up. Okay, so we're going to start on them. Just the main page of our wh NCs. So we're going to register. Name hero, tutorial search. It's available. And the cart check out at hosting. Of course. Add the hosting. We want to go for our premium host. So we're gonna use name here. It's a tutorial. Use it. Okay, so now we can scroll down here. Since we've got a credit card, let's just go for the 36 months or go down. We can add weebly or the spam experts if we like. I'm not going to add those, but you can also add the Upsell for social media account creation. I'm not going to We're gonna click, continue, and then we've got the options offer or to add i d protection. We'll go ahead and do that. Could continue, and you can see now we are We're at our check out so we can add our promotional code if we would like and I didn't write it down. So let me grab it and that's paste that in here. Face. Validate the code and you can see we're saving a good bit. That's the another. Benefit to promotional codes, especially if you're offering, you know, a couple of years they really knocks a good bit off of the price. It's been click check out. So now I want Teoh mentor my information so number. I'm not into that selector state now. The United States domain registration info used these details below Create us an account password. Okay, You know, once again we're asked if you want to add this and again you Congar back and modify where this has shown. It's just trying to almost force it. But with the credit card, we're going to use our test number at strike. So since we have the test enabled, we're going to grab the test number and we're going to pay. Sit in here. So for expiration date, we can just add 12 2017 cvv 123 order notes complete the order. And now we're showing our order confirmation. So now we can continue to the client area and you can see this is now the back end of Debbie HMCS This is what your customers will see Where you can see I've got one service now I've got one domain. So that's go the services and check it out so I can see my handy dandy name hero tutorial dot com Is there my prices and active? I can click on it and you can see I've got all these different options here so I can visit the site manager The domain. Our model. We're looking my who is info. But short quick cut short quick shortcuts to WR to see panel to carry out any of these tasks that need to be done for my site If I scroll down here, I can quit creating email account and I got a 1,000,000,000 overview So everything has been set up. I'm quite nicely now. I can go to domains and look at my domains and I can see that name here is a tutorial is there and you can see if I go to it It's already propagated. So now I'm I'm really off to the races here. I'm ready to start accepting customers now if we go into W h M. C s we're going to see that one pending order. We can click it and we can see. Here's my Werder. Everything was set up successfully, and so now is the administrator of the site. You'd want to check over this, and I always recommend this to resellers that when you get a new order, you need to take a look at it and make sure everything looks good. So make sure that, you know, they haven't address and everything looks legitimate. I mean, everything doesn't good here. The statuses active on both of these, the payment status completed successfully and again we were using a test card at stripe. And so once everything looks good and it looks like that and everything created correctly, you can click, accept order. And now I mean, that's that's all there is to it. You can use the into DNS to make sure they enter their name service correctly, and you can see they're using your private name servers that you set up. And you know, really, it's it's all good to go now. There is one thing that I would like to the you want to add to White label this 100% and if we go to our client area would go back here and we go to log in to see panel. We're going to see that name. Heroes still shows up there, but have no fear it's on. 18. Customizing WHMCS: for you and show you how that works. So you can see in real time that we actually built a functioning website. So the first thing we need to do, though, is we need to fund our Enaam account. So if you have not done so yet, this is a good time to do it. Um, you need to fund it with at least $25. So give me one second. Why? I pause this video and put $25 in this account so we can do a test. I have now funded my Enaam account, but there's some important options. I want to run you through really quick that you need to do inside of Vietnam. So click my account and go to account settings. So there's some defaults in here that you need to take away from here. Someone you can enter your website, your LF you like, you should. But then there's some defaults that I don't like and you need Teoh change. So a transfer lock and able transfer lock on all new registrations. I do recommend that that's smart. Enable 60 day transfer lock when dimming contact info is updated. You probably turn this off because that might make your might give you a support nightmare . Who is contact protection? You probably want to turn off this so it's not automatically added for new registrations. Attempt to auto renewal domains. You do not want to do that. Attempt to auto renew within 30 expiration. You protect you. In turn, all that off sets up sales, and they add all that in by default. So click save because you don't want to automatically be renewing your customers domains for them in the system. Debbie HMCS will automatically notify them and they'll have the option to renew it or not. You wanna make sure you don't get stuck with those costs? Um, so then there's some other stuff. You can have it. Have it notify you when it drops below the balance, your domain pricing, stuff like that. But that's the most important stuff. Okay, so now I want to run through a test set up so that my handy dandy stripe account here, but in stripe here. If I go to stripe dot com slash doc slash testing hashtag cards, you can see I've got tests credit card. Since we're using the test, maybe I tokens with stripe. We want to use a test card. That's where it's going to use this test visa card. We have to do our sign up. Okay, so we're going to start on them. Just the main page of our wh NCs. So we're going to register. Name, hero, tutorial search. Um, it's available. And the cart check out at hosting. Of course. Add the hosting. We want to go for our premium host. So we're gonna use name here. A tutorial. Use it. Okay, so now we can scroll down here. Since we've got a credit card, let's just go for the 36 months or go down. We can add weebly or the spam experts if we like. I'm not going to add those, but you can also add the Upsell for social media account creation. I'm not going to We're gonna click, continue, and then we've got the options offer or to add i d protection. We'll go ahead and do that. Continue. And you can see now we're aren't were at our check out, so we can add our promotional code if we would like and I didn't write it down, So let me grab it and that's paste that in here. Face. Validate the code and you can see we're saving a good bit. That's the another. Benefit to promotional codes, especially if you're offering, you know, a couple of years they really knocks a good bit off of the price. It's been click check out. So now I want Teoh mentor my information. So number. I'm not into that selector state that United States domain registration info used these details below Create us an account password. Okay, so once again, we're asked if you want to add this and you again, you Congar back and modify where this has shown It's just trying to almost force it. But with the credit card, we're going to use our test number at strike. So since we have the test enabled, we're going to grab the test number and we're going to pace it in here. So for expiration date, we can just add 12 2017 cvv 123 order notes complete the order, and now we're showing our order confirmation. So now we can continue to the client area and you can see this is now the back end of Debbie HMCS This is what your customers will see where you can see I've got one service now I've got one domain, so that's going to the services and check it out so I can see my Andy dandy name here tutorial dot com Is there my prices and active? I can click on it and you can see I've got all these different options here so I can visit the site manager. The domain are money. They're looking my who is info. But short, quick cut short quick shortcuts to WR to see panel to carry out any of these tasks that need to be done to my site. If I scroll down here, I can quit creating email account and I got a 1,000,000,000 overview So everything has been set up. I'm quite nicely now. I can go to domains and look at my domains and I can see that name here is a tutorial is there and you can see if I go to it, It's already propagated. So now I'm I'm really off to the races here. I'm ready to start accepting customers now If we go into wh NCs, we're going to see that one pending order we can click it and we can see. Here's my Werder. Everything was set up successfully, and so now is the administrator of the site. You'd want to check over this, and I always recommend this to resellers that when you get a new order, you need to take a look at it and make sure everything looks good. So make sure that, you know, they haven't address and everything looks legitimate. I mean, everything doesn't good here. The statuses active on both of these, the payment status completed successfully and again we were using a test card at stripe. And so once everything looks good and it looks like that, you know, everything created correctly. You can click, accept order. And now I mean, that's that's all there is to it. You can use the into DNS to make sure they entered their names service correctly, and you can see they're using your private name servers that you set up, and it really it's It's all good to go now. There is one thing that I would like to the you want to add to White label this 100% and if we go to our client area would go back here and we go to log in to see panel. We're going to see that name. Heroes still shows up there, but have no fear. It's 100% white label, so we still need to do that. So let's go back to our area and name hero. And this is our main dashboard for a reseller account. Let's click log into Weapons Manager. I mean, let's typing customize customization. So right here is where we're going to make this look good. So we have our company names, remember, we'd issues with the same company name. Ah, help! Link. So this is for our help desk. So you are a must include http. So we go back to our page here and we can go to support knowledge base announcements where everyone have it such, say, knowledge base. Let's go back here and with this manager and make that our help link. Actually, that's compare documentation link. Our help link would probably be the ticket. So open a ticket. You add this here and company logo and Web Mel logo. So if you don't have one than what you can do is you can just google see panel where you can ask us. We will give you a C panel logo. But I just Googled, see panel and grab the C panel logo. Same with web mail, just Google web mail and grabbed the women logo. Now, these fry aren't skilled to fit, but the auto image sizes to 50 by 50. So that's something that you're probably going to do. You're probably gonna wanna have maybe get on Fiverr and have someone make you a custom logo. But once you do that, if we go back into here and we click log in to see panel, you're going to see, it's probably gonna be cached here. So I'm gonna have to flush my cash for it to show up my new logos here. But once that's does get refreshed, this will be my logo and not name heroes. Let's see if I can't hard force it here, I might have to actually empty the cash. Yep. There we go. So now you can see we just uploaded a C panel logo there so it doesn't show anything. There's nothing in here now about name hero. This is name your total dot coms. We signed up and it's completely white, labelled so again, if you want. Oh, if you could just you see panels logo were you can have your own made. I prefer to see you have your own may. Just everything is white labelled, but now you know you're pretty much ready to go. You're pretty much ready to start selling Web hosting. There's not a lot of other stuff that you need to dio, but there are some stuff that you need to be aware off. One is fraud activity. So when we talked about the order, let's go back to the order here and we were looking at this. We could enable fraud functionality to make sure that you're not getting fraudulent orders . Now, those of you that really, you know, grab this tutorial and take it to heart and start time. Working with that, you're going to notice that you do have some fraudulent transactions, come through if you're not careful. So if you go in there set up, you can go into fraud protection. And here at the bottom, there's a fraud module here called Max Mind or Vara Logic Fraud. Call Max Mines prime the most common, but it's not free. So you actually have to go over to Max mind and sign up with an account with them to get a license key. So you need to go over here to sign up and sign up for their fraud protection services. It's very cheap, though, and it's very affordable. You can see it's like a penny or not even a penny 1/2 of a penny for the fraud score, so you can get a credit amount to, say, $25 they'll give you 5000 men. Fraud score. I'm not really $25 will last for 5000 orders. Um, but that's what I recommend doing if you notice a lot of fraud coming into your system. This is not a requirement, but it's just something over time that you're probably going to want to do is you probably don't want to add in a fraudulent protection module and the same thing with the Vera Locks fraud call. It's a little bit more expensive because it actually going to call the user to make sure that they are who they say they are, and you have to go to their site t happen account. There so both of those are optional. You have to use one of the other than you can't use. Both I recommend. Went the max mind if you see a lot of trouble with it. But many of our resellers, that name hero, they'll just kind of watch it at first. And a lot of times, you know, you can tell when they come in if they're a real customer or not. And you know, especially if you're just starting a new business, it doesn't hurt to call, call the new customers before you click, accept and say, Hey, you know, I saw you signed up. I just wanted to welcome you. Could you tell me a little bit about your business? You know that that really may speak wonders to him as well. Um, I also want to show you how to add to the knowledge base so you'll notice here inside of our account. We have support and knowledge base so you can put a lot of articles inside of here answering questions that people may give you about your hosting company. So if you go back into your w, h m C s u can go under support knowledge base and right here is where you can create categories in articles so we can add a new category. And let's just call a category WordPress add category. So inside of here, we can add articles about hell to stall WordPress. And we could write an article here about how we would go about installing WordPress. So now we wouldn't have people asking that question or support department so we could welcome through in our knowledge base or instead of them having to submit a ticket or ask us they could do it themselves, not just type in test here, so I can show you how this formats think about it already here and refresh. Now you can see WordPress how to install WordPress, and you've got this nice little article that's right here, and you can see they can even vote yesterday. No, if it was helpful or not. So I definitely highly recommend that you do that. It's been some time on your documentation because that's really gonna make a better experience. Four year end users. Another important thing about the support section here is the announcements. You know, if you're going Teoh by default, it shows that. Thank you for choosing W hmcs If we go back every tourist site, we'll see this on the home page here. Um, you can see the announcement right here. Thank you for choosing W hmcs. Now you probably don't want that. So you can go in here and delete that, okay? And you can write your own announcement. So maybe a good ways welcome to buy new hosting company. And then you can write all about your new company and put it inside of here and click published in safe changes. So now it's have seen the Debbie HMCS. You'll see you welcome to my new hosting company. So that's, you know, an important thing to do for your customers today. You know, have a little bit of interaction with you, and you might choose not to post announcements in there, but that is definitely how you do it. You know, if you do have this type of announcement, I also want to show you something that we put in here. If you go on your support and click on network status, you're going to see that they're able to see your server to make sure everything is online . That's something that we configured earlier on. But I do not show you what the finished product looks like. Now you'll see up here, there are no network issues currently in the rear event. We have a network issue unnamed euro. We also update our status page. So instead of having your customers call you or smit tickets if there's something going on which again is a rear current unnamed hero? But sometimes we do do scheduled maintenance. You can create those in here under support. Network issues create new so you can create here. If there was an issue come up or if you see us planning a maintenance unnamed hero, you might just want to copy over our announcement to your customers. So they know that, you know, on Tuesday at 10 p.m. We're gonna be to Winston maintenance, which might require reboot. Or maybe it might cause a little bit of a lag way. Find that by doing that unnamed hero and being more proactive that it creates a much better user experience for all of your customers. So that's just kind of how you it's the same type of editor to do the network issues is, it is to do the announcements as it is to knowledge base. So those are three very important things that have been built into W h M. C. S to really allow you to customize this entire experience for your customers. And again, I am still logged in right now as a customer. So this is something that your customers we're going to see some of, for example, notifications. Your credit card expires in 60 days because, remember, I use the December, um, credit card. So if I If I do that, I'm going to billing and go into my invoices and I can take a look at where I paid. But there's a way in here I can go into manage my account as well, so I can change something. Remember, we chose not to store the credit cards. You're not going to see that inside of here. They're not going to actually change their credit card from inside of here. Unless we enabled that our server, which we want to get that PC I compliance before doing that. But they do have tons of security options here. Such a single sign on Yeah, this is when you log into Teoh, see panel itself. You can do it from right inside of here, inside of the services. So that's I like to leave that on. No, because it's a really big advantage to being able to log in to see Pound doing that in the logging into Web mill. You know, they can have already expired my session, but I can get into see panel from right here. And that's just, you know, such an important important to have that single sign on that way you're not dealing with all these Loggins. It's also important to note that if you click email history, you'll see that all the emails that you send them are archived and so unnamed. Hero, we have a customer says, Hey, you didn't email me this Well, yeah, we did. It has a courtesy. We make sure that we put it inside of here for you. Um, so then you can go check it out and hear for yourself, and you don't have to just take our word for it. You know, this is are there. So this point I want to answer this point. We're about where we want to be for Debbie HMCS But I want to answer some additional questions, and I know we're going to be receiving 19. Additional Questions With WHMCS: receiving about this tutorial. So the first thing is transferring domain did, too. Maybe you have domains and other Web posts. And now that you own your own hosting company, you want to bring them over so you can manually create orders. So if we go toe Werder's weaken, go and new order and we can create there, we can use the account that we created, say mine and we can do a domain transfer from inside of here. So for this is for product or service, or we could do domain registrations. If you want to transfer a domain over from another provider, we would do this right here so we would enter the domain. We wanted to transfer to, say, sample domain. We want transfer it for maybe a year. Now we need to get the E p p code. So if your domain is registered with go daddy or named cheap or another provider, you'd want to log into their interface and get this code now per ICANN requirements. They're required to give this to use. They can't hold your domain hostage. Nothing like that. They have to give you that code upon request. But once you have that. You could just paste it in here, and then you could select any of these add ons that you would like to add, such as the S management team affording your I d protection. But here's the important things. Like registration price. If this is one of your own internal domains, you would just center 000 Now you're still gonna have to pay from your Enaam account. You know, still gonna deduct the funds from Manama count. But this way, you don't have to pay in your system. You know you're gonna pay your old cell price. I'm renewal price ever, right? Kind of the same thing you're gonna have to pay in Yuri Nam accounts, but you could enter zero interest 0.0 so you don't have to pay in your system. That's how you manually submit in order for a domain transfer or even a registration. If yours buying a name for yourself and you click, Submit, order. And so you could unticketed send invoice or generate invoice, or send an email because if it's just for you, there's no need to now another hand. If your customers want to transfer domains once they're registered with you and already have an account, they can go in here to register their domain or transfer a domain from right here. And it's the same thing you see on the back end that they would just enter their domain, the E p. P. Code, and go through there now if the customer is not registered, Aiken, log out and show you they can do it right here. So it's a They had a domain they wanted to transfer, said name here. A daughter work. They had clicked. Transfer. Let's go take him to this page here where they would just need to do the E P p code and then go ahead and register. So that's how they can move stuff over to your hosting company and how you can move your stuff over a swell Now. It's also important to note at Name Hero, we provide 10 free see panel to see panel migrations for free within the 1st 30 days of your account. So if you've created a reseller account with us and you followed this tutorial and you've built out your own reseller hosting business, it probably makes sense that you don't want to keep your websites hosted it. Other places. So all you have to do is go into your account panel with us A name hero. Let me see if I still have that here and submit a ticket. So we'd go to support and tickets and you would go to open a new ticket down here. Open ticket. And you would open a technical support ticket for migration. So we would go to here and we were type in migration. Technical support. You would select your corporate hero. Um, priority. Whatever it may be inputs. So you do something like this, I would like you to migrate over my existing sites. Here's my current law again. And then you provide us start your law again and pass. And then we would go in and begin that work for you. Now again, this is free for your 1st 10 If you have more than 10 we can provide this. Effie, I just submit the tickets. Let us know that Hey, I want to do the 1st 10 and then let me know how much for the next 10 drawing your However many you have and our team will look at it and get back to you with a quote before we go doing it, you know, we'll let you know how much it costs. So that's a common question, you know? You know, how can I bring over my current websites? And that's a That's a good question, actually, Um, another important question tonight that I have written down here is what happens if you run out of space on your reseller account? So unnamed hero, we don't provide upgrades, so to speak. So if you you're allowed 100 gigabytes of space with our corporate reseller, let me go over to our packages. So are corporate. You're allowed, Ah, 100 gigabytes of space. Now, since you're re selling, you don't wanna wait into your 100 gigabytes. Start doing something about it. Instead, you want to go buy a separate reseller count. So let's say when you reach 80 gigabytes and you're gonna see this inside of your name here , a panel. Let me go back over to that so you'll see it inside of your name here. A panel right about here. You'll see your disk usage on this chart here. Once this starts getting to like a gigabytes or 80,000 megabytes, then you probably want to order an additional package. And that's why we have this start up in entrepreneurs because here's 50 gigabytes more there, 75 gigabytes more and then you would just go through the same process in your w. Hmcs is. We did initially, um, toe adding it. So we got to set up product and servers on down the servers, and we would just add a new server. So we had followed that same process that we used to set up our first reseller account to add the 2nd 1 And wh NCS is smart enough, you can tell it to fill the least full account. And so, as you start to approach your disk, use that you add another account. You put it inside of here and autumn W tense yes, will automatically handle it for you. That's that's common questions we get. You know, what if I do? If I run out space well, it's a little bit of a proactive management. If you start to encroach on this, then you definitely want to upgrade. I also mentioned that the begins tutorial, you know, I only recommend really 50 accounts for the corporate reseller account mostly for redundancy. Now, if you want to add one word, then you're more than welcome to. But if you want to create a really high available network with 100% uptime or close to understand up time, I really feel like diversification is key and doing that. So that's something that you may want to look into. Now, another question that we get quite often is, you know, I'm not really sure about support. You know, I can follow this tutorial and do all this stuff. But when my customers ask support, what do I dio? Well, one you can. Pretty much every support request you get is pretty much you can google it. A lot of times you can just start Googling the Googling the question and start researching the answer that doesn't work. Then you have named Europe, so you can. Here's your support desk is you get questions. You can come into your name hero account, and you can go into our support ticket and open a new ticket with us and just simply tell us the issue. So good technical support. Let us know your clients issue will help you solve it, then you can go back into your wh NCS and tell them that you have solved the issue for them . You don't have to let them know that even mess with us. So the support on one hand, you could handle most of it by googling most everything is out there named hero dot com slash start up on our blawg. We have tons of articles and hours of videos with almost every issue that you we'll run into. But if you can't find it on Google, you can't find it on name hero. You can't find a knowledge based on Just ask, and we're more than willing to help you out. Also in W h M. C s, you can go to staff management administrator users, and I'm gonna read authenticate. Here. You can add additional users to your baby HMCS so you can see there's a couple different roles. One for support operator. So if you get big enough, you might decide you want to hire some help, and that's very common so you could hire a support operator. Maybe you find them on Web hosting talk. Or maybe you just find them on Craigslist you know you want to vet them. It's with hiring anyone. But you could give them access to your wh emcee asked where they had come in and help you out. So, you know, you've got name hero to help you. You've got our knowledge base or blawg, our YouTube channel. So you've got all these different levels to help you out with support because I know that's one of the biggest questions we get is you know what happens. You know, if I if I need that type of support now, it's also important to note that we've provided this tutorial to really help you get started with your business and, you know, help you know, the ends and outs to reseller hosting and how you go about getting started. But there's one thing we don't own. Wh NCS unnamed hero. So we can't provide you support outside of initial insulation because they encrypt the files. Eso if something's broken or you have an error somewhere in W h M C s u can ask us and we can take a look. But you also have the full support of Debbie HMCS behind you. So if you hover ever help here. You can scroll down to get help, and you can see here. They've got documentation tutorials. They've got a forum, and they have a ticket center so you can click Go. And if you have a support issue, you click support. Maybe I'll come up here Installation. Let's see down here. Submitted to work ticket right here. Now it's gonna want you to law again. So this is not where you want to. G o let me go to our welcome email. So there's a special link is where I'm getting Teoh. Um, for Debbie hmcs that they have a support desk set up just for our customers. So if you click right here and you will see this message about Debbie Agency s support right here. So here's the link to your ticket desk for Debbie HMCS You can submit a ticket to them and ask them questions about your w hmcs since called reseller support. The only thing is, you have to reference your Debbie HMCS license, which you can find it right inside of here, under here under and Elin's. So you have to reference this license key. Just they know where you came from so in here, you would scroll down here now that it's actually the second page. Now they've changes up a little bit. So once you get to the second page, it's gonna ask for your admin. Uriel, your admin user name and password is Well, is that license key? So you just want to give that to them? So that's you know, that's another layer of support that you have. You're fully supported. So if you're, you know, maybe a little bit intimidates. We did cover a lot in this tutorial, but you have all these different Resource is available to you to really dig in and to get support and Teoh really to be able to manage your business. But that some and I think we've covered pretty much everything from A to Z that you need to get your Web hosting company online, Um, and to get fully functioning and Teoh really jump in and get started, it's important to note that you want to turn off test mode and you'd want to get your live AP I credentials. It's also important to note that after you receive that first PayPal payment, you want to go fill out that information to complete your pay power registration. But besides that, you know you're ready to go and start running your business askew, see best fit and being a reseller. The good thing is you have all this flexibility. You know, where you're not really just limited to doing one or two things. Your limit, your you're really limited only to your imagination. So with that said, I'm Ryan Gray. I'm the founder and CEO of name hero dot com. I do recommend that you head over to our blawg if you have questions so you can click a top of name hero, and, um, you can see on here we have a new training center so you can click this and we have tons of resource is for resellers, so you can roll in this course as well. So I think Darryl's done a very good job with his tutorial, and we've covered a lot in this tutorial. But I also have materials in here that will help you and all throughout our Blawg here we're always blogging and very active on that with helps with helpful stuff, and we also have a YouTube channel that you can go to where we also cover a ton of material inside of there. So we've got all these different. You know, resource is available to help you a ZMA much as possible. So make sure you take advantage of those. And then, of course, if you have a problem that we're not answering somewhere just submitted ticket and let us know give us a call, hit us up on life chat. And now that's really what we're here for is to make sure that you're not in this business alone. You're in this business with full support, but with that said, thanks a bunch for watching. I do wish you the very best of luck with your reseller hosting business, and it's my absolute pleasure to be on this journey with you. So thanks so much for watching. Once again, I am Ryan Gray with name hero dot com 20. How To Customize The Logo In WHMCS: Hey, guys. So I want also show you something else that you might run across a lot. So right here, you have your logo. And if you click on it, it's going to bring you back to this section right here. If you want to be able to actually click on it and link them back to your primary websites , like for example, you can make them anywhere you want. Uh, I'm gonna show you how to do that's right now. So, for example, maybe you want to link them back to your original domain. So, for example, you want to link them just to this one right here. So, for example, if they clicked on a web hosting company, it'll bring them back to this website, right? So if you want accomplish that, I'll go ahead and show you have to do that. You're gonna have to go to your C panel, all right? And you go to your file manager and you know what's your public ace email? And then you go down to your billing or whatever your folder is called. And after that, we go to templates and then go to six. Now we're gonna find the header leave. It's called header TPL file. Seriously passing anything of passage failures. Okay. And I'm gonna edit this folder really quick. No, guys, one more thing I want to recommend. If you don't feel comfortable in this section or you're not sure or you don't want to be here, just hire a developer or someone from freelancer. They could do it for you, But here, I'll just show you how you can basically link them to the website. So right here, under line 93 94 for me, right here. You can see I have, like, the the asset Local path. Name your old too tall for you dot com. And then right here, the logo and all this text right here. So right here. All they really did was just put in the logo. I'm sorry. The domain right there. And then I'll put a little dash and then, you know, just you can see how it looks. So must look exactly like this guy's OK, so https. And then my dash and then my domain right here. And I'm going to save changes up here on the top. Right. Okay, so now going back over here if I go to my go to my building right here. All right. And now, if I click on this, it's going to actually bring me back to name here a tutorial for you dot com instead of dash billing. Because my default, it'll actually just keep you on this little thing. So you're trying to basically intertwine both websites together? You know, Debbie hmcs and also your original domain. Okay, that I want to show you guys hope that was helpful. I'm pretty sure people are gonna ask me, You know how to do that. And also, guys, make sure to check future to Toral's. I have a lot more to total for Debbie Chips. Yes, just like small things that people run across that I might not cover in this tutorial. Okay, so I hope that was helpful. Let's go back to the tutorial. 21. How To Combine Wordpress + WHMCS: Hey, guys. So now I'm gonna show you basically how you can intertwine your website with W HMCS. So, for example, we have these pricing tables right here. Now, maybe you want to intertwine these with your pricing tables that you personally created on your website. So basically all you really need to you guys is kind of like mix and match the permanent everywhere. So I'm gonna go ahead and enable this visual builder and I'm gonna go ahead and say, you know, maybe I want the basic host. Let's do that order now. So I'm gonna go ahead and copy this link. I'm go down here to my basic host, go to my settings and I'm simply just going to insert this link right here and Intrakota okay? And that's it. And we are all done. So basically guys were intertwining our website with w hmcs were sort of combining the debate team CS platform with our own to sort of bring it one unique website. So right here, if I go to the basic host and I go to get started, it's going to take me to that package. Okay, so if you want to do it like that. You're more than welcome to you can always do it like you know. You know, however you want it. You know, this is your website, so if you want to just, you know, use the WTF CS platform, you're more than welcome to do that. But if you want to intertwining stuff like, for example, I have a domain tab on my websites right here and actually use it for the domain section right here. So rich for new domain, you can basically take this whole section and just add it to your menu, and it will just take them to that page. Now, I also showed you how you can put this right here as your logo. So it'll actually link back to your primary WordPress websites. So you can kind of combine those two to, you know, to utilize it and make it look really good, you know, because you want to make it look like one giant website. And they have tons of templates. Guys that you know Well, you know, help make you look like one website, so I hope that was helpful. Guys have any questions? Please feel free to let me know. All right, let's go ahead and go back to the editorial. 22. The Ending Of WHMCS Tutorial: Alright, guys. Well, that is the end of the tutorial. Now there are some things I want to show you. All an additional resource is that will help you along with your Web hosting websites. Now let's say, for example, you want to change the look and feel of Debbie HMCS or you just have problems with it, Like something just not working properly. You guys can always hire developer from, you know, fiber for like, five bucks. All these links guys earn the description of this video so these guys will help you with problems of W HMCS. Or let's say you want to modify the look of it. You want to like, you know, add something or change something. Ah, lot of developers from fiber and also freelancer dot com can help you with these issues. So let's see, for example, it's just not working, you know, and you want to change like this style of it. These people can help you out. You guys can also go to a bottle market. They do have some eight email templates. Four wtf CS. But again, remember, you will retire developer guys because that's more HTML, and that's more coding. so you know, it's really easy, though. These people are really reliable. I heard them all the time. So it's just a matter of looking and finding someone that can actually help you out with W HMCS. Okay, so that's about it. Guys, I hope this the tour was helpful. I hope by now you guys have a fully functional web hosting business. And guys don't think that you guys can't, like, be the next like, um, you know, host Gate or something. You know, everyone out there starts out really, really small, and eventually they become something really big. And, you know, anyone can do it, you know? So it's just a matter of you trying and giving the efforts. Okay, Alright, guys, Hope this video was helpful. I'll see you guys later.