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Best Web Hosting For Wordpress 2017

teacher avatar Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Hosting test


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About This Class

Are you looking for the best web hosting for your wordpress website hosting? In this video, I test each of these web hosting providers to bring you accurate hosting results for your wordpress website. Below are the web hosting companies I tested in this video. Some are pretty cheap web hosting companies and others are more pricier!

1. Siteground:
2. WP-Engine:
3. DreamHost:
4. GreenGeeks:
5. a2Hosting: ( Use Code Darrelwp55 for 55% off first purchase!
6. HostGator: (use code darrel99 or darrelwp25)
7. BlueHost:
8. Webhostingpad: ( Use code darrel25 to save 25% off entire hosting!)

For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

Meet Your Teacher

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Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer



Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials. 

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1. Hosting test: are you looking for? The fastest and most reliable WordPress hosting few WordPress website. But you kind of don't know where to go. Well, I was there too, So I want to try something really different that has never really been done on YouTube before. I've actually purchased a shared hosting counting all the top providers right here, and I've tested and wash the performance for around 30 days. Now, in this video, be sure when you guys my results of which hosting company performed the fastest and which company performed the slowest. Also, keep in mind that I have actually installed the same size towel theme on all of these hosting providers to bring you guys truthful, accurate, non biased results of which hosting company truly is the fastest and the most reliable. So the test will have something. Looks like this right here. We'll first talk about the load speed. We'll talk about server response and technology level to show you guys which hosting company is performing the best. Now, I'm also going to be doing a live website speed tests on all of these domains to show you guys, you know, truthful, accurate results of which hosting company truly is reliable and fast. And I'm also going to be talking about what Google recommends. That your website speech should be loading ads before people start to leave. So I'll talk about that coming up before I begin. I won't let you guys know that the links and the coupon code for all these Web hosting companies are in. The description of this video is to be sure to check that out. I spent about 100 bucks on shared hosting plans. So these are the companies I'm going to be reviewing is in motion hosting Green Geeks site Ground Blue Host A to hosting Web hosting pad, Dream Host, host, Gator and WP engine. Now, I'm actually gonna test my current Internet right now to let you guys know that if there's something slow going on, it's not do on my end. So I have a relatively very low ping, and I have a pretty good download speed time. Now, what is Google think? Well, Google recommends that your site should be loading at around three seconds anything longer than around three seconds on mobile devices. They find that 53% of people will leave your website just because it's taking longer than three seconds. People are pretty impatient today, so we're gonna have to accommodate for that. And also this is the theme that we are going to be using now. This is a divvy child theme. You guys can learn more about Devi Chaldeans on my website. It's basically a five page website with a lot of text, a lot of custom, CSS and a lot of images because we know we need to utilize and strain the host as much as possible. Sort of get enough information to find out if he's service can perform under pressure, but not really under pressure. You know, this is just a five page website, which is sort of the industry standard for most businesses. So we have a home on about Services Page, a second services page and a basic contact US page for this test. Okay, so let's go ahead and test our first server. So let's go out and first test in motion hosting Now These there's also had for in motion hosting guys and you know, they did have a relatively good load speed, but they did have a long server response time When you look at these graphs right here, you can see that they had a consistently high Web server to respond time. However, they had a very good browser speed time right here. And this right here would be considered an outlier. So it's statistically unusual that this happens right here. This could have been due to the plug in or a number of different other problems. So let's go ahead and test this speed for this current domain. So this is in motion hosting, All right, so they're loading about our own 2.19 seconds. Pretty decent, pretty solid Web hosting company of you guys asked me, Do I recommend them? Maybe, you know, not bad. If they have a good sale. Yeah, I would recommend them. Next is green Geeks and get weeks of one of those companies that kind of pride themselves on their green energy and being green. So these the results that I had for green geeks right here, they actually had a pretty good server response time. It was a little better than in motion hosting, and also their load speed was actually pretty good. So let's go ahead now and test this current domain from green geeks dot com. I've actually use them in the past. They're actually pretty decent. So 2.84 seconds so a little bit slower than in motion hosting. However, their consistency is better than in motion hosting. So maybe today this loading sign might be a little tad longer, but consistently, they are a little bit faster than in motion hosting. So green geeks I actually do recommend, I think, their assault company. I've personally used them. In the past, I've never had any issues and their websites to load at a very good speed. Next is psych round. People were kind of like saying, Oh, cycles. My favorite site ground is really good. Are they really well, And these results, guys, I'm gonna be very honest. Psych around performed one of the best. They're probably the best. They performed at a very, very good rates compared to a lot of the other hosting providers. And you guys can see right here consistently. They have a very low Web server to respond time and also right here the browser speed. It was really, really good right here, except for this one day. But this is an outlier, so we really can't take that into consideration too much. So let's go ahead and test out. Ah, site ground. You know, people like in a Facebook page or kind of like saying is better than this company. And I'm kind of like, really like I never use them, but, um, hands down, guys. I think site ground was probably one of the fastest hosting providers out there. They're actually very consistence. Their low time is very, very good. And you guys are asking me, Should I switch the site ground? I'm gonna say yes. Yes. Site ground was very good even when I used the back end of their websites and what is like uploading stuff, it was just blazing fast, like it was relatively very, very fast to up with. The theme took, like, few seconds. Other companies, which I'll talk about in a little bit they took a little bit longer. If you guys are asking me site ground Yes, I recommend them. Probably one of the best hosting providers I'm going to be reviewing Next is Blue Host. Blue host is also pretty popular. They actually emailed me. They let me know they got new servers, so let's test those out now. Blue host servers were a little bit shaky. You guys can see here they are a little shaky. However, it's consistent. So they didn't have Ah, little outlier right here. But nonetheless, guys, their speed was not that bad. And there's certain response time. Not bad at all. So let's go ahead and test out Blue Host. All right, so this is the test for Blue Host, and I'll be very honest guys, this is a very consistent results. Blue Host and another company were probably among the slowest providers against all of the other Web hosting companies. So you guys were asking me, You know, dear, Oh, should I switch over to blue hosts? I'm gonna say no, I would not go to blue hosts. I do not recommend Blue Host whatsoever. Um, I know today that doesn't look that bad as far as their Web street time, but I use them in the past, and this has gone up to, like, six seconds plus and you know, I've used them. Have you actually used clients websites who are on Blue host and I hated it, said Mendis, The server sucks. I would. You got random errors, but that's my experience of Blue Host. But if you find a really good sale guys and have a really good deal, go for you know. But I would not recommend Blue Host. Next is a to hosting and 80 hosting pride themselves on being super super fast. That's what they say about, you know, on blog's on other websites where 20 times faster are they really? So these are the results that I had for A to hosting. They had some relatively good server response time. They had a very good load. Speeds time, and their technology level is pretty good. I will say this, though, to upload the divvy theme did take me longer than usual. I don't know why that might have been an isolated incidents, but I'm just letting you know. That's when I uploaded my theme. It took longer than usual, so let's go ahead and test the results for A to hosting. They're low time is around two seconds, and guys, all these Web providers there all around two seconds, so they're pretty good, you know, they're all right to be pretty good, but you might want to look, Maura about what is the best deal for money if they're all loading around this time? Because you know 20.10 m s is not a big difference. You won't even see it with the human eye. These guys loaded a second longer, so it was a little bit of a difference. So A to hosting? If you guys asked me, Do I recommend them? Sure. What? I think they're a good company. I haven't used their 20 times faster thing they got advertised. Think it's like, um yeah, the 20 faster SSD hosting. I haven't used it. This is just their basic shared hosting. OK, so 18 hosting good job, Web hosting pad. So what? Posting pad really isn't promoted too much on the Internet. I haven't seen it, but they are actually a very red Soviet popular company. So I had a bad experience with by posting pad their results for a pretty bad. Um, I've used them and I just got to be honest, they were kind of on the bottom of the barrel of the food chain most of the time. Oops. Close that. So let's go ahead and test out the current results for Web hosting pad. But I do have a coupon code for them in the description. So if you want to check them out to be sure to check them out. So these are the results for Web hosting pad? All right. And again, they are right up there with blue hosts and guys. These results are consistent because I was messing around this for the past three weeks and I kept seeing the same sort of results with Web hosting pad and also blue host. So you guys are gonna ask me, you know, do I recommend blue hosts? Do I recommend Web hosting pad? No, I do not recommend them whatsoever, So, no, I do not recommend them. Next is dream hosts. Dream House claims they won awards. But you know, where have they won awards? You know, where are these award coming from there. Probably some random blogger or whatever, but I don't really care this. Let's go ahead and check their Internet speed. Now They're nspd was actually a little inconsistent. They had a somewhat of a heist of response time, but the problem was that it only recorded for round two days. So the plug in really wasn't friendly with their servers. So let's go ahead and check out their speed on their web hosting right here. Oops. So this is the results for Dream host. And I never even worked with someone who had dream house before. I'm kind of like dream hosts. Like, what's dream host, you know, But dream most guys, I'm gonna be very honest. These results are very consistent, and I actually started to recommend them on my website. They're low time was very, very good. They are right up there were psych round and I never really even, you know, use them in the past, but working with them for about a month, I've seen that their results are very consistent there a very solid web hosting company, so I would highly recommend Next is host Gator and host Gators, probably YouTube's most famous company. Everyone out their host Gator Ho, Skater. Are they really good? Are they really worth it? Well, let's go ahead and check out these results. So, looking at these results, guys, they did someone have spikes in their results. So right here the you know, the browser finished loading time was ah, little spiky was a little high, but consistently. They have a low server, you know, server to respond time. So not bad. Not bad at all For a skater. Let's go ahead and test out the currents domain from host Gator. Okay, so this is the results for House Gator pretty fast. 1.48 There are a pretty solid Web hosting company. Guys, I actually use them on my web hosting, so I think they're a relatively good company, but they are a little inconsistent, so sometimes they're really good. Sometimes they're not as good. But I recommend them. You know, I'd probably recommend site ground first. Maybe this company would be tied with dream host some around there, but they are very solid Web hosting company. I've never had any problems. Okay, so next is and last WP engine now doesn't ending claim to be the fastest and claimed to be the best? Well, are they? One big drawback of the pension guys is that they do not sell domains. So you guys want a domain? They do not sell them. They only provide the platform for hosting. And there are actually a little bit more expensive. Then most companies. So are they really worth it? Are they really good? You'll see these blog's out there that talk about it. But I'm sure you guys my results W B engine was actually a pretty solid Web hosting company . Guys, they actually had a really good civil response time. They had a really good loads. Be time as well. Use them for about a month. My theme uploaded very fast. Everything. You know, when I would upload stuff, they worked really fast. They were really good. Let's go ahead and test out their current domain. So this is for WP engine and there around 1.5 guys pretty fast, very, very consistent. So I would rate this as Pa be tied with number one with site ground. These guys were really, really good. Now I don't know about Uptime, so they have a much better up time. I think they guarantee like 100% uptime or something like that. I know Dream Host does so that's very interesting. So 100% uptime. They're saying their servers were never ever fail. That's a pretty big guarantee they're giving customers. Okay, I think it's on there. I think it's on it. I could be wrong, guys. So you should have checked him out. Dopey engine. So, you know, if you guys were asking me, you know, should I switch over these companies? It's really up to you. I think these companies are good and bad. But the reason why I ran this test, guys, because I was just kind of tired of all these stupid blog's out there saying this is going to click on the link by it. And they have, like, a picture of four stars. Four stars like What does that mean, like because, I mean, it's good. I mean, it's bad. They're just trying to make commissions. So again, thes were my current results with these companies. I think they're pretty solid companies, guys, except for the ones that I talked, you know, not to Holly about. And if you guys wanted to see the web posting cos you guys could go to my website Darryl's dot com and go to hosting and here to talk about some of the companies that I recommend. Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed this test. You know, I wanted to be a non biased possible. I want to bring you guys accurate, truthful results. Because I know people are very bias and very touchy about their hosting provider. But this was a non biased test. And I just did this because I want to know for myself which one was truly the fastest and which company really performs the best. Okay, hope you guys like this video like it. Tell me what you guys think. Tell your friends to whatever I'll see you guys later.