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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Divi Child Themes


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About This Class

In this divi theme tutorial, I will show you how to install a library of divii child themes which can save you hours of work. The divi child themes are very similar to then divi layouts but with added customization and easier to use.

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For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com

divi 3.0 elegant themes

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Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Designer, Digital Marketer



Howdy All. Im here to help you all create amazing wordpress websites. A little about me, I graduated with a bachelors from Cal State Northridge and also Ashford attaining a bachelors degree. I quit my job to start my own web design business and now work as a wordpress designer and digital marketer. I continue to create free tutorials in digital marketing and wordpress tutorials. 

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1. Divi Child Themes: How do you guys? My name is Darrell. And today I'll talk to you all about Debbie Child, what they are, who makes them and how you can get them and also how they will drastically help you and your business. Now, basically, in short, you can think of a divvy chow theme like a Maura enhanced version of Debbie. And these are actually pre made websites which include all of the pages and different enhancements that you cannot normally get with Devi. So this right here is a child theme. And I made this in about two minutes, and you guys can just see that the site looks really good And let's just say, you know, I get a lot of emails about people who are like, you know, Darryl. I know how to use divvy, but I'm just kind of lacking the design aspect of it. Don't worry, cause these child teams are basically pre made websites and many companies sell them and you can have a website that looks just like this running in about 23 minutes tops, you know, So it's a really beautiful piece of technology, and I've actually reached out to all these companies and a lot of these companies have agreed to give me discount codes for all of my viewers. So aspirin grew studios, creative child themes, Superfly and, of course, David team store. These companies all cell davey child teams and they also sell plug ins for divvy. So they sell, you know, extra enhancements for the Devi theme as well, because it's such a widely used theme. So, for example, let's just say we're on this website that we're saying, OK, cool. The smartest child theme. That is one of the themes that I have just installed. But maybe you don't want that. Maybe she wanna ah, medical one or you want a business one. So you can think of these as pre made websites that everything is already done and all these have different enhanced versions. So, for example, right here we have Astro. This is a blogging theme for Davy. Now, if you go to view demo and you look at this, you're going to see that, you know? Look, you know what is that? What is he using? So these air basically custom CSS modifications that they have added in the theme that you normally don't get with the debate team. So it's just a more enhanced version of Debbie. Also, companies like Asperger's studios. They have a lot of layouts, guys. So if you need help with design or if you need the inspiration, you know, go to their websites, check it out. Now they also have free freebies for you guys. So they do have a lot of free stuff. And also they have, like, a newsletter where if you subscribe, I'm sure they will actually, you know, give you guys freebies like this website right here. Critic child teams dot com They have a freebie section where you can get all sorts of free stuff and these right here are their child themes. So just like I said, you know, these air just basically pre made websites for divvy. But remember, you have to have DV first in order for these to work. So you go to this website and you buy something you don't originally have. DV um you're gonna need it, so you're gonna have to have DVR installed. There is a link in the description that would give you think it's 10 to 20% off the kind of change it, you know, give or take. And this also is be superfly. So you know, they don't just try to sell you on just, you know, layout. They also provide really nice free layouts like this one right here called Anchor. And you guys can just go ahead and try that out. Now, these air layouts. So this is a salt a little bit differently. But this tutorial today, I'm gonna show you how to install the D V child themes such as the users right here. So this right here is I think it's Josephine. And if I just go to view Demo, we can have this website fully running on our website in a matter of minutes. So it's basically someone else's hard work that they've pretty much already done. And we're just kind of, you know, using their layouts were using their modifications for our website because let's be honest , you know, making a website is not easy. It's it's kind of hard. Okay, so let's go ahead and go to this website right here. So this website right here is completely blank. It has nothing on it. So I am gonna go should show you guys how to install something like this right here in a matter of two minutes. Okay, so let's go ahead and goes to my dashboard and all these themes, guys, they have instructions on how to do it. And it's like it's dumb proof. It's like three steps. You just, like, uploaded. You upload to files and glam. Everything is done, you know? So right here I go to appearance and go to themes, and I'm first going to add the Devi theme. So a blow. Dean, she was the file. Now, over here, you guys can see really quickly over here. These are actually the themes that that I've I've purchased. So right here you can see that all they need to do is just go ahead and maybe download one of these like, smart biz, which is the one that we're going to be using. And it's gonna give you this dot zip file. Okay, so if you guys decided purchased it, you guys can go to my website. I do have a lot of discounts available from each of these companies because they're all devi companies. Guys, these guys are all solely working for Devi because it's just such a widely used theme that companies have just sort of swayed away from Web design and said, Look, we're just gonna create child things because everyone out there uses divvy already. So right here, I'm gonna go ahead and not this one. So we go to upload team Oh, choose file. And now, first, we must have the Devi theme already installed. Okay, so I'm gonna go down to Davy and install the Davy theme. And for those of you guys who are wondering, you know, I actually have been testing servers and site ground actually came up as the fastest hosting company. Kind of crazy. I never really thought Cyclone was fast, but I've actually made a, um, making a video on it, so be sure to check that out. So right here, I'm gonna go and click on activity. All right, So Devi is installed, right? That was easy. Now all they need to do is go ahead and added the child team. So I'm gonna click on add new again upload theme. She was the file. Now, this is the fall right here, but we actually need to open this folder first. So my mistakes over here. We need to go ahead and unzip this file right here. So this is the child theme. Smart business. I'm just gonna go ahead and double click on it. And here's the folder now. Right here is the actual theme. Smart, smart biz dot zip. And then this is their guide. And all you need to do is to simply open it and just follow the instructions. It's like a It's like a 44 step. You install it and saw the demo content, and then you're done, like, pretty much it. It's pretty simple, but I'll run you through it. You know, on this tutorial will go ahead and and go through it all the way. So right here I go to choose the file and ah, see right here by the desktop. So Smart biz. And then right here. Smart biz dot zip. So it's member. It's the zip file inside the zip file. Okay, So don't install the one you download. You have to open a zip file and then installed a zip file inside. Okay, So go to open and go to install now. All right. So remember, it says system requires a parent theme checking to see if it's installed. So right here, Devi is installed. All right, click on Activate and guys. It's not really about working harder to date kind about working smarter. You know, you should really take advantage the child names, especially if you're in with this kind, because you can have a fully functional website in seconds. You know, it's really amazing what you can do with this theme. So let's go ahead and open the instructions. Right here. We have these four files, so I'm just gonna go ahead and go down these options with you guys. So we have installed the child theme, right? That's done. OK, so we've installed it. It's telling us how to do it. So install the demo content. So tools import, and then WordPress run importer, and then you can see right here just basically upload this content. So this is basically putting in the demo content so we don't have to do any hard work. Okay, so let's go ahead and open this and see if I could make a little bigger. Okay? We're gonna go down to tools and we'll go down to import. All right, So WordPress right here click on Install now and run the importer. So the fall were looking for is smart biz dot wordpress. All right, so right here under choose file. I'm a go down Teoh. See? Smart biz. No, it's It's ah, smart biz. Oh, here it is. Right here, guys. Each theme might be different. Okay, but that's just kind of like how you have to kind of go through each one and install it and see what your march for you. But, you know, nonetheless, most of these will probably work the same way. So right here, I'm gonna go and say, Okay, I want to do it as Daryl. That's the admin. So you're might be your name or email or whatever had been you created, and you can actually decide to download and import that file attachments or not, But I'm going to click on it and go to submit. Okay, so we are importing the demo content. All right, Now, let's go ahead and look at the next one right here. Okay? So after we're done with this, we're gonna go to importing the theme options, okay? And the guys, it's they just tell you what to do So you just have to read it. So, Davey, theme options. OK, so we're all done here. Now let's go down to divvy and go to theme options. All right, so they even have the arrow right here. So you see this arrow right here on the solo section? Right here. You just click on that. And now we need to upload the Devi theme options. So import, choose the file and go over here. All right, Debbie, theme options. There it is. All right. And then go to open and import Davey theme options. All right. Simple done. Okay, so we've done that. Now, let's go ahead and scroll down here and import the customizer settings. All right, so right here. It wants us to go to divvy theme customizer. Click on that and then simply upload the customers ations. So let's do that. So theme customizer and you guys can see right here they've been It's so easy for us. Like this is just It's pretty easy. Okay, so I'm gonna click on this imports, choose the file, and now we're doing the Davy Customizer settings. So open and import Davey customizer settings. Okay, so that's done. Scrolling down here now says while here go to static front page and then set this to a static front page. So let's go ahead and do that. So right here on the go down to south front page. Okay, so I've already made this a static home page. That was a custom, Lee. Sorry. I was messing around with this earlier. So saving publish. And we can go ahead and close this. It's going down now. They just want us Teoh change the menu. But you know the menu we already basically done. So, guys, if you look at this right here, everything is already imported. But I do have to change the menu because I was messing of this earlier. But nonetheless, you could go to like your about us Page. See here. Let's go change the menu. Let's keep following the instructions. Okay, so right here I go down to view all and right here. This right here is our primary menu that they've already created for us. So all they need to do is click on primary menu and then go to save men. You guys, and that's it. And we're all done. Go down to our website right here. And there you go. So this is our new website and this is exactly what the demo content looks like. So you guys can see that we have everything is already you know, everything is good to go. So here we go to services. Check out all these pages, scroll down. Now the reason why this shows up, guys, Because we need to enter the Google a p I key in order for Google Maps to work. So this has nothing to do with the actual theme. It's just because we need to put in a p I key in for Didi. So here's go check out the about us page and it looks good. So everything looks really, really good guys. And it's it was so easy to do this. It was so easy. So let's just say you lack design and you really need help with these Devi child themes. These are created to make your life 10 times easier and to just basically say OK, cool. You know, all they need to do is just installed. How theme and my websites ready to go. So going back over here, not this one right here. Let's go ahead and look at these other ones right here. So all these guys are David child themes, and you guys can use the code to get a discount on it. You guys actually visit my Web sites? And I have a list of all these companies that just make thes child themes and also third party plug ins like aspirin group studios. They do sell a lot of cool plug ins, and they're pretty much well known for their plug ins. So right here under their shop, they have a lot of cool winds. In fact, they just created one for a testimonial. So the right here is there, testifying, and it's basically a kind of like a different sort of module that basically introduces testimonials with Debbie. So here I go ahead and check it out. And they have different designs, guys. And the reason why I like this one is because you can actually have this on your widget section, which is really cool. So these air basically different styles of the demos. And right here you can see the widget demo, so they have a lot of different style of guys. So you know, the Davy Theme has such a large market that people just design, you know, child themes and plug ins and outs for it. Rather than even making Web design, it's it's it's crazy, and it's also overwhelming. So right here, you guys can see that we have these cool little widgets right here. And, um, remember, you must have the devi theme to get thes. So before you guys decide to purchase any of these, please make sure you have Devi or else things will not work. It requires divvy to be using these. Okay. And, um, you know, be sure to check all these things out. You know, subscribe. These guys also give away a lot of free stuff. So even if you're not in the market to get a child theme, they do provide a lot of cool stuff like create child themes, actually use some of their stuff before my demo content. And they actually have all these things right here, like a sales page, um, about us page. And they have a lot of all this free stuff. So, you know, they do provide a lot of value. No, they do provide a lot of cool stuff for you guys to help you get started. Maybe you need ideas. Inspiration. In fact, I have actually used this one in a pass tutorial. So this is exactly where I got it. Because these guys just provides a really cool stuff. So if you guys are looking for a child thing or if you just kind of need help thes companies out there, they just, you know, they make really amazing and really cool child themes to help you get started with your website. Because, you know, designing a website is hard and think about how much time you're going to save with a child theme. Rather than developing a website step by step, you can sort of use these toe work with. And like I said, be super funny. I like their designs. I like their colors, their these these guys are pretty vibrant for their colors, and when you visit these websites, you'll notice they have their own little style, you know. So if you like the style, go with them. If you don't, you know there's always a different style that these companies use, So I personally like the Superfly. I like their colors. You guys could see that they have a lot of a lot of different colors in their designs. And they actually have really cool plug ins as well. On also Debbie theme store. I'm kind of going all over the place, But Debbie theme store, they actually have a really cool plug in, and it creates something like this right here. So it's, um it's just a really clean blawg Lee outlook, you know, with TV. So we're looking for a blawg. Look, they have this theme that you guys can use, and like I said, this right here, it just looks really super clean. And this is their astro plug in. I'm sorry there, Astra team. And they also have just basic, you know, plug ins for and they also have the they also have Ah, what's it called? You see, right here they have this weird thing where it's like these really cool graphics and animations. These things right here? Yeah. So, like, you scroll down on it, you know, they have these cooler like wiggly things and balance. The interest is now you can get this with Devi. So these air just basically added features for Debbie, and it's just really cool. It's really clean. So if you guys are looking for, you know, a child thing for your website or if you just need help with design, check these companies out. Guys, I'm telling you, they spent a lot of time, and I've actually spent a lot of time outracing to these guys because they provide truly valuable content. And the stuff they make is just is this phenomenal? Elegant themes has featured a lot of these companies in their articles because of what they make and the designs and how helpful they are to the Davy community. OK, so be sure to check them out. Either that guys, I hope this was helpful. Um, check him out. You know, they're really fun, easy stuff to use. I think that everyone out there should at least give it a try, because it's just so helpful. It will save you so much time and money. Okay, so that's about it. Guys, um, you guys have any questions about TV, child teams or anything else? Leave me a comment, you know, Go ahead. Like the video and whatever else you do, you know? So I think that I'll see you guys later